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After the Atrocity In Nice
Royce Mann’s Awful Video Shows Real Problem–Elite Ethnomasochist Brainwashing
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Royce Mann, foe of "White Privilege"

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Another week, another Muslim atrocity, this one on the French Riviera: 84 dead as I go to tape. These incidents inspire in me what I can only describe as calm despair. There’s something in the collective character of Western humanity that is awfully resistant to learning an obvious lesson here. To adapt Chiang Kai-shek’s famous remark when criticized during World War II for not fighting the Japanese occupiers, but instead husbanding his forces for the coming civil war against the Communists: immigrant Muslim terrorism is a disease of the skin; white ethnomasochism is a disease of the heart. Also this week, a white-guilt video featuring a private school kid called Royce Mann went viral—perfectly illustrating the problem.

I’ve said it before, I know, but it bears repeating: The most amazing, astounding, astonishing statistic of the 21st century is that the annual rate of Muslim immigration into the U.S.A. increased after 9/11.

And still our leaders offer the same fool nostrums. Most Muslims aren’t terrorists, they soothe, as if anyone ever thought they were. If I give you a big box full of M&Ms and tell you just one of the M&Ms is packed full of Strychnine, I venture to speculate that you will not open the box and start decorating ice-cream cones with the contents.

We don’t even have a language for talking about this. I was just looking at this latest Reuters poll:

Many Americans view Islam unfavorably, and supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are more than twice as likely to view the religion negatively as those backing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a Reuters/Ipsos online poll of more than 7,000 Americans.

It shows that 37 percent of American adults have a “somewhat unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view of Islam. This includes 58 percent of Trump supporters and 24 percent of Clinton supporters, a contrast largely mirrored by the breakdown between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans, Democrats sharply divided over Muslims in America: Reuters/Ipsos poll, By Emily Flitter and Chris Kahn, July 15, 2016

What’s the relevance of whether Americans “view Islam unfavorably”? I don’t see it. It seems to be just unthinkingly latching in to the Cultural Marxist narrative about “Hate.” How the CultMarx crowd love that word—”hate”!

Is it so hard to grasp that you might not mind Islam, that you might have no hatred at all towards it, or that—which I think is likely the case with most of the respondents in that poll—you might know diddley-squat about it, while still not wanting mass settlement of Muslims in your country?

I have never read the Koran and at this point I most likely never shall. It looks really boring. I can’t offer an informed opinion about Islam, any more than 99.9 percent of other Americans can. I certainly don’t wish any harm to Muslims in general. Jolly good luck to them all. Hate? Not here.

But t is surely obvious that if you let masses of Muslims settle in your non-Muslim country, you’ve gotten yourself some frictions and problems you didn’t have before. Why bring such troubles on yourself?

Yet we keep doubling down. There’s a sickness here, some kind of civilizational sickness.

Chiang Kai-shek, quoted above, was correct about the Chinese Communists, as the tens of millions of victims of their tyranny would testify, if they could.

Similarly today in the Western world. I don’t mean to speak lightly of the horror we saw on our TV screens Thursday. But these assaults are a disease of the skin. They’re not going to destroy our nations, not by themselves, not even in they happen once a week. They’re a disease of the skin.

The real menace, the disease eating away at the heart of Western society, is white ethnomasochism: hatred of one’s own type, one’s own race, one’s own ancestors, one’s own parents, one’s own fellow citizens who do not share a bizarrely unreal and idealistic view of human nature.

Now meet 14-year-old Royce Mann, a student at The Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Ga. 30307. That zip code, by the way, is 77 percent white, 16 percent black, median house or condo price \$400,000. Nice tony neighborhood.

hallSome background: a few years ago, the public school system of Atlanta seemed to have found the holy grail of U.S. education: closing the test-score gap between blacks and nonblacks. Across the decade up to 2009 the schools posted major test-score gains, leading to the district superintendent, Beverly Hall (a light-skinned Jamaican-American)receiving the National Superintendent of the Year Award. [Systematic Cheating Is Found in Atlanta’s School System By Kim Severson, NYT, July 5, 2011]

Alas, all was not what it seemed. Or rather, for those who had drunk deep of the draughts of undiluted cynicism I offered to the world in my tremendous 2009 best-seller We Are Doomed, all was exactly what it seemed to be: i.e. a massive exercise in cooking the books.

The Atlanta book-cooking scandal ended in April last year with eleven convictions of black school system administrators, including three 20-year sentences. [Prison sentences for eight former Atlanta educators in test-cheating scandal, By David Beasley, Reuters, April 14, 2015]


Now Atlanta has a lot of Goodwhites—gentry liberals filled up to the nose-holes with contempt and loathing for their Badwhite compatriots. You know what I mean by Badwhites: gap-toothed redneck hillbilly Trump voters with guns, bibles, and pickup trucks.

Atlanta also has a fair complement of gentry blacks: well-educated professional black Americans who want their kids to get a good education, preferably well away from those other blacks down in the ghetto.


Obviously these Goodwhites and gentry blacks don’t want to send their kids to Atlanta public schools, especially after the scandals of the past decade. Hence The Paideia School. A year’s tuition for your kid at junior high or high school level will cost you \$23,000, exclusive of books, sports outfits, musical instruments, and extras. This place is gentry with a capital “G”—none of your parochial-school riff-raff here!

Royce Mann’s parents are something to do with the performing arts. Royce himself is inclined in that direction. Earlier this year he performed at a school concert, in the time-honored tradition we all remember from reading Tom Sawyer—”You’d scarce expect one of my age / To speak in public on the stage,” et cetera. Over to young Royce.

My name is Royce, my poem is titled “White Boy Privilege.”

Dear everyone who isn’t a middle or upper class white boy, I’m sorry.

I have started life on the top of the ladder while you were born on the first rung.

I say now that I would change places with you in an instant, but if given the opportunity, would I?

Probably not.

Because to be privileged is awesome. I’m not saying that you and me on different rungs of the ladder is how I want it to stay …

I’m just saying that I’m f**kin’ privileged and I’m not willing to give that away. I love it because I can say “f**kin’

and not one of you is attributing that to the fact that everyone with my skin color has a dirty mouth …

Eighth Grader’s ‘White Privilege’ Poem Takes First Place, by Dr. Susan Berry, , Breitbart, June 13, 2016

The first thing to be said here is a thing I have said way too many times before: If this is poetry, what is not poetry?

The Derb criterion for connected spoken or written material to be called “poetry” is that the material obey minimum two of the following three conditions:

It has rhyme,

It has meter,

It makes sense.

Jabberwocky” has rhyme and meter but makes no sense—it’s poetry! “Paradise Lost” has meter and makes sense, but doesn’t rhyme—it’s poetry! “Spring Comes to Murray Hill” rhymes and makes sense, but has no meter I can determine—it’s poetry!

Young Royce Mann’s spoken production was not poetry. What was it? Basically, distilled ethnomasochism. The kid just hates himself for being white.

Or does he? The degree to which the sentiments expressed are truly Royce’s, and whether he even contributed to the writing of this not-poem, as opposed to having had it put into his hands by his parents or teachers, has been much debated on the internet comment threads.

The comment that I think grasped most of the issue here came from someone using the tag “Question Diversity” on the American Renaissance website:

Remember, this is a school for the Top 0.01 percent … These white … kids aren’t being beaten with a stick, they’re being taught how to use the stick against other white people.

That comment was actually on a another story from a few days earlier, concerning a different school: Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side of Manhattan: 610 West 112th Street, New York, NY 10025, to be precise. If you need to ask about condo prices in that zip code, you can’t afford them. Bank Street School was in the news because its students, kindergarten through 8th grade, are given intensive training in diversity by—of course—a Director of Diversity, a female person of subcontinental Indian origins named Anshu Wahi. Ms Wahi’s M.O. is to put white and nonwhite kids into separate classes:

Bank Street has created a “dedicated space” in the school for “kids of color,” where they’re “embraced” by minority instructors and encouraged to “voice their feelings” and “share experiences about being a kid of color,” according to school presentation slides obtained by The Post.

Meanwhile, white kids are herded into separate classrooms and taught to raise their “awareness of the prevalence of Whiteness and privilege,” challenge “notions of colorblindness (and) assumptions of ‘normal,’ ‘good,’ and ‘American’” and “understand and own European ancestry and see the tie to privilege.”

Elite K-8 School Teaches White Students They’re Born Racist, by Paul Sperry, New York Post, July 1, 2016

Some Bank Street parents have reported their kids coming home in tears, saying “I’m a bad person.” These are children as young as six, remember.

Believe it or not, some parents have complained about the anti-white brainwashing! They have objected, for example, to Ms. Wahi’s May 31st screening, for the kids, of a movie titled Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution , which depicts Panthers founder and convicted cop-killer Huey Newton as a martyr.

In the context of the Cold Civil War, these schools are the military academies feeding manpower to the Goodwhite armies, just as our universities are the staff colleges supplying the field commanders and strategists. You can’t mold people to their military duties without strict discipline.

Why don’t the Bank Street parents understand that? How are their kids ever going to grow up hating Badwhites if they don’t get properly indoctrinated at a young age? And if they don’t hate Badwhites, how will they be able to take up their duties as Masters of the Globalized Universe?

The Paideia parents down in Atlanta obviously understand. They would never tell the Reuters/Ipsos pollsters that they have a “somewhat unfavorable” view of Islam.

The blood of Islamic terrorism’s victims, past and future, is on their cappuccino cups.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It is not worth it to sacrifice the interest of the country for the sake of my son.

    Chiang Kai-shek

    “For the sake of my son”, he did say. Today much less, the sake of their own vainglory, is enough for the sane among our soulless “leaders” to sacrifice the future of everybody.

    Set against the Conservative Party’s policy on immigration and affirmative (disciminatory) quotas in the last 20 years or more.

    You, Derbyshire, seem to me one of the most clear-minded observer of the West’s predicament.
    The Lonely Crowd and The Bonfire of the Vanities may be where it was respectively best anticipated and pictured.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  2. Singh says:

    What’s sad is the kid has a Ksytria last name Maan/Mann. Just shows what diluted blood does,

    America has a caste system & in name of political correctness you have caste segregation going on. Perfect & hilarious,

  3. Rehmat says:

    Another week, another Judeo-Christian false flag in the service of NWO, this one on the French Riviera: 84 dead and 100 wounded.

    Why French are victims of Europe’s most terrorist attacks? French government of Francois Hollande, a “Bitch of Zionism” is loaded with Zionist Jews and Christian cabinet ministers. France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population (7-10 million), great majority of which is non-White and pro-Palestine. France is also home to Europe’s most powerful Jewish Lobby (CRIF). Last year CRIF condemned Hollande over meeting with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in Paris.

    France also has its version of Jewish terrorist organization, Jewish Defense League (Ligue de Defense Juive (LDJ).

    Are not those good reasons for a Tunisian Muslim to hate French?

  4. KenH says:

    Teenage SJW Royce Mann sure doesn’t look very European to me. Atlanta has a sizable Jewish community and my guess is that they represent more than 2% of the student body at this school. The majority of white (even goodwhite) non-Jewish parents wouldn’t let their kids drop F-bombs like that.

    I don’t have any evidence proving Royce Mann isn’t a goodwhite, but according to it can be both a European and Ashkenazi Jewish surname. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me if sweet little Royce was a “typicaljew” and ADL apprentice acting out of congenital hostility towards the white European which is probably encoded in Jewish DNA.

  5. A righteous rant Derb. And no. It’s not a poem.

    But “Another week, another Muslim atrocity” is a bit unbalanced without any mention of the daily atrocities against Muslims perpetrated by the Anglo/Zio Empire. The same empire that is importing them when not killing them.

