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Anti-White-Male Kavanaugh Hatefest May Close Midterm Enthusiasm Gap—and Get GOP Senators On the Trump Train!
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This has, in my opinion, been an unfortunate week in the politics of our republic.

From a partisan political point of view the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Judge Kavanaugh. have ended well, with Kavanaugh being voted through by the committee. The entire Senate will vote on his appointment to the Supreme Court next week.

Goodwhites are fighting a fierce rearguard action, though. A key figure here has been Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a Mitt Romney-style open-borders social conservative who is retiring from politics at the end of this year.

Flake announced this morning, Friday, that he would vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate. Then midday he was cornered in an elevator by two shrieking women and apparently lost his nerve: He told the Judiciary Committee when he got out that he’d vote aye to advance the nomination only on condition the full Senate delays their vote for a week. [Trump agrees to FBI probe of Kavanaugh, bows to Flake, Dems, by Lisa Mascaro, Alan Fram and Mary Clare Jalonick, AP, September 27, 2018] Score one for hysterical harpies, score zero for the dignity of Senatorial process.

Favorite books of mine when I was a child were Richmal Crompton’s “William” stories, about a high-spirited suburban English boy named William Brown who did naughty things and got into adventures. William’s nemesis was a little girl named Violet Elizabeth Bott, whose main technique for getting her own way with William and his friends was to announce that if she didn’t get her way, she would scream and scream until she threw up. In British English, with a lisp, her line was: “I’ll thcream and thcream and thcream ’till I’m thick.”

It worked with eleven-year-old William and his pals; clearly it still works with Senator Flake.

Still, unless the opposition can pull off a new stunt between now and next Friday—which can’t be ruled out—failing that, the omens for eventual confirmation don’t look too bad.

The thing people want to know is, what effect will these confirmation hearings have on the mid-term elections?

It’s not easy to figure out. With the Presidency not in play, mid-term races are more local. Property taxes, highway maintenance, and shenanigans in the State Assembly loom larger than relations with China or terrorism or the National Debt. If you don’t know all the local issues and controversies—and I’ll admit I don’t—it makes the mid-terms hard to call.

And then there’s the famous base, the voters who take their politics most seriously. They’re more prominent in mid-term voting than less committed types who will show up every four years to help pick a President but take a political nap in between times. Both big parties have a base, of course.

What makes the effect of the Kavanaugh hearings hard to estimate is that there was something here to please both bases. The mid-terms may hinge on whose base got pleased more.

Prior to these hearings, the phrase being bandied about was “enthusiasm gap.” The Democrats’ base voters were morefired up, pundits told us, their hatred of Trump just more intense after two years’ exposure to him, their ranks fortified by two more annual cohorts of adult voters coming out of our colleges.[ The ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Could Turn A Democratic Wave Into A Tsunami, By Nate Silver, Five Thirty Eight, March 14, 2018]

Those cohorts of younger voters have been marinated for four years in CultMarx ideology from anti-white, anti-male professors; and they’ve been subjected to careful sculpting of news and commentary by the social-media monopolies whose products they are addicted to.

Contrariwise, the pre-hearings wisdom went, Trump’s base was disheartened and disappointed by Trump’s failure to accomplish the big-ticket items they voted for in 2016: firm enforcement of immigration laws, properly defended borders, disentangling us from military commitments abroad.

It’s nice that the economy’s doing well, we got tax cuts, and our Israeli embassy has been moved to Jerusalem, but those are not things that brought out the Trump voters two years ago. Trump talks a good game, but he’s visibly failing at the one thing above all a President needs to succeed at: getting Congress to turn his proposals into legislation.

So that was the situation pre-hearings. The Tutsis (Goodwhite Democrats) were still fired up by hatred of Trump and indignation at Mrs. Clinton’s losing in 2016—unfairly, they are sure. The Hutus (aka Deplorables) were discontented, their 2016 passion deflated by the President’s failure to move us any real distance away from invade-the-world, invite-the-world neoconnery.

The Kavanaugh hearings were not displeasing to Tutsis. Dr Ford’s testimony, and the whole story she told, reinforced their fantasies of preppy white men having their way, coasting through life on arrogance and privilege, while non-male non-white serfs groan and suffer under the iron heel of oppression. So Tutsis are still fired up. The hearings did nothing to cool their ardor.

The Hutus will, however, I think, have gained more from the proceedings, thereby closing the enthusiasm gap some. There was a lot for a Hutu to like there.

Mainly there was Judge Kavanaugh himself, of course. He was firm and clear, he showed spine, and he gave as good as he got.

He mixed some yin in with the yang, too, some feminine in with the masculine, choking up when he talked about his daughter praying for Dr Ford.

If I am at all representative, Hutu men winced at that. We’d rather a man kept his composure in public. Hutu women, however, really go for that stuff. I doubt the Republican Party lost male Hutu votes on account of Judge Kavanaugh’s tears, but it picked up a few thousand on the distaff side.


Similarly, though in reverse, with Dr Ford’s testimony. Tutsi voters just had confirmed what they already knew: that women are helpless victims of the evil patriarchy; but that a few, possessed of boundless courage, dare to kick against the pricks—that’s a Biblical allusion, you folks sniggering in the back row there—and expose the sneering preppy rapist. “Dr Ford, I am in awe of your bravery,” swooned Ellen DeGeneres, as if the woman had rescued infants from a burning building.

Hutus watching Dr Ford, on the other hand, got reminders of all the things they dislike about Tutsi women—the kind of women who end up as Professors of Psychology at colleges in Silicon Valley. The glassy frown, the snippy self-righteousness, the vocal fry and rising tones: Hutu teeth were being set on edge from sea to shining sea.

One reason given for Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012 was that he reminded us of the CEO whose corporate cutbacks cost us our job. Dr Ford reminded us of the corporate Human Resources Director who scolded us for not showing up at the Diversity and Inclusion seminar.

So net-net there, I’d say there will surely have been a closing of the enthusiasm gap. Tutsis are stewing in righteous indignation just as they were before, perhaps just slightly more. Hutus saw a man take a stand against the mob, throw some of their b-s back in their smug faces. It was heartening, encouraging.

And then there were the Senators themselves.

You have to think that GOP party bosses have been hearing from their voters this past couple of weeks. I don’t know how else to account for Lindsey Graham going off like an air-raid siren the way he did. (And that simile, for the benefit of the back row again, is a pop culture reference.)

On the particular issue of Lindsey Graham I have mixed feelings. It was fun to watch the Senator fume and froth, but I don’t want to see his stock rise any higher than it is. On the National Question Graham’s been firmly and consistently supportive of the cheap-labor open-borders lobbies, the modern equivalent of the Slave Power. I don’t want to see a guy like that have any more authority and influence than he currently has.

It’s nice that Senator Graham has found his high dudgeon at last. Now that he’s found it, though, how long will it be before he turns it against immigration patriots?

That’s a quibble, though. Overall, I do believe the Kavanaugh hearings have been a positive for Trumpism. The hearings have made ever more clear the turn to Leninism among the Tutsi elites, in particular among congressional Democrats. By “Leninism” I mean the pursuit of political power by all means available, clean or dirty, without moral or ethical restraints.

Nothing matters to these people but power: not our institutions, not our laws and customs, not out history, not our Constitution, not truth or falsehood, not science or reason, not decency or respect, only Lenin’s who-whom—whose boot is stomping on whose face? They are determined that it shall be their boot, our face; and in their view, every means is legitimate to bring that about.

The U.S. Senate was a last bastion of constitutional collegiality, even into the Trump era. In April last year three Democratic Senators voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. I wouldn’t bet on that happening this time around. We are now firmly in an era of smash-mouth politics, of Leninist who-whom.

GOP voters have been waking up to this. That’s why they chose Trump in 2016 over a raft of more traditional, gentlemanly, fight-fair Republican candidates—the types we knew would fold like cheap suits any time someone barked “racist!” or “sexist!” at them. Trump, the voters perceived, is not like that. Trump can play the smash-mouth game. That’s why we wanted him.

It’s also why a lot of us, especially in the older cohorts, have mixed feelings about Trump. Some of that is just a natural fondness for the familiar. The more collegial, well-mannered style of politics is what we grew up with. We hate to see it go; we just don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop the going.

Geezer nostalgia’s only some of it, though. There are good reasons for a thoughtful person of any generation to look with foreboding on this newer, coarser style of politics.

If personal character, decency, and forbearance count for less, while ability to smash mouths counts for more, we shall be heading down towards Third World-style gangster politics. If some smart, conscientious patriot in the gentlemanly George Kennan mould is shut out of public service because he said something unflattering about Mexicans or tried to grope some girl at a high-school party, his place will be taken by someone colder, more ruthless, more selfish, more skilled at lying.

The key word there is of course “gentlemanly.” Could any concept be more at odds with the zeitgeist than gentlemanliness? It’s hard not to think there’s a demographic dimension to this. That older style of courtesy, forbearance, and compromise that used to inform our politics was a white-European thing, perhaps particularly an Anglo-Saxon-Celtic thing.

As that population dwindles while others swell and organize, who-whom takes over, and we view ourselves not as fellow-citizens in a common polity, but as victims and oppressors.

You don’t have to like this transformation. I personally prefer the older, more collegial style. The Kavanaugh hearings, however, made it clearer than ever, clear enough for even the least attentive GOP voters to see, that this is our politics today, the only game in town.

If one side is playing smash-mouth, the other side has a plain choice. Either we play smash-mouth too, or we lose all our teeth while the enemy keeps his. In Orwell’s stark formulation: “If someone drops a bomb on your mother, go and drop two bombs on his mother.”

2010-12-24dl[1] John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT(also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I found Dr. Gidget, the aging surfer girl with the vocal fry and the uptalk, just ridiculous and annoying.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Stick
    , @SafeNow
  2. Rational says:


    Christine Ford has taken the false allegations racket a bit too far.

    She is probably lying, as how come she did not call 911 or file a police report if this happened?

    She comes from a family of lawyers. She has an army of attorneys who would have rushed and filed police reports and filed civil suits if any man had dared touch her.

    That did not happen for 3 decades for one reason—nothing happened on the night in question.

    The Democrats, who are a criminal party, must have coached her and offered her a few 100K under the table, disguised as speaking fees, or scholarship, for manufacturing this racket.

  3. Kavanaugh has proved himself unfit for the position of supreme court justice. Under heavy fire, he has shown that he is a spineless coward, a crying baby incapable of fighting back like a man. Moreover, he is a total idiot.

    What did he expect, that the baby killers were going to accept even the possibility of a supreme court justice who may vote to overturn Wade VS Roe and the end of Planned Parenthood? He has shown that this totally expected attack took him by surprise. What a fool!

    Courage under fire? Call the Marines, but not Kavanaugh.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @El Dato
  4. I can’t help it I just love John Derbyshire.
    Only one correction. ” cornered in elevator by two shrieking Latino women.”

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @SMK
  5. anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    The key word there is of course “gentlemanly.” Could any concept be more at odds with the zeitgeist than gentlemanliness? It’s hard not to think there’s a demographic dimension to this. That older style of courtesy, forbearance, and compromise that used to inform our politics was a white-European thing, perhaps particularly an Anglo-Saxon-Celtic thing.

    I agree that politics in the US is coarsening like our pop culture and increasingly looking like 3rd world politics. This is where America is headed as we become more culturally enriched:

    The left has always been the indignant, end justifies the means crowd. Since Trump’s election they’ve completely gone off the rails, violent protests everywhere, pink pussyhats, antifa, crazy nutjob screaming protesters at every Kavanaugh hearing. Trump is a straight talker not a politician, but he is not hysterical. The left is hysterical and beyond reason.

    The WASP culture of integrity, self-restraint and good manners is gone in America, because this is no longer a WASP run country, it’s now a Jew run country. Jews are dishonest and lack self-restraint (they call that chutzpah), don’t know good manners if it hits them in the face. Dishonest people always make the honest look stupid. That’s why the GOP,the party of old fashion WASPs is now the stupid party as Ann Coulter calls them, because they actually believe the (((Dems))) even when they get screwed over time and time again. Jews hate Trump because he reminds them of themselves, sharp elbow, dishonest and without restraint. That’s why they needed that Mueller investigation to bring him in line.

    You’re right about Trump being a big disappointment so far in immigration. Caving here and calling for an FBI investigation makes him look as stupid as Flake. Fat chance FBI will close it in a week. This is the same agency that gave us Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Strzok, Page, the Steele Dossier, owned by Deep State and corrupt to the core. These GOP fools are once again playing right into the hands of the (((Dems))) – Feinstein, Blumenthal, Schumer and Ford’s lawyer Bromwich, already complaining about the ‘artificial timeline’. No one can ever outcon the Jews.

  6. Jor says:

    It is a little bit strange over a. Of 40 years exactly three women I have come up with what amounts to political charges the gate somebody who wants to join the Supreme Court. I’m not saying for or is, I’m just saying it Is Passing Strange that she chose this moment to go public with unsubstantiated news.
    Three women? Out of all the women who knew him and his childhood, enough to condemn him disgrace? Frankly and I doubt it. But given the times we live in he will probably be convicted of witchcraft or whatever the current terminology for witchcraft is. I wish him the best of luck.
    Make no mistake I am not even a Republican and I don’t even believe in the kind of s*** they are laying down.
    They and the Democrats will do pretty much anyting to wiggle like snakes to keep Z foreign and corporate campaign funds coming in. It has nothing to do with democracy. You don’t live in democracy any more than we in Canada do.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. Wally says:

    Derbyshire said:

    “Dr Ford reminded us of the corporate Human Resources Director who scolded us for not showing up at the Diversity and Inclusion seminar.”

    Bingo! Priceless!

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Rosamond Vincy
  8. Wally says:

    I certainly agree.

    Lying is a troublesome endeavor for the liar, and my was she ever lying.

    I was just out for dinner and the women next our table were going on & on about the lies that have been coming forth about Kav, and this is in a very ‘liberal’ neck of the woods.

    Derbyshire has it pegged right. “The Deplorables” are coming out ahead on this matter.

  9. F0337 says:

    In Orwell’s stark formulation: “If someone drops a bomb on your mother, go and drop two bombs on his mother.”

    Orwell–quite the genius, it hardly needs repeating–didn’t invent the idea, though, of course. Nope, it’s straight from the Elders of the Torah, with their ‘eye for an eye’ notion of progressive human interaction. So naturally (given who rules) it’s becoming the order of the day now.

    Every single thing which used to represent Civilization is being rent asunder, and morality is very much of a piece with the rest of it.

    A key figure here has been Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a Mitt Romney-style open-borders social conservative who is retiring from politics at the end of this year.

    What an unmitigated disaster for our nation this “Senator” has been.
    Would only that he had retired earlier.

  10. As usual Mr. Derbyshire you seem to be oblivious to the obvious. The reason we are in this situation is because of a Congress controlled by your Zionist friends. When the Jewish Mob at the Universities and Antifa attack— the Repubs run and hide. They are afraid of black mobs run by Zionist and Bolsheviks Jews. Sheldon Andelson runs the Republicans and Soros runs the Democrats. They refuse to back whites and Christians because they have sold everyone out for the Shekels. They are nothing but cowards.

    They won’t drop any bombs on any of the Leftist Communistos because the FBI and Intelligence Agencies as well as the Mossad has everything on them from Child Porn to under the table financial deals. The Deep State will choose the President and Judges. Look what the Deep State has done to Trump because they under estimated his populist message that rang true to voters. The Repubs will not grow a pair of balls and fight for anything. The sickness of the Jews has won. They control all of the media and all of the economic and social pathways. Your Wasp friends have sold America to Israel. USA Today has just published a hit piece on Kavanaugh calling him a child molester and that he should not be allowed to be with children. The Neocon Jews have taken over Trump’s Foreign Policy and will wage eternal wars for Israel. The destruction of a America is just part of this process and it starts with the control of everything including the courts that now have 3 Jewish Justices and two of them had almost no qualifications for the job except that they were Jewish.

    If the Republicans had any balls they would have asked Ford about the Soros’ Organizations she belongs to. They would have asked if it was common for her to get drunk and not remember things about parties she had gone to. They would have asked her about getting drunk, having sex and blacking out. Not one of her friends could remember anything about the supposed encounter. They would have attacked the entire Psychoanalysis that she underwent because most of it has no scientific validity. Instead they let the Democrats control the entire process.

    This game plan by Zionist and Bolshevik Jews is always the same. They have destroyed just about every civilization they have come in contact with and they will destroy us too. If you are waiting your Republican friends in Congress to protect America forget it because they work for a different flag!

    • Agree: anarchyst, JC
  11. Sir WE are the Tutsi THEY are the Hutu!

    • Replies: @Rick Sanchez
  12. In the USA nominations of supreme court judges are political nominations, because the separation of powers does not exist in the USA, the supreme court has more power than politicians, they can overthrow laws that politicians have decided on.

    In the Netherlands this is not possible, of course laws cannot contradict the constitution, but our politicians decide on consistency between laws and the constitution.
    Our high court is not allowed to judge incosistency between laws and constitution.

    Thus the great fuss in in the USA on nomination of high court judges.

    One of the reasons Britain is leaving the EU is that they do not want their laws overruled by a European court.

    Then about the allegations.
    As far as I know the exprsssion ‘date rape’ just exists in english.
    That this expression exists shows, in my opinion, that date rape is common.
    How, after 36 or so years, can be established what happened, impossible, in my opinion.

    So, from this side of the Atlantic, just an interesting spectacle.

  13. The way I get it Flake is retiring at the end of the year. So why not derail his party’s Supreme Court Nominee on his way out? Is Flake really receiving instructions from feckless cunts in elevators? I totally disagree with Derb’s notion that Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Certainly not before the election. In a weeks time several more new accusers will emerge. In a weeks time the FBI will still be sharpening their pencils. In a weeks time another weeks time will be needed.

    Maybe somebody will explain to me why Flake needed Kavanaugh’s scalp. What is it about Arizona?

    Yes. This will hurt the Jacobin/Maoist left in the election. Even Never Trump Rod Dreher had to climb down from his fence on the side of Judge Kavanaugh. But there will be no peace. Anywhere. Until after the final collapse of Imperial Washington.

    • Replies: @EdwardM
    , @Mr. Anon
    , @SMK
  14. Anonymous [AKA "Nicephorus"] says:

    We still have to wait to see whether Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment will go through, so the most important practical consequence of this shameful exercise in character assassination is as yet unknown. I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually be appointed.

    But, I think some critical theoretical aspects of the context in which this battle was waged were definitively clarified in the course of this shameful and hugely destructive effort by the Democrat leadership to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation in pursuit of narrow political advantage. On balance, although Judge Kavanaugh and his family were the ones who had to pay the price for this bitter learning experience, all of us should be the long-term beneficiaries of this contest’s central but often hidden issues being brought to light and subjected to rational analysis. I want to show what I think these hidden issues are.

    What this sordid affair was all about was the zombie-like return-from-the-dead of a phenomenon exposed and pretty much completely invalidated more than thirty years ago, which never should have been permitted to raise its ugly head before an assembly of rational, educated Americans: the “Recovered Memory” (aka “False Memory”) Syndrome movement of the 1980s, in which numerous troubled, frequently mentally off-balance, women (and a few men) came forward to declare that they had been the victims of incestual sexual abuse – most often actual sexual intercourse – at the hands of mature male family members; usually fathers but sometimes uncles, grandfathers, or others.

    Their testimony was usually highly emotional and impassioned, leaving an impression very similar to that conveyed last night by Dr. Ford. Many hearers were completely convinced that these events had occurred. I recall having a discussion in the 1990s with two American women who swore up and down that they believed fully 25% of American women had been forced into sexual intercourse with their fathers. I was dumbfounded that they could believe such a thing. But, vast numbers of American women did believe this at that time, and many – perhaps most – may never have looked sufficiently into the follow-up to these testimonials to realize that the vast majority of such bizarre claims had subsequently been definitively proven invalid.

    The “Recovered” (or “False”) Memory Syndrome movement emerged in the midst of the steadily radicalizing Feminist Movement in the United States, probably at the very apogee of its extreme evolution, and was a movement in which Freudian therapy was central and Freudian therapists came to play the leading role. It was only after they had been subjected to extensive pseudo-scientific Freudian “therapy,” in which sex always lay prominently at the center, that virtually all of these women came forward with these stories. A major controversy, which arose within the ranks of the Freudians themselves over what was the correct understanding of the Master’s teachings, lay at the core of the whole affair. And, in this dispute the American ultra-Feminists chose to believe and preach the worst, most salacious, and most vicious possible interpretation of Dr. Freud’s highly speculative, evidence-less, and – as subsequent study has overwhelmingly shown – completely contrived diagnoses.

    It’s now known that Dr. Freud’s journey to the theoretical positions which had become orthodoxy among his followers by the mid-20th century had followed a strange, little known, possibly deliberately self-obscured, and clearly unorthodox course. Beginning with a conviction that cocaine could provide a substantial therapeutic base for solving psychological problems, Freud seems himself to have become for a period a regular consumer of that drug, but subsequently altered the focus of his therapy to hypnosis. After realizing certain limitations to this approach, he shifted again, turning to the so-called “Talking Cure” rooted in provoking word associations, which provided the basis for the classic Freudian method of popular imagination – with the patient reclining on a couch and the good Dr. seated behind with his notebook and pen in hand. This is the method he retained for the rest of his life.

    The primary fault which has been cited for Freud’s methods generally, but which has been particularly critiqued in both hypnosis and the “Talking Cure” as a reason for their invalidation, is the claim that both – at least inadvertently – incorporate the high probability of suggestion from the therapist. In this view, patient testimony moves subtly, and probably without the patient’s awareness, from whatever his or her own understanding might originally have been to the interpretation implicitly propounded by the analyst. Analysis thus follows a circular course, the analyst’s theoretical surmise being first subtly communicated to the patient, then confirmed by the patient’s casting of his (or, more often her) own ideas within the framework which had been suggested by the analyst. In the end, nothing new is actually discovered. The patient merely replicates the expressed Freudian doctrine.

    The particular doctrine at hand was undergoing a critical reworking at this very time, and this important reconsideration of the Master’s meaning almost certainly constituted a major, likely the predominating, factor which facilitated the emergence of the Recovered Memory Syndrome movement. Freudian orthodoxy at that time included as an important – seemingly its key – component the conviction of a child’s (even an infant’s) sexuality, as expressed through the hypothesized Oedipus Complex for males, and the corresponding Electra Complex for females. In these complexes, Freud speculated that sexually-based neuroses derived from the child’s (or infant’s) fear of imagined enmity and possible physical threat from the same-sex parent, because of the younger individual’s sexual longing for the opposite-sex parent.

