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Is It Already Too Late to Say Goodbye?
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It seems we may have reached the moment when it is time to say goodbye. It has been fun, educational and sometimes cathartic – for me at least. I hope you got something from our time together too.

I am not going anywhere, of course. Not for now at least. I love to write. For as long as I feasibly can, I will continue to rail against injustice, call out corporate power and its abuses, and demand a fairer and more open society.

But I have to be realistic. I have to recognise that a growing number of you will not be joining me here on this page for much longer. And it feels rude after so much time together not to bid you a fond farewell before it is too late. I will miss you.

Many of you may have assumed it wouldn’t end this way. You probably imagined that I would get banned by Facebook or Twitter. You would be able to rally round, send in complaints worded in the strongest possible terms, and lobby for my reinstatement. Maybe even sign a petition.

But it isn’t going to end like that. There will be no bang. I have been too careful for that to be my fate. I have avoided rude and crude words. I have steered clear of insults (apologies if my responses have sometimes been a little caustic). I have not defamed anyone. I have avoided “fake news” – except to critique it. I have not peddled “conspiracy theories”, unless quoting the British Medical Journal on Covid now counts as misinformation (yes, I know for a few of you it does).

But none of that has helped. My blog posts once attracted tens of thousands of shares. Then, as the algorithms tightened, it became thousands. Now, as they throttle me further, shares can often be counted in the hundreds. “Going viral” is a distant memory.

No, I won’t be banned. I will fade incrementally, like a small star in the night sky – one among millions – gradually eclipsed as its neighbouring suns grow ever bigger and brighter. I will disappear from view so slowly you won’t even notice.

Which is why I am saying my goodbyes now while I can still reach you, my most obstinate followers.

But this isn’t really about one small light being snuffed out. This isn’t just about our relationship coming to an end. Something bigger, and more disturbing, is taking place.

Journalists like me are part of an experiment – in a new, more democratised media landscape. We have developed new reader-funded models so that we can break free of the media corporations, which until now ensured billionaires and the state controlled the flow of information in one direction only: to speak down to us.

The corporate media needs corporate advertising to survive – or the owners’ deep pockets. They don’t need you, except as a captive audience. You’re both their prisoner and their product.

But the lifeblood of a reader-funded journalist, as the name suggests, are readers. The more of you we attract, the better chance there is that we can generate donations and income and make the model sustainable. Our Achilles’ heel is our dependence on social media to find you, to keep reaching you, to offer you an alternative from the corporate media.

If Facebook (sorry, the Meta universe) and Twitter stop independent writers from growing their readerships by manipulating the algorithms, by ghosting and shadow-banning us, and by all the other trickery we do not yet understand, then new voices cannot grow their funding base and break free of corporate control.

And equally, for those like me who are already established and have significant numbers of readers, these tech giants can whittle them away one by one. Ostensibly, I have many tens of thousands of followers, but for several years now I have been reaching fewer and fewer of you. I am starved of connection. The danger, already only too obvious, is that my readership, and funding model, will slowly start to shrivel and die.

Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and a handful of titans of the new media age are so big they can probably weather it out. But the rest of us will not be so lucky.

Readers will lose sight of us, as our light slowly fades, and then we will be gone completely. Vanished.

I have lost count of the followers who – because, god knows, an algorithm slipped up? – tell me they have received a social media post many months after they last saw one from me. In the cacophony of media noise, they had not noticed that I had unexpectedly gone quiet until that reminder arrived or else they assumed I had given up writing.

Which is why, if you want to keep seeing posts from me and writers like me, if this is not soon to be a final goodbye, if you think it important to read non-corporate analysis and commentary, then you need to act. You should be bookmarking your favourite writers and visiting their sites regularly – not just when you are prompted to by Mark Zuckerberg.

You need to be an active consumer of news – not a passive one, as you were raised to be when the choice was between three TV channels and a dozen print newspapers.

You need to search out and maintain those connections before they are gone entirely and the window has closed. Because those voices you prize now will wither and decay like autumn leaves if they have no audience. Even when you finally remember to go search for them, if you leave it too long you may find they are no longer there to be discovered. You will have missed the chance to say goodbye.

So let us say it now, while we still can: Farewell.



