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CIA Plan to Poison Assange Wasn’t Needed. the US Found a ‘lawful’ Way to Disappear Him
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A Yahoo News’ investigation reveals that, through much of 2017, the CIA weighed up whether to use wholly extrajudicial means to deal with the supposed threat posed by Julian Assange and his whistleblowers’ platform Wikileaks. The agency plotted either to kidnap or assassinate him.

Shocking as the revelations are – exposing the entirely lawless approach of the main US intelligence agency – the Yahoo investigation nonetheless tends to obscure rather than shine a light on the bigger picture.

Assange has not been deprived of his freedom for more than a decade because of an unimplemented rogue operation by the CIA. Rather, he has been held in various forms of captivity – disappeared – through the collaborations of various national governments and their intelligence agencies, aided by legal systems and the media, that have systematically violated his rights and legal due process.

The reality of Assange’s years of persecution is far worse even than the picture of a thuggish, vengeful, power-mad CIA painted by Yahoo’s reporting.

More than 30 former senior officials, who either served in the US foreign intelligence agency or the Trump administration, helped to piece together for Yahoo the various components of the CIA’s plan. They show that the agency considered two main options for dealing with Assange in addition to then secret moves laying the groundwork for prosecuting the Wikileaks founder in the US courts.

One plan was to kidnap Assange from the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he had been seeking political asylum since 2012.

The aim was to smuggle him to the US – violating the sovereignty of Ecuador and the UK – in an operation that would have had all the hallmarks of “extraordinary rendition”. That was the illegal procedure the US used after 9/11 to abduct suspects in the “war on terror”, usually so they could be sent to “black sites” where they were tortured and held without judicial oversight.

The other CIA proposal was to assassinate Assange – or, perhaps more accurately, commit extrajudicial murder to silence him once and for all. Poisoning him was reportedly one of the methods considered.

These scenarios need to be borne in mind when we cast our minds back to 2012, to the moment Assange decided to seek sanctuary in Ecuador’s embassy, fearing the wrath of the US at his exposure of its war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Not a single corporate journalist gave credence to his concerns. In fact, they ridiculed them. These latest revelations confirm what was obvious to many of the rest of us: Assange had very good reasons indeed to seek political asylum.

Desire for revenge

Let us examine that bigger picture obscured by the reporting of the CIA’s plan.

1. The agency’s much greater interest in the Assange case – and its more openly hostile attitude towards him – were a result of Wikileaks’ release of parts of a cache of secret files on the CIA’s hacking capabilities known as “Vault 7”. The agency, considering it “the largest data loss in CIA history”, was deeply humiliated by the exposure.

The misleading impression created by the Yahoo investigation is that until 2017 a standard legal process was being pursued against Assange that only turned rogue after the Vault 7 release, when the CIA wanted vengeance and to intimidate Wikileaks to prevent any further leaks.

In the words of one Trump national security official: “There was an inappropriate level of attention to Assange given the [CIA’s] embarrassment, not the threat he posed in context. We should never act out of a desire for revenge.”

The implication is that, because the CIA’s various extrajudicial plots were never implemented, justice has otherwise been well served in Assange’s case.

But the CIA plans indicate something else entirely. They show that, once the CIA was as infuriated by Wikileaks’ exposure of the agency’s own crimes as the Pentagon, the State Department and the White House already were of theirs, it joined them in getting more actively involved in an existing extrajudicial process meant to finish off Assange and Wikileaks.

‘Don’t you dare’

From the moment Assange’s legal troubles began in late 2010 – when two Swedish women were reported to have launched allegations of rape – nothing followed a standard procedure. As I have previously documented, Assange’s case was treated in exceptional ways by Sweden, the UK, Australia and, always lurking in the background, the US.

Swedish police, the country’s media and a second prosecutor all meddled in a case the main prosecutor had already ruled did not involve a criminal offence. The testimony of one of the women – who had been encouraged to go to the police by the other – was effectively hijacked and turned into a rape allegation, seemingly against her wishes.

Inexplicably, Interpol issued a Red Notice for Assange’s arrest, usually reserved for terrorists and dangerous criminals, shortly after Swedish officials had approved his travelling abroad.

In the UK the courts approved an extradition warrant for Assange that had been issued without any Swedish judicial authority. The ruling set such a terrible legal precedent that the agreement on which the extradition was based was amended shortly afterwards to ensure such a ruling could not be made again.

Once Assange fled to Ecuador’s embassy, the UK government surrounded it with huge numbers of police, at great public expense. For a while, government ministers threatened to tear up diplomatic protocols established in law by sending police in to arrest Assange on foreign soil.

A Freedom of Information request shows Britain’s prosecution service pressured Swedish prosecutors not to come to London to interview Assange through 2010 and 2011, thereby creating the embassy standoff that began a short time later. Other evidence shows Swedish prosecutors were regularly interviewing suspects in the UK – only in Assange’s case was that made impossible.

British prosecutors destroyed emails relating to Assange to circumvent another FoI request, but the few that survive – by mistake – show it meddling directly in a case it should have had no legal stake in.

In one, as Sweden proposed dropping the investigation against Assange in 2013, UK officials warned: “Don’t you dare”. Another revealing email stated: “Please do not think this case is being dealt with as just another extradition.”

‘Legal’ theatre

This and much more took place before the CIA plans exposed by Yahoo were being hatched in 2017. Two years later, Assange was dragged by London police from the Ecuador embassy in a scenario that echoed the CIA’s plan.

Since then, new, even more irregular “legal” proceedings – either for a supposed minor bail violation or for “espionage” in exposing US war crimes – have kept Assange indefinitely locked up in a London maximum-security prison.

The point here is that the idea that the CIA suddenly tried to interfere in a sound, legal process against Assange is laughable.


Everything about the Assange case from the outset has been extrajudicial – in the sense that there has been no legal basis for the proceedings. It has been “legal” theatre, concealing the brute force of an unaccountable superpower angry and fearful that, in the digital age, its secrets and crimes can no longer be concealed from the public.

What the CIA brought to the table was not some new interest in extrajudicial vengeance – that was at the core of Assange’s treatment from the outset – but the specific extrajudicial tools it excels in, such as abduction and murder.

Ultimately, calmer heads prevailed, even in the Trump administration, understanding that a sham “legal” process would better serve and conceal the war the US was waging against the efforts by Assange and Wikileaks to bring greater transparency to state actions and accountability for state crimes.

The campaign to lock away Assange for life is being pursued as enthusiastically by the Biden administration as it was earlier under Trump.

And the UK courts, including the highest in the land, have been actively colluding in this charade of justice.

CIA score-settling

2. Doubtless, we are now learning of the CIA’s plots against Assange in part because there has been a change of administrations. Presumably, some of this is driven by score-settling from disaffected agents against Mike Pompeo, Trump’s CIA director.

