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How ‘Bernie Bros’ Were Invented, Then Smeared as Sexist, Racist and UnAmerican as Borscht
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The Democratic presidential nomination race is a fascinating case study in how power works – not least, because the Democratic party leaders are visibly contriving to impose one candidate, Joe Biden, as the party’s nominee, even as it becomes clear that he is no longer mentally equipped to run a local table tennis club let alone the world’s most powerful nation.

Biden’s campaign is a reminder that power is indivisible. Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president – it doesn’t matter to the power-establishment. An egomaniacal man-child (Trump), representing the billionaires, or an elder suffering rapid neurological degeneration (Biden), representing the billionaires, are equally useful to power. A woman will do too, or a person of colour. The establishment is no longer worried about who stands on stage – so long as that person is not a Bernie Sanders in the US, or a Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

It really isn’t about who the candidates are – hurtful as that may sound to some in our identity-saturated times. It is about what the candidate might try to do once in office. In truth, the very fact that nowadays we are allowed to focus on identity to our heart’s content should be warning enough that the establishment is only too keen for us to exhaust our energies in promoting divisions based on those identities. What concerns it far more is that we might overcome those divisions and unify against it, withdrawing our consent from an establishment committed to endless asset-stripping of our societies and the planet.

Neither Biden nor Trump will obstruct the establishment, because they are at its very heart. The Republican and Democratic leaderships are there to ensure that, before a candidate gets selected to compete in the parties’ name, he or she has proven they are power-friendly. Two candidates, each vetted for obedience to power.

Although a pretty face or a way with words are desirable, incapacity and incompetence are no barrier to qualifying, as the two white men groomed by their respective parties demonstrate. Both have proved they will favour the establishment, both will pursue near-enough the same policies, both are committed to the status quo, both have demonstrated their indifference to the future of life on Earth. What separates the candidates is not real substance, but presentation styles – the creation of the appearance of difference, of choice.

Policing the debate

The subtle dynamics of how the Democratic nomination race is being rigged are interesting. Especially revealing are the ways the Democratic leadership protects establishment power by policing the terms of debate: what can be said, and what can be thought; who gets to speak and whose voices are misrepresented or demonised. Manipulation of language is key.

As I pointed out in my previous post, the establishment’s power derives from its invisibility. Scrutiny is kryptonite to power.

The only way we can interrogate power is through language, and the only way we can communicate our conclusions to others is through words – as I am doing right now. And therefore our strength – our ability to awaken ourselves from the trance of power – must be subverted by the establishment, transformed into our Achilles’ heel, a weakness.

The treatment of Bernie Sanders and his supporters by the Democratic establishment – and those who eagerly repeat its talking points – neatly illustrates how this can be done in manifold ways.

Remember this all started back in 2016, when Sanders committed the unforgivable sin of challenging the Democratic leadership’s right simply to anoint Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate. In those days, the fault line was obvious and neat: Bernie was a man, Clinton a woman. She would be the first woman president. The only party members who might wish to deny her that historic moment, and back Sanders instead, had to be misogynist men. They were supposedly venting their anti-women grudge against Clinton, who in turn was presented to women as a symbol of their oppression by men.

And so was born a meme: the “Bernie Bros”. It rapidly became shorthand for suggesting – contrary to all evidence – that Sanders’ candidacy appealed chiefly to angry, entitled white men. In fact, as Sanders’ 2020 run has amply demonstrated, support for him has been more diverse than for the many other Democratic candidates who sought the nomination.

How contrived the 2016 identity-fuelled contest was should have been clear, had anyone been allowed to point that fact out. This wasn’t really about the Democratic leadership respecting Clinton’s identity as a woman. It was about them paying lip service to her identity as a woman, while actually promoting her because she was a reliable warmonger and Wall Street functionary. She was useful to power.

If the debate had really been driven by identity politics, Sanders had a winning card too: he is Jewish. That meant he could be the United States’ first Jewish president. In a fair identity fight, it would have been a draw between the two. The decision about who should represent the Democratic party would then have had to be decided based on policies, not identity. But party leaders did not want Clinton’s actual policies, or her political history, being put under the microscope for very obvious reasons.

Weaponisation of identity

The weaponisation of identity politics is even more transparent in 2020. Sanders is still Jewish, but his main opponent, Joe Biden, really is simply a privileged white man. Were the Clinton format to be followed again by Democratic officials, Sanders would enjoy an identity politics trump card. And yet Sanders is still being presented as just another white male candidate, no different from Biden.


(We could take this argument even further and note that the other candidate who no one, least of all the Democratic leadership, ever mentions as still in the race is Tulsi Gabbard, a woman of colour. The Democratic party has worked hard to make her as invisible as possible in the primaries because, of all the candidates, she is the most vocal and articulate opponent of foreign wars. That has deprived her of the chance to raise funds and win delegates.)

Sanders’ Jewish identity isn’t celebrated because he isn’t useful to the power-establishment. What’s far more important to them – and should be to us too – are his policies, which might limit their power to wage war, exploit workers and trash the planet.

But it is not just that Democratic Party leaders are ignoring Sanders’ Jewish identity. They are also again actively using identity politics against him, and in many different ways.

The ‘black’ establishment?

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have been complaining for some time – based on mounting evidence – that the Democratic leadership is far from neutral between Sanders and Biden. Because it has a vested interest in the outcome, and because it is the part of the power-establishment, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is exercising its influence in favour of Biden. And because power prefers darkness, the DNC is doing its best to exercise that power behind the scenes, out of sight – at least, unseen by those who still rely on the “mainstream” corporate media, which is also part of the power-establishment. As should be clear to anyone watching, the nomination proceedings are being controlled to give Biden every advantage and to obstruct Sanders.

But the Democratic leadership is not only dismissing out of hand these very justified complaints from Bernie Sanders’ supporters but also turning these complaints against them, as further evidence of their – and his – illegitimacy. A new way of doing this emerged in the immediate wake of Biden winning South Carolina on the back of strong support from older black voters – Biden’s first state win and a launchpad for his Super Tuesday bid a few days later.

It was given perfect expression from Symone Sanders, who despite her surname is actually a senior adviser to Biden’s campaign. She is also black. This is what she wrote: “People who keep referring to Black voters as ‘the establishment’ are tone deaf and have obviously learned nothing.”

Her reference to generic “people” was understood precisely by both sides of the debate as code for those “Bernie Bros”. Now, it seems, Bernie Sanders’ supporters are not simply misogynists, they are potential recruits to the Ku Klux Klan.

The tweet went viral, even though in the fiercely contested back-and-forth below her tweet no one could produce a single example of anyone actually saying anything like the sentiment ascribed by Symone Sanders to “Bernie Bros”. But then, tackling bigotry was not her real goal. This wasn’t meant to be a reflection on a real-world talking-point by Bernie supporters. It was high-level gaslighting by a senior Democratic party official of the party’s own voters.

Survival of the fittest smear

What Symone Sanders was really trying to do was conceal power – the fact that the DNC is seeking to impose its chosen candidate on party members. As occurred during the confected women-men, Clinton vs “Bernie Bros” confrontation, Symone Sanders was field-testing a similar narrative management tool as part of the establishment’s efforts to hone it for improved effect. The establishment has learnt – through a kind of survival of the fittest smear – that divide-and-rule identity politics is the perfect way to shield its influence as it favours a status-quo candidate (Biden or Clinton) over a candidate seen as a threat to its power (Sanders).

