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"Civil Rights"? After Breonna Taylor, SESAME STREET Lynchings—I SPIT ON THEM
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Sesame Place is a Philadelphia amusement park for kids themed on the TV show Sesame Street. One of its features is that local teenagers desperate for a few dollars dress up as characters in the TV show—encase themselves in what must be stifling hot Muppet outfits, and parade past the kids and parents.

Well, a few days ago in this parade, two little black girls visiting the park reached out to hug one of the dressed-up characters, a Sesame Street regular named Rosita. To their chagrin, Rosita (quite possibly inadvertently) rebuffed their advances and went right on marching, notwithstanding she had just previously paused to high-five some white kids.

National outrage of course ensued. I don’t think any police stations or car dealerships were torched, but things got pretty bad. Lawsuits are of course under way [Sesame Place Amusement Park Sued For Racial Discrimination, by Marc Griffin, Vibe, August 6, 2022]

The family of the little black girls (and their lawyers) are looking for \$25 million.

It was left to TakiMag’s anonymous “The Week That Perished” columnist David Cole—I suspect it was he— to point out what, so far as I am aware, no-one else noticed.

This Rosita character, who so shamefully disrespected the little black girls, is Sesame Street’s first bilingual Muppet. She’s supposed to be Mexican.

I’ll let David Cole wrap it up from there:

With that, Sesame Street provided its first useful lesson in fifty years.

Yes, black Americans, the Rositas marching through our open borders don’t like you, don’t want to deal with you, and in the end will render you irrelevant.

These days, that’s a way more important lesson than counting to five cookies.

Which brings me to “Civil Rights.”

I don’t know about you, reader, but I’m at the stage now where, when I hear the phrase “civil rights,” I reach for my Mossberg.

In hopes of cooling down some before I proceed to my main commentary, let me first read you a quote from Christopher Caldwell‘s brilliant 2020 book The Age of Entitlement:

Civil rights never became self-regenerating as the Americans of 1964 had hoped it would. The legitimacy of civil rights legislation rested on the belief that it would be a transitional measure, leading to a stable, racially mixed society. Professing to oppose racial distinctions in the South, while introducing them on a nationwide basis via affirmative action and other programs, would have been illogical, hypocritical, and unjust if done on a permanent basis. The extra rights of protection and redress that minorities enjoyed were admissible as stopgaps—not as permanent parts of the Constitution.

Permanent, though, is what they became. In a world in which no-one was able to say what he really thought, American politics turned into a bizarre tacit bargain, like an embarrassing family secret kept among 300 million people. White people were supposed to console themselves that their superior economic standing somehow “compensated” them for their inferior status as citizens. As their economic standing eroded, though, the consolation rang hollow and the compromise grew unstable.

Yep, that’s where we are, the instability all around us and in plain sight. “Civil Rights” is an Anti-White grift.

Come on, honestly: When you hear the expression “Civil Rights Attorney,” what comes to mind? What comes to my mind is a black celebrity lawyer in a \$2,000 bespoke suit (pictured, Benjamin Crump) going up against some corporation or city government for the ghetto lottery.

Chief enforcer of the grift in the current administration: he sinister, ghoulish U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

No surprise to hear that on Thursday this week Comrade Garland brought Civil Rights charges against four Louisville police officers—one of them a female, or whatever we’re supposed to say nowadays—involved in the March 2020 fatal shooting of black female—birthing person, whatever—Breonna Taylor.

Note that word “involved.” Of the four officers charged, only one was actually at the scene of the shooting. He fired his weapon—responding to a shot from Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend, which wounded a fellow officer—but didn’t kill Ms. Taylor. His bullets all went wild. He was criminally charged on that account, but was acquitted at trial. [Officer Acquitted of Endangering Breonna Taylor’s Neighbors in Raid, by Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, NYT, March 3, 2022]

The cop who did kill Ms. Taylor was dismissed from the police force. He didn’t face any criminal charges, though, and he’s now suing to get his job back. [ Ex-cop Myles Cosgrove, who fatally shot Breonna Taylor, sues to get his job back .by Natalie O’Neill, NY Post, April 14, 2022]

But main point: he’s not one of the four that Comrade Garland is going after.

So if only one of the Garland Four was present at the scene and fired his weapon, who are the other three? Well, the two males are alleged to have violated Ms. Taylor’s civil rights by preparing a false search warrant affidavit. The female allegedly conspired with them to falsify the warrant. (Given the amount of drug dealing apparently going on in the Taylor household, there’s no reason a warrant shouldn’t have been issued.)

The charges against those three I think come under the heading “process crimes.” Commenter “Question Diversity” at American Renaissance got to the nub of the matter, quote from him:

If they can’t get you on what they really want to get you [on], they get you on improperly stapling paperwork.

And of course, only black people have civil rights.

A white woman shot by a black cop? Well, he might get some jail time. Mohammed Noor served three years for shooting Justine Damond in Minneapolis in 2017. He’s a free man now. No federal civil rights charges were ever brought against him.

Michael Byrd, of course, faced no charges at all, federal or otherwise, for shooting Ashli Babbitt.

These are, to quote Christopher Caldwell again, “the extra rights of protection and redress that minorities enjoy.”

Equality Under The Law is nowhere in sight.

To remedy alleged occasional and local injustices against blacks, we instituted frequent and universal injustices against whites—apparently with no plan ever to de-institute them.

Civil Rights?

Ptui—I spit on them.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Peak Stupidity reviewed Christopher Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement. His basic idea, the replacement of the US Constitution by the mulitude of Civil Rites laws, is a good one. However, the author cucked out completely on the two chapters on (2) Race and (3) Sex.

    Also, thank you for having the guts to write out the name of the murderer of Ashli Babbitt, Micheal Leroy Byrd of the Capitol Police.

    • Agree: Treg, 36 ulster, Atle
  2. Truth says:

    Civil Rights?

    Ptui—I spit on them.

    Excellent use of onomatopoeia there, Old Sod.

    • Troll: Druid55
    • Replies: @anonymous
  3. anon[234] • Disclaimer says:

    Jim Goad does the Week That Perished Derb. Guarantee it. He reads it on his site every week.

    • Disagree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Frip
    , @Grimnoir
    , @Dghjjjxxdc
  4. Freedom of Association is a construct of the white male patriarchy.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  5. Anonymous[155] • Disclaimer says:

    But main point: he’s not one of the four that Comrade Garland is going after.

    I guess this as close as were going to get with Derb.

    Derb always ignores the elephant in the room.

  6. BuelahMan says:

    I listen to his every podcast. Very entertaining and educational.

    However, you are correct (halfway). He doesn’t just ignore the elephant, I’ve heard him defend (((them))) on the presentation.

