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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Earlier: Trump’s Defense Of The Suburbs Against Obama-Legacy Social Engineering Is TERRIFYING To Democrat-MSM Complex

[Clip: Pete Seeger, “Little Boxes.”]

Little boxes on the hillside
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes
Little boxes
Little boxes all the same
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same

That was old-style Lefty Pete Seeger mocking the suburbs back in 1963. The suburbs, according to the songwriter (Malvina Reynolds, another old-style Lefty), were just breeding farms for the bourgeoisie, a wasteland of conformist middle-class values: doctors, lawyers, golfers, and—oh my God!—nuclear families, who drank their martinis dry and sent their kids to summer camp.

Pete’s recording of the song was a big hit. There was a market for mocking the suburbs in the sixties: not just songs, but movies like The Graduate and novels like those of Updike and Cheever. The Boomers were looking for something more exciting, more spiritual, more life-affirming that the routine drudgery of middle-class life.

This being America, there was of course a race element to anti-suburbanism. The people in those little boxes Pete Seeger was sneering at were far too white; everyone understood that.

This was the Civil Rights era, so government action followed. Five years after Seeger’s hit, in 1968, the Lyndon Johnson administration gave us the Fair Housing Act, bringing the power of the feds to bear on race discrimination in those lily-white suburbs. Federal agencies were required, quote: “affirmatively to further” the purposes of the Act, which included diversifying residential neighborhoods.

Fast-forward 47 years. Someone in the Obama administration plucked those words out of the Fair Housing Act and brought forth the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, ordering the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to withhold federal funds from localities that weren’t sufficiently diverse.

Some shameless cynics like our own Steve Sailer suggested that Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing—which, Steve says, sounds like something Daffy Duck might say—that AFFH was really just a scheme to move poor blacks out of the inner cities. This would open up more prime urban real estate for gentrification, for the benefit of hip young Obama-voting urban types with outlooks formed by TV shows like Friends and Sex in the City; and perhaps, coincidentally of course, perhaps also to the benefit of urban real-estate developers like Obama’s pal Tony Rezko.

The poor blacks being shunted out of the inner cities would have to go somewhere. So where? To the suburbs, of course. Suburbanites might grumble at having inner-city blacks and their problems dumped on them; but hey, suburbanites are mainly racist white people with way too much white privilege, so it serves them right.

Well, July 23rd the Trump administration announced they are dropping the AFFH rule on the grounds that, in the words of HUD Secretary Ben Carson:

Washington has no business dictating what is best to meet your local community’s unique needs.

HUD revokes Obama-era rule designed to diversify the suburbs, AP (Fox) July 23, 2020

Under the AFFH rule, said Carson, local jurisdictions were forced to comply with complicated regulations that require hundreds of pages of reporting, to very little practical effect.

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Notes from underground

Well, from the lockdown. I hope readers are bearing up OK under confinement.

The Derbs are keeping busy. Paid employment aside, she has her beloved flowers and innumerable contacts on WeChat, the ChiCom messaging app. I have home-improvement chores: this month, stripping out and rebuilding a bathroom closet for maximum accessible shelving—nearly 28 square feet of shelf in a closet 3′×2′4″×8′. This was the last interior space still untouched since we bought the house in 1992. It takes me a while to get round to things …

Husband and wife also collaborated on translating a Chinese poem: See Segment Four below.

And then of course there’s been reading.

Supernaturally smart

Through the middle days of July I read Cheryl Misak’s biography of the English mathematician, logician, philosopher, and economist Frank Ramsey. It’s an astonishing story. Ramsey must have been one of the smartest people that ever lived. He was staggeringly, breathtakingly, supernaturally smart.

Here he was translating Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, which Misak, who is a Professor of Philosophy, describes correctly—I’ve tried it—as “immensely difficult.”

Ramsey went to Miss Pate’s secretarial agency in the winter of 1921-22 and translated the manuscript. He read it off an Annalen offprint to a shorthand writer who then typed it up … It is hard to adequately convey how astounding an accomplishment it was to more or less straight away translate this immensely difficult text from the German to English. Ramsey turned nineteen in the middle of the translation, in January 1922.

Those last italics are mine. Wittgenstein, who could read English, went over the translation carefully and was pleased with it. He and Ramsey became friends, to the degree it was possible for anyone to be friends with the pathologically prickly Wittgenstein.

