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We Are Living Through a Time of Fear – Not Just of the Virus, But of Each Other
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Welcome to the age of fear. Nothing is more corrosive of the democratic impulse than fear. Left unaddressed, it festers, eating away at our confidence and empathy.

We are now firmly in a time of fear – not only of the virus, but of each other. Fear destroys solidarity. Fear forces us to turn inwards to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Fear refuses to understand or identify with the concerns of others.

In fear societies, basic rights become a luxury. They are viewed as a threat, as recklessness, as a distraction that cannot be afforded in this moment of crisis.

Once fear takes hold, populations risk agreeing to hand back rights, won over decades or centuries, that were the sole, meagre limit on the power of elites to ransack the common wealth. In calculations based on fear, freedoms must make way for other priorities: being responsible, keeping safe, averting danger.

Worse, rights are surrendered with our consent because we are persuaded that the rights themselves are a threat to social solidarity, to security, to our health.

‘Too noisy’ protests

It is therefore far from surprising that the UK’s draconian new Police and Crime Bill – concentrating yet more powers in the police – has arrived at this moment. It means that the police can prevent non-violent protest that is likely to be too noisy or might create “unease” in bystanders. Protesters risk being charged with a crime if they cause “nuisance” or set up protest encampments in public places, as the Occupy movement did a decade ago.

And damaging memorials – totems especially prized in a time of fear for their power to ward off danger – could land protesters, like those who toppled a statue to notorious slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol last summer, a 10-year jail sentence.

In other words, this is a bill designed to outlaw the right to conduct any demonstration beyond the most feeble and ineffective kind. It makes permanent current, supposedly extraordinary limitations on protest that were designed, or so it was said, to protect the public from the immediate threat of disease.

Protest that demands meaningful change is always noisy and disruptive. Would the suffragettes have won women the vote without causing inconvenience and without offending vested interests that wanted them silent?

What constitutes too much noise or public nuisance? In a time of permanent pandemic, it is whatever detracts from the all-consuming effort to extinguish our fear and insecurity. When we are afraid, why should the police not be able to snatch someone off the street for causing “unease”?

The UK bill is far from unusual. Similar legislation – against noisy, inconvenient and disruptive protest – is being passed in states across the United States. Just as free speech is being shut down on the grounds that we must not offend, so protest is being shut down on the grounds that we must not disturb.

From the outbreak of the virus, there were those who warned that the pandemic would soon serve as a pretext to take away basic rights and make our societies less free. Those warnings soon got submerged in, or drowned out by, much wilder claims, such as that the virus was a hoax or that it was similar to flu, or by the libertarian clamour against lockdowns and mask-wearing.

Binary choices

What was notable was the readiness of the political and media establishments to intentionally conflate and confuse reasonable and unreasonable arguments to discredit all dissent and lay the groundwork for legislation of this kind.

The purpose has been to force on us unwelcome binary choices. We are either in favour of all lockdowns or indifferent to the virus’ unchecked spread. We are either supporters of enforced vaccinations or insensitive to the threat the virus poses to the vulnerable. We are either responsible citizens upholding the rules without question or selfish oafs who are putting everyone else at risk.

A central fracture line has opened up – in part a generational one – between those who are most afraid of the virus and those who are most afraid of losing their jobs, of isolation and loneliness, of the damage being done to their children’s development, of the end of a way of life they valued, or of the erasure of rights they hold inviolable.

The establishment has been sticking its crowbar into that split, trying to prise it open and turn us against each other.

‘Kill the Bill’

Where this heads was only too visible in the UK at the weekend when protesters took to the streets of major cities. They did so – in another illustration of binary choices that now dominate our lives – in violation of emergency Covid regulations banning protests. There was a large march through central London, while another demonstration ended in clashes between protesters and police in Bristol.

What are the protesters – most peaceful, a few not – trying to achieve? In the media, all protest at the moment is misleadingly lumped together as “anti-lockdown”, appealing to the wider public’s fear of contagion spread. But that is more misdirection: in the current, ever-more repressive climate, all protest must first be “anti-lockdown” before it can be protest.

The truth is that the demonstrators are out on the streets for a wide variety of reasons, including to protest against the oppressive new Police and Crime Bill, under the slogan “Kill the Bill”.

There are lots of well-founded reasons for people to be angry or worried at the moment. But the threat to that most cherished of all social freedoms – the right to protest – deserves to be at the top of the list.