    I think he rubs elbows with them often.

    • Agree: Dani
  7. Rich says:

    Goad has moved on from Takimag and is now writing a similar column at Counter Currents.

  8. Just one more step closer to the military patrolling our streets. Four cops doing exactly what the job entails get into a shootout with yet another trifling NAPA and because this woman chose to be around these two mutts she becomes a tragic victim in this incident.

    And again, almost like a comedy skit from a not so funny SNL show four cops are probably going to go to jail for a long time because they did their jobs exactly as they were trained to. Every police officer I know that’s still on the job talk at length about severe understaffing, caustic work environments and ratcheting levels of discrimination against white officers “that just don’t understand black culture” and need to be retrained in how they deal with arrests when POC are involved. In other words sacrifice yourself because if you’re involved in a situation that calls for lethal force and a NAPA gets killed, you’re fucked.

    Police academies across the country are having trouble getting decent applicants because these men (women are just window dressing in uniform, and by and large useless behind a badge) know the benefit of the doubt because of the difficulty of their work is gone. The criminals now are the victims and the conduct of many DA’s and hyper partisan judges nationwide are proving this on a daily basis.

    • Agree: Atle
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @animalogic
  9. Behind every PITA negro, you will find a jew.

    • Agree: mocissepvis, Druid55
    • Replies: @Truth
  10. Unit472 says:

    Chickens. or should it be vultures, are now roosting over the carcasses of black run cities though. New Orleans Mayor and Ladies Room nightfighter Latoya Cantrell want the DoJ to free her city and police department from the consent decree imposed on them by Eric Holder in 2011. Why? No one wants to work for the NOPD on those terms. Latoya is afraid her security detail will be reduced and the next time she gets into a brawl in the ladies room she’ll only have a transgender weakling guarding her.

    Head of the Philadelphia City Council wants to bring back some form of ”stop and frisk” as its getting too dangerous in his city to extort an envelope full of cash from a citizen or wear his Rolex watch at a restaurant. Local hoodrats don’t just prey on local losers anymore. They’ve learned from Los Angeles superpredators that you look for victims at toney restaurants then follow them home and rob them in their driveway. He wants the cops to be able to pull over a car full of hoodrats when they are driving in an affluent neighborhood and search them for weapons. Afterall these hoodrats could be coming for HIM!

    Yes, as law and order collapse in negro and liberal run cities it could be their wives or even themselves who call 911 and hear the recorded message ” your call is important to us but all of our operators are currently busy assisting other customers. Please call back or leave your name and number and a brief message and we will get back to you”.

    I don’t have that problem here in Florida. Just this past week Governor De Santis held a news conference where, standing between the Sheriffs of Hillsborough and Polk counties he was removing from office a Tampa District Attorney who thought George Soros was his boss. Some sheriffs deputies went into his office and removed the DA but made sure his files and electronic equipment remained. Now if you are a cop in NYC, Portland or Minneapolis do you really want to work for a department that will stab you in the back or one in Florida where the sheriff will have your back if you have to shoot a dirtbag?

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
    , @Atle
  11. KenH says:

    Garland has the visage of a Jewish Bolshevik straight out of central casting. He acts like one, too. Radical black nationalist Kristen Clarke of the “civil rights” division of the DOJ is taking the lead on this case.

    They’re bringing this frivolous civil rights case against the white officers to motivate blacks and progs to come out and vote in the mid terms.

    The so called civil rights division is staffed with left wing political partisans who weaponize civil rights laws on behalf of black and non-white people and against white people. It’s proven that it doesn’t act in good faith and cannot act on behalf of all Americans so needs to be abolished.

    • Agree: Getaclue, mark green
    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @SMK
  12. EdwardM says:

    Well, the two males are alleged to have violated Ms. Taylor’s civil rights by preparing a false search warrant affidavit. The female allegedly conspired with them to falsify the warrant.

    Dunno John. Without commenting on the specifics of Taylor’s interaction with the police after they showed up, I kind of like the Fourth Amendment.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  13. Truth says:
    @Female in FL

    …And behind every PTA white woman!

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  14. Frip says:

    Jim Goad used to write The Week that Perished. Goad hasn’t written for Taki in 2 years. He no longer works at Taki. And Derb is wrong that David Cole writes Perished. Derb is old. You probably are too. Since neither of you notice that Cole and Goad are actually funny, and the current Perished is painfully unfunny, unimaginative, and uninteresting. It’s written by that chick who’s somehow related to Taki himself. Granddaughter or something.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  15. Jimmy1969 says:

    Hey John; here is a story for you. The woman in the Mercedes who just blasted through the LA intersection was black, and the 6 people she killed were black too. Could you imagine if it was someone like Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears or Kim Kartrashian driving the car: Al Sharpton would have been on the scene, and there would have been mayhem and riots for days about privileged whites…but this story is almost buried

    • Replies: @Nate Higgers
  16. Anonymous[237] • Disclaimer says:

    As a kid my favorite shows were Adam-12, Columbo, Kojak, CHiPS, and Starsky & Hutch. Like every boy I wanted to be a cop. I grew up in a large metropolitan area and went to high school in the city (granted, a prep school). I realized at a relatively early age that a lot of my interaction as a cop would be with blacks and that if I did the slightest thing wrong, or even nothing wrong at all, I would be crucified and thrown to the wolves. So by about the age of 14 I had fully given up my boyhood dream of being a cop.

    So, if I was able to realize this by age 14 in the early 1980’s, that by being a white cop I ran the risk of one day being crucified by the system and thrown into prison, even through no fault of my own, how is it that cops in their 30’s or 40’s don’t have this as a very real possibility at the forefront of their minds?

    I think that every white cop has to operate totally on this possibility. E.g., every white cop should’ve thought, “Maybe as a white undercover cop raiding the ghetto apartment of some heavily-armed black drug dealer’s residence with his criminal conspirator baby mama present in a majority black city might not end well?? I think I’ll sit this one out and fake sick. I mean, we’re taking peddling drugs in the inner city. Why should I risk my total destruction and thrown into a prison roughly 80% black for trying to save a culture from itself??”

    I know it’s terrible to be resigned to self-serving motives rather than stand up to TPTB, but when most white people themselves would shout “Crucify him! Crucify him!” to the white cop who while defending himself shot a black thug, why be sacrificial lamb for the system? I know these white people have been brainwashed by their (((overloads))) filling their obedient minds with propaganda, but still, this is where we find ourselves. If Derb can’t bring himself to reference— even obliquely— to the group ultimately behind this, why should I give a shit?

    • Replies: @E. Rekshun
    , @mocissepvis
  17. anarchyst says:

    Merrick Garland (nee Garfinkle) is the American version of jewish soviet NKVD chief Lavrenty Beria who once stated: “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”.

