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From Wisconsin to Washington D.C.—"Our Culture and Way of Life" Under Attack
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Wisconsin got a visit from the Antifa mob following the shooting in Kenosha of a criminal suspect, 29-year-old Jacob Blake, who is black. The cops had been called on Mr. Blake for reasons now disputed. He’d arrived at some kind of sidewalk kerfuffle in his car, left the car and got involved somehow, and the cops were called.

Mr. Blake, for whom an arrest warrant was out from last month, was keen not to be arrested, so he ignored the orders of the cops, kept moving after being tasered, and reached into his car for…something.

The cops naturally feared he was reaching for a gun. So one cop shot him seven times in the back—which, Blake being faced away from him, half in the car fishing for something, was the only place the cop could shoot to disable him.

Mr. Blake survived the shooting, but may now be permanently paralyzed. The cop who shot him is white: 31-year-old Rusten Sheskey, a seven-year veteran of the force. [Officer who shot Jacob Blake identified, By Victoria Albert, CBS, August 27, 2020]

Mr. Blake has six children, three of them by a lady named Laquisha Booker.[‘Do Jacob justice and examine your hearts.’ Excerpts from a news conference with Jacob Blake’s mother, sisters and father, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 27, 2020] These three were in the car’s back seat when he was shot[ Jacob Blake’s fiancée says he was shot in front of kids ‘for no reason’, by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post August 25, 2020].

We haven’t been told anything about the other three, or what Mr. Blake does for a living.

It’s a miserable story, but I can’t see, watching the video, how the cops could have acted any differently. Should they have waited to see what Blake was reaching into his car for before shooting him? I wouldn’t have. (Post-mortem investigation disclosed a knife on the floor of the car.)

It’s a rough deal for Mr. Blake. But his behavior was seriously stupid. In this world, stupidity comes with a price, sometimes a high one.

It’s a rough deal for his kids, too. But that’s on him. He should have co-operated with the cops. The misfortune of those kids is to have a willfully stupid dad with no respect for the law or its enforcement.

To the anarchist mobs and their supporters in the Main Stream Media/ Democrat Establishment this was of course another case of leering Bull Connor- type white racist working their evil will on a helpless black man begging for mercy. Kenosha (population 100,000, ten percent black) got the full treatment: burning, looting, and mayhem.

Are there really that many rabid, street-fighting anarchists in Kenosha? Probably not: but Chicago is only fifty miles away, and while these mobs are anarchists, modern social media make organization and mobilization irresistibly easy even for anarchists.[ Kenosha police find helmets, gas masks, more in out-of-state vehicles; arrest 9, by Nick Viviani, NBC15, August 27, 2020 ]

There is a nation-wide network of these rioters now, egged on by their supporters in the Establishment, in the Main Stream Media and social media, in Hollywood, in the sports world, in the universities. They are enabled by hands-off mayors, governors, DAs, and prosecutors.

Abe Greenwald [Tweet him] has an opinion column in the September issue of Commentary magazine titled Yes, This Is a Revolution:

As Thomas Paine said approvingly of France in 1791, “it is [an] age of revolutions, in which everything may be looked for.” A mission so grandiose demands the most radical assault on the current order, and changing the world begins with changing one’s country. So it was in France in 1789, Russia in 1917, and China in 1949. And this is especially so if one’s country is seen as the seat of the present evil and is also the most powerful nation on the planet. This is, then, most fundamentally a revolution against the United States of America and all it stands for.

Me too. I’m persuaded. Yes, it’s a revolution. And where there’s a revolution, there’ll be a counter-revolution.

Eight years ago our boss here, Peter Brimelow, wrote that:

Twice in the last year, I have been told, quite casually and spontaneously, by perfectly responsible adults, one an older woman, that all this—America’s ongoing immigration crisis and the resultant balkanizationwill come to blood.

That was at roughly the same point in the 2012 election cycle that we are now at in the 2020 cycle. Barack Obama was elected to his second term a few weeks later, and the healing began … not.

