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Immigration Deal: Return of the Gang of Eight--Which Way Will Trump Jump?
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As promised last week on Radio Derb, the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives has brought forth proposals for legislation, and those proposals are just as bad as I told you they would be.

Chris Chmielenski over at NumbersUSA has all the grisly details. As Chris says, it’s basically the good old Gang of Eight bill from five years ago. Don’t be looking for any originality from the Stupid Party, not even originality in folly. Paul Ryan and his stooges think they can pull the same stupid stunt all over again.

So what exactly is in the draft legislation? Mainly of course a huge amnesty: officially 1.8 million new legal residents, but for all anyone knows it could be twice that number.

Border security? Well, there is $25 billion for that, but no guarantee it will actually be spent, certainly not all of it on a physical wall.

The diversity visa lottery? Eliminated … but the annual 55,000 permanent residency cards will be re-assigned to more deserving cases, e.g. cheap computer programmers from India.

Chain migration? Some tinkering round the edges; but again, no reduction in numbers. The green cards not now issued to your fourth cousin’s first wife’s third cousin’s step-brother’s niece will now just go to yet more cheap programmers for Disney and Con Ed.

Compulsory E-Verify? Entry-exit visa tracking? Cutbacks on H-1B and other guest-worker visas? Not a hope.

Strict low limits on student visas? Cancellation of the investor visa scam? In your dreams, pal.

A legislative challenge to birthright citizenship? An end to the refugee resettlement rackets? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR TINY MIND?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who feels about immigration legislation the way vampires feel about garlic, mumbled that if Ryan’s bill passed the House he would, quote, “take a look at it.” Be careful that look doesn’t last more than a millisecond, Mitch; you might be turned into stone … not that anyone would notice.

So here goes the GOP, once again strolling nonchalantly past that hundred-dollar bill lying there on the sidewalk: genuflecting to their donors while blowing raspberries at their voters. Way to look strong for the midterms, guys.

In a TV interview Friday morning, the President said he would not support the Ryan bill.

Then we hear from the Guardian that the “White House” (deputy press secretary Raj Shah) says he will.

And the New York Times, in a story posted yesterday, asks Will He or Won’t He? Conflicting Trump Messages Sow Immigration Confusion.

That’s what people who voted for Trump would like to know. Peter Brimelow emails that “it all hangs on Mount Trump eruption, as usual.”

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration, Republican Party 
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  1. According to Breitbart, Trump’s going to cuck on immigration. I wonder if it really matters at this point–Trump has shown that he doesn’t have the moral courage to begin deporting the criminal DACA infiltrators in significant numbers. Any person with an emotional sob story is now able to stay in the U.S.–there is no political will to expel them in more than meaningless numbers.

    The United States as an outpost of mostly western Europeans is ending. Americans who want to preserve a European heritage and civilization in the present United States have to start thinking beyond the exxisting “American” nation.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @RadicalCenter
  2. J1234 says:

    The local organization I’m involved with correctly rejects both bills. This is the left using leverage they don’t have upon Republicans who can’t figure out that the Dems don’t have any leverage. It’s an illusion created by the media that the Dems in Congress have all this leverage. If you believe the news reports this morning, Trump supports the revised bill. I don’t know who to believe anymore.

  3. anon[840] • Disclaimer says:

    Amnesty = impeachment and removal.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  4. Here is a clear explanation of this issue, from my blog:

    Sep 9, 2017 – DACA Caca

    DACA is unconstitutional, something informed Americans agree upon. (Caca means shit in Mexican, hence the title.) President Obama created this amnesty program with no legislation, and he openly said because Congress refused to pass his proposed law. Whatever one thinks of the idea, Obama acted as a tyrant on behalf of corporate America that wants to flood our nation with ever more workers to drive down wages. A federal judge halted the program after a year for that reason. If DACA is a good idea, Congress can legislate this as required in a democracy. Executive orders are only for emergencies where Congress cannot act promptly, top secret affairs, or clarifications of vague laws, not for royal proclamations by a President when Congress disagrees.

    DACA illegal immigrants had to be younger than age 31 on June 15, 2012, must have come to the U.S. when they were younger than 16, and must have lived in the U.S. since 2007. In August 2012, the Pew Research Center estimated that up to 1.7 million people might be eligible. But what about those who arrived after the current DACA limit, in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016? Must they be included because of the “moral imperative” Obama cited? What about those crossing now? There are no hard records about these foreign invaders, so DACA requirements can be met with no proof. 