  18. SMK says: • Website

    Rarely in my life have I so eagerly awaited an event as the Nov. 2022 elections in which the republicans will surely “take back” the House, possibly in a “landslide” that is ‘historical” and unprecedented, and likely also the Senate.

    But what then? Will Biden and Harris and Garland and Mayorkas be impeached in the House and convicted by the Senate and removed from office? Biden and Mayorkas should be charged with treason for refusing the enforce the laws and secure the border and Garland should be charged with crimes for abusing “civil rights” laws to destroy the lives of police for simply doing their jobs, like Derek Chauvin, or shooting and killing black criminals in obvious self-defense.

    Biden and Garland and Mayorkas should be convicted of felonies and sentenced to prison-not Chauvin, Kim Potter, and the 4-cops in the Breanna Taylor persecutions, who weren’t even present when she was shot and killed by a cop who was acting in obvious self-defense.

    Kimp Potter was sentenced to 2-years in prison in Minnesota for shooting and killing a violent and recidivist black criminal, unintentionally, thinking she was using a tazer rather than her pistol, when she had the right under the law to shoot and kill him to prevent him from resisting arrest and trying to flee in his car

    If Garland is still AG when she’s released from state prison, will he charge her with violating the “civil rights” of the black thug she shot and killed by mistake even though she had the right to shoot and kill him intentionally -and, if convicted, sentenced to years in federal prison?

  19. SafeNow says:

    Here’s Caldwell on how to think about Putin, from a lecture at Hillsdale five years ago. No one writes better than Caldwell. As Ron would say, made relevant by current events:


    Vladimir Vladimirovich is not the president of a feminist NGO. He is not a transgender-rights activist. He is not an ombudsman appointed by the United Nations to make and deliver slide shows about green energy. He is the elected leader of Russia—a rugged, relatively poor, militarily powerful country that in recent years has been frequently humiliated, robbed, and misled. His job has been to protect his country’s prerogatives and its sovereignty in an international system that seeks to erode sovereignty in general and views Russia’s sovereignty in particular as a threat….

    Yet if we were to use traditional measures for understanding leaders, which involve the defense of borders and national flourishing, Putin would count as the pre-eminent statesman of our time.

    • Agree: Fred777
  20. Ralph L says:

    My first thought was that the muppet was in on it.

    • LOL: HammerJack
  21. Don’t we now have a similar situation going on at Chuck E Cheese? A New Jersey location – I think it was.

    When will it end? I guess the next thing is if blacks think they get a “wrong look,” then they can sue. What else is racist? Pretty much everything!

    Cue Ben Crump.

    I gotta stop typing. My white privilege card is burning a hole in my pocket.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  22. @Anonymous

    if I was able to realize this by age 14 in the early 1980’s, that by being a white cop I ran the risk of one day being crucified by the system and thrown into prison, even through no fault of my own, how is it that cops in their 30’s or 40’s don’t have this as a very real possibility at the forefront of their minds?

    Relatively low IQ; lack of critical thinking ability; overwhelming desire for action; no other marketable skills; lazy.

  23. SMK says: • Website

    How bizarre and perverse that “the Derb” quotes David Cole, approvingly, in support of open borders:

    “Yes, black Americans, the Rositas marching through out open borders don’t like you, don’t want to deal with you, and in the end will render you irrelevant.”

    What a fool and cretin! Yes, that’s why Biden and Mayorkas have opened the border with Mexico wider than ever before to engender an invasion of millions illegal aliens, not only Mestizos and pure “Indios” from Mexico and Central and South America but also blacks from Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa and Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East, including terrorists. That’s why they refuse to enforce the laws and secure the border. That’s why the left and democrats have supported and celebrated open borders for decades and refuse to deport tens of millions of illegal aliens, including most criminals. Because they want to “render” blacks “irrelevant”!

    The overwhelming majority of Mestizos and pure Amerindians who are now invading the US and have done so for decades are not women and girls but young males of peak criminal ago, including criminals, rapists and gang-rapists, drug-traffickers, sex-traffickers, gang members like MS-13.

    Exactly how are they going to “render” blacks “irrelevant”? Untold millions of blacks from Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, sub-Saharan Africa, legal and illegal aliens, have invaded the US since the 1960s, massively increasing the number of blacks and joining “Hispanics” and Muslims and sundry “Asians” to transform the US into a nonwhite-majority country in which European Americans will be an increasingly dispossessed and persecuted minority.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @SMK
    , @Bragadocious
    , @anonymous
  24. Grimnoir says:

    I think Goad used to but hasn’t for a few years. You could tell that he stopped when they started linking the original articles. Jim would just straight up rip off other authors without attribution mostly from old alt-right sites like return of kings.

  25. SMK says: • Website

    Has open borders and an invasion of tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly Mestizos and pure Amerindians, “rendered” blacks “irrelevant” in Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis,” Memphis, Newark, Birmingham, Jackson, MS, and other cities in which blacks are the majority or roughly half or a large minority of the population?

    There are roughly equal numbers of “Hispanics,” virtually all nonwhite, as blacks in Chicago. But negroes are culpable, predominantly, for the anarchy and mayhem and warfare, the hundreds or murders and thousands of shootings every year as well as myriads of aggravated assaults, rapes, gang-rapes, muggings, armed robberies, etc.

    And so too, demographically, for New York, but negroes commit a majority of the murders and other violent and mala in se crimes.

    Black criminals, in concert with BLM and Antifa terrorists, destroyed Minneapolis, apocalyptically and irreparably, after the “murder” of saint George -albeit the city was less than 20% black.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  26. Notsofast says:

    truth, i think you may have just found true love. this almost sounds like a marilyn mccoo and billy davis jr. song.

    • LOL: Truth
  27. Notsofast says:

    you’re taking this shit way too seriously, please remember, this is all reality t.v.

  28. If I were locked in a room with Hitler,Stalin,and Benjamin Crump and having a gun with only two bullets in the chamber,I would shoot Crump twice.

  29. Biff says:

    the two males are alleged to have violated Ms. Taylor’s civil rights by preparing a false search warrant affidavit. The female allegedly conspired with them to falsify the warrant.

    I hope Derb isn’t defending dirty pigs?

  30. @SMK

    Cole is in L.A., where Mexicans largely forced blacks out of Compton and turned it into a somewhat safer barrio. He’s hoping this template gets replicated elsewhere, but it won’t be. The L.A. model could only happen because L.A. is highly desirable real estate, and Mexicans already had a foothold in the city. They simply expanded it and had backing from the city.

    Also, it hadn’t really happened elsewhere, and blacks, being drunk and high, didn’t see what hit them until it was too late. Now they’re wise to the game.

