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By Putting Big Pharma’s Patents Before Patients, Doctors Will Further Erode Trust in Expert
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I have spent the past several years on this blog trying to highlight one thing above all others: that the institutions we were raised to regard as authoritative are undeserving of our blind trust.

It is not just that expert institutions have been captured wholesale by corporate elites over the past 40 years and that, as a result, knowledge, experience and expertise have been sidelined in favour of elite interests – though that is undoubtedly true. The problem runs deeper: these institutions were rarely as competent or as authoritative as we fondly remember them being. They always served elite interests.

What has changed most are our perceptions of institutions that were once beloved or trusted. It is we who have changed more than the institutions. That is because we now have far more sources – good and bad alike – than ever before against which we can judge the assertions of those who claim to speak with authority.

Hanging out together

Here is a personal example. When I started work as an editor at the foreign section of the Guardian newspaper in the early 1990s, there were few ways, from the paper’s London head office, to independently evaluate or scrutinise the presentation of events by any of our correspondents in their far-flung bureaus. All we could do was compare the copy they sent with that from other correspondents, either published in rival newspapers or available from two or three English-language wire services.

Even that safeguard is far less meaningful than it might sound to an outsider.

The correspondents for these various publications – whether based in Bangkok, Amman, Moscow, Havana or Washington – are a small group. Inevitably they each bring to their work a narrow range of mostly unconscious but almost identical biases. They hang out together – like any other expat community – in the same bars, clubs and restaurants. Their children attend the same international schools, and their families socialise together at the weekends.

Similar pasts

Correspondents from these various newspapers also have similar backgrounds. They have received much the same privileged education, at private or grammar schools followed by Oxford or Cambridge, and as a result share largely the same set of values. They have followed almost identical career paths, and their reports are written chiefly to impress their editors and each other. They are appointed by a foreign editor who served a decade or two earlier in one of the same bureaus they now head, and he (for invariably it is a he) selected them because they reminded him of himself at their age.

The “local sources” quoted by these correspondents are drawn from the same small pool of local politicians, academics and policymakers – people the correspondents have agreed are the most authoritative and in a position to speak on behalf of the rest of the local population.

Nowhere in this chain of news selection, gathering, editing and production are there likely to be voices questioning or challenging the correspondents’ shared view of what constitutes “news”, or their shared interpretation and presentation of that news.

Working in the guild

This is not the news business as journalists themselves like to present it. They are not fearless, lone-wolf reporters pursuing exclusives and digging up dirt on the rich and powerful. They comprise something more akin to the guilds of old. Journalists are trained to see the world and write about it in near-identical terms.

The only reason the media “guild” looks far less credible than it did 20 or 30 years ago is because now we can often cut out the middleman – the correspondent himself. We can watch videos on Youtube of local events as they occur, or soon afterwards. We can hear directly from members of the local population who would never be given a platform in corporate media. We can read accounts from different types of journalists, including informed local ones, who would never be allowed to write for a corporate news outlet because they are not drawn from the narrow, carefully selected and trained group known as “foreign correspondents”.

A partial picture

In this regard, let us consider my own area of specialist interest: Israel and Palestine. Jewish settlers in the West Bank have been beating up and shooting at Palestinian farmers trying to work their land or harvest their olives for more than half a century. It is one of the main practical means by which the settlers implement an ethnic cleansing policy designed to drive Palestinians off their farmland.

The settlers have thereby expanded their “municipal jurisdictions” to cover more than 40 per cent of the West Bank, territory under Israeli occupation that was supposed to form the backbone of any future Palestinian state. This settler violence is part of the reason why Palestinian statehood looks impossible today.

But until a decade or so ago – when phone cameras meant that recorded visual evidence became commonplace and irrefutable – you would rarely have had a way to know about those attacks. Correspondents in Jerusalem had decided on your behalf that you did not need to know.

Maybe the correspondents refused to believe the accounts of Palestinians or preferred the explanations from Israeli officials that these were just anti-Israel lies motivated by antisemitism. Or maybe the correspondents thought these attacks were not important enough, or that without corroboration they themselves risked being accused of antisemitism.

Whatever the reason, the fact is they did not tell their readers. This absence of information meant, in turn, that when Palestinians retaliated – in acts that were much more likely to be reported by correspondents – it looked to readers back home as if Palestinian violence was unprovoked and irrational. Western coverage invariably bolstered racist stereotypes suggesting that Palestinians were innately violent or antisemitic, and that Israelis, even violent settlers, were always victims.

Unreliable experts


This problem is far from unique to journalism. There are similar issues with any of the professions – or guilds – that comprise and service today’s corporate establishment, whether it is the judiciary, politicians, the military, academics or non-profits. Those supposedly holding the establishment to account are usually deeply invested, whether it be financially or emotionally, in the establishment’s survival – either because they are part of that establishment or because they benefit from it.

And because these self-selecting “guilds” have long served as the public’s eyes and ears when we try to understand, assess and hold to account the corporate elites that rule over us, we necessarily have access only to partial, self-justifying, establishment-reinforcing information. As a result, we are likely to draw faulty conclusions about both the establishment itself and the guilds that prop up the establishment.

Very belatedly, we have come to understand how unreliable these experts – these guilds – are only because they no longer enjoy an exclusive right to narrate to us the world we inhabit. The backlash, of course, has not been long in coming. Using the pretext of “fake news”, these institutions are pushing back vigorously to shut down our access to different kinds of narration.

Plague of deficiency

All this is by way of a very long introduction to a follow-up post on an article I wrote last week about the failure of doctors to press governments to finance proper, large-scale studies on the treatment of hospitalised Covid patients with Vitamin D – an important immunological hormone created by sunlight on our skin.

The role of Vitamin D on our general wellbeing and health has come under increasing scrutiny over the past two decades after it was discovered that it is the only vitamin for which there is a receptor in every cell in our body.

Long before Covid, researchers had begun to understand that Vitamin D’s role in regulating our immune systems was chronically under-appreciated by most doctors. The medical profession was stuck in a paradigm from the 1950s in which Vitamin D’s use related chiefly to bone health. As a consequence, today’s recommended daily allowances – usually between 400IU and 800IU – were established long ago in accordance with the minimum needed for healthy bones rather than the maximum needed for a healthy immune system.

Today we know that many people in northern latitudes, especially the elderly, are deficient or severely deficient in Vitamin D, even those taking government-approved, low-level supplements. In fact, it would be true to say there is a global plague of Vitamin D deficiency, even in many sunny countries where people have lost the habit of spending time outdoors or shield themselves from the sun.

Denied a platform

The doctors and researchers who have been gradually piecing together the critically important role of Vitamin D are the medical equivalent of the dissident journalists who try to present a realistic picture of what goes on in Israel-Palestine.

Because Big Pharma can make no serious money from Vitamin D, researchers into the sun hormone have struggled to raise funds for their work and have mostly been denied corporate platforms from which to publicise the stunning findings they have made. Until recently, corporate medicine simply ignored most Vitamin D research, relegating it to the supposedly fringe science of “nutrition”, which is why most doctors know little or nothing about it.

With the outbreak of Covid, when these Vitamin D studies should finally have come into their own, researchers found themselves shunted further into the margins. Just as journalists, politicians and human rights groups trying to tell you real things about Israel get labelled antisemites, anyone trying to tell you real things about Vitamin D gets labelled a crank, conspiracy theorist or Covid denier.

The desperate need for Covid treatments has not led to intensified interest in Vitamin D among most doctors, even though it is very cheap, almost completely safe even in large doses, and has been shown to help in damping down immune over-reaction of exactly the kind killing Covid patients.

Rather, the opportunity for Big Pharma to develop a magic bullet to treat Covid has led to an intensified campaign to discredit Vitamin D research.

Vitamin D minefield

In writing last week’s article, I stepped into the Vitamin D minefield fully expecting to receive as much flak as I do when I report on Israel-Palestine. What I was not prepared for is that the flak would be much worse.

I won’t rehearse the arguments I made in my earlier post. You can read it here.

Contrary to the claims of some of those seeking to discredit my article, I didn’t argue that Vitamin D is a proven cure for Covid. I argued in favour of three far more cautious positions that ought to be supported unequivocally by anyone concerned about the large and rising Covid death toll:

  • that given the exceptionally promising results of studies into Vitamin D and Covid, it is criminally negligent for governments not to be funding further, large-scale research as a priority to confirm or reject those findings;
  • that doctors, given their singular credibility on medical matters with the public, have a responsibility to lead that campaign of pressure on governments, especially when those same governments appear entirely beholden to Big Pharma.
  • and that, given the minimal cost and complete safety of using Vitamin D on patients, it ought to be used on the precautionary principle until further research is carried out.

Governments off the hook

Instead lots of people, doctors included, did the exact opposite. They shifted the focus away from where it should be – on governments to fund proper research – on to a recent Barcelona study on Vitamin D that I had highlighted in my previous article. That research confirmed on a large scale dramatic and highly beneficial outcomes for hospitalised Covid patients.

Critics wanted to nitpick over flaws in the study’s design. I received endless complaints that randomisation in the study was done by ward rather than by individual patient – a less satisfactory approach and one more likely to allow doctors in attendance to know who was being treated with Vitamin D and who wasn’t.

Other critics were exercised by an anomaly: that in the Vitamin D group slightly more patients died than had been admitted to intensive care. Critics surmised that the doctors involved in the study had been influenced in their treatment protocols by knowing who was in the Vitamin D group.

It is not that these are groundless criticisms. Most studies have design flaws, especially poorly funded ones that are being carried out on the hoof in a hospital as its doctors struggle to avoid being overwhelmed with Covid patients.


The study’s relatively minor flaws, however, do not invalidate its findings – after all, rigid adherence to double-blind protocols is unlikely to be a major factor in determining whether patients recover from Covid. Rather, those flaws underline the need to push for an even more robustly designed study, properly funded by governments, and the use in the meantime of Vitamin D in hospitals on the precautionary principle.

Study taken down

But there is another reason to be troubled by the chorus of criticism, much of it led by doctors, of the Barcelona research. The study was published as a pre-print by the Lancet, meaning it was awaiting peer review. This is standard practice for important studies to get them into the public domain and encourage debate. And yet after a campaign of pressure on the Lancet, the editors hurriedly took down the study. They effectively pre-empted the peer review process because of the noisy campaign against the study.

The double standards at play were all the more glaring because shortly after I published last week’s post I was inundated with correspondents praising another new study on Vitamin D, this one carried out in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The findings were published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

It was soon apparent why this study had attracted so many cheerleaders, especially among the medical establishment. The Brazil study has been used specifically to discredit the Spanish study, suggesting that Vitamin D has no beneficial outcome for hospitalised Covid patients. Some 17 doctors and researchers were directly involved in the Brazil study, and additionally it passed the scrutiny of a handful of other medical experts who edit the Journal.

And yet despite the wealth of medical expertise involved, even I could work out that the study was worthless from the descriptions provided by doctors promoting it on social media. The major flaw in the Brazil study is so gross that anyone who knows anything about Vitamin D can spot it. The authors and the Journal’s editors are apparently so ignorant about Vitamin D that they even reveal their error in the study title.

