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Richard Emmanuel Goldstein Spencer. Emmanuel Goldstein is the number one Enemy of the State in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, and the main target of the daily Two Minutes Hate sessions.

Who plays the corresponding role in the soft — but increasingly less soft — totalitarianism of 2017 America? The obvious answer is of course: Donald Trump.

That’s not quite right, though. For a really convincing hate figure there needs to be an element of treachery. Emmanuel Goldstein, like Trotsky (on whom of course he was modeled) had once been a comrade-in-arms of the Supreme Leader; but their views had diverged, and Goldstein had gone to the dark side.

You can’t really fit Donald Trump into that mold. It’s true that in the past he schmoozed with liberal politicians and sometimes expressed liberal sentiments. He wasn’t any kind of leader of liberalism, though, and never had any connection at all with the violent antifa fanaticism that is now taking over from late 20th-century milquetoast progressivism.

I submit that a better candidate for the Emmanuel Goldstein role is Richard Spencer.

No, Richard was never a liberal leader either; nor even a liberal. He is, though, articulate, well-educated and well-read. In that sense he is a traitor to his class — the intellectual class. There’s the element of treachery.

This comes out very well in the article on Richard in the current issue of The Atlantic. (In which article, by the way, your humble diarist has a walk-on part, paragraph ten.) The article is by Graeme Wood, who was a highschool classmate of Richard’s in late-1990s Dallas.

Wood is a conventionally unimaginative liberal who seeds his piece with an appropriate number of virtue signals — gasping in horror, for instance, at the notion that “East Asians are slightly smarter than whites, who are in turn much smarter than blacks,” as if this were not a plain fact in the world known to every person not blinded by ideology. Still, he’s a pretty good reporter, and gives a fairer picture of Richard than is usual in mainstream-media outlets.

That’s a low bar, though. While an antifa thug would probably think Wood’s piece insufficiently hostile, Wood makes it clear he is writing about an Enemy of the State.

That’s Richard’s status now. The antifa bullies are out to make his life as difficult as possible, and there is no significant institution in our society with the guts to stand up to them. At age 39, Richard is utterly unemployable. Given the unavoidable incidence of lunatics in a population of one-third of a billion, he is also at risk of serious harm.

And his Emmanuel Goldstein status is entirely ideological. Richard has broken no laws or windows; nor has he incited others to do those things. He wishes for white gentiles to have a homeland of their own, that’s all. You can agree with that or disagree, but it doesn’t pick your pocket or break your leg. So far as I’m aware, he doesn’t wish harm to anyone.

Richard organizes meetings where bookish people like himself discuss the writings of Julius Evola and Carl Schmitt. What’s wrong with that?

An antifa would say: “Open discussion of those ideas might bring about a rebirth of fascism.” I suppose it might. Open discussion of Marx’s and Lenin’s ideas might bring about a rebirth of militant communism, leading to the kinds of horrors that were engulfing Cambodia forty years ago. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow; and mighty oaks can be a mighty nuisance. That is not, however, a case against tolerating acorns.


The Beggars’ Democracy. Reflecting on the thing I just wrote about Richard Spencer being unemployable, I wonder if that is the case in the public sector.

When Jared Taylor found he could not host the annual conference of his white-advocacy group American Renaissance in private hotels, he booked instead a facility owned by the State of Tennessee, which apparently is not allowed to practice ideological discrimination. This has worked very well. We’ll be meeting there again in July. Both Peter Brimelow and myself will be speakers.

So perhaps if Richard Spencer were to apply for a job with, say, the U.S. Postal Service, they would not be able to reject him on ideological grounds. I’d be interested to hear an opinion on this from someone who knows the relevant law.

For sure the private sector is closed to him employment-wise. The ranting of old-line socialists against capitalism looks very quaint in 2017. American business is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the antifa mobs.

This month Richard had his gym membership revoked — not for any misbehavior, but because the gym owners didn’t like his opinions.

(Or possibly some antifa activists paid them a visit: “Nice little gym you’ve got here. Be a shame if anything happened to it …” Might things really have gone that far? Nothing in this zone surprises me any more.)

Even the CultMarx Washington Post, hanging on by its fingernails to the older, more civilized style of American liberalism, felt they should post a column critical of the gym. (Although they decorated the column with the most Hitlery picture of Richard they could find in their archives.)

That was mid-May. At month end someone called Alex Kotch, “an independent investigative journalist,” got Richard dropped from SoundCloud, his podcast-hosting service.

Says Mr Kotch: “No honorable company should accept white nationalists’ cause, or their money.”

In other words: “Jump, capitalists, jump!”

To which the U.S. private sector replies: “How high, Sir?”

Yep: Ideologically speaking, the U.S. economy can be fairly described as Antifa Capitalism. That includes the media sector. Mainstream media outlets are being systematically closed off to heterodox opinions.

We are fast headed towards that condition Karl Wittfogel, in his book on oriental despotism, called “a beggars’ democracy.” Hold any opinions you like; but only a narrow range of approved opinions will be allowed into the public square.


Stuff girls know. Graeme Wood’s Atlantic piece makes a passing mention of the rumor that Richard Spencer is homosexual.

I heard that rumor a year or so ago, and mentioned it to my wife at the time. Her response was an emphatic shake of the head, then: “No way. Absolutely not.”

Me: “How can you be so sure?”

She: “I remember the way he looked at me.” (Spencer has been a house guest chez Derb a couple of times.) “I’m a woman. I know men’s looks and what they mean.”

Why, after several decades in the world, can I still be surprised by the degree to which women have us men figured out?



Not gay but Goy. One important difference between Emmanuel Goldstein and Richard Spencer is that the former, even within the world of Orwell’s novel, may not have existed. He may have been a fictional creation by the Party propaganda department, like model revolutionary Lei Feng in Mao Tse-tung’s China (and still today, according to Wikipedia).

Our own soft totalitarianism has not yet advanced to the complete fabrication of history, although we have moved some way in that direction. (How many Americans know that John F. Kennedy was killed by a communist?) We can take small comfort from the fact that our Model Citizens and Enemies of the People are still, at least, actual human beings. I can personally vouch for the existence of Richard Spencer: see previous segment.

Another Goldstein-Spencer difference is that Orwell’s creation was Jewish, which Spencer is most definitely not. That brings to mind a mischievous thought I’ve been having.

A few days ago in conversation with a friend I used the word “Goy” facetiously. My friend, who is Jewish, took mild objection. “We don’t really use that word,” he said. “It’s kind of low-class and not very polite.”

I honestly did not know this. (Neither, apparently, does Steven Pinker.) Now that I know, do I care? No. I refuse to join the offense-taking community.

My friend then told me that some of the naughtier spirits on the Alt-Right have taken to referring themselves as Goy or Goyim — owning the insult.

So, I replied, it’s like blacks addressing each other as “Nigga.” He said yes, he guessed it was the same idea.

Here came my mischievous thought. The next time I meet Richard Spencer, I shall greet him with, “Yo theah, muh Goy!” and record his reaction.


Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Germans. That Atlantic piece had a whiff of anti-Germanism about it that set my teeth on edge.

I’m a Germanophile, partly on account of having invested three of my highschool years to learning the language (it was one of my best subjects) and being reluctant to write off the investment, but also because I’m a math geek, and Germans have generated more first-class math per capita in modern times than any other nation. That’s not even to mention the music.

So anti-Germanism irks me, and there’s a lot of it about. German-language classes have well-nigh disappeared from our highschools; and with the dire state of history teaching, probably the only thing most U.S. highschool graduates could tell you about Germany is that it’s The Hitler Country. Come to think of it, that’s probably true of college graduates, too.

I’ll say more on this in my review of Paul Gottfried’s new book, which I’ll be posting here next week. Suffice it to say that Graeme Wood’s piece inflamed my anti-anti-Germanism.

For consolation I went browsing in my Penguin Book of German Verse, 1963 edition. I turned up this little gem of Heine’s, which I either never knew or had forgotten.

Das Glück ist eine leichte Dirne

Und weilt nicht gern am selben Ort;

Sie streicht das Haar dir von der Stirne,

Und küßt dich rasch und flattert fort.

Frau Unglück hat im Gegenteile

Dich liebefest ans Herz gedrückt;

Sie sagt, sie habe keine Eile,

Setzt sich zu dir ans Bett und strickt.

Here’s the Penguin book’s prose translation by Leonard Forster:

Fortune is a wanton creature and does not like to stay long in one place. She smooths your hair back from your forehead, gives you a quick kiss, and flits away.

Mrs Misfortune, on the other hand, soon takes you to her heart with firm affection. She says she is in no hurry, and sits and does her knitting by your bed.

Can’t you just see Frau Unglück — Mrs Misfortune — a big square matron who’s planted herself immovably by your bed, knitting? That’s really first-class imagery.


In line to the throne? The froth story of the month — I mean, if you found yourself paying much attention to this story, you really need to get a life — came from the other side of the pond. I’m referring of course to the May 20th wedding of Pippa Middleton, younger sister of Kate Middleton, who herself is married to Bill Windsor, second in line to the British throne.

