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Globalization Meant Sinification—Until China Virus Intervened
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[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively on]

Much earlier, by John Derbyshire: Importing Sino-Fascism? September 13, 2000

The hope has been expressed—for example by Counter-Currents’s Greg Johnson, as I mentioned last week —that our current travails will open the eyes of Western electorates to what a really bad idea unrestrained, unquestioning globalization has been.

The last thirty years, following the end of the Cold War, has been an era of globalization: lowered tariffs, world-wide supply chains, and First World countries outsourcing their manufacturing to cheaper workers in the Third World. Also, in the Western part of the First World—the white part—of Open Borders and lax enforcement of immigration laws.

We all live on the same planet, to be sure, and we have common concerns in areas like, oh, public health. But making your country dependent on a geopolitical rival for some high proportion of your medications, or key manufacturing processes, is seriously stupid.

But concerning that hope—that our people will awaken from their opium dream of globalized plenty with no downsides and become sturdy nationalists—I remain skeptical.

I do, though, see signs of a spreading awareness about one particular aspect of globalization: the fact that by far the biggest winner from globalization has been communist China.

This is easiest to see in the most thoroughly globalized organization of all, the United Nations. The most prominent UN agency in this current crisis has been the WHO, the World Health Organization. The Director-General of the WHO is an Ethiop named Tedros Something, or Something Tedros. [Tweet him] Anyone who pays any attention at all to the news now knows that this Tedros bloke is a bought-and-paid-for shill for the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the WHO is just the currently most prominent UN agency, it’s reasonable to suspect that the rest of the UN is similarly compromised.

To be perfectly fair to the U.N., there are some contrary indicators. Last year saw some to-ing and fro-ing in the General Assembly over China’s treatment of Muslim Uighurs in ChiCom-occupied East Turkestan. Twenty-three countries issued a joint statement of concern.

Who were the 23 countries? The U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand…and the other 18 were all European countries.

The ChiComs easily countered with a much bigger list of countries saying they were just fine with whatever was being done to the Uighurs. That pro-China list included majority-Muslim countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, along with Russia, Cuba, North Korea, the Philippines, and a bunch of rat-hole countries in Africa and Central Asia.

If you look at the lists of countries protesting China and countries supporting China, the fundamental difference isn’t hard to figure. An outfit named Transparency International publishes an annual list of the world’s countries ranked by how corrupt they are. The countries critical of China come from the bottom part of that list, the least corrupt; the countries supporting China are just the ones most easily bought.

Any globalized enterprise will display a similar pattern. Since most of the world’s countries are Third World—which here I am using as a synonym for “poor and corrupt”—globalization means Third World-ification. And since China leads the Third World thus defined, with the most money to splash around and the least reluctance to just buy other countries’ leaders with bags full of cash, globalization means Sinification.

The First World isn’t altogether immune to this globalization-equals-Sinification phenomenon. Our own capitalist boss class is not at all keen to offend ChiCom sensibilities.

Imagine, if you can, a major Hollywood studio making an honest movie about the Land Reform terror in China around 1950, or the mass famines that followed the Great Leap Forward ten years later, or the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, or the 1989 uprisings.

You can’t imagine it; no such movies will be made. The studios like their China market.

That’s not corruption, at least I don’t think it is. That’s just economic pressure. In this context, the context of economic pressure, an interesting case study is Australia.

As I mentioned above, Australia was on that list of countries criticizing China at the U.N. last year.

Well, stick around. Five years from now, Australia may be on the other list, supporting China. Australia is well on her way to being a Chinese satellite.

That’s not straightforward corruption, either. Australia’s a high-trust Anglo-Saxon nation with low levels of corruption. The case study here is one of economic pressure. I’m going to quote here from a 12-minute YouTube clip [Australia’s China Problem, November 19, 2019] from Wendover Productions, which so far as I can tell is unbiased.

Australia is big, the same size as our 48 continental states. While those states have over 300 million people, though, Australia has fewer than 26 million. By comparison with the U.S.A., Australia is quite dramatically under-populated. All the more so when compared with China: there are 56 Chinese people for every one Australian.

Australia makes a big part of her national living by digging stuff out of the ground and selling it to other countries. She’s the world’s largest exporter of minerals: iron, lead, diamonds, gold, uranium. Coal, too, and liquified natural gas. She makes another big part selling agricultural products. Thirty percent of her exports go to China.

Australian colleges and universities, like ours, are also exceptionally hospitable to Chinese students, who pay full tuition. The number of Chinese students in Australia is variously reported as in the range from 150,000 to 250,000, so I’ll say 200,000 for convenience. That’s one per every 130 Australians, paying in about twelve billion Australian dollars a year to the Australian treasury—that’s around US \$7.5 billion.


Before I went to live in China in 1982, I had read somewhere that it takes four Chinese peasants to support one non-peasant. Strolling around in the countryside with Chinese friends, any time we saw a peasant I’d exclaim, in English: “Hey, I know that guy—he’s one of my four!”

I’m not quite sure why that came to mind…

The consequences of all this are not hard to figure. As the Wendover Productions video clip says:

There is a very clear but unspoken threat by China to Australia: If you make things difficult for us politically, we’ll make things difficult for you economically.

Hence the recurrent news stories about China meddling in Australian politics. [China meddling claims hit Australian government before vote, Straits Times, April 9, 2019,]

The ChiComs also of course carefully monitor their students in Australian universities. If a student expresses open support for the Hong Kong demonstrators, for example, he will soon hear that his family back in China have been pulled in for interrogation by the secret police [A student attended a protest at an Australian uni. Days later Chinese officials visited his family, by Fergus Hunter, Sydney Morning Herald, August 7, 2019].

So, as I said, stick around: By 2025 or 2030, public criticism of China will be taboo in Australia. The Aussies will love Big Brother—unless, ironically, the China virus saves them, and us.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Daniel H says:

    I welcome my Chinese overlords. I live in Vegas. The city is destroyed, economically. The Chinese would never have allowed this to happen. Right now, construction has been stalled on Resorts World…but the Chinaman has patience. He is not going to blow-up over a delay that is really a nuisance more than anything else. Give it a month and things will get back on track and Resorts World will open on schedule, and it will become the de-facto capitol/capital of America. I will gladly work as a bus-boy over there, feed of the crumbs of our new masters…maybe assume the role of some Gweilo mandarin, whispering in the ears to curry a little influence. #MAGA#? Fuggedabout it. Just accept the invevitable.

  2. Anonymous[174] • Disclaimer says:

    Most of the world was happy with Sinification until the Corona crisis. Even most right wing nationalists were pro-China, it was common to hear right wingers applaud China for their brutal policies against Uyghur Muslims.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @romar
    , @Rich
  3. Not much of an expert on Aust’ hey Derb ?
    Be hard to find a more US centric country than Austraila (the UK comes to mind).
    Of course, its a bit tricky picking a path between the two Powers. But, it may be, by 2025-30 the US may have shrivelled to such a degree that China is the only game in town.
    Incidentally Derb’, running around the world with pallet loads of 100’s (the cash splash) has been a part of US foreign policy since at least 1945…. And as for “economic pressure” what do you call the US habit of unilateral (illegal) sanctions ?
    My country right or wrong, hey Derb’ ?

