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For Years, Journalists Cheered Assange’s Abuse. Now They’ve Paved His Path to a US Gulag
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Court hearings in Britain over the US administration’s extradition case against Julian Assange begin in earnest next week. The decade-long saga that brought us to this point should appall anyone who cares about our increasingly fragile freedoms.

A journalist and publisher has been deprived of his liberty for 10 years. According to UN experts, he has been arbitrarily detained and tortured for much of that time through intense physical confinement and endless psychological pressure. He has been bugged and spied on by the CIA during his time in political asylum, in Ecuador’s London embassy, in ways that violated his most fundamental legal rights. The judge overseeing his hearings has a serious conflict of interest – with her family embedded in the UK security services – that she did not declare and which should have required her to recuse herself from the case.

All indications are that Assange will be extradited to the US to face a rigged grand jury trial meant to ensure he sees out his days in a maximum-security prison, serving a sentence of up to 175 years.

None of this happened in some Third-World, tinpot dictatorship. It happened right under our noses, in a major western capital, and in a state that claims to protect the rights of a free press. It happened not in the blink of an eye but in slow motion – day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

And once we strip out a sophisticated campaign of character assassination against Assange by western governments and a compliant media, the sole justification for this relentless attack on press freedom is that a 49-year-old man published documents exposing US war crimes. That is the reason – and the only reason – that the US is seeking his extradition and why he has been languishing in what amounts to solitary confinement in Belmarsh high-security prison during the Covid-19 pandemic. His lawyers’ appeals for bail have been refused.

Severed head on a pike

While the press corps abandoned Assange a decade ago, echoing official talking points that pilloried him over toilet hygiene and his treatment of his cat, Assange is today exactly where he originally predicted he would be if western governments got their way. What awaits him is rendition to the US so he can be locked out of sight for the rest of his life.

There were two goals the US and UK set out to achieve through the visible persecution, confinement and torture of Assange.

First, he and Wikileaks, the transparency organisation he co-founded, needed to be disabled. Engaging with Wikileaks had to be made too risky to contemplate for potential whistleblowers. That is why Chelsea Manning – the US soldier who passed on documents relating to US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan for which Assange now faces extradition – was similarly subjected to harsh imprisonment. She later faced punitive daily fines while in jail to pressure her into testifying against Assange.

The aim has been to discredit Wikileaks and similar organisations and stop them from publishing additional revelatory documents – of the kind that show western governments are not the “good guys” managing world affairs for the benefit of mankind, but are in fact highly militarised, global bullies advancing the same ruthless colonial policies of war, destruction and pillage they always pursued.

And second, Assange had to be made to suffer horribly and in public – to be made an example of – to deter other journalists from ever following in his footsteps. He is the modern equivalent of a severed head on a pike displayed at the city gates.

The very obvious fact – confirmed by the media coverage of his case – is that this strategy, advanced chiefly by the US and UK (with Sweden playing a lesser role), has been wildly successful. Most corporate media journalists are still enthusiastically colluding in the vilification of Assange – mainly at this stage by ignoring his awful plight.

Story hiding in plain sight

When he hurried into Ecuador’s embassy back in 2012, seeking political asylum, journalists from every corporate media outlet ridiculed his claim – now, of course, fully vindicated – that he was evading US efforts to extradite him and lock him away for good. The media continued with their mockery even as evidence mounted that a grand jury had been secretly convened to draw up espionage charges against him and that it was located in the eastern district of Virginia, where the major US security and intelligence services are headquartered. Any jury there is dominated by US security personnel and their families. His hope of a fair trial was non-existent.

Instead we have endured eight years of misdirection by the corporate media and its willing complicity in his character assassination, which has laid the ground for the current public indifference to Assange’s extradition and widespread ignorance of its horrendous implications.

Corporate journalists have accepted, entirely at face value, a series of rationalisations for why the interests of justice have been served by locking Assange away indefinitely – even before his extradition – and trampling his most basic legal rights. The other side of the story – Assange’s, the story hiding in plain sight – has invariably been missing from the coverage, whether it has been CNN, the New York Times, the BBC or the Guardian.

From Sweden to Clinton


First, it was claimed that Assange had fled questioning over sexual assault allegations in Sweden, even though it was the Swedish authorities who allowed him to leave; even though the original Swedish prosecutor, Eva Finne, dismissed the investigation against him, saying “There is no suspicion of any crime whatsoever”, before it was picked up by a different prosecutor for barely concealed, politicised reasons; and even though Assange later invited Swedish prosectors to question him where he was (in the embassy), an option they regularly agreed to in other cases but resolutely refused in his.

It was not just that none of these points was ever provided as context for the Sweden story by the corporate media. Or that much else in Assange’s favour was simply ignored, such as tampered evidence in the case of one of the two women who alleged sexual assault and the refusal of the other to sign the rape statement drawn up for her by police.

The story was also grossly and continuously misreported as relating to “rape charges” when Assange was wanted simply for questioning. No charges were ever laid against him because the second Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny – and her British counterparts, including Sir Keir Starmer, then head of the prosecution service and now leader of the Labour party – seemingly wished to avoid testing the credibility of their allegations by actually questioning Assange. Leaving him to rot in a small room in the embassy served their purposes much better.

When the Sweden case fizzled out – when it became clear that the original prosecutor had been right to conclude that there was no evidence to justify further questioning, let alone charges – the political and media class shifted tack.

Suddenly Assange’s confinement was implicitly justified for entirely different, political reasons – because he had supposedly aided Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign in 2016 by publishing emails, allegedly “hacked” by Russia, from the Democratic party’s servers. The content of those emails, obscured in the coverage at the time and largely forgotten now, revealed corruption by Hillary Clinton’s camp and efforts to sabotage the party’s primaries to undermine her rival for the presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders.

Guardian fabricates a smear

Those on the authoritarian right have shown little concern over Assange’s lengthy confinement in the embassy, and later jailing in Belmarsh, for his exposure of US war crimes, which is why little effort has been expended on winning them over. The demonisation campaign against Assange has focused instead on issues that are likely to trigger liberals and the left, who might otherwise have qualms about jettisoning the First Amendment and locking people up for doing journalism.

Just as the Swedish allegations, despite their non-investigation, tapped into the worst kind of kneejerk identity politics on the left, the “hacked” emails story was designed to alienate the Democratic party base. Extraordinarily, the claim of Russian hacking persists even though years later – and after a major “Russiagate” inquiry by Robert Mueller – it still cannot be stood up with any actual evidence. In fact, some of those closest to the matter, such as former UK ambassador Craig Murray, have insisted all along that the emails were not hacked by Russia but were leaked by a disenchanted Democratic party insider.

An even more important point, however, is that a transparency organisation like Wikileaks had no choice, after it was handed those documents, but to expose abuses by the Democratic party – whoever was the source.

The reason that Assange and Wikileaks became entwined in the Russiagate fiasco – which wasted the energies of Democratic party supporters on a campaign against Trump that actually strengthened rather than weakened him – was because of the credulous coverage, once again, of the issue by almost the entire corporate media. Liberal outlets like the Guardian newspaper even went so far as to openly fabricate a story – in which it falsely reported that a Trump aide, Paul Manafort, and unnamed “Russians” secretly visited Assange in the embassy – without repercussion or retraction.

Assange’s torture ignored

All of this made possible what has happened since. After the Swedish case evaporated and there were no reasonable grounds left for not letting Assange walk free from the embassy, the media suddenly decided in chorus that a technical bail violation was grounds enough for his continuing confinement in the embassy – or, better still, his arrest and jailing. That breach of bail, of course, related to Assange’s decision to seek asylum in the embassy, based on a correct assessment that the US planned to demand his extradition and imprisonment.

None of these well-paid journalists seemed to remember that, in British law, failure to meet bail conditions is permitted if there is “reasonable cause” – and fleeing political persecution is very obviously just such a reasonable cause.

Similarly, the media wilfully ignored the conclusions of a report by Nils Melzer, a Swiss scholar of international law and the United Nations’ expert on torture, that the UK, US and Sweden had not only denied Assange his basic legal rights but had colluded in subjecting him to years of psychological torture – a form of torture, Melzer has pointed out, that was refined by the Nazis because it was found to be crueller and more effective at breaking victims than physical torture.

Assange has been blighted by deteriorating health and cognitive decline as a result, and has lost significant weight. None of that has been deemed worthy by the corporate media of more than a passing mention – specifically when Assange’s poor health made him incapable of attending a court hearing. Instead Melzer’s repeated warnings about the abusive treatment of Assange and its effects on him have fallen on deaf ears. The media has simply ignored Melzer’s findings, as though they were never published, that Assange has been, and is being, tortured. We need only pause and imagine how much coverage Melzer’s report would have received had it concerned the treatment of a dissident in an official enemy state like Russia or China.

A power-worshipping media

Last year British police, in coordination with an Ecuador now led by a president, Lenin Moreno, who craved closer ties with Washington, stormed the embassy to drag Assange out and lock him up in Belmarsh prison. In their coverage of these events, journalists again played dumb.


They had spent years first professing the need to “believe women” in the Assange case, even if it meant ignoring evidence, and then proclaiming the sanctity of bail conditions, even if they were used simply as a pretext for political persecution. Now that was all swept aside in an instant. Suddenly Assange’s nine years of confinement over a non-existent sexual assault investigation and a minor bail infraction were narratively replaced by an espionage case. And the media lined up against him once again.

A few years ago the idea that Assange could be extradited to the US and locked up for the rest of his life, his journalism recast as “espionage”, was mocked as so improbable, so outrageously unlawful that no “mainstream” journalist was prepared to countenance it as the genuine reason for his seeking asylum in the embassy. It was derided as a figment of the fevered, paranoid imaginations of Assange and his supporters, and as a self-serving cover for him to avoid facing the investigation in Sweden.

But when British police invaded the embassy in April last year and arrested him for extradition to the US on precisely the espionage charges Assange had always warned were going to be used against him, journalists reported these developments as though they were oblivious to this backstory. The media erased this context not least because it would have made them look like willing dupes of US propaganda, like apologists for US exceptionalism and lawlessness, and because it would have proved Assange right once more. It would have demonstrated that he is the real journalist, in contrast to their pacified, complacent, power-worshipping corporate journalism.

The death of journalism

Right now every journalist in the world ought to be up in arms, protesting at the abuses Assange is suffering, and has suffered, and the fate he will endure if extradition is approved. They should be protesting on front pages and in TV news shows against the endless and blatant abuses of legal process at Assange’s hearings in the British courts, including the gross conflict of interest of Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the judge overseeing his case.

They should be in uproar at the surveillance the CIA illegally arranged inside the Ecuadorian embassy while Assange was confined there, nullifying the already dishonest US case against him by violating his client-lawyer privilege. They should be expressing outrage at Washington’s manoeuvres, accorded a thin veneer of due process by the British courts, designed to extradite him on espionage charges for doing work that lies at the very heart of what journalism claims to be – holding the powerful to account.

Journalists do not need to care about Assange or like him. They have to speak out in protest because approval of his extradition will mark the official death of journalism. It will mean that any journalist in the world who unearths embarrassing truths about the US, who discovers its darkest secrets, will need to keep quiet or risk being jailed for the rest of their lives.

That ought to terrify every journalist. But it has had no such effect.

Careers and status, not truth

The vast majority of western journalists, of course, never uncover one significant secret from the centres of power in their entire professional careers – even those ostensibly monitoring those power centres. These journalists repackage press releases and lobby briefings, they tap sources inside government who use them as a conduit to the large audiences they command, and they relay gossip and sniping from inside the corridors of power.

That is the reality of access journalism that constitutes 99 per cent of what we call political news.

Nonetheless, Assange’s abandonment by journalists – the complete lack of solidarity as one of their number is persecuted as flagrantly as dissidents once sent to the gulags – should depress us. It means not only that journalists have abandoned any pretence that they do real journalism, but that they have also renounced the aspiration that it be done by anyone at all.

It means that corporate journalists are ready to be viewed with even greater disdain by their audiences than is already the case. Because through their complicity and silence, they have sided with governments to ensure that anyone who truly holds power to account, like Assange, will end up behind bars. Their own freedom brands them as a captured elite – irrefutable evidence that they serve power, they do not confront it.

