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A Tale of Two Conferences
Z! Haukeness’ White Privilege vs. Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance
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You can now sign up for the 2016 White Privilege Conference, titled Re-Imagining Equity and Justice in the United States, to be held at the downtown Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia, Wednesday April 13th to Sunday April 17th. Save the date! (And don’t confuse it with the American Renaissance conference May 20-22 with speakers including (again) Editor Peter Brimelow, which I as it happens I just signed up for).

What happens at a White Privilege Conference? A whole lot of workshops, mostly. I’m just looking through the list here. [PDF]

We have a workshop titled “A History of White Supremacy and Resistance.” The facilitators are listed as Z! Haukeness [Email him] and Laura McNeill [Email her] That first one’s Christian name is spelled “Z!,” that’s uppercase “Z” and an exclamation mark: “Z!” How d’you get a name like that?

I googled it to find out.

Here he is, being interviewed by the Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin: a twentysomething white guy with a long braided pigtail and big Gypsy Rose Lee earrings. Madison, Wisconsin is where he’s from, apparently.

pigtailExtract from the interview:

Interviewer: How did someone who grew up in small-town Wisconsin become committed to working for racial justice?

Z!: I had a radical teacher in 7th grade who said: “All of you are racists and your parents are too.” That really challenged me to think. [ Q&A with Z! Haukeness: Fighting for racial justice, one action at a time, By Pat Schneider, Dec 10, 2010 0]

Seventh grade: s o little Z! was, what?—twelve, thirteen. We’re not told whether this was a public or a private school. If it was a public school, I urge the taxpaying citizens of Madison to march on the city education offices with pitchforks and flaming brands.

What’s up with that name, though? “Z!”? The interviewer asks him.

Interviewer: You call yourself Z!—where did that name come from?

Z!: It comes from the transgender pronoun “z-e.” I’m transgendered, and that’s a gender-neutral pronoun, so I took out the “e” and added the exclamation point. I present pretty masculine but I’m gender queer, gender non-conforming.

Interviewer: Is Z! your legal name?

Z!: No, it’s not.

Interviewer: What is your legal name?

Z!: I’d rather not say.

I can’t say I blame you, pal.

D’you ever get the feeling that one night, while you were sleeping, some substantial portion of the human race was spirited away and replaced by Pod People from Alpha Centauri?

What else have we got in these workshops?

  • “Active Listening For Social Justice.”

How can listening be active? Isn’t listening passive by definition? You’re listening; the sounds come in at your ears; how is this active? Are we wiggling our ears?

  • “Blackness, Whiteness, Jewishness & Womanness: Embracing the Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Religion While Building Relationships toward Effective Anti-Racist Practice.”

Intersectionality, yeah. That’s a big thing with the Social Justice Warriors now, intersectionality. Someone tried to explain to me what it means; but I was trying to scrape something off my thumb at the time and didn’t pay attention.

  • “Teaching Racial Literacy and Developing Activism in Early Childhood.”

I guess we’re back here with Z! and his 7th-grade teacher.

Wait, no: they want to start earlier than that: “We will share a 1st—3rd grade Social Justice Curriculum.” You can’t start soon enough telling white kids how racist they are.

  • “Resisting White America’s Islamophobia.”

Quote: “The post-9/11 era in the U.S. has exposed the large amount of hate and bigotry that White America carries towards Muslim people.” Gosh, why would that be? Hard to figure.

And so on, and so on. It’s all rather silly, and you have to wonder that so many people have nothing better to do with their time than sit listening to gender queer guys from Wisconsin talk about intersectionality.

What is actually going on with the “white privilege” stuff? Black scholar John McWhorter had some good insights into this in a Daily Beast column he wrote titled Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion. The column actually dates from July 27th of last year, but someone just brought it to my attention.

McWhorter argues that antiracism is a religion. He develops the analogy much further, with antiracist versions of proselytizing the heathen, a Rapture, and a Day of Judgment. It’s a clever essay; he’s a clever guy.

I think he’s on to something, too. I have sat among religious Christians listening to them apologizing to God for being such contemptible worms loaded down with sin; the White Privilege Conference does sound uncannily similar.

But isn’t it all pretty harmless, though, like a convention of jugglers or bird-watchers? If it’s not your thing, don’t go—right? Is there really anything to get bothered about here?