If free speech ensures we have some agency over our own minds, protest allows us to mobilise collectively once we have been persuaded of the need and urgency to act. Protest is the chance we have to alert others to the strength of our feelings and arguments, to challenge a consensus that may exist only because it has been manufactured by political and media elites, and to bring attention to neglected or intentionally obscured issues.

Speech and protest are intimately connected. Free speech in one’s own home – like free speech in a prison cell – is a very stunted kind of freedom. It is not enough simply to know that something is unjust. In democratic societies, we must have the right to do our best to fix injustice.

Cast out as heretics

Not so long ago, none of this would have needed stating. It would have been blindingly obvious. No longer. Large sections of the population are happy to see speech rights stripped from those they don’t like or fear. They are equally fine, it seems, with locking up people who cause a “nuisance” or are “too noisy” in advancing a cause with which they have no sympathy – especially so long as fear of the pandemic takes precedence.

That is how fear works. The establishment has been using fear to keep us divided and weak since time immemorial. The source of our fear can be endlessly manipulated: black men, feminists, Jews, hippies, travellers, loony lefties, libertarians. The only limitation is that the object of our fear must be identifiable and distinguishable from those who think of themselves as responsible, upstanding citizens.

In a time of pandemic, those who are to be feared can encompass anyone who does not quietly submit to those in authority. Until recently there had been waning public trust in traditional elites such as politicians, journalists and economists. But that trend has been reversed by a new source of authority – the medical establishment.

Because today’s mantra is “follow the science”, anyone who demurs from or questions that science – even when the dissenters are other scientists – can be cast out as a heretic. The political logic of this is rarely discussed, even though it is profoundly dangerous.

Political certainty

Politicians have much to gain from basking in the reflected authority of science. And when politics and science are merged, as is happening now, dissent can be easily reformulated as either derangement or criminal intent. On this view, to be against lockdown or to be opposed to taking a vaccine is not just wrong but as insane as denying the laws of gravity. It is proof of one’s irrationality, of the menace one poses to the collective.

But medicine – the grey area between the science and art of human health – is not governed by laws in the way gravity is. That should be obvious the moment we consider the infinitely varied ways Covid has affected us as individuals.

The complex interplay between mind and body means reactions to the virus, and the drugs to treat it, are all but impossible to predict with any certainty. Which is why there are 90-year-olds who have comfortably shaken off the virus and youths who have been felled by it.

But a politics of “follow the science” implies that issues relating to the virus and how we respond to it – or how we weigh the social and economic consequences of those responses – are purely scientific. That leaves no room for debate, for disagreement. And authoritarianism is always lurking behind the façade of political certainty.

Public coffers raided

In a world where politicians, journalists and medical elites are largely insulated from the concerns of ordinary people – precisely the world we live in – protest is the main way to hold these elites accountable, to publicly test their political and “scientific” priorities against our social and economic priorities.

That is a principle our ancestors fought for. You don’t have to agree with what Piers Corbyn says to understand the importance that he and others be allowed to say it – and not just in their living rooms, and not months or years hence, if and when the pandemic is declared over.

The right to protest must be championed even through a health crisis –most especially during a health crisis, when our rights are most vulnerable to erasure. The right to protest needs to be supported even by those who back lockdowns, even by those who fear that protests during Covid are a threat to public health. And for reasons that again should not need stating.

Politicians and the police must not be the ones to define what protests are justified, what protests are safe, what protests are responsible.

Because otherwise, those in power who took advantage of the pandemic to raid the public coffers and waste billions of pounds on schemes whose main purpose was to enrich their friends have every reason to dismiss anyone who protests against their cupidity and incompetence as endangering public health.

Because otherwise, leaders who want to crush protests against their their current, and future, criminal negligence with extraordinary new police powers have every incentive to characterise their critics as anti-lockdown, or anti-vaccine, or anti-public order, or anti-science – or whatever other pretext they think will play best with the “responsible” public as they seek to cling to power.

And because otherwise, the government may decide it is in its interests to stretch out the pandemic – and the emergency regulations supposedly needed to deal with it – for as long as possible.

Selective freedoms

Quite how mercurial are the current arguments for and against protest was highlighted by widespread anger at the crushing by the Metropolitan Police this month of a vigil following the murder of Sarah Everard in London. A Met police officer has been charged with kidnapping and murdering her.