Pippa — it’s short for “Philippa,” one of those names, like “Nigel,” that only Brits use — had had just one previous claim on our attention. At Kate’s wedding in 2011, where Pippa was Maid of Honour, she wore a dress that emphasized her exceptionally shapely rear end. This caused a worldwide sensation, according to the tabloid Daily Mirror. A Twitter account tagged @pippasass quickly acquired several thousand followers, and a Facebook page was established for the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society.

Froth doesn’t get any frothier than that. My excuse for mentioning this is that I have a small — very small — personal stake in the Middletons. I may be related to them, and so, at some very distant remove — the scenario here would be a few hundred thousand British survivors of a killer plague, asteroid strike, or nuclear holocaust — in line to the throne.

See, my mother’s mother’s father’s mother, one of my great-great-grandmothers, was named Charlotte Middleton. She was born in the Dutch East Indies, nowadays Indonesia, under circumstances not known to me, and married my great-great-grandfather George Paddey in England in 1837.

So I am one-sixteenth a Middleton. If Pippa is descended from a male sibling of Charlotte Middleton’s, then Pippa and I are fourth cousins.

That’s as close as it’s likely to be. Genealogists tell us, though, that all but the commonest British surnames were adopted just once. “Middleton” is not one of the commonest. It’s ranked 219th in this survey. (“Derbyshire” is ranked 4,096th.) Pippa and I are probably something like seventeenth cousins four times removed.

I could clinch the relationship if I knew more about my great-great-granny Charlotte Middleton: the shape of her rear end, for example, might offer significant evidence of a genetic connection.

My researches continue, but I have not yet got to the bottom of this.


Chris Brand, RIP. In last month’s diary I boasted that, where HBD (human biodiversity) is concerned, I have a low Party number:

Back when being a communist was subversive — and in some jurisdictions, dangerous — the big status marker among the faithful was having a low Party number. Having a low Party number meant you had joined the Party early on, from inner conviction, not because Party-member friends had persuaded you, and certainly not because it was trendy in your social clique.

Well, HBD-wise, I have a low Party number. I was a founder member, or at least a very early one, of Steve Sailer’s HBD online discussion group back in 1999. That’s about equivalent to having joined the Communist Party of the U.S.A. in 1919, the year it was founded.

Another member of that discussion group, and so also blessed with a low Party number, was British psychometrist Chris Brand, who died May 28th.

Chris had come to Steve’s attention in 1996 when the academic publisher John Wiley & Sons withdrew Chris’s book The g Factor: General Intelligence and Its Implications for political incorrectness. Fortunately the internet had just recently arrived. Chris put the book online, whence you can still download it.

I got to know Chris quite well through the discussion group and many one-on-one email exchanges, though I don’t think I ever met him in person. His wife Shiou — she’s Chinese from Taiwan — came to stay with us in Long Island fifteen or so years ago, to do some researches at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Chris’s blog survives here, I don’t know for how much longer.

Chris was one of those people whose career prospects under a regime of strict ideological conformity are not good. He was loud and frank with his opinions (which were well-founded in the human sciences) and had an irreverent, unpredictable style of humor. If he’d been born a generation earlier in the U.S.S.R. he would have been shot around 1938. As it was he was merely fired from his lecturing position at the University of Edinburgh.

That was in 1997, after Chris had been teaching at the university for 27 years. What took them so long? I wondered when I first got to know him. From the perspective of twenty years further on, I think I know the answer.


Probably Chris was always Chris, his style in 1997 no different from what it had been in 1987 or 1977. The intellectual environment of 1997, however, was changing fast. Political correctness had firmly settled in; the ideological screws were being tightened. Things you could get away with saying ten or twenty years earlier were now taboo. Today they are doubleplus-taboo.

Chris took his dismissal from the university in good spirit. People like that, of his generation and temperament, don’t whine. If I recall correctly he got a job as a waiter.

Rest in peace, Chris. Our condolences to Shiou, who I am sure will recognize these words written by another spirited nonconformist long ago: 安能摧眉折腰事權貴, 使我不得開心顏 (last line of this poem).


Tucker Carlson fishes the ocean deeps. Bill O’Reilly was dropped by Fox News at the end of April after a 20-year run.

I liked The O’Reilly Factor. “Liked” is exactly right there. I wasn’t a bowled-over enthusiast for the thing; my enthusiasm never rose above the lukewarm level I recorded in a 2001 column about the show. Still, to the very end there, if I had nothing much to do at eight o’clock on a weekday evening, I’d generally tune in to the Factor on the off-chance that O’Reilly or one of his guests might say something interesting.

I don’t know what the Big Mick plans to do with his time now; but whatever it is, I wish him all success with it.

That eight o’clock slot has now been taken by Tucker Carlson, who is even more watchable than O’Reilly was.

The metaphor that comes to mind when I’m watching Carlson is deep-sea marine biology. I’m thinking of those scientists who bring up weird life-forms from the lightless depths miles below the surface: critters with luminous probosci or improbable body plans, escapees from some sci-fi comic book or your childhood nightmares.

Carlson’s specialty is somewhat similar. He dredges up monsters from the deep, lightless trenches of today’s political culture and lets them dsplay themselves in all their hideous freakishness.

There was for example this prize specimen: something named Yvette Felarca, billed as, Heaven help us!, a schoolteacher in — where else? — Berkeley, California, and as a leader of the anarchist street-fighting outfit By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Carlson: Just so we can understand the standard here, what is a fascist?

Felarca: So a fascist is someone who’s organizing a mass movement that’s attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups, in a movement of genocide. That’s what a fascist is.

The word “attacking” there means “saying heterodox things about.” Carlson had just shown a clip in which some actual physical attacking was being done by Ms Felarca and her accomplices against peaceful protestors.

I note in passing that Ms Felarca tended to begin her responses with an unnecessary “So …” I’ve been remarking on this feature of recent linguistic fashion for at least ten years. It seems to be particularly localized in the Social Justice crowd. Here’s another one of Carlson’s deep-ocean specimens who I think began all his responses with “So …”

Carlson gives real entertainment value. It’s not just those critters he brings forth to make your flesh creep. There are also some fairly normal people telling us key things about the times we live in.

The telling is not always conscious. I cherish the memory of this guy, a professor of biology at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

Student activists had demanded that all white people leave the Evergreen campus for one day so that they, the activists, could hold anti-racist (which means, of course, anti-white) rallies. The professor had refused. The activists thereupon subjected him to what, back in Mao’s China, used to be called a struggle session — getting him alone, surrounding him, then shouting and swearing to humiliate him. Carlson showed video of the struggle session.

That was just the start of it, the professor told Carlson. There was another meeting, even crazier than the one on video. The college administration totally capitulated to the activists. They even stood down the campus police force, who were, the professor told us, barricaded in the campus police station.

All fascinating enough, but then came the punch line.

Carlson: I assume you’re no kind of right-winger. If you teach at Evergreen I’m sure you’re, you know, a Hillary voter. But you had this …

Professor: No, no, not a Hillary voter. I’m a deeply progressive person, and I must say I’m troubled by what this implies about the current state of the Left.

I couldn’t help but smile at that point. Carlson himself started a smile, but then thought better of it. His guest, who looks to be in his thirties and is obviously smart enough to be teaching at a university, has somehow failed to notice the Left’s long, slow curdle into totalitarianism. Chris Brand could have told him about it twenty years ago.

Schadenfreude is not an attractive emotion, but sometimes the temptation is irresistible. So forgive me, please, for the following:

How’d you like it being done to you, Prof?


Book report: fiction. That segues nicely into coverage of this months’ fiction reading: Yuri Trifinov’s The House on the Embankment, recommended by a friend.

Trifonov, whose dates were 1925-1981, lived all his life in the U.S.S.R. and wrote about the lives of ordinary urban Soviet people, for publication by approved Soviet publishing houses.

You’d think that would make for dull fiction, but in fact a good deal of first-class storytelling came out of that environment. Stuck in a provincial Chinese college during the academic year 1982-3, I pillaged the college library for reading material. All they had in English-language fiction was some approved Eng. Lit. classics and a shelf of translated Russian novels from the 1940s and 1950s. A lot of that latter stuff was good, especially the WW2 fiction, though the names of the authors were not well-known.


The House on the Embankment is a cleverly-structured mix of childhood reminiscence and academic politics. The central character, Vadim Glebov, is a careerist who has to negotiate the rapids of Party discipline without selling too much of his soul. Through the author’s skill you end up liking him, but guiltily.

Now, someone familiar with the 1950s Moscow literary scene please tell me: Who is the poet at Sonya’s party in pages 243-4 of the Northwestern University Press edition? From the style and context it seems that Trifonov is drawing a real person. Who?


Book report: nonfiction. I finished Baboon Metaphysics. I am much wiser now about baboons and their quite complicated social life.

Not much wiser about the metaphysics, though. Baboons know an amazing number of things, especially social things — the rankings of themselves and others in the social hierarchy of their troop, for example.

How much of what they know do they know they know, though? How aware are they of their own selves, their own thoughts, their own BDIs (that’s beliefs, desires, and intentions)? How conscious are they?

The answer seems to be: not very.