In her tweet, Symone Sanders showed exactly how the power elite seeks to obscure its toxic role in our societies. She neatly conflated “the establishment” – of which she is a very small, but well-paid component – with ordinary “black voters”. Her message is this: should you try to criticise the establishment (which has inordinate power to damage lives and destroy the planet) we will demonise you, making it seem that you are really attacking black people (who in the vast majority of cases – though Symone Sanders is a notable exception – wield no power at all).

Symone Sanders has recruited her own blackness and South Carolina’s “black voters” as a ring of steel to protect the establishment. Cynically, she has turned poor black people, as well as the tens of thousands of people (presumably black and white) who liked her tweet, into human shields for the establishment.

It sounds a lot uglier put like that. But it has rapidly become a Biden talking-point, as we can see here:

The DNC’s wider strategy is to confer on Biden exclusive rights to speak for black voters (despite his inglorious record on civil rights issues) and, further, to strip Sanders and his senior black advisers of any right to do so. When Sanders protests about this, or about racist behaviour from the Biden camp, Biden’s supporters come out in force and often abusively, though of course no one is upbraiding them for their ugly, violent language. Here is the famous former tennis player Martina Navratilova showing that maybe we should be talking about “Biden Bros”:

Being unkind to billionaires

This kind of special pleading by the establishment for the establishment – using those sections of it, such as Symone Sanders, that can tap into the identity politics zeitgeist – is far more common than you might imagine. The approach is being constantly refined, often using social media as the ultimate focus group. Symone Sanders’ successful conflation of the establishment with “black voters” follows earlier, clumsier efforts by the establishment to protect its interests against Sanders that proved far less effective.


Remember how last autumn the billionaire-owned corporate media tried to tell us that it was unkind to criticise billionaires – that they had feelings too and that speaking harshly about them was “dehumanising”. Again it was aimed at Sanders, who had just commented that in a properly ordered world billionaires simply wouldn’t exist. It was an obvious point: allowing a handful of people to control almost all the planet’s wealth was not only depriving the rest of us of that wealth (and harming the planet) but it gave those few billionaires way too much power. They could buy all the media, our channels of communication, and most of the politicians to ringfence their financial interests, gradually eroding even the most minimal democratic protections.

That campaign died a quick death because few of us are actually brainwashed enough to accept the idea that a handful of billionaires share an identity that needs protecting – from us! Most of us are still connected enough to the real world to understand that billionaires are more than capable of looking out for their own interests, without our helping them by imposing on ourselves a vow of silence.

But one cannot fault the power-establishment for being constantly inventive in the search for new ways to stifle our criticisms of the way it unilaterally exercises its power. The Democratic nomination race is testing such ingenuity to the limits. Here’s a new rule against “hateful conduct” on Twitter, where Biden’s neurological deficit is being subjected to much critical scrutiny through the sharing of dozens of videos of embarrassing Biden “senior moments”.

Yes, disability and age are identities too. And so, on the pretext of protecting and respecting those identities, social media can now be scrubbed of anything and anyone trying to highlight the mental deficiencies of an old man who might soon be given the nuclear codes and would be responsible for waging wars in the name of Americans. Twitter is full of comments denouncing as “ableist” anyone who tries to highlight how the Democratic leadership is foisting a cognitively challenged Biden on to the party.

Russian ‘agents’ and ‘assets’

None of this is to overlook the fact that another variation of identity politics has been weaponised against Sanders: that of failing to be an “American” patriot. Again illustrating how closely the Democratic and Republican leaderships’ interests align, the question of who is a patriot – and who is really working for the “Russians” – has been at the heart of both parties’ campaigns, though for different reasons.

Trump has been subjected to endless, evidence-free claims that he is a secret “Russian agent” in a concerted effort to control his original isolationist foreign policy impulses that might have stripped the establishment – and its military-industrial wing – of the right to wage wars of aggression, and revive the Cold War, wherever it believes a profit can be made under cover of “humanitarian intervention”. Trump partly inoculated himself against these criticisms, at least among supporters, with his “Make America Great Again” slogan, and partly by learning – painfully for such an egotist – that his presidential role was to rubber-stamp decisions made elsewhere about waging wars and projecting US power.

Bernie Sanders has faced similar smear efforts by the establishment, including by the DNC’s last failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – in his case, painting him as a “Russian asset”. (“Asset” is a way to suggest collusion with the Kremlin based on even more flimsy evidence than is needed to accuse someone of being an agent.) In fact, in a world where identity politics wasn’t simply a tool to be weaponised by the establishment, there would be real trepidation about engaging in this kind of invective against a Jewish socialist.

One of the far-right’s favourite antisemitic tropes – promoted ever since the publication of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion more than 100 years ago – is that Jewish “Bolsheviks” are involved in an international conspiracy to subvert the countries they live in. We have reached the point now that the corporate media are happy to recycle evidence-free claims, cited by the Washington Post, from anonymous “US officials” and US intelligence agencies reinventing a US version of the Protocols against Sanders. And these smears have elicited not a word of criticism from the Democratic leadership nor from the usual antisemitism watchdogs that are so ready to let rip over the slightest signs of what they claim to be antisemitism on the left.

But the urgency of dealing with Sanders may be the reason normal conventions have been discarded. Sanders isn’t a loud-mouth egotist like Trump. A vote for Trump is a vote for the establishment, if for one of its number who pretends to be against the establishment. Trump has been largely tamed in time for a second term. By contrast, Sanders, like Corbyn in the UK, is more dangerous because he may resist the efforts to domesticate him, and because if he is allowed any significant measure of political success – such as becoming a candidate for president – it may inspire others to follow in his footsteps. The system might start to throw up more anomalies, more AOCs and more Ilhan Omars.

So Sanders is now being cast, like Trump, as a puppet of the Kremlin, not a true American. And because he made the serious mistake of indulging the “Russiagate” smears when they were used against Trump, Sanders now has little defence against their redeployment against him. And given that, by the impoverished standards of US political culture, he is considered an extreme leftist, it has been easy to conflate his democratic socialism with Communism, and then conflate his supposed Communism with acting on behalf of the Kremlin (which, of course, ignores the fact that Russia long ago abandoned Communism).

Antisemitism smear at the ready

There is a final use of weaponised identity politics that the Democratic establishment would dearly love to use against Sanders, if they need to and can get away with it. It is the most toxic brand – and therefore the most effective – of the identity-based smears, and it has been extensively field-tested in the UK against Jeremy Corbyn to great success. The DNC would like to denounce Sanders as an antisemite.

In fact, only one thing has held them back till now: the fact that Sanders is Jewish. That may not prove an insuperable obstacle, but it does make it much harder to make the accusation look credible. The other identity-based smears had been a second-best, a make-do until a way could be found to unleash the antisemitism smear.

The establishment has been testing the waters with implied accusations of antisemitism against Sanders for a while, but their chances were given a fillip recently when Sanders refused to participate in the annual jamboree of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a prominent lobby group whose primary mission is to ringfence Israel from criticism in the US. Both the Republican and Democratic establishments turn out in force to the AIPAC conference, and in the past the event has attracted keynote speeches from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But Sanders has refused to attend for decades and maintained that stance this month, even though he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination. In the last primaries debate, Sanders justified his decision by rightly calling Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist” and by describing AIPAC as providing a platform “for leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights”.

Trump’s Vice-President, Mike Pence, responded that Sanders supported “Israel’s enemies” and, if elected, would be the “most anti-Israel president in the history of this nation” – all coded suggestions that Sanders is antisemitic.

