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“Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are!”
Merit-Based Immigration Another Cheap Labor Racket, DACA Fuss Just ANNOYING
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As I go to pixel, the congresscritters are still fighting over whether to close down the federal government in the name of 800,000 illegal aliens. I’ll leave you to find out the result in tomorrow morning’s news.

As I noted last week, the standard of debate over immigration is higher than it used to be—better for sure than it was in the previous recent attempts at immigration legislation in 2006, 2007, and 2013. I’d like to think that we here at have had something to do with that.

But the so-called Gang of Six bill, the attempted Senate solution, was still advertised brightly as “bipartisan.” Uh-oh.

The “six” in “Gang of Six” are six senators, three Republicans and three Democrats. To be precise they are Republican Senators Lindsey Graham (SC), Jeff Flake (AZ), Cory Gardner (CO), and Democratic Senators Dick Durbin (IL), Michael Bennet (CO) and Robert Menendez (NJ). [New Gang of Six ‘Bipartisan Deal’ on DACA Amnesty Is Not Serious, By Jessica Vaughan, CNS, January 15, 2018] As is my habit I shall just read off to you the NumbersUSA grades for those senators on immigration votes in the Senate, 2015-2018: F-minus, C-minus, D-minus, F, F-minus, F. The median grade there is F.

What did it propose to do, this Gang of Six bill? Executive summary: It offered the same bait-and-switch as the old Gang of Eight Rubio-Schumer effort five years ago. Permanent residency leading to citizenship for Dreamers, temporary—and we know what “temporary” means in an immigration context, don’t we?—temporary status for their parents, promises of improvements to border security …

Jessica Vaughan at the Center for Immigration Studies summarized the aim of the bill in the CNS story cited above: “maximum amnesty, minimum border security and no cuts to legal immigration,”

The Gang of Six bill claimed to end the Diversity Visa lottery, but when you read the fine print it didn’t reduce numbers, nor even the diversity idea. Instead of a lottery, half the visas were to go to those same countries, the ones thought to bring in maximum diversity, but now on a merit basis, while the other half were to go to the Temporary Protected Status aliens.

Merit-based immigration is in fact the new fad. The proposed House solution incorporated it, too. This was not the Gang of Six Senate bill; this was a different thing, properly the Securing America’s Future Act of 2018. It also had six proposers: Bob Goodlatte (VA), Mike McCaul (TX), Raul Labrador (ID), Martha McSally (AZ), Jim Sensenbrenner (WI), and John Carter (TX). Here are their NumbersUSA grades on recent immigration votes: A, B-plus, A-plus, D, B, B, for a median grade B to B-plus.

As you’d expect, this House bill was more realistic. It really ended the Diversity Visa lottery but distributes those 55,000 lottery visas to the skilled employment-based visa category.

Well, 55,000 people with skills is better than 55,000 people with blind luck…I guess.

Merit-based immigration, at any rate below the Nobel Prize level, is still just a cheap labor racket, though.

We have all the skilled people we need. The U.S. population passed the 200-million mark late in November 1968, a few months before we landed men on the Moon. If we could land men on the Moon with just 200 million people here, what can’t we do with 320 million?

Here’s black patriot Booker T. Washington speaking in Atlanta, September 18th, 1895:

To those of the white race who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I say to my own race, “Cast down your bucket where you are.”

1895 Atlanta Compromise Speech

Washington was of course making a plea to employers to hire black Americans rather than immigrants. The same plea, in a broader sense, can be made today: Let’s staff our offices and workshops from our own people—American people—of whom there are surely enough to keep a modern economy thriving.

Let’s confront the cheap-labor racketeers with Booker T. Washington’s slogan: “Cast down your bucket where you are!”

And let’s ask those racketeers, too, where the morality lies in strip-mining poor countries of their smart people. Last week, I mentioned the failure of Haiti to build and keep sewage treatment plants. One cause of that failure is that the small proportion of Haiti’s population capable of maintaining a modern plant in operation all left the country years ago to come to the U.S.A.

So tell me how our immigration policy helps Haiti?

Immigration enthusiasts love to moralize about how good and noble we are to let so many people in. With this new fad for merit-based immigration, you can put the adjective “skilled” in front of “people.” One more skilled person settling in the U.S.A., though, is one less to keep things running in Haiti, or Ghana, or El Salvador. Why does no-one ever make this point to the open-borders people?

Let me end with everybody’s favorite story of the week: the Dutch lady who was denied Swiss citizenship because she’s too a nnoying.

This is 42-year-old Nancy Holten, who’s been living in Switzerland since she was eight years old and has children who are Swiss citizens. Ms. Holten applied for Swiss citizenship herself, but was turned down.

In Switzerland, to be naturalized as a citizen you have to get the approval of your district. In Ms. Holten’s district, she is very unpopular. She’s an animal rights activist, you see, and it’s a country district with lots of cows. Ms. Holten has campaigned against the use of cowbells, which she says are too loud. Quote from her: “The sound that cow bells make is a hundred decibels. It is comparable with a pneumatic drill. We wouldn’t want such a thing hanging close to our ears, would we?” [Left-wing Dutch vegan who moved to Switzerland is denied a Swiss passport because she is too annoying, By Kelly Mclaughlin, January 10,2017]

The lady’s physics is a little off. The Industrial Noise Control website does indeed list a hundred decibels as “Jet take-off (at 305 meters), use of outboard motor, power lawn mower, motorcycle, farm tractor, jackhammer, garbage truck;” but, I dunno, cowbells don’t seem to me to belong in that list. Even if they do, her concern is how loud it sounds to the cow.

You have to love the concept, though, of denying citizenship to someone for being annoying.

There’s the solution to the DACA issue right there. This whole DACA fuss has been annoying the hell out of me.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, H1-B Visas, Immigration 
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Cast your Buckwheat where he be.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  2. Brabantian says: • Website

    Everyone has their weak points re believing scams and hoaxes … and John Derbyshire above lets on that he believes, that 50 years ago this December, the USA somehow began the first of nine ‘voyages to the moon’ in 1968-72, with six alleged ‘moon landings’ … and no one going back ever since HA

    3 days before his death on 7 March 1999, Stanley Kubrick confessed to fellow film-maker T Patrick Murray, that he had faked the films of the USA claimed 6 ‘moon landings’ of 1969-1972, an era when the CIA had its own film studios at Laurel Canyon, California

    Curiously, Stanley Kubrick (1928-99) was a Jewish film director, who married Christiane Harlan (b. 1932), the niece of leading German Third Reich film director Veit Harlan (1899-1964), who made the notorious ‘Jud Süß’ (1940) & the arguably auteur-profound ‘Opfergang’ (1944) under Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels

    “Kubrick made it clear that he had agreed to the interview for a very specific purpose. He knew that he was close to death & he wanted to get something monumental off his chest before he died. Almost immediately after sitting down, he proceeded to tell the stunned interviewer that the moon landings were fake & he himself had been the director in charge of the filming proceedings.

    T (T. Patrick Murray): That we didn’t land on the moon, you’re saying?

