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The Tribal Left’s a Mirror Image of the Tribal Right
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Of course, I expect a backlash every time I write. It comes with the territory. There is no point being a Bari Weiss or a David Frum and crying out against “cancel culture”. Dissension is part of the rough and tumble of a modern world in which everyone – at least, for a little longer – gets their 15 minutes of sounding off, however ignorant their opinions. There are millions of people out there on social media, and some of them seem to have pretty disturbing views.

But I don’t write just to be provocative, as some readers appear to imagine. I write to influence. Not so much what we think – though that’s a nice bonus – but how we go about the task of thinking.

In societies bombarded with propaganda – propaganda that gets ever more sophisticated as software and algorithms learn through billions of tiny mind experiments how to trigger us, arouse us, incentivise us – it is extraordinarily hard to think clearly. It requires a huge amount of mental and spiritual energy to gain distance. That’s very difficult to do if we spend all day working, or we are exposed all day to the news cycle. The biggest problem is not just that our thoughts are likely to be someone else’s (often Rupert Murdoch’s), it is that we don’t even know that they belong to somebody else. That is how propaganda works.

This difficulty means I spend a lot of time thinking about which topics to write about. I need to select issues prominent enough in the news that people will wish to invest a little more time to read my contribution. But at the same time the topic I choose needs to illustrate my chief concerns – that we are being propagandised into ever more polarised, antagonised tribal identities – starkly enough that readers will be prepared to reconsider the strong views they already hold on the matter at hand.

Challenging ever more polarised and deeply entrenched tribal identities often feels like a high-wire act in which the only way to have an impact is to keep raising the wire a little higher. The more an audience loses critical distance on an issue – the more tribal it becomes – the more it has to be jolted out of its complacency, out of its sense of what constitutes normality or sanity. But the jolt itself can prove counter-productive, simply reinforcing the tribe’s certainty that anyone who disagrees must belong to the other tribe, the enemy, and can therefore be safely ignored.

How we think

I have been researching and writing daily on foreign affairs, mostly related to the Middle East, for 20 years. That’s a long time, and inevitably over that period I have grown more confident in my worldview and I have wanted to deepen and broaden my perspective.

Certainly, there are lessons I have learnt from two decades of reporting on, and analysing, Israel and Palestine that I think are of wider import. It is a region whose features I have been able to study with a degree of dispassion – because the so-called “conflict” isn’t exactly mine – but also with a great deal of intimacy – because I ended up marrying into that conflict. I understand very well how a modern settler colonial state works and how a strong tribal identity is key to its success. I understand too the way it inevitably spawns the infrastructure of a militarised, hi-tech, surveillance state, and how an elite needs to constantly manipulate the public into a sense of existential crisis to keep itself enriched and powerful.

Any of that sound familiar outside Israel-Palestine?

The problem is that it is much easier to see how Israeli Jews are propagandised, how they are invested in an entirely manufactured tribal identity that keeps them oppressing Palestinians, than it is to see how we ourselves are propagandised, or how our own manufactured tribal identities work in much the same way.

Which is why every time I write about the United States, where the most propagandised population on the planet lives, I receive the biggest backlash from readers: “Stick to writing about Palestine”; “You don’t know enough about the US to have a view”; “What happened to you – you were great when you just wrote about Israel-Palestine”. And those are the polite responses.

What appears to be upsetting some readers isn’t so much the facts I am writing about. After all, in this intensely globalised world, where we can all read the same newspapers online and we can all watch Youtube videos of the actual events themselves, I know as much as you most likely do about what happened – whether it’s in Nablus, Bristol or Kenosha. Unless you were there, and got an angle on events denied the rest of us, we are debating the same set of real-world events or the same set of corporate media depictions of those events.

The issue often isn’t what we know (though increasingly we choose to close our ears to information that does not confirm our prejudices), it’s how we analyse what we know.

Emotional investment

People who began following me because of my writings on Israel-Palestine, or the acres of related stuff I wrote countering the Zionist misinformation campaigns in the UK intended to vilify Jeremy Corbyn, are already a fairly select group of people who trust my analytical skills when it comes to an issue on which they have managed to see past the propaganda most others are still in thrall to.


What I know through meeting a small proportion of those readers is that their ability to break out of the mainstream mindset was typically based on an unusual or intensely personal experience they had. Maybe they visited Israel and Palestine and were shocked by the yawning gulf between what they had read in the corporate media and what they saw on the ground. Or maybe they knew Corbyn to be an authentic politician and a committed anti-racist and could not believe how he was depicted in every single corporate news outlet in the UK.

Direct experience of the way the news is skewed set them on a path towards questioning the propaganda they had been subjected to over a lifetime.

But just because we manage to break out of the propaganda construct on one issue does not mean we succeed on every issue. Things that feel intensely personal to us, in which we are emotionally or materially invested, are always going to be the hardest to view from a distance. And for obvious reasons, nothing is so personal, so deeply invested in, as our social and political identities. To question our identity is both to loosen ourselves from the rock that anchors us to the ground we know best and to risk alienating the social networks we depend on. Truly liberating oneself from propaganda – transcending the identities that have been largely manufactured for us – is the riskiest of ventures, which is why so few are willing to do it.

I witnessed that especially keenly in Israel-Palestine, where Jews who cast aside the tribal comfort blanket of Zionism were themselves cast out by their own societies. When we criticise Israeli Jews for failing to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, we should also remember how hard it is intellectually and emotionally to go against the grain of your society. It takes significant courage.

I have seen it too in the way anti-Zionist Jews in the Labour party have been hounded out because they refuse to be used by the parliamentary party’s dominant Blairite wing to settle political scores with the more socialist membership. When these anti-Zionist Jews refuse to abandon their anti-racist principles and become tribal Zionists – Zionists who demand special diplomatic treatment for a self-declared ethnic state that, in turn, demands special privileges for Jews over Palestinians – they are demeaned as self-hating or the “wrong kind of Jews”. Seeing their treatment, one can understand why so many British Jews might never think to question what they have been told – or might prefer to keep their heads down.

And that is the point. It is not that we make a choice to stay propagandised. It doesn’t require any effort from us at all. All we need do is not make a choice. Our socially constructed tribal identities are the default. All we need to do is go about our daily lives as normal.

Propagandised populations

For many of us, who lack a strongly Zionist tribal identity (though of course in the west we have been raised with a more general, colonial Zionist identity since at least the 1917 Balfour Declaration) it is fairly easy to understand how Zionist Jews have been propagandised and how far their thinking can stray from reality. In early 2015 – months after Israel’s horrifying attack on Gaza that killed hundreds of Palestinian children and led to an outpouring of criticism of Israel in the UK and elsewhere – a survey found that 56 per cent of British Jews believed “anti-Semitism in Britain has some echoes of the 1930s”.

