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Welcome to the Era of the Great Disillusionment
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This is a column I have been mulling over for a while but, for reasons that should be immediately obvious, I have been hesitant to write. It is about 5G, vaccines, 9/11, aliens and lizard overlords. Or rather, it isn’t.

Let me preface my argument by making clear I do not intend to express any view about the truth or falsity of any of these debates – not even the one about reptile rulers. My refusal to publicly take a position should not be interpreted as my implicit endorsement of any of these viewpoints because, after all, only a crazy tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist sympathiser would refuse to make their views known on such matters.

Equally, my lumping together of all these disparate issues does not necessarily mean I see them as alike. They are presented in mainstream thinking as similarly proof of an unhinged, delusional, conspiracy-oriented mindset. I am working within a category that has been selected for me.

Truth and falsehood are not what this column is about. To consider these topics solely on the basis of whether they are true or false would distract from the critical thinking I wish to engage in here – especially since critical thinking is so widely discouraged in our societies. I want this column to deny a safe space to anyone emotionally invested in either side of these debates. (Doubtless, that will not deter those who would prefer to make mischief and misrepresent my argument. That is a hazard that comes with the territory.)

I am focusing on this set of issues now because some of them have been playing out increasingly loudly on social media as we cope with the isolation of lockdowns. People trapped at home have more time to explore the internet, and that means more opportunities to find often obscure information that may or may not be true. These kinds of debates are shaping our discursive landscape, and have profound political implications. It is these matters, not questions of truth, I want to examine in this column.

Social media and 5G

Let’s take 5G – the new, fifth-generation mobile phone technology – as an example. I am not a scientist, and I have done no research on 5G. Which is a very good reason why no one should be interested in what I have to say about the science or the safety of 5G. But like many people active on social media, I have been made aware – often with little choice on my part – of online debates about 5G and science.

Like TV presenter Eamonn Holmes, I have inevitably gained an impression of that debate. To a casual viewer, the debate looks (and we are discussing here appearances only) something like this:

a) State scientific advisers, as well as scientists whose jobs or research are financed by the mobile phone industry, are very certain that there are no dangers associated with 5G.

b) A few scientists (real ones, not evangelical pastors pretending to be former Vodafone executives) have warned that there has not been independent research on the health effects of 5G, that the technology has been rushed through for commercial reasons, and that the possible dangers posed long term to our health from constant exposure have not been properly assessed.

c) Other scientists in this specialist field, possibly the majority, are keeping their peace.

Business our new god

That impression might not be true. It may be that that is just the way social media has made the debate look. It is possible that on the contrary:

  • the research has been vigorously carried out, even if it does not appear to have been widely reported in the mainstream media,
  • mobile phone and other communication industries have not financed what research there is in an attempt to obtain results helpful to their commercial interests,
  • the aggressively competitive mobile phone industry has been prepared to sit back and wait several years for all safety issues to be resolved, unconcerned about the effects on their profits of such delays,
  • the industry has avoided using its money and lobbyists to buy influence in the corridors of power and advance a political agenda based on its commercial interests rather than on the science,
  • and individual governments, keen not to be left behind on a global battlefield in which they compete for economic, military and intelligence advantage, have collectively waited to see whether 5G is safe rather than try to undercut each other and gain an edge over allies and enemies alike.

All of that is possible. But anyone who has been observing our societies for the past few decades – where business has become our new god, and where corporate money seems to dominate our political systems more than the politicians we elect – would have at least reasonable grounds to worry that corners may have been cut, that political pressure may have been exerted, and that some scientists (who are presumably human like the rest of us) may have been prepared to prioritise their careers and incomes over the most rigorous science.

Looney-tunes conspiracism

Again, I am not a scientist. Even if the research has not been carried out properly and the phone industry has lobbied sympathetic politicians to advance its commercial interests, it is still possible that, despite all that, 5G is entirely safe. But as I said at the start, I am not here to express a view about the science of 5G.

I am discussing instead why it is not unreasonable or entirely irrational for a debate about the safety of 5G to have gone viral on social media while being ignored by corporate media; why a very mainstream TV presenter like Eamonn Holmes might suggest – to huge criticism – a need to address growing public concerns about 5G; why such concerns might quickly morph into fears of a connection between 5G and the current global pandemic; and why frightened people might decide to take things into their own hands by burning down 5G masts.

Explaining this chain of events is not the same as justifiying any of the links in that chain. But equally, dismissing all of it as simply looney-tunes conspiracism is not entirely reasonable or rational either.

The issue here is not really about 5G, it’s about whether our major institutions still hold public trust. Those who dismiss all concerns about 5G have a very high level of trust in the state and its institutions. Those who worry about 5G – a growing section of western populations , it seems – have very little trust in our institutions and increasingly in our scientists too. And the people responsible for that erosion of trust are our governments – and, if we are brutally honest, the scientists as well.

Information overload


Debates like the 5G one have not emerged in a vacuum. They come at a moment of unprecedented information dissemination that derives from a decade of rapid growth in social media. We are the first societies to have access to data and information that was once the preserve of monarchs, state officials and advisers, and in more recent times a few select journalists.

Now rogue academics, rogue journalists, rogue former officials – anyone, in fact – can go online and discover a myriad of things that until recently no one outside a small establishment circle was ever supposed to understand. If you know where to look, you can even find some of this stuff on Wikipedia (see, for example, Operation Timber Sycamore).

The effect of this information overload has been to disorientate the great majority of us who lack the time, the knowledge and the analytical skills to sift through it all and make sense of the world around us. It is hard to discriminate when there is so much information – good and bad alike – to digest.

Nonetheless, we have got a sense from these online debates, reinforced by events in the non-virtual world, that our politicians do not always tell the truth, that money – rather than the public interest – sometimes wins out in decision-making processes, and that our elites may be little better equipped than us – aside from their expensive educations – to run our societies.

Two decades of lies

There has been a handful of staging posts over the past two decades to our current era of the Great Disillusionment. They include:

  • the lack of transparency in the US government’s investigation into the events surrounding 9/11 (obscured by a parallel online controversy about what took place that day);
  • the documented lies told about the reasons for launching a disastrous and illegal war of aggression against Iraq in 2003 that unleashed regional chaos, waves of destabilising migration into Europe and new, exceptionally brutal forms of political Islam;
  • the astronomical bailouts after the 2008 crash of bankers whose criminal activities nearly bankrupted the global economy (but who were never held to account) and instituted more than a decade of austerity measures that had to be paid for by the public;
  • the refusal by western governments and global institutions to take any leadership on tackling climate change, as not only the science but the weather itself has made the urgency of that emergency clear, because it would mean taking on their corporate sponsors;
  • and now the criminal failures of our governments to prepare for, and respond properly to, the Covid-19 pandemic, despite many years of warnings.

Anyone who still takes what our governments say at face value … well, I have several bridges to sell you.

Experts failed us

But it is not just governments to blame. The failings of experts, administrators and the professional class have been all too visible to the public as well. Those officials who have enjoyed easy access to prominent platforms in the state-corporate media have obediently repeated what state and corporate interests wanted us to hear, often only for that information to be exposed later as incomplete, misleading or downright fabricated.

In the run-up to the 2003 attack on Iraq, too many political scientists, journalists and weapons experts kept their heads down, keen to preserve their careers and status, rather than speak up in support of those rare experts like Scott Ritter and the late David Kelly who dared to sound the alarm that we were not being told the whole truth.

In 2008, only a handful of economists was prepared to break with corporate orthodoxy and question whether throwing money at bankers exposed as financial criminals was wise, or to demand that these bankers be prosecuted. The economists did not argue the case that there must be a price for the banks to pay, such as a public stake in the banks that were bailed out, in return for forcing taxpayers to massively invest in these discredited businesses. And the economists did not propose overhauling our financial systems to make sure there was no repetition of the economic crash. Instead, they kept their heads down as well, in the hope that their large salaries continued and that they would not lose their esteemed positions in think-tanks and universities.

We know that climate scientists were quietly warning back in the 1950s of the dangers of runaway global warming, and that in the 1980s scientists working for the fossil-fuel companies predicted very precisely how and when the catastrophe would unfold – right about now. It is wonderful that today the vast majority of these scientists are publicly agreed on the dangers, even if they are still trapped in a dangerous caution by the conservatism of scientific procedure. But they forfeited public trust by leaving it so very, very late to speak up.

And recently we have learnt, for example, that a series of Conservative governments in the UK recklessly ran down the supplies of hospital protective gear, even though they had more than a decade of warnings of a coming pandemic. The question is why did no scientific advisers or health officials blow the whistle earlier. Now it is too late to save the lives of many thousands, including dozens of medical staff, who have fallen victim so far to the virus in the UK.

Lesser of two evils

Worse still, in the Anglosphere of the US and the UK, we have ended up with political systems that offer a choice between one party that supports a brutal, unrestrained version of neoliberalism and another party that supports a marginally less brutal, slightly mitigated version of neoliberalism. (And we have recently discovered in the UK that, after the grassroots membership of one of those twinned parties managed to choose a leader in Jeremy Corbyn who rejected this orthodoxy, his own party machine conspired to throw the election rather than let him near power.) As we are warned at each election, in case we decide that elections are in fact futile, we enjoy a choice – between the lesser of two evils.

Those who ignore or instinctively defend these glaring failings of the modern corporate system are really in no position to sit smugly in judgment on those who wish to question the safety of 5G, or vaccines, or the truth of 9/11, or the reality of a climate catastrophe, or even of the presence of lizard overlords.