    K (Stanley Kubrick): No, we didn’t. It was not real.

    T: The moon landings were fake?

    K: A, a, a … fictional moon landing. A fantasy. It was not real.

    T: The moon landing in ’69 …

    K: Is total fiction. I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, involving the United States government & NASA, that the moon landings were faked, that the moon landings ALL were faked, & I was the person who filmed it.

    T: Why did they have to fake it? Why would they have to do that?

    K: Because it is impossible to get there.

    Here’s the Onion version of Kubrick’s ‘men landing on the moon’ official hoax films Kubrick made for NASA, with the ‘re-discovered original audio transmissions’ full of four-letter words & other irreverent language, 3min LOL brilliant

  3. unit472 says:

    I heard some Democrat lady Congressman praising how an African medical student educated in the US wanted to stay and practice here. No doubt but its not as if he is making any sacrifice or doing us any favors even if he paid for his education out of his own pocket. A lot of people would like to play for the New York Yankees because its a good job and pays well. So is, to a lesser degree, the practice of medicine in the United States which is why we have so many foreign doctors. It is also the case that getting into medical school is hard- especially for a white US citizen. We have more applicants than openings. It is a reasonable bet that there is a white American would be doctor who was just as qualified as the African medical student who did not get into medical school because that position was taken by the African and what is ‘praiseworthy’ about that especially if it was a taxpayer funded medical school?

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  4. You’ve hit the main nerve with this post, John. If I may add some local color….

    While paddling down a river in the southern midwest I pulled to the bank and was approached by a man who inquired about my inflatable kayak. As we chatted he let slip that he was currently unemployed, down on his luck with respect to finding work and just generally discouraged about life’s prospects.

    He was dressed in comfortable, clean clothes, neatly groomed and well built; a short strong man in the prime of life, 45 or so. He certainly didn’t have the appearance of one who was a meth head or opioid abuser. Instead he was, atypical of dopers, exercising by taking a walk on the dike along the river.

    He spoke with a deep southern twang by which I knew (having seen Hollywood’s creations such as “Deliverance” and “Easy Rider”) that he was in fact an irredeemably racist, buggering, murderous deplorable. However, I set this aside for the moment and attended to what he was really saying.

    He was born nearby and had lost his two previous, local jobs, both in light manufacturing. He had been employed at one of them for seventeen years, the other nine. He had been a good, loyal worker but had been, in both cases, involuntarily laid off. One of the factories had relocated to Mexico and the other to China.

    “I didn’t quit my jobs”, he said. “They quit me.”

    This is my nomination for slogan for the heartland’s abandoned white, male working class. (or black working class, for that matter)

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  5. I have nothing to dispute on this one, but I’ll add a couple of comments:

    a) I’m not sure why ANYONE would think that quantity of population matters over quality. In my opinion the QUALITY of the American population peaked at the time of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first walk on the surface of another world. (Give or take a year, or a decade.) As this Peak Stupidity post tries to explain, America does not have this “can-do” attitutde in the population now, but the places like Haiti could never have had it. It’s just way beyond them. (The PS post linked to may be partially inspired by Mr. Paul Kersey, BTW.)

    b) It shows what kind of STATIST mindset most Americans have at this point, when a shutdown of the US Feral Government is seen as a bad thing. 50 years ago, most would have shrugged and looked forward to a smaller theft tax bill to come. We have too many people dependent on Uncle Sugar now, to redistribute other people’s money to them, and too many millions that work directly for the Feds. What you’ll notice, too, is that what becomes the big story on these shutdowns is National Parks and very visible services that are some of the few things that not many people hate from the Feds, and add up to 0.001 % of the whole budget. “Oh no, we can’t go to the Air and Space museum!” Hey, IS a shame, but it’s just this neglible portion of the huge redistribution budget – it could be run off of just the amount of money congressmen spend on hookers and blow each day, with extra left over for next years Capitol Christmas tree!

    “Is it the Trump, the other Republicans, or the Democrats? What do you think about this whole gov’t shutdown thing?” “I’m all for it!

  6. Mr. Derbyshire, I have read about this Swiss Miss Holten* before. I was under the impression that it was the large weight (10 lb.) of these cowbells that was what she was concerned with as an animal rights activist. I could really see how that’d be hard on the neck, but I’m no cow, and I’d imagine they’d be quite used to it.

    I didn’t know it was about the noise. You really need to think about the frequency range, if you’re going to get into that. I would tune it out were I one of these cows, just as a back-hoe operator is going to be completely tuned out fromt that back-up beeping that is very annoying** to the rest of us.

    You have to love the concept, though, of denying citizenship to someone for being annoying.

    That’s something only real countries can get away with. It’ll never fly here – we’d be down to about 100 million – not enough to launch a decent Mars mission… apparently.

    * Doesn’t that name, written like that, just give you an image of some big jugs? I’m not tryin’ to be rude, just sayin, as they say …. (thanks, unz-commenter for that last part!)

    ** Back-hoe, dump truck, and front-end-loader drivers – You Have to Go Back wards, without your damn OSHA noises… please!

    • Replies: @Orwellian State
  7. Renoman says:

    People should not be forced to accept assholes into their community, that’s really the issue. The vast majority of folks don’t care much about color religion or where you stick it but they don’t want to live around loud ridiculous useless jerks of which their seem to be more and more. There really are almost no transgender people at all statistically and look at the noise they make and what a bunch of tools they are, nobody wants that crap around them, people want neighbors who work, pay taxes and mind their own business not welfare witches screaming in the streets. it won’t be long before the shooting starts.

  8. Corvinus says:

    “that 50 years ago this December, the USA somehow began the first of nine ‘voyages to the moon’ in 1968-72, with six alleged ‘moon landings’ … and no one going back ever since.”

    Fake News Story on your part. You’ve been scammed.

    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Come on, the guy’s actually wrong. No fair your disagreeing with him.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  10. @dearieme

    I suspect being a cow is actually pretty damn’ boring, and they’re insatiably curious about anything that doesn’t appear to be a direct threat.

    Even some woman screaming at them in her nightie.
    Just as well she stopped on that side of the fence, they’d have had her over. I still have the odd chuckle about what happened to David Blunkett and his dog.

  11. Numinous says:

    We get it, Derb! Once a country gets you as an immigrant, it has no need for any more immigrants.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  12. Gleimhart says:

    Are you for real?

    A hoax perpetrated by thousands of people involved in the space program?

    Cuz we somehow couldn’t actually do what we said we did?

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Biff
  13. Truth says:

    Are you for real?

    A hoax perpetrated by thousands of people involved in the space program?

    Cuz we somehow couldn’t actually do what we said we did?

    By George I think he’s got it!

  14. Truth says:

    Authentic Jazzman has ammunition now against all of the Unzistas who insult jazz.

  15. Jason Liu says:

    But the vegan cow lady still lives in Switzerland, no?

