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If We MUST Take Refugees, Why Not Insist On Cultural Affinity?
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier: JOHN DERBYSHIRE: *100,000* Afghan Refugees Coming Here???!!! Why Not Settle Them Amid Co-Ethnics In The ‘Stans?

Last night, Thursday night, I attended a Center for Immigration Studies event. CIS is based in Washington, D.C. but they hold occasional events in New York City. They have good speakers with interesting things to say about immigration.

These New York events were suspended for the duration of the COVID panic. That panic now being over—by general popular agreement, if not by government declaration—CIS has resumed them. I was glad to be there for this first one following the resumption.

CIS, I should say, has no formal relationship with They don’t endorse anything we say, and we don’t endorse anything they say. Our positions are more radical than theirs. For example: To the best of my knowledge, CIS have never called for a total immigration moratorium, as we have. Also, they limit themselves very strictly to immigration issues, not venturing into other topics related to multiculturalism and national identity, as we do.

None of that has prevented the Southern Poverty Law Center and their glove puppets at Wikipedia from designating CIS as an extremist group of hateful racists filled with hate, burning crosses on immigrants’ front lawns and so on.

That’s for CIS themselves to deal with though—which they do, calmly and professionally. and CIS are, as I said, unrelated organizations with different approaches. However, sharing CIS’s interest in immigration issues, I naturally attend their events when I can, to hear what their invited speakers have to say.

So there I was on Thursday night to hear a Hungarian scholar, Kristóf György Veres, give us his country’s perspective on immigration into the West. As a Hungarophile from way back, I was particularly interested in what Dr. Veres had to say.

He did not disappoint. Speaking in excellent English, he took us through some basic issues with the official, UN-sanctioned definitions of terms like “refugee” and “asylum seeker.” Then he described the events of the mid-2010s, when people escaping the Syrian civil war, mixed in with opportunists from places further east and south, flooded up through the Balkans. At its south, Hungary has nearly four hundred miles of border with Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, so the flood hit Hungary with full force.

Hungary responded appropriately; appropriately, I mean, to the ideals of national sovereignty we cherish here at [Ukrainian Refugees and Europe: A Marathon, Not a Sprint, by Kristof Gyorgy Veres and Viktor Marsai,, April 2, 2022]. They built a good stout double barrier fence along their southern border and defended it very vigorously against would-be invaders—water cannon, tear gas, nightsticks and hand-to-hand engagement when unavoidable.

Progress Report from Hungary’s Fenced Borderlands

What America can learn from a small nation that stopped mass migrant caravans cold

By Todd Bensman,, April 3, 2019

That solved the problem. It also offered a splendid example of how to solve this kind of problem, for any other country willing to learn—a category that apparently excludes the USA.

But this border also needed a lot of well-trained manpower to keep it secure. When the Russia-Ukraine war started up, that presented the Hungarians with a new problem.

Up in its northeast Hungary has an 85-mile border with Ukraine. Naturally there have been a lot of Ukrainian refugees arriving at that border. This hasn’t been so much of a problem in itself since Ukrainian refugees have visa-free access to the European Union nations, of which Hungary is one.

However, a lot of people have been showing up at this border who are not Ukrainian nationals. Whose nationals are they?

They are nationals, says Dr. Veres, of the Middle East, of North Africa, in some cases of sub-Saharan Africa. What were they doing in Ukraine? Studying at colleges there, they tell the Hungarian border guards, or in some cases employed by Ukrainian companies.

Their stories are often hard to verify as Ukrainian corporate HR departments and college administrations have more pressing things on their minds right now than complying with Hungarian requests for documentation.

The refugees are mainly young men, too, which distinguishes them from genuine Ukrainian refugees. Ukrainian men are mostly forbidden to leave the country, which needs them for national defense work.

Could it be that some of these non-Ukrainians are opportunists using the war as a way to get into Europe? The Hungarian border force has to investigate this, while also carrying out the routine processing of Ukrainians. That’s manpower-intensive, leaving nothing like enough personnel to guard that southern border with the Balkans.

It was fascinating to hear first-hand nitty-gritty stuff like this from a scholar who’s researched it and been intimately involved with it. (And I should say that I was listening too intently to take proper notes. If I have misrepresented anything Dr. Veres said, I hope he’ll email me at with corrections, which I’ll be glad to publish.)

I did, though, hearing those stories about non-Ukrainian refugees from Ukraine following on from Dr. Veres’ remarks about the official definitions of terms like “refugee” and “asylum seeker,” I did find myself thinking that those definitions need work. Most especially I think we need to argue for affinity clauses in the definitions.

Certainly there are genuine refugees and asylum-seekers from Middle East Muslim countries; likewise from Sub-Saharan African countries and East Asian countries—Burma, North Korea—and now, with this war going on, from Ukraine, a Western country. I don’t doubt that, and sympathize with these people’s sorrows.