The revelations, after all, are not coming from whistleblowers concerned about justice for Assange. They are being mediated through the CIA community, officials with an intelligence agency mindset that views Assange in the same self-serving terms as Pompeo – as “a non-state hostile intelligence service”. Like Pompeo, these officials see Assange as a “transparency terrorist”.

But what is worthy of note is the fact that Yahoo is the news service delivering us these disclosures.

Three newspapers with huge readerships and vast resources, The New York Times, Guardian and Washington Post, all worked closely with Assange on Wikileaks’ early releases, raking in big profits from the earth-shattering leaks he provided.

All three papers should have a vested interest in ensuring that Assange is not extradited to the US and locked away for life on the pretext that his journalism amounts to espionage, as both the Trump and Biden administrations are claiming.

And perhaps most relevant of all, the three newspapers have long records of drawing on their extensive contacts inside the intelligence services, often allowing themselves to be used to peddle misinformation and psy-ops.

Remember, for example, that it was the New York Times’ reporters Judith Miller and Michael R Gordon who became the US intelligence services’ favoured conduit for the weapons of mass destruction deceptions that provided the rationale for the US to attack, occupy and dismember Iraq.

In the UK, the Guardian has been growing ever closer to the intelligence services since it broke with Assange and Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who brought it the Edward Snowden revelations that the US national security state was conducting illegal mass surveilllance of the public.

Media silence

So how is it that these newspapers, with their wide-ranging sources inside the intelligence community and their historic investment in the Assange case, heard not a peep about this story over the past four years. Is it possible that not one of the 30 or so officials who spoke to Yahoo has also spoken to these newspapers? Why is Yahoo News the one breaking such an important story?

And maybe even more to the point, how is it that these three newspapers have all but ignored Yahoo’s investigation, and so far appear to be doing nothing to follow it up?

The Guardian could barely stifle a yawn as it covered the story as an extended brief online (and offered a slightly fuller report for its Australian readers). But at least it mentioned the story. I have been unable to find any coverage in either the New York Times or Washington Post.

Is the fact that large numbers of senior US officials are admitting that their agency seriously thought about abducting or murdering a journalist these publications worked with on some of the biggest stories of the modern age not hugely newsworthy for them?

But all of this indifference or aversion to reporting on Assange’s horrifying plight is par for the course for these respected, supposedly liberal media outlets.

Like the rest of the corporate media, they have largely ignored the extradition proceedings going on in the UK courts over the past year and which are due to reach their climax next month when a final hearing is expected.

The media’s continuing silence can only be understood as complicity in the persecution of a fellow journalist.

Colluding with power

The Guardian’s failings have been particularly egregious, as I have documented before (here and here). The paper has barely concealed its vendetta against Assange – much of it following a falling out with him after one of its senior reporters recklessly exposed a Wikileaks password to a cache of classified documents that has been exploited by Washington in building its so-called “espionage” case against Assange.

The Guardian has a vested interest – one it has not disclosed – in keeping the spotlight on Assange rather allowing it to shift to its own role.

That is the context for interpreting its pitifully false and malicious story – again provided by intelligence services – tying Assange to a supposed conspiracy between Trump and the Kremlin that has been obsessively advanced by the liberal media.

The Guardian’s report that a Trump aide, Paul Manafort, and unidentified “Russians” repeatedly visited Assange at the embassy, one of the most heavily surveilled spots in the world, without leaving a single trace of their presence should never have made it into print. The simplest checks would have raised dozens of red flags. But the paper has chosen silence rather than correcting or withdrawing the story.


The only conclusion one can draw from their behaviour is that the liberal media, far from being watchdogs on power, regard themselves as adjuncts of power. They feel much closer to the countries’ secret, duplicity-dealing, murderous intelligence services than they do to a fellow journalist being hounded into permanent incarceration.

Net widens

3. The Yahoo report makes clear too that the surveillance operation against Assange and Wikileaks intensified dramatically after Snowden released his confidential documents in 2013 in collaboration with reporter Glenn Greenwald.

The Snowden files showed that the US had begun expanding its ambition to use new digital technology to covertly surveil the rest of the world. Now it was increasingly turning that technological prowess inwards to covertly surveil its own population.

A transparency organisation like Wikileaks, it quickly became obvious, was a major threat to the US intelligence services’ plans.

According to Yahoo’s sources, it was the Obama administration that began surveilling Wikileaks more intensively and threw the net wider to expose its networks.

The CIA was already centrally involved, creating a special “Wikileaks team” that worked closely with other friendly spy agencies – including one can presume the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing states that also comprise Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. (One official, William Evanina, who recently retired as a top US counterintelligence official, notes the key role the Five Eyes group played in Assange’s case.)

The goal, Yahoo was told by Evanina, its main named source, was to “tie [Wikileaks] back to hostile state intelligence services”. In other words, the aim was to suggest not that Assange was interested in transparency or acting out of principle but that he wanted to undermine the US on behalf of a hostile foreign power.

Assange’s fate was sealed within the Obama administration in summer 2016 when Wikileaks released a cache of Democratic party emails that cast Obama’s chosen successor, Hillary Clinton, in a damning light and showed that the party had rigged its election procedures to stop her main challenger, Bernie Sanders, from winning.

As an aside, the Yahoo report notes that the idea of kidnapping Assange – in violation of Ecuador and the UK’s sovereignty – actually preceded Pompeo’s arrival at the CIA.

Despite Yahoo’s focus on Pompeo, it was actually Obama and the Democratic party’s thirst for vengeance that paved the way for Trump’s appointee to have viable options of either prosecuting Assange for espionage or abducting him.

Obama’s officials immediately tarred Assange as conspiring with Donald Trump, Clinton’s rival for the presidential election. He was thereby dragged into an establishment conspiracy theory, Russiagate, that claimed Trump was serving as a puppet of the Kremlin.

Given the many years, spent under both Obama and Trump, trying to shore up this claim by the most digitally advanced states in the world, it comes as something of a surprise to learn that they came up with nothing.

Evidence of Wikileaks collusion with Russia appears never to have surfaced, even though it became an implicit, driving assumption behind the Russiagate claims.

One unusually honest official, Robert Litt, a former general counsel of the Office of the Director for National Intelligence, observed to Yahoo of the claims made by Pompeo that Assange was acting on behalf of the Russians: “Based on the information that I had seen, I thought he was out over his skis on that.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence to back up such a claim. The extradition hearings in London made no plausible case for it either.

The only tangible piece of evidence is the Guardian’s Manafort story mentioned earlier, which proved so embarrassingly ridiculous everyone involved has tried to quietly forget about it.

House of cards

If there was really a case that Assange and Wikileaks were working hand in glove with the Kremlin, it is hard to imagine that no trace of that collusion was ever found.

