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"Hate Has No Home Here" = "Prosecuted and Convicted and Removed from Our Society." Thanks for Telling Us, Keith Olbermann!
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

See also: You’re Next! If Biden/ Harris Win, A Crackdown On Whites Is Coming;

You probably caught Keith Olbermann’s October 9th address to the nation. In case you didn’t, or need reminding, here it is:

Trump can be, and must be, expunged. The hate he has triggered, Pandora’s boxes he has opened, they will not be so easily destroyed.

So, let us brace ourselves. The task is two-fold: the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box, and then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs, and Sean Hannitys, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it over to a virus.

Remember it, even as we dream for a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers died, that the fight is not just to win the election, but to win it by enough to chase—at least for a moment—Trump and the maggots off the stage and then try to clean up what they left.

Remember it, even though to remember it, means remembering that the fight does not end on November 3rd, but in many ways, will only begin that day. [Links added]

Keith Olbermann: “Terrorist Trump” And His Enablers And Supporters Must Be “Removed From Our Society”, RCP, October 9, 2020

An hour or so after watching that, while it was still bouncing around in my head, I took my dog for a walk. Basil gets a good long daily walk: forty-five minutes around the quiet, arboreal streets of our middle-middle-class suburb.

So we’re strolling along one of those streets when I spot a big yard sign. At first glance from a distance, I thought it was something promoting a candidate for the coming election.

Then I read it:


That was it. No candidate or party mentioned, just that affirmation of faith in our new religion of Antiracism: the same affirmation Judge Barrett felt obliged to make (emphasis added)before the Judiciary Committee (“I think it is an entirely uncontroversial and obvious statement, given as we just talked about the George Floyd video, that racism persists in our country”—but it has not been proven that racism—ill will by a person of one race towards a person of another—was a factor in Floyd’s death, even supposing Officer Chauvin caused it, also not proven); the same affirmation white-collar employees have to make if they don’t want to lose their jobs; the same affirmation schoolchildren and college students have to make if they don’t want to be shunned by their classmates and marked down by their teachers.

I indulged myself in a brief fantasy about the homeowner coming out from the house just as I was walking past. What would I say to him?

In my fantasy, I’m sorry to admit I fell to sarcasm, which my schoolmasters told us is the lowest form of wit. In my imaginary encounter I said something like this:

Hey, I saw your yard sign there. What good people you must be! What good, moral people! I’m proud to share my neighborhood with such virtuous citizens. Thank you, thank you for living here! Down with hate! …

Something like that.

Back at home, I wondered where he had acquired the sign. Doing a Google search, I found pages and pages of these signs, from a dozen or more vendors, in all patterns and colors. Walmart will sell you one; so will Amazon.

There’s money to be made in virtue signaling.

Then the Keith Olbermann connection clicked on. Is there any doubt that the owner of that yard sign votes the same way Olbermann does, and quite possibly agrees word for word with the sentiments Olbermann expressed last week?

Olbermann isn’t that far out in Left field. I know a couple of sober, well-educated middle-class citizens who share those same sentiments.

Antiracism is an ersatz religion, but it’s a religion none the less and religions have zealots. A religion of peace, love, and divine justice can burn heretics alive and wage pitiless war against infidels.

People who proudly advertise their intolerance for “hate” can shriek hot hatred at those who disagree with them, as Keith Olbermann’s rant illustrates.

As I wrote in 2017: “Like Nazis After 1945”—Never Forget The Bullet We Dodged When Hillary Was Defeated.

Our society has taken a seriously wrong turn somewhere.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It makes me want to open a home for poor, neglecthate.

  2. RodW says:

    Olberman committed some potentially hanging hate crimes in that rant. Maybe he doesn’t recognise his kinship with Julius Streicher.

  3. MarkU says:

    To compare Keith Olbermann to Joseph Goebbels is no longer much of a stretch. According to Olbermannn, it is Donald Trump rather than the Democrats and the media which have spent the last few years fomenting a race war in order to win an election. I found Olbermann’s speech chilling even from thousands of miles across the Atlantic here in the UK.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was a leftist back in the days when leftism was about workers rights and equality of opportunity, I have no love for the right-wing buffoon that is Donald Trump. However, most of the Democrats and what now passes for ‘the left’, are so utterly toxic and corrupt that Trump is a breath of fresh air in comparison.

    The only good thing about Olbermann’s speech is that is likely to frighten people into voting for Trump.

  4. I remember when Keith Olbermann was a sports commentator, and I enjoyed his comments about sports.

    Having left the JewSA years ago, I haven’t seen or heard him in years. Has he really turned into a political pundit?

  5. Two groups diametrically opposed to each other within the same gov’t system. How does anyone see any possibility of finding a compromise or mutual interest on anything?

    Secession to separate the ideologists from each other is the only rational way forward. The alternative is keeping the country together like a bad marriage. What’s the point in that?

    Put yard signs up emblazoned with one word : SECESSION

    • Replies: @SMK
  6. TG says:

    Hate and love are the most rational of human emotions. We love that which helps us and we are driven to keep the things we love close and preserve them. We hate that which opposes us and drags us down, and we are motivated to drive away and reduce that which we hate.

    Someone once said that if you would be loved, make sure you are lovable. And if you would not be hated, first ask if you have given people reason to hate you.

    Give Hate A Chance

    • Thanks: Biff
  7. Wyatt says:

    They can hate ours, but we can’t hate theirs.

