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Zeno, Thou Shouldst be Living at This Hour, Making Big Bucks as a DIE Consultant
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Yesterday, in “Thirsty Small Children Must Go to the Back of the Bus,” we pondered the news out of Seattle that a century-old building had added a second water fountain to be Americans with Disability Act-compliant, but decided to keep the old water fountain for the benefit of small children. But then it was pointed out that having two water fountains would be a triggering reminder of Jim Crow, so the old fountain was dismantled.

iSteve commenter Daddybob suggests:

NEXT ON SEATTLE’S AGENDA: Walling off the back third of each city bus because that’s where the black people had to sit during segregation two thousand miles from Seattle.

iSteve commenter Last Real Calvinist responds:

That’s not good enough. The back of the bus needs to be eliminated.

But once the back of the bus has been removed, there will be a new ‘back of the bus’ . . . .

No worries; according to Zeno’s Paradox, the back of the bus can be removed infinitely, and there will always be some bus left over.

This sums up the logic behind a lot of progressive ‘thinking’, actually.

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  1. Whiskey says: • Website

    It begins. World War Pedo. We warned you Steve. Elites want their pedophila and a leftist YouTuber is calling for pedophila to be legal.

  2. This sums up the logic behind a lot of progressive ‘thinking’, actually.

    It does indeed, and it’s no accident. The need for corrective measures will never end. I think it was Zeno who came up with the idea of the self-licking ice cream cone, too. Zeno, or Steve…whichever 😉

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  3. Anonymous[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Beyond silly. But I must say, what good has pointing out the irrationality of the Left done over the last 70 years?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @megabar
  4. I think it would be more apt to say that there is no back of the bus, since you can’t get there until you get half way there, and you can’t get to the halfway point until you get half way to it and so forth.

    Ergo, blacks were never forced to the back of the bus since it simply can’t be proven to have existed.

    • Replies: @znon
  5. newrouter says:

    “Backness” is a white patriarchy concept.

    • Replies: @stillCARealist
  6. But then it was pointed out that having two water fountains would be a triggering reminder of Jim Crow, so the old fountain was dismantled.

    In 1960 America, a black man couldn’t use a bubbler. In 2020 Europe, he still can’t. Because they have yet to install any.

  7. @Reg Cæsar

    Wait til September 2021 when they uninstall both water fountains due to the COVID transmission risk, right as USA deaths peak in the sixth wave at 15 per day.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  8. Al Roker strolling in Central Park yesterday. Along with several other risk factors, he just got out of the hospital after prostate surgery. No mask necessary because privilege. A woman is on the right, I think.

    • Replies: @clyde
    , @Wade Hampton
    , @Barnard
    , @Ed
  9. Ano says:

    Hi Steve,

    It’s Kamala here! Your favourite 100% all-American Woman of Colour!

    Speaking of buses, I recall the time when I was bussed to school- and of the racial injustice I suffered.

    Yes, I had to share (moi!) the bus with a lot of negroes (moi! a proud non-black Woman of Colour!).

    Of course, in racist America, I still face injustice because of my (definitely not black) skin colour, as I am now forced to sit in the back of a chauffeur-driven limousine.

    Because of this early-childhood trauma, I refuse to sacrifice my principles and have any relations (non-sexual I mean of course) with any white american man who was a supporter of bussing or proudly worked with people in Congress (like Robert C. Byrd) who put me in the back of the bus with all the (shudder!) negroes.


    Your Kamala (100% American Woman of Colour)

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
    , @clyde
    , @Sean
  10. Ano says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Wasn’t the whole point of Seattle (and the North West) White settlers/civilisation-builders self-jim-crowing segregating themselves away from the negro- and, thereby, by their efforts creating one of the nicest places to live in, not only in America but the entire planet?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  11. LRFD says:

    OT: I just noticed that Google is promoting that it’s Transgender Awareness week. I’m afraid to look.

    • Replies: @RichardTaylor
    , @Reg Cæsar
  12. Abe says:

    Great comments. All I can say is that thanks to my “interesting” in-laws I actually have a lot of black family members, some of which could “pass” which I never believed was an actual thing- at least in the sense of it being possible to have a set of full-blooded siblings where some could “pass” while others not- until I actually saw it.

    Anyways, the only thing more triggering to Good Whites than water fountains and buses is swimming pools, so eventually there will be attacks on those as well, you can count on it! (it doesn’t hurt either that in places like Seattle, where there is only about a 36 hour window year round when the act of getting out of a pool in a dripping wet swimsuit is not a deeply unpleasant experience, they could be considered somewhat of white elephants; plus the [email protected] issues Millennials and now their [email protected] offspring have with getting naked in public changing rooms!).

    Anyway, one of our previous houses had a pool where said mulatto relatives would happily cavort during their occasional visits, so I plan to use photo and video evidence of that to, when the time comes, get assigned to one of the anti-racist re-education camps with a superior survival rate. For a very reasonable fee I can produce a convincing deep fake of you too aquatically cavorting with said diverse relatives, ensuring you make it to the Ibraham X. Kendi version of Ravensbruck instead of the TaNeishi Coates version of Chelmo.

  13. Let’s hope that this silliness doesn’t apply to urinals! But if it does, hoping that they keep the taller jobs (otherwise will need to back off a bit to compensate).

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  14. @Abe

    Do you have any photos of the kids in your pool feeling your hairy legs, or of you escorting Corn Pop off the premises? Those might get you a job in the White House.

    BTW, how much longer will we be allowed to call it the White House?

  15. @Kibernetika

    Let’s hope that this silliness doesn’t apply to urinals!

    Those will be removed. Standing up while pissing is a male privilege.