    White ethnomasochism is a disease of the heart. But it’s not a disease like cancer or diabetes. It’s the result of propaganda, disseminated by our ruling class. The hand full of ass holes who own “the west” are our enemy. They are also the enemy of Islam. They are the enemy of BLM and SJW’s and Trans-whatever.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  6. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    I’ll bet the boy will be showered with privilege. Progs have their progilege.

    Blacks have Thugilege.

    Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. They get you when you sleep.

    PC. They get you when you’re young.

  7. The real menace, the disease eating away at the heart of Western society, is white ethnomasochism: hatred of one’s own type, one’s own race, one’s own ancestors, one’s own parents, one’s own fellow citizens who do not share a bizarrely unreal and idealistic view of human nature.

    The core of that is believing that everyone but a privileged white is a noble savage who would live in peace with all mankind and Gaia but for the horrible civilization established by the privileged whites.

    Aggression by other groups is not recognized as aggression because it threatens this view.

  8. peterike says:

    What you’re missing about that execrable little shit Royce Mann is what his little performance actually was: it was his application to Harvard. And guess what: he’s already on the accepted list.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  9. Oldeguy says:

    Ethnomasochism is the ultimately lethal soul sickness of the West.
    This example is so nauseating and horrifying that were I to encounter it in a work of fiction, I would chide the author for having gone over the top.
    Awarding this young swine, and, yes, by eighth grade a kid can have already gone truly bad, the First Prize speaks volumes about the “school” and sends an unignorable message to his ( one can hope ) less “enlightened” contemporaries.
    Radical jihadist Islam and the dull seething resentment of People of Color directed at People of non-Color are not new and, of themselves, are not that great a threat- our ancestors, far less well armed than we, dealt very effectively with both.
    However, “their strength was of the strength of ten because their hearts were pure”.

  10. @peterike

    Right. This youngster doesn’t hate himself. He just knows what to say to get “ahead”. He knows his catechism. He is ready to advance.

  11. Travis says:

    Certainly his father is Jewish , Barry Mann.

    Knew a Jewish family who had the last name Mann , great grandfather changed it from Mandelbaum to Mann

    Easy for Jews to complain about white privilege , as they do not consider themselves white.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Ivy says:

    Parents sending their children to schools like Bank Street are guilty of child abuse, in my not so humble opinion. Some kids need to tell the adults about the Emperor’s New School, although the latter are too busy in an echo chamber listening to their so-called friends.

    • Replies: @David
  13. Time was properly brought up little white boys weren’t brought up to say “fuckin’” in front of people either. And any who did so in the hearing of white adults would call their quality and the quality of their parents into question.

    I’m just going to assume the “white” boy and his parents never got that memo.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  14. No ethnomasochism in this case. The kid is Jewish. Not for one second does he consider himself white. “White” is European and Christian. The kid is just trashing on a group to which he doesn’t believe that he belongs.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Future historians will marvel at the Jews of today. A small groups of people brought down one of the great people/empires in history without firing a shot. Yes, whites are very susceptible to pathological altruism, but, without Jews pushing those buttons, it’s unlikely we would have become this pathetic.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-Semitic, at least not in a traditional sense. In fact, I’m tipping my hat to them and acknowledging what a formidable foe that have become. Well done, sir.

    However, I have to wonder if it will be a pyrrhic victory. Yes, Jews have eliminated the danger of a pogrom in Ohio, but they’re turning Europe in a place that’s unlivable for Jews and the United States into a Brazil-like country. Is that really good for the Jews? I have my doubts.

    Regardless, they have whites so beaten down and cowered that the only real question is what comes next. How far do Jews want to take this?

    • Agree: Jeff77450
    • Replies: @km
  15. Everything you say is so abolutely right at the most elemental level. No sane person could disagree.

    Negroes and Mulattoes like O hate Whites for what eve rreason and want to take whatever the whites have away from them. That’s garden variety envy, lazyiness, and greed, and so easy to understand.

    My theory about the White political estasblishment is that they are owned by the corporations that pay the Clintons many thousands for an unoriginal 20-minute speech. They know that the problem is the supremacy of the One percent and the enslavement of the rest of us. To avoid talking about class, they pretend that only Blacks are poor. They are disgusting for speaking of White Privilege. What privileges do poor White trash have??

    That explains the elites. But why are ordinary Americans so stupid as to bleieve their transparent lies?

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A commenter above raised the possibility that the surname Mann was changed from the Indian surname Maan. Alternatively, it could be an Ashkenazi Jewish or German name. The writers Thomas and Heinrich Mann were German non-Jews.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That’s the case with some Jews, not all Jews. Mike Wallace and Rabbi Gil Steinlauf don’t have standing to speak for anyone but themselves. There is no Jewish pope.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  18. nicula says:

    Wrong. The problem is not “ethnicity” but the ideological differences between Democracy and Islam. There is no individual freedom in Islam, there is no separation of Religion and State in Islam, there is no Women Rights, there is no, etc.. The problem with Muslims in Europe is the result of their inability to integrate European values which I incline to believe is also the problem of many African-Americans (without mixing ideologies since in the case of African-Americans victimization rests upon a different kind of fallacies, not to mention that Arabs are “withes” -see definitions in that sense ) . Muslims in France received infinitely more attention and support than Eastern Europeans and yet they have a much lower rate of integration. As far as I know, it is their culture and religion preventing them from having a normal life). As for Muslims in the US, here too things aren’t that rose too..

  19. km says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Rubbish. Come and hang out with my WASP friends and family in Toronto. They are by and large exactly as Derbyshire describes them: self-aggrandizing through moral and cultural vanity. They don’t care much for Jews, the Holocaust (‘such a long time ago’), or Israel (except to feel sorry for the Arabs), and they have never read the Frankfurt School or any other such convoluted nonsense that no one can understand.

  20. Pagoda says:

    Death to the hipsters and their kids…

  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Diversity” never means anything other than Less White People.

    When is any population or institution “too black” “too yellow” etc. and needing of “diversity”?

    Why are All & Only white populations targeted for mass immigration and “diversity”?

    Why is open borders a White “Privilege”?

    Because # white genocide

  22. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    LOL. Jews hide Jewish Privilege behind ‘white privilege’.

    Maybe white gentiles should troll by saying they have too much ‘Jewish privilege’.

    Anyway, all this politicization of children is disgusting.

    Kids are so easy to manipulate.

    Using kids is the last refuge of scoundrels.

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    We had Clock Boy.

    Now we have ‘white privilege’ Boy.

    What’s next?

  24. nicula says:

    PS. Before making statements I would suggest the author to study the system, including the penal system in France. One cannot repeat ad infintum platitudes without having a solid basis.

  25. “I’m just saying that I’m f**kin’ privileged and I’m not willing to give that away. I love it because I can say “f**kin’

    and not one of you is attributing that to the fact that everyone with my skin color has a dirty mouth …”

    –I’m completely attributing the fact that he’s saying “f**kin’” to “the fact that everyone with [his] skin color has a dirty mouth” because Jews are observably the most coarsely foul-mouthed and -minded population group with any claim to anything like high IQ.

    A Jewish grad student, hot to trot with me, once giddily and unpromptedly confided that a young friend of hers of some standing in the local synagogue was blackmailing an ex-girlfriend as his “[email protected] s*x slave”. “[email protected] s*x slave?!” I asked, apparently unconsciously repeating the “screws so great” scene from Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

    And she, as unfazed as the filmmaker in that scene, went on to detail how, in a fit at being dumped, the budding backdoor bondswoman smashed some of his tchotchkes, whereupon he calculated the damage, presented her with the bill, threatened to file charges, and demanded her acquiescence to his little game in order to forestall a summons to court.

    Well, imagine my chagrin, but what could I do to intervene? I suppose the girl must’ve been rather impressionable, or eager to please, in order to go along with all this. One would hope our legal system would take her complaint (had she raised one) rather more seriously than his– but then, the legal system is rather foreign territory in America at this point.

    Of course, I don’t know that she was a “shiksa”–I suppose they can treat their own kind just as ill when it comes to this sort of thing– but we certainly know what little Royce is. And though he could be a budding catamite for all we know, he’s no “ethnomasochist.”

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Is that boy Jewish?

  27. gregdeane says: • Website

    Royce Mann’s plagiarised nonsense is meaningless. But this is a POEM-it only lacks a bit of sense, maybe:
    With a Mallard in the Sky


    Wafting through the galaxy, perched marvellously upon
    A snowy cloud, came upon a nebulous neutron star,
    Where ‘twas pelted by many a swift, rocky meteor;
    Escaping, dropped in a dim black hole. No light shone.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as a marbled duck pie in the sky,
    Transporting a grey brown mottled soul,
    Yet not too happy in the flattening hole.

    Trapped in that lightless place, was squashed heavy hard.
    Just in time, miraculous, a passing, friendly quasar
    Ejected me enthusiastically into the air, quite far,
    To fly beside a quacking surprised brown mallard.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as a scaup duck pie in the sky,
    But likewise dark from black muck,
    More confounded by a heavenward duck.

    Both, the duck and I shrieked; it startled, did plummet,
    Bursting into unfowl speed, like a winged supernova
    Rolling through the spacious sky, over and over
    Imitating a collapsing, shattering, avian comet.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as a harlequin duck pie in the sky,
    Variegated with gases roundly exuded
    Such that the ingredients had exploded.

    Mallard gone, my saviour cloud returned, to gaseous
    Jupiter, miasmic, carried me, where choking on fumes,
    Coughed in vapours midst the pretty planetary plumes,
    Quite filling up my lungs, making me bilious.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as a pochard duck pie in the sky,
    Head swelling unpleasantly thick
    Like pie’s filling churning wondrous quick.

    In no condition to savour any poultry pie,
    My health quite paltry, tummy swingeing
    Sorely past ethereal sirens choral singing,
    I descending, they more and more on high.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as an eider duck pie in the sky,
    Turning ethereally pastel shades all round
    Tumbling nauseous to the distant ground.

    Staggering sick, hurling away, fell to distant earth,
    Dropping past comets, ducks, a few, and asteroids,
    By Mars, Venus, ducks some more, even voids
    Smashing hard upon the planet of my birth.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as a juicy teal pie in the sky,
    Now chestnut and metallic green, like bile
    Indisposed to enjoy sights celestial.

    By then, of course, traumatised in body, dead
    I was, but unsurprised, swinged, gassed, smashed,
    Not be being alive, after having airily dashed,
    Having followed where the mallard led.

    Harum! Harum! Through the heavens I float, I fly
    As happy as a juicy musk duck pie in the sky,
    Shoot past goosanders and ruddy ducks in mirth
    When improbably I smash upon the earth.

  28. @KenH

    The Paideia School

    isn’t Paideia the name of the organization Barbara Spectre Lerner started, with funding from the Swedish government?

    • Replies: @KenH
  29. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Progots or proggy bigots are into hate projecting. To hate is human, and we all hate something. But progots carry on with the fantasy that only right-wing people hate.

    They are filled with all sorts of ideological, racial, cultural, and moral hatreds. They worship homos and hate(and won’t tolerate) those who don’t share their homomaniacal delirium. Progots romanticize black thuggery(from a distance of course) and hate those who don’t agree.

    Progots are Hate Projectors. They feel hate like all humans but don’t have the courage and integrity to admit it. They project their hate onto others.
    They are so into themselves that their own hate is love whereas the love of their enemies is hate.
    So, if progots hate the idea of white nations, that is love of humanity. But if white patriots love their own white nations, that is ‘hate’.

