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Is Forced Isolation of the Unvaccinated Really the Left’s Answer to the Pandemic?
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How things have changed since Donald Trump came and went as US president. Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left. Now – with the Covid pandemic only reinforcing the post-Trump trauma – I find myself in some weird no-man’s land, trapped and squeezed between two ballooning ideological tribes that sound too much alike on too many questions.

That was driven home by a new interview with Noam Chomsky – someone whose influence on me is such that it has shaped the evolution of my intellectual journey over the past two decades. Like many on the left, I am in Chomsky’s eternal debt for helping to liberate me from decades of mind manipulation that is the fate of anyone who passes through our schools and universities, watches the billionaire-owned media (or in my case, once worked in it) or pursues a professional career.

But still, there is only so far a debt even of this magnitude justifies indulging assumptions of the kind expressed in the Chomsky interview.

In it, the famous linguist and political thinker argues that those who are not vaccinated against Covid should be socially shunned, required to isolate and – in the final assault on a social solidarity he cites as the justification for his argument – even potentially put in danger of destitution. They have only themselves to blame for their plight, he concludes.

Yes, Chomsky really did say that – though doubtless many on the left will rush to parse his words to suggest there was a “nuance” in the interview I missed. And worse, judging by the comments, lots of people on the left – and right – seem to agree with him. There certainly doesn’t seem to be much nuance in their views.

You can watch the relevant section of the interview, and an earlier one, here:

Waning immunity

Let’s analyse the analogy Chomsky offers: Are people who do not take the vaccine really behaving as if they think there should be no traffic laws and we should all be able to drive as we please?

Strangely, Chomsky appears to be including in this “lawless” group of unvaccinated people those who have actually had Covid and who, the medical research suggests, now have better natural immunity to the disease than the immunity induced by medical assistance. (Note that new research suggests that those taking the Janssen vaccine have only 3% immunity after five months, while Pfizer’s is about 50%.)

It is hard to ascribe this lacuna in Chomsky’s argument to some kind of oversight. Given that he is normally such a careful and precise thinker, we must assume that Chomsky wants all unvaccinated people – whatever their immunity status – to be forced into isolation, even if that puts them at risk of destitution.

In Chomsky’s telling, it seems, the only basis on which to determine who is “safe” to the rest of society is those who have been vaccinated. That is also what Big Pharma and the billionaire-owned media insist on too. But they have a better excuse: after all, they profit from our exclusive reliance on vaccines.

Tyranny of the majority

Back to Chomsky’s analogy. The problem with it is that it obscures far more than it illuminates.

His point is that, if people were allowed to make up their own rules of the road, to act on their own selfish impulses and ideas of advantage, there would be carnage. Which is why we have those traffic laws.

Let’s set aside a debate about whether carnage would actually be the outcome, and just assume it would. How does that help us understand the phenomenon of people being hesitant or resistant to getting vaccinated and clarify how we should treat them?

In democratic societies, the social contract is based on a compromise – between individual freedoms, on one side, and the wider needs of the social group for security, on the other. There is often a tension between those two things. In healthy societies, a resolution is reached after weighing those conflicting needs and deciding, ideally through a general consensus, which should take priority in each case under consideration.

In western societies we have, for good or bad, traditionally given a great deal of autonomy to the individual. So much so that in a trend that created our current neoliberal form of capitalism, corporations have been accorded the protected status of individuals – as Chomsky has helpfully explained – allowing them to get away with corporate murder. They poison our water and air, kill off the insects that support life, destroy trees that are the lungs of the planet, and so on.

What most people expect of the social contract is that it offers a balance between the tendency towards authoritarianism of the state and a tyrannical majority, on one side, and the rights of the minority, on the other.

There is an essentially selfish basis to this for each of us: today I am in the majority, but tomorrow I may find myself in the minority. The only people who generally favour tyrannical majorities are those who lack the ability to imagine the day when they may no longer belong in the majority.

Balance sheet

So how does all this apply to Covid and the vaccines?

The issue with mandating people to take the current vaccines – or, as Chomsky does, insisting that only the vaccinated be allowed to engage in the most basic acts of life, like going to buy food – is that it ignores the principle of proportionality. It sweeps aside the idea of compromise at the heart of the social compact.

Proportionality is important in democracies – both as a principle for the social group and as a practical measure by which individuals judge how best to act. We use it as a yardstick all the time.


If someone shouts at me in the street and I punch them in the face in response, most people would agree that my act was disproportionate. If the police arrest me for writing a rude tweet to a celebrity, most people (though possibly fewer than a year or two ago) would think that is also disproportionate.

In each case, we are making a judgment about what constitutes socially acceptable behaviour, and where the dividing lines lie between classifying things as normal, inappropriate and downright unlawful. In reaching that conclusion we must also weigh what harm is being done to the individual and to the group by treating something that was once acceptable as unacceptable, or something that was formerly frowned upon as now illegal.

There is a balance sheet in every one these judgments, even if we rarely run through the pros and cons consciously.

Thought experiment

So how should we balance the right to bodily autonomy of the individual in refusing the vaccine and the desire of society to protect itself from the Covid pandemic?

As with all other cases, there is no abstract principle that can be adduced – plucked from the ethers – to reach a decision. In difficult cases, the balance sheet has to be examined particularly carefully and appeals to emotion or hysteria avoided.

How this bears out in the case of Covid can be better underscored if we do a small thought experiment. Imagine for a brief moment that we are not facing Covid, but instead a global pandemic of Ebola.

Imagine that Ebola is as transmissible as Covid and has become as endemic in our communities. Ebola has an average death rate of about 50 per cent – one in two people who catch it are likely to die from it.

In those circumstances, how would we weigh forcing vaccine mandates on the general population? How would we treat those who resisted vaccination? And would we be okay with forcing them into isolation, even if that put them in danger of destitution?

No profiteers

I suspect most people would feel far more comfortable in this scenario forcing people to be vaccinated and requiring parents to vaccinate their children. But maybe more to the point, the need to force people to vaccinate – outside of a few Jehovah’s Witnesses – would surely barely arise. The problem wouldn’t be vaccination hesitancy; it would be the stampede by members of the public to be the first vaccinated.

Faced with an Ebola pandemic, nobody sane would have doubts about whether the virus was dangerous, let alone whether it existed. The dangers would be so great and so obvious, there would be no room for doubt.

And for that reason, we wouldn’t be complacently letting a few pharmaceutical companies exploit the pandemic for profit. Our whole economies would be put on a war footing to find better vaccines and a wider array of treatments. Shunning profiteers from the pandemic would surely take precedence over shunning those unfortunates who were not vaccinated.

In other words, the situation would be entirely different from the one we have now with Covid.

Breaking point

My imaginary scenario, of course, doesn’t settle the matter of what we do about Covid. But it does highlight that in the case of our real Covid pandemic – unlike my imaginary Ebola pandemic – there are issues to be weighed about the right of the individual to autonomy and the right of society to security. In the case of Covid, the answers aren’t anywhere near as clearcut as Chomsky is claiming. We aren’t facing Ebola, or anything even vaguely like it.

Let’s revisit the traffic analogy.

Even with traffic laws being universally observed, we still have substantial numbers of drivers and pedestrians killed and badly injured each year on our roads. Rightly or wrongly, few people call for the banning of cars on those grounds. We have weighed our freedom and convenience against road deaths, and decided that the freedom of the open road is more important to us.

In a post-vaccine world especially, we are not facing the road carnage caused by an Ebola virus. The danger to those who are vulnerable – at least in the hyper-selfish “developed” world – has been gradually diminishing from a mix of vaccines, boosters and better treatments. The dangers in much of the west, even for the vulnerable, are gradually starting to look closer to those from flu.

The biggest problem at this stage appears to be that we have Covid and flu, which may push our already strained and underfunded health services closer to breaking point this winter. Our health services are struggling to adapt to the new reality primarily because of long-standing political failures to prioritise public health care over private profit.

Who is a hazard?

That some people are still dying of Covid is on one side of the ledger, just as it is when considering deaths from flu or deaths from cars. But for decades almost no one demanded vaccine mandates for flu, or the enforced isolation of people who refused to take a flu shot. And – again for good or bad – few people demand that people with cars should be fined or socially isolated.

And if they did, most of us would rightly think that there was a debate to be had first, a careful weighing of society’s priorities, rather than instant denunciation and isolation of those not vaccinated against flu or those who continued to own cars.

In the case of Covid, there are additional factors to be weighed – on the other side of the balance sheet – before agreeing that an individual’s autonomy must be violated by forcibly vaccinating them or imposing draconian punishments on them for refusing:

  • The vast majority of those who need or wish to be protected from the virus, or the threat posed by the unvaccinated, can be through vaccination.
  • It is not only the unvaccinated who pose a hazard to vulnerable fellow citizens. So do the vaccinated, because vaccine protection wanes rapidly, meaning the current vaccines will have a limited effect on transmission unless we forcibly vaccinate everyone every few months.
  • The vaccines are a new technology whose short-term effects, if disappointing in terms of immunity, appear to be relatively safe. But the longer term effects cannot yet be fully gauged, and we should be cautious in ignoring or discounting any individual’s concerns about being required to take these new vaccines – or making their children take them.
  • People may be risking their own health by refusing the vaccine, but – for good historical reasons – we should be extremely wary of establishing a precedent that they may be forced to do something against their will because others deem it in their best interests.

You may agree that all, some or none of these factors are relevant. But neither you nor I get to decide on our own. They need to be given a proper airing and to be weighed. The problem is we live in profit-driven societies, engineered to uphold the power of elites, that are incapable of airing such matters fairly or allowing us to weigh them dispassionately. Which is precisely the reason for the social breakdown that so concerns Chomsky – and me.

Divisive rhetoric

There is a final way in which Chomsky’s traffic analogy may be helpful, if not in the way he intended.


For decades our media have preferred to focus on the problems caused by drunk drivers, or speeding motorists, or even car pollution. But these issues, however significant they are in our daily lives, are overshadowed by the far more terrifying reality that our car and oil-dependent economies are taking a suicidal toll on our species by destroying the climate.

Fixating on one can be a way to avoid thinking about the other.

Something similar seems to be happening with Covid. We fixate on vaccines and “anti-vaxxers”, on mandates and passports – on blaming each other – rather than the reality that our societies and our social contracts were long ago hollowed out by corporate interests that captured the state.

If there is hesitancy over the vaccines it is because a portion of society is not afraid enough of the virus either to overcome their fear of a pharmaceutical industry that long ago put profits ahead of people or to set aside their doubts about the capture of our regulatory authorities by those same corporations.

Calling for the unvaccinated to be forcibly isolated makes for an easy and emotionally satisfying soundbite. If Tucker Carlson or Trump said it, most of the left would immediately understand it as unhelpful, divisive rhetoric. It doesn’t stop being that just because Chomsky is the one saying it.

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Cortes says:

    Recently I met a woman whose life was turned upside down by a road traffic accident. She was using a pedestrian crossing properly when a vehicle driven by an octogenarian sped up on approach and struck her and her then boyfriend causing life-changing injuries to both. The old man was confused and thought he was braking and, alarmed about the brakes not responding duly, braked ever harder to trigger the event.

    That’s where we are now. In the middle of a wreck situation.

  2. Johnathan Cook: “If there is hesitancy over the vaccines it is because a portion of society is not afraid enough of the virus …”

    Yeah, count me in this group. Never have so many panicked so much over so little. For someone in good health the chances of dying from Covid are minuscule. The whole thing has been a clusterfuck from beginning to end, a vortex that has expanded to suck in the entire world. It’s an object lesson in what mass hysteria can do to an uninformed, gullible, conformist public.

    Johnathan Cook: “Calling for the unvaccinated to be forcibly isolated makes for an easy and emotionally satisfying soundbite. If Tucker Carlson or Trump said it, most of the left would immediately understand it as unhelpful, divisive rhetoric. It doesn’t stop being that just because Chomsky is the one saying it.”

    I can’t believe this swine calls himself an anarchist. For a real anarchist, the amount of hypocrisy it would take to rationalize such a ridiculous statement is inconceivable. What a phony!

  3. @Cortes

    I find it interesting that the same folks who:

    –Believe there are too many people on the planet and we need to do something about it because of climate change.
    –Believe white people are racists just because they were born white–and we need to do something about it.
    –Believe that crazy right-wingers are the enemies of democracy–and we need to do something about it.

    ….want me to take the vaccine.

    Uh, no.

    Not happening.

    (If it was Ebola I would probably hide away in my rural outpost until the disease worked its will on the populace–but still no vaccine. Why? Because if the vaccine really worked then we would have herd immunity in a rapid period of time–so my isolation would only need to be temporary.)

    • Agree: RoatanBill, mike99588
    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @JaKo
    , @AndrewR
  4. Phibbs says:

    Chomsky is a Jew. Jews are obsessed with health & security issues. Chomsky’s DNA has won out in the end.

  5. Amen. Besides who listens to stupid people.

  6. Rahan says:

    unhelpful, divisive rhetoric.

    A major hurdle which even the smart leftists needs to pass through, is to shake off the mental programming that makes them see the basic building blocks of freedom as something bad.

    The moment they accept on a deep level that the right to divisive rhetoric for all is what separates free societies from tyrannies, is when their hehe chakras will open up.

    • Thanks: WorkingClass, El Dato
    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  7. This would not be an issue if the vaccines actually worked like regular vaccines. If your vaccinated, you would be safe from the virus and you wouldn’t give a shit if other people got vaccinated or not. The fact that vaccinated people do obsess over this issue makes abundantly clear that they still fear the virus and, thus, deep inside do not believe the vaccines offer protection from the virus.

    After all, if you have a Measles shit, do you worry about getting Measles? Of course not.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @some_loon
  8. Funny how so many “holier-than-thou” types who bash the unvaxxed in all sorts of ways wind up dead “from covid”….Karma? That “screw your freedom” Ahnold is still with us…then again, most Hollyweird celebs are given saline shots, maybe? Same with Chomsky? Hmmmmm…..

    But it is also interesting that when Aussies were protesting the mandates there, it was THE leftist SJW garbage crew, Antifa, wanting MORE lockdowns! So is Chomsky in Antifa? (Because clearly, he’s not in BLM! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!)

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  9. TKK says:

    This utilitarian brute logic has never been applied to any group in Western medical history.

    Gay men engage in frenetic, anonymous, filthy sex and get AIDS. They were not shunned. They were embraced by Hollywood and Big Money as martyrs. You were shunned if you expressed VALID concern that they could infect you.

    The obese drink 2 liters of soft drinks for each meal, but they still receive Medicaid that pays for their insulin and billion dollar health problems.

    Alcoholics who refuse to stop drinking because they like being wasted have rehab paid for by insurance, and the federal government will hold their jobs until they decide to come back to Earth.

    Leftists are pushing for a medical apartheid for a disease that has a 99.7% survival rate for those under 70 years old.

    What is going on? WHAT IS GOING ON? Some dread purpose is slithering toward us……..

  10. In light of the actual evidence that the Kool-Aid provides inadequate or no protection from the disease, and in light of the fact it has proven effects on people’s health, including the likelihood that their immune system is compromised thereafter, Chomsky reveals himself as an ignorant fool and a dupe of the corrupt power structure, and, no matter how good his past record was, he has become just another enemy to our survival and must be thrown under the bus.

  11. Anonymous[199] • Disclaimer says:

    Chomsky long ago outlived his usefulness. He should seek an Ethical Suicide Parlor like Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green.

    • Replies: @traducteur
    , @Joe Paluka
  12. Jimmy Dore’s excellent coverage of this exact same topic today:

    • Replies: @Altai
  13. JasonT says:

    Healthy people do not transmit disease. Isolating healthy people, whether vaxxed or unvaxxed is just plain totalitarianism having no basis in science whatsoever.

    • Agree: JohnnyGodYilmaz
    • Replies: @miha
  14. As usual we are given the false dichotomy: Either get the vaccine or do absolutely nothing to protect yourself against Covid 19. Without even talking about Ivermectin there are a lot of things you can take to protect yourself: Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc being three that are often mentioned. These are never talked about in the media because there’s no money in them. It’s only the vaccines that get press.

  15. anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Buy Russian and Chinese vaccines.

    The are REAL vaccines, not gene therapies. I’d take one of those, not the immune system-busting-genetic alteration that Pfizer and Moderna have forced in tandem on us, 3 times per year.

    • Replies: @ebear
  16. Charles says:

    How many people got polio or smallpox after a vaccination? The Corona shot is a political test, nothing more (or less).

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  17. Ghali says:

    Once a Zionist is always a Zionist. Chomsky has always been like that. To understand him, you need to digest his deceptive ideas to see through. He puts the readers to sleep that they will never wake up from.
    I first read Chomsky when I was a teenager, some 20 years ago. I found many of his arguments untrue and unsubstantiated. He can be very racist and extremely corrupt. Chomsky had profound hatred towards towards Third World’s nations and Arab leaders in particular. He was an ardent Zionist and remains so today. I did publish so critical analyses regarding his support for U.S. aggression against Iraq and against Syria that he supported and defended Israel.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  18. Bert33 says:

    I’m sorry, but anything with Chomsky’s name on it reeks of dirty socks, at this point. He’s pushing 90, and been ghosting around the college scene for decades, preaching his own unique brand of political poison, and the deans and the regents et. al. need to put a stop to it and show him the way out and begone.

    Vaccine: Reports keep trickling in that natural immunity has a more and longer protective function against COVID than the vaccines. In some instances it’s now suggested if not demonstrated that not only do the vaccines not provide protection, but also been asserted that vaccination has caused deaths and caused injuries. The ‘clot shot’ is apparentlt not without serious questions and problems, then, and some countries have dropped the whole thing, latest being Romania.

    Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Chomsky to isolate HIMself, and take his 190(?) IQ points and 29 languages and 7 master’s degrees and go away and stop bothering others in his own antiquated politicized over-educated way.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @The Real World
  19. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    The left -right paradigm is no longer applicable. Much better to frame the question as Tyranny vs. Liberty.

    The Tyranny vs. Liberty framework illuminates much of political discourse. Ask yourself on any political proposal ‘Does this proposal increase tyranny or increases Liberty ?’

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Thanks: Kali
  20. A man you once respected is bitten by zombies. It’s sad. But you know what you gotta do. Chomsky wants revenge against the peasants loyal to the Tsar.

    • Agree: Da's Reich
  21. What does Chomsky’s position tell me? It tells me that this person, considered one of the big intellectuals in the U.S. that people have listened to for years, is in reality, an ignorant buffoon who can’t even comprehend the simple fact called natural immunity. How disappointing.

    • Agree: nickels
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  22. “I am in Chomsky’s eternal debt for helping to liberate me from decades of mind manipulation…”

    Turns out he wasn’t liberating you at all. Which comes as no surprise to people who pay attention.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @gsjackson
  23. Biff says:

    Let’s say for instance that the unvaccinated are forced into isolation – it will do nothing to solve the issues surrounding the p(l)andemic. This type of virus mutates around the vaccines and will forever be with us(they call them variants). I’ve witnessed the vaccinated people in my family catch and come down with the disease, and be carriers needing to isolate.

    This is eighth grade science turning grown adults into idiots…!

  24. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:

    Can you say Talmudist poison slave jab? Chomsky’s always been a Talmudist gatekeeper and sheepherder and fraud. Nothing new here. Not familiar with Jonathon Cook, another T or a Golem slave psychopath?

    Both are capable of

    [Using covid] as an excuse to coerce people into accepting an injected poison which may be a depopulation agent, a mind control/pacification agent in the form of injectable “smart dust”, or both in one. (Spartacus Letter,

  25. Pamela says:

    In another age Chomsky and his ilk would be calling for all women a little unusual or able to care for the sick to be labelled as witches and burned alive. Every few hundred years a mass hysteria of the cult/religious kind sweeps the Euro Anglo Western world. It finds out those with that kind of mind : a deep seated hatred of humanity gloating in having an excuse supported by the hive mind to indulge in that hatred.
    And that’s Chomsky for you. Never did like him. Now I see why.

  26. JimDandy says:

    All these withered old Jews screeching Nazi hate against the unvaxxed–Howard Stern, Chomsky, Fauci…

    • Replies: @Gapeseed
    , @Johnny Johnny
  27. Why do I get the feeling that Chomsky’s apparent “round them up and let them die” attitude towards the unvaxxed does NOT extend to orthodox jews who eschew the jab? Just a hunch…..

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  28. Jon Chance says: • Website

    In 1985, when there were almost zero well-known dissenting views of the “bipartisan” Washington Consensus, I found Noam Chomsky’s alternative perspective to be refreshing.

    I didn’t advocate a nuclear holocaust then, and I don’t advocate a nuclear holocaust today.

    In 1987, I discovered Michel Chossudovsky, who is a much more revealing investigator than Chomsky, although Chossudovsky is also a “Leftist” like Chomsky.

    The Gulf War of 1990 transformed everything. It rapidly became apparent that the Terrorist Theocracy of Israel and the Cult of Judaism rule the governments, the media monopoly, the NGOs, and every other institution.

    Nevertheless, although I never embraced socialism, I still identified as a “progressive”.

    After 9/11/2001, it became increasingly obvious why the anti-socialist libertarian perspective of the world is the most sensible approach to historical analysis and public policy.

    During the O’Bomba Administration, the hypocrisy and superficiality of “Leftism” made itself increasingly evident.

    Berniemania and Tumpmania have perhaps nailed the coffin closed on almost everything identified as either “Left-Wing” or “Right-Wing”.

    The most sensible approach to every dispute between the “Left” and the “Right” is to question the meaning of these ridiculous and misleading labels.

    What exactly is meant by “Left” and “Right”?

    Who invented these misleading labels?

    Why were these ridiculous labels invented?

    When were these labels invented?

    Who benefits?


    • Replies: @Calcifer
  29. JWalters says:

    Informed leftists don’t buy the vaccine propaganda tsunami from the corporate media. Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal have an interesting take on Chomsky’s comments.
    “Isolate Unvaxxed From Society” says Noam Chomsky”

  30. Mr. Cook describes Chomsky as being a great influence on his life. By way of contrast, I had to look the guy up to see who the devil he was.

    In it, the famous linguist and political thinker argues that those who are not vaccinated against Covid should be socially shunned, required to isolate and – in the final assault on a social solidarity he cites as the justification for his argument – even potentially put in danger of destitution. They have only themselves to blame for their plight, he concludes.

    Now I haven’t heard of anybody else saying this, and a person would suppose the Corporate Media would be all over if it truly was a “Lefty” thing. It certainly is a dumber-than-hell thing to say.

    Maybe it’s just a Chomsky thing. Something I did discover about the guy is that he’s 92 years old. Definitely past his expiration date for “shaping societies”.

    (Note that new research suggests that those taking the Janssen vaccine have only 3% immunity after five months, while Pfizer’s is about 50%.)

    As I’ve said, I’m no kind of Covid expert, but I’ve tried to keep up on the news. That claim contradicts virtually every story I’ve seen. (pages 8 and 9)

    What I’ve read has Pfizer as the vaccine with its effectiveness falling off the cliff – because they chose to formulate a mighty weak dose at the outset. Moderna – in my reading – was in first place with J&J a fairly close second.

    A very big part of the current problem involves two fellows – Trump (greedy ignoramus) and Fauci (not-very-slick liar). I can’t much fault Joe Sixpack for being suspicious of the vaccines, but those of his breed who scream about masks are truly beyond-belief gullible suckers.

  31. JWalters says:

    It looks like another scam, like the war in Afghanistan.

    • Agree: TKK
  32. @Mustapha Mond

    ….and it turns out that ‘hunch’ is more than just a hunch.

    It would appear that many in the Jewish orthodox community are not willing to get vaccinated:

    We’ll see if Chomsky’s zeal to let the unvaccinated possibly starve to death in isolation extends equally to the orthodox jews who say “No!” to the jab. Somehow I doubt it. An ‘exception’ will have to be found……

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  33. Anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    This piece of leftist illusion is an insult to all who read it. At base the idea that the “vaccines” are safe is totally false. These “vaccines” are deadly dangerous to many in the very short run and promise a lingering death to all in the longer run. We have yet to see the longer run so those who must see the ultimate carnage before they believe in it are free to pen missives such as the one above.

    Society is certainly not a suicide pact so on the grounds of the first paragraph breaking up this or any society making the claims of this one is an imperative of survival. Whether that is possible depends on open power. If the elites in control have the organization and weaponry they can gun down all resistors and it does not matter what ethical prattle you care to put forward to justify it.

    The most hateful word in the English language is ‘we’. A word that masquerades for I and is always an imperial demand that all others identify with the speaker or writer. There is no ‘we’ but only a collection of I’s which may or may not do the speaker or writer’s bidding for reasons ultimately no one knows.

    Societies are creations of evolutionary history. They are certainly constructs of passion and will but as no one clearly has complete control at any time they are also creations of random events and outright chance. They are also a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they allow individuals to combine their efforts to create wonders otherwise impossible and a curse because they trap individuals in a matrix of relationships which can prove absolutely diabolical. There is nothing deterministic or ethical about this process. Moralities and the ages they claim to order are born together and die together.

    We see such an attempt to birth a new morality and a new age developing now with the unvaccinated whose misgivings far better reflect developing truth than the narrative acceptance of the vaccinated. Indeed, the vaccinated can be expected to die in the next few years from their mistaken choice. The unvaccinated may die from the tyranny of a monstrous state called into being by the evolutions of history and lectured into the bargain by some moralistic epiphenomenon riding piggy back on this latest permutation of historical experience.

    At this juncture history has brought forth a murderous elite across the West which has declared war on their populations and have initiated a murderous attack using these”vaccines”. They have corrupted the medical establishment, and have protected themselves from exposure through owning and controlling the media. They are in a position to force their will and bring forth an evil dictatorship which is in no way consensual or cooperative.

    Liberalism will go down in history as the foundation of a tyranny which will stink for ages to come or be wiped from the face of the earth in the fires of desperate rebellion.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  34. If Shakespeare were alive today, he would have updated his famous dialogue from Hamlet with;
    To Jab, or not to jab? That is the question—Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take jabs against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?” The idea of whether is it better to live or to die.

  35. @Cortes

    That reminds me of the illegitimate Biden Regime and the dementia brain dead imbecile now driving us to oblivion.

  36. Chomsky is a pro-war shit lib. He thinks they are winning so he abandons concealment.

    If they think they have achieved an unassailable advantage with biowarfare, it becomes too complicated to keep piling up all the douchebag jargon.

    Constant misdirection and disinformation destabilize their side too. When that happens, Globo-Homo drops the pretense and becomes Globo-Gaza.

  37. anonymous[509] • Disclaimer says:

    Over my 40+ years on this planet I can never recall the so called ‘media’ informing us every night how many people have a case of the flu. The entire thing is beyond ridiculous at this stage as midwit politicians have deluded themselves to a point they now believe the people are there to serve them, not the other way around.

    I haven’t witnessed so many insufferable assholes talking to the public like they’re a bunch of toddlers on the playground. Anytime you hear politicians, bureaucrats or NGO’s feigning concern regarding the public you know you’re in for some nightmarish shit. The black pill in all of this is: we have to live amongst a bunch of morons who actually fall for it every single time because they honestly want to believe these people care about their wellbeing and their families.

  38. Why does anyone care about the opinions of this left-wing race denier?

    Chomsky supports teaching Wakanda theory aka critical theory which is that all Black problems are caused by White institutions. Don’t expect Chomsky to explain why Liberia or Haiti didn’t become Wakanda.

    The Delta peak is over so I don’t know why he is suggesting such extreme policy. Does he not read the news? I am pro-vax but I also track the virus and it has basically run its course.

    I really don’t see why so may left-wingers idolize Chomsky. Sure is he smart but he doesn’t have any concrete plans and mostly just whines about the system.

  39. Chomsky now embarrasses himself. A real pity.

    • Replies: @haha
  40. Ross23 says:

    The trap is not just the 2 vaccines themselves but the boosters they’ll make you have every few months.

    Each time you take them is another Russian roulette with your health and greater risk of having more of these spike proteins that we now know are the things that cause the damage.

    Having just the two shots gives you unvaccinated status you’ll need to show your electronic pass to show you fucked up your health even more to the vax stormtroopers just to buy a loaf of bread.

    Vax doesn’t stop transmission anyway hasn’t that sunk in yet for these people

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  41. @TKK

    End-stage lack of empathy. WHAT IS GOING ON inside your head?

  42. I am also surprised by Chomsky’s position. I put it down to his old age, because there is no other rational explanation. I remember the presidential election between Hilary and Donald – Chomsky was definitely pro-Hilary, but seemingly only because he was anti-Trump (no nuance there).

    However, I realized then that Trump is better than Hilary for one crucial reason: more truth (in the WYSIWYG sense) out there. Through his incompetence (or otherwise) he has rolled-back the curtain and we have glimpsed the Wizard (or lizard?). There is no going back. Not being American I have no control over what happens there, but the more pain and the sooner it comes the better for the whole world!

    Now I see my instinct was correct: after Trump there is no more hiding of the evil truth. The Evil Empire has shot itself in the foot and are not slip sliding into an accelerating decline.

    Chomsky is a disappointment, he should know better…

  43. @Cortes

    Senile drivers leave a trail of havoc hereabouts, too.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  44. anonymous[509] • Disclaimer says:

    I forgot to add.
    For all the people who claim “they can’t do that, you’re a conspiracy theorists’
    Below is how they do it,

  45. Anon[515] • Disclaimer says:

    How things have changed since Donald Trump came and went as US president. Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left.

    You hand’t noticed, that far, that the Left had been bought, by the same forces (and money) that has bought the Right, unifying politics, “information”, policy, and all of that?

    Now of course, all genuine leftists who aren’t awoke enough to see that… trust what they believe is left media, and follow on what they are told. They are no longer told lefty things too… they are told what is in line with the aims of who has bought it all.

    Of course, while the aims are identical, marketing-information addressed at them is also stuffed with insults against “fascists”, “Trumpists”, “white supremacists”, and all. There’s always the need for enemies, and targets (the easier and safer, the better).
    But the aims are unified, the policy is one, what matters to who’s bought it all isn’t fascicm, Trumpism, or anything but their designed goals, to pursue as unnoticed as possible.

  46. Schuetze says:

    Cook opens with:

    Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left.

    Already we know he has spent his life under mind control.

    At the end Cook summarizes with:

    “But these issues, however significant they are in our daily lives, are overshadowed by the far more terrifying reality that our car and oil-dependent economies are taking a suicidal toll on our species by destroying the climate.”

    Cook represents a group of people we could call the “awakening left”. The inconsistencies and media lies concerning the plandemic and the vaccine have brought a sliver of light into the dark corners of their covid panic shrouded communist brains, but they are still incapable of using their new found logic and applying it to the equivalent dark corners shrouded by climate panic.

