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Cuckmongers Hall and the London Bridge Massacre—I Don’t Want U.S. to End Up Like This
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Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively at

The latest terrorist killings in London got me reading up on Fishmongers’ Hall.

I’ll confess I knew next to nothing about the place, in spite of having been born and raised in England and lived five years in London. The hall existed in my mind, out on the barren, windswept borderlands of my awareness, but I had never been to it and couldn’t have told you anything about it. So I went looking it up on the internet.

It’s a pleasant old building with some fine interior spaces, just at the north end of London Bridge (which is not to be confused with Tower Bridge, although non-Brits chronically do confuse them). This is the heart of the old City of London, equidistant from St Paul’s cathedral and the Tower of London.

Fishmongers’ Hall isn’t actually that old, as buildings go in England—less than 200 years old. The Tower, half a mile away, is nearly a thousand years old; and if you’ve been there you’ll remember there are bits of the Roman wall nearby, a thousand years older than that. London’s an old city.

Fishmongers’ Hall is respectably old, though. It acquired more respectability in WW2, when it was badly damaged by German bombs during the Blitz; and there has been a Fishmongers’ Hall on that same site since the 14th century.

The hall’s proprietor, the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, is even older than that, with misty origins back in the Middle Ages, when practitioners of some trade or craft—in this case, the marketing of fish—banded together in guilds to protect their collective interests and … I don’t know: suppress competition, probably.

Whatever, the Company and its hall are fine mementos of old England, when she was a country inhabited mainly by a distinctive race of people—the Island Race, Sir Winston Churchill called them.

Nowadays England is a multicultural, multiracial slum, its population about as distinctive as the inhabitants of an airport departure lounge. Less than half of Londoners belong to that Island Race Churchill wrote about. [Why have the white British left London?, by Mark Easton, BBC, February 20, 2013].

Change in white British population in London between 2001 and 2011—BBC

When today’s teenagers are middle-aged, less than half of England will be of that Island Race, thanks to mass immigration and differential birthrates. [RIP this Britain: With academic objectivity, Oxford Professor and population expert DAVID COLEMAN says white Britons could be in the minority by the 2060s – or sooner, Daily Mail, May 27, 2016]

And of course this is something the English are supposed to celebrate as positive—the transformation of a stuffy, dull, backward-looking population with chronic class antagonisms and lousy cuisine into a gorgeous mosaic of diversity, an affirmation of human universalism, of the absolute innate equality of all races in all the traits that matter.

If, for example, you go the website of the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers and let the wallpaper cycle once or twice, you get a picture of ten fishmongers plying their ancient trade, eight gentlemen and two ladies.

Two of the ten are indistinct; of the other eight, five, including both the ladies, are black or mulatto. Two of the guys are very black, bringing to mind—well, to my mind—what Orwell wrote about the Senegalese troops he saw in French Morocco: “so black that sometimes it is difficult to see whereabouts on their necks the hair begins.”

English people who object to this North Korean level of brainwashing, or who merely notice the downsides—the usual high black crime rate, the Pakistani grooming gangs—are ostracized as cruel and immoral, and fired from their jobs. Sometimes they are jailed.

A recent case:

Expelled student, 22, is jailed for 18 months after calling for Muslims to be ‘wiped off the face of the earth’ in vile 17-minute Facebook video rant

Louis Duxbury issued a ‘call to arms’ during the rant after terror attacks in 2017
The court heard Duxbury was first reported to police about his views aged 15
Duxbury, of York, denied inciting religious hatred but was convicted by a jury

By Sophie Law, Mailonline, December 5, 2019

Wait a minute, Derb, I hear you saying. What’s all this to you? You’ve spent most of your adult life in the U.S.A. You’ve been a citizen for seventeen years. What do you care about the Old Country?

Well, not much above the level of private sentimentality. I read news stories about England in a spirit of calm despair. The place is gone, it’s irrecoverable.

For my American kids, though, and their American kids when they finally get round to having some, I’d like to do what I can to spare this country from sinking into the dark pit that has swallowed England.

We are, as I said on the livestream earlier this week, we are cousin nations. Our politics proceed approximately in sync. The U.K. got principled conservative Margaret Thatcher; America got principled conservative Ronald Reagan. We got cynical grifter Bill Clinton; they got cynical grifter Tony Blair. They got Brexit; we got Trump.

I’d hate to see that synchronicity continue to the point where America is sunk as deep in collective self-loathing and blind race denialism as England now is. If I can write or say anything to stop that happening, I will, at any rate until I’m dragged off to a labor camp for re-education.

So what’s up with this Fishmongers’ Hall in old London?

Well, a nice old place like that in the capital city, with those fine interiors, is just the place to hold a conference. A respectable conference, I mean. No way would Fishmongers’ Hall host a conference for or American Renaissance. Good Heavens, no! That would be dangerous!

For scholarly or business conferences, though, Fishmongers’ Hall is just the ticket.


On Friday, November 29th, it was hosting just such a conference. This one was of the scholarly sort: a conference to celebrate the fifth anniversary of a program called Learning Together, run by Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology. Cambridge University—you can’t get more respectable than that.

Learning Together has of course a web page. If you can hack your way through its thickets of social-science jargon—”marginalization,” check; “connecting with others,” check; “inclusive,” check; “community,” check, check, check—if you make it through that stuff, you learn that Learning Together brings graduate students in Criminology together with prisoners and ex-prisoners to improve the understanding of the students and, they hope, the outlooks and the life prospects of the prisoners.

Nothing wrong with any of that. In the matter of penology, my personal inclination is towards the school of thought I have called One Strike and You’re Dead—jump a subway turnstile, go to the chair. It would purge criminality right out of the gene pool. I understand I’m in a minority here, though, and I defer to majority sensibilities.

And I’m sure this Learning Together program isn’t altogether useless. In the spirit of Professor Huemer, it keeps intellectuals off the streets; and on the prisoner side, perhaps some criminals can be reformed by having their brains sucked out and replaced with Social Science gibberish.

So there was this very respectable conference going on at Fishmonger’s Hall. Then suddenly, around 2 p.m., one of the ex-prisoners attending began stabbing fellow attendees with two large knives, one of them duct-taped to his hand.

He then left the room shouting that he was going to blow the place up, exposing what looked like a suicide vest. He ran out, or was chased out, of Fishmonger’s Hall onto London Bridge, where pursuers brought him down and the police arrived and shot him dead. Two of the people he’d stabbed also died. Both were Cambridge University graduates, a male aged 25 and a female, 23, both of course on the academic side of this Learning Together program. [London Bridge: What we know about the attack, BBC, December 1, 2019]

The stabber was, as our own media would say, and as I have no doubt some of the British media did say, a “Staffordshire man.

That snagged my attention. Staffordshire is a county in the West Midlands of England, the Midlands being the horizontal stretch between the North of England and the South of England. My mother was a Staffordshire girl, and I have fond memories of the county. In my childhood it was known for potteries, glass works, and coal mines.

