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Immigration, Not Afghanistan, Has Been Our Longest War—and A Complete, Possibly Terminal, Failure of Democracy
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You’ve been hearing a lot recently about how Afghanistan has been America’s Longest War. No: Immigration has been our Longest War, ours and Britain’s. From the Hart-Celler Immigration Act to today: 56 years. From Enoch Powell’s famous speech urging immigration restriction to today: 53 years. There have been some small victories for common sense this month. But also bad news. The whole experience has been a complete, and possibly terminal, failure of Democracy.

First, the bad news.

You probably saw the reports that encounters on our southern border—encounters, that is, between agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and foreigners trying to enter our country illegally—these encounters hit a record number in July: over 210,000.

That number is the more striking because in normal years fewer and fewer illegals attempt the crossing in these hot summer months. Now that trend has reversed: the July figure is up eleven percent from the June number. The year-to-date figure is over a million.

CBP estimates that over and above the 210,000 aliens encountered, a further 37,000 illegals reportedly evaded Border Patrol entirely. Nobody can tell me how they get that number, and experts, like Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies, think it is “likely a significant undercount.”

So, 210,000 encounters in July. What happens to the people who are encountered? Well, some become apprehensions, the rest become expulsions.

It used to be that the great majority of encounters led to expulsions: 85 percent for Donald Trump’s last full month in office. Eighty-five percent of illegal border crossers were expelled.

You will not be staggered to learn that the proportion of expulsions has declined dramatically under Biden. For the month of July it was down to 47 percent [Migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border are at a 21-year high, by John Gramlich, Pew Research, August 13, 2021] the first time it has ever been less than half.

Most expulsions are done under Title 42, an order out of the Centers for Disease Control [CDC], issued in March last year, when the COVID pandemic was getting up steam. Title 42 is hated hated HATED by the Open Borders lobbies.

In fact, doing a Google search on “Title 42,” as I just did, opens your eyes to how many Open Borders lobbies there are, toiling away tirelessly on behalf of immigration scofflaws.

There may be more of these Open Borders lobbying groups than there are illegals violating the borders!

Well, some good news on Title 42: The CDC is holding the line. They announced August 2nd that they’d keep it in place with a review every 60 days (so the next review is October 1st).

All right, that’s expulsions, what about apprehensions? I mentioned that in July, for the first time, there were more apprehensions than expulsions. What happens if an illegal is apprehended?

What happens is, the illegal is taken into custody by CBP and held awaiting some kind of ruling. Well, that’s the theory. In practice, the numbers now are far too great for proper adjudication, so a lot of them just get released.

One way to get yourself into the adjudication process is to claim Asylum. Again, the numbers claiming Asylum are way greater than can be adjudicated in any timely fashion, so they’re given a card with a date when they’re supposed to appear, and released.

But in the matter of Asylum, there was a positive development this week. The development concerned MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocol.

MPP—informally known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy—was another Trump initiative. It came into force via a Department of Homeland Security order in January 2019. MPP allowed border officials to send Asylum claimants back to Mexico while they waited for an adjudication in the U.S.A.

All that mighty host of Open Borders lobbyists of course hated MPP as much as they hate Title 42. There were legal and judicial battles, rulings and appeals. Then in February this year Biden ended MPP, letting the Asylum claimants come flooding in.

That got us off to the judicial races again. In April the states of Texas and Missouri sued the Administration on the grounds that ending MPP had started a flood of illegal aliens that was imposing costs on those states.

In June DHS Secretary Mayorkas doubled down by issuing an order formally ending MPP.

Forward to this month, August. Two weeks ago a federal judge in Texas ordered MPP to be reinstated, saying the Administration hadn’t gone through the right procedures to annul Trump’s order.

The Administration asked for a stay to block the reinstatement while it appealed; but the stay was denied first by the court of appeals for Texas and then—Hallelujah!—this Tuesday by the U.S. Supreme Court [Supreme Court rules Biden may not suspend Trump-era ‘remain in Mexico’ policy for migrants, by John Fritze, USA Today, August 24, 2021].

So: We still have Title 42, and we again have MPP.

Small victories, but encouraging none the less.

What is much less encouraging, when you think about it, is the failure of democratic processes to make much of a dent in elite enthusiasm for mass immigration.

I feel this more than the average American, having spent my early years in Britain. In my teens—late 1950s, early 1960s—I was already listening to my working-class relatives grumbling about the numbers coming into Britain from the Caribbean and South Asia.

I was not long out of college when Enoch Powell made his great speech, with those memorable phrases that still resonate:

The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.


It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

Powell’s speech made him a hero to most Brits. Edited quote from Chapter 11 of Simon Heffer’s biography of Powell:

At the end of April [1968], Gallup had undertaken a survey that showed beyond question that Powell had spoken for Britain. Of those questioned, 74 percent agreed with what he had said and only 15 percent disagreed … An already significant 75 percent of those questioned had, before the speech, felt immigration controls were not strict enough; after it, that figure rose to 83 percent.

A reasonable person, seeing the polls and the demonstrations in Powell’s support, or just talking to ordinary Brits, would have predicted that mass immigration into Britain would thenceforth be a dead letter.

That was 53 years ago. What’s the situation now?

From an August 13th report out of Migration Watch, a rough British equivalent of the Center for Immigration Studies:

About half of births in key cities are to mothers born overseas … In the period from 1980 to 2000 immigration by non-UK nationals was running at a net level of about 80,000 per year. However, under successive governments since then it has averaged around 300,000 a year …

Between 40 percent and 60 percent of births in three of the UK’s largest cities—London, Birmingham and Manchester—are now to mothers who were born overseas …

In the North East of England only 12 percent of pupils in state-funded schools are from an ethnic minority background, while this figure is 38 percent in the West Midlands and 80 percent in inner London.