Well, personally, I think that advising people on how to get first-graders to hate their parents and their ancestors is something the world could do without. And then there’s this, from the Campus Reform website:

Major universities across the country are offering course credit … for students to attend an annual national event known as “The White Privilege Conference”…Some universities are offering to front the cost and cover hotel and transportation fees.

For instance, Miami University of Ohio is covering more than half the cost and charging students a flat fee of only $60, potentially $240 less than the total expense of the conference…Haverford College in Pennsylvania is sending students to [the conference] free of charge.

[ Students nation-wide to attend four-day, university funded white privilege bash, By Anthony Gockowski, January 27, 2016]

That strikes me as something to object to. Haverford College is private, OK, that’s up to the alumni the next time Haverford asks them for money.

Miami U. is public, though, and there are surely other public colleges subsidizing their students to attend the White Privilege Conference. Z! and his pals are promoting their poisonous gibberish, and avoiding productive work, at my expense and yours. That’s objectionable.


Think about this: The American Renaissance conference in May is to be held once again at the very pleasant Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee—infinitely more pleasant than downtown Philly. American Renaissance, headed by Jared Taylor, is the main organization pushing back against anti-white racism, demographic displacement, and the de-legitimization of Western civilization.

Those are worthy causes, aren’t they? Is there a college or university in this whole wide country—is there just one—that will subsidize students to attend Jared’s conference, or award academic credits for attending?

If not, why not?

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “but I was trying to scrape something off my thumb at the time and didn’t pay attention.”

    Absolutely brilliant. Maybe one of the best lines that I’ve ever heard. That will be added to my verbal arsenal.

  2. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic


    One would think with your law degree you would be able to come up with something original rather revert back to your Jooism default button.

    On a related note…

    “You can now sign up for the 2016 White Privilege Conference, titled Re-Imagining Equity and Justice in the United States…”

    I’ve had my quota of race baiting and white shaming, thank you very little.

    “Think about this: The American Renaissance conference in May is to be held once again at the very pleasant Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee…”

    I can’t wait for the seminars and guest speakers. I heard through the white grapevine that the agenda includes:

    Your A To Z Guide To Reclaiming The Motherland

    Shaming Your Anti-White Neighbor

Put A Muzzle On That Muzzie!

How To Spot Cuckservatives In High School

    A Father’s Guide To Avoid Having Your Daughter Take On BBCs

    I Am Spartacus! (And Anders Breivik, Too)

    …and my personal favorite

    Juice And Joos, Veggies And Vibrants

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  3. 2Mintzin1 [AKA "Mike"] says:

    I got a pretty good dose of this recently, attending a graduation ceremony at Hunter college. A good deal of the ceremony was taken up with congratulating a number of students who had lived in this country illegally , been “homeless” (which I think means on the dole) for some time, got to attend Hunter at in-state tuition rates, and then graduated.

    We then had the featured speaker, a fellow from the Ford Foundation. First, we viewed a film of him tap dancing (no, I’m not making this up, he was actually very good).
    His talk touched rather heavily on Social Justice, including the observation that “some of us” (here I flinched) were privileged and “got a running start in life… And a running start is never a fair start.”
    He also opined that Black Lives Matter, which drew loud screams of approval from the audience.
    Finally, he pointed out that it is the mission of the Ford Foundation to “disrupt inequality.” That sounds rather ominous, given the money that the Foundation has.

    All in all, a very long three hours.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  4. nickels says:

    Nothing that being locked in a concrete cell with Hank Williams Jr blasting and George C Scott reading Gustave Le Bon’s ‘The Psychology of Peoples’ couldn’t cure.

  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Jewish Power fixed it to be this way, but Jared Taylor is so slavish to the Jews.

  6. BenKenobi says:

    My fave was the Spartacus one.

    Waaaay too much subtext in the one directly above it, tho.

    How’s about: “Ladies: The Intersectionality of Mudsharking, Getting-your -ass-beat, and VD.”

  7. Thanks for the link to McWhorter’s article, John. That’s exactly how I feel about PC: it’s our new state religion, and to disagree with it is ‘heresy’. But some of us quietly keep the old ‘pagan’ faith alive on the digital underground.

  8. Rehmat says:

    “White Privilege Conference?”

    LOL: How about a “Black Privilege Conference?”, or better “Red Indian Privilege Conference?”