Because through their reflexive dismissal of doubt, of all critical thinking on anything that has not been pre-approved by our governments and by the state-corporate media, they have helped to disfigure the only yardsticks we have for measuring truth or falsehood. They have forced on us a terrible choice: to blindly follow those who have repeatedly demonstrated they are not worthy of being followed, or to trust nothing at all, to doubt everything. Neither position is one a healthy, balanced individual would want to adopt. But that is where we are today.

Big Brother regimes

It is therefore hardly surprising that those who have been so discredited by the current explosion of information – the politicians, the corporations and the professional class – are wondering how to fix things in the way most likely to maintain their power and authority.

They face two, possibly complementary options.


One is to allow the information overload to continue, or even escalate. There is an argument to be made that the more possible truths we are presented with, the more powerless we feel and the more willing we are to defer to those most vocal in claiming authority. Confused and hopeless, we will look to father figures, to the strongmen of old, to those who have cultivated an aura of decisiveness and fearlessness, to those who look like down-to-earth mavericks and rebels.

This approach will throw up more Donald Trumps, Boris Johnsons and Jair Bolsonaros. And these men, while charming us with their supposed lack of orthodoxy, will still, of course, be exceptionally accommodating to the most powerful corporate interests – the military-industrial complex – that really run the show.

The other option, which has already been road-tested under the rubric of “fake news”, will be to treat us, the public, like irresponsible children, who need a firm, guiding hand. The technocrats and professionals will try to re-establish their authority as though the last two decades never occurred, as though we never saw through their hypocrisy and lies.

They will cite “conspiracy theories” – even the true ones – as proof that it is time to impose new curbs on internet freedoms, on the right to speak and to think. They will argue that the social media experiment has run its course and proved itself a menace – because we, the public, are a menace. They are already flying trial balloons for this new Big Brother world, under cover of tackling the health threats posed by the Covid-19 epidemic.

We should not be surprised that the “thought-leaders” for shutting down the cacophony of the internet are those whose failures have been most exposed by our new freedoms to explore the dark recesses of the recent past. They have included Tony Blair, the British prime minister who lied western publics into the disastrous and illegal war on Iraq in 2003, and Jack Goldsmith, rewarded as a Harvard law professor for his role – since whitewashed – in helping the Bush administration legalise torture and step up warrantless surveillance programmes.

Need for a new media

The only alternative to a future in which we are ruled by Big Brother technocrats like Tony Blair, or by chummy authoritarians who brook no dissent, or a mix of the two, will require a complete overhaul of our societies’ approach to information. We will need fewer curbs on free speech, not more.

The real test of our societies – and the only hope of surviving the coming emergencies, economic and environmental – will be finding a way to hold our leaders truly to account. Not based on whether they are secretly lizards, but on what they are doing to save our planet from our all-too-human, self-destructive instinct for acquisition and our craving for guarantees of security in an uncertain world.

That, in turn, will require a transformation of our relationship to information and debate. We will need a new model of independent, pluralistic, responsive, questioning media that is accountable to the public, not to billionaires and corporations. Precisely the kind of media we do not have now. We will need media we can trust to represent the full range of credible, intelligent, informed debate, not the narrow Overton window through which we get a highly partisan, distorted view of the world that serves the 1 per cent – an elite so richly rewarded by the current system that they are prepared to ignore the fact that they and we are hurtling towards the abyss.

With that kind of media in place – one that truly holds politicians to account and celebrates scientists for their contributions to collective knowledge, not their usefulness to corporate enrichment – we would not need to worry about the safety of our communications systems or medicines, we would not need to doubt the truth of events in the news or wonder whether we have lizards for rulers, because in that kind of world no one would rule over us. They would serve the public for the common good.

Sounds like a fantastical, improbable system of government? It has a name: democracy. Maybe it is time for us finally to give it a go.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His books include “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Here’s something to be disillusioned about. Deep State as Deep Corruption.

    But what happened to the Trump who was going to drain the swamp? He filled it with more sewage.
    He murdered Soleimani and interferes in Venezuelan politics in ways that Russia has been accused(falsely) of interfering in US politics.

  2. I notice nobody ever asks, “What the fuck do we need 5G for?”

  3. JasonT says:

    “Sounds like a fantastical, improbable system of government? It has a name: democracy. Maybe it is time for us finally to give it a go.”

    How is this even possible to give democracy a go? Even violent revolution just puts the next batch of scum in control.

    • Agree: Druid, Iva
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  4. But what has all this to do with China Did It? Or The Virus Is a Hoax? You dropped the ball, Mr. Cook.

    • Replies: @boomerdoomer
  5. AaronInMVD says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    I suspect the true backbreaker when it comes to disillusioning for me was seeing how thoroughly Trump was disconnected from the levers of power except for those few cases when he’d been surrounded by war lobby shills.

    Whatever welcome change Trump could have brought has been completely negated by the fact everyone he hired or could have hired… is too stuck in the status quo to welcome change. Even the people he though could have been the “rebels” on his side lead him down that path of seeing Iranian ballistic missiles hitting US troop positions in Iraq.

    The only thing that might have worked would have been firing everyone he could during the first 7 days and filling as many posts as he could with clean cut (as opposed to neck bearded) alt-right 20-somethings.

    I voted for Trump, but Trump still wasn’t enough to keep me in the US.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @Yawrate
  6. Beb says:

    Mr. Cook has a penetrating insight and, speaks the truth. It is beyond time for we, the 99.99%, to wrest control from the 0.01% who wish to be our slave masters.

    • Replies: @JasonT
    , @Kim
    , @Timmy75
  7. JasonT says:


    Through violent revolution? Do we walk out into the street and yell at the top of our lungs? Do we deprive the 0.01% of the product of our labor?

    All of that will be met with violence from the 0.01% through their proxies in the police and military, who should be siding with the rest of us but don’t.

    • Replies: @Beb
    , @Anonymous
    , @John Howard
  8. Tusk says:

    How will you, uh, we, goyim consume Netflix at 8k resolution while on the bus without 5G?

  9. Using a random number generator to elect reps would be better and vastly cheaper. There’d be no lobbies, no career politicians, and those picked by chance off the street would be as competant as the present … I’d say worms rather than lizards.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Parfois1
    , @ben tillman
  10. @Tusk

    Why have adults been reduced to children who only want picture books?

    • Replies: @Tusk
  11. utu says:

    Anti-vaxxers and Russia behind viral 5G COVID conspiracy theory

    5G coronavirus conspiracy theory driven by coordinated effort

    Nobel Literature Laureate Alexievich Backs 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory (she also likes Felix Dzerzhinsky)

    Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think…

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Paul Vonharnish
  12. Beb says:

    I am not advocating violence. A small start was when we just yawned in the face of Mr. Bloomberg, despite his billion dollar advertizing blitz.

  13. disorientate

    Because, my brothers, if you disorientate, you profulminate the truthification of the effluenzified. And this we must not allow, my brothers!

    uh… orient≠orientate

  14. Tusk says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Lack of personal responsibility. Now you’re excused from all your responsibilities, people no longer have kids, no longer get married, no longer work meaningful jobs. It’s a population of senseless consumers with no validation or meaning.

  15. SafeNow says:

    You moved to Uruguay! Life is good? I was thinking of moving to Maine – capture the Uruguay vibe — there’s a guy there who built a replica Graf Spee and sails it around the lakes.

    • Replies: @AaronInMVD
  16. gay troll says:

    It is quite simple. A government that can classify any information it wants hidden has zero credibility.

    It is no coincidence that the entire concept of conspiracy theorism was created by the CIA as an ad hominem attack against JFK truthers. Evidence suggests that not only did the CIA orchestrate Kennedy’s murder, but was partly motivated to do so by their desire to jumpstart the floundering Apollo program and win the Cold War by faking the moon landings.

    NASA may mean deceive in Hebrew, but I don’t consider that to be proof of anything. Although, when I see that a full grown man in a space suit, weighing a total of about 50 pounds in lunar gravity, can’t jump more than a foot off the ground, I begin to wonder.

    And despite the author’s claims that the government is opposed to action on climate change, NASA is the originator of the datasets used to support AGW narratives, and has been pushing the theory for decades.

    Now, something happened on 9/11 that had never before happened in history: a steel framed skyscraper collapsed into its own footprint due to fire. I am talking about WTC7, which was not even hit by a plane. Incredibly, the BBC reported this collapse before it happened. This has been labeled an innocent mistake, but how do you mistakenly report something that is widely considered to be physically impossible before it actually happens?

    The simple fact is that the deep state as spearheaded by the CIA and NASA is a crypto Nazi power structure using mind control tactics to control the American people. It is they who insert ideas about aliens and other outlandish topics to discredit conspiracy truth.

    And it has always been for the benefit of Israel.

    • Agree: Alfred
  17. Popeye says:

    Now I have one thought that keeps twisting in my brain since I read it some yrs ago…which is that the USSR didn’t collapse and @15 independent nation’s then assumed their stage on the globe. But rather that the leading political, military, police, and technical elites in the USSR conspired and colluded to deceive the USA and Europe. Such was supposedly laid out to CIA by a Soviet defector in early 1980s who presented high level papers establishing this collusion. Sorry I don’t immediately recall the defectors name. But I don’t think the USA msm ever addressed this nor any leading politicians or historians in USA or Europe. And the actor to foist this upon all was Gorbachev

    • Replies: @Alfred
  18. Alfred says:

    The London Times no less has come out with this article and photo:

    Scientists say virus as deadly as ebola for hospital victims

    I was very lucky to go to an exclusive private English school in the 1960’s. We had a course called “Use of English” which was most useful. We were taught how to recognize propaganda. Sadly, the same school now has courses on the Holohoax. Such a great decline in 50 years. 🙁

  19. Alfred says:

    Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think …

    That is really funny. The internet in Russia and Moscow is vastly faster than in the USA. Doubtless they will install 5G ahead of the USA. Their internet costs around \$10 per month.