In the spirit of the times, there has been much wider public sympathy for a vigil for a murder victim than there has been for more overtly political demonstrations like those against the Police and Crime Bill. But if health threats are really the measure of whether large public gatherings are allowed – if we “follow the science” – then neither is justified.


That is not a conclusion any of us should be comfortable with. It is not for governments to select which types of protests they are willing to confer rights on, even during a pandemic. We either uphold the right of people to congregate when they feel an urgent need to protest – whether it be against the erosion of basic freedoms, or in favour of greater safety for vulnerable communities, or against political corruption and incompetence that costs lives – or we do not.

We either support the right of every group to hold our leaders to account or we do not. Selective freedoms, inconsistent freedoms, are freedom on licence from those in power. They are no freedom at all.

Fight for survival

What the UK’s Police and Crime Bill does, like similar legislation in the US and Europe, is to declare some protests as legitimate and others as not. It leaves it to our leaders to decide, as they are trying to do now through the pandemic, which protests constitute a “nuisance” and which do not.

The political logic of the Bill is being contested by a minority – the hippies, the leftists, the libertarians. They are standing up for the right to protest, as the majority complacently assumes that they will have no need of protest.

That is pure foolishness. We are all damaged when the right to protest is lost.

It is unlikely that the aim of the Police and Crime Bill is to keep us permanently locked down – as some fear. It has another, longer-term goal. It is being advanced in recognition by our elites that we are hurtling towards an environmental dead-end for which they have no solutions, given their addiction to easy profits and their own power.

Already a small minority understand that we are running out of time. Groups like Extinction Rebellion – just like the sufragettes before them – believe the majority can only be woken from their induced slumber if they are disturbed by noise, if their lives are disrupted.

This sane minority is treading the vanishingly thin line between alienating the majority and averting oblivion for our species. As the stakes grow higher, as awareness of imminent catastrophe intensifies, those wishing to make a nuisance of themselves, to be noisy, will grow.

What we decide now determines how that struggle plays out: whether we get to take control of our future and the fight for our survival, or whether we are forced to stay mute as the disaster unfolds.

So pray for the “anti-lockdown” protesters whether you support their cause or not – for they carry the heavy weight of tomorrow on their shoulders.

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Britain, Civil Liberties, Coronavirus 
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  1. Cowboy says:

    But a politics of “follow the science” implies that issues relating to the virus and how we respond to it – or how we weigh the social and economic consequences of those responses – are purely scientific. That leaves no room for debate, for disagreement.

    Funny how confused Cook is as he discovers the secular cult of scientism for which he is an enthusiastic believer, and functionally the leading religion of the age, somehow leaves no room for debate and a cloud of cognitive dissonance wafts over him as the inconsistencies of his god is laid bare. Not that Cook and his ilk are the only deluded souls for even some Rightest writers even on this forum confess to the precepts of the cult. But fear not, the homo bolshevik jew will condemn the irrational libertarian for her personal responsibility while praising the 4 year olds out toppling statues as a social good.

  2. @Cowboy

    The death cult is losing their stranglehold of the masses.
    This public awakening to the brutal behaviors of control
    is finally becoming obvious. In the “next life” doesn’t sell
    like it used to,and the mandated fears being exposed signals
    the collapse of their authority. They will not leave in peace.
    It is going to get ugly.To be, or not to be, FREE…

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat, Alfred
  3. Arizona says:

    I think the banning of protest by the citizens of america is a GOOD THING,americans have guns,and if the POLICE GANGS want to find out what their good for, they need to keep being TRAITORS and ignoring their OATH,AND COMMITING TREASON,their pushing the coming war,and them and their families will will die in the war,I wonder if they’ve told their children,,DADDIES GOING TO GET YOU KIDS and MOMMIE KILLED AND WE DON”T CARE…YES THE POLICE GANGS WILL LOVE THEIR NEW POWERS TO TERRORIZE THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA,and when their captured,they’ll try to use the OLD NUREMBURG EXCUSE,”I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB”…RED FLAG LAWS AND CATTLE CARS..I was just following orders..hahaha,my Dog will be hungry,I wonder if he’ll like the taste of these piece at a time…

  4. It is not for governments to select which types of protests they are willing to confer rights on, even during a pandemic.

    They confer the “freedom” to protest on those most likely to fight back with effective force, which is BLM, AntiFA, and Extinction Rebellion, and is not your average group of women or Whit English folk.

