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After San Bernardino: Hatefacts and Stupidfacts
We Let Muslim Immigration Increase AND Let Pakistan Get The Bomb
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The killers aren’t the problem—the problem is America’s fear of “profiling.” Credit:
The killers aren’t the problem—the problem is America’s fear of “profiling.” Credit:

Two Muslims shot up a Christmas Party for county employees in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday.

But two of the key words there, “Muslim” and “Christmas,” were yielded up to us by the Main Stream Media hacks only with the utmost reluctance. And the husband, they assured us, was American-born! He might be Muslim, and have an Arabic-looking name, and he may have taken a trip to Saudi Arabia to find his wife, but dammit he’s an American lad! Born here!

Third World immigrants, like native blacks, have become sacred objects, about whom nothing negative may be said. Heaven forbid, therefore, that any consumer of Mainstream news should mistakenly assume Syed Farook to have been a—gasp!immigrant. No, no, he’s all American, just like you and me … well, like you.

Just two weeks ago, I explained how it works.:

Migrants are the camel’s nose under the tent; the second and subsequent generations are the camel.

The first generation of immigrants find themselves in an Aladdin’s Cave of glittering plenty and opportunity: work easy to find, land cheap, welfare abundant, the natives gullible. They’re happy.

Then comes the second, native-born generation. Drawn from a low-IQ population that’s been accumulating genetic defects via a tradition of cousin marriage since the Bronze Age, and raised in a religion totally at odds with Western ideas of self-actualization, they are fidgety misfits. They come to hate the country of their birth, and in extreme cases act out the hatred like this.

But what did I say there, “low-IQ”? Surely we don’t let in low-IQ people from Pakistan, do we? Farook’s father must have been a brain surgeon or something, right?

Not according to the New York Times. Farook Senior came here from Pakistan thirty years ago, they tell us. He worked as … a truck driver. [Couple Kept Tight Lid on Plans for San Bernardino Shooting, December 5, 2015]

Oh, right. Now I remember the great truck-driver crisis of the 1980s, when trucks were rotting in the loading bays because nobody could be found to drive them. It was work Americans wouldn’t do. Thanks to our brilliant immigration policies, Mr Farook and a million or so other Third Worlders came over and saved our economy! Thank you, Mr Farook!

Some years ago I coined the expression “better dead than rude” to describe the mindset that says if the price of preventing terrorist atrocities is racial or religious profiling, then the price is too high. That mindset is now very well settled-in to 2015 America:

Neighbors of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook told ABC Wednesday that they noticed “suspicious activity” at Farook’s home recently, but did not report it for fear of being called racist …

Aaron Elswick—a neighbor of Farook’s mother in Redland—said that another neighbor told him “they had I guess been receiving packages—quite a few packages within a short amount of time, and they were actually doing a lot of work out in the garage.”

“She was kind of suspicious and wanted to report it,” Elswick explained, “but she said she didn’t want to profile.” Shooter’s Neighbor Didn’t Report ‘Suspicious Activity’ For Fear Of Being Labeled Racist, By Christian Datoc, Daily Caller, December 3, 2015

It’s important to note that, in several European countries, including the land of my birth, that neighbor, if she had made a report, could have been arrested, fingerprinted, and charged with behavior likely to inflame racial hatred.

The U.S.A. has not gone that deep into the darkness yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

A key Dissident Right concept is the “hatefact”—a fact that is true, but may not be mentioned in polite society for fear of unmasking oneself as Politically Incorrect. The vast disparities in violent crime levels between blacks and other races, for example, are hatefacts. They are true, but mention of them will get you in social trouble…let me tell you.

Well, I’m going to coin a related concept: “stupidfacts.”

A stupidfact is a fact that reveals the gross stupidity of the conventional wisdom we live amongst.

An example of a stupidfact: Since 9/11, the rate of immigration into the U.S.A. from Muslim countries has increased to 100,000 a year, from half that figure before 9/11, according to Pew Research.

Here’s another candidate for a stupidfact: Farook Senior came here from Pakistan in the 1980s. That was a good move on his part. Pakistan is real poor: GDP per capita $4,700 in 2014, in between Burma and Honduras, just above Sudan. So Pakistan’s a pretty good place to get out of.

Pakistan is of course very disorderly and corrupt. When you talk to a strategy guy about cleaning up Afghanistan, it isn’t long before he shakes his head and says, “So long as we can’t go after Pakistan, we really can’t do much. Pakistan’s the real source of the problems up there.”

OK, here’s the stupidfact: Pakistan has nuclear weapons. How did that happen?

Because we—we, the civilized world—let it, that’s how. The Pakistanis exploded their first bomb in 1998, after twenty years’ development. We could have stopped it. To do nuclear weapons development needs big facilities drawing masses of power. Even back in the 1980s we had good satellite surveillance and accurate long-range missiles. We could easily have stopped Pakistan’s nuclear development. That we didn’t, was stupid.

Am I just applying hindsight there? I don’t think so. By the late 1980s we knew Islam was a growing problem. We’d seen twenty years of Palestinian terrorism, the Iranian revolution, the Iran-Iraq War, the mujahedin in Afghanistan sticking it to the Soviets…It wasn’t hard to figure.


A friend worked on development of the Jupiter missile in the early 1960s, when China was gearing up her nuclear-weapons program. My friend told me there were serious high-level discussions about dropping a Jupiter with a thermonuclear warhead on the Chinese test facilities in Turkestan. The air’s clear out there, we had good satellite imaging, and nobody lives out there but a few nomadic goat-herds. At last there was a political decision against the strike, my friend told me, but the possibility was seriously discussed.

All right: 1960s China was big, belligerent, and a possible counterweight to the U.S.S.R. There were good arguments for not squashing their nuclear development. But Pakistan? Who would have cared?

So why didn’t we? Of course I’m going to say “stupidity,” but I’ll allow there was more than that going on. The first half of Pakistan’s nuclear development happened in the Cold War with the U.S.S.R., when we had our minds focused on different threats. There was also a Great Game going on in South Asia: India, Pakistan, China, the U.S.S.R, then Russia, and us.

Still I believe there was sufficient stupidity in play to make Pakistan’s possession of the bomb a stupidfact—one we might very well pay dearly for some day.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kamran says:


    Mohenjo Daro is pre-islamic. Not sure why it has anything to do with your point.

  2. Realist says:

    “Third World immigrants, like native blacks, have become sacred objects, about whom nothing negative may be said.”

    This has been allowed by the white majority.

    • Replies: @Avi
  3. Tao thoughts:

    I wonder why the use of the Jupiter IRBM was proposed as the mechanism to destroy the Chinese nuclear weapons program. It would have had to have been launched from a country other than the United States, creating diplomatic problems. The Atlas ICBM was going into service at the time, but perhaps the Air Force didn’t have sufficient confidence in it. The Navy Polaris A-1 was also in service by 1964 and I doubt that Chinese air defenses could have prevented an Air Force bomber attack.

    Insofar as the Pakistani program is concerned, if India, which is much closer to Pakistan and fought a war with it as recently as 1971, wasn’t willing to take the political and military risks of destroying the Pakistani program, why should the U.S. or anyone else in the West? If it’s true that the Afghan situation is impossible to remedy without an attack on Pakistan, that suggests that intervention (or at least continued intervention) in Afthanistan was (or remains) a fool’s errand. The real threat that these people pose is domestic terrorism, as well as demographic displacement. They really can’t hurt us much if we don’t let them get close.

    • Replies: @jtgw
    , @dearieme
    , @Thirdeye
  4. Th e importation of a alternaive civiliation to replace the west is either a act of religious stupidity eg the ultimate outworking of secular universalism, and/or an act of conspiracy of a small tribe of people who contol the media and the academic terms of discourse to further the death of the west.
    maybe its both

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  5. jtgw says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    One could argue that the US had a lot less to lose than India in a confrontation with Pakistan, so it would have made sense for the US, not India, to take the initiative in destroying Pakistan’s program. But in general I agree with you.

  6. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Who cares about Pakistan?

    Afghanistan went nuts cuz US supported Muslim rebels there.

    The West undermined secular regimes in the region.

    And how did Palestinian terrorism happen?

    Zionist ethnic cleansing and occupation.

    And Israel has 300 nukes, and Jewish control over foreign policy has messed up the middle east and Ukraine.

    And Jews control the media and carry on with the hideous Jewhad against White America.

    Muslims are a problem in Europe.

    Occasional terrorist attacks notwithstanding, Muslims are not such a problem in the US.

    Jews,. homos, and Negroes have done the most damage.

    We don’t need sharia to flush away our liberty.

    We got Jewria, Negria, and gayria.

    Try criticizing Jews, making fun of MLK, or saying homo acts are ewwwwwwwwww.

    You are toast.

    The Derb wasn’t blacklisted by Sharia but by Negria and Jewria.

    • Agree: Mark Green
    • Replies: @jack ryan
  7. dearieme says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Pack then India was an ally of the USSR, and Pakistan of the US.

  8. When you talk to a strategy guy about cleaning up Afghanistan, it isn’t long before he shakes his head and says, “So long as we can’t go after Pakistan, we really can’t do much. Pakistan’s the real source of the problems up there.

    Fascinating…. “cleaning up Afghanistan”…. Is that what the U.S. (and NATO presumably) has been trying to do for the last 14 years? What specifically does that mean anyway? What metric do you have for the results of the “cleaning up” operation anyway? How do we know when the place is sufficiently “clean” so we can leave?

    Well, I guess what Derb must mean here is cleaning up Al Qaeda (you know, the people who allegedly attacked America on 9/11) . As incredible as that is, here we are, 14 years after, and people who are ostensibly intelligent like Derb here still believe this fable. Well, you might want to watch this then:

  9. Vendetta says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Oh, Hamid fucking Karzai said something, now it must be true. To adapt the words of Hunter S. Thompson, Karzai is so crooked that his aides have to screw his pants onto him in the morning.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  10. @Vendetta

    Oh, Hamid fucking Karzai said something, now it must be true.

    Well, I never said that. Karzai is hardly the only source that one could use to realize that the whole Al Qaeda in Afghanistan story is basically nonsense. That was the cover story for invading Afghanistan. The cover story (initially anyway) for invading Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had WMD.

    Karzai is no longer president and, if he is lying, and, in fact, Afghanistan was crawling with Al Qaeda, it is not clear what his motive for the lying is at this point.

    I was referring anyway to Derbyshire’s borderline moronic nonsense about “cleaning up” Afghanistan. Obviously Derb is just repeating a bunch of stale nonsense and I was calling him on it. I doubt he’ll reply.

  11. “Palestinian terrorism”?

    Resistance to the criminal Khazar land-thieves is terrorism?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Reg Cæsar
  12. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The Derb wrote a lot about IQ and all that stuff, but IQ SUBMITS to the will, the vision, the righteousness, the sacred or ‘sacral’, etc.

    What matters is the Willfacts. Which side has the will and energy to insist on its favored facts?

    Recently, some frogule named Wellback wrote a novel called Submissoin–‘Submission’ in English. I don’t think I’ll read it as Wellback is supposed to be some kind of perv. I don’t like perv fiction though Roth’s PORTNOY is hilarious.

    So, I don’t know what the entire novel is about. But I read some reviews, and it says Wellback mentions Napoleon and all that stuff.


    Most people hate the notion of ‘submission’. I think Islam means ‘submission’.
    Western people like to think of themselves as ‘free’ and ‘independent’ and ‘individualistic’. They are the opposite of the Orient that favors ‘submission’. Geez, the Orient even has a religion called ‘submission’. How more submissive can you get?

    In our daily lingo, few words are seen as negatively as ‘submissive’.
    We are told that women were forced to be submissive to patriarchal men. We are told that Negroes were forced to be submissive to whites. Asian girls flip out cuz of the stereotype of the submissive yellow woman. They resist such stereotype by submitting to PC ideal that says they should be properly bitchy. Even though white Libs prefer Mexers as low-wage workers cuz they are more submissive than wild and crazy Negroes, no one would dare say such thing. Being ‘submissive’ is bad. It is a sin. It is tewwible. It is howwible. Submission is for slaves!!!!!!
    The West is about freedom. It’s about independence. It’s about the individual.