But that’s Mike Pence. More useful criticism came from billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who is himself Jewish and was until last week posing as a Democrat to try to win the party’s nomination. Bloomberg accused Sanders of using dehumanising language against a bunch of inclusive identities that, he improbably suggested, AIPAC represents. He claimed:

“This is a gathering of 20,000 Israel supporters of every religious denomination, ethnicity, faith, color, sexual identity and political party. Calling it a racist platform is an attempt to discredit those voices, intimidate people from coming here, and weaken the US-Israel relationship.”

Where might this head? At the AIPAC conference last week we were given a foretaste. Ephraim Mirvis, the chief rabbi of the UK and a friend to Conservative government leader Boris Johnson, was warmly greeted by delegates, including leading members of the Democratic establishment. He boasted that he and other Jewish leaders in the UK had managed to damage Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral chances by suggesting that he was an antisemite over his support, like Sanders, for Palestinian rights.

His own treatment of Corbyn, he argued, offered a model for US Jewish organisations to replicate against any leadership contender who might pose similar trouble for Israel, leaving it for his audience to pick up the not-so-subtle hint about who needed to be subjected to character assassination.

Establishment playbook

For anyone who isn’t wilfully blind, the last few months have exposed the establishment playbook: it will use identity politics to divide those who might otherwise find a united voice and a common cause.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating one’s identity, especially if it is under threat, maligned or marginalised. But having an attachment to an identity is no excuse for allowing it to be coopted by billionaires, by the powerful, by nuclear-armed states oppressing other people, by political parties or by the corporate media, so that they can weaponise it to prevent the weak, the poor, the marginalised from being represented.

It is time for us to wake up to the tricks, the deceptions, the manipulations of the strong that exploit our weaknesses – and make us yet weaker still. It’s time to stop being a patsy for the establishment.

Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His books include “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Ah, the proud glories of American democracy.

    But I think they’ve backed themselves into a corner with Biden.

    Here’s just some of the things against him as a candidate. I definitely believe he would be Trump’s own choice as an opponent.

    Perhaps, there’s secret plan to substitute someone else at the last moment?

    Biden is a man who is able to generate no excitement or enthusiasm. He’s a place-filler. And a very temporary-looking one, given both his age and feeble behaviors.

    Biden can display quite a temper in public at times. He just angrily told a worker at a plant in Michigan that he was a horse’s ass and full of s—t.

    Perhaps Biden’s most dangerous view is about Russia. He is quoted as saying, “[I regard Russia as] an adversary or even an enemy,” a tired repetition of the warmongering Pentagon attitude. He also repeats the completely unproven claim that Russia works to “subvert democracies in western Europe and the United States.”

    Biden has a habit of pawing women, including young girls, at many public events, something attested to by many easily-found photographs on the Internet.

    Biden’s 1988 Presidential campaign effort was embarrassingly ended by the clearest evidence of his having plagiarized speeches of British Labour Party politician Neil Kinnock. He also plagiarized Bobby Kennedy.

    Biden supported Bill Clinton’s most conservative policies, including an “end to welfare in our time.”

    Biden actually said of Obama in 2007, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

    Biden voted to overturn the Glass-Steagall Act, an important Roosevelt era law which protected insured consumer deposits from the predation of investment banking.

    Biden opposed school integration through bussing in the 1970s, and he was asked to speak at the funeral of Strom Thurmond, unrepentant southern racist politician, in 2003, which he did.

    For years, Biden described the driver of the truck which killed his first wife and daughter in 1972, as a drunk, saying things like, “He drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch.” He was not. The official investigation found the truck driver completely innocent. The driver’s family, obviously exposed to great anguish, pleaded with Biden to stop, but he would not, even after the unfortunate driver died.

    Biden also has the same annoying tendency as Hillary Clinton of just suddenly blurting out some claim about his past that’s just complete fiction, as his recent claim about being arrested when trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison decades ago. It resembled Hillary’s proven-false claim about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. He has done that kind of thing many times over many years, including a story about being asked to award a Silver Star to a heroic soldier in Afghanistan, an event which never happened. Again, he claimed he always opposed the invasion of Iraq when just the opposite is the case, he is remembered as an enthusiastic supporter, and an early one.

    That kind of story-telling isn’t about the forgivable failings old age. It represents an inherent mental or psychological problem, the need to present yourself to others as being at the center of events. It’s almost a version of Munchausen’s syndrome.

    I just can’t imagine how they are going to prevent some aspects of his behavior in Ukraine from surfacing. Ukraine itself might have incentive for providing evidence to ingratiate itself with Trump.

    At the very least, and something we know without additional evidence, Biden’s behavior as Obama’s proconsul to the new coup-installed government of Ukraine included effectively taking a large bribe, one in the form of the appointment of his son to a company director’s position.

    His son, Hunter, was completely unqualified for the position. He had no industry contacts or influence. It was in an industry about which he knew nothing, and it concerned a country whose language he could not even speak. On top of all that, he had a record as a serious drug addict. He received, for years, an unheard-of salary (for directors of companies) of \$50 thousand dollars per month.

    Out of 330 million people, the best the two national parties can come up with is Biden and Trump, neither of whom is entirely rational.

  2. In truth, the very fact that nowadays we are allowed to focus on identity to our heart’s content should be warning enough that the establishment is only too keen for us to exhaust our energies in promoting divisions based on those identities.

    What do you mean ‘we’, Kemosabe? Whenever White nationalists try and express any love of their history, heritage or culture, they are banned, censored, and ‘deplatformed’; they are infiltrated, hunted and persecuted by the FBI.

    And what about men who insist, for example, on more equitable custody arrangements from courts? Why, they are savaged as ‘misogynists’ who are creating some sort of backlash against feminism.

    And when normal women complain about guys with their wangs cut off being allowed to compete in women’s sports? Well they’re vilified as ‘transphobic TERFs’.

    So no, Jon, not all identity politics are created equal these days, as you yourself later allude to in your essay.

    The weaponisation of identity politics is even more transparent in 2020. Sanders is still Jewish, but his main opponent, Joe Biden, really is simply a privileged white man. Were the Clinton format to be followed again by Democratic officials, Sanders would enjoy an identity politics trump card. And yet Sanders is still being presented as just another white male candidate, no different from Biden.

    What are you talking about? Joe Biden’s disabl–uh, I mean differently-abled!

    Sanders’ Jewish identity isn’t celebrated because he isn’t useful to the power-establishment.

    Well, Uncle Bernie’s kinda useful to the DNC … as a sheepdog.

    … allowing a handful of people to control almost all the planet’s wealth was not only depriving the rest of us of that wealth (and harming the planet) but it gave those few billionaires way too much power. They could buy all the media, our channels of communication, and most of the politicians to ringfence their financial interests, gradually eroding even the most minimal democratic protections.

    Did you hear that, libertarians? Billionaires can still do all of that to us even if they happened to have really earned all that money in the first place, instead of, say, just inheriting or stealing it.

    One of the far-right’s favourite antisemitic tropes – promoted ever since the publication of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion more than 100 years ago – is that Jewish “Bolsheviks” are involved in an international conspiracy to subvert the countries they live in.

    What about the Jewish billionaires? If I recall correctly, rich Jews in finance got an honorable mention in the Protocols, too.

    By contrast, Sanders, like Corbyn in the UK, is more dangerous because he may resist the efforts to domesticate him …

    He hasn’t resisted much so far.

  3. Moderate Dems have been saying that it is better to have Bernie than to have Biden because he is more electable, i mean the next election looks like being an easier one for Democrats to win anyway, you have got all the stats in your favor i.e a larger migrant demographic in key states such as Florida, a greater disillusionment with Trump due to his lack of moves to make healthcare free or to provide much needed jobs in the rust belt. I wish moderate Dems would just be honest and say that Biden is the best prospect because it means they will pay less tax but then that would just be too honest and admitting that they actually want nothing to change and would even prefer 4 more years of Trump over paying more tax.