Writing is a solitary activity, and it can be easy to imagine that what was obvious inside your head will be clear to others when that idea takes its place in the material world. But a proportion of early readers of this post have mistaken it for an actual goodbye, rather than as a cautionary tale of what has been happening and what is still to come. So let me reassure you: I am going to continue writing and you can continue reading me, so long as either Twitter and Facebook direct you to me or you make the effort to find me.

Here’s hoping that my goodbye will prove unnecessary.

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Facebook, Twitter 
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  1. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    You, as so many others, have failed miserably, by not naming the root cause of all the world’s troubles, and failing to strike the root.

    It’s Jews, Jonathan.

    Evil, Satanic… Jews.

    You, of all people should know that.

    But, your fear of them caused you to hide the Truth.

    Martyred Truth Tellers will be held as Heroes… for Eternity.

    Cowards will be seen for what they are as well.

    So long JC from Nazareth. The real and original JC from Nazareth shakes his head, surely.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • Thanks: Angharad
  2. gay troll says:

    It takes one to know one, and this article reeks of narcissism. Why don’t you try growing some balls, Mr. Cook? You have not been banned and your failures are your own.

  3. It’s funny how moderates get banned while flaming assholes like several on this very site will never be banned. Maybe it’s because they do nothing but race-bait till the cows come home. Maybe they race bait till the cows come home because that is their CIA remit. Or maybe assholes is the way of the future.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
  4. Rashkae says:

    Teach your readers about RSS feeds (Real Simple Syndication)

  5. anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  6. No self is true self…The greatest man is nobody.

  7. BuelahMan says:

    The only race baiting comes from the likes of you. The rest of us understand the realities.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  8. TG says:

    Adenour retrieved a book from one of the shelves, and gave it to Blucher. It was bound in old leather, and dog-eared from years of reading, but otherwise in good condition. The cover was embossed with the words “Essentials of Self-Control’, by Protonicus.
    “Just a single book?” asked Blucher.
    “Yes, just a single book, but one of the true classics. It will change your life. You have read a real book before, haven’t you?”
    “Oh yes, of course,” said Blucher. “Mostly maintenance and emergency procedure manuals, things that always have to be available even when the power goes off or the network crashes.” She flipped through the pages. “But this has no active links, no embedded dictionary, and no note-taking service. It’s so primitive!”
    “True. It also has no distracting ads involving dancing marshmallows, no automated reporting of your reading to the central authorities, and no links where you might accidently bankrupt yourself by purchasing a forklift. It is just the distilled wisdom of one of the wisest human beings to have ever lived, pure and uncorrupted. He speaks to you now, to you directly, and through this book he is your slave. The book has barely a hundred kilobytes of information, and that seems low, but think how much a single bit – yes or no – could convey, in answer to an appropriate question.”
    “So this book is that powerful?”
    “Yes, but of course it is not just the book itself. Its true value lies in the fact that I am giving it to you; that I have selected it. Suppose that we were to make a billion copies of this volume? And subtly corrupt all of them, in ways that were hard to distinguish. Then we hid this true book amongst them. It would then be worthless – you might as well start over from scratch. We Librarians have a saying, the data is sacred, but the catalog is divine.”

    From: Splendid Apocalypse, Ballacourage Books.

    • Thanks: Right_On
  9. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I have always found Jonathan’s articles here at Unz Review, on Global Research, Consortium News, or Information Clearing House. And I often forward the links to some friends and family. Perhaps that is the model for more to follow. Facebook’s existence depends on membership. Google’s search engine depends on lazy users. Try Duckduckgo. Try Rumble. We have to keep fighting by not using the tools of the oppressors. They will understand lost membership; whining won’t help.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  10. @Anon

    “There’s nothing middle-of-the-road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos.” according to a Texas farmer as related by Jim Hightower.

    I would add that fighting a battle by the other side’s rules when the other side isn’t stupid is likely to rail.

    Even our “Good times make soft Jews” reversion to the mean ones aren’t that stupid.

  11. Perhaps it’s not just the tech giants reducing Jonathan Cook’s profile maybe people are fed up of Cook’s naive acceptance of the so-called climate change “emergency” and his lack of critical thinking when he cannot see that the people behind the exaggerated Covid narrative are the same people behind the exaggerated Global Warming narrative to bring in more power and control for the Global Elite.

