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Tulsi Gabbard Is Right, and Nancy Pelosi Wrong. It Was US Democrats Who Helped Cultivate the Barbarism of Isis
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There is something profoundly deceitful in the way the Democratic Party and the corporate media are framing Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria.

One does not need to defend Trump’s actions or ignore the dangers posed to the Kurds, at least in the short term, by the departure of US forces from northern Syria to understand that the coverage is being crafted in such a way as to entirely overlook the bigger picture.

The problem is neatly illustrated in this line from a report by the Guardian newspaper of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s meeting this week with Trump, who is described as having had a “meltdown”. Explaining why she and other senior Democrats stormed out, the paper writes that “it became clear the president had no plan to deal with a potential revival of Isis in the Middle East”.

Hang on a minute! Let’s pull back a little, and not pretend – as the media and Democratic party leadership wish us to – that the last 20 years did not actually happen. Many of us lived through those events. Our memories are not so short.

Islamic State, or Isis, didn’t emerge out of nowhere. It was entirely a creation of two decades of US interference in the Middle East. And I’m not even referring to the mountains of evidence that US officials backed their Saudi allies in directly funding and arming Isis – just as their predecessors in Washington, in their enthusiasm to oust the Soviets from the region, assisted the jihadists who went on to become al-Qaeda.

No, I’m talking about the fact that in destroying three key Arab states – Iraq, Libya and Syria – that refused to submit to the joint regional hegemony of Saudi Arabia and Israel, Washington’s local client states, the US created a giant void of governance at the heart of the Middle East. They knew that that void would be filled soon enough by religious extremists like Islamic State – and they didn’t care.

Overthrow, not regime change

You don’t have to be a Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi or Bashar Assad apologist to accept this point. You don’t even have to be concerned that these so-called “humanitarian” wars violated each state’s integrity and sovereignty, and are therefore defined in international law as “the supreme war crime”.

The bigger picture – the one no one appears to want us thinking about – is that the US intentionally sought to destroy these states with no obvious plan for the day after. As I explained in my book Israel and the Clash of Civilisations, these haven’t so much been regime-change wars as nation-state dismantling operations – what I have termed overthrow wars.

The logic was a horrifying hybrid of two schools of thought that meshed neatly in the psychopathic foreign policy goals embodied in the ideology of neoconservatism – the so-called “Washington consensus” since 9/11.

The first was Israel’s long-standing approach to the Palestinians. By constantly devastating any emerging Palestinian institution or social structures, Israel produced a divide-and-rule model on steriods, creating a leaderless, ravaged, enfeebled society that sucked out all the local population’s energy. That strategy proved very appealing to the neoconservatives, who saw it as one they could export to non-compliant states in the region.

The second was the Chicago school’s Shock Doctrine, as explained in Naomi Klein’s book of that name. The chaotic campaign of destruction, the psychological trauma and the sense of dislocation created by these overthrow wars were supposed to engender a far more malleable population that would be ripe for a US-controlled “colour revolution”.

The recalcitrant states would be made an example of, broken apart, asset-stripped of their resources and eventually remade as new dependent markets for US goods. That was what George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Halliburton really meant when they talked about building a New Middle East and exporting democracy.

Even judged by the vile aims of its proponents, the Shock Doctrine has been a half-century story of dismal economic failure everywhere it has been attempted – from Pinochet’s Chile to Yeltsin’s Russia. But let us not credit the architects of this policy with any kind of acumen for learning from past errors. As Bush’s senior adviser Karl Rove explained to a journalist whom he rebuked for being part of the “reality-based community”: “We’re an empire now and, when we act, we create our own reality.”

The birth of Islamic State

The barely veiled aim of the attacks on Iraq, Libya and Syria was to destroy the institutions and structures that held these societies together, however imperfectly. Though no one likes to mention it nowadays, these states – deeply authoritarian though they were – were also secular, and had well-developed welfare states that ensured high rates of literacy and some of the region’s finest public health services.

One can argue about the initial causes of the uprising against Assad that erupted in Syria in 2011. Did it start as a popular struggle for liberation from the Assad government’s authoritarianism? Or was it a sectarian insurgency by those who wished to replace Shia minority rule with Sunni majority rule? Or was it driven by something else: as a largely economic protest by an under-class suffering from food shortages as climate change led to repeated crop failures? Or are all these factors relevant to some degree?

Given how closed a society Syria was and is, and how difficult it therefore is to weigh the evidence in ways that are likely to prove convincing to those not already persuaded, let us set that issue aside too. Anyway, it is irrelevant to the bigger picture I want to address.


The indisputable fact is that Washington and its Gulf allies wished to exploit this initial unrest as an opportunity to create a void in Syria – just as they had earlier done in Iraq, where there were no uprisings, nor even the WMDs the US promised would be found and that served as the pretext for Bush’s campaign of Shock and Awe.

The limited uprisings in Syria quickly turned into a much larger and far more vicious war because the Gulf states, with US backing, flooded the country with proxy fighters and arms in an effort to overthrow Assad and thereby weaken Iranian and Shia influence in the region. The events in Syria and earlier in Iraq gradually transformed the Sunni religious extremists of al-Qaeda into the even more barbaric, more nihilistic extremists of Islamic State.

A dark US vanity project

After Rove and Cheney had had their fill playing around with reality, nature got on with honouring the maxim that it always abhors a vacuum. Islamic State filled the vacuum Washington’s policy had engineered.

The clue, after all, was in the name. With the US and Gulf states using oil money to wage a proxy war against Assad, Isis saw its chance to establish a state inspired by a variety of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist dogma. Isis needed territory for their planned state, and the Saudis and US obliged by destroying Syria.

This barbarian army, one that murdered other religious groups as infidels and killed fellow Sunnis who refused to bow before their absolute rule, became the west’s chief allies in Syria. Directly and covertly, we gave them money and weapons to begin building their state on parts of Syria.

Again, let us ignore the fact that the US, in helping to destroy a sovereign nation, committed the supreme war crime, one that in a rightly ordered world would ensure every senior Washington official faces their own Nuremberg Trial. Let us ignore too for the moment that the US, consciously through its actions, brought to life a monster that sowed death and destruction everywhere it went.

The fact is that at the moment Assad called in Russia to help him survive, the battle the US and the Gulf states were waging through Islamic State and other proxies was lost. It was only a matter of time before Assad would reassert his rule.

From that point onwards, every single person who was killed and every single Syrian made homeless – and there were hundreds of thousands of them – suffered their terrible fate for no possible gain in US policy goals. A vastly destructive overthrow war became instead something darker still: a neoconservative vanity project that ravaged countless Syrian lives.

A giant red herring

Trump now appears to be ending part of that policy. He may be doing so for the wrong reasons. But very belatedly – and possibly only temporarily – he is seeking to close a small chapter in a horrifying story of western-sponsored barbarism in the Middle East, one intimately tied to Islamic State.

What of the supposed concerns of Pelosi and the Democratic Party under whose watch the barbarism in Syria took place. They should have no credibility on the matter to begin with.

But their claims that Trump has “no plan to deal with a potential revival of Isis in the Middle East” is a giant red herring they are viciously slapping us in the face with in the hope the spray of seawater blinds us.

First, Washington sowed the seeds of Islamic State by engineering a vacuum in Syria that Isis – or something very like it – was inevitably going to fill. Then, it allowed those seeds to flourish by assisting its Gulf allies in showering fighters in Syria with money and arms that came with only one string attached – a commitment to Sunni jihadist ideology inspired by Saudi Wahhabism.