  4. gotmituns says:

    Un-American, well of course, he’s a Jew.

  5. Tusk says:

    It’s okay to slander Trump supporters because they believe in wrong policy, but Sanders believes in right policy, so leave his people alone!

  6. Spanky says:

    …if he is allowed any significant measure of political success – such as becoming a candidate for president – it may inspire others to follow in his footsteps. The system might start to throw up more anomalies, more AOCs and more Ilhan Omars. — OP

    So identity politics has been weaponized against Bernie, but a couple of its most vociferous proponents, whom eagerly use identity as a whip, are considered bright spots in the Democratic Party’s future?

  7. The reasons that the DNC establishment want Biden is that:

    1. as Obama’s VP, he has high name recognition – so he has a good chance of wining the election; and

    2. his history of corruption gives them a lever over him through which they can control him – so he can be relied on to do as he is told.

    The problem for them is that he is senile, can’t stand to be contradicted or argued with, and can’t keep his hands off little girls.

    ‘Wrong bet’, as Jean-Claude Van Damme once said.

    Is this really the highest-quality meat puppet that the Deep State can produce these days? It’s not just the DNC – think of Jeb on the Republican side

    Buttigieg is still in production and won’t be ready for a decade or so yet. The establishment has a serious supply problem.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @obwandiyag
  8. UK says:

    What a load of nonsense. You’re just lauding any politician who stands with you and your pet Palestinians as wonderful rebels. The left resents Western history. You resent the left and Western history. Congratulations, you have won the prize for the most resenting.

    The Brexit vote was the most anti-establishment in the UK in my lifetime. Yet Corbyn would have finagled the situation to keep us in. This fact alone blows up your ridiculous argument.

    Also, I note that you use the ever more fashionable word “scrutiny”. It first became a la mode when Boris secured a deal and tried to get it through parliament. It was used as the word du jour to disingenuously undermine that effort on the basis of needing more time. It was the mark of a charlatan then and it remains it today.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @KA
  9. This is probably the best political encapsulation that I have read in a long time. The beauty of the piece is that it provoked comments that proved the author’s thesis. : ) I’ll bookmark it and pass it along.

    • Agree: ld
    • Replies: @Biff
  10. gotmituns says:

    I don’t give a rat’s butt about this election but if Trump wins, the 2024 Dem primaries will be a virtual freak show likes of which this world has never before. Every loony tunes wacko known to mankind will be running for president (if of course, there’s a USA by then).

  11. Rahan says:

    “The only way we can interrogate power is through language”

    — Look, let’s agree to not use baizuo terms when having a normal discussion, OK?
    “Interrogate” this or that–that’s baizuo B.S. As is “problematic”, and “weaponized”, etc.
    Let’s keep language clean.

    • Replies: @UK
  12. Biff says:

    The beauty of the piece is that it provoked comments that proved the author’s thesis.

    That happens a lot around here…

  13. As always, the very lively (s)election charade must ultimately be good for the Jews.

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum….”
    — Noam Chomsky

    • Replies: @4justice
  14. swamped says:

    “And because he made the serious mistake of indulging the ‘Russiagate’ smears when they were used against Trump, Sanders now has little defence against their redeployment against him”…which is a major problem which calls into question Sanders’ credibility & motives. It’s never easy to trust a millionaire railing against billionaires and Sanders tirades are sounding increasingly hollow. It’s questionable whether Sanders even understands what socialism is, but he certainly has not been able to make a persuasive case for it in America. Maybe “another variation of identity politics has been weaponised against Sanders” but sadly he himself has been borrowing more from the ‘identity politics’ playbook (and endorsements) himself in this election, making him sound more & more like them, as well. His complete flip-flop on immigration to the point now of endorsing an open borders policy (with full free benefits for illegal aliens) alone, should be enough to disqualify him as a serious choice for President. It would be great if some future President put the screws to Israel, but it’s unlikely this is really much of a priority for Sanders. So this may actually be one time when you wish ‘the establishment’ well in stopping a candidate who has too many liabilities of his own.

  15. Alfred says:

    America’s elections really do bore me immensely. 🙁

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  16. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    The most blatant sign of America’s rot and degeneracy is the vast cultural and political power held by American blacks, courtesy of (((them))). White Americans should be ashamed of allowing and bowing down to this bullshit agenda ever since Martin Luther KingKong got his noodle blown out.

    • Agree: Poco
  17. @Alfred

    What a sad indictment of the entertainment industry.

  18. MLK says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Bernie was snapped like a butter bean in 2016 by the Democrat establishment. After screwing him out of the nomination, he loudly and proudly endorsed Hillary in the general election against Trump.

    Yes, I know, he and his supporters tried to have it both ways — quietly mumbling ‘lesser of two evils’ to themselves.

    The establishment is no longer worried about who stands on stage – so long as that person is not a Bernie Sanders in the US, or a Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

    Nonsense. Both men lack courage in a particularly leftist way, almost delighting in sacrificing allies in return for absolutely nothing.

    Say what you will about Trump, but he was fearless and loyal to his supporters in 2016. If the powers that be had succeeded in throwing the election to Hillary, Trump would have been framed-up, spending the rest of his life in prison, and those who voted for him would be getting it good and hard.

    • Replies: @Exile
  19. Democrat: The Party of the Plantation. The Party of Slavery. The Party of Division. Poverty. Dependance. False Hope. Wet Dreams. Hallucinations. Surveillance. Subservience. The Whipping Post.
    Abraham Lincoln opposed them. He was killed for it.
    And so it will go for the Uppity anywhere on the planet.
    Democrats support immigration in order to populate their new plantation model, a TechnoPlantation, with the best and brightest from the weakest and poorest nations by bombing, burning and poisoning their lands and assassinating their reform leaders.
    Republicans are merely a foil, the dummy on the ventriloquist’s knee, with the guiding hand firmly controlling Republican strange and violent actions of through its anus.
    Their ideal model is Baltimore, Maryland. A big house (Roland Park) surrounded by competing herds of pathetic human livestock.
    Master. Must. Be. Obeyed.

  20. Wielgus says:

    To many Europeans, the US Republicans and Democrats are remarkably similar, even though their partisans do not appear to notice this and often seem filled with a rather pointless mutual loathing. The fact that Biden is almost interchangeable with Trump is par for the course.
    Sanders seems to be a bit different and that is presumably why he will not be allowed to become President.

    • Replies: @Wally
  21. UK says:

    Jonathan Cook is a writer for whom most pretentious white people always talking in nonsensical language about imperialism and racism and sexism are not actually baizuo enough.

  22. Some “uncomfortable truths” about your boy Bernie, his lesser half, and the rest of the clowns in the political circus tent.
    Caution: Adult Language Content

  23. Anonymous[323] • Disclaimer says:

    Democracy isn’t merely a travesty—it’s now a rigged moral horror that not only doesn’t represent our will, but is allowed only because it formally sanctions the evil done in our name. To the extent Fox News’ m.o. is trotting out toothless gumming from Republicans and the faux-conservative kosher punditry in response to CNN’s lead, America is thereby covered with gaslighting 24/7/365.

    As for this article, the Bern would have almost zero national awareness if he wasn’t a cardboard function of the kosher MSM’s public theater, which in all cases (as this Dem primary season has made clear) is all about promoting the extermination of “whiteness” from the pages of history.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  24. @John Chuckman

    Well-researched post.

    Biden is dangerous because of the 95% plantation lockstep votes of blacks. They, and really all dems, vote for GIBS, not candidates.