In these 53 years Britain has been utterly transformed. Migration Watch estimates that on current trends, ethnically English children will be a minority in England’s primary and secondary schools within 20 years. Population replacement accomplished!

This is a complete, possibly terminal, failure of democracy. The only section of British society that wanted this was a subset of the elite classes: gentry types addled with post-imperial guilt, university Progressives keen to show their moral superiority to the unwashed masses, plutocrats looking for cheap worker s. Most people didn’t want it, but … it happened anyway.


And it’s still happening. The smuggling of illegals across the English Channel is now a huge criminal enterprise, with the smugglers making as much as a million dollars from a boat crammed with forty people [MIGRANT CRISIS People smugglers making up to £700k per Channel crossing by cramming boats with up to 40 people, by Nick Pisa, The Sun, August 21 2021]. That’s a fee of twenty thousand dollars or more per passenger, so these are not the wretched of the earth. They are middle-class types from poop-hole countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Britain’s government does basically nothing to stop them. Eleven thousand have come this year.

Over there, just as over here, elite determination to replace their own legacy population is a mighty force, much stronger than can be held back by any democratic restraints. It surges on forward, indifferent to public opinion.

These have been our Longest Wars.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Britain, Enoch Powell, Immigration, Joe Biden 
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  1. The only section of British society that wanted this was a subset of the elite classes: gentry types addled with post-imperial guilt, university Progressives keen to show their moral superiority to the unwashed masses, plutocrats looking for cheap workers. Most people didn’t want it, but … it happened anyway.

    What about that certain ethnic group which wields so much influence in this Country? How strong of a force are (or were) they in Britain?

    Regarding what happened to Britain, it’s why the “boiling the frog” analogy, although done to death, is so apt and could be expanded on: The boiling process starts out as a rather pleasant warm bath; the process of slowly dying actually… feels good. Huh?

    You yourself said the black immigrants you worked with back in the 60s were regarded by yourself and co-workers as pleasant, fun-loving, and even hard working. In any TV series depicting late 50s – early 60s Britain – Call the Midwife, for example – the stereotypical heels are local working class louts who resent immigrants because of their race. The immigrants are portrayed as decent, hard-working and eager to assimilate. Was this an accurate portrayal? Maybe it was. The problem, of course, is that their children and grandchildren quickly pick up on the racial grievance game and as their numbers increased probably felt much less need to assimilate.

  2. Let’s not forget Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All these countries were sabotaged by the same elites and hostile minorities influencing immigration policy in near perfect synchronicity.

    It was a coordinated late 20th century, pan Western effort to remake White countries into multicult countries, by enacting suicidal laws.

  3. Enoch will get a mid-sized city named after him in the ethnostate of the future.

  4. In a war one has the means to combat whatever it is that one’s foe tries to impose upon one. Immigration has never been a war because we, the people, have been denied the means to combat the immigration imposed upon us.

    By rigging not just the immigration system, but also by using the entire apparatus of propaganda to smear opponents of immigration as evil “RACISTS!”, as well as by dismissing every democratic referendum that tallied majority opposition to immigration, our domestic foes- the Cloud People of the Open Border$ $ellout E$tabli$hment – have effectively denied us the means to combat their imposition upon us of an unending foreign invasion. Hence immigration has never been a war, it’s been and it continues to be tyranny.

  5. While the good times roll those who feed on the locals for a prey find easy pickings but when normality returns and life gets harder Nature soon weeds out those who have no business being there.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  6. One occasionally hears conspiracy theories that certain world leaders are actually alien-lizard creatures in human form: Prince Philip certainly looked more and more lizard as he aged, as does Christine Lagarde, while George Soros always reminds me of Jabba the Hut.

    When one asks why our lords and masters would bend over to destroy our nations, the answer suggested by Occam’s Razor is that they aren’t human.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  7. As always the answer lies with the simple question: who benefited from these policies, and in what tangible way?

    Carried through to their end – which certainly seems very likely at this point – what will the country look like when those policies are accomplished? Again, who benefits from that result?

    Here’s a hint. The actual immigrants aren’t the answer. They may see an increase in their standard of living, but they’re still a pawn. Very rarely do pawns cross the entire political chessboard and advance in rank. Pawns certainly don’t run the strategy.

  8. dearieme says:

    I heard Powell speak once. In a University Union debating hall he held an audience of cocky, clever young men in the palm of his hand. He’s the only case in my life of being in the presence of someone you could call “magnetic”. (For contrast: I’ve known several people who have gone on to become UK cabinet ministers, one a PM. I’ve known one Nobel Prize winner and met several more.)

    His handling of questions was masterly. Someone would ask a question. Powell would rephrase it to make it clearer and terser, and ask the questioner whether the rephrasing was valid. When he got his assent he’d proceed to answer it. Not dodge it, answer it.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  9. Wokechoke says:

    There is a neat technical argument to use. A lot of these translators and collaborators with the US and UK armed forces in Afghanistan must be the absolute dregs of their society. Every section and squad that did searches in villages for contraband or for wanted men must have had a couple of Afghans tagging along who were translating what the sergeant or LT was saying to the terrified villagers and Townies. Think for a moment about what kind of man in an English village would have been if he accompanied German troops in an occupation of the UK like that? The USUK is discussing bringing back literal traitors, even if they are sincerely pro American or British or what have you, they will fully searched through neighbours houses looking for evidence looking for weapons among people who’d have seen themselves as patriots. What are we bringing back here? What really went on in these missions what did these translators really do? Wouldnt they repeat such self serving beggarthyneigbour stuff in the west?

  10. Wokechoke says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Rory Stewart and these generals are sickening. But again hpeven trash like Jess Phillips are salivating over new potential rapegangs and bombers. Do they not see what’s coming?

  11. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:

    “80% of pupils in state funded schools in Inner London are from ethnic minorities”.

