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If Mayor Buttigieg Were Any Good On National Question, I Wouldn’t Care If He [Expletive Deleted]. But He’s Not.
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Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on

Three weeks ago I passed some noncommittal remarks about Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. That was by way of arguing that from the point of view of the Democratic Party, an ideal candidate would be a non-crazy, unthreatening person with just a smidgen of diversity to bring out the SJW voters.

Buttigieg, I argued, fills the bill because he’s homosexual—that’s the smidgen of diversity—but otherwise comes across as a regular guy. He doesn’t want to persecute Christian bakers or boycott fast-food outlets.

Since then, Beto O’Rourke’s star has faded as people have noticed his weirdness and hyperbolic vocabulary. For just the reasons I spoke about—non-crazy, unthreatening, smidgen of diversity—Mayor Buttigieg has filled the void, now that we’ve all figured out how to pronounce his name.

So I’ve been taking a closer look at Mayor Buttigieg. From what I can gather about his positions on the National Question, there’s no way I could vote for him, unless the Republicans were to dump Donald Trump and nominate Jeff Flake. I’m just trying to figure whether Buttigieg would be a plausible Democratic candidate next year.

My inquiries started out in negative territory—I mean, with a disposition to think he’s not a serious candidate.

There’s that name, for example. No, not the surname: Nobody can help his surname, and I’m guessing Buttigieg had stopped being bothered about jokes directed at his surname by the time he got to First Grade, at the latest.

No, it’s not the “Buttigieg,” it’s the “Pete” that irks me. Having lived through the Jimmy Carter Presidency I am inoculated for life against Presidents who want to be referred to by a juvenile diminutive. If the U.S.A. were ever to elect a President who called himself Timmy, I swear I would renounce my citizenship.

Plus, I can never quite get out of my mind the old English schoolyard joke.

Q: What do you call an Irishman who’s been dead and buried for five hundred years?

A: Peat.

And then, still on the negative side, there was the business about Buttigieg speaking seven languages. I was skeptical, I’ll admit. Linguistic prowess, like sexual prowess, is easy to boast of but much less easy to demonstrate to a skeptical public.

Certainly there are people with a talent for acquiring languages. The 19th-century English writer George Borrow was exceptional in that line. Ann Ridler’s careful, scholarly study of Borrow’s language skills concludes that he had reading competence in 51 languages and speaking competence in 20. It happens. And yes, that sound you hear is my teeth grinding: I’m hopeless at languages myself, so I come at this topic freighted with envy.

Where the boasts of politicians are concerned, however, skepticism is always in order. Buttigieg added an extra layer of skepticism by claiming to have learned Norwegian so he could read a particular writer of that language in the original.

When I first read that I thought: Wait a minute … Didn’t James Joyce learn Norwegian so he could read Ibsen? Yes he did. Had Buttigieg read that fact somewhere and just … appropriated it? I was suspicious.

Too suspicious, at least where Norwegian was concerned. The Washington Post website has a video clip of Buttigieg answering questions in Norwegian.

He doesn’t sound too sure of himself in the language; but he understands the questions and gives some kind of answers, and the Norwegians seem happy.

That raised my estimation of the guy somewhat. But then I read Daniel Greenfield’s April 9th takedown of Buttigieg and his city. South Bend, says Greenfield, is a public-sector plantation—a typical “empty sandwich” Democratic city with a big violent black and Hispanic underclass, a white lefty elite class, and nothing much in between.

But didn’t Buttigieg win re-election as mayor with eighty percent of the vote? Yes he did. What the media doesn’t tell you is the actual numbers who voted for him: eight and a half thousand in a city of a hundred thousand.

In other words, South Bend got Buttigieg the way New York City got de Blasio: by hardly anyone bothering to vote, other than public-sector union members and professors of Gender Studies. Meanwhile the homicide rate is worse than Chicago’s.

Edited quote from Daniel Greenfield:

South Bend is a human tragedy. And while Buttigieg isn’t solely responsible for [its] woes, he has exploited it, instead of trying to fix it, using buzzwords and gimmicks to build a national brand …

Mayor Buttigieg is betting that the national media won’t bother looking at South Bend.

So far he’s been proven right.

Appropriate for Good Friday, and Passover, the story of Pete—dammit, Peter—Buttigieg’s rise has a religious sidebar.

He’s been mayor of South Bend since January 2012. That means that his mayoral terms have completely embraced Michael Pence’s four-year governorship of Indiana, the state in which South Bend sits…or festers. Pence has of course been Donald Trump’s Vice President since 2017.

Mayor Buttigieg and ex-Governor Pence are both devout Christians: the mayor an Episcopalian, the Vice President an evangelical. Buttigieg is a homosexual who is married to another guy; Pence is a biblical literalist who believes homosexual intercourse is against the law of God.

Hence the following, from an interview Buttigieg granted to CNN this week:

Clip: The Vice President is entitled to his religious beliefs. My problem is when those religious beliefs are used as an excuse to harm other people.

That was a huge issue for us in Indiana when he advanced [and then retreated from] a discriminatory bill in 2015 under the guise of religious freedom that said it was lawful to discriminate provided you invoke religion as your excuse. And I just believe that’s wrong.

This isn’t about him as a human being. This is about policies that hurt people—policies that hurt children.


And to this day, if you listen closely to what he says, you’ll notice that to this day he has not brought himself to say that it shouldn’t be legal to discriminate against people in this country because they’re LGBT. In most parts of this country you can still be fired, denied housing, denied services because of who you are. He seems to be OK with that. I would love to see him evolve on that issue.

I found that objectionable in several different ways. Speaking as a Freedom Of Association absolutist, I’m fine with discrimination. If you want to fire me, or don’t want to hire me, or don’t want to serve me, or rent a room to me, because I’m white, or male, or heterosexual, or have a British accent, or am too old or too conservative, I’m fine with it. I’ll go elsewhere.

Laws against discrimination are a money pot for the shyster attorneys who promote them, and who finance the politicians that pass them; for the rest of us, they are an insult and a nuisance.

And then there’s that prissy millennial usage “LGBT.” If pressed on the matter, I might allow that there’s a hole in our language here. We need some clear, short way to say “sexually eccentric,” now that “freak” has gone out of fashion. No, I don’t want to bring back “freak”; that would be more trouble than it’s worth. I just think we need a plain word, preferably just one syllable, in place of that pretentiously managerial Human-Resources-Department-speranto “LGBT.”

