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June Diary: It’s A White Thing; the INNER CIRCLE; the Poconos Love Hotel; Etc.
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It’s a white thing, you wouldn’t understand

The month of June saw an unusually intense phase in the Cold Civil War between Goodwhites and Badwhites here in the U.S.A. We Badwhites watched with interest, though not much surprise, as Goodwhites at last came out openly for the abolition of our nation’s borders—which is to say, the abolition of our nation.

In late June (24th-25th) Americans were polled on the question: “Do you think we should have basically open borders or do you think we need secure borders?” Twenty-one of white respondents went for Open Borders. (Thirty-eight percent of Hispanics, 28 percent of blacks: page 68 here. [Monthly Harvard-Harris Poll, June 2018] )

So one in five white Americans favors open borders. Let that sink in. Bigger numbers of Hispanics and blacks do: but since incomers are mostly non-white, minority groups see Open Borders as a way to increase their numbers and group power, this isn’t surprising. On the other hand, that 21 percent of whites yearning to become a minority themselves is strange—pathological, actually.

It’s useful to remember—I do my best to keep reminding you—that this fanatically anti-nationalist position is a very white thing. I can’t find any polling data on what proportion of founding-stock citizens in Bangladesh, or China, or Japan, or Nigeria believe in Open Borders, but I’d be astounded to learn it’s a fifth in any of those places.

In strict logic, it is possible that the Bangladeshis, Chinese, etc. are all wrong and our Goodwhites are right that Open Borders are a jolly good thing.

It would be interesting to see a well-staged public debate featuring some leading American Goodwhite up against non-white intellectuals from elsewhere.

Open-Borders fanaticism: political pros and cons

I can think of one possible political upside to this month’s Open-Borders hysteria, and one possible downside.

Possible upside: The hysteria unleashed by the Left this month—and especially some of the staged confrontations we’ve seen—might have a spine-stiffening effect on some of the less stalwart members of the Trump administration. [Protesters shout ‘shame’ at Kirstjen Nielsen as she dines at Mexican restaurant, By Madison Park, CNN, June 20, 2018]

You take a cabinet post prepared to face rational disagreement on policy matters with people you might be willing to meet half-way; you instead find yourself facing screeching mobs who believe anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi; it’s got to be educational.

Possible downside: The Democratic Party may now have lurched into such extreme positions they will suffer a huge, unmistakable repudiation at the polls in November.

I would enjoy that spectacle as much as the next Nazi. However, a party that enjoys a major setback like that because of unpopular policies does not usually react by doubling down on those policies. Much more often it goes through some introspection, coming out at the other side with policies that poll better.

That would mean that by the 2020 Presidential election grownups would have re-asserted control in the Democratic Party (there are still some grownups left over there, right?) with policies and a Presidential ticket that will be electorally competitive.

So taking the long view, while I don’t want to see the Democrats come out ahead this November, I don’t want them to lose too badly. I’d prefer to see them keep the crazy going for another two years, guaranteeing a Trump re-election in 2020. Then, four more years!


Setting aside completely the particular casus hysteriae of this month’s moral panic, concerning which I have made my opinions as plain as I know how, let me ask you this: When, for whatever reason, the subject of little children crying for a parent is in the air, what literary or cinematic reference first comes to your mind?

For me the answer is: the first orphanage scene in The Inner Circle. That was the 1991 movie by Russian director Andrei (or Andrey) Konchalovsky (or Konchalovskiy; IMDb offers both transcriptions) set in Stalin’s USSR from 1939 to 1953.

Stalin liked to watch movies. That’s putting it mildly: “He was an obsessional movie buff,” says his biographer Simon Sebag Montefiore. His taste was by no means restricted to Soviet productions: He enjoyed America detective and gangster movies, Westerns, rom-coms, and Charlie Chaplin comedies. As a result of the Allied victory in WW2 he acquired Joseph Goebbels’ extensive library of American, English, and German movies, and spent many happy hours watching them in his Kremlin screening room.

Konchalovsky actually met Stalin’s projectionist Alex Ganchin. He made him the central character in The Inner Circle, under a slightly different name.

The projectionist lives in a typically overcrowded Moscow apartment block. His neighbor Aaron Gubelman is arrested as an Enemy of the People in a 1939 purge and presumably shot, leaving behind his wife and their three-year-old daughter Katya. Soon the wife is also arrested: It was a crime under the infamous Article 7-35 of Stalin’s Criminal Code to be spouse or child of an Enemy of the People. Little Katya is put in a special orphanage for such children. Those orphanage scenes are hard to watch.

The Inner Circle was not much liked by critics and soon sank without trace. There is a complete version on YouTube, but the quality is poor. The first orphanage scene is at around 36m50s.

I don’t understand this—I mean, the neglect of this movie. I thought, and still think, that The Inner Circle was really good. There’s a strong, plausible story line and the principals act well—most memorably Bob Hoskins as a creepy Beria, “Stalin’s Himmler.”

Aleksandr Zbruev is an excellent Stalin, although not as good as Timothy West in David Pownall‘s stage play Masterclass—the gold standard for dramatic portrayals of Stalin, but unfortunately not on film anywhere so far as I know. The detail is painstakingly realistic; you can practically smell that scuzzy apartment block. Some other scenes appear to have been shot actually in the Kremlin.

So why is the movie so little regarded? Two possibilities occur to me. I write in all seriousness: I’m willing to entertain either as a real possibility. Appealing to pure logic again, in fact, they might both be the case.

Possibility One: I am a lousy judge of movies.


This is certainly possible. I’m bookish: a words-on-paper guy, not an images-on screens guy. My opinion of a movie hardly ever coincides with the critical consensus. Mrs. Derbyshire will tell you, at the slightest prompting, after several years of weekly Netflix rentals for after-dinner viewing at weekends chez Derb, that my commonest reaction to a movie is to fall asleep halfway through it.

(Although our most recent rental, Only the Brave (2017), didhold my attention all through—an excellent movie.)

Possibility Two: The kind of people who judge movies and promote movies are Lefties, and Lefties are made uncomfortable by a critique of Soviet communism.