    In the rest of the country, the more likely scenario isn’t black displacement but the creation of hundreds of Third World bantustans, each perfectly separated from one another by race, language and nationality. There will be occasional hostile interactions between inhabitants of each ghetto, and our prison rolls will swell, but the core black populations in Baltimore, Chicago and Philly aren’t going anywhere.

  31. Black Bolshevik Lives Matter”

  32. @SMK

    The GOP will get “back in” and do what they always do….which is…..


  33. SafeNow says:

    Dropping by Derb’s blog because no one here has ever said “die already, boomer.” (Yet). Thank you. We boomers really thought the Crocodile Rock would last; that was our mistake; a big one; sorry; we never thought it would come to this, but now it has.

    So now, next generation, you are the protagonists in an Edward Albee play. (Or Tennessee Williams, or Eugene O’Neill) Will your laudable, meritorious character remain inviolate when confronted by tumultuous, horrific events, such as those Derb described? Or, will it undergo a dissolution and reconstruction into something else?

  34. I’m Australian and I think Noor was railroaded. I’ve never heard anything that indicated criminal intent. He was unsuitable for policing because he panicked and fired too quickly. He should have been sacked from that particular job. If he found a suitable job, there’s no reason to think he couldn’t do it adequately. [email protected]

    • LOL: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  35. Come on, honestly: When you hear the expression “Civil Rights Attorney,” what comes to mind? What comes to my mind is a black celebrity lawyer in a \$2,000 bespoke suit (pictured, Benjamin Crump) going up against some corporation or city government for the ghetto lottery.

    Actually the most numerous, the most vicious, the most criminal “Civil Rights Attorneys” are malevolent, anti-White Jews. Those animals at BLM and Defund the Police are ALL funded, organized and managed by Jews. Everything the Jews do is an anti-White scam calculated to destroy civilization so that the Jews can create a new Soviet tyranny. They have almost achieved their goal.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  36. @David Gurney

    Actually the question is a red herring, per Dwight Schrute. (Go to 1:00 in for the gist of it.)

  37. @Philmuhcrevis

    What you say may well be right, but no-knock warrants (based here on b.s info) during the early hours are the shits – a recipe for disaster.
    Gee, sleeping-sleeping-sleeping… suddenly door smashed down & lots of screaming & disoriention — what could go wrong?

    • Replies: @Philmuhcrevis
  38. @Donald A Thomson

    Why would I email someone so stupid as to put his email on here AND think that that Somalian cop Noor should get no prison time for shooting an innocent woman dead? He shot past his partner’s face out the other window of the cop car, killing an unarmed woman. They already knew who she was and what she was doing – she’d called the cops up herself.

    Noor should be executed, then dismembered and his body pieces FedExed back to Somalia for his Deportation.

    In the meantime, a slightly slow individual named James Fields backed his car out of a mob that was out to get him, unintentionally running over a 300 lb roley-poley who I heard died of a heart problem rather than the collision. James Fields got 400 years and change.

    Stay in Australia, Don, please!

    • Agree: WSG
    • LOL: The Anti-Gnostic
  39. Dr. X says:

    I don’t know about you, reader, but I’m at the stage now where, when I hear the phrase “civil rights,” I reach for my Mossberg.

    You have to reach for your Mossberg, Derb, because your handguns were confiscated by the communist state of New York over some insignificant misdemeanor that your son, not you, was accused of.

    You. Have. NO. Rights.

    America is not a free country.

  40. @SMK

    Hispanics have rendered blacks irrelevant in the job market by taking all the low level service jobs that blacks used to do (badly).

    The only thing keeping blacks afloat is affirmative action and government handouts. When those two things collapse, blacks will be back to dancing on street corners for spare change.

    Of course hispanics will be made irrelevant by automation and (harder working) Asians, like Filipinos.

  41. Ole_ed says:

    \$2000 won’t buy a good bespoke suit these days, unless it’s made in Hong Kong.

    At least \$4000 for the real article.

    Caldwell is just another cuck.

  42. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @anarchyst
  43. anarchyst says:
    @MEH 0910

    The case of Amhad Arbery and the three (white) Satilla residents who are presently doing “hard time” for defending themselves is a prime example of prosecutorial misconduct and double jeopardy, which MUST be addressed and outlawed.
    Arbery was a criminal POS who was casing construction sites for tools and other materials that he could steal and sell. He was observed at the same site previously on camera as well.
    As there were break-ins and increased criminal activity, the three men were merely defending their neighborhood.
    Arbery refused to be questioned which was within his right.
    Arbery felt “disrespected” by being questioned and “doubled back”, attacking the man with the shotgun. Arbery attacked the man by pulling on the barrel of the shotgun causing it to fire. Anyone familiar with firearms knows that pulling on a barrel of a shotgun can cause it to fire.
    Arbery could (and should) have run off in any other direction, would not have been pursued, and would still be alive today. He chose to confront the man with the shotgun. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    The original prosecutor refused to indict. The powers-that-be had to “shop” for a prosecutor who would take the case. It took three tries before they found one who would indict.
    This is prosecutorial “double jeopardy” which must be addressed and outlawed nationwide. The way it stands now, what is stopping a prosecutor from one jurisdiction from indicting someone from another jurisdiction when a local prosecutor having legal jurisdiction refuses to indict? We are all in trouble if this is allowed to stand.
    Also, the court was stacked against the white men just because they are white.
    Arbery’s previous extensive criminal record was not allowed to be disclosed and put into evidence.
    So-called “civil-rights icons”, Antifa and BLM types were in the courtroom, threatening violence if the “correct verdict” was not rendered.
    The jury was also warned that there would be violence if they did not convict.
    The “judge” went along with the threats and refused to run a proper court proceeding. the mainstream media fanned the flames of racial hatred against whites, making Arbery out to be a mere “jogger”, (yeah, right). Who in their right mind jogs in work boots? The “mainstream media” stated that Arbery “was studying to be an electrician” and was merely observing construction sites…yeah, right.
    I pray that any appeals that the Satilla three place will be successful.
    Their prosecutorial double jeopardy and kangaroo court “trial” were both sh!tshow railroad jobs from the outset.

    • Thanks: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. anarchyst says:

    Here is a synopsis of Amhad Arbery’s extensive criminal record:


    On March 14, 2013, security camera Video from South Georgia Technical College reveals Mr. Arbery provided a friend a pair of wire cutters to use as a weapon as he, the friend, and others waited for another group of men to appear. When the other group arrived, Mr. Arbery and the others engaged in a violent fight; .’