    • Thanks: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Realist
  4. fish says:

    Counting down until the PRCs Number One Fan Boi drops by to remind us again how China is just a big ol ball of benevolence! No threat to anyone…..unless you happen to be Pakistan and you’re waiting for N95 masks and instead get a shipment of Chinese underwear!

    I hope it was freshly laundered at least! No tickee, No maskee!

  5. Brother, I hear you, but don’t worry, the world is not about to eat you. Sinification? You realise the entire globalist dream is pure communist Hive theology? You mention so many dynamics conspiring against your preferred world view, but may I suggest you reflect for a moment how they all work as one to effect the ultimate goal: All property in one account, and the serfs grazing contntedly. Australia is only a threat if she insists on growing her own food, America will provide. Manufactured goods? China has it all. Fashion? The EU is there. The rest of the world will be for mining and tourism. Like South Africa, take note how much money Australia, Brazil etc are stuffing up tghe Tourism butt. China is not your problem, mate, believing the partisan nonsense that will eventually have us agree to real countrywide lockdowns, for ever.
    Just remember, globalism is just communism, which is a RELIGION that demands everything belongs to their god. Who is the god of Zion? They refuse to even write out his name, so I really don’t know, but the bastard is a communist that wants us in a hive. All our politica theories were given us by these same people, they run the economy, education…
    …and you post a review on the most boring show cable has to offer right now, the one called “Let’s make war-war with China”. Dude, don’t choose sides, they are all commies, all of them. Besides, the Ausies are “Five Eyes” participants. Which menas they are a colony of Zion’s Undeclared Soviets in the Americas.
    Yes, communism is a religion! If you refuse to convert, they bleed you out, like any other religion. Submission to the Highest Authority, or they blled you out. Strict observance of dogma, or they bleed you out. Disrepect the diety (party) they bleed you out. Just like any witch hunt /pogrom /catholic purge.

    • Replies: @Cancel Capitalism
  6. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Derbyshire makes his living being skeptical about domestic politics and governance, but appears unable to see, much less question, the evils of USA imperialism. A couple years back, he was caught by surprise when called out for parroting the Establishment anti-Putin narrative. A more recent example was in January, when he mused on the (re)partitioning of Iraq, using Buchananesque “we” and “our” references to government and “chessboard” analysis. He appears to have been hard-wired with the notion that Washington should run the world. No surprise, then, that he would (like Paul Kersey) go with the “China Virus” theme, and overlook the hypocrisy you cite.

    Is it because he’s an immigrant that Mr. Derbyshire feels compelled to root for Exceptionalia? He should stick to running a white/black race bait shop for sophisticated Anglophiles. When he steps outside, the naive fealty to Uncle Sam has been embarrassing.

    • Replies: @Realist
  7. Chinese supremacy is a misnomer. After the disastrous Cultural Revolution these guys failed to even subdue Vietnam in 1979 though they had better luck with Pajeets prior.

    To stay relevant and hold the country together the CCP has to spew out empty nationalist rhetoric. Its leaders dread fragmentation which in the past resulted in colonization by the Mongols and Japanese and to a lesser extent European powers.

    More recently the CIA spent nearly two decades supporting separatists in Tibet. They are still at it. Starting in late 2010, Chinese authorities systematically dismantled the agency’s nest of spies.

    The CCP also needs economic growth to placate the sheeple. This entails paying bribes to secure natural resources from peer third world countries. The biblical adage goes, “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.”

    Despite objections from Washington, even Australia joined the Chinese-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that was launched to rival the American-dominated World Bank.

    If I were in the CCP I would work on isolating Australia from the West using Ned Kelly and ‘w*g’ Aussies types who for historical reasons tend to be anti-Pom as well as people like John Pilger who are averse to the ZOG-Yank Empire Inc. and sympathetic to China.

  8. antibeast says:

    China is playing the globalist game written by the globalists which means globalizing China not sinificating the world. The problem is that the USA wants to americanize the world while the globalists want to globalize America.

    • Agree: Farenheit, GomezAdddams
  9. @paranoid goy

    You are babbling rubbish. Globalism is the fruition of Financial Plutocratic Capitalism. Capitalists have always opposed borders and other impediments to ‘free trade’ and flow of capital, goods, and especially labor, across the world.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  10. The jury is still out on what this means for China. A lot of European authoritarians that people on the American right seem to idolize – Orban, Erdogan, Vucic (in Serbia) – seem to have decided that China’s effective response is a lot more impressive than the infighting in the EU or the lack of leadership from the US. Salvini, to his credit, has remained anti-Chinese, but China has done a masterful propaganda job in Italy as well and diffused a lot of ill will.

    On the other hand, the virus seems to be blowing the lid off of a lot of Sub-Saharan African resentment towards Chinese exploitation and might make China’s resource grab in Africa more difficult over the next decade.

  11. @Cancel Capitalism

    …and now his High Articulateness will explain to all how those big words differ from the communist Internationals’ Bolshevik wet dream. Also, the difference between religion and political theory, the differnece between political parties and mafia gangs, the differnce between “financial blah-blah” and the plan extensively laid out in the Protocols of shh…THOSE WHO WISH TO ENSLAVE US…shhh, because you think every reference to Zion refers to Jews.
    The truth is always simple.

  12. Anonymous[734] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, the whole anti-China thing by both neolibs/neocons and MAGA folks is merely a campaign to shift manufacturing away from China to India. The move away from China is in no way pro-American, as it is couched by many of its proponents. As Eric Striker pointed out in his excellent recent article (and my comments here are largely from his article), the US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum announced that 200 American manufacturers were interested in moving their supply chains from China to India, not America. The Trump administration has a new \$500 billion trade agreement between the US and India. So the trade deficit with China just moves to India. You have the populist-for-hire Steve Bannon all over the media excoriating China. Yet promoting India and Trump’s new merit-based immigration system (H1-B program on steroids) and meanwhile grant current H1-B holders citizenship.

    You don’t like the Chinese, well, good luck being enamored of the Indians. If MAGA America supports this Trump/Navarro/Bannon move from China to India they deserve their coming future, like a white guy in IT groveling at the feet of some FOB Pajeet.

    The move to India is the most insane f*cking thing and Tucker and the MAGA crowd are pumping their fists, “Yay buddy, f*ck China and their disgusting animal-eating culture (U.S. media, including Tucker, won’t tell you that the Chinese government has made recent radical moves to shut down wet markets and has banned the eating of dogs and cats— Chinese Ministry of Agriculture reclassified them as pets from livestock). Tom Cotton (R-Israel) has been the biggest China basher and proponent ending manufacturing in China. Cotton is the biggest Israel-firster in the Senate. You think he has the interests of working America at heart? Please, we just know what his (((masters))) want.