  16. These wokesters keep beavering away …

    Transgender Women on College Athletic Teams — The Case of Lindsay Hecox

    Janet Dolgin, Ph.D., J.D.

    A challenge to an Idaho law prohibiting transgender girls and women from joining female athletic teams raises important questions about the complex biology underlying sex, legal protections against discrimination, and human rights for transgender people.


    This article was published on November 4, 2020, at

    Author Affiliations
    From the Maurice A. Deane School of Law, the Zucker School of Medicine, the Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy, and the Hofstra Bioethics Center, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY.

    I’m exhausted, literally.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  17. Anonymous[504] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course they aren’t using the class weapon with long-term stewardship at front of mind, but the limit on how much sympathy oppressed rich Black people like Susan Rice and the Obamas can extort will be stress-tested some day

  18. I fear being ordered to the Michelle Obama Reeducation Camp.

  19. @Buzz Mohawk

    Standing up while pissing is a male privilege.

    Yep, we do have an advantaged appendage. Those of us who grew up in northern climes, with snow in winter, know about certain contests against snowbanks. Chaz Bono wouldn’t have a prayer in heck.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  20. I believe SJW’s would also be fond of Godel: There are statements about discrimination that are true but not provable.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  21. Anon[846] • Disclaimer says:

    A bus without the back is a short bus, which is the kind of bus formerly used to transport black special education kids back when they gave them IQ tests (structural racism), called them EMRs (educable mental retards) and kept them out of white kid classes. This kind of bus is highly triggering to blacks.

    • Replies: @JimB
    , @black sea
  22. Thomm says:

    Hey, Carly Simon is 10% black :

    She is an Octoroon (or Decaroon).

  23. @Abe

    Yo I’m down wit it! Sending some KendiBucks your way tonight by special courier. Can’t afford no ta’neisha bucks sorry

    You ppl think I’m joking, just have a look at yo white people money. Racist racist racist.

  24. @Kibernetika

    From the SNL Jeopardy! skits with Sean Connery and Alex Trebek:

    Trebek – “The answer is, ‘This is the color of snow.’”

    Connery – “What is yellow?”

    Trebek – “Incorrect.”

    Connery – “Are you sure? I made some yesterday. Spelled your name in a snowbank. Of course, it was your mother’s handwriting. Ha! She was holding the pen!”

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  25. @Reg Cæsar

    The iSteve commentariat now knows, BEYOND DOUBT, that you are from MA, as “bubbler” is such a hyper local descriptor

  26. @Abe

    Believe it or not swimming the circumference of Mercer Island is a thing along with swimming at Alki Beach even without a wetsuit all year round. Open water or wild swimming is a growing sport. If you observe the people who do this, especially those who don’t wear wetsuits, it’s about the whitest thing you’ll ever see. Since no blacks do this, the only equitable thing to do is ban wild swimming.

    • Replies: @Abe
  27. @Buzz Mohawk

    Real men sit down to pee.

    I always sit down to pee because I am a man, not in spite of it. Being a man means I have my foot on the throat of womankind every day, regardless of my intent. I have often thought that to remind myself of this fact

    There is no shame in peeing sitting down. Only a weak, selfish man would think there was. And I honestly believe that if most women could see me evacuating my bladder seated, they would see a strong man. A real man. As my member limply drained its contents onto the inches-close white porcelain, they would see that not all men are bastards. That some of us can overcome our programming. That the only real bastards remain the sort of men who would inconvenience the women in their lives for no more pressing reason than they don’t like the idea of their flaccid penis being dangled in a toilet bowl. I simply take up this duty as a mark of respect to my wife. To my unborn daughters, even to the daughters of my unborn daughters—a Russian doll of wombs.

    For those who say it takes too long, well, the fact is that the sitting down method is far more convenient. It allows for full evacuation of the bladder, lowering one’s risk of prostate cancer. It instantly eliminates seat-spray, a saving not only in excess toilet paper, but a positive boon to hygiene, all at the price of a little bit of splashback (which I really don’t mind at all—it tickles quite pleasantly). And it allows me to see the world from a woman’s point of view. From that vantage point, I don’t mind telling you that it becomes easier to speculate on what it would be like if I had a vulva of my own. A chilling yet exhilarating thought more men ought to dwell upon more often.

  28. @JohnnyWalker123

    That one had me going almost! Real men have issues with toilets that we can’t discuss on a family-oriented website such as this. But you real men know what I’m talking about.

  29. I hope there’s something to this.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
    , @Abe
  30. Anonymous[195] • Disclaimer says:


    Stunningly, a bureaucratic initiative launched in 2009 under the name “SJ2020” to bridge “achievement gaps” at Silicon Valley schools by 2020 has failed to bring about equality of test results.

    For many years, the city’s vast population of Latino students, and their fewer Black peers, had lagged far behind their white and Asian counterparts in standardized testing.

    Obviously, bigger, badder and, above all, better “resourced” initiatives are the only answer.

    • Replies: @danand
  31. @JohnnyWalker123

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Dieter Kief
    , @Anonymous
    , @utu
    , @utu
  32. JimB says:

    A bus without the back is a short bus, which is the kind of bus formerly used to transport black special education kids back when they gave them IQ tests (structural racism), called them EMRs (educable mental retards) and kept them out of white kid classes. This kind of bus is highly triggering to blacks.

    The tard cart! Haven’t seen one of those in eons.

  33. @Thomm

    Of course that makes sense. No silicon for Carly’s lips.

    I always thought the reason she and Mick hooked up was because they had something very significant in common — physiognomally of course.

    They just had to try each other’s out.