    Also to consider is Gropey Joe reminds those folks of obozo’s historic, disastrous wins. Never mind that Jugears hired him as assassination insurance.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  25. Agent76 says:

    “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Friedrich Nietzsche

    Apr 30, 2015 Corruption is Legal in America

    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates

    The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation headed by the former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic parties. The CPD is a duopoly which allows the major party candidates to draft secret agreements about debate arrangements including moderators, debate format and even participants. The result is a travesty riddled with sterile, non-contentious arguments which consistently exclude alternative voices that Americans want to hear.

    The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns

    • Replies: @A123
  26. A123 says:

    The DNC and its debates are even worse. Look what they did to:

    — Ensure Bloomberg would be on stage.
    — Prevent Tulsi from appearing.

    The rigging is so bad that #NeverBiden is starting to trend as a hash tag.

    PEACE 😇

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
  27. @Anonymous

    As for this article, the Bern would have almost zero national awareness if he wasn’t a cardboard function of the kosher MSM’s public theater,

    I don’t think so. What role did he play in Jew-propagated “public theatre”? The Jews want someone like Biden, and Bernie enjoyed very low levels of support from Jewry.

    Why have a Jew as president when you can have a shabbosgoy like Biden who will do what Jews want and can take the blame for any Jew-inspired policy disasters (e.g., GWB and the Iraq invasion.). And Bernie was inclined to talk rather unconventionally about dear little Israel. Despite all the nonsense about a “divorce” between Israel and American Jews, and the last thing they wanted was a major party candidate with a platform to do something other than lavish praise on the Judenreich.

    In that respect, Bernie comes close to being a renegade Jew, and the vast majority of the Tribe don’t want him anywhere near the Oval Office. The reason he has gotten visibility was because he speaks forcefully, advocates positions that no one else does and doesn’t have the milquetoast aura of all the other Democrats. Of course, that wasn’t enough even with harridan Hilary, much less the amiable Sleepy Joe, though the utterly corrupt Democratic Party put its greasy finger on the scale just to make sure.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. Exile says:

    Trump’s fearless loyalty lasted through November 8, 2016. Then it’s been James Fields, RAM, Proud Boys, Bill Barr’s Israeli-administered pre-crime program, black unemployment, and how great Hispanics and H1B Jeets are. Bernie’s a sell-out but he isn’t actively trying to jail his voters.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @MLK
  29. @John Chuckman

    Biden opposed school integration through bussing in the 1970s,

    So what? In case you missed it, education is not something in the jurisdiction of the Federal government. The Supreme Court overstepped its authority by stating that Federal law could usurp a state’s right. Beyond that, bussing has been an unmitigated disaster for education, resulting in poorer outcomes for virtually all students – something that was predicted by many opposing.

    Biden, like Trump, is deeply flawed, which makes him the perfect candidate for the owners.

  30. Popeye says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    I’m beginning to think that the old cranky bastard Bernie is most valuable to the DNC as a… hydrant…

  31. @UK

    Corbyn, himself, was OK with Brexit. His biggest problem was that he didn’t oppose the Auntie Shem-itism canard. I’m waiting for the day that someone on the left actually owns the labels hung on him/her, á la Harry Perkins, with his “simple minded fool” speech in A Very British Coup.

    Corbyn would have done well to banish all of those accusing him of Auntie Shem-itism. Most were Blairites who were still sucking Ziodick. All he had to do was state he was returning Labour to its roots, which had a national focus.

  32. Wally says:

    Good try, but Sanders is a Communist and Biden supports Sanders’ ideas.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  33. MLK says:

    Nonsense. No one, you included, has any excuse but willful ignorance to ignore their efforts to destroy him. In other words, he had enormous incentive to surrender and protect himself and his family.

    That he didn’t and still won’t is heroic beyond measure.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  34. @Curmudgeon

    Corbyn’s ‘anti-semtism’ was motivated less out of antagonism for Jewish influence on public life which is negative for Whites, and more out of a desire to pander to his Muslim voter bloc.

    I care more about Jewish subversions in the media and finance and Jews inviting White Guilt, than I do about a bunch of low-IQ sand people duking it out in the Middle East.

    If anything, White Brits who are low-information, probably felt sympathy with teh Israelis as Whites to have to endure an onslaught by aggressive Muslims in the UK, if course Zionists outfits like Tommy Robinson and the EDL played up this angle, but one can hardly blame them.

  35. Agent76 says:

    Thanks for your time and comment. You will not come across this unless you read and view the world from multiple articles and view many more insightfull videos globally.


    New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay joined MSNBC’s Brian Williams Thursday night to talk about Michael Bloomberg’s campaign spending, affirming a wildly inaccurate social media claim that Bloomberg could have instead given every American \$1 million and had money leftover.

  36. When Reagan was losing his mental faculties near the end of his second term, there was no crisis.

    The Deep State and its rulers would be fine with a President Biden or Clinton taking long naps as it guided the ship of government. All they want is a figurehead to read prepared speeches.

    Trump is in an uphill fight with a gun to his head. He’s had to trade away many of his election promises just to overcome the resistance to his regime. His rallies are the one thing that the establishment can’t touch him on.

    For all his faults, Trump’s no Biden.

  37. Rooster says:

    Welcome to the party!! So do any of the “Bernie Bro’s” still believe any of the B.S. the MSM still spouts about Trump supporters?

    So Bernie Bro’s have had to put up with this for what, about 3 months? Try being a Trump supporter and being bombarded 24/7 365 for 4 straight years!

    I picture the Bernie Bro’s as the new recruits coming into the front lines of battle wearing clean uniforms and no idea of what’s ahead, while passing the battered and tattered verteran Trump supporters coming off the front lines. Best of Luck!!!

  38. Wielgus says:

    Still in denial about Trump, who comes across as both a fool and a coward in his response to Corona? I hear a senior Brazilian who met Trump recently has it (unconfirmed reports say Bolsonaro) and the Orange Man is a bit rattled…

    • Replies: @Wally
  39. bjondo says:

    Time only to notice one small bit of the article:

    More tax dollars to Israel and S. Arabia.
    Israel certainly gets the dollars, maybe \$30 – \$50 billion/year. Maybe more.
    S. Arabia gets what? SA gives US many tens/hundreds of billions ea. year.


  40. It must be tough living in fear of ‘socialism’.

    Meanwhile, citizens of Canada and every other advanced country enjoy health care systems which are administered by government.

    Socialism is alive and well in the USA, but only for the rich. Fear of it is manufactured. ‘Socialism’ doesn’t have to mean killing fields. It can mean you go to the hospital, show them your health card, and they look after you. The taxation which makes it possible is not egregious.

    The path is somewhere between Sanders and Trump. A National socialism.

    • Agree: ld
    • Replies: @Wally
  41. Mefobills says:

    I did a word search for “Oligarchy” and …no hits?

    Cook (the author) did a good job, but didn’t put his finger on the target.

    Oligarchy defends itself, and today’s western “elite” or paid off “establishment” all work together to protect their Oligarchic owners. So, either the elite are Oligarchs themselves, or want to become uber oligarchs .. part of the .01%

    Finance Capitalism is in itself defective. It takes usury and rents from the productive side of the economy. The unproductive live off of the energy of the productive.

    In parasite and host terms, the body politic is infected with a parasite. A parasite class has hosted the body. Talmudic and Jewish evolutionary history is one of taking usury and rents. So, Jews as an in-group are implicated as Oligarchic agents. Bernie was not smart enough to use his Jewish identity as a shield, to deflect criticism from the rent seeking owner class.