Instead, Washington built much of its espionage case against Assange on the testimony of Sigurdur Thordarson, a convicted paedophile and financial fraudster, as well as an FBI asset. He now admits his testimony was a fabrication, and that he lied after he was promised immunity from prosecution.

The entire case against Assange has been shown to be a house cards.

Interestingly, Yahoo News’ report shows that, despite the void of evidence, justice department officials were keen to concoct a “legal” case to forestall two dangers that might undermine their efforts to keep Assange incarcerated and preclude them from launching a credible prosecution.

The first was the CIA’s unhinged scenarios that included rendition or a possible Hollywood-style gun battle on the streets of London to prevent Ecuador helping Assange escape the embassy. Were the CIA to be successful, justice department officials fretted, Assange might arrive in the US without any formal or plausible charges levelled against him.

The other was that the UK was rapidly running out of pretexts to keep Assange locked out of view, after police had been allowed to drag him from the embassy in early 2019. (Ecuador’s new president had changed official policy on sheltering Assange, shortly after the IMF agreed an enormous $4.2 billion loan.)

Sweden had already dropped its investigation of Assange in May 2017. So Assange was moved to Belmarsh maximum-security prison on charges relating to a minor bail infraction. Those charges ignored the fact that he had violated his bail conditions only because he was seeking political asylum, as recognised in international law.

The UK judge issued the maximum sentence possible for such an infraction, giving the US time to formulate the espionage case that has provided the pretext for keeping him locked up ever since, in conditions during a pandemic that have put his life at risk.

British collusion

4. Did the UK conspire with the US in all this? The massive police presence around the embassy; the British government’s illegal threats to invade Ecuador’s embassy; the original, highly irregular ruling on extradition; the threatening emails from state prosecutors to Sweden; the complicity in holding Assange in a maximum security prison in London on a debatable bail infraction; and the known role of the Five Eyes group of which the UK is a key member, all strongly suggest it was.

Yahoo reports:

Former officials differ on how much the UK government knew about the CIA’s rendition plans for Assange, but at some point, American officials did raise the issue with their British counterparts.

In other words, yes, the UK did know about the most unlawful parts of the CIA’s plans. The question is only how closely was it involved.

One former counter-intelligence official observed:

There was a discussion with the Brits about turning the other cheek or looking the other way when a team of guys went inside and did a rendition. But the British said, ‘No way, you’re not doing that on our territory, that ain’t happening.’

The UK could not afford to look publicly complict in illegal US actions that would have treated the streets of London no differently from those of Mogadishu. Instead, all the evidence suggests that Britain conspired repeatedly over a decade to help the US turn its illegal campaign against Assange and Wikileaks into a seemingly “lawful” extradition process through the courts.

Again, according to the Yahoo report:

White House officials developed a backup plan: The British would hold Assange on a bail jumping charge, giving Justice Department prosecutors a 48-hour delay to rush through an indictment.

In other words, the UK explicitly followed US instructions in holding Assange over a minor bail infraction.

Evanina confirmed the UK’s collusion with the US efforts to keep Assange permanently incarcerated, telling Yahoo that the pair developed a “joint plan” to prevent Assange being able to walk free from the embassy.

Terrifying truth

The truth is that, appalling as the Yahoo News revelations are, they fail to convey the reality that the US could count on multiple states, not least the UK, to conspire in providing a “legal” veneer to a decade-long, covert war against Assange and Wikileaks for exposing US war crimes.

Even more frightening, all the evidence suggests that the US was also able to manipulate the legal processes in both Sweden and the UK to engineer Assange’s effective incarceration all that time, and to this day.

And even more terrifying, the same evidence suggests that the establishment media in several countries could be relied on, at best, to turn a blind eye to a fellow journalist’s persecution and, at worst, to actively conspire in that persecution.

Yahoo News provided a great service in bringing some of the reality about Assange’s persecution to light. But there is much more to unearth. Sadly, our supposed watchdogs on power appear far too busy feeding at the trough to start sniffing out more of the truth.

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Since the totally corrupt West neutralized Assange, the internet is more and more becoming just another tool of government coercion, alongside the legacy running dog media, like The Giardia and the Chew Pork Slimes.

    The internet is now a vital part of mass control for the corona madness.

    I can imagine that if Assange were still free and at the controls of Wikileaks, the doc-tators never could have got away with simply cancelling freedom. Guess we’ll never know…

  2. I believe that the ruling caste of the United States is the Whore of Babylon mentioned in the book of Revelations. For now, the Whore is able to bribe and intimidate other governments to cooperate, but the Whore is storing up wrath for herself. When the worm turns (and it will turn) all of her “allies” will turn on her and take delight in her destruction.

    Once upon a time I was glad to be an American.

    No longer.

  3. Look at this creep, Michael Isikoff

    The chosen few just get the airwaves and the digital print. Aaron is Jewish, but he is humane about the role of folk like Jewish Isikoff on the show.

    Then, Amy Soros Goodman, gives this Isikoff, another green light, which is Goodman’s Chosenness way, for sure. All the time, Jewish Goodman having discussion with fellow Jews on her show. Very elitist:

    When will we critique this elite, this white mostly male elite, chosen to deliver the news, media, entertainment, banking, politics, et al? With a real eye to looking at this bizarre 1.6 percent of the world dominating the narrative?

    Very sad indeed. Good work, Cook.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  4. SafeNow says:

    The “veneer if legality” aspect of this action motivates me to repost a prior post of mine explaining how internment is the law of the land:

    This (the Jan. 6th protesters’ fate) is internment. In his 1944 dissent in Korematsu (the Japanese-internment-case) Justice Jackson warned that the decision “lies about like a loaded weapon ready for the hand of any authority that can bring forward a plausible claim of an urgent need.” In Trump vs. Hawaii, the loaded weapon was reloaded, when the majority opinion declined to overrule Korematsu legally. Overruled “by history,” Roberts weaseled. Group internment is the law of the land. Military necessity or emergency threat are the preambles to firing that loaded weapon. The administration, and its military – – Milley – – have asserted that “white supremacy” and “white rage” are the greatest terrorist threats to the nation. All of the dots have been connected.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  5. Charles says:

    Reading about Assange, I recall the quote regarding Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four: “the lonely, derided heretic on the screen” – the victim of the Two-Minutes Hate.

  6. While we watch as Julian Assange is slowly put to death by GlobalHomo CultMarx communists, we can all reminisce about our own fate that awaits us. We are just a hope, skip jump away from slowly being genocide by a bio weapon, and if that doesn’t work, well, look what’s coming down the pipeline.
    Nuclear winter is coming.