  34. Abe says:
    @George Taylor

    If you observe the people who do this, especially those who don’t wear wetsuits, it’s about the whitest thing you’ll ever see

    Correction, the whitest thing you’ll ever see is swimming around the Aliki Beach/Mercer Island/Puget Sound environs just to punch an octopus:

  35. Abe says:

    God bless Rudi Guiliani! Even if he does not pull off this Thanksgiving miracle, he is now officially the greatest man in American public life of the past 25 years.

    • Agree: James Braxton
    • LOL: botazefa
  36. Lot says:

    “Dr.” Shiva is a crank best known for filing defamation cases against anyone who disputes his story of inventing email in 1978 when he was 14.

    He also says those who refuse to acknowledge him are racists. In fact, e-mail was invented by white people gradually in the mid 60s to mid 70s.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  37. @Thomm

    I don’t care Carly is black… She still looks amazing.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  38. @Blue Collar Mike

    A principle of mathematical logic that seems particularly apt for our age of mass bullshit, is the one that a false statement implies all statements regardless of whether they’re true or false. I.e.
    but also

    Or in plain English: once you get the hang of believing lies, it gets easier and easier.

  39. @Father O'Hara

    If you leave off Michelle, it’s ORC.

  40. duncsbaby says:

    Only slightly offtopic, the prime of black intellectualism chime in on why whites are not so superior:

  41. @Abe

    “the [email protected] issues Millennials and now their [email protected] offspring have with getting naked in public changing rooms”

    What is with that anyway? Confused the heck out of me a couple of years ago in a change room at the beach seeing girls struggle to get into their swimming costumes without taking any clothes off. A nice exercise in topology, no doubt, but very strange.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  42. @JohnnyWalker123

    Thanks. I’m glad you bring this up.
    What I’ve heard so far is, that they have a systemic flaw in their concept, because they don’t make the counter-examination with Biden votes (a commenter said that over at A. Karlin’s open thread about Ayyadurai’s argument). – Is this a sound thought – or rather an example of pseudo-logic?

    • Replies: @utu
  43. @oo-ee-oo-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang

    The iSteve commentariat now knows, BEYOND DOUBT, that you are from MA, as “bubbler” is such a hyper local descriptor

    No. I’ve heard the term is used in Rhode Island (now divested of Providence Plantations) and Wisconsin. Must be a cranberry thing…

    • Replies: @ganderson
  44. duncsbaby says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Sean Connery was what every guy secretly wanted to be and what every woman secretly wanted to be with. He wasn’t the greatest actor in the world but he was completely unselfconscious as a performer. He was just himself and he was the best himself in the world.

  45. Twitter announced Mudge as the new head of security. Oh yeah, I’m sure things will be even more “equitable” soon. He agrees Trump was a threat to the rule of law.

    He was connected to DARPA & Google. For sure, the intelligence world is totally Leftist and anti-White. I know many of you will goon over his high IQ. Stay hydrated.

    Like I say, smart Jews are pro-Jewish. Smart Whites PRIDE themselves on zero racial loyalty. So, we will always lose as long as that dynamic holds.

  46. The really nice oneliner in the headline sounds even more thoughtful and rich when read with the German word Schuld ((=guilt) in one’s ear.

    It then goes like this: Zeno, old white Greek guy, living now means being guilty – and being guilty is the ultimate license to – keep on keepin’ on and thus steering towards a never approachin’ Greatful Zenonite Dead!

  47. @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Zeno’s paradox says that one can infinitely approach, but never reach, a target. And the Lake Wobegon principle says that it is mathematically possible for all values to be above average.

    I think that the secret to understanding progressive politics lies somehow in a grand unification of these two concepts. But someone much smarter than me will have to do the math on this.

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  48. Pericles says:

    (Sound of vinyl couches rubbing together intensifies.)

  49. Anonymous[389] • Disclaimer says:

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is the former boyfriend (husband?) of actress Fran Drescher.

    If Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani somehow prevail I think we’ll see the hot civil war commence after the left and the government security apparatus overplays their hand.

    Btw, the man with the world’s highest IQ also believes the election was a fraud:

    Oh boy, this article on Chris Langan mentions Ron Unz and Steve Sailer:

  50. duncsbaby says:

    Real men sit down to pee.

    As long as I can still stand when taking a shit, I don’t care.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Buffalo Joe
  51. @Thomm

    That’s why James Taylor divorced her!
    “Bad enough I got to explain to everybody that I’ve hooked up with a Heeb,but what’ll they say when it gets out I’m married to a moon cricket? Hell no! My songs ain’t me! That’s just how I make a living. You think Paul wouldve signed me to Apple if I told him I believed in shacking up with Aunt Jemima? Does anyone have any drugs??”

  52. Pericles says:

    It is somewhat puzzling. Too many leering homos, trannies, queers etc hanging around the changing rooms, perhaps? Or too many smartphone cameras therein?

  53. @Lot

    Just because the pot calls the kettle black is no reason to doubt the blackness of the kettle.

    Does the man have a point about those four counties in Michigan, or not? Was there really a severe Trump drop in the most Republican of precincts, when he rose everywhere else? Or was it high-tech vote harvesting, from a coffeehouse in Toronto? Digital Daleyism. This is fishy to the max.

    Ukraine had their Orange Revolution; this is our anti-Orange coup. And Ukraine’s élites and electoral systems were more trustworthy than ours. As are Gabon’s.

    Democratic senators warned of potential ‘vote switching’ by Dominion voting machines prior to 2020 election

    Warren, Klobuchar, Wyden, and Pocan Investigate Vulnerabilities and Shortcomings of Election Technology Industry with Ties to Private Equity

    • Replies: @ganderson
  54. @Buzz Mohawk

    Standing up while pissing is a male privilege.