    Cool. Civil War 2.0 when?

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  8. I don’t have a dog to walk, John, but I have other things I do that get the thoughts out of my head that come when I see something like this. I keep wanting to type something, .. better just leave it…

    This was one instance in which watching the video meant more than reading the transcript.

  9. @MarkU

    Mark, that first reply was meant to be a stand-alone comment. I don’t have the 5-minute EDIT window on this old Windows7/10 y/o-Mozilla Browser combo.

    I did want to reply to you, which is what induced the error. I think I do get you wrong. You say Trump is a “right-wing buffoon”? I get the “buffoon” part, but he is no right-winger. The man has no principles, but that’s not why I voted and will vote again for him. I read some really great news on VDare the other day that gives me even more reason to vote for and talk up Donald Trump than just “he’s pissing off the Commies.”

    See Peak Stupidity‘s latest posts The Bad, The Good, and The Ugly.

    It sounds like you want him to win at least.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  10. Getaclue says:

    When they get in and have full control of the military and install Antifa types as the police, which is what the “defund the police” bs is really about, replacing them with theirs…. — the FBI basically is this already, taking “a knee” publicly and Wray claiming YT “supremacy” is the true danger/horror facing the Nation as BLM/Antifa Communists burn down cities and murder people — they won’t have any problem with the Civil War once they get in– they want it– I will guarantee all the 2nd Am types always going on about it who have jobs, wives and kids won’t want it when it arrives….

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Currahee
  11. SMK says: • Website

    The predominant cause of Olbermann’s lunacy is not ant-“racism” but anti-Nazism/”fascism.” Like anti-“racist” zealots, who see “racists” and “racism” everywhere, Olbermann sees “Nazis” and “fascists” everywhere. Not only Trump but also Mike Pence, Rudy G., Amy Barret, and Sean Hannity are “Nazis” and “fascists” who must be “prosecuted’ and convicted and removed from society.’ Prosecuted for and convicted of what? “Nazism” and “fascism,” obviously, for mare so than “racism.” They’re all ‘anti-racists” and race-denialists,” just like Olbermann. They’d all condemn and denounce and and Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, and scores of other writers and commenters at these websites and as “racists” and “white supremacists.”

    Olbermann is a guilt-ridden, masochistic, self-loathing German, like the Germans who are destroying Germany to atone for the crimes of Hitler and the Nazis by supporting an invasion of Muslims who, ironically, are the worst Jew-haters on earth, and the Germans in the US who are allied with Jews and “Anglos,” primarily,” in destroying the US by supporting an invasion of tens of millions of legal and illegal aliens and their offspring that will soon transform the US into a nonwhite-majority country in which European-Americans, including Jews and Germans, will be an increasingly dispossessed and persecuted minority.

    I’m sure that Olbermann would be an evil and insane leftist if he was Irish or Italian, but as a German, he’s uniquely deranged.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Jake
    , @Marty
    , @Eagle Eye
  12. SMK says: • Website

    Olbermann and other evil and insane leftists of all races and ethnicities want to “prosecute and convict” Trump and his allies and supporters and “remove them from society.” How exactly? Ostracism and impoverishment or imprisonment and extermination?

    Separation from blacks, Muslims, Mestizos/Amerindians, and white leftists, Jewish and Gentile, is the only hope for whites who aren’t guilt-ridden, masochistic, self-loathing, and suicidal. But I can’t imagine how this could ever be realized. Even if possible, pragmatically, the governing-classes and ruling-elites of all races would never allow this to occur since they want and live to hate and punish and destroy the whites who voted for and support Trump. And for many, perhaps most, whites generally.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Ragno
  13. Dan Hayes says:

    Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t realized that Olbermann was not Jewish! But I should have known since his surname ended in double ns.

  14. Trinity says:

    Keith Olbermann, I now declare you the official winner of the 2020, “Spider Rico, Is He Still Around” Award.

    My gawd, it has been ages since I saw this guy and he is not aging well. I had no idea that he was still spewing his horseshit. He still blows, I see.

  15. @SMK

    All empires eventually end and the sell by date on the USA was long ago.

    Note that fairly recently, the USSR disappeared like a bad smell and left independent new countries in its wake, all without any significant violence. Why can’t the same thing occur with the US?

    50 new countries with 50 ideas on how things are supposed to work and a population that will rapidly vote with their feet to find a spot they prefer. It’s the experimental nature of such a move that will demonstrate good ideas from bad in a hurry. The Fed Gov currently monopolizes the options to just one – itself at the head; that’s the problem.

    I’ll grant you that the political class, lobbyists, major corporations, defense contractors, military and many others in DC won’t like the idea, but I’d bet there are governors that would prefer Mr. / Ms. President over their current title. I think we can rely on the self serving interest of the political class at the state level to sniff out an opportunity for self aggrandizement should it present itself.

  16. Keith Theodore Olbermann = Homo-brained hetero knelt

  17. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Olberman knows the real totalitarians and psychopaths are the liberals, neocons and Zionist Jews he’s in bed with, and has profiteered with, for decades. They lied America into Mideast wars for Zionist profit and for Israel; they were willing propaganda accomplices in the 9/11 inside job used as a pretext for the War On Terror; they’re accomplices in murderous grifts against the American people like pushing Oxycon addiction for big corporations like Jewish owned Purdue Pharmaceuticals.