    And once these kids get resident cards (“kids” up to age 36) their parents and siblings can get immediate family visas. So we are talking about tens of millions now here illegally getting SSNs and applying to collect tens of billions of dollars in annual federal benefits, thus opening the door for millions more unskilled and disabled immigrants via immediate family visas. Legal foreigners age 65 and older automatically get SSI checks and Medicaid as “aged” without ever paying a cent in social security or income taxes, as well as younger disabled foreigners who never worked a day in the USA.

    Millions of Latinos will continue to pour across our border and millions more who now arrive from Africa after they cross over to South America and claim asylum, then take a bus north (waved thru by several Latin American nations). These “refugees” walk across our lightly defended border, yell asylum and bingo, their kids are here and its not their fault, so they DACA over to the welfare office. In addition, young adults may claim they are only 17 years old to get a visa and welfare benefits as an “unaccompanied minor”. Several million “refugees” arrived while Obama was in office since his DACA amnesty suggested open borders. Rewarding bad behavior only encourages more! Recent news reports are that illegal border crossings have dropped sharply since Trump took office, simply because he talked about enforcing immigration laws.

    This problem is the result of the two previous amnesties and lax immigration enforcement. Now corporate America demands another amnesty to solve this worldwide overpopulation problem? They spin DACA as a realistic solution, claiming we can’t deport people and can’t secure our borders, so let’s be realistic and give up. But the US government doesn’t really try. 

    Our “Department of Defense” has 1,200,000 active duty personnel and a million civilians, yet only a few hundred are actually assigned to help defend the USA from this invasion. Placing just 10,000 soldiers back on the border would make a big difference, and eliminating the anchor baby loophole is a simple fix. Meanwhile, the insane “diversity visa” program continues to flood the USA with tens of thousands of low skilled Third Worlders each year who are immediately placed in government housing with benefits, and then apply for immediate family visas for an even larger number of relatives.

    These unwanted economic refugees are clogging our schools, hospitals, jails, and driving up rents. Meanwhile, corporate America warns that higher minimum wages for Americans are bad since it encourages automation and eliminates jobs, while also promoting DACA to legalize millions of foreigners who take jobs. Poor immigrants pay some taxes, but at a much lower rate than citizens and collect benefits at a much higher rate. Moreover, the USA does not need millions more people clogging our overcrowded cities! 

    Mass immigration hurts the poorest Americans most, and remains the primary reason that wages remain flat and joblessness (accurately measured by the BLS Labor Participation Rate) remains high. Nearly all the corporate media supports open borders and DACA, with the notable exception of pro-worker and pro-American Tucker Carlson who exposed this plot. Unfortunately, millions of American citizens have been fooled by this anti-worker propaganda. Most don’t realize there are 300 million people in the USA and 7 billion people on Earth. Half will come to the USA or any modern nation if allowed, and millions are doing so right now, lured by DACA!

    Is rent too expensive? Are roads clogged? Are schools overcrowded? What would happen if millions of illegal visitors were sent home? This is not impossible, Ike did this in the 1950s. Start by deporting illegals jailed for whatever reason since most are set free in the USA. The majority of Americans support this idea and explains why Trump won, yet corporate media says only racists oppose open borders, and even twisted the positive word “nationalist” to mean evil workers crazy enough to resist globalization. Meanwhile corporate billionaires boast how they prefer to hire foreigners to work in the USA rather than citizens to show their support for open borders.

    If these millions of Mexicans are such a great economic benefit, Mexico should welcome mass deportations. And they can grant automatic citizenship to the thousands of Africans now crossing Mexico to the USA, instead of busing them to the American border for free. Mexico would boom with more GDP “activity”! America’s GDP may stagnate, yet wages will rise, unemployment and federal spending will fall, and cities will be safer and less crowded. DACA is a great corporate marketing scheme to fool Americans, but fundamentally, it’s a load of caca!

    • Agree: Mishra, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. Trump will do exactly what his Wall Street Jew-owners tell him to do.

    but will likely manuever and delay until after the midterm election.

    or, use his upcoming Iran War (and/or whatever bloody false flag precedes it)

    to distract attention when he signs the legalization.

  6. TG says:

    We are doomed, no doubt about that.