    Most people on here can see it but Jonathan Cook can’t.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  12. @Anon

    This. No happy ending for kike lovers.

    They are just as responsible as the kikes for all the evils going on right now. Similar to living next to savage ghetto apes and pretending everyone is equal while denying true meritocracy in favor of niggers, women, and the yids. Hilarious.

  13. Realist says:

    You, as so many others, have failed miserably, by not naming the root cause of all the world’s troubles, and failing to strike the root.

    It’s Jews, Jonathan.

    That statement is in keeping with the usual stupid statements about Jews on this blog. Your claim that 0.19 percent of the earth’s population has total control over the 99.81 percent of the gentile population is moronic.

  14. Derer says:

    It is not about earth’s population control, but about the present host country USA fragmented gentile population control. Controlled by the huge nuclear arsenal. Historically the time for awakening is not overdue yet…it took Europe much longer.

  15. It appears that TUR has been bleeding some of its best essayists for some time now. The situation may be getting critical. Is it all of the anti-Jewish commenters who go too far in their denunciations that have caused many essayists to no longer wish to be associated with this website? Whatever the reasons, I hope Mr. Unz can halt this exodus. I haven’t read you that often Mr. Cook, but every contributor who leaves us without being replaced is another nail in the coffin.

    • Replies: @Realist
  16. @Realist

    The ruler of this world is Satan according to the New Testament (John 12:31; 2 Corinthians 4:4) and Jesus describes him as the father of the Jews.

    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    Before the birth of Jesus the Egyptians said the god of the Jews was Seth who can be described as the proto-satan. Satan is regarded in Christian myth as hating mankind which happens to fit the description of the Jews in the ancient world as being the haters of mankind (Diodorous Siculus etc.).

    The NT describes Satan as offering Jesus the world if he will only worship him. Jesus does not dispute that he can make such an offer. The Jews, in effect, have accepted the offer which is the definition of a bad deal. That satan is the ruler and can make such an offer is explained, as I see it, as a sifting and testing of free will i.e. choosing the ephemeral instead of the eternal.

    • LOL: Realist
  17. Realist says:

    Is it all of the anti-Jewish commenters who go too far in their denunciations that have caused many essayists to no longer wish to be associated with this website?

    I don’t know if the anti-Jewish commenters have driven away some essayists, but many of the commenters are psychotic in their all-inclusive comments. Claiming that Jews control everything and are the root of all evil. Their claim that two percent control the ninety-eight percent of gentiles in the U. S. is idiotic. They take no responsibility for their own plight whatsoever. They use Jews as a bogey man for their failures.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
    , @follyofwar
  18. Right_On says:

    “But a proportion of early readers of this post have mistaken it for an actual goodbye” – Jonathan Cook

    Yes, using irony can be a hazardous enterprise on The Web; as I’ve often found to my cost. But Cook’s satirical essay was charmingly elegiac, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Mind you, anyone who only accesses opinion pieces via Facebook or Twitter is already a lost cause.

  19. @Skip Scott

    You’re already saying much of what I was going to post. Not a single male in my family does Facebook, and of course that includes me. Women who want to compare baby pictures and gossip aren’t likely to run into Mr. Cook’s site.

    I was going to suggest the Strategic Culture site, but a quick search found that Mr. Cook already has articles there. The one piece I specifically investigated did not have a link to his blog, but rather to the Mint Press News site. In small print at the bottom (at MPN) was a link to his blog.

    I’d suggest that future articles ALL have that link back to the original story at his blog. And also one to his Facebook page.

    You’re right about Google hiding things. DuckDuckGo is my #1 search engine, but Bing isn’t actually horrible. At least, not yet.

    Manipulation of the Internet is going to continue, and probably get worse. Earlier tonight I was brooding about how the Corporate Media turned the frontrunner in the 2020 Democratic Primary from Sanders to Biden in the course of about two weeks.

    It’s About Voter Turnout, Stupid!
    Brandon J. Weichert February 12, 2020

    Now that it seems Bernie Sanders is the candidate to beat in the ongoing, too-painful-to-watch, Democratic Party presidential primary, the time is now for level-headed analysts to begin assessing things from a bird’s eye view.

    Biden Does Not Compete Well In the South Against Trump
    Brandon J. Weichert March 5, 2020

    By now it should be clear that former Vice-President Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party’s nominee in the 2020 presidential election.

