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If Trump Has Lost—A “Biden Rush” for the U.S. Border?
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

The fog of battle surrounding the November 3rd election has cleared somewhat, but there are still uncertainties about the consequences. Plainly there was much more than the usual amount of skullduggery in the registering and counting of votes, and it all seems to have favored Joe Biden. Whether much of it can be dealt with in the courts; and whether, if it can, the judgments will be enough to swing the result back to Trump; these are open questions.

As best I can predict, we’ll be looking at a Joe Biden inauguration in January. It’s not certain, and I’m glad the President and his team are fighting for what’s right—all strength to them. It’s probable, though, and I base my commentary on that.

So what shall we get from Biden administration? One thing we are sure to get is open borders.

As’s correspondent Jack Dalton noted on Thursday, a Biden administration will go full-bore Open Borders, jumping to the whips cracked by Cheap-Labor business lobbies and anti-white ethnic grievance activists.

The dribble of reforms and improvements made by the Trump administration’s Executive Orders will all be canceled. If we’re lucky, the new stretches of border wall will not be dynamited; but no more will be built.

The Biden people are perfectly open about their intentions. CBS News ran a report on Tuesday, presumably sourced from Biden campaign insiders, spelling it all out.

  • The so-called “DREAMers,” illegal aliens who claim to have been brought here as children, will get full resident-alien status, leading to citizenship.
  • The eleven, or twenty, or thirty million non-“DREAMer” illegal aliens living here—nobody really knows the number—will also be given permanent residence, likewise leading to citizenship.
  • There’ll be a hundred-day freeze on deportations of illegals.
  • Illegals not targeted by ICE—that is, they are just here illegally but aren’t suspected of any other criminality—won’t be arrested.
  • The policy of requiring non-Mexican asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases are decided will end.
  • The ban on entry from terrorist-friendly nations will end.
  • The Trump administration has negotiated agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that allow us to send rejected asylum-seekers to those countries to argue their cases. The Biden administration will pull out of those agreements.
  • The Public Charge rules this administration has implemented to deny permanent residence to aliens using, or likely to use, government benefits, will be scrapped.
  • The limits on guest-worker visas imposed this spring will be lifted. In an ongoing pandemic with widespread unemployment, the gates will be opened to cheap foreign workers.
  • There will be huge increases in numbers of so-called “refugees.”
  • Aliens given Temporary Protected Status, often decades ago, because of some crisis in their home countries, will not be forced to leave next March, as a court said they should be. “Temporary” will not, after all, mean temporary; it will mean permanent.

[Biden plans sweeping reversal of Trump’s immigration agenda, by Meg Kinnard, CBS News, November 11, 2020] And so on.

Biden’s victory is very disheartening to those of us at and like-minded groups, who have been toiling away for years—for decades now—to bring the true facts about immigration to public attention, to expose the carefully-concocted blend of misty sentimentality and cold cash racketeering that guided the immigration policy of Presidents from LBJ to Barack Obama.

We advocate for a rational immigration policy: one to the advantage of American citizens in general, just as Japan’s immigration policy is designed for the advantage of Japanese citizens, just as Israel’s immigration policy is designed for the advantage of Israeli citizens. It can be done, as those countries have shown.

Immigration is not some kind of natural force against which resistance is futile, or immoral. It’s just a policy, like tax rates, farm price supports, or how many aircraft carriers we need.

Donald Trump was the first President in sixty years who seemed to understand that.

Now, apparently, we’re back to sentimentality and racketeering, to the delight of the Koch brothers, the Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley billionaires, and the refugee resettlement scammers—but to the further impoverishment of the American middle class.

And while Trump has done much with executive actions and appeals to the courts, we shouldn’t let him off the hook for his administration’s failures. We’ve heard a lot about his problems finding staffers who are on board with his policies. Yet when capable, reliable people were available—I’m thinking of Kris Kobach, Steve King, Jeff Sessions—they were discarded and humiliated by Trump, the jobs they should have had given to mediocrities and anti-Trumpers.

Above all, there was that wasted two years when Trump’s party controlled Congress. Real immigration reform needs legislation; legislation needs congressional action.

To be sure, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were much more interested in feeding their business-lobby donors with cheap foreign labor and virtue-signaling their anti-racist piety than in enacting Trump’s policies; but with energy, determination, and the negotiating skills he boasts of, Trump might have gotten something done. He didn’t even try.

The future, however, isn’t completely dark. Quote from that CBS report on Biden’s plans:

While Mr. Biden’s team will have the legal authority to overturn Mr. Trump’s policies, Doris Meissner, a former commissioner of the now-defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), said it will not be an easy endeavor, given bureaucratic requirements, the ongoing COVID-19 emergency and the volume of changes implemented over the past four years.