My grandad was a coal miner. I remember as a child riding up by train to stay with grandad and grandma over Easter each year. Looking out the window of the train at night, I saw the slag heaps from the mine workings flickering and glowing. There was some remnant of coal in the slag, and it caught fire somehow and burned at a very low level.

This Staffordshire man was in fact a Pakistani Muslim of the fiercer kind, name of Usman Khan. He was deep into Islamic terrorism and in 2012, at age 19, was sentenced to indeterminate detention with an 8-year minimum jail term for plotting to blow up key buildings in London, including the U.S. Embassy.

Once in jail, he pretended to be reformed. The pretense was very well done, so much so he was released last December without even completing his 8-year minimum, although he had to wear an electronic tag—he was wearing it when he died.

The literary reference that came to mind here was not Orwell but Nabokov. In Lolita the protagonist, sex pervert Humbert Humbert, reminisces about some bouts of mental illness he suffered when younger:

I owe my complete restoration to a discovery I made while being treated at that particular very expensive sanatorium. I discovered there was an endless source of robust enjoyment in trifling with psychiatrists: cunningly leading them on; never letting them see that you know all the tricks of the trade; inventing for them elaborate dreams … teasing them with fake “primal scenes”; and never allowing them the slightest glimpse of one’s real sexual predicament.

I bet Usman Khan, if he were still among us, could relate to that. The kinds of people who run the counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation rackets are strongly inclined to a naïve over-estimation of their own powers. This makes many of them seriously gullible.

Here is a sample of the head games Mr. Khan enjoyed playing with his dimwitted therapists and benefactors.

The actual conference session at which he went berserk was one on “storytelling and creative writing.”[ Education in jails ‘must not be undermined by London Bridge attack’, by Sarah Marsh, Guardian, December 1, 2019] After reading that I wondered if I could find some of his creative writing online. Some quick googling turned up a poem he’d written after his conditional release last December, on a laptop computer given to him by the good people at Learning Together.

Would you like to hear Usman Khan’s poem? Of course you would. Who doesn’t like poetry? Over to Mr. Khan:

I write so my words become a soothing light
I write so I can enter the coldest of hearts
I write so I can speak to those locked off
From the world engulfed in the blinding absence of sight
I write so I can express what I feel is right

London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan ‘wrote thank-you poem to rehab programme’ he attacked, by Ross McGuinness ,Yahoo News UK, December 2, 2019

Hmm, I dunno. Perhaps it reads better in Urdu.

Well, that’s our Staffordshire Man…or rather, that was him. I think I can, just barely, imagine what my grandad would have said about this event.

The aftermath of these killings was predictable—par for the course in the United Cuckdom.

From respect for the bereaved, I’ll draw a veil over the responses from the families of those two Cambridge graduates killed. You can find them online if you’re interested. [‘It’s my job to keep people safe’: Boris Johnson defies fury of father of London Bridge terror attack victim as he pushes ahead with crackdown on early release of jihadis from jail – saying it was IMPOSSIBLE to reform killer Usman Khan, by James Tapsfield, Mailonline, December 2, 2019]

Of course, people in positions of power pretended to be concerned that Usman Khan had been released from prison early. The Mayor of London, another Pakistani Muslim also named Khan—although not, so far as I know, related to the killer—quacked that the city would “stay resolute in our determination to stand strong and united in the face of terror.”

This is the same guy who, three years ago, told Londoners that the threat of terrorist attacks is “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

Funny, it doesn’t seem to be part and parcel of living in Warsaw, Prague, or Budapest. Why is that, Mr. Mayor?


Chief cuck Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a break from preparing for next week’s general election to blame the killings on the opposition Labour Party. He promised that his party, if they win a majority in Parliament next week, will invest more in the prison system and toughen sentences: Quote from him:

I think it is ridiculous, I think it is repulsive, that individuals as dangerous as this man should be allowed out after serving only eight years, and that’s why we are going to change the law.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn trade blame over early release of London Bridge attacker, by William Booth, Washington Post, December 1, 2019

You can file that on the same shelf as reports about your average Republican Presidential candidate promising to enforce our immigration laws.

Johnson is a globalist buffoon whose second priority, after winning next week’s election, is organizing the feeblest possible form of Brexit he can get away with. The fool was actually Mayor of London himself for eight years, 2008 to 2016, presiding with cheery enthusiasm over the last stages of London’s transformation from a British city to a multinational flop house.

Although I should perhaps add this, on the good side of the ledger—I can never remember which is the good side, credit or debit—I should note that at least the Prime Minister didn’t hasten to show up among the congregation at a mosque, the way George W. Bush did after 9/11.

As my old Dad was wont to say, there are fools, and then there are bloody fools.

Also on the positive side, there was some real gutsy heroism on the part of the guys—yeah, sorry for the lack of gender diversity here, but they were all guys—the guys who tackled the Staffordshire Man, took him down, and held him until police arrived. The gutsiness here is the more impressive because the perp’s suicide vest was clearly visible. It turned out to be a fake, but no-one knew that until later.

Everyone’s favorite among the heroes: a kitchen worker at Fishmonger’s Hall who grabbed a 5-foot long narwhal tusk that was part of the Hall’s display and took after Mr. Khan with it, using it as a spear. (The narwhal is a large sea animal with a single long tusk.)

I’d like to tell you that this hero was a genuine Staffordshire man, but in fact he was an immigrant worker from Poland, name of Lukasz Koczocik. In fairness, though, some of the others seem, by their names, to have been legacy British.

And in complete fairness I should note that Mr. Koczocik was slashed several times by Mr. Khan’s knives, and hurt badly enough to be hospitalized overnight, but kept right on coming with that tusk. After what happened in 1683, you’d think that Muslims might have learned not to mess with the Poles.

Poland’s Justice Minister has suggested the country should award Mr. Koczocik a medal, and I am totally on board with that.

Perhaps, at the same time, Poland could send someone over to teach the Brits a sensible approach to mass Muslim immigration.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

For years he’s been podcasting at Radio Derb, now available at for no charge. His writings are archived at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Realist says:

    I Don’t Want U.S. to End Up Like This

    It will and soon…many of the Whites in the US are as stupid as in the UK.

    • Replies: @Russ
  2. Dumbo says:

    Sins of anglo imperialism? On the other hand, it’s been a long while since America was majority British, while Britain may still have a majority (but for how long, I don’t know). America is already about 50% non-white, by the way.

    Also, while Mr. Derbyshire may be a patriotic American citizen, he’s an Englishman married to a Chinese woman, so in a way he’s a result of the same multiculturalism and immigration processes that changed the face of the world in the last decades. He’s free to complain about it; I do too, and I too don’t currently live in my country of origin. But complaining won’t help much. What will help is to try to bring back religion and/or tradition, and for young white couples to have many white children. I don’t think that’s as impossible as it seems now. I’ve seen signs that it could be possible, in fact.

  3. Anonymous[294] • Disclaimer says:

    The US is considerably more violent than the UK statistically so I always find it hypocritical when Americans make a point of how much worse the UK supposedly is.