Remember this survey was before Corbyn had been elected Labour leader and before the furore about a supposed antisemitism crisis in the party had moved into full gear. God knows, what a similar survey of British Jews would find today.

At that stage, even a prominent liberal commentator for the Israeli Haaretz newspaper found the views of most fellow Jews in the UK preposterous:

If the majority of British Jews and the authors of the CAA report actually believe that, then it’s hard to take anything they say about contemporary anti-Semitism in their home country seriously. If they honestly think that the situation in Britain today echoes the 1930s when Jews were still banned from a wide variety of clubs and associations, when a popular fascist party, supported by members of the nobility and popular newspapers, were marching in support of Hitler, when large parts of the British establishment were appeasing Nazi Germany and the government was resolutely opposed to allowing Jewish refugees of Nazism in to Britain, finally relenting in 1938 to allow 10,000 children to arrive — but not their parents who were to die in the Holocaust (that shameful aspect of the Kindertransport that is seldom mentioned) — and when the situation of Jews in other European countries at the time was so much worse, then not only are they woefully ignorant of recent Jewish history but have little concept of what real anti-Semitism is beyond the type they see online.

Paradoxically, Haaretz columnist Anshel Pfeffer would soon subscribe himself to much of the nonsense he excoriates here – as soon, in fact, as Corbyn was elected to head the Labour party.

Which is a reminder of how quickly we can adapt our understanding of what we think of as real, objective facts, or falsehoods, when it helps to protect our tribal identities. We see what we want to see.

Pfeffer, a liberal Zionist, thought the paranoia of conservative Zionist Jews was ridiculous when Ed Miliband, a liberal Zionist like Pfeffer and a gentle critic of Israel, led the Labour party. But once Corbyn took over, a genuine anti-racist who opposed the “liberal” racism inherent in a self-declared Jewish state, Pfeffer started to feel much more ideologically aligned with conservative British Jews. Indeed, he soon shared most of their assumptions about a supposed rise in “leftwing antisemitism” he had derided more generally months previously.

In short, the survey did not tell us much useful about the state of antisemitism in Britain in 2015. But it did tell us an awful lot about how propagandised many British Jews already were about antisemitism in 2015. It was a signpost, a clue as to where things were about to head.

Losing the plot

Jews, it should go without saying, are not uniquely susceptible to propaganda or uniquely invested in a tribal identity. We all are.

It is easy to point the finger at Zionist Jews for some of their outrageous, self-serving, supremacist views. Much harder to spot those same tendencies in ourselves.

Which is why not only complete strangers harangue me on social media when I turn the spotlight on leftwing tribalism – I expect that – but long-standing followers do too.


If you love my Israel-Palestine stuff, or my Labour party criticisms, but think I’ve lost the plot on the other stuff, please believe me when I say my criticisms of western tribalism spring from exactly the same set of analytical skills I bring to bear on Israel-Palestine. I am not suddenly or arbitrarily applying a whole set of other analytical criteria to the issues you care most passionately about simply out of a perverse desire to provoke you.

It may be, just possibly, that you are provoked because the conclusions I arrive at on issues close to your heart challenge your own tribal identity – what you perceive to be the left, or to be progressive discourse, or to be anti-racism. Accepting my arguments might require you to become more flexible or curious than you want to be, or it might force you to consider that some of your views stand in stark contradiction to other values you profess to believe in. That inconsistency intrigues me enough to write about it, but it may well infuriate you.

Which may explain the strange, angry responses from some followers to the soundbites from my lengthy articles – the snippets – I must necessarily post on social media. Rather than being provoked into reading the article, where they would need to grapple with a complex argument, some followers prefer to comment on the soundbite. But if you are among those who say you are fed up with our modern, dumbed-down, soundbite culture – those, for example, who supported Corbyn because he wasn’t a focus-group politician – you should not really be fetishising that soundbite culture yourself. Well, not if you want to avoid the accusation of hypocrisy.

Carlson clones

If you’re also wondering why all the writers you once loved so much have suddenly become raving Tucker Carlson clones, it might – just might – be because you changed rather than they did. Like Anshel Pfeffer, maybe you arrived at your Corbyn crisis moment. Let me take a punt and suggest that Donald Trump and the rise of the white right may have made your tribal identity seem much more precious to you.

That won’t have made you a clearer thinker. It will have simply made you an angrier, less compromising, less compassionate thinker. It will have encouraged you to think in zero-sum terms. It will have pushed you away from anyone who does not espouse exactly your pieties. It will have made you less willing to consider the arguments of anyone who no longer echoes your binary view of the world. It will have made you a liberal-left version George W Bush, with his warning: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

That should not surprise us. A tribal left is bound to be the mirror image of a tribal right. They have different pieties, different slogans, but the same intolerance, the same self-righteousness, the same anger.

In tribal times like these, those who see the dangers of tribalism – that it is a tool for dividing us, for weakening us against the power-elites and a billionaire-owned media that relishes and stokes our tribalism – will struggle to be heard. Anything they say that isn’t for the tribe is assumed to be for the enemy. They have moved to the dark side.

In a time of tribalism, the left’s duty is to speak out loudly for solidarity. We need to remember that we are no less exposed to propaganda than the other tribe. That doesn’t mean we have to abandon our principles. But it does mean we have to remember they are as human as we are, that they have the same rights as us, that it is crucially important that we are fair and consistent, that our blindspots can be as big as theirs. Because otherwise we not only entrench our own tribalism, we entrench theirs too.

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “Solidarity” is one of “those” words–self-identifies the writer as an ideological kook.

    If you used it in error, just stop.

    If you used it on purpose (whatever the purpose), thanks for letting us know.

  2. BuelahMan says:

    Cook tap dances all around the somewhat acceptable “bash ‘Zionist jews’” and has ignored a century of the jewish control that has wrought the devastating condition of the world today.

    • Agree: Zorost
    • Thanks: Angharad
  3. Dually says:

    Our expectation shouldn’t be that Kyle Rittenhouse is treated by the police and legal system like a black man. It is that black men, and women, should be treated like a white Rittenhouse

    So.. Blacks should be incarcerated for self-defense and potentially railroaded on a trumped-up charge? Now, that’s REAL progressive thinking!