“The Trump administration had an extraordinary preoccupation with immigration issues and they invested an enormous amount of attention and single-minded focus on immigration … An administration that wants to undo those changes would have to devote a similar amount of time and effort.”

If the lady is right, Trump’s actions on immigration won’t all be swept away with a stroke of the pen. Some of them may survive.

And then there’s the Biden Rush. American voters may not give immigration the attention it deserves, but elsewhere in the world, interest is very keen. Hundreds of millions of people in crap-hole countries worldwide have been watching this recent election intensely. They believe a Biden administration will throw the borders wide open, and they are packing their bags to make their way to those open borders.

If this develops into a real human tide, as it well might, immigration will be front and center of the national consciousness, with strong public pressure to re-impose controls.

“Numbers are of the essence,” said the great British immigration patriot Enoch Powell. Indeed they are; but the sheer stupendous numbers of people who want to come and live in America is the hardest thing to get across to ordinary voters.

With the encouragement of Biden and his people, those numbers may be clearly visible on our TV screens a few months from now … or perhaps in the run-up to the 2022 mid-terms.

This could get interesting.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. unit472 says:

    Are there any jobs for people in Covid America? Do restaurants need busboys and dishwashers? How many hotels need maids? Small business of the sort immigrants create have been wiped out in the riots and covid restrictions. There are no niches, nooks and crannies left for third worlders to fill and Americans won’t want to share their food banks with the rest of the world.

    • Agree: Plato's Dream
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @anon
  2. El Dato says:

    With the encouragement of Biden and his people, those numbers may be clearly visible on our TV screens a few months from now … or perhaps in the run-up to the 2022 mid-terms.

    Antifa will have the streets by then. Any Goodwhite who realizes what he’s in for and starts to protest will have his dentitition rearranged presto as disaffected rapists and child molesters swarm the family home.

    • Replies: @SMK
  3. No comment.Thanks for the article, though…,aren’t we smart?

  4. and I’m glad the President and his team are fighting for what’s right

    Except Trump is not fighting. He is putting on a show in order to raise money to pay off his campaign debt, but that seems to be it. The court challenges have been farcical, he hasn’t been very energetic about rallying support from the millions who voted for him. Just the usual stream of tweets. And it was kind of comical how he just waved at his supporters in DC yesterday and drove off to play golf. Trump is clearly not interested in stoking actual conflict, maybe he sees a road back in 2024.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  5. With the encouragement of Biden and his people, those numbers may be clearly visible on our TV screens a few months from now … or perhaps in the run-up to the 2022 mid-terms.

    Unless you have foreign television channels, you won’t see anything at all, no matter how large the surge is. What you will see are the most sympathetic stories of people “seeking a better life,” “escaping persecution,” etc. As Steve Sailer says, when you hold the megaphone, you get to characterize the story.

  6. Out of work Americans of every kind, Hispanics, Whites, Blacks, will be betrayed by Biden and Harris, where the borders of the U.S. and immigration will be concerned. There is something that dunderheaded Americans simply can not grasp about the democratic party leaders. They are more concerned as globalist shills, about what happens in every conceivable place on earth, than what happens in their own nation to their own citizens, whom they FALSELY claim to represent. Biden/Harris voters, made a serious mistake and time will tell as to how horrible that mistake was. Two globalist traitors, one a proven criminal, have been positioned as leaders of the nation by ignorant and uneducated voters, just because they didn’t like the presidents personality, a populist president with the best intererests at heart for all Americans.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  7. Hibernian says:

    In the 1930s there was very little immigration to the US because there was no point to it; the immigrants wouldn’t improve their lot by coming here,; they’d be unemployed.

  8. Sean says:

    As best I can predict, we’ll be looking at a Joe Biden inauguration in January

    And interment in February. The optics of Harris suddenly President and expected to open the door to immigration at a time when there is mass unemployment and business failure kicking in will place her in a series of quandaries. In a year the consensus will be that Trump was well out of it and that he probably lost on purpose.

  9. Who wants to come to THIS third world shithole anyway? We’re hollowed out. Don’t they see it? Well, whomever they allow in, I hope they’re good and exclusively, radically antisemitic.

    • Replies: @Anon7
  10. Realist says:

    If Trump Has Lost—A “Biden Rush” for the U.S. Border?

    Thanks Captain Obvious.

  11. The author and commenters may have the direction of migration backwards.

  12. KenH says:

    I’m thinking of Kris Kobach, Steve King, Jeff Sessions—they were discarded and humiliated by Trump, the jobs they should have had given

    Trump did nothing to defend Steve King from (((MSM))) claims that he defended “white supremacy” in a NYT interview. Instead he sat idly by while King was formally condemned by both parties on Congress and while the RNC funded challengers that unseated him in the primary. King’s only offense was rhetorically asking why and how Western civilization keeps getting conflated with so called white supremacy.