  7. anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish-British Jonathan Cook didn’t mention how Bibi Netanyahu himself named ‘I always protect Israel’ Julian Assange as an asset of Israeli intelligence, more than a decade ago, or how anti-9-11-truth Assange has had Rothschild family lawyers, with a Rothschild sister-in-law posting Assange bail … or how Assange’s early ‘leaking’ helped the Swiss Rothschild bank destroy a rival

    Or how Zbig Brzezinski on 29 Nov 2010 also admitted on the USA PBS News Hour, that Assange was intel, his ‘leaks’ greatly intel-agency ‘chicken feed’

    Or how Julian Assange was likely never really ‘living’ inside the London Ecuador Embassy for 7 years, and is likely not ‘in Belmarsh prison’ now

    Or how several people trusting Assange turned out dead, the ‘leaks’ to Assange of dead Peter W Smith vapourised … and Assange mum about his lawyer John Jones thrown under a train as he was learning Assange was a scam … Assange also following his CIA orders to keep quiet about USA federal judge political bribery files, which have blocked other extraditions

    Fake ‘heroes’ supplied by CIA-tied media liars like NY Times & UK Guardian, yeah, sure … distracting from real dissidents … ‘rat traps’ who may have helped silence and kill many people duped into contacting Wikileaks or related fakers, such as ex-gay-porn-seller Glenn Greenwald, working in turn for 3 billionaires, then pumping ‘Snowden’ after ‘Snowden’ first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s biographer at the CIA Washington Post … more at link above

    • Troll: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Anon
  8. chris says:

    Is there anyone who doubts the fact that if they had poisoned Assange the blame would have been directly on Russia, with the excuse that they were trying to hide their tracks?

    In light of the current revelations, the Skripal case gets a whole new meaning: to create a precedent for Assange’s poisoning.

    Immediately thereafter, new draconian sanctions would be imposed on Russia in order to give the impression in the public at large that western governments are all purvey to secret, damning evidence.

  9. arami says:

    Assange is not alone. Both Imperialism and zionism must be destroyed to change the status quo.
    The ‘antisemitism’ HOAX is ruining many people’s lives where should be OUTLAWED. Zionism and the Jewish mafia are committing crimes against humanity and no one goes after them. Those who expose these criminals and mass murderers must pay with their livelihood.

    The Jewish mafia bringing ‘antisemitism’ charge HOAX against graduate students and faculty at the US and Canada University system silencing people who are fighting the apartheid state of Israel.

    The Jewish mafia Army recently attacking Oberlin College in Ohio because people are practicing their first amendment right, Freedon of speech, to express their opinions. The mafia opposes Free Speech if it is out of the ‘official ‘holohoax’ industry’ to silence them. The Mafia uses its POWER against you to destroy the truth. How long do you want to tolerate your oppressors? The Jewish mafia members complain that they are NOT COMFORTABLE to see people are supporting BDS, thus they must be ‘antisemitic’. These people should be thrown out of the university who disrupt the university and people’s life and get away with it.

    [The complaint was filed by Oberlin College graduate Melissa Landa, who founded the Alliance for Israel to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting the Jewish state and hostility toward Jewish students for their pro-Israel views.]

    Also in Britain, we are witnessing another case of destruction of life by ‘antisemitism’ charge HOAX, where should be alarming to all. People around the world should be united against EVIL now.

    According to these reports:

    [The University of Bristol has fired one of its professors over his explicitly anti-Zionist standpoints and opposition to the Israeli regime and its powerful US and UK-backed worldwide lobby.

    “Professor David Miller is no longer employed by the University of Bristol,” the university said in a statement on Friday.Miller “did not meet the standards of behavior we expect from our staff,” it added brusquely.
    Reflecting on the decision, the Electronic Intifada, an online news outlet, called Miller “a leading UK critic of Israel and its lobby,” who had fallen prey to years of smear campaign by the Israeli lobby.
    It cited the academic as saying he would be “fighting it all the way” against the campaign by appealing the decision.
    An online counter campaign that has been fighting in his favor said the university’s decision was “designed to send a chill down the spines of academics around the world who expose Zionist racism.”]

  10. GMC says:

    Let’s be clear here – Yahoo is CIA , Mossad 100% and the propaganda news stories are unprecedented. I’ve read Yahoo for over 10 years , used to post there and watched it slowly go towards the Deep State Cheerleading Team. And this one story was only put out there , in order to get more people to read the other 98% propaganda. It’s owned by a globalist corporation and they took down the comment section because the public was catching on and calling out Yahoo news. The sports section is still good but even that comment section was taken out – lol the sports section was the most honest part – I’d say.

    With the Corona virus scam owning America, the BLM, Antifa, Abortion, Vaccine P Ps, and all the other distractions in the US , the Brits might let Assange go to the USA . How many people will rush to his aid in the States is anybodies guess.
    Five Eyes are Five Assholes.

    • Agree: Notsofast, Biff
    • Replies: @Sparkon
  11. AndrewR says:

    The day I would be proud to be an American would be the day that all of the demons who rule us and their enablers have finally been [redacted]. Even my most optimistic prediction has this day occurring after my death, which is to say that I will never be proud to be an American.

    As for the means for attaining my dream, there will be a lot of collateral damage, sadly. But there has been plenty of collateral damage in the elite demons’ rise to power.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
  12. AndrewR says:

    The Ni’ihau incident suggests the internment wasn’t quite as unjustified as it is usually portrayed today. But regardless, what is certain is that the US federal government was not full of Japanese officials advocating for the persecution of their own race. The Jews get a lot of flak on this website, but they would be powerless without the masses of traitorous white goyim eager to do their bidding.

  13. onebornfree says: • Website

    Big picture ( 35,000 ft. overview):

    The US Government (no different from any other government, past, present or future) is a 100% corrupt criminal org. :

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.” onebornfree

    The CIA is just a wholly criminal subdivision of that wholly criminal org.

    The CIA, no different from all of the rest of the 16 or so entirely unconstitutional US intelligence “services”, needs to be immediately abolished, along with thousands of other entirely unconstitutional US departments ( e.g. FDA, ATF, IRS, etc. etc. etc ad infinitum), and the US government shrunk down to its original, strictly limited, constitutional functions, which would reduce its size by about 95 %.

    Better still, entirely abolish the US Federal government- after all, it is, in the final analysis, nothing more than a wholly criminal enterprise.

    “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Agent76
  14. Sean says:

    I am curious why self styled ‘spy for the people’ Australian Assange continued living openly in London anyway. He could have been killed in a fake mugging or traffic accident at any time. Visiting Sweden for the first time he had sex with three horny for a celebrity blonde women in ten days and began a official process for a permit allowing him to reside and work in that country. For a time it seemed he had invented a new type of media. A number of the most established MSM outlets in Britain and America were in overt collaboration with him. Assange was living as a rock star lives, and the vulnerable Manning picked up the tab.

    Hapless British people put their life savings and family home up as collateral when they stood surety for Assange’s bail and one in addition took him into his home on the understanding that Assange would not abscond, which he did and left his suretors is dire financial straights.