Stalin is in fact a hero to some subset of today’s Left. Here was that subset at a May Day march in London this year, carrying banners with pictures of the Vozhd.

Protesters marked International Workers’ Day with a rally in London’s Trafalgar Square today, with some marchers holding up pictures of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin …

Millions of people died in Stalin’s Russia, many of them transported to labour camps to work in extreme temperatures or executed in mass killings of political prisoners, while others died in disastrous famines.

[May day! Protesters marking International Workers’ Day hold rally in London’s Trafalgar Square—with some marchers holding banners of STALIN; Daily Mail, May 1st, 2018.]

Even Lefties less deranged than that still object to anything that subtracts from their cherished narrative of Hitler as the unchallengeable embodiment of mid-20th-century evil, though on any rational moral calculus Stalin is at least a strong contender.

Can you imagine any Hollywood airhead or Open-Borders shill comparing President Trump to Stalin?

I can’t. Stalin, you see, was Left, which is good…though it may be that “mistakes were made.” Trump is Right—just like Hitler! —and that is bad, very bad.

That is the entire depth of thinking across a great swathe of the opinion-holding public, a swathe that likely includes most movie critics.

The Poconos Love Hotel: a report

So how were the Poconos, readers are asking, and what were the demographics?

We had a very pleasant and relaxing long weekend. The whole ambience is, as I said last month, old-school (I actually said “corny”)—not a hipster in sight. If you couldn’t care less about being hip, cool, chic, and au courant though—and we couldn’t—a lakeside balcony and a heart-shaped jacuzzi are just the ticket.

One day was totally rained out, but we didn’t mind. Jacuzzi aside, there were indoor things to do. We played ping-pong for the first time in a couple of decades, tying at one game each, and pool, a rout of the Mrs. by me, and we bowled.

Demographics? A good mix. Prole whites of all ages; some friendly, pleasant black or black-white couples (though the latter in way lower proportions than advertised); very few Asians, and those few more South than East; and, most surprising to us, several Orthodox-Jewish couples.

One of those couples made a deep impression on Mrs. Derb. We were lounging by the outdoor pool when they showed up. The gent was stripped down to bathing trunks, though with kippah still in place, and went right into the pool to stand enjoying the coolth of the water. The lady was in a properly Orthodox long skirt, shoes and stockings.

They had a conversation going, he standing in the pool and she on the surround. Then, keen to impress some conversational point on him, she started walking down the submerged steps into the pool towards him, long skirt and all, until she was standing in the water up to chest level, still talking.

Mrs. Derb could barely contain herself. She was jabbing me with her elbow and hissing: “Look! Look at her! Watch!”

Me: “Honey, it’s rude to stare. It’s rude.”

She: “But look!

I can understand it being kosher for guys to strip off and go in the pool but women not. On that principle, though, wouldn’t a lady just stay out of the pool altogether? As opposed to going round the rest of the afternoon with a sopping wet long skirt and shoes full of chlorinated water?

Eh, other people’s rules.

Mrs. Derb is still talking about it.

Still not getting the Jew Thing

It’s a short step from that little anecdote to what Alt-Righters coyly refer to as “the JQ.” In regard to which, I’ve had emails asking why I didn’t respond to Edmund Connelly’s recent post at

That’s easy: I don’t have anything to say.

Edmund Connelly has a lot to say.

I first wrote about Derbyshire’s opinions of KMAC’s [i.e. Kevin MacDonald’s] work way back in 2008, then again in 2012. For the purposes of this current piece, I will crib liberally from those original two essays, though the links within have often not survived well [Derbyshire vs. MacDonald Revisited, by Edmund Connelly; The Unz Review, May 30th 2018.]

Connelly then goes on for—good grief!—another 1,600 words about a book review I wrote in 2003 and some subsequent exchanges I engaged in with a Jewish-identity website.

I can’t help feeling flattered by Connelly’s continued attentions, while at the same time finding something a bit creepy about them.

Look at it from my point of view. I’m a journeyman writer and reviewer. Fifteen years ago some editor sent me one of Kevin MacDonald’s books to review. I read it (and its two predecessors by the same author on the same theme—I’m diligent like that), wrote up an honest opinion, as a book reviewer should, and collected my fee. That Jewish-identity website took an interest and asked me some questions, which I answered as best I could be bothered to, there being no remuneration involved.

Since then I’ve published a lot of book reviews—I make it 175, though some cover more than one book—on subjects from quantum mechanics to the Battle of Gettysburg, from Mao Tse-tung’s poetry to the Church of England, from falconry to Transylvanian fiction. Nobody has visited, revisited, and re-revisited any of them with anything like the obsessive attention that Edmund Connelly has lavished on that review of MacDonald’s book and those exchanges from back in the first G.W. Bush administration.


Sorry, pal, I just don’t have anything to say that I didn’t say back then. If you want to send me a book for review, at an acceptable fee, I’ll review it; but you can’t make me be interested in the JQ, certainly not as passionately interested as you are. I guess I still don’t have the Jew Thing.

The decline of hate

That puts me in mind of a question I’ve occasionally pondered: What happened to hate email?

When I started blogging around the turn of the century I used to get a lot. Then, some time around the middle of the last decade, it petered out. Is it just not a thing any more?

Sending hate email certainly ranks way up there as one of the most unprofitable forms of human activity. As I pointed out back in the day, thanks to the delete button I can dispose of a hate email in way less time than it took the sender to compose it. I suppose there must be some psychic reward, some inner satisfaction, in just the composing and sending.

Well-nigh the only hate email I get nowadays is from race purists objecting to my choice of marriage partner. Actual sample from January this year:

You are responsible for the downfall of the white race. You gook f***ing race traitor.

Wow: little me bringing down an entire race! That’s even more flattering than Edmund Connelly’s obsessive attentions.

Then the other day I got a hate email from an Open-Borders enthusiast. This was so unusual I actually read it. His parting shot:


(The whole thing was in upper case.) I had to look up Dispensationalism. Having looked it up, though, I was no wiser, as my eyes glazed over before I’d finished the first paragraph of explanation. I am very, very, deeplyuninterested in theology.