Isis was made in Washington as much as it was in Riyadh. For that reason, the only certain strategy for preventing the revival of Islamic State is preventing the US and the Gulf states from interfering in Syria again.

With the Syrian army in charge of Syrian territory, there will be no vacuum for Isis to fill. The jihadists’ state-building project is now unrealisable, at least in Syria. Islamic State will continue to wither, as it would have done years before if the US and its Gulf allies had not fuelled it in a proxy war they knew could not be won.

Doomed Great Game

The same lesson can be drawn by looking at the experience of the Syrian Kurds. The Rojava fiefdom they managed to carve out in northern Syria during the war survived till now only because of continuing US military support. With a US departure, and the Kurds too weak to maintain their improvised statelet, a vacuum was again created that this time has risked sucking in the Turkish army, which fears a base for Kurdish nationalism on its doorstep.

The Syrian Kurds’ predicament is simple: face a takeover by Turkey or seek Assad’s protection to foil Turkish ambitions. The best hope for the Kurds looks to be the Syrian army’s return, filling the vacuum and regaining a chance of long-term stability.

That could have been the case for all of Syria many tens of thousands of deaths ago. Whatever the corporate media suggest, those deaths were lost not in a failed heroic battle for freedom, which, even if it was an early aspiration for some fighters, quickly became a goal that was impossible for them to realise. No, those deaths were entirely pointless. They were sacrificed by a western military-industrial complex in a US-Saudi Great Game that dragged on for many years after everyone knew it was doomed.

Nancy Pelosi’s purported worries about Isis reviving because of Trump’s Syria withdrawal are simply crocodile fears. If she is really so worried about Islamic State, then why did she and other senior Democrats stand silently by as the US under Barack Obama spent years spawning, cultivating and financing Isis to destroy Syria, a state that was best placed to serve as a bulwark against the head-chopping extremists?


Pelosi and the Democratic leadership’s bad faith – and that of the corporate media – are revealed in their ongoing efforts to silence and smear Tulsi Gabbard, the party’s only candidate for the presidential nomination who has pointed out the harsh political realities in Syria, and tried to expose their years of lies.

Pelosi and most of the Democratic leadership don’t care about Syria, or its population’s welfare. They don’t care about Assad, or Isis. They care only about the maintenance and expansion of American power – and the personal wealth and influence it continues to bestow on them.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His books include “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is

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  1. A123 says:

    The problem largely traces back to simple mistakes by prior Saudi administrations.

    The Wahhabi were a threat to the royal family. So, the royal family funded them to go elsewhere. Given the craziness of Wahhabism that made sense at the time. Crazy usually dies out. However, in this case the Crazy came with enough money in hand to establish credibility. The extremist Muslim Brotherhood is a direct result of these exported extremism.

    ISIS is the result of a schism inside the extremist Muslim Brotherhood. A “direct action” group wanted an even more extreme and immediate solution and broke away.

    — Did the U.S. or Israel attempt to deploy ISIS? This is far-fetched beyond the bounds of reasonability. Violent, ultra-extreme ISIS fanatics would not follow the commands of infidel heretics. The Saudi royal family by this point realized that the Muslim Brotherhood was a threat to them just like the original Wahhabi, but they had no good way to undo their prior mistake.

    — Did Turkey attempt to use ISIS to weaken Syria and Iraq? This is far more probable. Turkey’s AK party is also a schismatic offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. So, there is a great deal of opportunity for the two troops to find common cause. The New Ottoman Empire needs to absorb Syrian and Iraqi land, so undermining those governments would be step #1.

    One does not need outside actors to explain how the hole was dug. Unfortunately, that means there is no good solution. If the problem was driven by outside forces, those forces could stop it. However, the reality is that there are no outside forces driving the Craziness. There is no “plug to pull”.

    PEACE 😇

  2. The wild savage dogs of ISIS are the Khmer Rouge of Islamic fundamentalism and their rise and violence should be attributed to the liberal interventionism that has proven to be a disaster not only for the region but those who carried out the intervention.

  3. @A123

    “One does not need outside actors to explain how the hole was dug. Unfortunately, that means there is no good solution. If the problem was driven by outside forces, those forces could stop it. However, the reality is that there are no outside forces driving the Craziness. There is no ‘plug to pull’”.

    Absolute nonsense. And what do you mean by “outside forces.” The US and Israel count as outside forces but Turkey does not? Forces outside of what?

    ISIS emerged out of ISI, Zarqawi’s Islamic State in Iraq, an affiliate, for a while, of AQ. The US invasion of Iraq created the political and military space in Iraq for transnational terror groups.

    Meanwhile, the US, at Israel’s instigation, had been working to weaken Assad in Syria. After the rebellion against him in 2011, the US, along with Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, Israel and others, began to support various jihadi groups inside Syria with the goal of eliminating the Assad government, each for his own reasons. Syria began lost control of its border with Iraq and much of eastern Syria and the Euphrates valley as well. This process allowed ISIS to emerge from an ISI under stress during the so-called “surge” in 2007-10 and establish itself in Syria. In 2014, ISIS, now a powerful well-armed group went back into Iraq to defeat the incompetent and unmotivated Iraq Security Forces that the US had established.

    While the US moved against ISIS in Iraq after 2014, it left ISIS in Syria alone since it was depriving Assad of control over most of Syria’s oil and much of its arable land.

    And yes, of course the US, instigated by Israel, didn’t “deploy” ISIS in the sense of directing its operations. But they left ISIS largely unimpeded to play a role in the overthrow of Assad which was always the primary goal. ISIS, it was thought, could be dealt with later after Assad was gone.

    That plan would probably have worked eventually, but the Russians entered the picture in the second half of 2015 and changed the situation.

    The US had been nominally supporting the usual “freedom fighters” but in effect supplying the more competent and vicious jihadis who could take the TOW missiles and other weapons the US was providing to the approved sad-sacks and make more effective use of them. Finally, with Russia and Iran facilitating the roll-back of all the jihadis, and the US threatened with being relegated to the sidelines, Obama jumped on the SDF (Kurdish) bandwagon and actually started doing what the US had not done previously: Taking serious action against ISIS so that a Russian/Iranian-backed Syrian reconquest of eastern Syria could be pre-empted.

    And of course, the biggest supporter of the Kurds has consistently been Israel, who sees the possibility of creating pro-Israel statelets or at least enclaves in the midst of a Turkish, Iranian and Arab region that detests the Judenreich.

    So in order to eliminate another of Israel’s enemies, reduce a unified Syrian state to a handful of even more impotent emirates and ensure that Bibi would not be pestered with legal questions over the seizure and retention of the Golan, Syria was laid waste under the guise of “promoting democracy” and then further devastated under the guise of combatting ISIS.

    We have done more than enough damage at the behest of Israel and its fifth column in the US. ISIS might well have emerged regardless of US actions, but it was the Jew-induced insanity of US regime-change/COIN policies that created the geographical, political and military space in Iraq and Syria for the jihadists and the ensuing physical destruction of so much of those countries.

    The best solution would be to facilitate the re-establishment of Syrian sovereignty over all of Syria. But instead of doing that, Trump has instead facilitated the entry of Turkish forces and allied jihadis in an attempt to mend fences with a thoroughly alienated Erdogan. We’ll see if Putin can mitigate the brutal incompetence of Israel-infected US policy.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle, Daniel Rich
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @anon
  4. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    For fuck’s sake. Is there any way to stop Hasbara agents from effectively using software to get consistent first posts on this site?