    Republicans in Congress are now without their two biggest anti-mass immigration proponents in Steve King and Jeff Sessions because the former was purged by the corrupt RNC while Sessions Senate campaign was sabotaged by Mr. America First with a torrent hateful tweets and endorsing RINO Tommy Tuberville.

    He didn’t even try.

    Trump made a half hearted effort to get Congress to reduce legal immigration to 500-700K but gave up towards the end of 2017. He told us on the campaign trail that as the best negotiator in the history of the world he could get things done but gave up with only a small fight.

    But to be fair Trump did do a lot more than all previous administrations but we really needed grand slams instead of just a few singles and doubles.

  13. @James Robinson

    Very much agree. I’ve recruited 2 more Americans for my university in China, one of whom has a dual Linguistics and Math M.S. with a short stint of time doing cryptology for an Uncle-Sam adjacent Mil-In corporation.

    The new “wave” will be white European-stock emigration from America, to China.

  14. The Irish are very happy with Biden “winning.” That tells you something. No one talks about the Irish immigration lobby but they’re very effective at getting access directly to “Irish-Americans” like Biden. They use the conman’s graft of ethnic kinship to push their agenda of a borderless America, allowing them to dump their failed bartenders and other problem makers on our shores. With only 4 million or so people in Ireland this normally wouldn’t be such a problem, but then you realize their policy “prescriptions” also apply to 100 million Mexicans, a billion Indians, the Chinese…

    • LOL: true.enough
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  15. “Experience keeps a dear school, but they will learn in no other.”

    Especially ruling-class fools and knaves.

  16. Who needs cheap workers when there are no jobs?

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  17. Gotta hand it to the scumbag Left – when they’re in power, they make changes that cannot be undone.
    Germany learned too late – they can get rid of Mama Merkel, but they’ll never get rid of the millions of parasitic moslems she brought to their country. Similarly, we may be rid of Harris/Biden in four years, but we’ll never be rid of the millions of worthless third-world invaders that they’ll bring to our country. But hey, there’s no social problem in America that won’t be made better by the addition of 30 million illiterate peasants, amirite?
    When your health plan assigns you an affirmative-action “doctor” who hates you because of your “privilege” and injects you with HIV, HPV and Covid-19 – getting a new doctor isn’t going to save you.

    • Replies: @anon
  18. Rob McX says:
    @Onan the Barbarian

    I believe John Derbyshire covers that anomaly in his article:

    The Public Charge rules this administration has implemented to deny permanent residence to aliens using, or likely to use, government benefits, will be scrapped.

    Having no prospect of gainful employment need not be a barrier to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

  19. nship.
    “The eleven, or twenty, or thirty million non-“DREAMer” illegal aliens living here—nobody really knows the number—will also be given permanent residence, likewise leading to citizenship”

    That would mean a permanent Democrat Government.

  20. @Rob McX

    They really need to change that “yearning to breath free” meme to “yearning to collect welfare benefits and vote Democrat”.

    Would kinda of make more sense considering our current situation.

  21. Thomasina says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    What’s the matter, Peter? Worried?

    The legal challenges are working their way up through the court system, as must be done. You must lose in the lower courts to continue on.

    No support? What do you call the rally held on the weekend?

    Usual stream of tweets? Yeah, when he’s not being censored, along with everybody else supporting him.

    He only waved at his supporters? At least he showed up.

    I think you’re very worried, Peter.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  22. anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s going to be lots of jobs for people with military experience to fight on both sides because there’s going to be lots of fighting in the coming years. If you only know how to flip burgers, there’s still going to be work for you because people don’t stop eating during wars. If you are handy, have a trade or any practical skills, there will always be a demand for your skills. If you have a degree in political science, soap opera studies or kinesiology you’re out of luck and will be sent to the infantry. Dumb, young male immigrants from any country will be highly desired by both sides to be cannon fodder.

  23. So — basically — coming here ‘illegally’ will be a non-sequitur. If you can’t be deported, in what sense are you here ‘illegally?’

    You’re merely accepting a (temporarily) restricted form of citizenship. It’s come one, come all!

    • Thanks: true.enough
    • Replies: @Ragno
  24. About the closest thing to a hope is that things will shit-can so fast that no one will want to come here.

    We were going to reach that point eventually anyway.

  25. I seem to recall articles in early-to-mid October about another caravan of thousands of folks from central america already on their way … likely urged on by both ‘news’ of an expected Bidet win and urging from the usual suspects to go ahead and crash the United States border and charge across.

    A year or so ago when folks began taking the democratic party platform seriously regarding opening the borders — i.e., the United States will stop being a Sovereign Nation — some estimated that within less than 2 years more than 75,000,000 wetbacks would charge our borders and inundate US like locusts.

