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Israel Shows There’s No Escape from Diversity Hell—But At Least It’s Not Importing More!
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Crisis in the Middle East! scream the headlines. After all these years—what am I saying? all these decades—editors everywhere must have the phrase “Crisis In The Middle East” set up as a single-key macro. But what they don’t have set up as a macro: “No Escape From Diversity Hell”—the mounting internal problems Israel has because it is an ethnically divided society. Of course, that might mean acknowledging that the U.S. has these problems too. And, unlike Israel, it’s importing more.

But Crisis in the Middle East! Is this week’s news; so with a sigh of weary resignation I hit the pause button on my fantasy about a mud-wrestling contest between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Marjorie Taylor Greene confronts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside House chamber, CNN, May 13, 2021) and turn my attention to it.

Last week there was some argy-bargy in Jerusalem over Arab families being evicted by Jews. That got Israeli Arabs out demonstrating; that culminated in major riots on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is a holy place, especially to Muslims, as their ancient mosques and shrines have mostly survived there while Judaism’s ancient temples haven’t. Israeli police went into the holiest mosque to control the riot, which of course riled up the Arabs even more.

It hasn’t helped that last week saw the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, immediately followed by the three-day festival of Eid al-Fitr. So for Muslims, religious passion was at its highest pitch this week—a sort of Muslim Easter.

Then the Hamas party that rules the Gaza Strip decided to join in the ructions by firing missiles into Israel’s towns and cities. This was terror-bombing, not strategic strikes. Israel naturally responded with air strikes on Gaza, strikes which were strategic, not just terroristic.

So, once again, we were off to the races.

The results of those missile and air strikes were considerably mixed. Israel’s Iron Dome system of missile interception seems to have done a good job, with less than ten percent of the Arab missiles getting through. Israeli air strikes, on the other hand, have offed several big-name Hamas leaders.

We are told, although evidence is hard to come by, that a lot of the Hamas missiles either blew up on launch or went up and then came down while still in Gaza, causing a lot of casualties. That aside, the official butcher’s bill for the week seems to be Israeli deaths in single digits, Gaza deaths about ten times as many. Given the random nature of the missile strikes, some of the Israeli deaths might have been Israeli Arabs; I haven’t seen any details on this.

There’s been a lot of background stuff helping to heat things up. The Trump administration moving our embassy to Jerusalem, brokering a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and curtailing cash aid to the Arab rulers of Gaza and the West Bank have raised the level of frustration among Arab militants.

Contrariwise, the April 7th announcement by Biden’s Secretary of State that we shall resume shoveling money into the Swiss bank accounts of the gangsters who run Gaza and the West Bank, has been taken as a encouraging signal that Uncle Sam is back in sucker mode.[The United States Restores Assistance for the Palestinians, Antony J. Blinken, April 7, 2021]

There’s politics, too, on both sides. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been in an unstable position for some time now, and could use a patriotic boost. Hamas likewise, tired of playing second fiddle in the diplomatic game to the Fatah party running the West Bank, which is supposed to be in political union with Gaza, but which hasn’t allowed an election for fifteen years[Elections – Mapping Palestinian Politics – European Council on Foreign Relations].

And in still deeper background, there seems to have been slow-rising instability between Arabs and Jews in Israel itself. In the troubles of these last few days, synagogues have been burned by Arab mobs [Soldier viciously beaten in Jaffa, synagogue burned in Lod, as rioting deepens, Times of Israel, May 13, 2021] and Arabs dragged from their cars and beaten by Jewish mobs [ Mob ‘lynching of Arab’ aired live on Israeli TV , AFP, May 12, 2021]

Where is it all headed? The politicians and diplomats are quacking and bleating, of course, with talk about “de-escalating the violence” and “outreach with the Palestinian leadership.” [Biden official heading to Israel amid efforts to end Gaza fighting, by Jacob Magid, Times of Israel, May 12, 2021]

My guess: the mini-war will go on for a couple of weeks, then the diplomats will come to some agreement on suitable bribes to be paid, and then everything will quiet down for a few years until the next “Crisis in the Middle East!” Lather, rinse, repeat.

If I don’t sound terrifically engaged with this, that’s because I’m not. I’d rather be back on the Barcalounger with MTG and AOC.

There are, however, things to be said that are pertinent to us, to civic-minded Americans, so I’ll have a go at saying them.

It’s those strains between Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews—that is, within Israel itself, not across its borders—that got my attention. In this week’s context the ill feeling isn’t hard to understand, but it’s been going on for a while, and apparently getting worse.

Sample headline from the Jerusalem Post, May 14th: Is Israel reaching a tipping point with internal clashes? Quote:

In October 2015, after a terror attack in Beersheba, a crowd lynched a bystander named Haftom Zarhum from Eritrea, claiming they thought he was a terrorist. In 2015, a mob in Majdal Shams attacked an ambulance and lynched a Syrian man who was wounded in fighting across the border and who the IDF was taking to a hospital. Druze accused the man of being a Jihadist involved in attacks on Druze in Syria.

(The Druze are an Arab minority practicing a non-Muslim religion).

Several American observers have remarked on the similarity in news coverage between the disturbances in Israel’s streets and those in our own—Antifa and Black Lives Matter goons smashing windows, beating up motorists, and so on.