    It is Olberman whose life is on the line, not his critics. And his emotionalism and fanaticism against critics of the corrupt status quo verify his guilt.

    All those who pretend to believe that Trump is some intolerable fascist break from the beutiful status quo paradise that was (warlike) liberal-neocon dominated America for the decades prior doth protest too much. And they’re doing so for a reason: to conceal their guilt, corruption, and rape of America.

  18. aleksander says: • Website

    Lawn sign ideas:

    Stop the Hate – LET’S SEPARATE


    (Blacks will get their heads caved in by black police, of course)

    BLACKS LIVES MATTER, except in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philly…



    This sort of double entendre is CRITICAL. Use their bullshit against them.

    • Agree: Rob McX
    • Replies: @Lace
  19. “Hate has no home here”

    That’s why shills of both parties support the Zionist ‘genocide’ of Palestinians and support more Wars for Israel that devastated countless lives.

    Total phonies.

  20. MarkU says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Maybe our definition of right-wing is different, many apparent disagreements are purely semantic squabbles (Wittgenstein was right about that) In my definition an oligarchy is a right-wing system and he is definitely an oligarch and he is fond of handing out money to the rich. We have had a similar conversation before if I remember rightly, you are one of the few on this site that it is possible to have an amicable difference of opinion with. We grew up reading the same sci-fi, ring any bells?

    But you are right when you say I want him to win, despite all the dreadful foreign policy stuff. The other side is just too toxic for words. Exactly the same situation here in the UK, right-wingers v toxic ‘woke’ liberal left. I am male, white and heterosexual, voting for the ‘liberal left’ at this point in history would be like a turkey voting for Christmas.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  21. GeeBee says:

    To compare Keith Olbermann to Joseph Goebbels is no longer much of a stretch.

    On the contrary, it is an enormous, indeed an unsurmountable stretch. Unless of course you still naively cling to the unrelenting propaganda that has, without let for 75 years, continued to paint National Socialism as Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein, and thus the recipient of the mandatory daily ‘two minutes hate’.

    Whereas, of course, Goebbels (in spite of his unfortunately unprepossessing appearance) was a consummate orator and a key functionary in the only political regime for a thousand years that actually did put ‘the people’ first, and whose leadership implemented a unique system whereby the government served the people, as opposed to in the plutocratic ‘democracies’, where (as we see more clearly each and every day) the people are mere cyphers, to be disposed of at the self-serving whims of the repellent breed of professional politicians whom we ‘elect’ to ‘serve’ us.

    How very few today understand this cynical charade known as ‘democracy’, that we have been bribed, bludgeoned and brainwashed into revering and worshipping, for what it actually is. Which is to say a bought-and-paid-for scam operated by the irresponsible and uncaring oligarchy that Plato warned us always emerges from this same trickery of democracy more than two thousand years ago.

    Few will understand – or be willing to countenance – the reality of what National Socialist Germany (or ‘German ethical socialism’, as Oswald Spengler described it) truly represented to the European-derived peoples. In the 1930s the writing was (appropriately enough) already on the wall for them. The International Race had plans for us, and all that stood in their way was the glorious Third Reich. That the ‘goyim cattle’ were duped into fighting against their own salvation is perhaps the greatest tragedy to befall the Western world. That people today (and you are to be forgiven your comment, as like most people you continue to swallow the propaganda) routinely and dutifully regurgitate the animadversion against their salvation that they have been taught is as regrettable as it is unsurprising.

    Until and unless Western people come to understand the appalling tragedy that the outcome of the Second World War actually was (the exact opposite of what we have all been taught to think) there will be no future for the white race.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @MarkU
    , @RodW
    , @Bert
  22. @true.enough

    No but that does not stop his political rants.

  23. Jake says:

    Derbuyshire’s final sentence is: “Our society has taken a seriously wrong turn somewhere.”

    That’s the starting point for why Olbermann is who and what he is: he is simply a zealous promote of where the country has gone.

    My difference from Derbyshire is that I see where we are as inherent in the starting point. A culture based on a Judaizing heresy, Anglo-Saxon Puritanism, must always keep returning to new ways to persecute the majority of whites over which it rules. And eventually that pattern leads to large scale horrors.

    WASP culture seems to be marching headlong into a cataclysm, directed by its Elites, with the end game being to render the vast majority of whites into a new type of serf, with Jews as the most important among the Elite.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Lace
  24. Jake says:

    German National Socialism did not put the people first. It put the Party and its ideology first, and only.

    The appalling tragedy of the West is the continuing revolution against Christ and Christendom. It is suicide, cultural and genetic.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Replies: @anno nimus
  25. Marty says:

    This might be overthinking it. Could be Olbermann (9 yrs. old in 1968) is a just a kid who was frustrated by being too young to have gained notice during the actual “Civil Rights” era and the protests over Vietnam. It’s all ego. Some people need to feel cosmically important. And who’s more susceptible than someone who built his career on the frivolity of pro sports?

    • Agree: Bert
  26. unit472 says:

    I did like the Olberman’s rhetorical flourish about a “return to the safety and security of the country for which our forefathers died”. I doubt you could find a tombstone in a Veterans Cemetery in the US with the name “Obama’ or Vijay inscribed upon it. Sorry these people are not our ‘forefathers’ but modern day colonialists seeking, as Modelo beer ads advise us, a better life, but they weren’t building a country they came to exploit an existing one that didn’t want or need them. America in 1960 was doing just fine. We had stylish cars and women B-52’s and Polaris submarines. Leave It To Beaver was not a fantasy show but a genuine look at American life through a boy’s eyes circa 1958.