    This Freudian idea, entirely new to European, American, and probably most other cultures, that children, even infants, were the possessors of an already well-developed sexuality had been severely challenged by Christian and some other traditional authorities, and had been met with repugnance from many individuals in Western society. But, the doctrine, as it then stood, was subject to a further major questioning in the mid-1980s from Freudian historical researcher Jeffrey Masson, who postulated, after examining a collection of Freud’s personal writings long kept from popular examination, that the Child Sexual Imagination thesis itself was a pusillanimous and ethically-unjustified retreat from an even more sinister thesis the Master had originally held, but which he had subsequently abandoned because of the controversy and damage to his own career its expression would likely cause. This was the belief, based on many of his earlier interviews of mostly women patients, that it wasn’t their imaginations which lay behind their neuroses. They had told him that they had actually been either raped or molested as infants or young girls by their fathers. This was the secret horror hidden away in those long-suppressed writings, now brought into the light of day by Prof. Masson.

    Masson’s research conclusions were initially widely welcomed within the psychoanalytical fraternity/sorority and shortly melded with the already raging desire of many ultra-Feminist extremists to place the blame for whatever problems and dissatisfactions women in America were encountering in their lives upon the patriarchal society by which they claimed to be oppressed. The problem was men. Countless fathers were raping their daughters. Wow! What an incentive to revolutionary Feminist insurrection! You couldn’t find a much better justification for their man-hate than that. Bring on the Feminist Revolution! Men are not only a menace, they are no longer even necessary for procreation, so let’s get rid of them entirely. This is the sort of extreme plan some radical Feminists advocated. Many psychoanalysts became their professional facilitators, providing the illusion of medical validation to the stories the analysts themselves had largely engendered. Those women patients, and a few men, became their victims, but in turn became the perpetrators in the savaging of numerous men’s lives, as these men were subjected to the most vicious accusations imaginable. Most of these accusations were, in retrospect, clearly fantasies in a ruthless mid-20th century male-witch hunt.

    This radical ideology is built upon the conviction that Dr. Freud, in at least this one of his several historical phases of interpretative psychological analysis, was really on to something. But, subsequent evaluation has largely shown that not to be the case. The same critique which had been delivered against the Child Sexual Imagination version of Freud’s “Talking Cure” analytical method was equally relevant to this newly discovered Father Molestation thesis: all such notions had been subtly communicated to the patient by the analyst in the course of the interview. Had thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of European and American women really been raped or molested by their fathers? Freud offered no corroborating evidence of any kind, and I think it’s the consensus of most competent contemporary psychoanalysts to reject this idea. Those few who retain a belief in it betray, I think, an ideological commitment to Radical Feminism, for whose proponents such a view offers an ever tempting platform to justify their monstrous plans for the future of a human race in which males are subjected to the status of slaves or are entirely eliminated.

    But, the judicious conclusions of science often – perhaps usually – fail to promptly percolate down to the comprehension of common humanity on the street, and within the consequent vacuum of understanding scheming politicians can frequently find opportunity to manipulate, obfuscate, and distort facts in order to facilitate their own devious and often highly destructive schemes. Such, I fear, is the situation which has surrounded Dr. Ford. The average American of either sex has absolutely no familiarity with the history, character, or ultimate fate of the Recovered Memory Syndrome movement, and may well fail to realize that the phenomenon has been nearly entirely disproved.

    Into this popular intellectual desert walks Dr. Ford, both whose personal history and her strange physical mannerisms in testimony before the Senate clearly indicate she has unfortunately suffered some form of serious psychological disturbance. Seemingly alienated from her own parents and most immediate family members, she has made her home as far away from the Washington, DC area where she was born as possible within the territorial limits of the continental United States. The focus of her professional research and practice in the field of psychology has lain in therapeutic treatment to overcome mental and emotional trauma, a problem she has acknowledged has been her own disturbing preoccupation for many decades. In 2012 she underwent some sort of psychological counseling with her husband, though the details as far as I know have not emerged. But, it hardly seems likely coincidental that her first documentable expressions of antipathy to Judge Kavanaugh occurred in that year, when it was announced that Judge Kavanaugh was considered the likely Supreme Court appointee should Mit Romney win the Presidential election. Her expressions of antipathy to him have only grown from there.

    Dr. Ford is clearly an unfortunate victim of something or someone, but I don’t believe it was Judge Kavanaugh. Almost certainly she has been influenced in her denunciations against him by both that long-term preoccupation with her own sense of psychological injury, whatever may have been its cause, and her professional familiarization with contemporary currents of psychological theory, however fallacious, likely mediated by the ministrations of that unnamed counselor in 2012. Subsequently, she has clearly been exploited mercilessly by the scheming Democratic Party officials who have viciously plotted to turn her plight to their own cynical advantage. As in so many cases during the 1980s Recovered Memory movement, she has almost certainly been transformed by both the scientifically unproven doctrines and the conscienceless practitioners of Freudian mysticism from being merely an innocent victim into an active victimizer – doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the pain inherent in her own tragic situation and aggressively projecting it upon helpless others, in this case Judge Kavanaugh and his entire family. She is not a heroine.

  15. Deschutes says:

    John Derbyshire – another shitty, adolescent article from the angry white conservative man child who blames everybody whose not white and male for his own failings and problems. The way you portray women in this article reveals a man child who never matured beyond 16 years of age. It is little wonder you portray women as nothing more than angry children’s book characters who vomit if they don’t get their way: a man child can’t see it any other way. Not once in this diatribe do you mention abortion rights. It never occurred to you that losing abortion rights might piss off some women. If Kavanaugh is put on the court, abortion will be made illegal in USA. Debryshire, you remind me Jeff Sessions: you’re a couple of bookends from the 1940s. Same racist mind set, same ‘war on drugs’ reactionary bullshit, same ‘women belong in the kitchen’ nonsense etc. What’s more, anybody who actually likes Lindsey Graham is a total complete asshole. There is nothing to like in that self-righteous reactionary, war criminal piece of shit from the Old South. If you’ve enjoyed the last 17 years of wars without end and the wretched ‘war on terror’ and all that has come to pass since 9-11, then Lindsey Graham is your man. Like McCain, he never saw a war he didn’t love starting. And watching Graham’s temper tantrum meltdown in the congressional hearings the other day made for rather uncomfortable viewing, like watching a 5 year old in a toy store who didn’t get his GI Joe doll. Since when is losing your temper, foaming at the mouth and screaming at the entire caucus because you are not getting your way acceptable behavior? It isn’t. But it is a sure sign of a person who is a total, complete egotistical asshole. I always hated Scalia, and was really happy when he died. That Obama and the dems were too spineless to stick a replacement on the bench when they had the chance only reinforced my total lack of respect for the dems. The tragedy in waiting was that now we will have a reactionary conservative majority scotus headed by Kavanaugh, and abortion will be made illegal; more laws passed to favor giant corporations like Citizens United; more anti-worker legislation passed; more war and more police state measures domestically: that’s your Trump/Kavanaugh/Lindsay Graham/John Derbyshire shit stain USA coming yer way!

  16. Alden says:

    I think I’ve figured out why they had to go to couples counseling about an outside door and why she came up with claim that she needed an outside bedroom door because she’d been assaulted 37 years ago.

    The Palo Alto building codes for single family homes were created to make sure single family homes remained single family and weren’t chopped up into apartments.

    Outside doors enter public areas kitchen sunroom living rooms not bedrooms. An outside door into a master bedroom with attached bathroom is a red flag that it’s intended for an illegal what’s called in law apartment

    There’s a unit It’s a stove 2 ft counter space and sink. The stoves electric and plugs into an ordinary household electricity. It’s backed against the bathroom wall. Break through the wall, connect the pipes running water for the sink. Add an outside door and it’s a small apartment.

    Assume they didn’t want to make it an apartment just a master bedroom. Usually the contractor pulls the permits routinely. But an outside bedroom door is complicated. The permits will cost more. It might require an exemption and a hearing They night need a lawyer. And they might not get the permit.

    So she wants the door. Husband says waste of money and trouble. Contractor says call me when you’re ready.

    So they go to counseling Husband explains why the door’s unreasonable. Therapist asks wife why she “ really deep down” needs the door.

    Wife makes up the story about attempted rape 35 years ago flashbacks If only there were 2 doors in that imaginary bedroom she could have escaped.

    Kacanaugh was nominated. CIA searched for sex problems in his working life. Found nothing Searched law school and college found nothing. In desperation searched high school found nothing

    Searched CIA personnel records which go back to grade school and found one of their own employees was about Kavanaugh’s age and attended a high school near his and the students socialized.

    She’s 3rd generation CIA. grandfather assistant director. Father CIA contractor who
    managed CIA unofficial band accounts. And she runs a CIA recruitment office.

    I’m puzzled why CIA is so against Kavanaugh?

  17. He mixed some yin in with the yang, too, some feminine in with the masculine, choking up when he talked about his daughter praying for Dr Ford.

    If I am at all representative, Hutu men winced at that. We’d rather a man kept his composure in public. Hutu women, however, really go for that stuff. I doubt the Republican Party lost male Hutu votes on account of Judge Kavanaugh’s tears, but it picked up a few thousand on the distaff side.

    Things are, I think, a bit more complex. Great manly leaders (Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Churchill,..) were known to have publicly cried. Perhaps a part of it was just acting, but, historians seem to agree, in most cases it was genuine. They just got emotional, which is perfectly human & is not a sign of weakness or incapability of leadership.

    I know that Kavanaugh is a judge & not a politician, but these days the two roles are inseparable….

  18. Realist says:

    Anti-White-Male Kavanaugh Hatefest May Close Midterm Enthusiasm Gap—and Get GOP Senators On the Trump Train!

    Not a chance. All GOP Senators like all politicians are brainless and nutless.

  19. TheBoom says:

    Trump has tried to turn his presidency into a personality cult rather than MAGA. That is a mistake because Trump’s campaign positions were more popular than Trump and it doesn’t lift the entire party.

    Every Hillary voter I meet, male or female, buys every one of the stupid narratives being pushed and are fired up to vote. The Bernie voters don’t automatically buy every narrative but they despise Trump and want him out and Democrats to regain control.

    I agree with Derb that the hearing may make up some of the enthusiasm gap. A lot of conservative men had to have been looking at that hearing and thinking how easy it would be for them to get similar treatment at work or school.I imagine a good number of conservative women don’t want their husbands and sons to face similar inquisitions.

  20. A recovered memory from more than five decades ago.

    Violet Elizabeth, a irritating younger child who tended to tag along, often wore expensive Kate Greenaway dresses. Her family was new money.

    William was no misogynist, though. He liked and respected Joan, who was his friend.

    The second William book is online.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  21. I have to laugh at what royal suckers both sides are on this issue:

    But then, people like Derbyshire really do deserve the American hillbilly’s ‘dry-cob-job’ they’ll get with Kavanaugh

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Any phrase that starts with “Senator Flake [transitive verb] … ” comes right out of this comic

    Extract from “Give Me Liberty” (Frank Miller): “America on the Move #1”

  23. El Dato says:

    Using the Tutsi/Hutu well-planned genocide event may not be the most appropriate thing, as we are not talking about racism but about ideology and group interest, with most of the masses completely unaware and model-less about what is actually going on.

    George Bush (both of them) would definitely be a “Tutsi”, for one.

  24. dearieme says:

    For those of your readers unfamiliar with the oeuvre, let me say that Richmal Crompton’s “William” stories are brilliantly funny. Boys being boys: them wuz the days.

  25. sb says:

    Did Derb really use this term ?

  26. Coemgen says:

    1. A good offense is the best defense.
    2. An ambush backed up by overwhelming force is a good offense.
    3. Use of weapons and tactics, of which the defender is unprepared for, is a good offense.

    Are Republicans et al. unable to understand basic military strategy? Do we lack the ability to conceive of new tactics and weapons to use against Democrats and Globalists?

  27. wren says:

    It seems that Flake was not only emotionally abused by those ladies in the elevator, he was played as well.

    Hopefully the FBI will investigate this collusion between Soros and the Democrats and Ms. Katz to influence the results of the judicial nomination process.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  28. Iberiano says:

    Looking at that photo of the former primary contenders, reminded me of all the holier-than-though talk we got from the right-of-center, about how Trump was too gruff, and crass, about everything, including sexual topics, interactions with women, etc.

    What these hearings demonstrated, that we already knew, was that the Puritan-Jew alliance is obsessed with all things sexual, perverted, distasteful…theirs is a world of, as you point out, “preppy white boy” fantasies, where the bad guys look like the blond jock in Karate Kid, and drive around in their Dad’s 1982 Buick Regal or their own ’79 Camero, looking to “score” with virginal know-nothing, Red Riding Hoods, that happen to find themselves at ‘gang rape parties’ (?), out of nowhere. Who go on to have Leftist careers only to resurrect repressed memories 35 years later–projected in front of the world, by a 50-something year old woman ‘channeling’ at 13 year old girl, compete with the verbal fry and uptalk, as well as the feigned babe-in-the-woods confusion at “all these questions from the adults”.

    It’s a silly framework from which they obsess, but it’s similar to Kinsey, Mead and others of the Left. Sex. Projection, doubling-down, and an absence of due process to punish people for the very things that actually occupy their minds. Even in her advanced age, you could tell, Feinstein was enjoying the open air discussions regarding sexual topics.

    Let the Right / Never-Trumpers be on notice–Trump is light fare compared to where the Left will go and has been, regarding women, sex, and all things crass.

  29. With apologies to

    We met each other’s Grammas and we met each other’s Grampas,
    The trip we made to Hollywood is etched upon my hippocampus …

    • Replies: @Clyde
  30. DanFromCT says:

    Reading the commentary by Conservatism Inc and listening to the talking heads on Fox News is sickening. These Nancy boys must be controlled opposition, hiding capitulation behind empty gassing about dead issues like constitutionalism and procedural order prevailing in American politics. If anything, their disgraceful unmanliness emboldens the increasingly homicidal and racist left to do the things the left always does when it finally consolidates power, which is to go from character assassination to mass murder overnight.

    The hatred in the eyes of those homicidally vicious hags on the committee like Harris, the bottomless cruelty characteristic of rank cowards in the eyes of Booker, Blumenthal, and the rest, as well as the hatred from the msm make it clear that two-party democracy in America is dead. Instead of lining up local and state police and patriotic elements within the military and federal law enforcement in preparation for taking our country back, we’re supposed to believe yet more groveling appeasement by the likes of Grassly and Flake is our best defense. They’re not statesmen, rhey’re groveling assholes.

  31. If you don’t know all the local issues and controversies—and I’ll admit I don’t—it makes the mid-terms hard to call.

    In general–about 80% of the time–midterms go against a sitting president. But in this case, I agree with the Derb: I think the Dims are in a rude awakening.

    It’s nice that … our Israeli embassy has been moved to Jerusalem …

    Nice? Speak for yourself!

    It’s nice that Senator Graham has found his high dudgeon at last. Now that he’s found it, though, how long will it be before he turns it against immigration patriots?

    That’s probably the only reason Graham was chosen to publicly throw a fit: he’s inside-the-Beltway safe. He can huff and puff and talk tough on this hearing, precisely because the Establishment knows he’ll never really go against them on issues like immigration or foreign policy. Remember the Clarence Thomas hearings? Remember how Arlen Specter was the Republican standard-bearer back then? Nuff said.

  32. Anonymous [AKA "Emerson234"] says:

    I don’t find anything about her credible, least of all that she’s capable of teaching at any level much less at a university. She didn’t strike me as being capable of tying a shoe.

    Ridiculous and annoying for sure, but maybe not completely stupid. As of last night she had collected over a half million dollars in her fundraising account for legal fees (when her lawyers already stated they’re working for free, which I assume means Soros is funneling his endless cash their way).

  33. Iberiano says:

    People will think that’s crazy, but if you know anything about Intel you know that that is exactly how you would do it. And you completely fund it and build a story around it, simply to achieve some goal.

  34. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    @ advancedatheist It is difficult in these trying times to find good entertainers.

    I thought confirmation hearings,were to test for qualifications required to be a Supreme?

    Such things as ability to write, understanding of the complexities of the constitution, beliefs and past rulings, convictions about the bill of rights, and things like that? The Constitution is supposed to create the structure of government, authorize payment of fat salaries to 527 elected entertainers and limit the scope of the personal financial activities while in office. I can’t image a confirmation hearing that would review the judicial history of the past rulings and professional activities of a candidate. The audience would not be interested to hear what those who practice law and interact with the candidate had to say about him and his legal abilities. When and in which tent are those hearings to begin?

    Where are the opinions by Judge Kavanaugh? Why have they not been produced for inspection in the hearings? What does this man think? Why did Trump select Judge Kavanaugh to be a supreme? At the moment it looks like the the hearings have been conducted to cover for the attacks by Israel on Russian Airplanes in Syria. I can think of no other reason for such a circus?

    What I have seen, heard and read describe another propaganda guided privately owned media production with side shows by two of the best known acts in circus life ( shows by the Gods of poop and by the Democraps were featured).

    I still don’t know anything about Judge Kavanaugh do you?

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  35. MarkinLA says:

    I realize that it is unacceptable to attack this poor helpless victim so the “it can’t be corroborated” card has to be played. However, who else notices how carefully manicured these charges are such that they can never be falsified? This is the actual proof she is a liar and this whole thing is staged.

    She always takes everybody on some emotional ride right up to the point where she could be exposed but never with enough information so somebody could come out of the woodwork and prove she is a liar. We also have the infamous letter where we are repeately reminded she mailed it BEFORE Kavanaugh was picked. Of course, we only have Feinstein’s word for that since nonody saw it until after this crap started. The delay was used to puch up the story with new revelation about Mike Judge in a grocery store that shied away from her – again with no specific date so Judge could prove she is a liar. This all reeks of testimony gone over and coached by a team of lawyers.

    We also have all of our own recollections of high school insecurities and male-female interactions. What freshman or sophomore girl didn’t get all giddy at the thought of the older guys hitting on her so she could tell all her friends about her older boyfreind and possibility of going to the prom as a lower classman? All he had to do (assuming he wasn’t replusive physically and he was a bit of a jock) was make the usual play of pretending to be interested and he likely would have been at least getting to first base at the party. From her pictures she was no Pamela Anderson and would likely have been flattered. The idea that you rape someone without trying to get the milk handed to you on a silver platter is ridiculous.

    This is another female driven hysteria based on lies like the child molestation and satanic cult hysterias of years past. Those were all driven by crazy or politically motivated women who whipped up the rest of the ignorant females.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  36. Clyde says:

    Outside doors enter public areas kitchen sunroom living rooms not bedrooms. An outside door into a master bedroom with attached bathroom is a red flag that it’s intended for an illegal what’s called in law apartment

    Your post is very perceptive and just might be how it all went down. With the complications of couples’ counseling over her demand for the bizarre double main entry doors. (lulz) Though I would think any family that built an illegal in-law apartment into their Palo Alto house and deployed it, would be ratted out by their neighbors.

    • Replies: @Anon
  37. Clyde says:
    @the one they call Desanex

    Score and some laughs ! ! Becker’s absurdly long hair matched up against his balding pate. The 70s rocked! Not to deny that Walter Becker was a musical – lyrical genius, though Fagen wrote most lyrics seems to me. I believe Becker did many to most of SD’s amazing jazzy arrangements.

  38. Alden says:

    Why don’t you try undergoing the torture he’s been going through for the past 2 weeks? . His children youngest 10 had to be escorted out of the first hearing by security because the liberals were attacking them.

    Big macho man Kavanaugh has more balls than you’ll ever have. The liberals are hoping he’ll withdraw from the nomination that’s why they are terrorizing him and his family

    I went through the same thing on 2 jobs as liberals constant attacked me to force me to resign. They lie and lie and lie again. And when you prove yourself innocent they lie again.

    You’ve no idea the depths of vicious evil liberals will do to a person.

  39. Skeptikal says:

    The Ford thing is a bit over the top.

    But IMO K’s problem is not Ford.

    Kav’s problem is Kav.

    He was on the wrong side regarding torture. He is a man-bot.

    He still looks like a smirky fratboy with a shit-eating grin,

    He doesn’t have the experience nor the gravitas to be on the SCOTUS.

    That is his problem. Especially the SEG.

    FYI, an SEG is when someone is willing to smile while eating shit, that is, do anything and make like it’s AOK with them.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @El Dato
  40. The Kananaugh affair demonstrates the truth of Black Pigeon’s criticisms of women. They are politically hopeless:

  41. Anonymous [AKA "afadfa"] says:

    Please take your useless, pompous ass to sites like Huffington Poster. You’re not welcome here, asshole.

    • Replies: @Deschutes
  42. @niteranger

    Already used-up my agree button, but fully agree with your excellent summation of what America has become – a nation captured and run by Bolshevik Jews.

  43. Alden says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Please let us know what Europeans think of this insanity

  44. Anonymous [AKA "fafda"] says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Why don’t you stick to organic farming, old fuck head? You’ve overstayed your welcome some time ago.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  45. DRA says:

    It seems to me that the FBI investigation should include an investigation of who leaked the Ford information, over her stated objections.

    On the other hand, the Dems were VERY interested in having the FBI do a further investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, the same FBI that got a FISA warrant to “wiretap” Trump under false pretenses. Can we really be sure that there aren’t arrangements already in place to frame Kavanaugh?

  46. @jilles dykstra

    The legislating Supreme Court you describe is a post-coup supreme court – a product of Lincoln’s war to destroy constitutional government and replace it with rule by oligarchy. The founders of the American republic did not grant the US Supreme Court the power of overruling State laws, other than those in obvious conflict with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  47. “Dr Ford reminded us of the corporate Human Resources Director who scolded us for not showing up at the Diversity and Inclusion seminar.”

    No, she reminded me more of the clueless HR underling who generated the list of Diversity Consulting firms that might be chosen to put the seminar together.

  48. The Zionist Bolsheviks were on display at the Kavanaugh hearing , the typical communist/ Bolshevik/ Zionist induced hysteria and wrecking and disruption and lying that is so typical of the Zionist/Bolsheviks ie Feinstein and Blumenthal et al , typical Zionist Bolsheviks and the typical wrecking of the communist show trials of the 1930s.