Well, yes. This is the price of Diversity. Twenty percent of Israelis are Arabs; thirteen percent of Americans are black.


I’m sure most Israeli Arabs want a quiet life, just as most American blacks do. There is a fiercely activist inner core, though, that hates the majority population; and around that inner core there is a larger outer core that, while not chronically activist, can be whipped up into anger by incidents like those evictions in Jerusalem; or when black suspects die resisting arrest by white cops.

Of course, the parallel’s not an exact one. Those Antifa and BLM mobs contain a high proportion of whites, while I doubt there are many Israeli Jews in among the Arab mobs.

(Although there may be some. A correspondent in Israel tells me that bleeding-heart Jewish liberalism is a big force in Israeli public life, so I wouldn’t totally rule out there being some Jewish Social Justice Warriors involved in burning down that synagogue.)

Diversity is the common factor, though: imbedded minority populations of many millions—twenty or thirteen percent—separated from the majority population by, to borrow the words of Thomas Jefferson, indelible lines of distinction drawn by nature, habit, and opinion. In the Israeli case, also by language and religion.

Is there any way out of this—any escape from Diversity Hell—for them or for us? I don’t think so. American blacks aren’t going anywhere, neither are Israeli Arabs; and both our nations are too civilized to contemplate mass expulsions or genocide (Probably—one writer has argued Arab expulsion may be in the cards).

I personally would be content if our public figures could just speak honestly about this problem. Mass diversity—diversity above the level of salt in the stew—is a disaster, a catastrophe. It causes nothing but strife and discord. “Diversity is our strength” must be the biggest, most audacious lie ever forced on a nation of people who have eyes to see and brains to understand.

If our politicians, pundits, and educators could be honest about that in public, perhaps we could then take the key step in our national decision-making, for the benefit of those who come after us.

Perhaps we could seize on a determination that, while we must struggle along with the miseries and conflicts of present diversity as best we can, we should not do anything to make it worse.

The Israelis are at least ahead of us there. Non-Jewish immigration is strictly limited. And refugees are told to go home when their countries are safe again[The Kafkaesque World of Sudanese Refugees in Israel , Aid organizations fear that Israel is about to deport thousands of asylum-seekers to Sudan now that the two countries have made peace, by Isma’il Kushkush,, December 10, 2020].

That won’t get the Israelis out of Diversity Hell. But it will at least keep the temperature from rising.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Diversity, Gaza, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. Altai says:

    ‘At least they’re not importing more’. Sure they are, they’re importing more Jews all the time. Oh, sorry, you meant that the Palestinians who have been living there all along are the ‘diversity’. Not the people who are descendants of immigrants in living memory who have turned the Middle East into a perpetual war zone and caused global political strife for decades.

  2. saggy says:

    Of course, the parallel’s not an exact one.

    Anyone who can write a sentence this idiotic is suspect, so to the litmus test: google john derbyshire holocaust to see what you can find. Not surprisingly almost nothing, just a little blurb about his daughter’s trip the a holohoax museum … where he comments …

    Isn’t there something wrong with a system of education that can make the Holocaust “boring.”

    John Derbyshire is not worth reading.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Disagree: Joseph Doaks
  3. Blade says:

    Makes sense. Except Derbyshire didn’t mention that Palestinians weren’t imported and that they have been there for thousands of years before European Jewish migrants started settling there. In fact, Palestinians are, for the most part, the original Jews who converted to Islam over time. What is next dumbass, are you going to complain about Natives in the US and blame them for being in the Americas?

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Eagle Eye
  4. TG says:

    Yes I wish the Jews would let us Americans guard our own borders as strongly as the Israelis guard theirs.. but that would cost the rich money, so I guess that’s a non-starter.

    As far as diversity I would say: yes, but. A diverse population can live in peace – as long as there is plenty to go around! And an ethnic monoculture will tear itself apart, if there is not enough to go around. Example A: China under Mao, when “strength through numbers” caused a massive population explosion and dire poverty. Example B: Pre-WWII Japan, where a government-induced population explosion caused horrible poverty and nearly tore the country apart. Example C: Modern Mexico, where women were encouraged to breed seven kids each “to make Mexico bigger and better” and now the entire COUNTRY has a homicide rate not much better than black-majority US cities… Even though Mexico is (nominally) an ethnically homogenous society.

    The strongest diamond will fracture along some fault line if the pressure is strong enough. Modest bricks will endure, if the pressure is within limits. Just saying.

  5. ‘…I’m sure most Israeli Arabs want a quiet life, just as most American blacks do. There is a fiercely activist inner core, though, that hates the majority population…’

    And I’m with them. How can we help?

  6. I didn’t give any money to your organization, did I?

    I agree with many of your goals — but that can’t justify supporting evil.

  7. Israel “naturally responded” with “strikes that were strategic”?

    It is strategic to bomb civilians and kill children? How would you like that to happen to your children?

    What kind of a human being are you?

  8. Who brought the diversity into white countries, John?

  9. Adrian says:

    In the judgment on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict there is little room for moral ambiguity. There is a clear victim here, and a clear perpetrator. Derbyshire is apparently unable to see that. Also, he seems to have only the foggiest idea about what is exactly going on there, to wit his silly remark about the Israeli strikes being “strategic”. They are not and they have never been. Read the Goldstone report.