    Black knife crime has recently got worse in London but London statistically would be one of the safest major cities in America even based on the current violence rates. The average American inner city is a war zone to an extent not yet seen in the UK or Europe generally. However, most of the criminals in America are “all-American” Negros not Muslims or other non-white immigrants as is the case in Europe, which is something of an uncomfortable truth for most white Americans which they like to downplay or outright ignore.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @John Johnson
  4. Stick says:

    Are Americans allowed to walk the streets with Narwhal Tusks?

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  5. “The place is gone, it’s irrecoverable.” — An old man’s words. Ignore them.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  6. Tactical, stand by on torpeodes…

  7. Don’t fall for their trick.
    London Bridge hero used Narwhal tusk to help stop attacker
    Hero…on a bridge. Get it?

    Poland’s Justice Minister has suggested the country should award Mr. Koczocik a medal, and I am totally on board with that.

    Immigrants, the cause of, and solution to, all of immigration’s problems.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  8. I was born in 1944 in the American Midlands. The little known State of Iowa to be exact. My father had been a South Dakota farmer before his father lost the farm to the depression and the dust bowl. I was the first town boy of my line. The country I grew up in was a white, Christian patriarchy. If you set aside military conscription it really was a free country for white men like me. For women, blacks and queers, not so much.

    That country, white America, is gone. The Deplorables are the remnant.

    I encourage younger Americans to take an interest in the roots of American music and it’s venues. This as balance against the view that white America was a dark realm of colonialism and racism only. It was more than that.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  9. lavoisier says: • Website

    However, most of the criminals in America are “all-American” Negros not Muslims or other non-white immigrants as is the case in Europe, which is something of an uncomfortable truth for most white Americans which they like to downplay or outright ignore.

    Few white Americans–outside the delusional white liberal enclave–doubt that violent crime in the United States is largely the responsibility of black Americans.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  10. Boone says:

    I’m not sure I understand. Isn’t America already in much worse shape? The UK white population is about 80%, while our white population is downwards of 60%. The US hasn’t had that kind of demographics since the 1970s…

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  11. @Joe Stalin

    Excellent evidence against open-carry laws.

  12. For my American kids, though, and their American kids when they finally get round to having some, I’d like to do what I can to spare this country from sinking into the dark pit that has swallowed England.

    This just proves the detractors points regarding lack of coherent “American Identity”, and identity is the basis of all nationalism, which I assume is what many readers of this site are into. If a Hapa can be an American, what is to stop a Mexican, Guatamalen or Ugandan from being an American? Is it not true that one can randomly choose a White person from America, and he may either be a descendant of an Anglo family, whose ancestors spilled their blood during the War of 1812, or just as equally he may be the descendent of an Ellis Island immigrant who came into an already established civilisation much like Central American types are doing today, many WASPs would say that these Europeans and Jews of non-Nordic stock ruined the character of America as they saw it then, just as many would say Central Americans are ruining the character of America today.

    On a final note, its quite entertaining to see this title insinuating that Britain is further along the line than the USA is. Demographics show the opposite. Despite having access to firearms, Americans have allowed their freedumbs to be trampled on incessently by the powers that be, they put up very little resistance when the Federal Reserve was established, one would think these old-stock Americans would know about Andrew Jackson and his complete opposition to central banking

    Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!

    Or what about the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration and Nationality Act? America was pretty racially conscious back then and didn’t see any connection between what they belived in and Nazism (as is the case nowadays), yet the act passed without much opposition from the armed populace and changed the face of America.

    Or how about 9/11? We can debate about whether it was an inside job or not, but surely it was a wake up call regarding Islamic immigration and immigration in general? Why not shut the borders to Muslims and start surveilling mosques and other Islamic power centres? Why wage a war against a completely different country that had nothing to do with it? Why did the armed American sheeple not say no?

    The truth of the matter is that America is a labrotory for testing different strains of degeneracy and their potency on Europeans, once they are approved by the equivalent body of the FDA, they can then be exported around the world, America is the nerve centre.

    Perhaps it is better to keep the populace dumbed down with anti-depressants and fast food, and to give them fake freedom like being able to customise their AR-15 with the coolest new red-dot sights and grips or being able to say “nigger”, when new strains of degeneracy are being tested.

    Americans are the most cucked people on this planet, and seeing as Mohhamad and its variants have now entered the top 10 most common baby names in the UK, maybe it won’t be too long before you Yanks see your own version of Rotheram, although I doubt you will do much about it except rant on the comments section of Jewish-owned Breitbart.

  13. @lavoisier

    Disorganized, yes.

    If someone is raping old white ladies in nursing homes, he is probably black.

    If he ordered the deaths of 200 people like Whitey Bulger and corrupted FBI agents and lives on the East Coast he’d be Irish or Italian, or more lately, Russian.

    There are limits to the organizational crime of blacks. Of course your average citizen doesn’t run the risk of coming into contact with the mafia as often as black crime on the street.

    This is rather like a hurricane-liberals, conservatives, Anglo-Saxons, Jews, women, children-all will flee Detroit as they flee Florida when hurricanes blow in.

    Muslims are not great criminal group in the US. A Pakistani child groomer trying to work the Greyhound Terminals for white runaways would either be killed by black pimps or would simply not be able to locate young white girls.

    A side-effect of 9-11 and long wars is that Americans are openly prejudiced against Muslims to some degree. And Muslims in America are not as empowered by social safety nets-save for the Somalis-so most of them end up in some state of indentured servitude as gas station employees or the like to other Muslims.

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  14. @Dumbo

    Derb and high-minded Brits think opposing interracial couplings is ‘waycist’. This is despite the health and social costs.

    With the swarthy invasion plus explosion in mixed-race offspring, parts of Britain are rapidly becoming like Brazil’s favelas and Cape Flats in South Africa, whose common denominator is so-called dysfunctional bruinmense (brown people in the Afrikaans language) who are prone to gang drug-fueled violence.

    Health and Behavior Risks of Adolescents with Mixed-Race Identity

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @RadicalCenter
  15. @Jeff Stryker

    The Pakistanis in the US seem to be different to the ones in the UK in terms of relative income and social status. Here in the UK most Pakistanis are at the lowest rung of the ladder, in the US they seem to be middle-income types, basing it on income and ethnicity statistics

    The white girls groomed by Pakistanis here in the UK were downright retarded, I believe one of them tested 56 on an IQ scale and this in my view can give one an idea of the types of girls we were dealing with. How stupid do you have to be to take drugs and alcohol for free from strangers and go into their houses at night? Contrary to what some people think, the Pakistanis didn’t use force to capture these girls, they came by their own accord. Its a bit like the Epstein case, all the girls knew they would be massaging some old guy for 300 bucks and hour, they just pimped themseleves out for money.

    • Agree: Sam Coulton
    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  16. @Anonymous

    The US is considerably more violent than the UK statistically so I always find it hypocritical when Americans make a point of how much worse the UK supposedly is.