    Basically the Corporate Media grabbed the story of Biden The Winner and crammed it down the nation’s throat. Though Mr. Weichert is a rightwingnut, he did as he was told with the 180 degree turn.

    We were to understand that virtually all the supporters of Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, and Warren had been secret admirers of Joe Biden. As folks may recall, the withdrawal of those four was a coordinated move over the course of 4 days.

    Super Tuesday was an absolute Biden rout! At least it was according to the no-verify touchscreen computer voting machines. How can we possibly doubt those high-tech marvels? Doddering Old Joe Biden was the candidate all the Democrats truly loved.

    Whether you’re a blogger, or a candidate for national office, the Big Tech boys with their puff-you-up or stomp-you-down buddies in the Corporate Media will create a New Reality.

    So once again to Mr. Cook – diversify as much as you can with your publishing. And don’t forget those links!

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  20. @Realist

    Claiming that Jews control everything and are the root of all evil. Their claim that two percent control the ninety-eight percent of gentiles in the U. S. is idiotic.

    Yes, that’s really crazy stuff. There is no need to “control” the minimum wage worker at the Big Box store, or the Clerk in the Courthouse.

    The parasites currently controlling the US concentrate on the tip-top parts of the state and federal governments. I call these people Zionists, but I’ll concede some of them may be opportunistic “Jews” who are working for the rewards which will come their way by going with the flow.

    That’s a current essay by Mr. Giraldi. He spoke of an old Heinlein SF story “The Puppet Masters”, but could as well have used a genuine example of some Earthly parasitic fungi.

    This is akin to someone getting infected with a brain parasite that has no effect whatsoever on the person’s thoughts, emotions, SAT scores or television preferences but, to complete its life cycle, generates an irresistible urge to go to the zoo, scale a fence and try to French-kiss the pissiest-looking polar bear. A parasite-induced fatal attraction, as Berdoy’s team noted in the title of its paper.

    Bugs in the Brain

    For a good many years the US of A has been acting really, really strange ways, doing things which cannot possibly help this nation in any way. Our national “brain” has been infected by an urge to act in ways which benefit only an itty bitty parasite I call the Apartheid state.

    Some of the US leaders doing these things have been True Believers. Some were bribed. And others were blackmailed. WTH do you suppose Jeffrey Epstein was doing when he was taking folks like Bill Clinton to his sex paradise full of young girls none of whom were his wife? Ditto for many other influential leaders. They’d find some dirt and use it as leverage to get Iraq invaded, or Libya destroyed, or to maintain the endless streams of money flowing to the shithole state.

    The nutters may be wrong about some unnamed generic “Jews” being responsibe for slick sidewalks or their car starting to rust, but they are NOT mistaken about everything.

    Mr. Jonathan Cook is another author who has a piece here about how he is getting “disappeared”. BTW, Mr. Cook often writes about the sins and crimes of the Apartheid state. Small wonder those organizations controlled by the ‘parasites’ are gradually pushing him into the shadows.

    As a rather nutty aside, I had to make a dead stop from being a regular contributor at the MOA site on this very issue. The site owner accused me of being an antisemitic bullshitter for using this exact ‘brain parasite’ argument.

    Finally, at the Lang site a poster named “Walrus” has folded on the Ukraine issue. This is a VERY serious thing for the Zionists, and I’d suppose he fears retaliation for himself or his family. After all, they DO control the US government at all levels.

    • Replies: @Realist
  21. Realist says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Yes, it is far easier for the gentiles to piss and moan and blame everything on Jews than to do something about the problems.

  22. @Realist

    Agreed except for the 2% figure. From the time of Henry Ford, who wanted to find out how many Jews were in the US, no one really knows how many Jews are living here. It is just an estimate. Many suspect that that figure is well over 2%. There are tons of half Jews due to inter-marriage. Are they being counted?

    • Replies: @Realist
  23. @GlassHalfFull

    Mr Glass Twice as Big as It Needs To Be, in a world where weather and climate disasters are growing rapidly, as attested by science and insurance an re-insurance agencies, to STILL assert that anthropogenic climate destabilisation is ‘exaggerated’ can no longer be mere imbecility. Some desire, conscious or unconscious, to see humanity and Life on Earth devastated, must be at work.