Whereas they make relatively complex inferences about the target of other individuals’ calls and other individuals’ motivations towards themselves, they do not go out of their way to inform others about what they know, even when the others lack crucial information. Baboons extract rich causal narratives from other animals’ calls, but these narratives remain private. Unlike humans and even very young children, they feel no urge to gossip or share information …

Although they appear to monitor their knowledge in some limited ways, they seem incapable of the sort of “what if” introspection that permits deliberate planning and the weighing of alternative strategies … Baboons’ social intelligence is impressive, but they live largely in the present tense.

The authors quote from one of John Donne‘s sermons, dated 1628: “The beast does but know, but the man knows that he knows.” It looks like Donne got most of the answer right there, four hundred years ago.


Hillbilly prosody. One more poetry snippet.

It’s funny what people remember. I’ve published or e-published thousands of pieces — millions of words — in books, magazines, webzines, and blogs. Some pieces I’m pleased with; some I’d rather forget; the great majority I actually have forgotten.

Here’s one from that last category. An old acquaintance passed the following remark in an email: “I have enjoyed great mileage from being one of the favored few to know your ‘A certain young hillbilly bumpkin’ limerick from 12 or so years ago.”

Wha? I had no clue what he was talking about, had to look it up. Thanks, Google.

The BBC reports that 75 percent of our genetic makeup is the same as that of the common pumpkin. Presumably this is why the word “pumpkin” ends with “kin.” But wait — what is that fluttering of gossamer wings I hear! Why, it’s the Muse …

Lines in Appreciation of Genetic Propinquity

by John Derbyshire

A certain young hillbilly bumpkin

Was caught having sex with a pumpkin.

When arrested he swore:

“What’s all this fuss for?

Where I’m from, it’s okay to hump kin!”

[National Review Online, July 15th 2004.]

Mind you, one needs to be careful with this kind of thing nowadays. With this rash of synpathetic books about white proles (Hillbilly Elegy, White Trash, and White Working Class), references to Appalachian sex practices are probably microaggressive at this point.


Math Corner. A mighty host of people have asked me to comment on the post at the AMS blog by black female mathematician Piper Harron of the University of Hawaii. (AMS is the American Mathematical Society.) Assistant Professor Harron wants white men of normal sexuality to resign from their position teaching math.

Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion. Statistically speaking, you are probably taking up room that should go to someone else. If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power. That’s right, please quit. Too difficult? Well, as a first step, at least get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person. Don’t have any in your department? HOW SHOCKING.

What people mainly want to know is: Is this woman a complete fake — the ultimate affirmative action hire, given an assistant professorship in spite of knowing diddley-squat about math?

Well, I’ve done my due diligence here. I’ve read the lady’s Princeton Ph.D. thesis (online here) and sat through a video explication of her work (all 67 minutes of it, online here).

It’s not an area of math I know well. I have, though, sat through many, many presentations about areas of math I don’t know well, so I think I can spot a fake.

This isn’t one. Harron is a genuine mathematician who’s done hard work in a challenging field.

That said, the following things are also true.

  • Her written style, as displayed in her thesis is that of a ditzy twelve-year-old. Her comments about “white cis men” at the AMS blog are moronic. She may be an instance of the idiot savant.
  • Mathematicians, even those of the first rank, are often politically stupid. The great G.H. Hardy once, on a postcard to a friend during WW2, listed six New Year’s resolutions, among them: “To be proclaimed the first president of the U.S.S.R., Great Britain, and Germany.” When this kind of thing comes up in conversation I excuse mathematicians by saying that math is so demanding of one’s cognitive resources, there is nothing left over for clear thinking about politics.
  • Her manner in that video, especially in the closing Q&A, is that of someone not at all sure of herself. That’s why a lot of commenters think she has just been intensively coached through this one topic. I don’t believe it, but her manner seems to be designed to arouse the suspicion.
  • That suspicion itself has some basis in reality. Travelling around college math departments to promote my math books, I have more than once been told that college administrators fight like cats over the small number of black Ph.D.s in math. In that atmosphere, there is bound to be some chicanery. I just don’t believe this is an instance of it.
  • Although Harron is not a fraud, I doubt she would have made the cut for an assistant professorship if she had been a white male.
  • Mathematics, to my deep sorrow, has succumbed like the rest of the Academy to feelgood CultMarx blathering. Lead article in the current (June-July 2017) edition of The American Mathematical Monthly is eleven pages of girlish PC mush about “human flourishing” by Francis Edward Su, recently-retired President of the Mathematical Association of America.
  • You can’t escape this garbage, even in the pages of respectable math journals. There are no safe spaces. We are doomed.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amounton all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. jim jones says:

    As I walk past the Math Department at my University I am horrified to notice that there are no Black students, only Europeans and Chinese.

  2. AG (((vids))) promote mudsharkin’.

    INTO YOU – Dorky, stuffy, preppy WASP bf portrayed as undesirable. By contrast, a badass mulatto is fun, dangerous, adventurous & fashionable. Hey Saffie, when you grow up, it’ll be great to have mystery meat sprogs!

    FOCUS – A dindu thug puntuates Ariana’s singing by saying the title word repeatedly like a imbecile. Alas he has a speech impedement so all vowels sound like ‘u’ & title sounds two words. Hey Georgia, betray your race and muddy GB with future terrorists.

  3. Anonymous [AKA "Tom Henry"] says:

    Piper Harron’s thesis may well be the work of a genuine mathematician but the question is who is that genuine mathematician. She hints that the original is a joint paper co-written with her supervisor. One wonders how the credit for that paper should be distributed and how substantially it changed en route to becoming a thesis.

    She is married to another mathematician, apparently a cis white male also a specialist in algebraic number theory and also a PhD from Princeton and also an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii Given her documented lack of preparation for graduate work in math and lack of subsequent publications one wonders whether he also had a role in the thesis.

    Cynical perhaps, but she has rendered herself vulnerable by her public comments and the childish meta text in the thesis.

  4. Discard says:

    You’re right about fighting over Black PhDs. An old acquaintance works at CalTech. He tells me that they can’t keep Black faculty. Stanford has more money and hires them away.

  5. Antifa capitalism?

    It is also Antipa or Anti-Palestinian capitalism.

    So Palestinian Nakba and White Nakba are two sides of the same coin in the pocket of the same people.

    Derbyshire has it backward. He suggests that Big Business is bowing to pressures of lowly antifa.
    Really? There are antifa groups that are loudly anti-Zionist, but no one seems to pay them any heed. Do you see any US businesses boycott Israel? Do you see any politician denounce Israel?

    It is not Antifa that is dictating policy to Big Business. Rather, it is the globalist elites with control over business, deep state, academia, media, and etc who use bottom feeders like antifa to serve as goons. It’s like Soros paid for the BLM or NAC goons.

    If antifa is really against excessive power, excessive wealth, imperialism, the military state, and etc, why was it so silent when Obama was destroying Libya or lending support to Neo-Nazis to topple the regime in Kiev?

    Antifa are idiots and bottom-feeders without agency. They are dogs who need to be ordered and funded by those above them. They are nothing but rent-a-thug.
    Some of them have an ideology of sorts, but they are totally under the spell of the Narrative that is controlled by elites. If the elites say ‘white racism’ is bad, antifa morons just bitch endless about ‘white privilege’. They are morons.

    Spencer was accosted at the Gym by a Jewish professor. That became news, and then the Gym dropped him.
    Spencer was banned from Soundcloud because another Jewish person made necessary contacts.
    It’s like Jews did everything to get Sobran and Buchanan banned from media.
    But these very Jews will block any effort by BDS to have Zionist figures banned from media and institutions.

    So, it is disingenuous for Derbyshire to blame it on antifa. What we have is not antifa capitalism but Zionst-supremacist-Capitalism that sometimes uses antifa thugs to do harm.

    Now, take Sheldon Adelson, the lunatic who said NUKE IRAN. Now, that sounds crazy and deranged. Also, Adelson funded the GOP. So, how come people don’t go after him? How come antifa leaves him alone? Jews who went after Spencer should go after a true supremacist like Adelson, but he is left alone despite his many billions with which he buys politicians like so many whores.

    White nationalists like Spencer get it in the neck for the same reason Steven Salaita got it in the neck. White Nakba is underway, and people like Spencer won’t play along. Just like Jews target Palestinians, they also target white nationalists.

    But then, people like Spencer must pay the price. Nothing great comes easy. It takes struggle. And in a way, all these actions against Spencer is proving the Power really does fear what he stands for. The will to say NO to White Nakba.

    • Replies: @Randal
  6. Can Richard Spencer sue the Gym?

    With Civil Rights Movement, didn’t the government force businesses to serve everyone regardless of race, creed, or color?

    Isn’t ideology a form of creed? Since Spencer was banned due to creed, isn’t it worthy of lawsuit?

    Suppose an gym bans someone for being a Christian, Muslim, communist, or satanist even if they behave well and do nothing wrong. Can they sue?

    If they can, then is there a case for Spencer?

    I mean this nation even forces bakers to make vile ‘gay wedding cakes’ for homo ‘weddings’.

    Things turned out pretty good for Salaita:

    It goes to show that even though Palestinians lost their land and even though Salaita didn’t get the gig at the university, he got some ‘justice’ and walked away with a bundle of cash.