    He contributed very little to Manning’s legal costs at the crucial early stage, and had to be cajoled into eventual provision of a limited amount (Wikileaks was receiving substantial donations at the time). After Manning was convicted and sentenced, Assange publicly offered to allow himself to be extradited without further legal challenges if Manning received clemency. When Obama pardoned Manning, Assange reneged on doing what he said he would do. He is an arrogant narcissist and that is the cause of his fleeting successes and profound lasting problems, As an Australian schoolboy hacker, his lenient treatment gave him the idea that he could make a fool of the law. But it was just storing up trouble for the future.

    The government can do anything it thinks necessary to defend the country, it can conscript its own citizens into the army and send them off as cannon fodder. It can jail anyone who steals its secrets. Assange was not working for the British when he stole American secrets, and so Britain is under no obligation whatsoever to this freeloader from down under. Lots of people the police catch have yarns about how they are journalists working on a story.

  15. Jiminy says:

    No doubt their fingers are crossed hoping that Assange does them all a favour and dies in prison. Case closed. Much like the old guy from Florida who was arrested in Washington in January and who has now died. Disgusting also how chairman Morrison has allowed this to go on for so long.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  16. What about the interconnected “legal” irregularities directed against UK journalist and activist Craig Murray (former Ambassador) who would have been a key witness in the ongoing court case in Spain concerning surveillance INSIDE the Ecuadorian Embassy by compromised security agents? – This audio/visual footage was handed over to the CIA and included meetings with LAWYERS acting for Assange, thus destroying confidentiality requirements. Craig Murray was also captured in those feeds visiting Assange, and would have gladly attended and confirmed his presence in the footage. It is unsurprisong that the bizarre case against Murray was also used to block him from making a temporary visit to Spain.

    The actions against Assange and Murray and others are actions against YOU, your children and the future of humanity itself. The psychopaths in charge intend you to be nothing more than a race of slaves, and when you are no longer needed working in the slave pits, you will be euthanased.

    Fight them. Not just for Assange, Murray, Snowden and all… but firstly for yourselves, and for your future. You only have one life – but your children will inherit the world you depart.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  17. Does the reader believe in the existence of A) Our human race and how about B) Also a cosmic monster which is employing against us the Eight Billion mass murder, torture, robbery and massively rotten propaganda?

    Can the reader suggest a better designation for the latter entity than JAPE for “JewAmerican Planetary Empire”? Two of the brightest flares illuminating JAPE = GM’14 [Gaza Massacre] and the response thereto of the U.S. “establishment”, illustrated by Netanyahu’s quasi-divine appearance before the Joint Session of Congress on 3 March 2015 (his third such BTW).

    From my files: {The sole public benefit of JL*–911 [*=“Jewish Lightning”] has been that the backflash of that notorious stunt’s comparative crudity at last lit up for us the NAGIM** [**= Normal, Alias “Gentile”, IMmensity] the grim character of the 1963 Dallas Jack Whack as having been the all-time biggest kosher coup d’etat.} The Third King of the Jews = 98 year-old KinkHenKi, with Hollywood billionaire Haim Saban aspiring as successor.

    JAPE’s outer cultural combat line = JAIMFAL for JewAgents of Influence in the Merkin Faux Left. The Minister for the Left, of course = old Chomsky, with Norman Finkelstein as his heir apparent and hundreds of supporting players such as Amy Goodman of Yidocracy Now, the Mondoweiss crew, Norman Solomon, Jill Stein and so forth.

    Before going further, Chorus: The essential short classic for all discussion = JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION [1994] by the late Israel Shahak PhD of the Hebrew U.

    JAPE targets Assange in desperation to threaten all of its tens of thousands of functionaries intimately knowledgeable of its crimes and trying to find how best to bring it down. Trying to hold the net. Related topic = suicides in the ranks of the U.S. military.

    The latest woman to be murdered by the Jews in Palestine was 30-year-old Israa Khuzaima, a mother of three, from the village of Qabatiya south of Jenin or about 24 miles due South from Nazareth. The last day of her life was apparently day before yesterday from the moment of this writing on the morning of Saturday 2 October,

    The three words most tightly fitting the likes of Kneeling Joe Biden, Kamala गृध्र, Donald רמת טראמפ Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Sulzberger the Heirhead, the unanimous Senate & cabal are:

  18. onebornfree says: • Website

    This “just” in:

    “War is the health of the state” Randolph Bourne

    “War is politics. Politics is war. The only difference is that in war, people are killed. In politics, they are only robbed… and bossed around.

    Both are dead ends. They produce no wealth (nothing that people really want, except the pleasure… for a few… of ripping others off).”
    Bill Bonner

    Regards, onebornfree

  19. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Typical bullshit . TRump has made similar claims and expressed fondness fir wikileaks when itv suited him .Did he change his mind alter? I guess he did. Assange has done more than anyone to expose the the core nature ,basis, and M.O of the war on terror . It has exposed Israeli barbarities .

    BBC is now saying:”Taliban is imposing wide range restrictions on media” .
    Indian state of Assam sent the video footage showing a journalist stomping on the dead body of a farmer who had earlier refused to be evicted by the state police and vigilante . Journalist is Hindu and the deceased is a muslim.

    “The police shot him in the chest. The photographer thrashed him. They kept thrashing him even after he was dead,” Ainuddin told Al Jazeera. The stomping of his bullet-ridden body by a photographer had gone viral.”–
    Last year Indian city of Delhi killed thousands muslims and destroyed 15 mosques .The journalists who tried to expose and read the informations were vilified tacked and even been jailed for months .

    WaPO wants to dedicate something to the memories of Khassogis .

    Whistlblowers have been killed or jailed in UK . Media has sat on powerful expose that could have stopped UK’s participation in Iraq war

    India America UK are the beacon for the freedom of the expression.

    Assange has no country because all countries have one thing in common -the corrupt ruling class and the kowtowing media connected at the navel sharing the poisonous blood .

    I notice the bullshitting from Sean is dribbling down his lips . The government can do anything it thinks necessary to defend the country, it can”- yeah ! Raping 13 yrs old girls in front of parents and then setting the entire family on fire is defending of something .

  20. Notsofast says:

    ….unable to find any coverage in either the new york times or washington post. the times should change their slogan to “all the news that fits the narrative” and the post to “democracy dies in our darkness”.

  21. Jonathan Assange: political prisoner of the Anal Empire.

  22. MLK says:

    Accept what amounts to a massive turf war as the genesis of this. Post-9/11, as the global surveillance architecture was being constructed, and with the United States now center ring, the US Constitution, laws and National Security State constructs (e.g. FISC) were no longer fit for (their) purpose.

    Remember the original construct, NSA as a branch of the Defense Department controlled signals intelligence. FISC, created in 1978, was the first round of figuring out how to square the circle by giving access to its “product” for the domestic province of FBI/DOJ NSD.