    But but but… there are so many contradictions.

    For one thing, even though we rail against the idea of ‘submission’, isn’t much of what society(modern or otherwise) demand from us is submission? After all, we say the military is honorable and all that. But what is the military about? It is about being a soldier who submits to authority. Soldiers are mere attack dogs who must do as they are told. So, if we honor soldiers as the very best, aren’t we really praising submission as a virtue? We can pretend that soldiers ‘defend our nation’ and act ‘courageously’, and etc. But soldiers have no political or individual will. They must DO as they are told. The military is all about submission of soldiers to the will of superiors. Just ask Patton.

    And look at the workplace. We praise Steve Jobs as a visionary and all that stuff. But what did Jobs demand from those working for him. Submission. He was a nasty prick, and he put people in their places. Sure, he encouraged them to be creative and innovative, but they all had to submit to his authority, his cult of personality. And many were happy to do so cuz Jobs had a powerful will and vision.
    What happens to a hapless guy in WOWS when he doesn’t properly submit to authority?

    There is the cult of freedom and individuality, but in reality, people must submit to make it in this world. At every workplace, you have to kiss ass. If your boss says you better not call her ‘bossy’, you better not. Howard-Roarkism will not do any good to most people. Tooheyism works better.

    Part of the appeal of PC is the power of submission. Though sold as ’empowerment’, it demands submission to a set of sacred credos and images. By submitting to PC, doors open up to privilege.
    Also, paradoxically, it is through submission to power that one feels a greater sense of power. This is true enough in the military. A soldier has less freedom than a civilian. He must follow orders, salute superiors, and say, ‘yes sir’. But as part of a powerful organization, he feels a sense of power that he didn’t have an individual.

    It’s like wolves and dogs. Wolves are more independent than dogs. Dogs, unlike wolves, are ex-wolves that decided to submit to humans. But as part of the human community, they are part of an order far more powerful than the wild realm of wolves.
    It’s like ant power and bee power comes from the submission of the members to the system, the order.

    Wellback supposedly made some remark about Napoleon in his novel.
    What was strange about the French Revolution is the French got rid of a king to eventually submit to an emperor. The French loved Napoleon because he demanded submission. The French radicals of the Revolution prior to his rise were more contradictory. They spoke of freedom and liberty but were fanatical about power. To have power, you need submission and obedience of the people. French Revolution spoke of liberty, but it was also a power-grab by the revolutionaries. The only way to consolidate the Revolution was not by more freedom but by making the people submit to the new order. And in submission, things can never be equal. People want to submit to the great man, the great power, the great authority. They don’t want to be equal with all the weaklings.
    The power-hungry speak of liberty to attain power themselves, and then, they demand submission from others. Look what happened to 60s radicals. Once they got the power, they were for curtailing freedom of speech. Look at Jews. They once used ACLU against ‘red-baiting’ anti-communists, but now they are far worse than Joe McCarthy ever was.

    Nietzsche spoke of the will to power, but most people don’t have the will to power or don’t know what to do with it. Also, those with the will to power effectively want everyone else to submit to them. How can one have power unless OTHERS submit to one’s authority? So, empowerment and submission are two sides of the same coin.
    Jews in America speak of empowerment and ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ all the time, but they are fanatical in trying to make everyone submit to their authority; indeed, Jews want us to worship them as a holy people. Just listen to all the cuck politicians hailing Jews and Israel to high heaven. Just look how journalists are cowed about any issue sensitive to Jews since they could end up like Rick Sanchez.

    Empowerment can mean resisting the powers-that-be, but as one gains more and more power, it also means forcing others to submit to your vision, program, agenda.
    Indeed, the homo agenda is now about submission. Homos are saying Americans have to all bend over and take it in the ass. Gayria is now the law of the land. It has become sacrosanct or asscrosanct. We must even submit to the neo-madonna image of Bruce Jenner who’s been made into immaculate Caitlyn.

    And what is amazing is how many Americans take delight in submitting to this lunacy.
    The Will to Submit is the sublimated Will to Power for the masses. As most people don’t have the genuine Will to Power, they can only share in the aura of power by submitting to some sacro-movement or higher authority. It’s like all those mindless fans submitting to the cult of some rocker or rapper or celebrity or athlete. They don’t have it in themselves to be great, so they want to attach themselves via submission to greatness. So, Americans submit to the image of MLK the thug-lout-as-saint or the fairytale image of the mountain-sized Negro as holy man who luvs a little white mouse.

    Most have regarded Wellback’s novel as satire or prophecy or warning. But maybe it’s a psycho-philosophical novel of the true nature of man.

    Why is the West failing? Because of its great contradiction between freedom and submission. It is hypocritical cuz it claims to be about liberty/freedom but really demands submission to Zionism, globalism, PC, gayria, etc. This pisses off Muslims who notice that France goes after those who insult Jews but allows people to make fun of Muhammad.
    But the West is also problematic because it is also TOO NICE to the newcomers/immigrants. Non-whites come to the West out of awe and admiration. They want to submit to something greater than their nations of origin. After all, their native cultures back home are authoritarian and respect power. They want the freedom of the West, but they also want to admire and revere the power of the West. But when they come to the West, they are taught by Western media and academia to hate, hate, and hate the West, the white male, the honkey race, and etc. So, a kind of mental crisis happens in the immigrants. The West is so rich and powerful. Such wealth and power should be respected and admired. But the Western elites push policies and agendas that encourage immigrant children to hate white people as ‘low-life racists’ and ‘imperialists’ and etc. What the hell is going on? How come the West, the home of white people, is so anti-white? But then, if the Western agenda and ‘values’ are indeed so PC and anti-white, why are white people still the most powerful and privileged in the West? It just gets awful confusing to the non-whites.

    The current West is post-Christian, but even Christianity has always been deeply problematic. Its theory of power didn’t make sense. Jesus was pacifist and called for peace and non-violence. And yet, Christianity became the most powerful religion and civilization in the world. This was bound to lead to massive neurosis among both Europeans and non-Europeans. European Christians preached love and peace but kicked butt all over the world. Non-Europeans were confronted with white Christians who preached peace and love but kicked their butts and made them say their name is Toby than Kunta Kinte.

    And of course, communism was also a huge contradiction. All that stuff about liberation and equality but leading to a totalitarian system where things were hardly free or equal. With such contradictions at its core, it too was bound to fall.

    What about fascism and Nazism? Now, they were more honest about power. Unlike other ideologies that claimed to be about abstract ideals but were really motivated by will to power, fascism admitted that the struggle is all about power. Fascism didn’t necessarily oppose ideologies. But ideologies revolved around the centrality of power(of the great leader, the nation, the culture, the civilization).
    But why did fascism fail? Because an imperialist version spread wars all over.
    As Amy Chua says in her book on superpowers, Nazism was doomed to fail in its attack on Russia cuz it offered nothing for the Russians. Had Hitler been like Muhammad and appealed to Russians to rise up against communist tyranny, he might have a chance. But Nazism was only for Germans and ‘Aryans’, and that made Russians and many other non-Germans fight against it. Outside Germany, Nazis could conquer bodies but not hearts.

    But Islam has the right combination for global power. It is honest about power. It is a warrior creed. Christianity isn’t an anti-warrior creed. So, the only way Christianity could rise and spread was by an alliance with the warrior caste, the nobility. This is why Jews are eager to homo-ize the US military. Traditionally, the US military was filled with conservative Christian types. It was like a shadow alliance of Christianity and Warrior Class. But by homo-izing the military, it spiritually becomes the tool of globalist Jews.

    Anyway, the alliance of the church and European nobility made Christianity into a hypocritical religion, and eventually, the Church was bound to be called on to repent for the untenable association of the message of Jesus with the might of warriors. And this is why Christianity is dying and fading. No longer protected by the might of the warrior class(Nobility has long faded away), it must answer for all the ‘evils’ done in its name.

    Had Jesus been like Muhammad, He might have gained instant power and even threatened the Roman Empire in His lifetime. Why did the Jewish Zealots fail against the Romans? Cuz they fought only as Jews. As there weren’t many Jews, they simply couldn’t do much to fight the Romans.
    Jesus(at least the mythological Jesus) reached out to those outside the Jewish community. But why did He fail in His lifetime? Cuz He preached peace and love and forgiveness. So, the Romans just whupped Him real good and nailed Him to a cross.

    But suppose Jesus had been more like Muhammad. Suppose He didn’t preach love and peace but righteous war and resistance. And unlike the Zealots who only fought for Jewish power, suppose Jesus’s message had been universal. Suppose He’d called for universal uprising and rebellion of all tribes against the Romans with Himself as the holy leader of this movement. As the Romans ruled over so many tribes who were not-Roman or anti-Roman, such a unifying message of resistance might have ignited a massive war of resistance all across the empire. If Spartacus, some dingy slave, could stir up so much trouble for Romans within Italy itself, imagine what Jesus could have done in non-Italian parts of the Roman Empire where the population was majority non-Roman.

    But because Jesus preached love and peace, He couldn’t start any kind of war. He just got whupped and killed real bad. And His followers often met the same fate…. until after some centuries, Christians wised up and went Willy Stark(ALL THE KING’S MEN). They got practical and found out the way to win. They went against the heart of Jesus’s teachings and made an alliance with the military class.

    In contrast, once Islam appeared on the scene, it made a difference immediately. Why? Muhammad preached one God for all men, universality of his creed, and called on his followers to take up arms. This is why Michael Hart chose Muhammad as the greatest of all time.

    He had the right combination.
    Jesus came up with a faith that would eventually spread all over, but it took time since it is a pacifist creed. It took time for Christians to come up with a strategy that went against its credo and turned the faith into a warrior movement.

    As for individuals like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, they were certainly great warrior-chieftains and conquerors, but cult of personality doesn’t last very long. Also, people around the world couldn’t convert to Greekness or Mongolianness.

    Muhammad combined warrior + prophet + universality + life + afterlife + ritualism + profundity + simplicity.

    This is why Muslims never apologize to blacks about slavery. Muslims always believed in the sword. A religion that says ‘sorry’ to other peoples is finished. Religion must apologize only to God. Christianity is now apologizing to peoples all over the world.
    Also, Muhammad instinctively understood that belief isn’t enough. Christianity says belief is enough. So, you can do all sorts of wild things and still be Christian with the idear that Jesus is love and tolerance or forgives what you’re doing. So, you can act like some lowlife dirty skank and still say, ‘Jesus forgives me, and so, I’m a Christian’. But no one can act like Miley Cyrus and claim to be Muslim. To be Muslim, it’s not enough to be credo-conscious. You have to act as a proper Muslim.

    As Christianity became less ritualized, it just turned more and more abstract and weak. The difference between one who believes in exercise and one who does exercise is crucial. If one only believes exercise, one can say, “yeah, I believe in exercise” without doing anything. But if you believe you MUST do push ups and pull ups everyday, then it’s not just a belief but a ritual. That strengthens belief and conviction. In our world, Christianity has lost its ritualism. If anything, homos have invaded churches and put on homo weddings.
    The one exception may be Russia and its church, but even Russians don’t really take religion all that seriously.

    The appeal of Islam to women is also about submission. Of course, most modern women don’t want to live in some Muslim world. They want to be free to be sexy and stuff. BUT, even so-called ’empowerment’ via sexuality is really a seeking of submission. A woman puts on sexy stuff to find some handsome alpha male stud to submit to. In the end, she isn’t trying to look good for herself but to attract the top guy to surrender herself to. Consider Emma Sulkowicz. She calls herself a feminist, but judging by her ‘rape video’ art project, she subconsciously wants to submit to some guy.
    Consider Once Upon a Time in America. Debra, the independent woman, finally submits to the power of Max, aka Mr. Bailey. Everyone wants to submit to the higher power. Even loudmouth Muhammad Ali submitted to Muhammad. And when Elvis was called the ‘King of Rock n Roll’, he said ‘there is but one King’, meaning Jesus.
    Everyone wants to be submitted to and to submit to a greater power. Ali wanted to make all the other boxers submit to him, but he also found meaning in submitting to Allah and Muhammad. Elvis loved the submission of his fans to his cult, but he submitted to Jesus.

