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Brexit Follow-ups: “If the ‘Wrong’ Result Is Returned, the EU Will Ask for A Re-run.” Etc.
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Just a few after-thoughts.

(1) In distilling an article to post (2,800 words) out of the weekly podcast (6,400 words), we truncated my coverage of Brexit cynicism, which now looks more relevant each passing hour.

Here’s what I said in full on the podcast:

Last in the negativities, but by no means least probable, there are the deepest, darkest depths of cynicism plumbed by comment thread contributors like this one, at Steve Sailer’s blog. Edited quote, posted before the result was announced:

“Simply won’t be permitted. Too many already filthy-rich fingers in the pie …

“If the ‘wrong’ result is returned, the EU will ask for a re-run. They have form on this. And even an outright Brexit vote could be filibustered and ignored by the current Westminster regime … Not binding, or however they like to phrase it.

“Business as usual. Either way a win for the bankers and troughers. Schism of Conservative Party now its eternal civil war over Europe is out in the open … Labour working class (not the posh people who run the parliamentary party) defects to UKIP-like nationalist faction … The rump goes full Inner Party, Greens, internationalist class warriors …

“Whoever wins, resulting economic chaos associated with impending global financial crisis (which is bearing down regardless of what goes on on some silly little Atlantic offshore reef) blamed on Brexiteers, not globalists … Additional power grabs and confiscation of assets by EU in exchange for bailouts.”

End quote.

Now that is cynical. It’s a good working principle of political commentary, though, that you can never be cynical enough. Indeed, I believe that the Euro elites, which include most of the British political class, all parties, might do an Andy Jackson on their people: “The voters have made their decision, now let them enforce it.” A handy little financial crisis would certainly make this easier. I wouldn’t put anything past these people.

Check today’s headlines:

Millions seek Brexit re-vote as EU urges Britain to depart soon (New York Post).

British Politics in Disarray; Scotland Hopes to Block Brexit (New York Times).

Petition to hold second EU referendum reaches 2.5m signatures (Guardian).

Etc., etc. See, the point of democracy is to deliver results favored by globalist elites and their gentry-liberal supporters. If it delivers something different, then . . . democracy has failed!

(2) I had a little fun with the “-exit” suffix. I’m starting to think, though, that this may soon get as tiresome as “-gate.”

There is at least some scope for verbal ingenuity here. A listener passed on the following, which he found on the web somewhere.

Brexit could be followed by Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovakout, Latervia, Bygium. Only Remainia will stay.

Not bad, though “Oustria” suggests an involuntary exit.

It’s too bad Ecuador isn’t in the EU: their capital city is already headed in the right direction.

(3) There is some interesting Brexit-related stuff in, of all places, the science blogs.

● Quantitative psychologist James Thompson, a Brit—but not a Brexiteer: he favored Remain—has a rather touching memoir about working at a polling station on Referendum Day. Some stars of the (little) silver screen have walk-on parts.

● Physicist Steve Hsu (“Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will”) thinks that the referendum result may have been inspired by the scientific spirit, incarnated in Dominic Cummings, the man who masterminded the Leave campaign.

With a background in science, Mr Cummings bases everything he does on rigorous research. He commissioned detailed surveys, ran “quizzes” on commercial websites to test voters’ views, and oversaw focus groups that tested Vote Leave’s key campaign messages. [Brexit: victory over the Hollow Men by Steve Hsu; Information Processing, June 26th 2016.]

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: Brexit, Britain 
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  1. Svigor says:

    Globalist gonna globalist.

    Austria la Vista

  2. jim jones says:

    The vote gave me hope for the future, what more can you ask?

  3. Tiny Duck says:

    [Using multiple handles to hide your identity is not acceptable here; pick one and stick with it or prepare to see all your future comments summarily trashed.]

    Insularity is not a virtue. The main reason Muslims are forced to do less bad things is because whites isolate Muslims communities and continually disrespect their culture and beliefs.

    Brexiters are just scared of non whites. That’s why the majority of Brexiters are old white males.

    No matter, they will die soon enough and the necessary corrections can be made

    • Replies: @al gore rhythms
    , @fish
  4. Mr D is getting overwrought about the “global elite’s” response to Brexit. He is a pessimist after all. As an atheist, at least according to Wikipedia, I’m surprised he’s even got the will to live, never mind write interesting and informative articles for us peasants.
    As I see it, this is a win-win situation. If MPs work properly, we get Britain out of the EU within the Parliamentary term ( 2020 ).
    If MPs hinder, delay and prevent, we get a UKIP landslide at the next election. They will certainly get us out.

  5. @Tiny Duck

    “The main reason Muslims are forced to do less bad things is because whites isolate Muslims communities and continually disrespect their culture and beliefs”

    Finally, someone has explained to me the reason for Muslim paedophile rape gangs. When you put it like that I can see that it is the Muslim men involved who are the real victims. Thank you.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  6. unit472 says:

    The amazing thing is that the EU preferred to lose its second largest member rather than offer Cameron a deal he could sell to his nation. As the destination of choice for most EU internal migration, Cameron was not seeking to expel Poles or any other ethnic community that had flooded into the UK in recent years. He merely needed permission to deny recent immigrants the same social welfare benefits as a citizen of the UK.

    This reasonable request was somehow construed by Merkel and the grandees of the EU Commission as being a violation of the ‘free movement of labor’ and thus striking at the heart of EU Treaty law as interpreted by the European Court of Justice.