For a few months in 1927-28, encouraged by John Maynard Keynes, another friend, Ramsey concentrated his thoughts on economics, producing two scholarly papers on that subject. Misak tells us that:

When the Economic Journal celebrated its 125th anniversary with a special edition in 2015, both of Ramsey’s papers were included. That is, looking back over a century and a quarter, one of the world’s best journals of economics decided that two of its thirteen most important papers were written by Frank Ramsey when he was twenty-five years old.

My italics again.

Having then had his fill of economics, Ramsey turned back to math and founded Ramsey Theory, which concerns the occurrence of order in situations of generalized dis-order. This is still an active field of inquiry, with obvious connections to Artificial Intelligence research.

So why isn’t this tremendous genius world-famous? Because, as you know if you clicked those links, he died at age 26—January 19th, 1930—from an infection of the liver.

Should you ever be tempted to think of yourself as smart, Cheryl Misak’s book is a wonderful corrective, a real humility check. Recall what you were capable of intellectually at ages 19 or 25. By comparison with the Frank Ramseys of the world, the rest of us are stumbling, mumbling dullards.

Ramsey was no spergery introvert, either. Big-built and active—swimming, hiking, tennis—he was also genial and gregarious, the far opposite of Wittgenstein. (Whose nephew Tommy described Ramsey as “the most natural, good-natured, kind-hearted person you could imagine.”) He had a successful—although, by mutual agreement, “open”—marriage and was a loving father to two children, with sex affairs along the way.

Then he died, a month short of his twenty-seventh birthday.

My Ramsey connection

I can claim some faint personal connection with Frank Ramsey.

At my English secondary school we specialized early, dropping most general subjects at age 15. For my senior three years, ages 15 to 18, the only academic subjects I took were Pure Maths, Applied Maths, and Physics*.

Our main textbook for Applied Maths was Dynamics by Arthur S. Ramsey, a math professor at Cambridge University in the early 20th century. Our class teacher, “Pug” Richmond**, referred to this book reverently as just “Ramsey,” as in: “All right, gentlemen, open your Ramsey to page 97 …”

This Ramsey, I learned from Cheryl Misak’s book, was Frank Ramsey’s father. He wrote several other textbooks, including Statics, a companion of course to Dynamics. I think we engaged briefly with Statics***.

For a room full of dirty-minded adolescent boys, the favorite section in Ramsey was the one headed “Impulsive Motions of a Rigid Body.” Prof. Misak tells us that Arthur Ramsey was a stiffly puritanical Congregationalist church deacon, so I imagine he would have been horrified to hear us sniggering**** over his text. Frank Ramsey himself was an atheist, although a cheerful one. His younger brother Michael became Archbishop of Canterbury.

* The joke about this early narrow specialization, by contrast with the wider American system, was that we Brits, as we advanced through secondary and tertiary education, learned more and more about less and less, until eventually we knew practically everything about pretty much nothing. The Yanks, on the other hand, learned less and less about more and more, until at last they knew well-nigh nothing about approximately everything.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, China, Coronavirus, Political Correctness, Racism 
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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Our nation’s Constitution is getting something of a stress test up in the Northwest, especially in the city of Portland. Anarchist rioters have been assaulting the federal courthouse there, along with of course some vandalizing and looting of private property on the side.

(No, I don’t mean to imply that these rioters are inspired by the writings of Peter Kropotkin, Michael Bakunin, and Max Stirner. I’d be very surprised to learn that any of them are inspired by anything more erudite than Marvel Comics and Teen Vogue. We need some way to refer to them collectively, though, and a fully-informative descriptor like “Soros-funded alliance of Occupy, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and opportunistic black looters” just isn’t snappy enough.)

The constitutional issue here: the proper role of federal law-enforcement in local disturbances. It’s been an issue at some level or other since the very beginnings of the Republic, since the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s.

A fundamental principle at play here: localism, also known as the principle of subsidiarity, which says that public issues should be managed and decided at the lowest level able and willing to decide them. You don’t want bureaucrats in Washington, DC telling you whether or not you can build a treehouse in your back yard.

Over against that is the body of our fundamental rights and duties as citizens of a common nation. If my town decides that it’s OK for me to practice human sacrifice in my back yard, higher authorities will have something to say about it, and it’s right that they should.

So what if turbulence well above the window-breaking variety goes on night after night for weeks? And what if the local levels of law enforcement—municipal and state—can’t control it?

Ideally what you’d want to happen then is, those authorities would call on the feds to take over. The feds would come in and restore order, and life would get back to normal.

But what if the local elected officials don’t want to do that? What if, for one reason or another—cold political calculation, perhaps, or a much warmer belief that the guy in charge of the feds is Literally Hitler—what if the Mayor and the Governor prefer the turbulence to just go on, even when rioters are assaulting federal facilities?