  24. @Realist

    It’s NOT the Jews as a whole, of course. It is the power elites among the Jews, who do control US politics, the MSM, entertainment and finance. They also control much the same ‘heights’ throughout the West. They are allied with goy collaborators, of course, but most goyim they use they employ merely as servants. To deny that is simply preposterous, the evidence being beyond overwhelming. The question must be, is this good, for the goyim and, in the end, for the Jews themselves? Such a lust for power and control, such ambition and determination, will produce a reaction at some stage.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Francis Miville
  25. @Zachary Smith

    The MSM knew that the Democratic primaries were rigged, in the usual fashion, and that Boynie was in on the con. They just did their propaganda duty.

  26. Realist says:

    Many suspect that that figure is well over 2%.

    Agreed, but demographic figures are always an estimate. But even if the number is ten percent, highly doubtful, that is still ten percent controlling ninety percent.

  27. Realist says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    They are allied with goy collaborators, of course, but most goyim they use they employ merely as servants. To deny that is simply preposterous, the evidence being beyond overwhelming.

    If the gentiles are collaborators, then they are craping in their own nest…making less than bright.

  28. boocat says:

    We have all been shadow-banned.
    There is apparently nothing that can be done about it, thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s shock troops.
    I wish I was 90 years old. [Denizen of Tribe 6]

  29. Shadow-banning which has always occurred (right from the beginning of Internet authors being searched for on Google or elsewhere, both dead and alive, always have had a credit rate so to speak) is only a secondary cause at most : the primary cause is that people in general always tend to get rapidly fed up with mere political consciousness raisers unless they have something more to often, that is the main reason for your diminishing returns on social networks : once a new theme like big tech corporate power appears on the world scene, you can get one or two best-sellers through, but now that everyone has chosen his camp your job is done and doing it again and again won’t change the force of your camp. A greater and greater proportion of Americans has been choosing the blue pill since Armstrong supposedly set foot on the Moon and there has never been any decrease in view since.

    There is also the fact, as you state it yourself, that writing is a pleasurable activity and you are not alone in finding it pleasurable with the result you have more and more competitors in your ecological niche with each year passing : you books are good as far as I can presume but now they have to be judged excellent by people who will be less and less of your native ideological language, if not of your language : critical ideas are no longer expressed in English or French : these two languages are now learned by cultural conformists alone who fear for any kind of social change. In general one learns English to work for a corporation or apply to an ivy league institution, not to challenge corporate or academic power : the latter is rather done in Arabic, Russian or in the social fighter’s own native language. You speak a language most if not nearly all choose to close their minds with and buy the blue pill, though French is even worse : it is chosen by people who strive to learn to lie most irresistibly and who dream to censor truth wherever from it might threaten to gush forth on the planet like one would fight a pandemic (never allow your writings to be automatically translated into French : you multiply your chances of triggering the corporate immunity system by ten or twenty as you enter a 100% fact-free mental world).

    Your shadow credit rate was once heightened, in cause you hadn’t noticed it, because you deftly managed to speak of corporations without speaking of Jews and Kabbalah, as well as of the reality of human genetic inequalities and genetically ingrained behavioural patterns, actually the whole realm of Marxist class analysis, and even of sociology more generally (sociology is NOT a science, it is an avoidance of issue) has always existed but for that purpose : not naming the enemy, not identifying the inconvenient reality.

    That tactic avoids you big, big short-term problems but in the longer run you thus remain on the eternal losing side in all social combats taking place in the world : people who denounce class injustices however honestly and accurately, and count on general politics for their grievances to be righted never, never never win, and it for fear of being part of that never winning camp that your readers desert you : the only solutions are individual, familial, clannish, in other words, biological, and outside the political and academic box, and the only “winners” within the political-academic box capitalize on their readership’s losses to come like Chomsky does. Now that you have done your job of not naming the enemy but only its havoc you are fired like computer scientists are when they have done their job of suppressing other jobs and their turn to be replaced by AI has come.

    Naming the enemy (Jewish elites among others but these alone) and identifying the inconvenient reality cannot be done in the context of any secular media or form of discourse, actually of any kind of freedom of thought and expression as conceived of by liberalism. When you start inveighing against the real enemy for real freedom itself turns out to be an easy-bought prostitute in the hands of your oppressors, you absolutely need a structure of religious constraint because your adversary is religious and attacks you as a religious enemy whether you like it or not.