There are, however, plenty of stable and prosperous Middle East Muslim, sub-Saharan African, and East Asian countries. Ukrainian refugees are being taken in and treated well by other Western countries. Why should not refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and so on be similarly taken in by their brother Muslim nations? Why should not refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the Congo be taken in by their fellow Africans?

East Asia seems to be much less of an issue here. The Rohingyas of Burma, who are mostly Muslims, have been taken in by Bangladesh, although not always with good grace [Bangladesh: Move Rohingya from Dangerous Silt Island, Human Rights Watch, July 9, 2020]. North Koreans only want to go to South Korea, and South Korea takes them.

And in regard to Muslim nations and sub-Saharan Africans, I should qualify what I’ve said by noting that some Muslim countries, notably Jordan and Turkey, have taken in big numbers of their fellow Muslims; similarly, Kenya, and I think Uganda, have taken in refugees from neighboring trouble spots in sub-Saharan Africa.

Now I can hear you saying: Come on, Derb, you’re being a bit naïve, aren’t you? Refugees from Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Burma don’t want to be settled in Jordan, or Kenya, or Bangladesh. They want to be in the West, where the living is good. Didn’t you hear Dr. Veres use the phrase “asylum shoppers”?

Yes I did. I also heard him talk about the accusations of racism being levelled against Hungary by people seeing Ukrainians waved through the border into Europe while those darker-skinned non-Ukrainian young men are detained and questioned.

That’s why I think the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, that is the United Nations refugee agency, needs to get to work putting Affinity Clauses into its rules. It should be the case, wherever possible—and it’s hard to think of situations where it wouldn’t be possible—for refugees and asylum seekers to be taken in by nations with which they share some cultural affinity.

Wouldn’t that be better for the refugees, sparing them the problems of assimilation into alien environments? Wouldn’t it also be better for the host countries, sparing them the trouble, the frictions and the expense, of settling thousands of really, seriously foreign people in their towns and cities?

You might respond that yes, maybe it would; but how do we get the United Nations, which is an anti-Western organization, to change its rules in a way that would keep Third World refugees out of Western nations?

That’s a tough one, I’ll agree; but there must be some avenues we could pursue. How about we threaten to stop helping fund the UNHCR until they get to work on those affinity clauses? For full effect, of course, we’d want other Western countries to join us in threatening. We should at least set an example, though.

And what about the shrieks of RACISM! that would inevitably rise up all around?

I don’t see any way to avoid that; but there are things we could do to impose affinity standards without any mention of race. The expression “cultural distance” is already current, and so far as I can tell quite respectable, in discussions of related issues. It won’t stop the most fanatical anti-white ideologues from shrieking, but it might pass muster with the U.N. rule-writers, if seasoned with some financial incentives.

So, an interesting and thought-provoking event in New York City last week. The main thoughts it provoked in me were about the need to get affinity clauses into the international rules on refugees and asylum.

Is there any prospect of success with that? Well, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it; but we’ll be doing something useful if we can just get the concept out there in general discussion. If people don’t like the word “affinity” by all means let’s use “cultural distance” instead. I won’t quibble over an extra syllable.

There’s a lot to be said for just getting ideas out there. You never know who’ll pick them up.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Immigration, Ukraine 
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  1. Well at least these women from Muslim countries do not stand on the streets half naked. And Ukrainian women do.

    Me so horny. Me love you long time.

  2. Many Somalis in Europe practice female genital mutilation, sometimes taking their daughters for a “holiday” in Somalia where such things are legal.

    When a girl is found to have been mutilated, the entire family should be sent back to the stone-age s***-hole country that they came from; and all those who belong to the same “chain migration” chain should be sent back too. With no exceptions.

    Come to think of it, the idea of somebody claiming a “well-founded fear of persecution” in their home country, and then (absent regime change) going back there on holiday, is completely insane. Australian judges ruled that return visits do not invalidate an asylum claim. We have gone stark raving mad.

  3. With all due respect, this post comes across as pretty naive. I don’t know if that was purposeful to show that VDare, like CIS is a civil, respectable, and law (even UN law?) abiding institution. That’s not gonna work.

    You know as well as I do that the difference between the US and Hungary is not that Americans haven’t learned how to control a border. As opposed to Hungary, for almost half a century now, we’ve had people ruining the country who not only didn’t make an effort to control the border but are actively working to support the invasion and are even proceeding with Human Trafficking, using iAero Group, aka, Swift Airlines, to illegally fly aliens far into the interior of the country.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Realist
  4. dearieme says:
    @James N. Kennett

    Australian judges ruled that return visits do not invalidate an asylum claim. We have gone stark raving mad.

    I’m not mad; it’s just that those who rule us hate us.