    Islam understands this psychology better than most religions. Under Islam, every man is the king of his castle. His wife and children must submit to him. And he, in turn, must submit to Allah and Muhammad. Judaism offers this too, but Judaism is only for Jews. In contrast, Islam is for all mankind.
    One advantage that Islam has over Christianity is its moral imperturbability. Given what Jesus preached, it is easy for Jews to mess with Christian guilt complex. But as Muslims feel totally justified in their use of violence for the sake of Allah, they never need to apologize to other peoples. If Negroes said to Muslims, “you enslaved us in the past”, Muslims would say, “shut up, jiver, and go pray three times a day before I cut off your head. Before we converted your Negro-ass, you were just a bunch of naked savages shaking ass.” Negroes respeck that kind of power. Look how the Negroes admire rappers even when rappers say nasty things about their mama and shit.

    If we go by what is happening in the West, the main theme isn’t liberal freedom vs medievalist submission. It is a war of submission vs submission. All sides, with the possible exception of purist libertarians, are demanding submission. Jews demand submission to Jewria. Slut feminists demand submission to Whoria. Homos demand submission to gayria. Negroes demand submission to Negria. Look at BLACK LIVES LOUDER movement. They are not calling for free debate and discussion. They is saying, “SHUT UP!!! YOU ARE DISGUSTING UNLESS YOU KISS MY BLACK ASS!!!!”

    PC that has come to be so pervasive is a cult of submission. And even though some submit to it out of fear, many submit cuz they want to serve something ‘larger/bigger than themselves’. Western folks, lacking old-time religion, need a new faith in stuff like SJW-ing, climate change cult, MLK-worship, homo-worship in the land of Oz over the rainbow.

    So, when Islam makes its case in the West, it is merely one more contender in the call for submission. And in the long run, it may win if Muslims keep coming in huge numbers.
    Islam might beat the contenders in the long run.
    Why? Because rap culture is too stupid. Feminism is too shallow. Jew-worship is morally too local. It is what white gentiles think about and only because of Holocaust cult. Most non-whites, as they fill up the West, don’t give a crap about that. We can see it in the rise of BDS.
    Homo agenda will just grow tiresome. With passage of ‘gay marriage’, it’s already boring. Actually, the ‘gay marriage’ victory may have been pyrrhic. The sky didn’t open up and bless us with truth. Rather, a bunch of decadent ass-humpers merely demonstrated their power via alliance with Jews. I don’t see tranny stuff going anywhere. And pedo-stuff isn’t gonna go anywhere either. If anything, the further decadent-ization of modern ‘social movements’ is likely to make people want something more substantive, moral, and meaningful.

    Now, Islam has its drawbacks. Its fanatics like ISIS are too crazy and give it a really bad name. It is aesthetically dull, especially with women having to wear all sorts of drab attire. It hates on dogs, and that is bad stuff. How can any movement not like dogs? It bans alcohol, and we know how prohibition turned out. Also, a glass of wine a day is good for you. And beer once in awhile is good too.
    But given the sheer vapidity of the modern landscape, something will eventually have to fill the void.
    Judaism is only for Jews. Christianity is too pacifist and lost its confidence cuz it is no longer protected by the warrior caste. Even the US military is now a den of homos and cucks. No one singing ‘onward Christian soldiers’.

    If indeed the Western military were still militantly Christian, it might have done more to save Arab Christians. Instead, Western foreign/military policy has made things good only for Zionists and horrible for Arab Christians who’ve been massacred all over in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq.

    This is the new western military culture:

    Anyway, what does the rise of Napoleon tell us? It says that despite all the stuff about liberty, fraternity, and equality, the French were hungry for a great man to submit to.
    They got rid of a king and marched for an emperor. And even though the revolutionary narrative said the king had to be dethroned and killed cuz he was too tyrannical, he was in fact dethroned largely because he was seen as weak, wimpy, and ineffective. In contrast, Napoleon was seen as badass. Young, charismatic, courageous, visionary, and etc.
    Same thing with the Tsar Nicholas. He was seen as weak and wimpy, and Russians lost respect for him. But Russians stuck by Stalin cuz Stalin was able to marshal the forces to roll back and even kick German butt.
    And why do Russians respect Putin? Russians want to feel the power, and one way to feel it is by submission to Putin as the strong leader who gets things done and stands up for Russia against US and globalists.
    It’s like in the Bible. Jews had no king, and it was supposed to be more equal. But Jews just bickered endlessly and were getting nowhere. So, Jews asked God for a king for the Jews to submit to. And Saul was that king, followed by David and Solomon. And when Jews got whupped real bad, they prayed for the Messiah. This Messiah wouldn’t only defeat the enemies of Jews. He would be someone Jews would happily submit to as too much freedom among Jews meant too many Jews bickering with one another like Mark Levine and Michael Savage and driving everyone nuts.

    Americans might feel contempt for submissive Russians(with authoritarian mindset), but look at America. Look at the American submission to the MLK cult. Look at the slavishness of so many Americans to Oprah. Look at the fainting Libs at Obama speeches in 2008. Look at all the Conservatives hooked to talk radio personalities and saying ‘ditto’ to fat Rush.

    In the end, power is about submission. You may sell it as liberation, but for there to be power, there has to be the leaders/elites and the people and organization that submit to the leaders/elites.
    But in the end, what is the thing you want to submit to? A great man? But a man, no matter how great, lives only for so long. Even a great boxer like Ali is now just a pitiful shell of himself. Even the great Stalin and Mao grew old, sickly, and died. As for Hitler and Mussolini, they got beat. Also, even so-called great men can be exposed as ‘evil’ by secular morality. Now, Democrats are flipping out about Jefferson, Jackson, and Wilson. They was racis’, sheeeeiiit.

    Should one submit to a certain special group like Jews, homos, or Negroes? But how much meaning of life can one get from cheering like a moron at AIPAC convention, waving homo flags at ‘gay pride’ parade, or hollering along that ‘black lives matter’?
    Should one submit to some ideology? But ideologies come and go. We saw what happened to communism.

    How about Jesus? But Jesus told you ‘turn the other cheek’. If you don’t do so, you will eventually be filled with Christian guilt like the West is currently. Secularized form of Christian guilt is killing the West. Merkel is acting like a secular Christian.

    Islam offers Allah and Muhammad. There are no apologies for their violence. They are righteous, and the righteous have the power of violence. Also, unlike Judaism that is only for Jews, Islam offers its faith to all: Arabs, whites, blacks, Asians, etc.
    It is a spiritual-warrior globalism.

    Personally, I don’t much care for Islam. I prefer nationalism and race-ism. I don’t care for universalism in our globalist world. Not that universalism is necessarily bad. The problem is when borders are being destroyed all over, we should be protecting local cultures and national identities. That is the best way for peace.
    Diversity is a big pain in the ass. Even so, Islam somewhat ameliorates the problem of diversity since faith in Allah is what draws all sorts of races and ethnic groups together. A mosque will have people of all faiths, and indeed many mosques are less racially or nationally segregated than many Christian churches.

    Also, there is the issue of submission to the spiritual versus the submission to the animal.
    Night clubs, like mosques, pull in people of all races and colors, and they all act liberated and etc. But they too are into the cult of submission. Submission to animal drives and lust. They surrender their passions to gorillian lust and act like shameless apes in the zoo. In one way, seeking of pleasure feels liberating. But it is also addictive and imprisoning. It’s like drugs. Drugs give you a high and makes you feel so free and liberated. But it also turns you into a slave-addict of its power of pleasure.
    Globalist culture is like a drug, an opiate. It promises you freedom and etc, but it really sucks you into a culture of addiction to wanton pleasure of animalism.
    It’s like the druggies in Kurosawa’s HIGH AND LOW. They are slaves of addiction.
    This is a part of our nature, and it will always be around. Even in puritanical societies, there are hookers, drug dens, and secret clubs. Vice is part of what we are. It’s like gambling can be found everywhere.
    But this sort of stuff doesn’t fill people with meaning. Also, there is so much of it that it’s leading to exhaustion and sickness. Look at white working class dropping like flies. They will not be saved by tattoos, piercings, Jerry Springer, video games, pop music, and etc.
    Some turn to Jesus, but Christianity is finished in the US. Its main issue is STAND UP FOR ISRAEL, jesus LOVES HOMOS, MLK IS BIGGER THAN god, etc. American Christianity is cuck crap. Even Catholicism has no value left with that clown pope from Argentina hugging homos and playing Phil Donahue.

    This is why Islam has a long term advantage in the EU(though not in America where Muslims will never demographically amount to much).

    I would say Islam can be a real threat IF it is somewhat revised to be more palatable to modern folks. But no Muslim seems to have that kind of inspiration and imagination.

    As for the West, the only hope is the revival of Athena cult, but no one has the vision to do it.

    Personally, Prislam might not be bad, though maybe it should be called Crisislam as Prislam focuses on Priss Asagiri at the expense of the other Knight Sabers.
    Bubblegum faith might set some people right. The four members of the Knight Sabers stand for something vital. You got Sylia who stands for intellect, strategy, patience, caution, and knowledge. You got Linna who stands for sociability, physical health, and dance. You got Priss who stands for passion, defiance, and strength. You got Nene who stands for details, details, and details. No matter how grand the vision, it won’t go anywhere without stickler-ness to details.
    Crisislam or Prislam, unlike Islam, would allow drinking(within reason), attractive dress, love of dogs, and women driving vehicles(as how else are they gonna go shopping to sustain the consumer economy?)

    Anyway, we are living in the post-modern age. Modernism, with its release of all sorts of energies and experimentation, promised us endless possibilities.
    But in the end, we realized what we like and what we don’t.
    It turned out, we don’t really care for modern sculpture. We don’t really care for modernist music. We don’t really care for modern architecture.
    And there so many ideologies and spiritual cults. Most of them have faded too.
    Currently, the fashion is homo-worship, but this cannot last. People will realize it’s just worship of the homo anus. And Bruce Jenner? Gimme a break.

    Age of Modernism was a special time and unleashed all sorts of amazing creative energies. But once its novelty wore out, it was just another style. It no longer captivated audiences.
    So, in the end, people settle on what they really like, what really appeals to them.

    People still like beauty. People still like charisma. People still like fun and funny. People still like exciting and thrilling, which is why Hollywood blockbusters still rake in big bucks.
    But when it comes to spirituality, what will win? PC? Jew-worship? Homomania? Feminism? In Europe, against all such silliness, there is Islam. If you wanted to submit to something, would you rather submit to Simone DeBeauvoir, Harvey Milk, Kanye West, Woody Allen… or Allah and Muhammad? (If you worship Jesus, you must take on Christian guilt. If you worship Allah, you have moral power on your side.) In our post-modern age when people feel burnt out by the ‘new’—indeed where everything ‘new’ is just retro of silly fashions—, Islam maybe the only thing left worth submitting to. (And despite Bernie Sanders, socialism will not be any kind of core spiritual faith that it once was during the Age of the Internationale.)

    That is unless one revives the Athena Cult or adopts Prislam.

  13. Thirdeye says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    The Jupiter thing sounds strange to me too. That facility is over 1500 miles from any potential Jupiter launch sites, putting it out of range. But frankly, had the plan been carried out it would simply have served to unite the Soviet Union and China. A united Soviet-Chinese front against the US during the 1960s-70s would have been the ultimate “stupid fact.”

    • Replies: @AnAnon
  14. Hail says: • Website

    I thought “stupidfact” would mean a fact which, although technically true, if stated in a given conversation is stupid.


    (1) Most mass shooters are White. (Reason this is stupid: Most people in the U.S. are White. The facts is Blacks are more likely per capita to be mass shooters, to say nothing of Muslims.)

    (2) The U.S. has sky-high gun violence. (Most U.S. White communities have very low levels despite high gun ownership; comparable levels to White levels in Europe.)

    (3) The Farook and Wife mass shooting of December 2015 was caused by Rednecks having easy access to guns. [Stated more obliquely than this but this is the meat of it.] (California has strict gun control; Also, no rednecks involved — San Bernardino used to have many rednecks but almost all have been driven out by Farooks and Joses).