    Zionist Bolshevik communists are in total control of every facet of the U.S. government and MIC and MSM and our money supply aka the Zionist banking owned and controlled FED and this control allows the Bolsheviks to wreck and subvert and trash our government as the Zionist Bolsheviks are the untouchables in America.

    Kavanaugh is innocent but that fact does not matter to the Zionist Bolsheviks, it is the fact that Kavanaugh is a White Christian Man that has the Bolsheviks pissed off as the Zionist Bolsheviks hate Christians and the thought of having another Christian on the court to balance out the four Zionists presently on the court drives the Zionist Bolsheviks insane.

    The Zionist control of the U.S. was on display on 911 when the Zionists and the Zionist controlled deep state attacked the WTC and killed some 3000 Americans and the Zionists got away with it and every thinking America knows the Zionist Israel and the Zionist deep state did it.

    The Zionist Bolsheviks are destroying America just as every parasite eventually destroys its host.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  49. @Alden

    “I’m puzzled why CIA is so against Kavanaugh?”

    Because. Trump!

  50. Dorian says:

    History Repeats Itself: The Salem Witch Trials alla 2018

    Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” exemplifies very well how the hysteria of girls can be so dangerous that innocent men can be made to suffer terrible if not fatal consequences.

    Three hundred years later, the modern version of Abigail Williams, Christine Ford, with no facts, no evidence, no corroborative support other than other hysterical girls, with one finger pointing to John Proctor’s modern portrayal played by a hapless Brett Kavanaugh, is found at the whim of a delusional embittered girl.

    Like Abigail Williams, Christine Ford, with self loathing and hatred for any man, has found cold support from self-serving political leaders whom have nothing other than their own personal grandiose agendas for public glorification and self apotheosis. Like Reverend Samuel Paris, the wicked Feinstein and hypocritical sycophants like Booker, with their sanctimonious disregard for the rule of law and procedure of fact finding and procedural evidence, just as during Salem’s hysteria cast supreme judgement on hollow words of a clearly embittered, delusional rantings of a wobabies (i.e. woman babies) whom can’t even remember where, when, and what actually was done to them and to herself, Christine Ford. But like Abigail Williams, she is sure it was John Proctor, excuse me… I mean Brett Kavanaugh.

    In fact, the only allegation we hear is of “witch”“he sexually abused me”. Ah if Abigail was so fortunate, as no doubt Abigail would find Ford to have been, maybe there would have been no Salem Witch Trials, and John Proctor would have lived. Like wise, maybe the truth here is that Ford whom admits to not being raped, is really embittered just for that!

    But how can we know? Especially when, after 35 or more years of Ford’s meteoritic incapacity to remember even where the house this occurred in, when this “sexual thing” happened. Abigail Williams would have done so much better today!

    It has been over three hundred years since those unfaithful days of Salem, and here we find ourselves again, having to face the same vacuous allegations of embittered girls whom don’t remember anything but that evil that was done by John Proctor and Brett Kavanaugh.

    I think it is time for a new and updated version of The Crucible. With Christine Ford now playing Abigail Williams, and a devastated Kavanaugh the new Proctor. As for Reverend Paris, Senator Feinstein will do that role with great aplomb.

    Three hundred years, and the United States of America is once again en-ravaged by the rantings of embittered girls that have been unable to grow up and deal with their own emotional short-comings. No wonder Ford is a psychologist, she’s certifiably nuts!

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  51. @Clyde

    I love those guys. As far as I’m concerned, “Deacon Blues” is the state song of Alabama.

  52. Kavanaugh hearings are just another episode of bad political theater.

    Like professional wrestlers, Republicans pretend to fight-but a Flake or someone like him, always appears in the nick of time, to save the day for the left.

    No border wall.

    No money even appropriated for border wall.

    No repeal of Obama care.

    No end to the mid east follies.

    There should be an enthusiasm gap.

    • Agree: densa
  53. @Desert Fox

    One more thing, Christine Balsey Ford and her father are all CIA, check it out, he father Ralph G. Balsey Jr. and her brother are all CIA.

  54. MEH 0910 says:

    Score one for hysterical harpies, score zero for the dignity of Senatorial process.

    The hysterical harpies were certainly pleased with themselves when they got the result they wanted.

  55. Anonymous [AKA "Third Fiddle"] says:

    Nicephorus, next time you post an essay in the guise of a comment, please plant a warning flag at the top so we can get out before going over Niagara Falls.

    • Replies: @Anon
  56. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    Who is this racist criminal who writes here and protects the RAPISTS

    You master, a Jewish Mafia member and servant is a RAPIST. FBI is a criminal organization where always protect the criminals, terrorists and thieves are called ELITE. FBI frames the innocent and protect the criminal rapists such as your masters, if anyone knows the history. The criminal history of FBI is known to everyone including criminal and terrorist rapists who rule America.

    Only Americans who are not part of large population of dummies can topple these criminals and take over.
    Burn them down now or you have to be destroyed to save humanity.

    DR. Ford is a credible witness who in 2012 has given the name of her RAPIST, Kavanaugh, to her trapist. This was 2012 not 2018 dummies.

    The world is fed up with the curropt, racist, criminals and mass murderers jewish mafia who rules the world. Must be destroyed now.

  57. @anon

    I know all of this woman-howling is covering up his role in the Vince Foster ‘suicide’ making him a George HW Bush CIA (Iran-Contra, cocaine trafficking) lap-dog. Oh, and he ruled the USA can kidnap American citizens abroad and hold them at black sites…

    ^ it’s amazing what’s still out there despite internet gatekeeping more and more everyday –

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  58. @Anonymous

    You don’t have a creative insults instinct, here’s a lesson in how to write:


  59. schrub says:

    Re: comment by Nicephorus

    Absolutely brilliant. Possibly the most profound, revealing, and intriguing comment I have ever read.

    Ron, please sign this guy/gal up ASAP as a contributor.

    • Replies: @Dorian
  60. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane died last night. How I loved that band White Rabbit and the other songs First heard them at Longshoremen’s Hall in San Francisco

  61. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Probably not maybe.

    Bay Area is full of illegal and legal in law apts And that’s Sulicon Valley where 2,000 sq ft houses have 2o Asians or Indians living in them. I read that it was another living room door which is insane. Front doors either open into the living room or a few feet away from the living room. So who needs 2?

    Whatever room, the door was such a mess they ended up in counseling .

    • Replies: @Clyde
  62. @Deschutes

    It is all about women’s right to choose.
    And women in reality has a choice. And the choice is to become a whore, or to become decent woman and mother.
    Abortion is contempt of God. And I do not thing God likes that act.

  63. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Gravitas who cares they all turn liberal as soon as they get on the court. Remember White man, he represents us all and they’d like to do to every one of us what they’re doing to him.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  64. @anon

    You say, “No one can ever outcon the Jews.” To which I say, only a diamond can cut a diamond and the antidote to poison is poison.

    • Replies: @Neuday
  65. MarkinLA says:

    Speaking about adolescent

    • Replies: @Deschutes
  66. @Deschutes

    Ah, ah, the main issue here is not where Kavanaugh will stand on abortion laws but whether the campaign of slander against him could have any possible truth. The way I see it, a woman over 50 years old goes on the stand, tries to put on the helpless cute little girl act complete with a six-year old’s lisp, and pretends to have traumatic memories of something she claims happened over 35 years ago. Well, where on earth was she all these years? She ended up with a Ph.D. in psychology so she could not have been ignorant of laws and remedies surrounding rape and attempted rape through her years in university. Where was her “great courage” all these years? A tad too much of a coincidence this, her finding her memories and courage right on the eve of Kavanaugh’s proposed appointment. Kavanaugh may or may not be a good choice for the Supreme Court; opinions can differ legitimately. But putting him on a show-trial where he comes out looking unclean no matter what is a travesty of natural justice and a grave injury to common decency and common sense.

  67. EdwardM says:

    Maybe somebody will explain to me why Flake needed Kavanaugh’s scalp.

    Two reasons:

    (1) A nice f-u to Trump. This is inconsistent with the principles of any conservative for whom the Supreme Court is a paramount issue regardless of any personal feelings about the nominator or nominee, but of course that apparent contradiction answers itself.

    (2) Tried-and-true grandstanding to obtain the admiration of the MSM and left. Of course this never works for very long, but Republicans keep trying. Flake has to prepare for his post-Congress career, possibly another run for office as an independent, or at least various sinecures that are available only to those in polite society. Maybe his “best friend” Sen. Coons even offered him something tangible in this regard.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  68. JC says:

    interesting that his writer never mentioned the jews at all yet there are comments here going after jews for the no respect for the US attitude or soemthing like that…some state that the jews hate trump…why how.. he has given their homeland everything and then some…how do jews hate trump..trump os surrounded b jews and jew first americans…how do the jews hate trump

  69. anarchyst says:

    YOU are a prime example of a harridan, along with most women who should have never been given suffrage (that’s the vote).
    “Barefoot and pregnant” was the custom for a long time, with good reason.
    Feminism has destroyed the family structure.

    • Replies: @Deschutes
  70. @anon

    I hereby claim that the smart-looking Asian guy with the glasses is mesmerized by the rump of the Asian lady with the green shirt who is attempting to vault over the riotous jumble of politicians and into the end zone for a touchdown.

    I also hereby claim that the smart-looking Asian guy enjoying the sight of the green-shirted Asian lady’s rump is engaging in business much more profitable to his life than slugging it out with other politicians. That’s unless they really deserve it, of course.

  71. Iberiano says:

    With more to come…this is just the beginning (similar to the actual Salem witch accounts, which grew over time)

    “A Seattle woman who said she was inspired by the televised hearing into the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has accused a Washington state senator of raping her 11 years ago.”

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
    , @Dorian
  72. El Dato says:

    Go watch some Stallone movie u so tough silly internet warrior.

    You probably have half the IQ of Kav where you come from dissing him fool.

  73. It’s nice that Senator Graham has found his high dudgeon at last. Now that he’s found it, though, how long will it be before he turns it against immigration patriots?

    I asked Lindsey Graham a question about national identity and foreign policy at a New Hampshire presidential primary town hall in 2015.

    Charles Pewitt to Lindsey Graham:

    How do you see this nation?

    Do you see it as a British Protestant nation? A European Christian nation?

    The Neo-Cons see it as some kind of a multicultural proposition nation, an ideological nation, if you will.

    How do you see the United States of America, and what do you think we are fighting for as a nation?

    Lindsey Graham:

    America to me is an idea.

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  74. wayfarer says:

    Subject: “Dawn of a new World-Wide-Web”

    “Tim Berners-Lee’s radical new plan to upend the WWW” ( )

    “Father of the WWW invents decentralized platform …”

    “Disrupt FACEBOOKGOOGLE business models …”

    Inrupt ( )

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
    – Siddhartha Gautama.

  75. Dorian says:

    Regarding Nicephorus and Reality!:

    As Nicephorus pointed out during the 80/90s there was quite an uproar about these women (and even some men!) regarding these false memories. In fact, it is now known as False Memory Syndrome (FMS). Note to Nicephorus there is nothing Recurring about it, once these women have been forced to deal with the facts, magically their ailments tend to disappear!

    Referring to Wikipedia (I know, doing so, is about as bad as believing Ford), FSM is stated as “False memory syndrome is a condition in which a person’s identity and interpersonal relationships center on a memory of a traumatic experience that is objectively false but that the person strongly believes occurred.” Nota bene: traumatic experiences that are “objectively false”, that means there is nothing recurring about them, when they are false to begin with, ergo, they are made up, created, imagined. That means, the person suffering form FMS is suffering from a psychosomatic disorder; meaning the person is clearly incapable self-identifying with her psychosis and finds it easier to create falsehoods so as not face her inabilities to deal with life. This is something that everyone has to deal with when they are children. Most people grow up and learn to deal with life’s travails, but we now see more and more people not being brought up well enough to deal with life.

    This period during the 80/90s was not helped by the preposterous psycho-analyst community with their over the top evaluations and clinical assessments of the would be suffers of sexual abuse. The outrageous claims and false accusations that were made, not by just a host of women, but their so called professional and experts reached the same levels of sanctimoniousness as we see today with Kavanaugh.

    And what happened in the end? These women including their doctors, some of them world experts in psychoanalysis were made out to be a bunch of loonie toons or out right crooks! It was all a bunch of hog-wash. Many men were sent to ruin with these outrageous claims by experts supporting their truly delusional and psychotically (note I wrote psychotically not psychologically!) ailing women.

    Nicephorus would like to play apologist by using greater than required sophisticated causes for this horrible period in psychiatry. When in fact, there are plenty of simpler reasons to explain what was happening then and now, and they don’t need a Ph.D in psychiatry or psycho-analysis which is by the way founded and grounded in NON science, it is all conjecture and opinion. I prefer the facts and evidence, like in a court of law. Let me continue…

    This whole episode of Ford and the delusion of these 80/90s women – as they were truly many times, shown to be mischievously delusional, as PROVEN BY MANY court cases of the time, with I might add, many of these so called experts supporting their skulduggerish female patients and ending up by going to prison- can be explained that these women were just disgruntled and bitter of their lives and they just found it easier to believe that they were just victims of crimes perpetrated upon themselves than to deal with the reality that the rest of us have to deal with every single day of our lives, that life can truly suck!

    Yep that’s right folks. People can lie, cheat and throw a tantrum all because they are unhappy with their lives. Why are they unhappy? Well blame the failing way parents are bring up their children today. Take a look at how so many young people today are so indignant and self-righteous about themselves. The problem here is not about “rape” or “sexual harassment” perpetrated by men. Yes these things happen, but not to the level that the would be wobabies (woman babies) would like society to believe. The problem is quite simple, like Abigail Williams in Salem during the end the 17th century, she threw fit that she didn’t get what she wanted and so doubled/quadrupled down on alleging witchery on John Proctor.

    This entire Kavanaugh saga is just about cry babies who can’t deal with life, and they need to blame everyone else for their own lack of self-awareness and inability to live life the way Life has bestowed upon them.

    There is no crime here. Ford is either psychotic or being paid by someone (as it has been mentioned that her family is CIA) or that she bares a grudge against Kavanaugh. I understand that Kavanaugh’s mother, who was a judge too, actually presided over the bitter divorce of Ford’s parents and there may well be some pay back going on here. Yes that’s right, Ford is acting out of revenge.

    So Schrub I would be very circumspect about reading things like Nicephorus wrote, they are obviously written with a certain apologistic and professional slant. When you look at the facts, like they did in the 80/90s and look more closely to Ford’s background, you will find more reasonable and clearly more fundamental and natural reasons for this entire débâcle.

    Just watch, when Kavanaugh is appointed, and he will be, the Democrats will drop Ford like a hot potato. It will be Ford who?

    Brett Kavanaugh is just John Proctor of 2018. The only injustice that is occurring right now, is that these hysterical failing women are looking for attention, when in reality they deserve a spanking!

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anarchyst
  76. El Dato says:

    She reminded me of Samantha Power, the one suffering for us on TV as she uses her Responsibility To Protect subscription to lay waste on whatever is currently the Death Star.

  77. bjondo says:

    have that Trump train
    take those senators
    straight to Guantanamo.
    Don’t forget flake.
    Get mccain’s dried carcass.
    Dump it outside America.

  78. I hereby claim that Lindsey Graham and Larry Kudlow are horrible whores for the GOP Cheap Labor Faction. Both Lindsey Graham and Larry Kudlow push wage-reducing open borders mass immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    I also strongly suggest that Larry Kudlow and Lindsey Graham were big backers of the Iraq War debacle.

    Larry Kudlow and Lindsey Graham both push sovereignty-sapping trade deal scams.

    Larry Kudlow has no memory whatsoever of any guest ever at his house. Is Larry Kudlow a ruling class louse?

    Trump brought on board his ship of state all sorts of louts such as Larry Kudlow, Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin, Nikki Haley, John Bolton and many other no good bastards. Trump invited the swamp into the White House.

    Tweets from 2015:

  79. El Dato says:

    Great writing.

    Always remember the equally lurid “recovered memories” of UFO abduction survivors. It’s the same mush pulled out and reinjected into the hippocampus only in a form that is even harder to swallow.

    One would think Psychologist Ford, who apparently needs one herself (a shrink, that is) would have some self-awareness about. Apparently not.

    Unless it’s really all about renting out her bedroom illegally.

    • Replies: @james charles
  80. The FBI is about to investigate something that didn’t happen somplace on some uncertain day in 1982 to see if someone did something that contradicts a large body of evidence that shows this would be totally out of character. This is considered rational thought in the public space!

    I’m sorry you could not account for Graham’s outburst. I thought it the only honest thing any of the Senators did. It makies me think less of you that you didn’t see the outrage of the whole presumption that this could even be discussed.

    And no I don’t believe that preposterous Blasey operative. She and her whole family work for the CIA.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  81. Art Deco says:

    Disagree. This is an F-U to the Republican base in Arizona. His fundraising campaign to fight a Republican primary in Arizona failed and (I’m reliably told) Republican voters were leaving scathing insults on the Facebook page he’d set up. He’s in the soup because he hasn’t the training or experience to practice law or work in business. One might also guess that he’s ticked-off people on Capitol Hill as well, which damages his marketability to K Street. Gary Condit was trying to earn a living after 2002 running a Baskin & Robbins franchise. Flake may be in a rage that that’s where he’s headed

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  82. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Reason Dr Fraud sat behind his patient with pen and notebook was that he wrote his books while listening to the patient rambling on. So Dr Fraud wrote his books while being paid by the patient.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  83. @Iberiano

    With more to come…this is just the beginning (similar to the actual Salem witch accounts, which grew over time)

    How come the guys in the Southern and mid-Atlantic colonies didn’t feel the need to accuse raucous women of being witches in order to get them back to their senses?

    Hackett Fischer readers might say the colonists and settlers came from different parts of England and different parts of England treated women differently.

    I can imagine Southern or mid-Atlantic colonial men would tell the misbehaving women to knock off the nonsense or they might tell the women to stop bothering them while they’re drinking ale.

    You don’t go overboard and accuse women of being witches just because the uproarious broads are getting on your nerves.

    Hillary Clinton is too evil to be a witch, she is a demon sent from Hell to destroy us, men and women alike.

    • Replies: @Anon
  84. Iberiano says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    I almost thought that was a rehearsal for one of those one-man plays, off broadway.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  85. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    Lincoln had nothing to do with it. Judicial supremacy began in 1804 with Marbury VS Madison. President Madison caved to the satanic supreme scumbags.

    I gather you don’t like Lincoln. But he was the only President who ever successfully defied the Supreme Court. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus for the duration of the civil war.

    The court ruled to re establish habeas corpus. Lincoln refused and the supremes couldn’t do anything about it.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @MarkinLA
  86. choking up when he talked about his daughter praying for Dr Ford

    I am sure she was praying for her to go to hell.

  87. “Goodwhites are fighting a fierce rearguard action, though.” Derbyshire, just a reminder, you’re not a good white. You imported a Chinese woman and now this woman and your Chinese daughter vote for Democrats. Whom do they believe in this Kavanaugh kerfuffle?

    Also, you have to start writing about all the Chinese spies being caught stealing our technology.

    Your son is in the military. Whose side is he on?

    How about dealing with Chinese birth tourism?

    • Agree: Liza
  88. Deschutes says:

    @afadfa – your maturity, decency, and especially your keen intellect on the topic at hand are noted. Next….

  89. Dorian says:

    Thank you Iberiano for pointing out that story.

    Just a few words on the inference your comment.

    We are today entering a very precarious time. Where women, all because they are W O M E N, they can make any allegation about a man it must be taken seriously. Seriously and with WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE.

    Iberiano, you seem to be a reasonable person. So I will spare you what will I fear what will happen next. For anyone with common sense can see that.

    But what will society be like 50 years from now? I posit:

    – Man and women will now have to be chaperoned when they are together when they meet (hmm…I do believe Islam has that covered).

    – Man and women will not be allowed to be in the same room together (for you never know what could happen, right!) (Hmm… I do believe that Islam has that covered too!)

    – Men will no longer be able to look lustfully at a women, that could be construed as assault! (Hmmm…women will have to dress less provocatively – wow – Islam has that covered too…it appears there is a trend here!

    You can see where I am going with this, can’t you Iberiano?

    The West (America at this point, mainly) is heading towards back to Puritanism again. I think the Amish see a renaissance coming.

    This renewed Salem Psychosis that is now reoccurring can really sow the seeds of destruction. Men will think twice, thrice and more, before they ask a woman out, or even their hand in marriage.

    If Ford is the embodiment of what women supposedly see as noble, God help us men!

    • Agree: anarchyst
  90. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Germany the Lutheran parts was the worst in burning witches. It wasn’t the region in Britain they came from but the wannabe Jew Puritan religion. They were just following the Jewish law

    “ thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

    • Replies: @Iberiano
    , @Anonymous
  91. Deschutes says:

    Nothing like name calling when you don’t have any actual arguments at hand.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  92. Deschutes says:

    LOL you thought I was female. Project much? Epic fail dude.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @attilathehen
  93. Stick says:

    I saw her as Mrs. Magoo. Quite the ditz with greasy glasses perched midway on her nose.

  94. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    Please keep your sexual fantasies of disciplining misbehaving women to yourself.

    These witches didn’t recover any memories. They just made the whole thing up. It’s a conscious part of the conspiracy to destroy Trump and his surrogate Kavanaugh.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  95. KenH says:

    It’s the Jews, stupid, but as usual Derb is too afraid to utter their name. Geezers also scrupulously observe the strictures against anti-semitism and noticing the guiding Jewish hands behind many major political events. It’s much safer to pretend that we’ve inexplicably gone insane and that’s it’s all occurring in a vacuum.

    The circus and anti-white male hysteria surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation is a symptom of Jewish control of the media and their heavy influence in politics as well as the racial diversity they promote and support. The biggest disruptors and saboteurs of the initial confirmation proceedings had third world or Jewish lineage (Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Cohen, Feinstein among others).

    The U.S. political atmosphere would be nowhere near as toxic and divisive without the fake news and political propaganda served up daily by Jew media myrmidons and their goy toadies coupled with the fatal racial diversity that’s been forced on this nation.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  96. Art says:

    The Trump Fox outsmarted the clucking Dem chickens.

    The cackling Dem chickens screeched “give us an FBI investigation” over and over and over. They put all their eggs in that one basket.

    So Trump the Fox – is giving them a short investigation – that will reveal NOTHING.

    The aftermath is that the hens in the pen will still be cackling – but nobody will listen to them.