    (((International finance))) has turned against China as have the neocons/neolibs. The Belt and Road Initiative by China has curtailed the ability of international finance to control China’s politics and culture. Last year at Davos Soros said China was the “most dangerous opponent to the open society.” Soros’ group helped organize the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. China has had close cooperation with Venezuela, Russia, and Iran (India is anti-Muslim). This is unacceptable to the oligarchs/neolibs/neocons. We had constant articles from the NYT and WP last year on how China was involved in a genocide against the Uyghurs. In November the Washington Post had the editorial, “In China, Every Day is like Kristallnacht”. Then late summer Deep State initiated an uprising in Hong Kong to subvert Chinese interests and control. It fizzled. Deep State then went nuclear, so to speak, and released a bioweapon on the technological and transport hub of China during Chinese New Year.

    • Replies: @Anon
  13. Lot says:

    Derb, We Are Doomed.

    The Chinese inflicted trillions of dollars of damage on just the US economy. Our response has been some mild rhetoric and Trump delaying further China tariffs.

    Einstein’s 1920s travel diary noted how “dreary indeed” a Chinese dominated globe would be. How right he was. The drones barking out orders at people that were unveiled two months ago are worse than Orwell could have used in his novels.

    • Replies: @Hail
  14. sb says:

    Wonder if any Australians reading this are taking Derb’s prognostications seriously .

    I’ve been reading him for over a decade and have long formed the opinion that he has never met an Australian that he didn’t have a bad word for ( which would exclude both Peter Dawson and Pierre Rykmans/Simon Leys – both of whom I gather he approves of )

    In case he hasn’t noticed the internet is full of doom and gloom videos about everything like the one he publicises
    There are plenty of people of both American and (especially ) British lineage who know Australia well who would disagree with him and who may actually be more optimistic about Australia’s future than that of their countries of origin ( which of course may not be saying much )

    Derb is a great believer in numeracy . Would like to see him quote some data supporting his views . On every quality of life issue that I’m aware of Australia does pretty well .

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  15. an Ethiop named Tedros Something, or Something Tedros.

    Ethiopians have no family names. He is Tedros, son of Adhanom, grandson of Ghebreyesus. Or perhaps:

    Tedros MacAdhanom O’Ghebreyesus

    • Agree: Blinky Bill
  16. The Talk 2020 version telling your Half “ChiCom” children not to spread the “China Virus” to real Americans. I feel so sorry for Mrs Derbyshire. This is why they shouldn’t let “English Teachers” come to China.

    • Agree: d dan
  17. Realist says:

    If you look at the lists of countries protesting China and countries supporting China, the fundamental difference isn’t hard to figure. An outfit named Transparency International publishes an annual list of the world’s countries ranked by how corrupt they are. The countries critical of China come from the bottom part of that list, the least corrupt; the countries supporting China are just the ones most easily bought.

    There is no country on the face of the earth more corrupt, belligerent and hegemonic than the US.

    • Agree: TomSchmidt
  18. Realist says:

    Is it because he’s an immigrant that Mr. Derbyshire feels compelled to root for Exceptionalia?

    Somebody told Derbyshire if he didn’t kiss ass they would send him back.

  19. Realist says:

    Your comments are spot on.

  20. Anon[151] • Disclaimer says:

    The U.S. moving its outsourcing of production from China to India will be a disaster. The average IQ in China is 105 and the average IQ in India is 82. Your grandkids will think Idiocracy is a utopian movie. The Chinese are effortlessly smart and quick-minded and are quick to laugh and have no problem being self-deprecating. Indians are consummate bullshitters who never admit they’re out of their depth and have the humor, confidence, and arrogance of black women in government jobs. Just one man’s opinion based on experience.

    The dummy in this group probably has a low IQ of 115:

    The genius in this group of Panjeets probably has an IQ of 108:

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  21. SDC says:

    So the Chinese Virus stopped Chinese supremacy by… shuttering the economies of all of China’s enemies while leaving China’s relatively unfazed. Hm.

  22. Hail says: • Website

    most right wing nationalists were pro-China

    I don’t share this impression.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  23. Hail says: • Website

    We Are Doomed

    Never give up hope. Once the fog of CoronaParaoia lifts, and the end of the CoronaPanic is at hand, we still have substantial advantages over the Chinese Communist Party would-be global overlords.

    If doomed we are, and that is the title of Mr. Derb’s book of yester-decade, we are much more doomed byThird World demographics than by a virus that might create a modest flu-death spike among the elderly-and-infirm (like have been seen many times before).

    • Replies: @Lot
  24. Stan says:

    The center of economic gravity is shifting to Asia. The US has two choices. It can be a junior partner to 105 IQ China or a senior partner to 82 IQ India. Which choice will the American establishment make?

  25. Thomasina says:

    “The U.S. moving its outsourcing of production from China to India will be a disaster.”

    Yes, they should just move production back home to the U.S., to their own group of morons. At least keep it in country.

    “The Chinese are effortlessly smart and quick-minded and are quick to laugh and have no problem being self-deprecating.”

    Oh, that’s a good one. The Chinese people are no smarter than any other race. Had you used the word “conniving”, you’d be closer to the truth. Have you listened to their music? It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. Intelligence at least produces good music.

    And I’ve never seen worse or more self-centered drivers in my life. When they leave their driveways, they should at least warn the public with some signage: WARNING, YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE KILLED! Intelligence doesn’t drive like that.

    Do they study hard? Yes, I’ll give them that, especially math. But that’s not intelligence; that’s regurgitation. I don’t see a lot of creativity or thinking outside the box. Good copiers of Western technology and know-how, though.

    Self-deprecating? Yeah, maybe when they’re on top, but look out if they feel they’ve lost “face”. They’re not so “quick to laugh” when they don’t get their way.

    You seldom see Chinese in the teaching or helping professions. They gravitate straight to where the money is. Same with East Indians.

    Dealers, hustlers, gamblers, easily bought off or quick to buy others off. Deceitful, unethical.

    If I had to choose a list of people I would keep OUT of a country, it would be in this order:

    1. Jews
    2. Chinese
    3. East Indians

    No value-added here.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  26. SafeNow says:

    Here in unraveled California, where the dive-boat roving night watchman sleeps, I applaud the partially offsetting effect of our Chinese immigrants, for they are decent, industrious, conscientious, and smart. There seems to exist a paradox: Imports from China are shoddy, but yet, once the Chinese migrate and are living here, they are very proficient and conscientious.

  27. Using the Covid-29 crisis to push nationalism against globalism is good.

    Oddly enough however, so-called nationalists in the West are attacking Chinese Nationalism. But if Chinese being nationalist is wrong, it then follows that nationalism itself is wrong. And that means West shouldn’t be nationalist like China(and Russia)… which is self-defeating to nationalists.