So what’s my emailer’s point? I guess I shall never know.

There’s definitely been a decline. Hate email isn’t what it used to be.

Anti-Americanism as a career

The most Politically Incorrect thing I read this month was published in 1862 by the brilliant but eccentric English writer George Borrow (1803-1881). Borrow is quite forgotten now, but sixty years ago his gypsy stories, Lavengro and Romany Rye, still featured on lists of instructive and entertaining books for English children.

This passage is from a later book, Wild Wales, which describes Borrow’s travels in that principality in 1854. He started from the English city of Chester, near the Welsh border.

Chester was, and still is, one of the few remaining cities in Britain with a city wall still intact. Borrow takes a stroll along the wall. You need to know that he was an exceptionally gifted linguist, fluent in numerous languages (though he once admitted he’d found Manchu more difficult than he’d anticipated).

Once did I make the compass of the city upon the walls, and was beginning to do the same a second time, when I stumbled against a black, who, with his arms leaning upon the wall, was spitting over it, in the direction of the river. I apologised, and contrived to enter into conversation with him.

He was tolerably well dressed, had a hairy cap on his head, was about forty years of age, and brutishly ugly, his features scarcely resembling those of a human being. He told me he was a native of Antigua, a blacksmith by trade, and had been a slave.

I asked him if he could speak any language besides English, and received for answer that besides English, he could speak Spanish and French. Forthwith I spoke to him in Spanish, but he did not understand me.

I then asked him to speak to me in Spanish, but he could not. “Surely you can tell me the word for water in Spanish,” said I; he, however, was not able. “How is it,” said I, “that, pretending to be acquainted with Spanish, you do not even know the word for water?” He said he could not tell, but supposed that he had forgotten the Spanish language, adding however, that he could speak French perfectly.

I spoke to him in French—he did not understand me: I told him to speak to me in French, but he did not. I then asked him the word for bread in French, but he could not tell me.

I made no observations on his ignorance, but inquired how he liked being a slave? He said not at all; that it was very bad to be a slave, as a slave was forced to work. I asked him if he did not work now that he was free? He said very seldom; that he did not like work, and that it did not agree with him.

I asked how he came into England, and he said that wishing to see England, he had come over with a gentleman as his servant, but that as soon as he got there, he had left his master, as he did not like work.

I asked him how he contrived to live in England without working? He said that any black might live in England without working; that all he had to do was to attend religious meetings, and speak against slavery and the Americans. I asked him if he had done so. He said he had, and that the religious people were very kind to him, and gave him money, and that a religious lady was going to marry him.

I asked him if he knew anything about the Americans? He said he did, and that they were very bad people, who kept slaves and flogged them. “And quite right too,” said I, “if they are lazy rascals like yourself, who want to eat without working. What a pretty set of knaves or fools must they be, who encourage a fellow like you to speak against negro slavery, of the necessity for which you yourself are a living instance, and against a people of whom you know as much as of French or Spanish.”

Then leaving the black, who made no other answer to what I said, than by spitting with considerable force in the direction of the river, I continued making my second compass of the city upon the wall.

[Wild Wales, Chapter 3, “Slavery And The Americans”]

Goodbye, cold world

“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide,” said Albert Camus. I don’t know about that, but there does seem to be a lot of it about lately.


There was that designer lady. [Kate Spade, fashion designer, found dead in apparent suicide, By Eric Levenson and Brynn Gingras, CNN, June 6, 2018I admit I’d never heard of her; but when I mentioned her suicide to Mrs. Derb, my lady went to the front lobby and came back with a natty little purse she owns bearing the late designer’s name. Then there was the celebrity chef, [Celebrity chef, TV host Bourdain dies of suicide at 61, by Scott Malone, Reuters, June 8, 2018] who I’d also never heard of—not his fault, I’m just clueless about celebrity culture—but who more clueful friends assure me was a household name.

This month the Centers for Disease Control published statistics showing a rise in suicide in all our states except, for some reason, Nevada. The overall rise was 25 percent from 1999 to 2016. Midwestern and mountain states seem to be worst affected, with farmers in particular more liable to kill themselves.

It’s the same across the pond. At Beachy Head, a set of spectacular cliffs on England’s south coast long known as a lovers’ leap, the bodies have been piling up.

Ten people have now died in just two weeks at Beachy Head in East Sussex, police have confirmed, after the discovery of three bodies.

The remains of seven people in total were found last week, including a mother and her son …

Last week, remains of two men in their 20s were recovered from the bottom of the cliffs. Their deaths, on Tuesday evening, are not thought to be linked. One of the men may have been a suicide tourist who travelled to the UK to end their life at the world famous cliffs, it was claimed.

[Three MORE bodies are found at the foot of Beachy Head—bringing the grisly total to 10 in a fortnight; Daily Mail, June 25th 2018.]

Suicide tourism! There’s a business model there somewhere … Sorry, sorry, bad taste.

I don’t see any big mystery here. We are, in the generality, even less social, less religious, less philoprogenitive, less involved with each other now than we were twenty years ago when Robert Putnam was putting together his classic book Bowling Alone. We are also, as Professor Putnam discovered to his anguish from later researches, much more likely to live among people whose ways are strange to us—”diverse” is the Politically Correct term.

Behavioral psychologist Clay Routledge got the nub of it the other day, I thought.

To bemoan the decline of neighborliness, the shrinking of the family and the diminishing role of religion may sound like the complaining of a crotchety old man. Yet from the standpoint of psychological science, these changes, regardless of what you otherwise think about them, pose serious threats to a life of meaning.

Consider that Americans today, compared with those of past generations, are less likely to know and interact with their neighbors, to believe that people are generally trustworthy and to feel that they have individuals they can confide in. This is a worrisome development from an existential perspective: Studies have shown that the more people feel a strong sense of belongingness, the more they perceive life as meaningful.

[Suicides Have Increased. Is This an Existential Crisis?New York Times, June 23rd 2018.]