    The US is only more violent statistically because a dozen cities sink the average. Numerous states are less violent than the UK.

    Violence in the US is not a geographical constant.

    So I see no problem with Americans criticizing London or the problem of “knife crime” when the liberal media in the US tells us that our crime problems are mainly caused by guns.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  17. @Just passing through

    The white girls groomed by Pakistanis here in the UK were downright retarded, I believe one of them tested 56 on an IQ scale and this in my view can give one an idea of the types of girls we were dealing with.

    Oh so they’re only exploiting the mentally vulnerable.

    Thank goodness since for a second there it sounded like they might be morally degenerate predators.

    Its a bit like the Epstein case, all the girls knew they would be massaging some old guy for 300 bucks and hour, they just pimped themseleves out for money.

    What makes you think they are getting anything near that?

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  18. Paul says:

    I would not call Ronald Reagan exactly principled. His politics and party affiliation (from Democrat to Republican) shifted to the right-wing after he got a little money in his pocket. And he switched to anti-abortion to win votes from abortion foes.

  19. @Just passing through

    “Just Pissing Through”

    It’s always the same obsession with you Brits: guns, guns, guns. I can only assume this is a subconscious tell that you know the Brits could never defend themselves against people like Khan, and that the world pointed and laughed at you flailing away at him with homemade props like in a Benny Hill sketch. Like all Brits, deep down, you’re jealous of our guns which is why you rail against them.

    And when it comes to degeneracy no one tops the Brits. Apparently you forgot that your government was fully complicit in the Iraq War, even furnishing intelligence that was used to justify the invasion; then it furnished more lies to justify the Libya invasion; and more recently, invented a “piss dossier” to try to destroy Trump. True degeneracy with the royal stamp on it.

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  20. Svevlad says:

    Oh don’t worry, Britain will be preserved… Partially… Under a different, but still European administration.

    Why, getting the Kaliningrad treatment wouldn’t be so bad? Especially as the temporary residents soil the land with slums and shantytowns. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

  21. @Bragadocious

    Like all Brits, deep down, you’re jealous of our guns

    Why would I or any other Brit with more than one brain cell be jealous of your ineffectual peashooters that have only ever come in handy for shooting unarmed Negroes in a church? Anyone who actually stands up to the federal government gets stomped on by the FBI or ATF.

    What concerns me more is the bragging Americans infesting the comments section after terror attacks claiming that if they were there with their guns, they would have stopped it and that Europe is doomed because of muh guns, or lack thereof.

    The fact of the matter is Americans have become the capital of Jewry and a vehicle to project Zionist agendas across the world, low-IQ Americans actually marched out to Iraq at the behest of Jewish neo-cons to fulfill the goals of the Clean Break report. Sadly our traitor PM Blair also got caught up in it but the fact is it was you Americans who initiated it.

    The “piss dossier” is probably true, Mossad have most likely got a lot of dirt on the Orange One which is why he has done so much for Israel over his presidency but so little for America.

    You Americans are very far along the line, miles ahead of us Europeans. You will go out silently as you drown in consumerism and degeneracy, this was bound to happen as all Americans are in fact invaders and are deracinated beyond belief, this is why DNA tests are so popular in the US, Americans are desperate for a coherent identity, but since most of them are mongrels, they will never find it and their lives will be forever chaotic.

    Admit it, Americans are the most cucked people in the world and they just like to project onto others their own inherent qualities, or rather I should say weaknesses.

  22. dearieme says:

    They weren’t slag heaps, Mr D, they were spoil tips.

  23. @Angharad

    Exactly right. I’ll VERY GLADLY take a million Polish immigrants into my country and my State right now. Preferably in lieu of the people we are actually getting, but in addition to the hordes if need be.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  24. @Just passing through

    Funny that a “British” guy would call us mongrels, given the studies showing that “English” people are typically a LARGE percentage German, French, or Celtic genetically, with the non-“English” part varying based largely on the part of England we’re talking about.

    But I tend to share your bleak guess as to the USA’s fate in the fairly near future.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  25. @Just passing through

    Peashooters? LOL try breaking into a home in suburban Dallas around 3 a.m. and we’ll see how far you get, Cuck Islander. They’d need a hazmat crew to scrape what’s left of your pasty arse off the walls.

    There are actually around 2.5 million legal defensive gun uses per year here, so we like our guns. We find them useful. And we certainly resent Brits and Aussies quacking about how we shouldn’t have them. And many of you do, each and every day. You can all fuck off btw. And take your narwhal tusks and rolled up newspapers with you.

    People like you are a perfect illustration of why we should exit NATO and ANZUS immediately, and let you revolting guttermuppets defend yourselves for once. It would be hilarious to see Putin really go to work on Cuck Island.

    • Agree: northeast
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  26. The British are by far the most subservient to egalitarian fantasy.

    Just watch a few hours of British television. You’ll learn that Black people everywhere are saving Western society. How noble of them, maybe they can work on Africa next.

    The British are also still enslaved to their royalty system. I’m not sure why any free people would put up with a house of lords. Why are they lords over you? What have they done for the country?

    The British response to Black and immigrant crime is to cover London with big brother cameras and ban scary knives. But guns are the problem in America you see. Just gotta get rid of those guns.

    They can’t admit to the reality of race and that Western leaders have been wrong about Africa. The British still seem to think that they “held back” Africa and owe Blacks in former colonies.

    But the real problem is that British men are too nice for their own good. The last White man is London is going to tip his hat and say “Cheerio sir” as he is stabbed to death.

  27. @RadicalCenter

    Funny that a “British” guy would call us mongrels, given the studies showing that “English” people are typically a LARGE percentage German, French, or Celtic genetically

    I snickered at that as well.

    I also like how Mr. Purebred British is using a Germanic language to tell us about how we are mongrels.

    Me thinks the Deutsch might have got into your womenvolk

  28. I read news stories about England in a spirit of calm despair. The place is gone, it’s irrecoverable.

    This is not yet true. At the last census in 2011, the Muslim fraction of the population was only 5%. If the government were to legislate sane immigration laws, and actually enforce them, the Islamification and Balkanisation of the country could be halted. The policy would make the government wildly popular.

    It will not happen (yet) because the entire political class is cucked.

    • Replies: @anon
  29. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:
    @Just passing through

    “Why would I or any other Brit with more than one brain cell be jealous of your ineffectual peashooters that have only ever come in handy for shooting unarmed Negroes in a church? ”

    You’re a fool. But I appreciate you self identifying, it makes it easier for me to put you on ignore that much faster. Thanks.

  30. In addition to the site mentioned in the article, Learning Together had its own website:

    It was taken down about 24 hours after the attack. It now has just a single page paying tribute to the murdered Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt. The former content was extremely embarrassing, presenting Usman Khan as one of Learning Together’s success stories. He was not identified by name, but his face was clearly recognisable.

    A YouTube video survives.

    Steve Sailer covered the material.