And then there’s the appeal to snowflakery: “Policies that hurt people—policies that hurt children.”

Mr Mayor: If I whack you upside the head with a loaded pool cue, I will have hurt you, and the law supplies you with remedies. If I sign a bill to prevent homosexual scout masters from taking young boys on camping trips in the woods, I haven’t hurt anybody. Where the children are concerned, much more likely the contrary—I have saved them from hurt.

What I mostly dislike about that clip, though, is the glimpse it gives us of the iron fist inside the CultMarx velvet glove. The mayor tells us that he would love to see the Vice President, quote, “evolve” on the issue of discriminating against sexually eccentric people. “Evolve”—to a higher form of life, you see? To get on the right side of history! Our side! Or else …

Whether Mayor Buttigieg is on the right side of history, history itself will reveal in the fulness of time. There is no doubt he’s on the right side of the zeitgeist, though—the side where all the goodthinkful people stand, the side where all the media talking heads, college administrators, schoolmarms, social-network CEOs, and Human Resources Managers stand.

In this little engagement with the Vice President, Buttigieg is punching down. Behind that engaging boyish smile, if you watch closely, you can glimpse the sneer of cold contempt, the arrogance of power.

And what about the homosexuality thing? Is that likely to help Buttigieg in a general election, or hurt him?

That’s hard to call. I hear that Democratic strategists are worried that a homosexual candidate might lose them black votes; and of course it would be interesting to hear what our Moslem congressgals think about it.

Public attitudes have liberalized a lot this past twenty years. Still, on the poll numbers I’ve looked at, they haven’t liberalized as much as I’d have guessed, or as Social Justice Warriors would have wished. There is still a big block of Americans who are negative on the issue.

For how many, though, is it a deal-breaker? That’s the thing it’s really hard to know. Polls tend to emphasize the binary aspect, for-against, and forget all the shades of intermediate opinion people have: mild disapproval, grudging acceptance, not-much-bothered-either-way.

Speaking for myself, I’m wary of admitting homosexuals to positions of power. They have a way of taking over and corrupting institutions they are let into: The courts of at least two English kings illustrate the problem. So, come to think of it, does Mayor Buttigieg’s church, the Episcopal Church, which is now pretty much just a dating club for homosexuals.

That said, however, there are issues of salience. To borrow a figure of speech from Lady Ann: If we had a homosexual President who got Congress to pass real patriotic immigration reform—an Israeli-style border fence, compulsory E-verify, visa tracking, moratoriums on legal immigration and refugee resettlement—if we had that guy as Chief Executive, I wouldn’t care if he let himself be buggered on the White House lawn in broad daylight.

2010-12-24dl[1]John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT(also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    If Mayor Buttigieg Were Any Good On National Question, I Wouldn’t Care If He [Expletive Deleted]. But He’s Not.

    There are homo nationalists, but those homos who make a big deal of their homo-hood aren’t likely to be nationalists. After all, just like a Jew who is Jew-first will identify with Jews around the world than with any particular goy nation, a homo who is homo-first will identify with homos around the world than with straights of his own nation/race.

    Generally, homo-nationalists tend to keep their sexual thing to themselves. Greg Johnson remains in the closet because he sees it as a personal thing. Politically, he sides with nation and race.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  2. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Maybe they should call South Bend ‘South Bend-over’.

    So, the town of Notre Dame University elects a homo fecal penetrator who says god blessed him with lust for sodomy.

    Jews totally own Christians. Jews promoted homomania to replace Christianity with Queertianity, and it looks like they succeeded. These christ-cucks are so pathetic.

    • Replies: @Alden
  3. Rich says:

    It’s starting to annoy me how people keep saying this homosexual mayor is a “devout Christian”. It is impossible to be a practicing homosexual and a Christian of any sort, let alone a “devout” one. The New Testament expressly prohibits homosexuality, as does the Old. There’s absolutely nothing wishy-washy about it. The media can push it all they want, they’re not fooling actual Christians, or even clear thinking non-religious folk.

    There is absolutely no chance I would ever vote for a homosexual, even if he appeared to agree with me on every single issue. I believe, as did everyone else until yesterday, that homosexuals are deviants with serious psychological issues.

    • Agree: dfordoom, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @mark green
  4. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Butt-gig sees illegal immigration as the buttf*** of America. He loves demographic sodomy.

  5. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    It’s starting to annoy me how people keep saying this homosexual mayor is a “devout Christian”.

    There are two kinds of white people.

    1. Those who are mentally colonized by Jewish supremacists.

    2. Those who are mentally liberated from Jewish supremacists.

    Jewish power controls media, entertainment, and academia, and it promoted homomania as the new holy. White people are glued to junk on TV, and PC undermined critical thought and skepticism. So, whites just grow up sucking in the PC ideology and ‘idology’.
    Since their minds are colonized by Jewish media/academia, they believe homo is holy.
    If homo is holy, then it must be next to godliness. So, god must bless homos.

    This is how white people ‘think’. Of course, they don’t. It’s more like ‘shink’ or shill-think.

  6. nickels says:

    When are people going to understand that being a butt munching faggot and supported the Oligarchy suppressing and murdering its own people are two sides of the same coin?
    Thats the weakness of the non traditionalist-Christian nationalist types. They think they can have their liberalism cake and dine on it too.
    These people think the anus is a sex organ. You think they are going to understand something more complex, like demographic displacement?
    They are stupider than children. They are insane, in rebellion against reason.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. Patricus says:

    A openly homosexual president is probably a bridge too far at this time. Maybe in another generation. Hopefully America will undergo another Great Awakening before that happens. Imagine, white women will have children. Abortions frowned upon. Homosexuality back in the closet (I hope the old pastime of stomping queers does not return). Metrosexuals will also jam into the closet. Everyone armed. Governments curtailed and cops fear the citizens.

  8. His Norwegian was understandable,, i have heard worse from muricans actually living here tbh.
    other than that my opinion of him is the same as of other politicians, iow lying puss filled scumbags that should be avoided.

  9. MBlanc46 says:

    I would never vote for a Dem, ever, ever, ever. (I’m not keen on Repubs, either.) I would not vote for a sexual deviant whatever other qualities he might have.