The only conclusion to be drawn is that corporate journalists care less about the truth than they do about their careers, their salaries, their status, and their access to the rich and powerful. As Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky explained long ago in their book Manufacturing Consent, journalists join a media class after lengthy education and training processes designed to weed out those not reliably in sympathy with the ideological interests of their corporate employers.

A sacrificial offering

Briefly, Assange raised the stakes for all journalists by renouncing their god – “access” – and their modus operandi of revealing occasional glimpses of very partial truths offered up by “friendly”, and invariably anonymous, sources who use the media to settle scores with rivals in the centres of power.

Instead, through whistleblowers, Assange rooted out the unguarded, unvarnished, full-spectrum truth whose exposure helped no one in power – only us, the public, as we tried to understand what was being done, and had been done, in our names. For the first time, we could see just how ugly, and often criminal, the behaviour of our leaders was.

Assange did not just expose the political class, he exposed the media class too – for their feebleness, for their hypocrisy, for their dependence on the centres of power, for their inability to criticise a corporate system in which they were embedded.

Few of them can forgive Assange that crime. Which is why they will be there cheering on his extradition, if only through their silence. A few liberal writers will wait till it is too late for Assange, till he has been packaged up for rendition, to voice half-hearted, mealy-mouthed or agonised columns arguing that, unpleasant as Assange supposedly is, he did not deserve the treatment the US has in store for him.

But that will be far too little, far too late. Assange needed solidarity from journalists and their media organisations long ago, as well as full-throated denunciations of his oppressors. He and Wikileaks were on the front line of a war to remake journalism, to rebuild it as a true check on the runaway power of our governments. Journalists had a chance to join him in that struggle. Instead they fled the battlefield, leaving him as a sacrificial offering to their corporate masters.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His books include “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Fragile freedoms?

    Dream on.

    There are no freedoms of any kind to speak of. Just illusions. To keep the masses pacified.

    • Agree: Moi, Robert Konrad
    • Replies: @Moi
    , @GomezAdddams
  2. Evil Jews attack free speech.

    Video Link


    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @JWalters
    , @Rev. Spooner
  3. Exile says:

    Assange did not just expose the political class, he exposed the media class too – for their feebleness, for their hypocrisy, for their dependence on the centres of power, for their inability to criticise a corporate system in which they were embedded.

    Journalism has always had a less storied and more sordid reality lurking beneath its self-tailored image but modern journalists can’t even be bothered to manufacture evidence of their propriety. They simply demand recognition as ethical actors and “defenders of truth & democracy” while they obviously, and often literally, prostitute themselves to the powerful.

    Amateur and alternative journalists and sites like Unz Review are increasingly the only sources that can be trusted to speak truth to power. And more people are noticing this every day.

    Assange and others like him are karmic vengeance and poetic retribution for the venality of the Davos-Epstein-Zionist elite that dominates the U.S. and NATO countries and has its greasy fingers in most other nations worldwide.

    Julian’s a hero who should not be forgotten. His politics may not be mine in many ways but he’s done more to tear down the curtains and remove the masks from the ugly faces of power than any 10 people on either the Left or Right.

    I hope that’s at least cold comfort for him in what is going to be a much longer and even harder struggle ahead.

  4. The American gag flag pictured on Assange at the top of this article is the perfect symbol.

    Have you ever wondered about the symbolism and psychological impact of everyone going around required by law to wear gag masks today?

    Think, people. You are being gagged. You are being trained to submit.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
  5. JWalters says:

    Thank you for this excellent recounting of Julian Assange’s story. The abject failure of our “free” press is itself a big clue as to who is ultimately directing this criminal persecution of the truth. It’s crystal clear from our press’s complete coverup of Israel’s extensive crimes that Israel controls our press. Our press has also completely covered up the 70-year ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, replete with massacres and on-going land thefts. Our press has also completely covered up Israel’s longstanding control of most of our politicians, especially since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. A great deal of relevant information that has been suppressed by our “free” press, and links between this suppression and Israel, is given in
    “War Profiteer Story”

    The US Constitution prohibits the government from suppressing the free flow of information. But when Tulsi Gabbard sued Google for suppressing her ads during a presidential debate, the court ruled that big money interests were not (currently) prohibited from suppressing information.

    • Agree: annamaria
  6. JWalters says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jake Morphonios has also been harshly targeted for his solid reporting on Zionist activities.

  7. @Buzz Mohawk

    Yes, of course, that’s what it’s about. Subjugation of the sheeple.

    So is standing on marked spots on the floor in stores and having to walk thru cordoned chutes like cattle into and out of some big box retailers. But, the Gawd damn face diaper is definitely the worst.

    It’s all psychological conditioning and I’m sure they have more in store for us. Bleck! I resist.

    • Replies: @trickster
    , @turtle
  8. Jewish-Israeli writer Jonathan Cook, is here sadly pumping for long-time faker and Israeli-Mossad intel asset Julian Assange


    When Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu boasted to Israeli media right from the start, that Assange was an Israeli-Mossad asset shielding Israel in his ‘leaks’

    Assange who has helped the Rothschilds to destroy rival bankers Julius Baer, Assange who gets bail posted by Rothschild relatives, Assange who openly talks of shielding Israel in his ‘leaks’

    Assange whose lawyer was thrown under a moving train, apparently when learning Assange was never ‘living’ at the London Ecuador Embassy … probably not really in UK prison now either, fake ‘imprisonments’ being an intel agency ploy these days

    Assange whom Zbig Brzezinski admitted on television in 2010, was publishing ‘Wikileaks’ seeded from the intelligence agencies themselves

    Assange whose victims trusting him, have turned up dead, such as Peter W Smith, Assange even claiming he ‘never got’ the poor dead guy’s files

    Assange so loyal to the CIA, he won’t use the USA Virginia federal judge bribery files that have helped stop other extraditions, and which would make his own extradition impossible

    ‘Arrest of Julian Assange is Just Theatre – Assange is a Rothschild-Israeli Operative’
    ‘Assange & Snowden are CIA ‘Rat Traps’

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Disagree: republic
    • Troll: Saggy
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Exile
  9. Larry says:

    Just look up Pulitzer’s biography to begin to understand what journalism is about.

    Anyway, Assange, sure, he has been tortured with a velvet glove.

    By aliens.

    Because that works wonders.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @anon
  10. jsinton says:

    There’s a number of things about the Assange case I find extremely troubling that the blogsphere never touches on, neither in favor nor against Assange. Everyone sees everything in “black and white” and doesn’t seem to see shades of grey anymore.

    First of all, the “progressive” media once saw Assange as something of a hero back in the day. When he released the Manning document dumps, media still saw him as a hero. They hadn’t gotten the message from their masters that his behavior would no longer be tolerated. The progressive media world of the day was against the Iraq war by then, so Assange was a cause-celeb. But he became too enamored with his own success and sense of importance methinks.

    The Manning-Embassy data dump was an atrocious disaster. Manning was never an altruistic truth teller. He was a miserable self loathing POS that only joined the Army because his father coerced him into to “make a man of him”. He told the Army he has sexual issues to try and get out of it, but they ignored him. So he hated the Army and himself and wanted to take a wrecking ball to his world. Thus he exposed what he could, not knowing what was in it for the most part.

    The Embassy data was release underacted with tens of thousands of names of virtually innocent people whose lives were put at risk. Priests in China and Syria. NGOs in Pakistan. Reporters in Africa. Most of what an Embassy does is ask questions like “how is your life?” “Does the government treat you well?” “Is there something we should know?”. The Embassy data showed that for anyone who cared to review it. Manning had no idea what he had done, he never looked at it. Unlike a Snowden or an Ellsberg who actually knew the material and why it was important for the world to look at it, Manning hadn’t a clue. Most of that material had no business being released to the public, and could only serve to hurt people. If you were al Qaeda or N Korea it was a treasure trove.

    Then there was the Vault 7 tools which can be described as the nuclear weapons of hacking tools. In the hands of nefarious hackers, it was a treasure trove, but could only serve to hurt people otherwise. Assange tried to bargain his way out of the Ecuadorian embassy, dangling the Vault 7 tools as the price. When the Trump admin came in. The story goes that the CIA quashed the deal and wouldn’t play along. Assange release the Vault 7 tools in there lethal form and the rest is history. We can never know how much damage was done here, but my sense is that it was extensive and formidable.

    Therefore, I have no sympathies for Assange since he wasn’t an altruistic player and did as much harm as good. No one will ever know how much money he cost or how many lives he destroyed needlessly. In the end, we are all equal anyways. I say let God judge the intelligence agencies and don’t support “saving” Assange because I don’t think he deserves it.

  11. Hey Brabantian.
    I’m newb here.
    Checked over some of your past posts.
    Gotta say yours are interesting views.
    Just don’t agree this time.
    Maybe you’ve heard of Craig Murray.
    Impeccable credentials which withstand all but official mis-scrutiny.
    I believe he would disagree with you on this & substantiate it.
    As far as I can tell, Netanyahu’s claim about Assange is opportunistic & baseless.
    Or do you know more?

  12. I have not had time to finish reading this article but welcome it and hope it is just possible shame will be felt in the UK, US and, I’m afraid even Australia, where it might help prevent more injustice.

    But I hope too, though it is less important, that the realism of the author about motives will get through to UR commenters who naively ignore the similar intimidatory motives of the Russians in poisoning Sergei Skripal long after his retirement to Salisbury in the UK.

    • Replies: @Redman
  13. @brabantian

    There ought to be a button for “Totally Barmy” for this kind of Brabantian emission.

    • Agree: acementhead
  14. @jsinton

    Every day, in every little way, we are saving the system……whether you know it or not.
    When I think about the rapacious plunder, tens of millions of deaths considered a price ‘worth it’ and the constant intimidation we’re all subject to……
    …….I maintain this rigged game’s not at all worth it,
    Time to call the bluff, let the cards fall and the dust settle where it will.
    Over & out!

    • Replies: @jsinton
  15. When reporting a crime is treated as committing a crime – you know we’re being ruled by criminals.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  16. @jsinton

    You are spreading silly disinformation because everybody knows that not even a line of what you write is true. Nobody will ever know how much harm you did with your commentary. In a forum for stupid people you could have some success, not here. Your post is only good to show how absurd what Brabantian writes above is (for reasons that I’m not going to explain now).

    • Replies: @jsinton
  17. onebornfree says: • Website

    “The aim has been to discredit Wikileaks and similar organisations and stop them from publishing additional revelatory documents – of the kind that show western governments are not the “good guys” managing world affairs for the benefit of mankind, but are in fact highly militarised, global bullies advancing the same ruthless colonial policies of war, destruction and pillage they always pursued.”

    More on the true nature of all governments everywhere, throughout history :

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    Hopefully, Wikileaks has awakened at least a few more to the true nature of all governments [although I strongly suspect that people like Assange are unable to even admit that true nature to themselves].

    That [a partial awakening] at least would be something positive out of this whole disgustingly sordid [and thoroughly typical] affair.

    For, in truth, a rapid awakening of the average Joe to the true nature of all governments is the only hope for a better world, as far as I can see. Fuck governments. ALL of them, everywhere.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  18. there is NO ‘press’ in the old school sense of the word, there are media whores who serve Empire, and there are the few real journalists who are branded alt/fake news…
    THAT is one of the main reasons why few to zero media whores are ‘championing’ assange: they know THEY are not going to be jacked up by Empire, because they SERVE Empire…
    its scumbags all the way down, dr feynmann…

  19. Julian Assange, the William Wallace of our time.

  20. Sweden! The little blonde whore of the arctic pimped by the British to Uncle Sam… the reward for spreading her legs is condemnation from the Jewish owned media vis-à-vis coronavirus for charting her own course … the dumb bimbo deserves her comeuppance!

  21. trickster says:

    What Assange did not know is what every street smart denizen knows from hard experience.

    It is that when things are good everyone is your Bro. When things get sour you”re on your own. Not only are you abandoned but your Bros flee leaving you to face the music ALONE.

    For all his so called sophistication Assange seems to have ignored this basic tenet of human nature and mistakes about people come with a bitter price.