    There should be a legal venue to kick dirty hippies out of communities

  16. @ThreeCranes

    ” He spoke with a deep southern twang by which I knew that he was in fact an irredeemably racist, buggering, murderous deplorable”

    Congratulations you are the first individual I have encountered in my world travels and seventy-seven years on this lunatic planet, the first person who can actually determine, by the sound of someones voice, that he is harboring a propensity for screwing other men in the ass, this is an amazing ability to say the least.

    And perhaps you could relate to myself, a lifelong creator of improvised music, commonly known as : (American) Jazz, perhaps you could reveal to myself precisely what Charlie Parker was expressing in thoughts during his solo over the chords to the old standard “Out of nowhere”, recorded at the club High Hat in Boston in the month of June , anno 1954.

    And perhaps you could reveal to the whole world just exactly what L v Beethoven was expressing in linguistic thoughts, within his marvelous composition of : ” Ode to Joy”

    Thanking you kindly

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro Jazz artist.

  17. @Authenticjazzman

    satire (sătˈīrˌ)►
    n. A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.
    n. The branch of literature constituting such works. See Synonyms at caricature.
    n. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.

  18. Truth says:

    Congratulations you are the first individual I have encountered in my world travels and seventy-seven years on this lunatic planet, the first person who can actually determine, by the sound of someones voice, that he is harboring a propensity for screwing other men in the ass, this is an amazing ability to say the least.

    Don’t know that it’s all that unusual, Chet!

    Now that you mention it, the Reilley guy in that clip, was a little suspect too…

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  19. Laughing and . . . well laughing.

    we are diverse enough.

  20. Derb’s argument against skilled immigration is both cogent and correct. I’ve made this same point before myself, and the suite of bemused reactions I received let me know that my audience had neither heard nor thought of it before, even though it is the plain and literal truth and ought to be clear as day.

    What I would like to add, however, is that the same argument applies with equal veracity to unskilled immigration as well. America has no right to steal the cheap peasant laborers of El Salvador anymore than she has the right to deprive Africa of her few doctors and engineers. Every nation needs its own skilled and unskilled labor in order to function; and every man’s labor belongs by right to the commonwealth of his birth, the nation that nurtured him in his helpless infancy, brought him up, and paid its advances into him.

    This argument, therefore, is pure and perfect, applying in every case, and is incontestably true. It is really the only argument you need to completely conclude the immigration debate as far as facts, justice, and logic are concerned.

    The very idea that a country—Mexico, for instance—would agitate to keep its laborers in America is passing strange. These are Mexico’s own people. For the Mexican government to want them working in another country is almost like a man who says he wants his wife to sleep around. Don’t you have any sense of ownership and jealousy over that which is properly yours? And therein we see the real reason for this depravity. The man who tells his wife to sleep with others and receives money for it is a pimp. Mexico receives enormous sums in remittances from the United States and is pimping its cheap workers out to us. This is barbaric. It is time for Mexico to be an honest husband, and for us to stop being johns. We must cut off the remittances and put away the harlots from our camp.

    There is no natural right to immigrate. Everyone is tied to the land of his birth and may not leave it without permission, and then only for a very good reason. This idea seems completely outside the whole intellectual paradigm in which the current immigration debate is taking place. To hear Americans talk about it, the issue is whether “they” have a “right” to be “here” or whether we are “racist” for excluding them. None of this is even relevant; it isn’t the issue at all. That tells me that the immigration debate in this country isn’t serious, that it operates in the realm of airy sentimentality and has not come down to the level of facts and logic, and that it is being used as proxy in a domestic political power struggle.

    We must end this stupidity. If foreign workers are valuable here, then they would be more valuable to their countries back home. If they are not valuable here, then there’s no reason for us to have them here anyway.

  21. @Intelligent Dasein

    For the Mexican government to want them working in another country is almost like a man who says he wants his wife to sleep around.

    You haven’t thought too hard about it. Mexicans in the US remit US$ to their kin in Mexico. Banks/govt take a cut. Kerching.

    Same goes for whoring out one’s wife, easiest payday in the world being a pimp.

  22. Biff says:

    Derb is offering solutions to stave off the inevitable crumble of a ‘shithole country’.
    Good luck.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  23. wayfarer says:

    “Jobs that Americans won’t do!”

    Went to high school in Los Angeles county. Had 3 part-time jobs. Bused tables at night in a restaurant, worked a cash register in a convenience store, and pushed a lawn mower on a gardener’s summer route.

    Once out of high school, and before enlisting in the USCG, getting honorably discharged, using the GI Bill to skate through an AMES program at UCSD, then graduating into the white-collar world, these were some of the blue-collar jobs that I worked;

    Graveyard washing dishes in a restaurant, graveyard stocking shelves in a grocery store, tending plants in a commercial greenhouse, landscaping suburbia, cleaning restrooms to changing tires in a gas station, driving a AAA tow truck, driving a commercial delivery truck, rough framing tract homes, pulling wire for an electrical contractor, repairing machinery in an equipment rental yard, operating a window washing business, walking to 15,000 homes and hand delivering flyers, wearing an orange vest at Home Depot, plus believe-it-or-not quite a few other low-wage blue-collar jobs.

    If you haven’t slugged it out in America’s blue-collar trenches to keep a slum lord’s leaking roof over your miserable head, then your opinion on illegal immigration doesn’t actually count.

    What Los Angeles Residents Think of a Sanctuary City

    Powerful Argument Against Sanctuary Cities in America


    • Replies: @wayfarer
  24. I think it’s a good idea to keep Mr Washington’s intent here —

    I think he was responding to several presses here. And those of you agreeing to its heed, would do to read the speech in full. For it is a double edged diplomatic rebuke.

    In short, blacks seeking to depart the country because of white hostility in the south — stay and be friend whites as you toil to make a life.

    The second is more impactful — whites why bother importing workers, when yo have newly skilled and unskilled loyal hard working citizens eager for the same.

    The country’s response,

    it set about hindering black assimilation in nearly every part of the country — and then complained about the consequence they created and enforced by hook and crook. So the country continued to import what was available to them — by casting that bucket in the country’s waters they could have significantly shifted the fortunes of millions of blacks , whites, the country itself. He event went so far as to discourage blacks from seeking political office and positions in governance l’est it stir trouble. He emphasized hard work from labour, from skill, education and intelligence — especially in aide of rebuilding the south.

    L’est we get into a nonsensical debate about IQ and toilets — The record is clear that among blacks, provided similar opportunists to learn, they fare as well as well as most whites. I am not talking about the slight of hand incomprehensible manipulative game played with affirmative action in which the educational system , government, and corporate world’s twisted system of quotas and faux redress they used to their advantage in every way.

    Imagine the differences had we invested as much in assimilation as opposed to segregating and denying.

    Anyway, food for thought. And conservatives should have owned thus discussion by ensuring as much by thinking ahead.

  25. TG says:

    Well said. Kudos.

    “Bipartisan” means that both political parties are colluding on something that is against the interests of the American people, so that there is no choice. Myself, I’d like one party to stand for one thing, and the other party to stand for another, so I can pick. One is reminded that the old Soviet Union was ‘bipartisan.’