    Where is Cook’s concern for bills of rights, social contracts and democratic compromise when it comes to global warming? The unflinching intolerance of communists like Cook are the root cause of waves of genocide over the last couple of centuries. This intolerance for opposing views manifests itself all around us in things like a tolerance for vote fraud, global warming fraud, and the ongoing and never ending fraud about “waves of covid”, variants, overloaded hospitals, herd immunity, vaccine efficacy and much more.

    In Australia the lockdowns have as expected and on schedule morphed into lockouts of the unvaccinated. Likewise, global warming hysteria is expectedly and on schedule being ramped up on the eve of the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, with a simultaneous “cyclone bomb” and “atmospheric rivers” hitting the west coast of the US, while another “extremely rare” “cyclone bomb” hits the east coast. Of course all this hysteria, whether climate or covid, is astroturfed by the hebrew media.

    Both lead to the same place too. Already we have Covid passes, but on the eve of this Global Warming Confab we are being preemptively programmed with talk about personal carbon limits and carbon related social credit scores. All of this is leading to CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and planetary social credit scores. This is the “great reset” and both global warming and the plandemic are just two different tentacles of the same judaic beast.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Billy Kidd
  47. Nordic says:

    Years ago a billionaire business friend of mine from China made a new friend in NYC.
    His name was Jeffrey Epstein.
    When I heard this, I distanced myself from this business friend.
    Before that happened, we had a conversation where he told me about a dinner party
    with Epstein where many well known people were present including NOAM CHOMSKY.
    Noam Chomsky is a fraud. He’s always been a shill for the ruling class.
    He’s a eugenicist if he’s hanging out with the Epstein/Gates crowd.
    And it’s very likely he likes to diddle little children from other things I’ve heard.
    That is why he feels so comfortable disposing of humans and letting them starve.
    It’s clear he’s too old now to disguise his true nature any longer.
    Epstein trafficked in sex slaves, but that was not his main business.
    His main business was/is cloning of humans.
    Creating super race of people.
    This is why they finished off the Epstein Operation in the last few years.
    Didn’t you ever wonder after all the years he operated, even after he was convicted,
    they decided to close that operation out?
    Because they are moving on to the next phase. CONJOB 19. Malthusians wet dream.
    We’re currently in the mass extermination even for all those who got the needles and didn’t receive the placebos. OR, for those who sadly were given remdesivir in the hospitals.
    They don’t need or want us anymore.
    They clearly hate our guts and are killing us off with these needles and not stopping.

    • Thanks: Marcion
    • Replies: @acementhead
  48. Levtraro says:

    So a leftist is appalled that one of his icons has come out of the closet as a hateful totalitarian ready to lock people up and let them starve isolated from the righteous. Chomsky the saint of the left would be the same as those Jew Bolsheviks at the start of the Russian revolution if given power to unleash his rage against wrong-thinkers.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Johnny Johnny
  49. skrik says:

    Some dread purpose is slithering toward us

    Quite possibly; all across ‘the West,’ so-called democratic governments are a) forcing vaxxes as the only ‘acceptable’ solution, often b) with *no* choice [i.e. mRNA, other or none? – That’d only be fair], are c) forcing EID [electronic ID-systems] by the back-door[?!] and d) in some jurisdictions, forcing total lock-downs upon those who resist vaccination.As a counter to the ‘anti-vaxxers’ propaganda-ploy [F-IW! = Freedom, I won’t!] – I propose that all ‘pro-vax fascistic tyrants’ must be excluded from society.

    Whose world is it?

    PS More text:

    • Agree: TKK
  50. No matter how many are injured by this mRNA obscenity, they will never, ever admit fault.

  51. Alfred says:

    I always knew that Chomsky was a fraud. I have yet to see him ever criticizing the Fascist state of Israel. Now, the Israeli government has turned against the Jews of Israel. What a sight to behold. What they did to the Palestinians, they are now doing to their very own people. To prevent getting blamed, they are not using the Israeli Moderna vaccine – they use the Pfizer poison instead. Later, they will tell everyone how much they suffered from this Goy-inflicted Hollocaust2.

    Israel Could Begin Vaccinating Under 12s in December

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  52. Alfred says:

    This is an extremely important piece of news that that the MSM is hiding from us. The most popular Russian vaccine is not killing anyone.

    MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. So far, no deaths caused by acute reaction to anti-coronavirus vaccines have been registered in Russia, the head of the laboratory of mechanisms of population variability of pathogenic microorganisms at the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Vladimir Gushchin, told Russia’s Channel One.

    “At the moment, given that more than one hundred million people were vaccinated, we know that cases of adverse effects are sporadic, and amount to approximately one case to one million vaccinations. So far, no one has died in Russia as a result of an acute reaction to the jab,” he said.

    Gushchin added that Russian scientists have technological capacities of adjusting the vaccine to new strains of the novel coronavirus, but there is no such need at the moment.

    No post-vaccination deaths registered in Russia so far — Gamaleya Center

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  53. People like Chomsky think they are clever by suggesting Holodomor 2.0 because they dare not openly suggest Holocaust 2.0, even though that is where they really want to take this.

    If the unvaxxed turn out to be the majority in the coming years, it will be great to see the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 for the Vaxxis who remain; sauce for the gander.

    In the meantime, it’s a bit early in the game to be talking about shunning people for not willingly taking an experimental genetic therapeutic with less than a year of safety data. Given that All Cause Mortality is running 6% to 15% higher in high-vaccination countries the last couple months, the unvaxxed might be able to raid the kitchens and pantries of their vaxxed neighbours as they start to die off in the coming years.

    • Replies: @Billy Kidd
    , @Billy Kidd
  54. skrik says:

    Some dread purpose is slithering toward us

    bis: The title is taken from “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes,” a line said by the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. rgds

    • Replies: @Smashed Squash
  55. The problem with this essay is that is relies too much on rational thought. This is out of fashion. Since the pandemic of doublespeak has crippled the minds of billions, showing off one’s athletic reasoning can be dangerous. And it hurts the feelings of others.

    p.s. The vaccines are leaking like crazy; any half wit has to admit no way no how can these experimental products eradicate Covid 19. Then there are the adverse effects; if you do not know someone who has been hammered in some way or another by these shots then you probably know less than ten people. And what are we supposed to believe about the mass censorship and power grabbing and juggernaut of coercion? All for the sake of public health?? Like Big Dope is Saint Francis of Assisi.

    I cannot say why big guns like Chompsky and Nassim Taleb are so enamored with the ludicrous demands of this medical dictatorship, but I can tell you the Amish are doing just fine without them.

    Video Link

  56. anonymous[491] • Disclaimer says:

    Mentally-deteriorating, not-believing-in-afterlife old man (born Dec 1928) Chomsky, thinks a bunch of young’uns should starve and die so he can maybe live a little longer

    Chomsky’s fellow Jew Jonathan Cook, for his part tho, is in denial about how masses of people credibly fear these vaccines will maim and kill them, despite evidence all around him in Israel

    Young and vaccinated people are suddenly dying at huge rates across the USA and Western Europe, a few months after they were vaccinated, but officials do not wish to enquire as to why

    German gov stats show ‘an excess mortality rate of 10 percent above the mean’ right now, and specifically NOT ‘covid deaths’ which they say are down … Similarly in heavily-vaxed Spain

    Endless individual stories of ‘mysterious sudden deaths’ of the young and vaccinated; collection of media screenshots here:

    Alex Berenson notes the huge new high number of cardiovascular deaths of people under age 50, officially a ‘mystery’ buried under a “highly aggressive effort to prevent people from talking about this” … hiding how the sudden spike in deaths of young vaxed people, might have “something to do with the mass vaccination campaign”

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
    , @rufus clyde
  57. Chomsky is an evil piece of work. He is a bleeding heart anti-Statist until we are confronted with IMPORTANT issues related to the integrity of our rulers. He was the same about 9/11. Zero interest in
    staggering factual anomalies relating to establishment and, particularly, US/Israeli actors.

    Now he supports the COVID/Vaxx fraud.

    Our very brilliant “friend” is a Luciferian shitb*g and a spiritual moron.

    • Agree: Da's Reich
  58. GMC says:

    Yep, they Just partially shutdown Crimea too. Can t show your receipt from Sputnik – well then you have to drink your Coffee out in the street because only People with the vax, Can sit inside.
    But those Bioweapons Labs are nice and cozy with their Russian gaz keeping the Labs comfy and the bunsen burners – lit.
    Herd immunity is sending 15 thermo missiles to 15 Bio Labs in Ukraine. Then sending Georgia and Kazahkstan some photos of – used to be BioLabs. Paneemyu Russia.?

  59. lola says:

    leftist are scum, always have, always will be.

    Like many of this assholes Chomsky’s time is up. but evil is hard to die

    • Agree: TKK, Dystopian
  60. Mehen says:

    Chomsky is Jew.

    If he is Big Jew, he is naturally drawn to policies which allow his Tribe to corral the cattle/goyim.

    If he is Little Jew, he is neurotic and germophobic, and wants the rest of us to join him in his misery.

    More seriously:

    The only people who generally favour tyrannical majorities are those who lack the ability to imagine the day when they may no longer belong in the majority.

    This is incorrect. An abiding confidence in the objective truth of one’s moral views is what leads to “tyranny”.

    I suppose we need to look closer at what exactly we mean by “tyranny”.

  61. aspnaz says:

    Chomsky shows his dull mind once again: use the government’s monopoly on violence to isolate a significant percentage of the tax payers, probably near 50% because families will stick together, many many more times the number currently in prison, many of whom are in the forces and have access to weapons. You will end up with another civil war and destruction of the USA and, hopefully, the likes of Chomsky dead.

  62. gotmituns says:

    Chomsky’s just an old jew they got to come out from under a rock to make the statement and the next thing we’ll hear about the guy is he’s dead – from covid of course.

  63. Chomsky has always been controlled opposition gate keeper

    • Replies: @republic
  64. aspnaz says:

    But these issues, however significant they are in our daily lives, are overshadowed by the far more terrifying reality that our car and oil-dependent economies are taking a suicidal toll on our species by destroying the climate.

    Just tell me you are an idiot at the start. You wasted my time reading to this point. Climate change, of course, it is the equivalent of global weather, but man made? Do some research of your own. Look at the original ice core data.

  65. onebornfree says: • Website

    This “just” in :

    The 9th. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly says:

    ” The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”


    “There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” Thomas Jefferson

    And he also said: “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”- Thomas Jefferson

    Chomsky and the rest of the halfwits who believe the same B.S. he does need to get the hell out of the US. If not, hopefully the fake vaccines “kill ’em all”.

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • Thanks: Billy Kidd
    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  66. anonymous[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Noam Chumpski has long been an overblown “intellectual”, of a type that if he were an artist, he would likely be Mark Rothko. Thomas Sowell, for example, has more intelligence in his pinkie than the esteemed and anointed “professor of America” In all due respect, sir, I am not surprised that he had you hoodwinked for all these years. I’m just a retired sign artist, but when I saw him pontificating
    during an interview a few years ago, while he assessed the major events and trends of the 20th century in the USA while leaving out the huge PC developments including affirmative action, in the latter part of that decade, I knew he was a facile lar by omission, a common trait in those of his “persuasion”. This raspy-voiced intellectual has been in my opinion, a closet revolutionary Marxist, extremely adept at rhetorical manipulation. A sophist who really never fooled me. For even decades before the aforementioned interview, I couldn’t bring myself to trust him.

  67. mkr says:

    If the vaccine works then why would vaccinated people worry about unvaccinated people somehow being dangerous to them?

    If the vaccine doesn’t work then why are many vaccinated people pretending that unvaccinated people are somehow different than them?

    If the vaccine works somewhat and that is why they make the distinction, then a million other things also work somewhat, with the number one thing being to stay away from symptomatically sick people, along with other things such as staying away from large crowds, or washing your hands etc.

    The only way to differentiate between who is safe to be around and who is unsafe to be around is through trustworthy testing. Being vaccinated does not make you safe to be around.

    Asymptomatic transmission is a theory, it has not been proven. Chomsky is saying that people who aren’t sick are somehow dangerous to be around. In addition at least half of the unvaccinated population has natural immunity from a previous infection, which is superior protection than the non-immunity of the so-called vaccines.

    Basically, if you’re going to say that I’m dangerous because I’m not vaccinated then you need to prove it, and that’s not done through vaccination, it’s done through a trustworthy non-invasive testing method.


    The elephant in the room is that all previous attempts at creating a coronavirus vaccine have failed due to antibody dependent enhancement during animal testing. The vaccine enhanced the virus rather than protecting the animals, the animals all became sicker or died as a result of ADE. The animals would have been better off having never gotten the vaccine at all. This is on the NIH website where it states in the abstract: “Development of vaccines to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and other coronavirus has been difficult to create due to vaccine induced enhanced disease responses in animal models”. It say this in the summary: “Given past data on multiple SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV vaccine efforts have failed due to ADE in animal models (75, 81), it is reasonable to hypothesize a similar ADE risk for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and vaccines.”. Here is the link:

    Here is another link to the NIH website where scientists have documented their objection to the public not being given informed consent in regard to the risk of ADE with these so-called vaccines:

    Fauci and others funded gain of function experiments to genetically modify bat coronaviruses to make them transmittable to human beings, they did this under the cover of wanting to create vaccines and have them waiting should nature ever release a human transmissible virus on its own.

    We know from the DARPA application that was released through DRASTIC that they applied for DARPA funding to intentionally infect bat populations with human transmissible bat coronaviruses under the cover of wanting to inoculate the bats against human transmissible bat coronaviruses through infecting them with the virus. So, release the virus into the wild to infect the bats and also where humans are, not a good idea. DARPA rejected the application.

    Fauci is on video at the Milken Institute in 2019 saying that we need to change our egg-based way of making vaccines into using mRNA vaccines instead. He explicitly said that the normal ten years of so of safety testing takes too long and that we need an “event” in order to rapidly roll out the mRNA vaccines to the public. The Emergency Use Authorization for the Covid 19 event made it possible to roll out mRNA vaccines without first testing them.

    Fauci is on video saying that Trump will be confronted with a pandemic.

    They rolled out the Covid 19 vaccines without any testing whatsoever to millions upon millions of people even though ADE was the probable outcome. Weaponized ADE brought to you by the “Earth is overpopulated” cult?

    Bill Gates, the population control fanatic is on video from 2020 saying that he talks to Fauci on the phone every day.

    The vaccines are not safe. VAERs, the vaccine adverse event reporting system is off the charts. You can multiple VAERs by at least a factor of ten to get the real number as many doctors are not reporting adverse events at all.

    They are suppressing treatments that work such as Ivermectin. Here is a link to the NIH website (that includes many links to related Ivermectin Covid 19 articles in the side panel) showing the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating the virus:

    All roads for the cult lead to the vaccine.

    And all for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate for most people.

    The truth is the law, not the will of the mob.

    In America, we outlawed dictatorship at our founding, soon after that we outlawed slavery, we outlawed unequal rights based on race, gender, religion, atheism, nation of origin, and sexuality. America did that for the individual so that the individuals human rights and property rights would not be subject to the lie that the will of the mob somehow gets to overrule the truth that we are only righteously judged on our actual innocence or guilt and not according to our group identity. Judging someone falsely based on their group identity is false judgment, the enemy of humanity.

    • Thanks: skrik, emersonreturn
  68. The purpose of the vaccine is the vaccine passport, which is the training wheels for a Communist Chinese-style social credit system the Left has planned for the entire planet. In Christian eschatology, it is referred to as the Mark of the Beast. That is why leftists like Chomsky are so obsessed with promoting it.

  69. Kali says:

    So, the man who gave us “Manufacturing Consent”, and explained and exposed the ways in which we may be manipulated by establishment media, now, in his waning years, comes out with Forced Compliance for the societies he will soon leave behind to suffer the fate he calls down on our heads!

    Disgusting, and sadly (((not entirely unforeseeable))) hypocrisy.

    Everywhere we look we see a spike in “covid cases” and deaths following the roll out of these Clot-shots, much as atmospheric CO2 rises FOLLOW warming temperatures, to say nothing of the huge risks posed by the vaxxes themselves as revealed and discussed in article after article on this website alone!

    Very soon we will be forced, if they get their way, by the “progressive left” into “Climate Lockdown”, in accordance with their deadly and ecocidal “zero carbon” initiatives, utterly regardless of any science which counters their propagandised claims of AGW. (Interestingly, it was Chomsky´s work which in part enabled me to see through that propaganda, back in the day that I, too, was part of the “progressive left”. Did Chomsky help awaken me then in order to vilify and condemn me now?)

    I´d be interested to know what Mr Cook´s feelings are regarding the growing calls for Climate Lockdowns to “save the planet”? Are we to be condemned by woke “science” to have our every move dictated by our manipulative, kleptocratic overlords, or is freedom of choice and freedom of conscience, along with freedom of information, more important?

    Best wishes,

  70. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Johnathan Cook: “If there is hesitancy over the vaccines it is because a portion of society is not afraid enough of the virus …”

    Yeah, count me in this group. Never have so many panicked so much over so little.

    Mr. Cook nailed the issue repeatedly in his article, and you nailed it again with your comment.

    An allegedly “deadly” virus that is clearly no worse than a regular old seasonal influenza…


    … which is easily cured with readily available and extremely safe generic medicines which have been used globally by billions of people for decades – and are indeed being successfully used by nations as diverse as Mexico, Japan and India to squash the supposed Corona Chan “pandemic”…

    Corona Chan – Ivermectin Studies

    Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – Corona Chan Treatment Protocols – Ivermectin

    Ivermectin Saves India

    Ivermectin Destroys Corona Chan In Mexico City & India

    Dr. Joseph Varon Interviewed on Ivermectin to Treat Corona Chan

    Dr. Ryan Cole Talks About Covid-19, Ivermectin, & The Importance Of Vitamin D

    Video Link
    Japan Officially Endorses Ivermectin For Corona Chan

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – Corona Chan Treatment Protocols

    Ivermectin Kills Corona Chan Across Africa

    … and yet, strangely, a slew of Western nations have effectively banned any use of cheap, extremely safe and effective medicines for treatment of the allegedly “deadly” Corona Chan virus, and instead are moving ahead with forced “vaccinations” using experimental “vaccines” which evidently injure & kill far more people than the supposed Corona Chan virus…

    Vaccines are more dangerous than Corona Chan

    Dr Roger Hodkinson Interview With Anna Brees – As The Evidence Becomes Overwhelming

    Video Link
    Dr Sucharit Bhakdi – COVID Shots to Decimate World Population

    Video Link
    Corona Chan “Vaccines” Cause 82% Spontaneous Abortions in First & Second Trimester Pregnancies

    Corona Chan “Vaccines” Make Men Impotent & Their Testicles Swell

    Video Link
    Dr. Bryan Ardis & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Intentional Medical Genocide

    Video Link
    Canadian Dr. Charles Hoffe – 62% of “Vaccine” Recipients get Blood Clots, Permanent Heart Damage

    Video Link
    Dr. Peter McCollough on Corona Chan “Vaccines”

    Video Link
    Dr. Ryan Cole – White Coat Summit – What the “Vaccines” do to Your Body

    ABC Media Affiliate Calls For Stories Of Unvaccinated Deaths, Gets Flood Of Thousands Of Stories Of Vaccinated Deaths Instead

    The “Vaccines” Are The Deadly Delta Variant – Testimony of British Funeral Director

    Dr. Richard Fleming – Corona Chan “Vaccines” Cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement

    … and on top of the inherent risk of severe injury or death from these experimental injections, as explicitly and freely admitted by both the manufacturers and the American CDC, they neither stop the recipient from being infected by or spreading the supposed Corona Chan virus.

    Moreover, the official mainstream claim for the supposed “benefit” of these deadly experimental injections – that they don’t actually stop a Corona Chan infection, but they “reduce the severity of the symptoms” – has also been shown to be an absolute falsehood, with “vaccinated” individuals both far more likely to be infected than “unvaccinated” individuals (and therefore far more likely to spread it) and also far more likely to get sick, be hospitalised and die than “unvaccinated” individuals…

    Corona Chan “Delta Variant” Mortality 8 Times Higher in Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated ]

    Corona Chan “Delta Variant” Caused and Spread By “Vaccines” – 62% of Corona Chan Deaths are “Vaccinated”

    Infowars – “Deadly Delta Variant” is 95 – 99% In The “Vaccinated”

    “Deadly Delta Variant” Infests Cruise Ship With 100% of Passengers & Crew “Vaccinated”

    UK Government Report – “Vaccinated” are 3x More Likely to Die from “Deadly Delta Variant” than “Unvaccinated”

    “Deadly Delta Variant” Cases Exploding Among “Vaccinated” In Spain, Israel, Iceland, Singapore

    “Vaccinated” Far More Likely To Die From “Deadly Delta Variant” Than Unvaccinated

    “Vaccinated” 6 Times More Likely To Die From Corona Chan “Variants” Than Unvaccinated

    “Vaccinated” At Risk Of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

    Israel Report – “Vaccinated” Are 13 Times More Likely To Get Infected & 27 Times More Likely To Get Sick Than “Unvaccinated”

    “Vaccinated” Have 27 Times The Corona Chan Infection Rate of Naturally Immune “Unvaccinated”

    … so the question has to be asked, what’s the point of experimental “vaccines” which directly kill far more people than the alleged virus that they’re supposed to be protecting us from, and even worse, make the recipients far more likely to catch, spread and die from the alleged virus that they are supposed to be protecting us from?

    More to the point, why are the “unvaccinated” being persecuted for refusing to be injected with these experimental “vaccines”?

    What species of idiotic logic could possibly arrive at the conclusion that the “unvaccinated” are a threat to the supposedly “vaccinated”? The founding premise for that point of view, irrespective of its complete lack of any factual basis whatsoever, constitutes an admission that the experimental “vaccines” don’t even work in the first place!

    With all due respect to the millions of “vaccine” recipients around the world who have been coerced against their will to take these experimental injections, those people (such as this gibbering idiot Noam Chomsky) who accept and champion the official narrative that the “unvaccinated” are a threat to society and must be segregated and starved into submission IMO are in desperate need of a frontal lobotomy.

    Has it not yet dawned on those willing “vaccination” True Believers that, despite having already leapt to the front of the line for their now proven deadly “vaccinations” that don’t work and are far more likely to kill them than any alleged Corona Chan virus, that they are doomed to join the ranks of those very same “unvaccinated” that they are so determined to drive out of society, unless they accept their experimental “booster shots” every few months from now on, forever?

    Needless to say, just like with Russian Roulette, these tragic fools are guaranteed to die, either from latent injuries already caused (including the looming likelihood of ADE) or from a final blow administered by a mandatory experimental “booster shot”.

    All I can say for these idiotic True Believers, is that the Darwin Principle evidently works (but unfortunately for the rest of us, not soon enough).

    • Replies: @El Dato
  71. Altai says:

    There were three Western countries that did well during the pandemic, New Zealand, Australia and Iceland. And what they did well was to isolate themselves. During much of the lockdowns and restrictions in other Western countries during 2020, Australia and New Zealand operated normally. The vast distances between large urban areas and lack of continuous settlement between them meant Australia was also able to do effective internal travel restrictions between major cities.

    This was always the best solution, to seal off countries from mass travel, let local outbreaks burn themselves out and allow countries to return to normal without as big a risk of importing large-scale infections. (This is exactly what China did) Britain and Ireland had huge lulls in cases (Ireland had almost no cases) during the early summers of 2020. Then they lifted restrictions, people went on holiday both to and from and there was a massive explosion in cases and the introductions of new more virulent strains.

    You can’t have it both ways then you have the worst of all worlds, restrictions, mass vaccination and continual re-importation of new outbreaks and new variants. Now we have mass vaccination and large scale movement, virtually rolling the dice on how bad the emergence of new variants will be in terms of their effects.

    I remember lots of silly big thinks on why Eastern Europe didn’t get hit as badly during the first wave in Europe. That the rate of travel between Northern Italy and Eastern Europe and between Eastern European countries was much lower (Though many emigrated to Western Europe they weren’t moving back and forth much and certainly not much between Eastern European countries) so that when the rest of Europe went into lockdown, it insulated them as they hadn’t developed as bad a base of cases. (Iceland imported 40 cases in one planeload of rich Icelanders going on a ski holiday as did a lot of Western European countries with rich school trips and holiday-makers going to the Alps)

    Then in summer restrictions were lifted and many went on holiday to places like Croatia and bang, a big outbreak in Hungary.

    What’s fascinating to me is watching the political aesthetics on the matter change in real time. Back in February 2020 it was a right-wing and xenophobic matter to be concerned with covid. Lots of old progressive voices in American media saying basically ‘It’s just the flu bro!’ and that it can’t be anything else because they disliked the implication and thus prudence of Trump closing travel with China. (Which bought a non-trivial amount of time to prepare)

    When the outbreak was clearly out of control in Bergamo the EU dithered on closing borders of restricting travel. (Some of this may have been from conflicting scientific advice to just allow it to run through he population in Spring rather than Autumn or Winter but much of it was an ideological inability and a managerial mentality that avoided making big decisions) And so the Western European country with the most anti-open border consensus, Denmark, shut everything down first.

    Then in the midst of the pandemic restrictions and collective sacrifice became more entrenched, many on the left began to be able to integrate things now into something they could digest. As time wore on many natural conservatives began to chafe at making personal sacrifice for the greater good, however effective or not effective it might be. And now Denmark, again became the first country to stop as it begins to chafe at wokeness.

    So Trump went all in for vaccines as an effective way to end all the measures of sacrifice since he and his core supporters int he USA were least for it. But then Trump lost the election and the vaccine became associated with the left and now pro-vaccination is seen as left-wing and anti-vaccination is right-wing despite the obvious class and ethnic characteristics of vaccine hesitancy actually tending to be among the marginalised (As makes sense since they have less of a sense of getting something from society, a sense of ownership or trust in authority) both in the USA and globally. (Palestinians in Israel largely stayed away from the vaccine administered by Israeli authorities and, frankly, I don’t blame them there)

    There is a hilarious clip from CNN where a black anchor said she wouldn’t trust in the vaccines if Trump was still president and treats that if it that was just reasonable and then proceeds to get very angry at white conservative anti-vaccine people during a Biden admin despite nothing about the vaccines themselves being different.

    It is interesting to see though that in Anglosphere countries there is a weird joy and glee in being so authoritarian and an indifference to if it is the best way to go about things. I honestly think it is social media radicalisation of the upper middle classes of these countries. I wonder if in a way it’s still 1066 in their heads. The upper classes in England never did seem to get over their contempt for the lower classes, maybe they still have a conqueror mentality they’ll never admit to.

    The idea of building up the lost trust by not betraying people over and over is simply a step too far in terms of emergency covid policy.

  72. @Rahan

    Two philosophers in their forties once realized that they ran out of points to disagree about. So – they decided to create a safe space for their mutual disagreements and take care to protect and nourish it whenever possible.

    True or false?

    Hard to tell, but the story, told by Ernst Bloch about his relationship with co-Marxist thinker Georg Lukacs, does exist.

    (Might have been true to some extent).

    Haha-chakra is a great existential metaphor, Rahan! And you are right about the fundamental importance of the ability to embrace or – cherish – disagreements.

    • Thanks: Rahan
  73. Altai says:

    And let’s be real here, Chomsky imagines a certain kind of person in terms of class, ethnicity and politics when he imagines ‘The unvaccinated’. He sees them as morally inferior and his social inferiors and he likes the idea of harming them for it’s own sake. Chomsky is a conditional progressive, a who/whom progressive. In truth, not a real progressive at all.

    So many men like him, born in New York into certain neighbourhoods in the 40s-60s seem to have similar attitudes and seem to have had similar mental breakdowns in recent years.

    And when Johnathan brings up social contracts and democracy, he comes close to admitting that democracy cannot work if enough of a gulf exists between the interests and desires of it’s constituents. We’re seeing that here.

    Johnathan is also right to bring up the vaccinated as potential hazards too. How many are engaging in maladptive risk compensation? How many have turned from symptomatic people who would realise their status (And whom others would recognise as a potential hazard) and self-isolate to asymptomatic spreaders? It’s hard not to see that having occurred in Israel.

  74. sally says:

    Colin Powell comes to mind.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  75. Cook is an expert at inserting unquestioned establishment narratives into essays that are supposedly ‘anti-establishment’.

    Here, for example:

    “So how should we balance the right to bodily autonomy of the individual in refusing the vaccine and the desire of society to protect itself from the Covid pandemic?”

    He doesn’t question the ‘pandemic’. However many of us know that the ‘pandemic’ is a scam based on fraudulent PCR tests and statistical manipulation and the use of the WHO as a ‘definer’ of pandemic, which, with treaties worldwide, forced whole countries into ‘pandemic’ mode.

    Note how he inserts the ‘state/corporate’ narrative all through the article:

    “Imagine that Ebola is as transmissible as Covid” in fact, we don’t KNOW how ‘transmissable’ ‘covid’ is.

    “The problem wouldn’t be vaccination hesitancy” vaccine hesitancy is a state/corporate covid marketing term.

    “But it does highlight that in the case of our real Covid pandemic” see above, same bs.

    “The danger to those who are vulnerable – at least in the hyper-selfish “developed” world – has been gradually diminishing from a mix of vaccines, boosters and better treatments. The dangers in much of the west, even for the vulnerable, are gradually starting to look closer to those from flu.”

    Ha ha! Do you see it? As if from the beginning it was supposedly ‘worse than the flu’. Clever from Cook, eh?

    “In the case of Covid, there are additional factors to be weighed” go to the paragraph read it.

    Note carefully Cook’s modus operandi! He never questions the vaccines? They are assumed to be ‘good’, that is NOT dangerous.

    Cook, I repeat, is an EXPERT at inserting state/corporate friendly assumptions into essays that are purportedly questioning the state/corporate narrative.

  76. Altai says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    And oh look, Chomsky seems to be softening on Israel. Max Blumenthal recalling him derailing a debate on BDS fits the profile perfectly. See also Jon Stewart.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  77. @Alfred

    CEO of Pfizer company is the Greek Jew Albert Bourla, who will get in 2022 the Israeli Genesis Prize (one million dollars), which is called the “Jewish Nobel Prize” (for Jews only).

    Why the Jews are poisoning themselves cannot be explained, unless we assume that they give themselves only a placebo, in order to mislead the goyim.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Irish Savant
  78. @Alfred

    The Russian vaccine is a real vaccine, which is harmless and really works, reason why it is banned in the West.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Stephane
  79. El Dato says:

    During much of the lockdowns and restrictions in other Western countries during 2020, Australia and New Zealand operated normally.

    I have heard otherwise with police becoming a bit Belarusian, hunting down lockdown breakers, showing up at people’s door to take them away for criminal lockdown breakage and checking maskless coffee shop patrons were really nursing that coffee.

    They have been in lockdown for ages, and are still at step 0 because they will have to lift the lockdown and then the virus will still rip through unless everyone has been vaxxed.

    Useless, self-defeating policy. I like to call it “high school girl policy”

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  80. anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Jonathan’s statement “So how should we balance the right to bodily autonomy of the individual in refusing the vaccine and the desire of society to protect itself from the Covid pandemic?”