  15. Mark Green says: • Website

    Unimpressive analysis. Derb, apparently, has his own ‘sacred objects’. Therefore, he keeps his analysis shallow.

    Let’s agree that we needn’t import any more low-IQ workers from the Third World. But ‘Christian’ workers from Mexico are more likely to be involved in gangs or to commit murder in the US than the relatively small number of Muslims from Central Asia and the Middle East. So let’s get over this Zionist-engineered clash between Muslims and Christians in America. It’s statistical false (and therefore a ‘red herring’) to imply that Muslims are a greater threat to (white) Americans than the usual perpetrators. In fact, Arab-Americans are relatively law-abiding. They are underrepresented in US prisons. Moreover, this latest mass shooting in Calif may have been born from interpersonal hatreds at work, not theological differences or any ‘Muslim’ plot. But Big Media and Big Government are hyping the ‘terror’ angle for political purposes. This needless hysteria helps Israel.

    Let’s remember that religious faith and religious identity are fluid. Most of the world’s ‘Muslims’ are not fundamentalist. This is the 21st century. Science has affected everyone. The world is not flat. Creationism has been discredited by geology and genetics. And the concept of natural selection has given the world an explanation for mankind that does not require miracles or divine intervention. Even fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims understand this.

    As for ‘militant Islam’, the Arab nations that Washington’s most-recently targeted (Iraq, Libya, Syria) were all secular. Strange, no? But even if they were fundamentalist entities (like our ‘allies’, Kuwiat or Saudi Arabia) Zio-Washington’s preemptive destruction of these societies was horrific and, under international law, illegal. Therefore, it is Zio-Washington’s state-initiated violence that should be central to your analysis. Why is it being ignored?

    Indeed, human outrage and revenge are an enormous part of what motivates many of these now-dislocated Muslims. It’s worth noting that Big Media stresses the religious angle in this picture while it studiously ignores connecting the dots of terrorism to Zio-Washington’s decade-long war on Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon and Syria. Who’s fooling whom?

    It was secular, democratic Zio-Washington that preemptively invaded and waged wars. Meanwhile, democratic Israel subjugates Palestine and invades neighboring Syria and Lebanon at will.

    Might this not be a big reason why ‘Muslims’ hate us, Derb? In that case, theology is just a footnote.

    Indeed, even before 911, Zio-Washington was deeply involved in protected certain Mideast clients while harming others. Biased policies undermine the rule of law. Islam is not relevant.

    It’s worth noting that Jesus is revered as a prophet in Islam. Jewish religious orthodoxy, on the other hand, reviles Jesus and sees Gentiles as inferior to Jews. America’s ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’ is pretty much a kosher myth.

    As for ‘Islamic terror’ and political violence, let’s count the bodies:

    In Iraq alone, Zio-Washington slaughtered upwards of one million people since 2003. Millions of other Iraqis have pushed into exile and made destitute.

    Iraq was once a stable and relatively prosperous nation, as was Libya. No more. Any opinion?

    If you were born in Iraq or Libya, wouldn’t Zio-Washington’s destruction of your country piss you off just a bit?

    In a normal world, the architects of this bloody, pro-democracy Jihad would be hanged. Instead, they’re riding around in limos and receiving media accolades.

    Ironically, in the ashes of secular Iraq and Libya, fundamentalist ISIS has emerged. There’s even evidence that ISIS has been cooperating with, and getting aid from, US allies such as Turkey and Israel. Odd, that.

    Might increased chaos in the Arab world be Washington’s actual objective? It’s possible.

    The destruction of large, rising Arab states assures Israel’s ‘security’ (and regional hegemony) going forward.

    With that in mind, the case can be made that the civilized world’s biggest problem is not puny Muslim terror incidents, but wholesale, high-tech, state-sponsored, Judeo-Christian terror emanating from Big Washington and another democratic country I needn’t name.

  16. AnAnon says:

    Suppose that did happen, what would have been the negative fallout? Not being able to participate in Vietnam? not opening trade with China? Further stressing the Soviet Union with the inclusion of hordes of ethnic Chinese to further dilute the Russian people?

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  17. Rehmat says:

    Ignoring John Derbyshire’s usual anti-immigration and anti-Muslim lies, I have one simple question for him to answer.

    Does any Muslim politician ever licked Sheldon Adelson’s butts? However, Derbyshire doesn’t need a PhD to know that every White lawmaker does that – and pledges his/her loyalty to a foreign country, Israel.

    So, who are good for United States, White traitors or hardworking immigrants and comparative most professional Muslims?

    Pakistan built its nuclear bomb long after Israel, India and N. Korea. Pakistan and N. Korea built it by their national resources – while India got the technology from USSR and Israel from United States.

    During the so-called “Cold War”, Pakistan was in American block while India in Soviet block. But during all three Indo-Pakistan wars, America always betrayed Pakistan by banning sully of US military spare part. Contrary to that Soviet pumped new war machines into Indian Army. Doesn’t that teaches Derbyshire, that hatred of Muslim is embedded in Christian White race?

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
    , @Avi
    , @Che Guava
  18. Hail says: • Website
    @Mark Green

    Zionist-engineered clash between Muslims and Christians in America

    If this is the case, why didn’t Farook and the Wife shoot up an AIPAC Hanukkah banquet?

    • Replies: @Mark Green
  19. Mark Green says: • Website

    Farook was just a resentful nutball who happened to identify with Muslim victims of US policies. That’s not hard to understand. He was possibly quite ignorant about the Lobby’s decisive role in Muslim eradication way over yonder. Farook was also a government employee and therefore probably a Democrat. BFD.

    If it makes you happy, apparently Farook shot someone present at the Xmas party who was Jewish (and therefore entitled to Israeli citizenship) who had previously taunted Farook over politics involving America’s sacred ‘Holocaust’ scripture. Lesson: don’t tease wounded animals.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Anonymous
  20. Hail says: • Website
    @Mark Green

    [One of the victims, who was Jewish] previously taunted Farook over politics involving America’s sacred ‘Holocaust’ scripture

    This sounds bizarre but intriguing. Please expand,

  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill Jones

    Population genetics shows that Ashkenazi Jews aren’t desceded from Khazars. Rather, they are a hybrid of Middle Eastern and Southern European.

  22. Thirdeye says:

    There were all sorts of possible consequences of security co-operation between the Soviet Union and China, including the US getting stood off and humiliated over Vietnam. That bit about “hordes of ethnic Chinese” diluting the Russian people sounds like a projection of racist paranoia. They’re not eager to migrate to Siberia for the same reasons most Russians aren’t. Lots of Caucasian guys would be delighted to “dilute” with Chinese and it’s no business of yours.

    Even though we weren’t stupid enough to create the Soviet-Chinese united front then, we seem to be stupid enough to create the Russian-Chinese united front now. If China didn’t have a vested interest in the stability of the western Dollar-based financial system we’d be in a lot more trouble than we already are.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Green

    Thalasinos was a messianic Jew who grew up Catholic. As he neither had Jewish ancestry nor converted to normative Judaism, he would not have been eligible for Israeli citizenship. Also, Farook apparently made inflammatory statements as well and was clearly planning some larger scale terrorist activity given the amount of ammo he had collected and the fact that he and his wife had been making pipe bombs. If he hadn’t shot up the Christmas party, he would have shot up or bombed somewhere else.

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @MarkinLA
  24. The Soviets approached LBJ in 1967 and Nixon in 1969 about jointly taking out the Chinese nuke program. Both Presidents turned them down.

  25. @Thirdeye

    LOL, there was no cooperation. The Chinese and Russians hated each other then.

    • Replies: @random observer
    , @Thirdeye
  26. @Mark Green

    Nailed it completely. Well done and thank you.

  27. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Don’t you just love the pic the MSM finally found of the patsy male? The first two pics showed him smiling, so one pic was darkened so you couldn’t see his smile and the other was blurred out of focus so the smile was also blurred.

    Then they brought out the ‘Mohammed Atta’ special, a pic showing drooping eye lids and a scowling face, as if to say, “Look out, this guy is dangerous!”

    The SB shooting is just another move in the endless ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel,’ wars that are supposed to last six or seven decades, or until the Wall Street banks have ALL of our wealth and Israel controls the entire ME.

    Welcome to the NWO Global Plantation, slave, now shut up, get back to work and BTW, shut up and stop thinking, we’ll do the thinking for you using our collection of well-heeled journalists whom we treat like mushrooms.

  28. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    So how does the fact the patsies were found in the SUV, face-down, handcuffed and shot to death square with the official Booga-Booga- story?

    Better open your eyes people and see who’s behind the curtain, pulling off these False Flags, or forever resign you and your family to tyranny and endless wars.

    BTW, those hiding behind an ‘anonymous’ tag could be anyone, even your local FBI stooge.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  29. @Bill Jones

    Resistance to the criminal Khazar land-thieves is terrorism?

    Resistance to Saracen land thieves is considered terrorism in “Misr”, or what the rightful owners refer to as “Egypt”. Same with Augustine’s Hippo.

  30. @Jonathan Revusky

    Believing Karzai is the height of credulity. If you want to believe Al Qaeda is a myth go ahead. You may as well deny gravity while you’re at it.

  31. @Rehmat

    Your post is filled with stupid “facts.” The inclusion of the quotes is intentional.

    Like so many on Unz, you’re stuck on “it’s da joooooos” tripe. Jews in this country have done some stupid stuff, but they are far from owning the country.

    We repeatedly cut the Paks off from spare parts because of their regimes. They knew what we would, and would not, tolerate, but they did it anyway.

    You need to take a look at that NORK timeline dude. It doesn’t fit in anywhere near that of the Paks.

  32. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Interesting that Ziobama is for the homo agenda and Muslim immigration(when Muslims are anti-homo).

    The common thread is HOW TO UNDERMINE THE CORE MAJORITY.

    In this, he is a total shill for the Jewish elites.

  33. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    If you argue for immigration restriction based upon:1)IQ test score and 2)whether or not there is a severe labor scarcity, then you have made the case for race-replacing The Historic Native Born White American Majority across the US- if the right kind of highly racialized nonwhites are allowed into the US(the spectacle one sees driving past SUNY Stony Brook on 25A) and if there is a very severe labor scarcity…that is to say, if the wages of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class(the demographic group that built with their bare hands, and paid for….with their state taxes….the construction of SUNY Stony Brook which has now been handed over to Mainland China) is too high

    Here is my question to you:why should a severe labor scarcity be a reason to import the Democratic Party Voting Bloc?….This is the absolutely fatal flaw at the core of the immigration moratorium:full-speed ahead with local and nation-wide race-replacement if the the real wage of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class is very high.

    The Treasonous Immigration Enthusiasts have argued for the very rapid-replacement of The Historic Native Born White American Majority because they claim that a very severe labor scarcity is some kind of catastrophic event which it is not….Race-replacement of The Historic Native Born White American Majority is a catastrophic event.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  34. AnAnon says:

    So no downside for us in other words.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  35. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @Steve Sailer


    Well you know, if the US and the Russkies had nuked China, it would have interfered with Nixon’s and LBJ’s post-1965 Immigration Reform Act policy of allowing China to colonize and take over the California State University System..and the SUNY System and RPI…


    You ought to go East and visit John on the North Shore of LI…John can drive you to SUNY Stony Brook and have a tour of SUNY Stony Brook which has been handed over to China by various NYS Governors.

    Nixon and LBJ=forcing The Historic Native Born White American Majority to subsidize the education of China’s nuke bomb designers…and the destruction of thousands of years of acquired Native Born White American Scientific and Engineering experience….The Chinese Fifth Column in America will make certain that this is a permanent state of affairs on Nov 3 2016-pull the lever for Hillary!!!

  36. @John Lilburne

    History appears full of collective human stupidity. It really makes you marvel at the accomplishments, given that.

  37. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    And you will like this one:the 10 million dollar a year repellant RPI African American President Shirley Ann Jackson….phd solid state physics MIT….has pledged repeatedly to hand over RPI to Mainland China for the education of China’s next generation of Nuke Bomb designers and Democratic Party Voters(Shirely Ann Jackson is a fanatical supporter of the H1B and L1B visa programs).