    The real issue is whether Trump will succeed in putting an Obama over on his base.

    Obama was elected for “Hope and Change” soaring rhetoric – and when elected, shafted his voters, and went back to Wall Street and War. But his voters had invested so much in him, that they could not admit that they had been betrayed, and they continued to worship Obama even as he routinely and brazenly violated everything he campaigned on.

    So now Trump is on the verge of selling out his base as well. Will Republican voters notice? Or will they be content with mindless rhetoric, and calling Nancy Pelosi names, and unthinking “Trump-Good Democrats-bad” screaming? We shall see.

  7. This 50-year old “Stupid Party” meme has run it’s course. They’ve fooled a lot of you all for a couple of decades now. It’s all just THE PARTY, both stupid and evil, who we are up against.

    It’s time for Americans to start a new movement – this guy Trump can’t do all this stuff himself, and he’s not very good at it to begin with (his heart’s in the right place, that’s all).

    The best news I’ve seen lately is the “Free Tommy” Robinson protests. The only thing that will scare THE PARTY and Deep State silly would be some of the same thing X 2 orders of magnitude, say a couple of million American men, some of who may be rightfully armed. At that point, they’re gonna know it’s a movement.

    As much as many may just want to tweet and twitter their hearts out, that’s what it’s gonna take to change anything.

    • Agree: Mishra
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  8. Daniel H says:

    The GOP is our enemy.

  9. Daniel H says:

    @ 4

    >>DACA is unconstitutional………………….

    So what. Unconstitutional? Has that ever stopped the judiciary from forcing a dictate down our throats? Has an unconstitutional edict ever emboldened Americans to pick up the standard and resist? Forget about it. The judiciary is a pure political force, nothing more. And we acquiesce. What is necessary is to fight the judiciary full force. Declare it our enemy and resist. C’mon. If you let them do it to ya’ you have got yourself to blame.

  10. @Achmed E. Newman

    Mishra, I got your comment on my blog – thanks.

  11. @Carlton Meyer

    I hadn’t read your whole thing the 1st time around but did just now, Mr. Meyer. That is a great summation there. BTW, I imagine those 20,000-odd soldiers on the DMZ in-between Koreas would fit the bill for border protection just fine, as, apparently, we have plenty to spare, having supported them in Korea for what, 65 years?

    You’ve got an interesting blog that I’ll have to peruse later on today (got started on that electromagnetic a/c launch system).

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  12. Didn’t you hear our president, Derb? We need those people to do our jobs!

    This is all a sick joke. We do not have control of our country. Our Congress does not represent us. Let’s wait and see what our president does. It does not look good.

    Let’s see if the president we elected to give us back our country does so.

  13. @Daniel H

    I agree, for example this article:

    Bush-Appointed Federal Judge Says U.S. Must Keep DACA, Accept New Applications

    DACA can be implemented by executive fiat, but it can’t be ended by executive fiat, so says a Bush-appointed federal judge.

  14. KenH says:

    The proposal to legalize 1.8 million DACA “kids” is more than twice the number proposed by Obama. The 1.8 million number comes from Mr. 4D chess himself as that’s the number he said he would legalize late last year and early this year. So it’s not like Ryan and his RINOs pulled that number out of thin air.

    At this point I really don’t trust Trump to do the right thing if this passes both chambers. Despite McConnell’s claim he won’t bring this latest incarnation of “Gang of Eight” legislation to the floor, he’ll do precisely that if the donors bark loudly enough or if (((Chuck U Schumer))) gives him the stink eye.

    The addition of 1.8 million brown people who will drive down wages, fill prisons and vote Democrat is not worth a wall that even if funded will never be built owing to lack of political will, artificial bureaucratic delays and outright sabotage and frivolous lawsuits.

    That’s not what we voted for.

  15. Corvinus says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    “The United States as an outpost of mostly western Europeans is ending. Americans who want to preserve a European heritage and civilization in the present United States have to start thinking beyond the exxisting “American” nation.”

    I only thought SJW’s played the victim card. Regardless, Americans of European descent every day preserve their heritage within the confines of the American nation. It’s all right there in front of you. And whites don’t “have to” do anything. They can make their own decisions on race and culture. No cucking is involved here.

  16. That Trump who walked out onto the lawn and said he would not support it is the real Trump without neocon daggers pointing directly into his back. Once he is back in the Oval Office, they will have their way with him.