    I wonder if it’s past time that we should return some of that hate.

  5. The UN and cultural affinity rules? Pssshaaaww, as they say. More purposeful naivety there? American Nationalists/Patriots have no reason to feel compunction to follow anything the UN says, and that has always been the case. The UN is not on our side.

    How about we follow the simple logic that a refugee ought to high-tail it to the nearest country in which the persecution he is allegedly escaping is not going on. Since America borders only Mexico and Canada, and there are huge expanses of ocean from our coastlines to anywhere but Russia and Cuba, we have ZERO obligation to let ANY refugees in. (That would be other than Russians – a few of them would be fine – and Cubans, of whom we’ve already taken in 100 x our fair share – ever been to Miami?)

    I’m sure the conference was fun, and it’s always great to meet civilly with those in the same field to “talk shop”. However, we all know the score. This country is being purposefully destroyed. Do you think a nice presentation with glossy photos with circles and arrows* made in front of the traitor in charge of Motherland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas (from Cuba, speaking of it!) would save the day?


    * Sorry, old Arlo Guthrie reference there.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Thanks: Jim Christian
  6. Malla says:

    Culture, spulture. Ask for racial affinity.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  7. TG says:

    If there is a bridge that can safely hold 100 people and you force 1000 people onto it, that’s likely not going to end well.

    Surely, stronger bridges can be built – but only over time, and only if the required resources, tools, and economic and political conditions are right. A bridge does NOT become instantly and without fail stronger just because you have marched more people onto it.

    The entire point of mass immigration is to force population growth, to drive wages and living standards down for the many, and rents and profits and power up for the few. it is ALL about the numbers.

    Sure, right now the United States is importing the scum of the earth, because that’s where you get the most desperate people, but that’s also a detail. If we imported a billion brilliant Swedish engineers we would be rapidly driven down to the same level of subsistence poverty as Pakistan or Bangladesh.

    If you go back in history, there are ethnic groups that today are considered models, but when they were under high levels of population pressure, their countries were cesspits of poverty. Sweden 120 years ago everyone had eight kids – and Sweden was as poor as modern-day Egypt. Before WWII the Japanese government encouraged women to have massive numbers of children, and even though Japan industrialized faster than any country in history, it wasn’t enough, and by the eve of WWII Japan was on the brink of collapse.

    Bottom line: demographics trumps ethnicity.

    We don’t “have” to accept our rulers importing massive numbers of immigrants. It was the great time-out from after (after!!!) the 1929 Wall Street crash, to 1965, that saw the United States grow into the greatest industrial power the world had ever seen, with the highest standard of living – of but the rich didn’t make all that much money, there were basically no billionaires, so we can’t have that, can we?

    • Agree: Rich, Fidelios Automata
  8. Piglet says:

    North Koreans only want to go to South Korea, and South Korea takes them.

    That’s not entirely true. South Korea is the first stop but many continue their journey to the USA, as a South Korean friend informed me. Why is that? Afraid that the North might someday make good on its threats to invade the South again, they want to be as far away as possible if that ever happens.

    Like people in the USA, Koreans have regional dialects and those from the North have an easily identifiable (to other Koreans) guttural dialect that makes them stand out. If the North were to invade, these defectors would be seen by the Inmun Gun (Korean People’s Army) as wretched traitors deserving of the worst and, as a friend from Iraq said, “Death would be the least of their worries!”

  9. Why Not Insist On Cultural Affinity?

    So, what is the ‘culture’ of the West today that newcomers must embrace?

    Globo-Homo, Jew-worship, Tranny-wanny, Afromania, Jungle Fever, Slut Culture, Hate/Love whatever Jews Hate/Love(like Ukraine), Antifa, BLM…

    Newcomers who reject all this are better.

    • Replies: @Malla
  10. Orco-Ukrainians! It’s the climate change that gave them super suntans, of course.

  11. Ko says:

    The Rohingya are mainly from Bangladesh and the zonal area where Burma meets Bangladesh.

    Rohingya speak Bengali not Burmese or Rakhine. Rakhine is the dominant indigenous group in Rakhine State.

    Mainly, there are over one million Muslims who identify as Burmese-Muslims in Rakhine State, who speak Burmese and Rakhine languages, that the Burmese military acknowledged as Burmese, hence they didn’t dislocate them as they did the the Bengali speaking so-called Rohingya.

    There is not a single shred of evidence that a Rohingya ethnic group exists. It’s a made up title for Bengali’s who migrated to the region decades ago. During WWll the Brits occupied the region and called the locals Bengali.

    Bangladesh was once a predominately Buddhist country called East-Pakistan. Muslims from Pakistan invaded and removed (killed) millions of Buddhist in the Islamic expansionist goal to have a land bridge from South Asia to the Malay Peninsula toward Indonesia.