  22. @jsinton

    Are you being carefully disingenuous for the CIA or FBI?

    • Replies: @jsinton
  23. Durruti says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    The American gag flag pictured on Assange at the top of this article is the perfect symbol.

    Have you ever wondered about the symbolism and psychological impact of everyone going around required by law to wear gag masks today?

    Think, people. You are being gagged. You are being trained to submit.

    Nicely explained.

    The CURE is to RESIST


  24. Exile says:

    Dysfunctional levels of Trutherism.

    The fishy element of Snowden was Greenwald – look at his work for “The Intercept” for another example of the presstitution we are criticizing in this thread.

    Excessive and incredible conspiracy theorizing is a necessary evil of alternative media . We’re subjected to so much disinformation that some people will inevitably and pathologically overreact.

    There’s a desire to outdo others in cynicism – believe nothing and you’ll never be fooled. But you can’t accomplish much or even care to try when you believe in nothing.

    • Agree: Wielgus
  25. Exile says:

    Shilling for anarchy is no more a functional response to the Assange story than Brabantian’s conspiracy theorizing.

    Governments are necessary. There are good governments and bad. Once again, discernment is necessary.

    “All government bad” is either a very lazy analysis or an autistic one.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Redman
  26. trickster says:
    @The Real World

    Your comment is very astute. Yesterday I was in the store with the usual assortment of arrows and social distancing marks on the floor. I was searching the shelves for a product and a lady, following the arrows asked WHICH direction I was going in as she wanted to pass. With tongue in cheek and very sarcastically I told her against the arrows which she responded to in horror.

    “There are rules for a reason and they should be followed or people will die” she chastised !

    Since she was half way down the aisle I just stood there and intended to stand there deliberately dawdling so she would be forced to turn around and go against the arrows on the floor. However she passed. The aisle was about 6 feet wide so I said to the law abiding girl “you violated the store policy by ignoring social distancing !” to which she replied that she did not make the rules she just follows them LOL.

    She follows one rule but breaks another because both the rules are stupid and she got hoisted onto her own petard.

    As you said, people have not a clue why they do as they are told. They do not think. I bet if there was a sign that said she had to suck off all the men in the store and there was an mat on the floor with a sign showing where to kneel she would have complied.

    I just dont believe the stupidity I see around me all day. Today I see the CDC has quietly revised their numbers showing that all the people who “died” from Covid really died from some other serious existing medical condition. Yes, well that is shocking news !

    People today are like fucking dogs. Sit–stand–give me a paw-lie down- fetch ! There is no biscuit as a reward though. Their payback is they get to tell their friends, family and anyone who will listen to their bullshit what good, caring, law abiding citizens they are, while the rule makers and rule breakers do as they damn well please ………….and get away with it.

    • Replies: @art guerrilla
  27. MLK says:

    This seemingly comprehensive article, not without its merits, is strangely uninterested in the baldly obvious anti-Trump malefactions.

    Yes, you mention the Manafort gambit but miss the essential context. Obama commuted Manning’s 35-year sentence just days before leaving office. Inexplicably, at the time, delaying release until May 17, 2017, which just so happened to coincide with Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel.

    Manning’s commutation was a signal to Assange that the coup-maker’s were in controlled willing to bargain if he played along with bringing down Trump. All he had to do was acquiesce to the fairy story they had crafted for Manafort to tell.

    The Special Counsel secretly indicted Assange and locked Manning up for failing to testify to the Grand Jury to concentrate the minds of the designated patsies/fall guys.

  28. Carlos22 says:

    The mask of freedom had slipped off long ago, I don’t think anyone of any intelligence believes we have a free press anymore, let alone many other fast eroding freedoms?

    The question I’ve always wondered is why such a smart guy like Assange was dumb enough to fly to the UK?

    Did he really think one of the only countries to back the Iraq war and a partner in crime of global spying would give him a fair hearing?

    If he went to Russia he would be in a bar sipping vodka with Snowden right now.

    I wonder if that thought will cross his mind while being gang raped in a US super max jail?

  29. annamaria says:

    The US mega-murderers (aka deciders) have their obedient chihuahua as journalists. For instance, Tomasz Sommer, the Chief Editor of the ‘Najwyższy Czas’ weekly, writes on his Twitter:

    It is absolutely obvious that Grodno must, in case of Belarus breaking up, be taken by Poland.

    Poland, the smelly vassal of the US shows enthusiastically its desire to divide a sovereign Belorussia, all because the US/UK Kaganat hates Russia obsessively and rabidly.

    • Agree: Derer
  30. Assange is a victim of his narcissism, the chief driver of his character, aggravated by his stupidity, despite his obvious high intelligence. Assange has been expertly played by forces he has held in contempt in his stupidity and arrogance. Assange has been led to believe, by the lenient court treatment of his youthful hacking escapades, that he is charming and cool, so he could act like a rockstar. All the while, his enemy cooly gazed at him, accurately sized him up, and prepared to make him a sacrifice, which is, as one born in The Year of The Pig, his destiny. The first phase of the attack was to ensure he did not remain in Sweden, where no extradition of journalists is permitted. Why Assange thought the rape charges would led to Sweden extraditing him to the USA is beyond me, he is intelligent and has legal advice. So where does he go? England, one of the Five Eyes, a moronic move. Next they panic him by arresting him to extradite him to Sweden because they want him to avoid Sweden. Assange stupidly jumps bail and flees to the Ecuadorian Embassy. Totally fine with The United States, he will be arrested for jumping bail if he leaves, and if he stays he will slowly disintegrate….PERFECT. After seven years he is a wreck. Expelled and arrested and zero chance of bail for a bail jumper…PERFECT. What better way to keep him incarcerated than to present an extradition request and have Assange fight it as long as possible, from prison…PERFECT. A year for bail jumping and two years of appeals of the extradition and Assange has spent ten years deteriorating before he is sent to the US for trial….PERFECT. In the US he will sit in the gaol Epstein died in for a year waiting for trial, which will take a year, then two years of appeals that makes fourteen years of deterioration….PERFECT. He will be lucky to emerge from prison in his sixties and there will nothing left of him. If he had played it smart he could not have been prosecuted, being a journalist, as the civil suit of Wikileaks by the DNC proved: Dismissed by a US Federal Judge WITH PREJUDICE. The most absurd thing is Assange was taken down by consorting with the absurd, shit disturbing, narcissist Bradly Manning. Manning is a sick in the head individual who destroys everything he touches, including himself, in his mentally ill quest for attention. The story of Assange is depressing and boring, a narcissistic freeloader who expects others to house him, feed him, and fuck him because he is amazing, and he won’t even wash his own dishes, and those he think he outsmarted were way ahead of him all along.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @UncommonGround
  31. Fred777 says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    “You are being trained to submit.”

    Didn’t realize we needed training.

  32. jsinton says:

    You are spreading silly disinformation because everybody knows that not even a line of what you write is true.

    I have to disregard your comment as “what you believe” without and basis in fact since you are unable to articulate anything which I have stated as “misinformation”.

    • Replies: @UncommonGround
  33. jsinton says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Are you being carefully disingenuous for the CIA or FBI?

    No, I am not. I took the time to read the data on the Wikileaks website to try and decide for myself what it was and what I thought. I followed the Manning courts martial case. I give you what I learned.

  34. republic says:

    No true journalists in US MSM, only propagandists or presstitutes

    George Orwell:

    Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations

    • Replies: @Saggy
  35. jsinton says:

    Every day, in every little way, we are saving the system……whether you know it or not.
    When I think about the rapacious plunder, tens of millions of deaths considered a price ‘worth it’ and the constant intimidation we’re all subject to……
    …….I maintain this rigged game’s not at all worth it,
    Time to call the bluff, let the cards fall and the dust settle where it will.
    Over & out!

    I can’t deny that Assange brought a wealth of information that enriched our understanding of those who live in that world of evil. That we deserved to know, or that we were better served by it. What I do submit is unlike those people who lionize Assange as a “journalist”, I say he did things no self respecting journalist would have ever done. That he was an activists. A player. It was more about himself and his ego sometimes. So I say shed no tears for Assange. Organize no protests for his freedom. Let God judge these people for no black and white here, only infinite shades of grey.

  36. The “free press” is a hoax. The Assange case illustrates the bottomless corruption and venality of the “journalistic class” in the West. Most journalists are just paid agents of the deep state regime in their respective countries

    • Agree: republic
  37. Sparkon says:

    Julian Assange fails the 9/11 litmus test.

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

    — Julian Assange

    Assange’s remark appears in the 8th paragraph of Matthew Bell’s article from the July 19, 2010 edition of the Belfast Telegraph, so this news is more than 10 years old, and yet no mention of it at all in Mr. Cook’s 3,100 word article, nor in the comments heretofore.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  38. Redman says:

    The Vault 7 documents, which The New York Times called “the largest loss of classified documents in the agency’s history and a huge embarrassment for C.I.A. officials.”[1

    You believe pointing out the depths of the CIA’s nefarious and subversive capabilities is a bad thing?Do you work for the CIA or something, because I’m not feeling your pain about the disclosure of CIA “tools.”

    • Replies: @jsinton
  39. lysias says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    The Ching (Manchu) dynasty forced Chinese men to adopt the queue hairstyle as a sign of submission to Manchu rule. The edict forcing them to do so on pain of death remained in force for nearly 300 years.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @anon
  40. Alfred says:

    The CIA has its own way of influencing journalists. The Department of Defense has a different way for taking care of similar problem journalists and ensuring others keep clear of sensitive subjects.

    Michael Hastings, Noted Journalist, Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash (VIDEO)

    BTW, modern cars (a Mercedes C250) are designed so that they don’t go up in a fireball in the event of a collision with a tree.

    This is clearly another version of what happened to princess Diana and her “drunk” driver

  41. @lysias

    How very Chinese.

    The more Americans, their fellow Anglosphere Citizens, and their fellow Europeans submit to global government and international business that does not respect national sovereignty, the more they live like others and are subject to whatever old ways the others are comfortable with and evolved to be comfortable with.

    Our modern, Western world is fading away (being washed over, really) and this is what is replacing it. Some very smart people around here even write about how superior the replacement is. They don’t care, because they don’t understand. They are seduced by efficiency, and the mass conformity and obedience that produces it. They, in their adolescent, science fiction nerdiness, love human beehives.

  42. Redman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    And what exactly did Sergei Skripal do for the world? Or journalism? Just asking.

    It’s not clear his supposed poisoning isn’t just more counter espionage garbage belched out by the CIA, et al. Occam’s Razor suggests it is. But I don’t know why anyone should give a crap about what happens to high level spies and counter spies.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  43. Redman says:

    Maybe. Or maybe not. It depends on how much confirmation bias one is willing to accept.

    Maybe all governments will eventually end up in the dustbin. It’s a bit of reach right now, but in time with the advancements of communication and travel technology it’s not impossible.

  44. lysias says:

    So why, at Manning’s court martial, was the prosecution unable to name a single person who had been harmed by the release of the information?

    And why, if Manning is such a miserable character, has he/she so heroically refused to testify against Assange?

    • Replies: @jsinton
  45. @jsinton

    That doesn’t seem like much of a deal in a modern secular society. Assange gets to suffer heavily the malignant wrath of the apologists for American evildoers while their wickedness only gets punished if there is a God who takes notice of it (which they don’t believe, let alone tremble about on their deathbeds).

  46. sally says:

    yes the alternative media are rising, but the privately owned Search engines are and Julian’s experience shows that just as soon as the alternative becomes too strong the owners will be eliminated..

    The governed masses generally fail to understand the difference between a nation state that serves as a tool of the oligarch and a nation state that serves as the instrument of freedom to those who are the governed..
    the ruling and law making power of the nation state is used to create monopoly powers that the oligarchs can own or use against the masses. This laws server the oligarch at expense of the governed is true in nearly all of the 256 or nation states. The private owners own the nation states, its just that the governed masses

    no vote in America can change things.. the problem is in the constitution.. it leaves no means whatever for the governed to control their own governance.. for that reason I think if the document in a human rights court would be ruled unacceptable because it circumvents the right of self determination.