    From that, it can be firmly inferred that by mid century, ‘Inner London’ will be well over 90%, perhaps touching 100% non white in population, from the youngest to the oldest.

    If you told a man in 1950 that London would be 100% black in one hundred years, he would have laughed at you, and expected the men in white coats to come after you. If pressed on the point, he would have said ‘it will never happen’, pressed further as to why, he would finally come up with ‘the government will never allow it’ (!!!!!!)

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  12. Anon[298] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m a South African married to an English lass (both White), twenty years ago visiting the English family I saw the writing on the wall. But when I told my in-laws that the UK had 30 to fifty years before it became a coffee coloured mess I was deemed a racist. What now?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  13. Anonymous[111] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick in SC

    What about that certain ethnic group which wields so much influence in this Country? How strong of a force are (or were) they in Britain?

    A small except from Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe:

    …from the moment of her appointment as Minister for Asylum and Immigration during Tony Blair’s first term that Barbara Roche was seeking a complete rethink of Britain’s immigration and asylum policies. While the Prime Minister was concentrating on other matters, Roche changed every aspect of the British government’s policies. From here onwards all people claiming to be asylum seekers would be allowed to stay in Britain – whether they were genuine or not – because as she informed one official, ‘Removal takes too long, and it’s emotional.’ Roche also thought the contemporary restraints on immigration were ‘racist’ and that the whole ‘atmosphere’ around the immigration debate ‘was toxic’. Over her period in office she repeatedly stated her ambition to transform Britain. As one colleague said, ‘Roche didn’t see her job as controlling entry into Britain, but by looking at the wider picture “in a holistic way” she wanted us to see the benefit of a multicultural society.’

    Neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, were interested in questioning the new asylum policy, nor the fact that under Roche everyone entering Britain, whether he or she had a job to go to or not, was turned into an ‘economic migrant’. Wherever there was any criticism of her policy, either internally or externally, Roche dismissed it as racist. Indeed Roche – who criticised colleagues for being too white – insisted that even the mention of immigration policy was racist. What she and a few others around her sought was a wholesale change of British society. Roche – a descendant of East End Jews – believed that immigration was only ever a good thing. Ten years after the changes she had brought about she told an interviewer with satisfaction, ‘I love the diversity of London. I just feel comfortable.’

    Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe, (London: Bloomsbury, 2017), pp. 18-19

    • Thanks: Patrick in SC
    • Replies: @mark green
  14. songbird says:

    Was recently surprised to learn that Eric Clapton spoke out against immigration in the early ’70s at one of his concerts in Birmingham (which may now be the worst large city in Europe.)

    I’ve been wondering if it was the influence of drugs that led him to speak honestly, past the standard deception of showbiz, for that one time anyway, before recanting.

    • Replies: @Franz
  15. Wokechoke says:

    Who’s gonna pay for all the nogs? Anyway. The Morlocks were obviously blacks.

  16. Wokechoke says:

    I find it very hard to understand how these darkies can tolerate the weather. That used to be the last line of defence.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  17. @40 Lashes Less One

    Best of luck with that ethnostate project. From where I stand it would seem certain that the same termites which undermined the USA and Britain (as well as most every other white country, oddly enough) would insinuate themselves into any such project virtually from the outset.

    But, you say, you’d prevent their admission? So I have to ask you: when, where, and how you think they’d even permit your project to get off the ground? Look at how hard they’re working to make Hungary and Poland into pariah states, and these are legitimate, historic nations merely trying to protect themselves from foreign invasions!

    You would have to insulate yourselves not just in terms of geography and jurisdiction, but economically as well, for these same forces would institute a complete boycott and blockade. More: you would have to insulate yourselves culturally, because the “entertainment” which issues forth from their redoubts in New York and Los Angeles is among the most popular and effective propaganda ever devised.

    This is just off the top of my head: I’m certain that there are many more hurdles. Not least that should any of these factors not prove ruinous enough, the Empire will simply attack you militarily, with its fearsome weapons of mass destruction against your little enterprise which they will have deemed the Fourth Reich from your first day.

    When I say “Best of luck” I mean it, because you will need it. That and much more.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  18. The multicult status of Western countries is today established as a moral imperative, protected by a bodyguard of censorship and propaganda.

    The heirs to Enoch Powell are figures including Trump, Marine LePen, and a few nativist politicians who dare to grasp the nettle. Their soft efforts to push back the tide of immigration is met by ferocious opposition. They’re accused of ‘White Nationalism’, as if that’s a bad thing.

    The only hope is to embrace White Nationalism fully and unapologetically.

    To not do this is to allow a slide into tyranny and despotism. A dictatorship of corrupt finance, led by a tiny cosmopolitan ethnic group, using corporate communism and mass immigration to advance their feudal rule over a slave caste of what used to be ‘Western Man’.

  19. @Proximaking

    The entire shitshow comes to an end when the money runs out. The day the welfare state can no longer provide welfare is the beginning of the end of the multicultural dream. Not just in the sense of literal welfare, but all those made up affirmative action jobs too.

    Although it will be hard for all of us, we’ll get our countries back when things get tough.

  20. And it’s an open race war on 2021…The Democrats have made an open declaration of a race war against the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS HISTORIC MAJORITY….

    No Muslims in America….9/11 a 0 probability event…9/11 never happens….

    Which raises the very obvious question:why were Muslims ever allowed into America in the first place?

    Answer:one reason only…so Muslims and their US born Muslim geneline can enthusiastically vote the Native Born White Christian Working Class into a violently persecuted White Christian racial minority within the borders of America…..This was lisping George W Bush’s immigration policy for sure.

    The real shocker to me was why our side never framed the issue this way starting on 9/11…This is what our side should have been talking-writing about instead of mind numbing IQ test score psychometric studies which is 100 percent irrelevant to to the post-1965 race-replacement issue…..