  10. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:

    Did you seriously just describe “israel” as “civilised”, and not genocidal???

    Did you seriously compare the theft of Palestine and the ongoing brutalisation of Palistinians, theft of their homes, uprooting of their olive groves, maiming and imprisonment of their children, iligal settlement of their land and the political hobbling of their elected representatives as a “diversity issue”???

    Did you seriously attempt to draw a comparrison between the victims of the chosenites fighting for their very survival, and the politically orchestrated blm/antifa riots in America???


    What a shallow, self-serving use of the Palestinian struggle against on going genocide and colonisation of their homeland by European immigrants to further your own narrow cause.

    At least you have rejected and renounced your British nationality in favour of calling yourself American. America is welcome to you!
    Enjoy the collapse of your chosen nation, Derbyshire. May you receive all that you so richly deserve as your country implodes.

    • Replies: @Billy Corr
  11. Icy Blast says:

    I hope by now people realize who this ugly Englishman is.

  12. Palestinians were just fine without Jewish mass immigration. But Palestinians suffered massively from Jewish mass immigration pushed by Anglo empire.

    But of course, Derby the cuck-dirt-bag pretends it’s otherwise.

  13. El Dato says:

    That’s what you get when you build your Zion on a piece of land already heavily occupied by someone else. Who also has regionally adopted a copy of your ancient and rather supremacist religion. Then you bring in more people of dubious quality and genetically low IQ because they are “Jewish”, just to fill the ranks and be strong about your new country, accelerating problems.

    You can fiddle on the roof until the goats come home but in the end you will have to play the “exterminate them all” card.

    But the Galaxy keeps on calmly rotating.

  14. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    “Last week there was some argy-bargy in Poland over some Jew families being evicted by Good Germans. That got Reich Jews out demonstrating; that culminated in major riots near Temple Zion in Warsaw. That is a holy place, especially to Juden, as their ancient temples and synagogues have mostly survived there while Christianity’s ancient churches haven’t. Aryan police went into the holiest temple to control the riot, which of course riled up Jews even more.”

    Fixed it for yuh, shobbos goy Derbstein!

    • LOL: Grahamsno(G64)
  15. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Ben deems going back 52 years to seek justice for Americans “silly.”

    Meanwhile, the same black-frisbee-wearing hebester [Didja you know L’il Ben’s wife is a doctor? (<:)] yammers on and on and on about his Tribe's 2,000-year-old travails…and Matzonia's 73-year existence.

    Plus he finds it perfectly kosher for Jews to continue milking the “older-than-52-years-ago” alleged Holycost to get more-more-more guilt gelt from goyim.

    FACT: Mr. Shapiro's concern is not about time. His sole focus is on one topic: Juden uber alles!

    Dead Americans don't interest him…especially ones killed by Jews.

    He only cares about Israelis/Jews.

    Also, the same narcissistic midget who "trusts" America's report per the sinking of the USS Liberty (which involved Christians) nonetheless insists that the USA could/should have done more to save WWII Jews…despite "reports" proving it did all it could.

    Finally, why the use of "Jewish" and not "Christianish"?

    Why the taboo on calling a Jew a Jew?

  16. Another insufferably ‘safe’ and superficial analysis of the Israel/Palestine conflict by J. Derbyshire. Derb actually likens the plight and political dynamics involving Palestinians/Jews in greater Israel to the simmering conflicts involving Blacks/Whites in America. Is he serious?

    Doesn’t Derb realize that Black Americans are now systemically favored over Whites in college admissions, numerous loan guarantees and other economic set-asides, as well as countless job placements?

    Blacks in America are also allowed allowed to organize and advocate for their ‘collective’ interests, even if it means the political and economic security of non-Blacks are put at risk. Israel permits no such thing.

    Blacks can promote racial advocacy for themselves. When Whites attempt this (in America, not Israel), it’s decried as racist or an expression of ‘white supremacy’.

    Meanwhile, Israel aggressively, purposefully, and systemically discriminates against its native non-Jewish populations, which includes both Arab Christians and Arab Muslims.

    Israel continues to unapologetically construct Jewish Only housing on the West Bank and other occupied zones while its confiscates Arab-owned houses in parts of Jerusalem for Jewish families only. Race-driven housing policies are the law of the land in ‘democratic’ Israel.

    On the other hand, any government policy in America that is not race-neutral (or sensitive to minority needs) would be absolutely and totally illegal in America.

    Derb hasn’t figured this out?

    Or is he a dishonest old fool?

    The scale of Jewish hypocrisy concerning ‘anti-racism’ (and housing discrimination) in America vs. supremacist Jewish racial attitudes (and laws) in Israel is nothing short of staggering. But Derb hasn’t apparently noticed.

    Similarly, whereas White Americans are being disproportionately murdered in the US by Blacks, it is Israel’s Jewish majority–not its Arab minority–that does most of the killing throughout greater Israel. Please do a body-count, Mr. Derbyshire.

    Derb is a hopeless ‘centrist’ (conformist) on this hot-button subject. His unceasing mamby-pamby positions indicates cowardice if not intellectual dishonesty.

    Might Derb still hoping for a guest spot on Fox News?

    Sadly, Derb doesn’t dare face the deeper truth contained within this political quagmire, probably because he’s too scared of offending America’s foremost tastemakers and media mavens.