    Historically, Red Indian have more rights over America than the White European convicted thieves and murderers shipped to America, Australia and New Zealand after the “discovery these lands.

    Americans, generation after generations have been brought up on myths and lies about how their European ancestors discovered Americana in early sixteenth century. These include crediting Christopher Columbus for the discovery of the New World for the King of Portugal and the mantra, “a land without people for a people without land“, created by early colonists to cover their land theft and Holocaust of between 100-150 million American native people who had lived there for many, many centuries before the arrival of Columbus. In 1930, armed European Jewish settlers also applied the same mantra to whitewash their occupation of Palestine.

    The European colonists in United States and Canada also celebrate the myth of Thanksgiving. It’s based on the 1614 story when a band of English explorers sailed home to England with a ship full of American Indians bound for slavery. The left behind smallpox which virtually wiped out those who were lucky to make escape. By the time these Judeo-Christian “pilgrims” arrived in Massachusetts Bay they found only one Indian slave who survived slavery in England and spoke English language. He taught them to grow corn and fish – and negotiated a peace treaty between the “pilgrims” and the Wampanoag Nation. Next year, the “pilgrims” threw a big feast to celebrate “peace treaty”. That feast became the first and last Thanksgiving celebrated together by the Natives and the White settlers. After that, the Natives suffered a century-long Holocaust at the hands of the European colonists. The only other Native who faced a similar Holocaust at the hands of European Judeo-Christians was in Australia.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  9. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Fact-mongering is called by the media as ‘Fear-mongering’.

  10. SFG says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    I suspect he’s already baked.

    I admit I had ‘Because I Got High’ playing in my head the minute I saw his picture.

  11. AndrewR says:

    Taylor is pro-Jew controlled opposition.

  12. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Good stuff.

    Short of pitchforks or tar and feathers, ridicule is the best antidote to PC.

    But make no mistake, anti-racism is a religion, or rather one of the commandments of the PC religion that has supplanted Western Christianity. Moreover, it is a catastrophically self-destructive principle, that among other things justifies inviting millions of aggressive, young, male adherents of militant Islam to swamp your homeland and take your women. PC, in other words, is the religion of self-genocide.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website


    Whether it’s Tim Wise, Newsweek, Zakaria, or Rothkopf…

    it’s the same message over and over and over.

    “White man, you’re a now a bitch, bend over, take up it up the ass, and learn to enjoy it.”

    White man is now longer a cowboy. He is a horse. He must take on the burden of diversity and obey orders.

    GLOB’s message to white man is like the slave-owner’s message to the slave. Accept your loss of freedom and autonomy. You belong to us. Behave and accept your lot.

    White man is to be like Dorothy. “Surrender Dorothy”.

    Surrender Cucky.

    To be sure, the GLOB is pulling something tricky.

    After all, the GLOB knows that the main force of urban destruction are Blacks. Something must be done about blacks. But, shhhhhhh, blacks mustn’t be allowed to realize that it’s been done against them because blacks will get angry and volatile. Also, blacks are symbolically useful for their moral sanctimony stemming from slavery.

    In effect, all this massive immigration is partly to realize the policy of: YOU’RE CRAZY, YOU’RE BLACK, YOU’RE FINISHED.

    Immigration will be economically harder on blacks than on whites.

    Immigration is about using newcomers as buffers between blacks and the GLOB.

    But the GLOB can’t let that cat out of the bag. Why, it’s be ‘racist’.

    So, it uses Obama, a black guy, to support massive immigration that will increase the buffer between urban GLOB and blacks. But, by supporting what appears like anti-white propaganda, the GLOB gives the impression to blacks that all this immigration and diversity is a victory for the black community since blacks and other people-of-color unite to destroy evil honker power.

    Blacks be thinking, ‘whitey, you is old, you is finished, sheeeiiiiitt!!!’

    BUT, immigration also leads to, ‘blacky, you is crazy, you is finished!!!’

    With a never-ending tide of immigrants, the GLOB(made up of Jews, elite whites, and homos) get browns for low labor and yellows for middle labor. Blacks with gubment jobs have it okay, but those without are really lost and becoming more lost.

    Not only does the black share of the population not grow due to massive immigration but browns and yellows grow faster in numbers and power.

    I think all this BLM hysteria and even black support for Trump are signs are blacks are beginning to feel duped.