    • Replies: @Exile
  47. TGD says:

    The US Federal Bureau of Prisons has transferred the longest serving US political prisoner, Matt Hale, from the ADX “Supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado, to the United States Penitentiary (USP) in Marion, Illinois. This is possibly in anticipation of the arrival of Julian Assange to ADX Florence. Hale has been imprisoned since 2005 on trumped up charges.

    If the prison conditions at the Belmarsh, UK prison are harsh, Assange should be prepared for ADX Florence, where incarceration is designed to break the mind and spirit and amounts to extreme psychological torture.

    Any reporter or official or public figure who exposes or even questions the machinations of the US “deep state” should be aware of what’s in store for them.

  48. @Sparkon

    No mention because not relevant except in the minds of obsessives like you.

    I can’t remember which of the truther conspiracy theories on 9/11 you support but it is certainly open to Assange to rationally take the view that the towers collapsed because Islamist (Al Qaeda) highjackers flew planes into them which caused fires that weakened the structures so that gravity then brought them down. That is clearly true because many reasonable people do rationally accept that. Your objection could only be sustained if you knew that Assange was not in fact acting in good faith when he expressed his views on 9/11. Some indiscreet emails perhaps? No, you can’t impugn his integrity on the 9/11 issue – so your point is irrelevant.

  49. Tony Hall says:

    A big part of the obscenity entailed in the the slow-motion, Anglo-American execution of Julien Assange is the double standards practised by the system of “law enforcement” (which is exactly the opposite). Governments violate their own laws wholesale to spy on their own “citizens” while illegally blocking off public scrutiny of officialdom’s crime sprees in order to avoid legal accountability for their own violations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  50. Agent76 says:

    May 18, 2020 Exposed: CIA used Sheldon Adelson’s firm to spy on Julian Assange

    The US surveilled Assange inside Ecuador’s London embassy, all while working with Trump mega-donor and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s security team and a Spanish company that had initially been hired to protect the embassy.

  51. @trickster

    @ trickster-

    “As you said, people have not a clue why they do as they are told. They do not think. I bet if there was a sign that said she had to suck off all the men in the store and there was an mat on the floor with a sign showing where to kneel she would have complied.”
    um, you might be on to something, trick, that WOULD make all this insanity almost worthwhile… i know i would be shopping a lot more… 8^)
    just curious if all the covid littles squawking that the sky is falling are going to fall on their own petards and never utter an online word again since they are being proven moronically wrong on almost every argument and point they have made in defending the mexican beer panic propaganda… it would only be the right thing to do…
    hee hee hee
    ho ho ho
    ha ha ha
    ak ak ak

  52. Roda says:


    YOU can do something about it too

    Update on Join my fight to free Julian Assange and stop US extradition

    As we draw closer to Julian’s extradition hearing on Monday, I would like to share the latest news with you.

    If you would like to come down to the Old Bailey on Monday there will be a safe socially-distanced demonstration taking place outside the court from 9am. Everyone is very welcome to come and show their support for Julian.

    There will be a stage set up near the entrance to the Old Bailey. Speakers will include Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, John Shipton, Julian’s father, and Dame Vivienne Westwood.

    I was not able to speak to Julian at all for a few days, after seeing him in Belmarsh last week. But I am pleased to say we have been able to talk on the phone this week and that has been a great comfort.

    Julian will not have seen the case in full before he arrives into the court room. The other side continues to submit documents after deadlines have past. Since legal documents have to be posted to Belmarsh prison as hard copies, they won’t reach Julian in time before the hearing starts.

    When he arrives in court on Monday morning it will be first time Julian will have seen his legal team in person in over six months. However, his lawyers are dealing with all the last-minute details of the case and making final preparations for Monday.

    Thank you once again for your support in this very important case. More and more people are waking up to the realisation that this hearing has huge ramifications for other publishers and journalists.

    Julian faces 175 years in prison in the United States for the ‘crime’ of journalism and exposing truths. If the UK court decides to extradite Julian, that sets a precedent for any publisher or journalist to be put on trial abroad if a country does not like something that has been written about them.

    However, there are still many people who are not aware of the consequences this case will have on freedom of speech. Please continue to share details with your friends and contacts about the extradition hearing and of our fundraising appeal.

    Stella Moris

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  53. Nik says:

    Funny how corp media eg Guardian and NYT worked with Assange?

    He is not who he seems

    A masonic patsy

  54. @Priss Factor

    To Priss Factor – I do like both Adam Green and Vincent and I do admire them – but this article is about Julian Assange and his wrongful confinement and extradition to a USA kangaroo court and eventual life imprisonment.
    So lets talk about Julian Assange and the wrong done to him.
    I think this is a case of “Bitten more than can Chew” and the USA will regret it.
    Whatever they do now to Julian Assange will harm their case. They be fucked every which way in the eyes of the public.
    As for the journalists who licked the nether hole, they will have to live with the taste on their tongue forever.

  55. @Redman

    I’m not sure if you have a point to make, or what it might be. Sergei Skripal had nothing to do with journalism as fas I know and whether he was one of the heroic spies who advanced freedom and peace I also don’t know. My point was that the author shows an understanding of the reasons why individuals may be made to suffer by governments to intimidate others.

  56. annamaria says:

    What a verbose exercise in pettiness.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  57. annamaria says:
    @Tony Hall

    Assange has been entrapped on charges of sexual misconduct, which were the product of the sick mind of Karl Rove. Should not Bill Clinton (and many others in a long list of Epstein clients) be imprisoned ASAP?

    At least, we know the names of the main hunters on Assange, including Cheney (hey, Liz Cheney), Karl Rove, Clintons (Hillary was very loud about ‘droning’ Assange), Marianne Ny, the dishonorable ‘sir’ Keir Starmer (why do they give the title of Sir to such scum as Saville and this obliging ho Keir Starmer?), the ghastly Emma Arbuthnot whose war-profiteering husband (a dishonorable ‘lord’ James) has been so eagerly arranging to murder en masse to improve his baseline.

    James Arbuthnot is a former British defense minister who has financial links to the British military establishment, including institutions and individuals exposed by WikiLeaks.

    Another important name deserving infamy is Robert Buckland:

    The Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC was appointed as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice on 24 July 2019.
    He was Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice from May 2019 to July 2019.

    Correction — the Dishonorable Robert Buckland.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @Kratoklastes
  58. Moi says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    We now have in the US soft fascism–the real thing will come next.

  59. tanabear says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I can’t remember which of the truther conspiracy theories on 9/11 you support but it is

    I didn’t know there was more than one. But the 9/11 attacks were a Mossad and Sayanim operation.

    …the towers collapsed because Islamist (Al Qaeda) highjackers flew planes into them which caused fires that weakened the structures so that gravity then brought them down.

    There was no plane that hit World Trade Tower 7. The building still collapsed that day.

    That is clearly true because many reasonable people do rationally accept that.

    Silly me, I thought that we were suppose to base our conclusions on evidence. Now if you were to ask 100 people what caused the towers to collapse how many would even know what the official story is? I would say close to zero.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  60. @annamaria

    Agreed fully on your methods of denouncing, please let the ones to disagree, be as specific.

  61. Voltara says:

    I want to like Assange and trust him, however I suspect he is an intelligence asset who went rogue. He was raised by a single mother who was a member of the “Family” here in Australia, an MK Ultra linked cult.

    The brutal way he’s been treated seems to be reserved for those insiders who start to have doubts about the moral integrity of their masters

  62. @Roda

    You sound like a free rider, a naive pet, hammering emotions, when principles are at stake. Do hope that ‘your’ Julian does not depend on naive-s as you. Who @benefit, @doubt, @case, @loss, any case that matters, still is as ape as not to grasp that the justice system is a parasitical process, with parasitic actors, on all sides.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  63. @annamaria

    Not “verbose”, a concise account detailing a sophisticated attack. You don’t like it because it shows the hubris and stupidity of Assange, and he has been marketed as intelligent and noble. Not “pettiness”, a very serious and realistic account of what actually happened that no one else has the brains to write, or even think. I am giving everyone a golden lesson in Tradecraft. If Assange had the wits to realize he was goading a powerful and highly intelligent monster, he would have stayed in Sweden and be a free man today. His situation now in prison is the same as he has always lived, housed and fed by others and acting irresponsibly. You can get away with that when young, but by forty everyone has had enough of you.

    • Replies: @lysias
    , @annamaria
  64. lysias says:

    By goading the monster, Assange has exposed its monstrousness for all to see. The monster’s days are now numbered.

    As Tertullian said, the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.

  65. jsinton says:

    So why, at Manning’s court martial, was the prosecution unable to name a single person who had been harmed by the release of the information?

    That’s an interesting question, I have an answer. Both Assange and the CIA said “no one” was harmed by the release of all those names, which is complete and utter bullchit. Neither the CIA nor Assange want to admit they did any harm because they would then be liable in court, would they not?

    And why, if Manning is such a miserable character, has he/she so heroically refused to testify against Assange?

    Another good question. I speculate that Manning never knew who he was IMimg over the internet, but the prosecutors wanted him to “say” it was Assange. Prosecutors wanted Assange, Manning was small fry. There was no smoking gun without Manning. So Manning simply told the truth. In this sense, he was a “hero”, but a silly boob nonetheless.

    • Replies: @barr
  66. jsinton says:

    You believe pointing out the depths of the CIA’s nefarious and subversive capabilities is a bad thing?Do you work for the CIA or something, because I’m not feeling your pain about the disclosure of CIA “tools.”

    No, I’m not saying that at all. But pointing out “nefarious and subversive capabilities” is much different from posting nuclear weapons on the internet that anyone can download and explode. See the difference?

  67. Antiwar7 says:

    Total BS.

    Well-crafted, professional mind control attempts.

    Regardless of the attacks on Manning personally (I think she’s exceptionally courageous for her leak and for accepting indefinite prison to avoid testifying against Assange), she released video showing US soldiers gleefully murdering civilians, and it was clearly standard operating procedure. That’s the focus, not who leaked it.

    And it’s disingenuous at the very least to characterize the cable traffic as first person accounts of poor foreigners. The cables were intergovernmental, government employees talking to government employees.

    Jsinton = Joint Services Intelligence … ? No doubt all of you are smart enough to work elsewhere

    • Agree: annamaria, Robert Konrad
    • Replies: @jsinton
  68. Anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Like Rudolph Hess, he knows too much and needs to be locked up and isolated for life. Rudolph Hess’s testimony might’ve destroyed everything we’ve been told about Hitler and the whole power structure that was built up after the war. Assange’s testimony might destroy most of the lies we’ve been told about 911, put the Clintons and Obama in jail and expose who knows what about the activities of the alphabet organizations in the US. That’s only speculation, but why has so much midnight oil been burned to get this guy? He must be the possessor of some extremely profound information that threatens a lot of people. They wouldn’t be doing this as a warning to other journalists to keep in line because there will always be a minority of brave journalists that put their lives on the line to get a story straight and the fear of imprisonment or death won’t stop them. We need a hundred or a thousand Assanges to dig into the mountain of informational turd and expose all these people. That would be too much for them to deal with and could bring the whole system down. Unfortunately, real journalists are few and far between these days, most of what is called investigative journalism consists of 25 year old girls pouring over the latest Twitter and Facebook headlines for material to be announced on the network news.

    • Agree: Derer
  69. Antiwar7 says:

    So you’re all for crushing people that reveal embarrassing truths about our governments. Good to know.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  70. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I dearly hope that the edict requiring the Covid mask will be changed to a hairstyle edict in the near future, I can’t wear a Covid mask for 3 minutes far less 300 years!

  71. anon[135] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff Goldberg is one of the advisors for choosing Pulitzer Prize winner .

    Anyone can win as long as the wars against Arab/ Iran are supported in lofty languages and US roles are epitomized in valorized phrases and Israel is asked not to give up on the rest of the humanity .

  72. Having once wanted to be a journalist back in 1970 (only to screw that idea when I went to an anti-war march in NYC and the NYT claimed it was a riot when it wasn’t!), I will says this–stop insulting actual journalists! These so-called “journalists” are minions of the ministry of propaganda and nothing else. And not just mainstream media…most alt-media folks are just as bad. Example–Alex Jones claims “the Arabs own Hollywood” and all our problems are the fault of the “Chi-Coms”…when everyone knows who owns Hollywood and many know the Chi-Coms answer to certain overlords if you know what I mean…but AJ is just the tip of the iceberg. True journalists are truth warriors, not “journalists.”