    The NSA had become the gatekeeper with all of the known and unknown letter agencies with ever less adhered to domestic and foreign lines of territorial fiefdoms, foreign and domestic, seeing the writing on the wall.

    That’s the behind the curtain context in which to begin to try to unravel Snowden and Assange, both of which entered an even more complicated stage when Trump won and took the oath.

    Everyone ignores this monumental tell:

    CIA boss Brennan visited Moscow in early March: Interfax:

    Brennan’s secret trip to Russia in March 2016 (to meet with his Russian handlers) was merely one glaringly obvious detail that has been memory-holed. Along, of course, with his meeting not with his British MI6 counterpart but with the head of GCHQ. Of course, FBI/DOJ NSD was also traveling the globe, including the UK, putting together the op against Trump.

    Obama commuted Manning’s 35 year sentence a few days before leaving office. Little noticed or commented on then or since, it strangely provided for a delayed release on May 17. Which just so happened to be the same day Mueller was named Special Counsel.

    Rather than belabor further — nobody ever listens anyway, beginning on January 20, 2017, everything associated with Assange was a function of operation “Trump Must Go!” and keeping all of the previous and predicate malefactions to be resolved behind the curtain. They needed to keep Assange on ice while they broke a key player to make up a fairy story to take Trump down.

    Timing is sometimes everything. Look at when the Guardian Manafort story was published. Clearly it was a shot across the bow in terms of the ever more desperate frame-up gambits to remove Trump. The Guardian didn’t retract it because it came from high levels sources — meaning it wasn’t making it up out of whole cloth. It just wasn’t published for the purpose most thought.

  23. In the big scheme of things, Wikileaks only matters to independent media types. It hasn’t stopped a thing or forced any meaningful change. None of this means I am down with what Assange is going thru. It just makes me think there is something else going on here. Nor unlike the independent journalists do I think Wikileaks made any difference in the 2016 election. We the little people rarely if ever read Wikileaks. My irrational guess on the why Assange’s persecution is it has to deal with the late Sheldon Adelson. Besides Adelson being the odd player in the saga, no clue.

  24. @Sean

    1. Sean says that “Obama pardoned Manning.”

    2. Sean’s been corrected at least once before, under a December 4, 2020, article by Mr. Kilpatrick where he acknowledged that it was a commutation — Manning remained imprisoned for months by the Nobel Peacenik.

    3. Sean, therefore, is either forgetful or willing to lie in order to smear Julian Assange.

    • Replies: @Sean
  25. Che Guava says:

    Captain Cook,

    You did almost the same pose for photo as this Blumenthal beast when you were a top Guardianista.

    I cannot recall your writing at the time, on anything to deviate from Grauniad lines.

    As for lately, it is much the same.

    Free Assange, sure, essential.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  26. The reason the capital of Britain is now called Londonistan is because the leaders of a once great country are acting like junta leaders of a banana republic, which takes its marching orders from a quasi government.

  27. @Sean

    I am disappointed to find you smearing Assange with that character assassination. No doubt many would find him a rather irritating Aspergerish prick like a pompous doctor in my tennis club who seemed oblivious to or uncaring about the real barbarity and crimes of the US which Assange was exposing. Have you seen that appalling video of the murders from a helicopter in Iraq? Anyone who takes the risk of expposing that better deserves to be called hero than villain, surely. And what’s your evidence that his failure to front court cost anybody money that they couldn’t afford. I recall only one of his rich backers complained and, for my part, I would regard his sense of the dangerous malevolence that the US organs of government had lined up against him so well vindicated that you seem to think he should have disregarded law free threats to his life and liberty. Presumably he will pay his debts when he can.

    • Replies: @Sean
  28. The author is plainly correct that the law has been manipulated – and flagrantly so, but first and foremost people have to grasp generally that there is no law at all – there is only policy in-fact and for-the-time-being.

    The thing we think of as the law is a kind of chimera that mutates every time it is administered.

    The following is from an introduction I wrote about a decade ago to a piece explaining why the Crown / government’s administration of its system of issuing speeding tickets was (and remains) technically racketeering – both in fact and in law, but the generality of it remains appropriate to the situation with Mr. Assange:

    People have been habituated to confuse “policy” with “law”.

    When is the law the exact opposite of the law?

    Answer: When it is policy.

    To understand why requires an appreciation of what is called the “de facto doctrine” or “doctrine of necessity”. One important sense of the term De facto is “in fact, and for the time being”.

    Assume, for example, that you are the driver of a car, and that you have just come to a stop at a traffic-light-controlled intersection, and where there is a “No Left Turn” sign above the red light signal, and others elsewhere in the intersection. But before the light turns green, a police officer arrives and gets off his motorcycle and takes a position in the middle of the intersection and directs you to turn left.

    The question is: Do you obey the sign and drive straight forward when the light turns green?, or do you follow the officer’s direction and turn left?

    Legally, you have to turn left, even though the “No Left Turn” sign is otherwise legal / legitimate, because you are following the same authority “in fact, and for the time being” as represented by the police officer.

    Notwithstanding the presence of the legal “No Left Turn” sign, the driver is complying with the policy of the authority (Crown or State) as administered by its officer(s) “in fact, and for the time being”, and so there is no offence.


    In law you would be committing an offence if you fail to follow the officer’s instructions.

    That is also why one of the first provisions under the Criminal Code is a “saving” provision that no one is guilty of an offence who is obeying de facto authority.

    More critically, the question may be put as follows: What is the law on turning left at the intersection? Is it the law that turning left is prohibited? Or is it the law that turning left is mandatory?

    Answer: There is no law – there is only policy “in fact, and for the time being”.

    The law is the law, except when it’s not.

    Or to paraphrase the exchange in the movie The Matrix:

    Do not try to determine the law. Instead, only consider the truth.

    What truth?

    There is no law. Then you will see that it is only yourself that bends (to the will of the state).

    Now, to complete the model, assume that the real reason the police officer is standing in the middle of the intersection directing you to turn left, is because his brother-in-law has just opened a new store on the cross-street and needs customers.

    That, in a nutshell, is how the whole world works. Everything that the people think is being done by law is actually policy, and it is ever-increasingly the private policy of the administrators and in virtually all areas where it makes a material difference it is most often the diametric opposite of what the law provides.

    But what powers or justifies policy?

    Answer: Emergency situations.

    That is why the de facto doctrine is also known as the “doctrine of necessity”.

    I think that that is what has happened and we are still under some kind of deemed emergency situation and have been for at least twenty years, if not a century.

    You can’t get a remedy under the law until the emergency is declared over and the policy-makers give back control. But the longer it goes on and the more egregious the behaviour under policy, the less likely they are to ever declare the emergency as over.