    The Rohingya are controlled by a Pakistani Jihadi army called the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) – none of them speak Burmese, they are Pakistani.

    ARSA were killing Rakhine and displacing them and stealing their farms and villages at such an alarming rate that by 2012 the Rohingya went ahead and waged all out Jihad and war all over Burma where Muslims lived but mainly in all of Rakhine State.

    By 2017 when the Burmese Military intervened, the Rohingya had scores of western and Saudi funded NGO’s behind them who created the Rohingya lobby.

    The Burmese Military did the right thing and kicked the crap out of the invading jihadis who used the Rohingya Bengalis with the express goal of creating the Burmese military response to their expansion.

    In short, the Rohingya are Bengali and they belong in Bangladesh.

  12. @Malla

    Culture is downstream from genetics. So it’s effectively the same thing, and less likely to get you canceled. Though they came after Trump when he proposed the perfectly legal (and Constitutional) option of banning Muslims from immigrating to the US.

    • Replies: @3g4me
  13. @Ko

    Bengal may have been Buddhist at one time, but I think the invasion happened at the time of Akbar the Great. But you’re right about Rohingya, they don’t belong in Myanmar. They have to go back. Muslims break every country they touch. Buddhist power!

  14. abdnet says:

    These fellow muslim countries are not going to take them because they’re not the ones that created these refugees if you don’t like foreigners swamping Europe stop you’re wars of regime change and stirring up conflicts

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  15. @James N. Kennett

    Many Somalis in Europe practice female genital mutilation

    And many Europeans practice equally-pointless, equally-barbaric male genital mutilation – and some of those (members of a late-Iron-Age primitive foreskin-sacrifice cult) practice ritualised blood-fellatio in the process (the metzitzah b’peh).

    I’m no supporter of imbecile primitive Somalis ritually-mutilating their daughters: it’s a practice that should properly invite calumny, and the people who perpetrate it should be ‘socially distanced’ from civilised people. (Let’s be frank: for the most part, they already are… that’s why they live in monocultural ghettoes when they are resettled in the West)

    So should people who slice bits off of perfectly-healthy male babies’ junk.

    Getting some WhiteCoat to falsely claim that “it’s for hygiene” should not cut it (lol)… it shouldn’t be that hard to teach your kid to wash his dick (and in AP class: teach him not to put it in insalubrious places or people).

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  16. How about this… if the Empire of Lies sends its Death Machine into a country and makes that country more fucked than it already is, it has to grant entry to anyone that wants to leave the newly-more-fucked country.

    Afghanistan and the Middle East have been subjected to Western interference for over a century: first by the Empire under which Derbyshire was born, then by the Empire of Lies to which Derbyshire swore allegiance later in life.

    No society can withstand a century of getting fucked over (although Afghanistan gave it a good old college try).

    Pottery Barn rules, bitch. You broke it, you bought it.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Malla
  17. AceDeuce says:

    Pottery Barn rules, bitch. You broke it, you bought it.

    Sorry, Chuckles. That’s not a real rule. That colored boy general made it up.

  18. Anonymous[488] • Disclaimer says:
    @James N. Kennett

    this ignores the fact that jews and christians also practice infant genital mutilation.

  19. @Kratoklastes

    C’mon. Male and female genital cutting isn’t comparable (unless some former primitives have modified their practices to allow for a mere nick). I can recall my mother’s 90 year old partner opining that Jewish women were responsible for male circumcision because it made the penis slightly less sensitive and so better able to give pleasure. But, even so, what man has ever complained on that account?

    • Replies: @3g4me
  20. @James N. Kennett

    Can you please supply the case reference to the Australian case. I hope it merely says that once refugee status is established it remains in effect until some formal process is undertaken to remove it. There always have been some mad or bad judges but this doesn’t strike me as necessarily an illustration of that reality.

  21. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    Because of their congenital hate of Whitey/West, many new comers, end up supporting the Western Left and with that support, Satanic Tranny- wanny, Afro-mania, jungle fever, Slut culture, BLM, anti-fa seeps into their communities. With their incurable hate Whitey/ hate Western tastes, they end up jumping in the lap of the devil.

    Many of them leave behind their shitholes to go to the West and then work to convert their new homelands into shitholes they were escaping in the first place either through supporting Cultural Marxism or via their own transplanted, nearly incurable feudal mentality.

    Many well meaning Whitey (including race blind Christians, Conservatives-classical liberals ) got them in, to convert them into civilized first World people. All it will end up doing is convert the West into Third World. Whitey will have to turn into tribal low trust to survive among other tribal low trusts. Add that to lowering IQs and ghetoisation of culture and mannerisms, the West is careening towards a Third World future which even high technology will not be able to stop (can delay a bit)

    If you mix half a litre of milk with half litre of sewage water, you do not end up getting 1 litre of milk, nor 1 litre of (50-50). You get 1 litre of sewage water. Simple As.
    The race blind majority were fooled into believing (either by jew-Commie propaganda) or they self fooled themselves (Christianity, Capitalism, Classical Liberalism, Americanism, White-man burden, Marxism. racism is evul or low IQ etc… ), that race blind majority, they were expecting 1 litre milk from the mixture. But what they are getting is more sewage and the place is stinking up. Simple As.