    Patriots hate invaders, marauders, and traitors naturally. But at least patriots are honest about their hatreds as well as their loves.
    In contrast, progots won’t even admit they are filled with hate.
    (I give Che Guevara credit for at least admitting that revolution is about hate. Today’s so-called ‘leftists’ don’t even have the guts to admit that.)

  30. That (((insufferable little prick))) is certainly not White.

  31. Leftist conservative [AKA "mourning in america"] says: • Website

    [To avoid sockpuppetry you should pick one handle and stick with it, or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise your future comments may be summarily trashed.]

    Propagandization of children is the key to this neoliberal, fake-leftist system of anti-white multiculturalism we live under.

    When you can get to the mind of a white child early on, and fill that mind with a false, slanted version of history, an anti-white version of history…then you win the war without fighting a battle. This version of history makes all whites out to be the demons of history.

    America must realize what it is happening, they must realize that the current consensus version of history is a weapon used by the elite against the majority. That false version of history is the basis of the entire anti-white, pro-nonwhite version of multiculturalism.

    Anti-white multiculturalism is the seed planted in young white minds.

    That seed grows into white guilt over the years.

    A white adult who was subjected to this regime of propaganda when young will be too ridden with guilt to vote for politicians who want to stop mass immigration.

    Mass immigration is the cancerous form of economic growth the elite seek.

    Mass immigration props up the ponzi scheme economy with its cancerous form of growth.

  32. Tregon says:

    Yup, Derb’s trademark honesty hard at work again. Royce Mann is a white ethnomasochist who attends a white ethnomasochist school that celebrates these well-known WASP holidays:

    No School – Rosh Hashanah

    No School – Yom Kippur

    All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, Atlanta

    But no days off for Christmas or Easter. Must be that ole white ethnomasochism.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Barnard
  33. AaronB says:

    Serious question, Derb.

    Do you think science has anything to do with white self hatred?

    I know you love science, but do you think the nihilistic world view of modern science has anything to do with why whites hate their civilization so much?

    Is it possible that once science has stripped away all purpose and meaning life becomes so pointless that whites begin to hate the civilization they created and turn against it?

    The more intelligent, the more educated, a white person is, the more he absorbs a science-based elite world view, the more likely he is to hate his own civilization.

    Now isn’t that a curious fact? Oh I know the elite liberal world view is anti scientific on all sorts of issues, but it does believe in the basics of modern scientific nihilism, even if it isn’t always consistent.

    Not just science, really, but capitalism, individualism, materialism, technology – maybe all this stuff makes for a pretty aweful way to live, and people who try to live this way soon become full of self hate and suicidal.

    Sure, the West also created some of the best art, music, and literature on the planet, but on balance, the nihilistic side won out in the end and dominates life today. The good culture was a relic from an earlier way of looking at the world and has been slowly dying until today it’s just a memory.

    This strange white “disease” is so puzzling to you Derb, because you don’t challenge your assumptions. The simplest conclusion is that elite white people hate themselves so much, and are so xenophilic, because something about the way they live, and the beliefs they live by, is disgusting.

    But no alt-right white person wants to consider that white civilization is defective at its core and needs correction – no its some strange incomprehensible disease that no one can understand.

    • Replies: @Ace
  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    (((Royce Mann))) doesn’t have any white privilege, because he isn’t white. Or rather, like the rest of his kind, he’s white when he wants to shame, undermine, and betray us, and he’s of the Chosentribe when he feels like claiming the Oppressed Minority label.

    And this rather points to the problem with describing ethnomasochism as a disease of the heart. We did not get sick with ethnomasocism. We were poisoned.

  35. @Rehmat

    False flag? Hmmmm…

    Some other considerations from Uri Avnery, a good guy and a former Israeli fighter. In 1938 Avnery joined the Irgun underground terrorist organization to fight against the British colonial regime on behalf of the Zionist movement and later rejected the methods used against the Arabs.

    Here’re some excerpts from his most recent piece.

    “…when I saw a much-toted(sic)TV “investigative report” on “Anti-Semitism in France”. It was a pile of propaganda nonsense.

    “ANTI-SEMITISM IN France” is now all the rage in Israel. A huge propaganda effort is invested in this campaign. The aim is to induce French Jews to come to Israel, to “make aliyah” (an atrocious corruption of Hebrew).

    Jews in France, according to “investigative reports” are faced with a terrible danger. They can expect a second holocaust any moment…they must come to Israel. In a hurry. Now!

    THE MUSLIM-JEWISH animosity which is now being played out in the Paris banlieues …has nothing to do with anti-Semites. It so happens that both sides are Semites.

    It started in Algeria a long time ago. The French conquered the country and settled there in large numbers. Then they did something rather clever: they conferred French citizenship on the local Jews, but not on the Muslims, who constituted the vast majority.

    More than that. When the French army showed signs of wanting to leave, the [French] settlers set up an underground military organization, the OAS, to terrorize the Muslims. The local Jews were involved. Gradually, the French settlers started to return to France, and the Jews remained, the OAS then becoming almost a Jewish organization.

    What is happening now is the continuation of that Algerian conflict on French soil. The hatred that once ruled the streets of Algiers and Oran is being fought out in the streets of Paris and Marseilles.

    … I would confidently bet that incidents against Muslims vastly outnumber incidents against Jews.

    According to Zionist ideology, the State of Israel exists as a refuge for persecuted Jews. Wherever Jews in the world are in distress, we save them and bring them here. (Never mind that Israel is perhaps the least safe place for Jews in the world.)

    When anti-Semitism is too weak to do the job, we must help it along, as we did in Iraq in 1952, when we planted bombs in synagogues to encourage Jews to leave and come here [to Israel].

    There is also a more cynical explanation. Israel has built an elaborate apparatus for bringing Jews [to Israel]… What would happen to all this host of emissaries, organizers, bureaucrats, political appointees and such if there were no Jews aspiring to come here and kiss the ground on arrival?

    Fortunately there is this “wave of anti-Semitism” in France, and everybody is fully occupied…

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  36. David says:

    Looking back, I can see that mom went out of her way to indoctrinate me in all the multicultural pieties of the day. I shake my head when I look at the shelves of Free to Be You and Me type kids books I was read. But if I’d held realistic opinions at 19 thru 27, I would never have been able to matriculate through college or to hold a job in a big corporation. Around 30, I could begin to take for granted aspects of HBD without giving them voice at lunch, which I would have wrecked my career doing earlier. Thanks, mom!

    • Replies: @Ivy
  37. 5371 says:

    Josiah Royce seems an unlikely patron for such parents to choose for their child. Now if they had named him Dewey Mann, I would not be surprised. But Roizman is a common Jewish surname, so no doubt we are actually dealing with a delicate allusion to that fact.

  38. Truth says:

    “(((Royce Mann))) doesn’t have any white privilege, because he isn’t white. Or rather, like the rest of his kind, he’s white when he wants to shame, undermine, and betray us, and he’s of the Chosentribe when he feels like claiming the Oppressed Minority label.”

    Oh; so in other words he has high “g”.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  39. Rehmat says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    Calm down dear …… No Jews is going to leave France or UK for the Zionist entity – no matter what Netanyahu or BBC says. These Jewish communities are modern-day SHYLOCKS that control French and Brits on behalf of the Zionist entity and ship billions of dollars of arms and cash to Israel each year (@\$6 billion each).

    Both French PM Manuel Valls, and British PM Theresa May have said that “France or UK wouldn’t exist without the Jews.”

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  40. fnn says:

    There were still a few good WASPs in the pre-WWII days:

    Brewster [Sr.], described by one acquaintance as “a crustacean McKinleyite Republican,” entertained many members of Congress at his Catoctin retreat. [. . .] Brewster’s politics, however, were too extreme to be openly expressed in the mainstream GOP. His anti-Communism was so rabid and sweeping that his son remembered that “if I were considerate enough to visit him in Washington with a friend whose parents were somehow associated with the Roosevelt administration, it was natural that he should refer quite regularly to my ‘Communist friends.’” [. . .] Brewster’s political opinions and his business contacts with Germany led the FBI to start a file on him. While various information testified that he admired the Nazi system and claimed to have met personally with Hitler on visits to Germany, the FBI’s investigation revealed little aside from the fact that “BREWSTER possessed a great hatred for Jews and regarded them with suspicion at all times.”

    Brewster’s views on race and religion were perhaps most fully expressed in the works of his good friend the eugenicist Lothrop Stoddard, who believed that Anglo-Saxon civilization and America’s ancestral purity were under threat from inferior races. Stoddard was, like Brewster, a Harvard Law School graduate and sometime resident of Brookline, Massachusetts. (Brookline was, not coincidentally, the location of the nation’s first country club.) Stoddard’s works included evocative titles such as The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy and The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man.

    American society, according to Brewster and Stoddard, was a racial aristocracy under threat [. . .] Many upper-class East Coast gentlemen shared the view that snobbery and racial exclusion were necessary to preserve their elite culture, even if they stopped short of Stoddard’s conclusion that “race cleansing is the obvious starting-point for race betterment.” Although Brewster’s virulent racial opinions were welcome in polite society, most of his peers expressed themselves in more decorous terms. [. . .] Kingman Jr. once told an interviewer that he had been “terrified” of the father who had given him “a stepmother in every port.” [. . .] The son detested his father’s fascism and ultraconservatism, and so kept some distance. [. . .]

    Kingman Sr.s paranoid racism, extreme anticommunism, and unbridled hatred of Franklin Roosevelt reflected an entire class’s inability to cope with drastic change.

  41. highrpm says:

    how practical is wondering what the long term effects of each sovereign county severing all their inter-state trade and war treaties and instead setting as priority #1 taking care of their own “commons” — remember “tragedy of the commons” anyone? — instead of policing the world? would the radical jihadist muslims be so international in their evangelical terror if the westerners were not invading the middle east countries and supporting the chief robber/ terrorist/ genocidalist rogue state neoisrael? everyone just get the h* back to their own territories, for heaven’s sake.

    • Replies: @another fred
  42. @Rehmat

    I’m perfectly calm, thank you, Honey.

    No Jews is going to leave France or UK for the Zionist entity – no matter what Netanyahu or BBC says.

    Duh. You and I know that, but it doesn’t prevent Netanyahoo and its ilk from hysterically perpetrating false flags (as you so astutely noticed).

    These Jewish communities are modern-day SHYLOCKS that control French and Brits on behalf of the Zionist entity and ship billions of dollars of arms and cash to Israel each year (@\$6 billion each).

    Tell us something we don’t already know.

    As for the advice to calm down, perhaps you may want to read my post and Avnery’s comments. They both support your comment. I guess that’ll teach me to be more circumspect when offering support to your views.

    Have a nice day, Deary!

  43. @Rehmat

    Rehmat, you are playing the part of an idiot. ISIS has already owned up to Nice, and the evidence of ISIS involvement is pretty much incontrovertible. I realize that your sort will never be able to get past the “It’s da Jooooos!” thing, but you should really try. It’s hiding a lot of stuff from your view and you’ll never be able to put any of the puzzle together because you are stupidly chasing after chimeras.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  44. lorax says:

    European Jews are actually white Europeans who represent themselves as “other” for their own
    agenda. The proof of this is both genetic and cultural. When male Jews emigrated from central Asia or the Middle East (peoples who are Caucasian to begin with) to the land of Ashkenaz (Germany) they married local women. Recent DNA analysis confirms this; European Jews are 50% European Caucasian (from maternal DNA) and 50% non-European Caucasian.
    Mix a “pure” European Jew with a Gentile and you arrive at a person with only 25% non-European
    DNA. Examples of this from the media are Paul Newman, Michael Douglass, Robert Downey Jr.,
    Sean Penn, Kyra Sedgwick and Scarlett Johannsen, none of whom look Palestinian at all.