    The whole system has become so flagrantly criminal as to defy normal human comprehension and so the people responsible-in-fact desperately need to avoid the consequences provided by law while maintaining their stolen-wealth / ill-gotten-gains as a matter of policy.

    Is that clear?

  29. Agent76 says:

    Jul 10, 2021 Australian MP says “Nonsense” to US offer allowing Assange to be jailed in Australia if convicted

    Consortium News spoke to Australian MP Julian Hill about the US’s appeal to the UK, which refused to extradite Julian Assange, stating that they would consent to him being imprisoned in Australia if convicted.

  30. Sean says:
    @Greta Handel

    Assange had a history of failing to do what he said he would where Manning was concerned. Manning was arrested in May 2010, and in July Assange pledged that Wikileaks would pay for a substantial portion of Manning legal defense. It was six months and amid mounting criticism when a payment was made, of $15,000.

    Chelsea Manning had twenty-eight years left to serve at the time Obama ordered her to serve only another four months. That sounds like clemency to me, Assange was running Wikileaks at the time and said “If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition”. Assange’s lawyer subsequently confirmed this undertaking still held true. The very next day Assange’s attorney in America said there was a withheld caveat that it had to be immediate release that month. Assange then said that the clemency was an attempt to “make life had for him”. Assange has shown himself to be a weasel. I have no sympathy for him at all. Good folk were taken in by him and they are now are reluctant to admit they were duped, but the man acts in bad faith right down the line.

  31. The last major data dump from Wikileaks dropped a horde of intel that most people have never read.
    If you scroll down to the (s), you’ll see This explains why Jobs turned over Apple to his gay lover Tim Cook, who gave him HIV/AIDS from which he died.

    And that’s just a small snippet of what’s to come if they murder Julian.

  32. @PabloSharkman

    All this is, and is obvious to us all (i.e. who are following poor Julian’s case) It’s just so sad that 99% of the general public is not even aware of it.
    The chicken coop is being guarded by the foxes and it’s the foxes that we have to appeal for justice.
    How do we get out of this????

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  33. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

    In a similar vein, it is most difficult to be a conservative/rightist, it is easiest to be a conservative/rightist.

    It is most difficult in current times because globalists have so much power and use all their means to destroy conservatism and the right.


    it is also easiest because in our insane globo-homo degenerate world, all one needs to do to qualify as ‘conservative’ or ‘rightist’ is to remain sane, normal, and a bit skeptical.

    Just don’t follow every nutty fad and trend, and you’ll be a ‘right-winger’ soon enough. Indeed, even if you are not.

    Glenn Greenwald now counts as ‘rightist’ simply because he spoke the truth: Russiagate was Russiahoax. Mere honesty makes him ‘right’.

  34. Here’s the .pdf US indictment of Julian Assange.

    I’m surprised they didn’t includes ‘He was born of dogs’.

  35. BluEidDvl says:

    Agreed. I’m a USAF veteran & am 60yrs old now but if I was a young man again there’s no way in hell I’d serve this monstrosity that is today’s America. America is the bully boy, the enforcer of the global zio-agenda (along with our lapdog britainsitan).

    In being that enforcer, Murica is the gravest threat to our peoples survival. America’s horrifying “culture” has utterly corrupted our entire civilization. We’ve reached the point now if America is to survive, our people are doomed. Therefore, if we as a race & a civilization are to survive then America must be destroyed (at least THIS current monster that in place in the land I once loved).. 😒

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  36. Wikileaks exposed one tiny corner of the crimes of the greatest force for Evil in history, the USA, the Real Evil Empire. For that he has been pursued. And the attitude of politicians in his homeland, Austfailia, where NONE of any significance in the major parties have defended him, and the MSM vermin, who gave him a Walkley Award one year (for outstanding journalism) then turned on him like rabid hyenas, when their marching orders came through from their owners, has been typical of these two groups of villainous psychopaths.

  37. @Rev. Spooner

    We don’t. Ecological collapse is too far gone to be slowed, let alone reversed. 2050 at the outside. The Evil Ones have won, as was always almost inevitable. Will the cosmos miss us?

  38. @BluEidDvl

    Destroying Thanatopia aka the USA, would liberate Americans.

  39. lloyd says: • Website

    George Orwell wrote in 1984 and in his journalistic writings that in the past, Governments that did evil did it on the belief this was on a temporary lead on to a good future. Now, the evil was becoming the permanent nature of Government. Orwell referred to Jack the Dwarf Killer. In 1984, the Goldstein book refers specifically to even National Socialism and Communism as examples of Governments doing bad so good will come later. The Goldstein book evasively writes, that could be argued. The terrifying aspect of contemporary events in Palestine, and in the world via the Covid putsch, is this is intended to be not a temporary emergency but the future status quo. Whether, they will succeed in terrorising the world to this new reality, is anyone’s guess. The last hope lies not in the Proles but in the aps.

  40. HbutnotG says:
    @Che Guava

    Oh, get over it.
    Free Angela!
    Worked for her.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  41. @PabloSharkman

    If you’re referring up Jews, they aren’t even one half of one percent of the world’s population.

  42. Sean says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    A number of those people were not rich, they were orderly middle class people who put the property they lived in and theri pension up as collateral, and were it not for the fact that the law in Britain only took a fraction of what they had put up it would have left them on welfare and homeless. It was Manning who provided Assange with the helicopter video, which Assange proceeded to charge MSM a fee for.

    I think you do no appreciate the extent to which Manning was a naïve fool led into taking a huge risk by Assange, who spent years reaping all the benefits; fame, women and respect as influential when the long arm of the US caught up with him. Manning was in a cell 23 hours a day for several months, being stripped searched every night by guards at the begining of his seven years detention. Meanwhile Assange was having donations flow in, but refusing to spend the money either on Manning’s lagan representation or people who went to Iraq to investigate the ‘Colateral Murder’ video. He always had a story why he could not spend money; even the woman in Sweden was told that he was unable to use a credit card for a hotel because the CIA were tracking him.

    He took him into her home and he took advantage. This was not the behavior of a journalist. Then when accused he said implied they had made up the allegation at the behest of the CIA. Laura Poitras film showed him in demanding to talk to Clinton, telling the US state department they had a problem, donning silly disguises, and saying the complainants were part of a “radical feminist conspiracy, ” of lesbians. My understanding is that the US case against him is that he he helped Manning crack a password.

  43. Sparkon says:

    By now it should be well-known that Julian Assange is a 9/11 gatekeeper. In response to a question about 9/11 from Matthew Bell of the Belfast Telegraph, Assange responded:

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

    — Julian Assange

    More here:

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  44. @Sean

    It’s not like you to come ilover as naive. Of course the US prosecutors are trying to game the system to get Assange extradited on the relatively trivial offence of helping Manning with his hacking. I am puzzled that the old rule that no further offences could be added after extradition seems to have been abandoned and that the UK government has supinely put itself in the position where an offence of assisting hacking outside the UK, committed in the UK, is a case for US courts, not UK.