    “Reform” means something that is against the interests of the American people – otherwise they would give it a specific title.

    “Comprehensive” means that it’s going to be bad across the board. And it sounds good, like auto insurance.

    So when an elected official pushes ANYTHING that is described as “Comprehensive bipartisan reform,” run for the hills and hold on to your wallet.

  26. @Authenticjazzman

    Uhh….You misquoted me. A sin of omission that completely changes the intent of my text.

    You left out the “(having seen Hollywood’s creations such as “Deliverance” and “Easy Rider”)”. See Daniel Chieh’s reply for elucidation.

    And even so, I went on to show my good faith by saying “However, I set this aside for the moment and attended to what he was really saying”. Attending to what others are really saying; isn’t that the ultimate homage we pay to those with whom we engage and to Truth herself?

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  27. Illegal unlimited immigration is the NWO order game plan of the Zionists who control the U.S. gov by the dilution of the American nationalists with the rabble from countries around the world who will be on welfare and further pull America down into clutches of the NWO.

    To see what the Zionist have and are doing , please read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION and read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

    Illegal and unlimited immigration is NATIONAL SUICIDE.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    We should also use horses instead of gasoline because this avoids a dependence on the resources on foreign nations who certainly do not have the same interests as us, however friendly they may otherwise be; likewise, any German science must purge itself of the influence of subversive Jews in order to produce untainted technology that will guarantee victory.

    Your ideas are nonsensical in a modern world where human capital is indeed valuable, one can discuss the upsides and downsides of immigration, but the idea that humans are slaves to their soil as chattel technically were to their manorial lords is as unviable as the idea that companies who provided training to their employees have a hold upon them.

    The fact that you unironically advocate North Korea as a “pure” nation shows how enormously out of sync with reality that you are. For a smaller and legal scale version of your idea, try running a company with only family resources. Then attempt to expand it.

    You might find that you have some difficulties versus Wal-Mart.

  29. @Biff

    Derb is offering solutions to stave off the inevitable crumble of a ‘shithole country’.
    Good luck.


    It really started to become a sh!thole with the immigrants from Eastern Europe in the 19th century, became a full-fledged sewer when FDR opened the spigots again to that (Red) bunch, and today we’re living with the results of those and another wave of large scale Zio-gangster immigration from the same areas after WW2.

    Anything we do about immigration today, from what source ever, amounts to closing the barn door after the horse is already in the next county.

    Make ‘Merka great again? Make me laugh.

  30. @ThreeCranes

    Uhh….You misquoted me. A sin of omission that completely changes the intent of my text.

    Shhhh…You must not contradict a genius!

    Toot! Toot! 😉

    Jacques Sheete, “Mensa” unqualified since forever, ignorant, envious, dumb goy, curmudgeon and pro flatulist.

  31. @Authenticjazzman

    ” He spoke with a deep southern twang by which I knew that he was in fact an irredeemably racist, buggering, murderous deplorable”

    Congratulations you are the first individual I have encountered in my world travels and seventy-seven years on this lunatic planet, the first person who can actually determine, by the sound of someones voice, that he is harboring a propensity for screwing other men in the ass, this is an amazing ability to say the least.
    (. . .)
    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro Jazz artist.

    You may be ‘Mensa qualified’ (though, if I were you, I wouldn’t brag about it), but you are apparently tone deaf to sarcastic humor (except, perhaps, your own). Better to stick to music.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  32. @Numinous

    The question of how much and what kind of immigration is pertinent whether you got here 15 minutes ago or 150 years ago. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.

  33. wayfarer says:

    edit [previous post]:

    Just one more point before I go get a free bag of popcorn at the trailer park’s community hall, over a lifetime this dysfunctional job history played out like some difficult to listen to notes/chords on a loser’s melody/song.

    “…blue-collar, …blue-collar, blue-collar, …blue-collar, …white-collar, …white-collar, white-collar, …white-collar, …blue-collar, white-collar, …white-collar, blue-collar, …blue-collar, white-collar, …blue-collar, …”

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  34. Lets accept the premise that the DACAs are indeed children smuggled illegally into the US.

    Does that not make their parents “human traffickers”?

    So any deal legitimizing the DACAs must also condemn the traffickers who smuggled them, no? And their home countries (as well as any US collaborators) must be condemned as “State Sponsors of Human Trafficking”).

    Let the DACAs stay, but toss their relatives in prison for life and invade their home countries to capture their complicit leaders and try them for trafficking. Try for treason all US citizens complicit in the trafficking and punish them accordingly.

    See? I do have compassion for the poor little Dreamer darlings.

  35. Alden says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    As well as wanting the wife to sleep around , I’d say it’s as though someone dumped his children on the foster care system.

  36. Joe Hide says:

    True, true, true. Great article. I could find no fault with it. I learned a lot because it explained everything well.

  37. Avery says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    {There is no natural right to immigrate. Everyone is tied to the land of his birth and may not leave it without permission, and then only for a very good reason.}

    Sure there is: there _is_ a God given, natural right to emigrate, leave the country of your birth, but one has no right to come into somebody else’s country without permission and consent of the hosts.
    No country, or State, or people has any right to hold you against your will.

    { America has no right to steal the cheap peasant laborers of El Salvador anymore than she has the right to deprive Africa of her few doctors and engineers.}

    American is not, quote, ‘stealing’ anybody: America tries its best to discourage e.g. ‘cheap peasant laborers of El Salvador’ from entering US. In fact American taxpayer is spending $ 10s of millions annually in finding and deporting illegal aliens. But the peasants face a stark choice: live in abject poverty, hand-to-mouth existence for the rest of their lives, or take the highly risky choice of travelling, by hook or crook, to US, where they will live much better. And their children will have a hopeful future – unlike in El Salvador.

    {Every nation needs its own skilled and unskilled labor in order to function};


    {.. and every man’s labor belongs by right to the commonwealth of his birth, the nation that nurtured him in his helpless infancy, brought him up, and paid its advances into him.}

    That argument is no different than a child legally owing his/her parents free labor for the rest of his/her life. In fact parents (and the extended family) are the ones that bring up the child, nurture him to adulthood. The commons can demand that in exchange for providing free education, for example, the adult needs to work for the commons for a period, But that’s about it. Commons has nothing to very little to do with the birth and nurturing of an infant: it’s all the parents.

    You are incongruously arguing for slavery, in a roundabout way.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @utu
  38. @Achmed E. Newman

    Perhaps Miss Holten has a point. I did a search for Swiss cowbells. Those things are huge and look heavy, and probably quite loud. I can’t imagine having to walk around with that thing hanging around my neck 24×7. But hey if you believe in reincarnation, those Swiss farmers will be born as Swiss cows in the next life and be the ones to carry those bells.

  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    He is, in fact, pro-slavery or at least the North Korean kind.

  40. EugeneGur says:

    We have all the skilled people we need.