    This same owner class is paranoid about Russia, as they hear the thundering hooves of Cossacks in their dreams, ready to take their heads. It is no accident that many of these now American money-jews are descendants from pale of settlement or polish shtetls immigrants 1890-1925.

    Russia stands against globo-homo one world order. This world order is being created by Oligarchic finance capitalists who want their money to fly anywhere on the globe to then extract from the mouth of labor. Industry being off shored from America was precisely because “capital” could take wage arbitrage on Chinese labor.

    This same Bolshevik (wall street finance capitalist) ownership class is afraid of fascism or any type of nationalism, including national communism.

    A healthy body ejects its parasites, so it can live.

    Universal suffrage democracy, where sheeple people can be easily maneuvered and hoaxed, is not up to the task of “shaking off of parasites.”

  42. @Stebbing Heuer

    “The problem for them is that he is senile, can’t stand to be contradicted or argued with, and can’t keep his hands off little girls. ”

    Please try to pay attention.

    His whole selling point to Blacks is that he only ever interferes with White girls, the Black ones are quite safe.

  43. At the height of the cold war Sanders married.

    Then he honeymooned … in the Soviet Union.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  44. @John Chuckman

    Biden is so far gone that he can hide his own Easter eggs.

  45. Wally says:

    “Meanwhile, citizens of Canada and every other advanced country enjoy health care systems which are administered by government. ”

    You need to get out more often.

    – You mean such healthcare systems which are laughably inefficient, slow, and dangerous to the users health.

    – You mean such countries where millions come to the US for real healthcare.

    – You mean such countries which now have additional private healthcare because of massive complaints about Communist healthcare.


    The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care:
    The Pitfalls of Single-Payer Health Care: Canada’s Cautionary Tale :
    Sorry Bernie Bros But Nordic Countries Are Not Socialist:
    Debunking the Myth of Socialist “Success” in Scandinavia :

  46. I wouldn’t spend that much time on Bernie at this point since the establishment has their mediocre and unprincipled candidate.

    Bernie needed a majority of delegates to beat the establishment and that isn’t happening.

  47. The problem is writers like Cook who say they want the people to wake up but write to make sure they remain fast asleep. Elections consist of fraudulent side shows to make the citizens think they have some freedom. Keep the audience divided by debating the merits of ruling class courtesans whose only real job is to sustain a myth.

  48. @James Graham

    At the height of the cold war Sanders married.
    Then he honeymooned … in the Soviet Union.

    That is true but Biden is no America loving centrist.

    He wants to allow cities to sue gun manufacturers for the criminal use of firearms. This is how he plans on routing the second amendment. He wants to sue them into bankruptcy to eliminate the supply.

    So guns would be legal but no one would produce them.

    I’d rather have Bernie and his past than someone that is clearly obsessed with taking down the second amendment in the present.

  49. Wally says:

    You are laughably uninformed.

    Trump quickly declared a Corona Virus National Emergency in January, during your laughably failed impeachment proceedings. The Marxist ‘Democrats’ did nothing.

    Trump then, quickly & wisely banned Chinese flights into the US.

    Obama allowed 1,000 Americans to die before he finally declared a national emergence 6 months after the onset of the deadly Swine Flu Virus which, because of Obama’s utter incompetence, ended up taking 10,000 US lives.

    Bolsonaro’s test was negative.

    Pay attention, dumsky.

  50. Fucking DNC is doing the same shit again to Bernie. Even though i believe he would not win against trump, but it would still highlight key issues.

    Zombiden would be the same as handling the 2nd term to trump.

    This is what the powers that be wants. All those drop outs were to consolidate against Bernie.

  51. 4justice says:
    @Pat Kittle

    A practice that Noam Chomsky himself participates in when it comes to promoting Jewish ethnic interests. He completely dismisses people who want to get to the bottom of 9/11 despite that event being the pretext for some 7 US led wars for Israel’s interests. Wonder why Noam does this. He was interested in exposing the Gulf of Tonkin false flag pretext for war. He went out of his way to pick apart the “genocide” pretext of the US bombing of Kosovo. He even looked into the validity of claiming the attack on Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked Japanese act of aggression demanding the US enter the war. But somehow, we are wasting our time if we wish to look into who were the actual perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks and coordinated anthrax attacks on Congress which brought the Patriot Act and the War on Terror. Chomsky is himself a gatekeeper. He says he is an anarchist, but he is really a Jewish ethnic nationalist – aka Zionist. He may not even realize he is or intend to be, but people who quote him need to be aware of this fact.

    • Agree: Fuerchtegott
    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
    , @Pat Kittle
  52. Should have kept their racism in check, Corbyn (suspicious nose) and Berny.

  53. Video Link

    Bernie to the Woodshed is another interesting video.
    How can a man, who voted 97% the time the same as Hillary did, be any different than Biden or Trump.

    What a crap assumption.

  54. @4justice

    Likely even his contributions to science are bullshit.
    Not going into details, but they smell very suspicious.

  55. @Sick of Orcs

    Let’s stop and think!

    2008 Obama vs Insane John McCain, a man who never met a war he didn’t love
    2012 Obama vs Mittens hedge fund honcho Romney and Bibi’s best friend

    Compared to those two “bozos,” I’d say Obama’s wins were not so disastrous.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  56. This piece on Taki is well worth a read.
    The bit about Black anxiousness to loot the Whites while they can before the browns and yellows render their issues moot is worth pondering.
    Which other group might be left holding “worthless IOU’s” I wonder?

    • Replies: @Miro23
  57. Anonymous[323] • Disclaimer says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    The more general point, OP, is that Jewish control over the mainstream and social media confers or denies political existence on individuals and narratives. Mind control technique using stroboscopic light effects, sounds, music and the like deeply overwrites already emotion-driven narratives with conditioning so effective it’s impregnable to subsequent demonstration of facts and reason.

    As Jacque Ellul wrote decades ago, the better educated imagine themselves better able to discern truth from propaganda for the very reason they constantly immerse themselves in the propaganda they mistake for objective news. In any case, the rest of the Dem line up were cardboard caricatures created to gauge the strength of various leftist positions. Castro? Buttigieg? O”Rourke? These little shits had no existence outside leftist enclaves before the MSM/DNS gave it to them. As for Fox News being the opposition, the fact is Fox News’ m.o. is reacting helplessly to CNN’s lead 24/7 in a sweep operation that gaslights the rest of America into eventually going mad or accepting the leftist agenda.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  58. @follyofwar

    I don’t disagree ConInc. runs shite candidates. I also recall obozo accelerated the “real war” in Afghanistan.

    Heads they win, tails we lose.

  59. Miro23 says:
    @Bill Jones

    Great article on Takimag


    The young Hispanic and Asian voters that Bernie Sanders did much better with are not going to be guilt-tripped into righting the historical wrongs done to blacks by whites (most of whom, in either case, are dead). Those injustices will be considered problems left over from a previous era, probably before their ancestors got here. (This is already playing out in Asian resentment over affirmative action at Harvard.)

    Blacks are in a parasitic relationship with Whites and they don’t want their hosts to die off too soon.

  60. When his critics call sanders an anti-semite, he should call them Israel-firsters.

  61. Thomm says:

    Why is this a surprise? White Trashionalists are socialists at heart, and many of them were huge supporters of Bernie Sanders until Bernie went for open borders.

    There should be no surprise about the affinity that White Trashionalists have for Bernie Sanders given the fully socialist economic views inherent to WN.