    Culturally, the Ashkenazi people spoke Medieval German (Yiddish), ate northern European foods (pickled Baltic herring, sauerkraut etc.), dressed in European attire and were well represented in European institutions of higher learning by the likes of Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr and many others. Only Jews in the culture of Europe have ever achieved greatness in modern times. When Jewish people in the U.S. and Europe claim to be a racial minority it is a false claim.

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
  45. If Kevin McDonald don’t exist and we were news-dependent of mister Derbyshire honesty and precision on your text, probably the real (((identity))) of this ethno-masochist boyische would remain hidden or just a pre–concept for most of the readers.

    Maybe mister Derbyshire here just don’t believe in some”conspiracy theory”.

    Some “respectable” ones are the worst.

    The magic flautist and its vendetta against gullible white ordinary snowflakes, absurdly dependent on media news

    Thankuverumuch hdd #

    Neocon gonna neocon

  46. Jason Liu says:

    Most Muslims aren’t terrorists. They’re just normal people. White people are in denial over this for two reasons.

    1. They’re too afraid to say “we want a homogeneous society regardless of how nice immigrants are”, so they resort to exaggerating terrorism, sharia, whatever. This kind of sorry excuse making is symptomatic of a society that lacks nationalism.
    2. They fail to understand that Muslim ethnoreligious chauvinism is normal for all humans, as it probably once was for westerners.

    The people here obsessing over Jews are also wrong. There’s no evidence this kid is a Jew, nor does it matter. There are plenty of white gentiles who would self-flagellate just like this kid.

    The real problem is the education system, and the child’s parents. His mother is some kind of SJW, the same sort of frumpy white woman who took gender studies and thinks she’s making the world a better place. Dad is undoubtedly a pushover who would settle for that type of human garbage.

    If Trump does get elected, the first thing his electorate should demand is complete academic reform. Remove teachers, professors and curriculum with any kind of grievance/activism background. Force a 50/50 male/female teacher quota on early education. Actively support STEM supremacy, while denying loans to humanities majors. Clean up the colleges, and social justice be starved of new recruits. The ones that remain will eventually be outnumbered and can therefore be easily persecuted.

  47. AaronB says:

    Is anyone else struck by the fact that the theory that Jews cause white self hatred is a kind of white ethnomasochism?

    It makes whites look really pathetic, and Jews look so powerful that they control the minds of Swedes 3,000 miles away from their comfortable New York living rooms.

    Its like whites can’t stop being ethnomasochistic, even when really trying.

    Its a bit uncanny, even eerie.

    I’m not saying Jews don’t propagandize against whites. They do. It just that Jews wouldn’t do it unless they knew whites liked hearing it (there’s no money in selling what people don’t want), and whites wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t like it.

    • Replies: @Discard
    , @Ace
  48. @Jason Liu

    The real problem is the education system, and the child’s parents.

    That’s true, especially since the “educational” system is a result of the desires of the ruling classes to destroy the family and to produce docile, unthinking, brainwashed, materialistic wage slaves.

    It’s another way to convince people that the conflicts are anything but class wars, same as always.

    I have lots of evidence to support both claims, if interested.

    (Please note that I will be away most of the day, but intend to return here in the evening.)

    • Replies: @Ace
  49. The most amazing, astounding, astonishing statistic of the 21st century is that the annual rate of Muslim immigration into the U.S.A. increased after 9/11.

    Only willfully ignorant people like Derb still believe that Muslims did 9/11.

    If you’ve had nearly fifteen years to figure something like this out and still don’t get it…. Well, stupidity and ignorance are not crimes. But if you style yourself as some sort of public intellectual, this should be considered a form of intellectual malpractice.

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
    • Replies: @Forbes
    , @Sam Shama
  50. Svigor says:

    The real menace, the disease eating away at the heart of Western society, is white ethnomasochism: hatred of one’s own type, one’s own race, one’s own ancestors, one’s own parents, one’s own fellow citizens who do not share a bizarrely unreal and idealistic view of human nature.

    Isn’t this a tacit admission that Jews are not white? Because hatred of Jews certainly remains at the top of the “respectable” list of taboos, and fawning respect for their princess-and-the-pea grievances certainly seems mandatory. No hating of that type, that race, those fellow citizens, among the goodwhites.

  51. Svigor says:

    And still our leaders offer the same fool nostrums. Most Muslims aren’t terrorists, they soothe, as if anyone ever thought they were.

    That’s Nick Diaz’ constant refrain here, as well. It makes sense, when you think about it; if you put a tiny bit of feces in people’s food, who but a bigot would object? And if they do, you can just say “it’s only .1% shit, the vast majority of the food is wholesome and tasty, so what are you complaining about?” You could really go to town with e coli; “It’s only .01% e coli, most of the food is harmless!” Then when they throw out your shit- or bacteria-laced food, you can call them racist, say “that’s not who we are,” etc.

    If I give you a big box full of M&Ms and tell you just one of the M&Ms is packed full of Strychnine, I venture to speculate that you will not open the box and start decorating ice-cream cones with the contents.

    See, this is why I really should read through before commenting. 🙂

    You’ve even got me whupped on your choice of analogy; M&Ms are discrete units, just like people.

    It still won’t be good enough for Nick Diaz, though. He’ll just say “your analogy is absurd because people aren’t M&Ms,” because leftists are really smart. :_(

    I have never read the Koran and at this point I most likely never shall. It looks really boring. I can’t offer an informed opinion about Islam, any more than 99.9 percent of other Americans can. I certainly don’t wish any harm to Muslims in general. Jolly good luck to them all. Hate? Not here.

    I hate the West Asian kind. Or maybe I just hate West Asians. Rotherham (etc.) saw to that.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  52. Svigor says:

    Another week, another Judeo-Christian false flag in the service of NWO, this one on the French Riviera: 84 dead and 100 wounded.

    There were no western invasions or military actions in west Asia or north Africa; they were all false flags.

    P.S., Mohamed (Shit Be Upon Him) was a child molester, and Muslims castrated hundreds of thousands of their black slaves. These are facts, look them up.

  53. Svigor says:

    But “Another week, another Muslim atrocity” is a bit unbalanced without any mention of the daily atrocities against Muslims perpetrated by the Anglo/Zio Empire. The same empire that is importing them when not killing them.

    What are the mass rapes, Muslim communal child molestation rings revenge for?

    *Crickets chirping*

    West Asians are scum.

  54. Svigor says:

    The strong west Asian contribution to the Jewish behavioral profile is obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

    Ah, so this boy has Jewish Privilege, not “White Privilege.” Amazing what you learn in the comments. “White Privilege” includes, among many other things, the “privilege” of pretending that Jewish Privilege does not exist…or else.

    That’s the case with some Jews, not all Jews. Mike Wallace and Rabbi Gil Steinlauf don’t have standing to speak for anyone but themselves. There is no Jewish pope.

    Don’t forget that chick at Haaretz.

    But sure, quote me all the objections from prominent Jews.

    Rubbish. Come and hang out with my WASP friends and family in Toronto. They are by and large exactly as Derbyshire describes them: self-aggrandizing through moral and cultural vanity. They don’t care much for Jews, the Holocaust (‘such a long time ago’), or Israel (except to feel sorry for the Arabs), and they have never read the Frankfurt School or any other such convoluted nonsense that no one can understand.

    I bet they don’t go bashing Jews they way they do whites, either.

    As for their reading selections, I’m sure lots of Nazis didn’t read Mein Kampf, either.

  55. @Quartermaster

    He’s nervous

    I dislike lslam in the similar way I dislike any other pseudo religion (collective lunacy) or “ideology” (that is just other idiotic cult).

    But Orlando attack was very suspicious… Also the attack in Paris with its respective retarded “actor-crisis” in action (the supposed attack on Sandy Hook school)

    Demonize Muslimism look pretty hypocrite to so-called “civilization” (servilization and now more like senilization) that three decades before was judaic-christian-centric.

    Or this “events” are completely fake, I mean, a pure ridicule spectacle


    This “events” are partially fake, I mean, people really die

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Clyde
  56. @km

    Look, I’m not saying that this is all some Jewish conspiracy or that many, many whites haven’t jumped in with both feet. Indeed, if you look back at the first kernels of white ethnomasochism, you’d probably start at the Enlightenment (universalism), certainly the 19th century and, of course, the First and Second World Wars that severely damaged our view of our own cultures.

    So, yes, a rot was setting in before Jews started wielding a huge amount of cultural influence. However, if you look at the driving forces of dismantling and demoralizing the West since ~1940s, you find that Jews have played a major – and typically dominating – role in all of them. What’s more, they push this agenda while pushing the opposite for Jews, which shows a disingenuousness not present in self-hating whites who really do want to destroy their own people and culture.

    I’m simply arguing that without Jews the decline of the West at least would have been far slower.

    Again, good for the Jews. They saw a problem – white gentile-dominated countries where Jews live – and said, let’s do something about it. And they did. No conspiracy needed, which is even more impressive. Jewish elites – financial, cultural and academic – simply agreed on the problem and individual and, occassionally, in groups (lobbies, SPLC, etc.) started pushing certain agendas.

    And by golly it worked. Your Canadian relatives may not like Jews, but, whether they know it or not, they have been profoundly influenced by Jews. Of course, your relatives aren’t idiots. They wouldn’t have gone along with the program if part of them didn’t like it. (You can’t con an honest man.) But these same relatives would have been proud whites a century ago and would have found the idea of turning Canada into a multi-racial, multi-religious country abhorrent.

    Whites are oddly malleable on the issue of race. It likely will be our downfall. Maybe we would have committed that suicide all on our own given enough time. But as it goes now, I’d have to call this an assisted suicide at the very least.

  57. @Jason Liu

    Right about everything except jews. I’d bet \$1,000 that kid’s dad is jewish. Mom’s very white. Kid’s last name is “Mann” but doesn’t look terribly Germanic to me. Rather swarthy in fact, which presumably isn’t coming from that white pile of shit sitting next to him.

  58. HBD Guy says:

    I can’t figure out how a white boy with an IQ of less than 100 has white privilege? Seems like he is going to have trouble finding any job better paying than Burger King….?

  59. woodNfish says:

    …a few years ago, the public school system of Atlanta seemed to have found the holy grail of U.S. education: closing the test-score gap between blacks and nonblacks.

    The school system succeeded, Royce Mann is proof that many of the whites are now as stupid as the blacks. (Also, I read the kid is 11 years old, not 14.)

    US schools have been in the brainwashing business for as long as I have been alive , so at least 50 years, but I expect a lot longer. After all, US history is basically a lie designed to turn empty headed children in to empty headed flag waivers, and it works very well. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao had nothing on US propaganda, and still don’t.

  60. woodNfish says:
    @random observer

    They are what we call white trash.

  61. Alfa158 says:

    Occidental Observer has verified that Royce is from a left wing Jewish family and the school is Jewish, so yes, he is engaging in ethnosadism not ethnomasochism. What Royce is doing here is equivalent to me putting on blackface and performing in a minstrel show.
    People like the Nazis insisted that Jews weren’t Whites and treated them accordingly, and now Jews are increasingly embracing that idea and defining themselves as People of Color for the advantages they think that confers. As to whether real POCs will accept them as such, well, I think in the long run they may be in for a nasty surprise if they ever lose control to the POCs, particularly Muslims. I know a lot of Ashkenasi Jews in the LA are and the percentage of them with blond hair and blue eyes is roughly close to Anglo-Saxons. If the day comes, they are going to have a tough time passing as POC.