    • Replies: @JimDandy
    , @Badger Down
  4. Hitmarck says:

    The problem is, the English intellectual capacity peaks at retarded humor. More contribution isn’t known.

    Europeans do not tribe like the tribe.
    Europeans totally fall for the artificial tribes the tribe offers, while the tribe only chameleons as being part of either artificial tribe, but at the end of the day everyone of them knows what’s their tribe.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
  5. The question is, can Palestinians live peaceably alongside Israeli Jews? Or is separation (and a Palestinian homeland) the solution?

  6. “In tribal times like these, those who see the dangers of tribalism – that it is a tool for dividing us, for weakening us against the power-elites and a billionaire-owned media that relishes and stokes our tribalism – will struggle to be heard.”

    The elites and media are highly tribal and practice intense in-group loyalty; tribalism has worked out quite well for them. Israel is highly tribal, and they are history’s winners in the Middle East while their neighbors devote most of their brainpower to ripping each other off. Japanese, tribal. Han Chinese, tribal. Koreans, tribal.

    So tribalism seems to be the winning tactic so far, and it is these self-styled seers and proponents of deracinated individualsm who are dividing the Western tribes against their elite enemies.

    • Agree: John Regan, Zorost
  7. Tribal is just a buzz word for class. There are two middle classes in the US: the Independent-Working-Business Class and the Knowledge Class.

    The Knowledge Class is, however, dependent on the Working Class through the taxation system. The problem of the so-called invisible virus is that it is being used as a way to brand what class one is in and the vaccine is a baptismal conversion ritual into the government-Knowledge Class. That is why the vaxx must be administered to children. They are then baptized into the belief that science and government will save them for life.

    The Knowledge Class is more bound to bureaucracies, whether government or corporate. The COVID-cult as it is called is not a cult at all. A cult is a very small group that blindly follows a control freak leader (Jim Jones). A bureaucracy has no charismatic leader, except media made ones (Gates, Bezos, or Obama). Think Joe Biden – non-charismatic. What is characteristic about bureaucracies, as sociologist Max Weber observed 100 years ago, is they are organized for self-perpetuation, their secondary latent function becomes their primary mission, their existence depends on keeping a secret, and over time they become totalistic.

    This means that organizations exist for themselves and can not be reformed even by elected officials or taxpayers or governing boards (think deep state). Only way to deal with a school board is to home school your kid – there is no way to reform a school board as Mark Twain infamously quipped.

    Bureaucracies like the CDC must keep the secret that, say, Ivermectin could make vaccinations obsolete at a fraction of the cost and their existence would be unnecessary. So such bureaucracies have manifest functions (public health) but the latent function (power and self perpetuation) tends to become its primary function. It’s called mission creep.

    The sociologist Irving Goffman called totalistic bureaucracies Total Institutions that manage your entire life (monasteries, prisons, basic military training camp). Now, corporations are morphing into Total Institutions by taking over control of your health and your body (and your politics) and your conformity. They track your whereabouts on your cell phone and audit your emails. Soon there will be a Chinese Communist social credit system. This is what Max Weber feared – he called it “the Iron Cage”.

    There is only one antidote to bureaucracies – mediating institutions between the isolated individual and the megastructures: family, church, lodges, online self help groups, neighborhoods. This is why the corporations are trying to get rid of the family, religion and independent workers. “Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” as Mussolini once put it. As Alex de Tocqueville pointed out, democracy depends on voluntary mediating institutions (not necessarily representative government).

    • Replies: @Angharad
  8. Angharad says:

    Very, very true. You’d think that even THE MOST tone-deaf, disconnected “intuh-lek-shills” would realize that the “We Are All One” fraud has been so thoroughly detonated by reality by NOW – that they’d stop, But they don’t and never will.

  9. Angharad says:

    Thank you, Mr Cook, for pointing out how Jews play both or all sides of ANY issue – but are all advancing jewish goals and interests in the end. The kosher controlled “opposition” element is one of their stratagems for confusing the Goyim . You’ve done a marvelous job of Naming Der ewige Jude!

    PS – I do NOT want to “unite” with other Tribes that are out to destroy me and mine.

    • Agree: Zorost
  10. Angharad says:
    @Wayne Lusvardi

    Nope. Tribalism is the innate, healthy, natural, and literally life-preserving connection to and preference for one’s own People. Family and Race. Race is, after all, EXTENDED FAMILY.

    • Replies: @Wayne Lusvardi
  11. Per your tweet:

    My latest: Our expectation shouldn’t be that Kyle Rittenhouse is treated by the police and legal system like a black man. It is that black men, and women, should be treated like a white Rittenhouse; that legal facts should count whatever your skin colour

    Legal facts are in play every time blacks are on trial. Even when facts easily point to the defendant for crimes committed, if he’s black he’s treated with kid gloves and given 18 more chances.

    The Waukesha Terrorist had a rap sheet longer than a Ron Unz article, yet time and again, well before the bail-reform disaster, the demon was released early and often.

    Those that make legal justice impossible will make street justice inevitable; it’s already well-deserved for many of these repeat offenders.

    P.S. Rittenhouse should never have been charged at all.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: JimDandy
  12. “I say my criticisms of western tribalism spring from exactly the same set of analytical skills I bring to bear on Israel-Palestine. I am not suddenly or arbitrarily applying a whole set of other analytical criteria to the issues you care most passionately about simply out of a perverse desire to provoke you.”

    1) Each paradigm requires a different set skills brought to bear.

    2) The “vulgar reductionism” of analytical analysis is a very real threat to the the thinker thinking about an issue.

    3) The political right and left in America, and the West, and a growing portion of the East, are Talmudic occupied territories (whether City of London Merchant Banker, International banker, Religious Zionist, Secular Zionist, Culture Jew, Chassidic, Orthodox, Conservadox, Reform, etc.). When under Talmudic dominion, the discourse becomes a Talmudic dialectic with ever expanding subsets of Talmudic dialectics branching off in all directions from the original thesis-antithesis, so that synthesis is always further and further away from the truth, which was buried beneath the original dialectic. Talmudism/Pilpul in application.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  13. I agree, good advice, but the problem is that the other “tribe” is real, and it does want to get rid of you.

  14. BorisMay says:

    The Jews biggest enemy are their fellow Jews.

    A nation without any Jews is a happy nation.

    The author mentions the CAA. The Campaign Against Antisemitism run by a self appointed hypocrite that has the wealth and influence to force the Crown Prosecution Service to act against its own best advice and prosecute the indigenous English when they point out the illegal Shomrin (private Jewish police force that masquerade as serving police officers) that is against the law of the land in the UK.

