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Biden Rewrites History In Tulsa
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See also John Derbyshire: ChiComs Rewrite Tiananmen Square History Better Than Biden On Tulsa

Besides the Tiananmen Square Anniversary, Monday and Tuesday marked the centenary of the 1921 race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our president actually went to Tulsa on Tuesday to give one of his embarrassing, incoherent speeches.

I didn’t know much about the 1921 race riot in Tulsa before Joe Biden’s Tulsa speech, so I did some Googling.

As best I can gather, the triggering event was the arrest of a young black man, a shoe-shine boy named Dick Rowland, on suspicion of having assaulted a young white girl in an elevator she was operating. Whether he did commit assault or not is unclear; the girl didn’t press charges. The young man was taken in custody anyway, and rumors went round the town that he was going to be lynched.

That got both whites and blacks stirred up: whites congregated at the local courthouse, presumably to either see a lynching or participate in one, and armed blacks showed up to defend their guy. I’m not clear how well-armed the whites were.

A fight ensued, and the blacks got much the better of it. Twelve people were left dead, ten whites and two blacks. That infuriated whites. They generated a mob that burned the black part of town, until the state National Guard came in next morning, June 1st.

The butcher’s bill is much disputed. Solidly confirmed fatalities were 39, 26 black and 13 white. [Report on Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, February 2001] That means one in three of those confirmed fatalities was white; and since the whole event was triggered by a fight that left ten dead whites and only two dead blacks, the word “massacre” is totally inappropriate; it was a race riot. I note in passing that one of the cops who took Rowland into custody was black.

Monday and Tuesday also marked the centenary of the 1921 race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our president actually went to Tulsa on Tuesday to give one of his embarrassing, incoherent speeches.

Our correspondent Kenn Gividen here at has put the Tulsa riot in the context of a low-level race war going on in the U.S.A from 1917 to 1923, with lethal race riots in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and elsewhere. Hundreds of lives were lost, both black and white. The trigger in nearly every case, says Gividen, was black-on-white crime.

You would never know any of that from Joe Biden’s Tuesday speech. Sample quote, concerning the Tulsa fatalities: “the likely number is much more than the multiple of hundreds. Untold bodies dumped into mass graves …”. The grammar there is Joe’s, not mine.


That’s nonsense, of course. The whole speech was nonsense—a long recitation of the wickedness and malice of white people, and the terrible burdens endured by blacks that have held them back from accumulating wealth. His administration, said Joe, is going to correct all those injustices and bring black wealth up to the level of white wealth. Sure, Joe, sure.

For goodness sake! There are plenty of blacks far wealthier than me, a few maybe even wealthier than Joe Biden. What keeps blacks-in-the-generality from equality of wealth with whites-in-the-generality is their racial characteristics, especially low average intelligence and high average criminality.

My main reaction, reading through Biden’s speech, was to wonder how much longer whites will tolerate all these libels, insults, and lies, and what will happen when we stop tolerating them.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Mr. Grey says:

    A Nation magazine article from 1921 confirms the details (even though it is written by a morally superior goodwhite) of the lawlessness in Tulsa and the fact that an armed black mob came to the courthouse that left 10 whites dead and 2 black. The destruction of many innocent people’s homes and businesses is tragic, but black agency and criminal violence is once again ignored to promote racial hatred against whites.

    Nation Tulsa article-

  2. “the likely number is much more than the multiple of hundreds. Untold bodies dumped into mass graves …”.

    Keep in mind: This is the alleged President of the United States, not just some guy on the internet.

    We’ve become so used to this stuff we’re desensitized to it.

    • Replies: @Ryan Andrews
    , @El Dato
  3. AndrewR says:

    how much longer whites will tolerate all these libels, insults, and lies,

    at this rate, I think until there’s no more whites left

    and what will happen when we stop tolerating them.

    Lol “when”

  4. SafeNow says:

    A principal American character trait is to embrace what has been called “the con style.” The magic of the snake-oil salesman. Cuomo, with his 82% approval rating, had it. Fauci has it. Nancy has it. Rachel has it. Jeb! was at the other end of the con-style spectrum. (his handlers added the “!” because they knew he lacked the con style and hoped that an exclamation point would be a serviceable substitute.) Biden has it, so watch out. (I like chess because it is pure truth, and merit, no con. The Russians beat me because they are better.)

  5. As best I can gather, the triggering event was the arrest of a young black man, a shoe-shine boy named Dick Rowland, on suspicion of having assaulted a young white girl in an elevator she was operating. Whether he did commit assault or not is unclear; the girl didn’t press charges.

    The entire story line seems to be a load of nonsense.

    Many of the accounts assert that the female, Ms. Page, wrote an ‘exoneration’ letter, but I cannot find a single instance of anyone / any media outlet, publishing this alleged exoneration letter.

    While its possible in my view that she may have written a letter to the effect that she did not want to prosecute Rowland, as an Orphaned Girl with no support network to protect her – in the aftermath of a murderous citywide riot – it would seem that this letter would be an advantageous, informative, critical piece of evidence that anyone seriously asserting a version of events would be very eager to cite verbatim in their account of the event. None appear to do so.