  62. This can’t be right, I’ve been assured by many geniuses here that America is run by Communist Zionist Bolshevik Jews, as if that even makes sense. So how is it that the Communist Zionist Bolshevik Jew is once again being thrown under the bus for an senile gentile, who will in turn lose to the other senile gentile? Hmmmm…

    I’m going to have to reconsider all the things I have learned reading the enlightening comments here.

    Sanders is a lot like Corbyn, no spine, weak, not a fighter. Lets assholes walk all over him, then begs for more. Goes out of his way to please the Dem establishment that hates his guts, his supporters, and everything they stand for.

    They cheat him out of first primary, he kisses their ass. Now they’re doing it again, same BS. Trump and Tulsi call it out and defend him more than he defends himself. Its sad.

    Went along with Russiagate when everyone knew it would be turned around and used against him, it was.

    Anyone watching this “election” that cant see that the Dems are actively working to get Trump re-elected should have their heads examined. Sanders, intentionally or not is also helping with his inability to call it out.

    Trump would have to be pretty pathetic to lose the election to Biden, he would be smart to reach out to independents by offering something close to universal healthcare or legalizing cannabis, Republican votes will not win him election, if votes even matter anymore, I suspect not.

    Its probably best that Sanders does lose because he and the neoliberal opportunists like The DSA that he surrounded himself with lately will only give real socialists a bad name for a generation.

    Trump has all the money behind him. The Israel lobby, the Saudis, the Democrats, Wall ST, MIC. So I’m sure the election has already been decided. One good thing about Trump being elected is it has exposed Americas fake uniparty “democracy” for the fraud it is.

    The left and the working class in general need a fighter or a revolt. I’m sure he would be imprisoned or assassinated in short order though. Democratic P and GOP are corrupt to the core and not capable of being reformed. All institutions and the courts that supposedly prevent these things are corrupted beyond repair. CIA/Wall St pretty much runs the country as of now. I’m 99% positive these voting machines are rigged as well. So who gives a fuck?

    This will end exactly like 2016 I’m sure. Polls show that most Americans support most of the policies Sanders has proposed. I think this virus (the boomer remover) is going to show just how badly capitalism has failed this country. Hard to respond when all your production/manufacturing has been offshored ain’t it? All the people in govt. that would respond have been fired and replaced by Big Pharma and insurance execs and lobbyists. Not good!

    Sounds like we’re about to experience what the neoliberal capitalists call shock therapy. Lets pay attention to who comes out on top, makes lots of money from this “crisis”, we might then know who is behind it.

    I should also post some pictures of empty store shelves and homeless people eating shit out of trashcans to point out how capitalism always fails. Maybe soon, we’ll be eating all the zoo animals also. Just like Venezuela, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

    • LOL: Biff
    • Replies: @Mario Partisan
  63. @Stebbing Heuer

    No. They like Biden because he has, like all the rest, Clinton, Trump, Bush, etc., been photographed in compromising positions. While Sanders has not. Don’t you read the news?

  64. Biff says:

    I think this virus (the boomer remover) is going to show just how badly capitalism has failed this country.

    It will show Americans what their health care system is really made of — paper and imagination. An actual real healthcare crisis is going bare all the shortages that always have been there just beneath the surface, because it was only intended to be a money racket rather than real healthcare. In no way can the American system accommodate large populations(such as China) simply because that would flat line profit. The town I’m from probably has 400 hospital beds for a population near 500,000 people, so you’re gonna have hundreds of thousands dying in the streets – what a photo op that will be! Then comes the shortage of medicine that is kept at ridicules artificial high prices, and a very real low supply to support the high prices.

    After the die-off will football Sunday be able to drown out the memories?

  65. MBlanc46 says:

    It’s their party and they can nominate whom they want to.

  66. Barr says:

    Sorry its self-medication for voters. Trump or Biden , cocaine or Weed , does same . It heals . The hate of Trump from other guy makes me love Trump more . But Trump hurts and I get my instant gratification of sticking it to the democrats by wearing MAGA. Biden is hated by my neighbors . So my other neighbors love him more .

    This Italian American physician I know ,likes Trump and thinks Corona is hyped but knows also not to confuse the issue by thinking about mounting Italain deaths .

    Self medication to prevent the same effects from getting worse brought by same medication hoping a miracle though whose nature we don’t know .

  67. @4justice

    You’re right about Chomsky.

    When he’s pinned down, he’ll kind-of-sort-of admit (((who)))’s calling the shots.

    “Chomsky Acknowledges the Neocons as the Dominant Force in Pushing for Iraq War”:
    — (

    Sadly, behind his veneer lurks a Zionist Jew.

    “Chomsky Among ‘Progressives’ Calling for US Military Involvement in Syria”:
    — (

    Nevertheless, two Chomsky quotes are memorable — the one I cited, and this:

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

  68. Of course it’s bullshit, but you people so completely deserve it.

  69. @redmudhooch

    It’s nice to have a smart leftist on this site.

    Anyone watching this “election” that cant see that the Dems are actively working to get Trump re-elected should have their heads examined.

    Trump has all the money behind him. The Israel lobby, the Saudis, the Democrats, Wall ST, MIC. So I’m sure the election has already been decided. One good thing about Trump being elected is it has exposed Americas fake uniparty “democracy” for the fraud it is.

    Exactly! For a long-time I was in agreement with Mr. Dore who has claimed for a while that the Blue Team establishment would rather have Trump over Bernie.

    But recently, especially since the Ukraine-gate impeachment fiasco, I have actually come to your position: the entire establishment is actually behind the orange buffoon.

    What people need to understand is that at this point, is that the blue team versus the red team “elections,” the “impeachments,” everything, are simply means by which a united transnational oligarchy advances its agendas, while engaging in political theater intended to distract and fool the masses.

    Back in February I wrote a lengthy comment under “Trump’s Chumps” explaining my view that the Trump phenomenon is itself a gigantic psyop directed by the deep state. In it I tried to explain how the various scandals during the Trump administration are actually intended to boost Trump as well as pursue other agendas.


    [Mario Partisan wrote:]

    The multi-dimensional psyop involves several different subplots:

    1) Russiagate: For three years, the entire establishment has promoted the most blatantly idiotic story that Trump was put into power by the combined forces of Putin, Assange, and the cringe memes of a Russian click-bait marketing company. This load of BS has been used to stoke anti-Russia sentiment, especially on the left; turn a former icon of the left, Assange, into a an imprisoned pariah mocked even on SNL; create the precedent that people can actually be indicted for social media posts that constitute election meddling; create a media priesthood who get to decide what is true or fake; go after a number of figures on the periphery of the Trump campaign for process “crimes” while not laying a finger on any of the inner circle.

    DJT’s call during the campaign for Russia to get the emails and his lack of vitriol towards Putin are just him playing his part in the act. The Mueller investigation was not meant to “succeed;” it was meant to “fail” and to “fail” miserably, because Trump was never the target. We were the target. At the same time, the whole charade gives DJT an excuse for why he couldn’t deliver to his base, and helps ensure that the MAGA crowd turns out on election day 2020 to avenge their hero.

    4) Ukraine-gate and Impeachment Circus (Russiagate 2.0): You really have to wonder what the Democrats were thinking with this one. First, if the goal was actually to get Trump, why do an impeachment over such a nothing burger, when the GOP controls the Senate and you know an acquittal is coming? In this act Trump was accused of withholding aid, which was not actually withheld, in exchange for an investigation into the Bidens that never happened and was never announced. If there was any damage to Biden’s reputation, it wasn’t due to Trump, but due to Schiff and the Democrats. They threw their own front runner under the bus, while making themselves look petty and ridiculous. Once again, Trump is victorious, as any semi-intelligent person could have told you he would be.