    It’s strange that every other nation gets to maintain its status as a Sovereign Nation — defining its borders, declaring who may or may not enter, under what terms and conditions, for what purposes and for how long … every other nation except the United States, that is.


    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  26. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    With the right type of government that was for the interests of the German people, the Muslims in Germany could be sent packing very quickly.

  27. @Thomasina

    If I were a Trump supporter, I would be kind of worried. You saw that he has been moving donations into his private account, right? The rally was a complete bust – they can get far more people on the streets in Belarus in a country a fraction the size of the US and where the police are a lot more violent. And pretty much no one gives the Belarus rallies a chance of succeeding.

    In any case, rallies and marches are pretty stupid, as decades of pointless left wing marches go to show.

    On the other hand, if I were a Trump supporter thinking long term I might be encouraged. Trump is probably playing this right politically. Let Biden take the victory, and take the flak for instituting unpopular measures to stop COVID, and have to clean up the economic mess caused by COVID and a huge deficit. Being hamstrung by a Republican Senate and McConnell, and a Republican Supreme Court, Biden will be very ineffective and very unpopular. Let the coalition of white professionals, inner city blacks, radical feminists and trade union leaders inevitably dissolve into backstabbing and acrimony once Trump goes away for a few months. Things will go to shit, and Trump can make a come back in 2024. The myth that this election was “stolen” obviously will play well with his base and increase turnout. Going away and coming back worked pretty well for Berlusconi, and Trump has clearly learned a few things from Silvio, beyond the fact that organized crime is a great ally.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  28. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Yea but the only ones who are being wiped out are White Euro ,”Now, apparently, we’re back to sentimentality and racketeering, to the delight of the Koch brothers, the Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley billionaires, and the refugee resettlement scammers—but to the further impoverishment of the “White” American middle class.” All this is about is diminishing and eventually breeding out Whitey…except for the Lib losers like the Biden’s and Pelosi’s of the world. Liberal Democrats and their idiotic virtue signalling BS … They think because they are comfortable with their job somewhere that attacking their own people and giving our jobs away to foreigners,who we don’t need and never needed except for cheap labor to undermine the White American who deserves to be paid fair wages first for American jobs first, will save them.Well,I got news for all these White Lib Democrat POS voters …. You WILL be EATEN last but you will be eaten. Because that’s the whole point …You Dems are trying to stave off what’s coming for you as well. Keep selling out your own people.blacks and Hispanics don’t sell out their own like White idiots. Wasn’t it Biden who said that America is browning and that’s a good thing. F him.Tell Biden to go be presidente in Columbia or Venezuela..or maybe try being president Warlord in Africa. What a POS Biden is and all the Aholes who voted for him and the racist Camel Hairs …just like the racist Obama. Losers all.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  29. @Dago Shoes

    Because we are majority White …that’s why. Just like Europe. And White Western Civilization built the modern world and all the toys in it.

  30. @Peter Akuleyev

    He’s going to concede…He is just showing everyone how corrupt and sick the Left-wing Democrat losers are….He is showing how corrupt this nation has become because of White Democrat losers and idiots like Obama.the racist that he is.And the traitorous so-called Republican party.All RHINOS. No one stood by President Trump. He wasn’t a Republican. He was an INDEPENDENT in reality. He is showing everyone that has a brain what a disgusting government bureaucracy we have. So,either do something about it or die. All that’s coming is ONE PARTY rule. No need to vote anymore. Thinking that you can assault and attack people that vote for Trump or any other conservative candidate … think that this is normal behavior. It’s unreal how the left and all the celebrity left just sit around laughing and joking how funny it is that Americans …especially White Americans,who built this nation, are assaulted,murdered , for voting. I say let there be war, I don’t give a S…because only then will everyone learn to STFU. You people want misery and death well here it comes. Wallow in it fools.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  31. No one stood by President Trump. He wasn’t a Republican.

    No, he is not part of the club, and the Republicans pushed him to the curb first chance they got. You are right about that. Trump supporters may not like the analogy, but Trump’s defeat is somewhat analogous to Jimmy Carter’s . Both were outsiders who were roundly detested by their own party insiders, who were happy to seem them defeated.

  32. Ragno says:
    @Colin Wright

    Coming here ‘illegally’ will be a non-sequitur. If you can’t be deported, in what sense are you here ‘illegally?’ You’re merely accepting a (temporarily) restricted form of citizenship.

    You want to watch the US govt crack down hard on immigration? Try to leave this place, while taking your money with you. Borders are illusory – until you attempt to bail out and drop off the Amerigrid.