  27. 1. There is nothing wrong with someone putting a sign saying “Hate has no Home Here” in their yard.

    2. “I indulged myself in a brief fantasy about the homeowner coming out from the house just as I was walking past. What would I say to him?” “What good people you must be!”
    Don’t indulge yourself. You don’t have to say anything to the homeowner. It’s not your business. And what makes you think some homeowner recognizes you as a moral authority and cares about what you have to say about whether they are good or not?

    3. “Is there any doubt that the owner of that yard sign votes the same way Olbermann does, and quite possibly agrees word for word with the sentiments Olbermann expressed last week?”
    Interesting play with words: “Is there any doubt that quite possibly”! Yes, there is. If you know more about this homeowner, let’s hear it. Otherwise, that he or she agrees “word for word” with Olbermann” is pure speculation.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Greta Handel
  28. MarkU says:

    Should we just say that I am aware of the fact that the history books were very much written by the winners after WW2. However I am of the opinion that historical revision of the time cannot be allowed to become synonymous with the rehabilitation of Hitler and the Nazis. I say this for two reasons, firstly it will ensure that revisionism will be rejected, which is why there are so many saboteurs insisting on taking the most extreme possible position. I am often flamed by Hasbara stooges obviously intent on driving revisionism off a cliff by making ridiculous, unprovable statements such as ‘the number of Jews who died in the camps for being Jews is zero’ (how could anyone ever demonstrate that to be true, even if it was?) The second reason is that they are not deserving of rehabilitation. Many atrocities were committed by the Nazis and that is undeniable, we still use the data collected from their horrific medical experiments for example. I know the allies were just as bad so don’t bother to tell me, worse in many regards eg deliberate targeting of civilian areas with firebombing and nukes.

    The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend and is by no means certain to be a decent human being either.

    • Agree: animalogic, El Dato
  29. Trinity says:

    Why is it that hate-filled leftoids like Olbermann are always preaching about someone else being a hater? Look at this mentally ill clown’s face and tell me that this lunatic isn’t your typical, foaming at the mouth, hate-filled sociopath who thinks it is everyone else who has the problem and not him.

    • Agree: throtler
  30. I’d hazard a guess that if one could sit down with the “Hate Has No Home Here” home owner over a bottle of Scotch and have a nice long conversation one would find plenty of things and people they hate. Having that sign on their lawn and subscribing to the politically correct positions du jure allows them to feel morally superior to people who hold contrary opinions.

    I’ll take my cues from the book of Ecclesiastes which tells us, among other things, there is “a time to love, and a time to hate.” The dilemma for me as a Christian is learning how and what to hate without sinning.

    • Replies: @Friend of Earth
  31. Ever notice there is hardly any true conscience in the US? It’s all controlled conscience, which is worthless.

    True conscience is about personal rumination about the world and consistency of moral logic.

    Where do you see this? Take a look at so-called ‘progressives’. It’s all controlled conscience, which is to say their moral outrage is always directed from above and has no agency on the individual/personal level.

    Among Democratic candidates, the only one who showed any kind of individual conscience was Tulsi Gabbard. Committed to peace, she endangered her career and standing in the party by trying to end the US occupation of Syria.

    Now, you’d think so-called progressives would hail her as true and authentic. But less than 1% of Democrats supported her. If anything, they joined with Deep State shills in the media to bash her for trying to broker a peace in the Middle East. And whom the did the ‘progressives’ finally choose? Joe Biden, career candidate, a total flunky of deep state.

    So, what is ‘progressive’ conscience? It is nothing more than what so-called progressives are told from the top. They have no independent conscience or moral logic. They are like cattle who move whichever they are steered. Wars under bush BAD. Wars under Obama GOOD. Paranoia under McCarthy BAD. Paranoia about Russia, Russia, Russia GOOD. Anti-communist blacklisting BAD. But censorship and blacklisting of conservatives and dissidents GOOD.

    Controlled conscience of ‘progressives’ is much like that under Stalin. Morality operates only with approval and decree from the top.

    If progs really had moral conscience, some of them would be saying PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER. But as that is not approved from the top, they don’t say such. They just wave the homo flag and chant BLM. What utterly useless bunch of dolts.

    In the end, it’s all about Power. Jews and so-called ‘progressives’ don’t care how abusive and corrupt the Deep State and Capitalist oligarchs are AS LONG AS they feel that their side control the institutions and industries.

    So, fascist theory of power is right. In the end, it’s only about the power. But then, are most conzos any different?

    At this point, who needs the GOP? What is the GOP mainly about but sucking up to the rich and powerful? In the past, the Democratic Party offered some balance to GOP’s pro-elite and pro-business politics. But the Democratic Party, especially under Clinton, has totally threw in its lot with the super-rich and powerful. With Democrats acting like Republicans, who needs Republicans when the ONLY THING that Republicans offer is “Let’s suck up to the rich and powerful even more”? But how much more can you suck up to the rich and powerful when the Democrats are FULLY ON BOARD with the globalist oligarchy?