    On any given day, the Constabulary of the UK has at best a tenuous grip on maintaining order only because the majority of the citizenry are willing to acquiesce or support them. If they lose the people look out. We aren’t that temporally distanced from The Troubles, the last time the elite of the UK tried to silence the protests of a sizeable sector of the population with police brutality.

    Already a small minority understand that we are running out of time.

    Maybe, maybe not. Maturing economies tend to clean up their act, as nobody likes living in filth and pollution. On the other hand, I worry when I hear that oligarchs like Bill Gates want to block out sunlight “to save the planet.” That is where the real danger lies.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  5. Those warnings soon got submerged in, or drowned out by, much wilder claims, such as that the virus was a hoax or that it was similar to flu, or by the libertarian clamour against lockdowns and mask-wearing.”

    Wild claims? You weaken your case with this ignorant statement.
    These have been shown to be prescient and true.
    It’s the ‘pandemic’ that’s a ‘wild claim’.
    And still ongoing due to the surfeit of credulous people.

    • Agree: Flying Dutchman
  6. Jaego says:

    Cook? Police are just White men chosen for their strength. Classic tribal attitude. Who let this 60’s retread in the building?

  7. Fear of each other? Right, if we let it… In other words, do not consent. Period. (How many time do I have to say this?) Further, I think it’s obvious the ones most fearful are the criminal psycho elites… Overreacting, as usual.

  8. Those warnings soon got submerged in, or drowned out by, much wilder claims, such as that the virus was a hoax or that it was similar to flu, or by the libertarian clamour against lockdowns and mask-wearing.

    1. It’s not proven that “Covid” exists as a new thing and isn’t really a compilation of (1) a new strain of influenza especially dangerous to the aged who already are sick (this would explain the otherwise inexplicable phenomenon of the flu, “by coincidence”, going on vacation starting early 2020), (2) all the excess deaths from cancer, heart disease, respiratory illness etc. caused by the abdication of the health care establishment in compliance with the “Covid” panic itself, and (3) all the many other excess suicides, homicides, drug overdoses and other deaths of despair caused by the lockdowns themselves, all three of these cohorts rebranded for propaganda purposes.

    2. It is an indisputable fact that Covid, if it does exist and functions exactly as the party line claims, has a lethality well within the historical range of the flu and is dangerous only to the aged who already are sick. In fact, according to the party line itself almost all Covid deaths are indistinguishable from dying of old age.

    3. Lockdowns and maskochism both go against all the science which the writer wrings his hands so much about.

    4. As for the “clamor” against these, which our author evidently considers far too “noisy”, I’m confused – if the “legitimate” and not-clamorous yet still noisy protests which our author does support aren’t to be protests against lockdowns and coerced atavistic superstitions like maskochism, then what exactly ARE these protests supposed to be protesting against?

    Evidently Cook wants there to be protest for the sake of protest but no actual content for such protest.

    Actually, I would agree that under these circumstances for a large number of people merely to assemble in public without face diapers or hex spacing would in itself constitute a powerful exemplary demonstration even without an explicit verbal message. But I don’t think that’s what Cook’s getting at.

    5. The likes of our author feel the need to make so many wrongheaded concessions and take jabs at truths which are too noisy for his ears because he’s appeasement-minded and wants to look “reasonable” to the unreasonable insane mass.

    But this is very stupid. One should know by now you can’t appease those who are insane and aggressive, let alone those who with cold deliberation are out to get you.

    • Agree: acementhead
  9. (Expanding upon my previous comment) :

    according to the party line itself almost all Covid deaths are indistinguishable from dying of old age.

    That may be the core of the “bottom-up” aspect of the mass insanity, why the Western masses have joined this astroturfed death cult with such enthusiasm and persistence: Western baby boomers now are coming face to face with the specter of dying of old age.

    True to form this most selfish and self-indulgent group in all of history refuses to accept this in a healthy way as a natural fact of life, but instead is throwing a tantrum about it even as they remain in a state of radical denial.

    For the mass of cult believers, “Covid” is a mass psychological ploy to transform inescapable reality into a fake reality and a fake boogeyman from which we can escape by using the violence of lockdowns, cult ritual (masks and spacing), and mass injections in order to defeat this boogeyman.

    The mass cult is a mass psychological escape from the fear of death.

    As for why the younger generations would embrace the cult in the same way the elderly do, this reflects what Western societies really think of themselves: They see themselves collectively as a decrepit, sick old man.

    A society which felt itself to be youthful and vigorous never would have acted in any way remotely resembling how Western civilization has reacted.