  31. Two years ago, the 3 June 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack, took place 5 days before the 8 June 2017 UK general election

    This 29 November 2019 London Bridge – Fishmonger Hall terrorist attack, was 13 days before this week’s 12 December 2019 UK general election

    Terrorists follow the UK polling calendar?

    The videos of the police killing the Fishmonger Hall terrorist, make it look like a police assassination of someone they didn’t want to be alive and talking

    First the attacker is ‘restrained’, tackled and on the ground, very close to being unable to move …

    Yet a group of London police, somehow collectively decide to un-hand and release this man who is tackled, pulling off the brave plain-clothes person holding the terrorist down

    This gives the terrorist a nice long pause, with some free moments to set off his bombs if they were real, and maybe kill the police as well as himself

    Then, after the pause they allowed, it somehow becomes ‘necessary’ for police to shoot the man … whom the police just released from their grip a moment earlier

    Was quite a bit dodgier than many of those USA police shootings that cause so much protest

    More here from the UK’s noble lady, Aangirfan –

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Kali
  32. anon[308] • Disclaimer says:
    @James N. Kennett

    If the government were to legislate sane immigration laws, and actually enforce them, the Islamification and Balkanisation of the country could be halted.

    You’re forgetting differential birth rates; and the “ethnic minority” population must also be much younger on average than the white British population.
    iirc some huge number (1/4 or even 1/3) of mothers to new-born children in England has been born outside of the UK (so it doesn’t even include British-born Pakistanis etc.!), absent extreme measures (which are unlikely to be taken) a massive demographic transformation of Britain seems unfortunately all but certain.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  33. @anon

    You’re forgetting differential birth rates; and the “ethnic minority” population must also be much younger on average than the white British population.

    These factors are important; but we can still get a grip on the replacement. The growth in the Muslim population between the 2001 and 2011 censuses was 70%, a change so large that it can only be attributed to immigration.

    British Muslims tend to marry someone from their ancestral village, often a member of their own extended family. This means that every generation is the same as the one before, with one spouse a first-generation immigrant, and the other caught between two cultures. This inhibits assimilation. If immigration for the purpose of marriage were forbidden, not only would the Muslim population grow much less rapidly, successive generations would become more assimilated: i.e. less religious, and having 1.6 children per family like other people.

    If we end mass immigration by Muslims now, the Muslim fraction of the UK population will probably never exceed 25%, and will be mostly well assimilated. If we allow present policies to continue, the UK will become 50% Muslim by the 2060s, with a level of assimilation similar to that which exists today.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  34. songbird says:

    Maybe, the thing to do to end cucking would be to set up some hereditary guild of cucks. Make it a monopoly, so not just anyone can do it.

  35. Russ says:

    At Vdare, Derb follows up with a post extolling the leaders of Bolivia and Thailand as the most beautiful women leading nations in this century (with a nod to the pert young new Finn minister). Nary a mention of the President of Croatia. Telling.

  36. @Just passing through

    “Americans are the most cucked people on this planet”

    So “cucked” even the SPLC notices armed resistance caused the Feds to back off?

    So “cucked” US veterans couldn’t stand Democrat Party corruptions in voting post-WWII and actively resisted in the “Battle of Athens”? ( )

    Amazingly, the UK 100 years ago had US gun freedom:

    In 1870, there were no laws regulating the possession, purchase, and peaceful carrying of firearms in Britain. Anyone, child or adult, could buy a pistol, load it, and carry it under his coat with no legal consequences. As late as 1920, the law presented no obstacle to an adult without a criminal history purchasing a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, and carrying it concealed upon his person.[1] Yet today, Britain has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the world.

    The Firearms Act of 1920 was a watershed of British firearms control. From its passage, the ownership of firearms ceased to be a right of Englishmen, and instead became a privilege −− one increasingly restricted over the intervening 75 years. Under the direction of the Home Office, police discretion in licensing throughout Britain has made ownership of firearms an increasingly rare event. Why was the Firearms Act of 1920 passed?

    There are several possible causes for the Firearms Act of 1920, all of which are plausible explanations: concern about criminal misuse of firearms; gun−running to Ireland; increased political violence in the pre−World War I period. Yet examination of the Cabinet papers declassified in 1970, and Cabinet Secretary Thomas Jones’ diaries, shows that all of these other concerns were insignificant compared to the fear of Bolshevik revolution.

    First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand that the absence of firearms controls was not because low crime rates made them unnecessary, but because Britons considered the possession of arms to be a right. The English Bill of Rights (1689) asserted by its passage that the people were “vindicating and asserting their ancient rights and liberties,” including the seventh article:

    7. That the subjects which are protestants, may have arms for their defence suitable to their
    conditions, and as allowed by law.[2]

    This guarantee reflected the widespread fear of absolutism and Jacobite royal tyranny. Some have defended this claim of “ancient rights and liberties” with great skill.[3] The most scholarly examination, however, shows that in the aftermath of the English Civil War, political theorists imagined what had formerly been a duty to bear arms in defense of the realm and public order into a “true, ancient, and indubitable right.”[4]<

    You gave it all up for, well, you can see it here how the UK residents think.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  37. For my American kids

    Doncha know your kids are Chinese, Derb? Attilathehen says so every chance she gets; it must be true.

  38. @RadicalCenter

    ‘Exactly right. I’ll VERY GLADLY take a million Polish immigrants into my country and my State right now. Preferably in lieu of the people we are actually getting, but in addition to the hordes if need be.’

    I don’t want any more immigrants of any kind whatsoever.

    It’s not complicated. I don’t care who you are. No, you can’t move into my house.

  39. —I Don’t Want U.S. to End Up Like This

    I’ll bet even the worst town or city in UK isn’t as bad as Detroit or Baltimore.

  40. @Joe Stalin

    Actually the U.K. never gave up gun rights in one place: Northern Ireland. It’s fairly easy by Western European standards to secure a handgun there. The Brits don’t talk about this much as it tends to muddy the narrative of their happy, gun-free home, but Brits in Northern Ireland pack heat. In 2012, 60,000 of them had gun licenses which probably means just as many had illegal weapons. There are still shootings all the time in Belfast. Interestingly, the Brits there have a thing for shooting people in the legs. Keeps the murder rate down, but sends a message.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  41. Seraphim says:

    I think I remember correctly that a reason for Brexit was the immigration of East Europeans, Poles and Romanians in particular. Then the truculent Nigel Farage was saying:
    “I have to confess I do have a slight preference. I do think, naturally, that people from India and Australia are in some ways more likely to speak English, understand common law and have a connection with this country than some people that come perhaps from countries that haven’t fully recovered from being behind the iron curtain… I actually want us to have an immigration policy that is non-discriminatory, because at the moment we discriminate in favour of people from Poland, or Romania, or Bulgaria, regardless [of] who they are, and we discriminate against people from New Zealand … or from India, or Canada, or whatever else it may be. We’ve got our, I think, our priorities completely wrong here. And we should not be discriminating on grounds of nationality.”
    There you have it.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  42. @James N. Kennett

    ‘… If we allow present policies to continue, the UK will become 50% Muslim by the 2060s, with a level of assimilation similar to that which exists today.’