    • Replies: @Stealth
    , @L.K
  62. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    PC is crap but so is PA, political art.

    “British artist Phil Collins’s (b. 1970) work may seem lighthearted at first, but his sensitive explorations of the interconnectedness among diverse individuals have earned him serious attention, including a Turner Prize nomination. In 2004 he travelled to Bogotá and assembled a group of musicians to record a note-for-note instrumental version of the Smiths’s 1987 album The World Won’t Listen. Collins then advertised citywide in radio ads and print media, inviting Smiths fans to perform karaoke versions of their favorite songs. The block-print posters Collins used—similar in design to posters used for political rallies or boxing matches—are included in the exhibition. Colombians showed up in droves to Collins’s recording sessions, and el mundo no escuchará presents a compilation of their passionate performances in front of a series of scenic backdrops.”

  63. Jeff77450 says:

    If he hates the French why not just move to Tunisia rather than commit mass-murder? Just a thought.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  64. @highrpm

    everyone just get the h* back to their own territories, for heaven’s sake.

    If you read Razib’s latest you will see that what you seek has never been.

    Note: he starts off talking about fantasy as an intro, but gets down to the science after a bit.

    Why am I regaling you with the narrative of a fantasy book series? Because the recent results out of ancient DNA and historical genetic inference of human prehistory suggest that the ‘make-believe’ narratives of epic fantasy may actually be an appropriate model of the formation of human populations in the wake of the Holocene.

    As Garret Hardin said, “We are all the descendants of thieves.”

    In order to establish peace we are going to have to arrive at a common set of cultural and legal values – and we are nowhere near that.

    • Replies: @5371
  65. Discard says:

    Jews do not cause White self-hatred, but they encourage it at every turn. In particular, they offer a supportive world view to any Whites who are disaffected in some way. A White who is somehow at odds with the society he lives in, instead of being a lone weirdo, will find ideological comradeship with the Jews. They will accept his critique and amplify it. Al last, instead of being a square peg in a country of round holes, he has found a home. Of course, he’s a second class square peg, but servility to his new friends’ ways is a small price for acceptance and (limited) friendship.

    I was once a weird kid, and fell in with the Jewish kids, and I’ve seen it happen with others, so I know how this works.

  66. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    I wonder what Huntington would have said of Trump…. and EU refugee crisis… and turkey…

  67. That kid’s poem isn’t even good. Viral? Like the World’s Ugliest Dog, or inspirational? But it is OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

    Paideia Charter School is closing in Minnesota. After sucking up lots of tax dollars its test scores are in the lowest 25% for MN schools getting Title 1 funding, and amazingly their enrollment is down. The only uptrend metric I spotted was in number of teachers hired. Hmm, I wonder how many were H1B.

    Paideia in Shrevesport, LA operates in the bottom 10%. The district is in the red despite spending \$11,723 per student per year. You would think that would be enough, but apparently diversity costs extra.

    There are others and occasional scandals: fraud in St. Louis, perv in Atlanta.

    The Paideia Academy in Atlanta appears to be a private school. But we still fund it by letting the vassalage write off their taxes, dollar for dollar, against tuition. The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Act lets corporations and the wealthy privatize their tax bill (up to \$50 million/year).

    I couldn’t ascertain if the school in Atlanta or Paideia, Inc. were in any way connected to Paideia charter schools. Possible they just share a name and ideology. But even if that is the case, we are funding our own destruction with the rise of both charter and public academies that teach hatred for our country and the majority in it.

    It’s bad enough that public schools teach the same, but at least there could be some accountability there. I hope President Trump follows through on something he mentioned early on: cutting off the federal head of this indoctrination system. Then maybe we can cut off the tax incentives enabling charter schools to become the new HUD of corruption in the name of redress.

  68. Ivy says:

    If it is any consolation, my sister subscribed to Ms. Magazine for a year a long time ago and then stopped because of all the “bitter, angry women”. They weren’t representative of the world that she knew.

  69. Barnard says:

    It looks like they get the typical couple of weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s every other school gives. The elementary school has Easter Monday off next year as well, but that could be a coincidence. I don’t think there are many public school that close for Good Friday anymore either.

  70. 5371 says:
    @another fred

    By reading that impostor, certainly, you will know no more than if you’d stuck to fantasy fiction.

  71. No wonder so many foreigners not only hate us but want to move here. Collectively we are insane (i.e. Liberal).

    Imagine living in Haiti (Black Privilege) or South Africa (Mo’better Black Privilege) and learning that putative elite schools there are teaching the natives to hate themselves and their culture.

    No, Mr. Derbyshire is, as usual, right on the money here.

    O, and the Jihad slaughter in Nice was a false flag operation, huh?

    Is there some sort of betting site where wagers are made as to which of the competitors can prove he was the first to take to the net to charge that the latest Jihad carnage was really a false flag operation?

    • Replies: @5371
  72. Ragno says:

    It’s time to name the Jew, John.

    Oh, I understand why not quite well: you’ve got two kids and a mortgage and, I am sure, a certain standing in your community, and all of that would be in mortal peril if you were to catch The Jew Thing.

    But you survived The NR Thing well enough that you kept right on commentating with the same style and selection of topics; and even the most lazy-eyed cursory glance at the elements/background of the Royce Mann story will lead anyone looking to not just the Usual but by now the Alarmingly-Recurring Suspects.

    Of course they’re recurring! Having everybody of every political stripe equally frightened to death of offending you and thus committing career seppuku, what in the world could possibly inhibit you?

    Now, we’re all adults here; nobody’s seriously painting all members of a group with the excesses of their very worst members. The bearded pawn-shop owner forever complaining just to hear himself kvell, who bites every coin that crosses his palm to test its authenticity-? That guy is off the hook completely here. (Besides, he died in 1955. Of extreme old age.)

    Ah, but the Tikkun Olam gang….. born to privilege undreamed of by mere white people….. who work tirelessly to subvert and undermine and eventually eradicate what we used to call “Western civilization”…… who’ve spent much of the last century warping our civic institutions to better guarantee such chaos resulting …. hyper-narcissistic, media-savvy, neurotically-glib and yet disagreeable and untrustworthy beneath the false sincerity…. they’re apparently a much different story.

    Well, clearly they can take away whatever it is you have left and wish to keep hold of, or an otherwise-astute fellow like yourself would never have attempted an op-ed on this topic while determined never to utter that terrible, terrible three-letter word. I can’t blame you for choosing discretion, but you should stick to jeremiads against Mutti Merkel and/or the umber hordes besieging us everywhere, as no serious career fallout will ensue from grumbling at length about Muslims or Mexicans. That this will inevitably change for the worse is one of these irritating side effects of cultural refusal to name the Jew, but this is where I came in.

  73. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    why not just move to Tunisia

    trucks don’t float?

    just a thought

  74. Clyde says:

    The more marijuana you smoke the more false false flags you see.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  75. @Clyde

    Expected of an histerical anti-conspiracy ” reasonable ” ones.

    It would be better if the ” anti-conspiracy ones ” stop to comment.

    tip from a friend..

    You look like the pseudo-crisis-actors, the less ” arguments ” (oops, hysterical personal opinions), less interviews, finally, the less you open your mouths, better for the grotesque spectacles (”events”) remains well preserved.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  76. 5371 says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    I think that trophy has been retired now and awarded permanently to Jonathan Revusky because he won it so many consecutive times.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  77. @utu

    I commented and final part of my comment did not show up …


    This “events” are partially fake, I mean, people really die …. but the perpetrators and their intentions are not those dear media say who they are and why, if the dear media already lie shamelessly on many other subjects, and why not on these events as well.

    Yes, we live in a world where we no longer know what is real and what is not, especially in relation to these events, just being very close to the site to know in fact what is happening.

    Therefore, I venture to say that a lie is well made it is necessary to everything, including the smallest details.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  78. Art says:

    Oh my – Derbyshire attacks Muslims (what courage). He says we Americans are stupid for not hating Muslims. Shouldn’t he be attacking Zionist Jews (about 85% of all Jews).

    Hmm – why are we stupid – why do we come to the wrong conclusions over and over? Is it because people are fed misinformation by the left wing and right wing Jew controlled media.

    Is it not the left wing Jew controlled media who accuse white America of racism if Muslims are excluded from immigration? Is it not the right wing Jew media that pumps fear if Muslims immigrate?

    Guilt and hate – controlling emotions is the hand maiden of the Jew control. Extreme left and right wing brainstem political disinformation controls America.

    There has to be a rational moral middle way – a Christian non-harmful path for America.

    Derbyshire misdirects America for the right wing Jews.

    • Replies: @utu
  79. Again. In each ‘event’ with an embedded ‘subliminal’ advertising: ” gun control ”, ” fight against Islam ”, etc and in every text on the subject, here in UNZ or anywhere, always have these anti-hysterical conspiracy ones with little argumentation and with great angry, looking like a SJW in their usual behavior.

    I do not advocate for an ever-polite behavior, there are cases and cases. But this is a case where there are some strange evidence such as interviews of survivors, strange situations in events such as the complete lack of public safety in a high importance public event for a country such as the commemoration of the most famous ‘human cockfight ” in France.

    So there are, for now, 3 scenarios:

    – Absolutely fake, in every detail,

    – Partially fake. It was a terrorist attack, with real victims, but not necessarily the ‘Isis’, but the government itself (or other hidden gorup), which in fact already do ” terrorist attacks ” as ” open borders ”, deliberately exposing ‘their’ people to major risks ,

    i mean, there was (may have been) the attack, but the perpetrators are not what the media say who they are, or what the intentions that the media says they had to kill,

    – True indeed a terrorist attack,

    – True, but it is not a terrorist attack.

    • Replies: @Ace
  80. @5371

    It’s funny. At this point, I have contributed three articles on this site. It’s a body of text totalling something like 25,000 words. Yet neither you nor any of your fellow shit eaters have written any legitimate rebuttal or counter-argument to anything I said.

    Why is that? If I was saying so many things that are so self-evidently absurd, it should be easy to write a devastating rebuttal, no?

    Well, I think everybody who wasn’t born yesterday knows why you guys never write a rebuttal. It’s because you can’t.

    The minute I ask any of you pathetic morons to summarize the proof for the official 9/11 story, it’s like waving kryptonite in front of superman.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Ace
  81. Forbes says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Would you feel better if Derb said that Muslim immigration increased after 2001?

    Perhaps I’m merely ignorant–Was it Episcopalians who did 9/11? If not, then who? Please don’t tease me…

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  82. @Santoculto

    Yes, we live in a world where we no longer know what is real and what is not,

    That is definitely true, but I would add that, it seems to me that, at this point in history, if something happens (allegedly) in public view of a crowd and there is no video footage, then it didn’t happen.

    I mean, everybody has a pretty decent video camera in their pocket, a smartphone. Even the sub-\$100 Chinese knock-off phones can film pretty good video. It is just not possible that there are hundreds of people around and no video evidence of the event they claim happened. I don’t see how how that can be credible.

    And that’s also not taking into account all the CCTV video footage in public spaces…

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  83. @Forbes

    Was it Episcopalians who did 9/11? If not, then who? Please don’t tease me

    Well, I never said that I knew for sure who did do it. You’re the one saying you know who did it. Presumably you believe the official story, right? That’s the whole theory that the events is 9/11 were orchestrated by some bearded religious fanatic in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden. Right?

    Could you summarize what the strongest evidence available is for that theory?

    • Replies: @Ace
  84. Sam Shama says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Hello Jonathan,
    how is that effort to become the world’s top Betty Ong-ologist coming along?

