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Farage vs. the Machine—France vs. the Burkini—Liberty vs. Multiculturalism
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Donald Trump had a rally in Jackson, Mississippi last week. One of the invited speakers was Nigel Farage, the moving spirit of the U.K. Independence Party and a key player in bringing about the leaveshareBrexit vote back in June. [Trump Calls Clinton a Bigot as British ‘Brexit’ Leader Stumps for Him, By Nick Corasaniti, August 24, 2016] A majority of Brits voting—and a very solid majority in England—opted for nationalism against globalism. There is of course a case to be made against foreigners engaging in domestic American political campaigns—although having sent Barack Obama over to help the case against Brexit, it’s not an argument the U.S. government can make. But there is also a case for reminding people that our vote in November will take place in the midst of a stirring uprising in all the Western nations—against arrogant elites telling us what to think and what’s good for us.

We may be Badwhites, but we’re not children. And no, we won’t eat our greens!

  • Farage

One thing Farage has always had going for him is likeability. He is, as the English say, bloke-ish—he talks and behaves like a bloke, a regular guy. There’s an element of theater in that. Farage actually comes from what George Orwell called the lower-upper-middle class. His Dad was a stockbroker; he was educated at a private school, and he made a career in commodity trading.

He has the common touch for all that, and a good sense of humor, including towards himself. He actually had a little fun in Mississippi about the impertinence of politicking in a country he’s not a citizen of. Everyone took it in good part. It’s hard to take Nigel any other way, although of course Mrs. Clinton did her best in her Reno speech denouncing Badwhites to draw him as a woman-hating child abuser in the pay of Vladimir Putin.

  • Italy

The current focus of attention for the ongoing invasion of Europe is Italy. In the month of July twenty-five thousand illegals arrived in Italy from Africa. Twenty-five thousand in one month. And that was a twelve percent increase on July last year.

Put it another way, that would be 300,000 a year, although the numbers are actually smaller in the winter months. Let’s say to expect 200,000 this year. For comparison, the last year I can find numbers for, the year 2014, the number of live births in Italy was just over 500,000.

So the numbers coming in, almost all of them young men, are of the same order of magnitude as the number of new Italians being born.

Most of those July numbers came from Nigeria and Eritrea. Not many of them actually want to stay in Italy. They are aiming for the nations of northwest Europe, with their higher levels of prosperity and lusher welfare systems. That accords with the wishes of the Italians, who would prefer to just shunt them northwards.

Unfortunately the countries to the immediate north of Italy—Switzerland, France, and Austria—don’t want these invaders in their countries, even if they’re just passing through. Those countries have been fortifying their borders. So Italy is now experiencing what your plumber would call a nasty backup.

Tempers_Flare_as_Temperatures_Soar_at_Rome_s_Gloomy_Street_Migrant_Center_-_NBC_News_-_2016-08-28_19.09.43Thousands of the illegals are camped by a railway station in central Rome [Tempers Flare as Temperatures Soar at Rome’s ‘Gloomy Street’ Migrant Center, NBC (Reuters) August 8, 2016]. They are fed, housed, and supported by Goodwhite volunteers, while local people complain about the smell and disorder.

It was beginning to look as though the Italian authorities just had no clue what to do, and would let the illegals just pile up until their numbers were great enough to take over the country—helped, of course, by those kind Goodwhites.

Then, late last week, we read that Italy has started deporting the illegals .[ITALY REACHES BREAKING POINT: Rome sending migrants BACK to Sudan on private jets, by Katie Mansfield , ITALY_REACHES_BREAKING_POINT_Rome_sending_migrants_BACK_to_Sudan_on_private_jets_World_News_Daily_Express_-_2016-08-28_18.58.41Daily Express, August 25, 2016] Forty-eight of the invaders have been flown back to the Sudan on flights chartered by the Italian government.


Forty-eight! So to clear than backlog from the one month of July will only need another 520 charters. Hey, bambino steps.

And of course the humanitarian Goodwhite are up in arms about it. Quote from the newspaper report, August 25th:

Alessandra Ballerini [Email her] a lawyer in Caritas Ventimiglia and expert in immigration law, said: “This is a mass deportation to a country where fundamental rights are violated and where their lives are in danger. With this operation, our country becomes an accomplice.”