A sidebar issue here: the democratic legitimacy of those officials. There are high levels of apathy in municipal voting. I have previously noted the case of New York City, which twice elected Bill De Blasio, a crazy communist, as mayor, on turnouts of thirteen percent and eighteen percent.

Portlanders seem not to be that apathetic. The current mayor, a chap named Ted Wheeler, was elected in 2016. He got 55 percent of the votes in a total turnout just short of two hundred thousand. I can’t find a figure for that turnout as a percentage of the total voter roll; but Portland’s population is 650 thousand, so on the usual rule of thumb that two-thirds are registered voters, only about half of Portlanders turned out to vote, not much more than half of them voting for Wheeler.

So Portlanders are not as dumb as New Yorkers; but if only half of them bother to vote in mayoral elections, it’s tempting for the rest of us to sit back and say: “This current mayhem is what you folk didn’t bother to vote for. Enjoy!”

Except of course that federal facilities belong to the rest of us, not just to Portlanders. If they are being vandalized and assaulted, the rest of us have something to say about it.

If Portland’s mayor, and his state’s governor, don’t like what we have to say, we have further recourse. We can send in federal officers to defend our property and arrest those who are assaulting it,

Or my suggestion: let’s cease all other federal activity in Portland and/or Oregon and stop all federal funding there other than for enforcement of federal laws.

Starve them out!

Back The Blue Footnote:

In my chat with Michelle Malkin on VDARE TV on Thursday, I said the following thing (It’s at 56 minutes, 35 seconds on the video)

ME: I’ve mixed with cops a fair amount. I don’t know how it is country-wide, but in New York, going into the police force, you’re basically going in for twenty years. You go to Police Academy, you come out, you do twenty years, you retire on a very handsome pension; and then you can start a new career, or you can start a handy little business. It’s a pretty good life, and—no offense to anyone—but a lot of guys just don’t want to jeopardize that.

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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

I greeted my July 11th issue of The Economist magazine with mixed feelings:

For a fleeting moment I thought the “new ideology” that The Economist was talking about might be honest race realism, and that what’s wrong with it from The Economist’s viewpoint, which is, of course, that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACE! No such luck. The “new ideology” it’s writing about is not race realism but Wokeness and the cranky anti-white obsessions of the Wokesters as found in books like Robin DiAngelo’s current bestseller White Fragility.

And no, I didn’t bother to read all the article. I glanced at the text and saw what I expected to see. Poverty is the problem; police brutality is the problem; zoning rules are the problem:

The household income gap is the same as it was in 1968.

You don’t say! That’s more than fifty years. Is there anything we haven’t tried in those fifty years to make the races come out equal, up to and including stuffing our courts, schools, police departments and corporations with black authority figures and electing a black President?

Still and all, with race hysteria at its current fever pitch, there’s a sort of quaint charm in The Economist‘s old-fashioned liberal naivety. Fix the schools! Integrate our neighborhoods! Expand the Earned-Income Tax Credit! Everything will come right at last, black and white all equal!

Yes, say what you like about the old, Economist style of liberalism, it’s nothing like as barking crazy as this newer brand of race-racketeering.

Case in point: the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, opened just four years ago on Constitution Avenue in our nation’s capital. The Museum, via its online portal, has been educating us about whiteness.

White dominant culture, or whiteness, refers to the ways white people and their traditions, attitudes, and ways of life have been normalized over time and are now considered standard practices in the United States.

Byron York’s Daily Memo: ‘Whiteness’ and the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington Examiner, July 16, 2020

Scary, huh? What are these peculiar folkways that white people have imposed on our nation? Things like (actual quotes):

Rugged Individualism … self-reliance … the nuclear family … objective, rational linear thinking … history based on Northern European immigrants’ experience … the Protestant work ethic … hard work is the key to success …

Good grief! What a perverse, twisted set of values! How people of color must suffer under the oppression of such ideas!

Another sample:

Click to see the whole thing.

Well, it’s easy to laugh. A great many people did laugh after Byron York tweeted out the image mid-week. It seems to have since been taken down; at least, I couldn’t find it on the museum’s website at week’s end.

The people who made that web page weren’t laughing when they made it, though. They were in earnest. They believe this stuff. And the authorities at the Smithsonian—one of our nation’s most prestigious cultural and educational institutions—saw nothing wrong with it until the laughing and jeering broke out on Twitter.

