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Economist Watch: Mutti Merkel, Globalist Heroine
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After you’re through watching that video With Open Gates that James posted, take a stroll on the globalist side of the street to see how it looks to them.

There is of course no better guide to the globalist mentality than The Economist.

This week they have surpassed themselves. The cover story is a celebration of Angela “Mutti” Merkel, the lady who opened the aforementioned gates as wide as they will go.

You think Mutti is suffering from a terminal–for her country—case of pathological altruism? I think the same; but to The Economist, she’s a heroine, a moral colossus towering over lesser leaders.

LOOK around Europe, and one leader stands above all the rest: Angela Merkel. In France François Hollande has given up the pretence that his country leads the continent …. David Cameron, triumphantly re-elected, is turning Britain into little England. Matteo Renzi is preoccupied with Italy’s comatose economy. [The Indispensable European; The Economist, November 7th 2015.]

As is always the case with great leaders, weaker spirits fail to appreciate Mutti’s stature.

Ironically it is boldness, not timidity, that has brought Mrs Merkel the greatest challenge of her time in office. Her staunch refusal to place an upper limit on the number of refugees that Germany can absorb has caused growing consternation at home and criticism abroad. As German municipalities protest, her political allies are denouncing her and eastern European countries are accusing her of “moral imperialism”….

Cowards flinch and traitors sneer. Nothing deterred, Mutti marches boldly forward into the radiant future:

The naysayers are wrong to suggest she has lost her way on migration. Quite the opposite. During the crisis the Lutheran pastor’s daughter has found a forceful political and moral calling. Mrs Merkel did not cause the onrush of migrants, as her critics maintain. The migrants were coming anyway: she acted to avert a humanitarian disaster. Fences will not hold back the flow….

As Radio Derb noted last week: “There is…. a school of immigration romantics–Tamar Jacoby is representative—who argue that mass Third World immigration is like the weather: beyond the power of human beings to control.It’s bound to happen! Just get used to it! Nothing we can do!

Mrs Merkel can neither stop the wars that drive people out of their homes nor set the policies of the countries they pass through. Her critics offer no plausible alternative. Short of overturning international and European law, and watching refugees drown or die of exposure, EU countries must process the claims of asylum-seekers. The question is: will the process be orderly or chaotic?

Those extracts are from the warm-up editorial at the front of the magazine. For the full emetic gush, read the actual cover article, “The Chancellor’s Crucible,” in the main body of the magazine.

That article closes on the same weird note of limp passivity:

Bernd Ulrich, a German pundit, puts it nicely: Mrs Merkel “did not make history in early September, the refugees did. She only acknowledged history.”

Then we get another favorite trope of the open-borders globalists: That border fences countries build to keep out foreign invaders are just like the Berlin Wall!

But her legacy will be determined by whether she can hold together Germany and the EU as they absorb this shock. For a woman who spent half her life behind the intra-German wall, a Europe of fences and barbed wire would be a failure.

And then a closing flourish celebrating the EU and its values:

Keeping Germany open and tolerant inside an EU true to its humanitarian founding values is not her policy. It is her mission.

Values, schmalues: The EU was never anything but a banker’s ramp. The sooner it is smashed to pieces, the better for Western civilization. If the Islamic and African hordes accomplish that, they will at least have served some positive historical purpose.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, EU, Immigration, Merkel, The Economist 
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  1. WGG [AKA "World\'s Greatest Grandson"] says:

    I don’t know if Merkel can be held accountable for this slowly unfolding war or not, but surely George Soros can be tried for inciting wars of invasion in Europe. He’s done far more than Princip did a century ago.

  2. jtgw says: • Website

    Hear, hear! I’m not as rigidly anti-immigration as you, Derb, but I agree that Merkel couldn’t possibly have betrayed her duties more in the way she handled this. At the very least, she could have insisted that immigrants were not entitled to benefits at taxpayer-expense and that private charities would have to support them if they were to be admitted.

  3. What is a “banker’s ramp”? The link does not explain this term straightforwardly.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  4. try this at home:

    cue up the video that James posted.
    Turn the sound down.
    Instead, listen to The Pilgrim’s Chorus

    O joy to hail thee thou homeland so sweet
    thy lovely meadows with rapture i greet
    my pilgrim staff may rest at last
    my weary pilgrimage now is past
    in penitence my prayer I made
    with sighs and tears my vows i paid
    contrite my heart with grace he crowned
    the lord to whom my songs resound
    the lord to whom my songs resound
    the light of heaven on the penitent floweth
    in holy freedom and peace now he goeth
    of hell and death his fears are over
    to god be praise for evermore
    to god be praise forevermore

    (English translation of Wagner’s German masterpiece performed by ethnically Chinese students at a British school in Hong Kong)

  5. @Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    This Spectator article from 1961 suggests that the term “banker’s ramp” originated in 1931.
    The term is used but still not explained.