    China used globalism for nationalist purposes. It believes in China First.
    And Western nations should use the World Order for their own national interests.
    But when people in the West attack Chinese nationalism, they are attacking nationalism itself. It’s like Tucker Carlson denouncing China for being ‘ethno-nationalist’. Funny coming from someone who opposes immigration on grounds that all of US will turn into California. (But his confused or hypocritical self is full of praise for Zionist ethno-nationalism.)

    Russia has shown that a nation can be nationalist and work with China. China has never been opposed to other nations being nationalist. China and Russia get along despite tensions(historical and geopolitical) because both understand and respect each other: Russia uses the alliance for Russian interests, China uses the alliance for Chinese interests. Russia is okay with Chinese nationalism, China is okay with Russian nationalism… as long as neither goes imperialist on the other.

    So, why not follow the Russian model? Pursue Russian nationalism without denouncing Chinese nationalism. That way, Russian nationalism and Chinese nationalism can c0-exist side by side. They can hammer out differences and compromise on certain matters on basis of mutual understanding.

    The problem isn’t Chinese nationalism or even Chinese globalism. Pakistan and Iran are far less rich and powerful than the US, but they maintain their sovereignty vis-a-vis China. They trade and cooperate on certain interests without surrendering their power to China. Even impoverished North Korea(with 1/40th of the economy of South Korea) has managed to do its own thing in defiance of China.

    But we are to believe that the rich and mighty West has been helpless to stop Chinese power and influence? ROTFL. True, Chinese business interests have moved aggressively into esp Canada and Australia, but whose fault is that? Anglos turned into a bunch of worthless cucks who measure everything in terms of money and ‘woke’ virtue-signaling about ‘muh diversity’.
    What did Sun Tzu say in the Art of War? Power is like water. It generally runs into open spaces. So, when Anglo nations went cucky-wuck and opened themselves to Chinese people and money, guess where a lot of the people and money went? China didn’t forcibly invade the West(like the West once did against China). Rather, Canada and Australia freely opened themselves up to Chinese people and money(as well as to Hindus, Arabs, and even thuggish Sudanese blacks).

    But why did Anglos go from proudly race-ist and nationalist — Canada and Australia used to have WHITE ONLY immigration policies — to globalist, ‘anti-racist’, cucky-wuck, and pro-diversity? Why did Anglos allow Africans and Muslims to take over entire parts of London? Because Mao sent his Red Guard hordes to conquer them? Because Jackie China and Bruce Lee’s ghost led an army of kung fu warriors to invade the West? No, because Anglos let Jews take over the West, and Jew filled white minds with ‘white guilt’, jungle fever, self-loathing, diversity-mania, and ‘muh restaurant’ lunacy.

    Jews made Anglos cuck to the Other. Once Anglos got into the habit of cucking to Jews, it was only a matter of time before other groups followed the Jewish Template: Chinese, Hindus, Arab Sheiks, illegals from Latin America, the African invasion, etc. They all learned to chant ‘diversity’ and ‘racism’ to gain increased entry into the rich and clean West. And as white minds were colonized by Jewish PC, whites just nodded along. Keep in mind that until Trump came along, ‘nationalism’ was a dirty word among nearly all Western elites, intellectuals, journalists, and managerial class.

    Russia showed what a people can do. Russia partly regained national sovereignty from Jewish globalist oligarchs. It has operated on basis of nationalism(relative to rest of Europe) since. So, when it deals with China, it is on the basis of Russian nationalism and Chinese nationalism respecting each other. Russia doesn’t have to vilify China, and China doesn’t have to vilify Russia.

    But US, Canada, UK, and Australia are without Anglo sovereignty. Anglos(like Derb himself) are sorry cucks to Jewish Globalists. If Anglos had sense, they wouldn’t opt for anti-Sinicism. Rather, they would argue that white nations must be like China, Russia, and Iran in regaining national sovereignty and operating on the basis of national interest. This can be done without anti-Chinese rhetoric as Russia proved. Initially, China respected Trump as a tough-talking nationalist. Chinese nationalism can work with other nationalism.
    It’s weird how Anglo nations are many times richer than Russia(that is strong in military but weak in economy) but politically many times weaker. The West is like one big Hong Kong under British Rule: Rich but a puppet of the Brits. Today, Anglo nations are rich but political and ideological tools of Jews. When China deals with Russia, it is with a second-rate economic power with a first-rate political power. When China deals with the West, it is with a first-rate economic power with third-rate political power. Just look at Justin Trudeau or the female leader of New Zealand. Even tough-talking Trump regularly takes it up the ass from Jews and killed hero Soleimani, the Iranian patriot who’s been battling terrorists in Syria. All such Western goy politicians are mere tools and puppets of Jews. But Jews are so powerful that they can hide their power, and goy-cucks play along with the hope that, if they suck up to Jews just one more time, Jews will be nice to them. So, white ‘liberals’ blame Russia for everything, and white ‘conservatives’ blame China for everything. Jews mess with US politics, but we had 3 yrs of Russia Collusion nonsense. Jews control US institutions, but we now get ‘China Inc or Chinc. controls everything’. It’s downright hysterical.
    There was a time when the West was both a first-rate political and first-rate economic power. White Christian elites ruled, and they were united as one people with white Christian masses. But over time, Jews took over, and white elites became managerial cucks serving the Jewish globo-homo agenda. And white masses were to be replaced with White Nakba, race-mixed with jungle fever and bamboo fever, and/or killed off with opioids(sold by Jew who also once sold opium to the Chinese). Then, the cure is obvious: White Liberation from Jewish supremacism. Unity of white elites and white masses. Nationalism like in Hungary. But we hear NONE of this from the likes of Tucker Carlson. All we get is blaming China for globalism that is really the tool of Jews. The truth is China is prepared to deal with nationalist white nations. Rise of nationalism in White Nations may be disadvantageous to China in certain areas, but Chinese are not ones to tell white nations what to do. They will adapt to the new reality. The one group that is most hostile to revival of nationalism in white nations is the Jews. This is why Jews are now manipulating whites not to restore nationalism in white nations but to attack Chinese nationalism as the source of globalism’s problems. By blaming Chinese NATIONALISM, snuff nationalism in the West as well.

    The problem is Anglos are doing NOTHING about the source of US enslavement to globalism: Jewish Power. If anything, they are pretending that China is the master of globalism and forced globalism on the West. This is total nonsense. Jews pushed globalism on the West. Jews urged big business in the West to dump on their own workers and send factories to Mexico & China and outsource to India. Jews in Silicon Valley invited all those Hindus. Jewish New York Times hires Hindu and Chinese ‘woke’ scholars to dump on whites. China didn’t create this World Order but merely took part in it. Also, despite all the corruption and brutality of current China, it did make real products and shipped them to other nations, which is a helluva lot more than Jews in Wall Street making trillions via financial manipulation.