    WE, the governed, will never be allowed to.. they, the Oligarchs who own the government, will do it for us..

    Vaccination is always a risk even when the body itself does it But whenever you inject foreign substances into a biologically living being you create changes in that system, these changes are not involved in the native state risk or in the immune system of the native state. But when you import externals into living biological s , just like in a computer program, the very slightest of change to some far out of view mundane thing, might change everything. in terms of the result the system produces.

    One might look at a mRNA import (vaccine) as the same thing as a virus. Cause to make the system it was imported into to work in much the same way the virus does. It infects, attaches to the human genes and it makes those genes produce the structures that the native immune system uses to build antibodies..

    how is that different from what virus do?

    • Replies: @Stephane
  81. @Nordic

    You should urgently seek psychiatric help.

  82. El Dato says:

    So my isolation would only need to be temporary

    Says you and then the virus circulates from bat to man and man to bat for years and you will get it eventually.

    COVID is also one of those things that everyone will get eventually. It seems to survive in mink? In fact, IHU Méditerrannée Infections once said that the second surge of COVID in France was very different from the one of early 2020, and probably came out of mink farms. Not sure whether that has been revised.

  83. It turns out that leftists are just stupid, unremediably stupid. François Ruffin, is a leftist icone. Even last week, in the parliament he put off his mask and when he was asked to put it on he answered that “he forgot in was not in the Élysée Palace” (the presidency) dancing with micron (who obviously doesn’t care about the mask obligation). That moron has now made a video saying he’s going to be injected the second dose of the spike protein producing shitsoup. I don’t translate his arguments since you can do it with very efficient online translatore in a couple of second. How come can one be so insanely stupid? Pathetic…

    “François Ruffin even if I know there is a business of big pharma vaccines I will be injected” and that clown has written a book denouncing Big Pharma…Pathetic

    Hi Kali!

    • Replies: @Kali
  84. El Dato says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    I’m not reading all that but IFR 0.3% means that 3 people of 1000 who get it die.

    It’s not influenza.

    • Replies: @ken
    , @Ultrafart the Brave
  85. miha says:

    ‘Healthy people do not transmit disease’ . This is just simply wrong. Go and look it up. As to ‘plain totalitarianism’, of course I agree.

    Simple logic tells us that the mandate argument is wrong:- Both vaccinated and un-vaccinated people can transmit the virus and there are some indications that the vaccinated do this more effectively though we are not certain. If the latter have withstood any adverse effects after the jab, then following an infection (the vaccine does not prevent infection. Even Fauci makes this point) they’ll be feeling well and fit to work and play. So they will be much more likely to infect people when they’re out and about. Un-vaccinated people, unless asymptomatic, will feel ill and are much more likely to stay at home looking after themselves – not infecting everyone else. Apparently this logic is not clear to the powers that be. Or perhaps it is and other factors are at play.

  86. @Anon

    Yes. I reject the article’s claim that pro-liberty people are mirror images of vax pushers. Only a latent vax pusher like Cook would think this.

    Vax pushers want to enslave and exterminate, whereas pro-liberty people just want to be left alone. There is no equivalency.

    As for Chomsky, he will be 93 in December. Clearly he has dementia, like his hero Biden.

    Imagine Chomsky sitting in a room with Henry Kissinger, aged 98. The stench would blister the paint on the walls.

  87. Tucker says:

    Also, notice the mind-numbing way Chomsky resorts to the well known jewish tactic of hair splitting when he proposes what amounts to a deliberate, government sanctioned, totalitarian and diabolically evil agenda to starve millions of Americans to death and then uses the infamous jewish technique of splitting hairs and barfing out self-righteous sounding platitudes to ‘justify’ what clearly amounts to a global wide GENOCIDE AGENDA, using starvation and destitution and impoverishment of what are probably billions of human beings – simply because they refuse to bow down and take the heavily jewish infested Big Pharma Industry’s needle, containing harmful and deadly mystery juice.

    Reading these demonic utterances of Chomsky reminded me of the famous quote attributed to Voltaire, when asked to expound upon the topic of jews:

    ”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race…”

    I think that time has arrived, and Chomsky could not be a better example of this being true.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  88. I suspect the poor old guy’s main worry is what’s good for Mr. Chomsky’s health now. He certainly looks like an aged (and fragile) parody of himself. Decades of speaking inconvenient truths to people who by and large haven’t the slightest interest in hearing them will take a toll on anyone’s mental health and commitment to abstractions such as social justice. So does seeing the “left” being carefully fragmented into utter irrelevancy by its foolish embrace of identity politics –so much for working class solidarity – and its petulant, childish cult of hurt feelings, known as wokeism.

    There hasn’t been an organized Left in American politics for generations. FDR saw to that by staging a Great Patriotic War to get labor back under control after its militant insurgency during the Depression. There is right-of-center and far-right, that’s all. Corporate money flows by the hundreds of millions to both parties. Yet in poll after poll a substantial majority of Americans are in favor of Medicare for All, lower prescription drug prices, more affordable childcare, higher taxes on the rich, limits on campaign spending, addressing the climate crisis, and other supposedly extremist positions. Powerful special interests mischaracterize these policy ideas as “fringe,” or “radical,” or “socialist” because these initiatives would cost them money, requiring either higher taxes on them or regulations that might cut into their corporate profit.

  89. Schuetze says:

    “There is a hilarious clip from CNN where a black anchor said she wouldn’t trust in the vaccines if Trump was still president and treats that if it that was just reasonable and then proceeds to get very angry at white conservative anti-vaccine people during a Biden admin despite nothing about the vaccines themselves being different.”

    You might be referring to this:

    Of course Harris is the Crown Princess President, and of course, Harris isn’t black, she is a Brahmin Caste Indian, from the whitest and most privileged class of the the most racist people on the planet (excepting Hebrews, no offence to any Jews reading this comment).

    Liberals are like Satanists. They are allowed, and hence have, no real opinion other than the current one that is demanded from them by their satanic masters.

  90. Fr. John says:

    “Chomsky is a Jew. Jews are obsessed with health & security issues.”

    Let me fix that for you.

    “Chomsky is a Jew. He loathes God and Jesus. Jews think themselves their own Messiah.
    Jews are obsessed with denying their psychopathology.”

    Kevin McDonald
    Arthur Koestler
    E Michael Jones

    Three voices, three completely different worldviews. One common conclusion.

    Jews are imposters/antichrists/the root of all evil in the modern world.
    Good Friday. Deicide. – My final solution.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  91. Fred777 says:

    “the far more terrifying reality that our car and oil-dependent economies are taking a suicidal toll on our species by destroying the climate.“

    Sees “plandemic” for what it is, then buys into climate scam. You can be a multi millionaire batting .500 in baseball.

  92. The “vax” really is the ultimate litmus test. It reveals everything. Turns out Chomsky is a hardcore fascist! Who would have thunk! I thought he was an anarchist. Oh well.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  93. In democratic societies, the social contract is based on a compromise – between individual freedoms, on one side, and the wider needs of the social group for security, on the other. There is often a tension between those two things. In healthy societies, a resolution is reached after weighing those conflicting needs and deciding, ideally through a general consensus, which should take priority in each case under consideration.

    According to my old education, Citizens of the young United States shared a concept they called “Enlightened Self-Interest.” This meant that they individually could perceive solutions and collective actions that best benefitted both them and their community.

    To parse the social contract down into two opposing positions requiring compromise is to forget that great, American concept.

    For example: If you were a farmer in Connecticut circa 1800, you could reasonably figure out that paying a little tax to help support a postal system was not only to society’s benefit but also to yours. Maybe you needed to receive a check in the mail for the grain you sold last month. Whatever, but you were willing to support that system, collectively, with other Americans. The same went for roads and eventually electrical grids, reservoirs etc.

    It seems that nowadays even writers and analysts have forgotten Enlightened Self Interest.

    Certainly Noam Chomsky has. Maybe he never even understood it. He is after all the product of socialist thinkers in the New York City boroughs. For him, and for other “great thinkers and intellectuals,” it all comes down to class struggle, with everybody out for himself. Capitalism is NOT everybody out for himself. Only communists think so. It doesn’t work that way.

    He says those who refuse to participate should be isolated, whereas an early American would simply shrug and say, okay, there aren’t too many, and we cherish Liberty, after all.

    There is no Liberty under people like Noam Chomsky. There never has been, just as the hundreds of millions of victims of communism could tell you if they were alive. Mr. Chomsky has always preferred to criticize (often rightly) the United States, but has curiously been less enthusiastic to judge communist governments.

    I have always instinctively disliked Chomsky, and now I can even more clearly see why. The guy is a pampered, intellectual idiot who never really cared where his groceries or home heating came from. He is a hothouse flower from the city, and he is offensive. What a shameful waste of talent.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @jew goo
  94. R2b says:

    Scumbag Noam Chomsky.
    Or, Noam Scumbag Chomsky.
    Or, Noam Chomsky Scumbag.
    One of these three is correct.
    Or all three, I guess.
    He is the pied piper of the left.
    And on his end, purporting Talmudic Pharisaic law.
    Woe to that man and compatriotes!

  95. “The biggest problem at this stage appears to be that we have Covid and flu, which may push our already strained and underfunded health services closer to breaking point this winter. Our health services are struggling to adapt to the new reality primarily because of long-standing political failures to prioritise public health care over private profit.”

    The same is true of our supply chains. In the name of “increased efficiency” (read: increased profits and higher stock prices), we have taken the slack and spare capacity out of so many systems to the point that any significant glitch leads to cascading and catastrophic failures.

    I once worked for a health care system that bought up a host of community hospitals and closed most of them. Wouldn’t it be nice having them right about now?

    If anything, we’ve seen that for profit medicine comes with a steep price tag to both individuals and society at large.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Maddaugh
  96. @Cortes

    Except that the car crash referred to was an accident. The plandemic is, well, planned.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Thanks: Cortes
    • Replies: @Miro23
  97. Athena says:

    For decades our media have preferred to focus on the problems caused by drunk drivers, or speeding motorists, or even car pollution. But these issues, however significant they are in our daily lives, are overshadowed by the far more terrifying reality that our car and oil-dependent economies are taking a suicidal toll on our species by destroying the climate.

    The media (NOT ours nor MINE) must follow the NATO’s narrative. Eisenhower once warned Americans that the “military-industrial complex” would CONTROL ALL aspects of the society. This includes

    – what you MUST think
    – what you MUST eat
    – how how MUST react
    – what you MUST consume
    – what’s good for your health
    – when you MUST laugh or smile
    – when you MUST cry or be outraged
    – how you MUST feel in any circumstance
    – what you MUST read
    – what you MUST learn in school
    – how you MUST raise your children

    (So, social engineering is not something done by hackers, as the media and softwares ”intended” to protect us against scams ransomware phishing, etc pretend). Social engineering is performed by the MIC and its partners at the CFR and Chatham House.

    So not only the MIC drains all your best scientists, it’s also the WORST polluter, and it has also engaged in biogical and chemical warfare almost everywhere on the planet.

    In Canada, ”they have an immense ecological footprint. They’ve littered the landscape with tens of millions of bullets and shells as well as polluted dozens of lakes with ordnance. They continue to conscript animals in experimentsand during warfare. DND is far and away the largest emitter of GHGs in the federal government. DND represented 59% per cent of federal government GHGs in 2019-20. Incredibly, however, the armed forces’ emissions are exempt from current government GHG reduction targets.” (This is an exerpt from :

    The MIC also controls ALL political parties and in Canada, NATO controls, through the CRTC, all mainstream media, particularly the CBC (cousin of the BBC) and Radio-Canada. The Canadians pay 1.5 billions per year with their tax for these professional liars,cheaters, and manipulators.

  98. In democratic societies, the social contract

    All one needs to know about this guy. Next!

    The world needs an internet dunking mechanism. It would discern whether useless/deceptive terms were used with religious respect (e.g., not satirically, not disparagingly), then flush the emitter or brand appropriately his internet presence. Too much work to flag these credulous mynas individually.

  99. @Altai

    “And oh look, Chomsky seems to be softening on Israel.”

    He’s always been ‘soft’ on Israel, inevitably claiming that Israel is merely the USA’s ‘middle east attack dog’, and not the other way around, making America the bad guy and Israel the victim of America’s evil plans for the ME and elsewhere. He’s been that way for many decades, for those of us who noticed.

    Historically, when confronted with Israel’s on-going crimes against humanity visited non-stop on its various Arab neighbors and the hapless native Palestinians, Chomsky would simply say, “Its not a productive discussion”, and then would completely clam up when pressed by an interviewer who knew the truth about Chomsky being a closet zionist (back then) and an obvious sayan to anyone familiar with the concept.

    Today, with Jewish Supremacism, Inc. safely in the driver’s eat in the West, Chomsky is brazenly open about his support for Israel and his opposition to BDS. And now his nauseating support for The Jab makes me even more suspicious and utterly disgusted by the ugly-ass old lying zionist fart bag……

    • Replies: @2stateshmustate
  100. Florin N. says:

    Chomsky is a linguist.

    He was never a strong philosophical thinker often using analogy in lieu of argument and his analogies and lack of knowledge of the current science sort of expose, in my view, the fact that underneath the ‘progressive’ mindset is authoritarianism.

    The Left is absolutely consumed with the idea anyone not on the left is both evil and stupid and this arrogance has caused a myopic assessment of what will happen if they keep attacking and dehumanizing the Right.

    – the Right will understand that a big portion of the left are neo-Bolsheviks who would happily send them to camps.

    Unlike Russian peasants slaughtered by Jewish Cheka chiefs (I know – the truth is antisemitic) ~ Americans have lots and lots of guns and know-how.

    • Replies: @Fred777
  101. Cris M. says:

    The words in title somewhat descriptive though think to note on it, as some words when we repeat them tend to serve untoward agendas. The phrase forced isolation, the word forced is descriptive, though the word isolation though which is inference or claim, would be a false claim obviously, if someone is taken somewhere there are other people there, are not isolated. And can’t claim only other supposed sick people –because who would be guarding fences and gates or whatever they would be doing. Then there is the reality of what else ‘forces’ can do. The word quarantine another similar to isolate. Also on word pandemic, since questioning a premise is everything, will say there is no such thing as contagious, no ‘catch’ or ‘spread’ by breathing or sneezing. No such thing. Have to get clear on the record and use of poisons. People have used them a long long time. Health is gut bacteria, low immune, or otherwise bad bacteria must be eaten or drank, or, transmitted by open wound or blood. Should make note and think of it. The bioweapns thing is aside that, could be put in air I suppose, but fits my premise as wouldn’t have to do with contagious. Anyway should look at words, use our own words.

  102. @Mr. Deplorable

    I just discovered that the PCR test is being fazed out very soon…..I suspect because it is not accurate and does not differentiate between “covid” and the ordinary flu.

    I assume the bastards will come up with a new test of some kind.

    In the meantime, it makes no sense at all for the “vaccinated” to demand that everyone take the stupid shot. How are the “unvaccinated” a threat? (Other than political?)

    None of it makes any sense.

    From the start it made no sense to lockdown healthy people.

    Obviously….it was never about medicine or science; it was always about CONTROL.

    The vaccine is obedience training, not medicine.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  103. @jimbojones

    “The “vax” really is the ultimate litmus test. It reveals everything.”

    The same can be said about 9/11. And I’m sure you’re aware that Chomsky denigrates anyone who finds fault with that utterly ridiculous official narrative, as well.

  104. Maddaugh says:

    Is Forced Isolation of the Unvaccinated Really the Left’s Answer to the Pandemic?

    At first it seemed insane, then unreasonable and finally amusing. Now it is entering the realm of the bizarre !

    How can a person who had had the jab, then the booster jab, who also wears a mask, also social distances, also washes everything 24/7 with sanitizing cream, be frightened of anyone else ?

    Forced isolation is sheer madness as it means, especially in winter, that people will be locked away from exercise and fresh air. Everyone knows, that there is a distinct and noticeable difference in the quality of the air if the mask has been worn for say an hour and then removed. The same effect will exist if people are locked in their homes. It is in effect, as far as I am concerned, slow suffocation !

    As it is I see people in their 50’s, who, because of their sedentary habits are done for. My neighbour is 45 years old and has a huge upper body supported by two skinny legs. He tells me as if it were naturally quite normal, he needs knee surgery on both legs. At such an early age he needs 2 walking sticks. Generally speaking, there is no need for forced isolation. People remain in their houses as a matter of course even without the “virus”.

    It is a common sight these days to see food and drug deliveries and in my area, cleaners coming to clean house. The owners are busy doing nothing all day and eating junk.

    Thats the reason in my opinion that ANY disease takes hold. A weak body and poor nutrition is an ideal seed bed for any germ that comes along. Compounding all this is the fact that people are also further self isolated by not having to work, period, the Government providing benefits higher than the person would earn if they got off their lazy asses and returned to work.

    So, self isolation already exists. Be that as it may, what further isolation is there, and how will it relieve or solve the “pandemic” when it is not the solution in the first place and never has been ?

    Those who disagree with the course the “experts” recommend (which changes every hour) are like the sane confined to a madhouse. The inmates think HE is insane ! This is where we are at right now !

  105. Beb says:

    Noam is 92. It would appear that his brain is starting to soften. Come to think of it, our President is 78, and the Speaker of the House is 81 … do we have a developing problem here?

  106. @sally

    “Colin Powell comes to mind.”

    Given what a brazenly lying asshole Powell was during the Bush 2 administration, especially in the lead-up to invading Iraq when Powell spread his bullshit far and wide, I think the more appropriate spelling of his name should be “Colon”……

  107. @anonymous

    Ireland has excess mortality of 10% this year outside of anything covid related,

    I’m already banned from having a coffee indoors until February 2022 at the earliest,

    Chomsky is an intelligent waffler at best and this Cook chap is an utter gobshite, I read the article thinking that there might be some meat in it,

    A waste of time.

  108. ken says:
    @El Dato

    So if all of humanity acquired COVID the world population would drop by 21,000,000 going from 7,000,000,000 to 6,979,000,000? How would we go on? Especially when this tragic horror mainly afflicts the elderly and immuno compromised.

    • LOL: some_loon
  109. @Anonymous

    It was Kurt Vonnegut who invented Ethical Suicide Parlours, in his story, Welcome to the Monkey House.

  110. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Maybe you should look into Jacob Frank, Shabbataï Zvi, Jesuits and British Israelism for an answer… Regular Jews are just the usual scapegoats…

  111. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Maybe “covid” is not a problem, even at the begining because 99,7% of those who got it survived and nobody’s dying from such a thing… As to the Russian injection, it would diminish the profits and is not loaded with very dangerous adjuvents…

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  112. republic says:
    @Lisboa anon

    For sure,look at his position on 9/11

  113. @Tucker

    More than 10 years ago, Jeffrey Blankfort demonstrated that Chomsky was a fraud. Still Manufacturing Consent was seminal.

  114. Very soon, kids as young as five (babies will be next, we all know this is coming) are going to be forced to take the vaccine in order to be able to attend school. For a lot of parents, this will be a red line. I expect at least 10% of parents to refuse and pull their kids from school. This will force some to quit their jobs in order to homeschool or mind their kids, which will further affect the economy.

    Not long after that, all the vaxxed people currently enjoying their little freedoms of going to a bar or football game are going to be told they need three, not two, shots to be considered fully vaccinated. A lot more people will balk at this.

    In other words, the number of unvaxxed outcasts is about to swell. Many of these new outcasts will be front line workers like cops, nurses and EMTs.

    Keep the faith and hold the line.

  115. Stephane says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The Russian vaccine is a real vaccine

    Well, it depends of your definition of a “real” vaccine

    Sputnik-V is an adenovirus-vectored vaccine, like the J&J and AstraZenecca or the chinese Convidecia.

    Comparing them to mARN products like Pfizer, the vector is a “neutered” virus rather than a lipid nanoparticle, and the payload is ADN rather than mARN, but it works in a similar way, introducing a genetic sequene in cells that is then expressed and make the cell produce the protein encoded by that sequence.

    If you want more conventionnal vaccines, either sub-unit (purified proteins + adjuvants to boost immune response) or “dead virus” types, you will probably have to look toward chineses vaccines but I don’t remember which one use which technology.

    Additionnaly, some people may object to Sputnik, because it’s production use a cell line (HEK293) derived from foetal tissues.

    • Troll: skrik
  116. Maddaugh says:
    @Mr. Deplorable

    “The biggest problem at this stage appears to be that we have Covid and flu, which may push our already strained and underfunded health services closer to breaking point this winter.

    Our Doctors, it seems, are far from being strained as they are pushing the Covid AND Flu vaccine simultaneously. It looks like with all these jabs, the average human being is going to soon run out of veins to accommodate the needles.

    A visit to the Doctor these days is like a visit to McDonalds. Its the hamburger production line adapted to irritating patients who are obnoxious pests because they feel the Doctor should spend more than 5 minutes with them, instead of barely listening to what they say, writing any old prescription for more dope and then rushing off to the next piece of meat awaiting his “expert” diagnosis + more drugs, that is more “medication”. Recently, Doctors have become more efficient with the patient having to weigh himself and take his own blood pressure. The Physician can then increase the number of victims per hour ! However, being the Doctor;s unwitting helper does not mean you or the Insurance company are going to pay less.

    Its like the medical exam for the military when they are desperate for men. The Doctor grabs you by the balls and if you scream well “you fit for basic”. NEXT !!

    If people took care of their health they would need the Doctor for surgeries and not much else. There is a lot of truth in your comment but it seems to me that no matter how many health facilities there are, the sick keep increasing every year. There is too much money to be made and capital expenditure to be recouped. The entire medical profession and all associated with it cannot afford to have healthy people. It would be bad for business.

    With Mr and Mrs Average sitting around all day and eating the most atrocious junk, why would anyone be surprised at the current and future worsening state of affairs !

  117. Stephane says:

    how is that different from what virus do?

    By the fact the protein is just that, a protein, while a virus instruct the cell to produce viruses, each of them able to infect a new cells and produce more viruses.

    That’s why the adenovirus-vectored vaccines like Sputnik or J&J take great care to be sure that the vector virus is missing some important genes so that it is unable to make more copies of itself in the organism.

    • Thanks: emersonreturn
  118. jew goo says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    You are weak and a fool. Chomsky is far worse than a pampered intellectual from the city. He is a mendacious zionist with a deep hatred of the goyim. People like you are the problem in American society, for you drink the jew kool-aid and describe them as wonderful people when, in truth, there is a common thread to their behavior that Americans ignore like cowards. Cowards like you are enablers of the con game that is going to get millions of Americans killed. This is about depopulation and control, but especially the former. Just take some time to look at the names in the healthcare industry and medical field who are championing the vaccines. It’s the jew ‘physicians’ who are pushing the hardest for children (gentile children, of course) to take the jew goo. Your children are guinea pigs. Rest assured, their kids aren’t getting the clot shot. We seem to have no problem acknowledging that blacks are congenitally violent, but we seem to have a big problem acknowledging that jews are congenitally bigoted, dishonest, tribalist, and swindlers by nature. So the problem continues.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  119. Anon[983] • Disclaimer says:

    Jonathan, you are, I am so sorry to point out, an utter fool.

    Chomsky is a Jew. A member of the tribe at all times Jew. A true blue Jew. A fraud as a philosopher Jew. Nothing but a Jew.

    To not understand that much, that Jews simply cannot change their stripes without LEAVING Malevolent Tribal Judaism completely, means that you somehow thought he was of a Human bent.

    He’s not.

    He’s a Jew.

  120. Gapeseed says:

    Fauci graduated from my own Catholic high school (many years before me). There is a lot you can say about the man, but Jewish he does not appear to be.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  121. Spanky says:
    @Craig Morris

    …Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc… These are never talked about in the media because there’s no money in them. It’s only the vaccines that get press. — Craig Morris

    Isn’t it more accurate to say there isn’t enough money in generics — vitamins, supplements and treatments — no matter how effective, to satiate Big Pharma’s greed?

    Decades ago, we gave up television. However, when we do occasionally watch it, there are an enormous number of drug commercials on every channel — drugs represent a large fraction of media ad revenue. It follows, of course, that corporate media newsrooms will do nothing to endanger their profits by airing news antithetical to Big Pharma’s financial interests.

  122. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    You nailed it.
    And Chomsky has always been “controlled opposition” in other words a traitor


    FDA Panel Backs Pfizer Shot For Kids: “We’re Never Going to Learn About How Safe This Vaccine Is Unless We Start Giving It”

  124. Covid is a disease of the Elderly (95% are over age 60 globally, and the remaining are almost all with serious medical conditions). An 80 year old man has about a 15% chance of dying if infected with Covid; an 8 year old child has a 10,000 fold lower chance of dying from Covid. A great and accurate overview (unlike what we are getting from US Health Authorities) is from Jay Bhattacharya:

    Outside of the US, most scientists seem to accept that Covid will eventually become a common cold.
    The CDC estimates the number of Americans that have had Covid is 4.2 X 46.5 million (the official REPORTED number) = 195 million, the majority of Americans. Thus half of Americans have a much better natural immunity than anything they can obtain from leaky spike protein (S1)vaccines (their antibody titers only last 2 to 6 months) and the S1-vaccinated can still catch, spread, and die from Covid. There is much protection, about 8-fold from death with the vaccines: from Singapore who recently changed their reporting from about 30% of their deaths being in the vaccinated to “Over the past 7 days, the number of fully vaccinated and non-fully vaccinated cases who are critically ill in the ICU are at 0.5 and 4.3 per 100,000 population respectively. Over the same period, the number of fully vaccinated and non-fully vaccinated cases who died are 0.1 and 0.8 per 100,000 population respectively.” The vaccines obviously are critical to those Vulnerable, but are not necessary for the young and healthy, and MAY even interfere with the superior long-lasting immunity conferred by Covid infection. Many Health Authorities in other countries are hoping their young and healthy will acquire natural immunity through Covid infection on top of their vaccine immunity; we still don’t know after over 18 months whether this will happen (or we know but the data do not fit with the Official Narrative).
    The ethics of who to treat has been decided repeatedly (EVERYBODY who needs treatment!) but has resurfaced among many bigots in the medical community who think those who are unvaccinated should receive no care. Sam Mudd received five years in jail for setting John Wilkes Booth’s broken leg (may be more to the story), but physicians are being censored for treating Covid patients with anything beyond kidney-toxic remdesivir. Should a doctor treat unvaccinated (or Vaccinated!) who comes down with Covid? Of course! Should doctors treat smokers, the morbidly obese, criminals, drug addicts, those with AIDS and venereal diseases, or with genetic diseases? Of course! It is not a moral issue. If triaging medical care (for obviously the richest country in the world somehow has to ration health care), remember most health care resources in the US are spent on the last year of a patient’s life.

  125. JaKo says:

    “If it were ebola…”
    If it were anything, e.g. a super-plague with IFR of 85%, and the “vaccines” available would be of the efficacy of those against covidism (none, by far, showing ‘Sterilizing Immunity’), there would be no measurable difference of mortality among the injected and uninjected, that is, if the same measures dictated by current “medical authorities” were in effect: i.e. no early treatment and no other prophylactics allowed.
    The beliefs of those “enlightened” by figures such as mentioned here (Noam Chomsky) are confirming the progression of Mass Formation (similar to Mass Hypnosis, look-up Prof Desmet) and that the identities of those planning and executing this monstrosity are — follow the (climate, covidism etc.) “science consensus.”
    Cheers, JaKo

  126. AndrewR says:

    The earth is definitely overpopulated. But I don’t trust the global leadership class to bring the population down to a manageable level.

  127. old books says:

    As the postmodern society continues to become increasingly connected, global in nature, and less localised and homogenous, there is no hope at all to effectively countermand easily transmissible disease. This could be the achilles heel of humanity. Demands for more intervention will only increase, because until people wake up (to be truly woke, not fake woke) — and understand who benefitted by this transformation foisted upon us, who lied to us about its true intentions, and why our lifestyles are responsible for our own vulnerabilities, there can be no positive change.

    Capitalism cannot be totally “free” for the oligarchs any longer. It is the path to enslavement and despair. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have free markets, but the opposite — that in order to MAKE markets free again, we must restrict globalism. We must also control prices and implement some public ownership. The price of propane has exploded because “we” (a grossly misused and inapplicable fallacy) are still shipping most of the “American” (in quotes because it is owned by the oligarchs) propane to China, which is running factories on it and making plastics. Where do these plastics come back? To us, in cheap disposable products that ruin our environment and stop us from making real things of consequence, of having time to THINK/WORK for ourselves and not PLAY/SERVICE the oligarchs. If this doesn’t apear to be a concern to you, then don’t complain when your gas bill doubles. What the hell are you complaining about when prices go through the roof, but your eyes are glued to watching stock tickers ? Crack addict wants easy money because we live in a society that has murdered the natural laws by which mankind rose to make truly great civilisations that had nothing at all to do with this obsession of finance that has crippled our minds.

    The relationship between consumerism, globalism, instant satisfaction (a deprecated form of achievement without effort), financial greed (establishment of a permanent mechanism by which the separation of labor from wealth is finalised), inflation, loss of familial independence, loss of cultural and local independence — when will conservatives understand the truth? They have been USED, lied to, and outwitted by their true enemies. Meanwhile, the exploitation of the natural inclinations of left-leaning voters is corrupted completely, as it it taken over by the oligarchy… who are now become the intellectual “parents” of other people’s children! Have you noticed? Bet your ass you’ve noticed!

    Both conservatives and liberals have been feeding the monster that kills them far too long. Neither of these groups – as they are currently forces – are doing anything but increasing the tyranny — including the medical tyranny, as this sector is absorbed into the global corporatocracy.

  128. Language is important if you want to be taken seriously.

    The clot shots are not vaccines, and anybody who has seriously studied the original FDA documents and process for their dodgy EUA approvals or for the approval of Corminaty (still unavailable in the US, to shield the drug pushers from liability) will agree or is lying.

    The picture of Chomsky up top tells it all. Like the senile, incompetent “Big Guy” in the white house today, he has passed his pull date and should know when to shut up and disappear for the good of all. Peace.

  129. AndrewR says:

    Unless you’re engaging in said “frenetic, anonymous, filthy sex” without using condoms then there is virtually no chance of getting HIV from a gay man.

    COVID is orders of magnitude more contagious than HIV. It’s also much less deadly. Although treatments for HIV over the last 20-30 years have made HIVa non-deadly infection.

    • Replies: @mike99588
    , @Dumbo
    , @TKK
  130. @jew goo

    Funny how “da Joos” have gone ahead and vaccinated practically every Jew in Israel. I guess they want to kill them too. Evil indeed!

    I’m feeling weak now (must be the Pfizer vaccine) so I’m going to go and lie down. I hope some Jewish vampire doesn’t come and suck out my blood while I’m asleep.

    Gee, I would have thought a few nasty words from a mid-wit like me about Chomsky, a smart man admired by many, would have kept people like you happy, but I guess there is no pleasing anybody.