    Think Peace — Art

  97. @Iberiano

    I almost thought that was a rehearsal for one of those one-man plays, off broadway.

    Off Broadway? Off Manhattan Island. On a barge in New York Harbor.

  98. Iberiano says:

    The Northeastern US was Anglo in nature/culture, while the Tidewater and Coastal areas of NC and SC were Saxon, and/or Saxon-Celt, sometimes mixed with the long-suffering Huguenots (particularly eastern VA outside of the Tidewater, and again in Charleston, SC)–the latter ethnics being much less given to extremism in religion and social mores.

    Saxons were also more warlike and feudal, and while their close neighbors (Scots-Irish) were much more individualist (natural libertarians), they were less likely to accept an Anglo framework to their culture-especially given the history back on the Island(s). The Nordics are much more like the Anglos, at least as expressed in the US culture as the overlay (see Wisconsin, Minn, etc). Meanwhile, the Latin French and Spanish of Louisiana/Tx and Coast Miss/Alabama, were too busy race mixing and drinking to care.

    That’s America’s culture up to about 1850.

  99. Jones is circulating what many may call a conspiracy theory that Ford’s father is a previous CIA operative and a heavy-weight in arranging many avenues for the CIA to launder illicit money. He implies that this was a classic CIA op.

    He doesn’t say so directly in anything I’ve read, although I don’t read everything he writes or listen to everything he says. But he clearly implies this.

    Trump is at war with the IC. So, it’s not unimaginable that such a thing is happening.

  100. Mr. Anon says:

    The Democrats, who are a criminal party, must have coached her and offered her a few 100K under the table, disguised as speaking fees, or scholarship, for manufacturing this racket.

    It isn’t under the table – it’s over it. She has a couple of GoFundMe accounts that have already racked up $ 700,000. Of course, the 6-7 figure book deal will follow.

    • Agree: densa
    • Replies: @Rob McX
  101. Mr. Anon says:

    The way I get it Flake is retiring at the end of the year. So why not derail his party’s Supreme Court Nominee on his way out?

    Flake will probably go on to be a lobbyist – they all do. He will trade on his connection to his former collegues in the Senate, especially the Republican ones.

    If the GOP were serious about smash-mouth politics, they could tell Flake this: You vote for Kavanaugh, you prick, or you and all your staffers – we’ve made a list – will be persona-non-grata in our offices for the rest of your natural life. Our doors will be closed to you. Your market value as a lobbyist will be quite a bit less than you thought it would be.

    That’s what the GOP would do if a.) they were smart, and b.) they weren’t mostly a bunch of corrupt hacks. Of course, a.) they aren’t, and b.) they are.

  102. Mr. Anon says:

    So that was the situation pre-hearings. The Tutsis (Goodwhite Democrats) were still fired up by hatred of Trump and indignation at Mrs. Clinton’s losing in 2016—unfairly, they are sure. The Hutus (aka Deplorables) were discontented, their 2016 passion deflated by the President’s failure to move us any real distance away from invade-the-world, invite-the-world neoconnery.

    Other way ’round. We are the Tutsis.

  103. TheOldOne says:

    The whole thing was sickening–the mob behavior of the Dems and the gutlessness of the Repukes; I’m more than ever convinced that USA needs to divide into 2 or more parts.

    BTW, I’m a Southern white male who’s NOT a southern nationalist; southerners were responsible for bringing Negros into North America; I know, Yankees, Jews and other Negros in western Africa took part, but still southerners were willing to be involved and to profit from this horror.

    Negros should have been left alone in Africa.

    Also, Zionism is much stronger in Dixie than in any other region of the US.

  104. anarchyst says:

    I see my hasbara troll friend is still spouting off…

  105. bj says:

    Thank you for presenting Recovered (False) Memory Syndrome’s origins and significance in the current witch hunt unfolding in American politics and society. Excellent!

    The Frankfort School continues Dr. Freud’s pseudo science attack on Christian family traditions. E Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald discuss the influence of the Frankfort School Jews on initiating the sexual revolution and dissolution of Christian life, as a necessary precondition for the ascendancy of Jewish political and cultural power in the United States.

    The Goy Guide To World History

  106. MarkinLA says:
    @Art Deco

    I think his family has a lot of land in Arizona and is in farming or ranching or both. I vaguely remember in one of his stories to support illegal immigration him mentioning a boyhood illegal alien friend.

    Of course, his wife may have gotten used to DC parties and she doesn’t want to go back.

  107. anarchyst says:

    Even today, the court can render its “opinions”, but still lacks the “legal muscle” to enforce them. In fact, congress can limit the scope of the court’s power, but rarely does…
    The court has rendered its opinion….now let them enforce it.

  108. @Deschutes

    anarchyst has a lot of problems. He’s a Roman Catholic who accepts black/Asian priests-popes. He criticizes women but can’t see what a cowardly cuck he is.

    As to Derbyshire being a racist, please see my comment no. 88. Derbyshire is just a degenerate. He has no idea about what he believes. I don’t understand why he keeps scribbling his nonsense. It seems that he’s trying to preserve a place for his Chinese family in the West once he drops dead.

    Sessions has a daughter who married a Korean and has Korean offspring. His biggest fear is to be called a racist.

    These cucks are beyond the neo-con category. They are cucked because of the Asians in their families.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Anon
  109. MarkinLA says:

    It’s funny that you mentioned that because I was responding to YOUR completely ad hominem post with no real arguments just baseless assertions. I thought you would be smart enough to see that, but you weren’t.

    • Replies: @Deschutes
  110. Skeptikal says:

    Nutty,racist nonsense.

  111. Neuday says:
    @Spartoi Dragon

    Another antidote to poison is an emetic, the method used by 109 countries to answer the JQ. It would be quite a healthy response for the US to be number 110.

  112. MarkinLA says:

    Andrew Jackson was the first in an issue relating to missionaries living with Indians.

    • Replies: @Alden
  113. bj says:

    I am concerned about dysfunction and incivility in American culture and politics. The historical parallel is American social and political polarization in the decades prior to the American Civil War. It is conceivable martial law and military power will resolve the conflict and contradictions not reconciled by rule of law and politics. This topic was raised when Senator Lindsey Graham questioned Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the confirmation hearings.

    Senator Lindsey Graham Questions Brett Kavanaugh Military Law vs Criminal Law.

  114. MarkinLA says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Yeah, find somebody in the federal judiciary who would be any different? Rand Paul doesn’t have a law degree.

  115. KenH says:

    Who, whom indeed. That’s what it’s come to and that’s how Jews in the diaspora operate and gain control over host nations using 20th century template of communist subversion, agitation and revolution although in the West it operates under different banners like civil rights and social justice. It should be noted that Lenin was no less than a quarter Jewish and held Jews in high esteem.,8599,2077413,00.html

    This is why the brown shirts formed in Germany to combat the murderous red guards using the same terror tactics against them as the reds were using on their non-communist opposition. You fight terror with terror. The German conservatives certainly had no answer and were about as useless as the today’s American conservatives who believe utopia is possible with enough tax cuts and economic wonkery.

    Trump talks a good game, but he’s visibly failing at the one thing above all a President needs to succeed at: getting Congress to turn his proposals into legislation.

    Trump billed himself as the greatest negotiator the country has ever seen and someone who could bend Congress to his will. Color me unimpressed thus far.

  116. Ron Unz says:

    Well, I’ll have to admit I haven’t been following the controversy very closely, but I have a couple of questions for those who have…

    First off, that if the incident did occur, the precise details of what did or did not happen may have easily gotten garbled in memory during the preceding 35+ years, especially considering that all the participants were totally drunken teenagers at the time.

    However, that being said, I tend to find the Ford woman’s general account much more credible. After all, if we take into account the factor of drunken teenage recollections getting exaggerated during 35 years, what she’s describing probably happened at lots and lots of drunken teenage parties at the time. It’s not like she’s claiming that Kavanaugh actually raped or beat her.

    Second, although polygraphs aren’t totally reliable, my impression is that they’re much better than nothing, and supposedly she passed hers. I’d be very, very interesting in the results of a similar polygraph test of Kavanaugh or his friend Mike Judge, asking them about whether the “general” incident happened, without focusing on the precise details.

  117. anarchyst says:

    Let’s look at a few “witch hunts” of the late last century, where both men’s and women’s lives were destroyed.
    The infamous California “McMartin School scandal” where young children were “coached” into making declarations of abuse utilizing the failed and false concept of “recovered memory syndrome”. In fact, all of the allegations were false, but the therapists and officials still declared that “children don’t lie”, despite proof that the children were rewarded for saying what the therapists wanted to hear. These children were badgered when under questioning, and then rewarded when their answers matched the false suppositions of the therapists. The claims of the children were so preposterous as well as the claims that the times and dates where these actions took place were impossible, A number of innocent people did “hard time” for that one.
    The Wenatchee Washington day-care scandal was another example of judicial malpractice. A vindictive detective took it upon himself to find “proof” of abuse, using the same techniques as was done in the McMartin case. A number of innocent individuals also endured imprisonment as a result.
    In both cases, there was not enough time in the day for abuse to have taken place, no individual private time with the children, as well as the impossibility of the grotesque situations that were “coached” by these “professionals”.
    In both cases, children were taken from their parents and put into foster care, at the behest of these witch-hunting professionals.
    We are witnessing the same witch hunting today…only against men…

    • Replies: @Anon
  118. I don’t believe a word out of Christine Ford’s canker sore-infested gob……I believe Kavanaugh is completely innocent…

    Now, that I have gotten this out of the way….I want to stay a few things about “Alpha” male Richard Spencer…..whose tweets about this whole incident I have been reading. Just what exactly is an “Alpha” male Richard? You seem to think that Working Class Women who have to work should submit to them in the workplace…Should their “Beta” husbands accept this?….or should they murder the so called “Alpha” males……correct if I am wrong about this……But this is what you are saying(they must submit…it’s the natural order of things!!!!)…And as an Alt Righter….I find this very creepy about you…….

    To make a long story short….Spencer’s obsession with IQ test scores leads him to his creepy twitter tweets about Alpha and beta males and the Kavanaugh hearings…….Was the Rockefeller Family the Alpha Male hierarchy “providentially” ordained retroactively by IQ test score psychometrics?…..Did Alpha Male Old Man Rockefeller have a divine right to murder all those beta working class White Males at Ludlow…….?

  119. John

    If you read the recent post by Terence Tao about the paper published in the New York Mathematics Journal………..yes that was my comment…..two below the Lubos Motl comment….one below Igor Riven’s comment…….I consider all the growing downvotes quite enjoyable…….just knowing how much I pissed them all off…..

    • Replies: @Paul Yarbles
  120. bjondo says:
    @Ron Unz

    To me this current sordid event akin to 6medical specialists and media discussing a long dead hang nail with the world watching and laughing.

  121. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:

    I analyzed the decline of civility, esp. in the Senate, in rather similar terms in an essay comparing the 60s as seen by the writers of Mad Men, versus the 60s presented by the film Advise and Consent (1962) in this essay:

    which is also reprinted in my collection The End of An Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility (Counter-Currents, 2016)

  122. MarkinLA says:
    @Ron Unz

    If she believes her own story she passes the polygraph – whether it happened or not. The only independent witness is her friend who says she didn’t even know Kavanaugh and knows nothing about this.

    my impression is that they’re much better than nothing,

    Absolutely wrong if you are telling the truth and are the accused in something so emotionally charged. All it does is check your bodily responses. Then you have the interpreter of the results. You could fail it for many reasons that have nothing to do with lying and you would be screwed.

  123. Smash-mouth……
    Would be nice to see pages from Cathy O’Brien’s book Transformation of America
    printed large at a Congressional hearing…
    where Senator Leahy is portrayed as a serial rapist!

  124. @Anon

    Dr, Freud all through his lifetime had only eight (8) post menopausal Jewish women patients.
    He discovered the famous PENIS ENVY.
    Extremely significant.
    On the basis of discoveries by Dr Freud Jewish Rabbis formulated the feminist movements as a tool for destruction of Goym societies.
    (But than you probably knew this.)

    • Replies: @Respect
  125. Ahoy says:

    Washington, D.C. is deceitful and hypocrital. The stain in the dress of the Oval Office incident was no hamburger, but a teen age fraternity party thirty five years ago, where nobody remembers what took place, is a crime of capital offence. Enough of this Zionist twisting of the reality around and brainwashing the American people.

    Another thing, since when the truth must be protected by layers of laws with the danger you end up in jail if you have different opinion about the protected truth. Could it be that the protected truth (Holocaust) is really Holohaux? The case of Ursula Haverbeck is telling. She was driven to jail in Berlin, a few months ago because she had different opinion. She was 85 years old.

    Pillars of the political crowd in D.C. and of the Zion family did not go to Vietnam. One of them wrote in his year book -Why go to war that we were going to lose?- America either wakes up and liberates itself from a hard communist occupation or it will end up a third world country.

  126. bro3886 says:

    “we shall be heading down towards Third World-style gangster politics.”

    Third-world population > third-world country. America is already gone, it’s ridiculous to pine for the return of the dead.

    Ford is a liberal college professor, that literally means she is a pathological liar. You can’t hold that job and be anywhere near truthful, anymore than you can be decent and in the Mafia. There’s also a go fund me page that is approaching a cool million – pretty good wages for one little kiss.

  127. MarkinLA says:
    @Ron Unz

    Do you find it strange that everything is so seemingly professionally (as in a team of lawyers) manicured such that nothing she says is falsifiable?

    • Replies: @Inquiring Mind
  128. @Ron Unz

    Kavanaugh’s roommate from college stated he was “frequently, incoherently, drunk.” One would think (setting aside all the other issues) a bare minimum requirement for a lifetime appointment to the most powerful judicial body in the USA should require someone who’d been serious about college.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  129. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Please keep your sexual fantasies of disciplining misbehaving women to yourself.

    Huh? Did you actually, like, read the post?

  130. I am a little uncorfortable with Derb’s Hutu-Tutsi dichotomy.

    The Hutu, after all, tried to genocide the Tutsi with machetes. But they didn’t kill them all, and the smarter and better organized Tutsi eventually re-took control of their sh*thole country.

    Is that the metaphor we want for current times America?

  131. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, the “burning witches” part was just the same as enjoying a good gore movie on DVD: pure self-gratification by blood pornography. Pretty sure these guys jerked off behind their pulpits. God has a special box reserved for such animals.

    Meanwhile can you point to some Jewish law talking about witches?

  132. What we saw was a group of monkeys throwing feces and howling to get what they want.

    Lying whore accusses nominee?
    How about (((femi ism))) doing what it was intended to.
    Name the Jew Derb.
    They are our enemies, might as well say so instead of walking on eggshells.

    Their is a generation of White children being raised in a very hostile environment. They see this for what it is. They are already naming the Jew. When Tel-Aviv has a room of people online that is a sign of losing a. Battle for Minds.

    The days of compliance are ending. Hating whitey is out in the open. Whitey is responding. One notable response is Contempt for cat lady Ford and naming the jew.

  133. anon[112] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Ron….Think harder. First…the entire process is cynical. 45 Dems were going to vote against him regardless, This is all about peeling off a handful of votes.

    Its about black balling a SC nominee because something might have happened. Of course those 45 Dems could care less why they vote against him.

    The Polygraph, to the extent it means anything, can only test if she believes it happened, And it was administered as paid for by her Lawyers.

    As far as drinking, it is a tactic to increase FUD. If he ever drank to the extent his memory was ever hazy, he ‘could’ve done anything and not remember it.

    Finally, she volunteered herself. Its not like she was was identified as someone that was in Kavanaugh’s circle. She may never have met him.

    Finally, why was it so traumatic? Because he laughed? It is not unlikely that someone that fought off a drunken groping would actually felt empowered.

    Rape is now a social construct entirely defined by women. Its their right to enjoy BSDM like that promoted in 50 Shades of Gray but more extreme. Yet it is weaponized. Its like being a commie or homo in the 1950s. Now 1950s commies and homos are celebrated. Traditional definitions of rape were stranger rape and it was a potential capital crime. Its been conflated to include what would have been considered bad manners.

    In the Court System, there are enough due process safeguards to have forced College officials to set up their alternative adjudication procedures.

  134. El Dato says:
    @The Cleaner

    The FBI is about to investigate something that didn’t happen somplace on some uncertain day in 1982 to see if someone did something that contradicts a large body of evidence that shows this would be totally out of character. This is considered rational thought in the public space!

    Ah, somebody noticed.

    Plus, it’s the FBI. “You wanted miracles. I give you the F.B.I.”

    Maybe they will come up with something. I hear Kav’s diary contains a day that’s sufficiently unconstrained by into which “this event” may be pressed.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  135. Dan Good says:

    When the allegations were made, Kavanaugh knew whether they were true or not. If they were not true, there would be no need to panic. He would simply deny and ask for an investigation. But he did not do this. Instead he panicked. He raged. He pleaded. In a word he made a fool of himself. The worst of all was his Fox News interview. Since when does a judge volunteer for a TV journalistic court, as if this were a court that was going to exonerate him? For a judge this was most peculiar. The next day, when the accuser actually got her day in the hearings room, he does not even listen to her. He has to prepare his presentation – ie do his homework as he always diligently did throughout his life. Sorry to disagree with virtually all comments here but Kavanaugh self-destructed by his totally inappropriate wildly incoherently emotional reaction. No one wants to call him a liar, but he sure looked like one. So let’s just say he does not have the temperament for the job. End of story.

    • Agree: renfro
    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @anon
    , @Hibernian
  136. @Ron Unz

    Sorry Ron the only people who believe polygraphs work is the industry trying to sell them. Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer passed them. So did Aldrich Ames our own Russian Mole spy. If a person believes something then her vitals like Ford may be in a certain range not to make the examiner find anything out of the ordinary. The polygraph theoretically measures the autonomic system response. Any nervousness, stress, blood pressure etc. can change whether the person is telling the truth or not.. I believe there have been people that have passed the test that claim they were abducted by Aliens and UFOs.

    Ford’s memories have little validity because these therapies often produce false memories and fill in the blank episodes. The Repubs should have asked her if she was on any drug or had taken drugs in the past. How much does she still drink because all of these could influence memories. Instead they became a door mat for the sick Me Too movement. Her memories could also be a form of release for guilt of her drugged laden sexual past which now lets her not blame herself. It was all of those drunken white guys who did it…not me…I am not responsible. Now I feel better.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  137. MarkinLA says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    Yeah, getting a law degree from Yale shows somebody who isn’t serious about college.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Anon
  138. Respect says:

    One of these days feminazi descendants of Pocahontas are going to sue descendants of John Rolfe for rape and racism .

    Only in Amerika , land of the crazy .

  139. MarkinLA says:
    @El Dato

    Yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have shown his calendar. The lawyers are probably feeding her with that date as the one when it happened and she will come back with a new revelation.

    Of course, maybe that is a trap put together by Kavanaugh. When she declares that as the date of her “rape”, Kavanaugh will pull out a dated picture of him on vacation in Hawaii.

  140. Rob McX says:
    @Mr. Anon

    It should cover the cost of that door that appears to have set this whole farce in motion.

    • LOL: The Anti-Gnostic
  141. Virgile says:

    Kavanaug’s hysterical reaction to the commission ( “it is a farce”) is a sign of immaturity not acceptable for a judge, even less at the Supreme court. His agressive denials and his body language were childish and appears more like signs of guilt.
    Whatever the result of the FBI’s inquiry, this man showed that he is certainly not suitable for the job at the Supreme Court.

  142. El Dato says:

    Apart from the fact that he should have just punched them in the face because NO-ONE CARES IF YOU GONE DONE RAPED IT’S YOUR EFFING PROBLEM, GO TO THE POLICE doing a con job on a representative for political gain sounds like a VERY VERY VERY PROSECUTABLE ACTION.

    Anyone who has got enough balls to pick up a phone to a solicitor? For what it’s worth – because Berlin 1920 is at the doors.

  143. anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Freud is a perfect representation of the Jewish obsession with all manners of sexual perversion. The man was seriously F in the head, a total fraud who plied his patients with cocaine and morphine then faked his test results. The only reason he continues to occupy such an exalted position in the field of psychology is because the field is completely dominated by Jews, who will do whatever it takes to prop up their own kind as smartest people alive.

    • Replies: @Alden
  144. FLgeezer says:

    Does anyone among us think that the FBI that has vetted Judge Kavanaugh six times already won’t turn up something on their seventh attempt? After all, DJT has been at war with them nearly since Inauguration Day and Rosenstein is still riding high. The fine, decent, capable, patriotic Judge is sure to take a fall. Weep for America lost.

  145. El Dato says:

    I agree with the 100% Hollywood top-level construction.

  146. Rogue says:
    @Ron Unz

    I haven’t followed the proceedings myself – apart from anything else I’m not American – but one of the blogs I follow is the Irish Savant and he has a short, punchy article about this affair if you’re interested. I find him generally quite reliable – even though he’s obviously quite annoyed in this particular posting, as opposed to his usual more laid-back and witty self.

    From my own point of view, she-said, he-said unsubstantiated stuff from people now in their 50’s, talking about stuff that happened in their mid to late teens, is just plain bonkers. Totalitarian states demand that the accused prove their innocence – I was under the impression that Western jurisprudence found you innocent until proven guilty. So is a mere allegation now considered proof?

    Not a road we’d want to go down, surely. And there’s probably good reasons why polygraph tests aren’t accepted in law courts, as a circa 80% reliability just isn’t good enough.

    • Agree: densa
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  147. @Ron Unz

    Her polygraph exam was a joke. She and her lawyer drafted a vague, one-page statement that does not say “Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape me.”

    The test-giver then asked her exactly one question, in two different ways: (1) Is your statement true? and (2) Did you make it up?

    The theory of polygraph is that confronting a liar and making him speak a specific lie will cause a nervous response whose physical manifestations are detectable.

    Deliberately letting her off the hook from having to speak (or even listen to) the lies she is being asked to affirm seems like a transparent way to avoid triggering her galvanic skin response or other physical indicia of dishonesty.

    In my mind, the fakey nature of the polygraph exam counts against her credibility and not for it.

    P.S. It’s also entirely possible that she failed a prior (more rigorous) exam, and they just threw it away and tried again. Because it is attorney work product they wouldn’t have had to disclose that.

    P.P.S. I wish I knew how to grab and paste a link from my phone, but a copy of her polygraph report with the written statements and examination questions is easily findable online if anyone wants to see it.