    My prediction: within 10-15 years, “white people” in North America will be a three-tier classification: Jews on top, of course – shabbas goyim firmly in third place, notably beneath our coming Chinese and Indian betters – with “traditional” or “historic” whites constituting a new permanent underclass: not to be mentioned in polite society, or represented politically or culturally, except as a charade undertaken every two or four years for the benefit of tv cameras. Perhaps we’ll celebrate a White People’s Day, complete with parade (though you shouldn’t hold your breath for another decade or two to see that come to pass).

    As for the ‘election’…… It’s sad – and scary – to watch all the ‘principled’ people, who supposedly know better, buckle and wilt under the monolithic message of not merely the mass but the massed media, repeated again and again and again and again. Hard to overestimate the effect of NewsCorp’s sudden/sinister flip right at the decisive moment of Trump’s challenge of the results; you can guarantee that – had Biden gone to sleep Tuesday night up 800,000 votes in any state, only to find the counting paused and the lead magically dissipated within a day or two – the legal challenges would stretch into next Easter if need be, massa-whipped by our media overseers into renewed vigor whenever enthusiasm might happen to flag.

    As it is, if the so-called Dissident Right is now in the process of quietly bailing, you can kiss goodbye any positive steps forward made in the past four years. Jeff Zucker will get a raise and an extension, as the media begins interrupting their coverage of the “spontaneous” street celebrations with the first of many scare-story exclusives regarding what sinister plots against the commonwealth are even now being hatched amongst the Far Right (there will only be the New Normal and the Far Right from this point forward), and 1984 and Animal Farm join Mein Kampf and the works of David Irving as Books You Can No Longer Legally Purchase, online or otherwise.

    What? George Orwell to earn his own dark Pendaflex in the SPLC file cabinet? Impossible? Just wait.

  33. @dindunuffins

    You’ll get no argument from me on ANY of the points you made. All of them are dead on accurate.

  34. obvious says:

    Another decrepit article by an old man that insist he can just “declare” things into existence.

    – Immigration is absolutely a force of nature. America is NOTHING like Japan or Israel, it is a CONTINENT barely populated and just settled in the last 300 years. The United States is mostly made of empty land today, “Israel” is a sliver of coastal strip on the Eastern Mediterranean.

    -Immigration may be termed “illegal” but that is merely ADMINISTRATIVE LANGUAGE, like an “illegal error” message on your computer. It is NOT “criminal” and nobody is “present illegally”, unless they were actually deported THEN came back through another port of entry.

    -Immigration laws keep out WHITE PEOPLE more than anyone else, but the VDARE crowd lives in their own mind as usual. Notice they have the actual policy assumed “natural” and the nature of life termed “policy”.

    – Only Baby Boomers think the clouds move because they thought about it.

    • Disagree: Rich
  35. Truth says:

    Well, I guess it’s too bad your fearless leader never got around to building the wall.

    • LOL: Peter Akuleyev
  36. If You Voted for Joe Biden, You Ain’t White!

  37. @Supply and Demand

    Yes, China, with over a billion people; 30 million being men of marrying age without enough females to couple them with. Of course! It makes perfect sense that they would need a lot of White Men to come there and fill jobs and help them to run things.

    Next time, be sure to recruit some Negroes. I don’t think they have enough of them there to play basketball with. Maybe, you can bring them some Mexicans or Squatemalans, too. We have more than we need. And, I, for one, am more than willing to share the wonders of diversity with the Chinese; who only have the Uighurs to help them expand their horizons and enrich their lives.

    The Chinese genuinely long for and prize ethnic variety and exotic cultures, and the freedoms that the people enjoy there are without parallel. That’s why Hong Kong is so enthusiastic about their reunification, after being under tyrannical British rule for a Century. NOT!

    They may make room for someone with unique skills that is willing to betray their own people by transferring their knowledge to the Chinese. Yet, once they’ve outlived their usefulness, I’m sure that the Chinese can discard them just as easily as they’ve acquired them. Have fun Camping with the Uighurs!

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  38. @dindunuffins

    These White Americans are the most dependable and loyal patronizers of Celebrity content. Look at the crowds at any major league sporting event, and the faces will be mostly White. White people buy more C.D.’s (or, whatever music downloads they pay to access) than other races. Go to more theaters, and purchase more D.V.D.’s (or, order more Netflix) than other races. They buy the Fanzines and read the biographies of the rich and famous. They indulge in the trivia and collect the merchandise. You rarely see a minority with a large library filled with videos, music, and literature. They are not as prone to accumulating shelves full of pop memorabilia.