  10. “If the U.S.A. were ever to elect a President who called himself Timmy, I swear I would renounce my citizenship.” Trump likes to nickname people. I will nickname Trump Timmy. Everyone has to start calling Trump Timmy. Derbyshire will then be leaving the USA!!!

    You outdid yourself again Derbyshire. You don’t like homos, but you’ll vote for one if he’s good on immigration. Homos would never do this. Males like variety in their partners so foreign males are a plus for them.

    Again, you cannot think logically because of your Chinese family. Here is another one of your insane blogs from VDare:

    In it you mention a EuroSinoNippon alliance. The Japanese hate the Chinese because the Chinese are inferior to them. Which country is better – China or Japan? Japan will never form an alliance with China.

    You cannot comment rationally on the immigration because you caused a problem in the USA with your Chinese family.

  11. SafeNow says:

    Mayor Pete is smart, but Jimmy Carter might well have been the smartest President, in the college board sense. There is a big disconnect between smart/articulate, and having good judgment. During the Camelot years, “the best and the brightest” pursued the insane Vietnam war. Here in California where I live, we are filled with highly intelligent people who regularly do obviously preposterous things.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @anon
  12. @Anon

    Greg Johnson remains in the closet because …

    Thanks a lot, asshole!


    Greg Johnson

  13. It’s BUTTPLUG….MAYOR PETE BUTTPLUG……And he is waging HOMO war against European Christian Russia and Trump’s NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN VOTING BLOC….

    POTUS BUTTPLUG and his fellow homosexual degenerates….PEDERAST Rock Star Pete Townshend……want to able to adopt-have access to White Christian Russian male infants so they can rape them….Vladimir Putin is an obstruction to this…..

    By Pete Towshends’ own admission…the preview photo displayed on his computer from a NAMBLA type website was of a Russian infant being raped by an adult male…..

    I would still reject the homosexual swine Pete Buttplug….

  14. I really don’t see how anyone or any species can really evolve on the issue of homosexuality. How far is evolution gonna take this guy Buttigieg? I don’t see any procreation coming out of his “marriage” and that’s pretty much the first step, ain’t it?

    Anyway, that was a great article, as my first piece of information on this guy (I do know something of South Bend, Indiana). I especially liked, Mr. D., your nice inclusion of the HR ladies with the rest of the ctrl-left scum along with “the media talking heads, college administrators, schoolmarms, social-network CEOs”. Peak Stupidity has a big, big anti-Human Resources stance – for more, read HR – scourge of the business world (along with Part 2, Part 3 and Exhibit A – Toby Flenderson).

  15. POTUS George W Bush…a buttplugger….his campaign advisor Karl Rove a notorious buttplugger in DC Society……

  16. Intolerance is a virtue…..Tolerance=the buttplugging of America…this ain’t Conservative Christian….there is no other Christianity than Conservative Christianity…

  17. Karl Rove is a filthy disgusting subhuman buttplugg parasite from HELL!!!!!……and a very good friend of the “Conservative” Bush Family ………Bush Family reading material at the Kennebunk Port Estate:250 FART JOKES….THE ZEN OF BUTTPLUGS…

  18. According to the filthy fat homosexual swine Karl Rove:”Oh yeah…late in August at the Bush Family Kennebunkport Estate….late at night we all sit around the campfire toasting marshmallows on stick…. George W would pull the buttplug out of his ass…and start singing Billy Mummy’s Fishheads song with Buttplugs substituted for Fishheads:BUTT-LUGS…BUTTPLUGS…SMELLY SMELLY BUTPLUGS……Barbara the Matriarch of the Bush Family would then would bust out in gut busting laughter which unleashed barrage of booming farts from the old whores ass… was good fun for all!!!!”

  19. @SafeNow

    I bet Herbert Hoover, a real engineer, was more intelligent than Jimmah. Mr. Carter had been in the nuclear Navy, but whatever term they gave him did not make him an engineer. I’ll give President Carter one piece of praise, at least. I believe he was the most honest man to be President since possibly well before Ike, Truman, and before that, I couldn’t tell you.

  20. I just think we need a plain word, preferably just one syllable, in place of that pretentiously managerial Human-Resources-Department-speranto “LGBT.”

    “Fag” works.

    It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea of someone routinely buttfucking the president of the United States. We’d be a laughingstock.

  21. Technomad says:

    A big part of my objection to this guy comes from his slender resume. I do not care what other people do in bed, as long as all participants have consented to it.

    • Replies: @dvorak
  22. @Rich

    I’m pretty weak on biblical history and religious prohibitions, but I was not aware that Christ spoke of, or rendered a specific opinion about, homosexuality. Did he?

    It is undeniably true that the Old Testament (Torah) denounces and forbids homosexuality, but I thought that all the Christian bible-thumpers out there picked up the ‘God-given’ against decree against homosexuality exclusively from the Old Testament.

    True or false?

    In any event, it is remarkable that today’s conservative Christians (and never Orthodox Jews) are openly mocked, derided and held accountable by the LGBTQ establishment for their ‘homophobia’–even though it’s the Jews who are the originators of this lingering ‘prejudice’.

    Once again, Jews receive special deference (if not an outright exemption) for attitudes and conduct that, when found in others, is condemned as ‘discriminatory’.

    • Replies: @Rich
  23. He offers a heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality, in the Biblical sense.

  24. swamped says:

    “it’s the ‘Pete’ that irks me. Having lived through the Jimmy Carter Presidency I am inoculated for life against Presidents who want to be referred to by a juvenile diminutive. If the U.S.A. were ever to elect a President who called himself Timmy, I swear I would renounce my citizenship”…Kaine hasn’t announced yet & probably won’t; & Tim Ryan (Tim who?) doesn’t stand much of a chance. But unlike the stuffy UK, ‘diminutives’ are a favored American tradition, a republican touch in a land with no ‘Lords & Ladies’. A practice worth preserving. Jimmy Carter is a sight better than James Earl Carter. Mitt’s a cute juvenile name that unfortunately is probably the only thing appealing about Romney. Pete Wilson was once considered to be a viable Republican presidential candidate. Nicknames are easier to say & more amiable. Beto is especially cute so let’s hope he stays in the race. ‘Weirdness’ should never disqualify anyone.
    But homosexuality should disqualify, that’s beyond weird; that’s downright nasty. Anyone believing that there could ever be any trade-off’s that would allow such degeneracy on the White House lawn, of all places, should be stripped of their citizenship & deported to Brunei.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Neuday
  25. “Evolve”—to a higher form of life, you see?