    • Replies: @Lot
  7. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    We Wuzn’t Kangz, END of Germany & Canada + Honour Enrichment

    • Replies: @the cruncher
  8. Randal says:

    She: “I remember the way he looked at me.” (Spencer has been a house guest chez Derb a couple of times.) “I’m a woman. I know men’s looks and what they mean.”

    Good thing for Spencer you come from a cultural background that respects restraint. Men have been killed for less in other cultures. (Though I don’t doubt you are old enough and confident enough to view other men looking at your wife in that way as a compliment rather than a threat).

    Good to hear Spencer’s probably not a homosexualist as well, though it would probably help him to survive politically.

    It’s a long time now since I came to the conclusion that hearing about male MPs having sexual relationships with women not their wives can no longer be regarded as negative, overall.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  9. Randal says:
    @Priss Factor

    It’s like Jews did everything to get Sobran and Buchanan banned from media.
    But these very Jews will block any effort by BDS to have Zionist figures banned from media and institutions.

    The right should tactically support BDS, until jewish movements clamp down on harassment of this kind.

  10. Lot says:

    Derb, your house guest Richard Spencer is a scumbag. The Atlantic article noted Mr. Spencer supports the legal defense of John Rivello.

    The criminal complaint against Mr. Rivello notes that he

    1. Created a twitter account called Ari [email protected]_goldstein

    2. Sent a known epileptic a tweet with a strobe image stating “You deserve a seizure for your post.”

    3. “Upon viewing the image, Victim #1 immediately suffered a seizure. … Within minutes of the seizure, Victim#l’s wife walked into his office, observed him having the seizure and rushed to his aid. The seizure lasted approximately eight minutes. For the duration of the seizure, Victim#l experienced a complete loss of his bodily functions and mental faculty. For many months following the seizure, Victim#l experienced continued impairment to his bodily functions and mental faculty. ”

    4. Rivello purchased a burner cell phone to do this, however he used his actual e-mail address as a backup when registering the phone.

    5. Rivello sent private twitter messages to his Nazi friends stating:

    “I hope this sends him into a seizure”
    “Spammed this at [Victim#l] let’s see if he dies”

    6. Rivello then edited Eichenwald’s wikipedia page to include anti-Semitic slurs and a statement he had died. (looking at the page history, it appears he attempted to do this about 40 times, with other editors quickly reverting his change)

    7. Rivello’s iCloud account included bookmarks from about seizure triggers and Eichenwald’s home address.

    Spencer’s response to this information, again, was that the perpetrator is worthy of money for his legal defense. As the article says:

    Spencer blanked on Eichenwald’s name, and both he and the minion laughed as they tried to recall it.

    “What is that guy’s name? The one whom we almost killed?”

    “No, no,” the minion corrected him, with the precision of in-house counsel. “We did not send that.”Spencer revised his statement. “We collectively almost killed him. Some alt-right shitlord”—alt-right-speak for “online activist”—“sent him a meme.” Two months later, @jew_goldstein was revealed as John Rivello, 29, of Maryland, and charged with cyberstalking … Spencer retweeted an appeal to crowdfund Rivello’s defense “against lying #fakenews Kurt Kikenwald.” (Eichenwald is Episcopalian.)

    The full document you may read here:

  11. Bliss says:

    She: “I remember the way he looked at me.” (Spencer has been a house guest chez Derb a couple of times.) “I’m a woman. I know men’s looks and what they mean.”

    What kind of a young man looks at his elderly friend’s beloved old wife like that? Spencer’s known asian fetish must be way stronger than his sense of decency…

    Someone really should write a well-researched expose of the hypocritical yellow fever that runs rampant among the leaders of the white nationalist crowd.

  12. Anonym says:

    Does Derb’s wife even produce eggs these days? If she was under 45 maybe you’d get a reaction. Derb is 71. In his position I’d probably laugh, hand Spencer the KY and tell him to go nuts, while joking about casting seed on stony ground. Different story with a fertile wife.

  13. Anonym says:

    I love the Tucker episode linked. It is great watching the left devour themselves. Surely SJWism is reaching natural limits. These people are so pathetically weak -the Dean especially. That is a good sign for us.

    While the lyrics are not perfect, they are great in places especially as Queen were/are liberals. The left are enjoying the fruits of their own utopia. I think of Weinstein, and sing along with the chorus.

  14. So anti-Germanism irks me, and there’s a lot of it about.

    Yes, I noticed that undercurrent in the Atlantic piece as well…looks like Germany will indeed be on probation forever in the eyes of Anglosphere elites. Kind of perverse when one considers that even the Russians nowadays are generous enough to allow cemeteries for Wehrmacht soldiers on their territory.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
    , @Lot
    , @Wally
  15. @Lot

    Yes, that part in the Atlantic article is pretty disturbing. If Spencer does indeed support people who have deliberately caused others bodily harm (and intentionally causing an epileptic seizure could indeed be regarded as attempted murder), he can’t really claim to be an innocent victim persecuted merely for his opinions.

    • Replies: @Discard
  16. @German_reader

    Where are there cemeteries for Wehrmacht soldiers killed in Russia? I didn’t know that there were any. My recollection, although it might be flawed, is that the Russians disinterred bodies from German field cemeteries and reburied them in mass graves. There may indeed be German troops buried alongside Russian troops in mass graves (e.g., Volgograd) where identification of bodies found after the battle was not possible. But I didn’t know that the Russians allowed identified German cemeteries, such as those that exist in France and Belgium, some of which I have visited.

    In general, I don’t find the Russians demonizing their German adversaries much in their celebration of their victory in the Great Patriotic War. They dwell on the military victories, but not, insofar as I can tell, not on atrocities behind the lines (my Russian is very weak–impossibly inflected language). An interesting aspect of Russian depictions of World War II is that they never show the Red Army in retreat. It’s sort as if those German troops just appeared before Moscow or in Stalingrad or outside Leningrad and then got driven back. They’re missing something–a lot of the real heroism was continuing to fight in 1941 and 1942 after being defeated again and again.

    I’d appreciate any information that you can provide!

  17. @Diversity Heretic

    I found this in English:

    And here’s a list of German war cemeteries in Russia (in German only):

    I don’t speak or read Russian, so obviously my insight into how Russians view Germany today is limited. Probably their WW2 victory cult does have its annoying sides as well (I’d certainly be highly bothered by it if I were Latvian). But I have difficulty imagining it’s quite as bad as views in the Anglosphere where commemoration of WW2 has become connected to promotion of today’s liberal pieties, and where apparently “good Germans” are expected to engage in grovelling and self-flagellation for all eternity.

  18. Lot says:

    Are left wing Germans really all that guilty over WWII specifically?

    Certainly the German left ranges from neutral to hostile toward the remaining survivors and their descendants of German atrocities. They favor Arabs over Israel, Turkey over Greece, Albanians/Muslim Bosnians over Serbs, and are at least moderately hostile to Russia and non subservient Polish parties.

    WWII guilt might be a small factor in Germany, but in general anti-White leftism is not terribly concerned with white-on-white crimes and more concerned with white-on-others stuff.

    The impact of WWII might just be that the German left is hostile to mild symbolic nationalism like flag-waving which most American leftists are OK with. But ethno-masocism is the same even if Hillary waves our flag while advocating for it and Merkel advocates it while angrily shuts down flag waving.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  19. Lot says:
    @Priss Factor

    Things turned out pretty good for Salaita:

    Nope. While he did get $800,000, I assume his lawyers got a lot of that.

    Even the whole $800,000, after taxes, does not make up for the 35-some years he could have been paid to do essentially nothing as a tenured UIUC humanities professor.

    The annual pay, including very generous benefits, is about $100,000.

  20. @Lot

    Certainly the German left ranges from neutral to hostile toward the remaining survivors and their descendants of German atrocities. They favor Arabs over Israel, Turkey over Greece, Albanians/Muslim Bosnians over Serbs, and are at least moderately hostile to Russia and non subservient Polish parties.

    You’re actually right about that, in fact that’s something I find pretty strange as well. German “guilt” isn’t that really pronounced in relations to societies affected by German aggression during WW2, it’s true that Germans have few scruples about demonizing Poles, Russians or to some extent even Israelis (though that’s somewhat balanced by philosemites who can also be quite deranged…but yes, undoubtedly there is a lot of anti-Israel sentiment).
    In a way I’d also agree that Germany isn’t that special compared to other Western countries which also have had their national myths destroyed and replaced by a counter-narrative of a history of crime for which no amount of self-flagellation can ever be sufficient atonement (at least that’s my impression of the US where even something like internment of Japanese in WW2 is built up into some monstrous crime).
    But still, Germany is on a level of its own in national self-abasement…it has gone so far now that a country like Turkey can quite openly humiliate and blackmail Germany, and somehow one just has to accept that. I’d say that goes beyond even what’s “normal” in other Western countries.

  21. KenH says:

    The Atlantic article written by Graeme Wood, Spencer’s high school classmate, is not very objective and it seemed to me he looked for every opportunity to insult Spencer or cast him and his political views in a bad light. It’s replete with virtue signaling to the left and anti-whites. The photo almost makes Spencer look vampiric and I’m sure that was no accident.