  21. Trinity says:

    Longest war has been The War Against Whites ( which includes importing Brown, Black, and Yellow) biological WMD. One can think of the brutal attack on Kitty Geneovese or the Zebra Killings of the early 1970s or local stories known only to locals in small towns. My mother tells me of a white girl brutally raped in her small rural town in Georgia by a Black man back in the 1940s. Doesn’t fit the “To Kill A Mockingbird” narrative does it, but REAL life never does. Everyone thinks serial killers are mostly White. LMAO. You have been “drain bramaged” people. While White serial killers usually always attack Whites, the little talked about Black serial killer nearly always attacks White women. Sam Little who killed MOSTLY White women, Carl Eugene Watts killed all or nearly all White women, I could list dozens of Black serial killers that preyed on all White victims or majority of White victims. Only Wayne Williams, the Atlanta serial killer preyed on other Blacks. The only White serial killer who it seems killed others instead of Whites was Jeffrey Dahmer whose list of victims were of all stripes IF not mostly nonwhite.

    The War On Drugs has POSSIBLY been even longer and so has The War On Poverty . haha. Take that 6-7 trillion wasted in Wars For Israel and give it to every American and poverty would be defeated. lmao. Oh, no, cannot do that. The people wouldn’t need the gubmint anymore. The gubmint can’t win the war on drugs or poverty or even against a rag tag bunch of cavemen or Vietnamese soldiers the size of the average 12 year old male in America, but they are going to take on and defeat the Chinese, the Iranians and Russkies with one hand tied behind their back. America, like its master, Israel is nothing but a toothless tiger.

    With competent leadership, The War On Whites, which has been physical as well as psychological would be ended lickety split. The culprit and/or culprits would be deported immediately. Those guilty of physically attacking or conspiring in the physical attacks on Whites based purely on racial hatred would be imprisoned. After all, Charles Manson wasn’t convicted of physically murdering anyone. I personally see no difference in Manson and George Soros. How many people were killed during those riots during the summer of George Floyd. How much theft? Vandalism? Injuries? Is Lady Justice Blind? Or is Lady Justice on the take?

  22. And the US Military has now declared an open race war against the Native White Working Class also….full-speed ahead…the brakes have been taken off…

  23. @Beavertales

    Back in 1949, SC Justice Robert Jackson said: ” The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” That comment was followed 16 years later when the Hart-Celler act was passed. Jew Emmanuel Celler spent his entire 30 years in Congress working for that moment, but far too many White Christian Republicans followed him. We are our own worst enemy.

    As for Derbyshire’s claim that “mass immigration is a failure of democracy,” how could that failure be true when the vast majority of American have wanted strict immigration control for decades, but cannot get it? Given what has been occurring for half a century in the fetid DC swamp, it is apparent that our “selected” bought-off Congress doesn’t believe in democracy. It is a scam and sham. It does NOT exist.

    • Agree: Trinity, Katrinka
  24. For the sake of discussion, let’s say someone started the Enoch Powell White Nationalist Party.

    They decided early on to brand themselves with positive messages: youth, vitality, reason, moral rectitude, non-violence, anti-war, environmental awareness, compromise, tradition, peace, order and good government.

    In short order, there would be a closing of ranks of the opposition. Much like the anti-Trump ‘Election Integrity Project’, a conspiracy of Jewish supremacists, the MIC, financial speculators, spooks, and progressive journalists would come together over wrecking the Enoch Powell White Nationalist Party.

    The MAGA movement, the Charles Lindbergh America First movement, the Brexit movement – they faced the same enemy: the opposition clique monopolizing the megaphone.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC
    • Replies: @Anon
  25. White Trump Voters live in the realm of pure fantasy…They continue to believe in following:1)Trump has magical powers and 2)‘Trump is very concerned about the well being of the Native White Working Class…1) and 2) have no connection to reality…

    At the start of the corona virus pandemic, I saw two news stories about Trump on Fox News……1)Trump talking to Chinese Officials about how America needs China’s Youth Population to come America because he is creating so many jobs and this will cause a severe labor scarcity and America needs Chinese Youth to fill these jobs………..2)‘Trump tells Hindu India that America needs India’s youth because he…Trump…is creating so many so many jobs and this will create a severe labor scarcity and this is a crisis…so America needs India’s youth population to fill these jobs……Donald Trump friend of the Native White Working Class…!!!…

    What is wrong with a severe labor scarcity other than a high real wage for the Native White Working Class….if America had remained labor self sufficient post-1945…post-1965…America 90 percent Native White Working Class in 2021….Who the fuck would be opposed to this?…Jared and Ivanka?…AFL AND LEO FRANK?…(((filthy fucking cockroach Noam Chomsky)))…rancid Irish cornbeef with dingle berries Congressman Peter King?….

    • Replies: @Trinity
  26. Tiny USMC Seargent Nicole Gee blown-up in Afghanistan 4 days ago…….blown to pieces of Chuck-ground protecting 6’6” Trevor Lawrence…Cougars quarterback making a 100 million a year……..What’s wrong with this picture?…And don’t forget the limbless freaks on the Wounded Warrior Project Infomercials..they were protecting multimillionaire Tom Brady’s…6’5”…..freedom…..there is something very rancid going on in White America….

  27. Trinity says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Trump is yet another Emanuel Goldstein. White America LOST more under “trump” than it did with all the other (((POTUS))) combined since America became an official colony of Israel/Jewish Power.

    “Winning?” Hell, a drunken, doped up Charlie Sheen did more “winning” than trump ever did. Cities torn down, the First and Second Amendment under serious attack, Charlottesville fiasco, police being shot, trump & company INSTIGATING drain bramaged trumpers to “become a hero instead of a zero” and visit D.C. jails inhabited by mostly Black thugs and Black correction officers.

    trump is a LOSER, bone spurs and all.

  28. SafeNow says:

    A parallel is that Redford could have averted disaster, but failed to. He was smart, and rich, but failed to.