    Their mere presence is annoying. Whatever they have to say, on any topic and no matter what it is, no one here wants to read it because they are not beginning with any credibility whatsoever. As they are are religiously-avowed enemies of the West (who they hold to be the continuation of Rome) and the demonstrated fervent enemies of non-Jewish Whites.

    Given the craziness of Wahhabism

    There is nothing in Sunni Islam that does not have its root in Judaism. To state otherwise is to be a typical Semitic liar.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. A very real but completely unadvertised reality of these regime changes was that the publicly owned central bank of the country – Iraq and Libya – was eliminated and changed to a private central bank. Iraq and Libya both succumbed and Ron Paul related that the smoke had barely cleared in Libya before the private central bank charter was drafted and implemented. Syria and Iran are the last two countries that do not have a private central banks. Hence the drive by the neo-cons to destroy those countries and fully implement the New World (banking) Order.

    Not widely discussed but (I think) vitally important to understanding foreign policy.

  6. What of the supposed concerns of Pelosi and the Democratic Party under whose watch the barbarism in Syria took place. They should have no credibility on the matter to begin with.

    But their claims that Trump has “no plan to deal with a potential revival of Isis in the Middle East” is a giant red herring they are viciously slapping us in the face with in the hope the spray of seawater blinds us.
    I love the second para. Getting slapped with a red herring with hope that the salt water blinds us.

    My only gripe with Jonathan Cook is that this and all mid-eastern conflicts are engineered by the dual citizens and Israel isn’t called out by him as the chief instigator. The saudis are slave of the west and amount to nothing.

  7. bjondo says:

    To whomever/whatever:

    Violent, ultra-extreme ISIS fanatics would not follow the commands of infidel heretics.

    AlQ, ISIS, others would see

    Netanyahoo, Lieberman, Sharansky,

    Jewry as soulmates

    but more extreme.


  8. Paul says:

    Hillary Clinton (wife of draft dodger Bill) and the New York Times are Zionist assets. Hillary is a stooge!

  9. Why blame Bush, Rove etc. for the mess created by Clinton/Obama in Syria? Are they still out of bounds?

    • Replies: @anon
  10. joe2.5 says:

    ” Did the U.S. or Israel attempt to deploy ISIS? This is far-fetched beyond the bounds of reasonability”
    Perhaps. Except that it did happen in plain daylight, before our eyes, but we should, of course, trust your “reasonability” — instead of our own lying eyes.

  11. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    US President Donald Trump said Monday that a small number of US troops remain in Syria at the request of Israel and Jordan, with some positioned near the borders with Jordan and Israel and others deployed to secure oil fields.

    “The other region where we’ve been asked by Israel and Jordan to leave a small number of troops is a totally different section of Syria, near Jordan, and close to Israel,” Trump said when asked whether he would leave soldiers in Syria. “So we have a small group there, and we secured the oil. Other than that, there’s no reason for it, in our opinion.”

    Times of Israel
    and J Post 21st oct

    It ‘s all about Israel and for its “royal patsy when not for royal patsy it’s for the cannon fodder/ foot solder of Israel.

    This mayhem from 2003 hasn’t seen the full effects of the blow-back yet .Just starting . Tulsi Gabbard and Trump have knowingly and sometime unknowingly have told the master that the king never had any clothes even when the king was talking about the decency of having clothes on .

  12. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    “The first was Israel’s long-standing approach to the Palestinians. By constantly devastating any emerging Palestinian institution or social structures, Israel produced a divide-and-rule model on steriods, creating a leaderless, ravaged, enfeebled society that sucked out all the local population’s energy. That strategy proved very appealing to the neoconservatives, who saw it as one they could export to non-compliant states in the region.”-

    This sums up everything one want to know about certain human clones and the impact of the clones on the humanity.

    Who will ever blame the victims for creating a future Hitler among them ?

  13. We cannot, of course, forget an assistance this witch had from very GOPiish Senators such as late American hero John McCain and his buddy Lindsey Graham. They played a key role in supporting all kinds of jihadist elements.

  14. This article could have come straight from Likud in Tel Aviv.
    “It’s the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, not the Jews in Israel”

    Give me a break. If I was an Islamist I’d take guns, supplies and money from whoever paid me. If not attacking Israel was part of the deal I’d take it just to get the Caliphate up and running.
    This is far more plausible than the crap Cook is pedaling here.

  15. Let’s be accurate: It was US Democrats AND REPUBLICANS who helped cultivate the barbarism of Isis. The mess was started with Bush/Cheney/Powell. McCain was probably the biggest ISIS guy ever. Graham, Romney and friends are the same, and at best marginally better than Hitlery Clinton.
    Lock them all up, regardless of party affiliation.

  16. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @donald j tingle

    GW Bush created ISIS (originally ISI) by invading Iraq in 2003.

    GHW Bush created al Qaeda by invading Iraq in 1991 – including Operation Desert Shield (2 August 1990 – 17 January 1991) for operations leading to the buildup of troops [in] Saudi Arabia.

  17. TG says:

    Many interesting points here, and I agree with a lot of them. But:


    “Or was it driven by something else: as a largely economic protest by an under-class suffering from food shortages as climate change led to repeated crop failures?”

    Syria did run out of water, and it’s hard not to see that as a major driver of the chaos that unfolded. But Syria didn’t run out of water because of “climate change,” that’s false.

    The explanation is that the Syrian government deliberately engineered a massive population explosion. Seriously, they made the sale and possession of contraceptives a crime! (See “Demographic Developments and Population: Policies in Ba’thist Syria (Demographic Developments and Socioeconomics)”, by Onn Winkler).

    The population of Syria increased exponentially right up through 2010, with a doubling time of about 18 years, at which point food ran out and population started trending downwards (not so much due to outright famine, as to poverty, lack of medical care, warfare, and people fleeing the country.).

    Now as far as weather goes, there were a couple of dry years before the collapse, but weather is always like that. Last year there were record rainfalls. If Syria’s population had been stable at 5 or even 10 million, they could have coasted on water stored in the aquifers until the rains came back. But when the population increases so much that you drain the aquifers even when there is plenty of rain, then when a temporary drought hits you have no reserve and it all falls apart.

    Check out the section in wikipedia on Syria’s aquifers and groundwater – the water table had been dropping drastically as far back as 1985. Long before the post-2010 dry spell, Syria’s rapid population growth had been consuming more water than fell as rain – EVEN DURING WET YEARS. The low rainfall post-2010 was an early trigger, but the collapse would have come regardless.

    If the rains had been good every single year – which is impossible – it would only have pushed the point of collapse back a few years, at most.

    And there’s something else to remember: we keep hearing that nations need to grow their populations to become more militarily powerful. People must have six children each or those evil people in Tyrannia and Fanatistan will outbreed us and conquer us! How powerful do you think that the Syrian government is now? Not very. Syria would be much stronger with ten or even five million people who were unified and well fed, than it is today with 20 million who are fighting each other in a civil war and splintering into the chaos of ethnic and religious strife. Sure, all other things being equal God is on the side of the bigger battalions, but massively producing children that you can’t provide for is not usually the best strategy.

    It is astonishing that something so obvious, so blatant, has been effectively censored from public discussion. But of course, if it became possible to speak of how the rich forcing population growth upwards creates profits for a few and misery for the rest, why, there might be some opposition to such polices. Perhaps even worse, the rich could not coast along on their wealth claiming that mass poverty is somehow an inevitable consequence of free markets, or automation, or climate change, or socialized medicine, or rock music – instead of something that they deliberately created with malice aforethought.