    No doubt the little half Chinaman/good halfwhite Graeme Wood will win some kudos from the cuck and SJW community and be treated to fist bumps and high fives at the next cocktail party. I’m also sure that little Graeme lives in a neighborhood that’s no less than 80% white while castigating alt-righters and white nationalists for desiring only to live among their own kind.

    He in no way demonstrated how or why Spencer is factually wrong because he knows he would fail.

    By contrast, Graeme Wood’s articles on ISIS are very dispassionate and even handed and their torture and murder of prisoners, women and children and gruesome beheadings of just about everyone didn’t seem to inflame his passions one iota or move him to the type of criticism and disrespect he dished out to Richard Spencer and the alt-right. It’s almost if he finds ISIS a tad sexy and romantic while Spencer and the alt-right (who’ve harmed nobody) are icky and declasse just because they have racial pride and consciousness.

    It’s just proof of how hypocritical, ideologically biased and just plain screwed up most “mainstream” journos are these days.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  22. From her acknowledgements (Emphasis mine):
    Finally, I’d like to thank my husband, Robert Harron, for always being at the aforementioned underground establishment, for being a night owl, for being a number theorist, for being an informal advisor, for being an unpaid copy-editor, for increasing the amount of truth in my thesis


  23. @Lot

    Derb, your house guest Richard Spencer is a scumbag. The Atlantic article noted Mr. Spencer supports the legal defense of John Rivello.

    I would note that, until conviction, all the items you subsequently list are alleged.

    Everyone deserves a fair trial and competent counsel. I do not think less of a man for contributing to a friend’s defense, regardless of what the friend is alleged to have done.

    That’s what the left does, now, to prevent people from standing up for the accused, to convict them before a court has, isn’t it? Alinsky: Isolate them, personalize them, polarize them.

    • Replies: @Lot
  24. Lot says:

    Legal presumption of innocence does not mean there is any factual dispute about Rivello’s actions. The facts in the criminal complaint are very specific, sworn to be true by an FBI agent under penalty of perjury, and approved by a federal judge.

    Indeed, Spencer does not seem to have any doubt about these facts.

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
    , @Autochthon
  25. I always enjoy Derb’s poetic references. Little rays of light and education in the dull and dreary world of politics.

    Derb, if you read this, thank you for the reference to the fascinating Li Bai poem “Dream Voyage to Tianmu Parting Song” (even the title contains hard-to-translate multitudes!). However I must notify you of a small typo in the Chinese text. Line 6 should read:

    (The moon in the lake shines on my reflection, sending me on to Shan River.)

  26. @German_reader

    Thank you for that information; I had not known that there was an effort to recover WWII German dead and consolidate them in cemeteries located in Russia. It’s good of the Russians to permit it. My reaction in considering the scale of the casualties in the WWII Russian-German war is that Europeans have simply got to stop fighting each other; we’ve just gotten too good at killing. No more brothers’ wars! The Teuton and Slav have got to be friends!

    • Agree: German_reader
  27. MEH 0910 says:

    A number of mortified St. Mark’s alumni conspired to speak out against him. Eight from our class of 69, myself among them, wrote an anti-Spencer statement on a crowdsourced fund-raising website, supporting resettlement of refugees in Dallas—a cause we chose because we knew it would irritate him.

    “Cutting off the nose to spite the face” is an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.

  28. I could make a crack that I would agree there’s a great gulf between having a perfect ass and being one!

  29. Discard says:

    This is America. One does not become guilty here by supporting people who have been accused of something or other. One does not become guilty here by supporting people who have in fact done something or other. I can be a Nazi here, without becoming guilty of anything.

    • Replies: @ANON
  30. @Diversity Heretic

    Where are there cemeteries for Wehrmacht soldiers killed in Russia? I didn’t know that there were any.

    Here’s a story about a large one outside of St. Petersburg:

  31. ” It all got started with Prussia’s war of liberation against the horrible dictator Napoleon in the early years of that century. The Prussians realized that to beat the tyrant decisively, they’d have to liberalize and modernize their society, and they did. ”

    A Germanophile could know that Louis Napoleon attacked, not Prussia, but what is now southern Germany.
    The attack made it possible for Bismarck to unite Germany, this united Germany developed is an tremendous way, around 1900 Germany was on top of the world, science, technology, socially, commercially, the British empire felt threatened.
    As Churchill stated ‘it is best to see the whole period 1914 1945 as one long war’, a war that Germany in the end won, Berlin is now the factual capital of the European continent.

    A.J.P. Taylor, ‘The Struggle for Mastery in Europe, 1848 – 1918’, 1954, 1971, Oxford

  32. @jim jones

    While visiting LA with my daughter, we walked through the Griffith Observatory. Thousands of people jammed the observatory grounds, tourist like us, and Europeans, Asians (so many Asians), South Americans, and Mexican Mexicans. Not one single black face. Must be like camping, and math, a cultural impingement. Or maybe there were No Colored signs which I missed on the way up.

  33. @jim jones

    Chinese and Koreans of whom I had 2 very close friends are smart and very hard study. My first wife also was very smart Chinese lady. However they lack something that produces greatness. I suspect they have both less very stupid people but also lack outstanding people which is obvious from their history. One would not find Alexandr the Greats,Caesars, Napoleon’s, Gallileis, Copernicuses, Maxwell’s, Faradeis and Einsteins among them. They are pretty uniform. Regarding blacks , I like their old soul and other pre hip hop and gagsta rap music of 60-80s and that’s all I like about them. I always put Chinese and Koreans students as an example to my son as a very hard working.

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  34. @Lot

    Perhaps Spencer is not in doubt about the facts. Perhaps those facts are true. Whether there is or is not a factual dispute about Rivello’s actions is, again, determined at trial.

    I don’t automatically trust what I read in the media or from random posters on the internet.

    The most important part of my original post, however, is that I do not condemn a man for contributing to his friend’s defense, regardless of what the friend is alleged to have done. It’s the justice system that has the ultimate say, and there’s nothing criminal or immoral about ensuring a friend has a good defense.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
    , @Lot
  35. @Sergey Krieger

    I agree with that sentiment about the Chinese, but I think external factors play a much more important role as to why Korea hasn’t done much. They are not a very big country, relatively speaking, and a great deal of their historical capital has been spent fighting Japan, or more importantly, trying to avoid being assimilated by China. The turning point for the worse came about 1500 years ago, when the kingdom of Gorguryo, which encompassed modern day North Korea and most of Manchuria, was defeated by an alliance consisting of China and Silla (modern day South Korea). The end result created established the Yalu River as the border between Chins and Korea. Had Gorguryeo come out on top, Korea would have had a much more influential role in world affairs.

    In spite of all that, there are still some hints of Korean ingenuity that show up in their history, such as a portable arrow-firing machine, the world’s first metal-armored boats, and the world’s first book printed in metal-blocked movable type.

    • Replies: @Anon
  36. Pericles says:

    It also means the humble web browser is a merciless murder weapon. Which manufacturer is liable in this case?

    “For [eight minutes], [Kurt Eichenwald] experienced a complete loss of his bodily functions and mental faculty. For many months following the seizure, [Kurt Eichenwald] experienced continued impairment to his bodily functions and mental faculty. ”

    Oh dear. Seems messy.

    • Replies: @Lot
  37. Soft is not weak

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  38. @Cloudbuster

    Well said, Cloudbuster. There is a place for you in heaven somewhere near George Mason and Patrick Henry.

    Lots of liberal-minded people, who were in no way evil, supported Sacco and Vanzetti’s defense and also Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s defense.

    They were all four of them as guilty as sin. That also includes, apparently, the Chicago “Anarchist Martyrs”.

    Leftists come to the defense of “scumbags” all the time. How many came to the defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal (a.k.a. Wesley Cook)?

    Don’t you dare suggest that a White Nationalist should have a fair trial, though.

  39. joe webb says:

    Derb sucks up to Richard Spencer? Then Derb never seems to go after the real Goldsteins. Joe Webb

  40. inertial says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    An interesting aspect of Russian depictions of World War II is that they never show the Red Army in retreat.

    This is not true. The early part of the war is covered quite well in literature, film, etc. I bet Mr. Derb have read some of those books. (As an aside, the Soviet WWII literature should be better known. It is amazing.)

    But, you have to keep in mind that May 9 is celebrated the Victory Day. There are other days set aside for remembrance and such. June 22 is chief among them.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  41. Agent76 says:

    Killed By Police 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 (496) as June 1, 2017 this year alone

    The most accurate, most comprehensive and always up-to-date list of people killed by U.S. enforcement officers. Est. May 1, 2013

    June 16, 2016 Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public

    However, did you know that the government, and specifically law enforcement, does not have any duty to protect the general public? Based on the headline and this information, you might assume this is a new, landmark decision. However, it has long been the court’s stance that, essentially, the American people are responsible for taking case of their own personal safety.

  42. Agent76 says:

    Sep 14, 2015 The Police Have No Duty To Protect You: Joseph Lozito’s Story

    “But we need the police to protect us!!” cry some people. Yet time and time again, as Joseph Lozito found out, courts have ruled that police have no duty to protect you.