    But it is interesting that Ramsay MacDonald is pilloried for “sabotaging the then-labour government.”

    In March 1933 when “International Jewry” announced the beginning of their economic war on Germany, one edition of the London Daily Express that reported on the actions to be undertaken by International Jewry posted that item on the left side of the front page above the fold, and on the right side of the same top fold the Daily Express reported on Mr. MacDonald’s tour of European states and conversations with Mussolini, among others. The article was headed with the quotation, “Peace Can Be Kept in Europe.”

    (fast forward: Netanyahu in Washington, DC:

    By: Bradley Klapper Associated Press, Published on Wed Nov 11 2015

    WASHINGTON—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the “real test” of a two-state solution is Palestinians, Arabs and the world accepting Israeli security control over areas ceded in a peace deal.
    Netanyahu, who later met with members of Congress, said Israel must be able to defend itself, by itself.
    This includes threats from any territory Israel relinquishes, including hundreds of kilometres of borders subject to potential tunneling.
    Palestinians oppose this demand because they see it as blocking a “fully sovereign” Palestinian state, the Israeli leader said at the Center for American Progress think-tank in Washington.

    But he cited South Korea and World War II losers Germany and Japan as countries that prospered under foreign security control. [back to the future]

    He didn’t say if Israel could eventually relinquish security control west of the Jordan River, part of past U.S. peace plans.
    After an hour-long meeting with senators, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said Netanyahu planned to meet on Wednesday with Secretary of State Kerry and that the peace effort would be on their agenda.


    DOES history really repeat it- self? Only when our rulers are stupid enough not to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

    Go back thirty years to another thundery August. In 1931 there had been another flight from the £. There had been another out- cry against over-spending—but this time against government over-spending, for the Budget was unbalanced. To save the £ it was considered vital to have a foreign loan and J. P. Morgan and Company were consulted. Naturally these foreign bankers expressed the prevailing finan- cial opinion—that not only must the Budget be balanced but the economies recommended by the May Committee be carried out. These in- cluded savage cuts in the unemployment bene- fits. All this was virtually admitted by Ramsay MacDonald in the House of Commons later on when he sought to justify his sabotage of the then Labour Government. Thus the legend grew that there had been a ‘bankers’ ramp.’ The sequel did not support that plausible theory. The National Government in September suspended the gold standard and the £ was lost—falling from $4.86 to $3.23 before settling down at $3.40 by the end of the year. But the economy was saved and we gained a useful experience in running a floating exchange to everyone’s satis- faction, except the foreign bankers’.

  6. “Short of overturning international and European law, and watching refugees drown or die of exposure, EU countries must process the claims of asylum-seekers.”

    Giving the invaders what they want – EU citizenship – only encourages more would-be invaders to attempt the crossing. This leads to MORE deaths by drowning.

    This is so obviously true the Economist must know it. So their support for the invasion must be for some other reason. So what is the real reason for their dishonesty? Why are they so determined to destroy Europe?

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
  7. tbraton says:

    According to the Economist: ” Fences will not hold back the flow….” It doesn’t receive much attention, but Greece has a land border of roughly 70-90 miles with Turkey in Thrace. I recently read that the Greek foreign minister (or some such) announced that Greece would not be relaxing that border to ease the flow of “Syrian refugees” into Europe and the “Syrian refugees” would have to be content with raft trips from Turkey to Lesbos (and by ferry from Lesbos to Athens and points north). I have never visited the northeastern land border between Greece and Turkey, but I am sure it consists of more than a fence, since the border fortifications were originally designed to protect Greece from a possible invasion by its NATO “ally” Turkey. So land barriers do work. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a call for Greece to relax its land border with Turkey to facilitate the flow of refugees from Turkey to Europe. As for those rafts coming from Turkey and invading the territorial waters of Greece, that could be easily stopped by sinking a few and not rescuing the passengers. That would quickly halt the invasion of the rubber rafts. Such a draconian step may cost a few lives, but measured against the future harm these “refugees” might cause to Europeans, it would be a small price to pay. “A whiff of grapeshot,” so to speak.

  8. Sean says:

    Merkel has repeatedly said the alternative to the EU is war. I can’t help thinking that Merkel’s actions are no more altruistic than any previous German leaders’ were. The German nation was always the great destabilizer of world (imperialism stemmed from fear of Germans) history according to Brendan Simms, who has a recent essay in the New Statesman As the EU comes under ever greater stress, we will see Germany, as the dominant state, asserting its power more forcefully over the rest of the Union in an attempt to hold it together. […] In an increasingly radicalised atmosphere, caused mainly by the refugee crisis, Marine Le Pen wins the French presidential election in April 2017 and demands a comparable package of concessions, this time on things that really do matter to Germany, such as French membership of the eurozone, plus much tougher restrictions on immigration – all on pain of secession.