  22. Malla says:

    makes that country more fucked than it already is, it has to grant entry to anyone that wants to leave the newly-more-fucked country.

    What if it does not? Traditionally that has not always been the case. I go in and screw up a country but stop them coming in via my border control system. So what?

    The question is, what is the point of the “Empire of Lies” (but no nation on earth is really innocent) to go and supposedly “loot” some place up and then allow some of the people from the looted place to come and share the loot??? What is the freakin point?
    The reality is more like the elites of the West are using the energy of the West to screw some place and then using WMMs (Weapons of Mass Migration) to screw the people of the West. In other words, Invade the World and invite the World go in hand in hand.
    And as the West becomes more multi-racial/ multicultural more will be the pressure on the Empire to be a bull in a global China shop. The newcomers will form lobbies and they too will try to use the West for their ethno-racial interests.
    Like Indian lobby trying to use the USA vs Pakistan thus ensuring more Imperial interference. Chinese lobby, Muslim lobby (CAIR) etc… you name it. Muslim+ leftist lobby pushing the USA to interfere in Kashmir for example (Ihran Omar for example), bringing the anger of the Indian government and 1 billion strong Indian population.
    Recently when the Sri Lankan civil war ended with the defeat of the separatist Tamils at the hands of the Sinhalese/Sri Lankan military, many Sinhalese shops in Britain were attacked by Tamils. The many Tamil lobbies of Tamils living in the UK, were forcing the British Government to diplomatically interfere against the Sri Lankan Govt. The Sri Lankan Government called this interference, Colonialism. A good example that multicultural/ multiracialism will increase Global interference, not reduce it as the Marxists/ Leftists are trying everyone to believe.
    Bringing in all these people will lead to importing inter-tribal/ inter-ethnic/inter-religious/ sectarian etc… problems and the risk of getting more entangled in these in foreign policy.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  23. 3g4me says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    @13 Fidelios Automata: If your main concern is not being ‘canceled,’ then why bother in the first place? If you need some sort of cover to advocate for your own people and self interest while still avoiding the basic racial and genetic truth, you are still accepting the advocate’s anti-reality rules. Anyone who does so is destined to fail. Either advocate for truth, or work towards one’s own family’s secession and self reliance and future survival. All else is typical sound and fury signifying nothing.

  24. 3g4me says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    @20 Wizard of Oz: While modern male genital mutilation may occur in a more sanitary environment (with the exception of the ultra-special chosen), it is indeed comparable to certain forms of female mutilation. Not the most extreme African ones, perhaps, but it is still far more significant than the lie most modern males have been taught. It is also utterly unnecessary from a health standpoint given modern sanitation standards. It was normalized by Kellogg’s crusade against masturbation along with the massive rise in the number of western-trained Jewish doctors. Millions of modern White European men are not mutilated and do not suffer any notable deleterious effects for remaining as God made them.

  25. 3g4me says:

    @12 Ko: I haven’t been trolling Unz’s comments enough of late to warrant the privilege of the ‘agree’ button, but I agree. Well explained and stated. Mass immigration is invasion, and any pushback by the local inhabitants is warranted and needs no further justification.

  26. onebornfree says: • Website

    JD:”If We MUST Take Refugees, Why Not Insist On Cultural Affinity?”

    The title of this article reveals that this writer has a gross misunderstanding of the true nature of governments.

    He is naive enough to believe that the government will do things his way provided enough people outside of government (ie voters) pressure legislators to”do the “right” thing” and do things his way.

    Again, this is a hopelessly naive view of the way that governments actually work in the real world.

    Unfortunately, this extremely naive view is shared by a majority of the population in western “democracies”.

    Reality Check:

    “. Government is politics. Whenever you turn over to the government a financial, social, medical, military, or commercial matter, it’s automatically transformed into a political issue — to be decided by those with the most political influence. And that will never be you or I.”

    “Politicians don’t weigh their votes on the basis of ideology or social good. They think in terms of political power.”

    “3. You don’t control government. It’s easy to think of the perfect law that will stop the bad guys while leaving the good guys unhindered. But no law will be written the way you have in mind, it won’t be administered the way you have in mind, and it won’t be adjudicated the way you have in mind.”

    “Your ideal law will be written by politicians for political purposes, administered by bureaucrats for political purposes, and adjudicated by judges appointed for political purposes. So don’t be surprised if the new law turns out to do exactly the opposite of what you thought you were supporting.”