Four and a half years later, after witnessing the massively under-reported (not to mention massively under-prosecuted) disturbances at President Trump’s inauguration, Peter was persuaded:

We’re facing what was called in the case of the Civil War an irrepressible conflict.

But this is America. People have guns. It will come to blood.

And so it has.

Up to this week, however, guns have not been much in evidence; and the blood shed has been that of people who tried to stand up to the anarchist mobs—people like Adam Haner, kicked in the head by an anarchist in Portland on August 16th, or retired police officer David Dorn, shot dead by a looter during anarchist riots in St Louis. [St. Louis man arrested in fatal shooting of retired police officer David Dorn, By Theresa Waldrop, Gregory Lemos and Kay Jones, CNN, June 8, 2020]

Dorn was black. So, of course, was the “St. Louis man”.

But this week we saw the beginnings of counter-revolutionary violence. Monday there was shooting at BLMers marching from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. As they passed through Bedford, Pa. (population around 2,600), there was an exchange of gunfire. One of the anarchists took birdshot in the arm. It’s not clear who started the shooting.

Tuesday night three anarchists were shot in Kenosha WI two of them fatally, by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, using an AR-15 rifle. The sequence of events:

  1. Kyle Rittenhouse was one of a group of citizens guarding a car dealership against the mob.
  2. He wandered away for some reason. When he tried to return, police prevented him. He turned and headed to a different car dealership.
  3. Some anarchists saw him and started chasing him.
  4. One of the anarchists fired a shot in the air. Rittenhouse turned; an anarchist lunged at him; Rittenhouse fired four shots, one of them hitting 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum in the head.
  5. Rittenhouse tried to make a phone call, then ran off with the mob at his heels. He tripped and fell.
  6. The mob, whooping and hollering, converged on him. Twenty-six-year-old Anthony Huber attacked him with a skateboard. Rittenhouse, still on the ground, shot him in the chest.
  7. Gaige Grosskreutz, also aged 26, pointed a handgun at Rittenhouse, who was still on the ground. Rittenhouse shot him in the arm.

That account is from a published report by employees at the New York Times [Tracking the Suspect in the Fatal Kenosha Shootings, By Haley Willis, Muyi Xiao, Christiaan Triebert, Christoph Koettl, Stella Cooper, David Botti, John Ismay and Ainara Tiefenthäler, August 27, 2020]. Given the total control of the New York Times by its woke staffers, as illustrated in the Tom Cotton / James Bennet affair, I’m guessing those employees will soon be ex-employees, and whichever editor saw their findings into print will be an ex-editor.

It so happens that I spent midday Wednesday at my local range, re-learning for the fifteen-hundredth time what a lousy shot I am with a rifle. Back home that evening, watching the video clips then being posted of Rittenhouse shooting Huber and Grosskreutz, I confess that my first reaction was: “Nice shooting!”

I mean, Rittenhouse was sprawled on the ground in an awkward posture and, I am sure, scared out of his wits. He none the less got off four shots, killing one anarchist and badly winging another.

All right, the range was close. But I’m still impressed.

The local authorities, like their counterparts in Minnesota, Oregon, Washington State, and pretty much everywhere else, are on the side of the revolutionaries. They have smiled on benignly at the rioting, looting, and arson, but have thrown the book at young Kyle Rittenhouse.

For fatally shooting Rosenbaum in the head, Rittenhouse has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide. For fatally shooting Huber in the chest, first-degree intentional homicide. There’s a charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, which I guess is for winging Grosskreutz when Grosskreutz was trying to shoot him.

There are also some lesser charges—two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety—just in case the more serious ones can’t be made to stick, which of course they shouldn’t be.

I bet they will be, though. Our Woke prosecutors and judges are merciless with counterrevolutionaries. Young Kyle will likely end up with four hundred years in jail, like James Fields.

Still, the counter-revolution is under way, and these were its first shots. As a peace-loving patriot, I wish I could believe they’ll be the last.

I truly wish I could.

But I can’t.

The week’s other headliner has been the Republican Party’s nominating convention.