    Immigration and diversity may lead to “you’re white, you’re old, you’re finished”, but it also leads to “you’re black, you’re crazy, and you’re finished.”

    The so-called Obama Conquest is actually great for the white/Jewish/homo upper elite cuz they can use browns/yellows as buffers between themselves and dangerous blacks.

  14. Svigor says:

    Z!: I had a radical teacher in 7th grade who said: “All of you are racists and your parents are too.” That really challenged me to think.

    Of course, the teacher was right (almost certainly more right than he knew). E.g., SWPLs know not to hold non-whites to the same high standards of fairness, “anti-racism,” and such, that they hold whites to. They know to blame everything on YT. Etc.

    So Zit’s response was to double down on the racism.

    Rehmat says:

    February 3, 2016 at 4:57 pm GMT • 300 Words

    Muslims castrated their black slaves. Were world champions of slaving, too. Islam says enslaving non-Muslim (or insufficiently Muslim) women and then “marrying” them is a good thing. Then there’s Muhammed’s pedophilia.

  15. Svigor says:

    Then there’s Muhammed’s pedophilia.

    And, by extension, Islam’s pedophilia.

  16. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    White folks need to make a race-ist argument for why non-whites should support immigration restrictionism. White folks need to remind non-whites that the West will be better for non-white minorities IF the West remains majority white. If the West turns majority non-white, it will not only be worse for whites but for non-whites.

    After all, non-white immigration trends are very race-ist or race-selective and race-conscious. Non-whites want to move to white nations with white rule and white majority.
    How many Mexicans, Asians, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and etc. want to move to black Africa, brown Arabia, and etc? They might go there to find temporary work, but if they wanna permanently settle down in a new nation, they almost always prefer white nations.
    Yellow Asians want to move to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, or EU. They don’t want to move to black Africa, brown Arabia, curry India, Gomez Mexico, and etc. Indeed, most yellows would rather to move to a ‘white nation’ than to another yellow nation. They feel white rule is more fair than yellow rule.
    And this is no less true of Muslims. Muslims and Arabs are trekking to white Europe. They are NOT going to black Africa or Arab states. Some will say it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with economics. But as any honest person can notice, white folks run a better economy than non-whites do. It’s been said the migrants don’t seek refugee in places in Saudi Arabia because the Kingdom won’t take them. But even if the Kingdom did open its arms, the migrants will choose to go to EU with more wealth, freedom, and rule of law. (Too much rule of law, in fact. Europeans are so into rule of law that they obey even crazy PC laws that hurt their own racial and territorial survival. When rule of law has gone crazy, whites must use rule of claw and claw back to victory.)

    Now, all these immigration/migration patterns are race-ist since they show that non-whites prefer white nations over non-white ones. Also, they prefer to live under white rule than even the rule by their own kind. So many Asian Indian dotkins prefer white rule than dotkin rule. So many Chinee prefer white rule than kungpao rule. So many Korons–Korean morons–prefer white rule over Koron rule.

    And then, look at all them Mexers pouring into the Gringonia. The tacoheads say all sorts of bad stuff about the gringo, but they would rather live under Grande Gringo, work for Grande Gringo, and follow the lead of Grande Gringo than live under
    Gomez Inc. Mexers may badmouth gringos, but they trust gringos much more than Mexicans who too often act like Mapache in THE WILD BUNCH and Juan in DUCK YOU SUCKER.


    So, in terms of what they actually do(as opposed to what they say), Mexers are ‘racist’ against their own kind and pro-race-ist in favor of white rule. Mexers think white rule is superior to brown rule. If they thought otherwise, they would choose to remain in Mexico and live under brown rule. But so many Mexers move all over America to live white rule because white man is more likely to act like Will Kane in HIGH NOON than Tuco in THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. Sadly, there are too many Tucos in Mexico. To be sure, the Great White Man ain’t so great any more since he’s been castrated and cucked by the GLOB. But even so, white rule is still better than non-white rule. As silly as Jeb Bush may be, would you rather live in a society ruled by people like Jeb or by the likes of Al Sharpton, Luis Guiterrez, Clockboy’s father, or George Too Gay Takei?