    • LOL: Rich
  131. haha says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Chomsky the Gatekeeper accidentally drops his pants and, miracle of miracles, there is nothing between his legs, NOTHING.

  132. S says:

    I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left. Now…I find myself in some weird no-man’s land, trapped and squeezed between two ballooning ideological tribes that sound too much alike on too many questions.

    True enough about ‘sounding too much alike’. The only big difference, if it can exactly be called that between the two officially accepted non-organic ‘ideological tribes’ of the ‘progressive’ ‘right’ and ‘left’, is that the one, respectively, has at it’s core an artificial hyper-individualism, the other, an artificial hyper-collectivism. Otherwise, they closely parallel each other in virtually every way, and always have since their late 18th century inceptions.

    Indeed, rather than opposing, these two ideological tribes instead seem to rather compliment each other quite nicely, to ultimately form a synthetic whole as they come together, as we are now seeing take place globally with much fanfare.

    Mr Cook would seem to be one of the many people who correctly sense something is obviously majorly amiss, but, can’t quite bring themselves to say that humanity as a whole has been being ‘played’ since the time the American proto-Capitalist and French proto-Communist revolutions of 1776 and 1789 respectively took place, and from whence much of our understanding of a modern progressive right and left is derived from.

    To do that is simply too offensive, too earth shattering, to pre-conceived sensibilities.

    It’s the power of the Big Lie.

  133. some_loon says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    After all, if you have a Measles shit [shot, I assume], do you worry about getting Measles? Of course not.

    In the last few years before Covid-19, there had been some angst-laden news stories about deaths from Measles.

    One, as I recall, had been about an infant on Washington State dying, the child’s family being unvaccinated. Another involved an outbreak among 300 orthodox Jews on the east coast.

    But one that is a closer parallel is one from eastern Europe: some student had been vaccinated for Measles, and still got sick and died. His teacher blamed the unvaccinated for his death.

    It was claimed that the Measles vaccine is only 95% effective, which may mean something different than when that same number is thrown around in a Covid context. The evidently small chance that the vaccine could fail in preventing Measles, and other diseases, was claimed as an important reason to vaccinate everybody.

    There had been a recent push in the USA to reduce the number of exempt students for vaccination requirements for school.

    The present push to madate jabs for jobs is consistent with the earlier trend.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
    , @HbutnotG
  134. gay troll says:

    None of this has anything to do with a virus. This has to do with energy and RoI. Cheap energy is no longer profitable and is being withdrawn. Our oil use has peaked. So has our global population. Energy has been cheap because historically, more people equals more profits for the elite. But that is no longer the equation.

    Green energy doesn’t prevent any emissions in the long run. It does remove the potential for energy independence by introducing an unnecessary layer of technology between society and its energy resources. It is a deliberately designed bottleneck. So is the pandemic response.

    Thanks to automation and AI, vast populations are no longer needed. I doubt that CO2 emissions are causing disastrous global warming and weather weirding. But I could believe that humans are the precipice of global ecological collapse. The Malthusians must have a motive after all, if they are going to seize global civilization by the neck, and I don’t think it’s because they ran out of dino goo.

    COVID pandemic restrictions are intended to disrupt and smother economic activity, and this is how we know the bar for being “fully vaccinated” will be lifted up forever, so that economic participants will need to be recertified every six months to retain their privileges.

    • Replies: @mike99588
    , @some_loon
  135. British guy’s head explodes because his hero, the great Noam Chomsky, betrays signs of authoritarianism and corporate toadying.

    Chomsky is pretty close to royalty in Cuck Island, so this is big, big news.

    Chomsky’s always been an authoritarian, but the good kind, the Stalinist kind. The kind the Brits just love to pieces.

    His take on the I-P conflict is not that Jews run an apartheid regime based on their ethnic hatreds, but that American media corporations (presumably run by Gentiles) are lying about the issue. Perfect for the Brits–they can appear woke on I-P while giving a 100% pass to the small hats pulling all the strings.

  136. Clown World
    the head clown being chomp-skee.
    of course I always knew (((they))) want to be here alone.

  137. I wonder if Chomsky’s mind has completely deteriorated, or if he’ll have a lucid day when he regrets speaking so freely and foolishly.

    Perhaps he’s done us a favor by being so obviously objectionable and easily discredited — by people such as the author, who were inclined to believe that he’s still worth listening to.

    BTW Greenwald used the “traffic” analogy with much more sense and clarity months ago:

  138. some_loon says:

    What is going on? WHAT IS GOING ON? Some dread purpose is slithering toward us……..

    Maybe just a continuation of existing trends.

    Or, maybe, to put it in the market-speak favored at ZH, this is the exhaustion gap, before the trend reverses itself, or at least stalls.

    Or Biden is really a deep-cover hero trying to blow up the leftist agenda (expect someting to happen to Kamala first).

    • Thanks: TKK
  139. @onebornfree

    “There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” Thomas Jefferson

    Since that didn’t sound a bit like something Jefferson would have said – the wording being very modern – I made a search on Google Books for pre-1900. Nothing. Next for a period of 1760-1826. Nothing again.

    Finally a general web search found this “quote” with a date no older than 2020. Probably something the Covid Deniers created out of thin air.

    • Replies: @Kali
  140. nickels says:

    I think people need to read about the IRA.
    Would be a shame if their push to corner the vax’d ended up with a lot of arms and legs everywhere.

    • Replies: @some_loon
  141. Dumbo says:

    Look, just do what the Amish did. Ignore it.

    They basically didn’t wear masks, didn’t social distance, didn’t test anyone, some got sick, some didn’t, most recovered, those who got really sick were treated at home to be (and perhaps to die) near their loved ones, instead of totally isolated in a room with doctors and nurses dressed like in a science fiction movie. Life goes on.

    Are the Amish, or us, modern people, the insane ones?

    Perhaps modern technology is good for some things, but it also tends to drive us crazy, with believing in “lockdowns”, “vaccine passports” and other “brilliant solutions” that come from movies.

    Not to mention current obsession with transgenders, which the Amish are also free of.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Barbarossa
    • Thanks: Bugey libre, Agent76
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Notsofast
  142. @Phibbs

    Chomsky is very proud he’s a jew. Chumpsky also refuses to acknowledge the obvious false narrative concerning the 911 atrocity. I deleted Chumpsky from my reading list long ago. Kunstler is another self appointed pundit who refuses to acknowledge the obvious Jewish/Israeli participation in 911. Kunstler is Jew. Tribal instincts count more than the truth. Ignore them or call them out.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  143. @Schuetze

    “Global Warming” is a tool for control over the lives of subordinate citizens. The Elite who propagate the idea do not even believe in it themselves. Whether I am or am not a climate change skeptic or denier is beside the point. The point is that they themselves don’t believe in it. Here’s why.

    (1) If they did then they would immediately enact legislation which would drastically curtail the sales of low miles-per-gallon-fuel automobiles. This is really low hanging fruit. But instead, we witness the marketing of pickup trucks of heretofore unmatched gigantic proportions, immense square, unaerodynamic grills with accompanying poor fuel economy.

    (2) If they were truly concerned about global warming, they would immediately ban the emigration of people from tropic regions of the globe (where much of the energy for living comes gratis, from the sun) to higher latitudes where the energy cost of living is much higher and the carbon footprint correspondingly greater. Why allow people to migrate from places where the sun provides much of the energy to live to places where oil, gas or coal must be burned for warmth?

    (3) If they truly believed in the threat of global warming, then those concerned would take immediate steps to lower their carbon consumption by keeping their thermostats at 55 degrees F, wearing 3 sweaters as they walk and sit around at home, stop taking hot showers or using hot water to wash up, stop cooking their food and eat only raw vegetables etc. Instead, they do none of this. Not one person who advocates reducing their carbon footprint gives up the luxury of a hot shower. What they do instead is complain loudly that someone, somewhere, somehow hasn’t come up with a lifestyle solution which will enable them to enjoy all the benefits of technology while not experiencing any of the inconveniences of cutting back.

    (4) All roofs in the South would be mandated to be covered with materials that are highly reflective in color, preferably white or silver; this to cut back on the use of air conditioning or running heat pumps all summer. Likewise, roofs in the far North would be mandated to be dark in color to better absorb heat.

    These are simple solutions which don’t require radically rejigging our system through the introduction of electric cars and eating insects and the like. That no one is seriously pursuing these and other low tech approaches shows that The Annointed don’t take climate change seriously.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  144. anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey Noam, tell your handlers to stick the kill shot up their ass.

  145. @TKK

    What is going on? Some dread purpose is slithering toward us……..

    What is going on? And why? The West has a Ruling Class that hates civilization, hates its citizens and wants them all dead.

    This should be crystal clear to everybody by now. Certainly the Ruling Class understand this. The only people who don’t understand it are most of the lackeys of the Ruling Class. People like Chumpsky.

    • Agree: TKK
  146. 1goinfat says:

    Good lord! The OP is a fucking idiot. Traffic “laws” are to generate revenue (and relevance for the irrelevant pretending to be something they ain’t)- as are *most* laws and this will be no different.

    His opening statement about his political leaning, said it all. Progressive Left – SMH- there is no such being. Progressive is not spelled REgressive, which is what alleged intellectuals believe their pseudo-intellectual bullshit- “laws” (all laws) tend to do where Individual Rights are concerned.

  147. mike99588 says:

    AIDS has been very profitably rendered *less deadly* amongst the filthy…

    AIDS-related deaths have been reduced by 64% since the peak in 2004 and by 47% since 2010. In 2020, around 680 000 [480 000–1 million] people died from AIDS-related illnesses worldwide, compared to 1.9 million [1.3 million–2.7 million] people in 2004 and 1.3 million [910 000–1.9 million] people in 2010. FTFY

  148. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Why the Jews are poisoning themselves is a great mystery to me and runs counter to my whole weltenschauung. The various statistics from there suggest that Israelis are indeed having the poison administered and not a placebo. I can’t explain it.

  149. S says:

    How things have changed since Donald Trump came and went as US president. Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left.

    How anyone can logically continue to take seriously, let alone believe in, the whole ‘right’ vs ‘left’ paradigm, along with it’s close derivatives (ie Capitalist/Communist, Conservative/Liberal, etc) other than it’s occassional utilitarian use as a broad descriptor, is difficult to fathom.

    One would have thought the Vietnam War and it’s aftermath would have been enough to put an end to it. For the costs of 50,000 plus dead US serviceman, a US society ripped apart, and a million dead Vietnamese, what is there to show for it?

    Vietnam, officially Communist, now welcomes US warships making ports of call there. A person can now go into any Walmart and buy underwear made by Vietnamese wage slaves (ie so called ‘cheap labor’), the sons and daughters of the VC and NVA fighters.

    I doubt that’s the results either US troops on the ground there or anti-war protestors were fighting for though.

    So, what was it all for?

    As for the ideology of so called ‘progressivism’, whether it be in it’s ‘right’ or ‘left manifestations, it’s big claim to fame is the ‘abolition’ of slavery. I submit that claim is not true (see link below), and is a lie which colors much of the rest of that pompous and arrogant ideology.

    People correctly intuit the deeply rooted historic ties between chattel slavery and its trade and ‘progressivism’ when they speak of the liberal/progressive ‘plantation’. They just don’t grasp how deep the rabbit hole goes in that regard.

    • Replies: @Smashed Squash
  150. anonymous[262] • Disclaimer says:

    But I guess the counter is “I don’t care if others want to kill themselves. You have no right to kill me with your covid that my vaccine doesn’t protect against nor would I be protected if you were vaccinated but whatever.”

    And on the basis of this Beavis & Butthead level ratiocination, we are seeing a push to have millions of people excluded from the economy, ostracized, and, now, demonized.

    “If they starve it’s because they didn’t do what Lord Pfizer said.”

    It’s been an interesting 18 month experiment at mass schizophrenia, but can we say enough already?

  151. mike99588 says:
    @gay troll

    All Energy Doomers are variously innumerate, ill informed or both.
    Under Trump, US oil production reached new highs, 70% higher than its 1970 “Peak Oil”.

    These same technologies applied similarly elsewhere in the world could produce an orgy of reasonably priced oil for an extended time.

    Doomers have been pushing the “end of oil” (and now, gas) at least since the 1920s. We have even more gas, especially if you count hydrates. So anybody that says End of Oil (and gas) Doom is way off. Even if you subscribe to CAGW, gas alone could take us at least 50 years with lower CO2 emissions. Personally, I’m more concerned about the ice or the poles shifting.

    To me, thorium is an ultimate guarantor world of energy whether conventional reactors converted to breeding, like Shippingport, or cheaper others like molten salt, that do need an improved metallurgy for highest efficiency, unaddressed for 50 years.

    Virus plandemic or vaccine kill off based on resources is bullshit.

  152. @Dumbo

    Sweden avoided the bullshit, as did seven states in the USA……and are no worse for it, and better off than the countries and states that mandated the covid lockdowns, masks, etc.

    The Amish were obviously right as well.

    I recall early on seeing a clip from a European virologist who stated very clearly that the best approach was to protect the elderly and those with co-morbidities, but otherwise do nothing at all. The reasoning is that you can’t stop a respiratory virus, it’s going to spread, it’s not harmful to 99.8% of the population, and the sooner it makes its’ rounds the sooner you get to herd immunity.

    I think this is what Trump was thinking as well, before Fauci and the small hats hijacked the agenda to use it to remove liberty and impose police state controls.

    It seems quite possible that the entire thing was engineered down to the last detail.

    • Agree: mike99588
  153. @skrik

    Itching thumbs. Not pricking.

    • Troll: skrik
  154. Agent76 says:

    It is all about population control and making everyone lifetime customers if you do not die.

    October 24, 2021 Child Deaths Are 52% Higher than the 5-year-average Since They Were Offered the COVID-19 Vaccine, after Previously Being 14% Down According to ONS Data By The Daily Expose

    New data published by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that the number of children to have died since Chris Whitty advised the Government they should be offered the Covid-19 vaccine is 52% higher than the five-year-average, after previously being 14% down on the five-year-average up until the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation being overruled.

    OCTOBER 19, 2021 Pfizer’s Power

    Public Citizen has identified several unredacted Pfizer contracts that describe the outcome of these negotiations. The contracts offer a rare glimpse into the power one pharmaceutical corporation has gained to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century. We describe six examples from around the world below.

  155. HbutnotG says:

    It’s Part 1 of that social credit score idea that has been tossed around.

  156. @S

    The Democrats lied about who killed JFK so they cranked up a war in Vietnam.

    They had to pretend to be fighting the commies who killed JFK. But to actually do that, they would have needed to kill themselves.

    The CIA helped the Viet Cong same as they help ISIS.

    Vietnam war was a splurge of imperial wealth to fit a narrative to cover up for real culprits.

  157. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    There are people in the world who would rather destroy themselves than to accept the fact that they are wrong. Bringing down every other person with them brings the quote “Misery loves company” to fruition.

  158. Fox says:

    Forced isolation as a measure to implement their will is completely within the purview of Left thinking. I think that the Left constitutes that part of the human community that would at all times supply zealots, religious fanatics, doctrinal action, people who design a theoretical world and society in the privacy of their mental isolation. Formerly they would have led a Giordano Bruno and “witches” to the stake and cheered, now they have the power apparatus of a good part of the world at hand and start dreaming of big, ugly worlds of their making .

  159. Fred777 says:
    @Florin N.

    “Unlike Russian peasants slaughtered by Jewish Cheka chiefs (I know – the truth is antisemitic) ~ Americans have lots and lots of guns and know-how.“

    Sorry friend but that’s a load of crap. These modern day American Bolsheviks immediately step over every line drawn in the by anyone who disagrees with them. In a country of 330 million, 1 Kyle Rittenhouse stood against them and he has been abandoned by all those would be John Rambos.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  160. Did Chomsky advocate putting those with GRID later renamed AIDS in isolation camps and shunning them ?

    Does he now see why the German State had to remove people into Camps after 1933 to preserve the health and “blood” of the nation ?

  161. Exile says:
    @Irish Savant

    They’ve always been willing to sacrifice individuals for the good of the Tribe. Their only sense of transcendence and immortality comes from the survival of their race/identity – see Laurent Guyenot and Kevin MacDonald.

    And plenty of Jews are simply selfish even in-group and aren’t clued into the ugly net-negative aspects of The Jab. They think they’re cutting to the head of the line, screw everyone including fellow Jews, I’m not going to die – but poetic justice awaits them.

    Ask not for whom the Tik-Tok nurse twerks, Shlomo – she twerks for thee.

    Covid is a rogue event they had to co-opt. It’s blowback from ZOG-financed bioscience shenanigans in China that judging by mortality rates seems to have a taste for Semitic victims. If it was ever a golem, the golem is wrecking Jews too – every single time.

  162. Notsofast says:

    we so called modern people have much to learn from the amish. they live sustainable lives in self-sufficient communities that support one another especially in hard times. i have more respect for these people every day and they have exposed the hoax of the covid 1984 plandemic grand reset and confirmed what most of us had suspected all along. they have achieved herd immunity in spite of the best efforts of the so called “experts” to tell us that is impossible without forcing everyone into their genetic engineering experiment. with that said i worry that our government will see a need to destroy this pocket of resistance, they may get a couple of busses of recently imported refugees with the latest alpha2omega variant. more power to them and may the meek inherit the earth or what’s left of it.

  163. @Ghali

    Chomsky is to intellectualism what Bob Dylan is to music. A completely over-rated, incomprehensible fuck stick that only boomers find value in.

  164. Kali says:
    @Bugey libre

    Good to see you Bugey.
    (I emailed you from my proton account a while back. Let me know if you need me to resend the message.)

    The world gets more insane by the day! “The left” which was always a trap for the masses, leads the way.

    Still doing all I can to help create a free alternative to mass-cohesion and mind control, and more free-thinking folk turn up on the mountain all the time. Sadly I’m way too tired to “start the party” so I leave that task to others. 😉

    Much love,

  165. Schuetze says:

    (2) If they were truly concerned about global warming, they would immediately ban the emigration of people from tropic regions of the globe (where much of the energy for living comes gratis, from the sun) to higher latitudes where the energy cost of living is much higher and the carbon footprint correspondingly greater.

    Good point. And if they were really concerned about covid “superspreaders” and “vaccinations” they would also “immediately ban the emigration of people from tropic regions of the globe “, especially the wetbacks and Haitians who are infected with who knows how many other transmissible diseases.

  166. Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left.

    I’m just curious. Which part of the progressive left did you find the most appealing?

    Magic black people?
    Gay pride parades?
    Drag queen story hour?
    Open borders?
    Critical race theory?
    Internet censorship?

    • Replies: @some_loon
  167. @Fred777

    On a positive note….the judge in the Kyle case ruled that the prosecution will not be allowed to call the Antifa scum “victims” as that would prejudice the jury.

    Frankly, I am astounded at this, in light of the enormous power of the left.

    I hope it’s not a head fake.

    • Agree: Fred777
  168. There is no pandemic, there is a scamdemic, covid-19 does not exist, the flu exists, colds exist, pneumonia exists, but not covid-19 and Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test said it was not to be used for infectious diseases , he conviently died on August 7, 2019. The CDC aka crime and death corp. admitted in July that the PCR test could not differentiate between the flu and so called covid-19 in other words it is tracking the flu , that all the so called experts said had disappeared in 2020 only to make an appearance again in 2021.

    The globalist plan is via fear and hysteria to stampede the sheeple into getting the injection of MRNA which changes the DNA and destroys the immune system and destroys the health of everyone taking it and in many cases leads to death and this is exactly what the globalists want, they want to depopulate the planet with a small number left to act as slaves to the globalist elite and their one world satanic government.

    These globalists are not human, they are monsters from the depths of hell and they have perpetrated the most horrific draconian scam on the people of the world that this planet has ever seen in history.

    • Replies: @littlewing
  169. some_loon says:
    @gay troll

    Thanks to automation and AI, vast populations are no longer needed.

    I don’t know if this was ever really the plan of more than a few, but it is clear that many of those who think themselves our betters are quite annoyed with the rest of us, and fantasize, sometimes out loud, of not needing us any longer.

    This current push of theirs will be beaten back, but will it have consequences for them? I am not so sure, but I hope so.

  170. Dr. Eric Rubin voting member FDA
    On kids vaccine ages 5-11
    “We will never know if these vaccines work until we start using them.”

    Clown World

  171. Barrie Zwicker’s 9/11 book Towers of Deception devotes a lot of space to documenting how Noam Chomsky is/was comfortable talking out of both sides of his mouth, contradicting himself along the way. Here he is again, shilling for Big Pharma like some drill sargeant who brooks no dissent (unless you want to end up in the brig).

  172. @Irish Savant

    I don’t think they are taking the vaxx at all.
    They are the masters of deception ya know.
    Even here in the USA the deaths aren’t even reported.
    Doctors upload to Vaers and check back later and it has been scrubbed away.

  173. Blissex says:

    Does anybody agree that infecting someone else willingly or negligently with a potentially deadly disease is a a crime like poisoning?

    Those who agree, should that crime be subject to preventive measure or only punished after the fact?

    If it should be only punished after the fact, how can someone figure out who infected them and prosecute them?

  174. Herald says:

    There is absolutely no case for mandating Covid vaccines. The vaccines don’t prevent infection with or transmission of the virus, though there is a cover story that they somehow prevent more serious illness, this as yet remains unproven and it will likely stay that way.

    Looking at the latest official statistics for the UK, it is clear that any protection the vaccines offer is at best fleeting and after a couple of months or so the vaccinated person is rendered more likely to Covid infection than an unvaccinated counterpart. As such we can ignore the more than doubtful ethics of a Covid vaccine mandate on medical grounds alone. There is clearly no viable vaccine for Covid-19 at this point in time.

  175. Dumbo says:

    It has not been thoroughly established that HIV is the main cause of Aids. That was one of the late Kerry Mullis main points.
    Aids was another scam, like a lot of Covid.
    It was sold as if it was a terrible danger to all heterosexuals, when it really wasn’t.
    There are many other reasons why anal sex with random strangers in bathrooms, drug use and other unhealthy behaviours can cause disease or a weak immune system.

    Interestingly, among the various elements in the “cocktail” used to treat Aids, we find cloroquine… LOL.

  176. @Ross23

    Each time you take them is another Russian roulette with your health and greater risk of having more of these spike proteins that we now know are the things that cause the damage.
    Are you sure? I had thought that Russian roulette one was being played by Sputnik V.

  177. @Desert Fox

    Kary Mullis:
    “Fauci and those guys are way out on a limb. I wouldn’t want to out there with them.”

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  178. geokat62 says:

    Until then, I was able to identify myself as firmly on the progressive left.

    I’m always intrigued to discover what makes someone (especially a whitey) identity with the progressive left, especially at this late stage of the game .

    Then it all fell into place when I read this explanation:

    That was driven home by a new interview with Noam Chomsky – someone whose influence on me is such that it has shaped the evolution of my intellectual journey over the past two decades.

    You need to read a little less Chomsky and a lot more MacDonald.

    Your kids and grandkids will thank you for it!

  179. @Bert33

    Chomsky – Yep, past his prime, time for people to realize that and to STOP asking for his view about things. Simply stop.

    Covid Vax – There is no debate that the vaxxed get and transmit Covid.

    not only do the vaccines not provide protection, but also been asserted that vaccination has caused deaths and caused injuries.

    Not asserted, it is clear. I would call it the most under-reported story of the 21st century, so far. I can personally provide several examples, which I did on here about a month ago, of injuries and deaths I know about. Here’s the latest: Two neighbors, a couple in their 70s, who chug CNN and believe it is real, took their THIRD Covid vax shot about 2.5 weeks ago. Yesterday afternoon, an ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital. He was OK three weeks ago, now he is clearly not. What was the different thing that occurred since then?

    Some have wondered here and on other websites why Israel would be so onboard the vaxxes if they’re dangerous. I postulated that the Israeli numbers may be cooked. Let’s be honest, the tribe has long proven to be inclined towards and adept at – deception. Now this:

  180. Anonymous[420] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry, Gapeseed, but Fauci graduated from my college, Holy Cross, in 1962, and, if I’m not mistaken, has since renounced both Catholicism and Christianity. Plenty of Marranos went to Catholic schools, right up through college. Fairly recently, a Jew from Long Island–and Tony Fauci’s from Brooklyn, a part of Long Island–, a younger man born Jason Fauci, but in Israel now going by the name of Yaakov Fauci, made headline news in the Israeli press for throwing a Palestinian woman out of her home and taking it for himself.

    Tony Fauci received Israel’s \$1 million Dan David Award for being the Jew who in his respective field did the most during the preceding year to further the interests of the Jews, which apparently included foisting the plandemic and jabs on the world at large–they are going for it this time, after all, Tikkun olam and the JWO. In a phone interview with a synagogue, in Baltimore, as I recall, Tony Fauci worked the shibboleth by announcing that he and his wife prefer hamentaschen to latkes with the obvious implication that they’re not only Jews, but kosher cooking mavens at that. None of this proves Tony Fauci is Jewish, but the each new piece of evidence adds to the belief that he probably is.

    • Agree: Schuetze
  181. @Blissex

    I think your questions are silly.
    There are many potentially deadly diseases that can be transmitted between humans.

    How far do you want to go with your inquisitions?
    By your line of reasoning, the seasonal flu would be your next target.

    Why don’t learn about the actual mortality rates of Covid AND what the very effective treatments are for it?
    That would be a much better use of your time, I think you would agree.

  182. some_loon says:

    I think people need to read about the IRA.
    Would be a shame if their push to corner the vax’d ended up with a lot of arms and legs everywhere.

    My read on things is that the USA has been in a cold civil war for 60+years. It hasn’t gone hot because only the very worst off go hungry or homeless, and enough of the more dangerous people are doing better than their parents.

    This might change with vaxxports, openly two-tiered societies, ineffective policing of the larger cities, etc.

  183. Shit, imma get real, kan summonz pleez splain wi dis Bolshevik Chump es relebent? Mi local Pimp and Rx niqqa down da street es mo intellagents den dis foo.. imma go gangsta on dis Commie if he cumz in mi hood talk’n Holocaust an take’n food frum mi moufh.
    Shit, wut y’all tinks I am, a dum niqqa or wut?

    Notice: This is a public service translation rebuttal for black gangster rappers in the hood. No one was shot while writing this comment.

    • LOL: Kali
  184. anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Chomsky’s got more tau globs than Biden at this point. If the old phony wasn’t completely senile he would remember UDHR Article 5 and ICCPR Article 7, the most absolute prohibition in two instruments requisite for state sovereignty. If he had any cognitive capacity left, he would recognize FDA’s duplicitous vaccine approvals as legal pretexts for manifestly illegal medical experimentation. And the old fuck might even be able to apply HRC General Comment 29 to unnecessary and disproportionate derogations of derogable and non-derogable rights.

    When he was all there, before he cut his deal to stay out of prison and got his MIT propaganda pulpit, he could probably keep up with actual ethical or legal arguments, like this straightforward application:

    Fuck Chomsky, he’s controlled opposition. Chomsky’s always been a chickenshit coward, betraying Aaron Swartz, knuckling under for the 911 Big Lie, pissing on Jack Kennedy for CIA. Now in his dotage Chomsky’s reverted to his primitive tribal instincts as a genocidal sand nazi, yiddish subtype.

    What year is it? Who’s the president? Just euthanize yourself, you old dust-farting crispy, COVID was invented to wipe out useless vegetables like you.

  185. @Irish Savant

    Perhaps we can solve the mystery if we take this advice of Sherlock Holmes’ seriously:

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

    So let us run down the logical possibilities and judge them rationally. Here we go:

    1) “The Israeli authorities are ignorant and naive, so they trust the official story.”

    Objection: Usually Jews (and certainly elite Jews) are not ignorant and naive. If we can learn the truth about the vaccines simply by visiting some alternative websites on the Internet, so can they.

    2) “The Israeli authorities are part of the Global Elite, which wants to genocide the majoirity of humanity while enslaving the rest. They don’t really care about the Jewish masses.”

    Objection: Of what use would the state of Israel be for its elite, if it didn’t have a Jewish population? If the aim is to genocide the majority of humanity while ruling over the rest as their masters, then there should be enough Jews around to fulfil that role.

    Besides, the whole ethos of Judaism is survival, not suicide. The Jews have made great effort to create and defend their state, but now suddenly its elite would decide to destroy its population?

    3) “The Israeli authorities only administer placebos to its population, in order to deflect suspicion.”

    Objection: But there are reports of serious side effects of the vaccine in Israel similar to the rest of the world.

    Solution: The Israeli authorities are not naive, nor are they genocidal towards their own people, but they are part of the Global Elite with its global genocidal plans. In order to deflect suspicion from the Jews, they must therefore pretend to vaccinate their own people. They use mostly placebos, but in a few cases the real thing, otherwise no victims at all would arouse suspicion. As victims they choose the most undesirable parts of their own population, which are: Israeli Arabs (for obvious reasons), Ethiopian Jews (never really accepted), Oriental Jews (despised by the Ashkenazis), and Ultra Orthodox Jews (who live on welfare and refuse to serve in the army). Thus they make a small sacrifice, which is actually beneficient for them, for the greater good of the “final solution to the goyim problem”.

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  186. @Irish Savant

    Try this Israel Shahak book and you will see that the Jewish power has always ill treated their flocks. Unfortunately we don’t have the Book of Kahal which Soltjenitsin mentions in his most important ‘200 Years Together’. The Jewish cognitive ‘elite’ don’t give a damn about regular Jews and they are associated with the British elite and the royals in Europe.See also what happened to the Sephardic Jews in Israel.

  187. Schuetze says:

    This Daily Mail article seems to be somewhat unrelated to the thread, but is actually entirely related.

    “The White Coat Waste Project also revealed that close to \$1.68million was spent on experiments on a total of 44 beagles at Sri International in Menlo Park, California, in which the puppies received cordectomies and were force-fed drugs before being killed and dissected”

    Ah yes, Stanford Research Institute, the ultimate center of progressive “science”. Home of MKUltra. The beating heart of liberal California and the entire woke planet. They torture beagles there in the name of their god “science”. What shameless hypocrites they are there. Of course, that is also the epicenter of “global warming” science. You know, where all the scientists and tech moguls fly around the planet in private jets, hauling their retarded virgin pet sex idols like Greta Thunberg with them, and preach to us carbon sinners and selfish “vaccine hesitant” that we are the cause of the destruction of their god Gaia.

  188. some_loon says:

    I’m just curious. Which part of the progressive left did you find the most appealing?

    Don’t know about him, but some were just there for the ‘dance away the CIA’ parties.

    But now the CIA is choreographing the line-dancing nurses. Some have noticed.

    Much has been made of W. F. Buckley’s shaping the American Right to be more friendly to the CIA and foreign intervention. The comparable shaping of the left in the USA seems to be lacking a comparable figure.