    Don’t tell the women, but when no one is around we will sometimes piss in the sink.

  55. @Ano

    Bernie Sanders spent ten years in the civil rights movement. After which he high-tailed it to Vermont.

  56. @Ano

    Yes, I had to share (moi!) the bus with a lot of negroes (moi! a proud non-black Woman of Colour!).

    You are so brave, Kamala! The sacrifice you made is all the more poignant as I know that on your mother’s side you are a member of the 3,000 year-old hereditary Brahmin caste of ruling privilege, who are descended from the Aryan masters of India. On your father’s side, you are descended from a proud line of white and mulatto slave-holders of the Jamaican ruling class.

    To temporarily slum with American Negroes is the kind of sacrifice that makes you special! You go, girl!

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  57. Sounds more like Procrustes’ bed.

  58. @Hypnotoad666

    Jeez! Aren’t there any woods where you are?

    • Replies: @Buffalo Joe
  59. black sea says:

    All seats are in the front of the bus. It’s just that some are more frontal than others.

  60. @kpkinsunnyphiladelphia

    “That great sucking sound you hear is…”

    Oh nvm it’s just Mick and Carly going at it.

  61. @LRFD

    Is half of Silicon Valley transgender? Is half of DARPA?

    Seriously, I see a lot of weird androgynous people at Google, Twitter and in the intelligence world.

    Is that all they hire? Do the other regular folks just roll over for them? My response won’t be approved until next week, but I thought I’d post anyway!

  62. @LRFD

    OT: I just noticed that Google is promoting that it’s Transgender Awareness week. I’m afraid to look.

    I clicked on it earlier. It was about “Black” [sic] and “Latinx” [sic*] transgender [sic] individuals and, among other things, the high level of violence they suffer. Never mentioned is the identity of those committing the violence!

    *Kindle Fire doesn’t recognize this word, and underlines it. Perhaps Besos is honoring his stepfather’s language? Is it time to cancel him?

  63. Anonymous[279] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s the cameras everywhere and the easy upload to the internet, combined with the “I can fap to that” culture.
    There is no innocent nudity anymore, thanks to relentless, ubiquitous prOn and its debasement of personal relations.

  64. BenKenobi says:

    I’ve been waiting for the moment that an SNES RPG from 1992 is relevant to an iSteve post:

    I am the wellspring of darkness, fed by Zemus’s unbridled hate. I am He who is called Zeromus. I am He who knows naught but hate!

  65. But once the back of the bus has been removed, there will be a new ‘back of the bus’ . . . .

    And this little gem illustrates both the need for, and supply of Short Buses.

  66. @duncsbaby

    Here’s the blacks whine about White supremacy in one line:

    It is hell having to live in a society superior in every way than the best you could achieve for yourself.

  67. clyde says:
    @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    They wuz bird watching.

    I have a few fruit trees and my double perfecta a few days ago was seeing a cardinal and blue jay fly alma in 10 seconds. out of them

  68. utu says:

    Shiva and his helpers plot district results for 3 counties where the ordinate is y-x and the abscissa x where x is the percentage of Trump voters among the voters voting the party ticket and y is the percentage of Trump voters among voters not voting the straight party ticket.

    The plots show that y-x vs. x is a linear function (plus some scatter) with a negative slope. For example (an artificial one) when x=50% then y-x=-20% and when x=25% then y-x=-10% and when x=12% then y-x=-5%.

    They conclude that the plots demonstrate vote switching algorithm that switched Trump votes proportionally to the number of Trump votes, so Trump lost more votes in Republican districts than in Democratic districts proportionally to the number of Trump voters.

    The flaw in the reasoning is the expectation that the ratio of y/x should be constant independent of x. The voters y and x are different kind of voters. In a district where x is large the number of Democrats voting for Trump (y voters) will be smaller than when x is small. This is why there is a negative slope.

    One should expect that if similar plots were made for Biden results also a negative slope would be observed. In other word what is being observed is a feature. The sleigh of hand in the argument is the expectation that y/x should be constant.

    While Shiva and his helpers sound smart and knowledgeable they either fooled themselves, meaning that they are really stupid or they are purposefully spreading the disinformation, meaning that they are scoundrels.

    One should alway be very cautious with YT presentations (NB: in particular among the anticovidian preachers). They are often articulate and persuasive and will easily convince biased people who want to hear what is being ‘demonstrated’. The target audience, i.e., the biased people are unable to see flaws and sleights of hand.

    • Replies: @utu
  69. @Father O'Hara

    “I fear being ordered to the Michelle Obama Reeducation Camp.”

    Just wait until you’re forced to read — and reread — her Princeton senior thesis every day until you’ve committed the entire atrocity to memory.

  70. The obvious solution is circular buses.

  71. danand says:

    “Obviously, bigger, badder and, above all, better “resourced” initiatives are the only answer.”

    #195, from your initiative enhancement list the thing to be certain of is that it will be “badder”. From your linked Silicon Valley student evaluation report:


    as stnd

    Two obvious things that jump out: under 20% of the students are White, and Asian is the new gold (IQ?) standard.

  72. AndrewR says:

    The soon-to-be ex-wife of the Duke of Sussex can pretty much pass as white even though her mother looks like a typical black American. Maybe just a tad whiter. I imagine if Meghan had any full sublings, they’d all probably look blacker than she

  73. Altai says:

    OT: Has Steve seen the newly released footage of the Juneteeth block party (Which emerged during social distancing when mass gatherings were encouraged so long as they were for black ethnonationalist motivations. Future students will be confused by Juneteenth turned into a mass celebration suddenly in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Will future teachers be able to explain the seeming contradiction?) in Charlotte that turned into a major shootout that left 3 dead (And a forth killed by a car speeding away from the shooting) and injured 6 others?

