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Malkin and Miano’s SOLD OUT—Time to End the Crony Capitalists’ Temporary Work Visa Scam
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Sold Out authors John Miano and Michelle Malkin. Credit

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We who seek to promote rational immigration policy have set out on a road both long and hard. Arrayed against us is the mighty political-commercial power of crony capitalism which has, in the post-industrial West, filled the vacuum left by the collapse of socialist ideology.


The culture of our age is also against us. In North America, immigration romanticism—famine ships,huddled masses, sweatshops—runs strong. Layered on this today is a peculiar racial death-wish afflicting white people everywhere in the West: a sickly blend of ethnomasochism and xenophilia, colored by guilt over slavery and colonialism.

However, the gods of Reason and Truth do not send us unarmed to face the enemy. We have some impressive assets of our own. Among them are two brilliant polemical journalists, both female.

By vigor of presentation, force of personality, and good instinctive judgment (better than mine, alas) as to how much reality humankind can bear, these two ladies have managed to keep themselves acceptable to major TV and publishing outlets.

Ann Coulter struck lightning through the fog of open-borders propaganda in June this year with her bestseller ¡Adiós America! We reviewed or passed comments on the book here, here, here, here (by Ann herself), and here.

This week sees the publication of Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires and Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best and Brightest Workers by Michelle Malkin and John Miano.

Having read three of Michelle’s previous books, I confidently surmise that the spirited polemical style of Sold Out is mainly hers. I guess with equal confidence (I have not asked either author) that John Miano, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and a leading expert on our guest-worker programs, must have supplied the detailed case studies that the book’s arguments are built around.

¡Adiós America! and Sold Out are from different publishers—Regnery and Simon & Schuster, respectively—but they complement each other very well; they could be boxed together and sold as a set.

Boxed, boxing: this is what pugilists call “the old one-two.”

Ann’s book is a broad survey of U.S. immigration lunacy with emphases on our open southern border, criminal aliens, the “refugee” rackets, and “family reunification” as a means of importing entire Third World villages. Her coverage of guest-worker programs is incidental and brief, most of it in a chapter memorably titled “Every Single Immigration Category Is a Fraud.”

Sold Out is all about those guest-worker programs.

The book is structured in three parts:

  • The H-1B visa and its abuses (128 pages).
  • The hijacking of other visa categories—visitors, investors, company transfers, and students/trainees—for guest-worker purposes (108 pages).
  • The politics of “immigration reform” (78 pages).

H-1B abuse has made the news recently. Anyone who pays much attention to current affairs has heard of the Disney employees terminated in fall of 2014, their jobs given to cheaper foreign workers imported on H-1B visas, whom the original employees were forced to train under threat of losing their severance packages.

This, Sold Out shows, is the merest tippy-tip of the H-1B-abuse iceberg. This stuff has been going on for at least twenty years:

In 1994, the insurance giant AIG was very profitable. In September of that year, computer workers at the company received a mysterious memo. They were all ordered to report to mandatory meetings …

AIG had contracted with an offshoring company called Syntel Inc. to import foreign workers to run their computer operations. Syntel would hire the workers in India and bring them into the U.S. on H-1B guest worker visas …

AIG heaped another insult on these workers. They would get sixty days of severance—but only if they trained their foreign replacements. [Sold Out, pp. 80-81.]

A catalog of similar stories follows: Dun & Bradstreet in 2000, Bank of America and WatchMark-Comnitel in 2003, Pfizer in 2005, NSTAR (now Eversource) in 2011, …

What happened to those Disney workers last year is nothing new; it’s been going on for decades—at least since Crony Capitalism settled in as our chosen form of government after the Cold War.

It’s not hard to figure out why. The capitalist side of the crony-capitalist ruling class want cheaper foreign labor to replace more expensive American workers. They have co-opted our system of guest-worker visas to achieve that end.

Their bought-and-sold political stooges—the “crony” side of the two-headed monster—have manipulated federal laws and regulations to make it all happen.New-ethnic lobbies and immigration-romantic descendants of the old-ethnic 1880-1920 Great Wave have provided cultural and media cover.

Sold Out describes the whole scam in fine detail. That cultural and Main Stream Media cover, for example, includes the systematic dissemination of myths, lies, and bogus studies in support of worker displacement.

You have probably heard that:

  • Thirty-six percent of America’s top twenty-five tech companies were founded by immigrants.
  • We have a shortage of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workers.
  • Employers have to show they cannot find Americans before hiring foreign guest workers on H-1B visas.
  • H-1B workers must be paid “prevailing wage” or higher.
  • H-1B doesn’t take American jobs. H-1B creates jobs.
  • If U.S. companies can’t hire foreigners, they will just move their operations offshore.

Every one of those is demonstrably deceptive or outright false, and Sold Out does the demonstrating.

To get to that thirty-six percent in the first item, for example, you have to count Texas Instruments, three of whose four founders were American-born Americans. You also have to count Google, founded by Larry Page, an American-born American, and Sergey Brin, who came here from the U.S.S.R. aged six. If the statement “TI and Google were founded by immigrants” is true, then the statement “TI and Google were founded by Americans” is twice as true (four founders to two).

It is worth noting here the common conflating of guest workers with immigrants. Guest worker visas like the H-1B are nonimmigrant visas.

“Immigrant” does not mean “a person who has entered our country.” If it did, tourists would be immigrants. “Immigrant” means “a person who has entered our country after having been given permission to settle here permanently.”

Guest workers are not given that permission. They are admitted to fill some temporary requirement. Once no longer needed, they are supposed to go home. That’s why they are called guest workers. Your house guests go home eventually, don’t they?

This perfectly straightforward distinction is lost on a depressing number of commentators and politicians: GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina, for example:

Fiorina was quick to defend the H-1b [sic] program when Carr confronted her with that data. “There is no reason for us to fear highly skilled immigrants who want to come to this country and stay here and live here and contribute to our nation,” she said. “After all, this is a nation built on immigration.”

