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You'll Hear Ever More About How Billions Will Need to Move North Due to Climate Change
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From the BBC:

Is the world ready for mass migration due to climate change?

National borders are largely arbitrary lines drawn on a map, although there are some physical limits to where humans can live (Credit: Alamy)
By Gaia Vince
17th November 2022

With up to three billion people expected to be displaced by the effects of global warming by the end of the century, should it lead to a shift in the way we think about national borders, asks Gaia Vince?

… Unable to adapt to increasingly extreme conditions, millions – or even billions – of people will need to move.

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  1. Steve – OT, but a desecration is about to take place, similar to the neglect of Malvina Hoffman’s magnificent Races of Man.

    I have had only two occasions where I sincerely regretted not being really rich. This is another one; if I had the means I would buy up these works of art. Future generations will not even be able to find them and see what we were once capable of creating. But since they won’t have a written language I guess it won’t matter.

    • Thanks: mark green, Thea
    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @Thoughts
  2. Inverness says:

    Gaia Vince???

    Totally Matt Yglesias’s drag name.

    • Agree: Cutter
    • LOL: Kylie, Renard, nokangaroos
  3. J.Ross says:

    Nice “climate change” piece about a desert in British Columbia devastated by epochal flooding. Why north, if it’s about “climate change”? Because it’s not about “climate change.”

  4. BBC:

    Unable to adapt to increasingly extreme conditions, millions – or even billions – of people will need to move.

    Gotta say I agree with the inevitable outcome of King Charles’ solution here:

    • Thanks: Richard B
  5. National borders are largely arbitrary lines drawn on a map.

    That may sound true, but only if you have absolutely no clue about history, politics, or the meaning of the word “arbitrary.”

    based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

    National borders have been “drawn” by the system of wars, geography and diplomacy, interacting with the universal human aspiration for political union with a common group of people. To flippantly label the borders between, say, Italians, Germans and Poles as “arbitrary,” shows a shocking level of ignorance and stupidiy thathat alone should be enough to disqualifies anything that follows from serious consideration.

  6. Anonymous[175] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Move north’?


    The frozen tundra of Siberia?
    The icy wastes of Yukon?
    Nova Zeymla?

  7. neutral says:

    National borders are largely arbitrary lines

    Except when it comes to Ukraine and Israel, then the BBC will proclaim how these are absolutely sacrosanct lines that are above questioning.

  8. @Anonymous

    Silly commentor, wherever White people have nice things.

  9. anonymous[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Poland and the Baltic states will be forced to take their fair share according to the EU. Once Russia is done for then Russian-descended Jews in the US will want to make sure Poland, Lithuania, etc. do not become too nationalistic.

  10. But all our billions are going to that mouthy little snot, Zelensky.

    Do people from his culture have an inability to show basic gratitude? Every time he opens his mouth it’s to bitch that others aren’t helping enough. And he gives zero thanks for the help received.

  11. BB753 says:
    @Loyalty Over IQ Worship

    Zelensky can’t wait for the war to be over to take in 10 million African climate refugees.

    • Thanks: Rob
  12. Gaia Vince = Vagina ice
    I nag; a vice.

    Nagging Gaia, vagina like ice!
    She admits it: “I nag, it’s a vice.”

  13. Unable to adapt to increasingly extreme conditions, millions – or even billions – of people will need to move.

    Plenty of space in Polar circle.

  14. C-p

    Why does Putin despise Zelensky so much?

    Because Zelensky is everything Putin wishes he was.

    Putin has spent decades cultivating an image as a manly and heroic figure. He rides horses bare-chested, does Judo, and stands up for “honest Russian values” against the encroachment of the “degenerate liberal West”. He’s built up a cult of personality around himself that is entirely divorced from reality. And he’s been in it so long that he started to believe his own bullshit.

    And in the span of a few weeks Volodymyr Zelensky has utterly destroyed that image.

    Zelensky is everything Putin pretends to be. He’s brave, strong, and beloved by both his own people and the world at large. And he’s reduced Putin to a laughingstock.

    If Putin harbors any personal hatred towards Zelensky, and I believe he does, it’s because Zelensky is everything that Putin pretends to be. He has everything that Putin wants to have. His very presence is a constant reminder of Putin’s own failings as a leader and as a person.

    And if this war goes on any longer, Zelensky’s actions might very well lead to Putin’s death. Because once there’s blood in the water, dictators don’t last long.

  15. Remember this joke?
    Four men are sitting on a park bench…. a black guy, a mexican, a jew and a white nationalist. They find a bottle under the bench and open it… and out pops a genie.. The genie says… I have been in this bottle for 1000 years and in gratitude I will grant you guys one wish. He asks the black guy first, what is your wish?
    The black guy thinks for a moment and says “I want all the black people in the world to go to Africa where we will all live together” The genie says. done.. and the black guys disappears.
    He turns to the Mexican and ask his wish… the Mexican says. I want the same thing. Genie says done… and he disappears.
    He turns to the jew who says he also wants all the jews to live in Israel. Genie says and done the jew disappears.
    He then turns to the white nationalist and says… What is your wish?
    The white nationalist asks… You sent all the blacks to Africa, the Mexicans to Mexico and the jews to Israel?
    The genie says yes.
    The white nationalist says: I’ll have a diet Coke..