    So, most immigration choices are race-ist. If not, most would-be immigrants would choose by lot what nation to emigrate too: white nation, black nation, yellow nation, brown nation, or etc. But almost always, their main preference is white nation. I mean if you were a Paki, would you rather move to India, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, or the UK? Of course, you would choose UK if you’re sane. So, immigration preferences are race-ist and based on the assumption that whites run politics, society, law, and economy better all other races combined. Indeed, countless non-whites prefer white rule even over rule by their own kind. Why so many Chinee come here than live under yellow power in Middling Kingdom? Because white man treat yellow like dog-as-pet, but yellow man treat yellow like dog-to-beat-and-eat. (Non-whites value Western societies not only because of superior white rule but because of superior white civic involvement. In black societies, too many jaffers run around like lunatics, chuck spears, and holler like crazies. It is too anarcho-animalistic. In Asian societies and Mexico, too many people lack the individuality, courage, and conviction when something is wrong with society. Too many individuals are weak-willed like Hello Kitty or Guillermo. So, there is excessive corruption based on seniority and connections since most people just keep their heads low instead of having the guts to cry foul on it. In contrast, white folks have illustrated the Goldilocks rule. They are more independent-minded and critical of the system than yellows or browns are, but they are not crazy like jaffers who riot, loot, and act like baboons. Non-whites prefer the white society not only because of its superior use of power but its superior check on power. Indeed, even in criticism of power, the non-whites are incapable of coming up with their own ideas and instead only ape/imitate Western forms of ‘progressivism’. Look at all the lamo non-whites bitching about ‘micro-aggressions’ and etc that was cooked up by white SWPL types. Anyway, why is diversity bad for Western society? It not only undermines superior white rule — as whites lose in numbers and must politically pander to non-white dolts — but also undermines superior white civic-mindedness. As Robert Putnam has shown, white gentiles become less involved, less engaged, and less committed to social justice when diversity increases. People begin to hunker down. Indeed, the popularity of Bernie Sanders in overwhelmingly white communities shows that homogeneity correlates with civic-dutifulness. Sanders may be kooky and stuff, but his followers tend to be most idealistic… and very white. Increasing diversity means Jews can play more PC dirty games to create havoc among the gentiles and bait ‘white guilt’. But even without PC, people tend to be more cynical and alienated when there’s too much diversity as people of different races and cultures don’t seem like YOUR OWN PEOPLE. You always feel like you have to watch what you say lest someone be offended. If white folks don’t speak truth to power, non-whites won’t do it either. Blacks are vocal, but their politics are so dumb; it’s all about bullying and rioting, which undermines rule of law. As for non-black minorities, they lack originality and their ONLY form of criticism is spouting slogans planted in their minds by Jewish-homo elites. Such antics only go to demoralize whites even more. Also, as diversity increases, even white critics of power tend to focus more attention on dumb issues like ‘inclusion’ than on real corruption. Also, PC whites seem to think things will automatically improve if whites lose power and non-whites gain more power. In fact, evidence shows that things get worse when non-whites gain more power.)

    Of course, given the rules of PC, so many non-whites bitch and hiss about ‘white privilege’ and ‘white power’. They complain that their own kind don’t have enough power in the US. But if they want to live in a system dominated by their own kind, all they have to do is GO BACK HOME. But uh oh, they don’t want to live under the rule/power of their own kind. So, they are actually more ‘racist’ against their own kind than white people are. If Asian-Indian Americans aren’t happy cuz America isn’t ruled by their own kind, all they gotta do is go back to India and live under dotkin rule. Who is stopping them? And who forced them to come to US, Canada, or Australia?

    It’s possible that such most non-whites may not be griping so much and may indeed be nice to whites IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE FACT THAT JEWS CONTROL ACADEMIA, MEDIA, AND CULTURE AND ENCOURAGE NON-WHITES TO HATE, HATE, AND HATE WHITES. Making non-whites hate whites is a diversionary tactic to prevent non-whites from noticing that most whites are nice people and that the REAL VENAL POWER in the West is actually held by the Jews.

    Blacks bitch so much about ‘racism’, but they don’t want to live under black rule in Africa. Despite all the stuff they SAY, in terms of what they actually DO, blacks are ‘racist’ against black rule cuz they can’t stand it. Also, blacks usually fight and kill other blacks cuz they can’t stand one another. And black men often go for non-black women cuz they can’t stand crazy black women who be acting crazy.