    Amateurs talk political systems, and professionals talk demographics.

  18. 3515969

    Tulsi is against “anti-semitism and bigotry”

    Gabbard, appealing to her real base, gave a message to the AJC, which has the stated mission of “Advocating for Israel and the Jewish people.”

    The AJC has contributed so much to the advancement of religious tolerance for years… I appreciate so much your work.”

    Gabbard went to Auschwitz years ago as a soldier and took away some big life lessons.

    The world must never forget. Sadly anti-semitism has been on the rise in America and around the world.”

    Gabbard also talks about how she was the victim of anti-Hindu bigotry and how this has affected her.

    Please know as president that I will continue to stand with you to combat anti-Semitism and bigotry and to uphold our freedom of religion.

  19. @Christian truth Project

    Tulsi is/was a member of the CFR
    The Council on Foreign Relations is a “globalist” institution that has been involved with almost every presidential candidate in recent history. I remember the only candidate who was not a member of the CFR in the 2008 election was Ron Paul, who talked a better game than Gabbard, but still functioned as controlled opposition.

    She spoke at Christians United for Israel (what a sick organization)
    In 2015 Gabbard spoke at CUFI, which was founded by the insane Christian zionist Pastor John Hagee, who absolutely loves Israel with all his heart and has never seen an illegal settlement that he doesn’t support. Hagee was invited by Trump to give a speech at the ceremony to mark the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  20. barr says:

    Hundreds of Islamic State fighters, both Syrian and foreign, were covertly evacuated by US, UK and Kurdish forces from the besieged city of Raqqa last month and freed to “spread out far and wide across Syria and beyond”.
    Although reports on the convoy surfaced at the time, BBC journalists Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati have revealed the details in their documentary Raqqa’s Dirty Secret.
    Their investigation describes how the convoy carrying 250 fighters, 3,500 family members, and lorry loads of arms and possessions, was arranged for October 12th by local officials in meetings attended by a western officer.
    During a visit to Syria in mid-October, The Irish Times was told not only about the evacuation but also that senior Islamic State commanders and their families, 45 people in all, had been airlifted out of Raqqa by a US helicopter and flown to the Kurdish region in northern Iraq.
    Fighters escaping Raqqa were said to have been given passage across the desert to join comrades battling the Syrian army and its allies in Deir al-Zor.
    Among the people the BBC team interviewed for the exposé were drivers paid by the Islamic State to drive the buses and trucks carrying the evacuees. According to driver Abu Fawzi, men, women and children wore suicide vests and the trucks had been booby-trapped in case “something went wrong”.
    The convoy contained 50 trucks, 13 buses, and more than 100 of the fighters’ own vehicles. Although it had been agreed they would take only personal weapons, they filled 10 trucks with arms and ammunition.
    Three-day convoy
    It had also been stipulated that no foreigners would leave, but drivers told the BBC that French, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Pakistani, Yemeni, Saudi, Chinese, Tunisian and Egyptians had joined the exodus. The only restriction observed was a ban against flags and banners.

    Whenever it passed through a village or hamlet, fighters warned frightened bystanders they would return, a villager called Muhanad told the BBC, “running a finger across their throats”.
    Two Humvees led the convoy into the desert where the going was rough. Coalition aircraft and drones hovered above, dropping flares after dark to light the way. When the motorcade reached Islamic State-held territory, fighters and civilians departed with their arms and possessions and drivers returned home.

    The BBC investigation compelled Col Ryan Dillon, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, to admit to the deal. He told the team: “We didn’t want anyone to leave. But this goes to the heart of our strategy ‘by, with and through’ local leaders on the ground.

    His statement on foreign fighters contradicted information given to the BBC by drivers and people along the route as well as a statement about strategy made by US defence secretary James Mattis in May.
    “Our intention is that the foreign fighters do not survive the fight to return home . . . We are not going to allow them to do so,” said Mattis.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Commentator Mike
  21. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, but this was from 2 years ago.

    • Replies: @barr
  22. Toxik says:

    simple and straightforward journalism that cuts through the “corporate veil.” Tulsi may not win the democratic nomination, but I see her determination to educate the majority of americans of what our government/deep state/military industrial complex/and later senators who become lobbyists are doing. I also feel for our veterans who are indoctrinated to protect freedom, but in the end, when they come home injured and disabled, or even dead, it was all for naught.

  23. barr says:

    Establishment is preoccupied with what happened 18 yrs ago .

    • Replies: @Michael888
  24. I find some of the rhetoric in this piece irritating and repetitive — but the analysis is essentially correct.

    We created a power vacuum that was almost certain to give rise to something like ISIS.

    Worse, I suspect that many weren’t too disturbed by this prospect. After all, ISIS and its incredibly vicious terrorist attacks in the West did a great deal to fuel Islamophobia — and Islamophobia has its uses. ISIS was probably the best thing to happen to Israel since 9/11.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  25. “The problem is neatly illustrated in this line from a report by the Guardian newspaper of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s meeting this week with Trump, who is described as having had a “meltdown”. ”

    That’s a poorly written statement. It reads as though Trump was the one having a meltdown. How about: “House Speaker Pelosi’s meltdown during a meeting with Trump.” ?

  26. @MarathonMan

    That is a fact that should be kept foremost in the discussions of “why regime change is necessary”. It is the most basic and obvious reason for all this war in the ME.

  27. “First, Washington sowed the seeds of Islamic State by engineering a vacuum in Syria that Isis – or something very like it – was inevitably going to fill.”

    Not quite accurate. The US Government “sowed the seeds of” ISIS by giving them material support before the vacuum was created. IS is mainly a creature of empire, including the US and older remnants of empire in the UK and Europe which survives mainly in the existence of (international) banks.

  28. @Christian truth Project

    Thanks for the link. Gabbard is a phony. Those who say otherwise watch too much TV.

  29. Mr. Grey says:

    Israel produced a divide-and-rule model on steroids, creating a leaderless, ravaged, enfeebled society that sucked out all the local population’s energy.

    Actually if you read about the Arab revolts in 1920’s you’ll see that they have pretty much always been this way. Arab dysfunction allowed the Jews to create the nation of Israel, it’s not a product of Israeli oppression.

    • Disagree: Biff, animalogic
  30. oy vay says:

    Jonathon Cook is so tiresome. His ilk always give pompous, long winded, diversionary pseudo-intellectual ‘explications’ of what the unending wars in the M.E. are about. “Shock Doctrine” ? Really?? What a joke. The 911 Wars are the closing shot in a CENTURY-LONG campaign for ERETZ ISRAEL. The chaos invasions began BEFORE any fake pretexts of shock doctrine, “Iraqi WMDs or Gaddfafi gold dinars” — and even before oil was found in that area.

    ITS ALL ABOUT ISRAEL Is there anyone out there with a clue who has the guts and integrity to stand up and speak it??

    • Agree: Franklin Ryckaert
  31. @Christian truth Project

    All true. And here’s one more fun fact about Tulsi: she was the Vice-Chairwoman of the DNC until 2016; she only resigned that year to endorse Bernie Sanders. I sometimes get the feeling that she’s really an insider who is being groomed by the Lügenpresse to run as a fake ‘outsider’, sort of like Emmanuel Macron in France back in 2017. Remember when he was being touted as an ‘outsider’ too?