‘Medical insanity’

Of course, I don’t expect anyone to trust my assessment of a medical study into Vitamin D, so I will defer to an acknowledged medical expert on these matters, Dr Alex Vasquez, whose video assessment not only confirmed the major flaw in the study I had spotted but alerted me to a plethora of other serious failings. As he sighs his way through his presentation in growing exasperation, he intermittently describes the study as “garbage”, “stupid”, “unethical and “medical insanity”. He may be being too kind.

That the study is so bad suggests one of three logical possibilities:

a) profound medical incompetence by a wide array of doctors;

b) a conspiracy of some sort by these doctors to deceive their readership;

c) or far more likely, a groupthink cultivated in these doctors by a lifetime of working in the service of corporate medicine that has left them ignorant, dismissive and unconsciously hostile to a supposed “nature cure” like Vitamin D.

I recommend you watch the whole 40 minutes of Dr Vasquez’s video to get a true sense of how outrageously bad this Brazil study is, even though it is published by the Journal of the American Medical Association and is being widely promoted by doctors, chiefly as a way to dismiss the more robust Spanish study.

But on the assumption you don’t watch it, here is a brief overview of the most catastrophic flaws in its design:

  • The doctors gave patients a single dose, one that barely qualifies as a high dose despite the study description, that earlier research on Vitamin D, conducted four years ago, proved doesn’t work. In other words, they designed a study that was entirely unnecessary because the outcome was known beforehand. The research was a complete waste of everybody’s time and a betrayal of the patients who took part because nothing could be learnt from it.
  • Even worse, the form of Vitamin D the researchers gave the patients needs 10 days to become available in their bodies, far too late to help these seriously ill patients in their battle against Covid. Another form, calcifediol, which is available for use by the immune system immediately, should have been given instead, as it was in the Spanish study.
  • In addition, not only was the wrong form of Vitamin D given but it was administered to patients 11 days after the onset of their symptoms – a huge time lag that, as Dr Vasquez observes, would ensure that many established drug treatments – for illnesses such as influenza, for example – would be guaranteed to fail too.
  • The combined delay in treatment and the delay in the Vitamin D becoming active meant the patients had to wait three weeks before their Covid was being treated in any meaningful way. But that was the point at which the study ended and an assessment was drawn about Vitamin D as an ineffective treatment.

Patents over patients

The wildly differing receptions these two studies have received should raise serious suspicions.

One, the Barcelona study, has flaws but none serious enough that its dramatic finding – a finding supported by other studies – should be discounted: that dosing with active Vitamin D is likely to offer significant benefits to hospitalised Covid patients. And yet this study is being nitpicked to death and has been pulled from publication by the Lancet as though it is a danger to public health.

Meanwhile, a thoroughly worthless Brazil study, so bad even non-doctors like me can see what is wrong with it, is being lauded and promoted. It is attracting almost no criticism, no scrutiny by doctors apart from those who have been marginalised, and is being weaponised to discredit the far more serious Spanish study.

What we are seeing here is entirely unrelated to evidence-based medicine. Rather this is guild politics at its worst. Medical protectionism. It is a turf war. Describe it any way you wish. But this has nothing to do with medicine, public health, fighting Covid, or savings lives.

The very different treatment of these two studies suggests instead that the majority of doctors – like the majority of journalists, politicians and academics – have been captured by corporate interests. Whether they understand it or not, many doctors are in thrall to guild interests, defined by Big Pharma, that benefit not patients but patents and profits. Doctors have largely been trained into complicity with a medical money machine.

This is not just bad science. It is self-sabotage. As public trust wanes in all types of expertise and authority, widespread disenchantment fuels the rise of charlatans like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro.

We long ago lost trust in journalists and politicians. Academia now appears cloistered and irrelevant, while judges all too readily flaunt their privilege. All seem divorced from the concerns of ordinary people.

With a pandemic raging, doctors should be uniquely favoured. Now is a time when they can prove that they at least are deserving of our trust, that they are fighting for our interests, not corporate interests. Instead they risk following these other professions into guild protectionism and disdain for those they took an oath to help.

(Republished from Jonathan Cook by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: American Media, Coronavirus, vitamin D 
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  1. Dutch Boy says:

    The purpose of peer review is to prevent the publication of heretical studies that challenge established (Big Pharma) medical dogma. Peer review after publication or publication with peer review attached would be more logical but would still expose readers to the heresy with the danger that they may find the study compelling regardless of the opinion of the reviewers.

  2. Vitamin C receives the same treatment. Chinese doctors are baffled by our medicos’ rejection of intravenous Vitamin C for treating severe Covid cases. They’ve found it consistently efficacious.

    They are presumably unaware of the vicious war Big Pharma has waged against Vitamin C since the 1960s, and the fact that (at least in California) MDs are threatened with disbarment for recommending such ‘natural’ cures.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  3. Thomasina says:

    Incredibly good article! Thank you.

    “And yet despite the wealth of medical expertise involved, even I could work out that the study was worthless…”

    That’s what I found when I read the trials done on HCQ and Ivermectin. Whoever conducted the trials were going out of their way to get a FAIL. Even I could see this. It was that blatant. These people are setting up the tests so that they get the results they want.

    I think there is a conspiracy at the very top (pushing the vaccines for Big Pharma and perhaps other reasons). No different than Russiagate and the rigging of the election.

    You are right, the Internet has been our vaccine against their lies.

    • Thanks: John Wear
    • Replies: @lysias
    , @anti_republocrat
  4. Biff says:

    What seems to be desired is a locked down police state without a cure.

  5. Charlie says:

    A study designed by smart people to get the results they wanted. Do they have no conscience?

    There are good docs out there but it seems they’re in the minority. On Tuesday’s show Richie Allen interviewed a GP working in County Limerick, Ireland. Dr. Pat Morrissey thinks it a bad idea to push an unlicensed and experimental vaccine when there are cheap, safe and effective therapeutics – HCQ & Zinc, Ivermectin, Vits D & C, etc. Sure enough, Dr. Morrissey is under the threat of proceedings by the Irish medical council for his trouble. Interview starts at 55:00…

    Litany of the Lost


    Bottle banks are full whilst churches are empty.
    Amazon is blossoming as hair dressers and pubs go bust.
    Face masks and latex gloves instead of high heels and summer dresses.
    Bums glued to seats and eyes fixed to screens whilst football boots hang motionless on hooks.
    Netflix devoured in silence as guitars and drums scream out to be heard.
    The old grow lonelier as the young forgo their youth and grow lonelier too.
    Chemtrails grow fewer and feinter as worry lines grow deeper and darker.
    Truth fades from memory as propaganda paints a new reality.
    Politicians speak words as nebulous as candyfloss and people consume them.
    Fear is nourished, hope is rationed whilst questions are starved before birth.
    Illness and cancer disappear to make way for an ancient foe of dubious virility.
    Science regresses and Galileo’s telescope goes unused again.
    Bernays smiles as he catches his sneeze to protect the house of cards.
    The world is closed but McDonalds is open.

    Dr. Billy Ralph
    GP Wexford

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @anon
  6. Alfred says:

    Here is another example. I am sure you can find similar ones where you are.

    In 2013, I was perusing a copy of the “Australian Family Physician” – the journal of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. My then wife was a GP. I found the article below. It has not been revised in any way. It is the gold standard.

    It is well recognised that Australia has one of the highest prevalences of overweight and obesity in the developed world, and that this is the greatest contributing factor, along with ageing, to the chronic disease burden in our society. Predictions are confronting; close to 80% of Australian adults are predicted by be obese by the year 2025. The determinants of obesity are multifactorial and are influenced by early life environments as well as genetics. Prevention is failing due to many factors including a poor understanding of these determinants as well as reluctance to act at a government/community level.

    Competing interests: John B Dixon is a board member of Nestle Australia and has received payment for consultancy from Allergan Inc and Bariatric Advantage. John B Dixon has received payments for lectures from iNova Pharmaceuticals and Merck Sharp & Dohme and for development of educational presentations from iNova Pharmaceuticals, and travel expenses from GI Dynamics.
    Provenance and peer review: Commissioned; externally peer reviewed.

    Obesity Recommendations for management in general practice and beyond

    Nestlé owns a vast array of products containing elevated levels of sugar and other fast carbohydrates. The real junk food – McBurgers contain some fat and proteins.

    Nowhere in these “recommendations” are the words “sugar” or “carbohydrates” to be found. You can draw your own conclusions.

    I tried to put a comment against this article. The editor of the AFP flatly refused. She would not say why despite my protests.

    Report by the Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia (PDF)

    As shown from the graph above, the obesity epidemic is built into the system. It is unavoidable because of the ignorance and connivance of the medical profession and its journals.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  7. Here is an article that looks at the interesting links between the World Bank and vaccines for COVID-19:

    At the very least, it certainly appears that all of our unelected oligarchs are “singing from the same hymnbook” when it comes to responding to the pandemic.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  8. Thomasina says:

    Thank you. That was excellent. No, I don’t think they do have a conscience.

  9. Thomasina says:
    @Sally Snyder

    Rah, rah, World Bank, racing to the “rescue” of the developing economies, “saving” them with more debt and vaccines (sarc). Because they care, or something.

    This PLANNED-EMIC has been a long time in the making. Planned, manufactured and engineered right down to the last dollar in Swiss bank accounts and the Cayman Islands.

  10. Or just watch America’s most trusted source, Joe Rogan on Vitamin D and COVID.

  11. Petermx says:

    I have been taking high (but still safe) doses of Vitamin D3 and Zinc daily for a few months after seeing a number of doctors praise both as good against Covid-19 and other illnesses on several news programs. One of those doctors was Harvey Risch of Yale University, someone actively involved in research. I find someone like that more credible than Dr. Fauci, an administrator who has not been
    doing actual medicine work for years. Neither my pharmacist nor my doctors would recommend either but when I told my doctor I was taking Vitamin D3 and Zinc, I was told “good, keep taking them”, they are good against Covid-19. I would be taking Hydroxychloroquine also but I don’t want to get prescription right now.

    I believe doctors are afraid of saying anything because if certain empowered doctors (Dr. Fauci) and the mainstream media start criticizing a doctor and then others pile on, they can ruin him or her. Something has to be done to put these people back in their place. They deserve to be humiliated at the very least. On one news program the newsman (not a doctor) was arguing with Dr. Risch, a respected doctor from one of the top medical schools in the country.

    A rude and obnoxious John Berman (no medical training mentioned in his bio) arguing with and interrupting Dr. Risch.