[Fiorina Slams Disney, Then Admits She Used H-1B Program At HP by Rachel Stoltzfoos; Daily Caller, June 10th 2015.]

Whether or not this is a nation built on immigration, it could not, by definition, have been built on guest workers!

Here, though, we enter the vast dark cavern of immigration ignorance, wherein dwell practically all of our politicians and pundits.

It is, for example, still quite common for newspaper editorialists or TV talking heads to explain that what America needs is a guest-worker program, as if we did not already have a bucketful of the darn things.

I could fill the rest of this article with similar examples of willful stupidity; but there is a book under review, so I had better return to it.

(Although I shall pause briefly to register my joy at having learnt, from reading Sold Out, that I am not, after all, the only person in the U.S.A. who knows where to place the hyphen in “H-1B.”)

The most egregious lie put out by the crony capitalists and their media shills is the one about a STEM shortage. There is so much evidence to the contrary, Malkin and Miano apologize for offering only a selection.

They list, for example eight studies from high-credibility sources (Ivy League universities, the RAND corporation, the Economic Policy Institute, the Chronicle of Higher Education) debunking the STEM-shortage tale.

Our own Ed Rubenstein has done yeoman work on this. As Ed points out:

If STEM workers were in short supply, their earnings would be increasing rapidly. Instead, the data show long-term stagnation. [National Data: STEM Wages’ Shocking Stagnation Destroys Case For Increased Immigration by Ed Rubenstein;, March 24th 2015.]

An interesting question, not addressed in Sold Out, is why computer programmers (or “software engineers,” as we are now supposed to say) are so particularly susceptible to replacement by guest workers. What is it about this particular line of work—writing instructions for machines—that makes it so vulnerable?

Programming was my line of work for thirty years, and I have some ideas. The biggest factor, I think, has been the failure of programmers to attain any kind of professional or unionized solidarity. Programming came up too fast; and most of the coming-up happened in an age when every kind of social capital was declining.

Just at the point where the collective self-awareness of programmers might have congealed into defensive professionalism, the Cold War ended, Crony Capitalism took over, and our masters decided that the technical middle class needed putting in its place.

The blogger who used to call himself “Half Sigma,” but who now calls himself “Lion of the Blogosphere,” was himself a programmer. In 2007 he posted some thoughts in a much-circulated post titled “Why a Career in Computer Programming Sucks.” From which:

The other half of foreignization [the first half being outsourcing] is the near abandonment of the domestic IT market to foreigners. This is a trend that is accelerated by the issuance of special H1-B [sic] visas that allow extra computer programmers to come here and take jobs away from American programmers. Computer programming (along with nursing) has been specially targeted by our government for foreignization.

Foreignization creates a vicious circle effect with the low prestige of the profession. Because the profession has low prestige, employers balk at the idea of having to pay high salaries (while it seems perfectly appropriate if a lawyer or investment banker is making a lot of money). Thus the demand for more H1-B visas so that salaries can be decreased.

In turn, Americans see an industry full of brown people speaking barely intelligible English, and this further lowers the industry’s prestige. Computer programming and IT in general is now seen as the foreigner’s industry and not a proper profession for upwardly mobile white Americans.

(The Indian and Asian people I’ve known in the IT industry are nice people, and normally I don’t pay attention to their different appearance, so this should not be taken as a racist dislike of non-white people. I am only accurately describing the fact that the typical white American thinks negatively of a profession that’s predominately non-white. And I stand by my belief that people born in this country have more rights to the money being created here than foreigners. Asian countries feel the same way about foreigners. Asian countries are, typically, a lot less open to foreign worker immigrants than is the U.S.)

Because there is no reason to think that the trend of foreignization will reverse, this will ensure that the future of the industry will be lower salaries.

[Why a Career in Computer Programming Sucks by “Half Sigma; March 11th, 2007.]

I knew most of what is to be known about the H-1B visa before picking up Sold Out. Heck, it was the visa I rode in on; although back in 1985, before the changes introduced by the 1990 Immigration Act, it was merely an H-1, and quite strictly administered.

The second section of Sold Out, however, was completely new to me. I had no idea how much corruption and chicanery had infected other nonimmigrant categories like the L (intra-company transfers), F (student), and even B (tourist and business traveler) visa programs.

The B visas, for example, are for temporary visitors. Holders of B visas are not permitted to do any kind of paid work. You are a tourist on vacation, or you came to attend a business conference.

Hoo-kay: but what if I come into the U.S.A. on a B visa, settle in to some programming work, but am paid overseas by a foreign employer? Do the authorities in the U.S. mind that?

Not very much, even though both the worker and the company being worked for are evading U.S. income taxes.

The big Indian programmer body-shop Infosys was pulling this stunt for years as a way to circumvent the numerical caps on issuance of H-1B visas. (B visas are not capped.)

A dogged whistle-blower eventually persuaded the U.S. authorities to act. In October 2013 Infosys paid a \$34 million settlement to various federal agencies.

However, Sold Out reports:

Despite finding “systemic visa fraud and abuse,” the feds dropped civil and criminal charges against the company in exchange for the settlement money and admission of paperwork violations. The feds also agreed not to use any of the evidence it uncovered in its investigations to revoke any visas fraudulently obtained by Infosys workers; not to debar or suspend Infosys from any B-1 or H-1B program; and not to make any referrals to any agencies for debarment or suspension of Infosys from visa programs.

So … Eh, cost of doing business.

The feds’ leniency there was surely encouraged by the fact that a key legal consultant to Infosys in the case was Michael Chertoff, not long free from his duties as U.S. Secretary for Homeland Security. Infosys were the capitalist in this story; Chertoff was the crony.

If the laws won’t help, regulators will. The F visa category is for foreigners who come to the U.S.A. to study. For some courses of study, a limited amount of hands-on training work has always been allowed.