    The police released it because 5 months on they’ve got no IDs on anybody.

  74. OT

    And then they came for Marie Stopes.

    Marie Stopes International (MSI) is to change its name in an attempt to break its association with the family planning pioneer.

    From Tuesday, the abortion and contraception provider, which operates in 37 countries, will abbreviate the initials and go by the name MSI Reproductive Choices.

    A paleobotanist by training, she opened Britain’s first clinic offering birth control advice to married women in 1921, in the face of fierce opposition from the Catholic church and the male-dominated medical establishment.

    In recent years, however, her family planning work has been overshadowed by her association with the eugenics movement. Among her writings, Stopes called for new laws that allowed the “hopelessly rotten and racially diseased” to be sterilised and wrote fiercely against interracial marriage.

    “We’re absolutely not trying to erase her from history, or what she did,” said Simon Cooke, MSI’s chief executive. “For me, she was an acknowledged family planning pioneer, an extraordinary women who broke down barriers … but we really need to look forward and not back. It’s the right moment for us.”

    Cooke said the board began seriously discussing a name change in November last year, but that the events of 2020, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement, had propelled change.

    BLM seems to be the goto justification these days for doing what you wanted to do anyway.

    And they also came for an Aussie TV chef.

    The celebrity chef and conspiracy theorist Pete Evans has been fired by Channel Ten on the day he was to start filming I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! after his publisher and multiple brands abandoned him for posting a neo-Nazi symbol on Instagram.

    “Network 10 can confirm that Pete Evans will not be appearing on this season of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!” a Ten spokesman said on Tuesday.

    Ten dumped him the day after he was dropped by Pan Macmillan, which has published 17 of his books, and bookseller Dymocks said it was removing his books from their stores.

    Ten cast the former My Kitchen Rules judge on the reality show despite his history of posting discredited conspiracy theories, including an interview with the Holocaust denier David Icke, and claiming that Covid-19 is a hoax.

    But posting a cartoon of a caterpillar wearing a Make America Great Again hat talking to a black butterfly with a Black Sun symbol on its wing to more than 1.5 million followers seems to have been the final straw. Woolworths, Big W, Dymocks, Coles, Kmart, Target and the homeware brands Baccarat and House hastily disassociated themselves from him.

    Woolworths said it was pulling Evans’s books from its shelves.

    The Black Sun is that thing that looks more like a spider’s web.

  75. Altai says:

    Also meanwhile, in Germany, where there is no half century legacy of lawfare around the police and riot control due to issues of racial conflict. Police seem quite confident in being able to water cannon a seemingly non-violent procession protest.

    Similarly in Stockholm during the George Floyd protests there (Called ‘America protests’ by the local media) the police were sometimes taking no prisoners despite the core of the protestors being tiny 17 year old girls.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
    , @Paul Mendez
  76. @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Old Al ought to get a refund on the gastric bypass. And perhaps medical science needs to get busy on self-control transplantation.

  77. clyde says:

    You go girl you woman of alleged Colour and TransCanadian bussing traumas.

  78. Anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Quit the defeatist black-pilling. Such mockery is needed to help define the leftist enemy and point out why it is an enemy. It creates solidarity. We all need to be filled with contempt for these fools.

    What would you propose? I’m sure it does not preclude pointing out the ridiculousness of the left.

  79. znon says:
    @Alec Leamas Remote

    We can resolve this simply by driving the bus in reverse half the time, Instead of the Biden administration solution of driving the bus off the cliff.

    • Replies: @Aardvark
  80. Rob McX says:

    Don’t tell the women, but when no one is around we will sometimes piss in the sink.

    An insult by an Australian politician (PM Paul Keating, I think) some years ago: “He’s such a wimp, he’d get out of the shower to take a leak”.

  81. @Whiskey

    I forgot that the youtubers are the leftist elite. Has Pewdiepie or Vaush been to Davos yet?

  82. At some point, Quantum Physics, that is, Real Science, kicks in and there is no further division possible…

  83. megabar says:

    > what good has pointing out the irrationality of the Left done over the last 70 years?

    The fatal flaw of centrism and reasonableness, both of which I’m naturally inclined towards. Engaging in twitter has been enlightening, in that regard.

  84. Jesse says:

    This, of course, would be more devastating if rightist men would stop proudly perving over any girl who’s reached puberty.

    • Replies: @Jack Armstrong
  85. Sean says:

    She was the only one who really went after him in the debates, something we will all pay dearly for.

  86. @Hypnotoad666

    Well the arc of justice sounds like a differential equation if I’ve ever heard one. How many SJW types can do calculus?

  87. utu says:

    Shiva might be right

    I must make corrections to what I wrote in my comment #69 that restore Shiva argument. It is true, as I wrote, that if the plot for Trump votes have a linear part with a negative slope then also the plot for Biden votes will have a linear part with a negative slope.

    If Y-X=a*X+b describes the linear part of the plot for Trump votes then using substitutions 100-X–>X and 100-Y –>Y we get a linear part of the plot for Biden votes. Then the equation for Biden votes is Y-X=a*X +(-b -100*a) Both plots have the same negative slope a..

    But there is a difference. The intercepts and the zero points are not the same. If the zero point for Trump votes is at X=20% (as in Shiva example), i.e., for X>20% Y-X is negative (indication of vote flipping against Trump according to Shiva) then the zero point for Biden plot is at X=100-20=80% meaning that for X0 (vote gaining for Biden in accordance with Shiva argument).