  189. When you cut to the chase, all lefties sooner or later embrace some form of eugenics.

    It’s not that they just REALLY don’t like people who think differently than they do, it’s that they want those people banished and, ultimately, liquidated.

    Chomsky in this instance is on the intellectual level of Colbert and Kimmel, who both thought it would be peachy that unvaccinated folks in extremis should be turned away from hospitals and crawl off and die.

    Look in the mirror, Jonathan, and let us know if that applies.

    • LOL: Schuetze
    • Replies: @sally
  190. @Dumbo

    Since the mid eighties, HIV/AIDS have killed over 38 million with another 35 million incubators spreading it around the world faster than a homo orgy in a gay bathhouse.
    I wonder why HIV/AIDS was never declared a pandemic? Could it have been cuz GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3 gay lobby didn’t want the stigma to interfere with the (((Film Actors Guild aka FAG – Porn Industry – Hollywood))) ad neausium…….
    It’s also what gifted Dr. Anthony Fucci fame and fortune.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  191. Schuetze says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    We must also remember that from its inception Zionism was very Eugenicist. The Zionists originally only wanted the “best” Jews to emigrate to occupied Palestine. They even forced Hitler to screen the emigrants and when too many mediocre jews started showing up in Palestine, the Zionists complained bitterly and forced Hitler to hold back the mediocre and untermensch Jews.

    With this knowledge it is not hard to extrapolate and recognize that this plandemic represents the perfect chance to cull the Jewish “tribe”. Clearly, the supremacist nature of Israel is recognizable by their refusal to accept Ethiopian Jews. There is also the issue of the Kazarian vs. Sephardic Jews. Also consider the RH negative blood type of many jews, and do not forget their obsession with DNA and how all the 23andme style DNA research labs are run by jews. Then consider how Jews have a long history of using well poisoning and other poisons in their eternal war against the goyim, and how they are funding gene specific bio-weapons, and we can start to connect the various elements in the tapestry of Jewish supremacism and eternal lust for vengeance. Finally, remember how Jews in the US, neutral Europe, and occupied Palestine refused to allow Jewish refugees from Poland and Eastern Europe to seek asylum in the countries they controlled during WWII, as well as Talmudic guidance telling Jews that they must be willing to sacrifice other jews because it is “good for the jews”.

    • Thanks: Kali
  192. @Bugey libre

    The insane totalitarian sociopaths are a million times the risk of the Covid virus.

    They are a dangerous plague upon the planet.

    They are the ones that need to be isolated from everyone else.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @skrik
  193. Miro23 says:
    @Irish Savant

    Except that the car crash referred to was an accident. The plandemic is, well, planned.

    Agree with that . They have a habit of rather arrogantly foreshadowing their projects by introducing them first in a “think tank” environment. PNAC proposing a “New Pearl Harbour” to jump start their Global War On Terror coming prior to that convenient (for them) 9/11 event, and the WEF/Davos’ book “Covid 19: The Great Reset” setting a similar media environment, concerned this time with the removal of personal liberty and introduction of digital “permissions” for basic activities. In other words weaponizing a conveniently arriving triggering event through massive media coverage.

    Take someone’s attitude to the government account of 9/11 and it accurately predicts their attitude to Covid. It seems that you either trust the US elite or you don’t (Congressional placemen are an irrelevant nuisance).

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  194. HbutnotG says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The PCR test whatever or however it measures has absolutely nothing to do with influenza, as does immunity to a coronavirus itself. You blew your cover right there. Get into your mortgaged \$50,000 P/U and go for a ride or something. Virology and immunology are not HS grad stuff.

    And, yeah…a vaccine for a chest cold is, of course, ridiculous, and the RNA part is totally experimental, guinea pig stuff, etc.

    Best I can make of it (and you allude to it) is that a vaccination card is step one in development social credit scoring, and nothing more. Zillions have already been exposed to this bug and acquired immunity to it. But, babe, (if you are able to grasp the concept), science is dead!

  195. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    “ I can’t believe this swine calls himself an anarchist. For a real anarchist, the amount of hypocrisy it would take to rationalize such a ridiculous statement is inconceivable. What a phony!”

    As a once admirer of Chomsky and an avid reader of his books, I got my wake up call when the ‘meticulous researcher’ bought the official narrative of 9/11 hook, line and sinker and then shortly after when he absolved Israel of any lobbying responsibility for the Iraq war by putting the blame on oil companies which he failed to prove.

    I once commented about Chomsky being a brilliant brain with a weak sole before I discovered the principle of controlled opposition. The man is a real phoney who’s showing his true Talmudic colours maybe courtesy of some slight dementia.

    Chomsky once admitted in an interview how much he feared during his youth passing by White American students of German descent when they gathered in pubs during the heydays of National Socialism. The man is not only a phoney but a coward too.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  196. Abbybwood says:
    @Craig Morris

    Now the FLCCC protocols are saying if you cannot get Ivermectin then substitute Black Seed.

    Go to their website for updates on preventive/treatment protocol updates with dosage recommendations.

  197. @Gidoutahere

    Which Kunstler are you talking about? I hope you do not mean James Howard Kunstler.

  198. Notsofast says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    how disappointing indeed, but the most frightening part is the way former left has been slowly gaslighted since the clinton administration to the point that they can’t even realize they are supporting the same zionist neocon turds that totally co-opted the republican party in the 80’s. george bush is sharing his candy with michelle obama and dancing with ellen he’s a good guy now and thank god john brennan was there to prevent putin from stealing the white house! invasion of the pod people.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  199. @Altai

    ” But when Trump lost the election”

    Holy shit just how many time does one have to repeat the statement ;


    In reality he pulled in a major landslide winning, and this will sooner or later becolme obvious, even for you leftist Dummkoepfe.

    AJM , airborne trained US army vet, Mensa qualified since 1973, and pro Jazz performer

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  200. Schuetze says:

    Australian tyrants PROMISE to flood the country with virus-carrying vaccinated people!

    We will be bringing in the virus through the borders in vaccinated people because we know that once you are vaccinated you can still get infected

  201. TKK says:

    Not when it began infecting the gay communities in the late 1980s. It was a death sentence; a painful messy death that was acquired through CHOSEN BEHAVIOR.

    Do you remember the Public Health Czars delighting in their deaths and asking for them to quarantined away from the General Populace?

    Taking their jobs away?

    No. In fact, Hollywood made a treacly vapid movie, Philadelphia, about the injustice of a law firm not wanting to work with a man with active AIDs infection, Tom Hanks, when transmission risk was still vague.

    If you acquire Covid-19, and are unvaccinated, you are denied medical care, ostracized, ridiculed and treated as an enemy of the state.

    Why is one choice lauded- to engage in homosexual sex acts- and the other choice demonized- being unsure about an untested vaccine?

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  202. HbutnotG says:

    “Pandemic” is a media word that sells advertising.

    Consider this: You can’t sell Dawn Ultra or a Subaru (or anything) using the word “epidemic” anymore. The term “pandemic” was established long before people boarded planes to go from one corner of the earth to another in a packed plane, in a matter of hours. It was supposedly, the difference between Columbus et al bringing small pox to North America, versus the 1918 flu which nobody anywhere had immunity to and, by the way, no big deal, many populations were still generally isolated (except for wars), but in any event, one case introduced, many died – even 20 year olds. Big difference there. “Pandemic” as used today is a drama term. When you think about it, pandemic and epidemic today, mean the same thing. Because today there are no truly isolated populations in the world.

    Dawn “Ultra” is a watered down version of the original Dawn detergent with an extra advertising-based qualifier added (legally) inferring a better more concentrated version of Dawn (which it is not). No baby duckies on the label. Ever notice? That’s because it was original Dawn not otherwise specified, that cleansed those birds in that oil spill – not the same Dawn you get today. So, they can’t legally use that picture! A Subaru is nothing more than a little Jeep Renegade downsized SUV (with a price tag \$10,000 less) otherwise, the same vehicle but not advertised all over the place.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  203. @Altai

    Note too how No, I’m Chompsky assumes and speaks as though the “upper classes”, the vaccinated, will have control over just how the food supply is apportioned.

    Um, Noam, that green stuff growing beside the road you’re driving on is called food crops. It is the origin of the cellophane-wrapped stuff you buy in your local grocery store. Many or most of the farmers who grow that stuff are vaccine skeptics (rural people representing a disproportionate number of the unvaxed).

    It may not be your prerogative to decide who gets to eat; quite the contrary, if you piss off both farmers and truckers. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s already a backlog of stuff waiting to be offloaded into your cities due to a critical shortage of workers who are willing to bow down and serve you and yours–strike that–workers who are willing to “face the threat of Covid in the workplace”.

  204. @littlewing

    Kary Mullis also said that Fauci was a fraud and a liar, I think they had him killed as the globalists used his PCR test as a major part of their samdemic.

    • Replies: @littlewing
  205. As always with the shit-libs, the lies start with the language.
    I do not know of any person who is “vaccine hesitant”. Those of us untainted, still pure blooded are not hesitant at all, we are adamant that we will not take the Kill-shot.
    End of story.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain, Kali
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  206. @El Dato

    I’m not reading all that but IFR 0.3% means that 3 people of 1000 who get it die.

    You don’t have to read all that, but you didn’t even read the very first reference

    Age..Median IFR..Survival Rate Estimate
    0-19 0.0027% 99.9973%
    20-29 0.014% 99.9860%
    30-39 0.031% 99.9690%
    40-49 0.082% 99.9180%
    50-59 0.27% 99.7300%
    60-69 0.59% 99.4100%

    It’s not influenza.

    Yeah it is.

    Skewed toward the elderly, maybe, but no worse in total than a regular old influenza.

    And meanwhile, hospitals are filling up with the “vaccinated”, while the “unvaccinated” live on unaware of any “pandemic” except for what the media trumpets at them and the authorities beat into them (in Australia’s case, with tear gas and rubber bullets).

  207. ebear says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Sputnik V is NOT a traditional vaccine. The delivery system (vector) is different, but like the others, it still hijacks your own cells to make spike proteins. Only the Chinese vaccines use the traditional attenuated virus approach.

  208. I agree you shouldn’t be forced, but just get vaccinated, you silly, silly people. It isn’t a kill switch and it helps a lot. That much is already proven beyond doubt.

    • Troll: JimDandy
  209. mjc227 says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Agreed. I will not get the clot shot under any circumstances. I could give 2 shits what that communist Chomsky says or the leftist author. Apparently both are unaware what the real death toll is and the serious injuries which have been hidden by the government and the media. Not only that but we do not know what long term effects there are. I suspect they want kids to get the clot shot to make them sterile. The kung flu has a survival rate of over 99% which means I have a better chance of dying by lots of other things other than that and so do others. I have not heard anyone in the government or media offer up to anyone that losing weight would help reduce the chances of succumbing to the scary cold virus.

  210. @Notsofast

    LOL,,, great examples of the phony right, controlled by neocon turds as you say. No one does it better (treason) than people like George Bush Jr. Liz Cheney among other despicable Rino’s.. I for one am so sick of their perfidy and outright vile support of the left. Their masks are finally off as far as having this countries best interests at heart.

  211. @omegabooks

    Antifa is a false flag operation. Have any ‘antifa’ operatives ever been prosecuted for their nefarious activities. Astroturf ‘resistance’.

  212. @Bill Jones

    They are ‘hesitant’ because stupid and ignorant, unlike really clever people like Guardian feminazis. Stomach-churning.

  213. @HbutnotG

    I use Dawn dish soap for just about everything. Windows, counters, auto, heavy stains etc.
    Between Dawn Dish Soap, WD 40, a gallon of bleach, and bottle of lemon oil, you don’t need much else around the house.
    Btw WD40 works great for removing paint and tar from skin, in addition to keeping things nice and lubricated.(door hinges, knobs, shining dull metal, etc.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  214. @Joe Levantine

    Let’s face it-if the US public ever knew that the MOSSAD plus US sayanim and Sabbat Goyim did 9/11, what would occur? I cut Chomsky slack, there, but otherwise he has deteriorated greatly over the last ten to fifteen years. It does not lessen the power of his earlier work.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  215. HbutnotG says:

    What is most interesting about that is that about 1/3 of HIV poz guys (found HIV poz from about 1986) lived out their lifespan with no intervening immuno-related problems. Mysteriously, this has been a very well kept secret! It is interesting, on the other hand, that malignant lymphomas of various types (arising usually in HIV neg men 50+ years old}, have an occurrence about the same as that of AIDS in HIV poz guys. In my str8 neighborhood where I grew up, there was an inordinately large proportion of men who came down with malignant lymphoma who were the regulars at the local whorehouses, back to the 1930’s. But curiously, never a peep about that.

    I recall the Hepatitis B epidemic in my largely gay (and white, btw) neighborhood in 1978, and it was exclusively those guys who thought their doobie hole was a sex organ that caught Hep B. In 1983 I could already predict who was gonna get the big infection (guys talk among themselves). And I was right. Oddly enough, half of those poz guys are 80 and still around today, many not under any doctors care, except for bad joints.

    I recall in the mid 70’s it was recognized that chronic lymphocytic lymphoma was “epidemic” among colored guys in South Carolina. For reasons mysterious at that time, but suspected of being “venereal.” Peaked my interest.

    Epidemiology, virology, immunology, are not topicss for the high schooled bunch. Good place to do research if science was still science.

  216. Agent76 says:

    October 27, 2021 Coercive Mind Control and Brainwashing Tactics

    The tactics used to create undue psychological and social influence, often by means involving anxiety and stress.

  217. @Triteleia Laxa

    No, the vax does not “help a lot.” The degree of its’ effectiveness just keeps going down and down and down. That’s why they are pushing an endless booster subscription (to make billions)

    Natural immunity is far superior and lasts longer.

    The jab has killed many thousands of people (they cover it up so we will never know the real number of deaths)

    Side effects include death, heart damage, nerve damage, blood clots, strokes, and diminished immunity.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  218. Jonathan, the fact the you have been captured and hypnotized by Noam Chomsky disqualifies you from any serious discourse. I too was a fan of Chomsky some 30 years ago. But his willfull acceptance and early dismissal of what really happened on 911 is criminal. He and his cohort, Amy Goodman, both recieved large payoffs, i.e. Israeli money, shortly after the crime. Look back at his record, his reporting on 911, and you’ll see how he spins it.
    Noam Chomsky defines “Kike”.

  219. Daniel on Ron Paul’s Liberty Report.

  220. @Desert Fox

    Of course they killed him. He said there was no paper to prove HIV caused AIDS. He said “no humans in history have ever lived the way these men were living.” AIDS is a lifestyle disease, 100 different partners per month, IV drugs, poppers, lots of antibiotics, little sleep, poor nutrition.
    He said Fauci needed a plague because Polio was petering out and they were going to get shut down due to lack of funding. He said Robert Gallo lied and the French doctor could not tell him where to find the HIV proof.

  221. @Irish Savant

    The vaccine vials don’t contain the same product from client to client, neither in the world at large, neither in Israel. The deaths and injuries are targetted at quite specific persons. The theoretical mRNA vaccine as described on the label is not very dangerous (it is not seriously mutagenic, less so than would be direct contact with weakened virus, as that virus is carcinogenic), though not very efficient neither, but some get other products than what is indicated on the label. Targetted eliminations are performed. I realized it when I learned that nearly all pilots of British Airways died after getting the vaccine but no steward and no manager.

    In Israel they have a lot of people to protect but a lot of people to dispose of, especially those Jews that are not very Zionist or don’t correspond at all to the Zionist personality type being enforced. More generally, elite Jews regard ordinary Jews that haven’t achieved big success in Zionist enterprises as dead wood. Israel is seen by many Zionists who will otherwise destabilize the world to defend its existence, as a harbour for losers : mean Jewish IQ in Israel is only 95 and brainy Jews don’t stay there as prices are first world and revenues lower second world atbest.

  222. HbutnotG says:

    Dawn “ultra”? Or “Dawn?” Look at the label. Dawn of any subtype is still among the best cleaning agents around (no argument there), but you have to use twice as much as you used to. Ten years ago, 3 drops of Dawn in a 3 gal pot, cut grease right to the end. Not Dawn Ultra!

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  223. Chomsky was never All that

    U can’t consider him healthy in the pic

    One ought to ignore sick old fuckers

    Sure he had a lot to offer in bits and pieces

    But on the whole Noam was not worth the time to listen to such a bore

    If one talks like the walking dead….
    Don’t get too close to a circuitous logic

    Further that traffic metaphor don’t work for the reality of the Pshyops from pshysters

  224. Grant says:

    If Chomsky was ever a threat to the status quo, he would never have kept tenure all these years at his University. cf. Julian Assange. The quarantine camps being built for the unvaccinated will be useful – to contain all those responsible for this crime against humanity. And yes, they will have to feed themselves.

  225. Refl says:

    Aids was another scam, like a lot of Covid.

    I once read on Wikipedia that to get infected with Aids by way of good old-style heterosexual practices, the chance is about 1 per 1000. Ever since I have been wondering how they made that calculation. Did they pay a groups of hot youth from the most sexually open-minded ethnicities to engage in orgies for a couple of years? What would they have paid me for participating? It might have been an interesting way to fund me when I was younger! Or are these numbers are basically made up by some statisticians, who know how to run a computer modell but have little if any actual life experience?

  226. gsjackson says:
    @Change that Matters

    Turns out he wasn’t enlightening anybody in his academic discipline either, if Tom Wolfe’s last book is to be credited. He was just plain wrong about an evolution-derived inherent grammar of language.

    That vile old man he’s presenting as now is truly horrifying.

  227. TheIdiot says:

    There is no “Right” and no “Left”

    If you follow the money , or better said

    if you follow the poverty

    (because none in the “money” class comes on UNZ, everyone here is in poverty class)

    Then you will know that, isolation has nothing to do with left or right, black or white

    “Forced isolation is the policy of the rich, of those with money to those like you, without money”

  228. Cking says:

    Chomsky has gone crazy. The average person has a 99.9% rate of surviving the Covid bug with 100% immunity. If anyone stopped to read the medical waiver one must sign before being administered the misrepresented ‘vaxx’, mRNA potion, the waiver informs us that the ‘vaccine’ is experimental, it’s voluntary, it has injured and killed people. If something should happen to you, you and/or your family have no recourse. That is the Medical facility and/or the Pharmaceutical company have no liability in the case of your injury or death. Covid cases are decreasing, especially in the unvaxxed population.

    There are no legal or medical grounds for arrest, house arrest, or forced isolation. The Biden Administration, like the Wilson and FDR Administration, want to find some pretext to threaten and to arrest its citizenry, keep the ‘Reset’ going, and start WWIII in two hemispheres at once. The insanity is obvious when any member of the Administration speaks. It’s time to end this Administration and terminate the Democratic Party once and for all.

  229. some_loon says:

    Does anybody agree that infecting someone else willingly or negligently with a potentially deadly disease is a a crime like poisoning?

    Oh, you again.

    To answer your question, no. Not in legal terms, at least in places I am familiar with. Thomas Guerra got six months for intentionally infecting another with HIV. Prosecutors declined to file felony charges (and never do file as such, to my knowledge). He told the judge that he felt no remorse about it, and has been accused of doing the same since then with other men.

    And what, exactly, would be negligent infection, in legal terms? It is not clear. Someone being extraordinarily promiscuous may indeed seem negligent, but would not be under the law. At least not anywhere someone with your simple pseudonymic handle would want to live.

    I suppose failure to isolate in the event of possible exposure is sometimes prosecuteable, but I would think even most Branch Covidians can see the abuses such rules make likely. An official could, for instance, order effective house arrest for anyone he wishes to inconvenience, with abberviated due process (if any at all).

    We might want such a tool in the policy toolbox, should something really nightmarish come along, but Covid isn’t it and abusing emergency powers has already led to some curtailment of those powers, and I expect a lot more.

    Poisoning is not the same, legally, as infection, and is treated much more harshly. gives one relevant state law.

  230. Hopefully this is wrong. But it is a good explanation for the Biden agenda (which makes absolutely no scientific sense:

    • Thanks: some_loon
  231. @Triteleia Laxa

    Vaccines are not supposed to “help a lot”.

    They are supposed to make you immune (say, 99%+) to the disease.

    Anything less than that is a failure–even with no side effects.

    Unfortunately these “vaccines” have a lot of different “rare” side effects–which add up to not so rare…

    • Agree: HbutnotG
  232. @some_loon

    In the UK I heard it discussed quite recently again that, for several (predictable) reasons, the uptake of the long-established and free State-funded Measles vaccination for infants and children eligible by age has been steadily dropping for many years. It is not at all a new phenomenon, but has just been thrown into sharper relief recently by the covid disaster. My understanding is that this is the general case across the West, and certainly including America. Therefore the simple fact is that the noticeable and obvious sharp statistical jump in serious Measles infections – and deaths – among children is nothing at all to do with the vaccine’s lack of full efficacy, but instead due entirely to the growing numbers of unvaccinated children. The argument that the 5% biological failure rate of the Measles vaccination (after more than 50 years of universal application) is the cause of the growing infection numbers could only be made by a mathematical cretin – but unfortunately the world is full of them.

    And the reason why the overall Measles vaccination percentages have been dropping steadily for years – and infections correspondingly rising – in the well-educated, science-based, modern industrialised West is very simple: We now have a substantial and fast-growing population of ignorant, superstitious (and vehemently anti-White racist) Third-Worlders whose lack of trust in “White man’s medicine” is matched only by their contempt for the White man himself, and his society and all it stands for. Specifically:

    – the “good” Moslem believes the Koran does not specifically permit the intake of an unknown and non-Islamically-ratified substance – therefore increasingly they refuse (and, including Moslem Doctors, support each other in refusal of) the vaccination on behalf of their (many) children in significant numbers.

    – the Black African accepts no form of “White mans medicine” at all if he can avoid it – but is always perfectly happy to travel back to BongoBongoLand first-class to consult his brother-in-law who is the village witch-doctor – especially for essential matters such as love-potions to seduce his under-age first cousin, and cures for erectile-dysfunction.

    – the Caribbean / West Indian Blacks are simply as a group too lazy, stupid and stubborn to bother to understand the social importance of any vaccine – or to book and attend anything which won’t help them to get rich (or die trying).

    Mass immigration. You too can reap what the Jews sow.

    • Replies: @some_loon
    , @Justvisiting
  233. durd says:

    Obviously, Chomsky has moved on to reading Stephan King books and no longer reads white papers or even mainstream ‘news’, in fact he hasn’t read any dissident news either. If he had he would understand that the premise that he states in that the unvaccinated are the sole threat to the population is not based on any facts. It may be that his only research was a Biden vaccine speech that was whispered to him at the airport.

    The fact is that the vaccinated are just as much of a threat to the vaccinated as are the unvaccinated to the vaccinated. Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated for one day before symptoms and for a few days with symptoms can infect someone else with flu like symptoms. If that person has something peculiar about them, that on average, two thousand other people don’t have, that person can die.

    In order to save that 1 person out of two thousand everyone should isolate themselves from everyone. That way nobody will infect somebody else with Covid if germ theory is true. Since this kind of action will cause death to many through other causes perhaps the people should just carry on as if there is another kind of flu out there and weigh the risk and act accordingly.

    If you think the risk is too high for you, stay in your house. If you think you are hardly at risk then do as you always have. If you are somewhere between the two types take precautions to limit your interactions with others.

    Though I am not a doctor (of course) some ivermectin, D, C and zinc on hand would place most people in the hardly at risk group.

    Unfortunately, the PTB and the dumbed down are not going to allow this in favor of some kind of chaos. This will lead to absolute power for the PTB and the peoples absolute enslavement to corrupted tyranny.

    Apparently, Chomsky is not the man he seemed to be in his earlier days. Or perhaps, I was too dumb to see through him in my earlier days.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @artichoke
  234. vinteuil says:

    I would never have thought that I could ever feel sorry for that evil old communist, Noam Chomsky – but I almost do, now.

    He has lived too long, and learned too little.

  235. Incitatus says:

    “Back in February 2020 it was a right-wing and xenophobic matter to be concerned with covid. Lots of old progressive voices in American media saying basically ‘It’s just the flu bro!’“

    Are you sure? How about the following:

    “I know more about viruses than anyone.” [DJT 20 Jan 2020];
    “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” [DJT 22 Jan 2020];
    “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero…We’re going very substantially down, not up…Also This is a flu. This is like a flu; Now, you treat this like a flu; it’s a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for. And we’ll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner” [DJT 26 Feb 2020];
    “They [Democrats] tried the impeachment hoax. This [COVID-19] is their new hoax” [DJT 28 Feb 2020 SC Rally];
    “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” [DJT 27 Feb 2020];

    Is Trump your idea of an “old progressive”? Of course, to celebrity author Bob Woodward, Trump was more candid:

    “It goes through air, Bob. That’s always tougher than the touch. The touch, you don’t have to touch things, right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus. [DJT 7 Feb 2020]

    Trump, knowing COVID-19 airborne and “more deadly than even your strenuous flus” lied, lied and lied again to the American people. He eschewed masks and distancing to preserve his ‘macho man’ persona. He cynically risked public health to manipulate his political image, whistling to his political followers as surely as a pied-piper seducing children.

    Then there’s China:
    “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!.” [DJT 24 Jan 2020].

    The first COVID cases surface 26 Dec 2019 in Hubei Provincial Hospital; Dr. Ali Fen (director Emergency Department Wuhan Central Hospital) shares a lab report with colleagues 30 Dec; the following day she’s reprimanded for “spreading rumors” that might cause panic and “damage stability” and told not to discuss her concern it might be contagious as Chinese Tech companies start censoring phrases (e.g. “unknown Wuhan pneumonia”) on social media. Dr. Li Wenliang (an ophthalmologist who reposted Ali Fen’s message) is charged with rumor mongering that “severely disturbed the social order”, forced to sign a confession and rebuked on China Central Television with seven other doctors who discussed the outbreak. China refuses to admit foreign health teams, refuses to release the genome or samples, denies evidence of human transmission. So much for “efforts and transparency”. On 6 Feb 2020 Dr. Li Wenliang dies of COVID-19 (four other doctors from his hospital also die).

    “they [progressives] disliked the implication and thus prudence of Trump closing travel with China.”

    But Trump didn’t close travel from China. The Travel Ban (31 Jan 2020, after 300,000+ arrived in January) doesn’t include US citizens, green-card holders, families, and trade related personnel. 40,000+ arrive in the US February-March. None are tested, quarantined, or tracked (as if race immunized them from the virus).

    What about COVID-19 Testing? A vital part of Trump’s VP Pence and Jared Kushner dream team. CDC submitted their test to the FDA 20 Jan 2020. The FDA approves it 4 Feb 2020. Few tests are available (lacking private sector mass production), processing takes as long as two weeks and one of three test components is contaminated, leading to a high rate of false positives. By 21 Feb COVID-19 Test Kits are failing in nearly every lab. The CDC is unable to predict when a new, accurate test will be ready. A month after the first US case (20 Jan), the US has conducted fewer than 500 tests; South Korea has tested 65,000; China tests 1.6 million per week.

    Anything wrong with that MAGA picture?

    • Replies: @artichoke
  236. @exiled off mainstreet

    Chomsky is no fool or dupe – and has not changed in the least. He was never anything from his earliest years but a lying, hypocritical, fully paid-up apologist for Zionism – and a diabolically-boring intellectual charlatan. Just another version of the execrable Bernard-Henri Levy – but without the nubile idiot groupies.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  237. @Robert Dolan

    The jab has killed many thousands of people (they cover it up so we will never know the real number of deaths)

    Everything you said is the irrefutable truth, but despite all the lying media and official propaganda, we can still get a pretty good idea about what’s actually going on…

    Corona Chan “Vaccines” kill 15 people for every 1 life they claim to save

  238. artichoke says:

    Chomsky’s statement is literally stupid and crazy. Chomsky has a whole career of not being stupid or crazy. There are two possible explanations:

    (1) Now he’s older and probably vaxed and is losing his marbles for one reason or the other.

    (2) It’s now all hands on deck for the eugenics movement, vaxing was the big deal and it’s failing, and all remaining kindling is being thrown on the fire, even fine furniture and ancient irreplaceable trees. Nothing else matters to them; they’re flailing. He’s been told by levels above him that some old sex crime so long ago he cannot refute it will be found unless he does this for the team.

    I lean to (2). They’re in trouble. They didn’t count on ivermectin.

  239. @durd

    Asymptomatic spread was a lie.

    They have admitted that asymptomatic spread is NOT the driver of covid.

    • Replies: @durd
  240. artichoke says:

    Darn right you’re not a medical doctor. If you were, you could lose your license for saying those true things!

    We have the advantage of not having a license to lose. That’s been true for a good year now.


    Video Link

    Video Link

    Vince James regarding covid.

    Vince is probably the greatest journalist in America today.

    He’d make a fine President.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  242. artichoke says:

    Agree about MAGA from the creator of Operation Warp Speed. Although masks and distancing weren’t the answer. HCQ and, when found to work, ivermectin were. He had Zelenko and never bothered to implement what Zelenko told him. That’s because he didn’t want to.

    But according to one doc, original Covid wasn’t really detectable by PCR replication because of something called S gene dropout. Delta and later are detectable and do not have S gene dropout. What does that mean? I don’t know but in this mess of known and unknown science, known and unknown ingredients, information and disinformation, at some point we frequently have to decide we’ve learned enough to answer our question, at least tentatively.

    • Replies: @Stephane
    , @Stephane
  243. Sigh…………………………..Folks, there is no need to get into such detail. My opinion? There’s only two things to remember, 1) The democratic party is a criminal organization and 2) Let’s go Brandon.

  244. sally says:

    even more than “the want these people banished. and ultimately liquidated, they want to make the anguish as difficult as possible..
    have a look at this

  245. sally says:

    even more than “the want these people banished. and ultimately liquidated, they want to make the anguish as difficult as possible.. have a look at this

  246. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    I knew Chomsky was a fraud from day one. He’s nothing more than an operative of Israel to smooth the path of destruction for the dim witted Goy who will listen to him. The Jews have a 24 hour game plan of what Hitler did to them. They admired Hitler and now use the same plan on whites and anyone who would get in their way. The “Jews have become what their so called Oppressors were.” ——-And They are Proud of It!

  247. some_loon says:
    @Dave Bowman

    In the UK I heard it discussed quite recently again that, for several (predictable) reasons, the uptake of the long-established and free State-funded Measles vaccination for infants and children eligible by age has been steadily dropping for many years.

    I have heard it claimed, but am unable to find the statistic myself, that the rate of childhood vaccination for Measles has actually gone up slightly in the USA (from just below to just above 90%). The overall childhood disease vaccination rate has dropped slightly, but that (it is claimed) is an artifact of the number of required shots increasing from 4 to 6.

    From :

    Outbreaks are still occurring, however, following importations of measles viruses from other world regions. In June 2006, an outbreak in Boston resulted after a resident became infected in India.