    Conclusion: Derb’s batting average continues to drop. Clearly it’s time for this toothless old timer to retire and take up golfing or stamp collecting. Articles of this lowly analytical quality only tarnish his waning reputation.

    • Agree: NightTrain
    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  17. sher singh [AKA "Jatt Aryaa"] says:

    Leave it to Anglos to turn every conversation into something about black people।।

  18. Hillbob says:

    Garbage, pure garbage

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  19. JOHN DERBYSHIRE • MAY 14, 2021 • 1,600 WORDS
    or in summary, ‘Jew good, Goy bad’

  20. sb says:

    Not sure I subscribe to Derb’s view of all this :

    Israel was and is a population replacement project . Go back to 1900 and Jews were few in what is now Israel .

    The parallel isn’t like the one between whites and blacks in the contemporary US (both are peoples who came from elsewhere in comparatively recent times ) but more like that between Anglo settlers and long established native Indians which occurred in America’s formative years .

    Population replacement projects seem to be popular with Jews

    • Agree: mc23
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  21. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews Derb, looks like you riled up the Middle East equivalent of this Chinese commentators that flood the site when you speak on China. Did iTunes stop carrying RadioDerb? I know I can find it on Vdare, but was convenient.

  22. … my fantasy about a mud-wrestling contest between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I have no fantasy need to see AOC in mud; I think I’d rather see them in a cage match, to the death.

    There has been some conjecture that a militant few in the Warsaw Ghetto were the cause of the majority being exterminated rather than being left to live to liberation. We’ll never know about that, but we might be getting a modern day replay in the coming years.

  23. anon[935] • Disclaimer says:

    Derbo doesn’t know that .Now you have told Derbo but wait for next article .By that time he has forgotten . He will show same fixed non progressive dementia on top of his existing stupidities . Bad combination .

    Hello Derbooo How much did the Hasabara pay you to spin the situation to the likings of very ugly monkey Bannon or other Trump-Kushner – Netnayahoo clan?

    By the time you have received the money, they have been sucking up tp BLM . Part of the money US gives to Israel doesnt go to Rothchilds bank or to Russian or Romanian or Lithuanian immigrants but come to BLM , to US congress and to a lot of columnists and Facebook trolls that Mossad manages.

    You can return the money if you have any bone of honesty left . In this case, that means a retraction of this vile article with a disclaimer that you did not receive any money .

  24. MarkU says:

    I’m glad you said it, it saved me the bother.

  25. JD, your facts are flakey like the points you are trying to make.

    Palestinians are not being evicted like some squatters, their homes are being seized by crazed Zionist lunatics, who just take them over by force with the help of the state. There is nothing comparable in the USA. Part of “God’s” (sure) and US tax payer work, this is Ethnic Cleansing in its most naked form.

    Palestinian worshippers doing end of Ramadan prayers in Al Aqsa Mosque did not riot, they were peacefully praying before being attacked by a mass of Netanyahu’s heavily armed Jewish thugs, called Jerusalem Police. What were they doing coming up on the Dome of Rock Mount in the first place? Going into a mosque during a prayer and attacking everyone is not quelling a riot, but is a police riot. Such bigotry and hate till now is not found or tolerated in the USA.

    So enough of your creating false specters of black vs. white and Christian vs. Muslim hate and animosity in the USA.

  26. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Somebody tell this POS apologist Shabbos Goy for the Criminal Enterprise known as Israel to STFU.

  27. Anonymous[760] • Disclaimer says:

    John Derbyshire is not worth reading.

    Agree. I’ve seen a pristine copy of his book Prime Obsession at my local Goodwill the last 3 times I’ve been there but I can’t lay out the \$1 to buy it because of what an obsequious ass-kisser of the Jews he is. He’s posting on Unz Review not NRO for God’s sake. Tell the truth you pathetic limey bitch.

  28. anon[935] • Disclaimer says:

    One day USA would leave physically and later mentally Israel to its own devices suddenly because planned solution or departure is not western (UK- USA ’s) virtue or strength and Isarel has got used to like S Vietnamese and Ghani’s Afghan got..

    Meanwhile Vietnam evacuation is in display–“A spokesman for Afghanistan’s 205th Atal Military Corps said the departure of U.S. forces from the base came as a surprise and without coordination. The move left Afghan officials uncertain whether the U.S. left Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

    “The Americans have vacated their bases and they have left,” Alvi said.

    An Afghan security official at the Kandahar airport confirmed that U.S. troops left this week without a ceremony.

    “They left in the night” and there are no more U.S. forces in Kandahar, “not at this moment,” said Gen. Faqir Qowahi, commander of the military side of the Kandahar Airport”

  29. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Derbyshire is a stiff-lipped cuck for British Empire Zionism. He attempts to shill for his own buggery by talking about female mud wrestling. The Brits still smell money on Jews, and so won’t change their Zionist ways until Jewry is bankrupt and powerless, at which point they’ll be bowing and scraping before whoever controls the cash. They dream it will one day again be they’re own kind, but they proved their low class by allowing themselves to be cucked by Hebrew Satanists.

  30. No one has even been able to explain to me why I should give a damn about Israel.

  31. anon[426] • Disclaimer says:

    Because they do . How can you avoid a disaster or a snake or a storm or a war if you don’t have the right sensor ?