    Trump ignited populism in the GOP, but the party insiders and establishment are still in the mode of ‘suck up to the rich’. Populism will not work in a party run by the likes of McConnell and Lindsey Graham.

  32. Olbermann and his communist ilk will be the ones “removed” when they try to export their revolution out of the cities. 75% of these lazy and stupid animals “live” in the cities and will starve or die of thirst inside of two weeks, there. Those that pick-up arms in the burbs and rural areas will not survive much longer…where the Islamist Communist Democrat Party’s “useful idiots” are outnumbered two to one or higher!!

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  33. @MarkU

    I showed this to my father, who is a generally politically disconnected football (European) fan who fled communist Hungary in 1982. He managed the bear minimum of effort to get a citizenship during the Reagan administration, and previously, Ron was the only candidate he ever voted for after that. He is now voting for Joe Biden, because Keith is Sports Fuhrer to many in that generation. I of course encouraged him to do so as well, but I just thought I would supply some slight pushback on your perception of this fellow.

    Frankly my father is also an outlier. I suspect 90% of this country, and roughly 95% of its naturalized goy citizens have already decided who to vote for. There is a small set of college educated white women who will decide this election. We are at the stage of shamelessly groveling before them. Trump is good when he talks about the suburbs to them. Biden is better because his entire campaign is an emotional appeal to their fundamental interest: leapfrogging their white male peers.

    • Replies: @Jake
  34. No matter what you think of Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchhill, were evil hellish war-mongers without a doubt, and are burning in lower rings of Hell than Hitler, that’s for sure. Envy is a capital sin, and there was no more prosperous country in Europe than Germany in 1905. France and England were extremely envious of growing German power and influence. Let’s face it. They ganged up on Germany, and with the help of the Jews, of course, dragged the US into the war late.

    The terms of Treaty of Versailles, signed 6/28/1919 after the Armistice of 11/11/1918, were so vicious against Germany, the country was driven to near starvation. The Germans were desperate to listen to anyone who could help them regain their former glory, and a young well-spoken Austrian painter who spoke well, showed up. Decorated in WWI as a Gefrieter (lance corporal) Hitler received the Iron Cross, a medal he wore on his uniform throughout WWII. Hitler was generally well-regarded by his fellow soldiers, and was noted for his courage in battle.

    Hitler clearly wanted an alliance with England. The English Royal family was (and is) German. Queen Victoria? German. Albert her husband? German. Their first grandson? Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany! Their second daughter, Alice, married Louis IV, and produced a daughter, Alexandra, who married Nicholas II, the Tsar of Russia. The son of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, was the father of George V, who was the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II, the present Queen. George V was smart enough to change the family name to Windsor, as the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha House Name, didn’t look so hot with a war going on against Germany.

    You can’t make this stuff up. The Dunkirk Miracle? Hogwash! Hitler LET 330,000 British soldiers with their backs to the sea escape as an olive branch to the Crown. Hitler was well aware that the English Royal Family was essentially German. Paul von Hindenburg, the German President during the Weimar Republic, succeeded Queen Victoria’s first born grandson, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who had abdicated in 1918. Paul von Hindenberg, the German President after Wilhelm’s abdication, led Germany through the Weimar Republic. Hitler was careful not to offend him, as Hindenburg was revered in Germany as a war hero. Ultimately, Hindenburg named Hitler Chancellor of Germany in 1933. After the Enabling Act, Hitler would rise to Supreme Commander. The British Royal family spurned and betrayed him.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Chris Moore
  35. RodW says:

    It can sometimes be useful to separate the political strategies of the National Socialists and their various personalities from their policies. If you do that, you can see that someone like Olbermann may indeed be playing a tactical role analogous to that of Goebbels’ without necessarily reflecting Goebbels’ place in policy. In the same way, you could note that Paul Golding of Britain First seems to be borrowing from the Hitler playbook, without necessarily equating the politics of the two organisations. It should be noted too that it was a playbook that worked.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  36. I think we’d best win the election.

    Get four years respite — and don’t waste them.

    • Agree: fish, Ragno
    • Replies: @El Dato
  37. northeast says:

    Watching Ann Coulter troll Olbermann about his fake diploma from Cornell was sublime. It’s worth watching & also worth watching his manic reaction as he actually took his diploma to the station & waved it around on his show.

  38. @Enemy of Earth

    What a Christian thing to “guess,” about someone you don’t know!

  39. @Getaclue

    Should the Democrats win the WH, or even the Senate I have a feeling that a lot of their PC fanaticism (& thus, that of the MSM) will be quite seriously toned down. Maybe there are “true believers” amongst the Democrat Establishment, but I cant help believe that the bulk of the madness of 2020 (& the last 4 years) has been driven by no more than a burning resentment against Trump. Take him out of the equation & the Dem’s will slowly revert to their true selves: paid agents for the deep state, the Elites & Imperialists.

    • Replies: @Inquiring Mind
  40. Bert says:

    Anyone who believes, as I and obviously you do, that democracy is guaranteed to end in plutocratic rule over and exploitation of the masses, anyone with that perspective should be working toward another mechanism of choosing leaders/administrators. Such a mechanism exists. It is called demarchy.

    It functions by the random selection of office holders from a pool of citizens pre-screened to eliminate psychopathic personalities and low IQs, and by ensuring limited terms of office.