    If Anglos followed the Putinist model, they could bring back white pride and white-majority nationalism in the West. And then, they could work with China on basis of mutual respect. If China currently doesn’t respect whites, it’s because whites cuck to Jews. Chinese know Jews rule the West. And as whites are cucks of Jews, whites adopted Open Borders and can’t say NO to mass immigration-invasion. So, if whites want pride and power back, they must deal with the Jews.
    Whites must blame Jews for globalism. Whites must restore nationalism and white identity by pushing back against Jewish Power. But people like Tucker Carlson and Derb suck up to Jews… even though Jews hate them most. Jews even fund Antifa that went to Carlson’s house and threatened his family. Derb has been de-personed in journalism because Jews smeared him as ‘white supremacist’.

    Instead of confronting Jews to regain white identity and white-majority nationalism, whites are attacking Chinese nationalism. White ‘conservatives’ attack Chinese nationalism and white ‘liberals’ attack Russian nationalism. But if nationalism is bad, then it must be bad in the West too. But if nationalism is bad for China, Russia, and the West, how do we counter and control globalism?

    White people need to restore nationalism and come to terms with Russian nationalism and Chinese nationalism(and Iranian nationalism and etc), but instead they blame China for globalism while being utterly amnesiac about the fact that the West embarked on globalism that was created by Jews and Anglo-traitors. If whites don’t restore nationalism and merely blame China for globalism, then the result will be continued globalism, especially as the REAL source of globalism goes unmentioned: Jewish Power.

    Also, if the West is to pursue nationalism, it must give up on imperialism. It is downright hypocritical for the West to bitch about China(and Russia) when the US and NATO invaded and destroyed nations in Middle East and North Africa in Wars for Israel. It is Trump, tool of Jews, who is interfering in Venezuela. Also, how many Chinese naval bases surround the US? How many US military bases surround China? Who created the mess in Ukraine by instigating a coup?

    Wittingly or not, Derb is merely a shill of Jewish globalists who are trying to blame China for the World Order that Jews have created. If nations like US, Canada, and Australia were to go nationalist and ban further Chinese immigration and investment, China will accept the outcome and learn to live with it. It is Jews who will go crazy and denounce white nations as ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, and ‘nazi’ at the slightest whiff of white majority interests. It’s the Jews and castrated white cucks who say even “It’s Okay to be White” is ‘racist’. Has China or Russia denounced Viktor Orban and Hungary? No, all the hatred comes from Jews, and those Jews are well-served by Anglo-cucks.

    • Thanks: nokangaroos
  28. Babs says:

    Our eyes have always been open. The problem is that those in charge simply force things upon us that we never consent to and there is no indication that anything will change since they’re still in charge.

  29. Lot says:

    “ Never give up hope.”

    Hope of changing the horrible dysgenic trends worldwide? I have none. At best they will slow a little, but several decades more are baked into demographic momentum.

    Hope of preserving a few islands of Western Civ? Very long term it doesn’t look good, but there’s a good hundred years of ruin before it gets too bad in most of the USA and Western Europe.

    “Once the fog of CoronaParaoia lifts, and the end of the CoronaPanic is at hand, we still have substantial advantages over the Chinese Communist Party would-be global overlords.”

    Can we talk them into not doing another Cold War? Derb’s Arctic Alliance the way to go.

    “ we are much more doomed byThird World demographics”

    CV is probably going to improve things by cutting the high natural resource prices that fuels third world fertility and demand for cheap labor pulling them into the West.

  30. Rahan says:

    *groan* will people give it A REST with the Uighur loving?

    First it was Afghan-loving, oh them “noble dreamy freedom fighters”, then Chechens, now Uighurs.

    Anyone who makes a career of whining about “poor oppressed Islamists” should pay to import them to their own country, and once they start the stabbing and bombing sprees–no backsies.

    There’s a whole lot of things to be critical about concerning every great power, especially authoritarian ones, especially China. But if people instantly go for the low-hanging fruit with gibberish about the dreamy oppressed Islamists and heroic shop smashers in Hong Kong–they instantly lose legitimacy. Even if the rest of what they say is perfectly reasonable.

    Let’s put it this way: there are corporate left-wingers and right-winger, to whom simply saying that someone is “a filthy fascist” or “a dirty commie” or “an anti-semite”, or “a white supremacist” or “a misogynist”, or “a Russian agent” is enough. They use this as a cheap labor-saving device, and instead of actually having to think, they simply use these labels. If pressed, they shift to ready-made “reasons” such as “what about all the Negroes you oppressed” or “what about all the Indians you genocided” or “remember when Stalin personally shot a hundred million people” and so on. And they do all this when arguing about completely different topics, they simply throw this all in as cheap ammunition, to give additional superficial weight to their arguments.

    But when they do this, smart people stop believing anything they say. Same for the criticism of Russia when it’s not about the real stuff but about “oy vey all the gays you opressed, all the pure dreamy Chechens”, same when about China, the cheap ready-made ammunition is about the Falun Gong cultists (who only ever tried to infiltrate the whole government), Christians being oppressed (in the country with the most Christians in the world), six million Uighur being masturbated to death and made into lampshades, and the liberal and democratic Hong Kong vandals.

    If an analyst can criticise China with facts and logic, without dipping into the arsenal of ready-made B.S.–this is wonderful. We need more of that. However, if they pepper their essays with the China-oriented equivalents of “what about all the Negroes and trannies you oppress tho”, well then. It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate one’s approach.

    • Agree: MikeatMikedotMike
    • Replies: @Sean
  31. gT says:

    Yep, the corona virus certainly has taken the wind out of Chinese sails. Hopefully this is not a temporary phenomenon, time will tell. But as others have said, if the West collapses, China also collapses, because the West made China into what it is now, and China can’t survive without exporting their trinkets to the West.

    And as a Chinese commentator said on this website “In dealings with the West its your money or your life, with China its your money and your life”. China just wants to take over everywhere, they truly believe that they are heavenly mandated to do so, so it is not possible to have a rational conversation with anyone from the PRC. Better to just have no dealings with the PRC whatsoever.

  32. Exile says:

    I remember when Dissident Rightists, including paleo-cons like Derb, believed in non-intervention and national sovereignty.

    Now we have to rejoin the Great Game of Global Hegemony because of Australia and some obscure cult in NotMyProblemistan?

    I love Australians – some of my favorite people – but they’re a sovereign nation with sovereign problems and responsibilities. Even our ridiculously-overextended treaty commitments to Australia aren’t reciprocal. If Chinese troops landed in Los Angeles tomorrow, I’m not counting on ANZAC to intervene from a legal or practical standpoint.

    Paging Pat Buchanan – Derb needs a refresher stretch in Pat’s America First Re-Education Camp.

    The ease with which (((Lady Liberty’s))) distress has called the most arch of paleocons home from their dissident diaspora is surprising.