  45. @Sparkon

    You only have a case against Assange on 9/11 if you can show that he must have known something that, so far, is no more than unproven truther stories on this and other websites. Why do you think he must believe that the WTC buildings were the subject of controlled demolition which is a precondition for your accusation?

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @Sparkon
  46. Julian Assange is freedom fighter my ASS:

    Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and Wikileaks—Revisited

    Wikileaks Revisited, And Mueller Targeting Iraq War Architects,-and-mueller:3

    Keep trusting Julian Assange like jumping on the hole, everyone :v.

    • Replies: @Sean
  47. @Sean

    And what’s wrong with an investigative journalist actually being reasonably prudent in his use of money and, after selling it on to the MSM, largely making sure he had the finances to keep Wikileaks going? As to the specifics of the defence of Manning how could he assure himself that money would not have been poured unnecessarily into the pockets of court provided counsel?

  48. lee says:

    Are we to believe an article mostly based on a Yahoo News investigation? Really.

  49. We are all Julian Assange.

  50. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    I agree with you on this point.

    Just because Assange seemingly accepts the conventional narrative about what happened on 911 does not mean that he is lying.

    It is difficult for me to understand how anyone can believe the conventional narrative about 911, particularly someone like Assange who is well aware that the government lies and has its lies covered up by a corporate media.

    But give the man the benefit of doubt. Perhaps he really does think 911 happened the way we have been told it did.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  51. Ron Unz says:

    Just because Assange seemingly accepts the conventional narrative about what happened on 911 does not mean that he is lying…But give the man the benefit of doubt. Perhaps he really does think 911 happened the way we have been told it did.

    Actually, I think there’s a much simpler explanation…

    If Assange opened the door to discussing 9/11, his enemies in the MSM would quickly make it the main focus of everything about him and his activities, causing all his other work to be ignored. And as a consequence, many of his current friends and allies would distance themselves, since they wouldn’t want to become enmeshed in the 9/11 Truth movement.

    Unless you believe that Assange possesses unique information or insight into 9/11, which seems very doubtful to me, I can’t see what benefit his involvement would provide. There are already hundreds or thousands of 9/11 Truthers who have been deeply focused on that topic for many years, so why would one newcomer make a difference?

    Offhand, I don’t see Assange attacking or denouncing the 9/11 Truth movement, merely saying that he sees it as a “distraction” that he doesn’t want to get involved in. That seems 100% correct to me.

    I suspect the only people regularly pressing him on the issue are either counter-productive fanatics or outright saboteurs.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz, W, acementhead
    • Thanks: lavoisier
  52. Che Guava says:

    Who is Angela who requires freeing? No idea.

    As for Guardian writers, they all pose for photos sneering over their shoulders, it is the house style, Cook gladly went along with it and wrote loads of crap until, it seems, some kind of redemption by marrying his current wife.

    That seems to have improved his views on Israel Palestine, but otherwise, the same old
    Guardianista Ps of V.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  53. Sparkon says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    No, there’s a lot more to 9/11 than just the controlled demolitions, but in any event, a gatekeeper needs to know none of it, in the same way an AP guarding the entrance to a secure area knows nothing about what’s going on beyond his guard post.

    Of course, I don’t know what Assange knows, if anything, about 9/11. As a limited hang out, he may not need to know much beyond don’t talk about it, or if you must talk about it, call it a “false conspiracy.”

    Nevertheless, it’s been over 11 years since Matthew Bell interviewed Julian Assange and asked him about 9/11, but Bell’s question doesn’t seem to have elicited any interest or follow-up from Mr. Assange. Has there ever been anything about 9/11 in Wikileaks? You’d think even a blind pig would have found an acorn by now, 20 years after the fact. Still, some pigs are blinder than others, I suppose…

    Well, speaking of Yahoo as an awesome news source, cough cough, the news giant carried a story today from the Washington Examiner,

    Lin Wood claims ‘no plane fragments found’ at 9/11 target sites

    “Let’s talk about CGI — computer graphics generated images. You know what CGI is? You know what deep fake videos are? I know you know what Photoshopping is,” Wood told a crowd gathered in Glynn County, Georgia, on Friday.

    Wood shared the clip of his remarks to his Telegram channel from the event in Georgia, where he also called former President George W. Bush “a criminal,” adding he should “go to jail.”

    “Many people in the country want to hear it. We ALL need to hear it and face it. We must face the TRUTH, the good, the bad, and the ugly,” Wood wrote in the Telegram post. “The TRUTH about 9/11 is ugly.”

    Are some pigs starting to fly?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Sparkon
  54. @Sparkon

    Just replying to your opening par I do agree that it would be surprising if Wikileaks hadn’t received something about 9/11 that might embarrass Israel or Americans talking about Israel. Not that I know much about what Wikileaks receives or how it receives it.

    It wouldn’t shock me if Assange was swapping stuff with the Israelis by suppressing some stuff in return for receiving something else. My impression is, however, that if he had something close to proof that Israel did 9/11 he would publicise it.

  55. Sparkon says:

    In timely fashion, yahoo!news yahoo!sport (UK) has a story today What have been the biggest revelations to come from WikiLeaks?

    In 2009, more than 500,000 confidential messages regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks made their way to the site, including exchanges from the Pentagon, the FBI, FEMA and the NYPD, showing their response to the disaster.

    It sounds promising, but the data dump is a 24 hour archive of pager messages, according to an article in that staunch redoubt of truth and typography, the Grauniad:

    At 8.50am Karen sends out a message saying: “CNN SAID THEY THINK IT WAS A PLANE THAT HIT THE BLDG.”


    The website has declined to reveal how it obtained the documents. All it would say on the subject was: “It is clear that the information comes from an organisation which has been intercepting and archiving US national telecommunications since prior to 9/11.”

  56. Lysias says:

    “An organization which has been intercepting”: That sure sounds like the NSA. Is it leaking to Yahoo?

  57. Sean says:
    @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    Assange publicized secret diplomatic reports about Gadhafi becoming decrepit, which contributed to his overthrow. Assange also published embarrassing material about the Assad family dictatorship. Julian Assange ran for a Senate seat in Australia in the 2013 election,

  58. HbutnotG says:
    @Che Guava

    Angela Davis. I forget what she did but the hippies had posters up that said “Free Angela”
    You’re probably too young to remember.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  59. Che Guava says:

    Thank you.

    I am indeed too young to remember, but love the movie Network, also before my time, where she has a bit part.

    In recent years I read that, like almost all former members of the terrorist Weathermen, though she was not one, she was one of their more cuddly heroines, so has a very comfortable sinecure as a fake academic with tenure, just as most of them do.

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