  10. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    In a democracy or a republic votes choose the people who compose the working government. Demonstrations of physical force (street fighters, threatening mobs, prevention of all commercial activity such as going to one’s job) do not choose the people who compose the working government.

    The demonstrations of physical force available to such and such a political group are not a part of democracy and are, in fact, anti-democratic (or even anti-representative) in that they allow highly organized (and in the case of Seattle/Washington) mentally ill people to set public policy, excluding those who must work full time to earn a living. As such, deployment the police, militia (National Guard), or regular Army, which is the legitimate use of force.

    Granted that the current system has almost completely failed in that the representatives do not represent, or even draft legislation, and have formally given government bureaucracies de facto legislative power, the use of non-governmental force makes things worse for the bulk of the population.

    As an example, consider the use of force (stopping normal economic activity, rioting, mass destruction of property, murder) to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which legally made whites the only racial group in the US that is legally presumed to have “bias”, a property that justifies any claim of white wrongdoing during all white/non-white interactions. Consider the same activities today, conducted to reinforce the salience of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    “Mass Action” produces very poor policy, and is ordinarily a simple and obvious form of aggression by one group against another, as is falsifying election results. I, personally, have had enough of both to last several centuries.

    • Troll: Flying Dutchman
    • Replies: @Flying Dutchman
  11. The key point of this article is spot on — that this “Police & crime” Bill is an flagrant expression of authoritarianism. It’s a blank cheque to quash any dissent a Gov’ dislikes.
    Ben Franklin said it best (to paraphrase) — going to let the executive trade off your real, hard won freedom or liberty for some future – nebulous – security ? you’ll end up with neither.

  12. I think any discussion of political protest under the Covidian regime needs to include the remarkable fact of Covid’s alleged political leanings.

    Apparently the virus supports the Antifa/BLM agenda and is a registered Democrat, and therefore refrained from being contagious among those gatherings even though it is highly contagious among any other kind of political gathering as well as non-political gatherings.

    At least that’s what the government and media claim.

  13. @Anonymous

    In a democracy or a republic votes choose the people who compose the working government.

    In a democracy or a republic votes [among the identical “choices” manufactured by the elites in order to reinforce and escalate the status quo] choose the people who compose the working government.

    (Fixed that for you. )

    So you’re saying no change such as the Yellow Jackets or India’s small farmers fight for ever is possible or desirable, short of the gods striking the capital with an asteroid or something. Got it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Culture always needs a soundtrack. It was theorized that Trump’s election in 2016 would revitalize anti-establishment punk music. It didn’t happen, because anyone with a brain could see that opposing Trump was doing the establishment’s bidding.

    The times we’re living in now seem more conducive to angry backlash. We have the laws, all that’s needed is some economic dystopia and unemployment.

  15. There are parts of this article where it seems that Cook really wants to do the right thing, yet he can never quite allow himself to question the very narrative all these people are protesting against.

    Why is that? Why are liberals so wedded to this fake ‘pandemic’ story despite all the evidence to the contrary? Here’s a much better piece that actually takes a stab at answering that question written by an anti-lockdown leftist — a rare bird these days!

    • Replies: @Cowboy
    , @cranc
  16. anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    As so often happens, these important considerations have been hashed out and set out as black-letter law. The principle of continuity of obligations applies. Britain and the US cannot set the relevant law aside – not even if the US or the UK ends and another state supplants it. Any new British or US law that contravenes this law is void.

    The relevant law is ICCPR Article 4 as interpreted by General Comment 29, and the Siracusa Principles, which is customary international law and jus cogens. If the UK or the US cannot or will not comply with jus cogens, they are failed states in law and R2P applies, along with our right of resistance and recourse to rebellion.

    So we don’t have to go on and on about it with them. Just tell them RTFM.

  17. Cowboy says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Why is that?

    For most the universal is higher than the individual and a new universal is always acquired through violence and coercion until individuals come to their (common) senses.

  18. chipper says:

    As noted by others, your reference to “wilder claims” was terribly disappointing.

    You correctly warn against the effects of fear mongering, then dismiss the principle vehicles of it in the Covid debacle– mask-promotion, lockdowns and false claims distinguishing this virus from other corona viruses. The complete list is long.