Two words, Signora Ballerini: “Lifeboat ethics.” There are a billion people in Africa. That’s two thousand times the number of babies you Italians make every year.

Lifeboat ethics, Signora, lifeboat ethics.

  • France

Several jurisdictions in France have banned the burkini—a total body-covering garment that strictly observant Muslim ladies wear when bathing in the sea or some other public place.


The towns of Villeneuve-Loubet and Cannes, on the French Riviera, got the ball rolling, instituting burkini bans in the second week of August. The French Riviera, you’ll recall, is where on July 14th a Muslim driving a truck massacred 85 people on the waterfront at Nice.

Shortly after these bans there was a major brawlon the nearby island of Corsica between local French people and Muslim North Africans [France Corsica brawl: Mayor bans burkinis amid tensions, BBC, August 15, 2016] A local lad was taking photographs of Muslim women on the beach in Burkinis. The Muslim men took umbrage, locals gathered, rocks were thrown, heads were broken, cars were torched, and an army of 200 locals marched on the housing project where the Muslims live. The mayor of the town of Sisco, where this happened, issued a burkini ban the following day.


Early last week, on the beach at Nice, the gendarmes were out on patrol issuing violation tickets to burkini-clad women, and in at least one case. [Woman forced to remove burkini on Nice beach by armed officers, by Chris Graham, Telegraph, August 24, 2016] It’s reported that, in that latter incident, French people on the beach were applauding the police and shouting at the women to “go home!”


Meanwhile human-rights lawyers had swung into action. On Friday the issue reached France’s highest court, which struck down the first of the burkini bans, the one at Villeneuve-Loubet. [Court Overturns ‘Burkini’ Ban in French Town , By Aurelien Breeden and Lilia Blaise, August 26, 2016 ]By this point around thirty municipalities have bans; the status of these other bans is not yet clear.

What do I think of burkini bans? I’m against them. Outside reasonable and conventional norms of modesty, I don’t think government should be telling people what they can wear at the beach.

I do, however, think that governments have every right—have in fact the duty—to be careful about who they allow to settle in their country in large numbers.

It has been the neglect of that duty by Western governments across recent decades that has led to the need to be discussing burkini bans.

As we say on the Dissident Right: That’s what separate countries are for. Go back to Algeria, Tunisia, or Morocco, and wear the burkini to your heart’s content. Why are Western nations tormenting themselves with such an issue?

The larger lesson as always: liberty and multiculturalism are mutually exclusive.

If you want the liberty to dress as you please, which is what I want—don’t open your country to millions of unassimilable aliens.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Europe, Immigration, Multiculturalism 
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  1. Marcus says:

    Mohammedans are making a big mistake by picking a fight with Corsicans, these aren’t limp-wristed Parisians, their flag even features a decapitated Moor’s head.

    • Replies: @Richard S
  2. Rehmat says:

    Islamophobe UKIP leader Nigel Farage, is a Crypto-Jew. In May 2016, he said that “Jew-hating extremists” run Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. In April 2015 in an interview with the ‘Jewish Chronicle’, Farage said that British Jews are fearful of British Muslims.

    UK’s Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence of Finchley Synagogue in north London has compared French Burkini ban with Nazis’ hatred towards Jews.

    “It cannot be for the state to require women to conform to a state of undress, nor to force an individual to appear in a manner he or she considers immodest. The footage of a modest woman being compelled to remove her clothing on the beach in front of onlookers evoked imagery of humiliations meted out by Nazis; the forced shavings of beards and peyote,” Rabbi said.

    Rabbi Lawrence said the actions of the authorities in France were a “far, far stretch from a supposed ‘right’ of secular society to be able to go about its business without seeing symbols or cultural clothing of religion.”

    Paris-born Israeli Jewish mother of nine Yardena G, says Burkini ban would boost her business in a big way. Yardena owns the Sea Secret, a Jerusalem garment store that sells swimsuit label for Jewish religious women.

    UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported on August 26, 2016: “Yardena said that she started her company ‘to empower women’ who wanted to dress modestly for religious reasons. It’s like someone turned the world on its head in France. Instead of promoting modesty and good measures like leaders and figures of authority ought to, they’re telling women to take it off. I don’t understand what’s happened, but I do know that as a person who keeps modest clothing, such measures will do nothing to discourage other women like me.”