Encouraged by the laxer regime after the 1990 Immigration Act, federal regulators opened wider this crack in the wall between education and work. They created the “Optional Practical Training” program, allowing up to a year of work by F visa holders.

Egged on by employers, bureaucrats then got to work widening the crack further. When the Department of Homeland Security was created following 9/11:

One of [the Department’s] first regulations allowed aliens to work on OPT without being enrolled at a school.

The description of valid F-1 student visa status straightforwardly required a student to be attending school. But unknown, faceless regulators added the clause “or engaging in authorized practical training following completion of studies” at the end of the statutory provision defining valid F-1 student visa status.

Presto change-o! F-1 “student” visas effectively became guest worker visas—with no messy congressional debate or inconvenient public scrutiny. [My italics.]

Numbers of OPT students approved for work in the U.S.A. soared from less than 30 thousand in 2008 to over 120 thousand in 2013.

Again, OPT was an entirely bureaucratic creation, with no input from Congress or the public. Businessmen told federal regulators to jump, and the regulators asked “How high?” Crony Capitalism doesn’t need no steenkin’ laws.

The concluding section of Sold Out, which describes the politics of the guest-worker rackets, is withering. Both foreign and American companies—the authors name names—are implicated.

The big software firms are of course to the fore: Microsoft, Oracle, Qualcomm, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is just as evil as I had supposed, and particularly adept at dressing up his greed in high-moralistic flimflam.

Zuckerberg publicly sold his immigration push for the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” package, carried by the U.S. Senate’s Gang of Eight, as a “civil rights” and humanitarian cause. But it was Beltway special interest business as usual behind the scenes.

In their penultimate chapter, the authors cast a cold eye on the 2016 presidential candidates, as announced at the time of going to press.

Of the sixteen names here, only two and a half have pro-American views on guest workers.

Almost every other major 2016 presidential hopeful in both parties, from Hillary Clinton on the corporatist left to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on the Big Business right, to Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on the Tea Party right, favor more temporary guest worker visas and raising (or obliterating) visa caps originally established to protect the American workforce.

The two and a half exceptions are Rick Santorum for one, Jim Webb for another one, and Donald Trump for a half.

Rick Santorum is polling at less than one percent. Jim Webb has withdrawn from the Democratic contest altogether, though he may yet relaunch as an independent.

That leaves us (at least before Ted Cruz’s recent hint at second thoughts) with Donald Trump as our only hope for an end to these lunatic policies of American worker replacement.

And who knows what Trump really thinks—or even whether he reads his own campaign literature?

The authors quote Jim Webb thus:

I do not support guest worker programs. This applies to H-1B visas, except in the most extraordinary circumstances. I do not believe the myth of the tech worker shortage.

[A new H-1B fight looms with the Democratic Congress by Patrick Thibodeau;NetworkWorld, January 4th 2007.]

On this, as on many other matters, Jim Webb is right. I’d feel better about Trump if he had said that in 2007; or even in 2015 … And I more than ever consider Jim Webb a significant loss to the 2016 field.

Probably guest worker programs have always been something of a racket. It is hardly imaginable that a nation of 320 million souls lacks anything in the way of talent, or the ability to produce talent as needed.

This is particularly the case in computer programming, for which there is a whole shelf-full of books promising to teach you some programming language or other in 24 hours of study. (You can even, in fact, acquaint yourself with all current major programming languages in 24 hours!)

Where temporary shortages in some specialist field arise, wages will rise, and keen young Americans will enroll in training. Sold Out gives a neat example from petroleum engineering.

There might be a case for bringing in a few hundred foreigners a year for work like foreign-language interpreting or school teaching. Persons with extraordinary levels of talent—Einsteins and Netrebkos—should of course be accommodated somehow by the visa system.

Those cases aside, I see no need for guest-worker visas. Sold Out estimates a population of 650,000 H-1B workers legally in the U.S. With those 120,000 OPTs, and the other Fs, and the Bs, and the Ls, and the EB-5s (that’s a whole other story told by Malkin and Miano), there must be well over a million of these guests doing work that Americans could perfectly well do.

They should all be sent home.

Sold Out exposes the entire racket with fine polemical élan. Buy one copy for yourself and another to mail to the politician of your choice.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. On the matter of the H-1B scam against Americans by the one percent, I totally agree with The Derb and his fellow travelers, with whom I generally don’t. It truly is an outrage. And what an indictment that a person like Trump is the only one talking about it. We could do worse than Trump, and we probably will.

  2. B.R. says:

    This is particularly the case in computer programming, for which there is a whole shelf-full of books promising to teach you some programming language or other in 24 hours of study.

    Which is a pile of fragrant bullshit.

    Even if you take someone bright who has little clue about programming but some general IT knowledge it’ll take months and months of dilligent effort till they start being useful.

    And as to ‘Foreigniziation’.. in what kind of world could US prevent its software industry from being outcompeted by cheaper labor abroad? One where US gov’t would ban the use of any software written by people working for less than janitors are paid* in the US?

    Petroleum engineering doesn’t compare. Being an oil rig monkey might be tough, dangerous, but it is far less intellectually demanding. And you can’t outsource it to a bunch of Russians or Poles who’ll live very nicely on what would be poverty-level income in the US. And yet, even in Russia or Poland IT is not popular or attractive line of work.

    Staying current and useful in IT means a lifetime of study and hard mental work. Not something people looking for a lucrative, comfy career want to buckle down to.

    • Replies: @AnAnon
    , @MarkinLA
  3. AnAnon says:

    “in what kind of world could US prevent its software industry from being outcompeted by cheaper labor abroad?” – the world that exists. for some strange reason these companies don’t seem to want to decamp for India.

  4. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    Don’t get caught up in an anti-policy wonk policy wonk debate with the enemy.