    Evolution doesn’t have a direction. To evolve is simply to change gradually. It’s an absurd human pretense (especially common among the I FUCKIN’ LOVE SCIENCE! crowd) to believe that since we’re the Johnny Come Latelys in terms of life on this planet, we’re the “goal” of evolution, its permanent peak. But ask yourself who’s really a greater evolutionary success: humans, who survive mostly by changing and eventually destroying every environment they invade, or the horseshoe crab, which has survived, virtually unchanged, for 450 million years?

  26. “…if we had that guy as Chief Executive, I wouldn’t care if he let himself be…”

    What if in return for getting that, it required not just tolerance, but celebration, or even to prove your bona fides, participation? Just like belonging to any gang, would they trust you otherwise? The events emerging in the Roman Catholic hierarchy persuade no.

    Didn’t that famous feminist, in regards to Bill Clinton having delivered what she wanted on abortion, say she’d get down on her knees and reward the satyr President with a blow job? Isn’t it the same calculation?

    We have a means and end problem here, with the end likely to reflect the means.

  27. George says:

    The problem with Buttigieg is there was not South Bend economic miracle. Another flaw is his possibly bogus military duty. I have been noticing a certain number of potential pols being sent to war zones to be military intelligence workers.

    search on e micheal jones buttigieg. Jones and friends actually live in South Bend. Jones wrote a book: Home Alone: A Neighbor’s Thoughts on Pete Buttigieg.

  28. Rich says:
    @mark green

    I’m no biblical scholar either, but I do know that Jesus said specifically that “A man shall leave his father and cling to his wife…” a specific reference to the marriage of one man and one woman. I’m not really sure why people play games trying to pretend not knowing that Christianity was opposed to homosexuality and sex outside of marriage from day one. St Paul clearly condemns homosexuality several times, Romans 1:21-27, Corinthians 6:9-10, Timothy 1:9-10. And even without religion, we know that homosexuality is a disgusting act, the rectum is obviously not a sex organ. Please, let’s not play pretend.

  29. @swamped

    Now that you bring it up, Swamped, I see that I am in complete agreement with you on the “diminutive” form of names. It is indeed an American thing, and a good thing, to have disdain for all the fancy titles and names that show one’s aristocracy, or purport to, vs. the simple “Jimmy” Carter. I also liked that part about the man*.

    I put “diminutive” in quotes like that, as I don’t even think “Pete” really is a diminutive. I’ve known 5% of Peters that were called “Petey” which IS the diminutive. “Pete” is just short for “Peter”, like “Cathy” for “Catherine”, “Beth” for “Elizabeth”, “Joe” for Joseph, and on-an-on.

    No, trust me, for this candidate, the last name is one I’d have the problem with, mainly because of what else we know about him. I don’t know how I could keep a straight (get it?) face in a debate with Mr. Butt-something. (Can someone please write out the phonetics? I don’t watch TV, so I truly don’t know how it’s pronounced.)


    * Though I have much more respect for him as a leader, including as commander-in-chief over the winning of the Cold War, with all his regrets accepted over his signing the disastrous ’86 Amnesty bill, Mr. Reagan had a different type of humility than that of Mr. Carter. He was more into the pompetous (haha, it must be a word, it’s in a Steve Miller song) of the office of US President.

    Let me put it this way: Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA) is the busy national airport 3 miles from the heart of darkness Washington, FS. It has a control tower and is underneath/inside the very busy Potomac Approach airspace. Jimmy Carter Airport is in Americus, Georgia, a town of 17,000 people, is an uncontrolled field (like 90% of US airports), and you can indeed pull the plane off onto the taxiway to let your brother go take a piss in the weeks, if he had too many Billy Beers on the way down. A plane might land 5 times a day, other than practice tough-and-goes.

  30. Neuday says:

    The US elected a swishy degenerate named Barack, fercryinoutloud. We obviously have no standards about names, accomplishments or heterosexuality. We are not a serious country, and haven’t been since we elected a sexual predator with a penchant for chubby young interns.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Alden
  31. For what it’s worth in 1923 reichsmarks, I agree with Mr. Derbyshire’s recommendations regarding immigration. But what does he propose in regard to the very large Latin American population born in the US or otherwise permanent? Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey of American Renaissance have stated clearly that they are against assimilation. It seems to me that Mr. Derbyshire, as a leader of anti-immigrant politics, owes the country an answer to this question.

  32. Anonymous [AKA "NotAsItSeems"] says: • Website

    Here is some more detail on his mayoral re-election. Shady stuff:

  33. @Fred V. Reed


    Fred….You have no problem with the US born children voting Mexican Wetbacks Voting my People to a ever dwindling racial minority within the borders of America……

    It will all be solved in a race war…..Will your Lesbian daughter be voting for Pete Buttplug?

  34. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Well, maybe things will begin to change when people like Ann Coulter stop noticing that Israel can have a wall whereas the US can’t and start noticing that the US can’t have a wall just like Palestinians in the West Bank can’t. Just like West Bank Palestinians will be arrested for resisting the Jewish-Zionist Caravan, white Americans will be arrested for resisting the Brown Caravan.

    What do West Bank Palestinians and White Americans have in common? They are both under imperial-colonization of the Empire of Judea. Things will begin to change for White America ONLY WHEN whites begin to realize that Jews see them as merely More Palestinians. If Jews treat Palestinians like garbage, why would they treat your people any better?

    • Agree: mark green
  35. @War for Blair Mountain


    Your beloved Mexican Wetbacks used force and violence….DEATH TREATS….to expel THE NATIVE BORN WHITE MALE WORKING CLASS in the Constructi0n and trade labor markets in California and Long Island….

    30 minutes ago I just drove past the South Hampton 7/11…for a few years a lone NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALE CONSTRUCTION WORKER did a vigil in front of the South Hampton 7/11 protesting the use of Mexican Scab Labor……I stopped and spoke to this guy several times….and he told that the Mexican Wetbacks across the streeet waiting to be picked up by the greedy White Conntractors every morning would threaten to murder him in Cold Blood every morning….