    No entity, no minority group, is permitted a private police force in the UK, by law, but the Jews have one. And when this is openly challenged by private citizens they are prosecuted and sent to prison.

    The Jews run Britain. They run Parliament, they run the police, they run the legal services, they organise and profit from mass immigration, they destroy the culture and traditions of their host country, they run the Bank of England, they run the press, the impose the Covid tyranny upon the British State, they are murdering the indigenous British and the idiot immigrants that thought they were emigrating to a free nation.

    The Jews, like this author, whether Zionist or anti Zionist are the problem. Jews are murdering tyrants where ever they are. They are the Neanderthals whose entire modus operandi is murder. They revel in destroying the weak, the vulnerable and the poor. Their god is Satan, just as Jesus of Nazareth pointed out and we are seeing the culmination of this evil with the Covid19 scam.

    Jews have no shame, no honour and no common decency.

    As I said, the Jews are their own worst enemy.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  15. @Fidelios Automata

    There is already a Palestinian homeland: Palestine.

    Hint’s in the name, which has been applied to the region since roughly the time of Rameses III. P-l-s-t (or P-r-s-t) is recognised as the Egyptian reference to the region – e.g., on inscriptions at Medinet Habu, a temple dedicated to Rameses III.

    Rameses III died in ~1155BCE – decades before the fictional ‘foundation story’ in the Old Nonsense. Assyrian king Adad-nirari III (d783 BCE) also makes reference using a cognate (Palashtu) almost 400 years later – during which time Judah was a client state of the Assyrians that was little more than a hill-fort.

    Some Habiru (from the Akkadian ‘ 𒄩𒁉𒊒’ – ‘dusty, dirty’) – disparate fringe-dwellers known in the region since the 19th century BCE – managed to carve out a tiny niche for themselves by the mid-first-millennium BCE… and promptly began to retcon their timeline by claiming that a Sky Maniac told them they could have the region.

    Taken over the whole of history – as established by dispassionate archaeology rather than primitive tribal drivel – the region has been known as Palestine (or a cognate) for much much longer than, and in periods that include and overlap, the period in which some local tribal dimwits tried to name the place after themselves (only to promptly fall under the thrall of the Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians and Romans … in no particular order)


    The one-state solution can work: especially if the Eurotrash blow-ins (and their anchor-babies) head back to Lithuania and their other points of origin in the Pale of Settlement.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF, BorisMay
    • Thanks: Badger Down
  16. @Kratoklastes

    Wonderful. Good post. I am curious, do you have any scholarly books or journal articles to recommend regarding any aspect of what was written in your post? Even if it only indirectly points to the conclusion/s.

  17. JimDandy says:

    “Our expectation shouldn’t be that Kyle Rittenhouse is treated by the police and legal system like a black man. It is that black men, and women, should be treated like a white Rittenhouse; that legal facts should count whatever your skin colour.”

    That’s a legitimate position, in theory. But the premise–that the American legal system judges black men on their skin color, is nonsense. Is the legal system set up in such a way that people who can afford better defense lawyers fare better in court than those who don’t? Yes. Are a lot of blacks poor? Yes. Calling our legal system “racist” is an act of stupidity or cowardice. Or both.

    Furthermore, if every detail of the Kyle Rittenhouse story was the same, but he was black instead of white, the battle lines would have been drawn essentially the same. The left would have simply called Kyle the black face of white supremacy.

    • Disagree: Jim Christian
  18. JimDandy says:

    LOL. Yeah, instead of being completely let off due to “mutual combat” like blacks in Chicago are.

  19. @Dually

    Yeah, that was a real clunker. Are rabbits furry like cats? Or are cats furry like rabbits?

  20. Right_On says:

    Furthermore, if every detail of the Kyle Rittenhouse story was the same, but he was black instead of white, the battle lines would have been drawn essentially the same. The left would have simply called Kyle the black face of white supremacy.

    True. But if it had been a Unite the Right rally at Kenosha and – in an otherwise identical scenario – a black counter-protester had shot three “white supremacists” (as the MSM would dub them) the Left would be cheering the black shooter’s acquittal.

  21. @Fidelios Automata

    You mean, of course: Should Palestinians be forced to live alongside invasive “israeli” Jews?
    The answer is No.
    It is bold of you to suggest a solution to the Jewish Question.

  22. This was a confusing article and a somewhat confused analysis. It is riddled with dubious moral assumptions.

    As with the hot-button topic of ‘anti-Semitism’, ‘tribalism’ in this essay went undefined and/or ill-defined. The reader is simply expected to accept Cook’s proposition that ‘tribalism’ = bad.

    Not so fast there, Mr. Cook.

    What’s so inherently wrong/evil about tribalism? Nothing, actually. Like nationalism, it’s all about how it is practiced and expressed.

    In many contexts, nationalism can be seen as an expression of soft tribalism writ large. Like tribalism, nationalism is exclusive and–until very recently– it inevitably had a genetic basis. Countries were White or Asian or African. Further distinctions were made for differences in language, ethnicity and religious belief. But tribalism is normal and natural. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.

    Is modern Japan still tribal? Somewhat.

    The Japanese are certainly interested in maintaining their nation’s unity, customs, pride, and homogeneity. Good for them! Ditto on the Chinese and Koreans. Tribalism in these nations is organic and natural and an expression of (extended) kinship. Please note that the healthy nationalism in these (and other) homogeneous nations does not include integrating negros and, in many cases, Whites. This makes sense.

    Does racial exclusion make the Japs and Chinese racist or tribal? Sure it does. But there’s nothing wrong with it. These particular decisions are based on history and common sense and what is perceived to be in the best long-term interests of their people. Majority-White nations should take heed.

    I recall growing up in an all-White, all-English-speaking American suburb during the 50s and 60s. The entire experience felt normal and natural. Why? Because it was. Was this lifestyle slightly ‘tribal’? Probably. Blacks (negros) were lawfully excluded from living in my neighborhood during this era. They even had separate schools! But the SCOTUS later eliminated the historic rights of (White) Free Association since it was racially exclusive. Other Court edicts over the past 75 years have additionally transformed our civilization.

    When negros were finally brought into my high school (due to a highfalutin court order), chaos ensued. Racial integration (when forced) almost inevitably produces resistance and negativity. Yet many consider ‘good thinking’ authoritarian jurists consider judicial proclamations the proper antidote for (White) ‘tribalism’. This is judicial tyranny. But this anti-democratic strategy has given significant victories to many anti-White activists.