    Our American Kulaks have come back to defend the (((Rodinya))). I can hear Bill Kristol’s hands rubbing from a continent away.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Jeff Stryker
  33. romar says:

    Well, in any case, what’s the moral difference between succumbing to “a bag of money” and succumbing to “economic pressures”?
    Looks the same to me: greed.
    And don’t tell me one form of greed is personal while the second is national. Or rather, do say so, but explain how a leader who sells his country’s independence for contracts and investments is worse than a leader who sells his for a bag of money to buy a new house – or whatever…
    The Chinese will still build roads and rail and other infrastructure in the money bag leader’s third-world country, in exchange for natural resources and a positive vote at the UN etc., while in the investment-hungry country, the Chinese will make profits from their contracts and acquisition of harbours and terminals and castles, and their G5 sales – and similarly get a positive vote at the UN.
    In other words, as the third-world country cannot lose face on the international arena – as it never pretended to have any – it will be the overall winner against the first-world country that has lost the grand-standing it used to boast about…
    Let’s face it: Chinese money is the great leveller and equaliser…

  34. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Paging Pat Buchanan – Derb needs a refresher stretch in Pat’s America First Re-Education Camp

    That aspect of Mr. Buchanan is long gone, and romanticized at that. He’s a right-sizing imperialist whose opposition to Uncle Sam’s extra-national overreach is tactical, not principled — the ideal world for “Mr. Paleoconservative” would be run by Washington. And his conflation of the American people with “our” rulers in Washington — pronoun propaganda — is exemplified in the writing of Mr. Derbyshire I noted above.

    • Agree: utu
  35. @Exile

    Australia curses the day that it ever got involved in Vietnam. So I doubt their limited forces would be arriving in Los Angeles.

    I doubt many Americans would fight for Los Angeles. Look how easily they handed it over to the Mexicans.

    White Americans usually flee. And Mestizos in the Southwest are at war with Anglo-Saxons. It is not just history but the fact that Mestizos despise Anglo customs and culture-they hate the fact that Anglo-Saxons imported their own women and killed their own Indians, they hate Protestantism, they hate Anglo-Saxon haughtiness, they hate Anglo-Saxon food, they hate the fact that Anglo-Saxons are cold and reserved.

    Chinese will have an easier time of conquering Australia, but will do so economically as merchants and not through force. As they have done in the Philippines.

    America already has a (Ruling elite) in place. Regionally, Cuban in Florida have displaced (them) but overall they are at the centers of wealth and power along with dwindling WASP old-guard elite and some Irish Catholics on the East Coast.

    Because the US has a (Ruling elite) the Chinese cannot really take over the economy. And they won’t invade either.

    Our ridiculously overextended treaties with Australia may not weather the economic woes of Coronvirus. Afghanistan is a memory and the ME seems trivial. Americans are slowly receding into their internal isolationist mode and doubtlessly Australians and Canadians and Brits who complained of “cultural colonialism” by Americans will piss and moan about this isolationism.

    But Kulaks in the US living in second-world poverty cannot be made to give a fat rat’s ass about anything anymore. The government has lied to them for too long, spent their money in too many pointless wars, made it clear they are Deplorables. So they don’t care.

    And because Deplorable Ineducables are not worldy and have never been outside the US and can barely find Australia on a map they don’t care.

    Also, the so-called “Eurofags” have been on a rant about Americans for so long that Americans are not in a big hurry to give their lives to defend them.

    Unlikely China would invade Australia but try and implement a draft. See how many Gen Z want to die in Australian Pacific waters for people who detest Americans anyhow.

    Yeah, right.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @Anonymous
  36. @Jeff Stryker

    I doubt many Americans would fight for Los Angeles. Look how easily they handed it over to the Mexicans.

    Yes, but Anglos migrated into that territory despite the best efforts of its Mexican rulers to keep them out, and eventually took it from Mexico, so turnabout is fair play.


    Hey @Derb, the Australian Elite are so PC that they will never come to their senses.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  37. Rich says:

    Right wingers like Paul Krugman? Rahm Emmanuel? Joe Biden? Barry Obama? Bill DeBlasio? Corey Booker? Sandy Berger? And the rest of the democrat party? If they’re “right wing”, what in heaven’s name are the repubs?

  38. Anonymous[836] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Hispanics are ironically more culturally and emotionally connected to Europe than White Americans/Anglo-Saxons are. A lot of Hispanics, Mestizos even, frequently refer to themselves as “Spanish”, whereas no white American would refer to themselves as British/English, not even Anglo-Saxon Americans.

    I suspect that a US that is majority Hispanic would be much more culturally aligned and tuned in with Europe than a majority white America ever was.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Jeff Stryker
  39. @The Alarmist

    Would you say that if New Guinea’s insurgents invaded Queensland from across the straits? After all, they crossed the straits and intermarried with the aboriginals of Queensland state in ancient times so technically Anglo who invaded should hand that back to New Guinea…or at least not prevent New Guineans from crossing the straits and taking Queensland back.

    Would that turnabout be fair play, you know, if Queensland became part of Papua?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  40. utu says:

    Interesting but you might be right. Americans culturally are very un-European.

  41. @Anonymous

    Aztec headdress-wearing Mexicans talking about Atzlan don’t seem very European to me or make much of a mention of Spain. I’m not even sure these Indians in the Southwest would find Spain on a map.

    Mexican immigrants to America are like Filipinos. Yes, somewhere in their background is a Spanish friar or whatever but it is a small proportion of their DNA and very distant.

    Of course I am referring to the Mexicans in the United States. White Mexican elite don’t immigrate to East Los Angeles.

  42. d dan says:

    CONTRAST of two authors in

    John Derbyshire raves about international organization and he dislikes WHO because it is too pro-China:

    “The Director-General of the WHO is an Ethiop named Tedros Something, or Something Tedros. Anyone who pays any attention at all to the news now knows that this Tedros bloke is a bought-and-paid-for shill for the Chinese Communist Party.”

    But he has no problem to use the rating of another international organization when it says bad thing about countries supporting China:

    “An outfit named Transparency International publishes an annual list of the world’s countries ranked by how corrupt they are. The countries critical of China come from the bottom part of that list, the least corrupt; the countries supporting China are just the ones most easily bought.”

    His reasoning (without proof, of course) is that China “bribes” those countries. He also conveniently forgets that US is also one of the largest foreign aid donor in the world. Further, he wants the readers to believe that those countries critical of China are genuinely concerned about the welfare of Uighur, whereas those supporting China are simply corrupted.

    So here you go: the dividing lines between trust-worthy organizations and not trust-worthy ones is whether they are critical of China.

    In contrast, another writer here in, Anatoly Karlin, has an illuminating article about this type of international rating when an organization claims that:

    “America First in Epidemic Preparedness!”

    Karlin notes that everyone can see from the response of Covid-19 to decide how hilariously wrong those ratings are. At the end of the his article, Karlin questions:

    “Now imagine how accurate and unbiased all those “democracy”/”human rights” indices are.”

    So, judge yourself which authors is the more critical thinker.