    I imagine you’d be proved wrong — but not in a way you’d like.

    The Muslims will become more assimilated, but not because they will become more like the British.

    What’ll happen is that the British will become more like them.

  43. Crazy Horse [AKA "Gall"] says:

    This is what happens when you invade other countries to form an empire and then it contracts.

  44. El Dato says:
    @Tono Bungay

    Going gently into the night is a virtue.

  45. El Dato says:

    Maybe, maybe not.

    But probably not.

    Some conspiracy.

    It only makes “Learning Together” look bad. And injects additional Clown World vibes into the discussion.

    Politicians don’t even seem to even know how to handle this or make hay out it. Nor does it change anything.

    What would a real conspiracy involved police want to achieve? Would it Pro-BoJo? Anti-BoJo? Pro-Brexit? Anti-Brexit? It would probably anti-Corbyn for sure.

    What would a real conspiracy need to pull to make an effect?

  46. Dumbo says:

    I can believe that. Anglos despise more Eastern and Southern Europeans than Pakis, Indians and Arabs. They are still nostalgic of the British Empire. Screw them. They will reap what they sow.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  47. Dumbo says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    I don’t consider myself a “racist” in the sense of believing in superiority of races, but I don’t like race-mixing. Even Blacks and Asians look better non-mixed. And for whites it is worse because their best characteristics are recessive. Natural blonde hair may disappear at this rate. It particularly bothers me to see white women with blacks or non-whites. Don’t they think about their own offspring, don’t they want to have pretty kids? Also, Mixed-race children usually have problems of identity, like that hapa dude who turned spree killer.

    But it’s true that men are the worst offenders, marrying Asian women, or Latinas. So there’s that.

  48. @John Johnson

    The moral degenerates are the parents of these girls, often divorced at the behest of their morally degenerage mothers. They do not supervise their children and are therefore pond scum. Nothing, nothing takes the cake like parental negligence wben it comes to morality.

  49. Ian Smith says:

    “For my American kids, though, and their American kids when they finally get round to having some, I’d like to do what I can to spare this country from sinking into the dark pit that has swallowed England.”

    You could have stayed in England and had a nice family with an Englishwoman. Instead, you abandoned your nation and your race and added a couple of non-whites to the US. Does blackpilling others about the UK make you feel better about that?

    • Replies: @anon
  50. @Boone

    By and large, formerly-great formerly-Britain is getting a slew of islamists and Africans to an extent that we across the pond are not.

    The USA is getting too many Muslims as well (one is too many) and apparently Africans are showing up at our southern border in meaningful numbers now (wonder who has paid for and arranged that) — BUT the great majority of our immigrants, thankfully, are neither Muslim nor African.

    We are instead becoming some kind of Mestizo/Indio-Hispanic slash white sludge, with a developing Asian overclass and an African underclass that is, if possible, becoming even more obnoxious, angry, parasitical, and threatening than they already were.

    Pick your poison, I guess, but no, the USA is not worse off than the disunited-Queendom demographically and culturally, for this reason.

  51. @Bragadocious

    “Keeps the murder rate down, but sends a message.”

    Wow. Shooting people to send a message. I don’t know what to say.

    Here in America, when we shoot people we intend to kill them.

  52. @Amerimutt Golems

    Presumably, Derb rightly concludes that reproducing with Africans harms the economy and culture of the country — including average levels of intelligence, productivity, USEFUL creativity, self restraint, and social cohesion and trust — far more than reproducing with any other group, including Asians.

    Still doesn’t seem to be a good bet to bring someone here from China, though, that charmingly rude, loud, systematically dishonest and heartless, racially supremacist civilization.

    My wife is also from Asia, yet she supported trump and just told off a fellow immigrant — a self-hating multiculti German pussy — for his defense of mass legal and illegal immigration and his nasty attack on people like us who want to drastically reduce immigration. He was at a loss without the usual charge of “white racist” to throw at her. It was pretty funny. He is what our authenticjazzman calls a Besserwisser, which translates as a sanctimonious know-it-all.

    I look forward to seeing him again soon. I’ll be rehearsing in the hope of ripping him a new asshole in his native language, which I can do but with some preparation needed.

    By contrast, Derb’s wife, well, from what he has said, well, that wench needs to go back and take the daughter with her.

  53. @John Johnson

    Take out the african hellhole cities and we are as safe as the “UK” or any country in Europe — especially now that their crime rates are way up thanks to their millions of African and Arab immivaders.

  54. @Bragadocious

    I don’t know who exactly invented the term “Cuck Island” for the U.K. (could’ve been Anglin) but it’s a keeper!

  55. anon[138] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ian Smith

    You could have stayed in England and had a nice family with an Englishwoman.

    Englishwomen are all with black men nowadays, even the Conservatives are promoting it in their Brexit commercials:

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  56. @Just passing through

    I thought you were just passing through. So, pass already. The last thing Americans need is a fucking smarmy Brit telling us how “cucked” we are.

    • Agree: Bragadocious
  57. @RadicalCenter

    ” I’ll be rehearsing in the hope of ripping him a new asshole in his native language, which I can do but with some preparation needed.”

    Well, you know, a boot in the ass is the same in German as in English. 😉

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  58. Ian Smith says:

    To paraphrase Stonetoss: “How is this ad supposed to sell Conservatives” “Conservatives?”

  59. Kali says:

    Certainly none of this supposed “terror” attack rings true. But then, as fakse flags go it makes very little sence either.

    Where’s the footage, the stills, the witness interviews? Whete’s the blood?

    Why aren’t the media giving it the usual saturation coverage (GE notwithstanding?

    I was browsing my newsfeed on facebook on the day of the “attack” and saw that, very early on, RT was sharing video’s of what it reported as a knife attack in London. – But knife sttacks happen every day in London, so why the headlines?
    Later the headline evolved to a “suspected terror attack” (I didn’t watch the vid as I simply don’t have enough data to stream video here… long story.)

    And hours after RT’s i itial reports, the stoty was picked up by the British media and declared to be an actual terror attack.

    (Simultaniously RT began reporting on s knife attack in Brussels. – Not seen anything on that one since.)

    Pictures soon emmerged of some white guy in a suit holding a bloodless knife.
    And then… well, not very much really. Just news reports repeating the same narrative. But no footage or photos to analyse.

    And whilst I realise that many Brits are generally distracted right now, what with brexshit and the general election, I also know that if there were anything to share regarding either a real terrorist event or a false flag, my own friends and aquainences would be a over it. And yet, besides a little initial dismissiveness, their silence on the matter suggests there’s nothing to report. (For clarity I’m a Brit living in Portugal.)

    So as false flags go, it’s incredibly lame, but as an actuall terrorist attack, the reporting and video (from the most surveiled city in the world) is strikingly absent.

    So unless the whole thing has some ritualistic/escoteric connotasions, or reveals some cock-up “they” don’t want us noticing, none of it makes any sense… unless of course “they” and/or (((they))) are just fucking with us wondering when people will start to notice.