    Yardena said her main customer base is made up of Orthodox Jewish and Muslim women; Christian women account for a third of Sea Secret’s sales.

    Early this week, Jean-Luc Melenchon, former French cabinet minister, Senator, and currently leader of socialist party, Left Front, said: Jews were persecuted, then Protestants, and today Muslims.

    Francis Kalifat, president of France’s powerful pro-Israel lobby CRIF has condemned Jean-Luc Melenchon for comparing the persecution of French Muslims with Nazi persecution of French Jews under Nazi occupation.

    To a great shock to Derbyshire and his buddy Farage – According to AP (August 26, 2016) France’s top Administration Court on Friday overturned a ban on Burkinis in a Mediterranean beach resort, effectively meaning that 23 towns no longer issue bans on swimsuits that have divided the country and brought world attention to its fraught relationship with Muslims.

  3. Solution to “migrant” problem: A relatively small amount of napalm, judiciously applied, would bring about a virtually instantaneous reduction in monthly stats. And it would be a permanent reduction; it only takes a few examples to make a longstanding point.

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @Corvinus
  4. @Rehmat

    Islamophobe UKIP leader Nigel Farage, is a Crypto-Jew.

    Thanks for the up-front statement that saved me from reading the rest. Come on, man, you can write more effectively than that.

    • Replies: @Frau Katze
    , @Rehmat
  5. man gets religion:

    freerange primate sees
    zig zig zap joshua tree;
    says to himself:
    it cudda been me.

  6. Tiny Duck says:

    All of the wests wealth was STOLEN from People of Color.

    Well, its time to pay the piper.

    People of Color should come to Europe in hundreds of millions. They have come they will continue to come until Europe is turned black.


    • LOL: Talha
    • Replies: @Wally
  7. Barnard says:

    Islamophobe UKIP leader Nigel Farage, is a Crypto-Jew.

    Islam has been trying to wipe out the Christian West since shortly after it’s inception. Everyone in the West who doesn’t want to live under Islamic rule should be an Islamophobe.

    • Replies: @Avery
  8. Avery says:

    {Islam has been trying to wipe out the Christian West since shortly after it’s inception. Everyone in the West who doesn’t want to live under Islamic rule should be an Islamophobe.}


    Addendum: everyone in the World who doesn’t want to live as subjects of IslamoFascist mis-rule – Sharia law – must become a, quote, “Islamophobe”.

    “Islamophobe”: the made up so-called phobia, ‘Islamophobia’, like a lot of other made up phobias, was thought up by IslamoFascists to mentally disarm people in the West who object to this:

    [Muslims in East London: Violence, Racism, Bigotry and Hooliganism]

    • Agree: Barnard
  9. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Burka bans = aimed at pacifying the natives while they’re being dispossessed and ultimately exterminated. What will they have accomplished when the invaders (all of them) become a majority? Nothing.

  10. Druid says:

    Seems to me the fascists started this fracas! I do agree that people should try to assimilate and keep Islam as it was meant to be – a personal faith of living right in all aspects. Every country also has the right to limit immigration. That being said, thugs will be thugs on all sides

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  11. Druid says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    Vfascists like you used tons of it in Vietnam and Cambodia and there are lots of them in the US.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  12. Jeff77450 says:

    There is no such thing as “Islamophobia.” A phobia is an *irrational* fear. Fear of Islam is entirely rational. I’m quite serious. No one boarding a plane or living close to a migrant-camp or Islamic-enclave in Europe is in fear of what the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus or atheists are planning-next. They’re worried about just *one* group.

    No, not all Muslims are quote-unquote bad, but even the so-called moderates have beliefs that range from deeply disturbing to downright *hair-raising*.

  13. @Druid

    Vfascists like you used tons of it in Vietnam and Cambodia and there are lots of them in the US.

    Oh, am I a Vfascist? Sounds awful. Which are you, childless or wealthy? Both?

    Kill a few “migrants” and the migration will come to an abrupt halt. Maybe those “pore innocents just looking for a better way of life” will grow some backbone and fix their own countries.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    On the burkini. Given the various shapes and sizes of people who inhabit beaches, swimming pools etc. most do not make a pretty picture. It strikes me that in most cases it would be a public service for the burkini to be made mandatory for both female and male citizens.