    No, you don’t. I’d love to see how you kick all the foreign-born out of the American universities where they account for about 80% – that would be a sight to behold. The truth is the American science was founded by immigrants – the US capitalized greatly on the WWII catastrophe in Europe – and it is still done to a large extent by immigrants.

    But the author should take heart, for the scientific immigration has reduced to a trickle as compared to 20 years ago. Better opportunities elsewhere plus harassment and more and more restrictions imposed on H-1 visa holders contributed to the decline. So, the problem of the merit immigration, at least, in science and teaching, is likely to disappear completely within the next 10 years or less. If it takes science with it – well, it’s worth it for the sake of the national purity.

  41. @Intelligent Dasein

    [[I wanted to say I agree with you on the issue of Immigration, but I want to state the similar but not exact issue of Expatriation is to be considered separately and I consider it a right. This regards expatriation of which I agree:]]-WP

    An Excerpt from a Letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Manners dated: Thursday June 12, 1817

    “My opinion on the right of Expatriation has been so long ago as the year 1776, consigned to record in the Act of the Virginia code, drawn by myself recognizing the right expressly, & prescribing the mode of exercising it. The evidence of this natural right, like that of our right to life, liberty, the use of our faculties, the pursuit of happiness, is not left to the feeble and sophistical investigations of reason but is impressed on the sense of every man. We do not claim these under the Charter of kings or legislators; but under the king of kings[.] if he has made it a law in the nature of man to pursue his own happiness, he has left him free in the choice of place as well as mode: and we may safely call on the whole body of English Jurists to produce the map on which Nature has traced, for each individual, the geographical line which she forbids him to cross in pursuit of happiness. It certainly does not exist in his mind. Where then is it?”

    [[If a person wishes to leave his country of origin and live the remainder of his life as part of another then that is a right granted by God and not to be abridged–if he be not a criminal or degenerate.]]-WP

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  42. anon • Disclaimer says:

    This is why we can’t have Russians in a better USA. They are fundamentally not white, and the Mongol semen in their blood comes out at times at this.

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  43. MarkinLA says:

    The Russians also had the ability to track our spacecraft and intercept radio communications. There was no need to encrypt the communications and it would only waste bandwidth to do so. If there was no rocket heading to the moon communicating with the Johnson Space Center, they would know it.

    Nothing would have pleased the Russians more than to expose the American hoax.

  44. @Wyatt Pendleton

    The magnificent linguistic artistry to be found within the writings of TJ, and his compatriots remain breathtaking and unmatched by any so-called scholars of the past century.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro jazz msuician.

    • Replies: @Wyatt Pendleton
  45. EugeneGur says:

    Even setting aside a dubious statement that the Russians are Mongols, what’s wrong with being Mongols?

  46. Avery says:

    {Nothing would have pleased the Russians more than to expose the American hoax.}


    Particularly since there was a vigorous space race between the Soviets and Americans.
    There was also a more important global race to showcase to the world (and potential converts) which of the two systems was the better one: Soviet/Socialist/Communist(command & control economy) or American/Capitalist (free enterprise economy). The space race was an adjunct of that race.

    Soviets got a head start in the space race, and were also working feverishly to land a man on the moon. They lost that race to Americans.

    Like you said: nothing would have pleased the Soviets more than to expose the American moon landing as a hoax. They certainly had the technical means, having successfully landed a functioning robot (Lunokhod) on the moon before Americans.

  47. what happened to mexico will pay for the wall?

    govt shut down so usa can pay 20 billion for the wall? while the dems use it for it’s own bargaining?

    fuck off all of you.

  48. I leap to my question at the risk of having risked missing JD’s answer,because I know pretty well the case for describing certain US visas as being part if a cheap labour racket. My question seeks assessment of the merit of comparatively dysgenic breeding by Americans who built the IS (including Jews not least) being effectively offset by skilled immigrants raising the national IQ.

  49. njguy73 says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    For the Mexican government to want them working in another country is almost like a man who says he wants his wife to sleep around. Don’t you have any sense of ownership and jealousy over that which is properly yours?

    As Hans Hoppe put it, when a nation is privately owned by a monarch who will pass the nation to his heirs, immigration policy will “tend to choose migration policies that preserve or enhance rather than diminish the value of his kingdom.” A nation that has only temporary elected caretakers, on the other hand, has leaders with no stake in the nation’s future and no interest in who enters or leaves.

  50. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Cast the buckets where blacks are, and they’ll just kick em.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  51. MJMD says:

    Quoting the words of widely respected black intellectuals who also happened to be immigration hawks, like Booker T. Washington and Barbara Jordan, is all well and good, and it might even be highly effective in the context of the current debate… if it were being done in good faith by people and organizations who hadn’t already published or abetted ample on-the-record dismissals of African American culture and accomplishment.

  52. @wayfarer

    I can count only about 3 blue-collar jobs I’ve had, but I sympathize.

    I hope that last part was not about this song by Bachman-Turner Overdrive; otherwise I can’t be friends with you anymore … ;-}

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  53. utu says:

    Swiss citizenship:
    Last year, members of an immigrant family were denied citizenship because they wore sweatpants around town and did not greet their neighbors.

    In another case, two brothers from Syria who refused to shake hands with their female teacher were denied naturalization, as were two Muslim girls who declined to take swimming lessons with boys.

    And several years ago, an American expatriate who had lived in Switzerland for more than 40 years was denied citizenship because he did not know local geography and had not made friends in the community where he lived.

    I approve.

  54. @EugeneGur

    I’ve got a feeling that you have no idea how American universities have been operating over the last 30 years or so, Gene.

    It’s just the same as for the blue-collar labor – roofers, meat-packers whatever – this is cheap labor for the universities’ research departments. Those grad students come from China and India to do the research that Americans were doing in the past, and quite well. The money is poor, and Americans often would rather get to work than make that small pay while struggling through their theses and dissertations. For the family men, the Chinese and Indians bring their in-laws over to take care of the kids on visitor visas. This is by the 100’s of thousands, maybe into the millions

    Additionally, many of the foreigners, including of course the foreign professors, are doing lots of the teaching to the mostly still American undergrad students. It’s been pretty unfair to the students over these years to have to have taken courses in which the teacher is barely understandable, especially after paying out the ass, with the guaranteed-by-the-taxpayers student loan money.

    At the undergrad level, there are also quite a few foreigners (even more from Saudi AFTER 9/11 than before, how about that?) that pay full-out tuition, so the universities LOVE LOVE LOVE those guys and girls.

    That’s how it works. (Well, you asked, right? No, I guess not ;-}

  55. @EugeneGur

    I’ll tell you one more thing about it, without starting another full-out rant:

    This may have changed since Americans, same as people all over, are very often on their electronics and don’t tinker with cars, bikes, etc, compared to in the past, but … American engineers were the type that would have the hands-on know-how to match the math and physics theory for the analytical part of the field.

    In contrast, I’ve seen a Chinese PhD GRAD trying to unscrew a 1″ round rod that was tight into a threaded hole with a damn crescent wrench – no, it had no flats on it. I’ve run into Indian grad students that didn’t know how to put wires into screw terminals (possibly having never used a screwdriver EVER!)