    • Agree: Exile
  73. barr says:

    “The Manning-Embassy data dump was an atrocious disaster. Manning was never an altruistic truth teller. He was a miserable self loathing POS that only joined the Army because his father coerced him into to “make a man of him”. He told the Army he has sexual issues to try and get out of it, but they ignored him. So he hated the Army and himself and wanted to take a wrecking ball to his world. Thus he exposed what he could, not knowing what was in it for the most part”

    Can you imagine someone else with this kind of handicap delivering so much good and providing such a stack of relevant information for the citizens who are kept in the dark by the USA UK ? How can somebody think of running a marathon with an wounded ankle? Manning did .

    No one other than the pro war media, pro war lobbyist, war contractor, and dishonest war hawks has been hurt by Manning . More good has come from this than any antiwar activism in recent decade . See USA has been exposed to the eyes of the naive nations who bought in the idea of the war on the terror and Mushroom cloud ?

    By the way can China force Thailand, Belgium or Uganda to imprison a non- Chinese critic of China on trumped up charge of sexual violence ? Can China abduct a non-Chinese critic of Chinese HK polices from the jail of Bulgaria or Canada and bring him to China? I guess now they can .That is the messages China India Brazil Congo or Ukraine will hear.

    That’s sad.

    Dont you think so?
    If not start thinking and forget about the imaginary body counts .

    • Replies: @jsinton
  74. jsinton says:

    she released video showing US soldiers gleefully murdering civilians, and it was clearly standard operating procedure. That’s the focus, not who leaked it.

    That was old news. Nothing learned there because we already knew the story from the reporters on the ground who got greased. By the time Manning leaked it, it was a couple years later.

    And it’s disingenuous at the very least to characterize the cable traffic as first person accounts of poor foreigners. The cables were intergovernmental, government employees talking to government employees.

    I can tell you never bothered to try and sift through the cables yourself. I was shocked at the number of innocent people’s names I ran across. Everybody who pretends to be such an “expert” never seems to have actually “looked” at the cables and what they actually contained.

    And for the record, I’m a nobody retired in the South who never worked for any intelligence service. I just know a lot and have been to a few places and have seen some things. If I can see things, anybody can.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Antiwar7
  75. @Patagonia Man

    Excellent point you make, Pat.

    • Thanks: Patagonia Man
  76. @jsinton

    jsinton says: “I say let God judge the intelligence agencies and don’t support “saving” Assange because I don’t think he deserves it.”

    Well, well, would you believe it? It’s like saying “Let the Great Flying Spaghetti judge the intelligence …” bla, bla. Another deluded “God”-worshipper is appealing to a man-made, can-do-nothing, couldn’t -care-less Big Fella in the sky to “judge” the intelligence agencies. How can we ever, as human beings, hope to solve our problems when we have to deal with such perennially infantile fools?!

    • Replies: @jsinton
  77. Exile says:

    Our present system is broken beyond simple repair. It needs replacement, not adjustment.

    One of the many problems – a system with unbounded capitalism that allows for one-man-one-vote with no regard for qualification will become an oligarchy within a generation.

    More problems:

    implicit in the above – multiculturalism beyond about 10% of the supermajority White founding stock will fragment a nation, allowing for easier co-option by oligarchic interests;

    also implicit – one man, one-vote democracy is a White thing – it does not work well, if at all, with different racial supermajorities, much less mixing them – see Liberia;

    a nation based only on individual rights with little to no corresponding individual obligations and little to no reinforcement of group role, structure and identity is an atomized mass – Hannah Arendt’s famous precursor for totalitarianism;

    hyper-individualism is toxic to the extended family structure that has been the basis of every noteworthy society on Earth – it’s hardwired. See nuclear families and nursing homes;

    allowing a two party system to persist, once again splitting the functional White founding super-majority into two opposing Right-Left camps with no alternatives outside those choices, with “winner take all” elections and no proportional, parliamentary representation;

    permitting open borders – which allows elites to select a new replacement people – a circulation of the masses rather than the elites;

    These are just some of the major structural issues that are implicit in the framework we presently have here in America – similarly in the Anglosphere, NATO nations, etc…

    It is highly doubtful that we can retain the present structure and still reconstruct the strong external moral, religious and social structure that used to round off the edges of these problems and otherwise allow this volatile mix to function on a national scale

    There’s no way out but forward. We need to keep what’s worth saving but re-craft that sound timber into a new structure suited to modern life – one that’s internally strong enough to form the foundation on which to rebuild our woefully revised, critiqued and deconstructed norms, particularly our sense of family and community and an elite with noblesse oblige instead of contempt for the populace.

  78. annamaria says:

    ‘”…he would have stayed in Sweden and be a free man today.”

    — Have you about heard about Karl Rove (the so-called brain of the brainless Bush the lesser)? Rove was the advisor for the Swedish government in matters related to Assange.
    Under Rove’s guidance, certain Thomas Bodström, a former Swedish Minister of Justice, did all the proper steps (totally illegal but favored by the US war profiteers) to ensnare Assange.
    Have you heard about Marianne Ny? Under her Judicial care, Interpol has issued a Red Alert in the hunt on Assange.

    What you have written is beyond naivete. Your opuses against Assange appear as written by a person (older female?) who does not understand what real courage is and who is a dream come true for any oligarchic regime relying on the unquestionably obedient populace.

    • Agree: Robert Konrad
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  79. @onebornfree

    So, workers of the world unite, eh, One Born Fried? Oh, not that, you are saying there must be, not states, but only communes, right? One born a Communist, are you?

    • Disagree: Majority of One
  80. annamaria says:

    The currently ruinous course of western civilization was selected and steered t0wards by mega war profiteers who had captured western governments along with capturing western financial system. Of course the psychopathic idiots hate Assange; he has endangered their baseline. Their own progeny be damned.

    … two Western governments who think of themselves as beacons of democracy, are working to extradite a man to life in prison in the United States because of journalism that has revealed undemocratic, even criminal behavior, by those governments.
    And that has put all of journalism on trial. If corporate media doesn’t sufficiently recognize that, perhaps it’s because they are practicing something else.
    That’s not what London and Washington are saying, of course. Because they have such a weak legal case against Assange both governments have resorted to prosecution by public relations, with the eager participation of the Establishment’s media.

  81. @Wizard of Oz

    it is certainly open to Assange to rationally take the view that the towers collapsed because Islamist (Al Qaeda) highjackers flew planes into them which caused fires that weakened the structures so that gravity then brought them down

    Sorry. It is not rational to buy an explanation that violates any law of physics, let alone the several violated by the official theory of the collapse:

    First, the North Tower would have had the top 14 floors falling into the bottom 94 or so floors. Each of those 14 floors could at best have taken out one and only one of the 94, being itself destroyed in the process. That would leave 80 floors still standing when this one-for-one process had played itself out. Newton’s Third Law.

    Second, no building can fall through itself at free-fall acceleration, simply because the the structure underneath the falling part resists the fall. Yet the collapse of WTC7 was accurately measured to be at free fall for several seconds. The North and South Towers also fell at accelerations much too close to free fall to be explained by anything other than controlled demolition.

    Third, falling structures not brought down in controlled demolition must topple off to the side. Even most spires brought down by controlled demolition do the same. This is because the resistance is always less on the side most damaged. Check out all the many apartment buildings toppled in the Kobe earthquake, for instance.

    On the same line, once a structure begins to topple its angular momentum cannot be stopped any more than a diver can stop rotating once he is away from the diving board. Yet the top 30 stories of the south Tower toppled to the side for about 2.5 seconds until it reached an angle of 15 degrees. At that point it disappeared from view as it turned into dust. By the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum it should have left the remaining 80 or so stories standing.

    Finally the the towers exploded in a fountain effect, called pyroclastic flow, typical of exploding volcanoes and nukes, throwing massive steel girders hundreds of feet and turning most of the structure into dust. All this requires orders of magnitude more energy than can be produced in a fire.

    People who believe the nineteen Arabs conspiracy theory promoted by the U.S. government are either too gullible for words or disinformation agents.

    • Agree: jsinton
  82. It is all about control over the message.

    In the early ’60’s while attending a major state University, being of a political bent and already showing signs of a tendency towards writing, I spent some time hanging around the office of that institution’s student daily. Although much of my insights at the time were more intuitive than deductive: I came to the realization that, combined with the “J-school”, the students running the publication were all in a herd-mentality lockstep. They had sensed the direction in which the wind was blowing and as future careerists in corporate journalism, each and every major player in that bunch was already “on message”. That was nearly 60 years ago.

    When I terminated my university years, never taking a degree, though double-majoring and in their history honors program; my first venture into the “real” world was as an advertising copywriter. Half a year in that gig disabused me of that profession and I accepted a lowly position as editor of a suburban newspaper, belonging to a chain of such publications. Though I excelled in that broadscale adventure in that field; I gradually became disabused of the situation as the “important” individuals with whom I came into contact–governors, congressmen, senators, administrators at various levels–were subtly drawing me into an interface with their agendas and their perspectives.

    Two more journalist gigs and I became involved with a non-metropolitan bi-weekly, which position I maintained for nearly three years …up to the time that I jumped the rails and acted like a true journalist by concocting a headline and kicker-head which antagonized the principal owner of the rag, who happened to be a member of the board of directors of the corporation I had skewered. His reaction was to promptly give me my walking papers.

    Now, imagine, if you will, the futures of those careerists in that university newsroom, who never were about rocking the boat. They remained steadfastly “on message”. Occasionally, a publication of some stature would employ a real journalist-truth seeker. Such a MAN was Gary Webb, who served as an investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury. He travelled down to So-Cal to do a series on the new phenomenon in Nixon’s infamous “War on Drugs.” Webb discovered along the line that Freeway Ricky Ross, the prime distributor of the newly developed crack-cocaine was getting literally TONS of white powder from Nicaraguan Contras who were working for the CIA. When local police drug investigators took down a couple of those “assets”, they were promptly given a talking to by agents of the Agency. The importers walked.

    Congruently, political pressure was placed upon the Mercury and that previously genuine news organization reeled Webb in and ceased covering the developments in the crack game element of the War on Drugs as actually a war on the American people and most specifically blacks.

    Webb then proceeded to write and publish a book based on his experiences and insights. Within months of the appearance of his book Webb, the last real major journalist in America “suicided.”
    Message taken. Do NOT step on the gouty big-toe of the organization that warned off both the Department of “Justice” and the Department of State from taking “off message” actions against the Agency’s agenda.

    With memory glands sagging somewhat, I cannot, without digging through reams of notes on publications I have read over the past few years; recall the title of Webb’s book. It’s well worth your time to do a web-search and after that, order up a copy or try to find a library which still has one. You might also wish to read (or re-read) George Orwell’s barnburner 1948 novel “1984”. You may especially want to acquaint yourself with the dystopian vision of the “Ministry of Truth”. As done in the military aggression sphere by the “Defense” Department with their tens of thousands of hired-gun contractors paid lucrative wages for dirty work against “enemies of the State”; the information system has effectually been contracted out to the mass media which is owned by the same barons of international highest finance who also own the United $tates of America Corporation, duly registered under the corporate laws of Joe Biden’s home state.

    Assange, the successor of the late and great Gary Webb, has been victimized by the Deep $tate for the “crime” of being “off-message”.

  83. jsinton says:
    @Robert Konrad

    Such a knowledgeable, intelligent, persuasive, and interesting rebuttal. I’m sure your a real force of nature.

  84. Notsofast says:

    The thing i could never understand is why assange never revealed that seth rich had provided the dnc leaks. That info would have blown the whole muller case out of the water. A friend suggested that he couldn’t reveal his source but seth rich is dead, wouldn’t provide solace to his other sources rather than scare them. I felt he might be holding that info as a “trump” card but im tired of waiting for that shoe to fall. It all seems quite scripted to keep us distracted, rooting for one team or the other when there’s only one team.