    Which is why I’ve wondered for years what these Stars have to gain by going out of their way to insult their core audience? But, I guess White People, overall, must enjoy playing the role of a kicked puppy; who has been coaxed back and eagerly approaches, nervously wagging his tail, as he hopes to be petted and embraced momentarily, before having his ears pulled and being kicked away. Only to repeat the scenario over and over again.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
    , @nymom
  39. @Cowtown Rebel

    Wrong ethnic minority, friend. I married into the Northeastern ones.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  40. The Trump election should have been a knockout landslide and Biden should have been relegated to Clown Car status and a mere historical side note. Since that didn’t happen, and won’t unless litigation or the Supreme Court saves us, it appears Biden has won. Whether through fraudulence or not, we deserve everything that happens to our country. I don’t see many options for a conservative – maybe supporting a Trump Party should it be formed. If any true Patriot can suggest options other than that, please comment.
    Otherwise, there should be a national movement begun to secede into two or more new countries. Norway and Sweden did that in the late 1800s and they did it non-violently. However, I do not think a peaceful solution would be possible with all the BLM and Antifa mayhem out there.

  41. @Supply and Demand

    And, Married Out of what ever your family was before your misbegotten personage materialized. Personally, I couldn’t care or less, just as long as you don’t find your way back to these shores. You can live in Shangri La or Shanghai, it makes absolutely no difference to me, but the notion that multiple scores of White Men are suddenly going to be making their way to China is about as likely as them inhabiting the submerged and lost Continent of Atlantis. Actually, the latter is a more realistic possibility than the former. Jacques Cousteau has shown us the way. And, at least the oceanic scenery is more aesthetically appealing than deep space. No need to look up at the Stars, when you are surrounded by them. I think the novelty would rapidly evaporate into the cosmos. Diver Down!

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  42. @Cowtown Rebel

    Why is it so difficult to fathom people owning property in two countries? I voted for Biden, btw.

    • Replies: @Eureka!
    , @Sebastian Max
  43. Eureka! says:
    @Supply and Demand

    we know you voted for biden, lunatics are easy to spot.

  44. @Cowtown Rebel

    You don’t know any blacks or Latinos I guess. They consume the same crap as white people and just as happily. That’s why Trump made inroads with NAMs, he speaks their same simplified language.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  45. @Peter Akuleyev

    Au Contraire, Mon Fre’re. I grew up in a predominately Black neighborhood that has since become a Barrio. The High School that I attended was evenly divided between Negroes and Hispanics. Out of a student body in excess of 2000, there were approximately 40 White kids. I was literally the only White pupil in several of my classes. Living in a large metropolitan area, my experience with minorities is a constant. I have been a keen observer of their behaviours for a very long time.

    As I said, take a look at the audiences at NFL and NBA games and you cannot for a moment deny that they are overwhelmingly White. Negroes and Hispanics are more prone to watching on pay per view with a house full of friends, sometimes charging them admission to watch on their big screen t.v.’s with surround sound. BYOB, of course. Authentic, legally purchased, League authorized merchandise is more likely to be worn by White people. Negroes and Hispanics are frequently wearing stolen or counterfeit products. They definitely don’t read many of the publications like Sports Illustrated.

    As far as movies are concerned, there are not a great many minority Star Wars or Star Trek fans. Even the desperate measures that the Galaxy, Far, Far Away tried to lure Orcs into their universe with, failed. X-Men, Batman, Tornado Man, Cuckoo Man, Super Chicken… they’re all still almost exclusive indulged in by White men. Even (((Black Panther))) likely has far more White adherents than Negro fans.

    Have you ever been to a book store and counted the number of Negroes and Hispanics versus White customers? I am frequent visitor to Half Price Books, and usually there isn’t a minority to be found. When they are present, it is usually either a single individual, or family buying children’s books (extraordinarily rare). In the mall, the bookstore is just a convenient thoroughfare to the inner hallways.

    Malt Liquor and Grape Soda? Who drinks that? Radar O’Reilly? Menudo and Bimbo baked goods? Habla Espanol? I could go on, but I believe I’ve made my point.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  46. Hibernian says:

    …allowing them to dump their failed bartenders and other problem makers on our shores.

    The 1840s are calling…

  47. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Refuges from Afghanistan are coming. After all, the U.S. created their predicament, plus, they “stood by us.” Sound familiar? Yes, the Vietnamese. But there is one teensy weensy difference. Here in Orange County, CA, another word for “Vietnamese-American” is “valedictorian” or “orthodontist.”

    • Replies: @Sebastian Max
  48. Anon7 says:
    @Jim Christian

    “We’re hollowed out”

    Well, we may be, but there is an amazing amount of money still pouring in. When will the world decide they’ve had enough American debt? That’s the real limit, plus ten years, which is how long it will take before all the poor people around the world figure out we have a shithole that’s no better than their current shithole.

  49. Anon7 says:

    Mr. Derbyshire, perhaps you’re not familiar with the long-term plan for America, which is to have a population of a billion people by 2100. Biden & Co are playing catch-up, having lost four perfectly good years of open borders and unlimited H1B visas to the Bad Orange Man.

    This website explains it all for Canada; just multiply by ten to get America. Don’t miss their nifty web-app that esplains the banana republic economics to you!