    Modern, leftwing integrationists loudly claim (and complain) that all-White communities are an expression of racism and (white) tribalism because these organic neighborhoods ‘lack diversity’. But this complaint is applied very selectively. In America, only Whites are scolded for their racial preferences. Why, for instance, isn’t there a movement afoot to integrate (abolish) Chinatown? It woefully lacks diversity!

    Speaking of ‘racism/tribalism’, doesn’t Israel purposefully and systematically discriminate?

    Of course it does! (But Jews are special.)

    Many globalist Jews abhor expressions of European nationalism (or American ‘nativism’) since race is a natural ingredient in these contexts and Jews don’t perfectly fit into the core racial identity in either Europe or America. (Israel, naturally, is forever exempt from all racial diversity mandates.)

    But the pro-POC movement in America would have us believe that it is ‘racist’ for White neighborhoods and historically White nations to even attempt to preserve their fading homogeneity. This view is complete and utter BS.

    Perhaps Jonathan Cook should live in a negro-dominated City (Baltimore) or country (Haiti) for a few years and report back. The problem isn’t ‘tribalism’ so much as a lack of civility and civilization.

    Tribal unity among various ‘minorities’ in America is far more organized than the declining cohesion seen in fading (White) America or fading (White) Great Britain. What Whites actually need are a renewed spirit of racial tribalism. We are doomed without it!

    Moral busybodies need to drop their ‘anti-racism’ crusade an allow people to make free choices about their neighborhoods as well as the future racial composition of their nations. (Is this tribal of me to say so?)

    Finally, if ‘racism’ is truly evil, then shouldn’t we strive to abolish all borders and national boundaries?–after all, borders invariably exclude peoples who are genetically dissimilar from one-another. And dats racis!

  23. Mark G. says:

    When increasing numbers of decisions are moved from the economic realm to the political realm, tribalism is bound to increase. Politics is largely a zero sum game. The government can usually only give one person something by taking something from another person first. The only exception to this might be what are referred to as “public goods.” Even here, many goods are labeled “public” where the primary beneficiaries are actually certain specific individuals.

    To try to protect themselves, individuals form into groups and animosity between the various groups rapidly escalates. You don’t see this animosity in the everyday lives of people. People there look for win-win relationships where both sides benefit from the relationship. It’s only when people switch to politics that you see so much anger and hostility. So, the solution to this increasing tribalism is to change most group decisions made in the political realm to individual decisions made in the economic and personal realm.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  24. Ever notice that Tribalism on the ‘left’ and the Tribalism on the ‘right’ are all about catering to Jewish Supremacism?

    Take the US. The ‘leftist’ Democrats are all about ‘Muh Israel’ and shutting down BDS. The ‘rightist’ Republicans are all about ‘Muh Israel’ and shutting down BDS.

    Still, if Jews favor the ‘left’, it’s because ‘leftist’ whites are totally self-abasing whereas ‘rightist’ whites are only halfway there.

    Politics goes mostly like this.

    1. Jews dominate and give orders.

    2. So-called ‘Liberals’ are the first to obey the Jews.

    3. So-called ‘Conservatives’ eventually come around to obeying too.

    Jews rule, ‘Liberals’ obey first, ‘Conservatives’ obey second.

    That’s how it works in the US at least.

    Some conzos say that Conservatism always caves to Liberalism, but this is false.

    Rather, ‘Liberals’ are first to cave to Jewish Supremacists, and then ‘Conservatives’ eventually follow because Politics in the US is mostly about competing for favors from the Jews.

  25. @Mark G.

    When increasing numbers of decisions are moved from the economic realm to the political realm, tribalism is bound to increase.

    I don’t so much see tribalism as idolatrism.

    Instead of each group standing up for and defending its own identity and interests, it’s more like various groups without idolatrous value gravitate to those that do, which are Jews, blacks, and homos.

    When blacks attack yellows, do you see yellows stand up for yellow interests and call out on blacks? No, they suck up to blacks and seek approval from Jews by blaming the approved scapegoat of ‘white supremacism’.

    Do you see homos waving the flags or symbols of various groups? No, but you see so many groups wave the homo flag because globo-homo is the new Western cult.

    And the whore politicians of various colors in the US all agree on serving one identity: Jewishness and Zionism. Maybe it’s just cynical, but Jews got the money and politics is mainly about selling your services to the highest bidder.

    True tribalism would actually be good as each group would, at the very least, serve its own interests. But that’s not the case. Most groups lack idolatrous cred and seek approval from the groups with special idolatrous status. Take Trump and GOP. Most blacks hate whites and vote Democratic, but Trump and cuckservatives are always sucking up to the likes of Candace Owen and singing praises to blacks… even though there has been so much black-on-white-conservative violence.

    True tribalism would mean whites will finally stop serving Jewish Power and move toward White Liberation and serve white identity/interests. It will save the world because the biggest threat to the world is Jewish Master riding the White Horse to trample across the globe.

    • Replies: @Mark G.
  26. Gee wiz, for a guy who’s spent 20 years pontificating about analytical methods, and who presumes to lecture us on “how to think”, many or most of Cook’s observations are either preposterous, demonstrably false, poorly-thought out, or deliberate deceptions.

    Hard pass.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  27. Wyatt says:

    The problem is, the English intellectual capacity peaks at retarded humor.

    You get it. Every time I see a trash opinion from a European, it’s invariably an Englishman or a subcategory of English like the Scottish. I don’t know why they always seem to be so brain-damaged. Maybe it’s all the fried foods or the hidden French inside their DNA, but something just makes them catch the stupid so easily.

    • LOL: Angharad
  28. Priss nailed it:

    “True tribalism would mean whites will finally stop serving Jewish Power and move toward White Liberation and serve white identity/interests. It will save the world because the biggest threat to the world is Jewish Master riding the White Horse to trample across the globe.”

    The problem isn’t tribalism. The problem is that jews disallow white tribalism. Whites currently cuck to jews, so white interests are NEVER served. It’s really extraordinary that whites are so cucky and weak.

    I sincerely wish that most of the GOP would die from anal cancer. I would piss on each and every one of their graves and roar with laughter.

    Mark Green (always on point) says:

    “Tribal unity among various ‘minorities’ in America is far more organized than the declining cohesion seen in fading (White) America or fading (White) Great Britain. What Whites actually need are a renewed spirit of racial tribalism. We are doomed without it!”

    I would add that white cohesion isn’t simply declining….it is non-existent.

  29. Mark G. says:
    @Priss Factor

    True tribalism would mean whites will finally stop serving Jewish Power and move toward White Liberation and serve white identity/interests.