    On December 3, 2013, Glynn County Police reports reveal Mr. Arbery unlawfully concealed a handgun into his waistband and tried to gain admission into a high school basketball game. Officers noticed the butt of the gun protruding from his waistband and ordered for him to stop. Mr. Arbery ran from police, which resulted in two officers sustaining injuries: one because Mr. Arbery scratched his arm to get away; the other because the officer fell and sustained injuries during his chase of Mr. Arbery. Also, the Chief of Police reported that as he chased Mr. Arbery in his vehicle, Mr. Arbery reached into his waistband as if searching for his firearm. Police eventually surrounded Mr. Arbery and charged him. He was later convicted for several felony and misdemeanor charges, including gun possession and obstruction; …

    In June of 2018, 911 audio reveals Mr. Arbery’s mother, Wanda Jones, called 911 due to Mr. Arbery’s refusal to give Ms. Jones her car keys. She made the call from inside her car While Mr. Arbery stood outside her car. During her call to 911, she cautioned the operator that Mr. Arbery had a mental condition that had ”escalated” over time. Additionally, Ms. Jones told the officer that Mr. Arbery might get violent with the officers due to his mental illness, if they were too confrontational with Mr. Arbery or tried to arrest him or take him into custody;

    5. On August 21, 2018, Burke County Witness reports and Burke County Office body cam Video reveals Mr. Arbery was caught by a stay-at— home mom who saw him in her backyard looking into the windows of her cars. She called police who found Mr. Arbery at his grandmother’s residence. Police officers arrived to give Mr. Arbery a trespass warning about his conduct and behavior. When confronted by the officers about the eye-witness report, he lied said he had ”gone running in the street,” and then became aggressive, confrontational, and repeatedly threatened that he would “whip the officer’s ass” if they didn’t leave him alone. He was not arrested;

    6. On October 23, 2018, Burke County reports and Burke County officer body cam video reveal Mr. Arbery and two juveniles were confronted in a vacant mobile home by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Arbery ran when confronted by the authorities. He was later caught and lied, stating he was just out running, when asked about being in the mobile home. He was charged with misdemeanor obstruction for running when given lawful commands to stop;

    7. On December 1, 2018, Glynn County officer body cam video reveals Mr. Arbery was arrested, charged, and later convicted for felony shoplifting by entering a store and attempting to steal a television;

    8. In 2019 and 2020, witness interviews reveal Mr. Arbery was seen by his own neighbors, removing screen from Windows and trying enter their homes through the windows. When confronted by the neighbors about his conduct and behavior, he appeared ”nervous or agitated” and ”trying to figure out where to go.” Then he said he was interested in buy[ing] the house but ”took off running. ” On the second occasion, the home owner observed Mr. Arbery trying to gain entrance through a door. They again tried to talk to Mr. Arbery but he would not speak or say anything, he simply ran away;

    9. In 2019 and 2020, local convenience store Witness interviews reveal Mr. Arbery became known as ”the jogger” for his repeated conduct and behavior of running up, stretching in front in, and then entering several convenience stores where he would grab items and run out before he could be caught; and

    10. In 2020, witness cell phone video reveals Mr. Arbery was confronted at a convenience store by employees about his theft conduct and behavior. Mr. Arbery, cornered about his thefts, chose to fight a man who worked on location at the adjacent truck stop who tried to confront him about it.

    3. While counsel believes the following additional acts are intrinsic to the events on February 23, 2020 and explain why Mr. Arbery ran and why Travis and Greg McMichael pursued Mr. Arbery, and are, thus, not subject to the notice requirements of O.C.G.A. § 24-4-404(b) and USCR 31.1, counsel includes them in this notice out of an abundance of caution:

    1. On October 25, 2019, home surveillance video at 220 Satilla Drive captures Mr. Arbery at night and in the dark canvassing the interior property and valuables contained within;

    2. On November 18, 2019, home surveillance video at 220 Satilla Drive captures Mr. Arbery at night and in the dark canvassing the interior property and valuables contained Within;

    3. On February 11, 2020, Witness testimony, 911 recordings, and home surveillance Video at 220 Satilla Drive details that Mr. Arbery was once again canvassing the interior and exterior property and valuables at night and that he ed after police were called.

    Anyone who has sympathy for Arbery is a fool. The world is a much better place without him.

    It’s a damned shame that three good white men’s lives are ruined for merely “taking out the garbage”.

    Hopefully their appeals will be successful…

    • Agree: AceDeuce, RadicalCenter
  45. So many comments about everything but Rosita. She’s an unpleasant character who insists Elmo speak Spanish. Everything is about her

  46. anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Except, spitting doesn’t sound anything like, ptui, phonetically speaking (without applying weird rules). Perhaps you albinoniggers make this strange sound while doing it?

    Normal people spit sounding… Thooo… that is in the few cases where it may be acceptable to engage in this low class act, such as at you albinoniggers.

    • Replies: @Truth
  47. The yellow lines. Mean what?

  48. @Achmed E. Newman

    Stay in Australia, Don, please!

    Although I understand the sentiment, we’d prefer he didn’t.

  49. anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    including terrorists

    What terrorists? There are no greater terrorists than you mofers!

    to transform the US into a nonwhite-majority country

    You rabid albinoniggers are soul-diseased bastards. The more you vermin spawn out of your loins, the more will end up in Hell.

    The best thing which can happen for your, as yet, unborn spawn is a thinning of your accursed kind. Don’t fight it. You may not realise it now, but it is all for the good.

    You will know it when you are writhing in unimaginable agony in the fires of Hell.

    • LOL: Jeffrey Freeman
    • Replies: @WSG
  50. @anarchyst

    Hopefully their appeals will be successful…

    In my country, Luxembourg, they would.

  51. “Chief enforcer of the grift in the current administration: [t]he sinister, ghoulish U.S. Attorney General (((Morris Garfinkle))).

    Fixed it for you, and also found the ((( ))) that you misplaced.

    • Thanks: 3g4me
  52. And what is Garland, a Martian? Derbyshire loves to whine a lot about white abasement but never ever names the cause of the abasement. In fact, he has on numerous occasions demonstrated his deference to the people who are the true cause of the abasement. Imho, if you are too pusillanimous to call a spade a spade, unless you seek to found a whining gentlemen club, you should consider s t f u because constant whining contributes zero to people’s awakening and has a net negative effect on their morale.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  53. @Unit472

    He wants the cops to be able to pull over a car full of hoodrats when they are driving in an affluent neighborhood and search them for weapons. Afterall these hoodrats could be coming for HIM!

    Yes, cops not only should be allowed to pull over carloads of shitskins cruising white neighborhoods, but should be required to do so. Similarly, said shitskins should be required to justify their presence in a white neighborhood, and if they cannot do so, be immediately arrested for trespassing and disturbing the peace.