    I don’t consider accuracy as “wilder”. I don’t consider speaking truth to power as “wilder.” Is this how you support the very small and courageous minority who are willing to bear the “heavy weight of tomorrow on their shoulders”? What has bothered me most about this “pandemic” is the readiness of so many to accept false experts in the service of a blatantly dangerous narrative. What is that narrative? At its heart is the imperative, “Do as you’re told”. I respect my elders. But I am also the one who judges who they are and the truth of what they say.

  19. polistra says:

    If you still think this has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with any microbes, you’re a fool.

  20. @Cowboy

    Cook must be watching a different television than the rest of us. There is a difference between protesting and burning the country down which is right out of the Jewish Playbook of the Bolsheviks. Toppling statues whether it’s the Taliban or BLM and Antifa is primitive tribalistic thinking of replacing each others “gods.” Notice the groups who use this “Infidel” mentality seem to be stuck in the 7th century (or somewhere in their Utopias) whether they are BLM, Antifa or Muslims. These Black Geniuses and their Antifa confederates have destroyed anything and everything in the name of their “New Progress” and what has it produced….nothing.

    Have the blacks in Democratic cities stopped killing, raping, and damaging society? No! All of this has been carefully planned out by Soros, The Democratic Party and their slaves….the blacks. The blacks are too stupid to realize they are being used. This is a made for TV show to scare White Americans along with the 24 hour White Supremacy and Critical Race Theory indoctrination. Cook is a simplistic leftist that blames the White people of the World for what their criminal governments have done. Unfortunately, it’s working.

    All of this is an attempt to destroy Western Civilization and White People because all of these protesters have a better plan. You know…….the ones that have built nothing or have ever done anything like AOC and friends and they will lead us to a “New Better World” which their Jewish Masters have laid out.

  21. No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.
    Albert Einstein

    Medicine is only a tiny part real science. The rest is mostly, and I’m being generous, an art form, where a medical practitioner guesses using his best judgement as to what might be causing a particular condition and how best to treat it. All the tests and diagnostic gear require interpretation unless it’s something as simple as a broken bone. Anything not so obvious lends itself to multiple possibilities and different practitioners will come up with a different priority list on what comes first for treatment. If it were a real science, there would only be one answer.

    Einstein’s quote above is obvious to any thinking individual. If any individual or group can disagree with the prevailing medical ideology, then that turns whatever is being questioned into something that can’t be dictated by either side simply because they don’t KNOW enough to present empirical evidence to prove the matter.

    All the current lock down, vaccine, distancing and other voodoo has no basis in empirically solid science. Therefore, those attempting and currently succeeding in their totalitarian fatwas are nothing more that dictators and should be hung from the nearest lamppost.

    • Agree: JasonT
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  22. Anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    I’m surprised. A poster opposed to democracy and representative government both, apparently supporting the current system, but having no understanding of how the current system works.

    So you’re saying no change such as the Yellow Jackets or India’s small farmers fight for ever is possible or desirable, short of the gods striking the capital with an asteroid or something. Got it.

    You realize that both groups lost, much as Trump supporters lost to deception and Force majeure in the US.

    The groups that win in the US are non-governmental organizations of one type or another. They are approved by government, funded by government, and quite often created by government. The Black Power groups are authorized by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Their funding is approved, tacitly at least, by the US Federal Government. The academic training they receive is similarly approved and funded.

    The Hispanic population of California is the result of intervention by a Federal Judge that required massive welfare funding of Hispanics. The present inflow of foreigners is the decision of President Biden, taken after a Federally condoned fraudulent election. The rioters in the Pacific Northeast are also government sponsored, through Federally condoned foreign interference in local US elections for Prosecutor.

    In brief, the operational concept is to form a group that acts (group of “activists”) to promote some political end, fund them with Federal funds or protect their funding with Federal authority, protect them when they break the law, and apply Federal law strictly (or, indeed, imaginatively) to the group’s opposition. At the same time, support reporting of news that supports the activist group.

    And that’s what you’re advocating.

    Well, you can see where it ends. You won’t like what comes next. I won’t either.

    One could argue that democracy and representative government became obsolete during the late 1800s, when the ICC was authorized, as described in The End of Liberalism. That is quite possible, and deserves its own discussion. What one cannot say is that the current system is run by groups of humans who employ violence. Those people are just crunchies, an expendable mob, astroturf in political jargon. That’s why those people are all mentally ill or religiously motivated or too stupid to earn a living any other way or trying to build a political career.

    You are apparently under some severe misapprehensions. Hope I’ve cleared them up for you.