Check out the silent crowds in our streets and public places, each with head bowed over his smartphone. Play the movie forward through a couple more cycles of mass immigration-driven diversity, robot sex, and jobs lost to Artificial Intelligence. Then tell me if you can that things aren’t going to get a whole lot worse.

Pretty soon Brits will have to take a ticket and stand in line for Beachy Head.

Humani nihil a se alienum puto

I used to hang out with a guy who claimed to have an aunt so auntishly prissy she would not allow anyone to utter the name Walt Disney in her presence. “It’s Walter,” she’d insist.

That certainly is an impressively high level of prissiness. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor got close to it, though, in her dissenting opinion on Trump v. Hawaiipublished June 26th. This was the so-called Muslim Travel Ban decision, in which the court upheld President Trump’s Executive Order.

Justice Sotomayor is, you’ll recall, the Wise Latina gifted to us by Barack Obama in the flush of anti-American radicalism that followed his first election to the Presidency. Her dissent in Trump v. Hawaii is typical of the lady: gassy, brazenly politicized, and wa-a-a-ay too long—nearly nine thousand words.

That’s longer than St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. If there is some person somewhere who has read the wretched thing all the way through, that person should get a decoration for valor.

Towards the end there is a prissy little footnote, tagged to a quote of the phrase “immigration and alien status” that the Justice, to her evident deep discomfort, felt obliged to quote from a 2012 judgment. Her footnote reads as follows.

It is important to note, particularly given the nature of this case, that many consider “using the term ‘alien’ to refer to other human beings” to be “offensive and demeaning.” Flores v. United States Citizenship & Immigration Servs., 718 F. 3d 548, 551—552, n. 1 (CA6 2013). I use the term here only where necessary “to be consistent with the statutory language” that Congress has chosen and “to avoid any confusion in replacing a legal term of art with a more appropriate term.” Ibid.

Now that’s prissy. “Alien” is a perfectly good old English word, from an equally good and even older Latin word meaning “other.” It’s extensively used in federal legislation with reference to non-citizens. What, are we to rewrite our entire federal code because some trembling neurotic somewhere imagines offense in a respectable, familiar word?

RESIDENT ALIEN said the “Green Card” (it was actually pink) that I carried for eight years before becoming a citizen in 2002. I carried it with pride. What would Justice Sotomayor have preferred it say? RESIDENT FOREIGNER—nine letters replacing five? RESIDENT NONCITIZEN—ten letters?

Well, she’s a lawyer, so I guess she defaults to longer is better. I offer this windy dissent in supporting evidence for that.

How much time would elapse, though, before some snowflake somewhere took offense at “foreigner” or “noncitizen”?

And after all, how dare we distinguish between so-called “citizens” and all those worthy, hard-working, law-abiding, entrepreneurial … others? One world! No borders! ¡Si se puede!

Math Corner

No brainteaser this month, just a comment and link to this nice short thumb-sucker piece posted June 18th by the blogger EvolutionistX: Why are there no Han Chinese Fields Medalists?


The Fields Medal is the math equivalent of a Nobel Prize (there is no Nobel Prize in math). The title question of this piece is one that has been asked from time to time in math and human-sciences circles without anyone, so far as I know, coming up with a convincing answer.

Of the 56 Fields Medals (essentially, the Nobel for Math) awarded since 1936, 12 (21 percent) have been French. Fourteen or 15 have been Jewish, or 25-27 percent.

By contrast, 0 have been Han Chinese from China itself.

The fact is pretty striking, and deserves another airing just now with Harvard admissions office under attack for discriminating against Asians.

Down at the end of the comments there’s a reference to something related that I’ve written.

2010-12-24dl[1] John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includesNational Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com:FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT(also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Any time a white nut supports “open borders”, call him a liar.

    He will say what do you mean.

    Then give him a stone and tell him to go smash all his windows of his home, and his car(s).

    If he does, call him insane.

    If he does not, call him a liar.

    I could ask him to do more things, but I will not be vulgar.

    • Replies: @Jeff77450
  2. llloyd says: • Website

    I would suggest the story of the black blacksmith is more a moralist children’s story than a literal record. Was the word black used in 1854? I suspect Creole or n”””” would have been used. More likely n””””. George Burrow was making himself a supporter of slavery in the intense debate about it at the time. If the story happened at all, I doubt he would have said that inflammatory comment to the blacksmith, he would have run the real risk of being beaten up and thrown into the river. Anyway an English gentleman wouldn’t talk like that not even to a n””””.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Truth
    , @Rich
  3. ERM says:

    I once witnessed a group of Amish girls making repeated trips down a long, twisty water slide in their full garb, giggling and chattering away in Pennsylvania Dutch the while. It was a very hot day.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Mishra says:

    It’s a white thing, you wouldn’t understand

    Speaking of, turns out you guys were wrong about Rachel Dolezal.

    She really is black!

    Rachel Dolezal, also known as Nkechi Diallo, booked and released on welfare fraud charges

  5. …most memorably Bob Hoskins as a creepy Beria, “Stalin’s Himmler.”

    An actor from Suffolk, the talented Bob Hoskins was notable for having played not just Lavrentiy Beria in The Inner Circle, but in a later movie—Enemy at the Gates—the man who had Beria executed, Nikita Khrushchev.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  6. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Killjoy. The pseudo-intellectual whack-a-blackery titillates a substantial portion of Mr. Derbyshire’s faithful readers.

    What do you expect when the lead is, “The most Politically Incorrect thing I read this month..”? That might as well be the title of his tiresome public diary.

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  7. As far as your 3rd(?) segment goes, on The Inner Circle, I am glad you embedded the whole movie in here – I don’t have to watch it within the unz site but am glad to know the entire movie can be seen easily. I can deal with low quality in the video, but not with low quality in the realism and the entertainment. Just a few days ago, due to blatant anti-white agendas of the 1st two, luckily noticed within 10, and then 2 minutes, in, it took me 3 attempts to get entertained by a movie. (No, my movie reviews don’t discuss the casting, photography, lighting, directing, or any of that crap – is the movie worth watching or not? That’s all you need to know.)