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Malla
  56. @MarkinLA

    I’ve given much thought as to why the Soviets didn’t call foul on the fake moon landings. The logical explanation, of course is that rival powers refrain from exposing hoaxes pulled-off by rivals for the simple reason they never know when circumstances might arise for the need to pull-off a similar stunt. The very last thing governments (all governments good and bad) wants is to say or do anything that might lead to it’s own population lapse into the habit of analyzing and questioning what they are told by their own government. Therefore, any temporary gains or set-backs that might be achieved by embarrassing a rival by revealing a hoax is simply not worth running the risk of awakening it’s own population to the lengths governments will go to achieve propaganda and political goals. The 9/11 false-flag attack that Russia (and all other countries) recognizes as a hoax is another good example of the above. On a more personal note, anyone with even a tiny bit of scientific knowledge understands that the moon landings had to be 100% fake. The United States today is no where near having the technological ability and knowhow for putting a man on the moon, let alone in 1969. The entire subject is really preposterous once you stop and give it serious thought.

    • Replies: @utu
  57. @Authenticjazzman

    Agreed! Every time I see those fellas writings I image they could have had the most amazing correspondence with the King James Bible translators. The prose they would have used with each other would have given me cerebral orgasms galore!

    I often get the same feeling when I fantasize about what Jefferson and Noah Webster’s back and forth would have churned out. #shiver

  58. @Laugh Track

    You may be ‘Mensa qualified’ (though, if I were you, I wouldn’t brag about it), but you are apparently tone deaf to sarcastic humor (except, perhaps, your own). Better to stick to music.

    Take note that he’s “Mensa” qualified, not Mensa qualified. The quote marks are not there by mistake, they mean something. Not quite sure what qualified is supposed to mean, but the whole Mensa crap strikes me as coming from someone suffering from a bad case of inferiority complex.

    • Replies: @Truth
  59. @Achmed E. Newman

    Indians routinely turn pipe wrenches around backward when attempting to tighten or loosen a round pipe.

  60. This article, being written by someone not content to cast down his own bucket where he was, is guilty of rank hypocrisy.

  61. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Would Jews support mass non-white immigration IF the general will of non-whites were to direct US policy at the top? Suppose non-whites do become the majority of America and suppose their combined general will came to define American foreign policy and socio-economic policy. How would Jews feel about this? I don’t think they would like it.

    Jews value non-white immigration because most non-whites have no chance of reaching the top. Blacks have long remained on the bottom. Browns remain as helots, laborers, and servants. Asians to reach higher, but they lack agency and just go along with the prevailing power and official narrative. Since Jews rule, Asians just follow or marry into Jews. As for white Hispanics, they go along with Jews too. Feeling resentment for Anglos who bettered them in America, white Hispanics will gladly side with Jews for bigger slice of the globalist pie.
    Muslim numbers are rising, and Muslims will eventually outnumber Jews. But not many Muslims make it to the top. For every Muslim who reaches elite level, a thousand Jews do.

    Some say that non-white immigration is dangerous to Jews because non-whites are more hostile to Jews or indifferent to Zionism(that has passionate support only among whites apart from Jews). But non-whites won’t rise to elite power and influence. They will remain on the bottom. And Asians who do reach higher are malleable and servile to the Top Power.

    So,for Jews, non-white masses are useful for their electoral numbers(and as cheap labor). Even as non-white numbers swell, they will never dictate policy since only those at the top have that opportunity. As for non-white tokens who are allowed into the elite realm, they become servile to Jews because Jewish money and support favored them. Obama and Nikki Haley are both total servants of Zionists. Jews don’t depend on black or non-white wealth, but blacks and non-whites often rely on Jewish favors to reach the top.

    As far as Jews are concerned, rising numbers of non-whites just provide more body and muscle for the Jewish mind. Jews play the role of the Mind while non-whites serve as muscle to wrestle and defeat the white body.

    This is why we have a strange phenom in both US and EU. All these non-white arrivals aren’t socio-culturally ‘progressive’ or into homo stuff. In many cases, they are more conservative or resistant to ‘progressive’ values and Western decadence favored by Liberals. And yet, their swelling numbers can be instrumental in increasing the power of the globalist elites who push decadent values. All those Somalis in Minnesota don’t care about homo stuff. Many Mexicans in California and many non-whites in NY are not into ‘progressive’ values or homo stuff. But they don’t have elite power. All they can do is vote, but their votes go to elect ‘progressive’ leaders who take donations and cues from globalist Jews.

    So, we have growing numbers of non-whites who don’t care for homo stuff voting for politicians who push more homo stuff. How can this be? How can so many anti-homo people be voting for politicians who push more homo stuff? Because while non-whites can only supply votes, it’s the Jews who, with vast wealth and connections, get to choose the candidates and script the agenda.
    It’s like ANIMAL FARM. Most animals provided the labor; it was the pigs that got to decide what was done with the fruits of that labor. It’s like a ship’s destiny is decided not by the entire crew but by the person with his hands on the steering. So, 1000 crew members may want to Place A, but if the person with control of steering wants to go to Place B, the ship will go to Place B.

    Jews know that in a white nation, there is a good chance that conservative whites will prevail over liberal ones. A conservative white society will be more about majority power than minority privilege. Jews, as a minority elite, obviously dislike white conservatives for this reason. Time may favor white conservatives because conservatives generally outbreed liberals. So, in order for Jews to keep pushing their agenda, they need New People who will combine their votes with diminishing number of White Liberals. These New People may dislike Jews or be offended by cultural decadence and ‘progressivism’. But most of them are not intellectual or concerned about issues and ideas. Their main concern is a Better Life, and they know they can have it in the West via immigration. So, their #1 priority is access to the West. To have that for themselves, their relatives, and others of their kind, they will make a bargain with the devil. So, even Muslims will vote for the pro-homo party if it lets more of them in. And even though these non-whites may be anti-Jewish and anti-homo, they vote for the Jewish-and-Homo party because it offers greater assurance of more immigration.

    Now, Jews would think differently about immigrants IF the new arrivals were super-smart, super-ambitious, and hostile to Jewish interests and agenda. Suppose Muslim arrivals have an average IQ of 130 and are bursting with ambition. Suppose in a couple of generations, they can dominate elite circles and shape The Agenda of the party. And suppose these Muslims favor Palestinians and Iran over Israel. Jews would certainly not want that kind of immigration. Fortunately for Jews, such Muslims don’t exist. Even the supposedly smart Asians are mostly servile and keep their heads low and take orders than show agency. So, Jews prize more non-white immigration as more muscle for the Democratic Party. The mind of the party remains with Jewish power. Immigration is steroids for Jews. It bulks up the muscle that is to be controlled by the Jewish mind. Without immigration, conservative white muscle can beat liberal white muscle. Trump would have won by a landslide if US were all-white. But he barely won because non-white votes were overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Anyway, if non-whites disagree with Jews and homos on so many issues, why do they vote for the Jewish-Homo party? Why would non-whites, whose moral and cultural values are closer to white conservatives, vote for the party that offends their moral or cultural sensibilities? There is one answer. The bribery of the Ticket to the West. Jews fooled conservatives into believing that culture trumps material interest among immigrants, i.e. immigrants are ‘natural conservatives’ because they are culturally more conservative than average Americans. But Jews knew that immigrants would favor material interest over cultural values. If the Liberal party offers them more material goods via immigration and government services, non-whites will cast their votes that way. Also, in our globalized world, even non-whites around the world have become pretty Americanized and degenerate. Even their conservatism is suspect.