  17. Dr. Doom says:

    Viva Cheap chulapas! The democracy she no work no more. The peaceful transfer of power- she is gone. Now turn in the guns for the brown chillens.


  18. Technomad says:

    To hell with sending them back to Central America. Send them to Tierra del Fuego. Hey, Tierra del Fuego, Central America…same difference. And the Argentine and Chilean governments want that area more settled and developed, so it’s a win-win! They even already speak Spanish there.

  19. Maybe we should just build the wall and enforce our immigration laws.

    No doubt about it we should build the wall and enforce immigration laws.

  20. anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    We need to do what Australia does with refugees, send them all to an island somewhere in the Pacific or Atlantic, and keep them there until their asylum is verified and approved, however many years that takes. At least Jeff Sessions came out and said asylum is meant for political dissidents not those seeking refuge from gangs or domestic violence. If this law is properly enforced 99% of asylum will be denied.

    It’s time for the GOP to forcibly remove Paul Ryan as House Speaker. He has done enough damage. This latest immigration sell-out was a complete disgrace. We should thank Chuck Schumer for calling it a non-starter for wanting a reduction in legal immigration. It’s as if they’re trying to out stupid each other. I’d rather do nothing than to pass a half ass bill like this. Trump should be ashamed of himself for endorsing it.

  21. anon[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Both parties have become greedy, self-serving and anti-American. It’s time to abolish the two party system. Make every congressman and every presidential candidate run as an independent. Fuck party affiliation. No more parties!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  22. Maybe i said this already

    build the way

    enforce the law

    this is a position about which most citizens agree, curtail careless border enforcement.

  23. @anon

    I wish, but no. There is no realistic chance that this Congress — or any Congress that could result from the 2018 November midterms — would impeach any president for implementing further amnesty for illegal aliens.

    And, Trump caving in to amnesty might make it LESS likely that the powers that be in both parties push for his impeachment.

    But if Trump sells us out affirmatively on amnesty, he will lose numerous relatively-white swing States that he won last time, and thereby not be re-elected (Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, for starters).

  24. @Daniel H

    Well, it’s actually the United States Marshals Service — or other well-armed and armored fed “law enforcement” personnel — who will “do it to ya” under orders from those imperious judges.

    Try resisting when they show up at the door of your home or workplace and demand that you comply with a court order. A good way to end up dead or in prison for most of the rest of your life on “resisting arrest” and “assault on a law-enforcement officer” in addition to the original court order.

    But you certainly have the right idea. It needs to be mass disobedience, because they can easily pick off, prosecute, and jail mere hundreds or thousands of us.

    What we need are Governors — better yet, a president, but Trump ain’t the guy — who will openly defy judicial diktat, move to impeach some of the worst offenders on “the bench”, and perhaps have some of them arrested and jailed.

    State National Guard and state police will need to be ordered to forcibly stop federal agents from entering or moving about the State to enforce unconstitutional or unlawful orders.

  25. @Achmed E. Newman

    YES! Bring the troops home from Europe, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East and place them at frequent intervals along the entirety of our southern border. Order them to shoot to kill anyone entering the country illegally who does not turn back when warned.

  26. @Technomad

    Please don’t inundate Chile and Argentina with dreck; some of us may need to flee there.

  27. @anon

    I share your sentiment, dude, but everyone will still know which party the candidate comes from.

  28. @Diversity Heretic

    I don’t know that the USA has been mostly western Europeans for some time now, and that’s fine with me so long as the population and culture is predominantly white European.

    Tens of millions of white Americans have a mixture of northern or western European with southern or eastern European (like me, I’ve got all four — as my friend in LA said when we were talking about our genetic tests, “You’re every kind of white, aren’t you?” to which I responded “Hell yes” 🙂

    In my home state of New Jersey alone, there must be more than a million white people whose heritage is Italian plus Irish and/or German. Every one of my first cousins is half Italian, half Scandinavian/Germanic/Slavic, and almost all of them married someone who is Italian/Irish, in one case Dutch/German. This is all to the good.

    Confining any American social or political movement/effort to western Europeans will doom it to failure.

  29. @Technomad

    Ya know, I’m gathering that most Latin Americans, certainly Chileans, would decidedly NOT celebrate the mass settlement of Mexicans in their countries. I live in California, so I can’t blame them.

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