That’s how far we’ve come; that’s how wide the rot has spread.

If you think that we should maybe just scrap all this obsessing about race and try pure color-blind meritocracy — well, if you think that you are really trying to swim against the current. The new fashion: arrogant, rent-seeking extortion.

Two cases in point here:

Case One: When California voters go to the polls this November, they will see on the ballot sheet a proposition to repeal Proposition 209.

What is that? Proposition 209, the one they will be invited to repeal, was passed in 1996. It prohibits the state from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.

In other words, it bans Affirmative Action. So California currently, over wide areas of employment, education, and commerce, is constitutionally colorblind.

A lot of people don’t like that. State Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, a large black lady, especially doesn’t like it.

She says:

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Earlier, by Steve Sailer: The Coalition of the Fringes Holds a Muslim-Jewish Encounter Session. It Doesn’t Go Well.

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

My June Diary included the following observation:

Our courts are choc-full—I think that’s the right expression—of black judges, black DAs, and black prosecutors pushing for anti-white outcomes.

That was inspired by reading, in my June 27th New York Post, about a nasty little spat between the New York City Police Department’s detectives union and 56 Bronx prosecutors—assistant district attorneys, to be precise. [ NYPD detectives’ union outraged over Bronx ADAs’ letter over protest conduct, by Rebecca Rosenberg, June 26, 2020]

These 56 prosecutors—35 named and 21 anonymous—sent a joint letter to their boss, Bronx DA Darcel Clark [Tweet her](a black lady, right) urging the DA to make “an unequivocal condemnation of the [police department’s] unwarranted use of violence.”

One other prosecutor, name of Paul Rosenfeld, published a dissenting letter describing the police officers he’s worked with across 39 years as, quote, “decent, hard-working, and committed.” [JPG]

A couple of things about all that:

  • First, to complain about the police using violence is absurd. Policing necessarily entails violence.

It’s a violent profession. How is a police officer supposed to arrest a refractory suspect, other than by applying violence?

The police need to conduct themselves in a professional and disciplined way, of course, and almost always do. The occasional exceptions get punished, often more than the offense justifies [Daniel Pantaleo, Officer Who Held Eric Garner in Chokehold, Is Fired, by Ashley Southall, NYT, August 19, 2019 ] To pretend that police work can be done without violence, though, is absurd.

When there is a fatal outcome for the refractory perp, you always hear someone say or tweet: “It’s not a capital crime to sell cigarettes without a license,” or “… pass a counterfeit bill,” or whatever it was the perp was getting arrested for.

This one was a response to the St. Louis couple who came out on their porch with guns after a BLM mob broke down their gates.

The obvious answer to that is: “No. It’s also not a capital crime in any jurisdiction to fall asleep on the railroad tracks. If you do so, though, and the outcome is fatal, no-one’s at fault but yourself.”

  • One more thing to be said: That dissenting prosecutor in New York, name of Paul Rosenfeld, 39 years on the job.

There’s an age gap there. The 56 prosecutors complaining to the Bronx DA about police violence all have way less time on the job than that. Says Paul DiGiacomo, right, the president of the detectives union in an angry rebuttal letter to that same DA, quote:

Most of the signatures on that letter [the letter, that is, from the 56 prosecutors complaining about police violence] are from the class of 2019, which had a mere matter of months in your office before being quarantined. [PDF]

There may be another gap in play here, too. The dissenting prosecutor, Paul Rosenfeld, is plainly Jewish. Steve Sailer has noted that:

Two previous eras of black supremacist ideology—the late 1960s and the early 1990s—both came a cropper when they got too many Jews peeved at black anti-Semitism.

That’s a good point. Black Lives Matter, and the Antifa likewise, can’t resist throwing anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian rhetoric in with their calls to end white supremacy and defund the police. [WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Shout ‘Israel, We Know You, You Murder Children, Too’, by Hank Berrien , Daily Wire, July 2nd, 2020]

For keeping the media on your side, guys, this is not good strategy.

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Hell of a month

Good grief! They looted Macy’s!

Yes, the riots, assaults, lootings, and statue-destruction of the past month have been something to watch, and of course the topic of endless comment and speculation.

I’ve been contributing my own comments at Radio Derb. Speculation-wise, there are two areas concerning which I’d be very interested to see what future historians, with full documentation available to them, have to say:

  • How much of what’s been happening is random trouble-making by young people with not much prospect of well-paid employment and way too much time on their hands? As opposed to deliberately staged, managed, or encouraged by organizations trying to influence the November election?
  • Of the deliberately staged/managed/encouraged portion, what sub-portion is being run from abroad?