    • Replies: @jsinton
  85. jsinton says:

    Can you articulate anything, I mean ANYTHING about the quarter million embassy cables that needed to see the light of day? That were of such importance to the public and humanity that they needed to be revealed? Or how about did you ever personally try to sift through the cables and peruse all the names of innocent people… thousands of them? Didn’t think so. Everybody is such an expert, so certain of their views, but always prove to have the knowledge of a snail and the attention span of a gnat.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  86. @tanabear

    Glad to know that you are not one of the obsessives chasing factoids down every burrow. You clelarly have forgotten or missed the nuclear device and no planes nutters’ contributions. Still, you ahave missed the logic of my statement that we can’t dismiss Assange’s alleged belief about 9/11 as clearly irrational because plenty of rational people hold it. They do i know plenty of them including those who concede Mossad may have known more than it warned about. To another commenter I am about to point out that, unless Assange has had the opportunity to read his peer reviewed article in a respected physics or engineering journal Assange cannot be convicted.

  87. @Peripatetic Itch

    Very impressive. But where should Assange have found that, peer reviewed, before he opined on 9/11 without the benefit of your expert knowledge?

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  88. @jsinton

    Likely story. Obviously well-connected, though.

  89. @Peripatetic Itch

    Well done, Sir.

    Some years back I read the compendium book edited and published by Jim Fetzer and included essays by a number of structural engineers, airline pilots, military explosives experts and similar experienced professionals in their specific fields. A valuable reference work in case you wish to become even more deeply conversant with this Inside Job which enabled horrors like the Patriot Suppression Act and several other destructive pieces of legislation as well as aggressive attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

    I believe Amazon refuses to acknowledge the book, but you might wish to do a web search on the emeritus professor of philosophy who while still professing at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, produced the definitive volume on the assassination of the bete-noire of both Bu$h the lesser and of the DNC.

  90. @annamaria

    Sweden will not extradite journalists when charges relate to their work a journalists. The last thing The United States government wanted was for Assange to reside in Sweden. Sweden’s Courts would never allow Assange to be extradited, but Sweden is an ally of The United States and was willing to go as far as putting together a little spoof to spook Julian out of the country. Sweden cleverly, and purposefully, left a small flaw in their spoof: if Assange had just hung in there and faced the charges they would have collapsed, and he could have stayed in Sweden. But Assange was stupid and fled to Five Eyes England and was duped into jumping bail, stupidity piled on stupidity. Sorry, but your Wunderkinder Julian with his black leather jacket and his silly fist in the air, who expects his adoring female Swedish fans to give him a bed in her home and feed him and do his dishes then spread her legs for him and launder the sheets the next day, got played by minds far superior to his who duped him into rushing into his own ruin. It is the goddess Nemisis that nailed Assange. He has spent his life housed and fed by others as he preened and acted like a rockstar. Now he is housed and fed in prison in total obscurity.

    • Replies: @Exile
  91. @jsinton

    Not “your” (you confirmed half-educated bumpkin) but “you’re,” that is, “you are.”

    Ever heard of how an apostrophe is used in contractions? You need to go back to school, bozo, take remedial English (100 or 101, which you would flunk the first time). And you need to thank me for giving you honest, free advice.

  92. @Wizard of Oz

    So very sorry. I neglected to clarify I was not directing my remarks against Assange but at you. That said, I might direct you to Newton’s Principia, first published in 1687 (333! years ago), any first year college physics text and even many high-school physics texts. Also the peer-reviewed Journal of 9/11 Studies:

    If text-books don’t cut it for you, you might have a gander at the University of Alaska’s massive engineering report on the collapse of WTC7. You do understand it was not struck by any planes on 9/11. It was, however, reported to have collapsed by the BBC some twenty minutes before it actually collapsed, using precognition technology unknown anywhere else in the world.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  93. jsinton says:

    The thing i could never understand is why assange never revealed that seth rich had provided the dnc leaks. That info would have blown the whole muller case out of the water. A friend suggested that he couldn’t reveal his source but seth rich is dead, wouldn’t provide solace to his other sources rather than scare them. I felt he might be holding that info as a “trump” card but im tired of waiting for that shoe to fall. It all seems quite scripted to keep us distracted, rooting for one team or the other when there’s only one team.

    It’s a really good point you make, and I have thought along the same lines. He must be holding it as a trump card, waiting for his pardon to spill it. But Barr seems like he’s not interested, plate is full.

  94. @jsinton

    Such marvelous command of invective, ironically dissembled, needles to say. It would make a rebbe proud to observe such Talmudic talent.

  95. @Peripatetic Itch

    Well I missed out on the Standard Model, Relativity and Quantum Physics when I matriculated with First Class Honours in Physics at the age of 16 but didn’t miss much of Newton. I’m not sure the truthers own peer reviewd journal or site cuts it but I hadn’t heard of it and may look at it in the expectation of finding your sources which, I daresay, you would excuse Assange for not having discovered.

    I am sorry to see that you know so little about the realities of live media that you appear to find significance in the BBC’s error. Can you really not imagine how the journalist may have misunderstood what she was being told?

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  96. Antiwar7 says:

    That was old news.

    That’s another professional level distraction technique. If you’re not a pro, kudos: you’re a natural.

    And in this particular case, it was not old news. Most people in the US and around the world are not aware how gleefully and frequently US soldiers kill and maim civilians.

    It’s also not Wikileaks fault if the cable traffic was unredacted. See the story here:

    • Replies: @jsinton
  97. Antiwar7 says:

    Again, if you want to blame someone for those cables being unredacted, don’t blame Wikileaks. Blame the Guardian “journalists” who published the password. See

    • Replies: @jsinton
  98. Chinaman says:

    Democracy? What democracy?

    all these talk about freedoms and rights is a farce.

    I think I rather be locked up in a Xinjiang gulag than have to suffer this sanctimony and unbearable hypocrisy.

    At least my my tormentors are honest.

  99. jsinton says:

    What you say is true. The Guardian initially made an “accidental” security breach. Then Assange made the “command decision” to publish unredacted. Silly him. I hold Assange completely responsible as the guy in charge.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  100. jsinton says:

    Actually, the video in question had nothing to do with the quarter million embassy cables. The video was found in the Army data dump that mostly had logistics and supply information that was of no use to anyone except for maybe al Qaeda intelligence for example. The incident involving the video was already well known years before because the reporters who were killed had the video from their end. No one seems to be able to recall ANYTHING about the quarter million embassy cables because there was nothing. Some writers like Justin Raimondo took a stab at finding something of value after I pointed out the lack of value of the embassy cables to him, but his work was somewhat tortured.

  101. Jonathan Cook is maybe not the right person to address anything Assange, going along for the ride, to decide whether what the Anglos consider a hero is justified. Maybe convince himself as part of media, and the Jewish elites led media machinery, to leave the honor to others, and focus on turning not to the public (and Jewish trolls infused but to his internal hierarchy. His journalism is little justified here.

    Assange, Anglo-Saxony, anti-elites, critical and mocking the petty “opportunity” of choice (parties, religions, ethnicity, Trump-Hillary syndrom), international focus, pertinence, a different kind of globalism-universalism (all are targets, a renegade, a ‘loose cannon’, a no fear subversive), came up with a method to gather first hand information consistently, from within the bowls of the power nuclei, then converted it to inter-active stances. Using public media, imposing on the likes of what, alternative included, media consider themselves to be: influencers, on message, opportunistic wrigglers with an agenda (Greenwald, Greenspan, is there a difference).

    Such a man must be tortured to eternity, and advantage to him, since his public fame is not reversible, must finally be disappeared, of his own hand, lest making a martyr of him. No allies, no simple message, charisma, verbal capacitation, a one man army, must be the closest thing to Jesus (betrayed by all others, and having as hangers-on emotionally engaged only supporters), as to Muslims a prophet, as to Jewish elites, competition up front. Whether his intentions matured fully into life-long consequences and were fully planned, no, as much as Covid-19, but the improvisations along make for a sacre pair of balls!

  102. @jsinton

    I have to disregard your comment as “what you believe” without and basis in fact since you are unable to articulate anything which I have stated as “misinformation”.

    That’s what I did. I disregarded your comment as what you believe withtout any basis in fact since you made a lot of arbitrary statements backed by absolutely nothing and contradicting what people knows. If you want to smear somebody you should at least offer some plausible reason for that instead of clearly trying to discredit people who had a lot of courage. After I wrote my comment I asked myself if I hadn’t been a bit too hard and almost regreted it, but now (and reading again your comment) you seem to justify my answer, even if I had still prefered to ignore your initial comment.

  103. @Wizard of Oz

    As far as I can see Assange himself only decried false conspiracy theories about 9/11, which could as easily refer to the official conspiracy theory as what you call the truther conspiracy theories. So I’m not about to challenge him on this score at least. The question I am more interested in is whether you yourself fit more into the gullible or the disinformation-agent category.

    On that score you do claim good understanding of Newton’s Laws, which tends to go against the gullible classification. On the other hand you throw around the terms nutter and obsessive against anyone who tries to apply the laws of physics.

    Then you feign not to know anything about WTC7 in your first post, but the more you write the more you display considerable knowledge of that collapse. In the end it turns out you know all about the BBC announcement of its collapse before it happened, even knowing, without being told that the BBC announcer who made the faux pas was a woman.

    Again you feign not to know the difference between an announcer and a journalist.

    By the way I am quite happy to concede that announcer misread some direction. Perhaps it told her to look over her right shoulder to see if the building is still standing before you read this. Screw-ups do happen and there are several ways this one could have eventuated.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  104. @Bombercommand

    Why Assange thought the rape charges would led to Sweden extraditing him to the USA is beyond me,

    It seems that thinking is beyond you. The sentence you wrote is absurd. Has Assange ever thought that? You don’t seem to know or willfully ignore the details around the case in Sweden. How do you know what Sweden would have done or not? You speculate purely without telling what might have been the reasons that A. might have had to not go back to Sweden (or do you think that you are very clever and A. is completely stupid?). If he thought that the case against him there was a “fake” (I haven’t found now a better way of expressing myself) case, this might be a reason to fear being immediately extradited from there to the US. In fact, Sweden did illegal extraordinary rendition: “Sweden Violated Torture Ban in CIA Rendition” (hrw). Nobody knows with certainty whether England or Sweden would have been better for him, you still less. He had to make a choice based on what he knew at that time. The way you write about Manning discredits everything that you write.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  105. @UncommonGround

    Sweden does not extradite journalists for charges related to their work as journalists. The rape charges were laid then withdrawn and the female complainants were on record saying they didn’t want Assange persecuted. Highly likely the prosecution would collapse. The entire charade was designed to spook Assange out of Sweden, but Sweden is a Western ally with an independent streak so Sweden left a flaw in the charade, purposely, that Assange could have taken advantage of if he was intelligent and coolheaded. Instead he went to the worst place possible: Five Eyes England, where extradition was a certainty. But still no charges from The United States. The arrest in England was to spook Assange into jumping bail and fleeing to a supposed sanctuary, he wouldn’t be able to leave England after jumping bail, so fleeing to an Embassy was his only option. Likely Ecuador was cooperating with Five Eyes and offered sanctuary to Assange on Five Eyes advice. A bail jumper, rotting for seven years in the Embassy, deteriorating in mind and body, becoming increasingly irrelevant to Wikileaks where his entire sense of worth is invested, and the public gradually bored and disinterested, and still no charges by The United States. But there is more. When kicked out of the Embassy looking and acting like a homeless crazy man, it is straight to prison with a 51 week sentence for bail jumping. It is then the extradition request from The United States appears, and Uncle Sam wants Assange to fight extradition for as long as humanly possible, from jail, because there is no bail for a bail jumper. Really and truely, a plan of attack on Assange of exquisite subtlety and effectiveness. Assange has fathered children he has never supported or spent time with. If he had spent his time being a father to his children, instead of shit disturbing, preening like a rock star, freeloading and trying fuck without a condom his hostesses he met a mere six hours previous, he would not be a famous man, but he would be a free man, and a great man.

  106. Antiwar7 says:

    They breached it, but he’s responsible. Got it.

