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Do We Have Government of Laws, or Not?
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See, earlier Unequal Justice And The Persecution Of Steve Stockman, Proud Boys, Andy Ngo—Is U.S. ALREADY A Third World Country?

Is the US governed by laws or men? Tuesday last week here at James published a very good piece about former Texas congressman Steve Stockman, who last November was sentenced to ten years in federal prison, and ordered to pay over a million dollars in “restitution,” for fundraising irregularities.

Stockman’s release date is December 26, 2026, when he’ll be 70 years old. So his life is pretty much over. That’s assuming he makes it to 2026; He seems to be incarcerated in a medical facility.

My colleague makes a good case that Stockman was stitched up for taking on the Deep State while being too much of a National Conservative—translation: not enough of a cuck to the cheap-labor donor lobbies—to get any support from the Republican Party.

James then contrasts Stockman’s fate with the numerous non-prosecutions or gentle wrist-slaps delivered to Establishment darlings like Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, and Ilhan Omar, who have displayed an approach to the people’s laws about campaign-finance, taxes, and immigration far more careless—to use the mildest possible adjective—than Steve Stockman’s.

James notes that this pattern doesn’t just apply to the politically powerful. When there’s a street rumble involving Antifa, arrests are made, charges are brought, and convictions are handed down … but hardly ever against the Antifa goons.

Are we already a Third World nation? James wondered. Have we already slipped down to the level where the powerful and well-placed can scoff at the law, while lesser folk—especially if they hold unpopular opinionshave their lives destroyed by instruments of the state?

Well, yes, we are, and we have: ask Steve Stockman.

Progressive politicians love to tell us who we are. If anyone takes a public stand against progressive orthodoxy you can be sure that current candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination will step up one after another with the reproving frown to tell us, “This is not who we are.” Barack Obama’s Presidency was regularly punctuated by these little correctional sessions. Obama must have who-we-ared us at least a hundred times.

Well, I have my own longstanding ideas about who we are, or rather who we aspire to be—the ideals we should reach for. One of those ideals is, that we are a nation of laws, not men. In America, it doesn’t matter who you are: rich or poor, powerful or lowly, the law applies equally to all.

Of course, you can’t say we’ve always lived up to that. It’s in the nature of ideals that they shine there in sight but never quite in reach. We strive to approach them. This one really shouldn’t be hard to get close to.

It shouldn’t be, if we want to try. We don’t any more want to try, though. As James’s column tells us, we have given up on equality under the law.

At any rate, to judge from the fact that protests like his appear only in minority-interest websites off the beaten track—apologies to the suits there—apparently the mass of ordinary Americans have stopped minding about gross transgressions of the equality-under-the-law rule.

I remember thinking these thoughts eleven years ago in the ’08 election campaign, when the issue of Barack Obama’s scofflaw aunt was brought to light—by British newspaper reporters, our own newshounds having displayed very little interest. Obama’s aunt went on scoffing at our laws until she died in 2014 in very comfortable circumstances, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Why not? She was the President’s aunt!

Does anyone but me remember that Obama has a scofflaw uncle, too? He’s also an illegal alien, ordered deported in nineteen eighty-nine. Still here? Oh yeah.


In a country of laws, not of men, our chief federal executive would have made a point—a proud point!—of having his uncle and aunt deported, as the courts had ordered. Unfortunately we don’t live in that country. We live in a country where having connections to the powerful and holding approved opinions gets you off the hook.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Justice, Political Correctness 
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  1. … apparently the mass of ordinary Americans have stopped minding about gross transgressions of the equality-under-the-law rule.

    You get the government you tolerate. It shows more and more every day.

  2. Ace says:

    The killers of Lavoy Finicum, Weaver’s wife and son, and the Davidians suffered no inconvenience for their efforts. Absurd asset forfeiture spreads like kudzu. The artful locations of the Supreme Court are legendary, akin to Yuri Geller’s skill with spoons and redolent of the verbal dash and flash of “Jaberwocky.”