To the second point there, I aired my suspicions here at, June 7th:

I have this image in mind of the [ChiCom] Politburo gathering of an evening to binge-watch the latest riot coverage, chuckling and passing around the after-dinner mints and maotai … If the CCP doesn’t have people in place here helping the rioters, whoever’s in charge of ChiCom undercover special ops in North America isn’t doing his job.

We shall find out the truth of the matter when the ChiComs lose power and the records are opened up to historians.

To the first point, Old Scratch makes work for idle hands, and we have a lot of idle hands right now. That may be all there is to it.

Or, both the Trump administration and its enemies may be cynically calculating that the riots are to their advantage. Trumpists: This will make plain to patriotic voters how much the Left hates our country, and what happens when Democrats control a city or a state. Anti-Trumpists: If the Feds react with force there’ll be widespread outrage; if not, and the riots continue, voters will be disgusted by the Feds’ inability to control the situation. Win-win for us.

Certainly, given the prodigious sums we spend on law enforcement, the military, and the National Guard, our city, state, and federal authorities could crush the rioters if they chose to. In my last podcast of the month I quoted a passage from Christopher Caldwell’s new book, The Age of Entitlement. The topic here is the forced de-segregation of schools in Boston during the mid-1970s.

When the whites of South Boston and Charlestown protested, their neighborhoods were put under military occupation. “Southie” had a curfew and laws against public assembly, enforced by 1,600 police officers, 100 federal marshals, 50 FBI agents, and 600 National Guard troops.

So, yes, the authorities could restore order if they chose to. They choose not to, and that calls for some explanation.

It’s anti-white all the way down

But wait: Isn’t it all to do with blacks, with their mistreatment at the hands of police? Black Lives Matter!

Uh-huh. So far I haven’t seen anything to disturb my basic template of a Cold Civil War: two big groups of whites at angry loggerheads with each other, blacks recruited in as auxiliaries, allowed on to the battlefield when convenient for some opportunistic looting and white-beating, none of the whites on either side much caring what blacks think or say.

Surveys of this month’s protestors back me up. Pew Research has come up with some numbers.

Though recent protests and riots have been centered around racial tensions with law enforcement, only 17 percent of protesters have been black, while 46 percent are white, 22 percent are Hispanic, and eight percent are Asian.

Recent protest attendees are more racially and ethnically diverse, younger than Americans overall, by Amanda Barroso and Rachel Minkin, Pew Research, June 24, 2020

I’ll admit I suffer from a mental block here, though. I simply can’t connect with the narrative about blacks being oppressed by White Privilege. Black Americans seem to me to be the spoiled, pampered pets of our nation. For decades they’ve been accumulating favoritism, preferences, and privileges.

Black nonentities are wafted up effortlessly into positions of authority on thermals of white guilt. We just recently had a two-term black President with blacks well-represented in his cabinet: Attorneys General, DHS, Education, & Transportation Secretaries, U.N. Ambassador, …

Law enforcement? An actual majority of police chiefs who show up on TV news segments are black. Black perps are given endless breaks by the criminal-justice system—103, in one recent case locally.

Our courts are choc-full—I think that’s the right expression—of black judges, black DAs, and black prosecutors pushing for anti-white outcomes.

Some of the worst rioting this month was in Minnesota. The Attorney General of that state is a black Muslim Social Justice Warrior.

Oppression? Excuse me?

And as much as black lives may matter to white protestors, they don’t seem to matter much to actual blacks, judging by the stupendous black homicide rate — at least eight times the white rate, and most of the victims themselves being black. In the last week of June, six children were killed by gunshot in Chicago. Of the three identified in news stories, two—ages three and one—were black, the third, ten years old, was Hispanic.

Nobody, black or white, seems to care much. The mob only comes out screeching “Black Lives Matter!” when a white person can be blamed. The sentiment here is not pro-black; it’s anti-white—anti-those other whites—all the way down.

Elite overproduction?

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It’s very handy to have well-known phrases for social phenomena. A well-crafted phrase can clarify our thinking about a phenomenon, help us see it as what it truly is.

A couple of the best such phrases to emerge in recent years are “virtue signalling” (except that we seem unable to agree on how to spell “signalling,” one “l” or two) and “narrative collapse.”

For readers who’ve just wakened from a Rip Van Winkle-style twenty-year sleep, virtue signalling is a species of what used to be called “cheap grace,” where you raise your moral standing in your peer groups by cost-free speech or actions. Narrative collapse is what happens at that point in the news cycle when the gentle black giant or winsome black teenager who suffered some misfortune at the hands of a white person turns out to be a low-life thug with a drug habit and a rap sheet.