    • Replies: @Aardvark
  12. I do well remember reading Chomsky’s ‘Fateful Triangle’. I had long suspected that Israel was not the Paradise on Earth, populated by clever, funny, tough geniuses, haunted by the Holocaust and surrounded by barbarous, semi-human Arabs, including those so-called ‘Palestinians’ who had ‘left voluntarily’ in 1947-8, to await the massacre of the Jews etc, etc, that the entire fakestream media presented it as. But to discover just how barbaric Israel and Zionazism truly were, and the history of the Nakbah, and the wars of 1967, 1978, 1982 etc, was still a shock.
    I could easily draw a truly Pavlovian reaction from my father’s newspaper colleagues just by mentioning Chomsky, even before ‘Manufacturing Consent’, but the MSM has sunk even deeper into the sewer ever since. As for the medical pharmaceutical complex, I spent nearly 35 years, so far, working in hospitals and will avoid the medical Mafias as long as possible. The campaign against safe treatments for SARS CoV2 and CoViD19 like HCQ, ivermectin, Vitamin D, zinc etc, has been Satanic, even for an industry that, aided all the way by the USA, prevented cheap generic anti-retrovirals reaching the poor world for years, causing millions of AIDS deaths, in pursuit of nothing but unbridled greed.

    • Agree: Bert
    • Thanks: Alfred
  13. Two points:

    1. Was this phrase serious or just a rhetorical flourish:

    it is criminally negligent

    If failure to support honest research into Vitamin D, and more critically, not just failure to use Vit. D to combat Covid but actual discouragement of its use is “criminally negligent,” then let’s get the prosecutions going! Where are all the lawyers?

    2. Thanks for the 3300 words of information, Jonathan Cook, and the links embedded in them to several videos of varying lengths and detail,

    I skimmed the words and the videos.
    Lots of carefully layered arguments.

    But listen to call-in shows where the caller has max. 90 seconds before he starts hyperventilating and/or the host interrupts, if the caller is refuting the hosting platform’s bias.
    If the caller is endorsing the platform’s bias, his argument is , Science!

    What is needed is compact statements that summarize your 3300 words and the 68 minutes of videos, pithy words that convey the message that failure to research and prescribe Vit.D is a CRIME of the greatest magnitude.

    Boil it down for us. Communications experts out there: put your heads and skills together and produce a MEME, a slogan; put it on multiple platforms, put it on every person’s masked lips and in their brains.

    Failure to prescribe VitD is criminally negligent and its perpetrators are guilty of holocaust.

    • Agree: Bert
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  14. Carlos22 says:

    I initially thought the whole “COVID vaccine was a tracking device” was just disinformation to discredit those who had legitimate concerns about taking an experimental vaccine.

    Turns out when coupled with an electronic vaccine passport it is a tracking device.

    They will know where you are and been at all times each ping your passport is scanned when you go to bars, shops anywhere.

    Just wait until they sell that data to marketers. Know wonder your gov is so keen.

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  15. glib says:

    In 2015 I ran across two papers.

    One, a meta-analysis of cholesterol versus mortality. Very low cholesterol (below 180) is associated with increased mortality, specifically cancer and stroke. Lowest mortality is at 220-240 for men in many (>10) studies, and higher for women. I had already some suspicions since a WHO country-by-country study offered the same result and had been removed from the WHO web page. Cholesterol is a necessary nutrient (you die without it) and the J- shaped curve of mortality is similar to many other nutrients. My doctor insisted I take statins with a cholesterol of 220-240 (I took the prescription but never bought any of it).. I have since learned how to significantly change the cholesterol test with a 3-day dietary intervention.

    The other was a study of sodium versus mortality. A 22-country study put the lowest mortality at 12 grams of salt per day. The US RDA is at around 5 grams, where mortality is higher. It is a J-shaped curve.

    When the scamdemic rolled around in March 2020 I was ready. I knew already about vit. D effects on the immune system, noticed immediately the vit. D censorship in the media, and of course if I had known at the time that peak oil was in 2018 it would have been even easier to figure out everything. Some advice:
    1) ignore papers published in the US, except for basic bio-chemistry
    2) ignore advice that does not fit with our natural history for the last 300,000 years or so.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  16. cranc says:

    What we are seeing here is entirely unrelated to evidence-based medicine. Rather this is guild politics at its worst.

    Yes. Bad isn’t it? Maybe we should even question whether there is “a pandemic raging” at all ? Clearly not a very severe one from the overall mortality figures.

    The Independent reports that there have been no flu cases reported in England this year. Is this really plausible ?
    To quote Graziadei, “it started out as a virus but has mutated into an IQ test.

    • Replies: @cranc
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  17. Schuetze says:

    Erode Trust? Give me a break, any one with two brain cells and a synapse lost all trust months ago. Here is one of the biggest proofs of the talmudic mind games going on:

    Not a single case of flu detected in England this year

    But of the 685,243 samples that have been reviewed at PHE’s laboratories since the first week of January, not a single one has tested positive for influenza.

    In the week up 31 December 2020, just one case of flu was confirmed by laboratory analysis.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  18. SafeNow says:

    My local “Urgent Care and Family Medicine” doc recently instructed me to be sure I get my Vitamin D.
    I was having a brief telemedicine consultation to renew a prescription unrelated to Covid. At the end of that call, he pivoted to his Vitamin-D instruction. His remark was not one component of a general Covid-precautions lecture. He had one thing that he wanted to impart about Covid, and that was vitamin D.

    This was not the CDC, and not an elite-teaching-hospital doc. This was my primary doc, at a small medical office in a strip mall. Disclosure: I live in Orange County, California, and this doc is a Chinese-American — —- smart, honest, and not arrogant.

  19. Ugetit says:

    I have spent the past several years on this blog trying to highlight one thing above all others: that the institutions we were raised to regard as authoritative are undeserving of our blind trust.

    Well enough.

    However, the principle must be applied to individuals as well.

    Question everything, especially “authorities.”

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  20. @Carlos22

    Arguably they already do, and a cashless society would bring about the same access to data, but best to have a back up system!

  21. Ahh…

    But you see: Vitamin D is a racist vitamin. So we must stop it!

    The consequence of it is that it kills (in the long run) every dark skinned man living far enough north or south.

    And what does that imply?
    Well, every dark skinned man i Europe (for example) would have to be repatriated, if you have any tiny bit of compassion for his health.

    But (((they))) don’t. And they got the anti-natural crazies from Christianity (we are all equal in the Lord) and socialists (we are all equal) on their side.
    So we can’t let that vitamin have anything to say in this debate. That’s evil.

    For how long are we going to allow this tribe to have us run around like headless chickens defying nature?

  22. Blubb says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous. My doctor’s surgery has put up large plastic panels with a small slide-through hole at the bottom in front of the receptionists’ desks.

    So, with the masks (sometimes doubled) and the screens, sounds are so muffled, you cannot communicate – except if you both bend down to the slidey hole and spit at each others’ heads.

    I could barely contain my laughter at the ridiculousness of it all.

    Crawling around on a desk, taking all that extra time to move between hole and computer… it’s all just an exercise to properly humiliate us all.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  23. Dumbo says:

    “Doctors Will Further Erode Trust in Expert”

    That is actually good. People should not just trust “experts” but do their own research.

    Also, I think an “s” is missing, “experts” makes more sense, unless you’re talking about just one expert.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Bert
  24. Sirius says:

    This article is a great contribution to whole topic of covid.

    Just a side note: I tried using google to find the article by only using the title of the article, and I couldn’t find the Jonathan Cook blog site that way, despite a very specific title. The article itself turned up first on the site followed by website, but not in any of the top findings. Interesting.

  25. Carlos22 says:

    The stench of corruption.

    I wonder how the rise of China will effect US / Western big Pharma?

    As the US influence declines they will have to get their big claws into the Chinese gov that may not be so easy.

    Corruption in high places punishable by firing squad

    In the end we might start seeing some big health revelations coming out that have been suppressed for years?

    Who knows let’s hope

  26. @Alfred

    Two words: Ketogenic Diet…..

    • Replies: @Anonymous Jew
    , @Franz
  27. @Insouciant

    “Failure to prescribe VitD is criminally negligent and its perpetrators are guilty of holocaust.”

    As a general description of what is going on, I prefer the word “murder”………..

  28. @Schuetze

    “Erode Trust? Give me a break, any one with two brain cells and a synapse lost all trust months ago.”

    Decades ago: Thalidomide; Dalkon Shield; Vioxx; Opiates………

    • Agree: Sollipsist
  29. anon[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. Loved the poem.

  30. helgerry says:

    Anybody nowadays who relies solely on recommendations from the medical establishment for their health is a fool (no matter how many degrees he/she has). Just half a brain is all that is needed to see that the pharmaco-medical complex doesn’t put the public’s best interests as a top priority: their self-serving interests come first (money, prestige…)

    There is a wealth of good sources of medical and nutritional information available online and YouTube, all it takes is a bit of intellectual curiosity and the desire to take charge of one’s own health. When it comes to COVID-19 prevention, it not rocket science… unless you waste your time reading the mainstream media and watching CNN (in such a case you wouldn’t be reading the Unz review).

    • Agree: Bert
  31. ariadna says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    It was an additional reason why Linus Pauling– a forceful proponent of vitamin C — was vilified, other than being a pacifist.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  32. Jimmy1969 says:

    Cook is the kind of guy that used to sell Vitamin C as a cure for cancer.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  33. utu says:
    Nurse Kandi recommends getting a healthy dose of the ‘D on the regular — so get your VITAMIN D into you with this realistically-shaped silicone dildo!

    • Troll: Alfred
    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Dumbo
  34. macilrae says:

    When young upstart Australian doctor Barry Marshall dared propose, in 1983, that the vast majority of stomach ulcers were caused by a bacterium – and had the nerve to infect and then scope himself (literally) to prove it, he was ridiculed.
    Through the following decade he nevertheless persisted and even demonstrated a reliable cure with antibiotics – such that his case became compelling,
    Nevertheless, the US Physicians’ Desk Reference of 1992 makes no mention of helicobacter pylori – or of Marshall’s treatment.
    Treating a highly lucrative malady with a short course of generic medicine was strongly resisted by the industry.
    Barry has since received the Nobel prize for his work in 2005 and has been showered with honours.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Thanks: JackOH
  35. helgerry says:

    A key thing about vitamin D (more precisely D3) is the dosage. This is where the establishment folks try to get smart with us. It is well known that taking less than 4,000 I.U./day won’t do much for you.

    Often you hear doctors recommending to their patients 1,000 or 2,000 I. U. a day but they know full well that you won’t get much benefit from it with such low doses (years ago anything over 800 I.U. was considered dangerous). They want to discredit Vit. D3 so they purposely try to scare people from taking high enough doses when even up to 40-50,000 I.U. is perfectly safe! They want to be able to say “See, we told you, vitamin D doesn’t work!”

    So do yourself a favor, take at least 10,000 I.U./day (I’ve been taking 20,000 a day for years with no side effects) and make sure to take K2 along with it.