In common with many, many other Republican voters—including the millions who pushed Donald Trump through the 2016 primaries in the teeth of opposition from Rubio, Kasich, Jeb Bush, Huckabee, and the rest—I don’t much like the Republican Party, and positively loathe quite a lot of their leading figures.

But I’m a tad more hopeful than I was a week ago that Trumpism may have a future, with the GOP as its home. Even if I’m wrong and the GOP is not turning towards Trumpism, it’s at least turning away from Bushism.

Some high points:

  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St Louis couple who stood outside their home with guns to deter an anarchist mob advancing on it, came across very well, I thought. They seem like normal people: which, after last week’s Democratic Party circus, was refreshing. The NYT reaction: Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who brandished guns at peaceful protesters, made a fear-mongering pitch., August 28, 2020]
    Their appearance was also a good and necessary reminder that a Joe Biden Presidency would put our Second Amendment rights in dire peril. It was reading about the McCloskeys on Tuesday morning, in fact, that prompted me to go to the range on Wednesday. Thanks for the prompt, guys.
  • Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington High School student who has successfully sued CNN and the Washington Post for defamation. Did CNN cover his appearance? If they did, you must have been able to hear their teeth gnashing in the background.
  • First Lady Melania Trump. The New York Post put Melania on its front cover, but didn’t actually report much of the content of her speech, so I watched it on the internet. Very well-phrased and well-delivered, for someone not a political or showbiz professional.

  • Trump, of course. He’s the President; I voted for him in ’16 and I’ll vote for him again in November. I have never heard him say anything memorable or interesting, though, so I passed on the speech. [Transcript: Donald Trump’s RNC speech, CNN, August 28, 2020]

I think I did the right thing. There was pretty general agreement that Trump’s speech was way too long. Editor Peter Brimelow regrets the apparent abandonment of legal immigration reduction.

The President did, though, remind us that he had personally scotched the plan by the Tennessee Valley Authority to bring in cheap foreign employees on guest-worker visas and fire a corresponding number of American workers, after first making the Americans train their replacements on pain of no severance pay. [Fact Check: Trump Saved TVA Workers’ Jobs from Being Outsourced to Foreign H-1B Workers, by John Binder, Breitbart, August 27, 2020] I’ll thank him for that.

  • The opera singer Christopher Macchio, singing from the Blue Room balcony of the White House. He gave us some lovely arias, including a stirring “Nessun dorma.”

After the event, Macchio Tweeted:

“Our culture & way of life”—yes!

Who did the Democrats have to sing out their convention—Cardi B, was it? I forget.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. He deserves 237 years in jail and I hope he gets all of them. They will plaster his face in a collage of dysgenic, Incel-looking white boys when the dems decide to abrogate the 2A. Only Chads should be out and about in militias.

    • Agree: Tor597
    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Realist
  2. Realist says:

    To get the correct story on Rittenhouse go here. and here

    To donate to the defense fund of Rittenhouse go here.


    Peak Stupidity‘s post in praise of this brave American patriot will come out in a little while. The reader can take in a handful more good articles about this important event elsewhere on unz too. This is the first real well-documented pain inflicted on the Commie antifa. You know we all wanted to be that guy. Thank you, Ron Unz, for publishing these articles!

    We need to support this young man in any way we can.

    • Agree: Richard B, St-Germain
  4. Realist says:
    @Supply and Demand

    You are too much supply….no demand.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  5. Possumman says:

    Don’t bring a skateboard to a gun fight!

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @36 ulster
  6. Bugg says:

    The 3 guys Rittenhouse shot all are convicted felons. What are the odds?

    • Agree: Charon
  7. @Bugg

    What are the odds?

    It’s probably a better random sampling of antifa than you’d get from a phone poll.

  8. Mike Tre says:

    Repatriation is the only way.

  9. No sense relying on the NYTimes, John. If you care to view two videos of the first shooting they may be found on Youtube here and here. The second video at the 3:59 mark.

    For the second and third shootings:

  10. Tor597 says:

    This is just whites getting what they got coming to them.