Watching this week’s clip of the lady in Seattle going into high hysterics after being confronted by a black guy over some kind of trivial negative encounter, I’m thinking we need a phrase for this. It is, after all, looking to be a thing.

Clip: “Karen! You’re not going to sit there and flip me off …” etc, etc.

The business of Amy Cooper and her dog in New York City’s Central Park four weeks ago was very similar. That was the episode that introduced the general public to the tag “Karen,” indicating a white woman asserting her white privilege. So perhaps the phrase we’re seeking here is something like “Karen abuse” or “Karen shaming.”

These two incidents—that one in New York and this one in Seattle—are, I would guess, the tip of a very big iceberg. I can recall from private conversations across many decades, hearing stories from white women who have felt intimidated to the point of high nervousness, if not actually shrieking hysteria, by the behavior of black men in a one-on-one encounter.

In some of these episodes, as I’ve heard about them, the black guy is not at fault in any way. An office colleague, a young white female New Yorker of properly liberal sensibilities, once confessed to me that if she was alone in an elevator, and a large black guy got in, and the two of them rode a few floors together, she felt highly uncomfortable.

“What,” I asked her, “in a way you wouldn’t feel if it was a small Asian guy?” Yes, she admitted.

She was obviously wracked with guilt about what she had just confessed. Just as obviously, there is not necessarily any fault here on the part of the black guy.

You have to suspect, though, that blacks know about this; and that black men of a certain temperament have malicious fun with it. With the advent of the smartphone and the ability to make video recordings and post them, the temptation to stage a Karen-shaming incident must, to a certain personality type, be irresistible.

There is also the element of revenge. Black Americans are taught in our schools and colleges to be angry about slavery and Jim Crow. It’s not surprising that some blacks, as adults, are looking for revenge against Whitey. (What’s surprising is that most blacks aren’t.)

White kids, undergoing that same education, are taught that they share responsibility somehow for all that cruelty and oppression, so a corresponging proportion of them arrive in adult life loaded with racial guilt.

The guilt is mixed with fear, though. Most whites, by the time they arrive at adulthood, know the Great Unmentionable of social life in our country: that blacks are, in the statistical generality, a whole order of magnitude more violent and dangerous than other races.

And there, with smartphone in hand, you have the ingredients for a perfect Karen-shaming.

Locate a Karen; get alone with her; pick a quarrel, all the while maintaining a cool middle-class non-ghetto demeanor with just the merest slight seasoning of aggression; press the quarrel to the point where her personality disintegrates; force her to a virtue-signalling punch line if possible—the Seattle lady started yelling that she has a black husband, although whether she actually does or not, I haven’t been able to ascertain — then post the whole thing on social media. Hey, it’s fun!

With any luck, the Karen will be identified and fired from her job—that’s the real prize, the cherry on the revenge cookie. Even if she doesn’t get fired, though, you’ve Karen-shamed her: made her look like a hysterical nitwit — and, best of all, a racist!—to millions of viewers. How sweet it is!

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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

The brave spirits of Seattle originally named their new country Chaz, for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Just as all that was in play, we learned that Chaz has renamed itself to Chop, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. Why? I asked around.

Apparently the authorities in Chaz were immensely flattered to see themselves being compared to French Revolutionaries. Now, a thing everyone knows about the French Revolution—even, I guess, the drug-addled, low-IQ, miseducated rabble running Chaz—a thing everyone knows is that the revolutionaries chopped off the heads of the former ruling class, including the king and queen, with the guillotine.

“That’s what we’ll do!” the Seattle mob is telling us by renaming themselves Chop.[They’re already joking about guillotines in CHAZ/CHOP By Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, June 16, 2020 ]

But, since the teaching of history collapsed into anti-white sermonizing forty years ago, nobody much younger than sixty knows that a couple of years after that wonderful, laudable chopping-off of aristocratic and counter-revolutionary heads in France, the original radical revolutionaries themselves faced the blade. Danton got chopped; so did Robespierre; so did Desmoulins; so did Saint-Just; and so on.

And every other radical revolution has followed the same path. Russia? There is a mighty host of Old Bolsheviks lined up in the Afterlife to tell you all about it: Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, Trotsky, …

China? Look up Wang Shiwei, Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai, and several million others. Mao didn’t do things by halves.