    One of the best book on the subject written by an M.D. whose life was saved by high doses D3:

    • Thanks: Alfred, TKK
    • Replies: @Bert
    , @dimples
    , @restless94110
  36. I doubt trust for the docs will erode. The allopathy has become a religion. “Trust the science.” “Science is settled.” Doctors and nurses wear robes, aka scrubs. If you don’t trust them? You’re crazy according to Obamacare. More like a heretic, but they couldn’t go there. How many here trust the science because it was ostensibly done by high IQ folks? Maybe in days of old, now we have affirmative action and Hi visas doing the science. I know… Indians win spelling bees and Chinese do remarkably well on well rehearsed tests. The ultimate reason as to why trust won’t erode is for a few minutes in a doctor office you become the center of attention. Something the modern self esteemed crave more than avoiding getting sick by taking Vitamin D or visiting the sunshine. Plus you get to be on team “Smart and Science.”

    • Replies: @Bill
  37. First, kudos to Mr Cook for pushing hard on the D3 for Covid line, especially in view of the headwinds he has encountered for espousing same. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts.

    Circulating serum levels of any given vitamin are not necessarily indicative of the actual usage by the body for supporting and sustaining critical processes. That’s why employing the most natural, bio-available sources is paramount to good nutrition, and why wise nutritionists and alternative health care practitioners are uniform in advising that, if possible, letting food be thy medicine, as it is usually matrixed in other critical elements necessary for the proper employment of the targeted nutrient.

    Example: natural vitamin E versus synthetic vitamin E. Natural vitamin E is much more effective as a supplement, and synthetic E is usually eschewed by nutritionists and practitioners in the know.

    In regards to vitamin D, I find that the best source (other than sunlight, of course!) is hands-down natural, minimally processed cod liver oil. Remember how it used to be long ago that our grandparents would extoll the virtues of cod liver oil for avoiding colds and flus in winter? They were right.

    Not only is it a great source of vitamin A, cod liver oil is a fabulous, purely natural source of vitamin D, as well. I use it in addition to a diet high in eggs and supplemented every other day with 2000IUs of pure vitamin D3 (no additives or preservatives.) But I must admit that I feel that the cod liver oil is the better of the two, as it seems to intensify my production of sputum necessary for the removal of crap from my lungs and sinuses. Studies have shown vitamin D to raise the levels of IgA in people compared to controls. And IgA is the first line of defense in our critical epithelial linings of the mouth, throat, sinuses, bronchial passages and lining of the gut, all areas where Covid and other pathogens gain access to our blood stream and thereby rampage throughout our bodies.

    Of course, any supplementation of D3 is critical regardless of the source and heartily recommended. My only point here is that ingesting UV bombarded sheep’s oil (lanolin, the source of most every D3 supplement) versus cod liver oil, our bodies may prefer the cod liver oil and use it more efficaciously. Always look for minimally processed supplements (whole food supps are ideal, IMHO), and in the case of cod liver oil, due to the widespread pollution in the northern oceans, especially off Europe, make sure it is fully tested for contaminants like heavy metals, etc, before purchase, and research the source throughly. Carlsen’s is well-known and is allegedly an excellent source, but I advise everyone to always do their own research and satisfy themselves they are getting a top-quality brand they can rely on.

    Good health to all!


    • Thanks: GeeBee
    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  38. lysias says:

    I am currently reading Peter Gotzsche’s “Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare” (2013). The book documents how already in 2013 there was a substantial history of what you complain of: Big Pharma setting up research studies in such a way as to discredit alternative treatments.

  39. I don’t care for Muslims in general and Arabs in particular but I do feel for the Palestinians. Why? Because they are the underdog in the land fight between them and Jews. But having sympathy for them isn’t the same as knowing that they have lost the fight to the Jew. And nothing I could do or say is going to dislodge Jewish population from Israel. So, the next best thing to do is, is to advocate a practical, mind you, not an equitable solution… let the Palestinians move to New York City and ship Jews of the same to their “holy land.” The net effect on NYC from the population transfer would be none, nada, nil, zilch, zero because both of them are loyal to themselves and do not give a doodley squat about America!

    • Replies: @john nutter
  40. utu says:

    Sorting Out Whether Vitamin D Deficiency Raises COVID-19 Risk

    Some of the evidence about vitamin D and COVID-19 doesn’t pass the smell test, according to a July letter to the editor of the British Journal of Nutrition.

    The authors focused on an Indonesian retrospective study linking low vitamin D levels to a higher risk of dying from COVID-19. Although the publication had not been peer-reviewed, “it has taken the internet by storm,” garnering thousands of tweets, not to mention headlines in major news outlets, the letter writers noted.

    The problem, they said, was that they couldn’t track down the authors of the study, which didn’t mention the names or number of hospitals involved. Plus, vitamin D levels aren’t routinely checked in Indonesia, so it’s unclear how the authors would have acquired that information retrospectively. Although the paper is no longer on SSRN, the preprint repository, it can still be found online.

    In mid-October, the editors of PLoS One issued an “expression of concern” about a vitamin D study they had published 3 weeks earlier, which found that among patients hospitalized with COVID-19, those with vitamin D levels lower than 30 ng/mL were twice as likely to die than the others.

    Only 31.06% of study participants had a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and potential confounders might not have been adequately addressed. “Vitamin D levels may be indicative of comorbidities that may themselves impact COVID outcomes,” explained the editors, who said they are reassessing the article.

    The editors also questioned the authors’ declaration of no competing interests. Public information suggests that corresponding author Michael Holick, MD, PhD, of the Boston University School of Medicine, does have competing interests, including consulting work, industry funding, and authorship of books (such as 2011’s The Vitamin D Solution), the editors wrote.

    Conflicts of Interest?

    JoAnn Manson, MD, chief of preventive medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is a principal investigator for one of the largest. In July, Manson coauthored a “call to action” to eliminate vitamin D deficiency during the pandemic. Two of the 11 sources it cited were the questionable preprint from Indonesia and a BMJ “Rapid Response” that also cited the preprint. Tishcon Corporation, a vitamin supplement manufacturer, and Quest Diagnostics, which markets a \$69 vitamin D test directly to consumers, are among the sponsors and collaborators of Manson’s study, as are Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska Institute and Harvard Medical School.

    Pediatrician Carol Wagner, MD, of the Medical University of South Carolina, is leading a study with 2 sponsors and collaborators that have a vested interest in the findings. ZRT Laboratory, a Beaverton, Oregon, company, sells a \$75 vitamin D test directly to consumers. Grassroots Health Nutrient Research Institute operates “D*action,” “a global vitamin D population intervention program” that charges participants \$65 for a vitamin D test. Holick serves on the institute’s International Scientists Panel.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  41. Marckus says:

    Well some people’s trust in Doctors may erode or erode further. Mine in non existent. A visit to the Doctor many years ago to get a medical exam for work came as a shock.

    The reception was filled with a lot of very sick people and the receptionist herded them into individual rooms like cattle to the stalls in a stable. The good Doctor could be seen running from room to room barely spending a few minutes with each individual. The whole operation was like the production line for animals.

    One old guy with huge lesions all over his face was having a conversation with the receptionist over yet another type of drug. Needless to say she was in no mood (and perhaps had no expertise to give any type of opinion) for discussion. There were other income streams i.e. patients waiting to be processed and the old fart was for all intents and purposes a nuisance and very inconsiderate holding up the line.

    As for me the physician was surprised at my excellent physical condition. Of course he attributed my low blood pressure to the fact that it was a sunny day (no kidding). If I had a cock growing out of my left ear I doubt he would have noticed or cared. When I advised I did not take any drugs whatsoever I got a strange look. He made some notes in an illegible handwriting and in a few minutes flat I was out. Oh, and the certificate of good health was completed by the receptionist and signed with a stamp.

    Medicine today is as we all know a money making racket. Most Doctors could give a shit about the patients. Computers are now employed to keep track of the wide range of drugs and their lethal side effects on hapless patients. Doc wants his commission, the drug salesman wants his commission, Pharma wants increasing profits and its executives want their big salaries and the politicians want their cut !

    That said, with few exceptions, patients are to blame. With poor diet, over eating, lack of exercise, no sunshine, lack of sufficient sleep, not enough water and dangerous habits like smoking, drinking and recreational drugs , they make themselves victims. Like the predators in the Serengetti, big pharma and all the supporting vultures swoop down and move in to clean up.

    Unlike wild meat eaters these carnivores keep their prey alive milking them as long as possible. Money is the name of the game and Doc is just one player at the gambling table with the patient as the chip.

    • Thanks: Thim
  42. cranc says:

    Come to think of it, it is less of an IQ test and more of an obedience test.

    Just as journalists, politicians and human rights groups trying to tell you real things about Israel get labelled antisemites, anyone trying to tell you real things about Vitamin D gets labelled a crank, conspiracy theorist or Covid denier.

    There is always that linking of things in these situations. I remember reading Aaronovitch’s book (Voodoo Histories) which basically was telling me that if I study 9/11 long enough, I will end up believing that the Israelis and their zionist cohort in the US perpetrated the crime, because all conspiracy theories lead to antisemitism. This I took at the time to be a weak attempt at passing a tar baby, but in the end, it is impossible to believe anything else about 9/11 if one really reads and thinks.

    I expect the same to be the case with the Covid scam. Why not just embrace it Jonathan instead of being trapped in your own need for virtue signals?

    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  43. There are many recent studies showing the effect of deficient nutrients on susceptibility to Covid-19 (and other diseases). This is a common problem in the Elderly, yet is mostly ignored(?) in the West. Vitamin D3 is probably the most obvious, but Zn, Se, and even Mg are deficient in many Elderly, and all have been linked to worst outcomes with Covid-19, (others are less studied, since there’s no money in it). While not a big proponent of vitamins and supplements normally, during the pandemic the Elderly should all take multivitamins at a minimum and boost their vitamin D dose and Zn levels (only extremely high doses of lipid soluble vitamins are toxic; excess of water-soluble vitamins are peed out). It’s indefensible how the Western medical establishment has avoided basic preventative medicine so older people might survive Covid-19 (95% of deaths globally are in those over age 60 (median age of victims is 82); the other 5% have serious complications). Of 500,000 American deaths from Covid-19, maybe 25,000 are younger than age 60.
    As noted in the article many vitamins and drugs require long-term administration to exert effects. Hydroxychloroquine (reviled by the media after endorsed by Trump) takes up to 12 weeks to show efficacy in lupus and arthritis, and was recommended to take weeks before entering a malaria zone. In general, prophylactic/preventive use of drugs such as ivermectin, HCQ, low dose aspirin, quercetin, fluvoxamine, famotidine, etc will always be more effective than fighting an established virus (once infected, glucocorticoids, used as veterinary standard of care in stubborn large animal respiratory infections, were intentionally(?) avoided in the West until recently. Heparins for some patients are also life-saving; both glucocorticoids and heparins are fighting over-activation of the immune system which causes deaths, rather than the virus itself.)

  44. Che Guava says:

    If only Cook had not been a right-on guardianista for so many years, it would be easy to take his words seriously.

  45. @Priss Factor

    Regarding those among us happily hurrying to line up for their jab of experimental gene therapy, I believe the term, “guinea sheep” is a perfectly apt description…….

  46. Ron Unz says:

    Some of the evidence about vitamin D and COVID-19 doesn’t pass the smell test, according to a July letter to the editor of the British Journal of Nutrition.