    Beware, people …

    • Agree: Kiel
    • Replies: @Ghan-buri-Ghan
  32. @Christian truth Project

    “Tulsi is/was a member of the CFR”. Aren’t all Congressmen members? Doesn’t that come with signing the AIPAC form, getting the secret decoder ring from Adam Schiff, and the free trip to Israel? (maybe Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib “don’t measure up?”)
    I believe CFR was the organization Biden was regaling with his story of holding up \$one billion in Ukrainian aid unless the Ukrainians fired the investigator of his son Hunter “who did nothing wrong”. Can you imagine if Biden had been President rather than VP? This would have been a scandal!

  33. @barr

    The Establishment is preoccupied with what happened in the 2016 Election. It will all be good if that is quickly remedied. Meanwhile a good portion of their scheming agendas are tottering over the abyss.

  34. @A123

    One does not need outside actors, but then there would be a lot of ‘dark matter’ in the history of the ME over the last 100 years. Personally it’s plain state terrorism to me, and the Brits have a good definition!

  35. Don’t these Christian Zionists know that World Jewry has turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah?

  36. Biff says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    Accurate, informative post, albiet a troll feed.

  37. @barr

    Maybe they want to bring all these surviving ISIS, their wives, and children to trial for the vicious war crimes they committed against Christians, Yazidis, sex slaves, and others so that they can reveal live on TV from some International Crimes Tribunal who and how funded, armed, organised them, guided them across international borders to the caliphate, and reveal who and where may be any other surviving ISIS members, especially any hiding in Europe disguised as refugees or immigrants so that they could be hunted down too. That would be the reasonable thing to do. Including those more than 10,000 ISIS and their families captured by Kurds. Don’t they want to process them live on TV for the benefit of the world to show that those we accuse here on UR had absolutely nothing to do with them and that Western and Israeli Intelligence agencies have clean hands and never assisted these barbaric terrorists in any way to commit their crimes?

  38. Alfred says:

    Pelosi and most of the Democratic leadership don’t care about Syria, or its population’s welfare. They don’t care about Assad, or Isis. They care only about the maintenance and expansion of American power

    Correction: They only care about the maintenance and expansion of Israeli power.

  39. Lot says:

    “ Islamic State, or Isis, didn’t emerge out of nowhere. It was entirely a creation of two decades of US interference in the Middle East. ”

    Arab barbarity: never the fault of Arabs.

  40. @Colin Wright

    I think it is worse than that : ISIS was a creation by the Israel-US- Saudi Arabia-Gulf States-axis. Significantly ISIS never attacked Israeli interests, and when it once did so by accident, it apologized to Israel. The destruction of Syria is part of Israel’s notorious Oded Yinon plan, according to which all states in Israel’s neighborhood need to be fragmentized. In Iraq and Libya that was a success, in Syria, thanks to Iran, Hizbollah and Russia, it failed. The US is simply a puppet for Israel’s foreign policy, but nobody in the US, not even Tulsi Gabbard, dares to say so.

    • Replies: @TellTheTruth-2
  41. Well? Well? Well?
    I am missing the explanation here.
    Why US was supporting Jihadist when they were killing even postal services employs?
    And why US did suddenly turned against them?
    Something fishy in this article?

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Herald
  42. Syria may be the biggest defeat for the CIA since Vietnam. … (right click) … …. The CIA will be after Trump’s scalp till Kingdom Come.

  43. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Exactly .. very few Americans understand the GREATER ISRAEL as show in this map. (right click) ..

    • Replies: @Herald
  44. ISIS aka AL CIADA and all the off shoots thereof, Daesh etc., are creations of Israel, and the ZUS and ZBritain and ZNATO and the CIA and the Mossad and MI6 and the White Helmets, and so who are the real terrorists , the zionists who control all.

    Terrorists one and all, from the depths of hell.

    • Agree: annamaria
  45. Uhh, last I heard we aren’t going anywhere, In fact we will have a larger force in southern Syria, including tanks. When Leslie Graham was suddenly back on Trump’s side, I knew it was all a scam.

    The US Defence Department has drawn up a plan to send hundreds of soldiers and a tank battalion to guard oil fields in eastern Syria, and is waiting for the president’s approval, which is “likely,” Fox News reported, citing an unnamed senior Pentagon official. The plan reportedly involves bringing in half of an Army armoured battalion which could include up to 30 Abrams tanks.

  46. nsa says:
    @Christian truth Project

    “….is a member of the CFR” “spoke at Chrissies United for their jew ovelords’ “blah, blah”
    The Hindoo Hottie is another faux populist and the jew’s plan B in case Trumpstein falters. So far, Trumpstein has delivered magnificently for the jew, but if the old satyr strays from the kosher script then the Hindoo Hottie will be allowed through the jew media filter and installed as the preferred alternate to Trumpstein…..female, minority, vet. photogenic….can’t miss. Another jew shill expressed it well many years ago: “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”.

  47. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Sorry Bibi, but your beloved Israel played a BIG part in establishing ISIS, then supporting it with shekels, medical care for their wounded, training and weapons.

    WikiLeaks: US, Israel, And Saudi Arabia Planned Overthrow Of Syrian Govt. In 2006

    Cables reveal that before the beginning of the Syrian revolt and civil war, the United States hoped to overthrow Assad and create strife between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

    The one time their hired ISIS thugs accidentally attacked IDF forces, ISIS leaders made a profuse apology to Israel.

    Isis fighters ‘attacked Israel Defense Forces unit, then apologised’ claims former commander

    Let’s not forget that when the term ISIS first came out, the Tel Aviv war mongers realized it stood for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services and changed that to ISIL, which their adoring MSM gladly obliged by parroting that change.

    From the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag to the destruction of Syria, there’s one common factor, Israel and her American Jew sayanim who keep pushing America into forever wars so Israel can finish off the Palestinians and steal more land.

    • Replies: @KA
  48. @Digital Samizdat

    Absolutely. Gabbard is the “Democrat” Trump. A Jew puppet presented as an outsider. They’re exactly the same. Even Obama was presented that way to an extent.

    Yet the dumb goyim will fall for it for the third time in a row.

  49. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Panel Criticizes ‘Unacceptable Practices’ in the OPCW’s investigation of the Alleged Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria on April 7th 2018

    Based on the whistleblower’s extensive presentation, including internal emails, text exchanges and suppressed draft reports, we are unanimous in expressing our alarm over unacceptable practices in the investigation of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, near the Syrian capital of Damascus on 7 April 2018. We became convinced by the testimony that key information about chemical analyses, toxicology consultations, ballistics studies, and witness testimonies was suppressed, ostensibly to favor a preordained conclusion.

    We have learned of disquieting efforts to exclude some inspectors from the investigation whilst thwarting their attempts to raise legitimate concerns, highlight irregular practices or even to express their differing observations and assessments —a right explicitly conferred on inspectors in the Chemical Weapons Convention, evidently with the intention of ensuring the independence and authoritativeness of inspection reports.

    Fixed “report” of OPCW was necessary to maintain anti-Assad narrative which is now unchallenged even by Gabbard (not to mention the weak sheep-dog Sanders).

  50. ivan says:

    The US does not have to directly support the jihadists. It just has to manage the chaos, for whatever be the action on the ground and whoever is killed or not killed, as long as there is chaos within their chosen sandbox, the chaos masters in Israel wins and that is all that counts with all too many Americans. It doesn’t matter how many Arabs, Turks, Etruscans or Kurds are killed, as long as Israel’s interests are taken care of, the results are “worth it”. Its a very deeply cynical, and evil policy that the US has pursued all these years in the Mid-East.