    For generations whites have sponsored color revolutions abroad and used protests to destabilize governments. Now America and white people are getting a taste of their own medicine.

    • Disagree: R.C.
    • Troll: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Polemos
  11. 36 ulster says:

    They should’ve learned that some time ago, when Steven Baca shot a ‘boarder during a riot in Albuquerque. I wish Mr. Baca luck, since he’ll need it. The county DA is a Soros Borg.

  12. @Tor597

    You are right. It’s funny how the denizens of this hole can never think outside of their own backyard. And heaven forfend they think of other countries. Nationalized healthcare, for instance, works perfectly in all other countries that aren’t third world. But whenever they talk about it, they just talk about the US, like the rest of the world didn’t exist.

    This one is even more obvious. These riots are bought and paid for by Soros. Just like the ones in the Ukraine, etc. The US government supports such color revolutions. And the general run-of-the-millers, like the ones on this website, don’t even know where Ukraine is, nor what a color revolution is.

    You don’t like people making war on your “culture and way of life”? Then why do you make war on other people’s culture and way of life?

    Chickens must come home to roost, you know.

    • Agree: Tor597
  13. Mark M. says:

    The first few seconds of the first video you link to is dispositive about the Rosenbaum shooting: it was self-defense. You can see that Rosenbaum is charging Rittenhouse with Rittenhouse’s back to him. Rosenbaum gets within a few feet of Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse turns around and shoots him.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
  14. Tor597 says:

    Yes why is the rest of the world held to a certain standard on how they are supposed to treat protests, but these white nationals think its OK to gun them down?

    Unless the treatment of American Uighers gets better, maybe the UN should get involved or the rest of the world should boycott American goods until their treatment improves.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Charon
  15. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Derbyshire expects to be saved by a politician who he can’t even bear to listen to, one who has kept Big War, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Wall Street happy shadow boxing while reneging on everything promised the last time around.

    Trump, of course. He’s the President; I voted for him in ’16 and I’ll vote for him again in November. I have never heard him say anything memorable or interesting, though, so I passed on the speech.

    Yet people read and take seriously this “dissident,” and will follow him to the Red/Blue voting booth.

    Has someone already coined AltRight, Inc.?

  16. Charon says:

    Mr. Blake has six children

    Correction: six he admits to–or, if you prefer, six which have thus far successfully been pinned on him.

  17. @Bugg

    According to the mass-media reporting I’ve read, these three victims are actually the only virtuous whites in the country, except for Democrat politicians and a few fellow rioters. And of course ‘chosenites’. Weird how that works. Oh and that lady who wrote the white fragility book, we’ll spare her because she’s useful.

  18. @Tor597

    Unless the treatment of American Uighers gets better

    Virtually no laws are enforced upon them (the rare exceptions make international headlines), they’re given every imaginable advantage in housing, jobs, welfare, government, education–all of which they typically squander–they monopolize the national conversation, thanks to what Svigor calls the judenpresse, they’re coddled and protected and the authorities stand down while they burn America’s cities and loot everything they can lay their hands on. Whenever they want to, they victimize white people in the most hideous ways imaginable, secure in the knowledge that the same judenpresse will cover for them. They’re permitted t0 self-segregate whenever they feel like it, but we’re not; conversely they’re invited to wreck our cities, towns, and suburbs whenever they feel like it–which is often.

    They’re treated as ‘anointed numinous ones’ in MSM entertainment/propaganda, whereas white people are villainized continuously; they’re given ‘make work’ and ‘no-show’ jobs in state and local government, from which they then graft billions annually; no one dares question how the rich ones among them came by their money, but all white wealth is theft of course; any offenses they dislike are called ‘hate crimes’ while they can torture white people to death and never pay the price; they’re given jury nullification whenever they have to confront a jury, but prosecutors ensure that they only face black juries–the rare exception makes national news. Black juries never convict blacks.