    RPI just built Shirley Ann Jackson a brand new Mansion to live in on the RPI campus…treason is rewarded with mega- $$$$$$$$$$$$$ by GE and other US Mega-Tech Coporations in NYS.

  38. @Greg Bacon

    BTW, those hiding behind an ‘anonymous’ tag could be anyone, even your local FBI stooge.

    Lest we forget, at one point during the “homegrown militia,” “white supremacist” witch hunt, you could correctly assume that the ratio of Group Members On the Federal Gov Payroll to low IQ white dupes was at least 9:1.

    It seems to me that every meeting of any Klan-like organization might run the risk of being a 100% government sponsored and government attended event.

    I suppose truth is always stranger than fiction.

  39. Avi says:

    Indeed, it was allowed by the White majority. This is an example of the fruits of The Culture of Critique, which Mr. Derbyshire dismissed rather contemptuously in a famous review in The American Conservative magazine. Something tells me he wouldn’t be so dismissive any more.

  40. @Steve Sailer

    The USSR and the PRC fought division-sized battles along the Ussuri River in 1969. The plot of the 1971 movie The Omega Man involved a Russo-Chinese war in which biological weapons are used. It seemed plausible at the time.

  41. Avi says:

    Rehmat, Third World settle colonists, i.e., non-White “immigrants” or “refugees”, are the symptom of a disease we all know infects the West. Sheldon Adelson and his lackeys are just another symptom.

  42. Rurik says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    great point you make in your reply and great video JR!

    ‘no more than 30 to 35 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan’

    well, that is still exponentially more Al Qaeda in Afghanistan than there are moderate rebels in Syria anyways.

    it’s funny how the journalist tries to trap him into saying 911 was a false flag, (which everybody but the cud-chewing Americaus Bovinus now know is obvious), but he doesn’t bite ; )

  43. Rurik says:
    @Mark Green

    Therefore, it is Zio-Washington’s state-initiated violence that should be central to your analysis. Why is it being ignored?

    good question

    Indeed, even before 911, Zio-Washington was deeply involved in protected certain Mideast clients while harming others. Biased policies undermine the rule of law. Islam is not relevant.

    good point

    In Iraq alone, Zio-Washington slaughtered upwards of one million people since 2003. Millions of other Iraqis have pushed into exile and made destitute.

    Iraq was once a stable and relatively prosperous nation, as was Libya. No more. Any opinion?

    If you were born in Iraq or Libya, wouldn’t Zio-Washington’s destruction of your country piss you off just a bit?

    excellent points!

    With that in mind, the case can be made that the civilized world’s biggest problem is not puny Muslim terror incidents, but wholesale, high-tech, state-sponsored, Judeo-Christian terror emanating from Big Washington and another democratic country I needn’t name.

    great post sir

    my contention has always been that Zionism is two things simultaneously..

    1) the systematic destruction and genocide of the indigenous population of greater Israel for the benefit of a racially pure Jewish supremacist global capital of the NWO global kleptocracy and Nazi type of racially pure master race lording it over all the rest. “The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves”

    2) and the systematic blending of all peoples (of the West in particular) into a polyglot of quarreling demographics of unrelated ethnicities and religions that- like the Muslims of today, can never form any singular resistance to the first principle of Zionism

    it is both of these twin pillars of Zionism that we see unfolding in the world today

    (I touch further on these issued in a recent rely to the Sakers article, if I may humbly recommend ; )

  44. @Sean the Neon Caucasian

    And America nuking China would have had no impact on that?

  45. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    While Muslim killers are something we need to think about—especially in Europe that is close to Muslim territories and taking in too many immigrants—, far greater damage is being done by Hollywood that is run by Jews, Libs, and homos.

    Terrorism is an obvious attack on social order, but far more dangerous is the soul-destroying corruption of culture, a kind of cultural terrorism.

    Suppose there is a community A of 1,000 people, and every decade 10 people are killed by terror attacks. But suppose the community has a healthy moral culture.

    Suppose there is another community B of 1,000 people, and every decade no one is killed by terror attacks. But suppose the culture has been taken over by pathological decadents and degenerates.

    Which community is more threatened? The second one. When a people become morally rotten, their society begins to rot. People no longer have true confidence, pride, and righteousness. Their pseudo-righteousness come to serve filth. Look at the homo agenda. It has inverted morality. Morality should be defending true marriage and true biology against deviancy and degeneracy. Instead, the New American morality is about promoting homo deviancy and shaming people with normal biology and morality. It has the outward appearance of morality, but it is utterly bogus.

    Furthermore, the problems of community B will not end with moral degeneracy that leads to all sorts of social problems. It will even make the society defenseless against outsiders and invaders. A society that no longer has proper core values will not be able to defend itself from external threats. Internal rot leads to lack of immunity to external dangers. Rome rotted from the inside before it was conquered by the outside.
    Healthy culture has powerful immunity against external threats. A rotten culture has no such immunity.

    Is it any wonder that Obama, the turd-boy prez, is for both the homo agenda and massive immivasion? And the Donald phenon notwithstanding, most white Americans have no guts and resolve to fend off the external threat. Why? Because they are internally rotten. If you suffer from massive diarrhea and cirrhosis(problem of internal organs), you won’t have the strength to use your muscles to fight off external threats.

    We keep hearing from the ‘right’ that we need to protect ‘western way of life’ and ‘western values’ from the ‘muzzies’, but what is this ‘western way of life’ that is so wonderful and precious? ‘Gay marriage’? Bruce Jenner is ‘Caitlyn’? Miley Cyrus and her antics? The Kartrashians? Rap music as the neo-gospel of America? Pornification of culture where even prime time TV shows refer to all sorts of horny stuff. We have Brian William’s daughter getting an ass-licking on Prime Slime TV.
    We have Lena Dunham championed by the elites. In UK, a homokin Sam Smith is all the rage cuz he made a music video about a homo wedding in a Christian church cheered on by a multi-culti gaggle of freaks.

    Maybe progs can carry on with the pretense that this is moral, righteous, and wonderful, but it’s putrid, icky, sicky, and disgusting.
    This culture is totally degenerate and demoralizing. Most Western folks no longer have any faith in their identity, culture, and community. Why should they when what passes for morality and righteousness is waving the homo flag at a ‘gay pride’ parade?

    We saw the recent attack in Paris, but it will all blow over because your average Frenchman’s idea of culture is the ‘bearded lady’ on Eurovision. Europeans no longer believe in their history, identity, heritage, land, culture, and etc. They are all into multi-culti globalism. What goes by the name of ‘western values’ is opening EU to massive numbers of Muslims, Asians, and Africans. So, ‘western values’ are no longer about defending western people, culture, and land. It is about allowing the West to be demographically and sexually conquered by Africans and Muslims and to be financially and politically manipulated by globo-Jewish elites. That is ‘western values’. Oh yeah, it’s all about ‘incluuuuuuuuuuuusion’, as if any civilization can survive by including everyone.

    Though homos and Muslims seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, they are both part of the ‘new western values’ that prioritizes minoritarianism and globalism over majoritarianism and nationalism. Politics makes for odd bedfellows. And the immivasion phenom as an external threat is linked with the internal threat of cultural, moral, and racial decay of the white West.
    A people corrupted by stuff like homo agenda and cult of the Negro thug(pimps and hos) simple won’t have the spine, guts, and balls to defend their community from outsiders.

    This is why, more than Muslim terrorism, far more dangerous has been Hollywood cultural terrorism and subversion. A movie like JESSE AND CELESTE FOREVER is far more dangerous for it corrupts the soul. I couldn’t sit through much of it cuz vomiting is not my favorite activity. But it is total and absolute filth. Actually worse, cuz its filth and degeneracy are sold as the ‘new normal’.

    When the new white man is like Jesse and new white woman is like Celeste, forget about them defending anything of value. Their idea of morality is worshiping the homo anus. And even though people like that might not be too happy with Islam, their minoritarianism makes them favor any bunch of immivaders to the native majority of whites. Also, the main mantra of people like that is ‘incluuuuuuuuuuuuusion’.

    These millennials are the worst filth that ever lived, but they cannot be blamed entirely cuz they are the product of boomers and X-ers who were shit parents, teachers, and administrators.

    Survey movies like JESSE AND CELESTE, THE OVERNIGHT, WHAT IF, FAULT IN OUR STARS, RUBY SPARKS, SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, and etc make you wanna vomit. Boys no longer know how to grow into men. Girls don’t know how to grow into women. They are perpetual trashy idiots. It’s like all the boys and girls are a bunch of Lacy Greens. But what do you expect in a society where the Prez praises the likes of Bruce Caitlyn and Clock Boy? Praise the white guy who thinks he’s a woman and praise the Muslim boy who hassled a school with what looked like a time bomb.

    When Pearl Harbor happened, many Americans died, but there was no real threat. Americans had real values back then. When faced with danger, Americans knew what it was about. They had something worth defending.
    But do Americans have anything worth defending except for their personal property? Actually, what with the demise of family and economy among working and lower class whites, they don’t even have that to defend. Also, white Americans no longer even have the guts to oppose Section 8 that will inundate their communities with ghastly Negroes. Whites worship ‘incluuuuuuuuuuuuuusion’ that leads to racial suicide instead of upholding true race-ism that preserves and defends the race.

    Anyway, the culture terrorists are worse than Muslim terrorists.
    If anything, Muslim terrorists are good in the sense that they wake white folks to the dangers ahead.
    In contrast, cultural terrorism of Hollywood lulls and drugs people into worshiping the kind of filthy and degenerate ‘new morality’ that totally rots the soul.

  46. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Heavily armed police moved into action in this case.

    Indeed, we’ve seen heavily armed police in so many recent scenarios.

    The prog community cannot make up its mind on this matter.

    On the one hand, they bitch and whine that US is becoming a police state with the police armed as heavily as the US military.

    But, the progs also say that citizens should not ‘take the law into their own hands’. People should rely on police and government for protection.

    But if people shouldn’t defend themselves with their own guns and weapons, then they naturally must rely more and more on the police to do the job. And if the police must go the extra-mile to keep the peace, they must be armed more heavily.

    Steven Pinker in BETTER ANGELS OF OUR NATURE says that civilized people don’t take the law into their own hands, and that this attitude has made the West safer.
    People call the cops or rely on the laws/courts than in getting violent themselves in self-defense.
    But if white folks have evolved to the point where they less likely to ‘take law into their own hands’ and instead rely on the police/law, then the police must play a more active and heavy role in maintaining social peace, especially as increasing diversity frays the nerves of all groups, whites and non-whites.

    If people should ‘take the law into their own hands’, police need to do less. A lot of people will be defending themselves.
    But if people shouldn’t ‘take law into their own hands’ and instead should call the cops and leave it entirely to the government, then the police must be more heavily armed.

    But progs just don’t get it.
    They decry ‘vigilante’ justice of the likes of George Zimmerman. They say we should leave it up to the police.
    But when police take up extra-burden of keeping the peace with lots of arms and military-like gear, progs bitch that US is turning into a police state.

  47. Che Guava says:

    That is so lurid, Rehimat, that I cannot resist.

    You are wrong on almost every ‘fact’ you state, not least in claiming that Pakistan developed atomic weapons after North Korea.

    If you read a little more, you would know that the Israeli atomic weapons programme is, with the possible exception of China’s, the earliest of those on your list, and largely based, in its early stages, on knowledge and materials pilfered from the USA.

    I would be very surprised if Teller had not assisted to the extent he was able, but that is in the realm of speculation.

    In the realm of facts are theft of a large amount of weapons-grade uranium from the USA, facilitated and conducted by US (probably dual) citizens.

    No point going into details on the rest of your post, but thanks for a rant that gave me a laugh.

  48. @Mark Green

    It’s worth noting that Jesus is revered as a prophet in Islam. Jewish religious orthodoxy, on the other hand, reviles Jesus and sees Gentiles as inferior to Jews. America’s ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’ is pretty much a kosher myth.

    And yet, Americans and Europeans still can’t stand Muslims. Sucks to be you, lol.

    In Iraq alone, Zio-Washington slaughtered upwards of one million people since 2003. Millions of other Iraqis have pushed into exile and made destitute.