    • Replies: @Rich
  41. @Jake

    “WASP culture seems to be marching headlong into a cataclysm, directed by its Elites, with the end game being to render the vast majority of whites into a new type of serf, with Jews as the most important among the Elite.”*
    I think that’s essentially correct. Elites want to fracture society so that NO ONE can stand against the Elites. Whites, being the largest ethnic/racial group are obviously going to be the main target. Should a majority of white, black & brown people put away their differences, unify & fight back against the Elite’s never ending class war against them, then then the Elites might be in some real danger.
    Anyway, there’s nothing on the horizon that suggests they need worry.
    *(Jews are important in the Elite because they make up such a large proportion of the ultra-wealthy, while being less than 2 % of the general population)

  42. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    It is okay to hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent.

    The murderers of the innocent Christ should not be hated.

    It is Gods will.

  43. @OffHighHorse

    “There is nothing wrong with someone putting a sign saying “Hate has no Home Here” in their yard.”
    No, nothing “wrong”. Except that, like a lot of virtue signalling, it is in very questionable taste. Its essentially boasting. Its also ambiguous (hate of what exactly ?). Does it remind anyone of the Pharisees ?

    • Replies: @Lace
  44. Sean says:

    Oberman’s political insight is on a par with his sports writing. In an pean to Muhammad Ali he expressed the opinion that Ali was supernaturally elusive and telepathic. In fact his early championship fights were against significantly smaller men who time had passed by.

    Maybe there was a conventional explanation provided by a heightened mutual empathy and his ability to instantly connect with others, a super skill not found in one man out of a billion. But no one who met him nor even came close to him in a crowd would deny that Ali seemed to glow, or transmit, or vibrate in some nonverbal way. You could see him with your eyes closed. You could hear him when he wasn’t speaking.

    Ali failed the IQ test for the army and became eligible to be drafted after the requirements were lowered. Gil Clancy said though it was rarely mentioned as such, Ali’s key asset was a tremendous chin without which he would have been rather ordinary. Much more than Ali, Trump succeeded by “heightened mutual empathy and his ability to instantly connect with others, a super skill not found in one man out of a billion”. Trump was elected by people who were not being represented. Wall Street distrusted Trump as a result of his strategic n=bnkrupsied, so he paid a price in the denial of his access to new capital, which may have had an underappreciated effect on his thinking. He became a class traitor, and for that they will never forgive him.

    Desperate measures such as the major corporate friendly media agitprop-news supporting Antifa is very telling as to how dangerous the hard Left is thought to be compared to Trump. To stop him the established power elite spanning both parties are taking the nuclear option: declaring the Republic morally and politically bankrupt. The unspoken assumption is the Biden Presidency is supposed to play a racially transformative healing role for Wall Street and the corporations hy shattering and demoralizing the white working class, which Trump showed signs of coalescing the into an unbeatable correlation of forces against the supercapitalist Establishment. The Democrats are now the party of big business and not free to advocate for economic justice’ of course they have to emphasise racial revolution.

  45. @OffHighHorse

    Are you willing to speculate why practically no one in your neighborhood had this or a “Black Lives Matter” sign this time last year, but so many — perhaps including you —have now?

    Signs are for signaling. People are generally conformist, and terrified to be seen as otherwise.

  46. derby sounds like a ‘smart’ fellow, so no need to elaborate here. this is where ‘our’ society took the wrong turn.

    the Good Lord is truly long suffering.
    may the God of the holy fathers have pity on us, amen.

  47. @Jake

    Psalm 13/14
    The fool has said in his heart,
    “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt,
    They have done abominable works,
    There is none who does good.

    2 The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men,
    To see if there are any who understand, who seek God.
    3 They have all turned aside,
    They have together become corrupt;
    There is none who does good,
    No, not one.

  48. El Dato says:
    @Colin Wright

    Bolshevism is no fun.

    Also, Mr. Rittenhouse has a good case for picking up a phone to a lawyer.

    • Agree: Trinity
  49. MarkU says:

    You are right that Hitler had no real designs on Britain, having nothing to gain. Decapitating the Empire would have handed its possessions not to Germany but to the US and Japan. It was the opinion of Hitler and the high command that Britain would make peace, based presumably on the assumption that Britain had nothing to gain by continuing the war. Dunkirk was more of a let-off than a victory as you rightly say. Continuing the war was the last nail in the coffin for the British empire as it turned out.

    I suspect that much of the stuff you mentioned earlier in your comment might have been clarified further by Rudolph Hess had he been allowed to speak or write. For those who don’t know, Rudolph Hess flew to Britain in what was apparently a peace making attempt on 10th May 1941 and spent the rest of his life in captivity. He was the lone prisoner in Spandau prison until his death in 1987.

    • Replies: @aleksander
  50. Realist says:

    You’re Next! If Biden/ Harris Win, A Crackdown On Whites Is Coming;

    The crackdown, on Whites, is already here under Trump.

  51. Rich says:

    Who does the screening? Who grades the IQ test? In the US, minorities, particularly blacks, are given extra points for the color of their skin. If you used an honest IQ test you’d eliminate most blacks and therefore be would be a “racist” and worse than Hitler. No system works, the best we can hope for is the smallest government possible and a strong constitution. Everything leads to “oligarchy”, just seems the nature of things.