  30. @mulga mumblebrain

    According to Anglo-Israelism, America’s and Britain’s original White supremacist racism, a pure White is somebody born of a Jewish father directly, or somewhere in his male ancestry, and of a White non-Jewish mother. You are White in as much as all your genes for maleness are Jewish. Hence the reason why they used to say that real Whiteland stopped at the Channel or at the Loire at the Southmost. That is what all what White racists of yore used to believe in in America when they grouped to avenge Black raped women for instance or to sniff out progressivism or humanism in any social sphere. That belief was generally taught in the tight-closed context of churches and it could prevail of the First Amendment as long as it was kept within the private premises and printed matter of those church institutions.

    You are Jewish by default if your mother is Jewish, or even better, ideally, when she is a witch (of any origin : for instance Conrad Black was born of a 100% Scottish woman of strong occult powers and that was just enough for him to enter a synagogue without any supplementary step) that had acquired her powers of witchcraft (not the power to do evil but to be obeyed by any man she charms, for good or evil) before your born, though you can also convert into the Jewish fold by having a Jewish woman or a witch as a mistress for one year and more : the Jewish mother is a symbol of Mitzraim (Egypt) that both nurtures you to perfection and enslaves you also up to the day you cut with your slave’s condition by embracing the Law. But in reality more Jews considered and honoured as such have male only Jewish ascendency and have taken from childhood on the necessary steps for conversion on their father’s direction, than the reverse : Jews from their mother alone are Jews by default only if the mother has always been accepted as Jewish by a Jewish community, and the Jewish girl thus born must comply with a Jewish mother’s duties to beget a full status Jewish child in her turn : the nurture is far more important than the nature which is actually only a kind of original sin that motivated a strong correction as the only way to survive it. If the woman doesn’t behave as a good Jewess the child will only be a Jewish pariah, a son or a daughter of Absalom which the ugliest thing you can be among Jews.

  31. @Realist

    ‘…Your claim that 0.19 percent of the earth’s population has total control over the 99.81 percent of the gentile population is moronic.’

    Arguably. However, that 0.19 percent of the earth’s population does enjoy an influence that is disproportionate by a good two orders of magnitude.

    It’s kind of like if I got to have five hundred dollars from your bank account each week. Would that bankrupt you? Probably not. Would it be more than I deserve?

    I dare say you would say yes.

    Believing that Jews have total control is a lot less moronic than thinking there is nothing wrong with the degree of control they do have.

  32. @obwandiyag

    Mr Cook has not been banned. Not directly as he explained.

  33. Mr Cook. I have enjoyed reading you for many years. I don’t rely on social media but mostly on alt news aggregate sites. Despite the flaws, Rense and here also. I think part of the problem too is the level of reading comprehension these days. The ability to concentrate enough to read more than a few paragraphs and often, more interest in posting their own thoughts, such that the author’s own topic is hijacked at best or ignored at worst for their own aggrandizement. I haven’t felt the need to follow authors I like reading, there are so many and I see them via the alt news sites I follow. It is true that I don’t realise I have missed one for a while though until they do pop in in those feeds. People are getting radicalised. I think they want more extreme views to satisfy those urges.

  34. BuelahMan says:

    Well, everyone except mulga mumblehead.

  35. Damn, this is how they will kill free speech, with obscurity. Once the search engines and social media deplatforms you, you are without a microphone.

  36. Since JC lives in Nazareth, Israel I guess he is not part of the BDS movement and if he is he is a hypocrite. He should move to Bethlehem in the Palestinian Territory on the West Bank and boycott the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  37. You say that the algorithms that have cut down your readership are not yet fully understood. No one connected to UR would be better at explaining how it might work than our host Ron Unz. Will you please ask him to analyse and explain the problem that you are facing that others have imposed on you. Is it, I wonder, more complicated than what Google did to UR?

  38. It’s amusing to see GloboHomos apprehending how their weaponized social media platforms are being turned against them.

    You were a useful idiot in the project to destroy Christendom. You took the ticket, and now its worthless.

    Repent and believe. It’s your only road to salvation.

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