    Those sorts of criticism might very well be correct. I haven’t looked into the Vitamin D issue, and can’t say.

    But don’t forget that last year, probably the two most prestigious medical journals in the West, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, were both taken in by that Hindu business swindler and his Harvard dupe, publishing ultra-high-profile reports on Covid-19 treatments. It’s pretty clear he’d just invented all of his data, and they gullibly gave it their stamp of approval, thereby drastically impacting health care policy worldwide.

    So far there’s no evidence that these Vitamin D claims are that sort of total hoax, and anywhere the governments are mostly ignoring them, presumably because of Pharma lobbyists, and they’d probably do so even if the studies were 100% correct. So all things considered, you probably shouldn’t be so harshly critical.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch, TKK
    • Replies: @utu
    , @Chrisnonymous
  47. @glib

    ignore papers published in the US, except for basic bio-chemistry

    I would include physiology in that, though perhaps that was your intent as well. Much of it is based on physical principles like fluorescence and radioactive tracing.

    In a world where medicine and its “gold-standard” randomized trials are so often corrupted, where about two-thirds of such studies come out the exact way Big Pharma would naturally want them to come out, every person needs to take responsibility for his own health by studying the relevant literature at the level it can most be trusted.

    I have found PubMed to be of great use as a replacement for search engines. It stores and organizes all the extant medical literature and avoids the duplication so often seen in search engines like Google. You can set it to give best match or most recent. You can focus your search by entering ivermectin[majr] into the search box, to reduce the number of incidental hits.

    Sci-Hub is another useful site for getting the full text of scientific papers published with access fees.

    My favorite medical journal is Medical Hypotheses. It treats all medical knowledge as Popperian theory, wanting to be corroborated or refuted, as opposed to the false assumption of empiricism so often pretended by modern medicine. Its name can also be entered into the PubMed search box along with a condition or treatment.

    If your willing to be patient with the acronyms and spend some time with it you can get ahead of the curve. I was onto HCQ, zinc, Vitamin D and Ivermectin, all pretty much a full year ago.

    • Thanks: glib
    • Replies: @Bill
  48. @Mustapha Mond

    People on all sides have short-term memories and a willingness to trust that SOMEONE has learned from mistakes.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  49. @Mustapha Mond

    Agree, though my experiment of one (me) has found that a 3-4 hour eating window with some carbs works about as well as an 8-10 hour eating window of paleo/ almost Keto, with the former actually being somewhat easier for me to stick to. Whatever works. I was a chubby kid and half my family is fat and I’ve been well below 20% body fat for many years now.

    Vitamin D. The Lipid Hypothesis. And on and on. The willful ignorance of a our medical establishment is astounding.

    • Replies: @TKK
  50. Franz says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Two words: Ketogenic Diet…..

    Add OMAD and you’re all the way there. One Meal A Day.

    OMAD started as a fad in Japan but the proof is all over that humans were not designed for “three square meals a day” in the first place. Quite a few “meals” in the developed world contain more empty calories than our (much stronger) ancestors put down in a week.

    People who can’t go all OMAD can also do the One Small Early, Main Meal Late regimen — A “Victor Hugo Breakfast”* (cup of black coffee and an egg, no trimmings) on waking up, followed by your main meal at whatever time is good for you. Works for many.

    *Hugo took his coffee black and his egg raw. He lived to a ripe old age for his era, 83, cleverly outliving most of his critics.

  51. owns

    notice the wickedness in that Fox radio is pushing all sorts of News Blurbs about getting dumbed down Americans including Conservatives to go get a dangerous shot for fake COVID. Today they are pushing, like an exalted street pusher to distribute genetic modification drugs for the Global Luciferians ….for the common people to go get this dangerous gene therapy shots at CVS pharmacies. Very very evil. Fox radio is evil. No one really knows what is in any given shot in any given area. Remember if it is the real mRNA shot it has to be kept very cold prior to administration, is this happening at these CVS pharmacies????? Tell everyone NO VACCINATIONS We need to call out Insanity and Lars and such for pushing vaccinations in their radio shows, just like they always manage to put in something about Iran. The Globalists are going to try to kill or sicken a lot of us with these shots….. remember they are taking us/US down by shooting us…… with a needle. We need to call out Fox radio. Is G B telling us not to take the shot, he should be telling us not to take the shot. Also at CPAC they should be telling Republicans and Conservatives NO VACCINATION

  52. GeeBee says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Interesting that you caution against potentially contaminated cod-liver oil from certain seas. Especially when an excellent piece by this same author, Jonathan Cook, which appeared in TUR back in October, dealt with ‘externalities’: the hidden costs that are offloaded onto a third party by unscrupulous capitalism’s overriding profit ethic.

    This third party might be the consumer himself, a far away country’s inhabitants or indeed the environment. In the last regard he cites Du Pont’s attempts to cover up the highly toxic waste from the chemicals used in its ‘revolutionary’ non-stick pans (and not just the waste, actually – the pans themselves result in these chemicals accumulating in the bodies of those unfortunates who use them).

    Had Du Pont dealt with these problems ethically, by bearing the costs of solving this problem themselves, all scope for profit would have disappeared, and thus, no ‘miracle’ non-stick cookware would ever have been marketed.

    The article is here:

    As an aside to this, the despicable rape of the Grand Banks off Newfoundland, in which industrialised over-fishing permanently destroyed the world’s greatest resource of Gadus morhua (that’s the cod to you sir!) is yet another dismal bequest from rampant Capitalism.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  53. TKK says:

    First person observation: The 49 year old woman I knew that died SUDDENLY from Covid was obese, sedentary and pasty white. She was a tub of goo. Moved from the recliner to the fridge and to bed. Also very negative. Lived with her obese mother and they hated each other.

    These strapping young men that frantically pull up their masks with they meet me and my Canine Crew walking in the parks are sheep- brain washed idiots.

    Refeeding a starved young dog right now (love those rednecks that chain up their dogs to starve and freeze) and he can’t get enough of Greek yogurt, full fat. The more I feed him, the better he gets. Vitamin D.

    He also sleeps for hours on his bed on the porch in the sun when we go outside.My Great Pyrenees (180 pounds) blocks the wind!

    Drink water, walk an hour + a day, eat lots of vegetables and fruit, go easy on the sugar and processed foods, expose as much of your skin to the sun as you can. Try to do some weight resistance moves. Stand on now leg as long as you can. Then switch. Avoid negative energy vampires. Stay out of heavily black areas. Turn off the news, and main stream entertainment. Have sex, read, swim, laugh a lot.

    All free.

    • Replies: @AnnonnGuest
  54. TKK says:
    @Anonymous Jew

    I really like sweet potatoes and sourdough bread as my carbs with Kerrygold butter. I also go crazy on apples. Nuts.

    Slow release carbs. It’s the inflammation spike we are trying to avoid.

    What disease does not have inflammation as it root?

    Many testimonials about Keto REVERSING diabetes.

    For anyone that wants to play around with it, look up the work of Dr. Jason Fung.

  55. Bert says:

    That is actually good. People should not just trust “experts” but do their own research.

    Absolutely right.

    Fifteen years ago I had for the first time in my life an episode of Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) with my heart rate reaching 250 beats/minute. After the emergency physician resolved that episode, the problem recurred every few days. I went to a cardiologist who recommended an electrical ablation of the causative extra nerve pathway in my sinus venosus. I researched online about how to stop SVT episodes and found a couple of self-applied techniques. One was immersing my head in ice water. The other was the carotid sinus “massage.”

    I tried both and found that a bilateral carotid closure was effective and importantly doable without any delay. The SVT episodes became fewer and fewer over time as I continued to apply the carotid technique, and now my vagal nervous system appears to be trained to terminate any incipient SVT if I give myself just the slightest choke. What really motivated me to handle my problem without surgery was my family doctor remarking, “Well if you get the ablation, you may come out with a pacemaker.” A risk the cardiologist didn’t mention of course.

  56. Bert says:

    Once I went on a research trip to Belize with two other grad students, one of whom was a stunning blond. After a scorching day of field work, we stopped at a tavern for a beer. Inside there was the bartender and one patron. The patron commenced a sort of dance that mainly involved exaggerated pelvic thrusts pointed toward our female colleague. The bartender addressed the patron with, “Mon, yo lost ya cool.” I believe we can say the same to you Utu.

  57. Dumbo says:

    I see no one was convinced by your constant pushing vaccines and COVID fear-mongering, so you had to resort to porn links. LOL.

    Are you a Jewish pornographer?

  58. Bert says:

    Right, and anyone who doesn’t know their Vitamin D level should pony up the cost and get it assayed.

    OT somewhat, there is a study (summarized here that shows that periodontal disease is a major risk factor for a severe outcome if one is infected by SARS-2. Of course gum disease has well-known sequelae that take longer to kill you than Covid, but may do so eventually.

  59. Alright. So how much D3 are we supposed to take as a prophylactic against Covid-19? All these pro-D articles, and none of them tell us. Sheesh.

    • Replies: @Bert
  60. Skeptikal says:

    “Question everything, especially “authorities.” ”

    And, those people themselves identify with “authorities” (these are the authoritarian personalities we read so much abuot in the bad old sixties and seventies, when some in the New Left actuallly were questioning “authority”) and are very happy to enforce downward the “rules” they get from so-called authorities.

    It is really as though the brains of many who came of age in the sixties have been *wiped*.

    Authoritarian personality: kowtows to authority above, while being a proxy for authority in the other direction, toward those whom they think they can control and boss around.

    Or, here is a better definition:
    “The authoritarian personality is a personality type characterized by extreme obedience and unquestioning respect for and submission to the authority of a person external to the self, which is realized through the oppression of subordinate people.”

    All of those Karens and others are mental midgets who get an ego boost out of identifying with authority and using these authorities as cudgels to beat others. We have had a veritable fest of authoritarian behavior since the beginning of the so-called pandemic.

    Instead of Stalag 17 we are at KZ Kovid-19 with the “guards” being mask enforcers and vaccine shamers.

    • Replies: @dimples
  61. Total control of Information warped to suit a Globalist agenda?? If you link down to The American Philosophical Society you can see the control of information links back to BANKING and of course industry and who is allowed into a certain club of the rich and owners of industry financed by dark forces, how even people not in the club are bought out, controlled or destroyed through the control of information and finances.
    Who Controls popular Science Journals such as Nature and Science Journals. Why are these type publications not telling us/US the truth about dangerous vaccinations, are they warping Science, what about the truth about Geo-engineering, that it will kill the planet.
    Nature (Journal)
    For Example Privately Held Holtzbrinck Publishing Group owns Springer Nature publishes Nature (journal) one of the world’s most-read and most prestigious academic journals
    Science (Journal) tracing back the precedents….
    For example Start here published by The society chose William Charles Redfield as their first president members included Nicholas Biddle, Owen Biddle
    Robert R. Redfield Head of CDC is he related to the Redfield above ??? generational ????