    At this point in time the H-1B..L-1B visa program should be seen as a Chinese-Hindu race war against Native Born White American Males…Vishod Khalsa issuing threats of racial conquest along with other IIT grads from their Mansions in Northern California-10 years of these of threats.

    The Chinese and Hindu colonizers in our America are actively involved in the destruction of centuries of acquired Native Born White American medical,scientific,and engineering experience. This is most definitely in the realm of genocide.

    Go to the old Gruman Corp plant in Bethpage. There is a historic-blue background yellow print landmark sign that reminds America that the LEM was designed and built there. Gruman-Northrop today…has a big sign that says Gruman Norththrop:A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GLOBAL GOOD!!!….The area surrounding Gruman is 100 percent Northern India Punjabi region. I mean its a f…..g joke as they say. And the Punjabis surrounding Grumman-Norththrop will be enthusiastically voting us into a racial minority on Nov 3 2016.

    The toilets of the Punjab have come to America!!!…Did the ecoli overflow cause the death of that juvenile Humpback Whale over at Llyod Neck(just the otherside of the pond) two weeks ago. These are the many Blessings of importing Hindu-Sihk Diversity into our “bucolic” post white Toilet Bowl “America”!!!!

    The area surrounding Gruman-Northrop Gruman became part of Northern India because in the 1970s the Gruman Corp White Male CEO psychopaths threw its largely Native Born White American Male Engineers out of work and replaced them with with Hindu-Sihk-Muslim legal immigrant scab workers. Eventually Gruman Corp couldn’t even build public transit buses that had very serious exterior frame crack issues….then it was own to worthless aluminum row boats. Chain Migration-Chain Reaction…and then Northern India colonized the surrounding area…its now part of India.

    • Replies: @epebble
  5. Michelle Malkin Cheerleader:

    Beltway Crapweasels has a populist ring. Malkin is not my cup of tea. But she has it right on this issue. Attagirl Michele!

  6. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    In other words, Michelle Malkin wants to send thousands of Native Born White American Teenage Males to their death for Greater foder for Israel. Is her Jewish Husband going down to the Marine recruiters.

    I really do find Michelle Malkin to be a repellant creature.

  7. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    For those of you who don’t know:Gruman Corp=THE LEM=Lunar Explorer Module=stepping down from it on the Moon in 1969 an Alpha Native Born White American Male with an advanced aerospace engineering degree and a former experimental Jet Pilot Astronaut named Neil Armstrong announced to humanity back on Earth:”ONE GIANT LEAP FOR NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA-90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN majority in 1969″…NASA and Gruman corp=99 percent Native Born White American Male at the time.

    But the Chinese and Hindu minority in our America at the time considered a majority Native Born White America a microaggression!!!!!…They went out and bought 95 percent of the US Congress….and began to wage Chinese-Hindu race war against The Historic Native Born White American Majority….

    The Chinese and Hindus in our America want to make sure that that this never happens again.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  8. Escher says:

    What exceptional contributions did John Derbyshire make to the IT field to justify his H1-B visa?

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  9. MarkinLA says:

    well please refresh my memory on all the areas where India leads the world in software development.

    • Replies: @Numinous
  10. MarkinLA says:

    He didn’t get an H-1B visa, they weren’t created then, he said H-1. You don’t need any special anything to get an H-1B visa. You just need a company to sponsor you by claiming they couldn’t find some American for the job. They make up some ad with BS requirements. The scam is to make it impossible to find anybody with those qualifications. Nobody from the government ever checks to make sure the foreign candidate meets those requirements. Another trick is to toss in a foreign language requirement that you know the guy you already want to hire has.

    • Replies: @Escher
  11. Numinous says:

    What areas of manufacturing did China lead the world in? Yet they grabbed industries wholesale, didn’t they? Cost and wage differences matter..A LOT.

    To my knowledge, the work that goes to Indian outsourcing companies are mundane or routine IT tasks that just require the workers to be competent, and not world-beaters. And within India, there is little incentive for anyone to try to create a seriously innovative product; by its very nature, it will be either too risky an investment or too costly, and no one will buy it; Indian consumers are too poor or too conservative or both. That’s the game of free trade as it currently stands. Most of the consumers are in the rich countries. Earlier, when the poor countries were closed off, the producers were also exclusively in the rich countries; now they are everywhere, so cost is the biggest differentiator unless countries adopt protectionist measures, as people like you advocate. As for Indians and software development, if you look at releases from startups in Silicon Valley or from big companies like Google, you’ll find a number of Indians among the contributors; those Indians who want to do innovative work try to get into the US software industry; back home it’s either drudge work or management.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If STEM workers were in short supply, their earnings would be increasing rapidly. Instead, the data show long-term stagnation.

    How does you explain Google tech recruiters making six figures and getting generous perks and bonuses??

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @rod1963
  13. Not to discredit the facts or the messenger..
    But how did Malkin get here?? well,

    Which, in our media environment allows her some degree of freedom on the issue..

  14. MarkinLA says:

    Yet they grabbed industries wholesale, didn’t they? Cost and wage differences matter..A LOT.

    Except they didn’t “grab” them. People like Walmart told American companies that if they didn’t lower their prices, Walmart wouldn’t stock them. The answer was American companies moving production to China not Chinese industries taking over. Once the flood started there was nothing other companies could do. This is what a government is supposed to do make sure stupid ideologies don’t hurt the citizens of the country as free trade has done.

  15. MarkinLA says:

    So a six figure salary is huge? Do you realize that when there was a real shortage during the Reagan administration that tech salaries were going up 20% a year or more which was twice the amount of the real inflation (not the phony kind like we have now where it is stated that it is 1% but just the other day I saw snack bags of Doritos are 1.49 instead of 99 cents a few years ago).

    When I left Hughes in 94 I was making 65K and was underpaid compared to the EEs (I was writing diagnostic software for hardware). Also, the previous 5 years the raise were piss-poor as the industry consolidated after the end of the cold war. I even lost a raise because I didn’t want to go to Tucson so they said why give me one since I was leaving soon anyway.