  29. @Trinity

    With competent leadership

    If you’re volunteering then I would like to donate some provisions.

  30. Around thirty years ago, a gentleman named Glenn Spencer did a detailed analysis of illegal immigration across the southern border. He was a logistics expert. He concluded that all immigration policy for the southern border, was designed to fail. He brought his findings to Congress a long time ago and they simply ignored him. American voters have had absolutely zero impact on illegal immigration over the last 60 years no matter how many times they appealed to congress.

    Ronald Reagan who is regarded and often referred to for his solid support of immigration laws, gave the first big amnesty of illegal aliens back in 1986. Supporters of his, claim he was “snookered”. No, he was not snookered, as was subsequently shown. So, both political parties have been completely in favor of illegal immigration for the last 60 years, give or take. It’s part of our loose way of running things, which is in most cases good but very bad in some, such as is the case with illegal immigration, serious crime policies and health policies, all related..

  31. @Trinity

    I’ve often thought the same way about Charles Manson’s role in those horrible murders and how so many others skated who served the same function in various other cases.

  32. @Trinity

    A charitable view of Donald Trump was that he cared about the Native White Working Class. But Trump realized that that if he engaged in open White Advocacy…in the way that the homosexual Kenyan Foreigner Barack Obama engaged in open Black and nonwhite racial advocacy with no apologies…well, if Trump came to the defense of the young brave Native White Men at Charlottesville….almost immediately, the US would have a race war in the streets….

    Of course , Trump hates his Native White Working Class Voting Bloc with every fibre of his greedy perverted being….But the larger point is this:The US has arrived at the point of open street RACE WAR….the gasoline has been poured into the basement of the US since 1965…One fucking cigarette but away…and that cigarette but would have been Trump being no more…no less…racialized as the lisping homosexual Kenyan Foreigner Barack Obama….

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Sick of Orcs
  33. The Negro is blaming Native White Working Americans for their economic problems…However, the Native White Working Class has nothing to do with this. The Negro had decided to be in a political coalition with nonwhite scab labor…Asians…Muslims…Mexicans…Central Americans….that they compete with….The Negro has decided to deal with this by threatening the Native White Working Class with MURDER AND RAPE…….

    The Negro:GIVE US REPARATIONS….OR WE WILL MURDER YOU WHITE BOY AND RAPE YOUR WHITE WIFE AND WHITE DAUGHTERS…..and this happened down the street from John during the Memorial Day Weekend 1982 mass rape of White Women during the infamous Syosset Diner Robbery….you can not believe what these Negro Beasts did to the White Waitress in the back kitchen…….

    Northern Virginia-DC Immigration Reform Policy Wonk Organizations are into eternal Negro worship…..

  34. Out here in One Party, One Gender, CultMarx Communist State of Mexifornia, we’ve got more gardeners, crop pickers, cooks, housecleaners, tortilla factories and taco stands than you can shake a bean burrito at. I love good Mexican food and locally made La Torteca Tortilla Chips dipped in freshly made salsas and guacamole made from my avocado tree is mucho grande supremo excellente.

    I find myself listening to AM Mexican music radio because the crap played on FM is sickeningly compressed/auto tune cRap.

    For the foreseeable future, I’d like to dress up as an old bad hombre, buy a donkey and wagon and offer outdoor rides for a living. It’s either that or join a Mariachi band playing cow bell and tambourine and prance around the stage as El Grande Gringo Supremo.
    Mexicans love to laugh, and most are good people once you get to know them.
    If you can’t win’m, join’m.
    Adios amigos.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  35. @Trinity

    So what you’re saying is, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a permanent brain disorder and left untreated, spreads to your anal canal, resulting in endless streams of verbal diarrhea!!!

    • Replies: @Trinity
  36. martin_2 says:
    @The Alarmist

    “Prince Philip certainly looked more and more lizard as he aged”

    What do you expect a 99 year old to look like? Hugh Grant?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  37. George W Bush:

    “‘we have to be there…Afghanistan…or they will come here and commit terrorist attacks on US Soil…”

    And you fell for this bullshit for 20 years…”

    The only response that one can make to the lisping homosexual War Hawk Chickenhawk George W Bush…

    White Power response:”‘don’t let them in…d0n’t let Muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS INTO AMERICA…”

    Lisping Homosexual George W Bush:”‘but if we don’t let Muslims into America LEGALLY…Then Muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born Muslim children can’t vote the White Christian Working Class into a violently persecuted White racial minority within the borders of America…what are you a racist?

    And you let the lisping homosexual George W Bush get away with this…..for 20 fucking years…

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  38. @Anonymous

    What [Barbara Roche] and a few others around her sought was a wholesale change of British society. Roche – a descendant of East End Jews – believed that [non-White] immigration was only a good thing. Ten years after the changes she had brought about she told an interviewer with satisfaction, ‘I love the diversity of London. I just feel comfortable.’

    The pattern of Jewish-orchestrated, immigrant subversion is unmistakable. Yet doddering Derb refuses to mention this fact (namely, Organized Jewry’s insatiable appetite for settling non-Whites in White-majority countries) in any of his writings.

    Why, for instance, did Derb not include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) on his list of toxic pro-immigrant NGOs?

    HIAS has been actively working to diminish America and Europe’s native White majority for over a century. Yet Derb prefers to ignore this.

    What’s even more remarkable is that, in and around Israel, pro-Jewish policies are deliberately and systematically generating (non-Jewish) refugees by the boatload.

    Pro-Zionist wars this century alone have produced millions of refugees worldwide.

    fYet no ‘refugee’ (of the non-Jewish persuasion) is ever welcome to settle inside the glorious Jewish State. Never.

    Jewish virtue-signaling about ‘refugees’ and Israeli hypocrisy are utterly breathtaking on this politicized subject.–And sickening.