  62. Covid-19 does not exist, it has never been isolated and the privately owned corporations the CDC and the WHO admit that it does not exist, it is the greatest scam and psyop in the history of the world and is bringing in communism on the world via this satanic, draconian, demonic , diabolical farce that has been perpetrated on the world.

    The mRNA vaccines change the DNA and destroy the immune system and are a genocide vaccine to depopulate the planet, this genocide on steroids.

    • Replies: @TheIdiot
  63. @GeeBee

    Thanks for the great response, GB. Couldn’t agree more.

    When I was in law school, I studied environmental law under one the men responsible for the Clean Air Act, Dr James Krier. That was a long, long time ago, but I remember vividly the very first words he spoke to our class of approximately 100 environmental lawyers in potentia:

    “How many of you are here because they love this planet and want to save the environment?”

    Every single student (including me) nearly threw their shoulder socket out of joint shooting their arm up in the air like a rocket.

    Dr Krier surveyed the class, smiled, nodded approvingly, and then said simply:

    “Well, forget it. The planet is doomed. Your job, as environmental lawyers, will be to slow its destruction as much as possible. I’m sorry, but that’s the unvarnished truth.”

    He then went on to explain that, save some catastrophe that wiped out about 95% of the world’s population without destroying the planet in the process, we would simply consume the Earth into oblivion via habitat destruction, air-water-land pollution, over-fishing and harvesting, soil and resource depletion and poisoning, etc., etc. It was the most depressing two minutes I had ever experienced up to that point, going from earth saving idealism to the dream-shattering realism of the situation. But he was right, and we all knew it deep down.

    Externalities are the problem, as you wisely point out (as does Paul Craig Roberts over and over and over). It was also one of the main themes we returned to time and time again in class, as he explained how the Clean Air Act and basically all environmental legislation was deeply flawed by the power of the industries that these acts were supposed to regulate. He understood ‘regulatory capture’ long before that word became popular, and correctly predicted that all such environmental legislation, as flawed and compromised as it was from the start, would be slowly chipped away and severely weakened as time went by due to the power of corporate lobbyists and the weakness of our elected officials. It was a crushing but much-needed dose of realism, as it was 100% true. He was a very sharp man, a great instructor and I learned probably more than I ever wanted about the subject. I came out both depressed and enlightened.

    With this Covid-19 agenda and Great Reset/Green Revolution looming, I think the elites long ago got Dr Krier’s message and are now starting the (ugly) process of doing something about it…….

    • Agree: Alfred, fredtard
    • Thanks: GeeBee, Nancy
  64. @Temporary Insanity

    these are also Palestinians,

    • Agree: Bill
    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Temporary Insanity
  65. Aardvark says:

    MSM channels are also heavy beneficiaries of Big Pharma advertising and are afraid of annoying their sugar daddies with anything counter to using pharmaceutical products. These are propaganda channels, not some venue where true investigative journalism occurs or opposing opinions can get a fair hearing.

  66. Abbybwood says:

    I noticed when President Trump was at Walter Reed being treated for Covid-19 he was receiving 50,000 u. Vitamin D/day.

    He said so and his doctors said so. If it’s good enough for the President, it is good enough for the rest of us.

  67. utu says:
    @Ron Unz

    I have no doubts that Big Pharma’s influence on what is or not being researched is great. The Big Pharma has no interest in inexpensive non-patentable solutions. I believe that the feet dragging on the universal masking and misleading recommendations about masking by CCD and WHO early in 2020 came from the predominant paradigm of fighting flu like epidemics with pharmaceuticals as opposed to non-pharmaceutical measures that Big Pharma played a role to establish. I am upset that the medical establishment came so hard against HCQ, ivermectin and amantadine. Slovakia was the only EU country that recently approved ivermectin and there are still talks (resisted by establishment) in Poland about clinical trials of amantadine which according to some physicians was very effective.

    But the dietary supplements industry (DSI) is no chopped liver:

    The global dietary supplements market size was estimated at USD 123.28 billion in 2019

    Over \$6 billion was spent on useless homeopathic products by American in 2017. Does the DSI promote unproven and often fraudulent treatments? Do they offer unwarranted hope for gullible and despaired people? Will they engage in false advertising? Will they popularize dubiously studies from the third world countries like the recent one on vitamin D from Indonesia?

    Nobody question that severe deficiency of vitamins can lead to serious diseases. We know of scurvy (C), beri-beri (B-1) and rickets (D). But there is no evidence that megadoses of vitamins can cure cancer and other diseases despite of claims made by the Noble Prize Laureate Linus Pauling. His claims were followed with clinical tests by both sceptics and believer and they all came to nought. Nevertheless the belief persists and people who can afford it subject themeless to megadose treatments:

    Does IV Vitamin Therapy Work?
    In recent years, IV vitamin treatments have soared in popularity.
    Celebrities and social media influencers say the treatments are the latest wellness must-have.
    The treatments are advertised with a host of reported benefits. In addition to the most widely cited benefit of curing hangovers, IV vitamin treatments can supposedly help fight exhaustion and boost the immune system.

    However, there is little scientific evidence to back these claims.


    Let’s go back to Covid-19 and vitamin D and look at Japan. Japan had only 61 deaths/1M and 3,400 cases/1M which is over an order of magnitude lower than in the UA or the UK. Japan’s success is attributed to conscientious populations that complies with universal masking and do sensible social distancing (but there was no lockdown) and has effective contact tracing know-how and infrastructure that they had since their fight against TB after WWII which effectively can terminate new infection chains and clusters. But very few people tried to make the connection to vitamin D lower deficiency. In fact Japan’s vitamin D deficiency despite of fish rich diet is worse than in Northern Europe:

    Vitamin D status and nutrition in Europe and Asia
    In conclusion, vitamin D deficiency is common in Southern Europe, the Middle East, India, China and Japan. It is less common in Northern Europe and Southeast Asia.

    Shouldn’t we concentrate on what works and not on some pipe dream panacea that vitamins will save us? Look at the recent article on Japan in NYT:
    TOKYO Feb. 24, 2021 — Deaths in Japan fell last year for the first time in more than a decade,

    But data from earlier in the year suggests that it was spurred in large part by a drastic decline in respiratory illnesses, a likely side effect of the country’s almost ubiquitous adoption of mask wearing and social distancing.

    Japanese did not start suddenly supplementing vitamin D in 2020. But they started wearing masks religiously that helped to suppress the Covid-19 epidemic and basically eliminated the seasonal flu epidemic in 2020. Why authors that you publish write about unproven vitamin D that both raise false hopes and frustrations while there are no articles about Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Norway and Australia that succeed suppressing the Covid-19 epidemic to the point of virus elimination? Does a publisher like yourself should consider the issue of social responsibility? Or rather be as a pornographers who actually feel contempt for people they target and even hope for the rush of Schadenfreude feelings they get when the stupid they targets get what they deserve.

    The same people who promote vitamin D and are getting all worked up about Big Pharma conspiracy are at the same time big and vocal anti-maskers, anti-lockdowners, anti-social distancing and very susceptible to all kinds of paranoid suspicions as they lost natural inhibition and swallow anything what is anti establishment. And do not forget that among them are propagandists and influencers whose objective is to sow confusion and paralysis in our society.

    • Agree: Brás Cubas
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Chrisnonymous
  68. Agent76 says:

    January 14, 2021 Vitamin D: Nature’s Medicine Chest

    Did you know Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and autism? Vitamin D isn’t really a “true” vitamin, as we don’t need food to attain it.

    Mar 20, 2020 How to strengthen your immune system and what is going on in the world

    A look at our clinic in Tijuana and ways to strengthen your immune system.

  69. Excellent article, thanks Jonathan

  70. @Biff

    Biff, unlike other revolutions which were started by the disenchanted and oppressed middle and underclasses, the one we are now experiencing is being waged by the elite against the entrepreneurial class; in other words, us and our children. Truth is the victim and lives are being lost because of complete incompetence by most governors. They are liars and murderers.

  71. DRDPHD says:

    The numbers don’t make sense. 400000 plus covid deaths in USA in 2019 in the “pandemic” but all cause mortality country wide less than 2019. Where is the excess mortality one expects from a novel pathogen epidemic?

  72. Bert says:

    I take 7500 IU per day to keep my Vitamin D level slightly above 60 ng/ml.

    If your skin is dark and you aren’t outside a lot, you may well be deficient. The following link has information on the benefits of avoiding Vitamin D deficiency, and about getting your current level ascertained. If a person isn’t a lifeguard with skin exposed all day, they are likely to have less than optimal levels. The deficiency cutoff as defined by the medical establishment (CDC etc) is probably not high enough for general health, and certainly not high enough to help an elderly person with Covid. I believe they say below 20 ng/ml is deficient. I wouldn’t want my level to be below 50.
    One more thing, Vitamin K2 should be taken along with any substantial Vitamin D supplementation.

  73. Beginning a few years ago, I came upon Dr. Mercola’s Florescent Full Spectrum Light Bulbs as a way to get Vitamin D, via the skin, just as from sunlight. I knew that in the Great Lakes Region, we don’t get much sunlight. The old Beachboys’ song California Girls, probably has a real basis, since they get a lot more direct, and beneficial, UV Rays, all year round. Now, of course, not all UV Rays are beneficial, and that is why the skin tans, in order to filter out at least some of the harmful rays.

    In an experiment of mine, which has now gone on for three years, or so, I have kept Full Spectrum Light Bulbs turned on in my study, when I am there, next to the Electronic Keyboard, when I am practicing, and, at night, in my bedroom, even when I am sleeping overnight, I keep the Full Spectrum bulbs turned on–all night. This way I am absorbing Vitamin D in enormous amounts every day, even in my sleep, by electro magnetic radiation directly, instead of from plant, or animal products. I wear regular clothes under these conditions, and cover up with my comforter at night when sleeping. I do not worry about any lack of UV Rays, since many of them will still penetrate through the clothing, or bedclothes.

    Since I do not completely trust the emissions produced by these bulbs, I do not allow them to be where I can look at them directly. In my study, the bulb is located behind, and above me. The bulb near the Electronic Keyboard is to one side, and largely behind me, when I am practicing. In the bedroom, the bulb is near the foot of the bed, so that it is not in my line of vision, or, if so, I shield my eyes with part of the comforter, or other bed clothes.

    The result has been absolutely NO colds or flu, or anything even close to that. for the past Three years, or so. This is despite the fact, that in one of the current jobs that I have, I am interacting with many people of all kinds, from heaven only knows where, and with heaven only knows, what diseases they may, or may not have. I bundle up in the Winter against the cold, since my toxin levels are not low enough to be a Winter Swimmer. But that seems to be all that it takes, except for taking a lot of Mega-Vitamin pills or capsules daily—except for Fast Days.

    It is my thought that the reason why not all COVID-19 cleared up with the approach of Spring, and Summer, was that the amount of sunlight absorbed via clothing, or absence thereof, was not enough. Whereas obtaining it in the amounts that I am getting is necessary to achieve the kind of results on which I am reporting.