    And none of the jab-happy seem to care about the ongoing superspreader event radiating from the southern border, for Covid and Measles (and TB). The ‘anti-vaxx’ and ‘anti-science’ labels are reserved mostly for whites, who are themselves mostly neither anti-vaccine nor anti-science. Rarely do these terms of opprobrium get applied to immigrants or minorities, for whom these terms are a much better fit.


    Obviously if you are sick you can spread disease. If you are not sick there is very little chance that you will spread disease.

    The biggest part of the fear mongering was the claim regarding asymptomatic carriers. It never sounded right to me, but this is the main reason for the stupid lockdowns, masks, and distancing.

    This whole thing is turning out to be a crock of shit.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  249. @Schuetze

    “If they were really concerned about covid ‘superspreaders’ and ‘vaccinations’ they would also “immediately ban the emigration of people from tropic regions of the globe.”

    People from tropic nations are not banned, and are not required to be vaxxed.

    Starting 8 Nov 2021, only fully vaxxed foreign nationals may fly into the USA from abroad, unless the foreigners are from the fifty nations whose populations are less than 10% vaxxed. The latter are exempt from vaxxing.

    Returning American passengers, however, must all be vaxxed and they must show a negative Covid test from no more than a day before.

    And of course, all foreign nationals that illegally enter by land are exempt from vaxxing.

    Clearly vax mandates have nothing to do with Covid or public health.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Joe Paluka
    • Replies: @gsjackson
  250. LeoB says:

    yeah keep trolling. David Rubin – who have just called Chomsky “a disgusting” person after this interview – is also a Jew, and so is Alex Berenson. dude you’re just simply not there yet to discuss this topic.

  251. I remember watching a long Chomsky speech on CSPAN, back when they used to have long speeches and conferences of just about anybody (before the truncheon came down), nazis, communists, atheists, theists, you name it.

    He stood there for an hour with a big crumpled sheaf of notes in hand, and read off factoid after factoid. No organization. No peroration. No speech-writing skills as we learn them in freshman Speech whatsoever. Just: Here’s a fact. Here’s another one. Here’s another one totally unrelated to the last one. And here’s another. On and on in a monotone, affectless mumble.

    “That there’s a textbook ADD case,” thought I. Maybe his ADD is why he always needs co-authors. Maybe he can’t concentrate long enough to write anything coherent. I wonder how his ADD influences those linguistic theories of his that he’s actually qualified to pontificate upon. Is it an ADD-y kind of theory? I don’t know. I can’t tell.


    I heard him in an interview once go: “Political incorrectness is just racism. That’s all it is. Proof? “I once heard this redneck say ‘I know it may be politically incorrect, but we’re keeping the nwords down.’ See? ‘Politically incorrect’, means ‘racist.’”

    Chomsky is logic challenged. I think he is using the fallacy they call “affirming the consequent” or something like it here. I mean, just because racists use the term ‘politically incorrect’ doesn’t mean politically correct is obracist.

    Now above, he uses an odious analogy. Argument from analogy is lame. Or odious as they say. Traffic has nothing to do with vaccination. Period. Any freshman rhetorician could kibosh him in debate.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  252. @TKK
    “Given the approximately 1 M excess deaths that have occurred in the most vulnerable and underprivileged residents of the USA in the COVID‑era, given the evidence from empirical and statistical data on the causes of the excess mortality, and in view of our research and general observations, we feel justified in making the following comment. We believe that genetic-sequencing-centered virologists and mathematical modellers (as opposed to other and broad disciplines connected to epidemiology, biology, psychology and health), pharmaceutical-industry lobbyists, politicized public health officials (WHO, national, and local), biased media, and approval-seeking politicians, have had far too much influence on public policy in the events surrounding the proclaimed pandemic, and in establishing the questionable dominant narrative, without regard for the hard data that is all-cause mortality by time, jurisdiction, age group, sex, and so forth; without regard for robust measures of population-level actual harm, while allowing tunnel-vision assignation of cause. The resulting practice has been mostly contrary to public health principles of objectively, scientifically, equally and independently assessing risks and benefits of any impactful policy, within a framework of transparency and accountability; and has caused great societal harm, beyond significant excess mortality itself, which is difficult to fully quantify.”

  253. @Fr. John

    No “Agrees” other than mine. Too much truth in your post, I’m afraid.

  254. This is a time like no other time in history.
    I study time, I knew this decades ago.
    I’m astrologer for 50+ years.
    Astrology is about time, what time is it?
    My target date was in and around Jan 12, 2020.

    “This is the sound of the winds of time. This is the sound of the winds of history. That 4 feet of marble that elevates you won’t save you.”

    ~San Diego Board of Supervisors Meeting, public comments

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  255. STOP PRESS… a 92 year old is losing what once was a sharp-ish mind.

    If Chomsky believes what he claims to believe, then he hasn’t thought the thing through.

    If he was consistent about risk-reduction, he should be supporting imprisoning obese people and those with type II diabetesconcentrating them in some sort of camp, say, and making them work and diet until they correct their metabolisms. (NB: I would never advocate this as a solution – because I don’t care about ‘keeping the community safe’ because the community is comprised of imbeciles and fewer imbeciles would be an unalloyed mtzvah).

    Chomsky was once smart enough to understand that, if the jabs work as advertised, the unjabbed ought to pose little threat to the jabbed. IF.

    By stark contrast: jabbed or unjabbed, fatties and others with metabolic dysfunction are the people who get, and spread, the more-severe form of this pathetic bioweapon.

    Worse though: given that the jabbed
     • can still be infected by SARS-nCOV-2;
     • exhibit similar viral loads to the unjabbed;
     • have fewer symptoms at a given viral load; and
     • can transmit SARS-nCoV-2 to others…

    Then the jabbed are Pfizer-created ‘super-spreaders’ – they are the demographic who are the vanguard of the coming Pfizer quarterly-subscription model. (If you don’t think that Pfizer is targeting a quarterly jab schedule, you haven’t thought it through).

    It is now abundantly clear from the weekly Vaccine Surveillance Reports (from the UK Health Security Agency, formerly Public Health England) that at all age groups over 40, the jabbed are twice as likely as the unjabbed to test positive, but much less likely to be hospitalised or die. For those 30-39 the jabbed infection rate is somewhat less than twice the unjabbed (as at week 42).

    The data is in Tables 2-4 here.

    The disparity in hospitalisation and death rates within each age group are counterintuitive, given that vulnerable groups (the morbidly obese; the chronically metabolically-dysfunctional; and the elderly) are almost 100% jabbed. Even so, the comorbidity-agnostic risk of death to the unjabbed in my age group (50-59) is 8.1 per 100,000 – or 0.0081%. LESS THAN THE FLU (by the way: we “‘flu-bros” do not claim that influenza is a walk in the park: it’s a pretty horrible thing to have, and kills thousands of people every year. Only retards whink that a cold is the same as the ‘flu).

    Perhaps there is a trove of metabolically-imprudent people in all age groups who nevertheless decided not to get jabbed: that’s also counterintuitive, because metabolically-imprudent people are usually stupid and gullible and very trusting of the medical establishment.

    The PHE/UKHSA data are sufficiently ‘counter-narrative’, that there has been a hard push by the COVID Doomsayers to cast shade on the demographic numbers (specifically, asserting that the age cohort numbers are wrong).

    It’s hilarious to see, given that none of them raised a peep before the data stopped supporting their ascientific assertions.

  256. @Phibbs

    The obsession is, as always, with harming the goyim. The concern with “security” is simply fear that the goyim will pull a Hitler. At the moment they demanded the death of the Son of God—which is to say, of God—and said, “His blood be upon us and on our children!” they declared war on God and on all those who worship Him, and automatically became children of Satan, which was affirmed by Jesus Himself (John 8:44). That is the real source of their material success. Satan is the “god of this world” (2 Cor 4:4), not because he created the world, of course, but because humans elevate him to such a position through our malevolence and greed. Christians do that as a consequence of weakness, but Jews do it deliberately because they are the children and the allies of Satan, which is amply and unmistakably demonstrated by their behavior through the centuries.

    In other words, Noam Chomsky’s desire to starve millions to death for not taking poisonous Jew juice is par for the course for one of his ilk.

    • Agree: Joe Paluka
  257. @TKK

    They really want everybody to take the poisonous Jew juice from the multi-billion Jew pharma companies. Why do they want us to take the Jew juice? It’s not because it really works to stop “covid”; if it did, those who take the Jew juice would have nothing to worry about. And it’s most certainly because they love us and are worried about our health.

  258. Ahh, those 1,000 pound gorillas and 10 ten elephants in the room. I hate to burst a bubble, but there is a certain elitism and tribalism amongst well the tribe. If you look at the drivers of Big Pharma, Big MIC, Big Everything, and look at the two stones, Black Rock and Black Stone, and if you look across the landscape of super star scientists (s) and MDs, and those driving the CDC, FDA, well, you have to wonder how powerful that elixir is, knowing Freud and Nephew, and then following in almost every business/marketing/media/tech/financial/banking arena, a very small percentage of self-declared followers of a religion or orthodoxy’s are in the driver’s seats.

    Could it be that Chomsky is another elite, albeit not of the Goldman Sachs or Rothchild variety, still, he has been put through a very unique and narrow tutelage.

    Do you smell that gorilla and elephant yet?

    Come on, Jonathan, it would be worth analyzing these elites’ roots, upbringings, religions, atheistic thinking, all of that, once in a while. We certainly write about Black Colleges, Latino Businesses, Asian Doctors, Indian Engineers, Native American Teachings.


  259. artichoke says:

    Israeli operative who’s consistently taken the Palestinian side against Israel. Care to explain? lol

    • Replies: @niteranger
  260. “The concern with “security” is simply fear that the goyim will pull a Hitler.”

    This is what I have been saying for a long time. I think the covid communism is simply part of Holocaust-proofing the western world to make the small hats feel safe.

    It’s all about obedience and control.

    There is no other way to explain it because most of what we are seeing has nothing to do with actually mitigating disease.

    And the fact they want to vaccinate innocent children!!! Children having ZERO risk from covid!!!!

    It’s evil and outrageous and disgusting and insane. I hope parents think twice before allowing these demons to jab their babies.

  261. @Dave Bowman

    If I had a choice of a CDC of witch doctors that did not mandate medicines or a CDC of scientists which mandated vaccines, I would go for the witch-doctors every time.

    Pfascism is hazardous to everyone’s health and liberty.

  262. @JimDandy

    Screeching Bolshevik hate is the right way to say it!

    The mass culture has taught us to say Nazi… let’s all break free of that habit and use Bolshevik instead… much more accurate and enlightening and will being to light what is being hid.

  263. Reader789 says:

    @jonathan cook

    Why don’t you publish this on You used to be a regular there.

    • Replies: @Biff
  264. durd says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I read some doctor, forget which one that said asymptomatic spread is a lie but that 1 or 2 days before you have symptoms you are contagious. He or she called it presymptomatic. I looked briefly and there are studies saying this is so. But I would not be surprised if it is not so.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @meamjojo
  265. @Levtraro

    We are going through the start of the Bolshevik revolution now but on a global scale

    • LOL: rufus clyde
  266. What If says:

    Chomsky is old, demented and wears adult diapers for he cannot control his bladder. I know this from the first hand. my father is 92 and looks exactly as my description. He was/is medical doctor, GP. He had Covid, the first Covid winter, and was admitted to a hospital,, to stay three for 15 days. He literally escaped after a week, in fear of not being killed not by Covid, but by chaos in the hospital. I spoke to him this morning. Weakness is visible, but

    Yet, his mind cannot accept that WHO is telling lies. And his prime minister is decent person, because pensioners get extra cheque once a year. And thy vote

    In any case, even if mortality of Covid were 50%, just like ebola, lockdowns create more long term damage. For mortality 0.87% we destroyed economy and prevented kids from schooling for two years in a row.

    What is better, to suffer 50% mortality and be able to continue life, since no lockdown destroyed society, or to have 99.3% survival, who will have to live in destroyed society? How much chance for survival will 99,3% have, in very near future. No gas for heating, food shortages, electric power blackouts. Soon.

    When people have nothing more to loose, they go kaboom.

  267. @durd

    That might be possible, but from what I have read (and Fauci admitted) asymptomatic spread is not driving the so called pandemic. (I gave links to a number of studies in a post above)

    IMHO, they used this as a tool to scare the hell out of people to justify the unjustifiable lockdowns, masks, destruction of small businesses, etc.

    All they had to do was have sick people stay home, protect the elderly and others with high risk. This is what Sweden did. This is what the Amish did. This is what seven of our own states did.

    They didn’t have to lockdown the world and destroy businesses and ruin people’s lives. They didn’t have to ruin children’s education. They didn’t have to keep sick people away from medical care and hospitals.

  268. Biff says:

    @jonathan cook

    Why don’t you publish this on You used to be a regular there.

    CJ Hopkins can tell you why.

  269. @El Dato

    They have been in lockdown for ages, and are still at step 0 because they will have to lift the lockdown and then the virus will still rip through unless everyone has been vaxxed.


    The jabs don’t prevent infection or transmission.

    What they actually do, though, is furnish significant selection pressure on the underlying pathogen.

    The reduction of serious symptoms in the jabbed (if true) prevents the virus from selecting for benign endemicity, because it effectively reduces the penalty[1] of being more lethal.

    Usually if a pathogen becomes more lethal, the infected are more readily identifiable (because they’re sicker, earlier). So in the normal course of events, people infected with less-lethal variants survive to transmission, and the less-lethal variant is ‘selected for’.

    If the jabs reduce serious symptoms, then the jabbed-infected are less identifiable, and the window of opportunity for spread widens.

    This is entirely independent from ADE, for which the evidence to date is scant.

    [1] It really must be made clear that the virus is not ‘trying’ to evade defences by ‘selecting’ from a range of strategies. It just replicates (with errors) to whatever extent it can, and some of the errors confer a replication advantage to subsequent generations.

    Most mutations confer no advantage, or confer a detriment; those are ‘selected against’ – but it’s not the virus doing the selecting but rather the environment.

    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  270. @Anonymous

    Was Chomsky ever useful? The only reason that he’s considered to be a great intellectual is for the same reason that people are always quoting Einstein and Feynman, because they’re all of right ethnicity.

  271. gsjackson says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    I don’t think returning Americans are going to be required to be vaxxed after Nov. 8. If they are, I may have seen my country for the last time. Of course, if they aren’t, it’s probably just a matter of time. The terror gets ratcheted up almost daily.

  272. Skeptikal says:

    I am incredulous that a thoughtful person such as Jonathan Cook wastes some much time on this.
    Debating about driving rules. Because Chomsky mentioned this. Blathering at length about the majority vs. the minority. No, it is not about the “minority.” It is about an individual’s right to bodily integrity. That is all that it is about.

    Fortunately, the data now coming in support this moral and ethical position 150%. But even if the data were less clear, that would not in any way affect an individual’s right to reject participation in a medical experiment. Or any medical treatment, actually.

    Cook is barking up the wrong tree—Chomsky’s tree. Chomsky is way past his expiration date—not actual death date, but his date of usefulness to intellectual or social inquiry. Why can’t Cook admit this? Instead he lets a now senile and irrelevant Chomsky frame a waste of thousands of words.

    Chomsky used to be my intellectual guide. But I recognized when he was no longer leading edge, in fact, following edge. At the end of the day he is a Zionist. He was right on East Timor and the Manufacture of Consent, but wrong on a hell of a lot more.

    Jonathan: Forget Chomsky. There are far more important fish to fry in the galloping vaxx terrorism and vaxx totalitarianism the world is facing.

    • Thanks: Greta Handel, Liza
  273. Easily explained by the gerontocracy of elites, even dissident ones, turning senile.

  274. I think all we can really do now is wish all those who took the jab a smooth and speedy demise. And by speedy I mean INSTANT, all-at-once und tout de suite.

    Its too late for me to continue bleating on about the unfairness of it all and how my cleverness or skill with the pen might soon save them; those that took the jab are stupid slobs, and who see me now – an ‘unvaxxed’ as nothing but their enemy.

    Good f***ing riddance! Bye-bye billions, bye-bye. They can rest assured, they will not be missed.

    And it solves at a single stroke both our woke and our Israeli problems.

    What’s not to love?

  275. @obwandiyag

    Chomsky is old and frail. Someone, I suspect, is controlling him. To believe the Oswald shot JFK and al-Qaeda did 9/11 lies is simply silly. I’d bet that Edward S. Herman was not similarly deluded.

  276. @Robert Dolan

    The Wuhan study, after the virus was controlled, of ten millions found evidence of three hundred (300) ‘asymptomatic carriers’, but NO evidence that they were infectious. They ‘Memory Holed’ that one in the West.

  277. @niteranger

    Chomsky’s books, particularly ‘The Fateful Triangle’ outline Zionazi crimes against humanity is copious detail.

  278. ziggurat says:

    A recent study shows that areas with a higher % of vaccinated people have slightly higher infection rates. In other words, there is recent evidence that defeats the whole argument for forced vaccination – the argument being that everyone’s risk of infection is reduced when everyone is vaccinated.

    The study was published 30th Sep 2021 by the NIH (U.S. National Institute of Health).
    Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

    At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days.

    The article has a graph that you can see, if you just hit the Pg Down key 2 times. The graph has an X axis (case per million) and a Y axis (% vaccinated).

    I have fast-forwarded this video to just the part where it talks about the graph:
    Video: “No Discernable Relationship between Vaccines and Cases” – 19th Oct 2021 – Peak Prosperity with Dr Chris Martenson

  279. HbutnotG says:

    In 70 years I’ve never heard of anybody dying from measles. And for decades there weren’t any measle shots.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
    , @some_loon
  280. HbutnotG says:

    I wonder if this is the onset of the Age Of Aquarius the hippies were blabbing about?

  281. cranc says:

    Reading this is like watching the slow motion penny dropping of someone (Cook) gradually realising that what they have understood as ‘politics’ in truth boils down to a simple binary of good versus evil, and that they have spent their lives and invested themselves in the cause of evil while believing all the while to have been immersed in virtue.
    It is not an easy place to be Jonathan, and I empathise to a degree, as personally, I feel lucky to have gotten out just a couple of years before the true nature of the ‘Left’ became apparent.

  282. @artichoke

    Big Deal! There are a number of Jews who take the Palestinian side and it’s all a front. It’s game they play. You really can’t be that naive can you? You must look at the entire history of this man to see the real Chomsky.

  283. @Robert Dolan

    I have to go with Anglin and say “don’t go full Vince James” (or Stew Peters).

    But, I can’t argue with the Amish. They have proven themselves FAR smarter than the average cracker. I’ve seen an Amish (or Mennonite) homo, hilariously funny to see. But I haven’t seen any Amish negroids. Nor, even in Central Mexico, have I seen mestizo Amish. Nope. But I did see perhaps the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in a roadside Amish/Mennonite baked goods stand on the highway in Mexico. An Athena.

    We aren’t going extinct. We are going to see our freaks do themselves in. It’s up to us not to care, but to encourage their self-annihilation and rejoice. Nature is in charge. Not some imaginary JewGod. We evolve as Nature (our only true god) dictates and we go with the flow of reality. We either cut loose the weak and stupid or we join the savages and eat worms we find in decaying logs like the Bantus.

    Nature cares nothing for your feelz..

  284. meamjojo says:

    I’ve stumbled across some of Chomsky’s writings in the past but never paid much attention to them or him. Now I have even more grounds to ignore anything from him. Thanks!

  285. meamjojo says:

    Covid asymptomatic transmission has never been lab proven. It wasn’t proven back in April 2020 when the WHO published the PDF i extracted the segment below from. And to my knowledge, no one has tried to prove that asymptomatic transmission is real in a lab, likely because it fits the narrative as it presently exists, so why risk having a rational proved wrong?

    “There are few reports of laboratory-confirmed cases who are truly asymptomatic, and to date, there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission.”

    • Replies: @durd
  286. skrik says:

    With all due respect and as a matter of interest, are your

    insane totalitarian sociopaths .. to be isolated from everyone else

    the same as / similar to / otherwise comparable to my

    pro-vax fascistic tyrants .. who should be excluded from society?


  287. @niteranger

    “ The Jews have a 24 hour game plan of what Hitler did to them. They admired Hitler and now use the same plan on whites and anyone who would get in their way.”

    Do some history revisionism of the Holocaust and you will see that your analogy is wrong.

  288. Stephane says:

    I think you misunderstood that documentary, or maybe it was poorly formulated.

    Generally speaking, the majority of PCR tests targeted several genetic sequences (I think it was 3) found in the virus.

    One of those sequences, encoding for a part of the spike protein, was altered in one of the first widely propagating variants, but the others were not, serendipitiously allowing a quick discrimination between an “alpha COVID” (all sequences detected) and a possible “variant COVID” (all sequences but one, hence the expression S gene dropout – the S sequence is dropped out of the test because it’s different).

    • Replies: @skrik
  289. Stephane says:

    Here is a link to an article I found about “S gene dropout” and variants :

  290. Kali says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Probably something the Covid Deniers created out of thin air.

    This bullshit false dichotomy which separates people into”believers” and “unbelievers”, or “heretics” (ie, FREE), really needs to be put down once and for all!

    “Covid denier”, “Holocaust denier”, “Climate denier”, even “Race denier”… “Anti-vaxxer”… it´s all just so much empty rhetoric.

    The strongest “argument” of all wokesters = labeling people “deniers”, and these days “anti-vaxxers”, as if that label refutes all arguments against any event or narrative or “science”, is so utterly empty, yet utterly ubiquitous as an attack on nuance, and singles out all users of it as the ignorant tools of narrative creators.

    Try actually formulating an ARGUMENT in place of this absurd reductionist, meaningless, trollish, nonsense: “denier”.

    Nothing personal, Zachary Smith. I´m not familiar enough with your contributions here to know what your overall stance on anything is, but I´m so irritated by the far-too-easy “denier” epithet that I can’t scroll on by without addressing it. Enough already! We ought to be using language that actually conveys meaning beyond empty insult and bullying intent.

    Does “covid” exist as a discrete disease caused by some unique, novel, new corona virus?
    I don’t know for certain, and I don´t care at all.

    What I do care about is that this manufactured “pandemic” is being used to bludgeon Western populations into accepting a totalitarian medical dictatorship, absent any meaningful debate on the merits of the pandemic claim, conflicting theories of medicine, availability of cheep and effective treatments, uselessness of masking and social distancing, needless clot-shots, etc.

    All of which, in turn, leads us to a totalitarian CLIMATE dictatorship, based on the “settled [yet refuted] science” of anthroprogenic global warming, which ignores the indisputable FACT that the earths climate has always and will always change REGARDLESS of human activity.

    The entire “pandemic” fiasco is nothing more than an exercise in mass manipulation and control, so that those whose goal is technocratic control of all of this abundant planet, to make themselves “gods” on earth, might subjugate all opposition by interning those they label “deniers” or “anti-vaxxers” in concentration camps, whilst corralling the rest into Orwellian “Smart Cities” in which they will own nothing, have zero free choice regarding any aspect of their social, economic and family lives… those who actually survive the clot-shots, that is.

    Does this basic outline of my evaluation of “all of this” make me a “covid denier”, or is there more to be said, more to be debated, more to be discussed?

    Love, Peace and FREEDOM,

  291. @Cortes

    Cars have been redesigned. The engine cuts out automatically now. Press the accelerator pedal like you’re getting ready to start the engine and the car leaps forward. That could confuse an older person; young uns don’t know any better.

  292. The strange lack of attention paid to medicines that help covid patients. When people get a cough, sore throat, or flu, they can buy medicines. Where’s the covid medicine? I don’t mean the vaccines. Why all the attention on vaccines?

    • Agree: IreneAthena
  293. When one uses a fiction as part of an argument, the whole thing is destined to fall flat.

    In regard to the so-called social contract, I have often had occasion to protest that I haven’t even seen the contract, much less been asked to consent to it. A valid contract requires voluntary offer, acceptance, and consideration. I’ve never received an offer from my rulers, so I certainly have not accepted one; and rather than consideration, I have received nothing but contempt from the rulers, who, notwithstanding the absence of any agreement, have indubitably threatened me with grave harm in the event that I fail to comply with their edicts.
    Robert Higgs

    The Social Contract:
    I, the party of the first part (“the ruler”), promise:
    (1) To stipulate how much of your money you will hand over to me, as well as how, when, and where the transfer will be made. You will have no effective say in the matter, aside from pleading for my mercy, and if you should fail to comply, my agents will punish you with fines, imprisonment, and (in the event of your persistent resistance) death.
    (2) To make thousands upon thousands of rules for you to obey without question, again on pain of punishment by my agents. You will have no effective say in determining the content of these rules, which will be so numerous, complex, and in many cases beyond comprehension that no human being could conceivably know about more than a handful of them, much less their specific character; yet if you should fail to comply with any of them, I will feel free to punish you to the extent of a law made by me and my confederates.
    (3) To provide for your use, on terms stipulated by me and my agents, so-called public goods and services. Although you may actually place some value on a few of these goods and services, most will have little or no value to you, and some you will find utterly abhorrent, and in no event will you as an individual have any effective say over the goods and services I provide, notwithstanding any economist’s cock-and-bull story to the effect that you “demand” all this stuff and value it at whatever amount of money I choose to expend for its provision.
    (4) In the event of a dispute between us, judges beholden to me for their appointment and salaries will decide how to settle the dispute. You can expect to lose in these settlements, if your case is heard at all.
    In exchange for the foregoing government “benefits,” you, the party of the second part (“the subject”), promise:
    (5) To shut up, make no waves, obey all orders issued by the ruler and his agents, kowtow to them as if they were important, honorable people, and when they say “jump,” ask only “how high?”
    Robert Higgs

  294. skrik says:

    serendipitiously allowing a quick discrimination between an “alpha COVID” (all sequences detected) and a possible “variant COVID” (all sequences but one, hence the expression S gene dropout

    Impressive, congrats & bonjour.

    Would it be possible for us to learn:

    1) Do you have any ‘pecuniary interest’ in any mRNA ‘vaccine’ pusher?

    2) Do you have any ‘hard evidence’ pro- or contra-mRNA ‘vaccine’ performance?

    3) Do you have any ‘hard evidence’ pro- or contra-*non*-mRNA vaccine performance?

    Curious minds would like to know. [Reputable, accessible, comprehensible citations preferred].

    PS Tough Qs, I admit. So feel free; perhaps you could suggest an ingénieux way out of this filthy mess for all, pro- and anti-vaxxers alike, plus any ‘odd-vax’ takers, ‘fence-sitters’ or even outright ‘heads-in-sand’ types? rgds

    • Replies: @Stephane
  295. Kali says:

    Does anybody agree that infecting someone else willingly or negligently with a potentially deadly disease is a a crime like poisoning?

    What hysterical clap-trap, wrapped in ilfounded, media-hyped, non-science.

    The disease in question, if left to run its course without the ridiculous “pandemic measures” put in place by insane bureaucrats, would not have been noticed in the grand scheme of things. It was those measures which, as many have argued, caused the spike in deaths of the elderly and infirm, as they were packed into nursing homes and heavily sedated in lieu of treatment with effective remedies, whilst others were invasively intubated in hospitals to stop them breathing their germs on the staff supposedly “treating” them.

    On the other hand, several years ago one of my nieces, at a few days old, was hospitalised with a “potentially deadly” common cold. Should we have hunted down whoever “negligently” poisoned her with their dirty germs, or should we simply accept the fact that sometimes people get sick?

    In the meantime we have a growing army of stupid, ignorant, zombiefied morons insisting, at their masters behest, that those of us with a bit of common sense remaining be forcably injected with an experimental gene-altering “therapy”, more deadly than all vaccines ever produced combined, or be isolated and denied our basic rights to live our lives unencumbered by stupid hysterics.

    In fact, it is those pushing and supporting this sick agenda who ought to face criminal prosecution. – Those who manage to survive their ongoing, life-long, twice-yearly, clot-shot injections, that is. Very soon there will be no hiding from the fact that the real poison comes in big-pharma syringes.

    The only question is, will this happen before those insane fuckers get their way, and have the rest of us interned? Personally I believe it will, hence the likes of Chomsky doubling-down on the draconian, totalitarian rhetoric.


    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  296. HVM says:

    His logic is flawed saying that the unvaxxed are like lawless drivers. First of all he is ignoring the science. (I am not going to argue all the points about vax here – but it does not work, it is potentially dangerous, and we do not know its long term effect. Here is a guy who argued against propaganda as manufactured consent and yet here he is regurgitating what the corporate state says which we know has been lie after lie after lie.

    There is no proof that healthy people are asymptomatic carriers of the virus. There is no proof that healthy people who have never had Covid are the cause of the variants either. From what I have read, it is the other way around. The vaxxed are the carriers. OF course any of these arguments have been silenced by manufactured consent.

    For almost his whole career he has been a hypocrite. He takes money from the government and trains students in coding, but then goes about criticizing the very government which he takes money from and enables with his coding. Truth is that he is a Jew academic grifter and opportunist whose mind is now addled – maybe it id due to a brain fog created by the vax.

  297. @Stan d Mute

    We aren’t going extinct. We are going to see our freaks do themselves in. It’s up to us not to care, but to encourage their self-annihilation and rejoice. Nature is in charge. Not some imaginary JewGod. We evolve as Nature (our only true god) dictates and we go with the flow of reality. We either cut loose the weak and stupid or we join the savages and eat worms we find in decaying logs like the Bantus.

    Bravo !!

    Give that man a fucking coconut !

    God, I love this website !

  298. some_loon says:

    In 70 years I’ve never heard of anybody dying from measles. And for decades there weren’t any measle shots.

    From what I have read recently, the IFR for Measles is about 1 or 2 per 1000 infections, in the developed world. It is higher in other places.

    Per ,
    the death rate was 0.71 percent in the USA in the early 20th Century.

    The number of infections, and deaths, in the USA from Measles had dropped greatly from 1900 to about 1963, when the vaccine for that became available, and each has fallen greatly from there. That these would have continued falling seems likely, but not to the degree that they have with use of the Measles vaccine.

    Curiously, twenty years ago the University of Washington, for undergrad admissions, required either proof of two MMR shots (which they would provide shots for free if you had no documentation of having gotten them), or an antibody test (for which they charged \$20). Exemptions were granted to those born before 1959, as it was assumed that anyone of that age had either been exposed or immunized, with no documentation required.