    Below is an impressive and fact-filled antidote to all the non-stop Jewish ‘liberal’ posturing about ‘refugees’. Highly recommended:

  39. The post-1965 open and deliberate race-replacement immigration policy is a direct consequence of the anti-commie-Cold War Crusade because the 1964 Civil Rights Act was “genetically” built into the anti-commie-Cold War Crusade….policy wise, the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was a trivial consequence of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act…..

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act


  40. Franz says:

    I’ve been wondering if it was the influence of drugs that led him to speak honestly

    Maybe not. He never really gave an apology for his rant. And he’s in the news over his anti-vaxx views and they don’t bring up his OTHER views. They also quite falsely say his fans are upset with him (then or now). What fans he still has probably agree with him along with being surprised he’s still alive.

  41. White Boomer Women:”‘well..if have an extra two or three White Babies….I won’t be able to go to Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty concerts….”

    Doug Springsteen hated his long haired fag looking son Bruce….Doug Springsteen should have shoved his fag looking son Bruce in a woodchip machine…

    Tom Petty’s father hated his long haired faggy looking som Tom….beat the fucking shit out Tom….unfortunately, He did not stick his creepy looking son into a woodchip machine….

    Rock and R0ll was always global homo foreign policy…get the woodchip machines…line em up….

    There is a social and cultural cesspool to post-1965 race-replacement policy……Just knowing that T0m Petty’s Dear Old Dad beat preteen T0m to a bloody pulp makes me very happy…woodchip machine would have been better…..

    • Troll: Trinity
  42. SafeNow says:

    Of course, do your best to select white (or NE-Asian) docs and tradesmen. But increasingly these days, the choice has been made for you, and it’s not great. “You have to work with what you have” then enters the picture. (I now assume that you are dealing with someone you are interacting with, and not, say, an inept radiologist.) Slow down in your speech! Avoid post-8th-grade vocabulary. And, insert the so-called “auditory pauses” – – um and yuhknow. You yourself do not need these as you form speech, but do it, as it will aid comprehension for the listener. Do you have an example, SafeNow? Sure. This is your dog’s medical history that the vet “tech” is writing down in the chart, and this is your dog’s life we are talking about.

  43. @martin_2

    Now that you mention it, Hugh Grant is looking more lizard-like as he ages.

  44. The Afghanistan War was lisping homosexual George W Bush’s jobs program for the Native White Working Class Youth Population…..a population rendered economically redundant by the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and post-1965 Immigration Policy.

    Russian is governed by a Conservative Christian Man Vladimir Putin…

    America was governed governed for eight years by a lisping homosexual fart joke named George W Bush…and soon to be governed by a Hindu-Jamaican Slut with an uncountable number of diseases of the vagina…

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  45. Trinity says:

    Trump/Diamond & Silk 2024 !!!

  46. Currahee says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Yes, indeed. Here in CA the hard working, pleasant Mexican is a daily occurrence. Hard to bear them any ill will.

    But….they want their children to do better. So their kids attend the local junior college where they will be taught to hate Whitey.

    And they will.

  47. Alfa158 says:

    The ideas now are trending towards an acceleration of current developments towards a John Michael Greer style or other type of collapse. As in:
    The system breaks down sufficiently that like the Roman Empire the People in Charge no longer have the resources to hold the lid down.
    The printer goes brr. Monopoly money can no longer buy the toys.
    When the Regime tries to fuel their Blackhawks to take out the breakaway communities, their credit cards are declined.
    None of the new tribes being imported will care enough to don the body armor and go out and crush the dissidents in exchange for payment in Monopoly money.
    When things get bad enough minority Whites will be forced to fight for their self interest on
    because their backs will be against the wall and there will be no Idaho’s to run to.
    In the meantime dissidents operate in the cracks and gradually build rebuild the lost ethnic consciousness of Whites
    I could go on but the idea is that the system falls apart and new nations are cobbled together from the pieces like Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
    I don’t know if that will work but it would be an ugly scenario succeed or fail. I’m hoping I’m old enough that I won’t be around for the fireworks.

    • Replies: @40 Lashes Less One
  48. Youth culture undermines family culture.

    Feminism makes women prefer lifestyle over family.

    Stupid culture prevents boys from growing into men.

    PC makes white people worship diversity… just because.

    Immigration used to be for economics.

    Now, it’s just for diversity-sake… because… uh… more of it is good just because.

    Who made whites worship diversity? Jewish power went a long way in this.

    That means whites are under occupation by Jews. Will they resist like the Taliban?

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @anon
  49. @40 Lashes Less One

    Yea! I recommend Coventry. Or Dresden.
    Powellopolis. Enochstadt.

    O c’mon guys. It’ll work.
    All lads together, innit.

    Well, maybe not.

    “Permission to kill meself, sar’nt mayja!”

    “Go ahead lad.
    In yer own time.”

  50. @War for Blair Mountain

    Russian is governed by a Conservative Christian Man maternal jew Vladimir Putin…
    At this point, you ain’t even tryin’.

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  51. @Beavertales

    I have often, (as long as forty years ago!!) fantasized about the shear size and strength that an integrated Canada and U.S. would make as an, economic, cultural, and integrated power block . Alas, because of the politics of it all, it might never happen. Yet, its the most logical union one could imagine. It would be a SuperState of immense proportions. The democrats, recently prevented one aspect of this by nixing the pipeline.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  52. anon[731] • Disclaimer says:

    The Seattle Times today had an article on the thousands of Afghan refugees expected to be resettled in the Seattle area. These are the do-gooders quoted:

    – Greg Hope, director of the refugee resettlement office of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.
    – Kristin Winkel, acting CEO at Jewish Family Service, which helps resettle refugees.
    – Medard Ngueita, resettlement director at World Relief Seattle.