    I would like to recommend to you all a movie called The Lives of Others. This 2006 movie is about life in East Germany during the Cold War period. It’s a good story and window into that miserable 1984-come-early East Bloc world. It should, but won’t, be taken note of by Americans who don’t seem to care who records their internet searches, phone conversations, photos, etc.

    I doubt, Mr. Derbyshire, that it’s your taste in movies that explains why The Inner Circle is not widely known (though I haven’t watched it yet). Your number 2 explanation is the correct one. Hollywood people do not want the horrors of Communism to be compared to Nazism or even shown the light of day at all. People like that want to make sure it all gets forgotten before these same types start crawling out of the woodwork again. (It’s about every century or so.)

    • Replies: @roo_ster
    , @Anonymous
  8. I had to look up Dispensationalism. Having looked it up, though, I was no wiser, as my eyes glazed over before I’d finished the first paragraph of explanation. I am very, very, deeply uninterested in theology.

    Not to worry; dispensationalism is not theology, anyway, any more than phrenology is physiology.

  9. Mr. Anon says:

    The most tiresome thing that Mr. Derbyshire has ever written is still vastly more interesting than anything you have likely posted here.

  10. Truth says:

    The Derb gets it. His job depends upon him pretending to be obtuse in many ways.

    Which brings me to point #2…

    That puts me in mind of a question I’ve occasionally pondered: What happened to hate email?

    When I started blogging around the turn of the century I used to get a lot. Then, some time around the middle of the last decade, it petered out. Is it just not a thing any more

    Well now, that’s because your blog, and the thousands like it, have accomplished the ultimate goal set by your overseers. That is, to make the world more “tolerant of alternative points of view”; i.e; liberal.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. Let me put in my usual monthly plug to Mr. Ron Unz – please let Mr. Derbyshire break up these diaries into 4 or more weekly posts. I enjoy reading these, but I’d rather read some of it weekly than all of it only monthly. More importantly, the comments could be more on-topic, as there are usually 8-10 topics.

  12. Regarding the increase in suicides and the methods, it seems like self-immolation (burning ones self to death) may be making a comeback, possibly even spreading like wildfire. The gentleman in question, no wait, correction, he was a lawyer, was very upset about the ongoing Global Climate Disruption(TM), and decided to burn himself to death in order to … put a stop to … uhhhmm … all the … stuff that’s emitting and all … Yeah, no Tibetan monk this guy, he was one of the many who seem not to understand how it works. DO THE MATH CHEMISTRY, PEOPLE! Death is Carbon Neutral.

    The preacher says ashes to ashes,
    others say dust goes to dust,
    we humans are carbon,
    even Manchus in Harbin,
    but my robot says rust goes to rust.

  13. roo_ster says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Another thumb’s up for Lives of Others.

  14. Derbyshire, you have a Chinese wife and offspring. Your Chinese wife and daughter voted for Obummer. Your son was a troublemaker. In a previous column, you wanted to create bridges with blacks (most of whom were married to Jews). You are afraid of Jews.

    You are a very, very, very bad White.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  15. @PiltdownMan

    Bob Hoskins also portrayed American secret police chief J.Edgar Hoover in Oliver Stone’s Nixon (1995).

  16. @attilathehen

    That’s all well and good, Mrs. Hen, but you need to put it in an email.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  17. @Achmed E. Newman

    Derbyshire reads comments. He has commented directly to me.

  18. Rich says:

    You’re probably very young, but there was a time when no White would ever fear speaking to any other race in whatever manner he pleased. I worked on job sites in the 80’s and 90’s where blacks were openly referred to as ni***rs to their faces and they put their heads down and did what the foreman told them. There were men in my neighborhood in Queens, NY, in the 70’s and 80’s who would beat up any black male who dared walk down the block. Whites conquered the planet by not being afraid. Shame so many are so fearful now.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Daniel H
  19. Truth says:

    There were men in my neighborhood in Queens, NY, in the 70′s and 80′s who would beat up any black male who dared walk down the block.


    I’m from Queens, spent my formative years there, and got out of HS in 1984, and I don’t know what part you are from, but I will most assuredly tell you this was definitely some sort of anomaly.

    • Replies: @Rich
  20. Rich says:

    Queens is a big Borough. I grew up mostly in Howard Beach and Ozone Park. When I moved out to the Jewish neighborhood of Forest Hills, it was a little different. Maybe that’s where you grew up? I had Irish friends from Woodside who tell the same stories I remember from when I was a kid, and the guys I work with from Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge remember it the same way. Same thing with the guys from Staten Island. There was a breed that stayed locked up in their apartments and houses, not knowing what was going on around them, too timid to wander too far away from momma’s watchful eyes. She probably kept you safe, though.

    • Replies: @Truth
  21. @attilathehen

    I believe you. I don’t think you read all of this May Diary though, or you’d understand. See, Mr. Derbyshire is hurtin’ for hatemail. Why don’t you do him a solid?

  22. @attilathehen

    Sorry, Mrs. Hen, I meant June Diary, this one here.

  23. Truth says:

    My Friend, I am not sure what you do for a living, but Marvel Comics could use a writer of your talents.

    • Replies: @Rich
  24. Rich says:

    Well, thank you for your kind words. I notice that at the mention of the neighborhoods I grew up in, you made no reply, so you’re probably somewhat familiar with the areas, and if you actually lived in Queens and graduated high school in ’84, you remember what was going on where I lived. You probably grew up in lily White Long Island, but like to pretend that because you watched the Mets win the Series in ’86, it was like you were from Queens. Remember Michael Griffith?

    • Replies: @Truth
  25. Bliss says:

    Midwestern and mountain states seem to be worst affected, with farmers in particular more liable to kill themselves.

    These are among the most racially homogenous states in America so how the hell did you manage to blame “diversity” for their higher suicide rates?