    • LOL: Talha
  15. unit472 says:

    Sending the Italian navy to pick up migrants a few miles off the coast of Africa is a fools errand. Europe should do what the US Coast Guard does with Haitians. Interdict them at sea, sink their vessel and return them to Haiti. The USCG doesn’t see the sort of influx it once did.

    Unless and until Europe makes it clear there is no right of entry or asylum there will be no stopping the influx. As a start the UK should send all of its asylum seekers to the island of South Georgia. There in the cold South Atlantic those seeking refuge can live in peace with the penguins and eat rations provided by the UNHCR.

  16. @Rehmat

    Obviously, this Rehmat guy is a Mossad operative. Why would anyone say so many ludicrous things about the Jews, and Christians too. How could anyone believe that Farage is a crypto-Jew ?
    Surely Islamists would be much more subtle ? The man must be a hasbara troll. Obviously, this is the payback for publishing Sailer and Derb. ” Unzi, in order to print these two, you’ve got to print our operative Ralph as well. Of course, he’ll be using an assumed name, Rehmat. ”
    Unzi: ” Yes, Prime Minister,”

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  17. Jason Liu says:

    What is the purpose of banning burqas or minarets if the underlying problem is not removed?

    What France should do is ban multiculturalism, and criminalize any advocacy for diversity.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Corvinus
  18. Talha says:
    @Jason Liu

    Damn straight! Piss on those Basques – who the hell do they think they are? Round ’em up!

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Wally
  19. pyrrhus says:

    France would be better off to require nudity within 5 miles of the ocean if that would send the moslems packing…..But first, it appears that France’s high court needs to be sent packing. As everywhere else in the west, they are globalist saboteurs….

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Talha
  20. Avery says:

    Banning the burkini is absolutely the wrong thing to do, regardless what the courts say or don’t say.

    Instead of banning it, encourage it.

    If ya’ll calmly think about that a couple of steps beyond the initial gut reaction, you will see that in the long run, it’s a right thing for France and other European countries.

  21. MarkinLA says:

    I do agree that people should try to assimilate and keep Islam as it was meant to be – a personal faith of living right in all aspects.

    Where did you get this ridiculous idea about Islam? Jihad is one of the main principles of Islam.

  22. MarkinLA says:

    The Basques are a people with their own language and culture going back long before the present governments of Spain and France. They want to be another one of Europe’s many small states like Monaco and Luxembourg.

    Different situation entirely.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @RadicalCenter
  23. Talha says:

    Hey MarkinLA,

    I know, I was simply pointing out a fallacy in an absolute statement that gives the impression that ‘France’ is or was ever a homogeneous culture based out of Paris. It was always multicultural and has always had diversity (even before non-European immigration) – the question is; what are the reasonable limits of such tolerance and its breaking points?


    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  24. Talha says:

    That’ll send everyone packing eventually, given the aging population of France. My eyes! My eyes!


  25. What France should do is ban multiculturalism, and criminalize any advocacy for diversity.

    In other words, ban Islam from or in Christendom.

    • Replies: @Talha
  26. Talha says:
    @David Davenport

    In other words, let’s go Daesh on them – that’ll teach those bastards to expel religious minorities that refuse to dress to their standards!


  27. @John Jeremiah Smith

    Couldn’t have said it better. Anyone with a handful of brain cells reading that stuff, trying to get a feel for the “alt right” is going to think “conspiracy crackpots blaming everything on Jews who are a tiny, tiny fraction of the population.”

    It’s very discouraging if this the caliber of a significant part of the “alt right”.

  28. @Talha

    People who adhere to your inherently intolerant, backwards, pedophile-worshipping “religion” should be deported or excluded. That’s a good start. Once your ilk are gone, the rest of the French can have a nice robust debate over what it means to be French and how much racial and cultural “diversity” is advisable.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Corvinus
  29. @MarkinLA

    No sensible American or Frenchmen is threatened by basque immigrants, either in France or in, say, Bakersfield, California, where there are many basques. But I think you knew that, Towelheada.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  30. Wally says: • Website
    @Tiny Duck

    Then who will pay these colored people’s bills?