  43. inertial says:

    From very early on, The Russians made a point of saying that they were fighting against Nazism, not the Germans. This came down from Stalin himself in 1941 (“Hitlers come and go but the German people remain.”)

    Russia and Germany have a long, long history together. Much of it was good. Russians learned a lot from the Germans over the centuries and they remember that. Russians admire the Germans and consider Germany to be their only peer in Europe.

  44. Populist masses are feared as Mobs with Pitchforks.

    Proglodytes are Mobs with Padlocks.

    Thugs with padlocks are instructed by those with poison pens.

  45. @Santoculto

    White Submissivists are soft and weak.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  46. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Just checked Wiki. He graduated from-Where else?–Harvard. Currently, when not holding forth in the pages of The Atlantic (which was once a great magazine), he teaches agitprop (disguised as “political science”) at–Where else?–Yale.

  47. @Priss Factor

    …and crunchy and good with catsup.

  48. vx37 says:

    You’re kidding, right? Whites have been getting beaten, raped, robbed and murdered in a half-century long street holocaust that is deliberately sponsored by people like Eichenwald. He has spent his lifetime lying about (i.e., actively supporting) that violence. You really expect us to feel sorry because this war-criminal ALLEGEDLY got sick from looking at a picture? You’re either a white-hating racist troll or a cuck.

    • Replies: @Lot
  49. @Anon

    You know, they WUZ kangs for a bit – for a while some black African tribe conquered or just infiltrated the dying kingdom and ruled. There are masks of pharoahs that are black. Blacks’ beliefs don’t come from nowhere.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  50. For the progs, Free Speech was always a tactic, not a principle. They were for when it served their interests. But now that Free Speech challenges and exposes their corruption and abuses, it is ‘hate speech’ that must be shut down. Of course, the powerful globalists know that the notion of ‘hate speech’ is just mind-control tactic to control the discourse, but bottom-feeding antifa dummies are too stupid to realize they are being used and abused as minions and goons.

    It looks like neo-stalinism is coming off the rails in US colleges, at least some of them.
    Why? Unlike Stalin who had iron-grip over his minions, the neo-stalinist professors don’t. Likewise, even as Mao unleashed the crazy Red Guards, he had the power to clamp down anytime he wanted. So when things got out of order, he sent the military into the cities and sent the students to the countryside(to serve the people).
    In contrast, neo-stalinist or neo-maoist college professors can’t control what they’ve unleashed. Their power is too weak to serve as lid on the pressure cooker of nutball ideology.

    Also, there is a lot of unspoken resentment among the nutball radicals on campuses. Even though they don’t articulate it, the contradictions can be sensed.
    Our world is about winners and losers. Globalism and mass immigration/diversity made it nearly impossible to have the middle class as the defining and dominant group in America. It is now about the winner class and the loser class. This being the case, the natural thing would be for radical leftists to challenge and attack the winner class that is hogging the wealth and prizes. And in an earlier time, this would have been the case when the upper classes were more conservative, ‘reactionary’, rightist, and Wasp. And anti-homo, anti-statist, and even ‘antisemitic’. Back then, the upper classes were attacked by the Left as the bastion of right-wing white-supremacist privilege.

    But such political attitudes have been nullified since the rise of boomers. With Jews taking elite power away from Wasps, leftist politics became less focused on class and more on minority-identity. So, rich Jewish minority now have more victim points than poor white gentiles. ‘Minority Rights’ doesn’t make a distinction between billionaire Jews or fancy neo-aristocratic homos AND ghetto blacks or lettuce-picking Mexicans.
    Likewise, ‘white privilege’ doesn’t distinguish ‘poor white trash’ from someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Indeed, because rich whites can buy off the opposition by funding ‘progressive’ causes, they get less hatred than white working class or poor folks who tend to be more nationalist(as globalism does nothing for them).
    With Jews as the new elites, attacking the rich isn’t as ideologically correct. Why, it might be deemed ‘antisemitic’. Also, as the rich classes now fund homomania and diversity, they are seen as engines of ‘progress’. So, nutball proglodytes go easy on George Soroses, Michael Bloombergs, Tim Cooks, and James Camerons of the world. Millennials are the Generation of Harvey Milk and Starbucks Coffee.
    Also, as elite colleges are now virtually entirely ‘progressive’, the future winners who will hog all the wealth and privilege enjoy the defense shield of PC. I mean, how can they be ‘bad people’ when they are for ‘gay marriage’ and ‘trannies playing in womens sports and peeing in the ladies room’?

    So, this had led to a strange kind of ideological schizophrenia. The NATURAL thing for proglodytes to do is to attack the winners as the hoggers of wealth and power. But in the New Order, the winner class has refashioned itself as bobo hipster proggy.
    Even in the 80s, there was the hatred of the Reaganite-Thatcherite yuppie. Consider the vapid yuppies of Oliver Stone’s WALL STREET and Mike Leigh’s NAKED. And AMERICAN PSYCHO was meant to expose such mentality. In the post-60s era, the boomer professionals were so into success and money that they neglected politics and ideology. But over time, especially under Clinton, they formulated a way to seek success AND shroud themselves with progginess. One way was to turn leftism from Mayday to Gayday or from class politics to ass politics. This worked like a magic glove because homos are so vain, fancy-pants, and love to server the rich. So, with homos as the dominant face of the ‘progressivism’, the main theme came to be about fancy vain homos toying with politics to serve the economic interests of Jewish elites and rich boomers. It all became whoopy-pee-poo.

    This robbed the proglodytes of the opportunity to bash their true enemies. If progs are supposed to be leftist and for egalitarianism, their natural enemies are the rich class. But the rich class is now ‘progressive’ and, furthermore, the main theme of ‘progressivism’ is forcing people to bake ‘gay wedding cakes’ and having men in dress wee-wee in women’s room. This does NOTHING to challenge the power of the rich. If anything, the oligarchs in Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley are cracking up that the proglodytes in the US and EU are sooooooo worked up about silly issues about trannies and worship of homo fecal penetration.

    Surely, proglodytes in colleges, especially lesser ones, are really envious and resentful of students in better colleges and/or more prestigious majors who will rake in all the dough. Those specializing in medicine, business, computers, science/technology, corporate law, and such will gain the most success. Those in humanities, history, arts, education, and various schools of resentment will gain the least success. Many will be burdened with huge student debts with college degrees that are useless in the market place.
    So, naturally, a college graduate with degree in Crazy Negro Studies or Bitchy Grrrl Studies will face a less promising future than someone with a degree in computers or finance. Since politics is driven by envy and resentment(though these emotions as masked as ‘justice’), the proglodytes should direct their ire at the Mark Zuckerbergs and Sergei Brins of the world.
    But since prog losers were taught from cradle that the true meaning of ‘progress’ is all about Diversity, Homomania, and fighting ‘racism’. Since today’s rich elites make all the correct-sounding noises about More Immigration, More Homo Celebration, and More Magic Negro Worship, the loser proglodytes feel they must be admire and support the rich progoligarchs.
    But if loser proglodytes must still scream, rant, and hate on something. After all, that is what radical politics is all about. It’s about me-hugging self-righteous displays of holier-than-thou virtue, a neo-puritanism. Since they cannot attack the powerful(who are now for ‘gay marriage’), they look around and strike out at easy targets, like wussy professors or an odd conservative on campus.

    But then, these wussy professors brought in on themselves by favoring neo-stalinism. Now, by ‘neo-stalinism’, I don’t mean they are ideologically stalinist. I highly doubt if any leftist professor wants forced collectivization of agriculture or mass executions of ‘class enemies’. By neo-stalinism, I mean the favoring of machine politics over individual brilliance.
    Even though people with individual brilliance can be totalitarian and tyrannical, they are more likely to be for free discourse than less brilliant people are. Why? Because the brilliant have confidence in their abilities to argue and dominate. This was why Trotsky failed against Stalin. Now, Trotsky was autocratic and ruthless himself. But he was less totalitarian-minded(at least within the Soviet hierarchy) because he thought he would win out with wit and brilliance. Stalin was smart and experienced, but he couldn’t match wits with Trotsky or other top Jews. So, the ONLY way Stalin could win was by building up machine politics. He would organize an army of cadre who were dim but obedient. They would be loyal to him like dogs and would attack anyone he set them upon.

    The really smart intellectuals on the Left tend to be less totalitarian. Christopher Hitchens had confidence in his ability to take on anyone and win or at least hold his own. Steven Pinker also has confidence. But a lot of academics and intellectuals are really hacks or colorless. They lack brilliance or the nerves to match wits on a one-on-one basis. So, they prefer the stalinist way over the trotsky way. They’d rather create an army of pseudo-intellectual goons who will learn and obey than learn to be critical. They are more taboosters than taboo-busters. They would rather have obedient goons than free-thinkers.
    The danger, however, is that goons can get out of control(especially if they are crazy negroes). Unlike Stalin and Mao who had the means to rein in any outbreak of excessive radicalism, the neo-stalinist professors are helpless when the goons bark and bite at them.