    The fact that so many non-whites want to get away from their own rule — Chinese get away from Chinese rule, Indians get away from Indian rule, Nigerians get away from Nigerian rule, Mexicans get away from Mexican rule, Egyptians get away from Egyptian rule, etc. — means that they intuitively feel that it’s much better to live in a white-ruled social/political/economic order. Deep down inside, they feel that white rule is superior.
    And in order to ensure white rule, a democracy needs white majority that elects white rulers.
    So, it is in the interest of non-whites to live in a nation that is majority white and white-ruled. If not, why do non-whites decide to forever depart from their own homeland to live under white rule in Western nations? After all, NO ONE forced them.

    If Chinese don’t like white rule and want to live under Chinee rule, go back to China.
    If Indians don’t like white rule and want to live under Indian rule, go back to India.
    If Mexicans don’t like white rule and want to live under Mexican rule, go back to Mexico.
    If Nigerians don’t like white rule and want to live under Nigerian rule, go back to Nigeria.
    If Indonesians don’t like white rule and want to live under Indonesia rule, go back to Indonesia.
    If Filos don’t like white rule and want to live under Filo rule, go back to Philippines.
    Etc, etc, etc.

    Also, if immigration is about helping to build and expand economies, shouldn’t immigrants move to the poorest nations and help them out? Why do immigrants want to come to nations that are already technologically advanced, economically developed, and very rich? It would be like a doctor trying to help a healthy person.
    It would be like an ordinary person helping a rich person.

    If immigration is indeed a panacea of economic growth and prosperity, then immigrants ought to be idealistic & conscientious about the good they can do and go the poorest nations and work hard to develop the economy there.

    But they just want to come to rich nations and suck off the prosperity, all the while being brainwashed by Jewish propaganda and black attitudes to HATE WHITEY.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  17. guest says:

    What mind would formulate the question about small town Wisconsin and social justice? As if the two don’t go together like apple pie and communism. Wisconsin has been a fountainhead of progressivism for more than a century. I rather enjoy the LaFollette variety, at least part of it. But he’s gone. If you want a mental picture of how the Wisconsin mind works, imagine the capital rotunda during the Walker kerfuffle. Take this with a grain of salt, considering I am Minnesotan.

    Or maybe it was the “small town” part. But do small towers not go to school? Do they not get the internet, watch cable tv, talk to fellow humans exposed to same?

  18. MarkinLA says:

    Holocaust of between 100-150 million American native people who had lived there for many

    I imagine math was never one of your strong suits, probably logic too. Even when the 13 colonies consisted of only 4 million people there were recognized cities that no amount of time could erase from the physical record if they suddenly disappeared. Where are the Indian settlements that could even begin to support such a large population without any of the technology we have today? Have you ever been to the midwest during its bug infested early summer period? Now imagine the petri dish of the Mississippi and Missouri river valleys when the rivers overflow their banks in spring and imagine the thousands of square miles of bug and mosquito infested pools of stagnant water teaming with every form of bacteria and parasite.

    • Replies: @Charles Erwin Wilson
  19. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Christianity was once the creed of the poor and desperate.

    But as it became official doctrine, it became the creed of the rich and powerful. And the rich and powerful found ever more fetishistic ways of making Christianity ‘fun for the rich’. So, there were Christian-theme jewelry made of gold, silver, and diamond.
    There were patronization of Christian art that was actually heavier in pagan expressions. There were separate chapels for the rich, adorned with all sorts of fancy ornamentation. Since rich folks have different tastes and attitudes than poor folks do, the practice/expression of Christianity for the rich and powerful had to be made fancy, narcissistic, and precious.

    And in our own time?

    Ever since Progressivism became the Official Ideology of the elites and their pampered children, it turned a game of ‘creativity’ and ‘hipsterism’ to make it elite-friendly.

    So, we have Homomania that is so popular in elite colleges and gentrified communities.
    And we a lot of ‘creative’ victmhood, or creativictims.

    Sulkowicz and her Passion of the Mattress. (She was raped? Not raped? She said yes? No? Well, fuc* me in the butt!! What matters is she found a ‘creative’ or ‘cool’ way to show off her ‘victimhood.)

    Kimiko-Matsuda Lawrence and the Agony of the Hair. (If she respects blackness so much, why did she dye it blonde? If her father respects blackness so much, why did he go with yellow woman than a black one?)