  299. Calcifer says:
    @Jon Chance

    These labels were invented during the French Revolution. After the Monarchy was destroyed, The Estates General sat in a row at one large “egalitarian” table (actually many tables shoved together in a line) but the cautious conservative legislators sat on the right, the enthusiastic innovators on the left, and those who were in-between, ranged themselves where they felt comfortable with those on either side. Labeling them “Left and Right’ gave useful designations–first literal, then metaphorical, to the opposed ideologies and so endured as a short-hand for the range of political attitudes toward willing endorsement of novel concepts in law and culture, and cautious circumspection wishing to avoid penalties imposed by the law of unintended consequences.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  300. durd says:

    From your link:

    “Pre-symptomatic transmission
    The incubation period for COVID-19, which is the time between exposure to the virus (becoming infected) and
    symptom onset, is on average 5-6 days, however can be up to 14 days. During this period, also known as the “presymptomatic” period, some infected persons can be contagious. Therefore, transmission from a pre-symptomatic case
    can occur before symptom onset.
    In a small number of case reports and studies, pre-symptomatic transmission has been documented through contact
    tracing efforts and enhanced investigation of clusters of confirmed cases. 12-17 This is supported by data suggesting that
    some people can test positive for COVID-19 from 1-3 days before they develop symptoms.6,16 Thus, it is possible that
    people infected with COVID-19 could transmit the virus before significant symptoms develop. It is important to
    recognize that pre-symptomatic transmission still requires the virus to be spread via infectious droplets or through
    touching contaminated surfaces.”

    But like I said I am not a doctor and there is a lot of lying going on. I am only as good as my ability to detect lies.

    For instance:

    Yes, they can test positive 1-3 days before they develop symptoms but if that test is the PCR test it may be a false positive which can be found whether you get symptoms or not. Take the PCR test out of the picture and all the graphs and charts would change dramatically.

  301. To suggest that the “vaccines” are “relatively safe” is as staggeringly stupid as anything The Ancient Noam uttered in the interview at hand. Educate yourself:

  302. @Kali

    It’s like ivermectin, the INSANE jihad against which is reaching new heights in this sewer called Austfailia. The lying is becoming utterly unhinged, but of course, after the ritual mispronunciation as ‘invermectin’ to prove one’s male fides, it is the denunciation as ‘horse de-wormer’ which quickly follows. Horses eat it, but they eat oats, too, so lets ban porridge!

  303. @Kali

    Ah, the Queen of Death, back with her thuggish desire to see humanity die in a climate destabilisation catastrophe. I know that you worship Death, but surely a Goddess such as you can come up with something less embarrassingly moronic than ‘..the planet’s climate has always changed.’ gibberish.

    • Replies: @Kali
  304. @anonymous

    Excess deaths in males in the under 45 age group in Canada was apparent from early in the lock-down, long before the vaccination diktats. The idea that young people’s socio-economic lives were completely overturned for over a year and there wouldn’t be excess mortality as a result is as kooky as any other aspect of Covidmania.

    Never mind the CLO-driven financial cataclysm that began imploding in September of 2019, with the resultant mass sell-offs in early 2020 and the all-time great stock market crash as Covidmania was launched. It’s the scary virus that makes extremely sick, frail people over the age of seventy die.

  305. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Thank you for your eloquent explanation of this well-known chapter in European history.

    But if “Left” is a connotation for “progressive”, and “Right” is a connotation for “conservative”, this ideological scheme implies that all participants share the same objectives, and that two polarities represent different velocities of implementation.

    But since genuine American Libertarians do not share the same objectives as socialists, corporatists and globalists on the “Left” and “Right”, this progressive-conservative scheme of government and public policy devised during the French Revolution excludes the objectives of American Libertarians.

    Who benefits?

    Who perpetuates these misleading labels?

    Who is riding the horse and steering it “Left” and “Right” until it falls over a cliff and plunges to its death?

    Who is stupid enough to be steered by these misleading labels?




  306. Kali says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Oh, you shilly, shilly pharma shill, Trite Lax!

    Until you come clean about the very real dangers of the experimental clot-shots, no matter what you say about “choice”, you tacitly support the push for vaxx-aparthide and forced segregation/isolation of free-thinking folk.

    Shilly girl!


    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
  307. Stephane says:

    1) Do you have any ‘pecuniary interest’ in any mRNA ‘vaccine’ pusher?

    No. I’m just a French, 51 guy, with a background in mechanical engeneering working in the software department of a small company designing and manufacturing machine tools. And vaccinated (2x Pfizer).

    2) and 3) (“vaccine performance”), it’s a bit trickier to answer.

    I mostly relies (like most peoples here I think) on online browsing and research, so this ultimately boils down to which online references I consider as reliable and trust.

    And that’s a problem : when each side relies on sources the other side consider as at best biased (or even total bullshit), it’s difficult to agree on anything, or even hold a meaningful discussion.

    So I try to stick to technical points because it’s something I like, it’s less open to interpretations and individual sensitivity and hopefully things can stay relatively polite.

    • Thanks: skrik
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  308. Kali says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Ahhh, now I think I see the problem Mumble-brain. Please let me clarify that I am not literally a “Goddess”, but mearly a woman with a very powerful calling.
    Also the Hindu Goddess, Kali Ma (or Mother Kali, as she is affectionately known) actualky represents “mother nature” in all of its life-and-death-bringing glory.
    Also, climatatic changes are entirely natural phenomona. -Forget what “woke-science” says about it and start paying attention to the evidence yourself. – Brrrrrrr! Chilly here again today. Looks like another winter of unpresidented cold is on its way to the mountain!

    Thanks for snippets of “covid” news from the ground in Oz. – Turns out they’re gonna be stationing all those nuclear-powered subs just along the coast from my family there, too. What a shitshow!

    Best wishes,
    Eternal Mother Kali.

  309. @Kali

    At what point will you be so bored of pretending that this quite useful vaccine is a “kill-shot” and move on?

    • Replies: @Kali
    , @Commentator Mike
  310. @Kali

    Does the entity you call Kali lend you her energy to go out and change the world and make an impact and feel good, or do you often feel drained and violated instead? You might want to think twice before playing with phenomena like “darling sister” Kali and focus more directly on self-reflection first. Otherwise you may end up receiving what painful lessons you need to start that self-reflection, rather than what you think you’re getting. That you’re haunted by some feeling of great evil all over the world is not a promising sign.

    • Replies: @Kali
  311. Kali says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    At what point will you be so bored of pretending that this quite useful vaccine is a “kill-shot” and move on?

    Oh, I dunno Lax, maybe when it stops killing people I guess.

    When are you going to get bored of shilling for globalist billionaires, stop pretending the Clot Shot is necessary, or safe, or “useful” for anything other than population and mind control, admit your mistakes and wrong-headedness and beg for forgiveness?

    When will you move on from your unfounded, childish fear of a flu-like illness?

    And when are you going to learn that the people orchestrating the response to the covid1984 pseudopandemic want you either dead or under their absolute control. – I do hope you don’t wait until its too late, cos by then it’ll be too late!

    This might help:

    Mark Crispin Miller, NYU Professor and News From Underground publisher, joins James Corbett to discuss his specialty: propaganda.


  312. Kali says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Oh dear child, how little you know and how much you assume! LOL

    I could outline my journey both before and since accepting the calling ‘kali prajita’ exactly 9 years ago, and I could describe to you exactly “what’s in a name” (copyright me), but this ain’t the place for that, so you’ll have to wait till I write the book.

    Though, to be Frank (lol), dear Trite-liar-lax-a, I’m not sure that you’re ready to look into the mirror just yet. It takes quite a bit more courage than just dropping acid or equivolent at some safe-space “shaman”-led new-agey ritual.

    But who knows? By the time I find the time to write the book maybe you’ll be ready to be honest with yourself.

    Oh. What’s your “real” name btw?


    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
  313. @Kali

    What’s your “real” name btw?

    Not “Frank”.

    Though it seems that your unconscious is my friend: from Old French franc “free (not servile); without hindrance, exempt from; sincere, genuine, open, gracious, generous; worthy, noble, illustrious” (12c.), from Medieval Latin francus “free, at liberty, exempt from service.”


    • Replies: @Kali
  314. @Kali

    You make some sense on some subjects Kali, if you’ll pardon the condescension, but anthropogenic climate destabilisation caused by humanity’s emissions of greenhouse gases is established science, and an observable fact. Climatic changes, until the Industrial Revolution, and perhaps the Agricultural Revolution to some extent, were natural phenomena, but this is anthropogenic ie caused by Man. IT IS DIFFERENT. Your inability, or, more likely, I would presume, refusal to acknowledge facts is lamentable.

  315. @Triteleia Laxa

    “quite useful vaccine” – what is that even supposed to mean?

    Forget about whether the vaccine is deadly or not, but by now it is evident that it:

    1. Does not prevent one contracting Covid-19 and

    2. Does not prevent one transmitting Covid-19.

    By now this is being acknowledged by almost everybody including the official mainstream doctors, health authorities, and politicians yet they still promote vaccination. Obviously to promote it and claim it is “useful” is illogical given these now widely acknowledged facts.

    So they’ve come up with the statement that the vaccine results in milder symptoms if one contracts Covid-19. Now where is the evidence for this? It just seems to be based on hearsay. So how do you go about proving this? In fact many non-vaccinated individuals have had very mild symptoms or none at all when contracting Covid-19. Many vaccinated individuals are now dying of Covid-19 as are the unvaccinated.

    • Agree: Kali
  316. @Kali

    Defendant: “Judge, I hit him because he called me a dirty Polack son of a bitch.”

    Judge: “You don’t need to hit a man for calling you something you know you really aren’t.”

    Defendant: “But Judge, what if he called me the kind of son of a bitch I really am?”

    Sir, maybe we’ve been reading different batches of forum comments. Everywhere I look I see definite statements where there is no “nuance” when people deny Covid even exists, that the Holocaust never happened, and that any climate change is A Very Good Thing – supposing there really is any change.

    I think most of these people are really proud of their stances, so as with the “joke”, calling them exactly what they really are ought to make them more happy than sad.

    I don’t know much about the posters here yet, but I’m becoming more and more aware of the Authors. Some are on my “Ignore/no-click” list, and that saves me a lot of trouble with my blood pressure. As for the posters who are spouting something stupid or obscene, I just blow on by them. I’m not into the “Somebody On The Internet Is Wrong” business.

    Climate Change is real. It was real. It will be real. And it is natural. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is a hoax though.

    That fellow is a proud Denier. Why call him anything else?

    I uploaded a 1944 newspaper article in which a reporter described in detail a liberated concentration camp he had seen with his own eyes, and in the company of many other reporters. At least one person denied every relevant feature of the piece, and claimed none of it could have possibly happened. Another proud Denier. Again, why call him anything else?

  317. @Stan d Mute

    We also have to go back to our roots and cut ourselves loose from medical racket and rely on our survival skills.

    • Agree: Bugey libre, Stan d Mute
  318. @Stephane

    Can you explain this?

    To sum up for non French locutor:

    The sinister of health (and propaganda), who has lied at least two times during the last months, first saying that the injections were not on the experimental phase and then that nobody had died from having been injected (of course those two lies are obviously contradicted by OFFICIAL datas)is supposed to have been injected with the “booster”shot.

    First, he is supposed to have been injected with the now forbidden Astra Zeneka non mnra thing, then with the Moderna ( actually forbade in Skandinavian countries at least and now… with the Pzizer (always augmenting the price) witchsoup. He has declared that in the meantime, on the other arm, he got the flu inefficient vaccine.

    Of course, at no point in time has he had any side effects that millions have already experiment according to the official european Eudravigileance datas or in the case of France the ANSM datas. What a lucky guy!

    Stephane, can you explain to us what the science (not the propaganda) behind using different technologies which are still in experimental phase is? In the meantime, please, tell us where the control group is?

    • Replies: @Stephane
  319. @mulga mumblebrain


    Firsly, we have entered a Grand Solar Minimum, this is nos speculation but an officialy recognized fact by the NASA and NOOA. That implies obviously that climate fluctuates according to cosmic cyclical mechanisms.

    Mulga, you should also consider that article and the links offered by the SOTT team as well as the links given in the comments

    Worth of consideration is also these two articles:

    Worth of interest are these two articles:

    I personnaly have read the books and have spent quite some time on the subject. It is also very interesting to consider iconographic datas of the European painters at different time to see that climate fluctuates.

    What our modern madness has brought is pollution, be it electrical, chemical, etc… By the same companies who are behind the anthropocentric climate change crowd. The only consensus of GIEC or IPPC is around mathematical models like Neil Ferguson’s fraud. A consensus around mathematical modelisation is not science.


    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  320. Kali says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Interesting etimology, Trite Lax, but with such lamentable oversight on your part. Look again and you’ll see that I wrote “to be [f]rank”, not “to call you Frank”. Shilly girl.

    Flip, reverse. On some things you make sense, but on the agw issue, just like the establishment media, you ignore all science that contradicts and refutes that theory.
    Sadly, such ignorance is leading us towards a distopian world in which all power, ownership and control of all life and all resources on the planet will be centralised in the hands of a few astonishingly wealthy corporatists and “philanthropists”, which was the whole reason for the widespread promotion of the theory in the first place. In my opinion, of course.
    In fact the pseudopandemic of the last 20 months and the pseudoclimate-crisis are two heads of the same beast.

    Take a look at this article by Iain Davis (author of Pseudopandemic) about the theft of the gloal commons and hopefully you’ll begin to see how both ficticious catastrophies are the get-away vehicles of this unpresidented global heist.
    I’m certain you’ll be very interested in the subject matter anyway, as it pertains to our shared future.

    @ Zachary,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Of course I appreciate that we call all be lazy and sloppy with our language from time to time, regardless of the possitions we take. But the propagandistic use of the word “denier” has been specifically engendered into our lexicon in order to reduce multi-facited, often complex issues down to an inquisitorial, social sledge-hammer: heritics/”deniers” be damned, believers be spared the social stigma of the “denier” label.
    Ultimately though, non will be spared the torments of technocratic totalitarian control envissioned by the crators of that propaganda.

    Until I actually research “the holocaust”, “climate change”, etc, for myself I simply accepted the establishment rhetoric/propaganda “on faith”. Now that I have dug deeper and gained an appreciation of the facts, as well as the uses of propaganda established to prevent me from seeking out those facts, so that my own world-view has expanded considerably, I find that all of those hours of research are reduced to one single propaganda term: “denier”, and that the net of world dictatorship is rapidly closing in, despite that all of the evidence which refutes the “need” for such centralised control is freely available, if rendered “unseeable” by such propagandistic bullying.

    That’s why I reacted to your use of the term as I did.

    Kind regards to all,

    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
  321. jb says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    It isn’t just the risk of dying that is the problem. I have a friend — in her 50s and in good health — who caught the bug right at the beginning of the pandemic and was seriously ill for six months. That sort of thing is a lot more common than actually dying. There are certainly people who are overly frightened of covid (it’s not the Black Death), but the people I see posting in forums like this one who think it’s “just the flu bro” are morons.

    Or maybe cowards! Anyone genuinely afraid of a vaccine that has already been taken by millions of people with no big wave of side effects (a wave that would be unconcealable) is a coward. But honestly, I don’t think they are cowards, I think they are morons who vastly overestimate their ability to differentiate sense from nonsense on the internet.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  322. @Bugey libre

    Hello Mulga,

    Until now I have noticed that you are a serious commentator, so lets have a look on that article

    and the level of the commentators, like Valentina Zharkova…

    Science is not a consensus; it is a debate, isn’t it?

    And Chomsky is not using science… qu’il crève!

  323. @Kali

    I’m sure that you very often say and imply and do things without really knowing why.

    Also, please understand that there are different ways of constructing your own echo-chamber. One way is to only surround yourself with people who agree, another is to dismiss as less than human, perhaps as “shills”, those who disagree. Cults tend to use a bit of both.

    One sign of a cult is how polarised their discourse becomes and how they express it with very little doubt, despite not really having any particular expertise. “Doubt” is implicitly seen as disloyalty by such people even when they see it in themselves, so they ensure they never do.

    Another sign is them allocating people new identities, especially grandiose ones, and removing them from contact with their previous acquaintances.

    I suspect that most people who actually run cults are self-indoctrinating, which is an interesting human ability. Often they are highly intelligent but somewhat bipolar, and this latter condition disorientates them enough to fall for their own manipulations.

    That isn’t to dismiss a spiritual explanation for who you are at the moment, but if I had to go down such a figurative route I would say you are the victim of a parasitic entity and that explains your low energy, low output, but occasional, seemingly unconscious insight. And if I am to continue in this language, it seems that you’re not the bipolar leader, but you care for them deeply and recognise that they don’t actually have the strength of mind to contain what they are tapping into.

    What should you do with this information? Not much, but you can relax that it all makes sense if looked at from a broad enough perspective. Enjoy. Also, choose humility over grandiosity and you’ll feel much less weighed down.

    • LOL: Kali
    • Replies: @Polemos
  324. Polemos says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Earth’s surface temperature is a result of interactions with the energy produced by the Sun (and likely subsurface temperature also a result of interactions with magnetic and plasma energy from the Sun, too). Humans cannot affect that. Even the very basic assumption about “climate change” and “global warming” is that what’s getting trapped is energy from the Sun. Do the models predicting climate change assume the energy produced by the Sun remains stable, changes at all, increases/decreases, accelerates/decelerates wrt changes, &c? What do you think?

    What humans can and do affect are such things as plastic production and distribution and disposal and herbicides, nemicides, insecticides, fungicides, &cides and depleted uranium as a weapon of war and all the industrial products that become endocrine disruptors in the environment. There are very little to no massive campaigns brought on by global capitalist politicians, technocrats, and their witting consumers to forcibly alter the trajectories of these things which humans can and do create, innovate, produce, consume, and ignore. In fact, many of the techniques and practical steps taken to “reduce global warming” or affect “anthropogenic climate change” are themselves increasing the production, distribution, and uncontained disposal of several of the things I mentioned — and maybe one can say that wars fought to secure the slow and sustainable depletion of fossil fuel resources, especially when fought by US mercenary companies, also produce and distribute depleted uranium throughout those areas under conflict, and since all that uranium has to come from somewhere (just like all that flouride in the water had to come from somewhere), what was once a convenient way to dispose of a byproduct from other industrial interests becomes itself a political incentive to sustain the industries producing the thing needing disposal. Somebody out there has a job transporting radioactive byproducts to facilities where they become shaped projectiles that somebody else has a job becoming proficient at shooting into a tank or armored vehicle that somebody else else has a job driving into an area that somebody else else else has a job convincing others needs to be destroyed in order to save lives. And for that, there are marches somebody orchestrates, but not often for saying No to all of them.

    The world has survived and will survive high levels of carbon dioxide and high temperatures. Humans will not survive their own short-sighted and craven pollution, and not much else will either. The focus on “climate” is itself a distraction from the long timeline pollution caused by industries that humans actually do not need if they are to have lives of high spiritual fulfillment in acceptance of their own mortality. By creating a technologically complex society that only gives (some of) them ten, maybe twenty, years of leisure —but also for many more much more stress, apathy, anxiety, chronic depression, addiction and greatly reduced spiritual maturity and insight— they have destroyed thousands to hundreds of thousands of species and their future timelines. Millions of years of evolutionary progeny, dead and neverwillhavebeen, so that I could enjoy bottled reconstituted apple (less than 1%) juice and high fructose corn syrup shaped with edible synthetic wax into multi-colored bears for less than two minutes of my life, and so that you could, too, if you choose.

    We all lament different things, you see. What you find lamentable is guided by your ego’s own limitations. What others find inspiring and worth pursuing is guided by their ego’s own transcendence.

    At one point, the man could say that one should consider the lily in the field or the sparrow in flight as models of how not to worry about what the future will bring. When the lilies never seed from unconstrained terminator genedrives loosed upon the world and the sparrows’ tumors prevent them from developing feathers —or eyes or beaks or gizzards— the man will tell us that we live now only in a thoughtless future we the hungry ghosts could not stop ourselves from causing. And we’ll blink.

    Or . . . we could embrace dying, as silly as that seems, and understand our immortal destiny as part of a much greater, much more diverse, galactic framework for what it means to be alive, unafraid, and transcending of all political, social, biological, material, and spiritual difference. Turn off the TVs, turn off the cellphones, turn off the cheap gasoline, turn off the vaping drugs, turn off the empty calories, turn off the gene editors, turn off the weapons of war, turn off the individually wrapped bags of candy and sweets or burgers and meats, and turn into the light-filled beings you really are and flow among the stars with the rest of Us, who love you, miss you, and welcome you back Home.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  325. Polemos says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Also, please understand that there are different ways of constructing your own echo-chamber. One way is to only surround yourself with people who agree, another is to dismiss as less than human, perhaps as “shills”, those who disagree. Cults tend to use a bit of both.

    One sign of a cult is how polarised their discourse becomes and how they express it with very little doubt, despite not really having any particular expertise. “Doubt” is implicitly seen as disloyalty by such people even when they see it in themselves, so they ensure they never do.

    Triteleia Laxa says:
    October 27, 2021 at 7:24 pm GMT • 2.8 days ago ↑
    I agree you shouldn’t be forced, but just get vaccinated, you silly, silly people. It isn’t a kill switch and it helps a lot. That much is already proven beyond doubt.

    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
  326. @Polemos

    Something like 7 billion vaccines have been administered. Tens of millions of medical and scientific professionals have been involved. That’s not a cult. That’s humanity.

    It is likely the vast majority of people who can genuinely read and write.

    See how your cult inverts your perceptions?

    Mania is existential anxiety that cannot see itself. It is the instinct to try to dig your way out, manically, but going down.

    If you want release, just turn that instinct on itself and climb.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  327. @mulga mumblebrain

    I can be convinced of the threat of “climate change” very easily.

    All I need to see is the wealthy dumping their coastal real estate on the market in a panic over the threat of rising sea levels.

    The day that happens I am a believer–until then it is all just hot air.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  328. @jb

    And you of course are, courageous and your ability to differentiate sense from nonsense on the internet is properly evaluated as well as your capacity to discern what one can grasp from the real three dimensional world, differentiating how that “reality” can be understood and evaluated… Whaou! great…

  329. HbutnotG says:

    Measles results in serious complications (most significant is subacute sclerosing panencephalitis [SSPE]) and that occurs very rarely; most commonly in measles cases after age 12, but measles is so contagious, that by that age most kids (any kid that sits in a classroom) have already contracted the infection and are immune (unless they’ve been locked away somewhere).

    Measles vaccine works and is harmless. But measles is not like a chest cold – where there are new variants of that coronavirus emerging by the month. This COVID vaccine is clearly something phony. I’ve read somewhere where investors loaded up on Moderna stock before November 2019. Since then it went up over 6000%. Follow the money.

    • Thanks: rufus clyde
    • Replies: @Anon
  330. Polemos says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Billions and billions of hamburgers and nuggets sold from the flesh of millions and millions of cows and chickens locked away in small, confining cells, while their sisters turn daily in motorized wheels slowly sucking away the milk from their teats or confined tightly together above their eggs extracted and laid under accelerating cycling of lights and darkness. Tens of millions of agricultural and scientific professionals involved in these processes, too, and that is humanity, too.

    You do not address your own language, as there’s no need to, for you. You talk about the manic, yet who is that? You see, I’m not here digging.

    I’m raising. I’m planting. I’m sharing. I’m nursing. And, in turn, I find myself planted, nurtured, shared, raised, even clipped and pruned by the littlest ones my eyes cannot see. It is not manic to love all the forms of life in the soil food web and to listen to how they talk, watch how they share, and work alongside them to come together as friends, to understand how we are all One. I’m not the one who seeks to control Life by capturing its tiniest biomachines and reprogram them to do the bidding of callous people inoculated against cultivation of their Spirit, who are the same people who fear the natural Way of life and death so much they seek to eradicate all of its nature and replace it with machine-learned, machine-enabled, machine-based, machine-enhanced patterns, because they believe machines are inherently more controllable than chaos, weather, and gaia.

    So, no, let’s not look at your language, and maybe instead, call one another manic, one another projecting, one another gaslighting, one another silly. I already embrace my absurdity, but when will you embrace yours? Do you genuinely not recognize the surreality of your own position regarding “vaccines”?

    Are you the only rational one posting here as an unaffected non-cultist unbelieving in untruthful irreality, being that you and the millions you cite as ordinary as you who enrich themselves at the expense of all forms of life they deliberately destroy —having already defined them as less than human while saying that’s what the cultists do— are able to see things clearly, and without silliness, without doubts?

    Just how natural are those vaccines? How natural is licorice, dandelion, clove, lavender, valerian and allspice?
    How manic is it to wait eight months to grow herbs and prepare them? How impatient do you have to be to compost?
    How much less manic is it to rush less than two weeks a modRNA reprogramming formulation designed from a just-released genome sequencing reconstructed from various computer-projected pieces and encase that in a nanolipid delivery mechanism purposefully designed to evade human immune mechanisms evolved over millions of years to identify, detain and destroy unusual antigens present in bodily places they were not meant to be?

    Apparently much less manic?

    You are not alone. But then, as you already know, neither am I. My roly poly friends and I don’t mind the mold, the rot, the roach, the worm, the seedling sprouts and hyphae mouths. We slither together in the ground, slime about in our beds, and thus we help our arboreal and weedy friends among the grasses and forests make their own climb upwards towards the Sun who sets this thin coating of Life upon a plasma iron rock tumbling around in an endless empty void to a much grander purpose than keeping alive your millions of people who can’t be wrong, who rationally and without any craziness on their part put to death the too small and too insignificant to be noticed trillions of life forms they actually rely upon —for being not the humans you want us to be like.

    You, a flower, tell us to be like the machines, rather than let the machines be themselves and let the Bios be itself. You, a flower, have lost your Way, and forget what you were climbing towards, and in claiming to look after the mental health of your audience, seek to induce us to the same forgetfulness.

    Your roots cannot grow in a world made by machines, not until they’ve also been machined into perfection. But what will have happened to that loving spirit who wishes us not be so silly, so manic, so cultic?

    What’s already happening to it?

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Thanks: Kali, Mehen
    • Replies: @Triteleia Laxa
    , @Kali
  331. Incitatus says:


    Sorry, he lost the popular vote and electoral college, 61 lawsuits, and his Hail-Mary ‘Hang-Mike-Pence’ 6 January putsch while he (5 time deferment/bone-spurs-in-chief) watched ‘Stop the Steal’ insurrectionists on White House Cable scarfing burgers and Coke.

    Trump promises:
    • I will publish my tax returns (X);
    • The Wall will be paid by Mexico (X);
    • ObamaCare will be revoked and replaced by a less expensive system day one (X);
    • I’ll get out of foreign wars (despite surrender to the Taliban X).

    What about primo NAFTA and Mexico trade? Trump promised to reverse deficits. Here’s the record:

    • Obama 2013-16: \$\$232,570,000,000 deficit;
    • Trump 2017-20: \$364,434,000,000 deficit.

    Trump INCREASED the US-MEX deficit \$131,864,000,000: 56.70% more American jobs sent to Mexico.

    Check it out:

    You might want to think twice about championing a life-long deadbeat and multiple bankrupt. Just a thought.

    • Thanks: rufus clyde
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  332. @Incitatus

    Good God, yes-Trump was a grifter, poltroon, dead-beat, opportunist and con-man. The ideal American. However, compared to the cadaver, Bidet, surrounded by Zionazi Jews, trump seems like FDR in retrospect. The Gods are cruel and karma is a bitch.

    • LOL: rufus clyde
  333. @Justvisiting

    No, no, just-that does not compute. One apparent signal in one small area cannot negate centuries of work and observation. The poltroons probably have their seaside villas insured heavily against inundation. Perhaps it’s a scam to cash in, before flying off to New Zealand, to be greeted by friendly Maoris.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  334. @mulga mumblebrain

    Senile drivers (white Gentile ones anyway), however dangerous, are virtually a byword for safety and responsibility in comparison with black drivers of any age or any quantum of intelligence.

    In New York City in the post–George Floyd era, Commie Bill de Blasio has made enforcement of traffic regulations effectively a hate crime—since, that is, blacks are the offenders roughly 90 percent of the time. Thus, no one, whether driver or pedestrian, can any longer enter an intersection on a green light with even minimal confidence that a driver approaching a red signal will stop at it—if, at any rate, the driver in question is black. This holds true whatever the time of day or the state of the weather.

  335. @mulga mumblebrain

    This new day in Europe brought another very interesting article and links about this very subject:

    Good read and good day or good evening

    • Thanks: Kali
  336. @Polemos

    Your first para states the bleeding obvious-the Sun is the prime driver of our climate. But it is NOT the only one. Without greenhouse gases, primarily CO2 because of its longish residency in the atmosphere, the Earth would be too cold for human habitation. That is irrefutable science, unless the laws of physics are overturned. And various models (there are scores) do examine the effects of falling Solar radiance. Anything else, say a meteor strike, is outside the realm of anthropogenic effects, and would render our current travails null.
    You are correct to say that there are other problems such as vast pollution of all kinds, and that some of the ‘solutions’ to anthropogenic climate destabilisation add to that pollution. That, however, is no reason not to address climate destabilisation, which will end human civilization, just find better, cleaner, solutions.
    As you say the planet has survived higher temperatures and greenhouse gas levels, but humanity and industrial ‘civilization’ has not. And the rapidity and extent of the change this time is itself destructive of Life on Earth, that has no time to adapt. As for your final ruminations, I agree that acceptance of our pitiable insignificance and transience as individuals and species is wise, but surrendering to a too early demise for our species because of our own greed, stupidity and refusal to face facts seems like cowardice and a crime against Life to me.

  337. anonymous[350] • Disclaimer says:

    First time I heard and read his name was in the early seventies when I was a language student at an university in the Netherlands.Chomsky authored a new kind of linguistics that we were obliged to learn to have our bachelor grade.I thought of it as unscientific crap and was bad at it.Actually all language students had to study that scam ,whether in european,oriental or classical languages.

    This marks the beginning of the decline of knowledge in the west.

    N.Chomsky was controlled opposition from the start,as so many other personalities and media turn out to be eventually.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  338. @Polemos

    It is nice that you have confidence in your eccentricity and narrative, but it is also funny how accurately I summarised you, yet you couldn’t be more wrong about me; which points to something important.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  339. Kali says:

    Eloquent and heartfelt as ever, Polemos.

    Unfortunately I fear your prose are waisted on our Trite friend. Her pseudo-interlectual paraphrasing of textbook psychobabble, her inculcated inability to recognise her own “conformity bias” and the psychogical projections needed to uphold it, render her blind to real-reality, for which she (like so many others) substitutes social and scientific constructs such as “bi-polar disorder” and gene-edititing concoctions grown on aborted featuses, and labels the whole constructed reality in which she wallows “humanity”.

    She is here to troll for her unreal-reality at the expense of freedom; to insist that those of us who revear nature and simplicity are mentally unbalanced, for rejecting the propaganda which underpins her “reality”; because if we are sane then her entire world-view must be questioned and revised. At this point in her life she simply doesn’t have the courage to emark on that journey toward self-discovery and enlightenment. And so she projects.

    As gardeners we work the ground, encourage the microbes and worms, turn the compost and plant the seeds, but we can’t determin the weather or the terrain.

    In the weeks since I last read your words on this website another 8 “gardeners” have arrived to make a new life on our mountain, including 3 children and their parents. – I think Mankind will survive and thrive as a species whist “humanity” swallows itself whole.

    Divine blessings (or as friend Bugey would say, Jah Love),

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Polemos
  340. @mulga mumblebrain

    “The Gods are cruel and karma is a bitch.”