  148. anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    I am pro-choice and anti-gun, Kavanaugh is not at all my ideal judge. But truth and fairness is much more important than my personal views on social issues.

    I watched the trial with an open mind, and I came away thinking that the whole thing was a farce, an embarrassment not just to Ford and Kavanaugh, but to all of Congress and the entire country. This is a hearing that never should’ve been in public, it should’ve been in private between the two parties, but Democrats clearly manipulated the situation and wanted to use it to destroy an innocent man whose only crime is harboring certain political views that they disagree with. It is pure evil.

    Ford probably had been groped or worse treated in her youth, partly thanks to her own hard partying lifestyle(according to her yearbook she was a popular cheerleader with a reputation for hard partying and chasing boys), but she’s got the wrong man in Kavanaugh, and her accusations are at least partially politically motivated. All 3 people she named as witnesses, incl. her best friend, swore under oath that such a party never even took place. What she has is a bullshit case.

    As Graham and Ted Cruz, both lawyers, pointed out, people who commit such acts tend to have a trail of such activities, but after 6 FBI background checks, Kavanaugh came out squeaky clean. The man of God swore to God and the whole country that he did not do any of these things, that to me is good enough to attest to his innocence.

    The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for such foul play, they are an embarrassment to the whole country. Honor and integrity no longer matters to the left. They have lost all sense of decency in their quest to hold on to power. The end justifies the means. Flake the idiot needs to go ESAD.

    • Agree: densa
    • Replies: @peterAUS
  149. anon[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dan Good

    Most of us would probably be far more upset if we were wrongly accused by a bunch of crazy women whose only goal was to prevent us from getting that one job we worked our whole lives for.

    I am a woman and I think Ford lied through her teeth while Kavanaugh told the truth, and I don’t even like Kavanaugh’s politics. Not a single witness she named corroborated her story. She came across as someone who had one too many drinks in her life.

    • Replies: @DanGood
  150. Respect says:

    The case of Anna O ( Bertha Pappenheim ) .Diagnosis : Hysteria

    Bertha Pappenhein was the mother of Social Work

    Freud only saw in his life about 100 patients , they were rich , but probably he could not live on them , but his nephew Edward Bernays made a fortune as the father of modern propaganda and public relations in New York using the ideas of uncle Sigmund and helped Freud economically . See documentary of Bernays : the Century of the self


    Freud belonged to the masonic lodge B`nai Brith’s_splendid_isolation

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  151. MBlanc46 says:

    Losing your temper, foaming at the mouth, and screaming. Not terribly self-reflective, are you?

    • Replies: @Deschutes
  152. Allan says:

    and abortion will be made illegal

    Oh, boo hoo. The firmament will fall, and all the world’s dry land will be inundated with floodwaters. Everyone will have to scramble for materials to build an ark or to save enough money for payments to ark builders and ark owners.

    You need to stop being so sanctimoniously humorless. Really, now, stop barking like a junk yard dog. Take a few deep breaths and let your intense rage subside. Think, instead, in terms of opportunity. Recriminalization of unnatural pregnancy termination will motivate women to demand that men bear more of the burden of pregnancy prevention. Don’t you want men to accomodate them??

    Women will resent more than ever the expense, inconvenience, and risks of female birth control drugs, but most men, esp. those in their teens and 20’s will steadfastly refuse to procure a vasectomy. And everyone hates condoms, which are not entirely reliable.

    So, what is the alternative for sharing the responsibility to become artificially sterile during the years of greatest fertility and health? And what products might the pharmaceutical industrial complex be more willing to develop and offer to men in an improved investment environment for selling birth control drugs? Men will remain eager to get laid without impregnating their serially monogamous slut of the moment. How could you oppose something like birth control pills for men? Aren’t you sex positive??

    Nevermind the financial and political benefits which could accrue to the world’s most Chosen tribe. Or to Democrats who understand what’s going on thanks to casual remarks about this or that company, drug, etc. at dinner parties. Those would be only coincidences. Focus, instead, on the benefits to women in a world where men are more motivated to procure and use birth control drugs and where pharmaceutical companies enjoy a significantly reduced risk of their investment in male birth control drugs being unprofitable.

    Surely the new environment would mean also more downward pressure on fertility among white Caucasians, esp. the book smart who, in the past, were married earlier and had larger families. Don’t you want to reduce the reproduction rate of white Caucasians? Don’t you want to undermine “white privilege”?

    Think about all the scientists and technicians who will be needed to develop new birth control drugs and devices for men. A disproportionate number of them will be People of Color. Don’t you think that every person of color deserves an opportunity to work in the field of her or his own chosing?

  153. anon[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    First, what about the testimony of her best friend, who wrote in a sworn testimony that the party never took place, that she does not know Kavanaugh, and had never saw him at any party?

    Second, even if this all did happen, which is a big IF, they were both underage. We’re talking about a bunch of teenagers here. He groped but did not rape her. Who among us have not done stupid things we wish we hadn’t done when we were young and stupid? Judge the man for who he is today, not who he was when he was a kid. There’s a reason why we allow people to expunge their juvenile records when they reach 18.

    This whole trial is a FARCE, an embarrassment to the whole country.

  154. Ron Unz says:

    Well, here’s my impression of a possible “bare-bones” version of the incident…

    At an unsupervised suburban pool party, a couple of drunken teenage football players pulled a girl into a bedroom, pawed at her a little while they were laughing, then let her run away. Since they knew they hadn’t had the slightest intent of gang-raping her, they didn’t regard what happened as being a big deal. However, it’s quite possible that the 15-year-old girl had actually been pretty scared, and she long remembered it.

    Doesn’t she claim she mentioned it to people years before Kavanaugh was nominated for the SC? Didn’t Mike Judge write a whole book about how he had spent years in crude drunken misbehavior? Isn’t he currently hiding so that he can’t be called as a sworn witness?

    Also, isn’t Kavanaugh now claiming he remained a virgin all through HS and college or something like that? Given that he and his friend Judge were drunken jocks and his yearbook was filled with all sorts of crude sexual humor, is that really plausible?

    I suspect that administering official polygraphs to Ford, Kavanaugh, and Judge would soon clear up the facts. We’re not talking about trained spies or anything. And three polygraphs would probably increase the likelihood of a solid result.

    Since I haven’t watched the hearings or paid much attention to the story, maybe some of the above material is just erroneous. But offhand, I think it’s more plausible than claiming this is all part of a CIA plot.

    Whether this is a good test of Supreme Court Justices is entirely a different story…

  155. JonC says:

    I agree, this is a demonstration of raw political power whether Kav is approved or not. Is it coincidence that apparently Feinstein is behind the leaked document, and in the Clarence Thomas case, it was a staff member to Howard Metzenbaum. We need to start looking behind the scenes. I’m hardly a jew basher, but you can’t ignore the truth forever. At this point, they even seem to be broadcasting it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  156. You imbeciles are so unbelievably stupid.

    Let’s hope Kavanaugh gets in. Every woke person favors him.

    Because, if he overturns Roe vs. Wade, that is the end, the utter end for the Republican Party. It will disappear in a few years or less.

    Imbeciles. Republicans love and adore and worship Roe vs. Wade and will never allow it to be overturned.

    You are so so so stupid.

  157. Of course he did it. Just look at him. He looks like he did it. People look like what they are. Look at Dick Cheney.

    But I hope he weathers the storm. Because there is the tiniest hope that they are so stupid, they will let him overturn Roe vs. Wade. And as soon as he does that, we can start the party and dance on the grave the Republican Party.

    If you don’t understand this, don’t comment. You are too stupid to have the right.

  158. Hard to believe that the spectacle this self-pitying, blubbering, sadsack of a man could “enthuse” anyone.

    • Replies: @Alden
  159. @Deschutes

    You don’t understand. The objective viewpoint says, “Get him in there. Get him on the court.” Because, if he gets in, and if he overturns Roe, then the Republican Party is gone forever.

    This is RealPolitik. Most groundlings are constitutionally incapable of understanding it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  160. MarkinLA says:

    Well you do have your Democrat talking points down. Imagine what you would have said if he was quiet and measured. Ah, I’ll just say it for you:

    Anybody who is innocent would have shown more emotion than that. He is clearly guilty and should not be on the court.

  161. @War for Blair Mountain

    Terry Tao is a virtue signaling SJW. Look what he posts at the top of his page. The text of the zeroth amendment! What do you expect from a professor?

    I posted a while ago myself. Same reaction from Tao’s commentariat.

  162. El Dato says:

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid in a Stalinist show trial while a woman affected by the ravages of preternatural fast ageing and with issues rapes your life with bizarre accusations of what happened when you were 17, will you?

  163. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    > let him overturn Roe vs. Wade.

    Do it.

    > And as soon as he does that, we can start the party and dance on the grave the Republican Party.

    DO IT.

    You may be disappointed as it won’t be Democratic Ponyland after that though.

  164. MarkinLA says:
    @Ron Unz

    At an unsupervised suburban pool party, a couple of drunken teenage football players pulled a girl into a bedroom, pawed at her a little while they were laughing, then let her run away.

    It’s more believable if he pretended to be interested in her for a make-out session. I doubt they would just grab somebody they didn’t know. Most girls that age would just laugh it off if there was no serious tit, pelvic, or painful grabbing. She is claiming she was afraid of being raped and in fear of her life. I knew of guys who occasionally randomly hugged girls at parties. The girls just laughed it off.

    How could this be a party when there was so few people anyway?

    Given that he and his friend Judge were drunken jocks and his yearbook was filled with all sorts of crude sexual humor, is that really plausible?

    How many people do you know who claim to have personally been to a Tijuana donkey show?

  165. MarkinLA says:

    You are too stupid to understand Roe vs. Wade just turns abortion back to the states where it would still be legal in places like California and it would be illegal to prosecute somebody from going to California to get an abortion.

  166. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    “Tutsis”. Is that because they’re always “tutting”? Or is it more like “Tootsie”, referencing the prevailing sexuality?

  167. Alden says:

    Interesting that both Thomas and Kavanaugh are Catholics. And Metzenbaun and Feinstein are jews.

    I wonder why the letter wasn’t sent to Kamela Harris former district attorney who actually prosecuted rape cases but only after she determined she and the detectives had solid evidence to file charges

    Like every DA who ever prosecuted a rape case she would have interviewed the victim more than once before the trial. Like every DA and detective she developed an instinct about who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.

    Because of the insane liberalism of the jurors of San Francisco the SF DAs have to work harder and do better than normal to get a conviction.

    And she had a good win record too.

    So why Feinstein?

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Hibernian
    , @Alden
  168. Alden says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    So says the fake macho man who’ be on the first plane out of town as soon as it started.

  169. Alden says:

    How could he possibly overturn Roe vs Wade? And by the way, if he * did the liberals would file a temporary injunction the next day.

    * 9 judges on the court, not just him.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @obwandiyag
  170. This case doesn’t say much for the American mental health system. Here we have a high IQ psychology professor (working in the more technical end of the field) who (it appears) has failed miserably to deal with her own trauma issues and with SJW grooming is projecting her ongoing problems against someone who appears to be totally innocent.

    If trained psychologists can’t deal with their own trauma issues how they supposed to help lay people people with more severe problems?

  171. Alden says:

    I know about that. It didn’t mean much. The Indians holed up in the mountains, and stopped raiding the White farms and stealing live stock.

    So the army left them alone. Compromise. The whole reason for the conflict was farmers vs livestock thieves.

  172. He’s got the job, just as I expected.
    The lying whore has a vodka+therapy fund… Gogrrrl!
    The Democrats have shown they have zero respect for rule of law and due process.
    K will never be the same-no man put through this is-but the SC is better.
    The GOP has seen first hand there is only one way to handle certain people; fuck you no holds barred is all that works.
    America continues to see the Jew: a wrecker, parasite, and saboteur.


  173. MarkinLA says:

    Because there never was a letter or there was one for everybody on Trump’s list.

  174. Allan says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’d be very, very interesting in the results of a similar polygraph test of Kavanaugh or his friend Mike Judge

    Of course you’re interested in that. Polygraphs are useful tools of an amusing fishing expedition, and it’s clearly impossible for an asymmetry to arise in the form of different standards of rigor for the questions asked to accuser, accused, and friends of the accused. What’s not to like about the idea?

    Let’s just ignore that subjecting Kavanaugh and Judge to polygraph tests would have the nice effect also of being another step toward normalizing the sort of jurisprudence which prevails in any energetic despotism with other predictable features like widespread price fixing, ostensibly to control inflation and to help needy laborers. Anyhow, the accused shall be obliged not only to speak in their own defense but to have their vital signs recorded while under the duress of an interrogation by radically hostile sympathizers of the accuser. We will a few have more blowjobs in our future if we support this reform.

    Furthermore, no accused person, in what appears to be your ideal world, has a right to confront his accuser and to cross examine that person at length. Interrogation of the accused and vital sign recording first! If the accuser does speak at a trial, he or she ought to do so only after the accused has been cross examined aggressively and in such a way that all possible innuendo has been mined and processed to help the prosecutors to develop a complete theory of guilt.

    Accusers must be believed automatically, or at least thought credible, esp. if they tick the right boxes of a personal profile. Vagueness of accusation must be no barrier to conviction, and the accuser needn’t be limited to objective offenses. If accuser says that she felt or believed that she could be beaten or murdered, then it must be true that the accused had that in mind.

    And why not, under your new system, let the accuser enjoy the benefit of never facing a statute of limitations? In fact, why impair her freedom to pick and choose the forum for the trial? If the standard of evidence in a regional court system, i.e. in the court system of original jurisdiction, is rigorous, it’s no problem! The accuser will be allowed to put the accusation into her pocket indefinitely until there’s an opportune moment to deploy it elsewhere, e.g. in an ad hoc kangaroo court established at a time of great contention by the jostling politicians in the highest legislature of the land. Only prudes and reactionary, old fuddy duddies who don’t want more blow jobs worry about the consequences of forum shopping and merging a legislature with the courts as suits some whim of the moment.

    We don’t even need a fixed, predetermined procedure to which both accuser and accused will be required to conform. All of it can be made up on the fly, like the tactics of a team of assassins operating behind enemy lines. If a favorite trick is not tolerated, no problem. The open-ended and entirely free form nature of the show trial will provide other opportunities to insinuate a substitute trick into the procedure.

    I don’t understand, however, why you stopped at

    what she’s describing probably happened at lots and lots of drunken teenage parties at the time.

    If you’re correct, probably many many women were assaulted. Or probably many, many men have committed such assaults. Or both. It’s clear also, oh yes, that no fewer than 1/3 of all females have been frequent victims of no fewer than 2/3 of all males. Now we can see that the merits of Blasey Ford’s case are so strong that it would be an abomination of justice not to indulge the idle curiosity of everyone who takes an interest, no matter how fleeting, in the events. We must not be afraid to turn the case into a hugely entertaining show during which a person subjected to partisan hostility is held up for public contempt and opprobrium during a live Two Minutes’ Hate session that is extended willy-nilly if it serves the Party’s interests.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  175. @Carroll Price

    “The founders of the American republic did not grant the US Supreme Court the power of overruling State laws, other than those in obvious conflict with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.” –koff koff Marbury?!

  176. Alden says:

    I’ve posted this before about “Dora” the patient on whom Dr Fraud created his entire theory of female frigidity.

    Worst thing about that theory is that once the Woody Allenish intellectuals learned of it they used it to try to talk women into bed.

    So, in addition to what were called unwanted attentions in those days 3 generations of women had to put up with some ugly nerd trying to talk them into bed by claiming sex with the creep would be good for their mental health.

    Dora A. was the 14 year old daughter of Herr and Frau A. Herr A was the business partner of Herr B and long time lover of Frau B

    Here B began to suspect. A divorce would be disaster. The business would break up and if Frau B were divorced for adultery no alimony and disgrace

    So Herr A and Frau B decided to throw Dora Herr B’s way. Here B would have a sex object and he could be blackmailed to keep the partnership and forget about divorce.

    Dora however, refused to go along with this. She even slapped Herr B once.

    Herr A decided to send Dora to Dr Fraud to be convinced to submit to Herr B according to plan.

    Dora saw Dr Fraud 4 times under protest. At least once she stormed out of his house.
    That’s the theory. Humans are like animals in mating season. Attraction has nothing to do with it. And if you’re 14 and not attracted to some middle aged creep there something wrong with you.

    That’s Dr Fraud

    • Replies: @Anon
  177. Alden says:

    Over turn Roe vs Wade? You sound like the endless scrounging for donations of Planned Parenthood and NOW

    In addition to grant hustling they try to raise money from women on the grounds that any minute now the evil Christians will overturn Roe vs Wade.

    I somehow got on the NOW mailing list. Every 2 weeks a hysterical post card or letter . Only you can save abortion by pledging $50 a month for the salaries of a bunch of witches who hate you and your children because you are White

  178. Skeptikal says:

    To me the relevant part of this essay is the discussion of the fact that it was Freud who suppressed the truth and distorted his patients’ accounts.
    As Jeffry Masson figured out with his research, the female patients’ stories were actually true. In 19thC Vienna, Freud’s patients had nothing to gain by making up such stories, and many of them were young girls who were sexually innocent until molested by Dad or Uncle. Anyone who thinks such molestation does not occur is a naif.
    The huge crime that Freud committed was to transform these revelations into “imagination.”

    The issue of “recovered memory” is a separate issue from that of how Freud used, and misused, the information that women and girls revealed to him in his consultation room.

    Freud’s discussion of the unconscious opened up a can of worms. Of course the unconscious exists. But since it is . . . unconscious . . . all kinds of allegations can be made that exploit the concept and invent not only ways for unconscious material to become conscious, but also of course that invent the unconscious material, or that insert conscious material into the unconscious. Advertisers and propagandists use the latter techniques all the time. The human mind is very suggestible; this has been proven through myriad experiments.

    There are also honest memory mistakes. Recently I was shown an illustration of a gear shift bushing that is needed for my car. The next day, I was quite sure I had been shown the bushing itself (granted, a modern technical illustration can be very realistic!).

    Thus, I think one must be pretty darned careful when segueing from a discussion of how Freud (mis)used the (true) revelations that were confided to him, and the concept of “recovered memory.” What Freud did was essentially to *bury* actual memories by labeling them as imagined. That was a terrible ethical deviation.

    Very different thing from “inserting” material into a person’s unconscious, then accessing it via suggestion (while knowing beforehand that it is there because one hid it there) and calling it a “recovered memory.”

    • Replies: @Anon
  179. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    Muscle relaxer Tzandine would smooth out the physiological reactions the test measures.

    Who cares who gets on the supremes. They’re all anti White.

  180. bj says:

    The public sacrifice of the white, Christian, decent Brett Kavanaugh is your future white man. The most significant demographic moved by the public humiliation of Brett Kavanaugh is college educated white men. The white elite are and will join the white working class deplorables in an all out war if their dispossession and relegation to second class citizenship continues. I am one of those men and cold anger is building!

    They Want You Dead White Man!

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  181. @Ron Unz

    At an unsupervised suburban pool party, a couple of drunken teenage football players pulled a girl into a bedroom, pawed at her a little while they were laughing, then let her run away. Since they knew they hadn’t had the slightest intent of gang-raping her, they didn’t regard what happened as being a big deal. However, it’s quite possible that the 15-year-old girl had actually been pretty scared, and she long remembered it.

    It bothers me that everyone seems to assume that the actual events were so monstrous just because Ford now claims they were. Your scenario describes one not-so-monstrous possibility of what could have happened very well.

    Let me add another twist. Maybe some guys were drunkenly goofing around with her and maybe she got a little freaked out. Over the years, with the relentless promotion of concepts like toxic masculinity and the glorification of victimization, this little freak out evolved into a major traumatic experience.

    Now, being a good leftist, Ford finds the views of Kavanaugh loathsome. And over the years she has to watch him rise and rise in this world even though he holds such loathsome views. Maybe she’s thinking: Wasn’t he at that party? The one where I was sexually molested! I ‘m not sure who molested me — attempted to rape me really — but wouldn’t it be just like him to do something like that. Something so loathsome. It could have been him. The years pass. Kavanaugh rises higher. I think it was him. More years pass. Kavanaugh is at the summit. It was him.

    Or maybe Ford is just a lying sack of sh*t looking for attention and a nice payout. Who knows?

    Also, isn’t Kavanaugh now claiming he remained a virgin all through HS and college or something like that? Given that he and his friend Judge were drunken jocks and his yearbook was filled with all sorts of crude sexual humor, is that really plausible?

    Yes, it is. First of all, drunken jock is not a fair description of who Kavanaugh was and, second of all, teenage boys often exaggerate their “worldliness”.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
    , @Alden
  182. mr meener says:

    it is funny to hear derbeyshire talk about white man hating fest by democrats when his non white wife and kids are white hating democrats. so is he talking about his family?

  183. peterAUS says:

    They have lost all sense of decency in their quest to hold on to power. The end justifies the means.


    Now, the only interesting question really is: will an average voter in USA see it that way?

    • Replies: @Miro23
  184. peterAUS says:

    The white elite are and will join the white working class deplorables in an all out war if their dispossession and relegation to second class citizenship continues. I am one of those men and cold anger is building!

    Khm…uhm….perhaps you could’ve thought that when the working class was getting the shaft.
    There is concept of TIMING in fighting. Some believe it’s the most important one re the subject.

    Then, there is that “divide and conquer”, and even “concentration of forces” etc.
    In this case “working class” and “middle class”, in USA of all places.

    On a more serious note, while your anger is building they are putting the system in place.
    They know what and how to do things, and are hard at work.
    Your side hasn’t got even a basic idea what to do, let alone a coherent plan.

    Interesting times, a?

    • Replies: @bj
  185. Hibernian says:

    What did Michael Cohen have to with the Kavanaugh hearings?

    • Replies: @KenH
  186. Hibernian says:
    @Ron Unz

    Mr. Unz, her polygraph test consisted of the examiner asking “Is your statement true?” and “Is any part of your statement made up?” Not exactly probing questions, and there was no baseline of obviously true statements, “What is your name?,” etc. The algorithms we hear about mean nothing with these 2 ridiculous (when they’re the only ones) questions. Garbage in, garbage out.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  187. Daniel H says:

    A sense that I got this week, one that I never had before, the 20th century is really over. A few aging icons are still around, some pop cultural references – mainly in music – , of course sports is sports, but I really have the feeling now that the 21st century, quite distinct from the previous, is here. It’s going to be quite a ride.