    Shiva should have presented both plots for Trump and Biden and make a more nuanced argument and avoid a counter arguments like mine in the comment #69 that he was describing a feature that is also present in Biden votes.

    Shiva might be right. To reinforce his argument he should find counties which do not have this downward linear behavior to show that the linear behavior is not a typical feature of voters behavior. Comparing counties with and w/o the linear feature should be used to make the point that vote flipping proportional to Trump votes above the threshold of around 20% has occurred which provides extra votes for Biden every where Biden has less 80% of straight party ticket votes.

    Shiva might be right.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  88. utu says:

    This argument is wrong. See corrections in the comment #81. Sorry!

  89. utu says:
    @Dieter Kief

    See my comment #81 ( and ignore my comment #69). Shiva might be right.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  90. Barnard says:
    @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Given Roker’s overall health, he is much more likely to be harmed by trying to breathe through a mask while walking than he is of catching Covid outdoors.

  91. ganderson says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Worcester County and Milwaukee County (and probably the adjacent counties) call them bubblers. I wouldn’t swear to this, but I think neither cranberry region is ‘bubbler country’.

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  92. ganderson says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    One of his campaign slogans when he ran against Granny Warren was “Vote for the real Indian”!
    I smiled.

  93. ganderson says:

    Lenny Bruce (who could occasionally be funny) once said the “even the Pope has pissed in the sink”.

  94. @Altai

    The #blacklivesmatter protest in stockholm is now ending in police violence. If you have any updates or are in place please contact me NOW!

    These sort of breathless tweets like Lovette’s here, outline the core issue.

    BLM folks like Lovette imagine that they are “oppressed”. And claim the right to protest and riot and generally be a pain in the ass, until the state agrees to their demands–gives them more stuff.

    But the reality is the reverse. Ordinary decent productive white people–in Sweden or America–want to get on living their lives and going about their business as they see fit. And various minority shysters insist on glomming onto them and then bitching, whining and demanding stuff–i.e. trying mafia style shakedowns. The people who are actually “oppressed” in the West are the native white populations.

    Separation is always the logical clarifier–personally, nationally, racially–to cut through the minoritarian propaganda:

    If i’m willing to walk off and leave you alone … you are *not* oppressed.

    If i’m not asking anything of you–not demanding your presence, your labor–but you keep banging on my door, keep hanging around, keep getting in my face–you are not oppressed, but simply are parasite.

    • Agree: Old Prude, Ben tillman
    • Replies: @Altai
  95. @newrouter

    No, it’s a social construct. Like all the other “nesses.”

  96. J.Ross says:

    OT Hopefully this is the iSteviest thing today: Asians, the minority everybody forgets, were in a “students of color” club, but got kicked out for wearing trousers correctly, not disrupting classes, getting good grade point averages, and general library silence.

  97. Here’s another one for you (via Instapundit):

    A police department in Iowa is accepting submissions to change its logo because it allegedly “heavily resembles the KKK dragon.”

    The Waterloo Police Griffin logo was adopted in 1964, and reportedly “leaves many citizens and residents feeling uncomfortable and distrustful when dealing with the Waterloo Police Department.”

    The City’s Commission on Human Rights has launched a petition calling for the unreserved retirement of the eagle-lion mythical hybrid Griffin by tying it to the history of the KKK through its dragon logo:

    Although Black Americans have typically been the Klan’s primary target, it also has attacked Jews, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community and, until recently, Catholics.

    …In addition, the undersigned absolutely resist any alteration of the Griffin and remain committed to organize until any trace of this Griffin is removed from any active paraphernalia utilized by Waterloo law enforcement.

    Griffins and dragons do share a superficial resemblance, in that both have wings and neither exist.

  98. Altai says:

    ‘You teach other people how to treat you’

    The epitaph for all Western nations.

  99. @Hypnotoad666

    One girl I dated asked me to do it in the sink. She said she didn’t like the splatter around her toilet. Yes, she was weird.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  100. Thirdtwin says:

    Cut all buses in half, Convert the back halves to white Millennial micro-housing so they can *live* in the back of the bus to atone for their sins, and weld the front halves together. Have drivers at either front end so nobody gets fired. Problems solved. And carbon footprint halved.

  101. @Jack Armstrong

    Lindsay Hecox

    The Cloud People just love trolling us Dirt People with these names, don’t they?

  102. @Jesse

    I never get these pervs … so totally not ok. Creepy, creepy, creepy — more dudes should be like that Macron fellow.

  103. duncsbaby says:

    I lived in LaCrosse for a year and a half & I never heard the term “bubbler.” I do remember a black guy coming up to me one time and asking me where the nearest “time machine” was. I was truly flummoxed at that one. If I would’ve known where the nearest time machine was I wouldn’t have been hanging around in 2010.

    • LOL: Rob McX
    • Replies: @Ganderson
  104. @utu

    Double thanks. – Only the best admit to having erred!

  105. theMann says:

    Apocryphal story about Stalin:

    He once had a group of experts assembled to deal with the issue: in every train wreck, the last car was always the one with most casualties / damage / derailments. One of the experts came up with “I know, I know, simply remove the last car!”

    Stalin had him shot.

    There is rarely a Stalin around when you need him.

  106. Aardvark says:

    I was thinking similarly by suggesting to put a front on both ends of the bus; half of the seats would face each end. Now people would avoid the middle of the bus.

  107. @JohnnyWalker123

    Ron should add a satire/parody button.