    Century Initiative envisions a Canada at scale, with 100 million people in 2100 working together to achieve our shared potential. We see a Canada that’s a global leader, celebrating ambition and innovation, fully leveraging its talent and diversity, and offering an example to the world of broadly shared prosperity.

    There’s plenty of leverage in diversity, no doubt. Especially with sixty-five million “Canadians” who won’t touch back bacon, and are more likely to say “Allahu Akbar!” than “How’s it goin’, eh?”

  50. @Supply and Demand

    That is a ludicrous prediction. Why would an American wish to go to China?

    There is an endless array of reasons against it, but just to hit a few of the most obvious:

    – it’s crowded (1.5B)
    – it’s dirty (self-explanatory)
    – it’s Communist

    In short, it’s full of the filthy anti-liberty Chinese and their disgusting culinary and personal habits (eating any kind of garbage they can catch/find, spitting in the street, spewing endless amounts of pollution into the land, sky, and sea, not flossing or brushing), and all of the evils of any communist regime coupled with all the detriments of an overpopulation crisis that has everyone jammed up against each other all pushing and shoving and living on top of each other. The entire country is like one gigantic slovenly multi-story outhouse full of people who have never had a good idea about government in thousands of years.

    Not to mention, you do realize they hate us, right? It’s literally the seventh circle of hell for a Westerner.

    • Replies: @Anon7
  51. @Anon

    That’s just because Orange County has white infrastructure and schools. If it were under the control of the browns and yellows it would be just as crappy as the places they came from (Mexico and Asia)

    Give it 10 years, then report back. It won’t be long.

  52. @Supply and Demand

    Everyone fathoms it. But we should ban foreign ownership of all real property, because that creates undue and dangerous foreign influence over this nation and society.

    We should also expel all foreigners who are not here on vital business missions.

    Trump completely failed, as Derb pointed out very astutely, to include in his administration, people who correctly perceive what nations require to survive. Which is nationalist policies that reduce or eliminate foreign influence, whether that is in the form of pandemic illnesses, entangling alliances, persons, trade, or military threats.

    Because he failed we face extinction as a nation in the very near term (next 4 years).

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  53. SMK says: • Website
    @El Dato

    “(A)s disaffected rapists and child molesters swarm the family home.” What? Where and who are these mobs of “rapists and child molesters” invading and “swarming” the homes of “goodwhites” and Trump supporters? Do you have any evidence, a single instance? And exactly what do you mean by “disaffected”?

  54. Meanwhile, those trying to enter the country legally face obstacles and hurdles, mountains of documents, and many months of anxious waiting.

    The lesson learned: ‘Tis a far far better thing to just sneak in than to jump through Green Card hoops!

  55. Anon7 says:
    @Sebastian Max

    “In short, it’s full of the filthy anti-liberty Chinese…”

    So, is China one of those countries that is governed by HBD, that is, it just depends on having 95% Han genes and the laws, government structure, leaders, etc. really don’t matter. They just do what they do.

  56. Anon7 says:

    “If Trump has lost…”

    As long as it’s up in the air, even a little, I think Trump should challenge Democrats to a victory lap. Since every Democrat knows that Joe won by millions of votes, why not count them again and celebrate!

    Joe has called for Unity from the depths of his basement, and I think Democrats should go first. Trump should tell Joe that, if he really believes in unity, that he should pressure Democrat mayors and governors to agree to full audits in the disputed states. Even if the audits go past the electoral college vote, and even if they won’t affect the outcome.

    If the Democrats really want Unity, they’ll need to prove that the election wasn’t stolen to the 75 million of us who voted for Trump. How about it, Democrats? Prove to us that you meet the Federal standard for transparent elections.

    If Joe won’t do it, Trump and the Senate Republicans should create and fund a special prosecutor to investigate every single precinct, city, county and state that looks iffy. If it takes years, that would be great.

  57. MEH 0910 says:

  58. @Cowtown Rebel

    Fair enough, on actual memorabilia. I was thinking more about consumption of crap like People Magazine, delivering eye balls to network television or following celebrities on Instagram. Celebrities and athletes are still useful for flogging fast food restaurants and soft drinks to NAMs, and there is a sizable NAM middle class that buys cars, appliances, and everything else. The cynical calculation is no doubt that excess political correctness allows you to gain 1.5 NAM consumers on the margin for every white you might lose.

  59. @Sebastian Max

    Trump was undermined by Mitch McConnell from the get go. I always wonder why more Trump supporters aren’t angry with Mitch. Really all the GOP had to do to guarantee a Trump victory was send out another round of “Trump Checks” in September, or at the very least force the Democrats to say no. But it was always clear that Mitch had no real interest in more public welfare. Mitch is not a populist, and shot down every attempt Trump made to act like one. Thanks to Mitch there is no wall, no infrastructure bill, and no tax on hedge fund managers. Mitch now has his judges and his tax cut, he has no interest in keeping a loose cannon like Trump around.