  188. Hibernian says:
    @Dan Good

    She insisted that he not be in the hearing room at the same time she was and her wish was granted, Do you have any information that he didn’t see any of her testimony on a TV monitor, maybe with a delay?

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @DanGood
  189. bj says:

    I take your point about the able abandoning responsibility for the entire community. Able people become irresponsible and psychologically deficient when times are easy. It is the cycle of civilization’s raise and fall.

    On the contrary….your “they” are we the people who build, maintain, and operate the infrastructure and staff the police forces and military. You are looking in the wrong place.

    Read between the lines…and observe how quickly order and sovereignty was reestablished in Russia. The timing was impeccable. Prudence, patient observation, and sudden action are the essence of timing.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  190. @Wally

    Another Hall Monitor. God how I hate them.

  191. @PiltdownMan

    There’s one book where William is forced to take dancing lessons. He tries to step on as many girls’ feet as he can, and is delighted when one girl tries to step on his–a kindred spirit, you know

  192. Ron Unz says:

    Mr. Unz, her polygraph test consisted of the examiner asking “Is your statement true?” and “Is any part of your statement made up?” Not exactly probing questions, and there was no baseline of obviously true statements, “What is your name?,” etc.

    Sure, that’s what I’d heard. I meant a new round of very detailed polygraph testing administered to all three individuals by a neutral expert.

    Then again, I’m no expert on polygraphs, and someone upthread claimed they were totally worthless. But doesn’t the CIA and the FBI use them? If so, that suggests that they’re absolutely not foolproof but probably a lot better than nothing…

    That possibility aside, my guess is that Ford is being truthful, but it was actually a pretty minor incident that got magnified in her mind over the years…

  193. Hibernian says:

    I am entirely capable of reading this line of “reasoning” in the NYT, etc., if I care to, thank you very much, goodbye.

  194. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Whatever your actual objection is – and you leave us to guess with little guidance – you expose yourself to ridicule by seeming to show yourself so pathetically incapable that you can’t run your eye down any such comment and decide whether to spend time digesting it.

  195. renfro says:

    Mainly there was Judge Kavanaugh himself, of course. He was firm and clear, he showed spine, and he gave as good as he got.

    You gotta be kidding me.
    Kavanaugh yelled and screamed like a stuck pig, then tuned up and cried like a 4 yr old and ranted about the dem conspiracy …showed no judicial temperament at all….last thing I want is a self pitying little whiny ass like this on the Supreme court. He should have risen above it and shown some self control.

    Then to cap off the Kavanaugh pity party ‘Miss Lindsey’ burst into tears!…..gawd almighty, when is the gop gonna get some men that act like respectable, dignified men instead of momma boys.

  196. Dan Hayes says:


    Kavanagh stated that he did not monitor Prof Dr Ford’s Sarah Bernhardt performance as he was busy preparing his speech.

  197. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    I like your version of the Dora story but where can I find it reliably sourced?

    • Replies: @Alden
  198. @Rational

    With all respect, why should or would the FBI charge her with perjury? Perjury is a criminal offense. It requires evidence to make such a charge and neither the FBI nor anyone else can produce evidence that she has committed perjury. Therefore, she should not, will not and cannot be charged with perjury.

    Did she lie? Of course she did. Can probable cause be presented with which to arrest or indict her? No! It’s somewhat like O J Simpson: Did he kill his wife? Of course he did. Is he guilty of murder? No! A jury found him innocent of murder and the judgement of a properly formed jury is absolute.

    Why make a comment that is patently wrong? Anyone in America who can write a coherent paragraph knows the foundations upon which arrests and indictments can be made. Surely you do to! Your demand is the type of thing the rabble over at ZeroHedge might write. Surely not her though!

  199. Hibernian says:

    Metzenbaum retired a long time ago. And you’re championing Kamala Harris? Did you read and or hear any of her statements about, and questions to, Kavanaugh, including before CBF’s allegations surfaced?

  200. Hibernian says:

    He’d have to get together with other conservatives. It is much more likely they’d chip away at it rather than overturn it. Once the Supreme Court has spoken there’s no further appeal. There might be defiance. Even if it were overturned that’d just send the issue back to the states, some of which would pass very liberal laws.

    • Replies: @Alden
  201. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing you don’t mention but you would I think agree is often dangerously critical is mindsets solidified by tradition or fully fortified fashion. I have a senior RC cleric acquaintance who is under pressure, to put it mildly, from the law but all could depend on whether jurors listening to alleged victims are preconditions to believe in the modern equivalent of witches. And one can expect that the alleged victims have learned their lines in accordance with current fashion.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  202. Hibernian says:
    @unpc downunder

    The field draws people searching for the answer to their own problems.

  203. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep. Let’s go for a solid target like a Catholic bishop because we know that in this year of our Lord 1680 witches exist – sorry… men of the cloth are usually so sexually stuffed up that they are bound to be kiddy fiddlers. That is just your atheist skeptic’skeptic speaking….

  204. Hibernian says:
    @Macon Richardson

    It might be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied about the fear of flying, which bought her an extra week to refine her story.

  205. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Amongst your outpouring of the ridiculous is your ” Session’s daughter has Korean offspring. Sessions greatest fear is to be called a racist”. Can’t you even pause your emissions to detect prima facie absurdity? I suppose you know Sessions no better than I do but it is pretty obvious that he is bulletproof against being called “racist”. Equally because he appears to be unlikely to seek elective office.

  206. Iberiano says:
    @Paul Yarbles

    Not sure how many other GenX’ers are here, but back in the early 80s and forward, it was not uncommon for teens to get the occasional 2-3 base and talk about it…it’s not like goofing around (sometimes awkwardly) was some rare event. It seems this whole thing is a “Jefferson” (if even true) in which our society is looking backward and applying today’s standards to a different time and place.

    And yes, older guys would go around hitting and sometimes “paddling” younger guys (like in the movie Dazed and Confused) which would now be criminal…and there was always that 15 year old girl with the 20 year old college boyfriend. Am I the only one that remembers “cruising” and making out in the backseat, the woods, or whatever. All of it consensual if not “we should stop” perhaps being floated. And girls getting a reputation, and boys talking too much about such and such, and girls doing the same. FFS. This is so retarded. Not that I believe her account, nor that it was even him if there was such an event (can you imagine the Dems when they found out this dork had calendars back to ’82…?)

    It’s like we awoke in the Victorian Era with today’s Puritans claiming we’ve always been in the Victorian Period. Next we will hear about Kavanaugh or some other, future nominee, that yes, in 1985, going down a Junior High Hallway he bumped into a 7th grader and said, “Watch it fag”…do these people all think we have forgotten how normal, every day life was like in the 70s and 80s ?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Paul Yarbles
  207. peterAUS says:

    Read between the lines…and observe how quickly order and sovereignty was reestablished in Russia.

    Oh my.

    You are looking in the wrong place.


  208. @Ron Unz

    A common sense view. Are you trying to rile your base Ron? I can write the script treatments for both Ms. Ford having plucked Kavanaugh’s name up when needing one during 2012 counselling and also for the loutish drunken behavior of a boy from an all boys Catholic school (even as late as the 80s).

    I think I favour the prosecution about 60:40 without further evidence. Does it mean that the dispensable Judge Kavanagh should be knocked back? And if we think he lied but couldn’t possibly prove a perjury case against him do we knock him back because he chose to lie rather than say “that’s not at all how I remember things but I’m sure I did things as a 17 year old with a few beers inside me that I should be ashamed of and, if I ever treated Ms. Ford in such a loutish way as to give her lasting memories of my boorishness I am profoundly sorry and apologise with all my heart”?

    Here’s an interesting take on it:

    It’s doubly interesting for its comparison of Trump and Netanyahu, and their bases. If need be it can be obtained without a subscription in full by Googling something like “death of truth and decline of democracy”.

  209. @Ron Unz

    Further to my previous substantial agreement with your approach allow me some surprise that you don’t mention one obvious reason for the FBI and CIA to use polygraphs; intimidation and part of creating complexity and mental stress which will tax the person being questioned. I think it could be allowed to the judge that he say “I do not wish something as important as an appointment to the Supreme Court or my own reputation to depend on the subjective opinion of people looking at charts from a machine that is known not to be a reliable prover of truth or falsehood. Suppose a large majority of you senators who have heard me believed what I say but three out of four interpreters of a polygraph chart think it shows dissembling. Is that going to enhance the welfare of this nation?”.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  210. Anonymous [AKA "Grape Ape"] says:

    Mormons are, at best, untrustworthy and greedier than the greediest Semite.

    Sooner or later, badwhites are going to have to address the MQ.

    • Agree: Charles Pewitt
    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  211. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    And didn’t he top the law school?

  212. Greg S. says:
    @Ron Unz

    We are supposed to be a society based upon the RULE OF LAW. An entire justice system has been designed around this, going back to English courts before America was even discovered. Polygraphs are not considered valid evidence because they are not 100% reliable. Even if it’s only a 1% chance of being wrong (and I believe it’s far higher), you cannot hang a man based on it.

    That’s why under the rule of law, an actual chain of evidence is required and “he said / she said” is not good enough to convict anyone of anything. And so far no actual evidence has been produced that links Ford and Kavanaugh in any way. Nothing yet has corroborated that these two people were ever in the same room at any point in their entire lives. Circumstantial evidence can sometimes be good enough to convict someone, but even that is completely absent here. All we have so far is “he said / she said.”

    For what it’s worth, I watched both testimonies and Ford’s rings hollow, scripted, and acted to me. It all reeks of politics.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  213. SafeNow says:

    Agree. Also the oversize glasses, and the falling-down face-covering hair strand. However, this particular deportment cluster, while ridiculous, is also unassailable these days. This demeanor might have Judge K, who has no beard, in an ankle bracelet before long.

  214. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    “normal”? That’s not my child-of-Great Generation thought of you 🙂

  215. JD I’m afraid you will find that the relevance of the Kavanaugh appointment farce to the enthusiasm gap is as nothing to the stirring of guilty consciences and regrets on the left about failing to vote in 2016. And that will overwhelm any efforts to anger the Trump base about those frustrating him and them (especially as it hasn’t been Democrats).

    I say this with full confidence from over 10,000 miles away. Please remind me to check the odds on Betfair or Sports bet. (I won on Obama on my only bets on US elections).

  216. @Deschutes

    If Kavanaugh is put on the court, abortion will be made illegal in USA.

    This remark reflects a serious misunderstanding of the powers of the Supreme Court. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, there is a possibility that a case involving abortion may come before the Court. In that event, there is a possibility that the Court might overturn Roe v. Wade.

    Even if that were to happen, the consequence would not be to make abortion illegal in the U.S. Rather, it would return jurisdiction over abortion to the legislatures of the several states, with which it lay prior to Roe.

    It is highly unlikely that the legislatures of all fifty states would immediately outlaw abortion in the event Roe were overturned. This might be both the hope of abortion opponents and the fear of abortion proponents, but such expectations would soon be damped as the legislative process dragged on. Different states would come to different conclusions. If (for example) heavily Mormon Utah decided to outlaw abortion completely, neighboring Nevada, long open to quickie divorces, gambling hells, and brothels, might prove just as open to mobile abortuaries. No woman would ever be separated from an abortionist by more than the price of a bus ticket.

    The abortion issue has been the albatross around the neck of American politics ever since Roe v. Wade precisely because the legislative process was short-circuited. This vexatious issue could finally be laid to rest simply by allowing the legislative process to take its course.

  217. Ron says:

    The universities need to be utterly purged of these anti-white communists. The majority of faculty and administrators are open enemies of our very existence, and they are grooming armies of ideologues to murder us all in our beds. It’s them or us.

  218. Miro23 says:


    They have lost all sense of decency in their quest to hold on to power. The end justifies the means.


    Now, the only interesting question really is: will an average voter in USA see it that way?

    There is some awareness with the “average voter” of what is going on.

    The proof is the election of Trump (or rather the election of his platform) despite intense Jewish/MSM opposition. And the attack on Kavanaugh is part of the same package and will probably be seen the same way.

    The landscape of Jewish power/activism in the United States is obviously a racial one, aimed at capturing key positions in the power structure for themselves (or their blackmailed Gentile collaborators). Key positions of power such as the Presidency or chairman of the Federal Reserve or Supreme Court judges are critical strategic positions to be captured in the ongoing anti-Anglo war*.

    It’s an expression of the basic fact that a racial block comprising 2% of the US population cannot democratically defend its already excessive power. It either has to subvert the existing process (with political blackmail factories like Epstein’s island or Pizzagate ) or grab absolute power (e.g. Russia October 1917 and the Bolshevik coup).

    For example, the treatment of Jewish Supreme Court candidate Garland, was in stark contrast to Kavanaugh’s, with Garland receiving the most fawning treatment from the same MSM.

    If the “average voter” sees some of this – which they seem to do, then Kavanaugh is just part of the ongoing process of polarization in the United States – with Jewish anti-Anglo activism (the metaphorical battery charger ) increasing the polarization of US society to the point of full charge. At full charge, the battery doesn’t have to be used, but the potential is there for a fast release of energy (likely a Neo-Bolshevik coup aimed at establishing a dictatorship + an unpredictable civil war).

    In an ideal world, US Jewish activists would emigrate Israel (they have automatic citizenship), where they can be part of the ethnic majority, and agitate all they like with their fellow Likudniks for an exclusive Jewish state with apartheid and ethnic cleansing for lesser races.

    * Blacks & Latinos are useful but disposable auxiliaries.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  219. Clyde says:

    Gateway Pundit has your theory on the front page now. The second front door for Ms Ford’s house being for a separate apartment. 20 years ago I read how the Chinese in San Francisco were totally ignoring long obeyed building codes by converting single family dwellings so that they had extra apartments built into them.
    iow These immigrants created an anarchy.

  220. @Rogue

    she-said, he-said unsubstantiated stuff

    It will only be he-she-said after it is proved that they were alone together at some point. Until then, it is “I was probed by aliens, and/or bigfoot, I can’t remember which”.

  221. @niteranger

    the only people who believe polygraphs

    Especially if the person giving the test is colluding. Who gave the test? Who selected him?

  222. bj says:

    …………..The Gang Rape of America By The Ritual Defamation Of Brett Kavanaugh

    But the power of ritual defamation “lies entirely in its capacity to intimidate and terrorize.” Wilcox writes “it is not used to persuade, but to punish,” as well as to avoid the conversations and debates that a free society needs if it is to survive. So if we want to remain free, we must all learn to recognize the patterns of ritual defamation and summarily reject them.

    Wilcox also offers this final analysis: “The weakness of ritual defamation lies in its tendency toward overkill and in its obvious maliciousness. Occasionally a ritual defamation will fail because of poor planning and failure to correctly judge the vulnerability of the victim or because its viciousness inadvertently generates sympathy.”

  223. Deschutes says:

    Thanks. Can you come over for beers next weekend?

  224. Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia…

    Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail

    · Saudi woman punished for being alone with a man

    A judge in Saudi Arabia has ordered a victim of gang rape to receive 200 lashes … for being alone with a man who was not a relative

    Although her attackers were found guilty and sentenced to between 10 months and five years last year, she was simultaneously sentenced to 90 lashes as punishment for riding in a car with a man who was not a relative.

  225. DanGood says:

    Kamala Harris asked him directly, one of her last, most pointed questions, to which he answered no, he intended to listen but was preparing his presentation. The point is not the allegations of teenager years but the way Kavanaugh handled them. He did himself in.

    • Replies: @bj
    , @Wizard of Oz
  226. @niteranger

    “The reason we are in this situation is because of a Congress controlled by your Zionist friends. ”

    Divide and rule?

  227. @El Dato

    Are ‘these’ ‘recovered memories’?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  228. DanGood says:

    Is “I’m a woman” supposed to give you more credibility?

  229. @obwandiyag

    Just look at him. He looks like he did it. …

    … Your Honor, I rest my case!

  230. @Ron Unz

    It is easy to fool some people.
    You are one of them.

  231. @Macon Richardson

    Your perception is wrong.
    He cut his finger on the glass in the bathroom. shortly after murder.He did travel to some other city where it did happen.
    O.J.Simpson did not kill his his wife and his lover. O,J. Simpson did hire some professionals guys to do it for him.
    When he did travel to that other city to pay them off, he was so nervous to meet them that when in hotel he did brush hes teeth he broke the glass and cut his finger.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  232. @Iberiano

    Yes, looking back from our enlightened times we can now see that the vast majority of students were sexual maniacs and homophobic Nazis. Probably a result of the hideous levels of whiteness and general lack of vibrant inclusionary diversity.

    It is retarded, which, by the way, is another now forbidden word the barbarians of the 1980s used, but we live in retarded times.

  233. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    O.J. Simpson is the same kind of privileged sissie boy like Kavenaugh.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  234. Hibernian says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    They use it for screening purposes, plus, as you say, it serves to at least try keep those who have passed through the screen honest throughout their careers. (And/or dishonest in certain ways about certain things.) One might reasonably argue for it as a screen for SC justices.

  235. Hibernian says:
    @Greg S.

    There’s no chain of custody for CBF’s polygraph and no one witnessed it except the subject and one or more hired partisans.

  236. I am sick and tired already of this idiotic phony F,N FBI investigation.
    First location of the “crime” has to be established!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The accuser has to be taken on the street where it did happened.
    If there was pool in the backyard of the house, she will have no problem to find it.
    Who was the owner of the house at the time the “crime” did occur.
    Did the owners had a child of appropriate age?
    Who did buy and serve the drinks?
    Who had the keys to the house?
    Were the parents on vacation?
    If she never forget the laughter, she also could also never forget the house.
    I just have to wander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is everybody plain stupid????????????????????????????????????

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  237. bj says:

    Brett Kavanaugh acted with righteous anger at the defamation of his reputation and character by a woman’s accusation of attempted rape with no evidence or corroboration. I have more respect for his anger at the violation of rule of law and the defamation of his lifetime of being a decent, hard working man. When we are at the point where an act of 36 year old heavy petting is used to destroy a man’s life, family, and work; there is no way to govern except total state power to keep the diverse and polarized citizens from from killing each other.

  238. anarchyst says:

    You make a good point. What defense does any male have against accusations that may be decades-old and unprovable?
    The Catholic priest homosexual scandal is a blot on the Catholic Church, which deserves punishment for ignoring the seriousness of the charges. I refuse to use the mainstream media’s term, “child sex abuse” as it was a homosexual cabal that preyed on young boys.
    However, if a young person were a member of a parish where this activity was going on at the time of the alleged abuse taking place, this young person could consider claiming abuse, even if he were not personally abused, in order to collect a “payout”. There are many who would make false claims for money.

  239. @MarkinLA

    She did say something falsifiable.

    She claimed nobody told her that she could answer questions to the Committee in California so she would not have to get on an airplane that she fears so very much. She let this “slip” in the way of adding to her answer about her fear of flying but gets on airplanes anyway.

    Her attorney is going to scream “attorney-client privilege”, and I guess we can go all the way to the Supreme Court for a split 4-4 decision on whether it holds in this case. But whether her attorney communicated to her the offer from the Committee has a simple yes-no answer. If no, the attorney did something really sleazy and unethical. If yes, the professor lied before Congress.

  240. KenH says:

    Actually I think it was Richard Blumenthal that was making noise in the Senate proceedings but Jewish Congressman Steve Cohen was one of the disruptors of the Peter Strzok Congressional hearings along with a rainbow coalition of Democrats.

  241. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    The matter is serious enough that somebody must end up with egg on on its face.
    And I am not excluding Kavenaugh either.

  242. AWM says:

    Trump should adopt some Democratic tactics, like kicking down doors for “National Security” search warrants, declassify the congressional slush fund, declassify anything harmful to the Marxists, expose all the Communist support for these leaches, hand out declassified documents to Fox and Friends every Thursday, leak incriminating phone calls by Democratic supporters, unleash a torrent of IRS audits of Liberal support groups, seize all George Soros assets for the “Hungarians”, institute “National Security” verifications for all members of Congress, purge the alphabet soup agencies of all Obamanation leadership under suspicion of treasonous acts, arrest the enablers of foreign spies, and do it all 10 days before the midterms.

  243. @Crawfurdmuir

    No woman would ever be separated from an abortionist by more than the price of a bus ticket.

    This is kind of true, but demand for abortions often involves delinquent girls who are under supervision of the courts, prisoners, other women who are institutionalized for various reasons, and minors.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  244. @Anonymous

    Mammonite Mormon Mittens Romney is an annoying money-grubbing slob.

    Mammonite Mormon Mittens Romney is so full of shit his eyes are brown.

    Trumpy just said that he was hungry for money in his business career and he made no apologies for it.

    Trumpy made a joke of his own greed for money, and he admitted it freely.

    Romney and the Mammonite Mormon money-grubbers act like they are so moral and decent, when in fact they are Mammonite scum.

    Romney isn’t even the worst of the disgusting Mormon money-grubbers. Witness Mitt Romney playing cleaner to get the corruption in Salt Lake City under control when the Mormons had the Olympics.

    The treasonous rat CIA human intelligence boobs have a lot of Mormon Mammonites floating around.

    Tweet from 2015:

  245. @DanGood

    “He did himself in”. How so? He knew that she alleged they were both present on an occasion which he denied in every detail. What does your point of view require of him? That he spend time writing legible cross-examination notes to be passed into for possible use by hired counsel? No, obviously absurd.

    • Replies: @Alden
  246. @Anonymous

    A bit on the false memory stuff. Almost 50 years ago, I woke up after one hell of a weekend bender. My still woozy brain told me that I had killed someone (a male) the night before, and put the his body in a low area of a stand of trees. I had no marks on my body or clothing, suggesting that I had been involved in any altercation or engaged in anything involving dirt. Like Dr. Ford, I could remember no specifics of where I “killed” the man, or where the stand of trees might be. For weeks I was terrified, expecting the police to be knocking at my door to collect me. There were no news reports of any missing person, or body being found, yet I remained terrified at being found out. Gradually, I realized that even if I went to police, I couldn’t say who, when, and where the events took place, or even what the man looked like. It took me literally months to realize that the events could not have occurred. Unlike Dr.Ford. however, I learned not to get shitfaced while attending parties.

  247. peterAUS says:

    There is some awareness with the “average voter” of what is going on.

    If the “average voter” sees some of this – which they seem to do, then Kavanaugh is just part of the ongoing process of polarization in the United States….

    ….the potential is there for a fast release of energy (likely a Neo-Bolshevik coup aimed at establishing a dictatorship + an unpredictable civil war).


