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Shocking New Court Document Shows FBI Used At Least 12 Informants to Entrap Men In Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot
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Defense lawyers yesterday filed a brief detailing the FBI’s extensive role in a Michigan militia’s plot to supposedly kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.

The document, obtained by National Justice, severely undermines the narrative prosecutors and FBI agents have constructed against the six defendants in USA v. Fox, et al, who are accused of multiple serious crimes related to organized terrorism.

In a motion to compel disclosure, lawyers for Kaleb Franks are asking the court to force the government to identify their informants by name, their criminal and mental health histories, and how much money they were rewarded for infiltrating and setting up the defendants.

According to the brief, prosecutors have already identified at least 12 paid informants who were involved in driving the kidnapping plot forward by their Confidential Human Source (CHS) numbers. These informants worked in conjunction with undercover FBI agents, revealing that the small Wolverine Watchmen militia had over a dozen government infiltrators pressuring them into engaging in violent criminal activity.

In the case of Franks, his lawyers cite exculpatory evidence showing that when presented with the idea of kidnapping the Governor, he told government agents that he was “not cool” with the idea and that he only attended a training camp — which was also organized by the FBI — just for the fresh air, fellowship and training.

Franks, who previously struggled with heroin addiction but provided help to his community by getting clean and becoming a professional drug counselor, never intended to break the law. Lawyers accuse the FBI of setting a “hide and seek” standard, where Franks is guilty simply because he was unable to avoid FBI informants that were committing crimes and working together to pressure individual men into doing illegal things.

According to the testimony of Special Agent Hank Impola, who led the investigation, the men in the Wolverine Watchmen expressed negative feelings when Adam Fox, a homeless man informants convinced to think kidnapping Governor Whitmer was a good idea, broached the subject. An informant put on the stand even testified that the men alleged to be at the center of the plot stressed that they did not want to break the law.

Lawyers for the defense have been able to identify payment to at least one infiltrator for his work in propelling the plot forward, a whopping sum of $54,000 dollars. Some of the other informants, mostly ex or current criminals, have been employed as government snitches for decades, including one man who became an informant in 1985 after obtaining information that was later used against his cellmate in prison.

With federal snitches having already confessed to hosting the “training” events where the plot was allegedly concocted, the entrapment defense is growing stronger by the day.

Prosecutors are already scrambling to save their case, primarily by withholding evidence, conscripting the mainstream media to meddle in the case, and even indicting one of their own crucial informants.

Lawyers are also complaining that the FBI and US Attorney are engaging in malicious compliance in the discovery process by deliberately overwhelming them with countless copies of the same pieces of audio and video evidence in hopes of wasting their time and running up the legal fees of the accused.

In another court filing, lawyers are asking for a change of venue due to the media’s role in poisoning the public against the defendants. The defense is also working to suppress a number of pieces of evidence that were outside of the scope of the FBI’s search warrants.

What is now clear is that the Michigan militia plot was not an act of legitimate law enforcement, but instead a political stunt to aid Democrats in a swing state a month before a presidential election.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: FBI, Judicial System 
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  1. “force the government to identify their informants by name, their criminal and mental health histories, and how much money they were rewarded for infiltrating and setting up the defendants.”

    Add to this the total cost in man hours invested in the entrapment scheme. As the expenditures piled up, the pressure to get convictions would have increased to desperation levels.

    The FBI team playing cops and robbers had eyes on them from above, signing off on their failing operation. They didn’t want to look like incompetents, so they crossed the line.

    Forcing full disclosure paints a picture of egotistical bureaucracy out of control.

  2. Exile says:

    The Federal Bureau of Instigation had more personnel involved in this “crime” than the “criminals” did.

    I wonder where Michigan’s ACLU will stand on jury nullification it this case?

    It’s ultimately up to citizens on juries to make these kinds of prosecutions costly and futile through nullification.

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  3. @Exile

    “The Federal Bureau of Instigation had more personnel involved in this ‘crime’ than the ‘criminals’ did.”

    No shit. The Federal Bullshitters of Investigation is manufacturing cases against “right wing extremists,” “white supremacists” and the like.

    Jury nullification is definitely in order here. . . .

    • Replies: @Polistra
  4. MarkinLA says:

    Hutaree Militia all over again even worse.

  5. Good Lord!!! How can there still be some Americans left, who, after hearing this kind of B.S. from the absurd establishment media agenda driven news, keep believing them?? If it isn’t clear by to some Americans that the “approved Main Stream Media”, LIES AND LIES AS EASILY AS THEY BREATHE IN CARRYING OUT THE AGENDA’S THEY HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED, THEN THOSE AMERICANS MUST ENJOY BEING HOPELESSLY IN A STATE OF CONFUSION. These Clone like reporters, both men and women are a sick joke.

  6. UNIT472 says:

    Just saw this news item:

    Two U.S. government sources told Reuters that the former DEA informant who was arrested is Joseph Vincent of Florida. Vincent along with fellow Haitian-American and Florida resident James Solages were arrested by Haitian officials and charged with taking part in the assassination.

  7. Another day, another report of government intentional, purposeful illegal persecution of citizens. They will not stop voluntarily. They will never stop because they are told to by their political cohorts, our elected representatives. They will only stop when their breath ceases, and their hearts no longer beat.

    What are we waiting for? It won’t get any better for us until we make it completely, dreadfully untenable for them.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  8. MarkinLA says:
    @Brian Reilly

    Most elected representatives don’t know how deep this goes. It goes on because this is how you get promotions in the deep state. Look at Ruby Ranch and Waco. All those “brave” snipers got medals and promotions for killing unarmed women and children.

    • Replies: @Brian Reilly
  9. @MarkinLA

    Mark, Nope, not with you on the blithely-ignorant-of-it-all elected representative part. Real quick all of them are shown how the system works, and why. All who stay KNOW they are part of the cabal, and are at least OK with it, if not joyful participants. No exceptions, not even the ones I like.

    As far as the hired killers are concerned, mercenaries are nothing new. It is all a matter (as Steve Sailer often notes) of who-whom.

  10. Rosie says:

    Defund the FBI if they don’t have any real crimes to investigate!

  11. Polistra says:
    @Orville H. Larson

    The problem with jury nullification is that juries are composed of a cross-section of people who can’t get out of jury duty, and such people are no less brainwashed (probably more) than others by MSM propaganda which maintains that if you can merely accuse someone of being racist, no punishment is too severe for them.

  12. KenH says:

    The FBI entrapment scheme should be considered an in-kind contribution to the Democrat party since the announcement of the arrests were timed about one month before the general election. This operation was timed to convince undecided voters in Michigan to vote for Joe Biden in the general election.

    FBI aligned media sources referred to the men as a “Trump militia” or insinuated they were Trump supporters when there is video evidence of Brandon Caserta calling Trump untrustworthy and a tyrant.

    America is now like the Soviet Union and former Eastern bloc nations where almost all dissident groups have been infiltrated by actual FBI agents or informants even if they’ve never broken any laws.

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