  32. Art Deco says:

    Palestinians weren’t imported and that they have been there for thousands of years before European Jewish migrants started settling there.

    “Palestinian” as an identity with wide currency in local Arab populations appeared around about 1968. There are lineages, but you’ll scrounge to find one whose pedigree is passably attested for ‘thousands of years’. There are Arabs; Arabic vernaculars have been spoken in the area for perhaps 1,400 years, not ‘thousands of years’. It’s also pretty amusing that Yasser Arafat and Edward Said grew up in Egypt.

    • Replies: @Blade
    , @James Forrestal
  33. Art Deco says:

    Waal, you have a mess of people on this thread whose heart bleeds for Syrian Arabs. Why not contend with them?

  34. The borders of ancient Israel have been lost to antiquity, but there’s little doubt that they stretched into what is now modern-day Iraq.

    Free Mesopotamia!

    • Replies: @dearieme
  35. Eagle Eye says:

    Palestinians weren’t imported and … have been there for thousands of years

    Many of the (now) Arabic-speaking residents of Israel proper, Gaza and the West Bank are quite recent arrivals. During the Ottoman era (until about 1918) and under the early British Mandate, “Palestine” was a catchment for various populations from other Ottoman territories, mostly non-Arabs, e.g. Egyptians, Circassians, Turks, etc.

    There was some immigration of actual Arabs from present-day Saudi Arabia. As real Arabs, they will have their own views of the ethnic background of their Palestinian neighbors (who famously even mispronounce the Arabic name of Jerusalem, Al-Quds, as Al-‘uds).

    Farther back in history, “Palestine” was the site of the Crusader kingdoms whose genetic heritage is quite apparent on the faces of many Palestinians.

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @Colin Wright
  36. unwoke says:

    “If our politicians, pundits, and educators could be honest about that in public, perhaps we could then take the key step in our national decision-making, for the benefit of those who come after us.”

    If our politicians, pundits, and educators could be honest about the fact that the U.S. government under Administrations of both major Parties, with full support from Congress has for years, “what am I saying? all these decades”, has been supporting & protecting an illegal Occupation & brutal blockade by the apartheid state of Israel in the Palestinian territories, from the river to the sea. If in public, perhaps we could then take the key step in our national decision-making, for the benefit of those who come after us – & more importantly, for the benefit of Palestinians suffering under the yoke of the Jewish terror state – to end all U.S. aid to Israel. Again “last week there was some argy-bargy in Jerusalem over Arab families being evicted by Jews” i.e. forcible expulsion of the rightful owners by Jewish supremacists carrying out but more ethnic cleansing as they have been for years, no “what am I saying? all these decades [seven]”. But don’t expect John Derbystein to recognize any of this: he always has the phrase, ‘Israel can do no wrong’ set up as his permanent single-key macro. And it gets worse from there, much worse, as Derbyfeld tries to explain away zionist terrorism by blaming the victims of it, again. But at least the Blurb does ask one pertinent question: “Is there any way out of this—any escape from Diversity Hell—for them or for us?” To which he answers: No. And he’s probably right about that. No, I don’t think so either. American Jews aren’t going anywhere, neither are Israeli Arabs; and both our nations are too civilized to contemplate mass expulsions or genocide. So looks like we’re stuck with the repellent John Derbysteins until they finally exercise their illegitimate ‘right of return’ to unholy Israel.

  37. @Colin Wright

    “I’m sure most Israeli Arabs want a quiet life, just as most American blacks do.” Yea I really don’t think blacks do. They live for chaos and idiocy. Their whole way of life is built on chaos and degeneracy. They can’t sit still for 5 min or even 5 secs. without shooting each other or raping each other.

  38. Blade says:
    @Art Deco

    I am talking about the people, not their ethnic identities. If you want to call them Haifan or Canaanite that’s also OK. I am not talking about whether their ethnic identity existed or not, by the same measure Israeli identity is also very recent anyway. Since people here love DNA studies I merely referred to DNA studies, but also history. Romans did not exile whole populations. It is a nonsensical religious myth made up by clergy. Only a small percentage of Jews of Judea were exiled; specifically, those who rebelled. The rest remained in the region and over time Islamized & Arabized. I am not suggesting that they have always been Arabs, quite the contrary, I am suggesting that they are the original Jewish people for the most part. On the other hand, Ashkenazi Jews have nothing to do with ancient Jews. They are the remnants of the Khazar people, a Turkic empire that converted to Judaism. This is all pretty common knowledge actually. You can easily verify.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  39. dearieme says:

    but there’s little doubt that they stretched into what is now modern-day Iraq.

    There’s every doubt. David and Solomon’s empire is folklore not history. At the time they purportedly lived Jerusalem was an unwalled village.

    The Old Testament doesn’t seem to include actual history until the Assyrians turned up and conquered Israel but not Judah. That’s in the OT and it did actually happen.

  40. dearieme says:
    @Eagle Eye

    If students of ancient DNA fight shy of testing the Palestinian Jews of the time of Jesus, and indeed Bronze Age Palestinians, than my guess is that they don’t want to find the career-ending result that modern Palestinians, especially the Christian ones, are overwhelmingly descended from those people.