    In fact, highly diverse states (like New York, New Jersey, California) tend to have the lowest suicide rates in the nation, while many of the least diverse states (like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho) tend to be the most suicidal:

    • Replies: @iffen
  26. Dr. Doom says:

    Now that the polite and effete tones are gone and the screaming has become so shrill, even middle of the road Whites are beginning to clearly see the Anti-White hatred the media has been pushing all their lives. Yeah, its Jewish. The media is always Jewish. This is America, but you wouldn’t know it. Its Nazi all the time. People who have family that fought Hitler in WWII are now called Nazis ALL THE TIME.
    Weasels on the media are always saying how “terrible” and “awful” all White communities are and how “uncool”. Yeah sure. SURE. That crazy is going FULL RETARD now. Those PBS Hate Crimes like that Lake Woebegone where some freak that was probably at the bath-house after hours talking about how “dumb” and “uninformed” his small town used to be. There’s a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL for you Judas.
    Have you been to “college” lately? Do not go there. Its all crazyworld and Marxism NOW. Professors preach about how much the “Urban” and “diverse” neighborhoods are so caring and supportive and how in the all White Suburbs they hardly know each other and are shut ins. That’s Crack Ho 101 right there. The Urban Jungle has places where they have more locks on their doors than the County Jail. These people DIE IN FIRES because they cannot unlock their doors and the bars on their windows trap them.
    That “narrative” NEVER CHANGES. Its the same broken record EVERY DAY. Marching Looting Kang has been “crossing the Selma bridge” for DECADES. Its like a crazy Anti-White Groundhog Day where White Racism and the Klan are keeping the dumb black Marxist fools down.


  27. Stalin, you see, was Left, which is good

    Poor John, the world has moved on and left him behind. It is no longer 1998. We’re in Trump’s world now, where everything is upside down.

    Stalin – the strong authoritarian leader, nationalist, military victor and beloved of Putin – is now a hero to much of the right. Stalin did, after all, put the USSR first and made Russia great again. Don’t criticize Stalin too loudly in Putin’s Russia if you know what’s good for you.

    Stalin- the murderer of Ukrainians, ally of Hitler from 1939 to 1941, and anti-Semite who organized the “doctor’s plot” is arguably the number one historical enemy of Neocons, and increasingly to large swathes of the American left. The recent “Death of Stalin” was certainly very popular in left-wing circles, and maybe we will see a revival of “Inner Circle” now that the left finds it cool to hate Stalin.

    I realize there are still old school lefties like Stephen Cohen who love Stalin because he was a Communist, but increasingly the Cohens of the world have moved into the Trump camp on foreign policy. Or they do what their Russian paymasters tell them to do, more simply stated.7

  28. There is actually one rational argument for open borders that I never hear the left use. It is actually a fact that up until the 1970s the border between the US and Mexico was, for all intents and purposes, open. Back in those days Mexican men would come work seasonal jobs in the US, but leave their wives and children behind. There was no need to actually move to the US because Mexicans could more or less come and go as they pleased. By tightening the border we have effectively locked the Mexicans in here with us. Mexican laborers became scared that if they went back to Mexico they would never be able to work in the US again – so they sent for their families and decided to stay in the US permanently. The result has been a demographic disaster for the US.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  29. unit472 says:

    I think a lot of the ‘No borders’ sentiment among certain whites is financial or as John Milton put it ‘Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven’. Consider anyone in the government/education industries. A mature prosperous population of whites is just not good for business. They need large numbers of people with language, cultural and economic issues to advance their careers. Wanna be a big shot in a school district you need lots of fresh students entering the school system and Guatemala can provide them.

  30. 1. As for the Han Chinese and the Fields Medal, until someone proves to me otherwise, I’m going to assume that this tells us more about the Fields Medal ( award organizations, generally) than about proposed differences between ethnic groups. Perhaps there is a perfectly logical and trivial explanation.

    2. I think that Stalin, has been over-demonized, and the pendulum is starting to swing the other way (see the work of Grover Furr). And personally, I have always found Trotskyites to be more odious. I have little way or inclination to know for certain whether Josef Stalin personally was or was not the world’s worst tyrant– an academic question — but when I see people I consider jerks demonize him justifying cold war venality, I take note.

  31. Truth says:

    I lived my youth in Cambria Heights, Laurelton and Flushing, and was bussed into Rosedale for school. Rosedale at that point was roughly %101 Sicilian, and yes, there were issues between us and the Sopranos, but nothing that scarred me for life.

    You were a little south of me at that time, and yes, I remember Michael Griffin. Guess what? People get assaulted and killed. That makes it an incident, not a trend.

    • Replies: @Rich
  32. Iberiano says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Sounds like more LOLbertarianism. You cannot have open borders AND a welfare state, not that most of us want open borders anyhow. First what you say is not true, they did not come and go as they pleased, they went thru INS/Customs at the Border, and respected our laws–because they were enforced, including upon their employers in the US if they violated the laws.

    The welfare state, as we know it, did not come into being until the late 80s, particularly this idea that foreigners can line up, without proof of citizenship and received food stamps and enroll their children in public schools. It was unthinkable that non-citizens (absent actual forged documents/fraud) could simply enroll in food stamps and schools even as late as the mid-90s for most of America.

    When our government made it clear there were no legal or physical hurdles to entering, staying and receiving benefits paid for by US Taxpayers–you know, citizens, we simply encouraged more of it. Add in a decade of slippery slope, and you wind up with “bilingual” social workers (read: bi-loyal) who started running the asylum. Now the mask is off and they are full on “Latin Americans” who are “just as American as anyone”, but who are “proud to be _________, first, American by choice” or whatever catch phrase of the Current Year.

    Are you an aspiring writer for Reason mag?

  33. Rich says:

    Now I see where you’re coming from. And you knew then, and you know now, that if you would’ve walked onto my block back in the 70’s or 80’s, you’d have taken a beating. I had you figured for a nerdy kid hiding out in his mother’s basement, unaware of the racial problems going on in that era. Turns out you’re a black guy trying to forget the humiliations you suffered. I’m glad it hasn’t scarred you, it was a different time.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Daniel H
    , @Truth
  34. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    “Well-nigh the only hate email I get nowadays is from race purists objecting to my choice of marriage partner. Actual sample from January this year:

    You are responsible for the downfall of the white race. You gook f***ing race traitor.”