    But then, is PC really the most powerful force in the US? We tend to associate PC with puritanism, but hedonism seems to be the main force in the West. After all, why did Jews, Homos, and Negroes become so powerful? There is the holocaust thing, slavery thing, and AIDS thing(caused by homos themselves), but most people don’t think of such things. Most people seek pleasure, and the fact is Jews, blacks, and homos won because of their dominance of hedonics. Jews control comedy, wit, entertainment. Blacks got music, sports, and sex culture. Homos are into fashion and vanity and celebrity culture. Celebristianity is the new christianity. Once basic needs are met, people mainly live for pleasures: Consider the exponential rise in gambling, video games, pop music, pornography, celebrity mania, drugs(with meth killing poor whites), homo bacchanalia every year, dances such as ‘twerking’, and etc. So, it seems Poo-C counts more than PC. (poo-c meaning ‘pussy’ and poo-ride of homos.)

    We can see the power of hedonics in US elections as well. Since the 1960 election, the rule of hedonics led to the more hedonic candidate winning. The more-hedonic-candidate is one who seems more ‘fun’. That’s why Kennedy beat Nixon. Though Johnson wasn’t ‘fun’, he was more fun than Goldwater. Nixon wasn’t fun, but Humphrey wasn’t life of the party either. And McGovern, though the leader of the debauchers, was a dull guy. Carter was more fun than Ford. Reagan, former actor, was more fun than Carter and Mondale. Bush, though not fun, was still more fun than colorless Dukakis who had nothing of Zorba about him. Clinton was lot more fun than Bush and Dole. Dubya was more fun than square Gore and droopy Kerry. Obama was more fun than Mr. MaGoo McCain and Mormon Romney. And Trump was more fun than Hillary. (Maybe Bernie Sanders would have beaten Hillary if he told more jokes like a Jewish comedian.)

    • Replies: @Miro23
  51. Anonym says:

    Not every epileptic has seizures triggerable by moving images. Only 3% have photosensitive epilepsy.

    Given Eichenwald’s behavior in the above interview, I am loath to believe anything he says unless it can be verified by a non-family witness, and preferably someone outside the tribe.

    • Replies: @Lot
  52. @inertial

    The Red Army retreats may be recounted in literature and film. I don’t read or understand Russian (nine months of lessons have left me more confused than ever about the impossibly-inflected language). But in all the monuments and exhibits that I have seen in and around Moscow and Volgograd, I have never seen the Red Army depicted in retreat. For example, at the “Hedgehog Monument,” north of Moscow, in Khimki, which actually marks the closest known approach of German troops to Moscow (23 kilometers from the center of Moscow on December 2, 1941) the stone there doesn’t mention that fact at all, but rather recites a newspaper article from December 6, 1941 describing the launching of the counteroffensive.

    I didn’t remember any observance of June 22 last year, and it was the 75-year anniversary of the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. My Russian teacher in London at the time didn’t even remember the date. June 22 is coming up and I’m in Moscow–I’ll look at see what might be observed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @inertial
  53. @the cruncher

    “There are masks of pharoahs that are black.”

    Tutankh-Amun is definitely not one of them. His features look Negroid on the dazzlingly powerful funerary mask; but open much deeper with an array of 21st Century apparatus, and he’s decidedly not Negroid African.

    So, that’s two or more to go. Let’s hear your list.

    (I need this information to impress the bitches at my next Kwanzaa cocktail party).

  54. utu says:

    For the progs, Free Speech was always a tactic, not a principle.

    For everybody not just progs. Do you think that JD is for speech on principle? He just want to be heard so he can make a buck.

    • Troll: Cloudbuster
  55. Wally says: • Website

    But there are NO excavated mass graves of ‘holocausted’ Jews to see and review. Zero!

    We’re talking about an alleged ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ … 11,000,000.
    There is not a single verifiable excavated enormous mass grave with contents actually SHOWN, not just claimed, (recall the claim of 900,000 buried at Treblinka, (see LA Coliseum below), 1,250,000 at Auschwitz, or 250,000 at Sobibor) even though Jews claim they still exist and claim to know exactly where these alleged enormous mass graves are.


    The Holocau$t Industry now also claims that ca. 2,000,000 Jews were killed by the Einsatzgruppen into huge, very huge pits, mostly in the USSR, So, anyone, please show us the excavated enormous mass graves that are claimed to exist, their locations are allegedly precisely known.
    Is that:
    100 graves of 20,000?
    200 graves of 10,000?
    400 graves of 5,000?
    500 graves of 4,000?
    1000 graves of 2000?
    2000 graves of 1000?

    The Los Angeles Coliseum holds ca 90,000. That claimed 2,000,000 Jews equals over 22 times the Los Angeles Coliseum capacity shown here:
    The claims for Treblinka alone are ten times the LA Coliseum.
    So where are the necessary human remains?

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

  56. This ought to be called Neo-Episcopalianism.

    When Mainline churches stopped worshiping God, they began to worship do-goody virtue.

    Do-goody-ism favors those deemed as ‘victims’.

    Do-gooders feel justified by getting off on their compassion for ‘victims’. They love the high of sniffing virtue fumes like morons love to get highs from sniffing glue.

    So naturally, those who make the most noise to claim victim-hood win the most worship-points.

    Since Negroes and Homos are the loudest yappers and whiners of ‘victim-hood’, Neo-Episcopalianism came to worship those groups the most.

    Worship the Sacro-Negro and Holy-Homo.

    In the 60s, Neo-Episcopalians wanted to touch Indians. Today, they love to touch Sacro-Negros and Holy Homos.

  57. Sparky says:

    Miles Mathis argues that Spencer is just another agent being used to discredit those unenlightened deplorables foolish enough to stand up for white Christian America. You can read why here:

    For example, Spencer is Jewish according to geneology sites.

    • Disagree: Dan Hayes
  58. Lot says:

    It also means the humble web browser is a merciless murder weapon.

    A humble peanut or honeybee stinger could be a weapon against those with a severe allergy. Likewise a computer virus sent to a hospital’s computer network could potentially kill people.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  59. Lot says:

    So you want to kill people over political disagreements? Civil wars work so well in improving places like Syria!

  60. Lot says:

    I am loath to believe anything he says unless it can be verified by a non-family witness

    If he is faking his wife and the emergency room doctors are in on it, including lying to the police.

    Regardless of actual harm, Rivello intended to harm him. Trying to injure/kill journalists you don’t like is barbarity normally seen in Muslim countries, not part of our Anglo-American tradition.

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
  61. Lot says:

    Whether there is or is not a factual dispute about Rivello’s actions

    I don’t automatically trust what I read in the media or from random posters on the internet.

    I linked and quoted sworn statements from a Texas FBI agent. Rivello confessed in tweets at the time, both right before and after he did it, when he thought he was anonymous. After he was arrested, he wrote a letter of apology to Eichenwald and claimed PTSD. It is very unlikely there will be a trial, rather he seems to be getting ready for a guilty plea.

    I do not condemn a man for contributing to his friend’s defense

    You keep using the word “friend.” What evidence do you have they are or were friends? Spencer never claimed to know him in any way.

    So let’s put that aside for a moment, and consider for the sake of argument that Spencer had never heard of or talked to Rivello until he heard about his arrest. Does that change your view?

    Did you think the “Kikenwald” quip Spencer retweeted was clever? Or perhaps revealing that Spencer is motivated by antisemitism, not the desire to “help a friend” that he never met before?

    @Eustace defends your point by saying the left supported Mumia’s legal defense. That’s the level you lower yourself to. Supporters of Black Muslims who kill cops and various barbaric peoples like Algerians and Turks who think it is OK to respond to journalists you don’t like by attacking them. And, indeed, the various leftist creeps who made comic video clips of Spencer being punched.

    • Replies: @Johann Ricke
    , @Cloudbuster
  62. @Lot

    @Eustace defends your point by saying the left supported Mumia’s legal defense. That’s the level you lower yourself to. Supporters of Black Muslims who kill cops and various barbaric peoples like Algerians and Turks who think it is OK to respond to journalists you don’t like by attacking them. And, indeed, the various leftist creeps who made comic video clips of Spencer being punched.

    A generation ago, I would have said a man of low character like Trump is unfit to be president. Then we got Clinton and Obama. Not to mention the sad parade of Bushes who added to the regulatory welfare state industrial complex. Trump is no great shakes as a person. But policy-wise, he beats everyone since Reagan. And with McCain and Romney backing the Paris Accord, it’s clear we were fortunate they lost. At least with Obama, the GOP had a pinata to stomp.

  63. Pericles says:

    Well, the computer virus is hardly innocuous or intended to be so, so that just muddies the waters.

    But after the proper recompense has been paid to victims of murderous web browsers, I assume browsers too will need the appropriate labeling. (Video game consoles already provide such warnings to epileptics, by the way.) We don’t want unsuspecting users to lose control of their bodily functions.

  64. ANON • Disclaimer says:

    Supposing you are right about guilt under the criminal law in America are you saying that that’s all you need to know to reject any accusation that a person is guilty of wickedness and is morally foul? That’s your America?

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Where in the world’s capitals and great cities have you seen monuments to their countries’ great retreats? Or even heard of them?

    • Replies: @res
    , @Diversity Heretic
  66. @Lot

    Regarding the truth of the statements: My only point is that I am not personally knowledgeable about them. You seem to be, but I don’t know who you are. I am not going to get into weighing the evidence with you because that is not the point of my post.