  31. Wally says: • Website

    Basques rightly have no desire for “diversity”.

    They want to protect themselves from “diversity”.

    • Replies: @Talha
  32. @RadicalCenter

    I have absolutely no problem with women wearing basques at the beach.

  33. Talha says:

    LOL! Do you think I take any criticisms of intolerance seriously from a nominal-Christian who openly advocates for mass expulsion of Muslims whether recent immigrants or from their ancestral homelands like the Caucasus or the various Islands of the Philippines? Irregardless of innocence or guilt.

    Do me a favor and stay on your side of the cage – I’d rather not catch whatever form of ‘La Covivencia’ you are carrying.

    Rehmat’s running around here somewhere, maybe you two can start up another game of kick-each-other-in-the-groin that you enjoy so much.


  34. Talha says:

    Hey Wally,

    No problem – good luck to them carving out an ethno-linguistic nation state – I know they were trying for a while in Spain. Otherwise, they are a minority and should desire diversity – at least to the limit that tolerates them even if to the exclusion of others – this may be unprincipled, but at least it’s in the interest of self-preservation.


    • Replies: @mtn cur
  35. mtn cur says:

    Just saying Hi! Talha. I’ve been making an effort to put in more time on gardening and neighbors and less on Unz.

    • Replies: @Talha
  36. Talha says:
    @mtn cur

    Hey mtncur,

    Great advice! I’ve been cutting down some too, but should probably cut down more – this stuff can get very addictive especially with smart phones added in the mix.

    The best to you in your garden (vegetables and fruit or just flowers?) and building up a solid neighborhood – because (despite all the stuff going on half way around the world) that’s going to make the most difference in the long run.


    • Replies: @mtn cur
  37. Corvinus says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    “Solution to “migrant” problem: A relatively small amount of napalm, judiciously applied, would bring about a virtually instantaneous reduction in monthly stats”.

    You are no different than Muslim extremists with your “solution”. Besides, why suggest something heinous if you are not actually going to put it into practice.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  38. Corvinus says:

    “People who adhere to your inherently intolerant, backwards, pedophile-worshipping “religion” should be deported or excluded.”

    Unfortunately, the same thing is said about those who practice Judaism and Christianity.
    I think it is safe to say you are not a believer in Christ with your remarks.

    Regarding Derbs, imagine if local authorities in America decided to ban people who wore a necklace with a gold cross symbolizing Christianity on the beach, or ban people who wore a yamaka on the boardwalk. How would this action be constitutional?

    “The larger lesson as always: liberty and multiculturalism are mutually exclusive.”

    That is patently false. People have the liberty to decide as a group within their nation who is part of their group, as well as determine what are the cultural expectations for that group. Liberty and multiculturalism is intertwined. Derbs must have forgotten his Crevecoeur.

    “If you want the liberty to dress as you please, which is what I want—don’t open your country to millions of unassimilable aliens.”

    I don’t think Derb realizes that the SAME exact argument was made in the United States by nativists in the late 1800’s against Eastern and Southern Europeans, who were considered the dregs of society, utterly incapable of assimilating because they were less than white. Yet, today, some of those same groups whose ancestors were deemed “foreign trash” are taking similar positions against “outsiders”. I would say that is hypocritical.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Talha
  39. Corvinus says:
    @Jason Liu

    “What France should do is ban multiculturalism, and criminalize any advocacy for diversity.”

    In other words, engage in fascism. You do realize Mussolini is dead, right?

  40. 5371 says:

    Eastern and Southern Europeans have always been classified as white by the US Census Bureau. You and your ilk have frequently been reminded of the fact too, inept and dishonest fool.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  41. g2k says:

    What do I think of burkini bans? I’m against them. Outside reasonable and conventional norms of modesty, I don’t think government should be telling people what they can wear at the beach.

    Those French riviera towns have always had a very prescriptive attitude as to what is appropriate to wear and what isn’t, as many an uncouth English tourist has discovered to their cost when they try to walk around in swimwear off the beach (topless bathing on the beach is fine though). These bans just fit neatly into that tradition.

  42. Good move by The Donald featuring Farage at his rally. Donald should invite Farage to join his campaign. Anybody who doesn’t like it could go fuck themselves.