  60. Seraphim says:

    You don’t have to believe me.
    He declared that publicly:
    “Nigel Farage: Indian and Australian immigrants better than eastern Europeans”, in The Guardian:
    After the Brexit referendum, the Brits were clamoring ‘Make Britain great again’, chanting ecstatically ‘Rule Britannia’.

  61. @RadicalCenter

    You and your family are going to Asia.

    You’ve written that you live in an area of Los Angeles that is completely Asian. Your Asian offspring will marry Asians.

    You and Derbyshire are both degenerates.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  62. @Dumbo

    Correct. Derbyshire has scribbled that his Chinese wife is looking for a Chinese wife for the Chinese son. Nothng Western here. The Chinese daughter voted for Obummer. She will most likely marry a black guy. Derbyshire is insane.

    You are correct. Westerners now see that they are in danger. The demographics will shift back to our advantage. This will happen faster when we send Derbyshire and his Chinese family to China.

  63. SafeNow says:

    “Are Americans allowed to walk the streets with Narwhal Tusks?”

    Amazon sells a Narwhal Tusk, lest there be any doubt about the fact that everything is available on Amazon. However, they do specify that it is for teaching/demonstration purposes; here in California you would not be able to walk the streets with it, unless of course you were a homeless person. I assume that in New York City you could transport it in your car if traveling to a Narwhal practice range.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  64. @Angharad

    Poles (and other A8 people) have played their part in the collapse of life prospects for young Britons. They keep wages low and rents high. I don’t blame them for coming, I blame Blair for letting them in. Even Germany didn’t.

    “I’ll draw a veil over the responses from the families of those two Cambridge graduates killed.”

    The chap who was killed, a lefty who lived in an all-white village – I can see why his dad has doubled down on his liberal foolishness – who wants to think their son died pursuing a mirage, even if the costs of that mirage are generally paid by poor people, not middle/upper class types?

    The girl seemed like a relatively nice sort – I note she was privately educated, and both victims came from intact, functional families . The high-low alliance against ordinary Brits is real.

    Kali – the knife attack the same day was in the Hague (Den Haag).

    No word on a motive, the guy stabbed young teenagers.

    • Replies: @eah
  65. @SafeNow

    ” I assume that in New York City you could transport it in your car if traveling to a Narwhal practice range.”

    Are you sure? If I were Jack D I would argue not so fast because in US vs. Miller:

    Writing for the unanimous Court, Justice James Clark McReynolds reasoned that because possessing a sawed-off double barrel shotgun does not have a reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia, the Second Amendment does not protect the possession of such an instrument.

    so AK-47s are okay but Narwhal Tusks not so much…


    • Replies: @Safenow
  66. eah says:

    An enjoyable read.

    … the dark pit that has swallowed England.

    Like a sinkhole? — actually, they dug that pit themselves, and then jumped in.

    And you forgot to mention the new ‘Holocaust’ museum coming soon to the heart of London — not that it has anything to do with anything.

  67. @attilathehen

    The great thing about being online so long now is that we have all been gratuitously nasty to each other enough, that I’m getting thicker skin against foolish comments like yours.

    We live in downtown LA, which is mostly not Asian, but next to Chinatown, which is, surprisingly, heavily Chinese.

    Like you, I would not have crafted immigration laws that admitted massive numbers of immigrants who do not share our race and culture, broadly but protectively defined. It’s a grave error and one that we will probably never recover from.

    Look at the hordes of immigrants and their descendants around us. How many cannot speak much English when you try to engage them? Well, none of them would be here, even if they are white or mostly so, under my preferred system. We would have a demanding test of written and spoken English, which I can tell you is NOT the case now and has not been for a long time.)

    Taking LA and other Chinatowns first, none or almost none of those people should be here permanently. From what we can see, none of them provide some truly exceptional skill that aids our security or economy in a way that cannot readily be found among our existing population. And just about none of them were “screened” and chosen by Americans (as people are, or should be, who marry an American).

    Longer-term but temporary residency permits, at most, would be the answer if for some reason we insist on having some of them here for their cuisine or other cultural offering — never permanent residency, citizenship, and political power. (Related note: no non-citizen should ever be allowed to vote, whether federally or in state and local elections as some suicidal jurisdictions are starting to allow.)

    In the US context — legally enshrined discrimination against white people by governments, corporations, and universities, and culturally encouraged worship African-“Americans” who are allowed to attack and harass us daily without repercussions — I would not admit any Africans, ever. That just adds to the size of the group favored over us and allowed to make our lives and neighborhoods Hell. I’d make concerted effort through the government to incentivize Africans already been to voluntarily leave the country and never return, or at least to be sterilized at a very young age if they are staying here.

    Also wouldn’t admit anyone who proclaims to belong, or is suspected to belong, to any ideology that teaches their innate superiority over us or their right to rule over us. This is so even if the supremacist ideology calls itself a religion (Judaism and Islam). That’s just inviting people who are an inherent threat by the words of their own “religious” writings.

    As for our beautiful just-over-half-white-children — gotta love those genetic tests nowadays — I hope they don’t marry Asians and don’t predict thst they will, but your clairvoyance is impressive. Do you have any stock tips? And be comforted: if some of them learn russian, as seems likely, one could end up in Vladivostok, where they’ll fit in visually quite nicely (and it would meet your approval, which is always one of our top concerns).

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  68. eah says:

    Even Germany didn’t.

    Two different countries: before/after 2015 — both Germany and Austria actually kept out workers from the 2004 EU additions basically as long as they could under EU rules: until 2011.

    From your link re the Den Haag incident:

    The Netherlands has seen a series of terror attacks and plots, although not so far on the scale of those in other European countries.

    In March four people were killed when a Turkish-born man opened fire on a tram in the city of Utrecht.

    In August 2018 an Afghan man stabbed and seriously wounded two American tourists at Amsterdam’s central station, saying he wanted to “protect the Prophet Mohammed”. He was jailed for 26 years in October this year.

    Earlier this month a Pakistani man was sentenced to 10 years in jail for a plot to kill far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

  69. Anon[136] • Disclaimer says:

    Taking LA and other Chinatowns first, none or almost none of those people should be here permanently.

    As for our beautiful just-over-half-white-children — gotta love those genetic tests nowadays — I hope they don’t marry Asians and don’t predict thst they will,

    Interesting sentiments for someone who married and reproduced with an Asian. Your message to your own children is essentially, “Do as I say, ignore what I did.” That always works really well.

    Plus, the inescapable logical extension of your stated sentiments and positions is that your own children should look down upon their own mother– and therefore half of themselves— with a certain disdain and contempt.