    [Also, my psychiatrist friend I referred your case to when we first exchanged niceties on this forum, alerted me to mention to you a new class of anti-psychotics which have had much success in off-label use in Schizophrenia. Do talk to your obliging doctor there in Spain, won’t you? It’s marketed in Europe under Abilify I believe]

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Art
  85. Sam J. says:

    True White ethnomasochist exist but who promotes them? Who pays them? Who publishes them? With out Jew television, Jew magazine publishing, Jew book publishing they would be seen as odd people who need help.

    Myself I’m so sick of White criticism that even when it’s warranted I don’t want to hear it anymore. You don’t like White people? It a big planet move somewhere else. Certainly don’t move to a White country, or what’s becoming former White country, then complain about Whites. Stay where you are.

    We must do what every other society has done and deport the Jews. They have been thrown out of every single country where they have gone in any substantial numbers. Fortitude, stick to it, forge ahead are all good things but it’s also important to realize when you need to quit and cut your losses. It’s time we admit that we can’t live in peace with the Jews and deport them.

  86. 5371 says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Someone who thinks absolutely everything is a false flag doesn’t merit rebuttal, only pity, if that’s the way one rolls. It’s like going for a night walk with someone who believes UFOs are space travellers from other planets, and then they point to Venus, a helicopter and a street light as UFOs.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  87. @WorkingClass

    But “Another week, another Muslim atrocity” is a bit unbalanced without any mention of the daily atrocities against Muslims perpetrated by the Anglo/Zio Empire.

    There’s that, but also note that one of the regular atrocities committed against Muslims is perpetrating these various false flags and outright hoaxes and framing Muslims for them. 9/11 is of course the biggest single example.

  88. @Jonathan Revusky

    Any freedom that is given to the ordinary citizen will be handled dishonestly by people with serious psychological problems like psychopathy (inside the secret garden of egotism / narcissism).

    Who assures me that whoever is filming or taking pictures of evidences of an attack is not part of the armed circus *

    Anonymity on the Internet is another example. Many people use the anonymity to lie shamelessly, it is much easier to do it.

    The main fault of all this is just a vague and extremely popular idea of free will, read it, rationality.

    Astute people love subjectivity (confusion) and vague ideas. They, seems, were made to order for the vile manipulation.

    Supposedly all of us can develop the consciousness of our failed acts, and improve it. But this does not usually happen with great frequency. Why*

    Television, mass media on general only explicitly highlighted the extreme intimacy and ease of humans, to lie, to believe in his lies and to live comfortably within it.

    Almost every human being has some black hole of logic. That is, it can be reasonably logical in relation to almost everything, but always seems to exist a no-go zone for foreigners, where reasonable logic is fully replaced by foolish beliefs. Almost all ‘religious’ is so, but … almost every human being.

    Everyone has a favorite/ personal madness. The problem is not having a pet madness, everyone needs. The problem is confused it with the real world or this madness hurt real things.

  89. @Sam Shama

    I’m saying … hehehehe

    these anti-conspiracy ones are so triggered as the mentally retarded SJW, as they were mental dizygotic twins.

    I came to a sad conclusion. The less intelligent people are not the biggest blame for all the problems of humanity, because they only do things when they are authorized.

    The big problem is the supposed cognitive elites, the supposed ” smarter ones”. I see it ”even” in my own family. There is a huge proportion, it seems, of more intelligent people (in purely cognitive terms) who

    – lack of character
    – are just high-functioning normies (morally mediocre, intellectually lazy)
    – are classic stupids, like many SJW

    In other words, do not differ much from the less smart cognitive classes, the big difference is that they have greater access to power.

  90. @5371

    Someone who thinks absolutely everything is a false flag doesn’t merit rebuttal, only pity,

    I don’t know who you think you’re conning. Surely everybody with a grain of sense knows perfectly well why you guys don’t debate with me.

    In any case, I never said that everything is a false flag. Typical pathetic straw man…

    It’s like going for a night walk with someone who believes UFOs are space travellers from other planets, and then they point to Venus, a helicopter and a street light as UFOs.

    You know, you guys are fucking pathetic. “You’re a loon, blah blah. UFO’s blah blah….”

    Ok, fine. If I’m so crazy, then tell me what the craziest thing I said in any of my articles was. You see, you don’t have anything, so you have to put crazy stuff about UFO’s in my mouth, right? If I really was saying all these self-evidently crazy things, you’d be able to say what they are. You wouldn’t have to put words in my mouth that I never said! Surely everybody can see that…

  91. @Malcolm X-Lax

    The kid’s father is a secular Jew. Not sure about the mother, other than she’s a big-time SJW.

    Basically, the kid has been raised in a family that hates, hates, hates Christian whites for the many atrocities that said whites – but not other group – has committed throughout history. Of course, the kid seems to live and go to school with wealthy white and Jewish kids, so apparently some of us aren’t too bad.

  92. Clyde says:

    What I see is the false flagists, the conspiracy theorists, the Hasbara paymasters and other daffy ducks ganging up on the conventional commenters like me.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  93. Art says:
    @Sam Shama

    Hello Jonathan,

    how is that effort to become the world’s top Betty Ong-ologist coming along?

    [Also, my psychiatrist friend I referred your case to … yada … yada … yada

    Really Sam – “Jonathon is crazy” because he does not believe the official 9/11 story.

    Oh my – “he is crazy” is rudimentary hasbara 101 – we expect better of you.


  94. KenH says:

    I think so. Notice how she implies that ALL Jews are leading the effort to multiculturalize Sweden. She isn’t just one Jewess acting as an individual. She admits she’s furthering the interests of her race although she dresses it up in altruistic, high minded babble like they all do.

  95. @Clyde

    This was the best you could produce **

    Conventional often means boring, innacurate, lazy, dishonest etc.

    Just people who follow official narrative without any critical thinking/approach, in other words, people who are gullible and stupid in the same time and play the ”respectable citizen”, 😉

    so-called le masses

    you’re essentially ”conventional”, what it mean*

    You’re mixing groups which generally are not in the same side. Conspiracy theories attract many different types of people are the free thinkers. But freedom comes with responsibility OR good sense. And many of them seems do not have (seems). But that does not mean that every free thinker is a fool lunatic. I think you should know this.

    Many conventional types are almost identical to ” hasbaras ” variety.

    They just repeat the official narrative and the official narrative is implicitly Jewish, sometimes explicit.

    It is conventional to accuse someone of being anti-Semitic for believing that the Jews dominate the US or the West in general.

    And it’s hasbara-esque too.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  96. Aw, poop.

    I just got back from rejection at the Crisis Actor Casting Agency (CACA). The agents there told me they were directed to impose a hiring freeze, because their faceless Mossad bosses had told them that the Agency was now taking a low profile because Jonathan Revusky has sooooo blown their CACA cover.

    But while I was there I saw thousands of ex-Crisis Actors, fresh off the boat from Nice and right off the planes from Dallas and Baton Rouge, all of them counting up their hefty paychecks in shekels together with the swarms of 9-11 ex-Crisis Actors counting up their residuals and royalties – also, of course, paid out in shekels.


    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Rurik
  97. @Auntie Analogue

    Only hysteria of so-called conventional idiots.

    We have

    useful idiots


    conventional idiots


    The point is, we’re just trying to leave open the possibility of criticism of the official narrative, a priori,

    but hysterical people are really hard to deal with, they have mental problems, =)

    There are some holes in the media narrative… for example,

    They are purposely stupid to associate individual gun-ownership of ordinary citizen with violence


    ” They ” are just idiots with power, with a availably powerfull megaphone *

    The hysteria of conventional-bitch here is more credible than the ” performance ” of the Power Ranger actors hired for the ” events ”.

    ” Kimberly cry, oh boy ”

    I believe.

    There are other possibilities:

    For example, the lovely (((Western))) ” Governments’ may be intending to trivialize terrorism / death.

    ” Get used slaves, it will be like that, like it or not”

    But I think an effort in vain, because the respectable and conventional (read= coward and stupid, like a proto-robot) ones typically also are subtly cold to the other unnecessary suffering.

    Water is already beginning to burn the skin, so that it takes as much as possible distraction to keep numbed the Western collective body.

  98. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Aint it strange?

    Blacks so often attack and kill other blacks in Detroit, Baltimore, Haiti, Africa, and etc.
    But we don’t hear blacks complaining.
    Instead, blacks bitch and how about infinitely lower white-on-black violence(usually by cops who dealing with out-of-control Negroes).

    Why are blacks so blase and accepting of black-on-black mayhem but so angry about rare white-on-black violence?
    Why are blacks less bothered by the mayhem in the black community than with relatively low levels of trouble that blacks face in the whiter communities?
    In the black community, a negro might be jumped on by a 100 negroes.
    In the white community, a negro might occasionally be stopped by a cop.

    I think it’s due to the Law of Normality. When blacks are with other blacks and they are all howling and acting crazy and killing one another, it’s natural and normal in the way that blacks are. So, even though the result is a mess, blacks figure it’s just the normal way of the world. Things get bad, but it’s the black way. Back to black normality. As terrible as it is, normal feels normal. Blacks are savage and too many blacks means savagery all around. Any Negro can understand and accept that.
    No sense yelling ‘black lives matter’ in a negro world where negroes don’t care about killing negroes. That is just the norm. Blacks with their warrior-hunter thug genes feel more at home in a world where everything be flipping.

    But when blacks come in contact with white world, they feel disoriented. Unlike blacks, whites cooperate together in organized and civilized way to create order and civilization. This makes for a better kind of life and environment, for whites and for negroes in it.
    So, in a way, negroes should be happy and grateful. But in some corner of the negro soul, it just doesn’t feel right. What feels natural and normal for whites and asians — to act orderly and maintain order — isn’t natural and normal for blacks. Blacks find themselves in a world that their kind simply could create and maintain if left to their own devices.
    So on some subconscious level, blacks feel offended by civilization and order that don’t seem natural to them. Chaos and savagery are the natural things to Negroes.

    If we take race out of the equation, we can see the same dynamics among whites.

    Suppose there is some low-IQ vulgar ‘white trash’.
    Suppose he feels at home with other dumb ‘white trash’ into moonshine, banjo, and hillbilly trashy stuff. His world may be pretty lowdown and tawdry, but all seems normal in it. He feels at home.

    Now, suppose you put him in a nicer fancier environment where he can have better food and housing. So, he is materially better off. But everything about this fancier environment feels strange and weird to his core ‘white trash’ soul. He doesn’t feel at home in it, and his gut feeling says that his kind could never create and maintain such an environment.

    So, even though he can have a nicer life in this fancy community than in hicksville, he feels more anger in the former than in the latter.

    Even when things are bad, feeling of normality is more comforting.
    Even when things are good, feeling of abnormality gets on one’s nerves.

    Also, in a negro world, when negroes holler and wanna fight, everyone acts the same way. It’s like a common and agreed-upon gorillian ritual.

    But in a white community, crazy negro behavior is looked upon with suspicion and distaste by whites who don’t want to go along with the craziness. So, even though there is more peace, blacks feel out-of-it, thus abnormal and insulted.

    So, paradoxically, if whites reacted to blacks like blacks do — by hollering, walloping, acting nasty and hysterical and shit — , blacks might feel more at home in America.

    Consider when BLM thugs entered the Duke library to disrupt events.
    If blacks acted like that in a black community, other blacks would tell them to shut up and there would be a massive chimpout fight. It’d be ugly but it would feel like home.
    But when blacks act like that in a white setting, whites look at blacks like they are acting crazy and abnormal, and this aggravates blacks even more.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Clyde
    , @Ace
  99. utu says:

    “Oh my – Derbyshire attacks Muslims (what courage). He says we Americans are stupid for not hating Muslims. ” – Typical of JD an Sailer. Hate mongering pays.