  43. @Corvinus

    Don’t be silly. I am entirely disinterested in Muslims one way or the other. My interest is in keeping them out. Failing that, killing them. Heinous? Not at all — merely practical.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  44. Corvinus says:

    “Eastern and Southern Europeans have always been classified as white by the US Census Bureau.”

    This classification meant little to nativists. They believed the peoples and cultures of Eastern and Southern Europe were other than white. They focused on behaviors, not skin color.

  45. Corvinus says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    “I am entirely disinterested in Muslims one way or the other.”

    If you didn’t care one way or the other, you would have refrained from advocating their murders.

    “My interest is in keeping them out.”

    Muslims make up 2% of the American population. They are decidedly assimilated. Now, how weekly terrorist acts occur in the States as a result of Muslim infiltration.

    “Failing that, killing them. Heinous? Not at all — merely practical.”

    Yes, it’s heinous, to willfully and purposely call for a group to be killed. I hope your rabbi or priest or minister doesn’t find out of your intentions.

  46. mtn cur says:

    I rotate a ridiculous collection of heirloom and public inbred corns, have several apple trees, now with emphasis on those that store well, called “winter apples,”, and the usual suspects for veggies that are easy keepers. Unfortunately, many here in the bible belt think they are doing their neighbors an undeserved favor by loving them, whereas I know this to be the most enjoyable and worthwhile of the martial arts, far more important than my AR-15 and side arms. High point for the summer was a litter of mountain curs, most of which are going to be livestock and home protection dogs out in the hill country. Making friends with refugee kids from Burma, Laos and Thailand at church and comparing these gentle good citizens with the heathen savages spotlighted here on Unz and on the radio, I wonder if we are talking about the same planet.

    • Replies: @Talha
  47. Talha says:
    @mtn cur

    Hey mtncur,

    Man – that sounds awesome! I definitely want to get into that when the kids are more able to fend for themselves. Wow – eating what your own hands have had to work for – what a blessing!

    About neighbors – this is a very important thing and I see a lot of people complaining about ‘you know, I remember when neighborhoods used to feel like family’ but they don’t actually want to put in the work to make that happen – people don’t just develop relationships out of the blue, you have to make some sacrifices, visit people, bring them unwarranted gifts, etc. I know my teachers emphasize certain hadith in this regard and teach that it applies to everyone:
    “He will not enter Paradise whose neighbor is not secure from his evil.” – reported in Muslim

    It is kind of strange what you say about the Bible Belt. I’ve always had the impression those were old-ways folk that were very friendly and cordial – have times changed so much? I know a Muslim doctor that lived out in one of those small Southern communities for a while (where the town was small enough for everyone to know everybody else) and he said, even though the people didn’t like Muslims all that much, he himself was treated like royalty even though they knew he was a Muslim. They valued his presence in town as their doctor and would check in on him, give him preference in line, always greet him with respect in public, bring gifts, etc.

    The internet is a weird beast – it seems to bring out the animal side kind of like when people drive (when you are just walking in a crowd, do you ever just cut through or accidentally bump into someone without begging pardon). Too much time on it is not healthy – as you alluded to. It’s not just UNZ that is filled with Torquemada-like statements, have you seen any other comment section where people behave like normal decent human beings? I’m ashamed at what I see on purely Muslim forums – what hole did these people crawl out of? Or maybe the Intranet naturally brings out a Jekyll/Hyde dichotomy – I don’t know, but it’s frightening.

    Your comment’s got a mention of an AR-15, East Asian refugee kids and all you need now is a classic Chevy Nova or Dodge Dart and you’ve got a sequel to “Gran Torino” all set! 🙂

    May God bless you and your community and your litter to find good homes.

  48. mtn cur says:

    Actually, I drive an old ford pick up. Beg pardon, bible belt folk are a lot like Harley riders: never lukewarm, they make bad enemies and yet, the best of neighbors. I must admit, the sense of impunity that a pen name gives is akin to “in vino veritas.” Neighbors eat 90% of what I don’t grow for seed. This does not work quite so well currently as it used to; as white and black neighbors were gradually replaced by Hispanic and south Asian, the chili pepper content went nuclear, so hinting for an invite to supper is an adventure sometimes. I never imagined seasoning home grown sweet cherries with garlic and hot pepper. Still, the sharing of home grown food with former subsistence farmers of any origin is a form of communion in their eyes. Being country folk, their value system is a lot closer to that of my grandparents and yes, that of a great many rural southerners, than the winged monkeys that people the urban areas.