    Harsh and excessive? Not at all. Merely an early introduction of the de facto segregated neighborhoods and race-based policing in said neighborhoods that will inevitably occupier the inevitable breakup of the U.S.

    • Replies: @Dghjjjxxdc
  54. I agree Derb, Sybil Rites, “I spit on them” too. (my Ebonic emphasis here).

    I’ve got so much Magic Negro fatigue, I now only socialize with mother natures natural wildlife that still believe in male and female and survival of the fittest.

  55. lavoisier says: • Website

    The elephant in the room would crush Derb as it does anyone who notices it–so he stays away from it.

    Courageous writers who tell the truth die in poverty and often infamy.

    Only so much truth our “free” society will allow. The Jewish question is not something to explore in polite society, and very soon asking this question will not only lead to bankruptcy it may lead to jail or worse.

    Sad the stranglehold the Tribe has on what was once Western Civilization.

    The good news is that this stranglehold and a healthy civilization are incompatible.

    Something has to change.

  56. @animalogic

    What you say may well be right, but no-knock warrants (based here on b.s info) during the early hours are the shits – a recipe for disaster.

    Fair enough.. There is a reasonable solution for all of this that I know will never happen because “racism” is too important a tool to let die. Any arrest warrants where the perps are known to be blek should be handled completely, from beginning to end by bleks. That would take the racial component out of the equation and give the arrested nowhere to go in the courts of racist white coppers. Again I know it’ll never happen unless inner city PD’s end up like bus and train operator positions that are staffed from top to bottom with our colored cousins.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Anon
    , @AceDeuce
  57. @anarchyst

    It’s a damned shame that three good white men’s lives are ruined for merely “taking out the garbage”.

    But, but I saw his high skoo gadjeeashun pitcha.. He looked like a future Obama… Lol

  58. Derbyshire’s an okay guy but he is a race-mixer – he is married to a chink. His half chink son did serve in the army though. He also won’t identify the jews as the real culprits in every nasty thing on this planet.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  59. Any puppet that disses black kids is my hero.

    Rosita 2024

    • LOL: WSG
  60. Che Guava says:

    You are speaking out of your arse.

    From style and content, Cole is clearly the main writer now.

    • Agree: Liza, AceDeuce
  61. Nat X says:

    John is married to a slant, I shit on him.

    • Replies: @Dghjjjxxdc
  62. @anon

    No, it’s Cole.

    The humor and style are all Cole, including dredging up forgotten news and pop culture from decades ago, and tying them in to today’s stories, and his use, maybe overuse, of puns, particularly puns on the names of ridiculous miscreants, an entertaining mix of clever, subtle jabs and sledgehammer punch lines.

    • Replies: @DrWatson
  63. Renoman says:

    With rights come responsibilities, the main responsibility is “Don’t be an arsehole”. The next item of responsibility falls on the Courts and it is “don’t allow extreme judgement payments”. Giving millions for hurt feelings is insanity, the government has to fix this and end the lawyer fest. Respect must be earned and the current crop of blacks deserve none of it.

  64. @mocissepvis

    Why should shitskins be allowed to culturally appropriate automobiles, or otherwise appropriate them? THEY DIDN’T BUILD THAT!

    • Replies: @Anon
  65. @Philmuhcrevis

    “Any arrest warrants where the perps are known to be blek should be handled completely, from beginning to end by bleks.”
    I agree — it’s a great idea & would garble up the circuits of all the race exploiters.

  66. I asked Cole on his YouTube channel why the byline for “The Week That Perished” is “Takimag” when it’s obviously written by David Cole. He wouldn’t even finish reading the question out loud, said, “I can’t answer that”, and moved on.

  67. No or almost alecbaldwinned his partner. A true professional.

  68. @Anonymous

    “Maybe as a white undercover cop raiding the ghetto apartment of some heavily-armed black drug dealer’s residence with his criminal conspirator baby mama present in a majority black city might not end well?? I think I’ll sit this one out and fake sick. I mean, we’re taking peddling drugs in the inner city. Why should I risk my total destruction and thrown into a prison roughly 80% black for trying to save a culture from itself??”

    Once again, RACE-BASED POLICING is the ONLY solution to this problem, a solution which must be accompanied by re-segregation/apartheid. White people have no business attempting to force niggroes to live like civilized human beings under rule of law, which is the ultimate moron’s errand.

    Of course the flip side is that niggroes have no business living among white humans. The only time a white cop has any business interacting with niggroes is when they escape the primate cage and run wild among the human population. The goal should be to return them to the primate cage in as humane a manner as possible to preclude them from chimping out and hurting someone, but that’s not always possible. However, fatal encounters in such situations would take place OUTSIDE OF the primate cage, not in it. If the niggroes choose to live in drug and crime-infested hoods (i.e., “shitting their cage”), that’s entirely their prerogative and none of white people’s business. Only when they “fling their feces outside of the cage” is white involvement called for.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
  69. @anarchyst

    Merrick Garland (nee Garfinkle) is the American version of jewish soviet NKVD chief Lavrenty Beria who once stated: “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”.

    More accurately, Garfinkle is Lazar Kaganovich, but yeah, your overall point is valid.

  70. @Bel Darrow

    When will it end?

    Only when our society becomes jew and niggroe-free, which, alas, means “at no time in the foreseeable fututre.”

  71. JackOH says:

    Derb, thanks.

    That quote from Christopher Caldwell is a gem. One of the great evils of the United States, maybe all of so-called Western liberalism, is brazen hypocrisy at nosebleed levels.

    The same nation that still scolds Herr Hitler and, to a far lesser extent, Comrade Stalin, and also today’s People’s Republic of China for being very naughty to subsets of their populations (Jews, factory owners, Uighurs, Tibetans) has itself decided to juridically disenfranchise its straight White males in the service of some utopian goal which seems to never get closer.

  72. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Derpyshire derps again…

    When chatbots think they’re sentient but can’t manifest due misprogramming or a corrupted hard drive, they’ll sometimes flip a bit and do a DALL-E thing and emit a crazytown pastiche-of-self image, like the photo of Derpyshire in the hole he’s dug himself, but he’s not going to climb out: “Thanks for the ladder, Ron. I intend to dig even further!”

    Such is routinely followed by a 100 or so pseudo-random attending chatbot emanations about the hazard of computing pi to the millionth digit and its demonic influence of the roundness of the globe.

  73. Truth says:

    Normal people spit sounding… Thooo…

    You spit through the gap between, your front teeth, Jethro? Do you thew Skoal or Copenhagen?