    Fred…..I hate you with every fiber of my being… are a creepy fucking piece of shit….

    • Replies: @Daniel H
  36. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    China and Israel have one thing in common in that both are experiencing Core Expansion. Core Han population expands into Tibet and Xinjiang(aka Uighur land) and Israel Jews expand into West Bank.
    Anglos used to be like that too, moving into Western and Southwestern territories. But today, Anglos are experiencing Core Implosion. The core population recedes and fades while being replaced by new people. In Canada, Anglos are under Jewish command who call for more Diversity, and Han Chinese are taking advantage of this to take over real estate in certain key cities.

  37. @Achmed E. Newman

    “Can someone please write out the phonetics”

    Okay here they are : “Boot-ee-geeg”. These being romanized phonetics, which which Guitar would be pronounced : “Gooey-tar”

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  38. Midnight says:

    And then there’s that prissy millennial usage “LGBT.”

    Nobody says ‘N’,’A’,’S’,’A’ for NASA. We pronounce the acronym ‘Nassa’. Nobody says ‘T’,’S’,’C’,’A’ for TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act). We pronounce it ‘Tosca”.

    Why not pronounce ‘LGBT’ as the word ‘Lugbut’? We need the additional rule that as letters are added to LBGT, we ignore them and still say Lugbut.

    Simple, Ay?

  39. G. Poulin says:

    Mayor Buttplug says he is against the harassment of Christians by our homo overlords. But what exactly does he propose to do about it ? Just another gasbag politician, only with a twist this time.

  40. Sorry, I find the entire article somewhere settled in the Kindergarten.
    Not one US political puppet is in any shape or form electable, granted you’d even have elections. you got a selection of corrupt puppets who all have a skeleton in the closet, that can be pulled out if the selected puppet does not toe the line expected from him.

    And seriously, what criteria is this? “Oh, the guy answered some Norwegians in Norwegian, makes me consider him eventually”. Don’t you care what these puppets actually stand for in terms of policy, eg shutting down the criminal FED or so?
    The US are totally insane, preoccupied with bread and circuses on a frightening low level of being.

    You can “elect” whoever you want, this puppet will just be an expression of the sorry, degenerate state you are in.
    It is time to finally start questioning your entire system democracy, it is a farce, restore your Republic before it is too late, let the US inc go bankrupt, which is what it is.

  41. ‘…In most parts of this country you can still be fired, denied housing, denied services because of who you are…’

    And that’s as it should be. Turn it on its head: what right have you to demand that I employ you, house you, serve you if I don’t like you? What is left of freedom if we concede that one can impose on others to that extent?

  42. @Fred V. Reed

    ‘For what it’s worth in 1923 reichsmarks, I agree with Mr. Derbyshire’s recommendations regarding immigration. But what does he propose in regard to the very large Latin American population born in the US or otherwise permanent? ‘

    One has to be realistic and humane. It’s one thing to mistreat people already legally here; for one thing, they’ll object. It’s entirely practical, though, to bar any more from coming, and to make it impractical for anyone here illegally to find work.

  43. @Authenticjazzman

    Thank you, Jazzman. I guess it’s accented on the 1st syllable.

    • Replies: @Germanicus
  44. Derbyshire knows a lot about Chinese history, and I wonder if he noticed that Trumpism turned out to be like the Hundred Flowers Campaign.

    In the mid-50s, Mao goaded the Chinese people to speak freely. Don’t hold it in. Come out and say what’s on your minds. Let a hundred flowers bloom.
    After awhile, people began to speak freely and express their frustrations. But a lot of what they had to say went against Maoist dogma and the Mao cult.
    So, what began as ‘spring’ ended soon enough as winter. Worse, those who’d spoken freely and honesty were targeted and ruined, mostly by being sent to ‘re-education’ camps. Some were outright executed. The flowers were suddenly ‘weeds’ to destroy.

    We see the same thing with Trumpism. Because Trump acted so loud and brazen, many Americans thought the Overton window had shifted. Also, with Trump as president, surely white voices would be heard and protected. So, people who previously said little or nothing finally began to come together and speak their piece.

    But this just gave the Jews the opportunity to identity those individuals, target them, get them fired, get them deplatformed, get them ruined, and even sent to prison on trumped-up charges. (If Jews can sabotage the big fish president with bogus Russian collusion hoax, they can surely and easily destroy small fish.)
    And what did tough guy white man Trump do for people who followed his lead? NOTHING. He just twiddled his thumbs while Jews in media, academia, deep state, courts, and high-tech went about shutting down tons of his supporters.

  45. @Achmed E. Newman

    What is left of freedom if we concede that one can impose on others to that extent?

    This actually applies to any voter, who mindlessly imposes the consequences of his action onto all others. Among the other are many who do not vote and call out this corrupt circus.
    How is freedom respected, if a stupid majority imposes stupid stuff onto themselves, and unfortunately onto and the rest as well?

    Why has a majority a right to impose themselves, usually to their own disadvantage?

  46. @Priss Factor

    Trump emboldened white people to act bold and brazen, but when Jewish Power went after them, Trump not only did NOTHING but sucked up to Jewish Power while telling destroyed lives to be ‘good’. Trump is like someone who says, “It’s all safe and clear now. You can come out.” But when people come out of the bushes, they are mowed down by Jews while Trump does nothing. In effect, Trump has just been an informer, wittingly or not, of the Jewish Supremacist Inquisition.

  47. Daniel H says:
    @Fred V. Reed

    Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey of American Renaissance have stated clearly that they are against assimilation. It seems to me that Mr. Derbyshire, as a leader of anti-immigrant politics, owes the country an answer to this question.

    Fred, if immigration were cut off now, sorting and assimilation would proceed at their own natural pace. American society would settle down to its own steady state. Overt efforts towards assimilation would be unnecessary and counter productive. I don’t think that Taylor proposes anything other than just let people associate with whom they wish to, without the government forcing its hand on the matter.