    • Replies: @Sean
  43. @Jeff Stryker

    Sure, if the Aussies weren’t willing to hold their territory. For all their faults, the Aussies have shown some determination to hold their ground.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  44. Sean says:

    Dissidents in China have their organs harvested, That is a fact. as is there being wet markets in China and gigantic detention centres in China where people are crowded like battery hens in filthy conditions. Both are a bio-threat that the Chinese government are defiantly refusing to shut down. China a bat virus recombined with another animal virus, which made a chimera that spread like wildfire. The other animal was a pangolin and that is the post trafficked animal in the world because it considered an ‘aphrodisiac’ the Chinese has sexual insecurities that have been paid for in Western lives. The political insecurities of China may yet prove even more lethal.
    COVID-19 may evolve greater virulence by circulating in a population of people kept in close, unhygienic quarters, such as the estimated one million Uighur Muslims being held in detention camps in Xinjiang, north-west China. To understand how this would be possible, it’s helpful to look at how one instance of influenza — the 1918 flu pandemic — evolved its extreme level of virulence

    The 1918 flu seems to have evolved in military camps and it was most dangerous to men of military age (the W shape age graph).What is currently happening may seem in retrospect to be a dress rehearsal for a big (second) wave in October out of Chinese detention camps as Professor Ewald has expressed concern about. It would be no huge surprise if COVID-19 came back in the fall with specialised virulence for the ages of those in the Xinjiang detention camps, who are not elderly, and with a death rate approaching 10%.

    • Troll: Blinky Bill
    • Replies: @anonymous
  45. Sean says:
    @d dan

    China admitted covering up SARS, it did the same thing in the crucial early days of COVID-19, and on the 7th of January even announced that the Wuhan disease did not spread between people. The also said it had a death rate of about 10% So China has not changed it’s ways even after a series of bad ethical and scientific errors over COVID-19; errors that mainly impacted on the rest of the world. The WHO has also been most critical of Sweden not China.

    “America First in Epidemic Preparedness!”

    Karlin notes that everyone can see from the response of Covid-19 to decide how hilariously wrong those ratings are. At the end of the his article, Karlin questions:

    Influenza B is considered a somewhat less dangerous type of flu than the ‘A’ variety. However, on occasion a young person (teenager) dies of Influenza B because their immune system overreacts. America has been hurt by the reaction to COVID-19 as much as the disease itself I think and China’s dissimulation, cluelessness, and finally scare tactics must be accounted at least partly responsible.

    This may well be a watershed in history that marks the begining of Chinese ascendancy. They certainly do not seem to think there is anything in it for them to take measures against an amped up COVID-19 second wave, judging by their recalcitrant attitude to their own wet markets and detention camps with a million inmates.

    • Troll: Blinky Bill
  46. @The Alarmist

    That statement reverses the logic of your previous post.

    Anyhow the real reason is that Mexicans can function in a post-industrial labor sector and New Guineans cannot….if you had the same degree of illegal immigration from New Guinea that the US has from Mexico and you called it fair turnaround then Queensland would become an insurgent’s paradise with cannibal cookouts on the street. Certain subgroups are disruptive in modern societies to various degrees and New Guineans are so primitive and low IQ that big business in Australia has no use for for them.

    So you coast guard simply ensures they never cross the straits, lest Queensland become a cannibal cookout.

  47. @sb

    He’s conflating the Australian political class with the Australian populace – a standard rookie error.

    The Australian political class has always dropped to its knees and started blowing whoever is the Top Nation (i.e., whichever country can enable Aussie grifters to get their grift on).

    Pre-WWII it was the Poms; after WWII it became clear that England had taken that last step towards Imperial over-reach and was fucked as a grift-enabler, so the Aussie political class started tugging on America’s fly and finally got its gob around US dick during VietNam.

    The people, on the other hand – they’re not anti-US as such, but they’re not happy that the US staged a coup here in 1975 (when the Whitlam government was threatening to close Pine Gap and blind US’ regional SIGINT) so they don’t trust the US government.

    White Australians are pretty easy-going, if a bit xenophobic; they’re nowhere near as dumb as Yanks, and not as smart as Kiwis, Germans or Scandos. A bunch of the urban types have absorbed TV-driven ‘aspiration’ (i.e., having massive debt for a newish car and an overpriced house; watching TV shit that’s mostly vaguely-fuckable (but often tattooed) chicks who look like they’re waiting for a call-back to see if they aced their ‘audition’ at a strip club).

    When the US shits the bed and begins its slide to regional irrelevance, Australia’s political class will put on its highest stripper heels and start rubbing itself against China’s crotch; Australia’s people will basically continue to do the same things as they’ve done since Federation –
     • dig up different types of dirt and send it overseas;
     • grow different types of grain and send most of that overseas;
     • raise sheep and cattle and send some of that overseas…
      the rest of the economy is largely domestic-focused, with fuck-all import-competing industry (we even import a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables).

    Everyone’s reasonably happy with the country being a mine and a farm.

    The education sector has reduced standards until any Chink who pays his fees can pass; that has been lucrative to date for the institutions – but reduces the quality of domestic graduates (you can’t keep standards up when Hop Sing’s retarded nephew has paid \$20k and you want his money again next year).

    Our IT sector has just as many H1B HelloUdemy fakes as the US, so our IT infrastructure has terrible code that’s undocumented, poorly maintained and insecure. (The recent rise in unemployment claims has broken the welfare bureaucracy’s IT systems so badly, that nobody is getting their pensions, benefits, bailouts or what-have-you until the start of MAY – and it broke 2 weeks ago).

    With the prospect of no sport on TV for months, maybe Straya will get up on its hind legs and hoist the Black Flag… but I wouldn’t count on it.

  48. Rahan says:

    Believing Falun Gong “eyewitness accounts” about China, is like believing Jewish “eyewitness accounts” about the Third Reich. Precisely half of Europe remembers what it’s like to live in a non-democracy (every adult over 35 remembers ‘Soviet type” communism), and whatever naive Western enthusiasts may imagine–it sucks. Non-democracy sucks on just so many levels. Compared to real non-democracy, even today’s Belarus is a liberal paradise. War also sucks. So yes, the Third Reich sucked, in spite of all the propaganda pics of beaming youths and sheit. That being said, no number of “eye witnesses” will make all the walls of eyes and masturbation machine and geysers of blood into facts. They just won’t. Piling on psychotic gibberish does not help in criticizing something that actually needs criticism. It does the opposite.

    All the “and then they smashed all the virgins into pulp with steam-engine hammers and smeared the result onto bread and had an orgy in a room full of harvested eyes, the walls of which bled semen for decades afterwards”–that’s not really “a fact”. That’s more of a “useful goyim motivator” such as today they’re already starting with “eyewitness accounts” of screaming living patients being thrown into the crematory flames in Wuhan. Very limited imagination, in fact. Can’t think of anything new. Soon there’s going to be lampshades and an Uighur boy who was raised by wolves and whatnot. Babies on bayonets, of course, and so on. Maybe an alleged gas attack or five.