    The Jew York Times will never give up its crusade against Russia – the only Christian country still standing. The country where dual nationals and those who send their kids abroad are being excluded from politics and the administration.

  20. @obwandiyag

    I notice nobody ever asks, “What the fuck do we need 5G for?”

    Because it’s obvious to anyone who’s not a Luddite.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @Curmudgeon
  21. @JasonT

    See my comment 9. The answer. In the ancient Athenian democracy that gave us the word the general assembly was all citizens but there was also the executive chamber of government whose members were elected by lot, or selected by lotteries in every district from the ordinary citizens there. Solves the problem. Democracy. The rule of the ordinary people, not the plutocracy.

    • Replies: @JasonT
  22. Flubber says:

    Climate change?

    FFS Climate change is a scam to enable the rich to steal from the poor.

    Its all based on models which predict dire outcomes, but never actually match reality – sound familiar?

  23. @obwandiyag

    5g will allow self driving cars. Near real time remote control of drones, machinery etc without lag. Main point is without lag. Which has huge economic n military uses. It is why USA is foaming at the mouth trying to delayed huawei dominance in 5G.

  24. Sasha says:

    Stupid people drool at the possibility of smart homes.

  25. Vojkan says:

    Regarding 5G, I believe that to keep your business running, it is a very bad idea to kill your clients. On the other hand, it is a good idea to know your clients. It may be that government and corporations have seized the opportunity to “know their clients” with a bit too much enthusiasm.
    5G is 4G on steroids. Behind the promise of faster download of your favourite Hollywood [email protected] while you commute is the reality of collection and processing of a greater amount of personal data. 5G is the surveillance state’s dream finally come true. There’s no need to implant subcutaneous RFID devices with short range that can tell very little of your habits unbeknown to you when staring at a smartphone screen all the time tell them all of your own volition.
    As for whether our rulers are reptiles or humans, behind their human appearance, they do have character traits that are common features of reptiles.

  26. Ghali says:

    Well, just like all the others who pretend to be impartial, the author seems to lean towards the mainstream narrative which is utterly misleading.

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  27. Exile says:

    With the exception of the “global warming – science is settled” section, this is a good read for those of us who don’t care to over-invest in any of the latest fashionable narratives and theories. I broadly agree with the author that we’re still too far into the trees to meaningfully describe the forest. That’s going to take time, sorting of information and perspective that we don’t yet have.

  28. cranc says:

    Nonetheless, we have got a sense from these online debates, reinforced by events in the non-virtual world, that our politicians do not always tell the truth, that money – rather than the public interest – sometimes wins out in decision-making processes, and that our elites may be little better equipped than us – aside from their expensive educations – to run our societies.

    I consider myself to be in esteemed company when I say it’s much more than that. It is that darn near everything of significance in ‘the general narrative’ about our political past and present is either a straightforward lie, or is distorted beyond all recognition of truth. It is a problem of our education systems and our mass entertainment industries as much as it is of our political and media systems.
    The Left’s strict adherence to ‘systemic analyses’ falls short here though, in that if one applies a critical stance to all political history consistently, then one has to examine the Second World War as an excersize in propaganda and distorted history. This, of course leads one to questions that are simply beyond the pale for anyone on the Left even to ask. It leads one to question the metanarrative which underlies our entire society to this day.
    I admire writers like Cook or Caitlin Johnstone for their input on the subject of ‘questioning the media’. However, the facts are the facts, and media ownership and control, as well as influence in the cultural industries, as well as ideological influence in the realms of academia, intelligence and secret societies does have a religio-ethnic slant. Because the Left wish this were not so, they deny the facts. They cannot respond to the facts except with perjorative dismissal, even though this is not working anymore in the age of the internet. This is why attempts from the Left to redress the more general imbalance of economic and political power have failed.

  29. @Beb

    Bloomberg could have mailed every American man woman and child a check for \$1 million and he’d have spent far less.

  30. Parfois1 says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Using a random number generator to elect reps would be better and vastly cheaper. There’d be no lobbies, no career politicians, and those picked by chance off the street would be as competant as the present …

    Indeed, but what you propose is democratic and that is not allowed in our representative “democracies” where political power rests with the professional political class known as the apparatchiks.

    Someone wisely coined the saying long ago: “You can have capitalism or you can have democracy, but you can’t have both”.

    Much earlier Plato said that in a true democracy anyone who wanted to be a ruler should be disqualified from being a candidate for rulership.

  31. Parfois1 says:

    You have a good compass for guidance through the lexicon. Well spotted!

    Anyway, don’t miss the forest for the (faulty) trees. The message is what matters, and that should not be missed.

  32. I do not suffer from the problem otherwise quite accurately identified by Mr. Cook.

    I have developed my cognitive processes in accordance with the principle of logic that a single legitimate view or fact that exposes a fraud completely dominates and displaces all others that do not.

    In terms of shared mass exposure, the closest thing to it was on all those episodes of the original Star Trek tv-series and its various spin-off series that ended with the words or to the effect “Computer! End program!” when some logical glitch in a given deception causes the characters to realize that they are necessarily in some wholly staged reality.

    The masses, however, have since been conditioned to not see such phenomena, or if they do, then to simply move on while dismissing it as an anomaly.

    As a simple and obvious example, consider the following from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website advising Canadians on the high cost of payday-loans ( website, Payday Loans: Short-term money at a hefty price. October 4, 2006) (in material part):

    How much do payday loans cost?

    They are the most expensive legal way to borrow money
    Typically, you can expect to pay up to \$100 in interest and fees for a \$300 payday loan. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada says that amounts to an effective annual interest rate of 435 per cent on a 14-day loan.

    But the interest rate objectively defined by that transaction is just over 180,000% per annum (180,754%). It is a fairly simple calculation and easily verifiable.

    There are certain world-altering questions which follow from the fact of it:

    1. How is it possible that the people who operate a Financial Consumer (Protection) Agency cannot tell the difference between 435% and 180,000%?

    2. Who funds the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada?

    3. What are the consequences of a general population rendered so mathematically illiterate that they are oblivious to the fact that the number “435%” cannot possibly be right?

    4. What is the significance of the fact that the methodology employed in Canada (and the US) to arrive at the number “435%” has been prohibited as criminal fraud in the UK since 1974?

    5. What is the significance of the fact that in the UK creditors immediately switched to using illegal nominal loan-fees to again radically misrepresent the real rate after their fraudulent calculation method was banned in 1974?

    The reason the entrenched-money-power has gone into panic-damage-control-mode is because they (like their ancestors) have come to dominate the world by telling materially different lies in different parts of the world to adapt to local circumstances. The very complexity of it meant that no single human could unravel the truth within the confines of a single lifetime.

    But they failed to anticipate, in the early 1990’s, that the then nascent Internet would allow people all over the world to compare notes and discover how throughly and systematically we have all been robbed over the past four centuries.

    By total amount, based on the stated and agreed interest rates, and all the payments as made in fact, all the debt in the world has been paid off several times over just since 1974 when the fraudulent methodology still being used by 80% of all financial institutions globally was banned as criminal fraud in the UK.

    And that particular fraud is itself merely evocative of the last scene in the first Indiana Jones movie when the wooden crate containing the Ark of the Covenant is put into a vast warehouse of similar wooden boxes with similar world-changing implications.

    In just the maximum five minutes that it took you to read this comment, for example, the world’s private banks skimmed the USD-equivalent of over \$10 million in “administrative charges” on credit-charge-debit-card transactions (about \$1 trillion per year (\$1,000,000,000,000)) globally. It goes on 24/7.

    The moment even one of those boxes is opened they are dead in the water – and they know it.

    Quite the dilemma. Thank G*d for the coronavirus.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  33. @obwandiyag

    That’s a darn good question, especially since I was doing fine with whatever we had before 4g.
    I didn’t use the internet so much then & got used to mobile reception being reliably unreliable.
    However I think the real applications for 5G are military: if “empire A” has a drone (or AI software in a plane or tank) which is up against similar AI from “country C”, then who will win will come down to the fastest programming.

    As for the “space lizard theory”, well that is looking increasingly plausible each day, in metaphor at least.
    We already know that our leaders speak with forked tongue.
    “Vampires” is far more accurate though, almost literal.
    Hasran Nasrallah even alluded to this in his latest speech:
    “day after day, it is shown that this man (Trump) is racist, and that he is not part of the human race. I’m starting to believe that there are space beings (devoid of any ounce of humanity) among us, and that Trump is one of them.”

  34. @schnellandine

    uh… orient≠orientate

    Cook is from England; hence, the syntax.

  35. Alfred says:

    I have no proof, but I suspect that Chernobyl was sabotaged by the Americans. It would have been too easy to do so. The fact that Chernobyl is almost on the Russian border and the closest reactor to Kiev is a giveaway IMHO.

    The CIA certainly had the means, motive and opportunity. Ukraine is a poor country. The Americans paid the guy who assassinated the leader of independence in Donetsk \$3000. Of course, he spent the money on alcohol so he was doubly stupid.

    I Know Who Killed Aleksandr Zakharchenko

    • Replies: @Popeye
    , @Anonymous
  36. The word conspiracy was invented to label anyone who questions or challenges falsehood based on facts. These people operate by way of deception. We are all born with inner concious but some of us end up selling our souls to gain worldly benefits. The Creator of Heavens and Earth warns us not to sell our souls at the expense of hereafter. Unfortunately, many do not believe in the Creator of heavens and Earth, Judgement day or Hell and Heaven so they continue living their lives of deceit and lies despite the facts all around them.

    Heed the warnings or ignore at your own peril. Find the purpose of life!