    There’s an easy way to prove my guess wrong.

  41. KenH says:

    Derb has it all wrong. The problem in Israel is that there isn’t enough diversity and forced integration at gunpoint like we have here in America with the members of the Jewish diaspora largely responsible for the dystopia America is quickly becoming.

    Israel needs to follow the American model and import more non-Jews and punish Israeli Jews for all the problems in Israel much like whites are blamed for everything that goes awry in America.

  42. @sb

    It is really not like Anglo settlers and native Americans either.

    By 1620, only about 9 million or so native Americans still existed in the Americas after having been wiped out by the plagues brought by the Spanish Conquistadors and the plagues brought by the European domesticated animals which the native Americans had no immunity to. Estimates are that 80 -90 percent of the Amerindians had been wiped out by the time the English sought to colonize North America.

    Keep in mind also that the two largest Amerindian populations were in Mexico and Peru and so it is unlikely that more than 3 or 4 million native Americans lived in what is now the lower 48 states.

    North America was basically empty of humans by 1620.

    This is nothing like Palestine and Israel. Palestine/Israel was significantly populated with Palestinians in 1900.

  43. People like Derb think this way: The world is filled with winners and losers. Jews are winners because they are so smart and rich. Palestinians are just a bunch of losers. Therefore, so what if Jews took the land from Palestinians? Palestinians, being a bunch of losers, should just suck it up and shut up.

    Well, using that logic, why doesn’t Derb accept the fate chosen for whites by Jews. As Jews have higher IQ than whites and a longer/deeper history, Jews are superior to whites. Just like superior Jews had some divine right to choose the fate of loser Palestinians, they have the same right over loser whites. If superior Jews have decided that inferior whites must be de-powered or disempowered via Diversity so that things will be better for Jews — as Jews get to play divide-and-rule among goyim — , then whites should just suck it up and shut up.

    Funny how whites cheer on winner Jews erasing the loser Palestinians but scratch their heads when winner Jews decide to do the same to loser whites. The logic when applied to Palestinians is great but not so much when it’s also applied to whites.

    These whites need to obey the very advice they give to Palestinians. White message to Palestinians is, “Suck it up, you loser Palestinians because Jews are better than you.”
    Well then, whites need to follow the same advice. Since Jews are superior to whites, the Jewish plan for whites must be historically justified. If Jews have decided that whites must be erased like the Palestinians, whites must suck it up just like whites tell Palestinians to suck it up.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  44. SafeNow says:

    Whenever Mr. Derb says “diversity is problematic” or “stop importing more,” he cannot add “except for NE Asians” — because he has a Chinese wife. So I will say it for him. As a S. Californian. Our NE Asia immigrants, and their descendants, are overwhelmingly very: decent, smart, conscientious, and hard-working. Sure, they tend to self-segregate residentially, but so what. I wish I could be more like them in some ways.

  45. @mark green

    This is what’s so consistently distressing about the so-called “dissident right.” You get sensible views on some things, like crime etc., but always with a side order of Ziophilia. Always. It can’t help that he used to work for National Review, where defending and fluffing up the Jewish ethnoproject is job one. He’s also obviously a big fan of the NY Post, and enough said there.

    I don’t agree with the hard left on much, but on I/P, they’re right on the money.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  46. Chris Moore says: • Website

    By 1620, only about 9 million or so native Americans still existed in the Americas after having been wiped out by the plagues brought by the Spanish Conquistadors and the plagues brought by the European domesticated animals which the native Americans had no immunity to. Estimates are that 80 -90 percent of the Amerindians had been wiped out by the time the English sought to colonize North America.

    But according to the Jewish and Zionist Holocaust narrative, evil Whitey genocided all of the Amerindians, and so has to pay perpetual reparations to Jews and Israel (as compensation for the holocaust) who will rebate peanuts to POC and immigrants for their suffering. Jews and English Zionist like Derbyshire will manage the whole affair and make sure all of these holocaust victims get their just due (whatever peanuts are left over after the Jews and Zionists and ZOG have taken their manager’s 90% cut + administration expenses).

    Any Whites or taxpayers who object? Why, they’re Nazis, of course, attempting to dodge justice and shirk their duties to compensate those who have suffered so much. Why, maybe they even need a taste of the genocide they visited upon the Amerindians, Nazi bastards! Derbyshire and his ex-comrades and neocon butt-buddies at National Review certainly won’t object to holocaust victims getting their just compensation, will they? If they do, it just proves they’re Nazis!

    No, no, I think Derbyshire will play ball and get on board the Zionist rackets and write columns about Arab mobs burning synagogues.

    And this Zionist cancer is how how the Jewish rackets and their belly-crawler adherents destroyed the world.

  47. OMG, this ignorant twit thinks “israel” is a country that has “Arab” immigrants. The whole article is wrong.

  48. @Priss Factor

    Yes! Or even “Jews are smart and stole a whole stinking country. Let’s agree with them and steal Palestine off of them and bomb anyone who complains.”

  49. Has the Derb ever written a column on how the majority of Jews here are committed to open borders globalism with their votes and money to the Democrats while being committed to Israel being an ethno state for Jews with secure walled off borders and strict immigration?

    • Thanks: houston 1992
  50. RudyM says:

    It’s Palestinians who have a Jewish “immigrant” problem.