    Dude, we are just getting warmed up in Iraq. The entire Iraqi state is a blight on the map and it will be erased relatively shortly. Syria is even further along. If you are in pain over what we’ve done to Syria and Iraq so far, I don’t think you want to be around to see what they have coming to them in the next 20 years.

    Any people that makes war on the Jews is destined for physical annihilation. Just ask the Canaanites… oh wait, you cant’, they’re all dead! Lol!

    Enjoy your remaining time with the Arabs. Maybe you can build a museum that reminds people of them when they are gone.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @geokat62
  49. @Priss Factor

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

  50. athEIst says:

    the great truck-driver crisis of the 1980s, when trucks were rotting in the loading bays because nobody could be found to drive them.

  51. Rurik says:
    @Greasy WIlliam

    Maybe you can build a museum that reminds people of them when they are gone.

    like this one?

    it’s nice to see the viewpoints of people like you greaser

    I like to contemplate the entire fabric of the human experience, and you’re definitely part of it, so thank you for making yourself and your views known to us all

  52. OT, but this is awesome: Trump just called for a “complete shutdown” of Muslims into the U.S.!

    From the AP:

  53. Following the pattern of Israeli theft of the bomb, waves of Jewish terrorism in the US and increased jewish immigration from the USSR.

    That worked so well, didn’t it?

  54. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Historically speaking, severe labor scarcities are always a great benefit to the Native Born White American Working Class. And a very severe labor scarcity must never be used as an excuse to race-replace across the US The Historic Native Born White American Working Class.

    The deepest nightmare of The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Mega-CEO is the possibility of a severe labor scarcity for this would put and end to their power to steal the wealth of the White Working Class.

    There is something very very Satanic about The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Mega-CEO Class. They can’t possibly consume billions worth of material goods with their billions…so it’s gotta be about having demigod life and death power over millions of Native Born White American Working Class types and The Human Species in general. And this is what drives the Democratic Party’s murderous foreign policy in the Ukraine and Syria.

  55. alexander says:
    @Mark Green

    Dear Mr Green,

    “Might increased chaos in the Arab world be Washington’s actual objective ? Its possible.”

    Possible ?….Welcome to the world of the “real”.

    To be fair, I cannot really tell you what Washington envisions…because it really has no “vision”…But I can tell you what “King Bibi” envisions …A strong, potent , vibrant state of Israel …surrounded by a plethora of collapsed ,crushed and “conquered” countries.

    Israel …as a gleaming fortress of Jewish strength ,pride , and power…. lording comfortably over a kind of Mad Max like wasteland of stateless anarchy reaching as far as the eye can see..

    .Where once stood nine Muslims countries….a new landscape emerges.consisting of burnt and smoldering cityscape’s.. roaming, rabid, rival ,terrorist gangs…… incessant, unending internecine warfare…..wailing Arab orphans..,,,,and diseased and destitute wanderers trapped in a desert of starvation and deprivation…

    Mr Green….”the future is now.”

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  56. Thirdeye says:

    The detentes the US arrived at with the Soviet Union and China in the 1970s were largely made possible by the Sino-Soviet rift. Had the US been more aggressive, they probably would have seen their interests as more aligned. The only thing that made China tolerate the US in Vietnam was their viewing it through the lens of their rift with the Soviet Union. China with the Soviet Union at their back could have approached the Taiwan and Korea issues very differently.

    • Replies: @AnAnon
  57. Thirdeye says:
    @Sean the Neon Caucasian

    You might want to learn who jump-started the Chinese nuclear program before you say there was “no co-operation.” The rift developed during the Kruschev years.

  58. Art says:

    “We’d seen twenty years of Palestinian terrorism”

    My God what a fool. Does this low life clown have a lick of honesty in his soul?

    We have seen 65 years of Jew terrorism put on the Palestinian people – and now the whole world is at risk.

    Before Israel came along, we had NO troubles with Muslims.

    This Derbyshire guy has sold his integrity to the devil.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @random observer
    , @Willis
  59. MarkinLA says:

    given the amount of ammo he had collected

    The bombs mean something, the ammo nothing. An active target shooter will go through that much ammo in a couple of months easy.

  60. @alexander

    Solitudimun facient, pacem appellant.

    They create nothingness (destroy everything) and call it peace.


    Pax Romanus.

    We had to destroy the village in order to save it.

    Booris (Disputed)

    Pax Americana

    • Replies: @alexander
  61. Art says:

    With this dishonest pro Zionist Jew article, my guess is that Derbyshire is bucking for another Fox-n-Krauthammer – Hannity appearance.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  62. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Prissy Factory — you make a fundamental error of definition. “Taking the law into one’s own hands” is not even remotely related to “self defense”.

    Self-defense takes place in the immediate moment of the crime, when no possible law can help, and it is aimed at surviving the crime, rescuing hostages (eg Genesis 14:11-16) or in some cases, retaining the property that is imminently in danger of theft. It has nothing to do with dispensing of justice or vengeance.

    A person “takes the law into his own hands” when he seeks to exact his own version of justice and/or vengeance after the fact — when the crime is over and done with. This may take place in the absence of law (eg, Nisbett’s “Cultures of honor) or it may be done in disregard for an existing system of law.

    Anglo-American law has historically upheld self-defense (per Ex. 22:2, Luke 22:36), but has sternly sanctioned taking the law into one’s own hands (per Rom 12:19, Rom 13:4).

  63. @Mark Green

    Muslims are a foreign people, a foreign race, a foreign culture, a foreign language, a foreign religion, a foreign ideology, a foreign world view, and they are incompatible with Western Civilization. This is supposed to be my white Christian homeland. Anyone else is just a squatter. We don’t have to decided whether Mexicans are more of a threat than muslims since that’s a false choice. They ALL need to go, along with the negroes and ewjays.

    • Replies: @Willis
  64. AnAnon says:

    Again, don’t care about Vietnam. Taiwan I doubt they could have done much about even with soviet help, force projection is difficult. South Korea I’m increasingly ambivalent about.

  65. alexander says:

    Pax Vobis…….Vera Pax……Veram ad contexendam paxem.

    ( Peace be upon you….True peace…..Real (authentic) peace.)

  66. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Then comes the second, native-born generation. Drawn from a low-IQ population that’s been accumulating genetic defects via a tradition of cousin marriage since the Bronze Age, and raised in a religion totally at odds with Western ideas of self-actualization, they are fidgety misfits

    This is probably the takeaway quote of the whole article. The more people who come to grips with this stark reality the better.

  67. jack ryan says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Yes, certainly much truth there.

    That said, the worst Muslims have always hated, attacked, killed, raped, enslaved our people.

    Read up on the sack of Constantinople, the Battle of Algiers. After French Algeria was turned over to Arab Muslim “majority rule” there was supposed to be a settlement, reconciliation with full property rights, minority rights for the White Western, Pied Noir population. The same was supposed to have been given to Whites in Rhodesia Zimbabwe when that beautiful, prosperous country was handed over to Black majority rule.

    The reality in Algeria was that the Arab Muslims ethnically cleansed the White Westerners including all Chrisitans, secularists and Jews. The not so magnanimous Algerian Arab Muslims offered the minority White Pied Noir Europeans 2 options:

    The Coffin
    the Suitcase

    That’s what Arabs/Muslims always do.

    The couldn’t be worse anti White, anti Western actions of the Algerian Arab Muslims can not be blamed on Israeli policies towards the Palestinians or US support for Israel, Neo Conservatives etc.

    The current terrible situation where all the rapes in Oslo Norway are done by Muslim immigrants – that’s not the fault of Israel or Norway taking the Israeli side. It’s just what the worst Muslim men do, what they always have done.

    Yeah, sure, try to be fair about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and oppose all things Neo Conservative, but don’t kid yourself.

    Also understand that in the USA, Europe, UK the Muslims and Jews are basically on the same anti White side in everything except the Arab vs Israeli conflict.

    Both Muslims and Jews voted 80% plus for Obama. With only a few exceptions, all the American Jewish powers that be are coming out strongly for unrestricted Muslim refugee/migrations to the USA/Europe. #*$(#*@ like Democrat National Committee Chairman Debbie Wassermann are doubling down on the propaganda lie that any Conservatives not talking about restricting Syrian Muslim refugees are the same as evil WASPS in the 1940s who wouldn’t take Jewish children trying to flee the Holocaust.

    Politics makes strange bedfellows. In domestic politics, immigration politics the most dangerous, hostile Muslims and Jews are on the same anti White team.

    We need to fight for the legitimate rights of our our people in our own countries, fight for our team. We ain’t going to be calling the shots, or just living without being murdered in places like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Algeria or now large parts of France, Belgium and not so merry old England… or parts of New Jersey, Michigan or San Bernardino CA.

  68. Craken says:
    @Priss Factor

    Interesting take, if a bit lengthy. It occurs to me that if Europe is to Islamize–as extrapolative reasoning leads us to believe–it would be better from the racial perspective if the metamorphosis happened sooner rather than later. There are no high IQ Muslim countries today. If Sweden were to halt immigration today and convert to Islam, the average IQ of this newly Muslim nation would be around 97. If they wait until the Muslim demographic rises to 60%, the IQ would be closer to 90–a meaningful difference and likely to result in a typical, unproductive Muslim society/culture/economy.
    This issue discussed:

    Also, as a Muslim country, Sweden could dispense with the anti-racism nonsense and deliberately maintain the high IQ part of the population through social mores discouraging miscegenation. Creating a new high IQ Muslim society is an experiment one could plausibly justify (though I’m not sympathetic to the idea); creating yet another low IQ Muslim society–and hijabing some of the world’s most beautiful women in the process–Not Justified.

  69. @Art

    With this dishonest pro Zionist Jew article, my guess is that Derbyshire is bucking for another Fox-n-Krauthammer – Hannity appearance.

    He’s not the only regular here who has been putting out this kind of Muslim bashing babble. I am convinced that they are basically signalling their willingness to sell out.

    Properly understood, they are like a bunch of prostitutes who are in a competition to proclaim who will be the biggest whore.

    “I’ll suck your ****!”

    “I’ll suck your **** and you can *** in my mouth and I’ll lick your arse!”

    “You can f*** me!”.

    “But you can f*** me in the arse!”

    Articles like this allow one to see the nature of these people.

    • Replies: @Truth
  70. jack ryan says: • Website
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Cleaning up Mountain Muslim people that do not use:

    Toilet Paper

    If the British Empire and the Soviets couldn’t make a decent go of this, somehow I doubt American libertarians and Neo Conservatives will have much better success.

    Just keep em confined to these caves.

  71. Clyde says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Historic Native Born White American Majority across the US- if the right kind of highly racialized nonwhites are allowed into the US(the spectacle one sees driving past SUNY Stony Brook on 25A)

    Can you go into more detail on this?
    Chinese condo/mixed use development in Queens NYC.____From the NYTimes with great photograph.

  72. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mounain"] says:

    Steve Sailer

    In case you haven’t heard….five hours ago Noam Chomksy just about called for racial violence against The Historic Native Born White American Majority…Chomsky is very very close to crossing the line…Google:Noam Chomsky News…Listen to the interview.

    We all know where this is going…..

  73. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website


    Submit to homo-worship.

    Homo’s anus is bigger than God and Jesus.

    When this is the new religion of the West, is Islam so bad?

  74. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Britain is now a sodomic country.

    Sodomission is the Submission of the Globo-West.

    Sodominion is what the new order is about.

    Sodoma is the new soma.

    Sodoma, Sodoma, Sodoma.

  75. Richard S says:
    @Priss Factor

    Holy hell chatty Cathy! Does the Mrs not let you talk at home??

    • Replies: @Truth
  76. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    SUNY Stony Brook was paid for by the tax dollars of Native Born White American WW1 Vets…WW2 Vets..and,Korean War Vets…and built by the hands WW2 Vets…and Korean War Vets. The treasonous Republican and Democratic Parties have handed SUNY Stony Brook over to the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Mao-era Chinese Korean War Vets.

    Drive past SUNY Stony Brook any time of the day and night…you will never see a Native Born White American Student…the only one I knew of now plays starting tight-end for the New York Giants at the moment.