    -I wouldn’t put too much stock in these things, Derb. Most of the more aggressive comments are likely to be from leftist infiltrators posting what they believe a right winger would believe, ramped up to an ’11’ to try to stir up conflict and dissent in the ranks.

  35. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually he’s not black at all.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Anonymous
  36. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Liberal is another word that was co-opted by the left and has been turned into something very different from its original meaning.

    The word ‘liberal’ does refer to concepts like freedom, tolerance and the like. So, naturally, leftists who love to play these little word games co-opted it for themselves to try to make themselves appear to be the ones who hold these concepts and by comparison, make those in opposition, such as conservatives, out to be against such things. Because who could disagree with the concept of being ‘liberal’, right?

    Of course, what are they really ‘liberal’ about? Pretty much only Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll; basically just encouraging people to do what they want in regards to these things to get votes, as hedonism appeals to those without the wisdom to see the long term consequences: disproportionately the young, the brown, etc. Nevermind the laundry list of problems that often result to the individual from unchecked hedonism.

    For everything else in life, they’re about as far away from ‘liberal’ as one can be. They sh*t on free speech, free association, property rights, privacy rights, etc. In fact, the left (“liberals”) have degraded the term so much, they now try to distance themselves from it (and from the negative public associations that now go along with the word) and go by “progressives” instead.

    • Replies: @Truth
  37. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Ah, but these are Christians. So when they do it, it is evil, evil, evil.

  38. Rich says:

    My memory must be failing me then, I remember the neighborhoods he’s referring to as black, even back in my day. Was he one of the holdouts? Every holdout I ever met despised blacks worse than anyone else. They were subjected to constant bullying and criminal activity. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome? Came to love his abusers? I’m betting he’s black. Why else would he write about not being “scarred”?

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Anonymous
  39. I would enjoy that spectacle as much as the next Nazi. However, a party that enjoys a major setback like that because of unpopular policies does not usually react by doubling down on those policies. Much more often it goes through some introspection, coming out at the other side with policies that poll better.

    Derb I think your error here is not understanding that the policy has been Open Borders for quite some time. It’s just that the Democrats’ political leadership knows that this is unpopular and indefensible, so they’ve been feigning that they’re in favor of some midway policy of ineffectual immigration enforcement theater and citizenship for the illegals already here together with expanded legal immigration. Now that Trump has been a danger to actually marshal the GOP to enact effective immigration measures to enforce existing law, the Democrats can’t enforce message discipline. The younger, more virulent, and browner left wing is flushing out the older white Democratic leadership on the issue.

    Even if they realize that they’ve been found out by the electorate, the only thing they’d do is engage in a better cross-dressing operation. They’re not going to change any policies, especially since it’s common knowledge that the left’s long term political fate is tied to rapidly “browning” America.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  40. Daniel H says:

    I call bullshit. From the same hood, same era. Sure, I heard nigger tossed around, but I never met a white man who called a black man nigger to his face (unless they were on very familiar terms and it was said in jest, or unless he was with 10 of his buddies and the black man was alone.) Sure, white men were wary of blacks walking in their neighborhood, but again (unless you were with a gang of cowards like the Howard beach bums) smart white men avoided physical altercations with blacks. You are a bullshitter. White men talk a lot.

    • Replies: @Truth
  41. Daniel H says:

    >>And you knew then, and you know now, that if you would’ve walked onto my block back in the 70′s or 80′s, you’d have taken a beating

    What kind of shithead starts a fight with a man for simply walking down the street? And a punk like you would never fight a black man one on one, you always have a gang of cretins with you.

    • Replies: @Rich
  42. Truth says:


    Well Ozone Park was listed as %30 white in 2010, so I guess you guys didn’t kick enough ass.

  43. Truth says:

    “Liberal is another word that was co-opted by the left and has been turned into something very different from its original meaning.

    You’re not wrong, but the “right “did go along with making it a dirty word, now didn’t it?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. Truth says:

    I’m as black as they come, Old Sport.

    • Replies: @Rich
  45. Rich says:
    @Daniel H

    Well, I boxed as a kid, so I fought a lot of blacks one on one. As far as Whites chasing blacks out of neighborhoods what do you think happened to Whites who wandered into a black neighborhood? I knew a guy who’s car broke down in Jamaica who got beaten by a mob and stripped of his clothes and that would be early 90’s. It’s the way it was and although blacks can nowadays walk through White neighborhoods without any trouble, White guy makes a wrong turn in Brooklyn he’s got a good chance of being jumped.

    • Replies: @Truth
  46. Rich says:

    Yeah, that’s what I called. The other guy said you weren’t.

  47. iffen says:

    These are among the most racially homogenous states in America so how the hell did you manage to blame “diversity” for their higher suicide rates?

    These are some of the states hardest hit by economic changes, especially in the farm economy. When facing these economic changes, one has two choices: emigration to a “diverse” locality or a holiday at Beachy Hotel.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  48. @Alec Leamas

    … the Democrats can’t enforce message discipline.

    That’s a very good way to put it, Alec. Call in “narrative discipline”. The cntrl-left (which really includes a large part of the GOP with it) had an unwritten plan to keep bullshitting the American voters as long as they could, until their population/voter replacement came into full fruition. They were like Lucy promising Charlie Brown that, yes, THIS TIME THEY WERE SERIOUS about holding the ball border control.

    What’s happened now is as if Lucy’s brother Linus has told Charlie that Lucy swore she would never ever let him kick that ball. What can Lucy do but tell Charlie Brown that if he doesn’t try again she’ll call him all kind of names? It’s possible that Charlie don’t care. (No Charlie don’t surf either – I! GET! THAT!)

  49. Anon[190] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for omitting the brain teaser this month Derb, they always make me feel inadequate.

  50. Truth says:

    I knew a guy who’s car broke down in Jamaica who got beaten by a mob and stripped of his clothes and that would be early 90′s.

    Well those would be a…certain type… of brothers… 3:20.