    • Replies: @Talha
  49. Rehmat says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    Truth has always surprised the brainwashed Zionist pigs. For example, they cannot believe that Adolf Eichmann was not enemy of Jews but convinced Nazi elites to help Zionists to populate British occupied Palestine with Europe’s unwanted Jews.

    Zionist historian, Lenni Brenner, in his book 51 Documents: Zionists Collaboration With the Nazis has reported that Adolf Eichmann was himself a Zionist and supported the creation of a ‘Jewish Homeland’ in Palestine. Hennecke Kardel in his book Adolf Hitler: Begruender Israel, says that Eichmann was a full-blooded Jew. According to Eichmann himself, he was a radical Zionist….

  50. Rehmat says:

    I’m really honored to be called a Mossad agent by a professional Israeli Hasbara idiot. But, it’s not the first time I got that honor. In fact, four years ago another pig claimed that “Rehmat is son of elder Jewish sister.”

    On May 3, 2016, Roger Cukierman, the president of France powerful Jewish Lobby, CRIF, in a letter to Pierre Lescure (Jewish), president of the Cannes Film Festival, and to French Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay (Moroccan Jewess), demanded to ban the premier of film, Munich: A Palestinian Story, on Monday – because it blames the murder of 2 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics on Israeli and German security agencies. The so-called master-mined of the attack, Abu Nidal was neither a Palestinian nor Muslim – he was an Israeli executioner (Rehmat)!!

  51. Talha says:
    @mtn cur

    “In vino veritas” – God I hope people are just blustering and that is not actually how they feel in their inner core, otherwise that is just frightening. But then again, you wonder how things like the Khmer Rouge came to pass…My experience with the Internet seems to hit along the line of Bill Barr’s 13% conclusion:

    I’ve had some very incredible interactions (not just on UNZ) and learned from people that I may not have otherwise – especially since they were willing to open up and be honest in a way they might not without the anonymous mask, but the overall has been very disappointing (I’m being generous with my words).


  52. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    I just wish that we could have some American who had the verbal skill of somebody of the likes of Nigel Farage!

    If he is of Jewish background or not, he is great, and that is what we need.. Too often the Americans have been bamboozled to vote/support/accept as their leaders stupid fuckers, who just have some folksy ways… (and do sodomy under the table… !) Oh just fine… let’s us get another go at that…

    Nigel Farage is somebody who speaks well, and tells it right well, and he tells the truth too…

    He should put in with the Donald, and we could have something grand!

  53. Rehmat says:

    France under powerful Jewish Lobby CRIF has become a become home to Israeli circus show. For example, Michel Houellebecq (an atheist Jew!) predicted in his 2014 novel, ‘Submission’, that considering the rise in French Muslim population – Muslims would become the majority in France by 2022.

    Bigot Houellebecq in Submission envisions a 2022 presidential runoff in which, to prevent a Marine Le Pen’s (has a Jewish boyfriend) National Front victory, France’s traditionally dominant parties (Socialist and Republicans) would conspire to hand even the Élysée Palace to a new Muslim party.

    This isn’t the first time, the Israeli filth have lied about French Muslims. During Hollande’s first presidency, David Horowitz’s website FrontPage Magazine, called Hollande pro-Iran Islamist. Why? Because Hollande’s cabinet made a history in the country. It had three Muslim cabinet ministers (one minister and two junior ministers).

    According to PEW recent report, France has Europe’s largest Muslims population – but only 7.5% of country’s total population of 64 million. PEW has also projected that by 2050 Muslim communities would make 10% of Europe’s total population.

    However, thanks to the Jewish-controlled media French are very scared of 7.5% Muslim population. Contrary to that, a great majority of French are very happy with 500,000 French Jews, who control country’s all three major parties controlled by anti-Muslim, but pro-Israel elites. Jews are over-represented in current president Francois Hollande’s (Jewish) administration and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s (half Jewish) administration…..

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