    ‘Micro-aggressions’ and ‘triggerings’. Since anything can conceivably be ‘micro-aggressive’ and ‘triggering, this opens up the pandora’s box of creativictim antics Just about ANYTHING can be said to be ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘antisemitic’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘Islamophobic’, ‘transphobic’ (or one of the 50 genderphobic), or combination thereof.
    Now, victimhood is about hairsplitting argumentation of how someone could be victimized by a 100 or even 1,000 things in life. You could sit in a room and feel ‘triggered’ by everything around you as latently ‘heteronormative’, ‘patriarchal’, ‘cis-gender’, pro-‘rape culture’, ‘racist’, etc, etc. Even sushi served at a college cafeteria could be a conspiracy against your kind. And if you’re mixed race, female, homo, and fat, imagine the possibilities.
    Every would-be creative victim can come up with some new ‘meme’ to be ‘liked’ 10,000 times on facebook. That’d be so hip.


    At least when the yippies did it with Pigasus as candidate, it was meant to be street theater and comedy. They were crazy but still had a sense of humor.

    But these PC millennials were raised with muted reverence of MLK worship and homo worship that they’ve been raised to fear humor itself. They take themselves so seriously that they are utterly blind to how ridiculous and funny they are.
    In some ways, I sort of feel like Kilgore in APOCALYPSE NOW when he laments, ‘some day this war is gonna end’.
    The latest PC craziness is so ridiculous and funny that I sort of would hate to see it end. Also, it’s the progs undermining one another with ever more contradictory nonsense.
    Let the circular firing squad continue unabated. It’s like once US left SE Asia, the Viets, Cambodians, and Chinese were all fighting one another. (To be sure, the people of color, the feminists, Jews, homos, trannies, Muslims, Hispanics, immigrants, blacks, rappers, interracists, Asians, and white Libs try to steer clear of one another and just target white Conservative males, but white male Conservatism is so dead in colleges and higher institutions that the PROG coalition only end up trampling on one another. Also, the great irony is that even though black thugs and idiots cause the MOST problem for everyone — Jews, homos, browns, yellows, women, white Libs, and etc. — PC demands that all groups fully support Black Bitching above all else.)

    Precisely because so many of these PC would-be or wanna-be victim babies are actually pampered children of privilege, it’s not enough for them to be involved in the politics of victimhood. That would be boring and lame. Their victimhood has to be ‘creative’ and ‘different’, indeed enough to stir up some sham controversy(often with full approval of the powers-that-be). Victimhood has turned into one big decadent Art School.

    It’s been some time since Art Schools became the domain of pampered ne’er-do-wells who concoct silly statements about ‘oppression’. Art schools have become both utterly decadent and utterly ideological. Also, both totally predictable in the ideology they espouse and so faux-‘eccentric’ in the expressions they encourage.
    It is no wonder that comedy-on-campus has been one of the biggest casualties among the millennial generation. (Comedy is, by nature, irreverent.)

    It’s like the scene in GHOST WORLD:

    (Ironically, the flaky PC teacher becomes a defender of free speech until shot down by her own side.)

    Tampon in a Teacup. A Found Object. My oh my, how brilliant and creative!
    Now, such antics are out of the Art School and all over the campus and society.
    The White House lit up with homo ‘rainbow’ colors was an Art Project as Victim Politics. Funny how the most powerful powers-that-be in politics and business support the homo agenda that oppresses people-of-truth-and-morality, BUT the homos, along with Jews, get to prattle about as a ‘victim group’. Those with the power to go on the offensive pretend to be on the side of the powerless while those who are truly moral & powerless and under assault from the GLOB are vilified as evil forces of power. But it seems to be the globo Jews and homos have a million times more power than the Alt Right, the only movement with any guts to speak truth to real power.

    Anyway, this ‘creative’ preciousness has now seeped into everyday politics. The likes of Richard Florida have been yammering so much about it’s so great to be ‘creative’ that even victimhood has gone starbucksy and hipster. They are like hiptims.

    We have princess victim syndrome. It’s like the story of princess and the pea. Imagine the princess screaming that the pea in the bed is an assault on her humanity, womynhood, pride, dignity, and etc.