    From: “The 7 Never-to-be-Forgotten Principles of Government”:

    Regards, onebornfreeatyahoo

  27. ‘Why should not refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and so on be similarly taken in by their brother Muslim nations? ‘

    If you look up the total for Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq, you’ll discover that the Syrians are taken in by those countries. Turkey, for example, had three million Syrian refugees the last I heard.

    Of course, we could get into why there are Syrian refugees, and who brought that about, but…

    • Replies: @Malla
  28. Malla says:

    Agreed, race is also a factor along with religion and culture. What we are witnessing is the continues slow expansion of the Caucasoid-Australoid hybrid South Asian race into the territory of the Mongoloid-Australoid hybrid South East Asian Race. That is also a major factor and Islam is being used as a vehicle for such expansion. I can guarantee you this factor is in the minds of the people on both sides. One Burmese Genenral even called the Rohingya ugly people coming into Myanmar.
    A Burmese Buddhist explians how things are working on the ground.
    The Dark Side Of The Rohingya (Bengali Ilegals): Hla Oo’s Blog
    Genocide of native Burmese Buddhists in Myanmar ignored by the “international Community’
    Who Really Is Doing Ethnic Cleansing In Maungdaw?:Hla Oo’s Blog
    Massacre Of Maungdaw Hindus By ARSA Rohingyas:Hla Oo’s Blog
    Hindu refugees blame ‘Rohingya militants’ for attacking them in Myanmar.
    1942 Genocide of Buddhists in Maungdaw District
    (Translation of An Eyewitness Account of the 1942 Bengali Riots from the MEG.)
    Back in 1942!!!
    Dictator Zia of Bangladesh Created Rohingya Problem
    The late military ruler Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh created this Rohingya problem.

    Bangladesh (the ancestral home of the Rohingyas) are not treatin them Rohingya returnees well

    Bangladesh Bans Rohingya From Marrying Bangladeshis To prevent granting Rohingyas citizenship.

    Rapid-breeding Rohingyas Are Sterilized By Bangladesh

    Ov vey, darkie brown Bangladeshi “Nazis”? Do dey wanna spread blue eyed blond Aryan debils over the world? LOL.
    Islamic Canada Deporting Buddhists Back To Burma
    Since the Immigration department of Islamic Caliphate of Canada has been taken over Muslims, they are taking revenge by deporting Buddhist Burmese asylum seekers at record speed.
    “Somali-born Ahmed Hussen has recently declared his intention to rapidly deport Burmese-Buddhists (about 200) whose political asylum/refugee applications were summarily rejected by his now Muslim-controlled Immigration ministry just recently. ”
    Islamic solidarity when facing kaffirs, a Somali Muslim takes revenge on Buddhist Burmese!!!
    Whats up with the Anglos? What a suicidal people? Giving control of their immigration departments to hostile outsiders. Whitey surely has some death-wish.

  29. Malla says:

    Just north of Bangladesh is Indian state of Assam and the Islamic (in few cases Hindu) Caucasoid-Australoid hybrid racial type expansion continues across the border. In the Bangladesh Chittagong hill tracts area, traditional home to Mongoloid-Australoid South East Asian like Buddhist peoples like the Chakma are too facing Caucasoid-Australoid race Bengali Muslim Demographic expansion supported by the Bangladeshi Government. They have been fighting for independence from Dhaka for a long time.
    Hindus predate on Buddhists and try to overwhelm them via migration or elite capture techniques who in turn get predated upon by extremely tribal and violent Muslims who breed faster, migrate and spread and overwhelm via conversion and intermarriage. That is why India is worried about Muslim migrants from Bangladesh and build a Trump like wall, but India keeps quite about Hindu expansion and predatory behaviour of Mongoloid Tibetan like Buddhists (Sikkim) or Caucasoid-Australoid Christians (Nagaland, Mizoram a large number of Baptists and even Mormons there!!)
    Hindus—->Buddhists and Mongoloid Christians
    Muslims—-> Hindus and Buddhists and Christians
    The Hindu predator now becomes prey. Food-chain with Muslims as top predators.
    This Islamo Caucasoid-Australoid hybrid South Asian predatory behaviour towards Buddhist Mongoloid-Australoid hybrid South East Asians happens in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh itself and after nearly overwhelming the place (with Bangladeshi Government support of this genocide) this overflows into neighbouring Burma. It is like how people blame the Whites for expanding into native American territory, but Western leftards will never accept that poor brown people can do something like that.
    Long-running Buddhist Genocide In Bangladesh
    Islamic Genocide of Buddhists in Bangladesh
    Buddhist Exodus From Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hills

    Looks like the Bangladeshis are either evicting the Mongoloid Buddhists and then following them to Myanmar itself to continue expansion. Or they are just absorbing them by forced conversion and intermarriage