    Maybe you didn’t see the story of tech companies settling a suit where they were colluding not to poach each others employees so to keep salaries down.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So a six figure salary is huge? Do you realize that when there was a real shortage during the Reagan administration that tech salaries were going up 20% a year or more

    Living large on government largesse and the military-industrial complex.

    • Replies: @rod1963
  17. Escher says:

    Ok, so what unique skills did Derbyshire bring to the US, besides his predilection for Chinese women? Wait…

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  18. MarkinLA says:

    I am no expert on the H-1 visa but I imaging it too had nothing to do with any specialized skills. According to Matloff’s latest column, the only thing he mentioned was that priority had to be given to Americans in hiring. That was stricken at the behest of American corporations for H-1Bs.

    Maybe you weren’t around in the mid 70s before a lot of colleges started graduating people with degrees in programming, but then there weren’t a lot of people who had recognized skills as programmers. Many programmers were people with other degrees (such as math) who taught themselves or were trained by a company to program. There were no PCs the average guy could buy that were useful and colleges mostly had mainframes where the students were given limited access. One of the biggest companies in the computer world was called Timeshare – they maintained mainframes and sold accounts where people would buy computing time on those mainframes and run their programs on them. Minicomputers like the VAX made that stuff unnecessary and the company went out of business.

    Computer Science at UCLA was under the engineering school and in the mid 70s they only started offering a non-engineering Math-Computer Science degree that did not require you to be a student in the school of engineering and attend the standard engineering baseline 3rd year courses like thermodynamics that all engineering majors took prior to specializing. Instead they worked with the Math department to replace those classes with Math classes related to things like computability theory and numerical analysis.

    Ask Derbyshire if he had any specific skills that were in demand.

  19. Universally any large database or programming project anymore consists of several 130+ IQ American White Guys (substitution of Russian White Guys allowed) who do all the thinking and a room full of H-1B monkeys who bang on keyboards until the bloated mass of creaking code they’ve created gives some semblance of working. “Good enough” is always the target goal. The ObamaCare website was clearly built using this model.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    What is the main reason why the GOP is afraid of the Trump nomination?

    Because he will drive away the majority of voters? Possibly.

    Or is the main worry that he will drive away the top Jewish donors and operatives?

    Is GOP afraid of losing the masses or the Jewish masters?

    • Replies: @Art
  21. The H-1B and illegal alien amnesty scam is much more than crony capitalism.

    The primary purpose of the H-1B and illegal alien scam is to bolster the population of diversity people.

    If you check who is receiving H-1B visas and amnesty, you’ll find it is exclusively diversity people:.

    Women oppressed by men
    Jewish oppressed by Gentile
    Queers oppressed by Straights
    Muslims oppressed by Christian
    Disabled oppressed by Healthy
    Afro-blacks oppressed by White
    Latinos oppressed by Gringo
    Hispanics oppressed by Gringo
    Aboriginals oppressed by Paleface
    Asians oppressed by Occidental

  22. My recent book Employment Game examines how workplace feminization is pushing men out of the labor market. I did not cover H-1B issues but that is certainly another factor marginalizing older white male technical workers.

    Employment Game provides useful tactics for dealing with the situation. You can get a free download from my blog at

  23. 650,000 or even one million seems a small number to worry about in a population of more than 300 million. Cp. Germany possibly taking in close to one million asylum seekers this year.

    And don’t all the dodgy visa categories help to raise the average IQ in the US?

    • Replies: @Wilkey
  24. rod1963 says:

    STEM workers have never been in short supply, this has been the stock lie promoted by the H1-B crowd for almost twenty years.

    The fact is today less than 50% of American STEM workers are employed. There is a lot of age discrimination in the field – you hit 35 or so and you become too expensive for the company and you’re out the door. The company can then hire two desperate interns for the same wage they paid you.

    As for Google recruiters, six figures can be made by factory workers at Lockheed or by being a good plumber or cop. If you’re living in Silicon Valley or Frisco, it means you get a apartment and a car. It’s really not that good of a salary considering where you live.

  25. rod1963 says:

    Nope, industry in general paid very good back then for technical talent. Back during the Reagan years(prior to off-shoring/NAFTA and H1-B’s) tech was the field to be in, we designed and built most stuff here in the states. Totally different world than from today.

  26. And some of those Crapweasals include a certain Clintonite Governor of Virginia who ran a a visa scam under the guise of a green car company. Never built one damned car, well, fiberglass over a golf cart.

    If Bob McDonell is a criminal, then the Clintons and MCAuliffe should be ondeath row.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Johanus de Morgateroyde

    Derbyshire was a 130+ IQ British White Guy who did that. He has a math degree from University College London, so pretty much at the top of the pyramid in the Anglo-Saxon world.

    And back in his time, there were no code monkeys. The high IQ guys did the coding too. In 1982, my two American White Guy thinker/code monkey colleagues were Wharton MBAs . It was a different world in those days.

    Programmers were also management thinkers, consultants, quants, all rolled into one, and rarer than hen’s teeth back then. Employers were delighted to hire anyone who know how to “work the computer” and management awareness of IT was absolutely zero.

  28. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    great column, john….and here you acknowledge directly that the force behind mass immigration is corporate greed. That idea is so important because corporate greed is also behind anti-white multiculturalism. And in fact anti-white multiculturalism enables and facilitates mass immigration. These two go hand in hand.

    I am not real fond of Malkin. I appreciate her work on this book, but she also writes many other things that delve into areas that should not be associated with this movement. This movement should be about stopping mass immigration and stopping anti-white multiculturalism.

    And if you are out to stop mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism, then Capitalism is your enemy. But Malkin often writes articles that worship Capitalism. I am not a socialist. But capitalism and socialism are just tools to be used by mankind. Not to be worshiped.