    DJT is now unleashed, his MAGA base is pissed and fired up, the mainstream liberals have been made hawkish, pro-peace voices are Putin agents whether affiliated with the GOP or Democrat Party, wrong think is efficiently suppressed on the major platforms/search engines, and talking about the chosen or any taboo topic is a sure way to have your life ruined.

    It was shortly after the “failure” of the blue team impeachment efforts that Bernie began to surge in the polls and it was clear that he was going to come out on top in Iowa and the early states. In response, the blue team establishment has done everything possible to scuttle Bernie’s chances: contrived “handshake-gate” scandals with Warren; Iowa caucus vote rigging; incessant fear-mongering about the unelectibility of a “socialist;” constant harping about the “misogynist,” “racist” “Bernie bros;” then turning around and backing an old, senile white dude in the form of creepy Uncle Joe.

    I actually think of all the candidates in the blue team primary, Bernie actually has a better chance than the others. In a previous comment I wrote:

    [Mario Partisan wrote:]

    I’m not saying that Bernie would necessarily beat Trump, but my feeling is that he has/had a better chance than Biden does.

    I won’t repeat the entire analysis here, you can read my comment linked to below if you want. But here are some things to ponder:

    1) Bernie has the most loyal and enthusiastic base of support on the blue team right now. He has the ability to get people off the couch who would normally not go vote for an establishment candidate. That’s a plus over Biden

    2) Bernie, just like Biden, is guaranteed to win all of the solid blue states. If you have any doubts consider that the alternative for those in Cali, Oregon or Massachusetts is DJT.

    3) What the blue team needs in order to beat DJT is to win the rust belt states, where people are more culturally conservative, but seem to find populist messages appealing right now. That’s why DJT got Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016 (those went for Bernie over HRC); because he offered them something different, rather than business as usual.

    4) With Biden winning, and especially in light of the debacle in Iowa, the Bernie bros are likely going to stay home. I know I will. I’m not giving either the blue clown or the orange clown a vote, unless the blue clown is Bernie.

    5) The result of number 4 is that the rust belt states are going to be taken by DJT again.

    6) Biden’s having to lean on the afro vote to win the nomination is not an asset, but a liability going into November. The concentration of that demographic in the deep south states, which are going to go for DJT hands down, makes them largely powerless as a block in a general presidential election.

    In summary, I’m afraid the blue team just handed the oval office to the orange man for another 4 years.

    And when you add Uncle Joe’s insulting “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” for asking reasonable questions, his senile rambling and all the rest, you realize that putting him in a debate against DJT amounts to elder abuse!

    Trump would have to be pretty pathetic to lose the election to Biden…

    Yes, and that’s why the blue team is making sure Biden gets the nomination.

    I’m 99% positive these voting machines are rigged as well.

    I think that is a very likely, but the oligarchy needs the election results to be plausible, so that the rigging isn’t obvious.

    Frankly, I don’t care anymore what happens with this election. Even if the votes are rigged, so many Americans are drooling, narcissistic, morons who go along with all the propaganda on one side or the other, that they deserve the system that they have.

    The MAGA tards don’t really care that DJT hasn’t delivered on his promises from 2016: they will vote for him because he strokes their egos about being “great Americans.” Uncle Joe has the support of many Uncle Toms because having a loyal Obama lieutenant as the front runner makes them feel good about themselves (I imagine that they actually like the fact that Biden called a white girl “dog-faced.”) The feminists hate Bernie because all they care about is getting a vagina into the oval office (they harp about Bernie bro sexism, but give Biden a pass on “dog-face,” i.e. their “feminism” is a sham.) Anyone who talks actual policy like Bernie, Tulsi or Yang has little chance with this crowd because such talk makes them feel like the idiots that they are, and they turn around and punish the one trying to help them.

    In short, the American voters are a group of Stockholm syndrome hostages who only care about voting for the plantation master that makes them feel like the prettiest girl at the ball.

    What they need to know is that the prettiest girl at the ball is Corona Chan and she is going to screw them good!

  70. @MLK

    We’re not ignoring their efforts at destroying Trump. We’re just pointing out that he has ignored their efforts at destroying his own supporters. Trump is only concerned with preserving Trump, not us.

    • Replies: @MLK
  71. @Curmudgeon

    His biggest problem, like Bernie, was that he had to change his views on Brexit (immigration for Bernie) to pander to his nonwhite and fiercely tribal constituents. And Cook thinks Bernie somehow wouldn’t be cowed by the ruling class once in power, he already did and he doesn’t even have the nomination!

  72. MLK says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    It’s a war. You cannot expect Trump to fight every battle even assuming the “us” you refer to are actually on team.

    Trump is only concerned with preserving Trump

    This is childishly wrong. I’m sorry to put it that way but it cannot be more obvious at this point.

    Trump was a wealthy person with a nice life for himself and futures for his family. He risked all of it running for president. Indeed, he still is since even if he completes one or two terms, they intend to prosecute and imprison him thereafter.

    You have it backwards, we’re supposed to protect Trump, not the other way around. Republican rank and file did so — evidenced by his 90-95% approval rating, making it clear in no uncertain terms to UniParty Republicans in Congress that destroying him will destroy the Republican Party.

    A word to the wise, anyone who isn’t wholly compromised or a willing agent provocateur, but possesses a selfish or craven mindset, is free to keep their heads down and mouths shut.

  73. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president – it doesn’t matter to the power-establishment.

    I’m sorry, have you been paying attention? At all?

    Trump actually proves your thesis.

    I give up.

    Meanwhile, Bernie has thrown the working class under the bus by embracing identity politics–and, by implication, the “Bernie Bros” lie.

  74. anon[111] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Chuckman

    But the blacks love him . Why did they love?

    ”He has been with Obama for 8 years .That says something about him” so says the black guy . I know about voting Emmanual as mayor for his second term by a black lady

    She said “ Oh my friend knows his family very well through a marriage of a cousin”.

    more angry virulent and in your face have been the black women in the media .

    The process of undermining the relevance of thinking, expressing questioning ,unearthing and balancing information has started . Most loud and most accusatory gets the maximum attention as long as the attention is pivoted to the essence of the
    domestic hegemony of the few who are connected by absolute subservience to the Wall street and Israel.

  75. KA says:

    The left resents Western history.”

    Why doesn’t Alt -rt celebrate it openly ? Instead they hide behind the claims that Europeans -Americans did not colonize ,didn’t t start slavery, did not attack 3 rd countries,did not engage in most ruthless aggressive wars and economic exploitations for more than 300 years .

    They did not come out of the closet until Obama another shyster became president . It was the color that motivated those Alt right.Not the substance . If it were the substance they would have come out against Bush Cheney 2nd term and against Trump by this time. It is the mirror image of the identity politics that underpinned blacks support for Obama and now guides black’s attitude to Biden

    These bunch of thugs want the cake and eat it too.
    Suddenly they see the danger to the free lunch .
    Migrants are coming to claim their portion of the pie .The billionaires are happy to facilitate them . Usury slavery finance and looting guide their behaviors whether here in USA or in Congo or anything in between . Old stale left over and crumbs have been exclusive preserve of the supporters of the ilk like Bannon and Spencer until now .

    Throwing some of this designated crumbs to the “sand niggers” of N Africa or drug infested bodies of Honduras or Haiti or El Salvador is a just minute change . Billionaires are more than pleased .

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  76. Smith says:

    “I will have these Bernniggers voting for me until the end of my days” – Donald J Trump.

  77. Hibernian says:

    Perfect example of a noxious mixture of both left and right wing extremism.

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