    His website is a wealth of knowledge about what is really happening in Myanmar and that region of India/Bangladesh
    Riots between Bengali-Muslim Illegals & Natives in Assam (Indian state of Assam)
    George Soros “The Puppet Master” in Burma Again?
    Armed-Bengali Intrusion from Bangladesh
    Rioting Bengali Muslims Killing Buddhists in Maungdaw
    Bengali-Muslims Butchered Burmese-Buddhists in Medan! Indonesia!!!
    A GROUP of Burmese (Bengali) Muslims beat eight Burmese Buddhists to death at an Indonesian detention centre (in Medan) overnight after becoming enraged at news of deadly communal violence in their homeland, officials said. It has spread to Indonesia!!!

    • Replies: @Malla
  30. Malla says:

    Hindu expansion and predatory behaviour of Mongoloid Tibetan like Buddhists (Sikkim) or Caucasoid-Australoid Christians

    Hindu expansion and predatory behaviour on Mongoloid Tibetan like Buddhists (Sikkim) or Caucasoid-Australoid Christians.

    Hindus predate on Buddhists and try to overwhelm them via migration or elite capture techniques

    Elite capture like with Brahmins taking power Jew like or also Jew mercantile Hindus who end up dominating the economy in a very cheap merchant style. Running all the shops and using mafia techniques to kill off competition.
    So basically the native Mongoloid/Mongoloid-Australoid mix types find it very difficult to compete with Bengali Hindu businesses who use clannish techniques and networks and greater cunning to stay on top. Compared to Indian subcontinent mainlanders, the mongoloid types of the North East are more honest and straight forward. But soon even more blood sucking mercantile, Marwari or Gujratis arrive and take over the business from Hindu Bengali merchants and Bengali Hindus cannot compete with these super mercantile types like Hindu /Jain Gujrathi-Marwari-Sindhi. So Bengali Hindus remain small shopkeepers while the business networks are taken over by the super blood sucker mercantile Gujrathis-Marwari types.
    There is some sexual predatory behaviour of Hindu Bengalis towards cuter Mongoloid-Australoid and Mongoloid-Tibetic type women both Buddhist and Christians. And in turn, the more clannish ( Northern Indian Rajasthan clanish conservative desert climate people vs tropical lush green living Bengali people), the more clannish mercantile rich Marwari men are sexual predatory towards Hindu Bengali women (and the native Mongoloid types). Like try to bonk Bengali women but not marry them and preferring to marry their own women but being quite defensive if they see Bengali men with their more sharper featured Marwari/Rajasthani women. They are desert clannish people.

    Now all of them (native Christian-Buddhist Mongoloid types, Bengali Hindus, Marwaris-Gujratis etc…) get screwed when Bengali Muslim hordes arrive at the scene. The Bengali Muslims breed like crazy, pumping out kids to support the demographic conquests. Muslims win is their gang behaviour and in this respect are superior to Hindus & natives and very soon they Muslims socially dominate the whole space. Gangs of Muslims beat up gangs of Hindus. There is a gang unity in Muslims like no other, any attack on any Muslim, mobilizes Islamic hordes, a form of mobilizations Hindus cannot match.

    Earlier, with Hindu immigration we would see proliferation of Temples funded by rich Hindu organisations (themselves funded by mercantile blood sucker Hindu families) in the Indian mainland. But with Muslims coming in, Mosques sprout out every where shouting the call to prayer early morning, they have superior Saudi Wahabi money backing them up.

    Economically they Muslims use mafia block tactics but Hindu Bengalis and Marwari-Gujrathi Hindus/Jains remain economically dominant over Bengali Muslims and natives. Hindus tend to out-compete Muslims in business and professions. However when it comes to war, with weapons, the native Mongoloid types both Christians and Buddhists would win hands down. If there was fair war in between platoons of each party above, the platoon made up of native Mongoloid types would beat the Caucasoid-Australoid types (Bengali Muslim platoon, Bengali Hindu platoon, Marwari-Gujrathi Hindu Jain platoon) like a drum. They chest thumping Muslims and Hindus South Asian mainlander types would run in all direction screaming like girlies when the shit would begin to fly.
    But in street warfare, the Muslims dominate over everybody due to the ability to mobilize huge mobs in short notice and being extremely surly and thuggish. Mercantile Marwaris pay goons to take care of such stupid things like gang warfare while they are in the important business to make more money and also save money. They are not touched much, they pay off powerful thugs