    Lots of wealthy Mainland China Chinese are packing their Chinese born geneline off to SUNY Stony Brook…their education in Engineering and Computer Science being subsidized by the Native Born White American Grand Children and Great Grandchildren Children of Native Born White American WW1 Vets…WW2 Vets..and Korean War Vets…On Nov 3 2016..the SUNY Stony Brook Chinese,Hindus, and Koreans will be enthusiastically voting Whitey into a violently persecuted racial minority in post-White e-coli infested toilet bowl “AMUURICA”.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  77. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Jack Ryan and Cracken

    Your obsession with the IQ test scores of Arabs-Muslims undermines the case for race-replacement because it makes the argument against mass nonwhite immigration an economic argument. I can tell you that both Canadian and US Universities are awarding Muslim Arabs a lot of PHDs in Engineerimg,Computer Science, and Physics. One of the Greatest Mathematicians of all time is Eygptian-Sudanese Mathematician Michael Atiyah.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @rec1man
  78. Clyde says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Greatly appreciated! I visited friends at SUNY Stony Brook a few decades ago and it looked the exact opposite. The Chinese population of NYC is exploding, they violate building codes all the time to jam people in, so not a surprise that they are swamping SUNY Stony Brook along with the Indians.

  79. Truth says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    “I’ll suck your ****!”
    “I’ll suck your **** and you can *** in my mouth and I’ll lick your arse!”
    “You can f*** me!”.
    “But you can f*** me in the arse!”
    Articles like this allow one to see the nature of these people.”

    LOL, and that’s Alan Colmes.

  80. Truth says:
    @Richard S

    “Holy hell chatty Cathy! Does the Mrs not let you talk at home??”

    Mr. Priss might correct me on this, but I believe it’s “the Mr.”

  81. @Art

    Well I might see where Derb may be coming from there.

    My usual view is that Palestinians should use their elite cadre of physicists to invent time travel, go back and accept the Peel plan or even the 1947 partition. They’d get a better state by far with either than they will ever get now. Relying on the Egyptian and Syrian armies circa 1948 was clearly the stupid play. Those armies may have looked impressive, but they were much smaller and less well equipped then than they are now, and they all still suck today. And none had anything like a combat record to suggest they would succeed. The Egyptian army could point to a record of failure going back over a century at that point and the Syrians had lately been a French colonial police cadre. So the Palestinian leadership in making that choice went full retard. Sucks to be them. They didn’t have to. Or to put it another way, they were an all or nothing people and since they proved unable to win it all, they should get nothing.

    But on terrorism.

    I have older British relatives who still resent the King David Hotel and the Rome bombing. That’s fair. I generally give a moral discount when terrorists attack the seat of government and go after military and officials rather than civilians in the market or on the beach [still do, and including jihadists]. But it was still terrorism. It was just rather better targeted and time limited.

    I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s when the Pals had long since decided that, having been good little boys while the Jordanians were in place, decided that terrorism was the order of the day after 1967 and very quickly decided to start taking Russian money, cooperating with European and Irish terror groups, and eventually taking part in blowing stuff up in Europe.

    The strategic logic is usually unassailable- they took money from a powerful patron with its own fish to fry, they cooperated with partners in their industry, and they forced bigger and lazier players to sit at the negotiating table. It often works and perhaps it did bring them advantages by forcing the US into the process ever since. I don’t begrudge the PLO factions of the day making these choices in their own perceived interest.

    I am more neutralist than Derb. I recognize that he is correct on the relative civilizational merits of Israel and the Pals, I just don’t care about Israel. I DO share his past published disdain for the capabilities of the Palestinian people, as repeatedly demonstrated even back in the days when they had a better hand to play.

    It boils down to this- I don’t have a dog in the fight, I wouldn’t care if either or both people disappeared tomorrow, or how they disappeared. But basically the Pals, for sound self-interested reasons, picked the other side in the Cold War from my country, cooperated with the messed up eurotrash who blew up civilians in countries to which I am sympathetic, and cooperated also with the Irish republicans who I just happen to dislike. So screw them.

    • Replies: @KA
  82. 5371 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    He’s half Christian Lebanese, half Scottish.

    • Replies: @Avery
  83. Avery says:

    Right: {Atiyah was born in Hampstead, London, to Eastern Orthodox Lebanese academic Edward Atiyah and Scot Jean Atiyah (née Levens).} (from Wiki)

    “One of the Greatest Mathematicians of all time is Eygptian-Sudanese Mathematician Michael Atiyah.”
    Of course: just make things up.
    Same as the alleged “flowering” of sciences under backwards Islamist rule.

    Apparently enlightened Islamist rule is why scientists from Muslim majority countries dominate Nobel Prizes in hard sciences.

  84. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Atiyah lived his youth in the Muslim World.

    Who were the three physcists awarded the Noble Prize for understanding the Weak Force?

    Who won the Fields Medal a few years back? Hint:Maryam Mirzakani..

    My point:dragging in IQ psychometrics is 100 percent irrelevant to the debate about post-1965 Immigration Policy…for there is no debate:you are either for it or against it for depending on your racial tribe. Raise the IQ test score psychometric issue, and we are off to an eternity of IQ test score psychometric debates…but the Muslim “Americans” will have voted us into a violently persecuted racial minority in ecoli infested post-white toilet bowl “America” in the meantime.

    My even larger point: What is happening in Syria, I believe, will massively derail post-1965 race-replacement policy….either by thermonuclear extinction of the Human Species.., or by War Crime Charges being brought against Democratic Party insiders such as Ashton Carter…Susan Rice…and Samantha Powers. It is going to be a very close call.

    A prediction:Noam Chomsky is on the verge of calling for Police State Violence against Donald Trump and is Native Born White Christian American Voting Bloc. Noam never expected that Whitey would resist and fight back!!!!..It must be causing that Old Jew caniptions!!!!! Why do I claim this?..Because Chomsky has recently stated that Trump and his White Christian Voting Bloc are using Police State Violence-the right to bear arms-to subvert the Constitution…A National Origins Immigration Policy violates the First Amendment……therefore, Trump is Adolf Hitler, and his White Supporters Himler Brown Shirts ..QED!!!!

  85. rec1man says:
    @War for Blair Mountain – has the 2016 California National Merit List

    1140 East Asians
    120 Jews
    300 Hindus

    31 Muslims
    5 Black Africans

  86. KA says:
    @random observer

    Palestinian movement is being judged under the macro-scope of the common wisdom : they must have done everything wrong ,otherwise there is no other explanation to understand their failures.
    If Palestinian read the British history of duplicity,wrongfulness,deceit and playing one side against another in 1913 instead of in 1930 , may be they could probably have a fair chance of success .They could have destroyed the Zionist project there and then .

    It is easy for the wise to pontificate to the blacks African :They should accepted the journey to slavery ,then they would not have perished in the Salve Ship or they should have accepted continuation of segregation ,then they would not have experienced the total destruction of their culture,family and community ,under drugs,police brutalities ,and gun violence .

    Palestinian did not accept quite a few of those plans ( they accepted quite a few position paper of British and American but were not pursued by British gov after the Zionist worked their magic on the governing elite as they do it now on American . The Palestinian have accepted the most absurd unethical immoral disposition of Oslo Accord only to see settlement grow and blockade put on or reimposed.
    Then came worse- the Guardian paper of 2013 which basically conformed the original plan of Herzl and Ben Gurion of total uprooting of Palestinian slowly inexorably and under the radar . Zionist have always said one thing and meant another )because the plans were illegal amoral and unethical to begin with.
    Will I accept the suggestion of a stranger coming to my door and demanding that I gave up 60 percent of my property to him because some generations ago his great great great great great killer relatives used to possess this bit of property? Will I blame myself for not accepting it because the way things turned out-i.e the stranger went to pay the mafia and threw me out of property with the help of the mafia in the ensuing years ? No , don’t think so.

    It is easy for me to as American,British,or Russian to say that I dont give a toss to what happened to Palestinian and forget that my forefathers elected some scumbags who were bought by the money of the Zionist that paved way to the dispossession of Palestinian and who fostered and nurtured the survival of the Zionist entity until it could on its own ( as was told by Churchill and George Lloyd )

    • Replies: @random observer
  87. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    And what is your point? I am opposed to flooding the US with legal immigrant Asians…And I think the Chinese Exclusion Act was a wonderfull thing. The Legal Immigrant Asians and their American born geneline will be enthusiastically voting Whitey into a racial minority on Nov 3 2016.

    Go Google the photo of NASA Engineers from the 1960s doing a Celestial Mechanics Calculation on a large Chalk board. The Asians in California want to make sure that this never happens again. All of the NASA Engineers doing the calculation are Native Born White American Males. They were responsible for putting 12 alpha Native Born White American Astronauts with advanced engineering degrees and experimental jet fighter experience on the Moon.

    Both the Republican and Democratic Parties want to make sure that his never happens again. Treason is the Reason!!!!!

    • Replies: @rec1man
    , @epebble
  88. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    There will be a 50 year waiting list to get into Yosemenite. Native Born White American Families will be waiting behind the Singh,Patel,Garcia, and Mohammad Families to get in.

    Actually, I think the US will devolve into a drought stricken Dystopian Toilet Bowl where Racial Tribalism will reign supreme…followed by ecological and species mass extinction. California will undergo ecocide.

    Perhaps a Russian-US exchange of nukes of limited kind will get millions of Native Born White Americans to contemplate the possibility that Fantasy Football smack-talk isn’t really worth it after all. It will be fun to see the fat bastard Mike Francessa…WFAN…scrounging around the Wasteland of Manhasset-Great Neck dumpsters for food for his Family…with the large rats.


    Humpback Wales right off of Llyod Neck-Caumsett…WTF?…Is it an Omen? Who be summoning them?

  89. KA [AKA "sibir khan"] says:

    Something to ponder on .
    The moments the hoax were exposed,people of the study group sighed and yawned with nonchalance stupidity and possibly got ready to imbibe the next set of lies .

    • Replies: @Avery
  90. rec1man says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    My point is , Muslims are severe under-achievers, almost as bad as blacks and no country loses out by banning muslims

  91. KA [AKA "sibir khan"] says:

    “Am I just applying hindsight there? I don’t think so. By the late 1980s we knew Islam was a growing problem. We’d seen twenty years of Palestinian terrorism, the Iranian revolution, the Iran-Iraq War, the mujahedin in Afghanistan sticking it to the Soviets…It wasn’t hard to figure.”

    The world should have known by the time of Korean war that the west was a big problem .Personal experiences of Vietnamese,Granadan,Panamnian,Lebanese,Serbian,Honduran, Venezuealian and Somalian would have confirmed the disconcerting development .

    Did I miss some countries or white ( French,American,British) tribes dependent on the welfare state of the warrior clan?

    All one could see is that the gravy train is not moving with elan,pose,and elegance anymore .

    Let me help you a little more, lets paraphrase George Kennan
    [ we control 90 percent of the world resources and we constitute 5 percent of the world population. It is not sustainable but we have to sustain it.]

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @random observer
  92. Avery says:

    No, nothing to ponder.

    A meaningless experiment.
    Yes, a Holy book can be interpreted a 1,000 ways.

    Don’t look at the Book.
    Look at real life.

    How many Christians are there in Saudi Arabia ?
    How many Muslims are there in Christian Europe ?

    Try to convert to Christianity in Saudi Arabia and see what happens.

    And if Islam is so great, why are Muslim “refugees” risking life to get to Christian Europe and nobody is headed to Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States.
    Now that is a hoax.

  93. Avery says:

    Let’s go a little before the Korean war.
    Asia Minor.
    Occupied by savage nomadic Muslim Turkic hordes from Uyguristan.

    Let’s go back to 1915: Genocide of the remaining indigenous Christians by invader Muslim Turks.
    Circa 1915: occupied Asia Minor was still about 25% Christian. (what was left after centuries of massacres by Muslim invaders)
    Today the Muslim state of Turkey is 99.8% Muslim.
    The indigenous Christian peoples – Armenians, Assyrians, Pontic Greeks – wiped out.

    Let me help you a little more, and some more.
    Population of Korea (both): 75 million.
    Vietnam: 94 million.

    Good thing they were invaded by the West, and not IslamoFascists.
    No ?