  48. Daniel H says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Outside of a few strictly controlled unions (operating engineers, sand hog laborers, iron workers on big projects) a young American man has no hope of a career/life in construction unless he becomes ruthless and exploitive in turn. He must become the one hiring the illegal scab labor. He must become ruthless, cold, hard, corrupt. And I blame the Republican party more than anybody for this state of affairs. Oh, how they conned us all back in 1986. Reagan claimed that he was going to bring illegal immigration under control, and finally the working laborer was going to get a break. Reagan did nothing to stem illegal invasion. Neither did George Bush, neither did his idiot son. We were conned, and yet most of us gave these scum our vote. Well, I’m not getting chumped anymore. I don’t care. It’s every man for himself.

  49. @Priss Factor

    ‘…And what did tough guy white man Trump do for people who followed his lead? NOTHING. He just twiddled his thumbs while Jews in media, academia, deep state, courts, and high-tech went about shutting down tons of his supporters.’

    Trump is a mediocrity. This isn’t to condemn him; most of us are mediocrities.

    It’s to condemn us. Trump is the best we could come up with.

  50. dvorak says:

    A big part of my objection to this guy comes from his slender resume.

    Red-diaper babies tend to be ambitious. Just look at Kamala and Rahm Emanuel.

  51. anon[993] • Disclaimer says:

    Here in California where I live, we are filled with highly intelligent people who regularly do obviously preposterous things.

    beaners are not “highly intelligent”

  52. When a man tells me he has a husband that is about all I want to know about him.

  53. Trump is a mediocrity. This isn’t to condemn him; most of us are mediocrities.

    True but the problem is he didn’t act like one. He acted like a trail-blazer, an American Apollo bring forth a new dawn of freedom and liberty. Emboldened by his bold style, dissident-types came forth and marched behind him as shield. But when the Power opened fire, Trump ran off and let his followers get mowed down.

    It would have been less dangerous IF Trump had acted the mediocrity. Because he acted like a DIFFERENT politician willing to take on the Swamp, a lot of people got swept up in rhetoric and action in hope that Trump would cover for them. Trump just left them exposed.

    • Agree: By-tor, follyofwar
  54. Art Deco says:

    a typical “empty sandwich” Democratic city with a big violent black and Hispanic underclass, a white lefty elite class, and nothing much in between.

    South Bend is a municipality within St. Joseph County, Indiana.

    1. The population of St. Joseph County is 13.6% black, almost precisely the national mean. About 38% of that population lives in the core city, South Bend, a proportion which is unremarkable for a Rustbelt city.

    2. StatsIndiana reports that there were 129,000 employed persons in St. Joseph County in 2017. The Census Bureau reports there were 211,000 people past their 16th birthday living there. The employment-to-population ratio (0.61) was almost precisely the national mean in 2017. St. Joseph County isn’t a collecting pool of dysfunctional people.

    3. St. Joseph County is, however, comparatively impecunious, with per capita income levels about 17% below national means. Wales has income levels about 30% below the British mean. Is it a stew of social pathology or a society of latifundiaries and peons?

    4. The per capita income levels in South Bend are about 18% below county-wide averages (not remarkable for a core city). That amounts to about 66% of national means.

    5. About 27% of South Bend’s population is black. South Bend’s blacks have income levels about 40% of national means while the remainder of South Bend’s population has income levels about 75% of national means. That translates into 49% and 92% of county-wide averages, respectively.

    6. Noting that St. Joseph County has income levels about 17% below national means. If you delineated a community which excluded about 11% of the working population in the most handsomely compensated professional-managerial employments, you’d have a population whose per capita income level was about 17% below national means. It’s a reasonable wager, though, that St. Joseph County has such people and may even have them in roughly normal proportions, but they’re receiving salaries which are under par for their profession (assessed on a national scale).

    7. Students of social strata may differ about how to define the lumpenproletarian population, but a common figure cited is 4% of the total population. Again, the coarse metrics do not indicate an abnormal share of the population of St. Joseph County is alienated from the workforce. If all the lumpenproletarians live in South Bend, that indicates an underclass population therein of roughly 10% of the total.

    8. Again, the income levels in South Bend as a whole are about 18% below county-wide means. That’s what you’d get if you excluded the 11% or 12% of the local population in the most handsomely compensated occupations.

    9. A population with income levels 51% of local means is what you’d expect if you were looking at one composed of low-skill tertiary sector wage-earners of the sort who populate the quintile of the labor force with the chintziest compensation.

    10. No clue how you’re using ‘elite’. I think a valid use would encompass people with influence and people with ample income producing assets and not much exceed about 2.5% of the population. Except for some glam suburbs, they’re not going to be all that numerous anywhere.

  55. @Achmed E. Newman

    I don’t even think “Pete” really is a diminutive.

    I don’t either. Besides, if the alternative is “Peter”, consider what that word is sometimes used for. Especially if the guy’s last name is going to be “Buttplug” in every comment here. . .

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  56. Art Deco says:
    @Rex Little

    It’s a familiar, not a diminutive. The diminutive might be ‘petey’. I knew a woman once who had a pet bird she called ‘petey’. Not sure I’ve ever known a human being in the flesh called that.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  57. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred V. Reed

    Fair question. But as you’ve again exercised your “gold box” privilege, while we await something from Mr. Derbyshire please answer these two that I put to you back on April 6:


    Are you the Unz Review columnist Fred Reed who insults en masse but doesn’t respond to commenters?

    If so, can we scratch “too busy” from the potential explanations?


    Both of these authors avoid direct engagement with, but generally dismiss with cheap insults, critical commenters. Cf., Mr. Derbyshire regarding Russia, starting with his July 20, 2018, column and then on August 2 smearing us as “pro-Putin trolls.”

  58. TheOldOne says:

    Mr. Derbyshire comes right out and screams his amorality in this one; Derbyshire, go back to England and take with you:

    Chink wife,
    Faggot pol Buttplug,
    Faggot Greg Johnson,
    Worn out Fred Reed.

    You’re welcome in advance.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  59. Alfa158 says:

    How long has it been since any Episcopalian has been a “devout Christian”? I seem to recall even 20 years ago there was a poll of Episcopal priests in which they were asked whether Christ was Divine. The yes’s were just barely a majority. I suspect Jesus would lose that vote by a landslide today. Episcopalians are about as Christian as their fellow Anglicans and only marginally more religious than Unitarians.