    Malkin needs to refine her focus and drop the other aspects of her writing. Same goes for the Dissident Right in general.

  29. Wilkey says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “650,000 or even one million seems a small number to worry about in a population of more than 300 million. Cp. Germany possibly taking in close to one million asylum seekers this year.”

    You really don’t understand numbers, do you, or how small numbers of immigrants can have a huge demographic impact?

    Let’s take those German numbers. The German government estimates 1.5 million refugees in the first year of this refugee flow. Look at the pictures of these “refugees” on television – about 75% of them are single men between the ages of 20-40. That is, to say, prime reproductive age. How many men does Germany have between those ages? Maybe 10 million – and already large numbers of them aren’t ethnically German, or even ethnically European.

    75% of 1.5 million is over 1.1 million. That means that, almost overnight, 10% of Germany’s reproductive age men are now refugees who arrived in the space of a single year. They will then petition to import their wives, girlfriends, cousins (aka arranged brides), children, etc. They will then set about breeding at far faster rates than the native German men, often with the support of taxpayers – mostly working German men.

    That’s the impact of a supposedly small flow of refugees. You have to consider birthrates, and you have to consider age. The median age in Germany is 46.5 years. For the purposes of reproduction over half the population of Germany is effectively dead.

    The numbers may not be nearly as obvious for the American rates of immigration, but they’re still huge. H-1B visa holders tend to be of prime reproductive age, and quite often import their wives and children – or have children born here who are automatically treated as citizens.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  30. However, the gods of Reason and Truth do not send us unarmed to face the enemy. We have some impressive assets of our own. Among them are two brilliant polemical journalists, both female. ¶ By vigor of presentation, force of personality, and good instinctive judgment … these two ladies have managed to keep themselves acceptable to major TV and publishing outlets. ¶ Ann Coulter struck lightning through the fog of open-borders propaganda in June this year with her bestseller ¡Adiós America!

    Mr. Derbyshire, you do your cause a severe disservice by praising Ann Coulter as an emissary of Truth. Like many of us, you need more time with Fred.

    Reed, that is.

    Here’s an excerpt.

    I have just read ¡Adios, America! by Ann Coulter, and discovered that Mexico, my current home, is a suppurating moral sore where men of fifty can legally screw little girls of twelve. Yes. It is perfectly legal. I know this is true because Miss Coulter says it is true. All a drooling pervert has to do is sweet-talk the child.“Hey, leetle girl, want an ice-cream cone? I geeve you a nice toy eef you let me….”

    I am grateful to Miss Ann for the information. I have lived thirteen years in Mexico without encountering this astonishment. The Mexicans have not heard of it either. Mexican attorneys are unaware of it. The penal codes are barren of it. She in lone splendor knows of this officially sanctioned child-molestation.

    Specifically she says that the age of sexual consent in Mexico is “12 in all but one Mexican state and 14 in the other.”

    Twelve? My god, that’s barbaric. This is certainly what Miss Ann is peddling as the nature of Mexico and Mexicans. Of course all manner of gullible websites picked this up. Mexico, we are to believe, is now a freefire zone for doing children. Why, it’s legal.

    But is it true?

    Let us look at the actual law. In the newspaper business of earlier times, this was called “research” or “reporting,” and was thought to be good form in writing for publication.

    Fred then proceeds to quote Mexican laws and penalties on the topic of sex with children. The results are devastating for Coulter’s credibility as a journalist, polemical or otherwise.

    Maybe that sounds to you like license to screw little girls of twelve. To me it sounds like a long time in a Mexican jail. I do not recommend confusing the two.

    After that, Fred makes his point penetrate.

    The age at which a young female can legally engage in sex with any consenting adult without restriction is … eighteen.

    Now, Miss Ann could have discovered this in ten minutes on Google. (In fairness, though, it may be that internet service hasn’t reached New York.) Why didn’t she? The penal codes for all of Mexico are easily found here.

    Is she deliberately deceiving the reader (translated from the prissy journalese, this means “lying”) or is she so ideologically inflamed as to accept without checking anything derogatory about anything she doesn’t like? Actual malice? Reckless disregard for truth? Incompetence? Or just Miss Ann?

    She is fiercely opposed to immigration from the Third World, which is reasonable since it is probably going to leave America poorer and bitterly divided forever. Yet it seems to me that she should stay within telemetry range of truth. Her book would be useful if she had done so.

    Later, he twists the blade.

    Come on, Ann. Grow up. This isn’t journalism. If it were any more slanted it would be vertical. Unsupported charges of encouraging pedophilia wouldn’t get past a desk editor at the Weekly Reader.

    If she is so sloppy in her research – the most charitable explanation – regarding things I know about, how am I to accept her word on things I can’t check?

    This is why it pays to read Fred Reed. He can inoculate you against being swindled by those who fervently favor your causes, who so seductively seem to agree with you, while hiding a snicker of contempt behind a telegenic smile.

    • Replies: @epebble
  31. I hate H-1B as much as the next guy, but for STEM jobs it’s just a symptom of a larger trend.

    In the 1960s, computer programming, mechanical design, industrial production scheduling and the like were done (quite competently) by trade-school and even high-school grads. College grads were needed for higher-level jobs like stress analysis, operating system design, and materials development.

    Then some time around 1975, a watershed year in many ways for the American worker, companies found there was a big surplus of college grads. Now all of a sudden you had to have a college degree to get a job writing accounting software or designing brackets.

    So you now have massive over-qualification and over-credentialing in low-end technical jobs. The person who designed the door handle on your refrigerator probably had to pass a differential equations course. People like that carry certain expectations about prestige and job security that just aren’t there for these kinds of jobs, and really never were.

    The “best and brightest” will continue to do fine as they always have, and will continue to dominate the lower level people like yesterday’s trade school grads and today’s college-trained code monkeys and the H-1Bs who threaten them. We have to get away from this mindset that a college degree is worth something economically in and of itself- precisely the mindset that the STEM cheerleaders are always promoting.