  94. epebble says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Lovely nostalgia for sure. If you see the insides of grad school STEM program, you will be severely disappointed. This scenario was predicted in 1983

    BTW, we haven’t been able to build a reliable vehicle to resupply ISS. We are paying Russians for that service. Even if you stop all immigration, that NASA photo won’t likely be back in 21st century.

  95. KA [AKA "Carthage"] says:

    The number of immigrants who are granted legal permanent residency fluctuates from year to year, but generally has been increasing since 1945.4 It rose from about 250,000 annually in the 1950s to an average of about 1 million per year over the last two decades. In 1992, for example, there were approximately 970,000 new green card recipients. Of these, an estimated 650,000 were Christians (68%), 180,000 belonged to other religious groups (19%) and 130,000 were religiously unaffiliated (14%).5

    In 2012, by comparison, approximately 1,030,000 immigrants received permanent residency status, including an estimated 620,000 Christians (61%), 260,000 people of other faiths (25%) and 140,000 religiously unaffiliated immigrants (14%

    Just like meaning of the number of terrorism according to religion , the number of immigrants according to race or religion can get lost in translation . High IQ of northern ice belt does not come to rescue the mental math because that would be emotionally too devastating.

  96. KA [AKA "sibir khan"] says:

    Previously it was ” We are British” then it became “we are Europeans” .Soon that gave way to the broader inclusiveness in this: ” we the west” , to stake an exclusive claim of being uniquely endowed with intelligence with prerogatives denied to the lesser folks purely for not having the
    Not that long ago ,goats aright geography and color or religion . Shape of the skull or phrenology came as succor for a while to bolster the case for racism in elite circle . Now it is IQ and music or fondness for food or clothes and sometimes all combined together , hoping the effects on chances of acceptance would be larger ,stable and seemingly neutral of any bias .

    I think it was one of the neocon god father who reminded the audience not that long ago- [ West has won the intellectual cultural wars, has advanced in use of technology and has monopolized the resource not through intelligence or exceptional endowment of mental brilliance but from pure unrestricted abuse of raw muscle power ]

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  97. Anonymous [AKA "sibir khan"] says:

    Oops! The line with the goat ,geography,religion is typo error

  98. @KA

    Strictly speaking, for my part I said I don’t care what happens to either the Israelis or the Palestinians. It’s just that around here I figure my not caring if the Palestinians live or die is the more outré position so I emphasized it. Others are here to speak for the ‘not caring if the Israelis live or die’ community.

    I figure neither one of them is my people, so why should I care about them? At least, other than for selfish strategic reasons.

    As a participant in western civilization, my chief dogs in the fight, and small ones they may be, are, again:

    1. The Pals picked, for perfectly sound reasons in their own interest, the wrong side in the west’s quarrels generations ago. Those quarrels are over, and I bear them no grudge for it. If I did, I would support harming them now. And I don’t. But it IS enough for me to not care whether they ever recover, or survive at all. Or to sum up, I wish them well, but am under no imperative of obligation or of sentiment to help them.

    2. The territories of the eventual mandate were ruled from Egypt for most of the period from the 10th century to 1517, when not under Christian rule, and were ruled from Constantinople for 400 years 1517-1917. The British held them by right of conquest at first [see OETA] which is just one reason they were initially not so sure about the mandate system. Even after they invented mandates, the procedures never actually defined their obligations. So as far as I am concerned, the British right to govern and dispose of the place was as valid as the Ottomans’ had been. So the British set about doing that. They had perhaps been fools to give themselves competing obligations, causing them to alternately favour and frustrate both sides, but there it is. They offered initial plans far more favourable to the Arabs. The Arabs thought they weren’t good enough. Then WW2 happened and suddenly the Jews commanded ever greater sympathy, and the British still tried to limit their immigration. Then the UN plan was offered. It was much worse than the Arabs could have had from the British in the 1930s, but it was still a 50-50 split that would have made both the Jewish and Arab states equally viable and equally indefensible [save that the Arab state would have had adjacent allies, for what they were worth]. Still not good enough.

    The Arabs of Palestine wanted more than was on offer, and were not up to winning on the battlefield. And every time since, they have whined that the latest offer is not as good as the one they rejected last time.

    This is stupidity. A smart leadership would have recognized the inability to generate an Arab military victory and conquest of the whole territory after 1949. Certainly after 1967. If the PLO had had half a brain they would have showed up in Israel in July 1967 begging for statehood on the West bank, with access to Jerusalem only for the holy sites, and even with Israeli troops on the Jordan in perpetuity. That was far less than they could have had in 1948, far more than they would ever have gotten since.

    As statesmen go, they were fools.

    • Replies: @KA
  99. @KA

    Most of that I didn’t wholly follow.

    But if you’re point is that the west is the bigger international problem, if you are arguing from the point of view of peoples outside it I might agree. Go rally that world against the west. Keep an eye on China, though. They’ll coopt the movement and use it to ride that last wave to the new top position and then toss all the rest of the no hoper peoples back into the ditches whence they came.

    But Derb is arguing from a western point of view, so he identifies problems that threaten the west as he sees them. The west running the world and using its resources is not the biggest threat to the west. It rocks.

    Some minor points:

    Grenada [sp] and Panama each were invaded exactly once by the US [twice for Panama if you count the bit where the US invaded Colombia to give Panamanian elites a country and a piece of America’s planned canal action]. None was exactly the sacking of Rome as wars go. Before and since, both countries prosper as best they can as part of a western commercial/financial/tourism system without which both places would be worthless.

    The Lebanese had suffered from US policy but then again, they can’t seem to lay down their clan/sect wars to pursue nationhood anyway.

    Serbia is a part of the down-at-heel relatives of the west whose ambitions caused us much pain in the early 20th century, but who were given as a result of that war a large new state to fill their ambitions, which they then proceeded to screw up. I didn’t support bombing them either, but they benefited from the actions of the west at other times.

    Honduras and Venezuela, like the rest of Latin America, are the products of the first wave of western imperialism. As such those societies do not get to call themselves non-western. They are just failed-western.

    Somalia did not much benefit from US intervention but Somalians were the authors of their own misery before 1991, in 1991, and since, and still are today.

    If someday a horde of these barbarians comes charging into Rome, Paris, London and Washington, well then so be it. But not one of them gets to claim that their current pitiful state can be laid wholly, or even mainly, at the west’s door.

    • Replies: @random observer
  100. KA says:
    @random observer

    Palestinian lost .Arab lost . But defeat forsnt mean their method was wrong. They learnt heir lesson. They wouldn’t repeat those mistake of trusting western again. That what hurts the west .
    It will hurt Israel oneday and there will be no Churchill, Truman or Balfour or bribed representatives in UN to rescue the Zionist .

    • Replies: @random observer
  101. @KA

    If there ever comes a day when the Palestinians, or even all the Arabs of the Middle East, can get their useless act together to destroy Israel, I promise I will be properly impressed. I will watch the feeds with rapt aesthetic attention.

    Strictly speaking, if you go to war, then defeat most certainly does mean your “method” was wrong. What other definition of wrongness could there possibly be?

    In addition, I see no connection between their alleged mistake of trusting the west and the circumstances of their military defeats in 1948 and 1967. Trusting the west did not lead the Arabs to war in 1948, and did not factor in their battlefield loss. Which should not have happened, if their overwhelmingly larger and better-equipped forces hadn’t comprised, with few exceptions, crappy soldiers and crappy commanders. Similarly, they still had military superiority in 1967, and trusting the west [which I doubt they did in 1967] had nothing to do with the circumstances of the war or their embarrassing performance in it.

    Also, what is this fixation on ‘trusting’ the British or the West? Where is the evidence that the Arabs actually did that or that it caused their misfortune?

    They didn’t take the perfectly favourable deal they could have had from the British prewar. They preferred an uprising on the assumption they should get everything. They didn’t have anything like the capacity to drive the British out or even expel the Jews. Loss.

    They calculated that backing the Germans [who certainly looked like the strong horse] would get them a state free of British rule and free of Jews. Germany was defeated. Another loss to the Arabs.

    They didn’t take the less good but perfectly fair [certainly after the events of 1939-45] deal on offer in 1948, preferring war on the assumption their armies would win. Didn’t work. Another loss.

    The Palestinian Arabs started to organize in the 1960s separate from other Arab powers but never challenged the Jordanian military presence and administration of the as-yet unallocated territories of the cis-Jordanian mandate [the “West Bank”] or the Egyptian administration of the as-yet unallocated territory [Gaza]. Nor did they seem to think it necessary to agitate that these powers withdraw and set up a Palestinian state on these lands as an act of Arab brotherhood. Probably knew that would be a non-starter in Cairo and Amman. Still, Fail.

    The Palestinian Arabs did not recognize that, given the former, 1967 should have been an opportunity for reconciliation that would not come again the longer the ISraelis were in place. Yes, that would have required them going cap in hand and conceding Israeli possession of Jerusalem and probably garrisons at least in the Jordan valley. That’s what you do when you are already a 3 time loser. The deal gets worse.

    The last real shot was when Rabin was PM- but even he is known to have had reservations and he would not likely have yielded too much on Jerusalem or the Jordan. Things had got worse even in the previous 28 years.

    • Replies: @KA
  102. KA says:
    @random observer

    “Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the Nakba . . . using the New York Times – See more at:”

    Since you have genuine interest in getting into the core factors that led to repeated failures by Arab , I would request you to read the article avobe and follow the links to the archived material of the NYT culled from 1947 and 1948.
    I also can furnish some of the names of the books written by Ball and Ball of Johnson administration, by David McCullough on Truman, !by Peter Grose ( Israel in the Mind of America) by Murphy ( Brandeis and Frankfurter connection) ,by Leonard Slater ( The Pledge) and by Harms and Ferry( The Palestine -Israel Conflict)
    by Thomas Are ( Israeli peace Palestinian Justice) , by John W Mulhall ( America and The Founding of Israel)

    A Few nitable facts repeatedly emerges from the NYT and these books- Israel had three times trained manpower in 1948 compared to the combined Arab manpower, UN was bribed and threatened in 1947 Nov before the General Assembly vote which was not legal not binding because it was not approved by security council, and American government was involved from the president to the ambassador level and even the Supreme Court in putting illegal pressure on dignitaries of Asian,Eropean Latin American and African countries .
    1948 war was forced on Arab when the refugees started pouring in to Egypt,Syria,and Jordan.
    After 1949 offers were made by Syria and Egypt( you can check the site maintained by Pof at SUNY Buffalo ) and was approved by Truman gov to get refugee absorbed by neighboring countries in exchange for adjustment of the boundaries .
    Arms were supplied by Russia,Checklovakia,Poland,and US ( illegally procured but with full knowledge of the intelligence ) and Central America ( one of the condemned architect was rehabilitated by Bush 2 in 2006 ) . Arabs didn’t have any other than left over British arms . Unborn Israel had fighter planes even.
    You can find reference to planned arms mugging in the book – SPY TRADECHow Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy by Grant Smith.

    No Arbs did not have more manpower ,guns,money,or foreignowers behind them .
    They were not creating realities but simply were trying to react and survive the created realities around them .

  103. Willis says:

    Thank You, Art. Artfully said.

  104. Willis says:
    @Unapologetic White Man

    This continent was home to my family long, long before your Christian barbarian ancestors started to squat here. We made the mistake of trusting you. Now look at the mess you’ve made of the place. Please, clean up your act because your foreign hatred is not wanted here.

  105. geokat62 says:
    @Greasy WIlliam

    The entire Iraqi state is a blight on the map and it will be erased relatively shortly.

    Hi, GW. Once again, I must commend you on your honesty. One question though, based on your previous comments, you clearly subscribe to the “might is right” school of thought. No time for those wussy moral concepts like “good” and “evil,” right?

    So tell me, if that’s the case, to be logically consistent, you would take no issue if the Nazis had said:

    The entire Jewish people is a blight on the map and it will be erased relatively shortly.

    Or if they had said:

    Any people that makes war on the Germans is destined for physical annihilation. Just ask the Jews… oh wait, you cant’, they’re all dead! Lol!

    It just comes down to “winning,” right? “Good” or “evil” are irrelevant, right?

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