    • Replies: @Art
  100. @Priss Factor

    ” Blacks are savage ”

    100% of them*


  101. Rurik says:
    @Auntie Analogue

    Aw, poop.

    JR can be forgiven for being hyper-skeptical I should think

    we need more people like that to offset the legions of imbeciles and dupes who believe everything they see even when they’ve been lied to ad nauseam

    Like those WMDs, huh?

    Or those Arabs with box-cutters who brought down building seven, huh?

    they use false flags all the time Auntie, or haven’t you heard about the Gulf of Tonkin or the USS Liberty?


    Great article!

    Spot on!

    and someone was right for bringing up the atrocities committed by the Bush/Obama/Clinton/NATO Zionist regimes against the Muslim world, as they invite the victims of those assorted slaughters and atrocities into the heart lands of the West to cause even more strife.

    there truly is an evil in the world today ~ and it's name is Zionism

    Zionism means atrocities committed against Muslim states in order to destroy both Muslim and Western nations so that Zionists can lord over it over their global Orwellian dystopia with impunity

    it behooves all Muslims and Westerners to oppose this demonic (and pathetically obvious) divide and conquer strategy

    all nations must have their integrity and borders respected

    all nations and peoples must have an inviolate right to self-determination

    the most salient reason for agreeing with JR that most of these things might be false flags are because they NEVER target the scumfucks who’re foisting all of these horrors on both our respective worlds

    even the long overdue ousting of the “sultan” was probably a false flag just to bolster that vile worm’s nefarious and tyrannical and criminal regime (with its direct ties to yep, you guessed it; Zionism!)

    Return to 1948 borders and call it quits

    Muslims go home and rebuild your countries with reparations from the US, UK, and all other NATO war crime state stooges (those are taxes I’d be happy to pay)

    Obama and Hillary and Tony Blair and Cameron and Bibi and Merkel and Holonde and Porky – to the Hague and tossed in a cage to rot for their myriad and heinous crimes against humanity

    problem solved!



  102. White? That kid’s got a bloody cheek. He looks like a particularly sultry Tsarnaev Brother.
    Maybe the one that used to be good, did cute songs about rats and then went off to live with a monkey or something?

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  103. Art says:

    Oh my – Derbyshire attacks Muslims (what courage). He says we Americans are stupid for not hating Muslims. ” – Typical of JD an Sailer. Hate mongering pays.

    Old Derby is bucking for a spot on FOX JEWS – Hannity.

    So what if he gets some Muslims murdered – so what if some Americans get killed because the Muslims were killed (all the better for business).

    FOX JEWS, Hannity, and Derby will all have their money in the bank – looking for more from the brainstem idiots who buy their hateful fear mongering.

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
    • Replies: @Clyde
  104. Rehmat says:

    UK’s new prime minister Theresa May has sold both her son and mother to the Organized Jewry for power.

    May dinned with UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis on the night before assuming her new position. The Zionist rabbi lauded her services to the Holocaust Industry and combating anti-Israel campaigns.

    May has appointed former London Mayor Boris Johnson (Jewish) as her foreign secretary.

    Israel’s newspaper Ha’aretz welcomed May’s victory with the headline: “Theresa May will be a formidable PM and true friend of Israel.”

    UK’s Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) gave 2015 Islamophobe Award of the Year to home secretary Theresa May for her policies of banning Muslim preachers from entering the UK, revoking passports from British citizens who travel to Syria and applying anti-terror ASBO-style punishments for British Muslims who are merely suspected of so-called terrorist activities.

    On Wednesday, in a Facebook post Babar Ahmed, who was released a year ago after 11 years in UK custody (10 years of which was without charge or trial) said that May had laughed at his suffering and that of his family.

    On July 12, Sarah Lazare wrote at AlterNet: Britain’s New Prime Minister Has a Huge Islamophobe Problem. Watch a video below.

  105. Stealth says:

    Ashkenazi Jews are white. I don’t think the matter is seriously debatable. They’re not even on the outer rim of white, let alone beyond it. Mike Wallace can say whatever he wants. Off-hand, I can think of more than a dozen famous Jews who could get a mean sunburn on a cloudy day in the Yukon. You can’t say that about any of the “iffy” Middle Eastern ethnicities.

    And if having year-round tan makes someone non-white, then about a third of my family and white friends have been non-white all along, including my father and grandfather. I’ll have to inform them delicately…

    • Replies: @L.K
  106. Clyde says:
    @Priss Factor

    That’s a Priss post but one third the length.

  107. Clyde says:

    Brevity is the soul of Taqiyaa. Who compensates better for your steaming loads? Tel Aviv Steve or your Cairo paymasters? Do you have them bidding against each other for your services?

  108. @KenH

    I attended a Christian school in a conservative part of the country. All of the eighth graders dropped f-bombs, pretty much all of the time, just not in front of the teachers.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  109. Dissident says:

    Anyone else note absence of any mention of sexual or “gender” (“cis” vs. “trans”) identity in this kid’s “poem”?

    If Royce identifies as heterosexual and “cis-gender”, then wouldn’t it have only made sense for him (if it would properly be “him”…) to have included those “privileges” in his list? If he identifies as homosexual and/or “gender-queer”, then wouldn’t you have expected him to mention such grievance credentials (“loudly and proudly”?, no less)?

    What about those ridiculously, obnoxiously (for a boy, at least) pink and purple sneakers that Royce wears in the video? Might they have been chosen to intentionally signal some message here? Perhaps, at the very least, rejection of that hateful, bigoted, “homophobic”, “transphobic”, “cis-hetero-sexist”, anachronistic sensibility that such colors are not appropriate for boys?

    Incidentally, here is a photo of a Little League boys’ team in the very neighborhood where the Bank Street School (mentioned in Derb’s piece as the place where the ethnomasochist indoctrination goes too far even for some of the parents) is located. Note the purple uniforms. I had actually seen them some time ago and my first thought was that this color choice was almost certainly quite deliberate. At best, mere virtue-signaling. At worst, a calculated effort to cultivate and inspire feelings and attitudes in the boys that are favorable toward “LGBTQ” degeneracy and beneficial for its lobby and its agenda.

  110. JohnDough says:

    Royce Mann is even more privileged than white because he’s a Jew. He’ll have a better chance in show biz, finance, and Ivy League schools. Plus it’s easy to tell because Jews are taught to hate and fear people from Christian backgrounds and attack them and degrade them at any chance.

    It’s easy to understand because we are smarter, healthier, more athletic, more attractive, more graceful, and have two things they lack which are a conscience and a soul. We have challenged them in the past and we will challenge them in the future. They’ve helped destroy the US through media, corruption, and money. This kid is a perfect example of their propaganda.

    All this immigration you see in the US and the EU has been administered and supported by them. But you have to look no further than the official Jewish State, Israel to see their true colors of racism, fascism, murder, media manipulation, paranoia, and xenophobia.

    In the US this 1.74% percent of the population and also Jews in the EU want to open the floodgates of immigration to the third world and destroy our culture and our way of life so they feel safe hiding in the horde of humanity. These hordes are going to treat them far worse than Christians did in the distant past. However they still fear being the minority in a white Christian majority and rightfully so as all to often they don’t play well with others. So following the lead of the Talmud, they will kill us before we kill them. At the moment they are unfortunately for all winning.

  111. vinteuil says:

    I wish JD would gently police his comments like Sailer does. Who needs yet another thread of wall – to wall Rehmat/JackShit/Santoculto/Art/Rurik &c?

  112. @Expletive Deleted

    I thought he want to say: Caucasian.

    White is specially for WASP, the American founder population. Based on this logic, the enslaved blacks of the deep south are also part of this “founder american population”.

  113. @vinteuil

    Of course to the neocon “respectable ones” can keep the “neighbors conversation” without inconvenient truth-tellers. People who are really careful about the truth even to their own survive.

    You’re part of the problem sir like this fake angel.

    Before to recommend gentle tips to the mister Derby try to refute all of us… Or is a coward??

  114. He’s the new Anne Franke??

  115. Marcus says:

    That’s the point, he did it very publically

  116. @vinteuil

    I wish JD would gently police his comments like Sailer does. Who needs yet another thread of wall – to wall Rehmat/JackShit/Santoculto/Art/Rurik &c?

    And who needs yet another content-less comment like that?

    There’s a reason some of us don’t tune in to the Main Sewer Media.

  117. Clyde says:

    Whenever I see your name I think of the Mexican/Azteca derived Santa Muerte. The female saint of the death cult narcotrafficantes.
    Here is an image of her

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  118. @Clyde

    What a fertile imagination you have

    But no

    It’s just your narrow mind in action


    It’s still your conventional opinion

    If you have arguments…

    • Replies: @Clyde
  119. Clyde says:

    Santoculto= Santeria cult

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Santoculto
  120. @Clyde

    Such great comedian…

    But not…

  121. @Clyde

    Bonnie & Clyde



  122. L.K says:

    “People like the Nazis insisted that Jews weren’t Whites and treated them accordingly…”

    Pure Nonsense. The reason the NS treated the Jews differently had nothing to do with them being “white” or not.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  123. L.K says:

    stealth: “Ashkenazi Jews are white.”

    It depends how you define “white”. If it means an European population, then NO, Ashkenazi Jews ain’t “white”. At least not according to the latest genetic studies.

    Obviously, in a broader sense, they are “white”, as there are Caucasoid populations which are not European.

    Ashkenazi Jews are a hybrid population, roughly half European and half Near Eastern and they cluster between the two.

    stealth: “Off-hand, I can think of more than a dozen famous Jews who could get a mean sunburn on a cloudy day in the Yukon. You can’t say that about any of the “iffy” Middle Eastern ethnicities.”

    First of all, many famous ‘Jews’ are often only partly Jewish, case in point, Scarlett Johansson.
    On avg, Ashkenazi Jews are indeed fair as they carry a lot of European genes.
    Though many of them will look like these dudes:

    You are also somewhat mistaken about Middle Eastern ethnicities;
    For instance, many Lebanese have pale skin, light eyes are common enough, and some even have red hair. The same can be observed in some other groups. For instance, re red hair specifically;
    “In Asia, genetic red hair is rare, but can be found in the Levant (Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine), in Turkey, in Caucasia, in Northern Kazakhstan, among Uighurs and among Indo-Iranians.”
    Unmixed Berbers also exhibit it: “The Berber populations of Morocco[24] and northern Algeria have occasional redheads. Red hair frequency is especially significant among the Riffians from Morocco and Kabyles from Algeria, whose frequence reaches 10%[25] and 4%,[26][27] respectively.”

    Examples of phenotypes
    Hezbollah soldier(Lebanese) who was KIA in Aleppo, Syria, at the end of 2015
    Hezbollah operative(Lebanese) in Damascus province, SYRIA.

    Syrian President visits Damascus church during last Christmas;
    Sryian Christian female( Syriacs ) militia

    Back to Ashkenazi Jews;

    According to a new genetic study( by Marta Costa et al ), Ashkenazi Jews are mostly European on their maternal side, and that admixture comes from Western and Central Europe when diaspora males from the Levant arrived first in Rome and found wives among local Italian women who converted to Judaism. They then migrated further west and north and acquired other European admixture in the same way, before finally heading east. Intermixing slowed after that because they have very little Slavic or Turkic (Khazar) admixture. Their paternal side remains mostly Near Eastern.”

  124. Art says:

    I wish JD would gently police his comments like Sailer does. Who needs yet another thread of wall – to wall Rehmat/JackShit/Santoculto/Art/Rurik &c?