    That no one seems to care to transcribe or quote the actual claimed ‘exoneration’ is an almost immediate indicator that this is, like the rest of the story, being manipulated to create a manufactured tale to serve a particular purpose.

    2nd observation – Even if the local Tulsa LE documentation/reports were purged or altered, there would be some communications via the National Guard or Military assets back and forth with Federal and State authorities that are sitting in archives either in Tornado Alley, St Louis Archives or D.C. The claims that no first person documents exist for such a prominent conflict that brought in Military forces does not meet the smell test.

    That partisan interests have not bothered to go looking for such documents, or found them in order to memory-hole them, is totally believable, however.

    3rd observation – The notion that Page ‘disappeared’ and could never be located, or traced back to some point of origin is likely nonsensical. Even in an era of handwritten archives, most of that material is now digitized and available to anyone willing to subscribe.

    I strongly suspect that an unremarkable genealogist could fairly effortlessly identify where Page came from, what her backstory was, and what became of her in the aftermath of the race riot. The fact that no one has – despite major media efforts to promote this story as the new “archetype of white oppression” – once again indicates to me that they would not uncover what they would wish to find, in pursuit of such an effort.

    If it smells like a pig wallowing in its own mire, it most probably is just that. Calling a neighborhood “Black Wall Street” when it has apparently never had any Stock Exchange or Financial / Commodities Markets, is in and of itself an indication that the facts are being played with in a manner that goes well beyond merely ‘fast and loose’

  6. @Patrick in SC

    Of course to any right-thinking person, Tulsa was a race riot, not a “race massacre,” the sort of unfortunate event that happens from time to time in diverse countries. But even if there were “multiple hundreds of untold bodies dumped in mass graves,” it is utterly reprehensible for the president of the United States to exploit the occasion by speaking of his fellow citizens—whatever the hell that means anymore—in such demagogic tones that you would think he were describing the actions of a wartime enemy.

    • Agree: Patrick in SC
  7. KenH says:

    That 10 whites and only 2 blacks fell in the first exchange tells me that most of the whites were not armed when they went to the police station. The events of Tulsa could mirror what a race war in America between black and white would look like. Blacks start it but whites finish it by utterly destroying black communities.

    Besides, the Tulsa massacre was nothing more than a racial justice protest by the whites.

  8. Rich says:

    “Black Wall Street”? Come on. There was no welfare so blacks had to work. I’ll bet there was a barbershop, a few bars, a women’s hair salon, liquor store or two and a few grocery stores. Blacks have a habit, and some may find it unbelievable, of exaggeration.

    • Agree: West reanimator
  9. syonredux says:

    So much nonsense has been written about Tulsa. The Tulsa RaceRiot was caused by armed Blacks who marched to the courthouse in an attempt to protect a Black man who was accused of assaulting a White woman:

    In Greenwood, rumors began to fly—in particular, a report that whites were storming the courthouse. Shortly after 10 pm, a second, larger group of approximately 75 armed black men decided to go to the courthouse. They offered their support to the sheriff, who declined their help. According to witnesses, a white man is alleged to have told one of the armed black men to surrender his pistol. The man refused, and a shot was fired. That first shot may have been accidental, or meant as a warning; it was a catalyst for an exchange of gunfire.

    If the armed Blacks had not intervened, there likely would have been no riot. And Blacks did most of the killing on the first day of the riot:

    Day one death toll:

    Whites: 10

    Blacks: 2

    The stories about aeroplanes firebombing black-owned properties is utter crap. What person in his right mind would fill a Curtiss JN-4 Jenny (a highly combustible aircraft) with turpentine-soaked rag balls, which would have to be lit by hand before being dropped ?And WWI-era pilots were well-known for their fear of fire. Even this overly credulous aviation site seems to have trouble with that scenario:

    In the hour or so that followed, each plane let loose their loads of these fire bombs from low altitude, setting them alight just before they were dropped. This was a dangerous thing to attempt from inside the cockpit of a wood, wire and fabric biplane, yet they were successful.

    And the high numbers of deaths that you see people tossing around (100 to 300) are just pulled out of thin air. The official tally from The Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 is 39 deaths(counting a stillborn infant), 26 Blacks and 13 Whites, which is quite a distance from the mass slaughter of legend:

  10. El Dato says:
    @Patrick in SC

    During the Tulsacaust crematoria ran full fire for weeks on end.

  11. AceDeuce says:

    They pulled this crap with the very guilty Emmett Till, with the very guilty CP5 rapists, with 14 year old negro sex criminal George Stinney, etc. They manipulate facts, hide facts, delete news stories, whatever they can–years after the fact. Then they bamboozle YT.

  12. utu says:

    JD’s take on Tulsa could be applied to many anti-Jewish riots and pogroms of the past which in many cases were provoked by Jewish actions and sustained by beliefs and prejudices of gentile majority. But I doubt that JD would dare to try to deconstruct the entrenched narratives about anti-Jewish pogroms.

  13. Evil Fraudsident biden was and is an anti-White POS.

    “Whites will be an absolute minority in America; that’s a source of our strength”

    Video Link

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