    The Full Spectrum Bulbs have good longevity. They last for years. Although I do find that they eventually weaken. So, I keep a supply of them. When Dr. Mercola discontinued the product, I went shopping online to get the same kind of bulbs elsewhere.

    I most recently obtained some from:

    and they seem to be producing the same effect.

    The experiment continues. Evidently Vitamin D taken this way knocks out ALL types of Coronavirus, whether it is Regular Cold, Regular Flu, or COVID-19. It would seem that, via this route, the body gets at least enough Vitamin D to remain free of these scourges of humanity.

    I thought I would pass on the results of this on going experiment, on the basis that it might prove useful

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @utu
  74. @john nutter

    They definitely deserve to have a chance to migrate to America, for they will fit into the country well and feel at home among other fellow Christians.

  75. Today the headline on the national newspaper website where I live said:

    “Primeras vacunas contra el coronavirus, donadas por Israel, llegan a Guatemala”

    I thought this was a fitting addition to the article. Israel is neck deep in most of the global evil

  76. TheIdiot says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    From the “Big Pharma” exec:
    “do NOT take any drugs unless you are already on a death row”

    Side note:

    statistically 98% of the population are not worth the air they consume
    vaccination is all about this 98% garbage

    if you are reading this, there are some chances
    that you are in the 2% allowed and NEEDED to live/slave further/survive rate
    but none has an obligation to survive in Mauthausen West

  77. TheIdiot says:
    @Desert Fox

    “Covid-19 does not exist,

    it has never been isolated

  78. Herald says:

    What seems to be desired is a locked down police state without a cure.

    The Covid-19 vaccines are already here. These marvels of modern science have meant that a lot of mainly old people have now been permanently relieved of having to deal with the rigours of a locked down police state. Better still, similar relief is coming to us all, in the not too distant future . What joy.

  79. @cranc

    On the very day of Biden’s Inauguration, the US medical authorities changed the criteria for CoViD19 diagnosis to tighten the requirements. Mirabile dictu!, the number of cases began to fall, and ‘flu re-emerged from whatever parallel dimension it had fallen into.

  80. @Mustapha Mond

    I well remember one neurological condition, well known to be caused by medical intervention, that had an acronym, for years, that began with I for ‘iatrogenic’ ie caused by doctors. Then, suddenly, the I became ‘idiopathic’ ie of unknown aetiology. Just like that. Reference to the old designation brought wry smiles, then, after a few years, incomprehension or denial. My memory was playing tricks. I wish it would.

  81. @Mustapha Mond

    You can added Vitamin D from mushrooms by exposing them to sunlight, because they, like us, produce Vitamin D in their skins in reaction to sunlight.

  82. hotrod31 says:

    Absolutely … and the infuriating part is when you have blatantly corrupted political sycophants, acting in concert with media, and medical tribunes for this almost transparently corrupting narrative. I do say, ‘almost transparent’ simply because there are still the innocent majority who choose to remain blissfully ignorant – invariably denying unpleasant truths, instead placing their unwavering trust in the very assortment of political and useful-idiot sycophants.

  83. Dumbo says:

    I noticed something interesting, all the people that I know that don’t wear masks or care for social distancing etc, never got Covid at all, but the few people who got Covid (or well, “tested positive”) that I know (mild cases) are all people who believe the whole story and some are even fanatical about wearing masks and being locked inside.

    So I wonder if there is not a psychological effect going on here, some kind of inverted placebo effect. If you worry too much about a (imaginary?) disease, you might get it.

    • Replies: @glib
  84. @TKK

    Well put, friend! No need to make a science out of simple healthy living. Nature knows best!

  85. glib says:

    Obviously there is extra mortality (mortality that can not be attributed to the CV), that we know. It is due to despair (which generates suicides, alcoholism, and other things), loss of will to live, and stress. The stress is psychologically induced. This extra mortality will persist, long after the coronavirus will disappear, since the lockdowns and media storms are here to stay.

  86. Bill says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    In the days of old, Marie Curie travelled the US selling people a cure-all elixir of radium to drink. So, no, things have not changed that much.

  87. Bill says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Medical Hypotheses famously purged its longtime editor Bruce Charleton for getting just a little too enthusiastic with the whole free enquiry thing. He dared to publish an article by Peter Duesberg.

    Not trying to harsh your buzz, but the rot is everywhere.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  88. Alfred says:

    Over \$6 billion was spent on useless homeopathic products by American in 2017

    People who use homeopathy believe in it. The British Royal Family is a big fan – but you won’t find that mentioned by the media.

    Professor Luc Montagnier and others have proven that dilution by water has surprising effects that contradict modern science. The fact that almost no one is doing research in this direction is proof that Big Pharma rules the roost.

    • Replies: @utu
  89. dimples says:

    After reading this sort of stuff I started taking 4000IU of Vitamin D per day but found my urine become dark. I backed off to 1000IU per day and urine became normal colored. Dark urine suggests that the excess Vitamin D is going down the toilet (or on the lawn) any way.

  90. dimples says:

    “It is really as though the brains of many who came of age in the sixties have been *wiped*.”

    Its actually the effect of long-term brainwashing by TV.

  91. utu says:
    @Count Terry of Sea Land

    Mercola is shameless quack.

    Dr. Joseph Mercola Ordered to Stop Illegal Claims

    FDA and FTC Urged to Bring Enforcement Proceedings Against Joseph Mercola for False COVID-19 Health Claims

    Accused by feds, sun bed-selling doctor settles for up to \$5.3 million

    Mercola’s Florescent Full Spectrum Light Bulbs?
    Full-spectrum fluorescent lamps that produce UV radiation use special phosphors with peak emissions in the UVA band (315 nm-400 nm), typically at 355 nm. Although the relative amount of UV radiation emitted by these lamps may be the same as a particular phase of daylight, the absolute amount of UV radiation they emit is quite small. For comparison, approximately 22 minutes of sunlight exposure near midday will produce 1.5 minimal erythema doses (MEDs) of UVB radiation exposure, enough to induce a pronounced temporary increase in vitamin D concentration (Holick, 1985). One MED is the amount of exposure that produces noticeable skin redness, so the exposure needed to affect vitamin D levels is substantial. Based upon the published data from one manufacturer of fluorescent lamps emulating the UVB content of daylight, it would take at least 30 hours of constant exposure to these lamps when operated at ceiling height to provide 1.5 MEDs (see the CASE STUDY Case Study). Based on UVB intensity data from another study (Ball, 2002), eight hours in an office or classroom under a claimed full-spectrum lamp will produce a smaller ultraviolet dose than one minute spent outdoors in bright sunlight.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  92. @utu

    This is not a criticism of the article, or of you; it’s just a little nitpicking about the title’s reference to the IgNobel prize, which I find improper.

    The Ignobel Prize does not reward quacks or quackery, which is what the author is accusing Montagnier of. That prize rewards research which is eccentric or generally viewed as of little importance, even though it is honest and follows the strict rules of science.

    • Replies: @utu
  93. @utu

    But they started wearing masks religiously t

    That’s not true. I live in Japan in a metropolitan area under “state of emergency”. Mask wearing is inconsistent over time and circumstances and often not done correctly. Japan has experienced “waves” of COVID infections, but damping down on these is not correlated to mask compliance but to voluntary cancellation of events and circumstances that could lead to super-spreading.I

    On the other hand, Vitamin D would seem to be unhelpful in Japan. It is more likely deaths are relate d to general health status as captured by average BMI.

    • Replies: @utu
  94. @Ron Unz

    I think the best article on Vitamin D was written by the same Scott Alexander (a medical doctor) that was recently infamous and whom you recently commented you are not familiar with. You can find it on his Substack. Long story short: he concludes that the weight of the evidence is against Vitamin D but that the risks and expense of taking it are so low that it should be promoted in case his analysis of the evidence is mistaken. Very sensible.

  95. utu says:
    @Brás Cubas

    What about “There’s no fool like an old fool award” for Luc Montagnier?

    DNA teleportation
    DNA teleportation is a claim that DNA produces electromagnetic signals (EMS), measurable when highly diluted in water. This signal can allegedly be recorded, transmitted electronically, and re-emitted on another distant pure water sample, where DNA can replicate through polymerase chain reaction despite the absence of the original DNA in the new water sample. The idea was introduced by the Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier in 2009. It is similar in principle to water memory, a concept popularised by Jacques Benveniste in 1988.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
    , @Alfred
  96. utu says:

    There seem to be consensus that masking and effective contact tracing were the key to Japan’s low infection rate.

    Masks Key to Keeping Japan’s COVID-19 Caseload Low\

    How Japan’s mask culture may have saved lives during coronavirus

    “On the other hand, Vitamin D would seem to be unhelpful in Japan.” – That vitamin D could be helpful anywhere whether for low BMI or high BMI population remains to be demonstrated. That the obese people have high vitamin D deficiency and high covid mortality does not establish causal link for vitamin D.

    While BMI affects the IFR for a given population it should not directly affect the infection rate. Yet the infection rate (total cases) in Japan is 37 time lower than in Czechia, 27 time than in Israel, 21 time lower than in Sweden, 10 times lower than Germany and 4 times lower than in Norway which is the country that performed the best in Europe and like Japan had negative excess deaths in 2020.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  97. @utu

    I agree that it does not look serious. And, as I said, the IgNobel is something else entirely, like for instance explaining why the toast always falls with the butter on its lower side, etc.

    Incidentally, it seems that IgNobel prize winners are a lot less likely to become cranks or quacks than Nobel prize winners. An inflated ego is potentially deleterious to a person’s psyche, and an IgNobel is not likely to significantly boost someone’s ego. Unlike the Nobel.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @utu
  98. utu says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Nobel disease, also known as nobelitis, is a phenomenon where a Nobel Prize-winning scientist endorses or performs “research” in pseudoscientific areas in their later years, generally (though not always) after having won the esteemed prize for some legitimate scientific achievement.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  99. @Bill

    Not trying to harsh your buzz, but the rot is everywhere.

    So true. Bruce Charleton’s dismissal as editor of Medical Hypotheses was ten years ago and it had slipped my mind. I actually remember when the journal was founded by the late and great David Horrobin 46 years ago. I guess that makes me almost a charter reader. Its founding principle:

    Medical Hypotheses was founded 35 [now 46] years ago by David Horrobin with the purpose of disseminating ideas, theories and hypotheses relating to biomedicine, and of doing so on the basis of editorial review instead of peer review. Horrobin argued that peer review intrinsically tended to exclude radical and revolutionary ideas, and that alternatives were needed.

    Both Horrobin and I [Charleton] agreed that the only correct scientific way to deal with dissent was to publish it so that it could be debated, confirmed or refuted in an open and scientific forum. The alternative – suppressing scientific dissent by preventing publication using behind-the-scenes and anonymous procedures – we would both regard as extremely dangerous because it is wide open to serious abuse and manipulation by powerful interest groups.