  37. Pft says:

    The answer is obvious. They need it for AI/robotics and total control over the little people. Also the health affects depress the immune system and increase cancer so it helps the depopulation agenda (hence the need for AI/robotics) . I imagine the elite have figured out a way to minimize their exposure

    Nobody in the media asks the tough questions because they are totally controlled. This includes MSM and most of alt media.

    We are basically pfffft

  38. Kim says:

    After 8:00 Kerry Lutz and Gordon T. Long discuss loss of faith in the government and PPP-related fraud.

  39. Kim says:

    Mr. Cook has a penetrating insight and, speaks the truth. It is beyond time for we, the 99.99%, to wrest control from the 0.01% who wish to be our slave masters.

    The use of “we” here is incorrect. What you meant to say is

    Mr. Cook has a penetrating insight and, speaks the truth. It is beyond time for US, the 99.99%, to wrest control from the 0.01% who wish to be our slave masters.

    Any noun phase/pronoun that follows a preposition (to, for, in, of, on, between, including, etc) is – by definition – an object noun phrase/pronoun. “For” is a preposition. Thus any noun phrase/pronoun that follows “for” must be in the object form (in this example, “us”, not “we”).

    This is the same as when we say “between/including/apart from you and me” . We do not say “between/including/apart from you and I”.

    To repeat, prepositions are followed by objects. Always.

    The basic logical/grammatical issue is that the finite (time-marked) verb in any clause requires one but only one subject (noun phrase/pronoun). In the clause “It is beyond time for us” the finite verb is “is” and the subject of that finite verb is the pronoun/nounphrase “It”.

  40. Bro43rd says:

    I was nodding in agreement right up to the climate change part, what baloney! I could be convinced of impending environmental catastrophe. But climate change is just another ruse to facilitate wealth transfer from common people to the elite. It allows the ptb to transfer blame to the people, rather than the mega-corps they own that are mainly responsible for the environmental destruction.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  41. We can start with the 9/11 … even if the Saudis had been brainwashed by the Mossad and the CIA, they did fly two planes into the Twin Towers, therefore, we must bomb Saudi Arabia back to the stone age.

    And if Israel was involved then the country should be disbanded and Jewish inhabitants dispersed throughout the world with only clothes on their backs.

    For if the CIA was involved then the agency should be closed down with no one directly involved getting any retirement benefits after hard time served for the crime.

    Now let’s take the next event…

  42. Agent76 says:


    April 7, 2020 Look Out for 5G Towers Being Installed Around Schools

    But in the United States, cell phone companies are working feverishly to produce 5G capable cell phones and install antennas nationwide as quickly as possible.

    Apr 16, 2020 Dr. Ron Paul Interview: Bill Gates & Tony Fauci Are Determined To Run The World by Vaccines

    Dr. Paul and Spiro discuss the current coronavirus crisis and the political, social and economic fallout effecting millions of Americans, as people begin to display resistance to the government lockdown response.

    Sep 11, 2013 9/11 In A Nutshell

    James Corbett presents this 5 minute parody of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11

    2.3 TRillion Dollars Missing from DOD Day before 9/11/ 2001

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2001 Defense Business Practices

    Secretary Rumsfeld and other officials talked with reporters about the need to refine the Defense Department’s business practices. An opening ceremony will kick off Acquisition and Logistics Excellence Week. They answered questions from members of the media

  43. Emslander says:

    the refusal by western governments and global institutions to take any leadership on tackling climate change, as not only the science but the weather itself has made the urgency of that emergency clear, because it would mean taking on their corporate sponsors;

    Seemed like a good article until that.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Alfred, Vojkan
  44. @gay troll

    Incredibly, the BBC reported this collapse before it happened. This has been labeled an innocent mistake, but how do you mistakenly report something that is widely considered to be physically impossible before it actually happens?

    Ehud Barak had dropped by the BBC headquarters in London to provide the prepared narrative (anchor) and thereby framed the desired perception for reporters and the the population to subsume: You must now prepare to go to war against “the terrorists” on behalf of the Jewish people and thereby destroy the countries surrounding Israel. While he was there he provided the heads with the playbook for that day and probably monitored developments together, so they were made to become minor co-conspirators.

    The BBC reported the collapse twenty minutes before it occurred. This discrepancy likely arose from the fact that there was a delay between the detonation of the nuclear device that had been placed far below the bottom of the building, surrounded by bedrock, and the subsequent eruption of molten and vaporized rock at the surface from below. When this would occur was not precisely predictable in advance, so in that sense it was not a completely controlled demolition, as occurs when only conventional explosives are used to collapse the structures.

    In the other towers the initial denotations occurred at the time of impacts by the jet aircraft that flew into them; the latency periods until their collapses, due to eruptions from below, were not identical. (Note the pictures of WTC 1 and WTC 2 from helicopters above clearly show the upward and outward ejections, like water fountains or volcanic eruptions.)

    The BBC reporter on the ground was likely informed from her boss higher up, in London; that person was probably told that the detonation had occurred but did not understand – or was not told – the details. The BBC people in London would not have been able to visually see that what they presumed had already occurred actually had not happened yet. So quite correctly, it was indeed an “innocent mistake“.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @santamona
  45. JasonT says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    You did not understand my question. The question is not about the theoretical underpinnings and structure of a democracy. My questions is how do ordinary people implement such a structure in the face of a plutocracy that controls the organized means of violence (police and military). Any real attempt by ordinary people will be ruthlessly and violently squashed.

  46. anon[515] • Disclaimer says:

    Government and big money seem to have formed a nexus, dominated by a very small number of people, who seem to be at war with us.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  47. A4 says:

    Thanks for a synoptic survey of our discredited state indoctrination apparat.

    One objection: “Trust nothing at all” is somewhat hyperbolic. Disillusion hasn’t left a vacuum. The world outside the US iron curtain has a fully developed alternative to US statist Juche.

    It’s particularly apparent in the domain of war (e.g. or ) and commercial predation (e.g. ) but it’s more consistent, coherent, and complete than anything the US has to offer. For decades the US has been voting no all alone in the UNGA as the civilized world leaves it behind. The outside world even tried to help us Western bloc propaganda victims with UNESCO’s Macbride report. The US has been struggling to keep us ignorant of the outside world’s consensus but it’s a losing battle.

  48. AaronInMVD says: • Website

    I did. Life is good, but it was a bit boring before. A bit more boring now that everyone else seems to be sheltering in place of their own volition.

    I don’t know how close Maine can come to the Uruguay vibe, but here are a few points for the checklist:

    1. Do they speak the local language in an accent that makes them unintelligible to other speakers of the language?

    2. Are the ingredients that go into food of the most strictly excellent quality while restaurant dining is nothing special because the locals only do the most boring things possible with those ingredients?

    3. Does the air quality in the city drop noticeably in winter because residents of “the city”(pop. 1.5 million) in large part heat their homes with wood fired stoves?

    4. Do densely populated areas still manage to feel overwhelmingly rural while walking through the canyons bounded by uniformly 10-12 floor apartment towers?

    There are plenty of other points, but these are some that “International Living” and the other expat information guides/swindlers tend to leave out.

    • Thanks: SafeNow
    • Replies: @Sunshine
  49. Ko says:

    Well, sir, you said, you warned your readers that, “…only a crazy tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist sympathiser would refuse to make their views known on such matters.”

    And you proclaimed, “Sounds like a fantastical, improbable system of government? It has a name: democracy. Maybe it is time for us finally to give it a go.”

    It looks like you are a crazy tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.



  50. Gyre07 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Assuming he’s even motivated by a desire to make America a better Constitutional Republic, Trump is a salesman first and foremost. As a former pharmaceutical rep I am well aware that most salesmen are suckers for most sales pitches as an intrinsic part of their personalities. So as I watch Trump being manipulated continuously by a variety of slick and confident grifters inhabiting the world stage with their multitude of transparent agendas I can only go, “that figures”. I mean, he’s basically just a more alpha version of GW Bush, so the fact that we haven’t gone full gonzo yet on another nation is something of a miracle. Instead he’s waging war by collapsing economies he views as competitors OR those of countries he wants to invade to steal natural resources from. As for the health of America, we’re fucked. Our economy is based on the wet dream of sycophants like Mnuchin who barely escaped prison for his games in the wake of devastation of the subprime loan disaster on 2008, and neoliberals who are much better at playing him then the opposite. So he’s a puppet for Wall Street AND a closet neocon. Would the demonstrably senile Biden be any better? Not a chance, so once again the majority of Americans are left with a sham election whereby two flavors of the same shit are what’s being fed to us.

  51. Sparkon says:

    The BBC reported the collapse twenty minutes before it occurred. This discrepancy likely arose from the fact that there was a delay between the detonation of the nuclear device that had been placed far below the bottom of the building, surrounded by bedrock, and the subsequent eruption of molten and vaporized rock at the surface from below. When this would occur was not precisely predictable in advance, so in that sense it was not a completely controlled demolition, as occurs when only conventional explosives are used to collapse the structures.

    Complete rubbish. Your fanciful special pleading does not comport with the known facts.

    WTC Building 7 fell into its own footprint on 9/11 because it was destroyed by a conventional controlled demolition that resulted in a several-story debris heap right where the building had stood. Both the video of WTC 7’s demolition, and the subsequent photographs of the debris heap in Bldg. 7’s footprint refute your laughable fantasy.

    Image: Acid Rayn

    By contrast, WTC 1 and WTC 2 did not fall into their respective footprints on 9/11 as they were blown apart from the top down with building debris and structural elements scattered widely in and around the WTC site. There were no debris heaps where the Twin Towers had stood, but there was significant damage to surrounding property by debris ejected laterally during the demolitions.