    Regarding “friend”: I am using the term pretty casually, I admit. Once I was the subject of a federal subpoena. I received support and advice from Ken White of Popehat. I’ve never met him in person, never had any relationship beyond that incident, but he was a friend to me at that time. Getting in a hairsplitting argument about who, precisely, qualifies as a “friend’ is a distraction. Anyone has a right to contribute to the legal defense of anyone else and I don’t think they should suffer moral censure because of it.

    Regarding anti-semitism and “Kikenwald”: It’s not very classy, but I’ve said some pretty crude things about Muslims. I don’t share Spencer’s anti-semitism, but neither do I get particularly exercised about it. I am sufficiently tired of racism being used as the go-to method of ostracizing someone from public life that I simply don’t care about racism anymore. Jews are sufficiently educated, wealthy and influential as to be able to defend themselves in the court of public opinion. They don’t need my real or pretended virtuous outrage. Let Spencer say what he wants. The truth will out.

    That’s the level you lower yourself to. Supporters of Black Muslims who kill cops and various barbaric peoples like Algerians and Turks who think it is OK to respond to journalists you don’t like by attacking them. And, indeed, the various leftist creeps who made comic video clips of Spencer being punched.

    Yes, here you try to demonize me and say I “lower myself” by supporting the right of people to contribute to another’s defense. As Obama would say, let me be perfectly clear:

    1. I think Mumia is guilty. I thought the Blind Sheik was guilty, from what I knew of the case. If your recitation is correct, Rivello is probably guilty. Regardless of my opinion, contributing to a legal defense is one of the most law-abiding ways of participating in the system possible. I won’t condemn that. At worst, it’s throwing good money after bad. Spencer has a right to do what he wants with his money.

    2. I find this tendency to spread condemnation of the accused to any who would aid in their legal defense to be reprehensible. It’s merely lawful participation in our justice system. Now, supporters of Mumia and the Blind Sheik have gone beyond lawful support of the defense to criminal acts intended to intimidate or interfere with justice. That I don’t support. But Spencer hasn’t done anything wrong.

  67. @Lot

    Can you provide a reference to the emergency room report? I haven’t been able to find anything.

    • Replies: @res
  68. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Consider the exponential rise in gambling, video games, pop music, pornography, celebrity mania, drugs(with meth killing poor whites), homo bacchanalia every year, dances such as ‘twerking’, and etc. So, it seems Poo-C counts more than PC. (poo-c meaning ‘pussy’ and poo-ride of homos.)

    We can see the power of hedonics in US elections as well. Since the 1960 election, the rule of hedonics led to the more hedonic candidate winning. The more-hedonic-candidate is one who seems more ‘fun’.

    This could well be the “Bread and Circuses” point in the cycle, paralleling the last days of the corrupt cesspit of Imperial Rome.

    Roman society centered around ever more fantastic “Games” to stimulate the jaded palates of a decadent public. Everything had to be larger, more costly, violent, sexual, weird, perverted and sadistic than before.

    Daniel Mannix usefully summed it up in his book on the subject:

    The growth, character, and final degeneration of the ludi closely paralleled the growth, character and degeneration of the Roman Empire. In the old, simple days of the republic, the games were simply athletic contests. As Rome became a conquering power, the games became bloody, ruthless and fierce, although still retaining a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. This was the era when Augustus had to pass laws forbidding patricians from jumping into the arena and fighting it out with professional gladiators, and a young noble would challenge a victorious German prisoner to a fight to the death. When Rome finished her conquests and became merely a despotic power, the games became pointlessly cruel. Towards the end they were nothing but sadistic displays. Shortly after this period, the Empire collapsed.

    A clue is perhaps the increasing difficulty in defining the word “decadence” as previous meanings slide into acceptability.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  69. res says:

    It would be good to get the truth on this. The only mention of emergency I could find was
    which states:

    Eichenwald’s wife had found him during his seizure, placed him safely on the floor, and called emergency services. She also took a picture of the tweet and sent out the message above.

    Though photosensitive epilepsy is real, it is also rare.

    Given Eichenwald’s outrageous statements in the period right before the incident, I have to say I don’t find his word alone credible.

    Absent stronger evidence my conclusion would be >50% probability there was no seizure. I am curious how they expect to meet the standard of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    Lot, can you point us to any evidence beyond statements from Eichenwald or his wife? And emergency services evidence would need to include physical evidence of a seizure. A phone call is not enough.

    Regardless of what actually happened as a result, sending the GIF was reprehensible.

  70. Bliss says:

    So I am one-sixteenth a Middleton. If Pippa is descended from a male sibling of Charlotte Middleton’s, then Pippa and I are fourth cousins.

    Since your maternal Middleton ancestry has Indonesian roots you probably are distantly related to Kate and Pippa Middleton, since they sure look a bit exotic (complexion, face and derrière) for English lassies.

    Btw, Kate Middleton’s husband has ancestral roots in India, via his mother Princess Diana (as does their famous family friend Sir Richard Branson).

    And Diana’s other son, Prince Harry, is in a serious relationship with a half African-American actress who looks quite a bit like the Middleton sisters.

  71. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Touché! How could I not have thought of it. Now my mind has produced Marne and Benghazi before Googling “famous military retreats” and seeing 4, 5 and 7 in the headings…. I wonder if I could still have found a way of making my point, and would have wanted to, after looking them all up.

    Now I remember “Parthian tactics” too, don’t I?

    • Replies: @res
  72. res says:

    Thanks for having a sense of humor and the interest to delve further. I didn’t go through the other examples carefully, but I think your “monument in a major city” was a decent bar to set (the Dunkirk monument in London sounds a bit obscure and is focused on the sailors).

    I think it says something about a culture that can celebrate its own retreat. Not sure how true that is for all of the examples you found.

    One interesting thing is that one of the links I saw mentioned the Russian Napoleonic retreat, but not WWII. That struck me as odd given the similarities.

  73. inertial says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Here is one monument to a defeat. Admittedly, it’s not in Russia but in Belarus.

    Monument in Brest-Fortress

  74. Agent76 says:

    Sep 18, 2015 Enter the biggest prison system in history

    The Empire holds by far the most prisoners than any other country on earth, in both absolute numbers and per capita. Abby Martin explores the dark reality of conditions in America’s prisons, who is warehoused in them, and how things got this way.

    Mar 3, 2017 Is Slave Labor Still Legal In America?

    Across the US, prisoners are required to work for little to no pay and are punished if they refuse. Is prison labor comparable to slave labor?

  75. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Goguryeo wasn’t Korea as Tang wasn’t China. Korea didn’t have their own written language until a few hundred years ago and now there is talk of bringing back some Chinese characters to make up some of its short comings. What Korea is known for in Asia is making up history and taking credit for things that had nothing to do with them. What I have to give Koreans credit for is Korean people still exist. Their old enemies like Xianbei were long gone.

  76. @Anonymous

    The USS Arizona is a monument to Pearl Harbor, and it’s hard to say the United States won the battle on December 7. I would guess, although I admit I don’t know, that more Americans know Pearl Harbor Day than know VE Day (May 8) or VJ Day (September 2 in the U.S.). There are also some monuments in New Mexico to the defense of the Phillipines (a U.S. defeat) in 1941 and 1942, since a New Mexican National Guard unit was involved. And that’s leaving aside the issue of monuments in the American South to lost battles. There’s also the Vietnam Memorial in DC, and it’s hard to pretend that the U.S. won that war.

    My comment about the Russian commemoration, wasn’t just about the monuments, but also about museums–the museum at their Victory Park has no explicit depiction of Red Army retreats, although I concede that the Russian language text may be more forthcoming. But I’ve never seen a painting or mural depicting anything other than a Red Army advance. And World War I is hardly mentioned.

    • Replies: @res
  77. res says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Anonymous referred to “retreat” rather than “defeat” which I think makes it harder to find examples (though there are some, see upthread). MacArthur’s evacuation from the Philippines in WWII might be considered a retreat, but I don’t think it is quite the same thing.

    Heroic last stands (e.g. the Alamo) or “remember the atrocity” (e.g. Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust) seem to be fairly popular things to memorialize.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  78. @res

    Point well made and taken. It’s kind of surprising, actually, since skillfully conducted retreats and evacuations are among the most difficult military maneuvers to pull off, but they tend not to get much attention unless they are capped by successful counterattacks. The Red Army’s retreat in 1942 was exactly that kind of retreat, but it is, I admit, a difficult subject to convey to laymen.

  79. @Lot

    Wow. Your conception of jurisprudence would make the police, rather than juries, finders of fact, and substitute the standards required to obtain warrants from judges for those required to obtain convictions from juries.

    When did you arrive from China?

  80. @Lot

    Hey Lot, you’ve pretty much got to get off the internet to avoid any “seizure triggers”. I mean, you probably could not even Wang Chung tonight.

  81. MEH 0910 says:

    Journalists Need To Stop Talking to Richard Spencer”

    Touré 06.17.17 12:00 AM ET

    He’s a garden-variety racist with old, hoary views. He thinks Blacks have lower IQs and are genetically predisposed to crime.

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