  23. cranc says:

    A central fracture line has opened up – in part a generational one – between those who are most afraid of the virus and those who are most afraid of losing their jobs, of isolation and loneliness, of the damage being done to their children’s development, of the end of a way of life they valued, or of the erasure of rights they hold inviolable.
    The establishment has been sticking its crowbar into that split, trying to prise it open and turn us against each other.

    No, the fracture line is between those who are afraid of the massively propagandised threat of a virus that leaves 99.8% of people alive and well, and those who are afraid of a global tyranny depopulating and enslaving the the world. The crisis was created by the Establishment precisely to create the division you still think is some organically occuring precursor to their opportunism.
    You’ll catch up in the end, but it will be way too late by then. Well done for trying though Jonathan.

  24. cranc says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    That is a decent article. I’ve been looking for a critical essay on that subject for some time and it covers the bases of the past year well.
    Hard for me to read though, as I am, at this point, sick to the back teeth of Lefties. I used to be one and have traversed somewhat, so I still feel a taint. I am glad the author mentioned virtue signalling.
    The article finishes with ‘serious questions need to be faced’ about why the Left have been cheering this all on so enthusiastically (the ‘Zero Covid’ cult is predominantly Left wing). I occasionally hear the questions but have read few answers.
    Cook’s penny dropping is a faint sound, but I predict his and others’ will develop into a slow motion car crash as they realise that their political ideology cannot explain what is taking place. As the new Health Security Goons start to lock people up, and the ‘capitalist state’ continues to systematically destroy the economy and civil society, they might start to try and understand money, usury and the cabal who run the world. What is their purpose beyond profit maximisation ? Some may even get to understand who has been running Leftwing politics for the past hundred and fifty years.

  25. What creates fearful folks? Diversity, multiculturalism and open borders.

    People in poisoned societies like ours not only distrust foreign colonizers, they distrust people of the same race.

    Secession is a logical, desirable outcome.

  26. Ragno says:

    • Up to 10 years jail for damage to a statue;

    Full support for this legislation. This law is only dangerous to leftist radicals, who are loooong overdue for three hots and a cot. Toppling or demolishing a statue is among the most deliberate acts one can commit; nobody has ever accidentally defaced a painting, pitched a brick through a display window, or demolished a statue. Ten years sounds about right.

    If only the United States would adopt such legislation! But in a nation of, by and for the elite left – and against all working and middle-class whites – there’s no way. Worse comes to worse, they’ll put it up to a vote – the “fortified” kind.

  27. The Western elites, particularly the ultra-racist Five Eyes, colonial settler genocidists (like Israel) all, with the exception of the Mother Country, an Imperial genocidist, have been sent crazy by China’s rise. After ‘defeating’ the Soviet (Gorbachev, in fact, surrendered to avert nuclear war)in 1989, the ‘Gods Upon the Earth’ thought that their reign was secure for evermore. Sure, the prototype Colour Revolution failed in Beijing in June 1989, but there was no way that mere ‘gooks’, ‘slopes’ and ‘Chinks’ could outdo White, Western demigods. Come on, man!
    Now that China has wiped their clock in every way, all that they have is the threat of brute force, and inchoate racist, supremacist, rage of a truly deranged type. I rather suspect that our goose is cooked, but you never know. The US, UK and the EU are crumbling-perhaps they can be euthanised humanely.

  28. @RoatanBill

    In the West, medicine is a business, hence its utter moral and intellectual corruption. Find a good GP, one who thinks for him or herself, or heal thyself. Never enter a hospital unless exsanguinating badly.

  29. Jonathon, you should realize that the title of this piece is an admission that you fear an imaginary virus and that you fear your fellow man. I think that you should stop watching TV. You’re a good example of a TV mesmerized, mask wearing sheep.

  30. @Flying Dutchman

    The Chinese have handled it better, but their Government, media and medical Establishment were not lying to them and stoking the fires of fear and dread, were they.

    • Replies: @cranc
  31. @The Alarmist

    The only way to escape ecological collapse and Near Term Human Extinction is to end the capitalist cancer cult of endless growth, required to pay back the interest on money loaned by the financier blood-suckers. They, and their political stooges, will happily, out of religious conviction, liquidate billions to protect their ‘Precious’-their ill-gotten loot. It’s humanity or the parasites.

  32. cranc says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Didn’t the first (fake) videos of people dropping suddenly dead on the street and at work emerge from China, with the promotion of their government-media complex ?

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