    Here’s Charleton’s defense of his decision on publishing Duesberg’s paper challenging the HIV AIDS theory:

    As for my personal opinions on the cause of Aids, these are irrelevant to real science because the subject is too far away from my core expertise and I do not work in that area. It is clear that Duesberg understands far more about HIV than I do, and more than at least 99 per cent of his critics do. Therefore, the opinions of most of Duesberg’s critics, no matter how vehement, are just as irrelevant to real science as are mine.

    But for me to collude with prohibiting Duesberg from publishing, I would have needed to be 100 per cent sure that Duesberg was 100 per cent wrong. Because even if he is mostly wrong, it is possible that someone of his ability may be seeing some kind of problem with the current consensus about Aids that other people of lesser ability (that is, most of us) are missing.

    And if Duesberg may be even partially correct, it is extremely dangerous that the proper scientific process has been so ruthlessly distorted and subverted simply to exclude his ideas from the official scientific literature.

    In short, Horrobin and his Medical Hypotheses were the 1970’s version of Ron and the Unz Review. As for Elsevier’s decision to fire Charleton, I think, or hope, it perhaps effected but an limited setback of the journal’s founding principles.

  100. @utu

    Thank you for the reference. I am not sure I was aware of that concept. I thought I came up with it by myself, but there is always the possibility of cryptomnesia.

    That Rationalwiki article is interesting, but unfortunately misdiagnoses at least three laureates, namely, Shockley, Carrel and Watson. I am not qualified to assess whether they were right or wrong in their specific statements or beliefs about race or eugenics, but as far as I know they are within normal scientific (and possibly also moral and political) debate, having nothing to do with pseudoscience.

    • Replies: @utu
  101. Alfred says:

    DNA teleportation

    The Wikipedia is not a good reference. The reality is that there is a growing body of serious scientists who support the findings of Montagnier and Benveniste.

    Water Conference 2021 (Bad Soden, Germany)

    By the way, they are now transmitting human cells.

    We have previously reported the recording of electromagnetic signals ( EMS ) produced by aqueous dilutions of bacterial and viral DNAs. These recordings can be stored under a digitized form in lap top computers and sent via internet to distant recipient laboratories. The original DNA sequences were retrieved from water nanostuctures induced by EMS by means of the ingredients of Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR ) using a thermo-resistant polymerase ( TAQ ).We have now come to a new stage: instead of using PCR, we have exposed human living cellscultured in flasks to the amplified EMS of a bacterial DNA sequence.

    After several days of exposure, we have found the specific bacterial DNA sequence in these cells.At the same time, these cells of tumoral origin, are inhibited in their growth and finally die.

    This indicates that such cells do possess the machinery to “read “ the message coming from the EMS and synthesize accordingly the foreign DNA.

    Here we demonstrate a further step: that the latter process can be carried out by living cells in culture, indicating that these cells do possess the system to read the sequences from water nanostructures. Therefore this system does exist in nature.

    Photonic Transduction of DNA Information in Living Cells (PDF)

  102. utu says:
    @Brás Cubas

    ” but unfortunately misdiagnoses at least three laureates” – Yes. Also Ivar Giaever who brought up reasonable questions about global warming.

    • Agree: Brás Cubas
    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Alfred
  103. @utu

    Could be or not. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no ascertained cause & effects dos/donts re Covid (masks, social distancing, vitamins, hyper-testing, various hyped-up types of drugs etc.). Looking closely at Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Czechia, UK, Russia, Japan, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Iran, Israel, Poland … one can only say: Covid comes, does some damage & then- goes. Lockdowns & masks & everything else is just a psychological measure to show that governments are doing something.

    Virus simply mutates, now is stronger, then again weaker, …and at the end people live with it. Vaccination is probably good, but not as good as claimed.

    • Disagree: utu
  104. CSFurious says:

    Based on my own research, I now consume more than 20,000 I.U. of Vitamin D3 on Mondays through Friday. I let my system rest on the weekends. I have been doing this since November with no adverse effects on my system.

  105. Tom Welsh says:

    Another high-profile trial that was obviously designed to fail was the Solidarity study:

    “WHO and UK trials use potentially lethal hydroxychloroquine dose-according to WHO consultant”

    Reading brief accounts at the time, even I – a complete scientific ignoramus with no medical qualification – could see that the HCQ dose being used was borderline lethal.

    The only possible explanation was that the study was deliberately set up to discredit HCQ – and if a few patients died to ram home that message, so much the better.

    I don’t understand why no legal action has followed.

  106. If the medical profession and the public were aware of the astonishing antiviral and antibiotic properties of Vitamin D3, the pharmaceutical corporations would be faced with an existential economic crisis. D3 seems to be effective against ALL respiratory infections. I and my family haven’t had flu, colds or sore throats in years. It probably prevents or attenuates other infections. A specialist British government expert think tank recently evaluated D3 negatively. Their test subjects were administered 10 micrograms per day, which is insignificant. An effective dose would be at least 50 micrograms. Dozens of nutritional ‘experts’ were involved, led by Prof Ken Ong of Cambridge University. The West is sinking into vulgar corruption.

  107. @Alfred

    This indicates that such cells do possess the machinery to “read “ the message coming from the EMS and synthesize accordingly the foreign DNA

    I don’t know, his claims get more extraordinary as time goes on. I’d like to see someone not involved in his circle of research reproduce this. Allan Widom (a well regarded physicist) seems to think there is something to these ideas,

    but the idea that DNA sends coded instructions via radio waves for its own replication seems too far fetched – almost wish fulfillment.

  108. @Alfred

    Here’s a much more recent article which shows where Widom and coworkers are going with this. Apparently, electromagnetic signaling is quite prevalent among micro-organisms . .

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas
  109. @Thomasina

    I’m not sure when this interview took place, but it was posted over the weekend. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team talk with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger. She describe’s 1) how every country in the world except the US and Iran have previously committed to following WHO guidelines/recommendations during a declared pandemic. So that’s how they got every country to use the same PCR test with the same flaws, etc. Second, it seems that GAVI (aka Bill Gates) has diplomatic immunity in Switzerland and is therefor pretty much immune to prosecution because no search warrants can be executed on its computers etc. Interesting.

    I haven’t heard recently what’s happening with Fuellmich’s suit in Germany. The most recent video on his YouTube channel is 3 months old. Perhaps I should check Bitchute or BrandNewTube.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Alfred
  110. @helgerry

    So do yourself a favor, take at least 10,000 I.U./day (I’ve been taking 20,000 a day for years with no side effects) and make sure to take K2 along with it.

    I have been taking 25 – 30,000 IUs of D3 daily for 6 years now. For 2 years before that I was taking about 5,000 IUs, and for about a year before that I took only 1,000 IUs per day. You are completely correct: the 1,000 dosage did little; the 5,000/day did a bit more (cleared up knee joint pain); but it wasn’t until I got and read the book below that I upped the dosage, and then noticed dramatic changes, a few of which are: complete disappearance of all respiratory illnesses (my normal was 2 to 4 every year); dramatic gum tightening; the end of all cavity growth (from the age of 7 on I’d had numerous cavities per year, gum disease, root canals, extractions, crumbling teeth, etc.); bone growth in my jaw sufficient to allow a Maryland bridge to be put in the front lower (after 2 dentists had told me several years earlier that I did not have sufficient bone to support such a solution).

    I do take K2 to balance the high doses of D3, and began taking zinc 5 years ago as well. I have no worry about COVID with this regimen. I have experienced NO side effects of any kind doing this.

    When I talk to relatives and friends about this they relate that their doctors have warned them off of high dosages citing serum blood levels or just some bogie man of overdosage nonsense. Serum blood levels are not an accurate measure of the usage of D3 by the body (the respiratory illness and the bone strength indicators are instead) and the level of too much D3 is so high as to not matter. In short, my family’s doctors are ill-informed and doing my relatives a disservice.

    My daughter told me about 10 years ago that she had a doctor who gave her 50,000 IUs/week for a number of weeks for something or other but then discontinued. I try to make sure she is taking a lot of D daily and do the same with my granddaughter who has suffered from asthma since she was a child. Still, so many I know are all “doctored up” and few doctors know enough about the amazing efficacy of D3. I was pleased to read on this comment thread that Trump was given 50,000 IU/day while being treated for COVID. He’s had some smart doctors.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I will give it a read. I also recommend The Vitamin D Solution by Dr. Holick, one of the first doctors to do research on Vitamin D3.

  111. @utu

    It takes a certain type of person to believe in and quote quackwatch–the medical equivalent of SPLC and ADL. We call them ninnies.

    It takes a special type of person to think that if the feds bring a suit against a doctor who is recommending non-pharma solutions to health problems, then the feds–for one time in every other scam and fake nonsense they are doing–are right. And then to quote that and even link to it?

    We call that person a credulous cretin. What’s wrong with you, man?

    Mercola is terrific. He offers other solutions. If you don’t like them, don’t use them. If they don’t work for you? Don’t use them anymore. Who cares? I mean so what if his solutions are not as effective for you as they may be for others? Just change the channel and let people be.

    This idea that any other solution other than the “expert” establishment solution is some kind of swindle or quackery is absurd on its face.

    As for you, ninny: go get your double or triple shot, wear 3 masks at all times even when eating and in bed, and make sure you visit your official medical professional at least 2 times per day.

    And ignore Dr. Mercola. Actually, just leave the good doctor alone. He means well there is no doubt of that. So call of the jackals. K?

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  112. @utu

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I had not seen it before, but it is such a breath for everyone. Stop this madness. Stop it today.

  113. Skeptikal says:

    Just saw this comment.

    Here is a contribution from from a few weeks ago:

    It looks like there is a concerted effort to bury Fuellmich.

    Also in Germany.

  114. @restless94110

    Short for nincompoop. That’s a word, but ninny has a pithiness.

    • Agree: restless94110
  115. Alfred says:

    I have a great deal of respect for Ivar Giaever. Around 30 years ago, I wrote to him to explain my ethical, cheap, practical way of preventing HIV – US patent expired and FDA-approved. Giaever was at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at that time. He replied with a positive and supportive letter. I was most grateful.

    Of course, Global Warming is a scam. It is so obvious that the sun’s effect on the world’s climate is vastly greater than any other factor. The variations in the “Solar Constant” are 50 times greater than all the energy expended by humanity on this planet.

    When the sun is inactive, as is the case at present, volcanic activity increases. That is another influence of the sun. Currently, New Zealand, Iceland, Sicily, Utah, Kamchatka and Indonesia are shaking. This cannot be blamed on CO2. 🙂

    Three major earthquakes have struck just north of New Zealand, including one of the strongest ever to hit the region, triggering tsunami warnings.

    • Replies: @Jazman
  116. Alfred says:

    Here is the latest video from Dr Fuellmich

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Pandemic and Legal Questions Against its Orchestrators – Podcast – March 02, 2021

    Video Link

  117. Jazman says:

    Recently Bloomberg had article about GW and thanks to you and links you provided I was able to hit couple professors environmentalist Scam scientist that denied Sun as a factor and you are right how science is corrupted

  118. eldorado says:

    The best that can be said about studies like this are that the investigators are clueless and the worst perhaps is that they were designed to fail.

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