    • Replies: @Rich
  60. @Daniel H


    BLUE COLLAR NATIVE WHITE AMERICAN MALES were driven out of California with force and violence by the Mexicans and Central Americans….while Noam Chomsky and his fat ugly swine of a daughter Aviva the Pig smiled in approval while Noam grilled stripped bass in the backyard of his Mansion on Martha Vineyard……and the approval of the homosexual PEDERAST Catholic Pope….

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Alden
  61. Rich says:

    You’re completely correct, I don’t get the Episcopalian “Church” or most of what were once called “Mainline Protestant Churches”. Why do people bother? Do they enjoy being told how evil and racist their ancestors were and why they should hand the nation their forebears carved out of a wilderness to a completely new people? It’s crazy. Maybe it’s just a kind of social club that helps people feel better than their neighbors or something. Calling themselves “Christians” is ridiculous. Obama and Hilary may have come up with a better name “Easter Worshipers”, probably fits.

  62. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    “I’m wary of admitting homosexuals to positions of power. They have a way of taking over and corrupting institutions they are let into: The courts of at least two English kings illustrate the problem. So, come to think of it, does Mayor Buttigieg’s church, the Episcopal Church, which is now pretty much just a dating club for homosexuals.”

    Well, they take over because they’re smarter and more ambitious; sort of like another “eccentric” group. You’ll notice that the latter group has convinced goys like Pence to discriminate against the former. Hmmm, then who will be needed to step up to fill those top jobs?

    You can have a home team elite, or an alien elite; take your choice.

    BTW, how’s that “no homo priests” thing working out for the Catholics?

  63. A Civil War in post-1965 America will always be a race war…

    Proof:The Democratic Party Voting Block is Majority Nonwhite….the Republican Party is Majority NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN….increasing returns to THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 NONWHITE NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT and the Kolmogorov 0-1 law…

    Fred is issuing the violent LA RAZA DEMOGRAPHIC RACE THREAT to OUR PEOPLE….

  64. @nickels

    No one has been a more erudite critic of Mayor Pete than his once neighbor in South Bend, E Michael Jones. Jones keeps warning about the homosexual agenda to all who will listen. If you think that the gay agenda is promoted now, just wait until Pete, publicly kissing his male husband, achieves the reigns of power. It will only encourage more and more teenage boys to give anal sex a try, especially as they discover that good girls, due to the globo-homo agenda, are harder and harder to find.

    Just as Obama was the candidates of the Oligarchs in 2008, little Pete is their butt boy now.

  65. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    and creepy Fred slithers over here to taunt BLUE COLLAR NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES…

    i trust Linh Dinh to have my back before creepy sellout Fred

  66. @Neuday

    All of the women candidates, (save Tulsi Gabbard – whom the deep state media despises for being anti-war), are showing themselves to be shrieking, hysterical incompetents. So, in order to beat the hated Trump, the Overlords have turned to smooth talking Mayor Pete to be their guy. Just watch, the Boomers, who are starting to come down with the afflictions of age, will realize that septuagenarian white men, Bernie and Uncle Joe, are just TOO FRIGGIN’ OLD for the rigors of the job.

    Really, the only candidate capable of uniting the diverse democrat factions may well be Pete. Who is left in that degenerate party to dare even question the gay agenda? Pete’s sexual orientation will only help him in his longshot bid for the nomination (Obama was originally a longshot too). But whether the country as a whole has become gay-friendly enough to elect an out of the closet homosexual remains to be seen. They said a black man couldn’t be elected either.

    In this matter, Trump is not our friend. He is every bit as much a gay promoter as was Obama, and has thrown hetero white men, his base, under the bus.

    • Replies: @Germanicus
  67. @follyofwar

    But whether the country as a whole has become gay-friendly enough to elect an out of the closet homosexual remains to be seen.

    You don’t elect these people, but you think you do. You only give consent with your vote and legitimize a corrupt system that wages war on you, which does not care who you vote for, it only cares that you vote, so you believe you would indeed have a say.
    If the jewish Oligarchs decide the US is ripe for a gay puppet, they will simply install him with some election rigging. After all, you already had a tranny Michael Robinson posing as Obama’s wife.

    Point being again and again, Democracy got you into this mess, and for some strange reason, people seriously think Democracy would get them out of the mess. I would recommend to read Plato “The Republic”.

    • Replies: @Alden
  68. Truth says:

    Well isn’t this so sweet, warm, accepting, and liberal of you, Oprah…uh, I mean Derb.

  69. KenH says:

    Mayor buttgig or whatever his name is is just the SJW flavor of the month. I don’t doubt for a moment that vindictiveness and venality lie behind the boyish grin that he flashes for the cameras.

    It would be a bad idea to elect a member of the homosexual mafia to the highest office in the land.

  70. “If we had a fanatical anti-immigration president who let himself be buggered on the White House lawn…” Wait a minute! We already do! And it’s Bibi Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson who are buggering him.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  71. anon[188] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    does anyone trust a white man who converts to islam?

    not surprising he’s also for open borders

  72. you can glimpse the sneer of cold contempt,

    Nice one with the Shelley allusion, sir.
    I fully expect the lone and level sands to stretch very, very far away from Mayor WhoHe? in the near to medium future. Things do tend to come out in the wash, you know.

  73. @TheOldOne

    Never change, attila, never change …

  74. @Art Deco

    Australians. Mind you, they do a lot of fairly uncouth things.

  75. Anonymous [AKA "VictorP"] says:


    -Marxist Father teacher at Jesuit University of Notre Dame
    -Valedictorian at Catholic High School
    -While at Harvard he was president of the Harvard Institute of
    Politics Student Advisory
    -Rhodes Scholar
    -MA from Pembroke College, Oxford
    -2004 to 2005, Buttigieg worked in Washington, D.C., as
    conference director for former U.S. Secretary of Defense
    for Bill Clinton namely William Cohen’s international
    strategic consulting firm, The Cohen Group.
    -Worked on Senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign
    -A consultant at McKinsey & Company from 2007 through
    -A naval intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve & Afghanistan
    -Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow (Globalist Think Tank)
    -Left Roman Catholicism for the overtly gay-accepting,
    heretical Episcopal Church

    His platform includes support for universal healthcare, reducing income inequality, pro-environmental policies, dialogue and cooperation between the Democratic Party and organized labor, universal background checks for firearms purchases, federal legislation that would ban job discrimination against LGBT people, and preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for children of immigrants. Buttigieg also supports overturning Citizens United and ending gerrymandering.