  52. What a hatefilled man… But when Keith Olbermann is openly channeling his inner Saloth Sar (look that very fellow up for clues’), America should listen carefully. For as he says here; “the fight does not end November 3rd, but in many ways will only begin that day”. Begin in what way Mr. Olberman? That actually sounds like a threat. So, was it a promise to put all the Deplorables into “re-education centers”, or just a swift and final removal? But what will happen when 5 million NRA-members are forcibly sent into “re-education”, and soon to be followed by 30-50 million Americans with about 300 million firearms? I fear that America is about to find that out… when Olbermann and people like AOC get their eager hands on the levers of power.

    Just for clarification; The mild mannered Saloth Sar was not really another Abraham Lincoln, but was later to be known as Pol Pot. As such, Keith Olberman may do well to think about what a civil war in America will look like. And having served at the point of the spear in shithole places like Lebanon, Bosnia and Afghanistan myself, I can promise you that a civil war in America will be an absolutely “educational experience”…

    You now live in “interesting times”, so praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  53. lavoisier says: • Website

    Antiracism is an ersatz religion, but it’s a religion none the less and religions have zealots.

    Who are the Rabbis of this ersatz religion????

    Say it JD, and redeem yourself!

  54. @MarkU

    Mark, nice comment. I did know about Hess’ trip in 1941 to England to make peace. He almost succeeded. Think about it. Peace in Europe in May, 1941. No Brothers’ War. Millions upon millions of lives spared the agony of war.

    People just don’t know history. George V of England, Nicholas II of Russia, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were not only cousins, they were FIRST cousins. All grandsons of Queen Victoria.

    Queen Victoria was so fond on Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, her grandson, she had him at her side on her deathbed. A German at the bedside of the Matriarch, who was herself German. Good grief.

    Give me a break. You’ve got to study English, Russian, and German histories of the war. It’s all the same bloody family.

  55. Lace says:

    I’ve seen at least 2 “It’s Okay to be Black” written vertically on streets near me in my Manhattan Whitopia. I’ve wondered if I could go out and quickly paint “Not” on there late at night. I could probably get away with it. I’d be killed otherwise, of course, because that’s usually what’s out there.

    ONce in a while half-toyed going back to my semi-rural areas of the South (Alabama and Georgia), but after 50 years here I’m not personally bothered by much of this stuff–yet. I still have family but no close friends there by now. Of course, I pay Jews rent and most of the other tenants are Jews, but not much of that touches me. I think I’m the exception, though. The current Jews had wanted to redevelop this building, which would mean huge offerings to us old rent-regulated tenants. Just before Covid, they had managed to get all the non-regulated tenants out, thus hilariously losing about $60000 rent from them. If I get a good offer, I’m sure I will take it. I had hoped this would happen before covid, because they do have to pay a LOT if it’s in a good neighbourhood. As it is, it’s pleasant enough, although I think we’ll get our share of vandalism eventually and had some in late May, early June–but not extensively like some areas have.

    • Replies: @Lace
  56. Lace says:

    I wonder about the still-WASP-controlled Upper East Side. I don’t believe nearly all of them would be ‘white ally’ types. In fact, very few, but a HUGE number left for Long Island and are even buying islands by now due to Covid 19. Louis Auchincloss was the best novelist about these people, the only one who wrote about them and was one of them, and just before his death about 10 years ago, said that these WASPS were not an ‘endangered species’. Not the most interesting writing style, but the only one who really knew them–these upper classes don’t usually write about themselves, and Truman Capote’s attempts to ‘be one of them’ was a dismal failure. He more or less just became like the women he hung around with there, but the men paid him no attention.

    One thing that has held true when parvenu Jews try to get into the best co-ops on Park and Fifth Avenues, is that they have let hardly any Jews get in when it would come up. Some live there, of course. But when the very occasional black applied, he usually did get in–obviously was one of the exceptional type.

    But over the last 20 years this may have gone somewhat the way every other neighbourhood, and even the most exclusive part of the most important city may not have that much power–but the Auchincloss comments about how his WASPS were actually really proliferating was written about 2008 or 2009. If these WASPS (and it was a huge number) do leave their Southampton, etc., places, it may or may not mean something–there was one riot in the E. 60s (when I really knew something bad was happening) in late May or June when we had the bigger lootings, but Park itself would be barricaded just likes the jewelry stores on Madison–although they did get in to Bergdorf’s on 5th

  57. Lace says:

    All those posters like that are also just plain tacky. I hate seeing the two BLM posters on my block.

  58. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Hitler clearly wanted an alliance with England. The English Royal family was (and is) German. Queen Victoria? German. Albert her husband? German. Their first grandson? Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany! Their second daughter, Alice, married Louis IV, and produced a daughter, Alexandra, who married Nicholas II, the Tsar of Russia. The son of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, was the father of George V, who was the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II, the present Queen. George V was smart enough to change the family name to Windsor, as the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha House Name, didn’t look so hot with a war going on against Germany.

    You can’t make this stuff up. The Dunkirk Miracle? Hogwash! Hitler LET 330,000 British soldiers with their backs to the sea escape as an olive branch to the Crown. Hitler was well aware that the English Royal Family was essentially German. Paul von Hindenburg, the German President during the Weimar Republic, succeeded Queen Victoria’s first born grandson, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who had abdicated in 1918. Paul von Hindenberg, the German President after Wilhelm’s abdication, led Germany through the Weimar Republic. Hitler was careful not to offend him, as Hindenburg was revered in Germany as a war hero. Ultimately, Hindenburg named Hitler Chancellor of Germany in 1933. After the Enabling Act, Hitler would rise to Supreme Commander. The British Royal family spurned and betrayed him.