And if comparing the Seattle mob to French revolutionaries is in the air, I can’t resist laying on you once again the line—I know I’ve used it before—the line from Ramzpaul to the protestors outside the 2014 American Renaissance conference, quote:

Do you really imagine you’re sticking it to the Man? You are the Man!

For the Mighty—the big corporations, the prestigious colleges, the media, the Uniparty that has a stranglehold on our politics, our Woke judiciary that has an even tighter death-grip on our jurisprudence—for them, for the mighty in their seats of power, these riots and lootings and vandalism and silencings are all gravy.

And like trained puppies, the Mighty know what to do without being told. When the anti-white shakedowns started in earnest forty years ago, when white Americans still had a few vertebrae and a smidgen of testosterone, the shakers—Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Michelle Obama—had to put in a bit of effort to squeeze some blood from the Establishment stone.

They had to actually show up at the corporate headquarters, with a dozen or so mean-looking retainers alongside, and make veiled threats t o bring the company’s operations to a standstill if they didn’t pony up a million or two to Rev’m Al’s National Action Network, Rev’m Jesse’s Rainbow Push, or Michelle’s Public Allies.

Nice little hospital you have here. Be a shame if your workers marched off the job to protest discrimination …

No more of that! Now that the Mighty know which side of the who-whom game it’s the most profitable and the most trouble-free to be on, and which side wins the most media applause—think positive free advertising —and which side best preserves their power, status, and wealth; now that’s all clear, the shakedown artists don’t have to do anything.

The money flows in automatically, overnight, while Al, Jesse, Michelle, and whoever runs Black Lives Matter are all sleeping—or whatever it is these bloodsuckers do at night.

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[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

It is allegedly always darkest before the dawn.

Here’s some darkness: the symphony orchestra of Austin, Texas has fired their lead trombonist. This is a white lady named Brenda Sansig Salas, 51 years old and a U.S. Army veteran. Austin Symphony Trombonist Fired Over Racist Comments, The Violin Channel, June 1, 2020 She’d been posting comments on social media. The comment that precipitated her firing was apparently this one:

The BLACKS are looting and destroying their environment. They deserve what they get.

Symphony orchestra spokes-critter Anthony Corroa [Email him]announced the firing of Ms. Salas in the dreary schoolmarmish jargon of corporate wokeness: This language is not reflective of who we are as an organization.” And “there is no place for hate within our organization.”

So if you can work that trombone to orchestral standard, there’s a vacancy in Austin. And our Cultural Revolution rumbles on.

When it is over, the range of opinion allowed to be expressed by anyone employed in any kind of respectable job—or even, as the case of that soccer player illustrates, by the spouse of anyone so employed—will be even narrower than it was before the beatification of the Holy Blessed Martyr George Floyd, peace be upon him.[ LA Galaxy dumps soccer player after wife’s ‘racist and violent’ posts about George Floyd protesters By Nancy Dillon New York Daily News, June 05, 2020]

That, of course, is the point. The goal here is totalitarian thought control. Only one set of opinions will be permitted in the public sphere. Every opinion not approved by the Thought Police will be a species of hate.

It will not be who we are.

But now the dawn: I have an announcement to make.

I have a dream today, brothers and sisters. I have a dream.

My dream is of an America that has embraced race realism.

Yes, I have a dream that one day race differences in educational success will be as calmly, dispassionately accepted as race differences in athletic success; that race differences in criminal arrest and incarceration rates will be regarded with no more anger or alarm than sex differences in those same rates; that different social outcomes by race will be understood as caused not by the malice of our fellow citizens, but by ordinary processes of nature.

I have a dream that one day we shall discard magical thinking about race; that the notion of an invisible vapor or miasma called “racism” permeating the atmosphere and intoxicating our minds will seem as quaintly absurd as the Four Humors Theory of ancient medicine or the Luminiferous Æther of 19th-century physics.

I have a dream that one day, poor white children will not have to endure being lectured about their “privilege” by rich black adults.

I have a dream that one day soon, after sixty years of futile efforts to change what cannot, in the nature of things, be changed, sixty years of twisting our constitution and our jurisprudence into knots to pretend that different statistics by race can only be caused by white people’ s ill will, sixty years of vast public expenditures on educational and social programs that deliver no benefits at all (other than to those who pocket the expenditures); that one day soon, after sixty years of futility and waste, we shall accept race differences as calmly and as prudently as we accept the laws of thermodynamics.