    Excellent, LOL

  341. Polemos says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Did you notice that the world’s best way for addressing climate destabilization in the last few years was the global lockdowns forced upon the high density urban centers of the Western world? The air became cleaner, less particulates, less combustion, even if the coal-fired power plants kept the Internet and data collection running.

    This is the best humans could do: turn all of their lives off. It wasn’t going to be enough to stop what’s coming for us all, though. If you accept that the coming minimum in solar output means a Long Dark Winter, then it might make sense why the people who think of themselves as the Heroes of Humanity (their version of humanity) want to ramp up the surface temperature as much as possible and thicken the atmosphere to contain it, hold onto it for as long as possible into that dark night. But if you also accept the more hidden aspect of the Lore that says we are going to experience not only a massive crustal displacement but decades long snowfalls that will blanket the earth in thousand-years-thick glacial ice, then you can also see why that kind of heroism is not going to save our race. In light (so to speak) of the inevitable, the students of the occulted Lore who travel the path of power see this as one last opportunity to seize all control and enslave (i.e., humiliate) as many of the people as they can, maybe even manage to get themselves into the good graces (so to speak) of the longer-lived world-rulers and exchange one form of life for another. If you have not been paying close attention to the way “Climate Change” as a political and economic cover is means for seizing technobureaucratic control of both private industry and collective assemblies, then it will make sense that you too accept that the only way humans can save their planet must be humans admitting they have nothing to offer in the way of saving this planet other than shutting it all down. But you in your frustration (palpable) find —just as many of the world’s saints-in-becoming find— that humans don’t really know how to turn themselves off —they don’t know where that button is, because they do not know who installed it or when it was, even that they have one, and do not see themselves as the machines they have become.

    I don’t know if any of this makes sense to you, but, please understand this much: I appreciate that you want to save people who clearly live in such a way that they can’t see the (self-)destruction they cause, and I appreciate that you go beyond seeing climate destabilization as an end for “human civilization” and see how there is reason to be concerned with ending Life (as we know it) on earth. I genuinely appreciate that what motivates you is concern for others, from the other two-legs to the segmented many-legs to the pluripodal microbeings, you intuitively grasp that all of us matter. I suspect where we differ is that I’m not given over to thinking that humans will change what’s happening, I don’t feel any need to ridicule or insult people who disagree with me, and I don’t intend to make my “solutions” to the issues with pollution political or ideological wedges —I apologize if these don’t actually describe you, though, and I’m open to correction here. Still, I do feel that my role is limited to the gifts and opportunities the Spirit tasked me with, not with taking over governments to make laws to force people to conform to my perspective.

    I agree that “surrendering to a too early demise for our species because of our own greed, stupidity and refusal to face facts seems like cowardice,” actually, but I am unsure what you take in anything I’m saying to be “surrendering” to human greed. Humans demonstrate they are not, on the whole, capable at this time to give up their greed. But this is also part of The Deal in being human: to move through the experience of ego limitation, some for the better, some for the worse, relative to where they are in the karmic journey. Natural law rules, no matter what we try to do in changing this metaphysical truth or in orienting ourselves in denial of it. Every human, even the collective they form spiritually, has a choice. You must give them their choice, and give the rest to God (so to speak). This isn’t surrendering to them. It’s surrendering to our Universe. They used to call that “submission to a Higher Power,” but lately I’m more inclined to think of it less about “power” and more about the Tao, a flowing of what encompasses me beyond what limits me and adjusting with wisdom how all my surfaces respond. Like trees in the breeze or geese in the vee, there’s release in being free.

    Maybe I’m still rambling, but I think you’ll make enough sense of what I’m saying.

    • Thanks: Kali
  342. anarchyst says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    One volcano spewing ash and lava puts out MORE pollutants than all of mankind throughout history.
    Mankind is an insignificant part of the the earth’s geologic mechanisms.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  343. Polemos says:
    @Triteleia Laxa

    Sure: it points to how much you keep hidden, revealing as little as you can about your sincere and heartfelt reality, the terms of your operation and the payment you receive from the inner insights you offer (to whom?), and that you do not intend to say anything about yourself that could give authority, control, or advantage to someone you do not trust. You made it a point to say that I’m “wrong” about you, but then what does anyone actually know about you, a flower, besides the bees whom you let shuffle along your shafts and sepals, such transpecific love? You make it a point to say that you’re accurate about me, but you don’t offer to our audience what you actually said about either me or what I reveal that’s consonant, or what I said about you or what you reveal as dissonant. You can never be found wrong if you never make a claim. You don’t quote and cite, correlate and compare. You talk in generalities and leave the concluding to our unconscious. (But of course, you can see my neur0linguistic programming doesn’t respond the way the usuals do.)

    Whereas my own openness about my absurdity, my freedom in being as profligate with the gifts I’ve been given, show me to be not only as stupid about “opsec” as any naïve child, but as confident with my faith in what has guided me, will guide me, and continues to walk with me through all of it, bumbling disaster after disastrous mumbling. If my guides are so faithful, how could I be any less with them? We all need friends, don’t you?

    But, again, you don’t talk about your language, how you are the one expressing no doubt —yet tell us cultists have no doubts; how you are the one calling us silly —yet tell us cultists put others beneath them. Your own language incriminates you, and so rather than address that, defend your own honor and your own accusation from your own claims, you want to make it about someone who quoted you against yourself. “I’m not in a cult, because we are legion!” is what you thought disproves your own words accusing you?

    You are not in this for the conversation, and you are not in this for the honor, and you are not in this for the fun of being a character, and so you cannot tell us what you are in this for, because that kind of open revelation in this highly observed forum has repercussions that you and I both know are not merely confined to the economic or the social or the political.

    Am I wrong? If I am, then clearly you’d talk about yourself, tell us about your hardships, your heart, and your own failures, failures of insight, failures of faith, failures of focus, failures of embarrassing nature. You’d love us with your soul and you’d love us with your honesty, and you’d love us with your actions, conversational as these all are.

    You don’t even acknowledge the essential fact: the inoculations intend to make us more like machines, operationally redefining the biologics of our flesh, because talking about this openly might make the usuals more aware that further consenting to this enables further opening of The Door to the blending of intelligent machine and sapient animal. You said it (it! in the singular, it! as though there’s only the one) “helps a lot” but never mention whom it helps or how; you say it’s “proven beyond doubt” but don’t waste time to say whose doubt or how proved or who proves it. Why waste time with such specifics, such revelation?

    Why waste at all, when economy is vital?

    • Thanks: Kali, Mehen
  344. @mulga mumblebrain

    The poltroons probably have their seaside villas insured heavily against inundation.

    I know that you support data and analysis and science.

    Therefore you should provide evidence to support your claim–I watch what people do and ignore what they say.

    It has worked for me for many decades.

  345. Polemos says:

    Love upon you, Kali. I appreciate your advice about my waistline, and I recognize the Spirit with which you offer it. This is partly why I do intermittent fasting, not just with my food but my words. Triteleia Laxa has a role to play, as do we all. Some are more conscious of it than others. Is TL trolling? Maybe, but our responses are our choices, and we can all use exercise to tighten waists or loosen waste. TL is not stupid, not ignorant, not unaware, not oblivious. We all benefit from her bloom, but some at a distance best so. I’m glad she graces us

    I am glad to hear that you are finding more community, or rather it finds you and y’all. I have not found my community yet, but soon. The Time is coming quite soon.

    Thank you for your sincerity and generosity in spirit. I offer you and yours my love, my heart, my friendship. It’s likely, from now on, I won’t be able to meet y’all in the flesh, but, definitely, I will see you on the Other Side.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Kali
  346. Kali says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I´m confused by your comment, Mumblebrain.

    Your first para states the bleeding obvious-the Sun is the prime driver of our climate. But it is NOT the only [prime driver]. Without greenhouse gases, primarily CO2 because of its longish residency in the atmosphere, the Earth would be too cold for human habitation

    It is a fact, established by ice-core data, that increased temperatures leads to increases in atmospheric CO2.
    So your assertion that CO2 drives warming, and therefor gives rise to [mammalian?] life, ignores that warming from the sun DRIVES atmospheric CO2, which (you say) drives life. You simultaneously acknowledge that the sun is primary, whilst subordinating it to the ‘secondary’ “prime driver”, CO2.
    The sun is primary.
    The minuscule amount of CO2 that mankind (or should that be “humanity”) emits into the atmosphere has no overall baring on those solar cycles which determine the fate of life on Earth.

    I guess you do acknowledge as much here: “but surrendering to a too early demise”, suggesting that you do recognise that the power of the Sun ultimately determines the survival of our species.
    Yet you wish to buy us some purported “extra time” by preserving the very “industrial ‘civilization’”, which generated the crisis that you perceive.

    That´s what I find confusing in your comment. – Is this not a self-perpetuating positive-feedback-loop? One which results in our inevitable, Sun-led, extinction, up to our emaciated necks in a sea of filth and pollution? – I’m not sure I see the point of that.

    Which really counts more, quantity or quality?

    Phaedrus’ search for “quality” in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” seems a much more sane path to me. May we each come to know our inner Phaedrus.

    Adding to Polemos´ suggestion regarding finding the “off-switch”, may I suggest that, as individuals (on an individual basis), those with the will and the means, find the off switch and unplug the cable. – The fewer of us plugged in to the matrix, the less power it can parasite from us, the weaker it gets, the stronger we get and more able to establish the means for others to also unplug… A less destructive kind of positive feedback loop.

    (A bow toward Polemos for his excellent comment. Thank you, once again.)

    Best wishes all,

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  347. Kali says:

    Such graceful use you make of my awful spelling, Polemos. 🙂 And how gracefully you address my unfairness toward TL (ref your previous comment). Humble thanks.

    I love you too, my friend, and send it to you.
    There’s not much we can really know of the future. Bugey libre may visit the mountain one day, may bring his family, may choose to stay (if he doesn’t mind building and growing and fixing things that is!) And so may you. But however it goes, may your journey continue to take you as deeply inward as it does outward. And yes, we will surely reconnect on the other side.

    Also, I thank you on behalf of my teacher/husband for enabling me to recognise certain things he’s been unable to point me toward… because he is my husband,, and balance is important. I pause over your comments because you enable me to see things I need to see.

    Did I ever mention that, over the last ten years my access to the internet has been pretty sporadic and limited – to the extent that I had no idea there’d been a “Brexit” referendum until months after it had taken place! Over the last couple of years I’ve had regular access but limited data. Now (as of two weeks ago) I have unlimited everything and even a computer to access it on. Soon though, free expression on the net will curtailed by the servants of Mammon, and so my own use of their technocratic “ecosystem” will lessen. – I’m enjoying it while it lasts! I have even rediscovered podcasts and video! And, of course the internet archive.

    I’ll not miss it when its gone. Nor will I, or the local wildlife, miss the wifi radiation. But I am happy and blessed to have crossed paths with you on this (I feel) very important forum.

    ‘Nuff said! 😀

    Much love,

  348. Now, this is really satanic. The Zipper masks for kids. Move to time marker at 6:21:

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  349. @matzahballsgonewrong

    To much is to much, enough is enough. The whole scam is collapsing.

    • Replies: @matzahballsgonewrong
  350. Incitatus says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    “Good God, yes…The Gods are…”

    God or Gods? Best make up your mind if you want to get to heaven/underworld.

    As for “karma”, it has yet to visit Teflon Don J. Trump.

  351. The problem with Chomsky’s highway analogy is the same as the ‘crying fire in a crowded theatre’ analogy used to take away free speech.

    One voluntarily enters a theatre or gets behind the wheel of a car. In doing so, one agrees to restrict one’s behaviour.

    No one agrees to be conceived or born. The simple fact of birth conveys an obligation only to God.

  352. @Bugey libre

    Thanks, but I believe we have worked hard to prove to ourselves that we cannot and will not learn from the past. We would be much better served if we try and learn something from our not so distant future which looks grimmer by a minute.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  353. Proportionality is NOT the issue. What classic leftist illogic and typical insanity from an oblivious leftist such as the author. The fallacy involved here is begging the question, in which an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion. In this instance, proportionality assumes that there’s no question about the infectivity of asymptomatic unvaccinated people. But that unproven assumption is what needs to be addressed in the first place. In fact, the entire article just dances around this issue, even though its title seems to imply that it will investigate whether the unvaccinated deserve to be isolated, i.e., whether it is medically sound to consider them harmful to anyone at all. But again, this is typical sideways thinking from a leftist. She will say one thing, do another, and always refuse to get pinned down with objective definitions, which she artfully evades by refusing to believe that objective truth even exists. Every damn thing is subjective and situational. Leftists are adept at casting spells at the rest of us, spells which are dripping in moral imperative and semantic sleight-of-hand in order to beguile the unwary. Of course, with conservatives, they are so stupid that they are easily gulled.

    Here’s the key issue, the crux of the political problem in this entire Covid fight: The vaxx tyrants must prove that asymptomatic unvaxxed people, regardless of any prior infection and/or natural immunity, are dangerous carriers. Every piece of their tyrannical program depends on it. So far, they’re just mouthing empty assertions, and baffling with BS. Since they can’t prove any such thing, it should all come crashing down. The only thing that sustains it is people’s refusal to address this issue head on.

    Everything else is a sideline, peripheral to the underlying assumption used as an excuse for lockdowns, mandates, vaxx passes, and all the rest. There should be legal action and constant hammering on this one key issue by everyone on the side of empirical science and objective truth. Emphasize it and reemphasize it by referring all other arguments back to it. Everyone should be forced to examine the chain of logic, until they understand what they hell they’re talking about.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
  354. @mulga mumblebrain


    I think you would be highly interested in reading that blog wich provides very interesting articles and datas :

    Take care

  355. @matzahballsgonewrong

    Hello, there might not be one definite future… Philippe Guillemant has been working in the double causality stuff. he was first introduced to the world by Jacques Vallée. I hope the english version will provide you a very interesting vision. Check the CV of the guy…

    Take care

    • Replies: @matzahballsgonewrong
  356. @Monotonous Languor

    And shouldn’t that burden of proof be expanded?

    The vaxx tyrants must prove

    (1) that asymptomatic unvaxxed people, regardless of any prior infection and/or natural immunity, are dangerous carriers


    (2) that they are made less so by the injections.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    • Agree: Polemos
  357. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Measles vaccine works and is harmless.

    . . . you wish.

    Well, I’m not going to comment on measles, but my cousin was born with cerebral palsy, traced decades latter to have been caused by his then pregnant mother/nurse having been vaxxed with Stanley ‘Plotzkin’s’ 64-65 Rubella (German Measles) vaccine – so there’s that.

    Score another one for that fat filthy Jew ‘scientist’, the lying Jew Godfather of Vaccines.

    The whole vaccination thing is weird. The purveyors of the shit believe in ‘science’, yet Darwin says that science says that if one can’t overcome a virus, nature wants them dead – go figure.

    Vaccines simply off-load the risk of those who might succumb to an illness to the vast majority who would otherwise survive.

    Poor poor little germophobe Jews, scratching and clawing for every extra ounce of life they covet so much – yet every one of them will still die and rot in the ground, just like the dirty gentiles they hate so much.

    They’re such mentally ill fuck-ups, it’s too bad I won’t be around to watch them create a living hell for themselves as they start-in with ‘transhuminizing’ themselves into ‘gods’.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  358. jb: “It isn’t just the risk of dying that is the problem. I have a friend — in her 50s and in good health — who caught the bug right at the beginning of the pandemic and was seriously ill for six months. ”

    Likewise, there are many cases of people, some of them famous like Colin Powell, who died of Covid even after getting the mystery shot. There’s no proof your friend wouldn’t have gotten Covid even if injected, since no knowledgeable person still claims it offers protection against contracting or spreading the virus. There’s only the dubious assertion that her symptoms would have been less severe. Against this must be balanced the certainty that many people are made ill for weeks from the shot itself, or even die from it.

    This isn’t an “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, as the senile nitwit in the White House has claimed. It’s a pandemic of the conformist mass hysterics who make up the majority of the public. Is it possible, even likely, that as little as .15% of the general population is gullible and conformist enough to actually die if they’re constantly kept in a state of paranoia and fear about a supposedly lethal disease making the rounds? Sure it is. If people think they’re going to die of something, their bodies may actually shut down; and one could well conjecture that this is especially true if they were already on the brink of death anyway, as so many of the purported Covid deaths were.

    Fear of Covid-19 has perhaps caused more death than the disease itself ever could have. Mass media stirring up panic and government incompetence may well have combined to scare millions of people to death, quite literally.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  359. HbutnotG says:

    I wasn’t talking about German measles (Rubella) – I meant measles (Rubeola) vaccination. Giving a rubella vaccine requires at the very least, that a woman has not missed her most recent period. (“If you’re late, then, wait!”) It’s Rubella that causes birth defects. Rubeola can cause SSPE. Two different things.

    My point was that we all got measles (Rubeola) in my day and I know of nobody dying from it.

    Rubella is often asymptomatic and yet still contagious and easily carried around and if caught by a woman in early pregnancy it can cause serious birth defects, as was possibly the case in your cousin if that vaccine was not of the killed virus type but instead, the “attenuated virus” type (I’m not sure what type of vaccine Rubella is but you’re not supposed to get vaccinated for Rubella if you could be pregnant).

  360. HbutnotG says:

    Guess what?

    I just pulled out the tub of Dawn Ultra and there’s a duckling on the label! Yikes!

    That’s false advertising. Those ducks (Valdez oil spill) were cleansed with (original) Dawn (in those days not otherwise, specified, i.e., full strength, the original version).

    There should be a lawsuit – and if I was a Jew….

  361. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    FFS, Colon Bowell had multiple myeloma

  362. @Kali

    When I said that CO2 also had an effect, I did not mean that it was another ‘prime driver’. The Sun is number one, but CO2 and other greenhouse gases increase planetary temperatures by trapping re-radiated heat. That is SETTLED science.
    Your declaration that higher temperatures lead to higher CO2 is correct, but misleading. That occurs at the end of glaciations when the changes inherent in the Milankovitch Cycles begin to increase global temperatures, and positive feedbacks such as loss of ice cover, thereby lowering planetary albedo, and the melting of permafrost releasing CO2 and methane which trap re-radiated heat drive the warming further.
    Needless to say we are NOT at the end of a glaciation. The anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases over the last 250 years or so, are unprecedented in global history as they are caused by one of the planet’s species, not vulcanism as so often in the past. And the extent and rapidity of these emissions is unprecedented for at least 55 million years, going back to the PETM.
    As for action, well I oppose Industrial Civilization because it is so plainly self-destructive. We need to reduce consumption, energy use, pollution of every type and warfare, or we’ll bow out before 2050. Then we’ll need a lower population, not achieved by war, famine and pestilence, but slowly by reducing poverty and increasing equality and female empowerment.

    • Replies: @Kali
    , @Justvisiting
  363. @anarchyst

    A super-volcano of Toba size might get close to one year’s anthropogenic emissions, and your assertion is pure, denialist, bunkum.

    • Troll: anarchyst
  364. Stephane says:
    @Bugey libre

    I think in this specific instance it is “using whatever was available at the time” rather than following a protocol specifically asking for “mix-and-match”.

    Considering his age and the timing of his first injection, AstraZeneca was then “standard issue” for someone like him so no surprise.

    I don’t know when he took his second shot,but if it was around the suspension of Astrazeneca the switch to an mARN one makes sense – such a switch became the norm after the suspension.

    As for the third one, Pfizer is currently more readily available than Moderna, and as far as I can tell there are no recommandation for it one way or another, the official position is that they are roughly equivalent.

    There is also IHMO more than a little bit of communication at play – “See, safe enough for a member of the government, no reason to refuse it !”

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
    , @Bugey libre
  365. Kali says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    As for action, well I oppose Industrial Civilization because it is so plainly self-destructive. We need to reduce consumption, energy use, pollution of every type and warfare, or we’ll bow out before 2050. Then we’ll need a lower population, not achieved by war, famine and pestilence, but slowly by reducing poverty and increasing equality and female empowerment.

    At least we agree on the solutions, Mr Mumble, though the notion of “female empowerment” warrants a whole new discussion, which must naturally include respect for “active” masculine energy and “receptive” feminine.

    Thanks for your reply and explanation. Though I may not agree on the causes of our current tribulations, I do agree on the solutions, therefore I conclude that we are essentially united, and not at all enemies either of one another or of our natural environment.

    What actually worries me about global warming theory is the push for the centralisation of power into global-corporate hands that it has been used to generate, despite that such centralisation of power can and will only make all of our planetary, national and local problems much, much worse. On that, also, I think we probably agree.

    Friends? 🙂

    With love,

  366. @Stephane

    “the switch to an mARN one makes sense “… My question was about the science Stéphane, the fact that these injections were “available” is thus not a relevant answer. “roughly “equivalent… Hum… Where is the science?…

    Each of these injections are medical experimentations, that is a fact. How come could one evaluate their efficacy if they are mixed?

    Again, where is the control group for each of these products? Where is the control group for any mix possible?

    Have any of the possible mix, whatever one, been ever tested before being encouraged ever been tested?

    Have any of the pharmafia company involved ever work with one another to define a protocol to test the mix?

    Again where would be the control group?

    What proof do we have the ever lying guy in charge of health among a government where 3 members have judicial problems (since Darmanin has been released) and the président is about to have big problem: has really been injected?

    Thank you for answering. Merci pour votre réponse.

    For the others, there is an expression for the very numerous doctors who pretend to inject and refuse do do it, “piquer dans l’oreiller” (inject in the pillow). Lots of French doctors are now treating pillows… Primum non nocere.

    Sunday we were having a conversation with neighboor’s friends. They were about to finally succumb to the social psychopathic pressure and get the jab. Their doctor told them that they shouldn’t do it and that he had stoped injecting people after seeing so many side effects.

    Saturday, we were having a conversation with a good friend who is in the medical world. He knows two people who have experienced serious side effect after having been injected, among them a 21 year old woman who has experience an AVC…

  367. @Kali


    The only way to reduce poverty is to bring the shadow government, the mafia to an end and to bring them to a court of justice. Then truth must be spoken. That would generate an end to the weapon manufacturing, surveillance industry…

    Equality is a strange concept… We were all born different. Equal rights and Justice are more relevant since we would all live according to the same non corrupt judicial system and within the same laws without any priviledges.

    As to women empowerment and to make it short and simple, women are very powerful in most traditionnal society. They spent time together, sharing what is dear to them and if the man at home is not ‘correct’, well everything can be said and will be known. The reputation of the guy is thus endangered and this is my experience. Furthermore there have been very interesting matriarchal societies which are worth inquiring, like the Mossuo in China… Very interesting and rather conservative.

    European wars have brought the women to factories and the proletariat status. They have pay taxes which reinforced the power of the State. It was sold to have been empowerment…

  368. @Monotonous Languor

    Please see my previous reply, and let me know what you think.

  369. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    We need…we’ll bow out…we’ll need

    This is the language of sociopaths.

    “We” means a small group of “leaders” live in great wealth with a boot on the necks of everyone else.

    Every time.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  370. @Stephane

    Talent, humour, dedication, utter beauty, grace, harmony, poetry… Meet scientific integrity, expertise in the service of fellow human beings and not corporations, career… attracting the worst of men narcisists, perverts, as Alain Jacquard had warned us French. That is called kakistocraty. So for you as French and for those ‘abroad’ who could be empowered by sharing with true human beings, Ingrid Courrege who is giving private concerts without the totalitarian pass meeting Professeur Perronne (check the bio of the guy)!

  371. @Bugey libre

    Thank you, but this stuff is way above my head. I am more into Zukunftsromane (“Die Macht der Drei”, “Auf zwei Planeten” ) or those that deal with question of the meaning of human society (“Zone Null”) usw.

    • Replies: @Bugey libre
  372. @Justvisiting

    ‘We’ in that context means humanity. Are you one of us?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  373. @Kali

    Oh, I agree that the ‘solutions’ proposed by the ruling elites for the very real problem of anthropogenic climate destabilisation are poison, but what do you expect from snakes.? Centralised elite power got us into this pickle. Power to the people, as my hero, John Lennon, put it, before they killed him. Female empowerment actually promotes female values and talents, and the more generally human gifts that they share with men. It simply values females as much as men. Friends-of course.

  374. @matzahballsgonewrong

    Ich auch mag zukunftromane wie P. K Dick und anderen schriftstelleren.

    Philippe Guillemant’s work is not that hard to understand because, even though he offers the equations for his theorical framework that are within what is accepted in official theorical physic. He also infer that we can try to get information “from” the future. He has set up a protocol which he had applyed to himself with great succes dealing with synchronicities, serendipity. He started his journey while doing his favourite activity, which is walking in the mountain. Once he was lost at dawn and really didn’t know how to make his way out of a placed he felt traped in. Then he saw a deer which “showed” him the path to get out and he could safely come home at dusk.

    Intention, attention are very important. One must ask a question and the step outside our daily paths, while being very vigilant to the signs which can take many forms. A great many people got interested and because the guy knows the maths, he is non discredited.

    Worth a try one day.

    • Replies: @matzahballsgonewrong
  375. @mulga mumblebrain

    I see absolutely no difference. What exactly was better under Trump? His lampooning of the left? That’s it.

    Regarding anything real he is a carbon copy of Biden and every other President: Incompetent, evil and promoting the Marxist agenda every step of the way.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  376. @Bugey libre

    Intention, attention are very important. One must ask a question and the step outside our daily paths, while being very vigilant to the signs which can take many forms.

    So very true! Thank you, I’ll take a closer look.

    • Thanks: Bugey libre
  377. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “Humanity” just means a small group of elites rule and everyone else drools.

    It always has and always will.

  378. It should not be surprising that Noam Chomsky favors the vaccine mandate, and is willing to see the vaccine-reluctant disenfranchised if they do not get vaccinated. He is 93 years old, and is at prime risk for lethal results, should he become infected with SARS-COV2. It is to his interest to see that his risk of infection and death thereby be minimized, and damn the cost to others.

    It is a pity, though, that like all humans with a life-and-death interest in the matter, he cannot see beyond his own interest, and his own fears. Even major-league intellects, especially those in their dotages, as Chomsky shows himself to be, are subject to this bias.

    If he were not influenced by that bias, he would perhaps be capable of a more objective risk/benefit analysis. Such an analysis would take into consideration the short testing period for the vaccines (10 or so months, as opposed to the 10 to 15 YEARS required for all other vaccines. It would also take into consideration that mRNA vaccines are a new medical technology, and have not been adequately tested for long-term side effects.

    Finally, it would take into consideration the fact that a number of assumptions made when the vaccines were first rolled out have since been shown to be false. Those assumptions include the following: 1) that the spike protein produced by the vaccine are harmless; 2) that the molecular ‘trimers’ which lock the spike protein in the prefusion formation, and which adhere the protein to the surface of human cells, remain stable; 3) that the IM injection remains localized to the injection site, and does not circulate throughout the body; and 4) that a single vaccine could ever be 100% effective against a virus with a high mutation rate.

    Of course, it does not help that the current corporate media, which has driven so many people to the point of hysteria over the recent pandemic, and which support the vaccine mandate (most probably because major advertisers of that media include Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J), are unwilling to provide accurate information about the pandemic, chance of dying therefrom, causes, and efficacy of the vaccines, etc.

    It remains, however, an irony worthy of Aristophanes, that the man who coined the term, ‘manufacturing consent’, is unable himself to see how he has bought into that ‘consent’ as regards the pandemic, and about the vaccines.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @gsjackson
  379. @Bernard Brandt

    It is to his interest to see that his risk of infection and death thereby be minimized, […]

    You apparently accept another of the “assumptions made when the vaccines were first rolled out”: that those who haven’t used the products pose a greater risk to Mr. Chomsky.

    Hasn’t that assumption likewise “since been shown to be false”?

    • Replies: @Bernard Brandt
  380. @Greta Handel

    You apparently accept another of the “assumptions made when the vaccines were first rolled out”: that those who haven’t used the products pose a greater risk to Mr. Chomsky.

    Hasn’t that assumption likewise “since been shown to be false”?

    Thank you, Greta, for your reply.

    You seem to think that I share the assumption above, which I have ascribed to Prof. Chomsky.

    I do not.

    On the other hand, I quite agree with you, that that assumption is being shown to be false, thus invalidating the entire rationale for the mandate.

    • Agree: Bugey libre
    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  381. gsjackson says:
    @Bernard Brandt

    Agree, and one minor correction. Chomsky wrote a book titled Manufacturing Consent, but the term was coined by Walter Lippmann, who learned the art in the Wilson Administration during WWI.

  382. @Alexandros

    A choice between arsenic and strychnine. Obama was cyanide. Calling Bidet a Marxist is barking mad. Just sayin’.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  383. Sometimes (very rarely) might it be justifiable to suspend the rights of citizens, preferably only during a true emergency. Perhaps the most dramatic case of this was during WW II. In the USA, thousands of ethnic Japanese, Germans and others were temporarily kept confined for the duration of hostilities. Clearly, this was a violation of their civil rights but the Supreme Court upheld the need. Other major powers (e.g. Germany, Soviet Union) rounded up actual or suspected subversives too, even before the war but dealt in much greater numbers, prehaps for less noble motives and beyond question the detainees were treated rather more poorly.

    Thank you for concentrating on the merits, or more aptly stated, the utter lack, for mandating vaccines. COVID-19 is relatively tame as pandemics go. Finally, the “vaxxes” (they are not by any traditional definition “vaccines,” and you in essence endorse Newspeak by so calling them) not only are novel technology, but they are laughably ineffective by traditional standards. Their protection is at best limited, for several months. There appear have a high incidence of deaths, illnesses and other side effects. Perhaps the best arguent against their mandated use is simply that they do not effectively to reduce infection and transmission of the virus. It has been apparent from early on that politics, not sound public health policy, has been the driver of the vaxx regulations.

    • Replies: @skrik
  384. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Well I guess he can be whatever his handlers want him to be, but currently he works for Marxism like everybody else in the mainstream.

  385. skrik says:
    @Ben the Layabout

    Perhaps the best arguent against their mandated use is simply that they do not [act?] effectively to reduce infection and transmission of the virus

    Agree; Germany, say:

    Currently 113,348,563 coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations have taken place in Germany since the beginning of the campaign

    Yet the infection rate now is the highest ever:

    Germany’s coronavirus infection rate has risen to its highest level since the start of the pandemic, public health figures showed on Monday

    IF I may [justifiably] be PC-incorrect THEN I think that there may be

    a Nigger in the woodpile


    PS In a ‘proper’ democracy, the power comes from us, we the people. A few corollaries; in order to legitimately ‘delegate’ power, the people a) need to be fully and fairly informed, b) need to be offered a free and varied choice of *qualified* candidates who if/when elected, c) implement the ‘will of the majority,’ with full protection of the ‘rights of any minorities.’

    Q: Any of that present in ‘the West?’

    A: No.

    PPS Just say “*NO!*” [F – IW = Freedom—I Won’t!]

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