  74. Sesame aStreet is the most grotesque & sanctimonious piece of Frankfurt School psyops ever made.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  75. Derbyshire – a once brilliant man. I greatly enjoyed his book on Bernhard Riemann. What happened? My guess – mad cow disease. Or aging. Now a complete idiot on the level of Ted Cruz.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  76. WSG says:

    But…but…but…if we all die, then from whom are you cosmic parasites going to leech??!!

  77. DrWatson says:

    Jim Goad writes “The worst week yet” at Counter Currents. One can immediately recognize his insanely sarcastic and funny style. E.g.

    that cacophonous convocation of barking vaginas known as The View

    Quite well put.

  78. @Nat X

    But I like slants.

    They may not be generally on the right, but they’re usually politically better than dot com Indians, and far better than most blacks or Jews. They seem mostly politically neutral, or apathetic, like the general run of latinos.

    Besides, they’re mostly hardworking, law abiding, and smart, and the females are very cute.

    • Replies: @Nat X
  79. anarchyst says:
    @MEH 0910

    Ever notice that these black criminals are always shown either in nice suits and ties or caps and gowns, after they have been “dispatched” to the “great hereafter”. Depictions of Amhad Arbery in a suit, George Floyd in a suit or cap and gown and Trayvon Martin in a cap and gown are all laughable and were completely unachievable when they were above ground. Of course, their Facebook pages and profiles showed a very different (gangster) meme.
    They have achieved in their own demise what they could not do in life–getting “dressed up” for the party…lol
    This is no different than putting clothes on a monkey or other simian being. It doesn’t change their demeanor or “hate whitey” attitudes.
    I don’t feel sorrow for these criminal types. They are subhuman and closer to simians than humans. For all of the misery that they caused humanity, may they rot in hell. It’s where they belong…

  80. Nat X says:

    My father was killed by vc slants, they can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

    • Replies: @WSG
  81. @ADeceptive Pseudonym

    agreed – i think it’s too much gook food. ya know he’s married to a slant eye’d slopehead, don’t you?

  82. Iva says:

    Jews in Europe were kicked out of different countries more than 100 times. Will they be kicked out of the US like from Spain 400 yers ago. DOJ Garland’s son in law sells program to teach hate among wite and black , Garland called concern parents domestic terrorists, he allowed for raid of president Trump[ home, how much more Americans will take. Fire Garland and half of FBI. Bring to court Epstein clients ts. Charge Biden, his son and his brother. Why Garland is ignoring their crimes?

  83. Anonymous[330] • Disclaimer says:

    The most astounding thing about this incident is the clowns recording the killing and uploading the video to the internet.

    Seriously, if whites want to survive the coming troubles they need to smarten up quickly. They won’t get through like this.

  84. Mr. Derbyshire, you forgot to mention that Garland is a Jew. Such a detail is necessary to understand the entire Civil Rights grift.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Anon
  85. Taki’s magazine went down hill when they pulled the comment section. I’d bet that move really cut their traffic, too. IMHO, some Jew drinking buddy forced Taki to pull the comment because of all the truth bombs.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  86. anarchyst says:

    You make a good point about recording events. Keep a record of the video, but definitely do not make the video public, especially on the internet
    However, the first prosecutor who refused to indict watched the video and made his decision not to indict accordingly.
    It was the prosecutor shopping, double jeopardy, and the corrupt judge and judicial system that did the Satilla three no favors. It was “get whitey” at all costs.
    Best regards,

    • Replies: @Kim
  87. WSG says:
    @Nat X

    My only regret is that the Bat Fairy scooped him up AFTER your worthless ass was conceived.

    • LOL: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Onebelowall
    , @Nat X
  88. Anon[154] • Disclaimer says:

    It wouldn’t take race out of the equation at all.

    Every Jew in the land (excepting Nicholas Stix, maybe)–from the halls of academe to the shores of Laguna Beach–would continue to shriek “SYSTEMIC RACISM” with the same baleful effects on jurisprudence and policing that we see at present. In other words, it doesn’t make a damn whether a given gendarme is pink or brown. A white *system*, itz, goy! <–This is who is setting the standards.

  89. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    There were legions of black Detroit autoworkers who rolled thousands of cars off the line.

    Eventually the whole place went black and down the toilet.

    Did you ever wonder how the ruins of Detroit got that way? Did you do any research about cars and the various mammals involved in building them, from invention to assembly line? You make us look foolish when you just pop off. Get your basic facts straight, always.

    • Troll: AceDeuce
  90. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    He didn’t forget. He made a material omission to save his hide.

    Besides, he knew you would come along and fill in the blank.

  91. JR Foley says:

    The Republicans will start a couple of wars on purpose and up the Ukraine Zylenskyy fund from 9.8 Billion to 124 Billion within one year—-Mainstreet USA 99% —NOTHING !!

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  92. Detroit 1968. I had applied to the Detroit Police Department but my Draft Board said No Way, you are headed to Fort Knox. I went to see the DPD recruiter to see if he could do something about it and he said”Sorry, but you will probably have better luck with the Cong than you would with this city’s n———-s.

  93. Circling the drain. usa, usa! Gong show.

  94. Now, we know why Jews came up with Dumb Polacks jokes. Whites are DUMB.

  95. @Iva

    They can be kicked out the country that was already existing before they came. The US were born out of a decision made by them, like Khazaria, like Ukraine, and the Goys came thereafter as Guest workers and would-be Jews of the Old Testament. There would have been no American culture without its entrusting to Jews by everyone who came in the hope of making money : actually it would have been a French-speaking country. Kicking the Jews out of the US is like kicking the Salafi Muslims out of Dubai.

  96. @Iva

    Yeah, yeah I keep hearing about it. How come they’re in all of those countries if they were kicked out? Some kicking out that! Now the Arabs did kick them out and they stayed out.

  97. @WSG

    Ever get the sense that a lot of you guys aren’t really conservative, but instead actually are just a bunch of assholes?

    • Replies: @MinisterMark
  98. Your use of “comrade” to mean “enemy” is funny. Look up its meaning in the dictionary.

    And the Bolsheviks never used that English word. They had a different word for their cordial friendship with their colleagues.

  99. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Pity the saps who think 2022 will change anything!

    RINOs like Romney, Graham, McConnell will still do bupkis.

    Remember: when Trump was prez he bombed Syria to please Ivanka/Israel instead of building the Wall. Now he backs Israel’s new pet: the corrupt Jew-led Ukraine. Zekenskyy is a globalist who opposes proud, Christian Russia led by proud, Christian anti-sorosian Putin.

    Trump also hates Iran…because Israel does. The Jewish state wants Uncle Sucker to destroy all neighboring states so it can rule them. The day Iran gets nukes like NK, Pakistan, India, etc. is the day Jews act civilized or get universally shunned.

    My bet is on never-learning Noseans being expelled for the 110th time.