    We have millennial creativictims pretending to be for the People but putting on princessy attitudes of entitlement. Obama is the perfect ruler of our age. Child of privilege and favored by the powers-that-be all his life but pretending to be an underdog.. especially rich Jews and fancy homos. (But he doesn’t care about pushing a foreign policy that has led to the suffering of so many real people on the ground. Real victims around the world deserve no sympathy since they haven’t figured out a way to package their victimhood to be precious, hip, cool, eccentric, or trendy. Our compassion is to be reserved for those who can be ‘creative’ and ‘expressive’ in their experience of ‘victimhood’. So, if blacks burn down a city and so many people suffer, never mind them. They are uncool victims. But if a spoiled elitist black bitch at Harvard yammers about her hair, she deserves COMPASSION because she expressed her ‘victimhood’ in such a ‘creative’ way. The tyranny of creativity is like the tyranny of the cool. It says compassion belongs only to the ‘creative’ or ‘cool’.)

    Once progressivism was appropriated by Wall Street(that flies the homo flag), Silicon Valley, Ivy League schools, globalist corporations, rich mulattos & affluent blacks, fancy homos, elite Jews, pampered white feminists, social-climbing yellows, white Hispanics(pretending to be ‘people of color’), and etc., then progressivism was bound to take on the precious/pampered manners, attitudes, and conceits of the privileged class.

    Just like the upper classes turned Christianity into fancy-signaling with gold crucifix necklaces, expensive art, and etc, the globalist elites have turned progressivism into fancy-precious-creative displays of vanity-and-decadence-as-the-new-face-of-victim-signaling.

    So decadent, precious, conceited, pampered, and spoiled-rotten. But hey, it’s all about speaking truth to power or posing precious with power while pretending to be powerless.

  20. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Ask non-whites minorities in the West one question:

    Would you rather live in a white majority nation ruled by whites or in a non-white majority nation dominated by your kind?

    If the answer is ‘white majority nation ruled by whites’, then it is in the interest of everyone to end out-of-control immigration.

    If the answer is ‘non-white majority nation ruled by your own kind’, then all the answeree has to do is GO BACK HOME and he or she shall be ruled his/her own kind.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  21. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    In the long run, the Creative Class will lose to the Procreative Race.

    When it comes to culture, what we need more of is the Appreciative Class than the Creative Class.
    Most people are not very creative even if they wanted to be.
    But even un-creative people can be Appreciative of the best inherited from the past. And they need to be Appreciate of not only culture-as-in-art-or-entertainment but culture-as-collective-memory-and-tribe.

    The cult of creativity has over-emphasized the individual fetish to create New things while making us ignore or neglect past culture and non-creative culture. After all, being part of a race, culture, and community is not about being ‘creative’. There is individual culture of creativity but also communal culture of belonging and being procreative.

    You don’t have to create art or become an expert on art history to belong to Jewish culture, Russian culture, or Chinese culture. There is the culture of belonging and preserving as well as the culture of creating.

    The failure of Conservatives is they failed even in the culture of preservation.
    American Conservatives tend to be amnesiac, with simple faith in God & Country(music).

  22. Rdm says:
    @Priss Factor

    No Asians want to migrate to Europe.

    Asians want to migrate to the big country where prosperity is abound. All White Americans can go back to their ancestor land, Europe. All White Australian can go back to their ancestor land, Britain or go back to jail since down under is largely a place for British convicts.

    Once all White people disappear from those lands, Asians master will rule the world and we will see another version of world domination. Simple as that.

  23. “..Z!: I had a radical teacher in 7th grade who said: “All of you are racists and your parents are too…”

    If you live in Mad-town, failure to homeschool your children is a species of child abuse.

  24. schmenz says:

    The Ford Foundation’s long history of racial disruption is apparently not going to abate. For an extremely interesting, and extremely depressing, look at how the Foundation and other slimy groups destroyed American cities I recommend Dr Michael Jones’ book, “Slaughter of the Cities”.

    Depressing as hell but must reading.

  25. Jason Liu says:

    “Z!” sounds like your run-of-the-mill social justice white female. Full of labels, hot air, and very little else.

  26. Olorin says:

    “Intersectionality, yeah. That’s a big thing with the Social Justice Warriors now, intersectionality. Someone tried to explain to me what it means; but I was trying to scrape something off my thumb at the time and didn’t pay attention.”

    “Intersectionality” means that to keep their jobs and not be gulaged STEM profession people have to chant the batshit nonsensical formulas of the social studies parasites-for life, while the latter need never have to engage the difficult math and science of population biology. Because racism.

  27. @MarkinLA

    To paraphrase Dori, in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, “You can’t reason with him, he’s a half-wit!”

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