    The problem, as I see it, is that the “charge” could be, with ease, manipulated in a wrong direction, dissipated and really quality “strands” simply destroyed.

    Or, bottom line, those on top appear to be simply better in playing the game.

    My impression is that those at (increasing) bottom actually, in USA, accept that. They feel, deep inside, that they aren’t simply good enough to play the game. They want…need…a member(s) of the top on their side to deliver.
    Not a bad idea, in theory.

    In practice, we have Trump and Tories.

    Concept of “noblesse oblige” appears to be dead.

    I am not optimistic about the outcome, re the future of (increasing) bottom.

    Either way I cut it, any way I can think of, the end result is dystopian outcome resembling the current Brazilian society. True, a bit more breads and circuses for (Western) favelas, but more efficient control system too.

    And that’s actually, a positive outcome.

    There is a real possibility that the sheer incompetence of ruling elites, “Progs” in particular, causes The Launch.
    What happens after that isn’t important.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  248. @Alden

    I won’t answer your stupid remark because it is too demeaning to me to speak to stupid people.

  249. @MarkinLA

    Oh the fun. To be condescended to by dolts.

    Yeah, duh, I did not know that it went to the states. Where would I ever get that idea.

    You are so ineffably unbelievably hidebound stupid as a blind, spavined, last-legs jackass you don’t even get the point. I won’t explain it again because it insults my intelligence to talk to idiots.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  250. @anon

    I recall that in the historic Con Man hierarchy the Jews came second, after the Armenians and before the Greeks. Help us, Kim Kardashian, you’re our only hope!

    • Replies: @Alden
  251. Miro23 says:

    1) The best outcome would be a grass roots democratic return to locality (state power) with the entire removal of the current corrupt US government and administration + their deep state and MSM allies in a new Confederation of US States.

    2) A bad outcome would be Brazilianization with permanent government corruption, permanent ethnic feuding and increasing poverty.

    3) The worst outcome would be a Neo-Bolshevik dictatorship run by the deep state and their MSM allies complete with Gulags and secret police.

    If the shooting starts (quite possible) then you get full polarization and likely what you call “The Launch” with some kind of resulting dictatorship – I’m not sure of what sort – there’s a lot of incompetence to go round. At the most primitive level it could be Rwanda 2.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  252. SMK says: • Website

    Apparently, Derbyshire is oblivious to the fact that the putative “anti-white male hatefest” and jihad to destroy Kavanaugh is led by white male left-liberals, most importantly by white male democrats who’ll say and do almost anything, no matter how shameless, egregious, and loathsome, to derail his nomination or, should this fail, to get the votes to prevent his confirmation.

  253. In one way the feminists have really won. The “sensitive” (feminized) man is in vogue. Do y’all have no concern with the image of masculine behavior being set by Kavanaugh? Do you really want a blubbering self-pitier on the Supreme Court.? Real men don’t cry publicly when they’re under investigation.

    [Of course, this isn’t the worst thing about Kavanaugh. For one thing, he aided and abetted W in committing torture!]

    • Replies: @Alden
  254. @MarkinLA

    Why do you think they’ll stop there? States rights have always been a screen for other appetites. A Catholic reactionary like Kavanaugh opposes abortion because he thinks it the equivalent of murder. Why wouldn’t they try to interpret the constitution to ban abortion throught the country? It accords with their system of morality.

    [Perhaps a Catholic reader will explain the Church position. Abortion is an attack on an “innocent baby,” yet the consequence of being aborted is a guaranteed pass to Heaven. Were I a believer, I would resent my parents for not aborting me.]

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Alden
  255. peterAUS says:

    I believe the most likely outcome is something between 2. and 3.

    If the shooting starts (quite possible) then you get full polarization….

    I have a feeling that the “bottom” will lose then.

    ….what you call “The Launch” with some kind of resulting dictatorship

    Actually, by The Launch I meant pushing the regime in Kremlin over the red line into nuclear confrontation.

    Looking at the level of derangement and disconnection with reality by the “Prog/whatever” side that’s, in my book, quite possible.

    They, if in power, simply won’t see it coming.

    It’s like a deranged middle class woman or beta male who’s never been hit. They simply can’t comprehend that the confrontation can end in being knocked out cold. Seen it plenty of times, especially with later. Sometimes as a participant (or so I say).
    It’s easy when you get into confrontation with a hard man. You and him know EXACTLY what’s the game about and how is played. Violence rarely happens, in fact. You see the red line from a mile and act upon it. Walk away resolves it all the time. Well….almost. Running helps too.
    Failing that, well….15 seconds aggression and luck. Fate too.

    But, with those who simply don’t get…….

    It would be simply beautiful when the “Progs” fuck up they get wiped out, as that “progtard” idiot not mouthing anymore because he just ate a headbutt.

    But, in this case, when the first ICBM leaves silo…true end for all.

  256. Agent76 says:

    July 12, 2018 Justice Elena Kagan’s Scholarly Connection With Brett Kavanaugh

    If the Senate confirms D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the court, he already will be on familiar footing with Justice Elena Kagan.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  257. SMK says: • Website

    McCain is dead and Flake is retiring. Two cheers rather than 3 since they might be replaced by Democrats or by Republicans who are almost as dreadful. The blessed passing of the odious McCain -who if alive would have joined the Democrats in voting not to confirm Judge Kavanaugh- seems to have had a salutary effect on his quasi-adopted son, Lindsey Graham, given his excoriation of the Democrats and their execrable tactics to prevent the nomination of Kavanaugh. But one has to savor the irony of his fear that the Democrats will take back the presidency and majorities in the House and Senate. They will do so, of course, and when they do so they will rule forever, given the transformation of the U.S. into a nonwhite-majority country by massive Third-World immigration, legal and illegal, which Graham zealously supports.

    • Replies: @KenH
  258. Shahna says:

    A foreigner, I know nothing of either Kavanaugh or Ford, but I see this:
    I see a man having his life and name ruined before the world’s cameras for a “not-a-crime” that happened nearly 40 years ago. A not-a-crime that so devastated the victim that she did not ever, in nearly 40 years, ever lay a charge against her declared perpetrator.

    IMO, this spectacle is dishonourable and disgraceful.
    This from the “leader of the free world.” The “beacon of freedom, civil liberties, individual rights and democracy.” And the saddest thing of all about – I don’t expect any better of the US any more.

    Another thing of note, those senators who felt he didn’t have the “temperament” to be a SC judge – odd how they all (all as in every single one I heard anyway) used that exact same word: temperament …. almost like they all got together and decided on it. And now I see innuendos of paedophilia rearing its head in some media. How low can you go.

  259. Miro23 says:

    From the article:

    “Kavanaugh and Justice Elena Kagan get along well without agreeing much,” Harvard law professor and columnist Noah Feldman wrote for Bloomberg, without providing evidence.

    A good definition of a functioning democracy.

  260. Art says:

    When bad things happen – what should follow?

    The angry women who claim that they are “survivors” of sexual assault – are not really survivors – they are prisoners of the past. Their anger clouds their future. They are locked into the past – it dominates them. Their past possesses them. They are not free to pursue a normal future.

    The only way to survive a bad event – is to forgive it.

    Forgiving a perpetrator may or may not help them – but forgiving always helps the victim. It frees them.

    Think Peace — Art

    p.s. Ending sexual assault is a worthy goal. First, a rational defining of sexual assault is needed. Assault is not rape.

    • Replies: @Alden
  261. buckwheat says:

    A good example of why college youth are so fucked up in the head. A professor like this would make your brain go comatose. But a good thing will come from this, more casual Republican voters that I know are saying enough is enough. Democrat clowns like her will bring more GOP voters to the polls.

  262. @james charles

    That’s not a bad question when it is desirable to stimulate doubt amongst those congenitally resistant to it.

  263. @Allan

    Are you suggesting you wouldn’t have been scandalized in 17th century New England by friends of the accused suggesting that witches didn’t even exist?

  264. KenH says:

    They will do so, of course, and when they do so they will rule forever, given the transformation of the U.S. into a nonwhite-majority country by massive Third-World immigration, legal and illegal, which Graham zealously supports.

    When Democrats regain control their first order of business will be mass amnesty and “battleground states” will turn blue overnight. The Republicans will never see the inside of the oval office again and they only have themselves to blame for signing on to mass third world immigration.

  265. MarkinLA says:

    I did get the point, you are an idiot that thinks everybody is going to immediately vote Democrat. The blue states would immediately make it legal and there would be no change. As for insulting your intelligence, it is hard to insult somebody with an IQ of 70 such that they would understand

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  266. MarkinLA says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    Oh please already. Even if he wanted to ban abortion in the US, he doesn’t have anywhere near the power and would die of old age before the court had the necessary make-up.

  267. The midterms are much less important than getting the swing vote on the Supreme Court. I suspect it will be necessary to positively disprove Ford’s allegation. Innocent until proven guilty is not going to be good enough to overcome the myriad objections the left is bringing forward. I urge any readers with relevant expertise or the spare funds to hire detectives to get off the bench and get in the game and try to refute Ford. We can’t trust the FBI either.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  268. MarkinLA says:
    @jack daniels

    The only thing you need are Senators with a pair. Obviously, that is in short supply.

  269. Show me a reasonably attractive female who has not been groped (seriously or otherwise) during her young years and chances are she resides in a convent. The chances are also very good that the men on the Judiciary Committee Democrat or Republican, unless gay, have done their share of the groping. As to the women on the committee I’ll leave it to your judgment to decide if they too were possible “victims” of sexual assault by grope.

  270. Agent76 says:

    The U.S. Supreme Court: Architects of the American Police State

    The Fourth Amendment is being inexorably bled to death. The latest wound, in which a unanimous Supreme Court determined that police officers may use drug-sniffing dogs to conduct warrantless searches of cars during routine traffic stops, comes on the heels of recent decisions by the Court that give police power to taser defenseless motorists, strip search non-violent suspects, and break down people’s front doors without evidence that they have done anything wrong.

  271. @anon

    FBI should investigate Kavanaugh, and take longer than a week if necessary. This sense of white-male, privileged preppy-boy entitleism shouldn’t be enough to get on the highest court of the land. This man has already been shown to be mendacious and lacking in judicial temperament.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
    , @bj
    , @Alden
  272. @Alden

    If this is accurate,

    Maybe it’s just me. But I am concerned that the CIA continues to violate its mandate by conducted investigations of US citizens in country.

  273. @Memory Hole


    do a little homework and you find that the same entitlement extended to preppie white girls as well.

    The same preppie white girls cavort, date, sleep with and marry the same preppie white boys who go on to engage in the entitled white polity — What is funny is to listen to preppie white girls complain about preppie white boys as if they are not made of the same cloth and the same entitlements or will engage in the same polity.

    I would remember that the agenda here — and it is not about advancing black men —

    Laugh. No point applauding a process lacking in truth, integrity or fairness, just because it’s aimed at others. Sure, white men may be getting a taste of what blacks in general and black men specifically have claimed is SOP regarding them. But I think blacks would be making a dreadful mistake in embracing this as some kind of worm has turned moment. Good grief, it’s hard to understand why any black hangs with the duplicitous liberal agendized crowd of whites who hijack their history and then turn it against them.

    Well, I get it, I just — don’t get it. I do feel strange having to make a case that out to be fully understood by black liberals most of all.

    • Replies: @Alden
  274. @Ron Unz

    Ron, you shouldn’t miss this as fleshing out your “barebones” commonsense view of the contest

    While I think the author is over the top in claiming proof of lies and perjury when he effectively clobbers Kavanaugh’s advocacy with his own prosecution advocacy he does end up, on my one reading of this, destroying Kavanaugh’s credibility and making a much stronger case than the Haaretz article I cited that he is unfit to be on the bench.

    How utterly stupid, and sad for America, that he couldn’t have early on taken an apologetic (albeit weasely) stance based on the truth about his callow youth.

    • Replies: @Alden
  275. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Except that OJ might “slice and dice” you if you call him that on any wide stage and he finds out.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  276. bj says:

    In the legal context, here is my bottom line: A “he said, she said” case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that. Dr. Ford identified other witnesses to the event, and those witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. For the reasons discussed below, I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee. Nor do I believe that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard.

    Dr. Ford has struggled to recall important recent events relating to her allegations, and her testimony regarding recent events raises further questions about her memory.

    The activities of congressional Democrats and Dr. Ford’s attorneys likely affected Dr. Ford’s account

    Rachell Mitchell’s letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee says Dr. Catherine Blasey Ford’s testimony is insufficient to support her allegations. She states the woman’s testimony is likely tainted by her attorneys.

  277. bj says:
    @Memory Hole

    This man has already been shown to be mendacious and lacking in judicial temperament.

    Your opinion means nothing, except to further the evidence free ritual defamation of Brett Kavanaugh. Your resentment of accomplished decent men drips from your words. You are the one with a mendacious temperament.

  278. bj says:


    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  279. @RadicalCenter

    To your surprise I did not pee myself. I do carry a gun in my purse.

  280. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Look at post 293 and click on the link to the Mitchel memo. Ms Mitchell, an experienced sex crime prosecutor totally destroyed Ford’s testimony.

    So now he’s not fit to be on the court because he went to private school 40 years ago. do you have any idea what the public schools of Montogomery county are like. They are as bad as the Washington DC public schools.

  281. Alden says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    If you think one catholic on the supreme court can just ‘ban” abortion you are totally absolutely ignorant of what a court does.

    A plaintiff would have to come up with some reasonable cause of action to file a lawsuit.

    The lawsuit would be filed against maybe a state, maybe the federal government. who knows

    The lawsuit would got to the lower state court in which it was filed or a low level federal court

    The lawsuit would go through several layers of federal courts

    The law suit would be sent to the supreme court

    The supreme court justices would decide whether or not to accept the case

    If and only if the 9 justices of the court decided to accept and hear the case would it be heard.

    If, by some miracle the court ruled to make abortion illegal again here’s what would happen and everyone familiar with the American legal system knows it.

    In these big cases where lawsuits are designed to change the laws, each side prepares in advance an appeal and injunction. Injunction is where a court orders something to not happen, in these cases, the new court decision not happen until there is an appeal.

    So if, and only if the court ruled to overturn Roe vs Wade, the losers would be at the federal courthouse filing to ask for an injunction to prevent the new ruling to take effect. Actually, these days it’s not necessary for a human to bring papers to a courthouse to file a lawsuit, response appeal or injunction. Fill out the forms on your computer, click the electronic file button, and viola!! its filed. So now both plaintiff and respondent lawyers s have the appeal and injunction all filled out and they can file it as soon as the decision is announced.

    It happens a lot. For instance there was a referendum in the state of California making gay marriage illegal in 2008 I think. The day after the election the opposition was waiting for the courthouse to open. They filed an injunction against the law making gay marriage in California illegal. The injunction filing was heard and injunction ordered by a pro gay marriage judge 3 days later.

    Learn a bit about how the American Judicial system works before making such a moronic state ment that kavanaugh could somehow out law abortion all by himself.

    If you think that one reactionary catholic could just issue some order like Henry 8 to behead his wife and make abortion illegal, you are dumber than your post.

    Abortion was made legal in all American states and territories in the early 1970s. In the ensuing 45 years not one plaintiff has filed a lawsuit requesting that abortion be made illegal again.

    I went to a late lunch at a women’s club to which I belong the day after the November 16 election. That’s the regular late lunch for those who cam make it and after work thing for those who work. Its not political but the members are mostly democrats.

    Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. “Trump will outlaw abortion” “Trump will outlaw contraceptives” I expected them to claim that Trump’s gestapo would rip our IUDs out of our bodies.

    Abortion will never be made illegal in this country again. The issue is just fundraising and government grant hustling for the pro abortionists and vote begging by southern Republicans amongst the fundamentalist evangelical protestants. The catholic thing is that no catholic should get an abortion or do an abortion. Every state has laws that no medical person be compelled to do abortions. Although Planned Parenthood and other pro abortion groups that make their living fundraising and grant hustling about abortion are trying to make it a crime for a catholic Dr to refuse an abortion.

    Abortion is a non issue except for the women’s organizations that make a living fundraising and grant hustling with their scare tactics that “abortion will be made illegal soon, send money”
    and the southern republicans dependent on the fundamentalist evangelical Israel worshipping bible thumpers.

    I’m sure wikepedia has a few articles about the Ameircan judicial system. Why not read them before you post your ignorance?

    And check out the link on post 293

  282. Alden says:

    I went to private school, my children went to private school their spouses and friends went to private school and their children go to private school.

    You never went to private school. so STFU about people who go to private school.

    All you know is Ford’s allegations. And Holton was known as Ho-town in Ford’s day. She bragged in her yearbook that she did 54 boys in her 4 years of high school.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  283. Alden says:

    The real problem is that some states do not use the word rape for rape. They use terms like 1st degree sex assault. From a legal and police sense its OK. But the average person hears the term sex assault and thinks groping and grabbing.

    Of course in the criminal trials and plea bargains the term is made clear. But the average person not being a rapist or working in the criminal courts or police has no idea what the term means.

    It really should be changed in all states so rape is rape, a word everyone understands.

  284. Alden says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    I’d like to see you in that situation a$$hole. You’d have withdrawn your nomination the day the harpies went after you. Big bad man posting on the internet.

  285. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    For God’s sakes, you are just a Jew who hates Catholics and it shows. You don’t even live in this country. Join the Australian branch of ADL and harass Australian Catholic politicians with false, easily refuted accusations.

    Maybe their gr gr gr gr grandfather got into a fight with an aborigine 200 years ago. There are plenty of American Jewish publications that have comments. go join the rest of your tribe complaining about Kabanaugh

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  286. Alden says:

    There’s no appeal after a supreme court verdict. The losers just write another lawsuit, file it in the lowest level federal court and it all starts up all over again. Of course the new lawsuit might take decades.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  287. Alden says:
    @Paul Yarbles

    When I was in college it was 4 years of the guys bragging about their non existent sex life.

  288. Alden says:

    University libraries and some women’s studies publications in university libraries. Women’s studies PHD theses. Sorry, you might have to a campus and the belly of the beast.

    Women’s studies isn’t all bad. Look in 1975 to 1990 women’s studies or check the library of congress. They have everything and will email or talk on the phone and then they’ll send copies. I learned it in a book at the UCLA library.

  289. Alden says:
    @Carroll Price

    Nothing to do with Lincoln , Marbury vs Madison. 1804 Madison being the president and the loser.

    I haven’t had much admiration for the founders since 8th grade when I learned that they, who borrowed 13 billion from the French decided that the frontiersmen should pay back that loan from a whiskey tax. We never did pay France back.

    The founders were an elite who wanted to get rid fo the English so as to:

    Expand beyond the applachians in violation of treaties the English government made with Indians.

    Establish American manufacturing which colonies were not allowed to establish

    Preserve slavery because the English were beginning to abolish slavery through court order

    The founders considered the rest of us White trash.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Rex Little
  290. @Alden

    I largely agree with your opinions. For most of my adult life I held high and entirely false opinions of the Founding Fathers, regarding their reasons for demanding a constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation which were far superior to the Constitution which reversed most of the rights and privileges realized by the common man as a result of their victory over the British.

    • Replies: @Alden
  291. @bj

    Very interesting!.
    I do watch CNN 24/7
    They did not mention ones that prosecutors Mitchels report is finished and out.
    All they try to prove that Kavanough blackened out, did it, and now he does not remember.
    Good like with that stupidity.

  292. @Crawfurdmuir

    It is highly unlikely that the legislatures of all fifty states would immediately outlaw abortion in the event Roe were overturned.

    That’s a huge understatement. If even one state outlawed abortion. . . remember when North Carolina passed that bathroom law? SJWs screeched to high heaven, and businesses and organizations were lined up around the block to boycott the state. Abortion rights (or “rights” if you prefer) are far more of a sacred cow to the Left; the political and economic pressure they’d bring to bear would be greater by orders of magnitude.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  293. @Alden

    Preserve slavery because the English were beginning to abolish slavery through court order

    That may have been the aim of some of the Founding Fathers, but certainly not all. When Jefferson said, ” I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just”, he was referring to slavery.

    • Replies: @Alden
  294. It was childhood fantasy nightmare, and she only did put reality veneer on it.
    At that time she did not know about duck tape. (Maybe she still does not know about duck tape,)

  295. @Father O'Hara

    Perhaps, we are more like the Tutsi in that we are the ones against whom violence is planned; however, we will not be the ones to get slaughtered. Antifa and John Brown’s Gun Club are a joke, like much of the left. I could shoot and fight better missing an eye and an arm than those doorknob-humpers.

  296. Alden says:
    @Rex Little

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, didn’t he own about 600 slaves towards the end solely because his slaves had so many children?

    Europeans laughed at the hypocrisy of elite slave owners and dealers ranting about liberty when they owned chattel human property.

    And they did set up a constitution that as early as 1804 resulted in judicial supremacy. Every president but Jackson in a very minor matter and Lincoln suspending habeas corpus for years has obeyed Supreme Court orders.

  297. Alden says:
    @Rex Little

    If the court outlawed abortion injunctions against implementing that court order would be electronically filed within an hour. Maybe minutes as the forms would be filed out and the body of the complaint written long before the ruling.

    Then it’s just click and it’s filed. Injunction heard by pre selected judge next day and abortions can be done legally for another 10 years till another lawsuit is heard and ruled on.

    Meanwhile Planned Parenthood NOW and the rest hustle billions more donations and grants and more southern republicans get elected

  298. Alden says:
    @Rex Little

    Federal funds might be withheld. The CNN MSNBC and the rest would run tall tales of 12 year old pregnant rape victims forced to bear the rapists babies.

    4ft 10 90 pound rape victims with unusually narrow pelvises who got pregnant 2 months after first menstruation of course. She’d probably be a minority’s of course.

  299. Alden says:
    @Carroll Price

    The common man was a lot better off under the British until the British victory in the 7 years war when the British/Indian treaties closed off westward expansion into the British northern part of Louisiana territory.
    But the Spanish who got the southern part of Louisiana territory welcomed the American settlers like Daniel Boone

    Nothing to prevent the northerners from going down to Virginia and then west to Spanish territory in Louisiana where they were welcome.

  300. Alden says:
    @Fabian Forge

    Her husband is a very strong Trump supporter. He was cut off from SNL when he made a pro Trump
    statement. Maybe Kanye West knows something the liberals don’t

  301. @Alden

    I had not intended to comment today —

    But this was so funny, once I saw it I could not resist.

    First, my advocacy has been sharply in favor of Justice Kavenaugh.