I have a dream that with the black homicide rate at eight times the white rate, and with discrepancies of a similar size having existed since reliable records began a hundred and eighty years ago, an organization calling itself Black Lives Matter will address itself to bringing black homicide numbers down to the white level—better yet, to the Asian level—or else be laughed out of the public square.

I have a dream that race differences in outcomes, which are mere statistical abstractions remote from our everyday dealings, will one day matter as little to us as personal differences in outcomes. I shall never be a skilled violinist, a good tennis player, or a creative mathematician; not because of malice, “racism,” or “privilege” on the part of my fellow citizens, but because of my own abilities and inclinations—which, like almost everyone else’s, are middling and un-spectacular. I do not lose sleep over this. I absolutely do not take it as an occasion to insult and berate my fellow-citizens, or deprive them of their rights.

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Earlier: Police Racism: A Manufactured Crisis, by Jared Taylor

When I first came to these shores in August of 1973, I lived down on New York’s Lower East Side, with some Chinese friends from Hong Kong. They were fairly recent immigrants themselves, and keen to show me the sights.

One evening they took me to Macy’s in Herald Square. I’d been in department stores before, of course; but I had to admit, Macy’s was pretty darn impressive. I can still recall riding up those escalators.

Monday this week a mob of looters broke in to Macy’s [Nightmare on 34th St.: Videos capture scene as rioters kick their way inside Macy’s flagship store in Midtown, by Catherina Gioino and Larry McShane, NY Daily New, June 2, 2020]. The store had boarded up its windows two days before; and the break-in happened at night, when there was supposed to be a curfew in place.

And they looted Macy’s.

Which was a further metastasizing of the disturbances I reported last week, over a black guy dying in Minneapolis while under arrest.

Yes: This is yet another Emmett Till! These things are happening faster than I can keep up. The last one—that black guy out jogging with his tuxedo on, remember that?—was only four weeks ago. Now here’s another.

This one concerns George Floyd, a black man who died while under arrest in Minneapolis a week ago this past Monday. Floyd had tried to pass a counterfeit bill at a convenience store. Store employees called the cops, who struggled with Floyd both before and after handcuffing him. He seems to have put up a lot of resistance. Floyd was a very large heavy guy, either 6’6″ or 6’7″, depending which report you read.

The fracas ended with one cop, Derek Chauvin, kneeling over the perp with a knee on his neck. It’s not clear how much weight was on the knee, or the degree—if any—to which this style of restraint led to Floyd’s death. He had high levels of illegal drugs in his system, as well as being seriously unhealthy The convenience store employees he’d interacted with thought he was drunk. [Autopsy report: George Floyd died from cardiopulmonary arrest, was positive for COVID-19 , by Charlie Wiese, KTSP, June 3, 2020 ]

It’s also not clear to me how unorthodox this knee-on-the-neck style o f restraint is. Our own correspondent who posts as “Federale” here at, and who is a law-enforcement professional, says it’s pretty routine:

Kneeling on the head or neck is quite common and useful physical control technique. It is also used daily in hundreds of arrests.

Federale supplies a supporting video from an arrest in New York City; and at least one law-enforcement website has said that Officer Chauvin was “compliant with existing policy.” [Neck Hold Used By Minneapolis Officer Was Approved By Department Policy,, May 29, 2020]

On the famous video clip, Officer Chauvin plainly knows he’s being filmed; yet he doesn’t have the look of someone aware that he’s doing anything wrong.

It’s difficult for a lay person to know how to judge this. One of the great truths about human nature is that power corrupts. For a police force to be effective at all, the cops have to have power over civilians; so it’s not a surprise that some cops get corrupted.

Looking back over my own interactions with the guys in blue, across several decades and many jurisdictions in half a dozen countries, what surprises me is how few cops go bad. In a broad and general way, I’m pro-cop.

This past few days we’ve been hearing calls to defund the police [Movement to defund police gains ‘unprecedented’ support across US, by Sam Levin, Guardian, June 2, 2020]. The people calling the loudest are of course rich celebrity types living in gated communities, but there seems to be some broader support too.

Speaking as the inhabitant of a quiet middle-middle-class white suburb, I’m not totally unsympathetic. If there was no organized police force, myself and my neighbors, many of us armed, could keep order among ourselves with no trouble. Community self-sufficiency is a fine old American ideal.

The problems would arise, of course, when underclass black s from some nearby ghetto came in to steal our stuff and rape our women. We’d end up shooting a couple, and then we’d quickly be where Officer Chauvin and his colleagues are now, where the three guys in Brunswick, Georgia are, looking at four hundred years porridge on federal “civil rights” and “hate crime” charges.

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