    Note the external box column sections from WTC 1 protruding from one of the World Financial Center buildings up around its 20th floor, and the great number of these sections lying around the Winter Garden Atrium, giving vivid and irrefutable testimony to the fact that debris from the destruction of the Twin Towers was ejected well beyond the WTC site.

    The 110-story Twin Towers used a novel tube-within-a-tube design where both tubes provided support in the form of the internal central core, and the cage-like external box columns. The novel construction of the Twin Towers, combined with their extreme height, suggest that some novel method for their demolition would have been employed, and top down would prevent any untoward toppling of the tall structures during demolition, as things do not always go exactly as planned, especially the first time they are tried.

    When they were proposed in the mid-1960s, there was no need for even one of the massive towers in lower Manhattan, as there was abundant vacant office space available there at the time, but between the Rockefeller brothers and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, two of the massive, entirely unnecessary towers were built, thus doubling the amount of vacant office space in Manhattan.

    Getting back to Bldg. 7, some think that Flt. 93 was supposed to have crashed into WTC 7, thus providing a plausible explanation for the building’s subsequent collapse, but since the videos of UA 175 crashing into WTC 2 are demonstrable fakes, I suggest that there was a failure to broadcast the planned fake images of Flt. 93 crashing into Bldg. 7 on 9/11, possibly because some unknown party pulled the plug on it.

    Whatever the case, NYC firemen have reported that Mayor Giuliani and his fire chief were in Bldg. 7 for some time on 9/11, and emerged from the building only just before its destruction.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  52. @Ghali

    He even adduces a BBC programme! A programme, incidentally, that presented as fact the opinions of undisclosed shills for his beloved Labour Party.

  53. santamona says:

    between the detonation of the nuclear device that had been placed far below the bottom of the building

    Poisoning the well with BS. lol.

    It works like this: quote a string of plausible facts, then ruin the whole proposition with a ridiculous whopper, designed to make the whole spiel look like loony tunes. They do it all the time.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  54. @anon

    Government and big money seem to have formed a nexus, dominated by a very small number of people, who seem to be at war with us.

    I seem to agree.

  55. @obwandiyag

    I would add the question of, “What the f**k do we need social media for?”.

    Social media produces no value except for people to jibber-jabber all day long.

    The fallacy in Cook’s argument is that social media is not an area of critical thinking to any extent so any curbs on it, I am all for. It doesn’t do anything to really bring people together and the majority of data on such sites is pure garbage.

    As to a new, more robust media; we have that to an extent such as right here with the Unz Review or even The American Conservative. Calling for more will not make the situation any better…

    Johnathan Cook, though his observations are very sound, basically calls for the same old, same old just as activists always call for new movements to develop.

    We don’t need more, we need less. And every person around the world should be focused on getting rid of our decrepit governments instead of focusing on individual issues when we no longer have the political mechanisms in place to resolve them. Doing so wastes resources, energy, and in the end has been nothing but a big waste of time. The poor records of such movements makes on wonder when they come calling for donations if they are nothing more than scams.

    Ask yourself what major correction to society has any recent, major movement ever produced?

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  56. Anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    How? The answer to that has become obvious, and was in fact generally known decades ago, at least as a metaphor:

    This will later be referred to by historians as “Those fortunate events that brought about our present dominance”.

  57. Yawrate says:

    To end up with the ubiquitous surveillance of something like the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report.

    And everything else the other comments address.

  58. @Felix Krull

    The opposite of Luddite is cretin.

    • Replies: @Herald
  59. Yawrate says:

    Yep, nearly everyone qualified to work within the administration is part of the bureaucracy already.

    How many people on Trump’s team are really with him? Two or three perhaps?

  60. @obwandiyag

    It can help with allowing doctors to do remote surgeries without lag. Say someone needed brain surgery in New York, but the best brain surgeon lived in LA. The doctor could potentially be performing the surgery from LA on the patient all the way in NY.

    I’m sure there are other interesting applications. People need to understand that 5G is a tool. Just like a hammer can be used by a person to build or destroy things, so too can 5G be used for good and for bad things. The hammer itself is useless without the person controlling it and the same applies to 5G.

  61. @gay troll

    is a crypto Nazi power structure using mind control tactics to control the American people.

    If it were really a crypto Nazi power structure, the Federal Reserve would have been dismantled, there would be full employment, and GMOs prohibited.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  62. @obwandiyag

    Methinks you missed the point of the article…

  63. Popeye says:

    Thanks. Hadn’t heard it could be contract killing

  64. Iva says:

    If The Atlantic says China was right, US was wrong on freedom, does it means globalists will set up Chnese system in the US?????

  65. @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Bloomberg could have mailed every American man woman and child a check for \$1 million and he’d have spent far less.

    I’d like to see an IQ test where the only requirement is to ask a single question of you upon posting that statement, to elicit from you an answer from which it may be determined accurately whether you were serious. I’d fail, obviously.

    If ironic, unfunny. If sincere, WTF are you doing at UR?

  66. Herald says:

    The opposite of Luddite is cretin.

    And of course cretins are highly expendable .

  67. While I trust government and corporations about as far as I can throw them, the 5G canard needs some scientific input: There is ionizing radiation (damaging) and non-ionizing radiation (non-damaging). Electromagnetic fields (EMF radiation) above high frequency ultraviolet (UV), as is visible light, are non-ionizing. Visible light is higher in frequency and energy than microwaves, where 5G is, by a magnitude of at least 4, or 10,000 times.

    The amount of energy in EMF is directly proportional to its frequency. Visible light is in the range of terahertz, TRILLIONS of cycles per second, versus microwaves’ gigahertz, BILLIONS of cycles per second. If one were to assume all EMF is ionizing/damaging radiation, visible light should be 10,000 times more damaging than microwaves. From an ionizing/damaging radiation point of view, 5G is not a threat.

    However, EMF energy can induce resonance heating effects in certain types of matter. Most matter will heat up because of resonance heating under EMF infrared (IR) light, as will water when subject to high powered and concentrated microwaves (microwave ovens). So there could be unforeseen 5G resonate heating effects that could possibly cause harm to lifeforms, people (cataracts?). But that would be unlikely, as EMF intensity falls off with the inverse of the square of the distance from the transmitter. i.e. quickly. And 5G transmitters are typically 20 watts, much less than a typical microwave’s 1,000 watts. A 5G tower transmitter’s power at 100 meters distance would be one-ten-thousandth of 20 watts in strength.

    My personal belief is that this 5G canard is the HAARP of today. One of a few diversionary propaganda topics that the tyranny utilizes to distract and split people on issues that should be more important than 5G towers or “weather changing” HAARP installations.

    That statement is based upon many years of observing on numerous occasions that every time the masses began to question some of the details surrounding the 9/11 false-flag, the tyranny would whip out the HAARP and other canards. With the Apollo fraud, they roll out the “flat Earth” canard. And today it seems to be 5G (and their perennial favorite, UFOs) to prevent questions about the tyranny’s use of another virus-boogeyman to cover over our plundered to the bone economy. Unless one believes that in the middle of the current strife all of a sudden 5G became a huge interest of the people?!

    I am not attacking those that have concerns about 5G, believe that HAARP weather control is real, have an interest in UFOs, or hold that the Earth is flat–more power to them. I am only pointing out that the tyranny is prone to throw resources at propagandizing such topics so as to divert the people’s attentions away from more important issues surrounding the tyranny’s behavior. i.e. if one is debating today 5G, they’re not inquiring as to who and how our economy was plundered or why the US Tyranny is reporting “infection” and “death” rates that are much, much, higher than in places like impoverished, dirty, and crowded India, Africa, Mexico City, the Philippines, etc.

    Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Alfred
    • Thanks: Parfois1
  68. archeon says:

    Now that might be the most thoughtful article I have read so far this year. Journalists like experts and politicians will always be bought by the one percent so the conclusion will not work nor will the genie of the internet be put back in the bottle .
    What an interesting time to be alive.

  69. Emily says:

    Until the American people demand electoral reform – you ain’t going nowhere.
    You need another party and you need to vote for it.
    Stuff the neo lib or neo lib or neo lib – of the existing choice.
    You have a two headed hydra – in reality a one party state.
    Financed and controlled by puppet masters.
    The democracy in the US is a total sham
    A fraud and farce.
    And you need fair voting.
    Used by most democracies – PR – Proportional Representation.
    Where votes mean seats.
    A Ron Paul party would be a dream.
    But until America gets off its fat bots and seriously acts to become a democratic state – you are getting what you continue to vote for.
    Greed, corruption and elite rule – bought and paid for in the House and Senate down.
    Nothing but a puppet, pawn and tax collector for another foreign power.
    And you dare to mass murder and bomb in the name of ‘regime change’ and democracy to create your vile rule of law across the planet
    Gross, an abomination – a facist state.

    • Agree: Herald
  70. @Mary Marianne

    It can help with allowing doctors to do remote surgeries without lag.

    Such surgeries could be done without 5G, probably more reliably. In cities where it’s easy to run optic cable throughout, 5G in surgeries is excrescencial (new adjective).

    Generally, some things I’d like to see with the rah-rah-let’s-go 5Gism:
    – Open acknowledgment that they have no idea whether 5G will be harmful long term. Nobody knows, because it’s impossible to test. We will be the test subjects.
    – Abandonment of the “5G has trouble going into buildings, so what are you worried about” fallacy. It’s 5G’s poor transmission that makes it potentially dangerous, because it requires higher signal power and more cells, so more people will be closer to cell.

    Assume 4G is dangerous at dosage x. The 4G tower is stronger at tower, but can serve many more people in the lesser zones; requires less gradient per mile to be useful.

    5G, however, falls off rapidly and requires nearby towers for all, thus people placed in service area can easily be in areas where signals stronger than need to be (even if power reduced for nearby specific transmissions). Haven’t seen anyone discuss this, though looked for a while.