    Second, I won’t comment about my educational background. Whether I went to Catholic Prep schools, public schools, DOD schools, christian universities, or state colleges or universities across the country for any of the same is wholly beside the point.

    But your elitist response about who is entitled to comment is quite telling. More telling is your complete lack of “soothsaying” ability.

    • Replies: @Alden
  302. My issues with Justice Kavanaugh have little or nothing to do with college and HS tomfoolery.

  303. annamaria says:

    “Christine Blasey Ford and her family’s long and deep relationship with the C.I.A.; Family CIA black budget ops / Fusion GPS / Deep State security ties,” by Paul Revere

    “…her [Blasey Ford] Specific placement was due to her extensive and advanced educational training at Stanford, in the CIA-funded mind control-brainwashing techniques developed by Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges—whose primary mission for the CIA was to develop new technologies for interrogation and torture, secondary applications going towards studying the possibilities of exploiting highly “suggestible” subjects and getting them to do things — murders, couriers — they wouldn’t otherwise do, and of which they would have no memory in case they were caught. …
    … Dr Blasey-Ford was placed in Dr Melges position, so she could control and recruit “targets” the CIA/FBI needed…”

    — This looks very important for the citizenry:
    “Because of his [Kavanaugh] work in the George W. Bush administration, Amnesty International called for a hold on Kavanaugh’s confirmation “unless and until any information relevant to Kavanaugh’s possible involvement in human rights violations—including in relation to the U.S. government’s use of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, such as during the CIA detention program—is declassified and made public.”

    Francis Boyle, an international law professor at the University of Illinois: “… recently released documents show that while Kavanaugh worked for the George W. Bush administration, one of the people he attempted to put on the judiciary was John Yoo, who authored many of the justifications for torture that came out of the Bush administration.”
    — And don’t we all know John Yoo’s attitude towards the US Constitution…

    • Replies: @George
  304. Alden says:

    I’m not championing Harris.

    I’m saying that due to recent experience as a prosecutor she would have been the obvious senator to report an alleged crime to. But since she was a prosecutor, she would have done nothing about the letter because there was no reason to investigate the accusations further.
    Another reason it was sent to Feinstein was probably because she and her multi billionaire Chinese slave labor factory operator husband will lose a few million a year because of TRump’s tariff.

    And Harris was an OK DA when she worked in San Francisco. That was 20 years ago.

  305. Alden says:

    When you say nasty things about private school students you are insulting my children. So ESAD

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  306. Alden says:

    Some of us are hiring an attorney to fight Jewish Family Services from taking over more and more county and city agencies.

    So I checked Americans United for Separation of Church and State to throw back at them their endless banning of Christmas decorations and the very word Christmas.

    Their entire website is covered with get rid of Kavanaugh. There’s no detail, just that as well as banning abortion, criminalizing gays and other Christian deeds he will abolish the first amendment.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  307. @Alden


    you are too too funny.

    1. If your children are prepppie white girls complaining about preppie white boys as if they are not in the same bowl of privilege and entitlement as the members of their clique they are complaining about, in which case I stand by my comments.

    2. If your children are not prepppie white girls complaining about preppie white boys as if they are not in the same bowl of privilege and entitlement as the members of their clique they are complaining about, in which case I stand by my comments.

    In either case, I stand by my comments.

    If you are a preppie white women the product of preppie white entitlement complaining about preppie white men born of the same material and entitled to the same privilege — I stand by my comments.

    If you are a woman complaining in some manner of faux defense of preppie whites backbiting each other — I stand by my comments.

    If you are the product of preppie white education complaining — about comments by someone of whom you absolutely nothing — whether said person is a preppie white male or something else noting the inanity of preppie whites complaining about each other’s privilege,

    well, I stand by my comments.

    As noted previously, your soothsaying (ability to determine unknowns about others via clairvoyance or guessing) maybe that preppie education and privilege is not all its cracked up to be. When i was a lad in a tiny private catholic school we use to call people who exhibited your manner of thinking, expression and disposition — simply, as indicated by your language choices.


    • Replies: @Alden
  308. Alden says:

    I’m not complaining about anybody. Just don’t make disparaging remarks about me and my children because of the schools we attended.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  309. Hibernian says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    If it’s up to the states and no longer held by SCOTUS to be a Constitutional right, the movement to require all doctors to perform abortions as part of their training, and the movement for taxpayer funding, will be weakened. That’s a lot of what this is all about.

  310. Hibernian says:

    You agree with me there’s no appeal from SCOTUS but you say the losers can start the process all over again, and do so immediately. I don’t doubt the Left would try. It would be like the segregationists approach in the aftermath of Brown. I think it could be ultimately defeated. It might take a quarter of a century, similar to Brown.

    • Replies: @Alden
  311. Hibernian says:

    The Left generally has come to regard weakening of the 1st Amendment as a feature, not a bug.

  312. @Alden

    I have but one response,

    I don’t know you or your children, if you apply my comments specifically to yourself and your children — that is your choice.


    I stand by my comments.

    • Replies: @Alden
  313. bj says:

    Was the evidence free sexual assault charge letter, the work of a retired FBI special agent and life long friend of the accuser? Sundance thinks so……..

    So we have Dr. Blasey-Ford in Rehoboth Beach, DE, on 26th July 2018. We’ve got her life-long BFF, Monica L McLean, who worked as attorney and POI in the DOJ/FBI in Rehoboth Beach, DE…. Apparently at same time she wrote letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein.

    Ms. McLean possesses a particular set of skills to assist Ms. Ford, but Ms. McLean would also have a network of DOJ and FBI resources to assist in the endeavor. A former friendly FBI agent to do the polygraph; a network of politically motivated allies?

    Does the appearance of FBI insider and Deputy FBI Director to Andrew McCabe, Michael Bromwich, begin to make more sense?

  314. @Alden

    Are you going to apologise for the absurdities you emit with the intention of being offensive or are you going to plead insanity as an excuse. To start with I was actually making a point directly opposed to the attack that had been made on Kavanaugh. Try reading it again. The commenter I was replying to said Kavanaugh had effectually convicted himself (“he did himself in”) and I pointed out that he had not. That should have been simple enough.

    As for your attempting to make it an insult by calling me a Jew – which I am not – that’s as silly and fashioned from no evidence at all as your jibes about Australian Catholics. Such old hat in Australia… you are as out of date as you are unobservant.

    • Replies: @Alden
  315. George says:

    Wow, it’s almost like this college frat boy stuff is a bi partisan diversion so they could get a Bush II admin water carrier on the supreme court. Actually Kavanaugh sounds a bit like the kind of person Bush II would pick.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  316. MarkinLA says:

    Yes, maybe you can tell us who Trump should pick such that his base will like it and the confirmation will succeed.

    This is just like all the stupid shit about how bad Trump was as a candidate for President. People telling themselves there was a viable alternative and that they were the only ones who “weren’t fooled”.

  317. anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    On the diversity front, western academia is all abuzz about this talk (promptly removed from the Cern website). Author seems upset over slide 15 but provides lots of data. He has already been punished by European authorities in a couple of ways.

    (mods, I have posted with another name in the past but I am in academia and it is best to be anonymous on this one. also posted in one of Sailer’s threads)

  318. Alden says:

    They do start the process all over again. It takes years and often never gets to the Supreme Court.

  319. Alden says:

    So the altar boy believes every unproven allegation about drinking sex and gang rape in prep schools that Ms Ford claims and believes that all private school kids do such things because lying Democrats said so. Your empty brain just fills up with Democrat propaganda doesn’t it? Feinstein and Schumer criticized prep schools so it must be true

    Check out what happened when Democrat congress critter and co chairman of the national Democrat party Keith Ellison’s former girl friend reported physical abuse and beatings.

    The Democrats told her that if she didn’t have a video of the beating there was no proof.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  320. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    When in doubt be offensive. It’s just the standard Jews vs Catholics fight in American politics. Jews have destroyed any Protestant opposition. Now they’re mopping up the Catholics.

    It’s not just the Supreme Court. It happens in a lot of local races and appointments. He she can’t be head of whatever department. He she’s a catholic and therefore against the Jewish first commandment abortion

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  321. You often seem well informed but not apparently on Jews re abortion, particularly as something of personal concern to the millions of secular and Reform Jews in the abortion friendly NE. While a Reform rabbi told me that Judaism doesn’t regard a foetus as a person I was surprised to find the Orthodox son of our secular Governor-General Salman Cowaen writing to opposite effect against abortion. Also, no less than Catholic father of nine Antonin Scalia, who described Ed Levi as his “first boss” declared in my presence, and that of a secular Jew, that Reform and Orthodox differed on this.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  322. @Alden

    #336 as now numbered is for you.

  323. @Alden

    If you can find a single comment that reflects anything you have said. i will address it. but thus far you have repeatedly made comments that have little bearing on my position concerning Justice Kavaenaugh.

    And no one and I mean no one who has read my comments concerning politics thinks I am a democrat or any kind of liberal. I don’t share many of the hysterical, and unsupportable commentary concerning blacks — however, my ideological perspective is deeply conservative and data driven.

    It seems to me you are attempting to cover your blatantly mischaracterizations of my position and my comments.

    Your continued “knee-jerk” analysis may continue if it makes you feel better. But it quite obvious you have no clue what my views are regarding Dr. Ford or her testimony.

    Whatever issues I have with Justice Kavenaugh — have little or nothing to do with college or HS tomfoolery.

    • Replies: @Alden
  324. Anonymous [AKA "a Father"] says:

    I am a father who was recently told by my daughter that she was molested by her cousin. 15 years ago consistently. She did not tell me because she KNEW I would kill him. she tells me now that he has left and I dont know where he is. so fuck off about how they should tell right away. Secondly, I know of another woman I met many years ago who was molested by her GRANDFATHER over 10 years since she was 8 . She did not tell anyone because he threatened to kill her brother and sister if she did.
    if it was me and I found out some man raped my daughter, wife, girlfriend, even 50 years later, they would not make it to a trial.

    • Replies: @Alden
  325. ohh boy,

    there’s no real way to respond to these kinds of comments in some form of challenge without being accused of some untoward agenda.

    The issue of sudden revelations has nothing to do with whether one tells their parents — especially when the issues are internal to family. The issue is that in the course of one’s life, more so women than men — it is highly likely that there would have been some confident with whom one would commiserate such issues. The bellowing about daughter not telling daddy does not remove the weakness of a position that has no links to some manner of record.

    Incest is not an uncommon secret reserved among families. But the issue of how sudden such recollections come about is a matter for research. Memory is not a recorded film of reality. Even if the memory itself is accurate, the interpretation of the same can override truth.

    A hug when was ten can become a grope when one is twenty. It’s not just a matter of belief, it’s a matter of accurate accounting. And this aspect of human encounter has become rife with issues since the late 1980’s series of child abuse scandals in which five year old told wholesale horror stories. When women recalled being molested in their cribs — despite the fact that according to neurologists, the b rain at that age in incapable of maintaining such information. Yet, men have been prosecuted on such basis.

    So I am going to step forward – foolishly — and reject the notion that just because a women says, it was a secret that it should be taken as prima facie – without challenge.

  326. I might step back a tad from the prosecution of the supposed crib molestation — I am not sure how far those cases advanced

  327. Alden says:

    I know 3 women whose older brothers molested them for years. One finally told her grandmother when on summer vacation. One told her mother when she was 14 and afraid she’d get pregnant Mother didn’t believe her. The brother stopped but the mother made the victim’s miserable. Probably because incest violated the parents image of them selves as proper middle class people.

    Incest is very common. Why? Because the sex object is easily available right across the hall already in bed.

  328. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I’ve concluded that Jews are crusaders for abortion because that’s the abortion crusaders in America. I read Jewish publications and they are totally in favor of abortion.

    In America, the secular ultra liberal professional Jews rule what Jews as a group do.

    The religious Jews are out of the power structure. They are a tiny minority of Jews. Their opinions on gays and other liberal issues are meaningless in the context of Jewish political influence which in America is completely under control of liberal secular atheist Jews.

    I know there is no death penalty in the Talmud for killing a fetus. But Jewish laws and religion are irrelevant to the liberal secular atheist professional Jews who impose their values on the rest of America.

    Execute gays is in the Jewish part of the Bible but the gay movement in America has always been a jewish thing.
    At one time someone made a list of the largest 125 gay organizations in America The heads of 107 of those organizations were Jews.

    American conservatives are always hoping that the small minority of religious Jews will join non Jewish conservatives.
    They won’t. I don’t know about other countries but American religious Jews are getting more separate as the majority secular Jews get more and more atheist and liberal.

    An ultra religious Jew neighborhood in NYC voted for Trump in 2016. Conservatives cheered that a few thousand Jews voted for Trump. So what as both the city and state voted for Clinton

    In terms of politics culture education and laws the only Jews who matter in America are the liberal secular pro gay pro abortion pro criminal pro every kind of liberal insanity types.

    Judaism isn’t an organized coherent religion like Catholicism. It’s not even like Islam which has many sects with a few rules beliefs that all Muslims follow.

    They range from atheists to the devout. But in America the atheists rule.

  329. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I know they differ. What I am concerned about is what secular Jews have done to White Americans School integration school bussing and most important affirmative action discrimination against Whites in everything from jobs to loans was a Jewish operation.

    I once made lists of the attorneys in the anti White side of all the anti White lawsuits since 1956. 90 percent obviously Jewish names

    Old French saying Don’t listen to what he she says. Watch what he she does.

    It’s the secular Jews who do harm to Whites through the court system. So it doesn’t what religious Jews say.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  330. Alden says:
    @Memory Hole

    Darth Vader Ginsburg was an attorney for a major communist party front group before she became a Judge. That communist front legal foundation also made pornography legal.

    Yet she’s on the court. If you like communism and pornography Justice Ginsburg is your gal on the court.

  331. Alden says:

    You’re just blathering on about women in general. Go to post 293 click on the Mitch link and read 9 page memo of the prosecutor who questioned Ford.

    The prosecutor found that nothing Ford said could be proved. She found the 3 witnesses who Ford claimed had no recollection of the alleged event. She found that Fords statements were contradictory.

    She stated that a prosecutor would file charges based on Ford’s lies. She also stated that Ford has no grounds for a civil lawsuit.

    So now you don’t like Kavanaugh on the court for some other reason.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  332. Alden says:

    What did you do, record and memorize CNN MSNBC NPR PBS?? Sounds like it.

    Does a judge not bleed? Does a judge not feel? Can a judge not deny false accusations?

    Another man posted that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be on the court because he was so wimpy and weepy when questioned. Now you think he’s to macho.

  333. We’re lawfully armed too. Just joking….

  334. @Alden


    I am going to repeat my comment. If you can find a single comment that indicates that I found Dr. Ford’s comments something I lend support to — you are welcome to bring it forward, and I will respond.

    Now you are commenting about a law suit a discussion to which i have never addressed, muchless heard of.

    I am curious about something else, I don’t think I have stated a clear contention or any rejection of Justice Kavenaugh — again, your soothsaying skills befuddle you.

    Laugh, I have spent most of the morning trying to figure out why my housemates drains are plugging up the house. it’s a mess in her bathroom. But hardly as messy as trying to decipher your comments to me regarding Justice Kavenaugh. I think I have been above board fair and even defensive to his stead.

    Again whatever concerns I have about Justice Kavenaugh are not in relation to college or HS tomfoolery.

    I suspect you are still attempting to cover your previous misjudgments and have only added fuel to the fire now consuming you and your efforts.

  335. @Alden

    Happily I live in a country where it can be fairly said that we have had the best of a small vibrant Jewish community. I should probably say “communities” because the pre Nazi Jewish immigrants remained Jewish and suffered, very mildly, from discrimination (I think there was a Jewish golf club formed even after WW2) but General Sir John Monash (son of Prussian Jewish immigrants who went to a great Presbyterian school) was Australia’s greatest general and Sir Isaac Isaacs was Chief Justice and Governor-General who was very anti-Zionist. I understand that it has been refugees from the Nazis who have built the Orthodox numbers. Ultra Orthodox I think are just a minor embarrassment all round. Now, perhaps sadly for assimilation, there are Jewish schools where even some of the children of those who went to the leading long established private schools (Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist particularly) or selective state schools attend. Obviously defence of Israel has been a motivating and uniting element. And why not when attacks on Israel (like, you may say, assertions that there was never a Palestinian people) are full of lies and half truths? So, in a sense, the existence of Israel has been bad for Australia. Nonetheless I think Australia’s Jewish microcosm is something of a test case for those who see what seems to be a critical mass of Jews in the US, concentrated in the blue states and no longer notably influenced by or dominated by a WASP establishment.

    So, in Australia, one can see Jews behaving just as one would like and expect prosperous, educated non-Jews to behave. Their considerable charitable donations may not be as often anonymous as those from e.g. Rupert Murdoch’s late mother (a Presbyterian atheist I think) and maybe that is not often because, as one large Catholic giver said recently, he was asked to attach his name to encourage others.

    I regard the imposition of purely religiously derived moral views such as treating abortion as murder as abhorrent (because they depend on someone else’s unverifiable faith) and, if the Catholic Church was not now a worryingly disempowered feeble dinosaur and if abortions were not readily available in Australia for women who want them I would be at least signing petitions. I’ve known Australians with passionately pursued avocation e.g. as Cornish Bard or celebrators of (sometimes contentious views of) Irishness or Welsh heritage and if one can add the excitement and romance (albeit with the violence of the Norse sagas or medieval Crusades) of the Israel of one’s imagination I don’t see anything much strange or sinister in Australia’s Jewish community feeling. Specifically I don’t see a strong us against them Jewish community in Australia or specifically Jewish policies to social issues. Numbers often matter in indirect ways. E.g. imagine the differences created by difference in size of legislatures and/or party caucuses (and little but significant details like whether they vote on issues in caucus or allow the leader to say, like a British PM in Cabinet “well the consensus seems to be… etc”). In Australia I suspect that most upper middle class educated Jews (though I know little of the very young) want to be seen just as traditional upper middle class Australians. I am reminded of the observation that Jews often make the best “English gentlemen” – giving credit to the old fashioned idea of the (ideal) English gentleman as an ideal. And doesn’t it make sense. If the first few generations of your family escaped both Judaic obscurantism and gentile anti-Semitic prejudice in Enlightenment Europe and maybe the US wouldn’t you be likely to find your models in Goethe and Wilberforce?

    • Replies: @sb
  336. I would normally respond to the introduction of the issue on murdering children in the womb. But i have committed to biting my tongue on the matter for the moment.

  337. sb says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Well maybe Jews don’t form ,yet, a critical mass in Australia at least by American standards ,but they do constitute a very powerful community with influence out of proportion to their numbers.

    They are about 0.4% of the population.
    About 5 of the richest 10 people in Australia
    6 of 225 Parliamentarians although with many useful allies (Malcolm Turnbull wasn’t called the member for Goldman Sachs for nothing )
    They don’ t control the Judiciary or bureaucracy though which is something to be grateful for
    They are strongly over represented in media ,especially publically funded media,and the universities

    To be fair most of the more objectionable ones are post WWII migrants /refugees .The earlier arrivals perhaps didn’t have such a huge chip on their shoulder and generally assimilated

  338. You seem to think Jewish numbers are increasing in Australia so as to raise their proportion of the population or produce communities so large that they become self-contained? Where is the evidence? I doubt that the Jewish population in Australia (unless Israel goes down and refugees arrive) is ever going to be close, or closer, to a critical mass. (Think of the Chinese immigrants in particular If you want a reason to focus on).

    Strongly over-represented in publicly funded media? I can’t think who you are talking about. I watch SBS and the ABC and no one springs to mind. (Happily I haven’heard Jon Faine on the radio for a long time). Names?

    • Replies: @sb
  339. sb says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Well I’m from Melbourne
    How about Jon Faine , Ramona Koval,Libby Gore,Raphael Epstein Michael Gawenda ,John Safran ,Robert Manne ,Arnold Zable off the top of my head
    All are regulars on the ABC

    Actually I don’t think Jewish nos are increasing ( low birth rate plus marriage out )

    • Replies: @sb
    , @Wizard of Oz
  340. sb says:

    Incidentally I just responded to your post from a bar in Thailand while having a drink with a (Canadian ) Jewish friend

  341. @sb

    As I hadn’t heard any of them, a mostly ageing crew, on the ABC for ages** I had a nostalgic Google for several. And those like one time Age editor Michael Gawenda, later at U of Melbourne, would only be interviewed occasionally.

    John Safran meant nothing to me though the name came back as I read his Wikipedia. He seems to illustrate my view that Australia has got the best out of its few Jews. Unlike Libby Gore (Methodist Ladies College) he ended his schooling at the Orthodox Yeshiva College (As “the least religious boy At Australia’s most religious school” which I realise would not mean that he mightn’t end up one day all fuzzy and defensive about Israel although running naked through the streets of Jerusalem with only St Kilda Football Club scarf round his neck celebrating the club’s Grand Final win on the Sabbath leaves him a bit behind scratch for the moment). Typical…. of all those Jews who made Weimar Germany such an entertaining place and made low class – and other – nationalists seethe.

    I thought I remembered Ramona Novel’s partner circa 1990 being non Jewish but couldn’t find the name. Robert Manne married out, if he was ever in, and tends to the fashionably SJW left which is all his own work though slightly less surprising in one with Jewish background than not.

    The most provoking thought was that it might have been on Michael Gawenda’s watch that The Age in its pathetic shrunken geriatric condition had cravenly given in to Jewish lobbying and bullying and stopped publishing the highly readable Michael Beckman on Asia and Asian business. I think it was later but now *I have to ask if you can find a link to the offending article for me*. I Googled “Michael Backman Israelis” and got everything but the article. There may have been more than one but I remember reference to young Israeli tourists behaving meanly – in Bhutan I think – and remember thinking that the Jewish/Israeli protesters, apart from conflating Jewishness and being Israeli, were wilfully blind to many people’s observations of Israeli manners and manner, including my own unrepresentative sample. I suppose you could say that, on the one hand, it is a warning not to wish for a larger Jewish community (at least while Israel creates impossible issues), but, on the other, it is no different in a multicultural society to the pressure from Lebanese Muslims on their local MP who happened to be Immigration Minister, to deny a visa to a distinguished non-Jewish British scholar who was pro Israel on some issues. The trouble is the anti Beckman forces won.

    **And I doubt that, not being obsessed on the matter, you would really want to put much weight on their proving Jewish over-representation in the publicly financed media.

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