    • Replies: @epebble
  32. cthulhu says:

    I’m wondering if part of the reason why programming has been so susceptible to outsourcing is that you don’t necessarily need education in advanced math and physics to be a good programmer; colloquially, you need plenty of smarts but not a lot of book-learning. This is different than being, say, a mechanical engineer, where you need to master several subjects that require some understanding of partial differential equations (fluid mechanics, heat transfer) and multi-body dynamics (flexible structures, flutter in aircraft), so a college degree (or two) is required. There are still plenty of mechanical engineers who are being outsourced, but I suspect it is much less prevalent than in the programming field.

    But there is one area where U.S. citizens still have a huge advantage: the defense industry. Almost all of the jobs require U.S. citizenship for security clearance reasons. And there are lots of programming jobs. But you’ll need a college degree (it is extremely rare for a defense contractor to hire non-college-degreed people for white-collar jobs) and the skill set required is unfashionable today: real-time embedded systems are the norm, so you need to know how to get down in the hardware and bash the bits, as well as how to deal with real-time schedulers, re-entrancy and preemption, handling interrupts, debugging on hardware, etc. Good SW testers are in demand too. The defense business can be very cyclical, but if you are good, you can make as long a career as you want there. (Sorry for the infomercial tone, I’m not recruiting for anybody, but lots of folks don’t realize that job segment is out there.)

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    But there is one area where U.S. citizens still have a huge advantage: the defense industry. Almost all of the jobs require U.S. citizenship for security clearance reasons.

    I do background investigations for security clearances for the U.S. government (U.S. OPM). In a lot of my cases the person undergoing the investigation is not a U.S. citizen, especially at the secret level (most DoD clearances are at secret level). But I’ve had quite a few top secret (TS) clearances where the subject was not a U.S. citizen. And I’ve had some military recruits applying for TS who are not only not U.S. citizens but are relatively recent arrivals from Africa. Most of my East Indian STEM programmers doing USG work are not U.S. citizens and are getting clearances at the confidential level (MBI cases). Most are applying for citizenship and have kids who are U.S. citizens. Still, a lot of my TS cases involve recent naturalized citizens who were born in the third world. So, I would honestly say being a U.S. citizen is not as much of an advantage as you might think when it comes to security clearances.

    • Replies: @rod1963
    , @cthulhu
  34. Art says:
    @Priss Factor

    “Is GOP afraid of losing the masses or the Jewish masters?”

    Clearly the Jew money.

    The murder of the American culture through immigration stated in the 60’s.

    While Ted Kennedy was drinking, his Jew senate staff wrote the first immigration laws that favored non-whites.

    Once again we can thank the Jew for our destruction.

  35. epebble says:
    @A Fred Reader

    It has long been know to her readers that Coulter is somewhat of a “ends justify means” person. Churchill advocated “truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” and I think Coulter agrees with that wholeheartedly.

  36. epebble says:
    @Jean Cocteausten

    The COBOL coding of 1960s is about as similar to C++ of today as driving a car and space shuttle are both transportation. Today’s trade schoolers most likely can’t even spell polymorphism, inheritance, template programming let alone understand them. Modern programming has become very abstract and requires philosopher type skill. Take a look at this C code written by one of those cheap laborers.

    • Agree: Sam Shama
    • Replies: @Sam Shama
  37. @Leftist conservative

    “But Malkin often writes articles that worship Capitalism. I am not a socialist. But capitalism and socialism are just tools to be used by mankind. Not to be worshiped.

    Malkin needs to refine her focus and drop the other aspects of her writing. Same goes for the Dissident Right in general.”

    Baby steps, radical centrist, baby steps. Just a couple of years ago these people were squawking about “socialism!” constantly and now at least they’re in the right ballpark.

    Capitalism in one country!

  38. rod1963 says:

    15 years ago such employees would have never been hired to begin with because they are obvious security risks and the government wouldn’t dare give them a clearance.

    Now thanks to H1-B’s replacing American workers, we have this disaster and it is one because each of these imports has no loyalty to the U.S. Their loyalty is to their home country or Islam as the case may be.

    Given all the major government IT security breaches we’ve suffered lately most could probably be laid at the feet of white run programming shops and their staff of Hindu and Chinese coders. I mean what could go wrong when you hire a bunch of foreigners that you have no idea about them.

    What was the latest disaster? Oh yeah CSC outsourced a IT contract for DISA to Russia of all places.

    • Replies: @epebble
    , @Anonymous
  39. The Anchor Baby! This is what everyone overlooks. A young guy and his wife come here with a restricted and limited STEM visa. All they have to do is have one child in the USA and boom, everyone is legal forever. Then they can bring over mom and dad and brothers and sisters. It would be interesting to know what percentage of temp STEM workers never leave the USA. I’d bet its over 80%. Obama made it worse with a dictate allowing tens of thousands of unskilled STEM wives to get jobs, displacing tens of thousands of US citizens.

    How about a provision that if a STEM wife become pregnant she must return home? That would provoke an outrage and expose this game. Anchor baby CNNs Sanjay Gupta would be upset and star in more open borders “news” shows.

  40. epebble says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    And today US does not have a single rocket to go to space, if you can believe it. The Boeing-Lockheed was running a scheme where they would import Russian engines and sell launch service to USG at inflated prices. Elon Musk’s SpaceX wasn’t happy with this and threatened to sue. USG relented and said no more Russian rocket engines. Then a SpaceX rocket blew up and now USG has nowhere to go. Foreign countries are happy to launch DoD payloads, but USG doesn’t like it much.

    • Replies: @Jean Cocteausten
  41. And some of those Crapweasals include a certain Clintonite Governor of Virginia who
    ran a a visa scam under the guise of a green car company. Never built one
    damned car, well, fiberglass over a golf cart.