    – Last, though I’ve seen many people swear that even high-band 5G can’t harm humans (usually based on anecdotal exposure to <~5GHz), what about animals that are essential to our lives?

    Proponents of 5G force should live in near-constant high exposure to a wide range of 5G bands for at least ~4 years before it's placed in our lives. I want them overdosed with these "safe" doses, converting them to coal-mine-canary corollaries.

    People need to understand that 5G is a tool.

    And wolverines = house pets?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  71. Sunshine says:

    Thank you for this article! I am an “anti-vaxxer” (and general conspiracy theorist) for many reasons. I’m not here to debate my position and really, anyone is entitled to their opinion on my choices, as long as they realize they don’t have the right to tell me what I should do with my, or my family’s, bodies. The endless name calling, lies and attempted manipulation from doctors, certainly haven’t made me any more open to doing what they deem “best” for me or my family.

    My point is, that when I have explained this issue to people, I rarely even want to discuss the vaccine aspect. The real issue, that they fail to even grasp, is the fact that so many people have zero trust in some/most or all of the “educated experts and institutions”. It manifests itself in many ways, but at the base, it all boils down to widespread distrust in the people in power. And this is all their doing, 100%. They’ve acted in bad faith for decades, yet they expect us to continue to fall in line! It’s insane.

    Unfortunately, most normies still refuse to even listen. I have come to believe that only a few people are able or willing to “go against the herd” so to speak. I’m sure the elites use this to their advantage. Propaganda is a powerful thing, just ask Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Bernays. Can they be taught to think for themselves? Consider the evidence, and come to their own conclusion? I doubt it. I don’t even care what conclusions they reach, just as long as they do their own research. Sadly that appears to be a pipe dream. I’m always amazed at what people go along with, though. Even when it’s in their absolute worst interest.

  72. Sunshine says:

    I don’t know if it’s allowed here (off topic) but I would love to hear about your life in Uruguay. I have long wanted to go there and check it out. I’ve tried to convince my husband it would be a good place to investigate if we decide to be expats. It’s either there or somewhere like Russia or the Caucasus, and I don’t want to be cold. I’ve really liked the pictures I’ve seen of Rocha, along the coast towards Brazil. I have no interest in Montevideo or urban living as I live rural now and loathe cities. Do you have any insights or know any good blogs or websites that tell it like it is? I’d appreciate it!

  73. Even if it was possible (which is not), I’m not sure why there’s a need in a New Media
    and New Experts to see things as they are NOW. It’s like thinking of replacing car’s
    dashboard when its engine is on fire.
    No one with IQ above XX doesn’t trust the mainstream media and mainstream
    experts anyway. On the contrary, knowing how they operate, by reversing/decoding
    what they say and comparing it with alternative media and experts one can have
    more or less clear picture of reality. lol

  74. RodW says:

    But Mr Cook, if we want to wrest back control of our lives, we’ll need the freedom of speech to say the obvious without being shouted down as ‘anti Semitic’. Are you ok with that? Going through a Labour Party style purge of Wrong Think will defeat the democracy you long for. You really need to address this question urgently.

  75. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    You are correct on the grammar.

    But I thought the author forsook grammar for style, to make readers think of the words of the Preamble, “We, the people.”

  76. Johan says:

    “Sounds like a fantastical, improbable system of government? It has a name: democracy. Maybe it is time for us finally to give it a go.”

    It is amazing how philosophically and historically ignorant most of the writers on UNZ are. Perhaps, as a result of democracy, the dictatorship of mediocrity…

    The merchant class, (in Platonic terms, commercial or business class in modern parlance) is (should be) a lower class which in a democracy though grows like a cancer, also taking control. That this lower class can take control is a result of the equalizing force of our democracies, as democracy cannot rise to higher standards (due to the force of mass equalizing). Hence, our societies are obsessed with the lower things of life, hence consumerism, obsession with marketing, obsession with all what has to do with doing business. The wild growth and severely aggressive behaviour of the contemporary commercial class is a reflection of democratic values. Boys playing business, these are valued highly while for cultured and refined people, there is no use for them.

    The internet, which is the ultimate democratic publication system brings along with it that every fool’s theory, which normally did not get further than the coffee machine at the office, can now be thrown into the public space, instead of it evaporating into nothing locally… it gets distributed world wide. Every fool now has a podium with which he can spread his foolishness world wide, of course this cannot be tolerated. So the authorities are forced to limit it, and they then limit just that which they do not happen to like, what does not play into their hands.

    The conspiracy theorists, they are mostly low brows by the way, typical low brow paranoia of elites, it is always elites who have done it, who are bad, sabotaging the peoples utopia, called ‘democracy’.
    The people are angels, the elites are bad.. It smacks like the stupidity of a severe lack of self reflection, like self-satisfied democratic mass man lacks. Nevertheless, since historical elites are almost all sidetracked during the phase of democracy, overruled by mass man, the rest being by now degenerated, due to mass man system, these ‘bad’ elites today consist of men emerging from mass man himself, socially upward rising mass man.

    Paranoia contemporary mass man must be history’s most ridiculous and ignorant fool, wining about his democracy all the time, like a child who’s toy, ‘democracy’ is slowly taken away, like a child unwilling to grow up. Democracies never last, and ours are not gonna last into the next century, if they even make it half way this one. And, those who have gained the most power through democracy, are going to end it, as it is has been about power for a lot of people in the first place. Why should the newly formed powers give it away to that stubborn cow called mass man, the multitude, as if they have some holy right as a majority? Who says so? Nay, intelligence wins, good or bad, that’s evolution, mass man, the governor in a democracy, is a stationary being, an obstacle to evolution, a painstakingly slow snail. In a better world love and intelligence may win, but neither the holy cow mass man the majority nor the contemporary elites have love.

    Time to finally make an end to the ‘bludgeoning of the people by the people, for the people’, which is democracy, and then we will see where things will be heading. This wining about democracy not being democracy is what all parties in a democracy do, when they do not get their way.. until they get their way…

    • Agree: Mefobills
  77. @Kim

    Kim is correct, except for his last sentence. Ask yourself what the pronoun”it” stands for/refers to. The answer is that it refers to/stands for the noun phrase “for US, the 99.99%, to wrest control from the 0.01% who wish to be our slave masters.” That is the subject of the sentence, i.e. that about which something is being said/predicated — not “it.” So, the subject+verb+predicate sentence structure is this:

    [ subject noun phrase ………………………………………………………………………………………….]
    for US, the 99.99%, to wrest control from the 0.01% who wish to be our slave masters


    beyond time.

    • Replies: @Kim
  78. @Kim

    The use of “we” here is incorrect.

    Or his insertion of commas, in what he intended as an elliptical rendering of “we who are the 99.99%”, was incorrect, rendering nugatory, if not inaccurate, your ludicrous schoolmarm speech—a repeat performance if I recall correctly.

    Beyond the comparative triviality of that is the disgrace of you bleating, “What you meant to say is”. <<< [correct, superior punctuation, proscriber.]

    Good lord, give yourself a gold star and a pedantema, then call it a career.

    • Replies: @Kim
  79. @Sparkon

    WTC Building 7 fell into its own footprint on 9/11 because it was destroyed by a conventional controlled demolition that resulted in a several-story debris heap right where the building had stood.

    The effects of a nuclear device do not rule out the use of conventional explosives. What made you think it was this or that but not both?

    How do you explain that mushroom cloud that was in evidence after Building 7 came down? You need to catch up on your reading.

    Try this site:

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  80. Mefobills says:

    Johnathan Cook (the author) does a good job on the need for a truthful press, and then neatly pivots to democracy? Logical Fallacy

    Sounds like a fantastical, improbable system of government? It has a name: democracy. Maybe it is time for us finally to give it a go.

    We gave it a go. A free press is only one variable. You are not serious if you leave money out of account. Or, the pathological desire of some people and in-groups to self aggrandize.

    Another variable is free markets, where predators are set free to take usury and rents.

    Quote from Tedore, Hitler’s revolution, pg.19

    Hitler argued that the absence of sufficient state controls in a democracy enables the wealthy class to manipulate the economy, the press and elected representatives for its own gain. A widening gulf between poverty and affluence develops, gradually dragging the working class to ruin . Addressing Berlin armaments workers in December 1940, he claimed that the public’s voice in democratic systems is an illusion: “In these countries, money in fact rules. That ultimately means a group of a few hundred persons who possess enormous fortunes. As a result of the singular construction of the state, this group is more or less totally independent and free. . . . Free enterprise this group understands as the freedom not only to amass capital, but especially to use it freely; that is, free from state or national supervision.

  81. Mefobills says:

    Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted nearly 1000 years, and fell from outside forces, not internal contradictions. It didn’t have parties.

    How they dealt with debts and plutocracy, I don’t know.

    Democracy is one of the worst forms of government. Maybe with rank choice voting it might work, but even then I doubt it. Plutocrats will go about using their money for influence.

    Also, consider that it was only Kingdom’s and authoritarian type governments that had the strength and will to kick jews out, especially after Jews put house to house with usury. The native populations were losing both their countries and their livelihoods, as they found themselves dispossessed in the land of their birth.

    People that don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.

  82. Kim says:

    Ask yourself what the pronoun”it” stands for/refers to.

    In this case, the pronoun “it” doesn’t stand for or refer to anything. Rather, it is an example of what is sometimes called “Introductory it“. The function of introductory it is to push information in the sentence into a post-verb position where it is more in focus/emphasized.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  83. Kim says:

    Or his insertion of commas, in what he intended as an elliptical rendering of “we who are the 99.99%”, was incorrect, rendering nugatory, if not inaccurate, your ludicrous schoolmarm speech—a repeat performance if I recall correctly.