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
  60. @Rob McX

    The Public Charge measure is welcome, and credit to Trump for it, but it’s not an anti-immigration measure.

  61. nymom says:

    I think it is a little harsh to blame Trump for not doing enough when he was stopped at every turn by using the media and the court system against every policy and law he tried to enforce. Our system is not set up for one man (even a President) to do whatever he wants, otherwise Obama would have done a lot more damage over his eight years in office. Trump needed both houses to get things done and he was barely able to coax the Republican Senate to support him in anything.

    The Democrats might get their wish to have a truly open border, but I don’t think they will be as happy with it as they believe. Many of those newer arrivals will not prove as susceptible to the racial guilt the Democrats have been laying on Americans for the last 50 odd years and national politics could take a weird turn for the worse for their clients in places like Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, etc.,

    Only time will tell…

  62. nymom says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    I wondered about that too, how professional sports figures continue getting their paychecks when they insult their fans endlessly. Not that I am a fan of sports, but I wondered how all these sports teams could suddenly go ‘woke’ and still be profitable. Even ordinary footballers, for instance, make on average about 800,000 annually…

    It came to my attention this weekend.

    Selling of TV and cable rights to viewers worldwide have disconnected the financials of the teams from ordinary US ticket holders. Meaning these TV and cable rights is what makes the money for pro-sports now, not fans paying money to see them playing in local stadiums.

    So there’s your answer. Americans have lost their leverage over both sports teams and I assume Hollywood movie makers as well. Thus, boycotts don’t hurt them any more as they just re-focus on the international markets thru TV and cable channels.

    Americans can be safely ignored without impacting their bottom line.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  63. @nymom

    Yes, I suppose that explains it. But, it still seems strange that foreigners, particularly Asians, would embrace the American version of football over the soccer that is so popular around the World. Rugby and Cricket are also participated in and watched enthusiastically overseas. So, it is still puzzling to me why Koreans and Chinese would want to see a bunch of Negroes play with their balls?

    Same thing with the movie industry. Bollywood in India, and practically every other Nation with the capability to produce television programs and motion pictures, has their own media companies airing content that reflects the society in which they are made. Why would they want to see American pictures, when they have the option to view content that is more oriented toward their culture? Many of the foreigners that I know here in the U.S. only watch programs that cater to their people, tuning into internet stations. For the Mexicans, radio and television alternatives are abundant. It seems inconceivable that American media can maintain a lasting grasp on audiences abroad. It may be a last ditch effort to save (((their))) companies. I think that the global dominance of American entertainment, music, sports, film, etc… is rapidly waning and trying its final, last gasp, attempts to remain relevant and profitable. But, I guess, (((they))) are bought into those international companies as well. I wonder if that arrangement is sustainable for (((them)))? (((They))) can’t just alter their names and blend in as easily in other parts of the World.

    Regardless, it was baffling to see a stadium full of White people booing while Negroes took a knee during the National Anthem (To Anacreon In Heaven), and, then, to begin cheering once the Playaz took the field! Mike RoboPence 2.0 is one of the few to do the right thing and get up and walk out. Actually, he never should have been in attendance to begin with, unless it was to make a counter statement by leaving before the game started. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the Orcs if everyone else had followed him? It was funny enough to see their expressions when they were being jeered, I can only speculate how they would have responded to an emptying stadium. Now, I guess they are playing in front of cardboard cutouts, so the opportunity has passed. Rod Serling should be narrating this insanity.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  64. @Cowtown Rebel

    In Asia only the middle and upper classes may watch some Hollywood movies; the vast masses consume their own and wouldn’t be able to relate to American made films. The only Hollywood stars they may be familiar with are Arnold Schwartzenneger and Chuck Norris. The impact of American culture on the world, other than on Europeans, is overrated. Similarly European culture is mostly influential in America. In the rest of the world, apart from a few westernised snobs, the people consume their own.

  65. @Supply and Demand

    I’ve recruited 2 more Americans for my university in China

    Ah, it always starts with the universities. The rot. The cosmopolitanism. The mondialsim. The globalism.

    Why can’t Americans be satisfied with just visiting China to admire its past and present cultural and engineering achievements, and similarly Chinese visitors to America? America could have been another great country but now it’s too late and lets hope it doesn’t destroy other great countries by spreading that which is bringing on its own downfall.

  66. Immigrants go to US for the money and not for the love of America. Same with the EU, Canada, Australia. They still love their own countries more. With time some may be brainwashed by the propaganda to appreciate some of the other advantages America has over their countries of origin and start to feel American, losing their original perspective.

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