  51. @Macumazahn

    The “is” have been spying on your country and have threatened to nuke a city near you. Wake up!

  52. The trouble I have here is the double standard. Jews push diversity on white nations in the west but it is Jew only immigration to their ethno-state of Israel. Hypocritical.

  53. Adrian says:

    The late Tony Judt argued in a well known article in the New York Review that Israel was an anachronism in the attempt to constitute an ethnically exclusive nation state of the sort that came about in eastern Europe after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the First World War. It is an anachronism all right but more as a belated form of Western colonialism than as an ethnically exclusive nation state. The Rumanians, Czechoslovakians, Poles, Serbs etc. were after all long settled majorities in their respective states. The Jews by contrast were even at their declaration of independence still a for the greater part recently arrived minority in Palestine.

    So a belated form of Western twentieth century colonialism and, I would argue, by far the worst. Other Western colonies, particularly the British and Dutch ones, had at this late stage adopted a form of indigenous welfare policy (though always prioritising “metropolitan” interests). The Israelis by contrast have done everything possible to grind their colonial underlings into the dust. In that sense they even compare badly with the Afrikaners. They complain that the term ‘apartheid” is an insult. It is an insult all right but to the Afrikaners.

    It is true that the latter allocated too little of the national territory to the “homelands” (”Bantustans”). But within those homelands they endeavored to bring about viable little states. De Klerk says in his autobiography:

    We embarked on one of the most farreaching exercises in social engineering that the world has ever seen. Capital cities were built in the ten homelands, each with its own parliament, quite impressive government buildings and bureaucray,. Several well endowed universities were founded – which were formerly dismissed as tribal colleges, but which are now accepted as fully fledged universities. By 1975 scores of new towns had been established and more than 130,000 new houses had been built in the homelands. Between 1952 and 1972 the number of hospital beds in the homelands increased sevenfold. Decentralized industries were developed and hundreds of millions of rands were pumped into the traditional areas in a vain attempt to stem the flood of people to the supposedly white cities” but he also acknowledges that “the government forcibly moved more than three million people from the land and homes where many of them had lived and worked, in some cases, for generations. It assured them that it would provide them with equally good accommodation and land in areas that suited the planners of grand apartheid. But, of course, things seldom worked out the way they were planned and the planners forgot that human beings, and not planning statistics, were involved.

    All the same a genuine attempt was made to provide livable conditions. Compare that with the malevolent Israeli sabotage of Gaza right from the start to which inter alia the special Gaza envoy of the “quartet”, the late Jewish philantropist James Wolfensohn, has testified. Also, look at he ghastly activities of the Israeli settlers on the West Bank,
    tolerated if not encouraged by the state.

    No wonder then that the Jewish South African anti-apartheid activist, Ronnie Kasrils, once a cabinet minister in post-apartheid South Africa, declared on his visit to Israel that the situation he found there was worse than apartheid.

    Now let us return to Derbyshire. In an earlier article about the Palestinian problem he declared:

    Everywhere you look around the Arab world you see squalor, despotism, cruelty and hopelessness. The best they have been able to manage, politically speaking, has been the Latin-American style one-party kleptocracies of Egypt and Jordan….These people are hopeless. We are all supposed to support the notion of a Palestinian state. Why? I don’t want to see a Palestinian state. I think I’d be crazy to want that.

    And in order to stress how hopeless these Palestinians are he compares the situation of Palestinian refugees in UNRWA supported camps to that of Chinese immigrants in British governed Hong Kong. I don’t think I have to demonstrate the silliness of that comparison. Did those Chinese in British governed Hongkong ever have reasons to fear a Sabra and Shatila massacre (Lebanon) or a Black September (Jordan).?

    Derbyshire might not want a Palestinian state but do Palestinians have a reason to want one? The answer seems to be pretty obvious even if it would be the thuggish kleptocracy of Derbyshire’s fevered imagination. Anything would be better than the present rule of their sadistic overlords.

    It seems that the Palestinian community before the Zionist incursions was relatively peaceful and propductive ( see

    Elsewhere in Palestine, however, life flourished. … Parts of the country were nearly luxuriant. In 1869 even that American innocent abroad, Samuel Clemens, whose wonderfully dyspeptic view of Palestine is legendary, could refer without irony to groves of lemon trees, “cool, shady, hung2 with fruit,” by the village of Shunem near “Little Hermon,” and to “breezy glades of thorn and oak,” south of the Sea of Galilee near Mount Tabor. A horseman riding3 the Hauran plateau, east of the eastern mountain range, could view unbroken wheat fields extending to the horizon on every side… Outsiders were impressed by the fellah’s industry. “He abominates absence from his fields,” observed one. And the fellah had a reputation for generosity, “such as his poverty7 allows.” `

    The Zionists ruled out a peaceful coexistence with this community right from the start. The Dutch poet and legal scholar Jacob Israel de Haan, who had made aliyah in 1919 and who had pleaded for this possibility, was liquidated in 1924 on the orders of Itzhak Ben-Zvi who would later become the second president of Israel.

  54. John, there are no such thing as ‘ancient Mosques’ because Islam is not a product of the classical world.

  55. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Die Juden sind unser Unglück!

  56. Nodwink says:

    Indeed, the Arabs made a terrible error by allowing the diversity (Jews) to over-run their native land.