    Fearing a domino effect around the EU, Germany refuses. This triggers France’s exit, which critically destabilises the rest of the EU. The Netherlands is the next to go. Within weeks, most other states announce their departure, including Britain, which never got to implement its new deal, and by 2018 the EU is all but dead. For the UK the only silver lining is that Scotland remains in, partly because the option of “independence” within the EU has disappeared, and partly in order to seek shelter amid the fallout from the collapse of the European project. With the passing of the EU, the UK remains the only modern example in history of a successful, multinational parliamentary union.

    This is an extreme scenario in some ways, but very optimistic in others, not least because it does not presume war. (!)

    • Replies: @CJ
    , @pyrrhus
  9. CJ says:

    I have not previously found the New Statesman to be very impressive, but that was an excellent read.

  10. pyrrhus says:

    When our (my wife’s) copy of the Economist arrived, I thought the cover was sarcasm….

  11. pyrrhus says:

    George Soros and Goldman Sachs want it that way….

  12. pyrrhus says:

    The German military is a joke….there will be no war.

    • Replies: @Sean
  13. FineSwine says:

    ‘Ramp’ is an archaic term for scam/swindle/trick.

  14. Sean says:

    Not immediately, the German Question was how could they be stopped from dominating Europe. They don’t have to do that by war, Germany can use its economic and financial strength, plus a blitz of soft power to stop anyone comparing them to Hitler (reducing the ethnic homogeneity associated with warlike Germany). Merkel repeatedly raised the spectre of war if the EU fails, which seems far fetched . However, Merkel can be seen as trying to achieve German hegemony by another method. The constant in all this is Germany wants to dominate Europe. It is not so far fetched that Germany would seriously rearm if the EU broke up and Britain and France stopped pretending they were not rivals of Germany. Behind it all even the Economist still thinks in terms of nation state rivalry (they gloated at the prospect of Britain surpassing Germany in population).

    John Mearsheimer predicted German re-armament probably (including nuclear weapons) long ago. You may scoff but 20 years ago he also predicted Ukraine would not be safe from Russia without nukes, and Western security “guarantees” to Ukraine if it renounced nukes would be worthless. If the EU broke up Merkel and her policies would be discredited. Given an EU break up, no one can say what kind of politics will rule Germany 20 years from now, but they would be forced to assert themselves, if they wanted to survive, which would bring a reaction from other powers, and so on.

  15. FineSwine says:

    The Franco/German alliance has always been the foundation of the EU. A a few peripheral states may leave, but but so long as France and Germany remain devoted to the project it will remain a force to be reckoned with.

    However one of the most important EU trends of the last 20 years has been the decline of French power within the EU. The alliance used to be one of equals, and no German chancellor would dare make a big decision (e.g. invite a million Arabs into the EU) without first consulting with Paris. Those days are long gone, and now France finds itself pulled along behind Germany with no say in the matter no different to Hungary or Poland.

    • Replies: @Sean
  16. Sean says:

    Read the Simms piece, France does not want to be left be in the EU as Germany’s girlfriend. France needs the UK in the EU as a counterweight to German power. If Britain left the EU, France would have to bail out too.

    In my opinion an important factor in Merkel’s decision is that by asserting its power through an anti nationalist stance to the immigration crisis Germany is wrong footing French and British objections. They can’t call her Hitler for accepting millions of immigrants. It is a soft power Verdun because though Germany sufferers they calculate the attrition of France and Britain’s traditional fears of German preponderance will be worth it. This is a new kind of German dominance.

  17. FineSwine says:

    It appears that at least one of the Paris attackers is a ‘Merkel youth’. In other words, the Germans have French blood on their hands. I can just imagine the conversations that are going on right now between German and French officials. This isn’t going to kill the EU but it will kill Schengen. Expect these ‘temporary’ French border controls to be around for a long time.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Myself, I think that Merkels actions stem from 2 things –
    1. She is of Sabbatean ancestry (her maternal geneology stops at her great grandmother Emma Wachs), her ancestry is Polish. The German factor is miniscule, but yet she is not accepted by Poles.

    2. I think she is a solipsist due to her Sabbatean bloodline and the stories, ‘faith’ and indoctrination she has recieved. Consider the book ‘Germany must perish!’ by Theodore Kaufmann, if she has read this (I’m certain she has) she might be in a psychosis that leads her to believe that she is the reincarnation of Sabbatai Tzevi and is the moschiach of jews.

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