    I’m not sure there is a white tribal interest. It appears to me that woke leftist whites and ghetto blacks have formed an alliance against what Hillary Clinton once called white “deplorables”. At first glance, it doesn’t appear that white liberals have much in common with ghetto blacks. If you look closer, though, you can see what they both have in common is hostility to traditional white middle class values. So, it is this specific group of whites that is the target and it is this group that shares common interests.

    Jewish people, being overwhelmingly liberal, are certainly a problem. Some groups of Jewish people, though, are more of a problem than others. In the last election Trump won the vote of the majority of married Jewish men. As Steve Sailer here has been saying for years, married people tend to vote Republican and a good political strategy would be to think of ways to encourage, or at least not discourage, people from getting married. Currently the government discourages marriage by acting as a substitute male provider husband for a good number of women.

    A good first step would be working towards freedom of association. Take, for example, schools. Up until the nineteen fifties you had forced segregation in the schools. After that, it was replaced by forced integration. The common denominator was the use of government force to prevent freedom of association. The solution is separation of school and state, just as we have separation of religion and state. Parents could pick the private schools they want their children to attend. This would have an added benefit. Government schools have been largely harmful. They teach the beliefs of whatever group of parasitic elites holds political power. This means they end up being indoctrination centers where children are brainwashed by being force fed government propaganda. Government schools were established here in the U.S. for exactly this purpose. Eliminating the government schools would keep this from happening.

  30. @Angharad

    Describe the tribal Left and the Tribal Right. What makes them a “tribe”? Are one ethnic group in one tribe and another ethnic group in another? Antifa is mainly young, white people from upper income families of Knowledge Class parents. But BLM also has young white activists. So the term tribe to you means anything you want it to? But how does this help us understand anything let alone deal with it?

  31. @Justvisiting

    I thought that the CIA trade-marked Solidarity in 1981, for use in Poland and elsewhere.

  32. @Fidelios Automata

    The Zionazis are the internment camp guards, the Palestinians the inmates. The Zionazis stole Palestinian land, not the other way round. It was the Zionazis who ethnically cleansed the Palestinians in the Nakbah, not the Palestinians the Jews. It is the Zionazis running the apartheid State, and urinating on International Law EVERY day, not the Palestinians.

    • Agree: mark green
  33. Human beings are tribal animals. It is our inheritance from the pack-hunting primates from whom we evolved. According to the temperaments and genetic heritage of their members, some tribes will delight in progress and some will be terrified of it. Change frightens everyone, but some are able to deploy their intellects to turn challenges into opportunities, while others seem to be frozen by fear, leaving them marooned on the wrong side of history. It has always been dangerous to be a “heretic” because people motivated by atavistic terror tend to act out violently. I suspect this rage comes naturally from clinging so desperately to the inherited traditions, which they sense but dare not admit to themselves have outlived whatever usefulness they might once have had.

    I think of what I see as the grimmest lesson of the Great War. This was the era when progressives, socialists, communists, anarchists, and others were at the zenith of their popularity. But immediately on the declarations of war, workers lost their ideals and rushed to volunteer by the millions to murder workers of the “enemy” nations. Today the capitalist elites have perverted the notion of international workers’ solidarity into globalism. They are using it as the ultimate tool to subjugate mankind (and bleed the ecosystem) and they are doing it far more effectively than their former opponents could ever manage for noble purposes.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Ernesto Che
  34. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:

    Used to admire you Jonathan.

    Not any more.

  35. We need to remember that we are no less exposed to propaganda than the other tribe.


    The problem for me arises when the loud cheering begins. A person shoots up a church or school, and people you had always thought were sane and sober applaud the event. Or deny that it happened at all.

    Not too long ago a Southern Relative posted on Facebook that all xxxxx’s were criminal. A Northern Relative’s mother who had recently passed away was an xxxxx. Relations between those two people will never be the same. Though I was only an observer in this case, I was also shocked to the core, for the Southern Relative had always been a model of propriety to me. What made it worse was that neither senility nor mental illness were in play here. This was a person who had embraced the Tribalism Mr. Cook writes about, and thrown all restraints to the wind.

    But it does mean we have to remember they are as human as we are…

    Does it? I have my own standards about “humanity”. Some of the things the ‘other tribe’ has recently embraced disturb me – a lot. As a consequence, I’m not at all sure I’ll ever attend another family reunion with those Southern Relatives.

  36. @RedpilledAF

    If the Talmudic dialectic is correct ( there is evidence to suggest it’s influential) then synthesis is impossible because both parts of the dialectic are based on lies, errors & ideology.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  37. Jonathan, an excellent, well thought-through essay, and, as always, a pleasure to read AND learn from.

    I consider myself left-wing, yet it is remarkable that with the Covid issue one always hears that the rightists are against the measures and anti-vaxx, whereas the leftists are pro-vax and measures. I personally do not believe it is a question of left or right, I believe it is a question of personal principles.

    My body is mine and I decide whether I take the jabs or not, nobody has the right to impose anything there. People who are scared of Covid have the right to take the jabs, it is not my duty to protect them. That basic principle has been turned upside down.

    Anyhow, enough of that.

    1 tiny criticism of your essay: you use the term “liberal Zionst”. That surprises me, esp. coming from you. Zionism, by definition, is a racist political ideology. Liberal racism is an oxymoron and does not exist, therrfore liberal Zionism is an oxymoron and cannot exist.

    A so-called liberal Zionist, as I understand, supposedly supports 1 democratic state in Palestine with equal rights for Jews and Arabs. Such a state would cease to be a Jewish Nation State, which goes against the concept of Zionism, and the “Zionist” who supports that is no longer a Zionist.

    In conclusion then, a Zionist cannot be liberal: he/she is either a Zionist pro-Jewish Nation State, or is anti-Jewish Nation State therefore not a Zionist.

    • Agree: Mark G.
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  38. @Observator

    QED Jonathan’s premise and argument.

  39. @Ernesto Che

    I consider myself left-wing, yet it is remarkable that with the Covid issue one always hears that the rightists are against the measures and anti-vaxx, whereas the leftists are pro-vax and measures. I personally do not believe it is a question of left or right, I believe it is a question of personal principles.

    Most leftists that I know have a Utopian (imho Dystopian) vision, and they have no interest in folks volunteering to join in–they want draftees.

    Congrats that you are an exception.