    But fortunately the Russians have turned things around.

  51. Arnieus says:

    Gangster business and slavery are OK so long as our central bank gets our cut. ME is also about “fragmenting” neighboring countries so Israel can expand. Yinon Plan.

  52. Herald says:

    As promised by themselves for themselves. Amazing that anyone can take the chosen ones even remotely seriously.

  53. Agent76 says:

    Oct 18, 2019 Tulsi Gabbard responds to Hillary Clinton: Clinton “knows she can’t control me”

    Hillary Clinton implied Russians are “grooming” Tulsi Gabbard to run as a third-party candidate to disrupt the election, a charge which Gabbard denies. In a live interview with CBSN, Gabbard responds to Clinton’s claims and says she will not run as a third-party candidate.

    Oct 19, 2019 This Is The Final Nail For Hillary Clinton! Tulsi Gabbard Moves On Up!

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  54. Herald says:

    The explanation is quite simple, supporting terrorism is what the US does, and it has done so for decades.

  55. And now, according to the latest news, Trump will send tanks into Syria to help the Kurds secure the oil for Israel. It’s hard to understand why the Elders of the Deep State want to impeach Trump. He has done everything they wanted, moved the embassy, gave Syria’s Golan Heights to Israel, never criticizes the illegal settlements in Palestine. What else do they want from him?

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  56. @Fool's Paradise

    They want a war with Russia.

    • Replies: @Fool's Paradise
  57. What do you mean Pelosi has no credibility? Have you checked her bank balance lately? Nancy, had she not waded into politics, would have been a pole dancer… she had the goods for it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  58. cassandra says:

    Excellent post. You bring up 2 very important but rarely discussed issues.

    Demographics: Population is one of the most easily predictable developments within a country, and you’d think it might be one of the most publically-discussed, and therefore, best-managed. Au contraire. Assad wasn’t the only one who stood on the tracks watching the headlights approach:

    1. The EU is having problems with an aging native population because it earlier encouraged low birth rates, and is now promoting mass immigration of rapidly-breeding immigrants who threaten to at least overwhelm if not overrun European society. Yet, as Douglas Murray points out in his book The Strange Death of Europe, openly talking about this problem has been, and still is, verboten.

    2. China is now wondering to do with its preponderance of young men, caused very predictably by the Communist Party’s one-child policy.


    If the rains had been good every single year – which is impossible – it would only have pushed the point of collapse back a few years, at most.

    The Syrian case you cite shows how even relatively minor climate changes can carry events past a tipping point. I do agree with you that effects of APGW on climactic conditions are greatly exaggerated, yet changes in climate, for good or ill, have often triggered much larger historical events. The cooling that caused a famine and that preceded the Justinian Plague weakened European and Sassanian civilizations. These misfortunes paved the way for the Islamic takeover that followed. Contrariwise, Norse exploration and the Renaissance, to give 2 examples of increasing activity, both occurred during the Medieval Warming Period.

    I enjoyed your comment.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  59. @Desert Fox

    They’ve re-started the Cold War. Keeps all the warmongers in business. Surely they’re not stupid enough to want a hot one…are they?

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  60. anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    When it comes to senior American politihoes, no one is ever right. Pelosi may be cultivating the ISIS, but Gabbard is busy blowing assorted dictators and more closer to the heart, the hindoo nationalist queers, as impotent (I mean that in a literal sexual context, as their elites don’t marry) as they might be.

  61. SafeNow says:

    Tulsi needs to conduct herself with gravitas, because of her age. However, she is helped by the fact that the leader of the progressive wing is a former bartender, and the leader of the environmental resistance is a high-school sophomore.

  62. anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    Did the U.S. or Israel attempt to deploy ISIS? This is far-fetched beyond the bounds of reasonability.

    A hasbara style attempt to obfuscate and/or absolve the 2 greatest evils on earth. Joo/whitrash nationalist lowlife spotted.

  63. @Fool's Paradise

    They are demonic warmongering hounds from hell and will destroy the world for their zionist NWO!

    • Replies: @Fool's Paradise
    , @Art
  64. @MarathonMan

    It goes without comment that the first act of the US following Nudelman’s (Why do these fuckers keep changing their names?) Ukraine coup was to steal its gold.

    • Agree: Robjil
  65. “Pelosi and most of the Democratic leadership don’t care about Syria, or its population’s welfare. They don’t care about Assad, or Isis. They care only about the maintenance and expansion of their own Democratic Party power – for the personal wealth and influence it continues to bestow on them.”


    Just as the GOP is precisely and thoroughly corrupt in exactly the same way, focused exclusively on their own craven self-interest, the country be damned.

    • Agree: SafeNow
  66. anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    There is nothing in Sunni Islam that does not have its root in Judaism. To state otherwise is to be a typical Semitic liar.

    Lol! Deceitful lies from some godless/pagan whitrash.

    If you are referring to some self-perceived notions of barbarity/deception/etc., within Islam, then you are a deceitful [email protected]# who is trying to cover up the sheer savagery/psychopathy/deception/hypocrisy/etc., of the Christoo whitrash race.

    Again, as far as the roots of Islam being in Judaism, that is laughable. It is Christooism which is clearly having roots in Judaism (there have been so many here who have quoted from your pagan scriptures about the haloed position of the Jooscum)… and Hindooism.

    In-his-image mangods/womangods, Trinity/Trimurthi, the human body is the temple of god… the list is long where you all share your pagan theologies.

    Islam utterly rejects all such pagan abominations. The following verses of the Holy Quran amply proves the simplest and purest form of monotheism, that is Islam;

    Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”

    You are the Liar!!

  67. @A123

    “Did the U.S. or Israel attempt to deploy ISIS? This is far-fetched beyond the bounds of reasonability.”


    The Oded Yinon Plan employs exactly this strategy, and along with the Neocon dominated State Dept with its Regime Change program (Oded Yinon plan in stealth mode) is the predicate. Meanwhile, once it emerged, Obama & Kerry sought to preserve ISIS as a means to pressure Assad. Neocon Zionist fifth column in the US, & Israel-behind-the-scenes are the dual agency-behind-the-curtain of US regime-change wars ***EVERYWHERE*** (because they hate Russia, too.).

  68. @Desert Fox

    And rule, finally, over a smoldering wreck of a planet? They already rule most of it, they’re at the Endgame of their long match with the world. Not that they eschew violence and mass murder. Indeed, they got their start thousands years ago by worshiping a god who told them to genocide all their neighbors and steal all their goods.

  69. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:
    @really no shit

    I’m in the same age cohort as most of these shameless grifters, so I know the end of this run on earth is drawing near. I know that no one can take whatever they accumulate in this life with them into oblivion or whatever their imagined version of paradise might be. The loot stays here in this vale of tears.

    ALL of these players busy ruining and ending lives, like Pelosi, the Clintons and the Bush family, are multi-millionaires at the least–and all on the taxpayers’ dime. Why do they desperately seek to add ever more cash to their bank accounts by bringing yet more misery into the world? It won’t be very long and either the collection of psychopaths known as the government of the United States and its ruthless war machine will end up with the proceeds or they will pass down to further generations of these congenital parasites and deadbeats.