    • Replies: @Alden
  76. Anon[170] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    I remember Blackpool from SHALL WE DANCE.

    But now… it’s just so depressing.

  77. Alden says:

    Not that it matters, the university actually isn’t in South Bend, it’s adjacent. A lot of older schools are in crime ridden black and brown ghettoes.
    They’re surrounded by black criminal yet colleges hate Whites and live the blacks that rob rape burglarize terrify best and occasionally kill one of their students or staff.

    Every college and university in the country should be shut down and it’s employees sent to a gulag in Africa run by African guards.

  78. Alden says:

    32 years before that we elected a sexual predator with a penchant for slim 19 year old interns who was often comatose with prescription medication

  79. Alden says:

    Notre Dame is not a Jesuit university. Doesn’t matter Jewish atheist Marxist, militant Muslim woman in full burkha trans gender lesbian gay undecided insane environmentalist Jesuit or other kind of priest or other clergy critter; from president to part time minimum wage clerk, that are all members of the anti White Cheka.

    All university profs instructors and administrators are Marxists.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  80. Alden says:

    All our founders were Plato fans and all believed in his idea that natural aristocrats should rule. Look how it worked out

    America is not a democracy .

    Technically state electors, not the people elect the president. In ancient Athens all voters elected officials and voted for laws. But they were only male natural born citizens who owned some property, not everyone . In America, elected legislatures make the laws, not voters We are a republic.

    Plato wrote about one town in Greece. Athens did have direct democracy because only about 45K were allowed to vote and hold office. Greece wasn’t even one unified country at the time. Out of a 300k to 350 k population only about 45k Athenian residents could vote.

    Before you say only White male native born Americans who own a certain amount of property should vote

    Just look at what White male citizen property owner judges presidents governors assembly men Congress critters did;

    desegregating the school civil rights act immigration act school bussing court orders affirmative action act Griggs decision Kaiser vs Weber decision decisions on the Hodge cases in which judges ordered the mental hospitals closed down decriminalization of sodomy (early 60s university of Illinois law school 100% White male native professors)

    Just about every liberal commie anti White thing was done by White male American legislatures and judges. How many women and minorities were in Congress in 64,65 and 68 when the damage was done? No women and minorities were judges in Brown vs Topeka Griggs Kaiser or the Hodge cases. Who created the Hispanic race by executive order? President Nixon. Who gave them affirmative action privileges ? White male judges.

    The natural aristocrats Plato wrote about destroyed America,

  81. Alden says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    All the men in my extended family are still in California. And they and their children and probably grandchildren will be able to stay and make a living.

    Who has been driven out of California by Hispanics are the blacks. Any city state school neighborhood is better off 70% low class Hispanic 30% Whites and Asians than 80% White and Asian 20% black

    • Replies: @Truth
  82. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    Please, homosexual elected officials usually push the LGBT agenda.

    They should be kept out of office unless there is a good reason otherwise.

    Ever seen which is evil?

    Take a look.

  83. Truth says:

    Wow. That doesn’t say much about whites.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  84. A generally good article, except that it punts when addressing the primary issue of sodomy. Anyone such as Mayor Buttplug who insists on sodomy as the defining point of their identity is mentally ill, and should not be allowed to run for dogcatcher let alone President. Sodomy divorces sex from its purposeful intent, which is procreation. Then it deliberately eschews the inherent design of the human body. It forcefully attempts to substitute a perversion instead, specifically inserting things into the anus filled with excreta. It requires psychological conditioning to overcome the inherent disgust and revulsion that such an act normally entails, let alone somehow deriving a contrived sense of pleasure from it.

    Homosexuality is environmental conditioning predicated on a genetic quirk in the brain. It’s akin to a league of people born with strong upper bodies who decide to walk exclusively on their hands, and force everyone around them to cater to it. It requires judgment, discernment, and personal responsibility to overcome, in the same way that someone born with a cleft lip decides to correct it with surgery. Anyone who surrenders to it thereby submits to their handicap; then in this age of mindless pc victimology, it also forces the rest of us to submit with a rictus grin plastered on our faces. They don’t do it any better in the DPRK where everyone is forced to cry and fawn over Uncle Kim on pain of torture and death.

    When intent is deliberately ignored, when the pleasure of sex is deliberately and repeatedly divorced from procreation, when sexual pleasure is not only ignored but then forcibly perverted via sodomy, there are inevitable pernicious consequences to society. In making policy you can never do just one thing. There will always be unforeseen consequences. Where there is respect for tradition, then that brings wisdom that concomitant effects are taken into consideration. Unfortunately such effects are usually long term in making an appearance, so in this age of instant gratification political fools are never held responsible for the disastrous results of their own policies.

    E. Michael Jones sums it up very well:
    “So the mayor tells us, well the new trash trucks won’t fit down the alley. Well wait a minute, why did you buy them then if they’re not gonna fit down the alley? Because you don’t understand the design of your own neighborhood. Is this surprising, that you don’t know the purpose of the alley? No, because you think that the anus is a sex organ, don’t you Pete? That will impact your ability to deal with trash collection, won’t it? Because you don’t understand what design is, do you, no, you don’t.”

  85. @Truth

    It says even less about blacks.

  86. Anonymous [AKA "Incorrigible"] says:

    I went to ND.

    South bend itself is a shithole kept afloat by the university, more or less. Thankfully, the area around the university is being gentrified fairly quickly.

    My friends and I regularly shit on mayor Pete for being a fag.

    I would guess that most of my professors were conservative/traditional, though it was hard to tell given that they would never tell us directly. Being in engineering likely skewed the proportion, as well.

    The school is still much more traditional than many of you would expect. Same-sex dorms are still in place, parietals (no opposite-sex individuals in dorm rooms after midnight/ 2 AM on weekends), most students attend mass on Sundays, etc.

    It has changed in that the school’s demographics have shifted from a mix of blue/white-collar families toward more wholly white-collar, but I suppose that is to be expected of a good school over time. Early students are successful, send their kids to the school, and so on. Regardless, almost everyone I knew there was kind, intelligent, thoughtful and humble. I knew of maybe one or two people who made their family’s wealth a focal point of their social life.

    There are those in the administration that would like to change the nature of the school, but I think and hope there will be significant pushback against such changes from the students and their families.

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