  108. @Abe

    …in places like Seattle, where there is only about a 36 hour window year round when the act of getting out of a pool in a dripping wet swimsuit is not a deeply unpleasant experience,…

    I’ve been to Seattle exactly twice. The first time was in April and it was 50 and misty and cloudy for four days. The other time was two days in July when it was sunny and 80. My buddy had a pool and we had a great time. The sunny weather was front page news.

  109. @Hypnotoad666

    My wife is a terrible housekeeper. There are so many dirty dishes in the sink that I can’t even piss in it!

    Ba dum.

    • LOL: Jack Armstrong
  110. @Gilbert Ratchet

    Ridiculous. No one knows what the KKK dragon looked like.

  111. Just remove the back of the bus. Then you’ll have a short bus, and every rider will be special.

  112. anon[865] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as I can still stand when taking a shit, I don’t care.

    How’s the weather over there In France?

    • Thanks: Wade Hampton
  113. @JohnnyWalker123

    Penis-envy meets fear of the vagina dentata.

  114. The most reasonable solution to the back of the bus problem is to reconfigure our modes of transportation to align with a horizontal or circular seating structure. There can be no back if we only have a single row or even better a circular seating arrangement. We must pass broad sweeping transportation reform that allows for no “back rows” but rather a more egalitarian seating arrangement. The same should be passed for classroom seating where many students feel left behind not based upon their intellectual encumbrances passed onto them (and often reinforced) by their inferior genetics but rather based upon where they are seated in the class. John Dewey’s Montessori style “reading circles” should be the only style of seating allowed and all others criminalized. The only other option, if this common sense reform cannot be achieved due to the systemic racism of Donald Trump and the interference of Putler, we must ensure that all blaq and brown children are seated on the laps (or on the shoulders) of the white children. Yellow students are to be forbidden from educational institutions for the next decade to allow blaqs and browns to catch up, obviously.

  115. @YetAnotherAnon

    Thanks.. I need a cold shower now.

  116. @Buzz Mohawk

    Compliance is best if you want your eggs over easy and not hard.

  117. utu says:

    I said he might be right if his data is genuine, if the pattern is seen in more counties, if it is true that in Democratic counties the pattern did not occur. Much more data need to be looked at. One would expect that some people are doing it; however, the quality of Trump ‘dream team’ makes me doubt it. They have no money, no motivation, and they are not too smart.

    At this point I do not know how to explain the downward line in y-x vs. x scatter plot. I do not see what natural voter behavior and psychology could result in such a thing in some counties while not occurring in other counties. The simplest explanation this linear regularity would be a mathematical algorithm that is shaving off a constant fraction from Trump votes. No votes are flipped in districts where Trump has less than 20% straight party ticket votes. More votes are flipped where Trump has more straight party ticket votes.

    In the first approximation the algorithm could work as follows: In a district where Trump got X>X_thresh straight party ticket votes (X_thresh≈20%) the value X would be reduced by factor k (k<1). So instead of X Trump would get kX straight party ticket votes. (1-k)X votes would be flipped to Biden as split party ticket votes. The value of factor k can be estimated from data (not a plot) for a given county. k will depend on the ratio of absolute (not percentages) values of Y/X.

    Obviously I can be wrong. as I do not see something. That's why I am saying that Shiva might be right.

  118. Ganderson says:

    Bet you’ve thrown down an Old Style or two in your time.

    • Replies: @duncsbaby
  119. @utu

    You know something that doesn’t make sense to me?

    The politicians and media are claiming that since Biden supporters overwhelmingly voted by mail, that can account for what happened on election night. Mail votes (which were heavily pro-Biden) were counted later in the night. In-person votes (which were heavily pro-Trump) were counted earlier in the night.

    There’s just one problem.

    When Trump was dominating earlier in the night, prediction markets and various analytical pollsters (such as the NYT) began to predict a Trump victory. Even many journalists (especially on CNN and MSNBC) began to panic.

    Then, in very late, huge numbers of Biden votes started to come in. Suddenly, the demeanor of the journalists changed, as did prediction markets and the views of the analytical pollsters.

    Now the politicians, media, and pollsters are starting to tell us that the entire election was secure. It was normal to expect Trump to be ahead earlier, but lose his lead as Biden mail-in votes arrived and got counted. Everything happened according to what was expected in advance.

    So the question is this. If everything happened as expected, then why was the media panicking on election night? Why did the prediction market swing wildly? Why did all these pollsters (like the NYT) change their predictions twice in one night?

    Something very strange happened on election night. Events didn’t happen according to what was expected. There was a huge divergence from expectations.

    Then in very late night, everything changed.

    It’s not unreasonable to ask why.

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @utu
  120. @duncsbaby

    dunc, my favorite definition of a gentleman, one who leaves the shower stall to take a leak.

  121. @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Mike, before they remodel the Buffalo Bills stadium it had circular sinks in the mens lavatories with the foot pedal operated spray faucet. Never, ever saw anyone use it as a sink. It was the shoulder to shoulder circular urinal.

  122. @Gilbert Ratchet

    Gil, Canisius College Golden Griffins. It’s on my ball cap and Canisus (Buffalo) is a Jesuit College. But you know, Jesuits have a few skeletons in their closets.

  123. @Whiskey

    It begins. World War Pedo. We warned you Steve. Elites want their pedophila and a leftist YouTuber is calling for pedophila to be legal.

    Where have you been? We’ve been defending the ruling class in the most pederastic nation on earth for 19 years now.

    It’s time to pull out. That means you, too, Dastager.

  124. @Buffalo Joe

    Never, ever saw anyone use it as a sink. It was the shoulder to shoulder circular urinal.