    Does Joe ask himself whether it was worthy to spend his wretched life accumulating ill-gotten wealth to pass on to Hunter and his ilk? Or for Hillary to set up Chelsea and the next generation of Rodham Clinton lampreys? Jimmy Carter seems to have been the only American president who didn’t constantly grasp for money once out of office… and the world never heard a peep about Amy ever again.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @ivan
    , @really no shit

    Secret Jordan base was site of covert aid to insurgents targeting Assad
    Published: 06/17/2014 – By Aaron Klein


    [EDITOR’S NOTE: Since publication, this story has been corrected to clarify that the fighters trained in Jordan became members of the ISIS after their training.]

    JERUSALEM – Syrian rebels who would later join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.

    The officials said dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The officials said the training was not meant to be used for any future campaign in Iraq.
    The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.

    In February 2012, WND was first to report the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.
    That report has since been corroborated by numerous other media accounts.
    Last March, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan.

    Quoting what it said were training participants and organizers, Der Spiegel reported it was not clear whether the Americans worked for private firms or were with the U.S. Army, but the magazine said some organizers wore uniforms. The training in Jordan reportedly focused on use of anti-tank weaponry.

    The German magazine reported some 200 men received the training over the previous three months amid U.S. plans to train a total of 1,200 members of the Free Syrian Army in two camps in the south and the east of Jordan.

    Britain’s Guardian newspaper also reported last March that U.S. trainers were aiding Syrian rebels in Jordan along with British and French instructors.

    Reuters reported a spokesman for the U.S. Defense Department declined immediate comment on the German magazine’s report. The French foreign ministry and Britain’s foreign and defense ministries also would not comment to Reuters.

  71. 2012 Classified U.S. Report: ISIS Must Rise To Power
    Posted on May 23, 2015 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

    Conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch have published formerly classified documents from the U.S. Department of Defence which reveals the agencies earlier views on ISIS, namely that they were a desirable presence in Eastern Syria in 2012 and that they should be “supported” in order to isolate the Syrian regime. reports:
    The DIA report, formerly classified “SECRET//NOFORN” and dated August 12, 2012, was circulated widely among various government agencies, including CENTCOM, the CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, State Dept., and many others.

    The document shows that as early as 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.

  72. Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS
    Posted on May 28, 2015 by Carol Adl

    Government watchdog Judicial Watch published more than 100 pages of formerly classified documents from the U.S. Department of Defense and the State Department.

    The documents obtained through a federal lawsuit, revealed the agencies earlier views on ISIS, namely that they were a desirable presence in Eastern Syria in 2012 and that they should be “supported” in order to isolate the Syrian regime.

    The U.S. intelligence documents not only confirms suspicions that the United States and some of its coalition allies had actually facilitated the rise of the ISIS in Syria – as a counterweight to the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad- but also that ISIS members were initially trained by members and contractors of the Central Intelligence Agency at facilities in Jordan in 2012.

  73. HEREDOT says:

    When I say Isis, I immediately think of Obama, Hillary, Mc Cain. These are the most despicable psychopaths who have resigned from humanity.

  74. @Agent76

    The end of Hill-dog? In your dreams. She rises from the grave with the regularity of an obese vampire.

    • Replies: @Art
  75. ivan says:

    Jimmah was the last honest man in American politics. But since he told Americans that gas was going to cost more, that perhaps they needed to drive a wee bit less, the Americans hated him. They didn’t like the “malaise” of having to pay for their lifestyle.

    As for the Israelis, what did Jimmah not to do for them : Got Egypt out of the Arab alliance, arranged the annual tribute to Israel, started the ball rolling on the Holocaust religion, paid off Egypt and Jordan to stay away from any alliance against the Israelis. But what did he get in return; branded as anti-Semite merely for mentioning that the Palestinians had rights, were human beings too. With the Zionist Jews, one is always on probation. No point playing their silly games.

    • Replies: @anon
  76. The CIA!

    Rise of the National Security State The CIA’s links to Wall Street

    The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

    Regime Change and Capitalism

    Hassan Nasrallah should know:

    The path of U.S.-Israeli arrogance and domination, with its various dimensions, and with its direct and indirect extensions and alliances, which is witnessing military defeats and political failures, reflected successive defeats for the American strategies and plans, one after the other. All this has led [the U.S.] to a state of indecision, retreat, and inability to control the progress of events in our Arab and Islamic world. There is a broader international context for this – a context that, in its turn, helps to expose the American crisis, and the decline of the [U.S.] unipolar hegemony, in the face of pluralism, the characteristics of which are yet to be stabilized.

    “The crisis of the arrogant world order is deepened by the collapse of U.S. and international stock markets, and by the confusion and powerlessness of the American economy. This reflects the height of the structural crisis of the model of capitalist arrogance. Therefore, it can be said that we are in the midst of historic transformations that foretell the retreat of the USA as a hegemonic power, the disintegration of the unipolar hegemonic order, and the beginning of the accelerated historic decline of the Zionist entity.

    After World War II, the U.S. has adopted the leading, central hegemonic project. At its hands, this project has witnessed great development of the means of control and unprecedented subjugation. It has benefited from an accumulation of multi-faceted accomplishments in science, culture, technology, knowledge, economy, and the military, which was supported by an economic political plan that views the world as nothing but open markets subject to the laws of [the U.S.].

    “The most dangerous aspect of Western logic of hegemony in general, and the American logic of hegemony in particular, is their basic belief that they own the world, and have the right to hegemony due to their supremacy in several fields. Thus, the Western, and especially American, expansionist strategy, when coupled with the enterprise of capitalist economy, has become a strategy of a global nature, whose covetous desires and appetite know no bounds.

    The barbaric capitalism has turned globalism into a means to spread disintegration, to sow discord, to destroy identities, and to impose the most dangerous form of cultural, economic, and social plunder. Globalization reached its most dangerous phase, when it was transformed into military globalization by the owners of the Western hegemony enterprise, the greatest manifestation of which was evident in the Middle East, from Afghanistan to Iraq, to Palestine, and to Lebanon.

    There is no doubt that American terrorism is the source of all terrorism in the world. The Bush administration has turned the U.S. into a danger threatening the whole world, on all levels. If a global opinion poll were held today, the United States would emerge as the most hated country in the world.

    The most important goal of American arrogance is to take control of the peoples politically, economically, and culturally, and to plunder their resources.

    – Hassan Nasrallah December 8, 2009

    and Trump IS NOT “pulling out” Will Tulsi? One way to find out. Doesn’t look good though, unless shes willing to splinter the C.I.A. into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds, as they say..

    Where’s the proof that she is CFR member, I see sock puppets parrot this line all the time but offer no proof. Her serving on the armed & financial services committees and doing a speech for them doesn’t make her a member. I’d take her over Trump any day.

  77. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, this is moderately interesting.

    Tulsi Gabbard meets with Wall Street execs amid Clinton feud: Report

  78. @redmudhooch

    Gabbard has been removed from the CFR list. That, more than anything should cause you great concern for her “authenticity”. Who is powerful enough to have her name removed and why would they do it in the first place? Is she a second tier candidate as everyone claims or is she being set up to be a third party “spoiler” which will guarantee Trump’s re-election? How many times have we seen that scenario?

    Like many things now, you have to go the Wayback Machine to find her name. There is a link to the Wayback Machine which shows Gabbard listed on the CFR membership roster in this article.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @nietzsche1510
  79. @cassandra

    On China’s “preponderance of young men”; the one- child policy would not have eventuated in the imbalance of men & women, but the societal preference for sons being reinforced through sex selection through abortions accounts for this very nicely. Otherwise, what mechanism would produce this result? The Chinese Communist Party must have seen this, and did nothing to stop it, so what does that tell you about their ambitions, and designs against other nations?