    The article mainly bitches about the difficulty of finding affordable housing for refugees due to the high cost of living in the Seattle area. Some notable quotes:

    The federal government funds $1,225 per refugee.

    Does not say for how long. Indefinitely? Since this is per refugee, a family of 8 with 6 kids can get $9,8o0 per month.

    Resettlement agencies typically help to cover the first several months of rent and help refugees find jobs.

    Who funds these “resettlement agencies”? I guess at least we know who fund the Episcopal church and the Jewish Family Service. But the “World Relief Seattle”? The Gates Foundation? George Soros?

    One refugee who arrived in the Seattle area with his wife and children last year said he misses his spacious house in Afghanistan, where family members had their own rooms and his children could play in the yard outside. Now, he shares a two-bedroom apartment in Federal Way with six other family members. His cousin and family moved in “so we can share the rent burden together,” he said.

    Makes you wonder why he left that paradise. Should just go back there. Federal Way is a shit hole, might be even more dangerous than Afghanistan.

  53. @Expletive Deleted

    Sure he’s trying. He’s pretty much monopolized this comment thread with his rants–twelve posts in just a few hours. Doesn’t help his case much but it’s not for lack of trying.

  54. anon[731] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Hard times create strong men.
    Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men create hard times.

    White men have been bred in good times (captivity) for too long(since the 50’s). They’ve become soft, flabby, and weak.

    Henry Ford said in The International Jew a century ago that we should eschew luxury, because luxury makes you soft. Jews excel in selling luxury. In his book Embarrassment of Riches, An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age, Simon Schama pointed out that Jews who moved to Amsterdam from Spain in the 1600’s got enormously wealthy selling fruit-flavored tobacco to wealthy Dutch men and women(through advertising that made smoking and black tobacco stained teeth seem fashionable), then corrupted the austere Protestant Dutch with extravagant feasts and extravagant luxury homes they built on the waterfront, seducing the Dutch to want the same.

    Now they’re basically doing the same to America. Majority of the most expensive and extravagant homes in the US are built, bought and sold by Jews, and they flaunt these homes on TV and YouTube. And it isn’t just homes, it’s also the yachts, private jets, luxury cars, watches, clothes, shoes, jewelry, fancy hotels and restaurants — most are sold by Jews, often through seductive marketing with young, beautiful, fashionable gentile models. It’s a game of seduction, to make us want, so we’d sell our souls to the devil to own them.

    One of my favorite books is The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, a book that basically teaches the importance of thrift. Two decades after publishing that first book, Stanley wrote a sequel called “The Next Millionaire Next Door”, and in it he devoted a whole chapter to Grey Goose Vodka, or just “premium vodka” in general. He talked about what a scam it is as vodka is basically all the same, the only difference is in the packaging. Most people who do a blind taste test on YouTube rank Grey Goose dead last. Yet people buy it because it makes them feel fashionable, like they’ve “made it”. Who came up with Grey Goose Vodka? A Jew of course. A Brown U drop out who also gave us that other abomination known as Jaegermeister. He’s now a billionaire.

    The first step to freeing ourselves from this enslavement by the Jews is to eschew luxury. Those who are seduced by luxury become slaves to the Jews. It’s all a great, big con.

  55. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    King Justin in Ottawa ruling All North America would be fantastic and Prince Kenney in Edmonton –where Eskimos are NOW Elks—

  56. @War for Blair Mountain

    “We do not negotiate with terrorists ( IE -Taliban)” and Donald Rumsfeld’s forces arrived in Afghanistan to introduce human rights –democracy and freedom plus kill a bunch of countryside folk posting as farmers and sport enthusiasts. As for ISIS ISIL DAESH and a couple more labels–they were created and trained by USA to enter Syria and Xinjiang to stir things up———-NOW –20 years later taliaban is back to Ruling again and USA dropped trillions for the inside cabal to get filthy rich—as lobbyists for the war machine —the World in America’s nail -and USA is the hammer –worked well since 1776 —-

  57. I didn’t quite have King Justin in mind as the ruler…Nor did I have his father Pierre in mind. LOL

  58. anon[342] • Disclaimer says:

    Hating on Blacks/Hispanics/Asians/Muslims/Russians/Chinese/Iranians/Venezuelans et al. is a distraction. It’s what Jews wants us to do. The only people we should hate on are the Jews and the white cucks they’ve bought off in Congress. Without their treachery and constant push for immigration and multiculturalism, we wouldn’t be at where we are. Jews want a multi-culti society so they won’t be the only out group, knowing full well such a society will only bring chaos through inter-group hostility. If everyone’s busy hating on everyone else we won’t notice what they’re doing as a group which is robbing the country (and the whole world) blind through Wall Street.

    So wise up and don’t get distracted. Keep our focus on the Jews.

    • Agree: Trinity
  59. @War for Blair Mountain

    Trump hates his Native White Working Class Voting Bloc with every fibre of his greedy perverted being…

    I think people need to re-visit Trump’s business ventures and what Trump’s campaign actually was. Hotels and resorts are occupied with people of decent means. The beggaring of the middle class, cuts into his access to potential business income. He was only interested in stopping illegal immigration – the wall had a big beautiful door in it. Trump was looking at his own self interest. Returning well paying manufacturing jobs was business potential. Low paid illegal immigrants lower the wages of others in the industry – all of whom would love to visit a Trump resort. It’s not what he actually said, it is what people think he said that attracted people or repulsed people. I think it is an overstatement to say he hates them, he, like all of the 1% sees them as a means to an end.

  60. @CelestiaQuesta

    Yeah, but the fireworks, every night, including Christmas Eve, are too much of a good thing.