    Rich Stadium is also notable for hosting the first open-air sex act at an NFL game. They were under a blanket. But you can’t beat the unmissed Metrodome’s ticket-holder from Iowa, who serviced a stranger in the men’s room while her husband and kids waited in the stands. I hope a local shaman was allowed to purify the site before it was rebuilt.

    Speaking of social distancing, you should be proud that your sheriff is one of a handful who told the Governor to take his Thanksgiving order and stuff his turkey with it. The others are in Fulton and Washington Counties, fairly empty ones anyway, and Saratoga, site of another skirmish many years ago. Two of these sheriffs are Italian.

    NY Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Cuomo’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Thanksgiving Order

  125. J.Ross says:
    @Gilbert Ratchet

    The KKKK’s silly ranks and titles — titles, not mascots or images — came out of late Victorian fairy tale obsessed wierdness. The Grand Dragon always was a position, an office held by a (repugnant) person, not a dragon or a picture or corporate logo of a dragon. Lower ranks included giants and ogres. It is not possible for any creature image to resemble the KKK Grand Dragon to any degree. There never was a KKK Dragon picture. There’s nothing to resemble. In other words this is the hate hoax equivalent of the computer in Brazil ordering the Red Flag SWATting of the wrong guy or of those idiot women who would write corporations if the names on their boards didn’t sound diverse enough. This is what happens when you are exempted from criticism.

  126. @Buzz Mohawk

    “Standing up while pissing is a male privilege”

    Standing out in the cold night, emptying the bladder while drinking a beer; the cloud of breath between swallows, the steam rising from the jet of warm urine. Look at that moon.

  127. @utu

    Differences in behavior between states are easily explained. Michigan and Wisconsin were critical to both sides, Illinois and Indiana written off and ignored.

    Differences between counties or Congressional districts within a state, where votes are combined with others, might be explained by different get-out-the-vote methods used by the local party organizations.

    But stark differences between neighboring precincts or wards starts to get very suspicious. Who even knows where the boundaries are, other than those with maps tacked onto the walls of their cubicles?

    This election sports more red flags than Havana, Pyongyang, Peking, and Saigon on May Day. Combined.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @iDeplorable
  128. @oo-ee-oo-ah-ah-ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang

    In Portland OR there are bronze public water fountains named, “Benson Bubblers” after the wealthy businessman who paid for them.

  129. @Altai

    I’m all for giving tiny 17 y/o girls beatdowns if they are LARPing as street fighters.

    Watching videos of AntiFa and BLM clashes with Trump supporters in DC this weekend, half the crowd is female. They are loudmouths who are often the instigators of fights. They know they can throw a few punches and kicks without fear of retaliation because most guys won’t hit girls.

    Start breaking girl noses and knocking out girl teeth, and the AntiFa ranks will quickly be reduced by half.

    • Replies: @photondancer
  130. utu says:

    They believed in poll results that predicted large advantage for Biden in swing states. It turned out that the predictions were by factor of u to 10 times too high. Polls are part of psychological warfare to demotivate Trump voters and Trump election workers. The election was won by Biden in the swing states by superior motivation and organization of Biden election workers. The ballot harvesting certainly involve many irregularities. And then there was vote counting.

    Similar thing happened in 2016. So afterwards it was explained away with the ‘shy Trump voter’ phenomenon. But it was a lie because the overestimate by polls was only in states where Trump has won. The over estimate by 5% in red states and by 2% in swing states. Apparently there was no ‘shy Trump voters’ in blue states.

    • Replies: @Ed
  131. Paleoconn says:

    The fraction 3/5 shall never appear in any math exercises. It should be expressed only in decimal form 0.6, or in inverse form 1/(5/3).

  132. @Paul Mendez

    “Chicks up front” was supposedly the battle cry of violent demonstrators in the 60s and 70s, in order to take advantage of chivalry. It wouldn’t hurt a lot of these women, who are often horrendously spoilt and pampered, to find out the hard way that not everyone is going to kowtow to them.

  133. Ed says:
    @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Masks do not protect you from getting Covid. Also contraction outside is limited. Al has a weight problem and he appears too old to be able to fix it.

  134. Ed says:

    Right. My guess many good whites in the suburbs felt it was the right, socially desirable thing to do to vote for Biden, due to scam media polls saying Trump was losing the suburbs by 20 to 30 points.

  135. @Buffalo Joe

    “My wife’s housekeeping is really awful, so slovenly and dirty”

    “What sort of thing do you mean?”

    “Oh, I can’t tell you, it’s too embarrassing”

    “Go on, I won’t tell anyone”

    “Well, every time I go to p*** in the sink, it’s full of dirty washing up”

  136. Tony says:

    Back in the 70’s when I was in high school, the blacks used to congregate in the back of city buses so they could do their trouble making away from the driver.

  137. duncsbaby says:

    By the time I got there the Old Style brewery had changed to La Crosse Beer brewery. I used to buy ’em by the 12 pack. Beer is really cheap in Wisconsin. Who would of thought?

  138. @Reg Cæsar

    Yep – and all that is happening / In a silent way // with// Darkness at the Break of Noon.

    Spooky. People don’t seem to care much.

  139. @Reg Cæsar

    This is a good post Reg, thanks.

    Thoughtful, observant, adds to the discussion.

    Please try more of this and less of the inanities that make up 90% of your thousands and thousands of comments.

  140. @duncsbaby

    I got a real kick out of the ones saying Whites are ‘superior’ at committing ‘violence’. Or ‘taking what’s not theirs’. ‘Delusion’ is not just a cool name for a Black child.

  141. @duncsbaby

    So what exactly are white people superior at?

    Compared to who?

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