  40. @animalogic

    Exactly. The Talmudic dialectic is a method of deception. It has been honed to perfection since Babylon when they first spread their disease into the larger Semitic civilization, and more importantly, perhaps, spread into Aryan civilization. Poor Cyrus, the first great Aryan leader, at least symbolically, if not factually correct, to be deceived and led astray by the poison poured into his ears from old Hebrew.

    The truth, in lesser or greater instances, is hidden beneath layers and layers of thesis-antithesis which are lies, of the Lie itself. If one scrutinizes most social and political issues deeply, properly, one will see this, I believe. There will never be a true synthesis because the original point was deception, so we get manufactured false and evil synthesis, to then start the process over again and again…


    NY Times columnist David Brooks is a member of the Jews Organized Globally(JOG) tribe.

    David Brooks is a tribally-motivated Jew Supremacist.

    David Brooks knows the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is going dodo.

    David Brooks cooks up some crud about so-called “minoritarianism” as a smokescreen to cover up the fact that the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is slouching towards the ruling class boneyard.

    David Brooks knows that the European Christian ancestral core of the United States of America will soon be installing a new ruling class that will explicitly advance the interests of White Core America.

    David Brooks has in the past comically used “we” when talking about the colonizing, settling and pioneering of America. What a laugh. I have ancestors who colonized, settled and pioneered America. David Brooks has ancestors who started complaining about Christians as soon as they got off the boat.

    David Brooks is a hostile Jew who hates the European Christian ancestral core of the United States. David Brooks knows that the United States was created by people from England, with the Swedes, Dutch, French, Germans and other European Christian people contributing. David Brooks is a putrid example of the hostile Jews who infest the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    David Brooks pushes nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. David Brooks pushes unnecessary overseas wars that kill European Christian soldiers for no purpose but to protect Israel. David Brooks pushes globalization and financialization and sovereignty-sapping trade deal scams that pauperize American workers.

  42. arami says:

    [For many of us, who lack a strongly Zionist tribal identity (though of course in the west we have been raised with a more general, colonial Zionist identity since at least the 1917 Balfour Declaration) it is fairly easy to understand how Zionist Jews have been propagandised and how far their thinking can stray from reality.] And

    [Noam Chomsky was wrong to add his name to an open letter against ‘cancel culture’.]

    Yes, indeed. But Chomsky is a ‘liberal zionist’ who is comfortable with other zionist jews. Otherwise he would have not added his name to a list full of zionists who have supported the brutal wars waged against Muslims and now they are promoting a war against Iran.


    Chomsky has worked with these people throught his life. Why do you suggest otherwise? This is not the first time and won’t be the last one. To me a zionist is a person who supports the erection of Israel in occupied Palestine, Chomsky supports this entity, so Roya Hakakian, a zionist propagandist who added her name to this list. I don’t trust the majority of these people on the list. They are fake.
    One of these people who signed this petition is a zionist jew, Roya Hakakian, who is NOT an ‘intellectual’, but since she is one of them, the zionist media is promoting her as an one. She is a neocon who supported all the wars waged for Israel. She deserves to be next to Anne-Marie Slaughter, a warmonger and an idiot.
    Roya Hakakian is an Iranian immigrant and anti Iranian government and now anti China, and a full supporter of the apartheid regime who cheered the destruction of Muslim countries to benefit her apartheid entity. She poses as ‘leftist’ and criticizes Iran’s left for being anti Israel, where I don’t believe that is true, and even anti-semite hoax. She believes it is necessary for Iranian ‘left’ to support ‘Israel as a ‘jewish homeland’ where she does not give a damn to the fate of indigenous population, the Palestinians, while she is living in the US not Israel. She admires the ‘American democracy’ day and night on her twitter.She ignores Palestinian children who were burned and killed by the Zionists.
    Recently, The United Nations Second Committee approved 157-7 a draft resolution that called on Israel to halt its exploitation of Palestinian natural resources in Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem.
    Almost he whole world, 157 countries, voted for the resolution and AGAINST apartheid regime, except seven countries where one was a fake state, south Sudan, where has been erected in recent years as the result of divide and rule policy promoted by Israel lobby and its servants Payam Akhavan and Bernard Henry Levy. Now, Roya Hakakian is promoting the Kurdish pawns to be another entity like ‘south sudan’ to have an ally at the UN for the apartheid regime.

    Roya Hakakian is a CIA asset works closely with another CIA asset, Payam Akhavan, a jewish turned Bahai left Iran at the age of 9 for canada 38 years ago, but still signs the petition against Iran as ‘Iranian’ NOT Canadian who is so proud of and works for them, and Boroumand sisters, the kurds, for Israel lobby and the US government. Do you think Chomsky does not know these warmongers?
    Roya Hakakian along with Payam Akhavan and Boroumand, ‘fuounded’ The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center’s (IHRDC) in New Heaven funded by CIA in order to construct FAKE documents against Iranian government where still is in business. These people are deeply involved in regime change activities and going to parliaments in Canada and US giving false information pushing for more ILLEGAL SANCTIONS against Iranian people and they have NO shame.
    The (IHRDC) is an organization funded by the US Department which has received millions of dollars funding and has been a key element in documenting the details of Iran Tribunal, in the heart of the right-wing politics supported by the US hegemony, an ideology opposite to those anti-imperialist/ leftist where she poses as one.
    One of the tools that The evil empire and Jewish mafia use and work with their servants, like Payam Akhavan and Jeffrey Nice, is FAKE ‘Tribunal’, to charge Iran and recently China with ‘crimes against humanity’ for propaganda purposes to black mail Iran and China for more concessions.
    Hakakian like Payam Akhavan, Mark Dubowitz and Irwin Cotler are deeply involved in these criminal activities. Do you know Chomsky does not know it?
    These FAKE ‘Tribunals’ have no legal credibility, but is a good propaganda tool against the ‘enemies’ especially since the dominant media are controlled by the Jewish mafia and its stooges.
    Roya Hakakian is working with Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, and is a member of Wilson Center pose as ‘ Writer and journalist.’
    She is promoting ‘holocaust’ and accuses those people against Apartheid regime as ‘antisemitic’ but cheers those colonies, like Germany, where is promoting the interest of ‘Jewish state’ in her twitter. Today, she wrote: How far can mankind go when she saw huge Hanukkah Menorah in Front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. No Cross can be seen at the gate.

  43. arami says:

    I just read the following lies from Roya Hakakian, re twitted by Mark Dubowitz, who signed the same list as Chomsky did, to protect ‘open debate’.

    Roya Hakakian:
    [I just reread that the shah of #iran had the 5th largest military in the world in the 1970s.
    What history proved is that he didn’t have the brutal character it took to use the 5th largest military in the world against his own people. ]

    Such a zionist hypocrite.