    Sailer protects people – but he is getting stronger – letting more truth prevail.

    p.s. Say Vin — you put me near the back of the list.

    p.s. I just have to work harder!

  125. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Another pos article from a vile person. reed, mercer, derbyshire,… all s-bags cut from the same cloth.

    If such racist vile people embody the enemies of Islam, it feels good to be on the other side, the implicitly truthful side.

  126. @L.K

    Pure Nonsense. The reason the NS treated the Jews differently had nothing to do with them being “white” or not.

    correct, thank you L.K.

    What’s more, I wager a majority of denizens of Unz forum — many of whom are opposed to “invite the world” immigration and consequent subversion of American (aka white) culture — would be abashed to realize that Germany’s NSDAP government faced the same challenges and sought to resolve them through respectful and legal means.

    Don’t take my word for it: The Jewish Telegraph Agency graciously recorded for us (in a snide way, to be sure) the comments of the German ambassador to the United States, Hans Luther, on May 25, 1933 [*1]—>

    Dr. Luther asserted that these policies were political and not religious. . . .

    Prejudice against the Jews, he said, was due to their tendency toward movements of a communistic nature, [*2] and to the fact that nearly fifty percent of the government officails have been Jews, [*3] although the total Jewish population was only one percent. He denied emphatically that there had been any “atrocities”. [*4]

    He asserted that limitation of Jewish influence in Germany was being conducted with the greatest possible consideration toward the old native Jewish families who, he said; had proven themselves good Germans and indicated that it was directed against the Eastern European Jews who had overflooded the country since the War. [*5] . . .

    Dr. Luther described the misery of German students who had to wait for years after graduating in order to obtain positions in the professions. Even before the War, he said, the legal and medical professions in Berlin, Frankfurt and other large cities were almost monopolized by certain people whose activities the German people could not consider as German.

    After the War, came the influx of East European Jews, he declared. Because of Germany’s political prostration, there was no means of excluding undesirable immigrants such as other nations had. Before the War, he said, anti-Semitism in Germany had no political importance. Later, this inclination against the elements which had a leading role in Marxist stories contributed greatly to the embitterment of the people.

    * I was going to draw the item-by-item parallels between NSDAP’s situation and the USA today, but folks on Unz Forum should be able to figure that out for themselves.

  127. Clyde says:

    I wish JD would gently police his comments like Sailer does. Who needs yet another thread of wall – to wall Rehmat/JackShit/Santoculto/Art/Rurik &c?

    They try to ruin all commentary except for Sailer, Rahib and others who moderate their comment section.
    Just check out the replies you got >>>from the usual gang of Vanguard rejects—-Santoculto—Jacues Sheet—Art

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  128. @Clyde

    A bunch of sissies …

    Why not argue instead of gossiping with a neighbor, huh Bonnie **

    ((Hasbara **))

    Regurgitate any argument to refute us, or stop to cry sissy.

  129. Dissident says:

    Who does review the submitted comments here, then, if not Derb? (After clicking on “Publish Comment”, the message “Your comment is awaiting moderation” is displayed).

    Also, interesting that I have seen several comments posted by Derb in Sailer threads but Derb never seems to chime-in on his own threads here.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  130. @Dissident

    John Derbyshire has a life and life’s too short to spend engaging monomanical posters on comment threads. I think that he would reply to a post that contained genuine insight or produced new information about the subject of the article.

    • Replies: @Dissident
  131. Dissident says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    1.) In noting the absence of comments from Mr. Derbyshire in the threads on his articles, I did not intend any criticism of him or suggestion of fault on his part. I had hoped that much was clear from the context of my words. My comment was a reply to comment #113, by Vinteui1. (For some reason, my post did not include the usual, standard link-back to the comment I was replying-to. I don’t know whether this was the result of a bug with the software or simply a result of my having neglected to actually click-on the “Reply” button associated with Vinteui1’s post.)

    2.) I am still curious who moderates the comments. For Sailer’s posts, the statement, “Comments are moderated by Steve Sailer, at whim.” appears. But I have yet to see such information revealed for any of the authors on this site.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
    , @Art
  132. @Dissident

    I thought that your comment was a criticism. If it wasn’t, then my comment probably seemed overwrought. I have heard John write from time to time that he gets a fair number of very critical, often borderline incoherent e-mails and thread comments on his writing and his Chinese wife. Authors are generally counseled not to engage with critics who are simply disparaging of work.

  133. I did some research into ethnicity of Royce Mann. A Google Images search links him to his brother, Tendal Mann. Next, IMDB links Tendal Mann to his father, Barry Mann.

    Now, Barry supposedly is a Celtic name, but in the United States it is mostly a Jewish name. Some web pages claim that Jews use it as a substitute for Baruch.

  134. Art says:

    I am still curious who moderates the comments. For Sailer’s posts, the statement, “Comments are moderated by Steve Sailer, at whim.” appears.

    Why do you want censorship?

    As it is, we never see comments with direct threats to person or group – so some censorship is occurring.

    The flavor of most all commenters is well known by all – it is easy to ignore those you dislike.

    Freedom of speech is to valuable a commodity to give up for a little inconvenience. Besides what one reader may ad horror, may be sweet sounds to another. Don’t you do not want to see all sides?

    Sailer has his viewpoints – at his whim, the comments he publishes reflect those viewpoints.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  135. Ace says:

    No sale.

    Industrial and urban society with extraordinary movement of population make for lack of community, economic vulnerability, unsatisfying work, separation from the land, secularism, and life under ever-more-petty regulation. In better times there was a quid pro quo (and less vulnerability) that made for a decent life even so at the level of the family.

    The negatives hardly added up to something disgusting.

    For that you have to examine the layer of scum that is progressivism that has picked dishonestly at ever scab and raised taxation, spendinf, treason, perversion and crassness to unimaginable levels. This new admixture is what is diseased. Think Piss Christ, Vagina Monologues, Mapplethorpe, living Constitution, globalism, multiculturalism, neoconservativism, white privilege, the New York Times, the SPLC, and “God damn America.”

  136. Ace says:

    Here I agree with you. I have conservative friends whose children are ardent leftists. One friend tries very hard to wean them from their leftism but they are wedged firmly in their holes. They love every aspect of their thinking and are immovable. Solzhenitsyn’s armor around men’s minds.

    Similarly, take the French , Germans, Swedes and Norwegians. The evidence that Muslim immigration is a terrible disaster stares them in the face but they bring in more! No diabolical Jewish propaganda does this. It is entirely voluntary. The buffoonish Mona Salen nearly reached the pinnacle of power adored by voters. Swedes love every last bit of their poisonous modern culture and voluntarily defend it with a vengeance.

    In Britain the brilliant Enoch Powell warned eloquently of the danger to come from immigration but the natural antibodies of the Treason Class responded to this minor perturbation in the unfolding of The True Way instantly and spontaneously.

    In the US, BLM and negro twaddle are accepted hook, line, and sinker. Global warming is holy writ. Hillary is adored.

    No propaganda can be this effective without supernatural assistance. In the physical world it would be the equivalent of my throwing a tennis ball and having it fly 50 miles at 500 mph.

  137. Ace says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    Do you have any cash, valuable stereo equipment, cameras, or jewelry in your home?

  138. Ace says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    One clue that Muslims were responsible for 9/11 is that all the hijackers were Muslims.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  139. @Ace

    One clue that Muslims were responsible for 9/11 is that all the hijackers were Muslims.

    One clue that you’re talking to an idiot is that they’ve never heard of the “beg the question” fallacy. So the proof of the official story is the official story.

    Obviously if somebody is asking for proof of the story, they are not requesting that you simply repeat the story!

    What specifically is the proof then that any Muslims hijacked any planes on 9/11?

    • Replies: @Ace
  140. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They may not be interested in the Frankfurt School, but I assure you the Frankfurt School is interested in them.

    P.S. The Frankfurt School’s message wasn’t particularly convoluted, see young master Mann’s rap above for a living example of their exciting curriculum in action.

  141. Clyde says:

    Sailer has his viewpoints – at his whim, the comments he publishes reflect those viewpoints.

    I never see you there. I assume Sailer has banned you and the other Vanguard diversity rejects (like SanteriaCultu) who louse up non-moderated threads at Unz

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Clyde
  142. Clyde says:

    Of course it’s was Mossad false flag op! Everybody who’s anybody knows this by now! Your Tel Aviv paymasters clued you in? I suppose.
    And that priest who ISIS decapitated in France today? That’s got Mossad written all over it in bold capitalized letters!!!1!11!!!!!11!!!!

    *****remember that just about every Jihadist Mulsim atrocity is a false flag op until proven otherwise

  143. Clyde says:

    I see that you got a few posts through at iSteve because you behaved yourself. I skimmed them but saw nothing I disagreed with at a glance.

  144. Rehmat says:

    On July 23, Cynthia McKinney, PhD, 61, former Congresswoman whom Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Jewish Wall Street Journal, wished to be US President, posted on Twitter: “Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies. How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?”

    The Tweet included a link to a video by American academic Kevin Barrett, PhD (listen below).

    Jewish media was swift to call Cynthia McKinney “a conspiracy theorist”. On July 25, the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) responded to the Tweet, saying: “Dancing Israelis refers to a conspiracy theory that five Israeli men were detained by police in New Jersey on Sept. 11, 2001 after being caught celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center.” Watch JTA lie refuted below….

  145. Ace says:

    The simple facts of satanic elite betrayal in just importing the scum are sufficient by themselves. There is no need to torture facts and logic with such foolishness.

  146. Ace says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    True, but the weakness induced is from the laughter at your articles.

  147. Ace says:
    @Priss Factor

    Birmingham, Detroit, Camden, Stockton, E. St. Louis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other urban garden spots attest to the accuracy of your insights.

  148. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Good points.
    Muslim immigrants are not like M&Ms, normal people enjoy M&Ms. And it’s not like we are being OFFERED M&Ms, more like we are having them stuffed down our throats by conceited idiots.

    When the M&M analogy is used, it should be mentioned that a better analogy would be rabbit turds, candy coated just enough to fool idiots and the indoctrinated – and with a fraction of poison that increases with the number of moslems in your society.

    The cost of having moslems in a free society is not so much the increased risk of death(until they become a large fraction) – it is the sacrificed freedom(especially of speech), the death of the rule of law and the wholesale CORRUPTION of politics, as bribery and infiltration destroys our government.

  149. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Never underestimate the Power of Narrative Reset(button) after Narrative Collapse.

    Narrative has power over incidents.

    Narrative has mythic power.

    Facts are forgotten. Narrative lives on.

    The elites have the Narrative Reset Button.

    Just invoke ‘racism’ and the Narrative is reset and reestablished after collapse.

  150. J.Ross says: • Website

    I strongly recommend that Mr Derbyshire take a look at Stephen Coughlin’s book Catastrophic Failure if he hasn’t already. It should be everyone’s first book on Islam. It is mathematically logical. It quotes Muslim scriptures and clearly explains the system of interpretation by scholars. It outmodes almost everything you thought knew about Islam and enables you to make sense of their statements. It perfectly rebuts every major argument with blinding reason, such as the idea that a mastery of classical Arabic is necessary to interpret the Quran, when the vast majority of Muslims do not speak any form of Arabic. If you don’t have time for the book (and you actually do, its writing style makes it a fast read, and its bulk comes from quotations and endnotes), check out Coughlin’s “Red Pill Lecture” on YouTube which was the book’s basis, and see if that doesn’t make you want to read the book.

  151. Ace says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    The proof of the official story that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor is the official story that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

    There goes my theory that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

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