  61. Hey John

    How bout a sheaf(sheaves) theory of American History…sounds kind of…well you know..nutty…but maybe not…..a way of capturing the idea of how local interactions determine long range order…Computer Scientists have already started applying sheaf theory to networks-graphs….big data…and signal processing. Writer Bill Kauffman has already convinced me of the importance of reading books on local histories…has does this scale up to the big picture….For what it’s worth sheaf theory is a way to understand global paradoxes an Escher painting …matching up with local consistency….maybe it’s all bullshit …maybe not….but sheaves are very much in the realm of the local-global principle…Think spandrels…

  62. @War for Blair Mountain



    They are already using sheaf theory so robots can coordinate their activity in a laboratory Robot Society….and I am certain Boston Robotics will take this shit out into the field…

  63. It isn’t really a war if no one is resisting.

  64. @Wokechoke

    North Sea gas-fired central heating become almost universal (paid for by the dole), and double-glazing.

    Before that it was a big tank of heavy oil in the garden, so fairly uppermiddle class, some coke-fired rarities. Some public housing monstrosities got electric, embedded in the slab heating. Nobody used it as the promise of leccy “too cheap to meter” never materialised, unsurprisingly, and insulation was almost unknown back then, like double glazing.
    The tenants used hideously dangerous and contraband contraptions like Aladdin paraffin (kerosene) heaters and SuperSer type butane gas bottle cabinets. Luckily the draughtiness of their hastily and poorly constructed “villages in the sky” saved many fron monoxide death.
    Adults not confined with children took themselves to a nearby comfy smoke-filled pub for the evening.

    Everyone else got by as they’d always done. Piling up lumps of coal in a hole in the wall and setting light to them. Usually only in the living room.
    Nasty when the bog froze, and everything like bedding was damp, all the time. Hotwater bottles a universal necessity.

    The coal was dug out of the earth by native men at no little cost to themselves. North Sea coming onstream coincided more or less with globalist stooge Thatcher being appointed by her mostly tiny-hatted handlers, and swift moves to eradicate coal. The old-school fairly strict conditions for claiming time-limited benefits of any sort had been eased during the Heath/Callaghan years I think, as mass unemployment got a head of steam on. Just turn up and sign on.

    Houses for single mothers became a religion. Before, it had been adoption or the equivalent of the Magdalen laundries for the natives. No lodginghouse or landlord would touch them, even if they could have paid.

    Thus in sum providing ideal breeding conditions for the delicate tropical transplants.

  65. Anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    “Someone” else’s nationalist and ethnocentric enterprises work because quite many millionaires and billionaires of that ethnicity give plenty of support.

    If quite many white millionaires and billionaires supported like enterprises of Whites, those would start succeeding too. Without millionaires and billionaires who give support, it’s only dreams to nurture in blog posts and their comments sections.

  66. @dearieme

    After Powell died, and after his own retirement, a senior Tory (Michael Heseltine?) gave an interview in which he claimed that, if Powell had challenged Heath for the party leadership, he would have won; and he would have gone on to win the 1970 General Election by a landslide. Powell didn’t even try. I wonder why not. I doubt they had any dirt on him, or the “anti-racists” would have told us by now. The worst they can say is that as Minister For Health in 1963 Powell had approved the recruitment of foreign nurses.

    Britain needed immigrant workers to help with reconstruction after WWII, hence the “Windrush Generation” who arrived from 1948 onwards. By the mid-1960s the need no longer existed because the Baby Boomers were entering the workforce; and yet immigration continued. The reason was to suppress wages and reduce the bargaining power of the Trade Unions.

    From 1997, another purpose took priority: the desire of New Labour to increase immigration in order to “rub the right’s nose in diversity”. In addition, David Willetts pointed out that large cities with high property prices suck in migrants: it is not possible to live in London on minimum wage, unless you have public housing, or unless you are willing to live with 15 other people in a house designed for four. For the unemployed person living in a council flat in Birkenhead, this is a step down; but for someone living in a shack in Benin City, it is a step up. So, we keep a minimum wage that is insufficient to pay rent, and allow mass immigration from poor countries. Eventually those immigrants qualify for welfare benefits and public housing, and so another tranche of immigrants is brought in to fill the gap. Simply in order to keep the minimum wage, and the laughably-named “living wage”, as low as possible.

    Who benefits? The 0.01%. They would prefer to live in a country like Brazil, with a tiny elite that can pass on its privileges to its children, and with large numbers of poor people living in lawless favelas.

    The most surprising, and saddest, aspect of the story is how easily the “socialist” parties who previously supported the working class were co-opted into the programme. The suggestion that non-compliance would amount to racism was sufficient to bring them into line. In reality middle-class Labour Party activists never had much liking for the working class, and occasionally they would meet an Alf Garnett (Archie Bunker) who would reinforce their support for immigrant racial minorities.

  67. @Alfa158

    I’m 28 so I think I will be unfortunate enough to be smack dab in middle age when the fireworks happen.

  68. John

    Since I am in the sheaf maniac state at the moment…..IT GET’S EVEN BETTER….In the area surrounding Asheville….Sheaf Theory is being used to monitor and track the Black Bear Population in the surrounding Smokey Mountains….Who would have thought that what Jean Leray invented in a prison cell during WW2 would be used to monitor and track Black Bears in Asheville North Carolina…What did Wigner write a long time ago……..

  69. Putting things into their proper perspective

    The party of Reagan

    a meaningless void in the universe

    where all the DEAD SOULS

    in Lindsay Graham’s lisping anus go…..This is American Conservatism…

  70. It’s a constant of history: when one (or a diverse) population is dumped on another, it always ends in war.

    We need Secession from blue parasites to establish real borders around Red States.

  71. @War for Blair Mountain

    Of course , Trump hates his Native White Working Class Voting Bloc with every fibre of his greedy perverted being…

    Never got that vibe from Trump as he seems too permanently distracted to hate anyone (or follow through.) Even if he harbored such hatred he’s so weak it wouldn’t matter. Here’s to hoping he stays the hell away in ’24, so Jared doesn’t have to hire a new coffee fetch.

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