  80. Anyone who wants to see proof of the ZUS supplying ISIS aka AL CIADA watch the 10-25-19 report on

  81. @TG

    Nice to blame all of Syria’s water issues on a short-sighted domestic policy, but the Turks have been increasingly diverting flow from the Euphrates for their use, and screwing the Syrians. Given would-be Sultan Erdogan’s clear neo-Ottoman ambitions against Syria, his deployment of the water weapon to weaken far smaller Syria needs to be understood in context, too.

  82. @Christian truth Project

    And yet, Christian, conceding everything you say about Tulsi is true, she remains far and away the best candidate in the democrat race.

  83. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    LOL. There are 2 classes of membership. Most, like Tulsi, pay dues (annual or a longer term) and if they don’t remew, they’re no longer on the rolls. Simple as that. Lucy Komisar (also a mmber) has explained this well.

    As to why many/most in Congress would want to belong to a club where they can interact with the world’s most influential people, go figure. (I’m sure you’d turn it down.)

  84. @A123

    Sunni jihadism, applied Wahhabism, is the Trojan Horse of the US deep state since the Afghan War of the 80s. their communication channel to command & control is the Saudi Intelligence. then in the Clinton years of the 90s. came into the mix the Israelis. hence 9/11, 2nd. Iraq war, Lybia, Syria, Yemen & now, Iran!

  85. @Johnny Walker Read

    Do you mean another Bernie Sanders? Another side-kick to herd, eventually, the Progressives into voting for the pick of the Judeo-Zionist hidden heads of the Democratic party?

  86. annamaria says:

    “Did the U.S. or Israel attempt to deploy ISIS?”
    –The U.S. and Israel have been arming and supporting ISIS by any means; the evidence is overwhelming. Instead of pretending on innocent naivete, you could simply google your question.
    For instance:
    “Tracing ISIS’ Weapons Supply Chain—Back to the US:”
    “Israel Just Admitted Arming anti-Assad Syrian Rebels:”

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @anon
  87. @annamaria has a report on the ZUS supplyin ISIS aka AL CIADA with weapons, this is the 10-25-19 report.

  88. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump’s gift thias week of \$\$\$4.5 million to the White Helmets fits with helping ISIS.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  89. Art says:

    Obama’s – Black Widow War Queens!

    Hillary Clinton, Susan Price, and Samantha Power where the reigning Queens of Obama’s war policy.

    Those liberal women are responsible for bombing Libya, and the feeding of Syria’s war. They are every bit as guilty of war crimes as Cheney and Rumsfeld. These feminists do not have a clear understanding of the consequences of war.

    The world does not need these warmongering bloody feminists. We need traditional women who are antiwar. These feminists have abrogated their natural peaceful role, in the male/female human scheme of things.

    Example – compare Tulsi Gabbart to Hillary Clinton!

  90. @anon

    The ZUS and Israel and ZBritain are the creators of the terrorists.

  91. Art says:
    @Desert Fox

    They are demonic warmongering hounds from hell and will destroy the world for their zionist NWO!

    No wonder we are anti-Semites – it is justified.

    p.s. Not even, all the cunning, of all the Jews, can stop the natural happening of anti-Semitism.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  92. @Anonymous

    The good ol boy’s mother Ms. Lillian was a Christian missionary to India and perhaps he got his goodness from her and Amy was a good kid too. Whatever happened to the young lass?

  93. Art says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    The end of Hill-dog? In your dreams. She rises from the grave with the regularity of an obese vampire.

    Hill-dog – the black widow b*TCH, has killed off poor Bill – he cannot show his face in public anymore.

    You would think that Hill-dog was the president – not Bill.

  94. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    In her essay about how the war on terror has eroded U.S. citizens’ constitutional rights, @KarenGreenberg3 walks you through a long line of court battles and surveillance scandals under Bush, Obama, and Trump, explaining what they all meant.

    Citizenship in America: A Country’s “Priceless Treasure” under Siege

  95. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Israeli officials have consistently made the case that enforcing Mr. Obama’s narrow “red line” on Syria is essential to halting the nuclear ambitions of Israel’s archenemy, Iran. More quietly, Israelis have increasingly argued that the best outcome for Syria’s two-and-a-half-year-old civil war, at least for the moment, is no outcome.
    For Jerusalem, the status quo, horrific as it may be from a humanitarian perspective, seems preferable to either a victory by Mr. Assad’s government and his Iranian backers or a strengthening of rebel groups, increasingly dominated by Sunni jihadis.
    “This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,” said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York. “Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here. As long as this lingers, there’s no real threat from Syria.”

    And they ,the Zionist are inhuman 2 legend primate also .

    They stared t Syrian plan : plan of fragmenting in 2006 (Wikileaks cable and RT interview of Julian Assange ) .Iran came to help . Now Iran had to be bombed in Syria for creating red -line- the excuse the Zionist made up the rationale the Israeli framed and the Zionist created ( The Daily Caller ) .

    The zionist don’t want the resolution . They want killing to continue . The same killing that continued mostly among Europeans in WW1 and WW2 to further their interest . WW1 would have stopped way before it stopped but the Zionist wanted to continue until Balfour declaration was safe in its place.

    In 1980 the Zionist created mini ISIS in Lebanon They took the entire ownership from creating to transferring ,from paying, to supplying bombs, from hiding to making powerful killers ,from blaming Palestinian for this tenor to actually creating the terrorist (
    also found in August 2012, the New Yorker ’s  profile of Meir Dagan, ,in the truth telling 1982 expose of Yigal Sarna and Anat Tal-Shir, two reporters for the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot,
    and in book “Rise and Kill”

  96. Beb says:

    This is the best short article that I have ever found on Syria. Mr. Cook lays it all out. God bless him.

  97. Nigel says:

    Very insightful article.

  98. @redmudhooch

    Gabbard is a bought and paid for Zionist whore

    “Tulsi Gabbard Speaks to Right-Wing Christians United for Israel Conference 2015”

  99. One does not need outside actors to explain how the hole was dug.

    What nonsense… US bombed around 60 bridges that Syria had built and the US bombed every factory and plant and oil installation it could. It is right now stealing Syrian oil.. And was stealing Syrian crops and electricity before when controlling those lands and the electricity production at the dam.

    Turkey destroyed the main industrial hub in Syria and moved what could be to Turkey itself and it now uses cheap syrian labour to create the same stuff. The majority of damage to Syrian infrastructure was done by the US directly destroying it and I remember how the US even bombed the power plant and water pumping station in Aleppo.. Just like the US destroyed Iraq and in over 2 decades Iraq still has not been able to rebuild it. Such was its destruction.

    ah no, all this was outside action.. Although others helped, the US and Turkey directly are responsible for all the chaos and destruction in Syria. All those deaths are on the US and Turkey.. That blood will never wash away..

  100. A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report in 2012 predicted that if Obama continued the policies he was pursuing in Syria, a caliphate would eventually be declared. Michael Flynn was the head of DIA at the time. Years later, after the caliphate was declared, Flynn called it the result of a “willful” act. His destruction was at least in part revenge for that criticism.

    I’m no Flynn fanboy. He was much too hawkish about Iran for my taste. Nevertheless, he was right about ISIS.

  101. snag says:

    They’re here !!! Another hasbara crap peddler ,…

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