    Again, not to say that today’s China doesn’t have its problems. With a population of 1.4 billion, every single hour an official is likely taking a bribe, or hiding unpleasant info from his higher-ups, someone is imprisoned or fined for an “incorrect opinion”, and and someone simply drops dead right there on the street. It’s also likely as oppressive as the Soviet system was in the latter “vegetarian” days of the 1970’s and 1980’s.
    (Which in the West was still presented as some Stalinist hell. Watch a 1970’s Soviet flick sometime, paranoid boomers. Start with the holy trinity of “Irony of Fate”, “Gentlemen of Fortune”, and “Moscow Does not Believe in Tears”. Just click on the damn Youtube. No excuse of being an ignoramus in the 21st century. Then transpose what you see in these flicks onto today’s China. A crude method, but still much better than the current psychotic gibberish)

    However, once you go past realistic criticism of post-Confucian Brezhnevist capitalism and into “satanic pedophile commies use Christian baby organs to keep themselves immortal” territory, you’ve blown it. Finding out the truth of COVID-19, or, for that matter, deciding who screwed up more, will not be helped by all the “they tore them apart with remote controlled dildos”.

  49. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    The 1918 flu seems to have evolved in military camps ..

    You mean the “Spanish Flu”? What side was Spain on, anyway?

  50. Dumbo says:

    Weird to see someone married to a Chinese with half-Chinese children complaining about “ChiComs”.

    I’m not a fan of China, they are awful with animals and children, they will never be Western, but blaming them for “globalization” is a bit rich.

    Methinks it was really the Anglo-Saxons, so idolized by the likes of Derb and Sailer, and their historical hate of English proles, the Irish, continental Europeans, etc. Now they praise Australia as a “high trust Anglo society”, but it started basically as a prison island.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  51. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    China and globalist scum travelers brought the world this pandemic. Here’s hoping Trump will use this opportunity to put in an EO demanding all “essential manufacturing” to return to US shores, incl. all medicine, medical supplies, high tech products, defense products, auto production, steel and textile. A simple “get out of China” won’t work as manufacturers will simply move to other Asian countries and US will continue to be dependent on imports.

    Trump should also make the ban on all Chinese nationals permanent. Stop issuing them any and all visas, green cards, citizenship. Expel all current and former Chinese citizens from US soil. A complete decoupling with China is essential and will be good for both countries and the world. This inter dependency have become an extremely unhealthy relationship.

    And btw, since fucking India today said they will only agree to ship us more hydroxychloroquine if Trump agrees to give more H1B visas to Indians, it’s time to also deny all visas to Indians and boot all these dot head scammers out of the country.

  52. @Hail

    Most right wing nationalists are indifferent to China.

  53. Anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    Since China unleashed this virus monster upon the world by insisting that all countries continue to allow their citizens to enter, they need to pay reparation to the world for the damage they caused. We need to make them pay for all of the \$2Trillion coronavirus stimulus by nullifying their \$1.1Trillion holding of US treasuries. They can no longer cash any of it in. Make up the remaining \$900B by imposing a 300% tariff on all goods imported from China, until this is paid off.

    In addition, all countries should ban all Chinese visitors and repatriate all Chinese citizens currently living on their soil until they pay off all economic damage that they caused.

  54. Anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    I really don’t give a rat’s behind what China does to its own citizens. All the cries of human rights violations, persecution of Uighurs, Christians, Falun Gong…I don’t give a shite. Give it a rest. China is a sovereign nation. The US has no business sticking its nose into every other country’s business and tell them how/who should run their country.

    The US needs to move back all manufacturing to our shores, deport all current and former Chinese citizens in the US, end all diplomatic ties with China, ban entry of all their citizens on our shores, then leave them the heck alone to run their effing country as they see fit.

    • Replies: @Sean
  55. Sean says:

    China was taking bookings for organ transplants a month in advance and the only was that is possible is they were harvesting the organs of individual tissue matched political dissidents held in detention camps until they could be killed for their organs. So what?

    The COVID-19 virus is novel in humans and still has a lot of design space to explore. Given that it has this evolvability, that the million Uighur inmates crammed into the camps are a rest home/ gymnasium for the virus, and that no Western country except Sweden is going to have herd immunity because a vaccine will not be here this year, a super COVID-19 outbreak in October (begining of flu season) may be inevitable. The Chinese ought to be told that if they are counting on the West to remain passive at the irruption of a more virulent COVID-19 into the West this Autumn then they are counting wrong. Another pandemic will be treated like a nuclear strike on the West by China.

    • Troll: Blinky Bill
    • Replies: @Blinky Bill
  56. @anonymous

    The Kansas flu is called Spanish flu for two reasons:

    – the Spanish had no military censors and therefore were first to report

    – USian PR was, and still is, best. By far.

  57. @Sean

    Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace: The Saudi businessman who recruited mujahedin now uses them for large-scale building projects in Sudan.

    Rambo IV should’ve been set in Afghanistan as well. As part of America’s war on terror, John Rambo is sent in to attack the mujahideen he fought with in Rambo III but Rambo values friendship over his country. He starts calling himself John bin Rambo and joins the mujahideen to fight the Americans just like they fought against the Soviets. The film ends with Rambo getting caught by the Americans and being sent to the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay.

    • Replies: @Sean
  58. Seraphim says:

    He is practically recognizing that the war on China is on and it will get worse, so he needs to make the right noises to show that he is ‘on the right side of history’, notwithstanding his full blown ChiCom Chinese wife, or precisely because of that (she might be easily accused at any time to be a ChiCom spy, it is not clear whether she became an American citizen, or him for that matter). Simple prudence.
    Australians may not like ‘Chinese meddling in Australian politics’, but neither do they like the ‘Pommys’ to tell them what they should do or not do. BTW, they might look at the ‘CHina virus’ as an opportunity to achieve finally their independence from HM.

  59. Sean says:
    @Blinky Bill

    Dr Fauci has explained his prior downplaying of COVID-19 and the West being caught with its pants down by reminding everyone that Chinese had publicly announced on the 7th of January that the Wuhan disease was a coronavirus, but really only caught from animals and did not spread person to person. With this reassurance, renouned infection expert (and scientific consultant for the pandemic film “Contagion” ). Dr. W. Ian Lipkins, went to Wuhan to help and caught coronavirus, which the Chinese were at the time saying had a case fatality rate of about 15%!

    As late as the the 24th of January, Doctor Fauci gave a briefing for senators in which he said there was very little danger to the US from the Wuhan disease. Later that day he repeated that opinion at a press conference. During this time the Chinese were demanding that international flights from China be accepted by other countries, yet they banned all internal flights from Wuhan to other parts of China. Whatever it takes to make China discharge its responsibilities to the international community less insouciantly should be done. If that necessitates making thinly veiled nuclear threats against China, were it to continue recklessly endangering our people, then so be it.

    • Troll: Blinky Bill
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