    1. I can’t see anything wrong with his use of commas in this case.

    2. “elliptical rendering”? Huh? How?

    3. I advise against the use of big words unless you know their meaning. Embarrassing.

    4. Is that spittle in the corner of your mouth?

    5. Repeat performance. Yes. And not only that, I am taking bows.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  84. Mefobills says:

    There is no need for 5G, except for maybe helping out self-driving cars. Even then Lidar and Cameras will improve.

    Within a factory you can use fiber, or repeaters for low latency.

    It is just a grab for money and an attempt of kick starting another demand cycle.

    Starlink isn’t a direct competitor, but will make a lot of inroads, possibly making 5G non-viable.

  85. gay troll says:

    You must keep in mind that Nazis were crypto Zionists.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  86. Sparkon says:

    What made you think it was this or that but not both?

    There was no need for both. Bldg. 7 had an entirely conventional, steel-framed construction. In the past, numerous controlled demolitions of high rise structures have been successfully accomplished using only conventional explosives. Why do you think subterranean nukes would have been required? It’s special pleading, and complete nonsense.

    Landmark Tower demolition, Ft. Worth, Texas, 2006

    When big buildings are blown apart and fall down, it creates a cloud of dust.

    Anyway, you are here trying with your wild fantasies to distract attention from BBC’s premature announcement of Bldg. 7’s demolition, which provides a neat clue that Bldg. 7 was supposed to have been knocked down earlier on 9/11, but the demolition was held up for some reason.

    The BBC in its ignorance, apparently not having gotten the word that things were running late, blithely plodded on reading from the prepared script, seemingly oblivious to the obvious fact that WTC 7 was clearly visible still standing in the background of BBC presenter Jane Standley’s report.

    Try as it might, the BBC has never been able to offer any convincing explanation for their boo-boo beyond blaming it on Reuters.

    Let’s not overlook the fact that Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II knighted Rudy Giuliani, and also gave dashing awards to his police and fire chiefs. The awards were announced on the very day a publicized gold recovery operation led by Mayor Giuliani took place to recover several hundred million dollars worth of gold bars stored in underground vaults beneath the largely destroyed WTC.

    How much gold was being stored beneath the WTC? Maybe it’s you who needs to do more reading.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  87. @Kim

    1. I can’t see anything wrong with his use of commas in this case.

    See below. You don’t understand.

    2. “elliptical rendering”? Huh? How?

    Classic; in schoolmarm world, ignorance or nonrecognition of a common linguistic concept proves one superior (see your #3) to another familiar with it. Easier, apparently, than searching for “‘elliptical rendering’ language” and finding that a detractor wasn’t talking gibberish. “How” was already provided.

    These are comments. They are not articles. Not dissertations. Advice: Now and then, insert or allow a deliberate typo/deviation in something you post. Good for the soul.

  88. @Kim

    I have to disagree. I’m familiar with the “introductory” use of the word “it,” but that’s merely a description of how it (i.e. “it” as a pronoun) is used (i.e. as a cataphoric pronoun), not its grammatical function.

  89. Vojkan says:
    @Mary Marianne

    I don’t know who told you that example but no. The distance between NYC and LA is ~4000 km. Light / electromagnetic waves travel at ~300000 km/s through vacuum. For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume light from LA can reach NYC in a straight line at the speed it travels through vacuum, it will take 4000 / 300000 = ~13 ms to go from one end to to the other. Now through 5G, simplified again, you have image of the patient capture, image compression, data encrypting, connexion and data transmission to the first tower, routing / transmission data through the network, data decrypting, image decompression and display, motion capture, motion data compression, data encrypting, data transmission to the first tower, through the network, data decrypting, data decompression, conversion of data into motion, that’s a lot more than 2×13 ms and a lot more than human brain lag when the surgeon is over the patient. You get the point. Brain surgery is not a video game or the latest brainless sh*t made in Hollywood. A drone strike through 5G maybe, firing a missile a few milliseconds off doesn’t make much of a difference. Brain surgery through 5G? No, thank you.

    • Agree: Poco
  90. @santamona

    “…ruin the whole proposition with a ridiculous whopper…”

    The collapsed WTC7 wreckage was merely four stories tall from the street level. That’s because a substantial part of that building and its contents vaporized due to extreme heat and then formed part of the ridiculously huge whopper of a mushroom cloud, 1.3 kilometers high, as was recorded in the following video image:

    Check out the details at the site I referenced on this thread a few hours ago.

    • Replies: @utu
  91. Every single environmental doomsday prediction of the last 70 years failed to come true.

    With a track record like that, how can we dispute “climate change” formerly known as “global warning” formerly known as “global cooling” will kill us all?

  92. @Sparkon

    In the past, numerous controlled demolitions of high rise structures have been successfully accomplished using only conventional explosives. Why do you think subterranean nukes would have been required?

    Who ever said that they were “required” in order to demolish a tall building? Nobody. You have merely presented a straw-man.

    However, what if you also wanted to:

    • create a sensational and shocking spectacle nobody would forget?
    • make a bold and unprecedented in-your-face power statement?
    • destroy all evidence of anything and anyone inside the building?
    • facilitate wreckage removal by vaporizing much of it into the air?

    Then a basic conventional demolition would be just so ho-hum by comparison.

    Note the image depicted with my comment #92, the effects of which indicates much more than a conventional demolition. That’s why they chose not to publicly flaunt images like that.

    The article you linked to about gold is very vague and relates to WTC4 – not WTC7.

    You have just presented us with a straw-man premise, simplistic or faulty reasoning, a flawed scientific understanding, and a thematic distraction.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Polemos
  93. @Priss Factor

    Trump was a frontman (like Steve Wynn) for the New York mob. While Wynn could never stay out of trouble, Trump performed his responsibilities so well, he got the ultimate frontman position.

  94. Sparkon says:


    The “bold and shocking spectacle nobody would forget” was already provided by the fake video of a 767 crashing into WTC 2, and the subsequent destruction of the Twin Towers on live TV.

    Those are the spectacular images from 9/11 that have stuck in peoples’ minds, not Bldg. 7, so this is just more ignorant babbling and special pleading on your part.

    In any event, the images of the debris heap from WTC 7 show nothing extraordinary or unexpected. There is absolutely no sign of any nuclear detonation in that rubble, but of course you may not believe your own lying eyes.

    Image: Acid Rayn

    I think it’s been estimated that every 12 stories of a demolished building create about one story of debris, so a four-story debris heap from a 47-story tower seems about right.

    Note that some parts of the building’s facade are neatly folded over the debris heap with glass still intact in some windows.

    So basically you’ve got nothing beyond your hand waving, but keep it up, you make a good straight man.

    As for the gold…

    “I know for a fact Bush, the Pope and other top Vatican and U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and help organize 9/11. They did it for many obvious reason, one being instigating the war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below in the Twin Towers.

    “My grandfather’s construction company built the Twin Towers and after it was completed, I know they went in and put in big underground vaults to house an enormous amount of gold which is now in Bush’s and Vatican hands in order to fund the war.”

    — Tony Gambino

  95. Poco says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    I don’t believe Bloomberg has 350 trillion dollars. He could have mailed everyone a dollar fifty perhaps.

  96. utu says:

    The collapsed WTC7 wreckage was merely four stories tall from the street level.

    Merely? How tall the wreckage should be? Did you try to do any calculations? No, so let me show you.

    Steel and concrete used to construct the building constituted 0.7% and 5% of building volume, respectively. So the material used to construct the building were less than 6% of its volume.

    When building is demolished on its own footprint then the wreckage will be not taller than 6% of the initial height. 70 floors can be folded into 4.5 floors which will depend on how tightly the debris is packed.

    One must remember that there were several levels underground that also were collapse and thus some debris went down below the street level.

    9/11 Nukeheads are useful idiots who fell for the disinformation operation.

  97. …was already provided by the fake video of a 767 crashing into WTC 2…

    Witnessed by tens of thousands of people on the ground, but according to you it must have just been their imagination. Why no fake videos of a 767flying into Building 7?

    You’re such a delusional crackpot that it’s almost funny to read how you make such a fool of yourself. Send my greetings to the space aliens when they abduct you.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  98. @utu

    9/11 Nukeheads are useful idiots who fell for the disinformation operation.

    There were too many peculiar phenomena in evidence prior to, during, and after the buildings collapsed, which cannot be explained by conventional demolitions. However, they are consistent with the effects of a nuclear device, placed well below the respective buildings, not in the basement.

    I like to take an analytical and scientific approach. The wreckage would have had to be somewhat higher because there are plenty of air gaps. Note all the ejected steam in the photo, much of it coming from the concrete, which was pulverized and became part of the pyroclastic debris cloud.

    What disinformation campaign are you alluding to? I am not aware of one pertaining to that topic, unlike others, such as no plane flew into south tower. On the contrary, the nuclear issue is barely ever mentioned, even avoided, and may be considered taboo for the common person to realize.

  99. aandrews says:


  100. @utu

    You wrote in October 11, 2018 (#2355):

    Let assume that 25% of concrete turned to dust and floated away.

    I will appreciate if somebody verify the arithmetic operations here.

    The issue is not the calculations but the many presumptions that had to be made. For instance, air volume within the packed debris or percentage of concrete that turned to dust.

    Concrete decomposition into steam and dust already entails very high temperatures. Molten iron and bedrock inside the cavities for weeks after buildings collapsed, even with lower autumn temperatures and water cooling from rain, entail long enduring hot temperatures that must have been coming from “somewhere”.

    Instead of performing debris density or heat transfer equations with many assumptions, in order to try to doubt a nuclear source, it is much easier to just look at recorded visual evidence and draw conclusions from that to prove the nuclear source of energy. The latter method is more credible too.