    They’re never held responsible for what they do individually or collectively, but as you just demonstrated again, all whites are held responsible for whatever some random white person may have done years or even centuries ago; everyone else in the society must walk on eggshells 24/7 due to their tender sensibilities, but they respect no one; their race is always censored in media reports of their crimes; they’re never subjected to enforced ‘training’ sessions to teach them how to live in civilized society–instead, society itself is wrecked to suit them. They deliberately and continuously make it unsafe for everyone else in society to go about their private business. Shall I go on? There are thousands more examples.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  19. @ThreeCranes

    Once again, the actual facts are diametrically opposed to the narrative in the MSM, on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Update! The third video is still up on Twitter, hours later! Are they overwhelmed tonight?

  20. Hey John, in your article on Somalis you uncritically report the estimate of a “68” IQ for Somalis (there is a similar figure for Ethiopians.) How could that possibly be true given that Ethiopians/Somalis are the ones who stood up most valiantly against colonialism — the Ethiopians defeating the Italians and Churchill being forced to deploy airplanes against Somali rebels post WW1 because your soldiers couldn’t hack it against Somalis with inferior weapons?

    Do you still call yourself a mathematician despite never having produced any math?

    • Replies: @Alden
  21. Charon says:

    these white nationals think its OK to gun them down

    The mere possibility that a white person might actually defend himself one day has you peeing in your pants.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  22. Charon says:

    I’m sure you’ll be much happier with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office.

  23. Yes, Mr Blake is a seriously stupid man. But was it necessary to shoot him seven times from behind & inches away ? How about simply belting him over the head with a billy club — or is that too old fashioned, or too physically demanding ?

    • Replies: @Patrick in SC
    , @El Dato
  24. @obwandiyag

    You don’t like people making war on your “culture and way of life”? Then why do you make war on other people’s culture and way of life?

    Because Parisians name streets after the Americans who do? For a quick education, go to Google Maps and search their city for “Lindbergh”.

    Honor our war criminals, and you’ll just invite more.

  25. Emslander says:
    @Mr McKenna

    They’re never held responsible for what they do individually or collectively(.)

    Correct, but what’s the point?

    No police officer in America should be putting bullets into the back of a black man at this particular juncture in time. I can’t imagine what was going through that Kenosha officer’s mind just then. It was simply stupid.

    Young white Americans, all of them apparently desperate for some sense of belonging to a meaningful entity in what should be the most productive years of their lives are killing each other in the streets over the phony idea that black people are being systematically deprived. Athletes being paid in the millions of dollars are lecturing us average people that we are all racist killers for wanting police to protect us from the guys they left behind in the ghettos.

    It’s time for all of us poor deluded average men to declare a truce and find a way to dissolve this horrible experiment in people control our liberal government has created. It’s not working for anybody except the lucky top fringe and I’m not sure how happy they really are.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @El Dato
    , @Alden
  26. Polemos says:

    🌈 When all the Color Revolutions combine,
    the final revolt is a White Revolution. 🏳️

  27. President Trump – Too Badass
    Vice President Pence – Too Solid

    Joe Biden – Too Swampy
    Kamilla Harris – Too Tall

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  28. @animalogic

    A fair point, but what happens when one blow doesn’t have any effect? Or two blows? Or 8 blows?

    Remember the LA riots of 1992? That all started with the acquittal of a group of officers who tried to subdue an uncontrollable suspect with nightsticks.

    • Agree: europeasant
  29. @Emslander

    Agreed, but I don’t know how it’s possible for one side in a war to attempt a truce when the other side has your complete destruction as its principal aim.

    As to my view on that recent ‘event’ please see here:

    • Replies: @Alden
  30. El Dato says:

    Well, I hear they DID taser him a couple of times which should basically signal to anyone with a functioning brain to “please stand still or this could become dangerous”.

    Trying to “pelt someone with a billy club” may be bad advice when the someone has a knife or a gun. You may end up six feet under. Try it in a training setting in a gym.