    This is why Jews are so obsessed about immigration. Jews need non-whites as muscle against whites. And the ONLY reason why non-whites will vote for the Jewish-Homo party is if Jews can offer them something of material value. And that is the Ticket to the West. Without that access, there is no reason for non-whites to vote for the Jewish-Homo party that pushes social and cultural agendas that many non-whites don’t care for. Same in Canada. Why would Muslims vote for a homo-crazy nut like Justin Trudeau? He hands out Free Tickets.

    If Jews can’t offer non-whites the Ticket, non-whites may stop voting for the Jewish-Homo party. It’s the Deal and the Seal.
    Suppose all immigration were to end in US and Canada. Suppose non-whites can’t bring over more of their relatives and must try to assimilate. In time, many of them will likely gravitate to the conservative party since it seems saner and sounder than the Liberal Party whose agenda is dictated by neurotic Jews and ridiculous homos.

    Even among white ethnics, many of them turned conservative and Republican when immigration was stopped in the 1920s. Unable to bring more of their own kind and having to settle in American society, they found the Conservatives saner, more sober, and more appealing that the Liberals who got sillier and crazier. This is when many Italian-Americans went from Democratic Party to Republican Party.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @Malla
  62. Truth says:
    @Carroll Price

    Dudes, out of everybody here, including me, you guys seem to hate Jazzy and Tillie the most. Arguably I guess you could throw Thomm in there, and it seems like that is even including me! Tillie I can understand, you pretty much hate women, generally speaking, but why Jazzy, I just don’t see it?

    I am trying to figure out the nuances of white male group amalgamation.

  63. utu says:
    @Carroll Price

    The 9/11 false-flag attack that Russia (and all other countries) recognizes as a hoax is another good example of the above.

    Putin pulled off their own false flag (1999) to go to the 2nd Chechen war.

    Russian apartment bombings

    See Ryazan incident

    The 2nd Chechen war Russia’s answer to what NATO did to Yugoslavia.

  64. utu says:

    T. Patrick Murray and his interview is a hoax!

  65. utu says:

    He makes essentially, pro feudal servitude, pro slavery argument. Can’t take this guy seriously.

  66. @Anon

    Cast the buckets where blacks are, and they’ll just kick em.

    Cast the buckets where whites are, and they’ll just blame blacks while ignoring the bucket altogether.

  67. wayfarer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Came into this life with a lousy soul contract that required financial failures, as I’d spent numerous past lives freewheeling as a petty thief.

    Working off bad karma, can be a bitch. In hindsight I should have negotiated a better contract. Oh well, maybe in my next life.

    So it was that golden carrot, at the end of a long stick. Impossible to reach, no matter how hard one tried. Fortunately there were a few brief glimpses of financial success along the way.

    Got a cool job once driving an independent taxicab. That was just before Uber took a wrecking ball to the industry.

    Based out of San Diego county, and posting up in front of high-end bars all night long. Street angels and divine intervention could be felt by the sensitive, radiating from that unseen spirit world.

    Oh sure you’d get your occasional 2AM psychopath, but for the most part it was a magic dance, choreographed by the universe at large.

    A thousand-dollar cash weekend and some foxy fare at the end of an all-nighter, was not uncommon.

    My faith in a god, was sealed as a taxi driver.

    “Best job, I ever had.”

    P.S. really enjoy

    P.S. also really enjoyed the “Blue Collar” lyrics.

    What, me worry!?

    • LOL: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  68. @utu

    Very good examples all. Of course there are others too numerous to mention. On the US domestic front, are the hundreds of later, grudgingly admitted “terrorist bombings” set-up by FBI agents who heroically detect them at the last possible moment. The there’s the other class like the Boston Marathon bombing that’s allowed to mature to fruition, all for obvious reasons.

  69. @utu

    For those who may not have done so, I urge you to read the Wikipedia article posted by utu in comment #70 (re-posted below). The Russian apartments bombings bear a striking resemblance to the 9/11 false-flag attacks, including, of course the official cover-up, followed by a government-sponsored, white-wash investigation.

    • Replies: @utu
  70. @wayfarer

    That means a lot to me that you (admitted to) reading the site, Wayfayer. I enjoy your comments on here.

    Good luck to you.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
    , @wayfarer
  71. wayfarer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Likewise, and good luck to you as well Achmed E. Newman.

    Your handle always cracks me up.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  72. Mefobills says:

    There is plenty of precise location data derived from corner reflectors placed on moon.

    This “we didn’t go to the moon” conspiracy nutter stuff, makes investigation into actual REAL conspiracies difficult.

  73. @Brabantian

    I see you’ve been abusing your medication again.

  74. utu says:
    @Carroll Price

    Putin shown the neocons how to ruthlessly reach their goals. I would not be surprised if they exchanged the notes on how to do a major false flag to accomplish a major change of foreign and domestic policy. Two years later after the apartments bombings the 9/11 happened. FSB has much longer history (KGB<–NKVD<–Cheka<–Okhrana) going back to Tsarist Okhrana that mastered the art of provocation already in 19 century years before America had any federal security agencies.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  75. Anonymous [AKA "Rabbmeister"] says:

    The answer is obvious and I’m surprised I’m the only one so far who’s figured it out. The people who support illegal immigration should put courage to their convictions by giving up their job or the job of their family’s breadwinner to an immigrant. That’s only fair and the right thing to do. I’m willing to let as many in as they’re willing to give their jobs to.

  76. peterAUS says:

    Now…now….you are confusing people here.

    Russia good/USA bad is the program here.

    Saying that Putin and co. pulled a false flag operation in order to start a war against a breakaway part of Russia……well…that sounds as blasphemy.
    Just can’t be. It’s impossible. Just……impossible. Putin and co. would never ..ever do that.
    They are good guys and, well, good guys don’t do that.

    Only bad guys. Americans and Jews (or other way around). And British too. Anglos and Jews (or other way around).

    At least that’s what 90 % here buy hook, line and sinker.

  77. wayfarer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I post some dumb stuff at times.

    For the record, I don’t disrespect your handle.

    It’s just that Achmed E. Newman, Alfred E. Neuman and Mad magazine all seem to blend together into some funny stuff.

    No disrespect meant, with that off-the-wall Mad magazine post.

    Got to thinking that Achmed E. Newman may be your real name, and if that’s the case, I apologize.

    P.S. Read your post “Do as the Romans did” ( ].