  51. Bliss says:

    These are some of the states hardest hit by economic changes, especially in the farm economy

    It can’t be just the economy. Whites are far better off than blacks and hispanics. Yet whites are almost 3 times more likely to kill themselves:

    Suicide rates vary by race and ethnicity. In 2016, the rate of suicide among American Indians/Alaska Natives was 21.39 per 100,000 and among whites it was 18.15. In contrast, the suicide rate among Asian/Pacific Islanders was 7.00; the rate for blacks was 6.35; and the rate among Hispanics was 6.38.

    • Replies: @iffen
  52. iffen says:

    Whites are far better off than blacks and hispanics. Yet whites are almost 3 times more likely to kill themselves:

    Whites don’t compare themselves to blacks and browns, they compare themselves to other whites.

    (I thought that you would point out that the greatest centers of economic growth are diverse.)

    • Replies: @Bliss
  53. Jeff77450 says:

    The open-borders kooks are…kooks. With anything approximating true open borders the movement would be almost entirely one way, from the undeveloped world to the developed. The developed world would effectively be destroyed, no exaggeration, within fifty years, tops. Even if you could effectively keep out criminals, terrorists and those with certain serious communicable diseases, e.g. Ebola, the result would be the same. I’m guessing that those categories constitute less than 1% but even if it’s 5% the result would be the same.

    Re. the increase in suicides, I’m not a social/behavioral scientist but I’ve long thought that human beings aren’t designed for the complexity of the modern world. We’re overstimulated. As an aside, back in the days of being hunter-gathers, and even farmers, life might’ve been “nasty, brutish and short” but at least you could be secure in the knowledge that your job wasn’t going to be out-sourced to the other side of the planet. Change was slow. Yes, I know, the next meal was more of a rumor than a certainty; just plain old water could be deadlier than snake venom; plague, invading barbarian hordes; not saying I’d want to go back to that. Life is a series of trade-offs.

  54. Bliss says:

    Whites don’t compare themselves to blacks and browns, they compare themselves to other whites.

    So the reason whites are committing suicide is….other whites? Hmmm…

    Actually, the main reason for suicide in the West is mental disease:

    Mental disorders are often present at the time of suicide with estimates ranging from 27% to more than 90%. In Asia, rates of mental disorders appear to be lower than in Western countries. Half of all people who die by suicide may have major depressive disorder; having this or one of the other mood disorders such as bipolar disorder increases the risk of suicide 20-fold. Other conditions implicated include schizophrenia , personality disorders bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

    • Replies: @iffen
  55. Anonymous [AKA "Red Toohey"] says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Watched the movie “Inner Circle” with my Mom sometime in the mid-eighties. Good movie. I remember my Mother weeping.

  56. iffen says:

    From the Wiki entry you posted:

    Genetics appears to account for between 38% and 55% of suicidal behaviors.[44]

    I don’t know why suicide rates differ among groups, but I know enough to know that no one else knows.

    You seem to have missed my joke in the first comment which was: A white person confronted with having to leave white-landia would choose the Beachy Hotel over moving to a “diverse” locality.

    So the reason whites are committing suicide is….other whites? Hmmm…

    The power of the peers, don’t ever underestimate it.

  57. Anon[190] • Disclaimer says:

    Get well soon Derb, as a poison ivy victim, get the pharmaceutical grade cortisone cream. It’s the only thing that ever worked for me. Sorry about Fido, what a great gig he had, being Derb’s dog.

  58. Anonymous[353] • Disclaimer says:

    “My memory must be failing me then, I remember the neighborhoods he’s referring to as black, even back in my day. Was he one of the holdouts? Every holdout I ever met despised blacks worse than anyone else. They were subjected to constant bullying and criminal activity. Maybe Stockholm Syndrome? Came to love his abusers? I’m betting he’s black. Why else would he write about not being “scarred”?”

    -Well gee, Rich, I’ll have to really go out on a limb here but perhaps if someone makes up that he’s black, that perhaps he doesn’t mind making up that he came from a predominately black neighborhood?

    • Replies: @Rich
  59. Anonymous[353] • Disclaimer says:

    “You’re not wrong, but the “right “did go along with making it a dirty word, now didn’t it?”

    – Kinda like saying that the Jewish people went along with making Hitler a dirty word.

  60. Rich says:

    Or maybe he’s a black guy pretending to be a White guy pretending to be a black guy? If someone wants to play pretend, I don’t really care. He sounds black to me.

  61. I’m surprised the Mrs. didn’t wipe the floor with you in table tennis.

  62. Good stuff, Derb. Good to read a writer who preserves something of the traditional English style.

    You’re right about the reason why no attention is paid to The Inner Circle. While it is a bit cloying and simplistic, our lords and masters are keen not to remind audiences of the horrors of Stalinism because they want commoners to believe (and perhaps even believe themselves) that only racial-based totalitarianism is bad, and that economic totalitarianism is beneficial and desirable.

    Also good to see someone else take an interest in George Borrow. His words should be compulsory annual reading for all Englishmen, and therefore are deeply unpalatable today. Too much love for individual adventure, for personal freedom, for finding things out for himself, and for truth, rather than fashionable nonsense.

  63. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    He is half-Jewish.

  64. Derbyshire: “Still not getting the Jew Thing”

    And yet your very next column starts with an anti-Brexit essay by a Paul Taylor who turns out to be Jewish (as well as having been Reuters bureau chief in Israel for five years).

    I didn’t go looking for evidence of that, by the way. I did go looking for data as to what sort of person becomes an influential advocate of open borders. I was a little stunned when, once again, the Jewish element appeared.

    For me, the issue here is much much bigger than immigration policy. It has been the discovery that Jews have a role and a power in western society akin to brahmins in India, or overseas Chinese in southeast Asia. (And in Islam they have sayeeds, I guess.) I only wish I hadn’t learned it so late.

  65. Dear Derb,

    Go down to your local Redbox and rent The Death of Stalin. Done by Armando Iannucci, who did Veep, which I thought hilarious, and its even better British predecessor The Thick of It.

    Iannucci is a liberal but he mocks everyone.

    PS I went this week to see a 2007 Met encore production of Eugene Onegin in HD at my local theater with the radiant Renee Fleming and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who met such an untimely end. Fabulous.

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