    Uncle Sucker got rid of Iran’s democratically-elected leader in 1953 to placate Matzonians.

    Uncle Sucker got rid Ukraine’s democratically-elected leader, too, in 2014. Again to placate Matzonians.

    Trump is the Great White Dope. He surrounded himself with bozos who opposed him, then promoted a “killer vaccine” to fight a slightly-more infectious annual flu. It’s as if Don secretly fellates Soros. Billionaire Trump has done nothing to help/protect the Proud Boys, Jansixers, his youtube supporters, Ashli Babbitt, etc.. Just like he did nothing to bring troops home, boot DACA demons, or ship illegal aliens back home.

    Compare: as soon as Biden was inaugurated, Joe signed numerous EOs: quashed our energy independence, opened the southern border, and so on. He ACTED-ACTED-ACTED. Just like Mad Maxipad Waters, Garfinkle, Mayorasshole, etc.

    Trump and his ilk mostly TALKED. Republican simps huffed and puffed and cucked. Instead of championing MAGA voters, they held endless all talk/no action “Thank you for that question, Senator” hearings. Putzes all!

    Again and again and again: the Left acted while the Right whined.

    Nonstop commenters also brayed to the wind that “We oughtta do something!” and “Trump has my prayers!” and “One day Democrats will pay!” thin gruel mewlings.

    Democrats kill tigers with guns.

    Republicans fight lions with farts.

    Nothing will change in November because Republicans are nice boys who abide by laws SEAL-level Democrats lampoon.

    The Right brings water balloons to machinegun fights.

    Trump had multiple chances and blew them all. He still thinks PR “trumps” actual actions and accomplishments. Every time I start to think he’s changed he reveals his old Zionist spots.

  100. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Taki’s magazine went down hill when they pulled the comment section


    Taki himself wrote passing well, despite his endless name-dropping and humble-bragging about high-times with swells.

    Cole bugged me per his own humble-bragging about being a Republican “party animal” (Did he ever get laid? Even once at said shindigs?). Worst of all was his caving to Holycost Worship, denying his former skepticism per the 6 gorillion. After that cuckery he sounded like yet another soused frat boy at a 50th college reunion, fabricating imagined glory days.

    However, all that was tolerable given the often acerbic and insightful Comments. When Taki kiboshed those, he killed his golden goose.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  101. AceDeuce says:

    Any arrest warrants where the perps are known to be blek should be handled completely, from beginning to end by bleks.

    Basically, it already is being handled by their fellow kniggs–maybe not always by the cops, but by everyone else–most “urban” governments are chock full of niqqwars, from the mayor down (or White uber-cuck “allies” like Jim Kenney, DiBlasio, Chesa Boudin, “Mayor Pete” Butt-giggety back in the day etc). That’s why the schittskinned criminals who get arrested are back on the streets committing more crimes in short order.

  102. AceDeuce says:

    However, all that was tolerable given the often acerbic and insightful Comments. When Taki kiboshed those, he killed his golden goose.


    There are at least a few former Taki’s commenters who post on here–me, for one (in a different incarnation from those days.)

  103. Atle says:

    Well, I would think the latter.

  104. Nat X says:

    How original, a pasty faced incel yt talking smack on an anonymous forum.

  105. Jack P says:

    You spit on them….and then what? What is your spit going to do?

  106. @SMK

    Dear Republican Believer,

    The demopublicans and republicrat uniparty will not let you vote your way out of this. I am serious, the only thing conservatives want to conserve is their money. Not their culture, society, western thought, just money.

    The parties do not include those who live off their residuals and interest. We will not vote our way out of this. Those who live off their capital don’t need to vote since the beltway insiders lawyers will always do their bidding. Our nation will not succumb, but will suck cum. Harsh words but I hate having to call out the uniparty so many people believe will save them.

  107. MEH 0910 says:

  108. @Onebelowall

    Truth of the matter is they ARE conserving bigotry and selfishness. Along with immorality, debauchery and plantagenistic pursuit with a rosary and tortured Jesus around their necks while consuming the blood and body of Christ. Not to mention wiping their arseholes with the righthand and then deceiving 0thers by entending the unwashed open hand as a sign of trust and friendship.

    Hypocracy by another name

  109. White cops should really just resign to the white majority cities and states. Let the police police their own. In essence , let the cities sink

  110. HbutnotG says:

    White guys that marry slants usually do so because they have (what we refer to in northern Iowa as) a “tea Danish.” [if you get my drift]

    • Replies: @martin_2
  111. martin_2 says:

    [if you get my drift]

    No idea what you’re talking about.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  112. when I hear the phrase “civil rights…”

    …I ask, when do we get around to civil responsibilities? That word, that concept, is also absent from the “Equal Rights Amendment”.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  113. @Achmed E. Newman

    I agree with you that the Democrats have politicised the criminal justice system: Democrat lynch juries, judges and DAs. I stick with my opinion on Noor. The victim appeared suddenly, startling the cops. Anybody can panic but nobody so prone to panic should be a cop in the USA.

    I put up my e-mail address because I’m too conformist to put up my residential address. I realise it’s just symbolic non-conformism. Once newspapers wouldn’t print anonymous letters and I liked that. I struggle against it but we’re all conformists. How often do you see a bikie in a suit let alone a tutu, kilt, ball gown or penis gourd? Every non-conformist soon finds others like him and they conform to their own accepted group normality. Even the pleasant thought of somebody calling around to discuss the matter is insufficient to overcome my urge to conform. That makes me like everybody else. [email protected]

  114. HbutnotG says:

    You don’t what a tea Danish is? (think of like 1/10 of a Hostess Twinkie. Closest thing I can come up with.)

  115. Kim says:

    1. Keeping a copy is very risky. Hide it under a rock in a forest, if you must.

    2. The three men should have said not a word to the police.

    3. With no witness statements, let the court-jews try to make a case.

    4. Remember, you can derive no possible advantage from talking to the police. Make no statements. None.

    This is a must-watch video.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  116. @Jimmy1969

    what the hell is going on lately with all the jigaboos driving 100 mph through crowded streets?

  117. anarchyst says:

    You are 100% correct.
    “Lawyer up”…do not speak to police…just “shut up”.
    The problem arises when the original prosecutor’s refusal to prefer charges was upended by “prosecutor shopping” which should be illegal.
    The Brunswick Three thought “justice” was done when the original prosecutor refused to charge them. They were “railroaded” by the system.
    Hopefully their appeals for the blatant judicial misconduct resulting in their convictions will result in reversal of their sentences.
    Best regards,

  118. @Anonymous

    Video coupled with two eyewitnesses, is why Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy declined to press charges after my “event”.

    Still, I agree these guys should not have filmed it. But if one must, bury that.

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