  107. @Antiwar7

    Free-riding, basking in self-righteousness as an individual, hangers on, for the duration of the opportune moment, while being part of the system, is loath-able and common tactics both. Admittedly in the case of @Roda, out of possible ignorance. Still here at, authors and commenters abound who wring the laundry for dry water and to further their personal agenda.

  108. @Peripatetic Itch

    Well one little thing we can get out of the way. I didn’t “feign an ignorance” of the difference between an announcer and a journalist but do know that you are still short of understanding the reality. I have a close relation who was head of a major office of the BBC in the Far East and , while there, acted as reporter, interviewer, editor, presenter, whatever was required, travelling as far as West Africa with her own camcorder for one program. (dmittedly the BBC wasn ‘t the first off the mark with such Thatcherite efficiency).

    I am not sure how I would ultimately define “nutters” in relation to truthers on UR. Maybe I would limit it to the nuclear device nuts and there weren’t really any planes maddies. Maybe share with Ron exasperation with those who think Rumsfeld and Cheney were in on the plot.

    I was alerted by a call from the said BBC person that I, late on 9/11 in Australia, should turn my TV on. I don’t think I became aware of the truthers for quite a few years but I started catching up by chasing up unlikely seeming assertions on UR some years ago. As even Ron has been careless about some facts he has never got round to admitting he got wrong (e.g. that the buildings collapsed into their own footprints or that Osama bin Laden’s denial of involvement had some credibility or that getting the US mired in Afghanistan wasn’t a big win for him) I have remained just a critical sceptic all round with willingness to believe Mossad may have had more knowledge of what was being planned than they effectively passed on (and even contributed some peripheral assistance) but otherwise treating references to nano termite and trucks loaded with explosives as , to me, unexplained outlier anomalies but not critical established facts. One of the most telling pieces of evidence to my mind – always avoided on UR – is that the weakened -by- fire -until-gravity-took-over explanation is supported by the building struck lowest down coming down quickest. As to WTC 7 I can’t be bothered going through yet again the reasons why its inclusion in the collapses actually weakens any case for an insiders’ conspiracy.

    I should add that I have recently seen a film, mentioned by me on UR I think, that shows flames of fires in the towers quite consistent with the weamened steel theories.

  109. Saggy says:

    There is no journalism in the US, any more than there was in the USSR. The journalists are paid agents of the establishment, ultimately the banks and the Jews.

    So, all this sweating about an ‘attack on journalism’ is mostly hyperbole. Journalism is dead already, it didn’t need to be attacked.

    But it’s more than that. What is extraordinary to me is that academia is also completely on boards with the Zio history and worldview and with journalism as it is currently practiced. The professors are tenured, they’re smart, but apparently the independent thinkers are culled out before getting hired.

    So, if the attack on Assange is not an attack on journalism, what is it? Assange gets to the heart of it in the little lecture he gives to students about 5 minutes into the vid. He says our government, and our analyses of governments, and our theories of governments, are ‘bankrupt’ because we don’t have a clue as to what governments actually do (with regard to foreign policy and war). And I think he is exactly right. We don’t have a clue as to what is behind the curtain, and he was tearing down the curtain. He was exposing the actual workings of the governments, which were crystallized in the Apache helicopter shootings. This was an assault on the foundations of the charade. So, the attack on Assange is an attack on the truth. Not an attack on our useless journalists. And it is a massive demonstration of power, as the entire society is aware of the attack on he truth and is either acquiescing or applauding. We’re watching a champion of the truth being tortured and humiliated while we do absolutely nothing. We’re a nation of worms and our government is rubbing our noses in our own powerlessness and humiliation.

  110. @Wizard of Oz

    One of the most telling pieces of evidence to my mind – always avoided on UR – is that the weakened -by- fire -until-gravity-took-over explanation is supported by the building struck lowest down coming down quickest.

    Avoided on UR? Really. Avoided everywhere is more likely. Are you really going going to tell us the difference in gravitational attraction between the 80th floor and the 96th floor is the crucial factor that brought the South Tower down first? If so you might want to put your Holmesian mind to the issue of the 1993 WTC basement bomb, when a truck bomb with considerably more fire power than an airplane failed completely to bring the North Tower down.

    As to WTC 7 I can’t be bothered going through yet again the reasons why its inclusion in the collapses actually weakens any case for an insiders’ conspiracy.

    This one intrigued me enough to pull up your extensive commenting history on this site. I find that nowhere have you ever been bothered enough about WTC7 to go through your reasons for this even once.

    So in this little rant of yours I see not one logical argument, not even one concession that Newton’s laws of motion might have anything to say about the collapse of three WTC buildings on 9/11. Not one acknowledgement that steel-framed buildings do not ever fall into their own footprint unless by controlled demolition.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  111. Derer says:

    Exposing any country government crimes and filthy dishonest operations is a honorable act, especially the international murderer’s government. An ability to obtain government’s illegal filth usually protected by the “top secret” sign should be applauded and the guilt rests rather on the perpetrators and not the messenger. Assange is guilty of nothing, his action perhaps saved lives.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  112. roonaldo says:

    The Australian government has done nothing for Assange, though it will intervene when Aussies face severe punishment for drug offenses in Indonesia.

    Curious, a bit of Internet searching revealed that the Australian government is prosecuting a former military lawyer, David McBride, who provided documentation to ABC Australia of evidence of atrocities against Afghan civilians by Aussies forces, as well as the complicity of their commanders. His attempts to rectify the problems through official channels were rebuffed, and ABC aired “The Afghan Files” and later had their offices raided by the police. ABC reporter Daniel Oakes may face charges.

    Such a stink was raised that the military reluctantly began an investigation that has crept along for four years. Also ongoing is prosecution of intelligence officers for whistleblowing about Australian government spying against East Timor in 2006 over negotiations involving oil and gas extraction.

    The organization Bring Julian Assange Home has garnered around 400,000 signatures in Australia and a parliamentarian group was formed to assist, but Parliament has been silent, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison will no doubt let Assange rot in Bellmarsh prison.

  113. @Peripatetic Itch

    If you haven’t found what I have said about WTC 7 you haven’t looked hard enough. I don’t think I used Anon to avoid being associated with a very rude reply or replies. Before dealing with the insurance question (a non issue) and the “pull it” nonsense my emphasis was I think on the absurdity of conspirators (Mossad or “Deep State”) creating an anomalous case which would have exactly the consequence you illustrate, namely drawing attention to the absence of a plane hitting it.

    Newton won’t help you if you want t to make true comparisons between the failed bomb attack and progressive weakening of the relatively lightweight steel structures above the 80th floor. The difference in weight above the heat weakened area would be of the order of double.

    And now you have continued with a failure to rule out the simple common sense inference from that difference of several hundred tons on similarly weakened structures. What is more you give no clue as to what you really know about post-Newtonian “controlled demolitions”. Try giving us a professionally designed scenario for the wiring and installation of explosives – and their triggering – that fits what happened and when it happened. And don’t forget to explain the extraordinary coordination needed to ensure that the planes (piloted by whomever) hit at exactly the right floors to ensure that we saw something consistent with the official explanation. And while you were delving in the archive you would have come across my pointing out several times – also without comeback – that the towers did not collapse into their own foitprints but covered a wide area with much material including large beans ejected sideways with great force as one would expect if one added up all the vectors of a buildings’ upper floors destroying the floors beneath.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  114. @Wizard of Oz

    If you haven’t found what I have said about WTC 7 you haven’t looked hard enough. I don’t think I used Anon to avoid being associated with a very rude reply or replies.

    Can’t get any closer to a confession than that. What you mean is that you commonly write under the moniker Anon whenever it suits you, maybe even to support what you said writing under your Wizard moniker. You just can’t quite remember doing it in this instance. As for your “not looking hard enough” calumny, Windows Search is really quite efficient — you should try it sometime. In the meantime, you seem to have richly deserved a Scarlet Letter beside your comments.

    Newton won’t help you if you want to make true comparisons between the failed bomb attack and progressive weakening of the relatively lightweight steel structures above the 80th floor. The difference in weight above the heat weakened area would be of the order of double.

    Oh wow! The “bigger they are, the harder they fall” argument. So relevant as to why the North Tower took longer to fall than the South Tower. Of course — the South Tower had double the weight above its damaged area. Common sense trumps Newton’s Laws of Motion every time. Just think, they could have brought the towers down so much faster and killed a whole lot more people if they had targeted the 20th floor, or even the basement. Oh wait, they did that in 1993. My bad.

    you give no clue as to what you really know about post-Newtonian “controlled demolitions”

    I can’t quite figure out what you mean by “post-Newtonian.” I can only guess you mean we live in a post-modern, post-truth world where anything goes as long as you can dress it up in the guise of “common sense”, a concept you throw around in a large majority of your posts. As for me, I still think I live in a Newtonian world, modified but slightly by relativity. I still try my best to slow down when I am about to hit a big truck — not speed up in an attempt to go right through the monster unharmed, if you catch my allusion to 9/11.

    You do make a fair point about wiring placement and such, But in your other role as strict enforcer of the official, nineteen-Arabs, conspiracy theory, you have made it clear you consider any talk of nukes or cruise missiles as pure nuttery. So I offer this only for people who take Newton seriously:

    large beans[sic] ejected sideways with great force as one would expect if one added up all the vectors of a buildings’ upper floors destroying the floors beneath.

    Having actually taught vector math, I think I can say with some confidence that vectors have no non-zero components in a direction perpendicular to them. Much of the debris, including beams, was however thrown upwards and outwards in a fountain-like pattern. You really should have paid more attention in your high-school physics classes.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  115. @Wizard of Oz

    You profess yourself to be but a “critical sceptic all round”, but you are much too modest. You act much more like a gatekeeper/enforcer for the official nineteen-Arabs, conspiracy theory for the 9/11 disaster. Here’s how:

    You posit yourself as the one with privileged access to reality. You just know for instance that I am “still short of understanding the reality”. No arguments, no facts needed. God or pope complex

    You drop names. You are related to a BBC big-wig. You have had lunch with Ron Unz himself. You know because they know or because you led them out of error.

    You define the thing to be explained as a simple event, not as a scientific phenomenon with peripheral characteristics that might bear on acceptable explanations. You then delimit the relevant aspects of the phenomenon. Some things are not relevant just by your say so. Things like the double insurance claims, the unusual profits made in the market, Silverstein’s “pull it” comment. Even the collapse of WTC7 is quite irrelevant, in your estimation.

    You delimit the acceptable explanations: Suggesting nukes as the explosive is banned. questioning the planes and positing cruise missiles is beyond the pale. Nothing more than incidental involvement of Israel will do. Nothing you might call a conspiracy theory. You similarly delimit the people we need listen to. No nutters or truthers permitted.

    You delimit the modes of acceptable proof. Nothing less than peer reviewed is acceptable, unless it comes from your “common sense”, as for example your theory that the North Tower WTC1 came down second because it was struck higher up. And if peer review supports an alternative explanation, then that too can be dismissed as a result of colluding conspiracy theorists. An exhaustive engineering-physics analysis of WTC7 can be ignored while a picture showing some office fires in that same building is sufficient proof. Newtonian physics can be ignored because this is a “post-Newtonian” world.

    You seem to think it’s OK to publish comments in UR under various monikers.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  116. @Peripatetic Itch

    I apologise for my slightly mocking tone (including “post-Newtonian ” which confused you) that cannot help but suggest that I find you an over earnest lightweight who has told me nothing of valid interest.

    Yes, I have a very few times used Anon for the purpose Ron provided the facility for or a closely related one like not wanting to be seen bothering to converse with some crude blather., but I cant think of any occasion to do that on 9/11 questions.

    Your unclear final paragraph seems like an attempt to obscure the essential point that you concede error on the allegation of falling into their own footprints though I don’t see why you can’t just confesss error and then consider carefully whether and how it might affect your overall case.

    Are you, by the way, keeping your mind so open that you think that highjacked planes might not have been flown into the Twin Towers as your odd remark about “strict enforcer” seems to imply? That would appear to make you an extreme conspiracy theorist of the “anything but what the govrrnment says” variety. I trust not, and won’t follow you down any such rabbit hole.