  101. Bradley says:

    Your toaster will be on online , so you can use it to program your ironing board.

  102. @Mary Marianne

    Yeah, right. Machine guns are a tool, too.

    There are 2 alternatives.

    1. Yeah, right, that’s gonna happen. I’ll be holding my breath.

    2. I can’t wait to see how doctors fuck up doing operations 3000 miles away when they already fuck up when they are right there. (Cf. Iatrogenic disease.)

  103. Parfois1 says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Ask yourself what major correction to society has any recent, major movement ever produced?

    Very good question – something one should keep etched in one’s mind and seek the answers for beyond the immediate “Nothing”, and then in turn asking “Why” and “What is to be done ?”, but that is too Leninesque for most’s taste (for sure Kim will detect the ellipsis!).

    I have no answer for the big question (What’s to be done?), but that answer requires first an indepth enquiry into society’s failure to challenge an ever-increasing totalitarian state hidden under the mantle of democracy. Society was lulled by the slogans engineered by the Freudian Public Relations industry like all other frauds from the quack and his nephew Bernays who taught “America” how to be taught (indoctrinated) by simple empty symbols such as freedom, indulgence and mental indolence. It is remarkable that last century started off with a wave of revolutionary fervour in most of Europe (not only in Russia) while the US was left untouched (the FBI took care of the few popular unrests) while the new XXI century was heralded by social and intellectual apathy. The people have been tamed and CoV-19 may have been another tool to drive home Bernays’s message.

  104. Sparkon says:

    You’re such a delusional crackpot that it’s almost funny to read how you make such a fool of yourself. Send my greetings to the space aliens when they abduct you.

    Space aliens? WTF are you babbling about now? It’s a classic case of the pot calling the teacup black.

    Here that’s notorious still frame from one of the fake 9/11 videos for the trash talking straight man

    Image: Michael Hezarkhani, 9/11/2001

    Affidavit from acclaimed pilot John Lear:

    No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors. Such crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted.

    Now you’ve run your mouth again “Witnessed by tens of thousands of people on the ground” but you produce not a single citation to back up your hot air.

    So go ahead, mr. big mouth, show me what you’ve got.

    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  105. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    The fact that Chernobyl is almost on the Russian border and the closest reactor to Kiev is a giveaway IMHO.

    No its not… It’s on the border with Belarus.

  106. @Sparkon

    Quoting an affidavit from a pilot:

    No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers…

    The key emphasis here is simply on the word “airliners” which you have become so fixated upon that you inappropriately project flawed binary “reasoning”, as if though nothing else were possible. To paraphrase your argument: If it wasn’t those particular airliners, as was alleged in the phony official narrative, then it must have been no aircraft at all.

    I do not disagree with the affidavit, which does not assert that no aircraft hit the towers, as you imagine. The statement actually supports a strong case that specially customized drone aircraft were utilized, with no pilots or passengers, but extra kerosine tanks to produce a bigger fireball, structurally enhanced to withstand higher aerodynamic loads, necessarily outfitted with additional electronics and software, which then controlled that aircraft in a manner that no professional pilot could. It’s that simple because it was all technically possible.

  107. This article reminds me “Is the U.S. Government Evil? You Tell Me” from The Rutherford Institute. That article documents the long list of atrocities committed by the U.S. government against its own citizens as well as foreign populations. This includes, but is not limited to, intentionally infecting unsuspecting citizens with deadly pathogens. The fact that the American people have begun distrusting their government in increasingly large numbers is long overdue. My hope is that the majority of our population will conclude as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that their government is a psychopathic institution which consistently lies, murders, and steals from innocent people on a scale that dwarfs any other source of criminal activity in society.

  108. @utu

    Hello utu: Like most uninformed “theorists”, you likely have never read any qualified research. There are well over 7000 peer reviewed studies detailing the negative health consequences associated with pulsed microwave technologies. The first studies in late 40’s military literature were quite conclusive…

    Perhaps READ this brief extract from the 2012 Bio Initiative Report: >

    “RF Color Charts for Disrupted Immune Function summarize studies reporting changes in immune cells (T-lymphocytes, natural killer cells, macrophages) and changes in cell membranes and repair. These effects occur at environmental levels of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation from wireless technology applications.

    Disrupting the immune system can mean either abnormally increased activity or decreased activity (suppressed immune function). Disruption of immune system’s normal activity in either direction (upregulation or downregulation) on a chronic basis can be expected to result in tissue and organ damage, impaired immune capacity, loss of resilience and disease.

    Whether the exposure intensifies or suppresses immune function is immaterial because both result in increased stress as the body is eventually overloaded in dealing with such repetitive, indiscriminate provocations to homeostatic balance.”

    Disrupted Immune Function from Exposure to Low-Intensity Non-Ionizing Radiation (Radiofrequency Radiation) (PDF)

    Reference List Studies Reporting Disrupted Immune Function from Exposure to Low Intensity Radiofrequency Radiation (Non-thermal) (PDF)

    Complete introduction:

  109. Thim says:

    I would advise Mr. Cook to consider that most of the people talking about alien lizard people ruling over us live in nations that steal everything you have and throw you into prison if you even mention Jewish power. No one has, yet, been jailed under the Hate Laws for talking about alien lizard people.

    • Replies: @Timmy75
  110. Timmy75 says:

    How many of those 99.99% might have designs on becoming our new slave masters? So long as there are those of a slave mentality among us (and they are legion), there will always be masters at-the-ready to step in and fulfill that need. “Democracy is the absurd notion that when stupid people unite to speak in one voice, that somehow makes them smarter.” H L MENCKEN

  111. Timmy75 says:

    Quite right. Going forward, (((alien lizard people))) it shall be.

  112. @gay troll

    Working with them to remove Jews from the country does not make them Zionists. Their preferred relocation was Madagascar to distance them from the rest of us.

    • Replies: @Popeye
  113. @Felix Krull

    I think it may be obvious to someone who doesn’t understand the difference between “need” and “want”. Being a Luddite has nothing to do with it.

  114. Popeye says:

    And the Reich in 1940-41 in coordination with Vichy govt investigated the feasibility of relocating euro Jews to Madagascar. End result… It was totally impractical. In terms of basic infrastructure, roads, housing, port facility etc. Most likely someone looks at map of Africa and thinks, wow this is great, I have a solution.. but detailed analysis sank the idea pretty fast

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  115. Wielgus says:

    So they went for Option 2 – killing them in Europe.

    • Replies: @Antoniog
  116. Polemos says:

    However, what if you also wanted to:
    • create a sensational and shocking spectacle nobody would forget?
    • make a bold and unprecedented in-your-face power statement?

    Note the image depicted with my comment #92, the effects of which indicates much more than a conventional demolition. That’s why they chose not to publicly flaunt images like that.

    It appears you are arguing that they made a bold power statement with a spectacular explosion so sensational and shocking that nobody would forget it while also ensuring that very few people would see a picture of it because it would appear to be too powerful and too spectacular to be conventional demolition.


    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  117. Antoniog says:

    The holocaust never happened it has been proven again snd again
    But Its pure logic really , you wouldnt built expensive concentration camps in the middle of a war with all kind of facilities( maternity room,dentist, theatre…) if you wanted to kill them , a bullet is much cheaper .

    Germans and japonese were subjected to the same treatment in usa, the only difference is that germany lost the war and all the resources were redirected to the soldiers, in the end the mayority of prisoners died for the lack of food and illness at the end of the war.

  118. @Polemos

    …that nobody would forget it…

    …among those who were there on the ground to have experienced it first-hand.

    very few people would see a picture of it

    Outsiders with analytical skills many years later.

    The two aspects are not incompatible because the planners could not have anticipated the emergence of YouTube and the availability of high-speed Internet.

    You are trying to compare two different attitudes that are nearly two decades apart from each other.

  119. Gyre07 says:

    Assuming sarcasm on your part, let me still say, ‘Why in fuck do I need 5G?’

  120. Homer says:

    This article was good until you came out in support of global warming. You started the article by saying you did not support any of the things that would be discussed or at least you would not support or deny them in the article. You failed miserably. That makes you a shill.

  121. If I had a nickel for every time somebody ended a sentence with “then I have a bridge to sell you,” I’d be able to afford that bridge that nobody has actually offered to sell me.

  122. @JasonT

    I suspect that most people still do not understand who their enemies are. It is not philosophers from a century ago, nor the politicians feeding at the trough, nor the parasitic, state-subsidized collectivist college professors, nor the media hairdoos.

    It is the gunslingers – the cops and the military, the ones whom we are constantly invited to thank for their service, for putting their lives on the line for us by murdering innocent people in foreign lands, for stealing from our neighbors using asset forfeiture, for cruising around in supped up vehicles wearing guns, clubs, walkie talkies and flac vests and practicing the art of snide bullying.

    Our problem is not our “leaders”, who are a bunch of cheap, impotent little frauds and cowards hiding behind their gunslingers pretending to be intelligent. Our problem is the gunslinging moral whores themselves who force it all on us. They are the ones who we need to talk to – in terms that they can understand. We need to tell them that the Nuremberg finesse is invalid; that it doesn’t matter who told them to do what, that each and every one of the violent little cowards is fully responsible for what he does to others; that political equality is what they are the opposite of.

    We need to fully understand and then make it clear to all the cowardly, parasitic government gunslingers that we fully understand that evil laws are harmless until evil men enforce them and that they, not the “law makers” will be blamed for the laws they enforce.

    At which point, things will change fast for the better.

  123. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    True, sort of. As soon as they were selected, they’d be swarmed by people attempting to mislead them and buy their votes.

  124. “Don’t follow leaders. Watch your parking meters.”

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