    Its not as if EU Treaty law cannot be bent and shaped like a pretzel when it is convenient for the Commission to do so. The entire effort to keep Greece in the EU and finance its bankrupt government has been nothing but a series of violations of EU Treaty Law as has been Mario Draghi’s adoption of QE, LTRO , OMT and every other trick he has been using to prevent Europe’s banks and currency from blowing up. France refuses to adhere to the EU’s Fiscal Compact and the EU Commision just sighs and says that France is ‘special’. Only where the UK is concerned is the law the law. Why?

    • Replies: @GTR
  7. tbraton says:

    “Brexit could be followed by Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovakout, Latervia, Bygium. Only Remainia will stay.”

    That is hilarious. I broke out laughing from the second on the list: “Departugal.”

  8. p s c says:

    My local public school district in northern Delaware hold referenda regarding the raising of property taxes every 3 years.

    Usually the people vote “No”, at least for the initial referendum.

    Then the school district calls for a second referendum within 3-6 months and motivates the masses with free pizza, moon-bounce rides for the kids, and other carnival-like activities on the day of the new vote. The masses flock to the bread and circuses and the vote passes.

    More dough for the new students of our district. More and more the offspring of new arrivals from the Indian subcontinent, Mexico, and the nearby warzone of Chester, PA.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  9. Corvinus says:
    @p s c

    What district specifically?

    • Replies: @p s c
    , @Corvinus
  10. Jeffrey S. says: • Website


    Based on that link you gave us to James Thompson’s post (I love his blog) it seemed to me that he did indeed vote for Brexit and helped the Leave side.

    Or is my reading comprehension out of whack?

    • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
  11. fish says:
    @Tiny Duck

    You were just as boring when you were “Tiny Duck”.

  12. They’re at it already JD.
    Hannan has reneged. Cameron is so determined to dish BoJo and end his (admittedly treacherous) career that he commited seppuku within hours of the vote. Only Harsh Mistress May as PM will avoid some sort of premature General Election we’re told, right after the end of Tory Conference in just over a couple of months. The recently-concocted fixed-term parliament act ought to ensure it isn’t until 2020. In true EU style, this can be ignored if “inconvenient”, it seems.
    From a “right-wing news site”, a comment (not me for once):

    Trouble is, if UKIP get the sort of majority the Tories got at the last election, I could easily see the Conservatives, SNP and Labour entering into some sort of rainbow coalition to block them. It’s looking increasingly like democracy has failed again.

    Most Leavers get it. The rest …?
    Good news is I’ve decided to take up smoking again after 25 years. Pipe, and a new sort of bargain-basement Cuban cigar. I hope I don’t live to see Farage’s bacio della morte from Druncker the other day fulfilled.

  13. [“committed”: I’m still in shock ..]

  14. @Svigor

    GreekOut, errrr, GetTheFreakOut?

  15. Corvinus says:

    I didn’t realize that “town hall” meetings had a “carnival like” atmosphere. Moreover, do you have actual footage or even comments from residents there who are able to corroborate this “celebration” on the day of the referendum? Seems to me someone would have posted this outrage somewhere…

  16. @al gore rhythms

    I was sure glad to see that explanation too. Now I know it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with room temperature average IQs, hair-trigger violent tempers and the accumulated genetic defects from cousin marriage since the Bronze Age. That’s a relief!

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

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    Monetizing уⲟսr expertise — ᴡhether іn social networking ߋr
    transcribing — іѕ oone way while sitting at homе аt youг cⲟmputer to generate income.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  18. @Anonymous

    I am a very old English carpenter. Practical web-based outreach suggestions welcome. For example, I could do a very neat working repro of the Halifax Gibbet in heart of oak (rubbed oil finish), with real Sheffield steel ironmongery (OK, old pit shovels, off eBay, but still good’n’sharp). The wife can do the baskets (Cambridgeshire osiers).

  19. @Jeffrey S.

    Quantitative psychologist James Thompson, a Brit—but not a Brexiteer: he favored Remain

    I am quite sure he favored Brexit, based on his blog posts.

  20. GTR says:

    “He merely needed permission to deny recent immigrants the same social welfare benefits as a citizen of the UK.” – Why should it be like that? If social benefits are just like an insurance in case of loosing a job then the hard working immigrants should have such insurance; while those of British who are lazy and don’t want to work shouldn’t. If social benefits are a payment for a contribution to the country, then calculate the contribution for everyone (British or EU person) via an equation and divide contributions proportionally. UK has even some multigenerational social benefits parasites, who don’t contribute, but live of social welfare – why should be they treated better than a contributing immigrant. If it is all about being British – then create an equation that calculates the level of Britishness. Notice then many people form abroad are going to have higher scores than people with British passports (eg. Australians or Americans of British origins but without a formal link to UK vs. some kind of a black muslim who has just recently acquired a passport).

    • Replies: @SXIOPO
  21. Ben Pugh says:

    You mean Slovacuate

    • Replies: @gruff
  22. Ben Pugh says:

    Noraway and Splitzerland are already not in the EU. Austria la Vista is definitely an improvement. Nethermind! Oh well, whatever…


  23. They’ll try to procrastinate, but if there’s a repetition of last year’s migrant mayhem it will be untenable. Political sucide. EU governments also want Britain out ASAP. They have no intention of cutting deals with the British because that will embolden their own anti-EU factions to cause trouble.

  24. SXIOPO says:

    The immigrant-vs.-native-freeloader argument misses one critical point: assuming the native-born freeloaders have no other citizenship, there’s literally no way the country in question can get rid of them. It’s quite a leap from “We’re stuck with this problematic population” to “Let’s double, triple, even quadruple its size through immigration!” Non-freeloading immigrants would be unaffected by such a change, and would presumably be just as welcome (or not) as they were before.

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