  57. hillaire says:

    ah…the topsy-turvy world of the kosher-nationalist®….

  58. Like Cockburn Derbyshire wants people to believe he is a contrarian and dissident yet this and prior articles prove otherwise.

    He often includes IQ, blacks, Mexicans, lunatic lefties and “evil” China to bait indiscerning readers.

  59. Flaneur says:

    John Derbyshire is a run of the mill national-zionist.

  60. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Der Derby sind unser Unglück!

    • LOL: Colin Wright
  61. Art Deco says:

    Since people here love DNA studies I merely referred to DNA studies, but also history.

    What DNA studies?

    • Replies: @Blade
  62. @Colin Wright

    What good does it do you to care about Palestinians (or, tbf, Israelis)? Rest assured they don’t give a shit about you.

  63. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Time for Izzy Derbowitzbergsteinovichsatanyahu to show us his Israeli passport.

  64. @Kali

    The expression *genocide* means nothing at all; when Israel was founded, Israeli Arabs were a mere 9% of the population and now they constitute 21% of the population of a far more populous country.

  65. @Eagle Eye

    Bullshit. Not worth rebutting.

  66. @davidgmillsatty

    ‘It is really not like Anglo settlers and native Americans either…’

    Somebody trotted out ye olde Indian argument?

    Oh, that takes me back…

  67. Blade says:
    @Art Deco

    Just Google Palestinian DNA studies. They are mostly the same people who had been there forever; I would say the same thing for the Jewish population of the region as well. I just don’t buy that Ashkenazi is Jewish (origins wise) or that Jews who migrated away remained the same for thousands of years.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  68. @Macumazahn

    ‘No one has even been able to explain to me why I should give a damn about Israel.’

    If you’re American, that would be because you made it possible, you pay for it, and without you, it couldn’t commit its crimes.

    It’s as if you have a teenage son who goes out and rapes small children every night — in your car. Why should you give a damn?

    Now, if you’re not American, you’ve got a moral right to indifference.

  69. Derbyshire obviously knows what he’s doing — yet he never explains why he supports (((war criminals))).

    When White rights advocates ignore the leading role genocidal Jews play in White replacement, the case can be made that they (advocates) are trying to present introductory facts in small enough portions that “normies” can begin to digest them.

    But when these “advocates” actively support the genocidal Jews they expose themselves as traitors.

    • Replies: @techvet
    , @Rex Little
  70. techvet says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Derb is not just a run of the mill coward in that sense. He’s a “normie cuck” in that he will always stand with people who’d like to erase the very essence of his predecessors from his homeland and his adopted land. That way he’s a run of the mill “conservative”

  71. @Altai

    Sure they are, they’re importing more Jews all the time.

    Exactly. I mean, this well-fed Zionist settler in East Jerusalem doesn’t sound really sound like a “sabra”* — unless Brooklyn counts as part of Israel:

    “If I don’t steal it, some other jew is gonna steal it”

    Typical semitic supremacist attitude — any and all goy ownership claims are automatically invalid; only the Tribe has any meaningful right of ownership.

    Eviction of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah part of Israeli policy

    In October, the Israeli magistrate court of Jerusalem ruled to evict 12 of the 24 Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah and to give their homes to Israeli Jewish settlers. The court also ruled that each family must pay 70,000 shekels (\$20,000) in fees to cover the settlers’ legal expenses.

    *Ironically — or not — the prickly pear cactus is not indigenous to the Middle East.

  72. @Art Deco

    “Palestinian” as an identity with wide currency in local Arab populations appeared around about 1968.

    Better tell that famous PLO leader Golda Meir about your “discovery” of the “recent origins” of the Palestinian people:

    Or we could go back a few thousand years further to Herodotus — the Father of History. In The Histories, written in about 450 BC, he describes his travels throughout the Middle East. He mentions “Palestine” multiple times [see below], but “Israel,” “Judah,” “Hebrews,” “Jews,” etc. — zip. Nada. Nothing.

    Of course, “Art” didn’t make up this long-discredited semitic canard himself. The “Palestinians just invented themselves recently, goy!” trope ” originates with Joan Peters’ noxious screed “From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the “Arab” [Palestinian]-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine” [1984] which was definitively debunked in detail — some would say eviscerated — by leftist jew Norman Finkelstein. Israeli historian Yehoshua Porath and liberal jew David Remnick also concurred in noting this book’s fraudulent, generally worthless nature and total lack of historicism.

    Even fanatically Israel First neocon Daniel Pipes couldn’t bring himself to to support Peter’s sloppy screed. Yet ignorant, hate-filled hasbarats keep reflexively spewing forth long-discredited tropes from this known forgery, decades later. Sad!

    Semitic supremacist attacks on the identity of indigenous European peoples are very similar in form — these assaults also attempt to claim that a non-jewish people’s identity is somehow “invalid” simply because jews say so:

  73. @Pat Kittle

    Derbyshire obviously knows what he’s doing — yet he never explains why he supports (((war criminals))).

    If by (((war criminals))) you mean Israel, he does explain–at some length–why he supports them in his latest Radio Derb. I note with wry amusement that no excerpt from that column has yet been posted here at Unz.

  74. ANON[118] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    derbyshire, you are spineless.

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