    I”m afraid your line on the reasons for the towers coming down after different intervals is just bluster ignoring the reality that you have absolutely no basis for your apparent belief that the 1993 bomb attack would have created a comparable weakening of support to that caused by an hour or or so of heat weakening of steel framing. (I admit to having firmed up my view of the strength of this point only recently when I saw a well produced documentary that showed close up telephoto views of flames which made a mockery of derisive claims about an office furniture fire). It is really quite simple, though obviously not the whole immediately conclusive truth, that a heavier pressure on weakness will take effect quicker than a lighter one cet. par.

    Rhetoric about “why not the 20th floor” is desperate stuff. Who suggests the Al Qaeda plan was to cause the buildings to collapse completely? How could ObL have expected more than that the attacks would cause enough outrage to make it likely he would get the US – again, a la Vietnan, – disastrously mired in Afghanistan?

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  117. @Wizard of Oz

    Yes, I have a very few times used Anon for the purpose Ron provided the facility for or a closely related one like not wanting to be seen bothering to converse with some crude blather[ers].

    Wherein you admit to being a troll and probably a shill. Let me guess — for MI6. Wherein you express contempt for the UR community as nothing more, in your view, than a bunch of “crude blatherers”. And wherein you get really quite brazen about it all, suggesting Ron would approve, when in fact Ron has expressly warned about trolls like you.

    but I cant think of any occasion to do that on 9/11 questions.

    You would and you did. Earning yourself another Scarlet Letter. “L” I suggest.

    Who suggests the Al Qaeda plan was to cause the buildings to collapse completely?

    Wherein you express the admission criteria to your little club as fealty to the official nineteen-Arabs, conspiracy theory. Exposing yourself as a self-appointed gatekeeper.

    I trust not, and won’t follow you down any such rabbit hole.

    That’s because you are the “rabbit hole”. Your wizard moniker is well chosen. The rest of us just have to peel back the curtain.

    I”m afraid your line on the reasons for the towers coming down after different intervals is just bluster

    I don’t have a line on why one tower came down before the other. I doubt if anyone other than you in the entire world cares. Certainly you have complained no one in UR does. You have quite deliberately misinterpreted my sarcastic rebuttal of your explanation as bluster.

    It is really quite simple, though obviously not the whole immediately conclusive truth, that a heavier pressure on weakness will take effect quicker than a lighter one cet. par.

    Nice try, but maybe you should consider the original design of the towers. Those engineers were not quite as lightweight as you would have me be. They quite understood that the box columns on the lower parts of the building had to support much more weight than those on the upper floors and consequently made them much thicker and stronger. Appeals to ignorance don’t really cut it.

    So maybe you should once again apply your Holmesian mind to explaining why Flight 175 supposedly went right through the central columns of WTC2 at the 80th floor, where those columns were so much thicker than they are at the 96th floor of the North Tower. When airliner cockpits are basically tin cans that can’t even withstand bird strikes or collisions with fences, let alone steel girders and box columns.

    In fact WTC7 did fall into its own footprint, leaving a rubble pile consistent with its structure. The University of Alaska massive engineering-physics analysis (whose existence you will not even acknowledge) shows it was not brought down by fire. WTC1 on the other hand turned almost completely and instantaneously into dust, other than the beams tossed out with extreme kinetic energy, both of which are inconsistent with fire. Dust, unfortunately for your position, is incapable of destroying anything beneath it. The top 30 stories of WTC2 (or what was left of them) toppled over onto the street below, as you and I seem to agree, leaving nothing to crash down and destroy the rest, which also turned almost entirely to dust, except for those beams.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  118. @Peripatetic Itch

    I wouldn’t want to exhibit the extended pedantry (curiously that of the precocious 11 year old, rather like his resorting to rude names) of the hybrid monster Loup Bouc but I do take your lack of care and/or logic, obviously inflamed by increasing passion, which made you conclude that i was abusing the generality of IR commenters of crude blathering as putting you beyond the pale.

    I shall resume waiting with little residual interest in 9/11 discussions but in the faint hope that some new inquiry will resolve questions still regarded as important and in doubt. Of course I would be interested in what you might continue to contribute if only there was any evidence that you had relevant expertise. Would you qualify in a superior court as an expert witness, and, if so, with what scope?

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  119. @annamaria

    Even the parasitic ersatz-humans of the political class respond to incentives.

    The people you mention have not been adequately incentivised to behave more like real human beings: too few people in their subpopulation have met violent, graphic, untimely deaths.

    There are two ways this goes.

     • some variant of Jim Bell’s “Assassination Politics” (‘AP’) [1] emerges, whereby highly-targeted violence is visited on relatively-few parasites pour encourager les autres[2];
     • the system remains bottled up until it blows, whereupon a very large number of people get killed on all sides – civil war style numbers (civil wars are generally pretty uncivil).

    There is no ‘muddle through‘ alternative – the Western mixed-economy economic system is too far gone to get back to anything resembling a stable manifold.

    For the first half of the last 2 decades, things were developing in a way that would permit a transition to a ‘first-best’ scenario – viz., a technological shift towards massively-higher productivity, and a transition to ‘radical abundance’ (popularised by Kurweil, Diamandis and others as the ‘Singularity’).

    That’s now off the table for the foreseeable future – unless the parasite classes are wound back to below 10% of private-sector activity (the same thing as effectively abolishing the political means: at 10% the size of private activity it’s survivable, if suboptimal). 2008 gave the parasites a massive opportunity to extend their power, and they took it with both hands… and set up dynamics that have been unbelievably bad for technological change.

    Although I despise chess analogies, 2020 is not an endgame… it’s part of the middlegame, but it’s before their kings have castled. The door is open to decapitate them as a class.

    Whether the de-infestation happens by the proper structuring of incentives (AP-style), or a gigantic fratricidal bloodbath (bellum omnium contra omnes )… I don’t give a shit, to be honest: I’ve got my shit reasonably sorted.

    [1] Say what you like about Bell’s handling of events: it remains that AP is an idea whose time is overdue. It’s a market solution to a significant problem.

    Bell’s handling of events – specifically, his goading of the US Sicherheitsdienst – is the subject of a great deal of misrepresentation, but he did bungle things more than a little.

    A lot of what Bell did was as ill-advised as Assange, but it affected Bell (and his immediate family) and had no spillovers to his broader circle.

    Contrast that with JA – who was specifically warned not to try to seek refuge on a fucking ISLAND (by people including me), and was already slated for removal from several key DMSs because he was being far too cavalier.

    It has nothing to do with fucktarded pop-psych/HR nonsense – he’s not a narcissist; he doesn’t think he’s bigger than the project; he didn’t get carried away with his own celebrity.

    The core problem was that WL was growing so rapidly that due diligence became difficult, and an adversary got their nose inside the WL tent (Daniel Domscheit-Berg). Once an infiltrator gets past the filters, and is in a position that has modestly-elevated permissions, they can do a bunch of damage – not least of which is getting other infiltrators in place (e.g., the original ‘q’ – who predates the retarded US cartoon QAnon by over a decade).

    [2] If you don’t think that they selectively destroy some of us for precisely this purpose, you missed the point of heads on spikes at the city gates.

  120. a 49-year-old man published documents exposing US war crimes.

    So did CNN and the NYT:

    History’s deadliest air raid happened in Tokyo during World War II and you’ve probably never heard of it

    The Man Who Won’t Let the World Forget the Firebombing of Tokyo

    Note the Boston headline: SOVIET ENTERS WAR. The USSR, in one of their rare good moments, offered to negotiate an earlier, face-saving end to the war, and pretty much had the Japanese on board. But we turned it down because we insisted the surrender be “unconditional”.

    Which means our worst servicemen get to rape Okinawan women for the next 75+ years.

    (By the way, Japan and Russia are still technically at war. Bet you didn’t know that.)

  121. @Wizard of Oz

    What about the war on the 9/11 “terrorists”? Can anyone prove that the millions of killed raped starved and tortured Arab/Muslim civilians attacked the world trade center that day in 2001? What does “Al Quaida” have to do with children in the Middle East?

    In other words how do you justify the killing of all those people?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  122. @Sya Beerens

    What comment are you replying to? Where have I attempted “justification…….etc.”?

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  123. @Wizard of Oz

    The question is how you justify the war on innocent civilians in their own lands in the name of the American taxpayer’s freedom?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  124. @Sya Beerens

    I don’t. I don’t know what I have said that causes you to direct that question to me. Of course a lot of interesting arguments (mostly impossible to conclude satisfactorily) about war and sanctions that have big impacts on innocent civilians

  125. aandrews says:

    Tucker investigates why ‘DOJ is pursuing Julian Assange aggressively’

    •Premiered 16 hours ago

    It stems from an embarrassment for the Obama/Clinton administration. Greenwald states that the CIA/Deep State is daring Trump to use his executive power to pardon, that he doesn’t run the country, they do.

  126. Dieter says: • Website

    Assange is a Nazi.

  127. Albert F says:

    Assange is either a saint or a fool to even step foot in Britain, the seat of control both for the U.S. media (Murdoch, et. al.) and police culture here, so that he had insulted both in the home of the management of both. God help Julian Assange now.

  128. Robin Terry says: • Website


    There are 113 countries in the World today whose governments are democratically elected and below is a template containing 18 policies. This template can be contained within an APP and used by a political party or independents as the basis for a political campaign or political debate.


    1. LAW & ORDER
    The law courts will revert to the practice of Common Law only where all citizens are treated equally under the law and innocent until proven guilty. Admiralty Law and Sharia Law and the use of Legalese Language will not be permitted to be used in the courts.

    Salaries for all government employees and politicians starts at 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 times the minimum wage.

    Government service contracts that have been outsourced to private companies, corporations, trusts and foundations will become null and void. The management of all government departments’ services and utilities will revert to internal government administration.

    Individual members of parliament the senate or congress and political parties who are registered corporations will have their registration in the public arena become null and void and a bye election will be held. Also any government departments civil or legal who are operating with a registered tax file number or are registered as a corporation will cease this practice immediately.

    5% with no tax deductibles. This tax applies to all citizens, private companies, public companies, corporations’ trusts, foundations and churches no one is exempt from this tax.

    Education will be free to all citizens including university. Private schools do not qualify for public funding.

    7. HEALTH
    Universal health care for all citizens.

    Minimum wage. All retirement payments currently being paid out of the public purse will revert to this payment. Any free travel internal or international or other tax funded payments will cease immediately.

    Is the responsibility of the government who have an obligation to make sure all citizens have affordable housing.

    10. FREEDOM of the PRESS
    The right for the public to know is paramount to a healthy and democratic process.

    All comments made on social media are the responsibility of the person making them .Any subject where the language used does not threaten life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness then the right to FREE SPEACH shall remain.

    Foreign citizens cannot own rural or residential property those who do will have three months to sell otherwise those properties will go up for auction proceeds to be paid to the owner.

    The use of GM in the food chain will not be permitted. eg. Wheat Grain Corn all Livestock.

    14. WATER
    All management contracts that have been granted to private companies and corporations will become null and void and revert to internal government administration. Water is not to be traded as a commodity on any exchange all contracts in place will be terminated and compensation will be paid.

    The printing of money and government financial services that have been out sourced to private companies or corporations those contracts will become null and void and revert to a government managed RESERVE BANK. A ten year audit will be conducted on the accounts of the companies who have been responsible for this service.

    The transmission of 5G will cease immediately and an investigation into the legal authorization of all contracts will take place. This technology and the radiation it generates 24/7 needs to be addressed regarding the effect it has on the general health and well being of all citizens.

    17. CASH 
    A cashless society is not an option. Electronic payments system ONLY would allow banks, politicians and big business the option to dictate the final outcome of any economic future. Merchants cannot refuse to be paid in cash.

    18. LEGAL & SOCIAL
    Management contracts for these departments that have been outsourced will be cancelled and revert to government managed administration. TRACKER18 is a location button that can be added to this APP to assist people when stopped by the police.When activated people within a certain radius will receive an alert and can monitor using audio or video and then make a decision on whether they wish to attend to act as a witness to the proceedings taking place.

    you can add value

  129. @Astuteobservor II

    Human rights Freedom Democracy —- the CIA way.

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