    And as I had said earlier, Hindu Bengalis try to sexually predate on the more free cute Mongoloid native women while the relative taller, sharper featured North Indians Marwaris predate on their Bengali women. Now when Muslims arrive on the scene, they predate on all non Muslim women and go ape chimp out mad if they see any non Muslim guy going out with their women. So Bengali Muslim guys will try to muh dick, the sharper featured, fairer North Indian Hindu/Jain Marwari/Rajasthani-Gujrati-Sindhi women, Bengali Hindu women and the cuter Tibetan Mongoloid/Mongoloid-Australoid hybrid South East Asian type native women, both Buddhists and Christians. Muslim men trying to muh dick non Muslim women is a very serious issue in all South Asia, in India, in Sri Lanka etc….
    So basically Hindus were colonizing/ absorbing the Buddhist-Christian natives, looting them via mercantile tactics and muh dicking them, but Muslims came from behind and ended up colonizing/absorbing the Hindus along with the North East natives and muh dicking all kaffirs. LOL. Hindus are mad with anger.

  31. Malla says:
    @Colin Wright

    Turks are having enough of them refugees. Turks are kind of Eurasians in culture, they are European like compared to other Middle Easterners in mentality and tastes and mannerisms. To Northern (incl Eastern) &Western Europeans they may seem very Asiatic but it is the other way round for Arabs. Many Turks are getting pissed with Syrian immigrants and their behaviour now and with economic crisis, obviously there is competition for jobs and resources. Check out the first video below, in a Turkish TV show, Muslim Turks are complaining that their daughters are being sexually harassed by Afghan refugees. And you have libtard Turks fighting for Refugee rights, Turks really have European suicidal tendencies of their own. If Turks on the gates of Europe, have these problems, imaging the difference in mentality with refugees, with Europeans deep in Europe.

    Syrian refugees face growing opposition in Turkey – Al Jazeera English

    Growing anti-migrant sentiment in Turkey has led to deadly clashes between citizens and refugees. Mobs have targeted workplaces and houses of Syrians.
    And as the nation has been eyeing the Turkish general election scheduled for 2023, the issue of deporting refugees has dominated public debate.

    Syrian refugees in Turkey live in fear of deportation | Focus on Europe

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is accused of planning to deport Syrian refugees. There are 3.6 million refugees in Turkey right now, and many of them are worried about their future.

    Anti-Arab sentiment sweeps Turkey, home to world’s largest refugee population
    Turkey is home to more refugees than any other country in the world, with more than 3 million Syrians and 300,000 Iraqis. But as the years have gone by, many Turks believe these refugees have overstayed their welcome. Now, as the economic crisis in the country gets worse, attacks have begun to escalate, both rhetorically and physically. Correspondents Ludovic de Foucaud, Shona Bhattacharyya and Hussein Asad report from Bolu, a city whose mayor wants all foreigners out of Turkey.

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  32. Joe862 says:

    Because we’re a nice culture and most refugees are from asshole cultures. The other assholes won’t take them and the asshole refugees just want to take advantage from people from nice cultures.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Malla
  33. MEH 0910 says:

  34. Malla says:

    100% Truth, in short.
    Nice people build superior societies and the savages want to migrate the superior societies and at the end, all go down to the level of savages.

  35. @Malla

    ‘…Turks are kind of Eurasians in culture, they are European like compared to other Middle Easterners in mentality and tastes and mannerisms…’

    Indeed. I’ve been in both countries, and although I’m sure greater familiarity would cause me to refine the statement, I think one can reasonably call Greeks Christian Turks and/or call Turks Muslim Greeks.

    The 1923 resettlement would have made that all the truer. A lot of the Turks are Muslim Greeks, and vice-versa.

    In any case, the generalization is a great way of ingratiating oneself with Greeks.

    Generally, though, I think the us Europeans/them Muslims obscures the fact that Romanians aren’t much like Dutchmen, Turks aren’t much like Moroccans, and so on. Islam and Christianity does create a cultural and intellectual divide, but other factors are at least as important. I suspect about the only thing a Greek mountain village would offer me that a Turkish mountain village wouldn’t would be better and cheaper wine.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Dream
  36. Dream says:
    @Colin Wright

    Indeed. I’ve been in both countries, and although I’m sure greater familiarity would cause me to refine the statement, I think one can reasonably call Greeks Christian Turks and/or call Turks Muslim Greeks.

    The 1923 resettlement would have made that all the truer. A lot of the Turks are Muslim Greeks, and vice-versa.

    Modern Greeks are actually genetically closer to the French than they are to Turks.

    This diagram shows genetic distance of various ethnic groups from Greeks, with 1 representing exact similarity. Greater the number, more the genetic distance.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  37. @Dream

    Interesting map. Of course, it raises the question of which Turks? Anatolia’s a big place. A Turk from Kars may not be very close kin to a Greek from Athens — but how about a Turk from Izmir?

    Now, what would also be interesting — if difficult to ascertain — would be the genetic distance between modern Greeks and ancient Greeks. There’ve been a lot of invaders into the Aegean over the years.

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