  44. @Kratoklastes

    Canaanites were the dwellers of the land at the beginning of written history, Caananite, Phenician and Biblical Habrew are essentially the same language, and most of the other non Israelite tribes of the Levant named in the Bible are also part of the same closely related language group.

    The “Palestines” were sea people intruders who came in the 12. century BCE, and were settled in the coastal plain by Ramses and later assimilated into the local populace, their language is lost.
    Arab is the language of the Arabian pensinsula and wasn’t much spoken in the Levant before the Arab conquest under Islam which was ca 1800 years after the Palestinian (sea people) invasion to the reagion. The current “Palestinians” are a mix of Arab invaders and older local population who assimilated to the conquerors, sprinkled with genes of other erstwhile rulers and their armies (crusaders, Romans, Greek). Both modern day Palestinian Arabs and Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews are genetically related to the Levantines of antiquity, the least mixed seem to be the Druse (I don’t know if seperate studies of Christian Arabs or Samaritans exist).


    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  45. Something missing here. Left tribalism, right tribalism, Zionist tribalism, you need to add Arab Palestinian tribalism which mirrors that of Jewish Israelis. And boy, do they get propagandized, so much so that they act against their own interest all the time (Intifada, terrorism which only made matters worse for those who just want to live a normal life). So many borders where redrawn in the aftermath of the 2 world wars, so many miillions of people who were displaced and dispossessed, refugees who were resettled. Most people cut their losses, but the Arabs go on and on about that small part of the huge Arab territory that got lost.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  46. @Occasional lurker

    Just like a German Nazi moaning that the Jews never ‘act in their own interests’, as they led them to the killing pits or onto the cattle-cars. There is such a very great resemblance between Zionazis like you and the German Nazis that it is quite spooky. Is it transference, or just the inevitable resemblance of vile, racist, supremacist ideologies?

  47. @Occasional lurker

    The mixture of peoples in Palestine is very ancient. It was a principal route for H.sapiens leaving Africa 70,000 0r so years ago, but earlier Homo species and other hominids have lived there for hundreds of thousands of years. The filthy conceit and racist, supremacist, lunacy that the entire place, Eretz Yisrael, ‘…from the Nile to the Euphrates’, belongs ONLY to one group, most of whose current representatives are descended from converts to Judaism, like the Turkic Khazars or Berbers and others, is villainous arrogance. And the Palestinians, violently cleansed in the Nakba and since, and imprisoned in a living Hell by implacable racist oppressors, are, in part, the descendants of Jews who converted to Islam and Christianity.

  48. I am not a Zionist, I am trying to look at the situation from a neutral outsider historian perpective who doesn’t have the massive emotional baggage that you clearly have. The living hell of Israeli military occupation (mind you I am no fan of that and believe ist is wrong and should be stopped) is so bad that the population has quintupled since 1960. I don’t think that happened with either Jews or Slavs under the German occupation of Eastern Europe, your analogy is idiotic.
    Palestinians from the territories used to work in Israel, now they can’t and had even more of their land stolen because the Israelis were so fed up by constant bombings that the erected a border wall/fence.

    The Khazar theory of Ashkenazi origins was disconfirmed by genetis.

    Not that genes or historic connections give anyone a “right to return” after so much time. But Israel is a reality now, just like Silesia is lost to Germany and is now settled by Poles who were pushed there by Stalin, and Thrace is lost to Turkey. The Arabs wouldn’t even had had the independent polities that they do have now, hadn’t France and Britain decided to destroy the Ottoman empire, and hadn’t the Arabs decided to fight against the Ottomans. Israel was the price Arabs paid for independence.

  49. @Occasional lurker

    Lurker, you’re a Zionazi, therefore by descent a Talmudist, therefore the killing and torment of goyim ie the Palestinians, is not just a pleasure, from which you gain sadistic jollies, but a religious duty. Already much of the world detests you, and would not be sad if you got your just desserts, but in your racist arrogance you seem determined to convince the others that Zionazism is a very pure Evil.

  50. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Let Israel stay as it was Narbonne in 8th century in S of France. . Destruction of Israel as an independent country will lead to exodus of 6 millions Jews .Some will arrive in EU ,USA,Canada,and Australia .But the majority will penetrate the Arab world and destroy from within . The Roman experience in AD 70 will be repeated.
    Let its stay and let it become a big ghetto . For that to happen scoundrel like From,Weiss, Podohretz, Kristol have to be removed from the American scene and AIPAC FDD JINSA have to dissolve itself and move to the Israel ghtetto . To that happen USA has to be rebuilt .

  51. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Occasional lurker

    “Israel was the price Arabs paid for independence”- latest versions of the same playbook of 1913 .

    Tom Friedman joined forces with Judith Miller claiming the reappearance of the same Arab independence protected and ensconced on Bush -Cheny- Wolfowitz- Abarms-Sharon- Richrd Perle’s necklace of lily -pad .
    .Americans died .israel joined forces with Saudi UAE Bharain and now trying with the military of Sudan .

  52. @Occasional lurker

    Run along sayanim, your subtle and not so subtle propaganda won’t go far here. Try breibart or infowars.

  53. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Zionazis are becoming vaguely nauseating, even in what passes for US high culture.

    So that’s progress. The next step is to reject statist us-and-them divide et impera doctrine everywhere, not just in its most extreme Izzie form. I don’t give a shit about 95% of the piffling fixations here. That’s just to make you hate the other party instead of the state. This kleptocracy needs to be replaced, that’s all that matters.

  54. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Same wolf different clothes .

    “On November 28, newly-elected Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Palestinian city of Al-Khalil (Hebron) with hundreds of soldiers and many illegal Jewish settlers, including the who’s who of Israel’s extremists. 
    The scene was reminiscent of a similar occurrence where late Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, had stormed, along with thousands of soldiers and police officers, the Haram Sharif Compound in occupied East Jerusalem in September 2000. It was this particular event that unleashed the second Palestinian uprising, Intifada (2000-05), which led to the killing of thousands.Herzog’s gesture of solidarity with the Kiryat Arba settlers was identical to Sharon’s earlier gesture, also made to win the approval of Israel’s burgeoning and influential right-wing extremists.Only a few months ago, Haaretz had described Herzog as a “centrist, soft-spoken, ‘no drama’”

  55. The Tribal Left’s a Mirror Image of the Tribal Right

    When the smoke clears, we’re discussing the Left wing of the Israel lobby vs. the Right wing of the Israel lobby.

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