    I stay away from pure bottled water due to its high cost, pollution variables, acidic pH, and demineralized health risks.


    Here in Yuma the tap water is relatively high in minerals/electrolytes [ Mg (2+), Ca (2+), Na (1+), Cl (1-), Sulfate (2-) ], relatively low in naturally occurring fluoride [ 0.3 ppm – 0.4 ppm ], and has an alkaline pH [ 7.8 – 8.2 ].

    Its diatomic chlorine (Cl-Cl) molecule is easy to remove through simple evaporation.

    When temperatures are hitting 120 degree Fahrenheit in Arizona, pure bottled H2O doesn’t quench thirst nearly as well as the tap water.

    Healthy alkaline mineral water is available from many spigots in the America.

    The bottled water industry is a real ripoff, in more ways than one.

  78. wayfarer says:

    edit [previous post]:

    A number of typos in that post, as it was blasted out. Hopefully they’re not considered that big of a deal.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  79. wayfarer says:

    Drinking water chemistry is quite variable (e.g. pH values, mineral content, etc.).

    To cover my back on a pure water pH statement, and so that I don’t get ripped apart by an AI attack-bot, programmed to patrol UR and locate post errors among the “opposition,” then viciously strike.

    Here’s a simple article on drinking water chemistry.

    “Analyzing and Comparing Brands of Bottled Water”

    P.S. Apologies for getting off-topic, something I need to remedy, if UR doesn’t remedy it first.

  80. @Anon

    You are #1 in reasoning, #1 in 20/20 vision , and #1 in selecting the most important subjects.
    Tip of my hat to you. You have my utmost respect. You even leaves Anonymous behind.

  81. @wayfarer

    Hey Wayfarer, nope it’s not my real name, but I wouldn’t expect too much respect on here, anyway. Commenting sections of blogs can get pretty out-of-hand sometimes, whereas the same people would probably be much more respectful in person. I know, I’m one of them.

    Beyond that, I can’t even take credit for the clever name. I wrote this before here when someone praised the clever name: I must have seen the name (it’s on another guy’s blog, but it’s not something I’ve read but once, I think), just before I started commenting here. What happened was, I wanted to test the commenting system – whether I’d have to put in a real email-address for verification and all that – so I just put “Achmed E. Newman” in for starters. Since commenting here is easier and better than any other sites I’ve been on, I just kept on going.

    I can’t change it now, after 2,500 posts or so even if I wanted to, as it would confuse things. (I suppose Ron Unz could just do a big find/replace in the database, but anyway, this is “who I am”). Haha.

    The bottled water industry is a real ripoff, in more ways than one.

    Yep, and, if I can find the picture I took, I have a funny anecdote about the bottling of some water in China.

    See you.

  82. @wayfarer

    Very funny magazine cover, BTW! I didn’t know the magazine was still around, or is it a photoshop job?

    Don’t worry much about being off-topic on here. Sometimes those comments are the one that one can learn the most from.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  83. wayfarer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Alfred E. Neuman’s cosmopolitan Mad magazine, an icon of sophisticated American culture.

    Still, “dug in deeper than an Alabama tick,” after all these decades.

    “Alfred E. Neuman for president!”


  84. Malla says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Indian Engineering education is mostly rote learning stuff, kissing asses of professors to get good internal grades and back stabbing each other. Unlike dumb Whites, we realized that kissing ass and backstabbing your colleagues come much more handy in the new Jew banker controlled corporate world which has emerged in the last some decades. So we practice that in Engineering/ MBA colleges. Let the drunk White cowboys and emotionless East Asian robot-men do the tinkering with machines and pipes.

    I do not know much about the Chinese, but we come from a long caste tradition where those actually working with their hands were looked down upon like disgusting vermin. Arabs are quite similar in that way, people who actually worked with their hands are considered low status vermin. And no do not compare European or Japanese serfdom with our system. We desis and Arabs took it to a whole new level.

    That is why the Brits never imported White labour into British India. Seeing British/White men doing manual work would mean Indians would loose respect for Whitey and the British Raj would be soon on shaky grounds. Seeing British Sahibs not doing any manual work with their hands at all (White soldiers were exceptions) would mean respect and awe for them would climb up sky high. They were the new god chosen brahmins (who traditionally NEVER did any manual work with their hands).

    • Replies: @Truth
  85. Malla says:

    That is one brilliant analysis. But I would like to chip in. Non Whites tend to support the crazy homo parties like the Democrats in USA or Labour in Great Britain is because their opponents (Republicans, Conservatives) parties are considered White parties. And most non Whites come with a ready made hatred for Whitey when they come to the shores of Whitey lands to begin with. This hatred for Whitey is in it’s roots Jewish too as Jewish communists played a huge part in most of the fake anti-colonial movements around the world, their agents rabble roused the natives without which those empires would have continued. Hatred for ‘evil Whitey who looted our wealth’ has been drilled down into the heads of millions of brown black goyim and they all have their origins in Jewish commie myth making something the elites of these brown black lands support as well.
    This Jewish/Communist propaganda machine, in it’s narrative, hides the good aspects of European colonial empires/Third Reich/Apartheid South Africa etc.., hides the bad aspects of pre colonial societies, pushes the pre colonial societies were paradise myth (continued until today, check out the Black panther movie), exaggerates the bad aspects of the European colonial empires/Apartheid South Africa/Third Reich etc… and hides the bad aspects of communism/third world despotism.
    One can say some sections of the brown black elites joined hands with international Jews (Muslim ones were influenced by Socialism with it’s roots in Jewish intellectuals/Freemasons) to drive out Whitey colonialists, to screw/loot their own lower classes and teach their lower/middle classes to blame the ‘evil Whitey devils’ for their shitty state. These brown black elites keep their looted wealth in the off shore tax havens which are all controlled by the Zio Banker ‘City of London’ State within a State, not subject to British laws. These brown black elites then export their excess lower class/middle class populations of their countries to Whitey lands where they come with a ready anti-Whitey hatred and thus support the lefty parties. Long term Jewish anti-White propaganda investments are paying dividends now. This is really big long term game. All this non White migration was planned at least a century ago.

  86. Truth says:

    we realized that kissing ass and backstabbing your colleagues come much more handy in the new Jew banker controlled corporate world which has emerged in the last some decades. So we practice that in Engineering/ MBA colleges.

    You’re an engineer, right Malls?

    When you write, “we” do you mean that personally?

    • Replies: @Malla
  87. Malla says:

    LOL Truth, I was one of the exceptions. I had a horrible time in the first year of Engineering college because of it. Before joining my Engineering education, I was in a convent school (run by catholic priests), they tend to be some of the best schools in India. Most of my schoolmates there were westernized kids of middle class. Back stabbing was low by Indian standards (maybe there was some Christian morality in the air and water or something). Joining Engineering college was a shocker as now there were a lot of extremely desi students (less westernised can be called desi sometimes too) many of them rich and middle classes. You can say those from more conservative families and the back stab level was off the scales for us Convent educated folk. We had to form our own group to be sane.

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