    “Anti-Semitism” will shortly prove to be a righteous exception to the rule that the government can’t regulate speech content. Why? Well because concentration camps will spring up in Arkansas and N. Dakota overnight unless firm measures are taken.

    Massive media ownership concentration just somehow cannot rouse the Dept. of Justice anti-trusters from their torpor.

    Comely Russian babes will now live in fear of the Foreign Agents Registration Act but extensions of the Israeli foreign ministry need not.

    Slick Willy and Joe “Happy Hands” Biden can grope and fondle with abandon with nothing but sunny smiles from the Usual Hysterics but that is more hypocrisy than escape from prosecution. Hillary’s ability to trade cattle futures at their precise peaks and troughs just from reading the WSJ is the stuff of legend but no prosecutor had the least interest in that.

    Vince Foster’s death was investigated by the renowned Park Service whose officers showed no apparent interest in where he was from the time he left for lunch and ended up in the park with two bullet holes in him and semen in his shorts and blond hairs on his clothing.

    FISA Court abuses in Russiagate theoretically could still be addressed but it’s understandable that comely Russian babes must be dealt with as one would deal with a nuclear reactor with a water leak.

    Sanctuary cities excite no prosecutorial interest. And rampant vote fraud is investigated with the same enthusiasm as Superman’s search for the motherlode of Kryptonite.

    All’s well in River City.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  3. NOT.

    I’m sure you, Mr. Derbyshire, have heard of Anarcho-tyranny and the man who wrote about it years ago, the late Mr. Sam Francis. We’ve got it in full now.

    No, the special persecution* against Congressman Steve Stockman, just like the ridiculous sentencing of James Fields of the Charlottesville travesty, is what we’re gonna get unless Americans don’t tolerate it (per Alarmist above). If most Americans weren’t both so oblivious and a bunch of pussies, there’d have been a huge crowd raising hell in both Charlottesville and at the location of Mr. Stockman’s FED trial.


    * Do they already have that new position set up, the Office of the Special Persecutor?

  4. KenH says:

    A classic case of anarcho-tyranny which is becoming more common with each passing month. If Stockman was a leftist homosexual congress critter, a black racial militant congressman, or an activist for illegal aliens he would have been left alone or given a sweetheart deal by the DOJ.

    The FBI and DOJ need to be stripped of some of its power and have its funding cut by 30-40% until they stop selectively enforcing federal law against right of center politicians and private citizens while letting the woke contingent and anti-white bigots off scot free. Both are becoming an appendage of the Democrat National Committee and Jewish led left wing establishment.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  5. pyrrhus says:

    Speaking as an experienced attorney, clearly the US is NOT a nation of laws, though it has millions of laws. It’s a nation where those with clout are immune to serious consequences, but those without it will be punished mercilessly for violating the Narrative or annoying the rich and powerful…

  6. But I am curious why the judge chose the penalties. Prosecutors seeking to

    “get you” for something anything will over charge. But a judge should have releived the measure as presented in context and responded accordingly.

    I think there is an increased level of either on board mentality or cowardice of judges who see who plainly can see the wrong, but remain mum.

    The case against Congressman Stockman, sounds trivial on its face.

  7. @KenH

    Funny you should mention that. The DoJ is directly answerable to the president. The FBI is under the jurisdiction of the DoJ. These entities are not independent, no matter what some congresstwits have claimed. Trump has the authority to fire anyone in the Executive Branch that he wants to.

    Apparently, they are doing what he wants them to do.

    • Replies: @KenH
  8. KenH says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Apparently, they are doing what he wants them to do.

    I don’t think Trump wants them to do the things they are doing but he doesn’t have the guts to call them out or punish them (via firings) unless it’s being done directly to him. He seems not to care much about his supporters who are being persecuted by the FBI and DOJ.

    Trump is all bark and no bite.

  9. @KenH

    Or as they say in Texas, he’s all hat and no cattle.

  10. @KenH

    Trump’s got too many tweets to get out to worry about the personnel and policies of this department of his EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the Feral Gov’t. The guy is more easily distracted than a 2-month-old kitten.

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