    And what explains that betrayal? What explains the Anglo half of Anglo-Saxons betraying their own blood?

    The English royalty and elite had been infiltrated by Jews. The Jews were partnered with their Bolshevik comrades and conspiring kin in the USSR. And the two together, along with the Jew-compromised WASP elite in America, had a long-term plan to drive a knife through the heart of Europe and set up a New World Order empire called Globalism.

    And Hitler, the naïve Catholic and military hierarchy brainwashed tool that he was, cluelessly played right into their hands.

    Today, the Jews and their collaborators are planning on doing to whites in the Anglosphere, and continue doing to other whites the world over, what they and the corrupted, jackass Anglo and WASP elites in the U.S. and England together did to Germany and the Axis: Betrayal.

    But they’re not really Jews. They’re Amalekite “Jews.” And they are of their father, the Devil.

    The Rolling Stones have a song about Amalekite Jews. It’s called Sympathy for the Devil.

  59. @animalogic

    There are two things you Hate Has no Home Here people and their neighbors are going to get.

    One is expensive electricity and gasoline and #2 Diesel and all of the goods that flow from those substances. “They” really, really believe this Global Warming thing, that you had to call Climate Change and I guess now it is Climate Emergency.

    The second is if you like your new neighbors after Mr. Obama, you are going to get more of them. I don’t care if you are white, Black or purple, could you just not discharge firearms with the bullets flying across city and suburban property lines? I guess not. You are going to see more of Chicago on Lake Mendota.

    You know all of those signs up and down I-41 begging for people to come work in their factory. You won’t see so many of those signs.

  60. Lace says:

    By today, “It’s okay to be black” had been vandalized to say “It’s [the best] to be black.” So my project has run into obstacles, complications. I had thought, when first seeing it, with all the other mayhem, that that had seemed oddly mild. I wonder if they’ll have the nerve to write “It’s not okay to be white”.

  61. Eagle Eye says:

    Olbermann sees “Nazis” and “fascists” everywhere.

    Olbermann’s Wikipedia entry recites that he grew up in a “Unitarian” household, i.e. the Olbermanns were adepts of the secular anything-goes “faith” of mid-20th century American suburbanites, perhaps along with Tupperware parties.

    Yet Another illustration of G.K. Chesterton’s famous observation that someone who has lost faith in G-d does not thereafter believe in nothing, but ends up believing in ANYthing.

    The tempest-toss’d mind of the hapless “unbeliever” seizes now on this, now on that piece of jetsam and flotsan as it desperately grasps at straws.

  62. Jake says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Those women, non-Conservative soccer moms, Middle Class wishing to be seen as respectable by the Rich, have twin fundamental interests: leapfrogging white male peers and proving that they are morally and socially superior to all white women who do not walk, talk, and act as they do.

    It is for them a game of who is allowed into the most desired sororities; who is relegated into the unfashionable sororities; and who is not fit for any sorority.

    Deplorable women they despise as the most unfit for any sorority, unless they too come to worship the Numinous Negro and the Conjuring Queer, while praising the Sacrament of abortion.

  63. messiah says:

    Keith Olbermann was a pathertic sports commentator. The only thing he brought to the show was a coarse loud voice but devoid of any real sports knowledge. For that reason, he left sports and attempted to become a political commentator. He was even worse at that than he was at sports.

  64. Currahee says:

    …and oathkeepers will prove to be job keepers.

  65. Ragno says:

    Separation is the only hope for whites who aren’t guilt-ridden, masochistic, self-loathing, and suicidal. But I can’t imagine how this could ever be realized.

    By force of arms. But not until hostilities turn into a shooting war.

    And we don’t dare do that so long as we care only about “making our point” and rushing headlong to ceasefire…..because that will invariably translate to selling out the only men in our ranks fearsome enough to drive our enemies to negotiate – our warriors, without whom we would not have a leg to stand on.

    I think about James Fields, and the Proud Boys in prison, and poor Jake Gardner, and what an America without Trump at the helm would do to the Rittenhouse kid (shit – he might still do it, given how Republican lame ducks tend to teach us all how “selling out” is done)….and I see what paying lip service to Making America Great Again all too quickly turns into.

    As things stand now, we could not even hope to properly organize. Given the leftist stranglehold of all venues of communication and propaganda, and our complete lack of meaningful infiltration in media, banking, finance, law enforcement, the judiciary and – yes – even the military, even to approach what they’ve done with BLM & antifa would currently be an impossibility. Instead of “creating our own media” – Gab, Parler, etc – which always ends with crestfallen expressions as they, too, bend the knee and predictably swear allegiance to Judaism’s Strange Gods (thank you, Michael Hoffman!)…..we should’ve been concentrating on infiltrating and subverting the media that was already there. The way the enemies of truth and human freedom have, so adeptly and adroitly.

    Of course, it’s always possible that some lone wolf, pushed beyond the point of no return, will take it upon himself to do terrible things to the Keith Olbermann types out there. Won’t mean much in the long run, but then again you never know; the most deranged Trump-haters are all celebrity cowards who talk a good resistance, but prefer to exhort the mobs forward from a closed-circuit screen. At the very least, it’ll provide us a high-five moment, and we can use all of them we can get.

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