    If Bob McDonell is a criminal, then the Clintons and MCAuliffe should be on
    death row. (this is a joke, folks)

  42. Karl says:
    @Leftist conservative

    >> Malkin needs to refine her focus and drop the other

    Her current schtick is providing her with pretty good wages, and excellent benefits.

    I’m sure she’d be very willing to listen to your proposals to outbid her current rice bowl.

    Money talks…. bullshit walks

  43. Anonym says:

    There’s something vaguely porny about that pic. Miano’s trying hard to stifle a grin, I wonder how he got paid.

  44. epebble says:

    Actually, no one can equal what Snowden has accomplished. Now, all smart phone apps use encryption that is beyond NSA. There is news that ISIS has gone dark because of this. Also, it was Clinton who sold precision targeting technology for missiles to China (against NSC and DoD recommendation). Betrayal is partisan: Reagan decided to look other way when Pakistan got their nukes (to get their continued support to boost Bin Laden). If a terrorist uses a nuke, it won’t be Iranian or North Korean, it will most likely be a Pakistani weapon.

  45. @Wilkey

    Actually I understand numbers very well and indeed often make the points you are concerned about with respect to fertility rates and the age distribution of different social groups including the dim native underclass who produce too many new taxeaters. However, in relation to what I took to be the major points of the article I don’t see the US numbers as particularly remarkable. I suppose I should have ended with “You want to see immigration problems? Just take a look at suiciding Germany!”

    I have long been in favour of countries keeping their voting and their generous welfare for those who embody the native culture. Rule of law for all equally, sure, but make citizenship a prize for those who contribute *more* than the average existing citizen.

  46. @War for Blair Mountain

    Even bad jokes need to support their phony figures with plausibility. 95 per cent of Congress bought by the Hindoo-Chinese doesn’t allow for the 150 per cent bought by you-know-who

  47. cthulhu says:

    Well, I know of two naturalized citizens (not Asians) at my company that have TS clearances; I know of no non-citizens with any clearance here. I also know of citizens with non-citizen spouses that have, after many months or even years, managed to get a Secret clearance, but none of them to my knowledge have ever been able to get any type of Special Access clearance (here, a Secret clearance by itself gets you basically nothing). I knew one person with dual U.S. – Israeli citizenship that took nearly two years to get a DoD Secret. I’ve seen a couple of non-citizens get approval for ITAR materials, but they have to be on the citizenship track. I’m pretty sure this is the typical story for private sector defense contractors; maybe government employees are different.

  48. ganderson says:

    I’d have an exception for hockey players

  49. @epebble

    Not true; Delta IV. I think there are still some Delta IIs in a warehouse as well.

    • Replies: @Jean Cocteausten
  50. Sam Shama says:

    This observation coincides well with my own experience. It is relatively difficult to find very competent C++ programmers from U.S. “White native born” cohorts. They are there, but not in adequate numbers. I’ve found Russians, followed by Indian coders to be the most talented and innovative.

  51. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Eric Hobby was a commie, but he says something interesting when he says the future will be ‘socialism or barbarism’.

    We need to listen to his views cuz globalist capitalism is the only thing standing today, and it is a sickening degenerate psycho-homo-negro celebration of excess, piggery, gambling, war, porn, fuc*-dancing, quasi-pedophilia(with sexualization of kids), tranny tardation, and etc.

    It’s like the movie THE COUNSELOR.

    There was always corruption and excess, but there once used to be a culture of shame, so the vice-stuff was in the shadows than out in the open.

    But in our age of shameless, all the vice is out in the open and has been ‘legitimized’.
    Someone as sleazy as Sheldon Adelson who made his fortune in gambling is allowed to
    rule over the GOP that pretends to be a party of ‘family values’
    People dance like they are fuc*ing, they pour drinks straight from the bottle, they get tattoos and piercings all over like freaks, there are massive homo parades, porn goes into bedroom of kids(even ones where chubby bald-headed white guys who look like Andrew Sullivan get it up the ass by homo negroes or homogros), rap is the music of the world, and etc. Hollywood movies are mindless explosions, and videogames encourage violence. Drugs are making a comeback.

    Where Hobby is wrong is in the faith in ‘socialism’. Socialism in its materialist incarnation is soulless, bureaucratic, welfare-oriented, and makes excuses for bad behavior and provides safety net for stupid irresponsible behavior.

    The only answer can be neo-fascism that combines elements of morally based socialism with humanism with nationalism with tradition with critical modernity with love of arts with appreciation of spiritual and religious. Only then will democracy and capitalism work.

    But Hobster is right that ‘free markets’ or ‘capitalism’ alone will lead to barbarism.

    We are seeing it all over the world.

    Music culture is now whore culture, movie culture is pop trash-fascism(like in 300 RISE OF THE EMPIRE, though Eva Green is sensational in it and we gotta give credit where it’s due), selfies and vapid narcissism predominate, and infantilism prevails among college kids. Emma Sulkowicz got so far with a crazy lie and then got more attention with sex video that pretends to be an art project. And what passes for journalism is hoaxes like the UVA rape scandal. And Obama’s cynical foreign policy in the middle east and ukraine unleashed violence upon violence. Wall Street crooks got away with murder.

    PC serves as our official shared values but it is based on lies, hysteria, and denial of truth and reasoned liberty.
    Destroying bakeries that won’t make ‘gay wedding’ cakes is not substitute for true morality no matter how righteous the homo thought police acts.

    True morality must be based on truth and honesty and responsibility.

  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Given all the major government IT security breaches we’ve suffered lately most could probably be laid at the feet of white run programming shops and their staff of Hindu and Chinese coders. I mean what could go wrong when you hire a bunch of foreigners that you have no idea about them.

    What was the latest disaster? Oh yeah CSC outsourced a IT contract for DISA to Russia of all places.

    From The Security Clearance Jobs Forum (11/20/15):Uncleared Employees Used on Classified DISA Contract.

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