    Anyway, I hear after

    > Peaceful protests
    > Summer of love
    > Fiery protests
    > People fighting for bread
    > People wanting to let off steam after Covid lockdowns
    > Antifa being a myth
    > Protest which will and must continue (Kamala)
    > White supremacists who are “enhancing” protests
    > Bungalows who are “enhancing” protests

    we are now moving to

    > Protests are all Trump’s fault because it’s “his watch” (Klobuchar) (and so are COVID and COVID lockdowns)
    > Protests are all Putin’s fault (Schiff)

    This gonna be a cool Halloween

  31. El Dato says:

    No police officer in America should be putting bullets into the back of a black man at this particular juncture in time.

    That’s the attitude that needlessly puts lives in danger: making your action for the next two seconds or so depend on political considerations.

    Dad made a mistake when he decided to go to the car with the blue people in nervous pursuit. Afterwards everybody regrets it, but what do you want to do.

    I can’t imagine what was going through that Kenosha officer’s mind just then.

    I guess he wanted to go home alive at the end of the shift.

  32. Alden says:
    @Gurney Halleck

    Ethiopia had a pretty advanced Christian civilization. Ethiopia had a well organized government with a functional King and army. Other geographic entities conquered by Europeans weren’t really nations. Ethiopia was a real united nation.

    Most important, the Ethiopian people were organized and nationalist enough to unite against the Europeans.

    For instance Spain conquered The Mexican Aztec territory with enormous help from about 80,000 Mayans who hated the Aztecs. It should be called a Mayan Spanish conquest instead of the Spanish conquest

    France conquered Canada and Louisiana territory with the help of Indian tribes wanting French help against traditional Indian enemies.

    England conquered the Atlantic coast of America because there was always one Indian tribe who used the English settlers against an enemy tribe. The Jamestown settlers had problems because the tribes were united under a King, warlord Powhatan. The pilgrims had no problems because the local tribes were not united. The Narraganset I believe saw the Pilgrims as allies against their enemies.

    The Indian princes of Bombay just gave the first Portuguese traders everything they wanted in exchange for a big cut of Portuguese profits . It wasn’t a conquest, it was a business transaction.

    The Ethiopian government appeared to harbor no dissidents capable of treasonous cooperation with the Italian invaders.

    The Ethiopians had a real nation and a real government That made the difference. Also, Ethiopia had observed the European and Muslim conquests for hundreds of years and knew how other geographic entities had been conquered.

  33. Alden says:

    Blake was in the process of stealing Booker’s car and removing Booker’s children from the physical custody of Booker against her wishes. Booker’s home might not be the ideal home according to White Family mores, but no reasonable parent will allow her children to be in a stolen car with a hysterical drunk driving,

    That’s why she called the police. You probably don’t have kids. You probably think it’s perfectly OK to let a wild hysterical drunk load your kids into your car and drive off with your kids and car.

    Maybe you’re happy to support 6 black lifelong welfare kids with more to come from the very fertile Blake, but I’m not.

  34. Alden says:
    @Mr McKenna

    It wasn’t Blake’s SUV. It was Booker’s car. Blake was in the process of stealing Booker’s car when the police shot him. When a felon in the process of commuting grand theft, can’t be stopped with 2 or 3 tasers, stronger methods are needed.

    All Blake had to do was leave before the police arrived. He knew there was an outstanding warrant dated July 7 2020 out for him. He was there when Booker called the police.

    But being drunk and deranged he decided to stay and fight with the police. Criminals of all races and all blacks no matter how respectable, tend to be narcissistic hysterical drama queens. Look at me, look at me is the theme of their lives. Well, he got what he wanted, international attention for being a hysterical drunk shot while stealing a car.

    That’s all he is.

    Hopefully he won’t be able to have any more children to be supported by White taxpayers.

    6 kids at 29. Many White men don’t have any kids at 29 and never will because of affirmative action discrimination against White men and the high taxes employed people pay to support the children and baby mammas of useless things like Blake.

  35. kikz says:

    well, i guess that ‘hot chick’ is now suffering a broken eye socket/possible loss of an eye, probably some teeth, and whiplash…….if she fired that weapon as held….. smh

  36. @obwandiyag

    You state that nationalized healthcare works perfectly well in all other countries. This may be true in some countries but not in others. I live in the UK and its nationalised health service (NHS) did not do very well in the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

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