    Alltogether quite sad, really.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  70. @RadicalCenter

    Addendum for my buddy Attila, who has one of the best screen names around:

    In addition to the racial, “religious”, and language criteria set forth above for an immigration policy that protects our safety, traditional culture, common language, genetic continuity, standard of living, environment, and social cohesion, add these:

    NO “birthright” citizenship

    NO “family reunification”, i.e. endless chain migration

    NO eligibility for taxpayer-funded programs, especially medical insurance or medical care, for relatives of immigrants who haven’t substantially paid into the system. (Many thousands of elderly Chinese people are tottering around the LA/OC area, and their utter lack of English ability confirms they haven’t been an assimilated part of our society or contributed much if any taxes while working “on the books.” Yet we get to pay millions for them to get the medical care that most of us need as we get towards the end of life.)

    Under my dream immigration structure, then, probably NINETY percent of the people here from outside the european race and civilization, would not be here. They would never have been given permanent residency or citizenship. They wouldn’t be voting to change our society and take from us, nor importing their extended families to swamp and dispossess us.

    The evidence does not support the odd notion that our problem is a group of people that is twenty times smaller and drastically different in what they bring to the table. I’m referring to the very limited number of immigrants like my wife, a Christian who is thoroughly fluent in English, industrious, grateful to be here, and deeply loves this country and its core White European-American people and culture and is teaching our children in that vein.

    Even as to the much smaller number of people who get here or stay here by marrying Americans, how many could pass the stringent written and spoken English and Am History tests that we would require? Many “fiancée Visa” immigrants, including those from Asia, could not. They would be excluded and their American fiancée/spouse would have to move abroad to be with them.

    (My wife acquired a visa to enter the country and work here before meeting me, and her employer was already sponsoring her application for permanent residency before we met as well, so she didn’t need me to become a citizen. She is probably atypical in that regard.)

    No, the problem is the TENS of millions of immivaders-and-descendants who do not fit that description. They were not meaningfully screened by a real American before being able to stay here. You’ve figured out who the culprits are in our dispossession and decline, alright.

    And I’ll match the intelligence, loyalty, work ethic, pride, patriotism, productivity, and even looks of our children against yours any day, mein Freund.

    You’ll not turn down their help, I’m sure, if all Hell breaks loose: our children are taught who and what is threatening us and our civilization, and they’ll be lawfully trained and armed to defend themselves and yes, even you. So if you happen to need help when the SHTF, look for the very tall, well-armed slanty Aryans, and they’ve got your back.

    They might even lend you money for a flight back to your own newly Islamic ancestral homeland (assuming some of your ancestors came here from formerly-great formerly-Britain). Because YOU have to go back.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  71. @Anon

    Nah, they love their mom and her family, as do I. They know what their — our — culture is.

    My wife and I alike don’t find Asian culture overall to compare favorably to ours, and neither that conclusion nor their ability to grasp it, should be hard to understand.

    And as white/Asian people, our kids will be harmed by “affirmative action” just like yours, perhaps even more. But that won’t stop them from outcompeting and outperforming your brood AND the less-qualified Africans and Mexicans who get the advantage from the system.

    Your fixation on and personally insulting comments about my wife and children is quite sad, really. If you are satisfied with your own wife and children, focus on them, tough guy.

  72. Anon[825] • Disclaimer says:

    Radical Center:

    Your fixation on and personally insulting comments about my wife and children is quite sad, really. If you are satisfied with your own wife and children, focus on them, tough guy.

    I’m sorry that you have misread me, especially that you thought I meant to insult your wife or children. Perhaps you confused me with another Anon. I do not recall replying to you before now.

    Specifically, I note:
    1.) I made no insults (neither explicit nor implicit) whatsoever; any derived from my comment are solely the product of the imagination of the reader.
    2.) My ONE comment is hardly evidence of a “fixation”.
    3.) “tough guy”? I made neither threats nor boasts.

    Upon reading your additional comment above and further consideration, I acknowledge the distinctions you drew between your wife and the type of immigrant that you cited for restriction and deportation. I stand by my contention, however, that to express the sentiment “I hope they don’t marry Asians” about the children that you produced with an Asian woman is inescapably hypocritical on your part. I harbor neither resentment nor ill will toward your family.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  73. @RadicalCenter

    Once again, you prove that when a Western male face plants in Asian poontang, he becomes a total degenerate and is no longer a Western male.

    Your scribblings are meaningless because you and your Asian family spend time in Asia. You live close to Chinatown. You “hope” that your Asian offspring don’t marry Asians. I hope you are telling them that their mother comes from a second tier, inferior race.

    You have no right to tell your Asian offspring what kind of people they can marry. Derbyshire is dealing with this problem. His Chinese son will marry a Chinese woman and his daughter will most likely marry a black. His Chinese offspring are not Western.

    In the movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” most of the lead characters were hapas who identified as Asian. You realize that you made a huge mistake in marrying an Asian. Moving to Asia with your family will help solve your problems. America will be fine and better off without you.

    • Troll: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  74. @attilathehen

    Tiresome and childish. I hope you’re a young man or you have even less excuse for this kind of thing,

    We don’t “spend time in Asia”, though I wouldn’t mind when resources permit. I’ve been there a grand total of once and didn’t say otherwise. Reading comprehension rarely benefits when you’re consumed by hatred and irrationality.

    I’d marry her again in a minute. I wonder about the psychological causes of your increasingly personal vendetta against me, and your satisfaction with your own family situation. Even in an online forum where real identities are concealed, you’ve really decided to go low blow and low class by saying what you have repeatedly about a man’s wife and marriage. Behind what was needed to make your political points. You’ve not acquitted yourself well.

    Hardly the most asinine thing in your comment, but it’s difficult to fathom how “living close to Chinatown”, as a large number of people do, says anything about someone. That’s embarrassing “logic.”

    And “face planted in poontang”? What are you, twelve years old?

    I love my wife and children, my life, and my nation, and I’m damn proud of all of them.

    And … especially around Christmastime I won’t be goaded into hating you.

    Have a merry Christmas, Attila, if you can. It looks like we need it.

  75. @Anon

    That’s a great response, mature, self-reflective, critical but not needlessly unkind. Too many anons and indeed I must have mixed you guys up. Seriously, I give you credit.

    As for any hypocrisy in hoping the kids don’t also marry someone Asian: maybe my wife is so exceptional and I’m so smitten with her that I simply made an exception to start with 😉 Not joking. Hopefully she’s glad I did. For my part, I’m lucky to have her and tell her so.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you have found, or will find, the contentment that I have in this family God has bestowed on us.

    • Agree: Dissident
  76. @RadicalCenter

    You keep proving your stupidity. I am a woman. The other commentators have known this for a long time.

    Again, the idea that a man’s choice of a bride is irrelevant proves what I state about your condition and what caused it, i.e. A.P. You have no idea of what the West is because of your Asian family. You are another version of Derbyshire degeneracy.

    I recall from a comment you made several years ago about your trips to Asia, but I will let you have your way.

    Here is a simple question for you. Compare Germany and China. Which country is better? There is only one answer.

  77. @RadicalCenter

    You chose China. Once again, I am proven correct when I state that a Western male who face plants in Asian poontang is a degenerate. Your importation of Asian poontang also brings Asian shithole degeneration to the West. You and your family will be deported to Asia.

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