    • Replies: @Richard B
  16. Mark G. says:

    I think this type of talk will not have a receptive audience in the future. In the third quarter of this year U.S. household debt increased at the fastest rate since the first quarter of 2008. In 2008 that was followed by a serious recession that involved many banks and businesses teetering on the edge of collapse. The same thing will happen this time, but the country is in a much weaker condition now. For example, the national debt has tripled since 2008.

    With many people here struggling to get the money to keep warm in the winter and put food on the table, anyone advocating we let in large numbers of third world immigrants will not be listened to. Immigrants, along with their families, consume more in government benefits than they pay in taxes and will accelerate a declining American standard of living. The American voter will suffer compassion fatigue and will not want to spend money on non-Americans, whether it is non-Americans moving here or non-Americans in places like the Ukraine demanding we send them more money,

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
    , @Legba
  17. @Hypnotoad666

    How much better off we would be if their use of the term “arbitrary” were evidence of “ignorance and stupidity” and not vandalism and mass murder.

  18. SFG says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I kind of figured Putin hates Zelensky because they were heads of state in a bloody war.

    • Agree: PiltdownMan, AKAHorace
    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
  19. @Bardon Kaldian

    “He [Putin]….does judo…”

    Hah. One plays Judo. It is a sport and not a “martial art”.

    And if you think that one can just “do” Judo then I recommend that you don a gi and have at it. It’s not professional wrestling. The throws are real and you have to be able to take it, i.e. be thrown, or you will quickly find some other form of recreation.

    Let’s see a cage match between your “everything he wants to be” Zelensky and Putin, and see who is the poser.

  20. There’s already a whole continent out there, a New World, if you will, awaiting those billions of Climate Calamity™ refugees. It’s got 5.5 million square miles of land with NO national borders already, that’s not been ravaged by the Climate Calamity™. There are not even any indigenous people there to worry about.

    Food is plentiful – baked Penguin, fried Penguin, sauteed Penguin, Penguin gumbo, …

    Well-tested mathematical models of every single climate process, taking into account the Ice Ages and El Nino, forecast that Antarctica will be the perfect place to settle going forward. It’s a Climate Refugee’s dream, and it can be a true diverse society with no strife about race and ethnicity – In Antarctica , we’re all green! Now, dark green at the pole, light green by the seashore.

    Also, mind the cap.

  21. With up to three billion people …

    By a remarkable coincidence, this is the increase in the population of Africa during the present century, according to the World’s Most Important Graph.

  22. Mike Tre says:

    Sort of on topic: My compliments to the individual who put in the effort to make this video:

  23. ic1000 says:

    Gaia Vince retweeted

    My sense of Ms. Vince’s world —

    * Climate moralist whose devotions include skin care, hair care, glamour shots, jet setting, and exotic wilderness adventures.

    * At the same time, Vince does and doesn’t understand the intersection of her Post-Puritan policy mandates with economics, and with Robert Putnam’s insights. ‘Climate Migration won’t plunge your high-trust white nation into poverty and disorder, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it.’

    * ‘Those I despise will shortly suffer from the sins of their fathers, as well as from their own sinfulness. I delight in sharing my anticipation of these well-deserved tribulations with my co-religionists.’

    * “I have held senior editorial positions at the science journal Nature, Nature Climate Change, and New Scientist magazine.” If only Nature‘s fight against Fungal Racism had begun a bit earlier!

    • Replies: @SFG
  24. @Anonymous

    I have seen several articles recommending the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as the best place in the US to escape climate change.

    Not sure about that. Marquette averages about 115 inches of snow every year. Almost 20 inches more than.Buffalo. Some of my kids’ friends have gone to college at UNM and wade through snow drifts on their way to their finals in May. Big hockey school.

    There is some speculation that the warming of Lake Superior waters could make the snow worse before it gets better.

    Current population of the UP is only 300,000. Surely they can take another few billion.


    Seriously, the housing costs are cheaper than going south to northern Wisconsin. Just as folks from Illinois are buying up all the vacation cabins in Wisconsin, now Sconnies are starting to buy up vacation homes in the UP. With overpopulation and global warming these vacation homes will likely increase in value.

    • Replies: @International Jew
  25. @Bardon Kaldian

    Attention Deep State handlers, the asset known as “Bardon Kaldian” is engaging in extremely low-level trolling and isn’t worth my time. Send me someone better; I’m not even getting my exercise with this one.

  26. You’ll Hear Ever More About How Billions Will Need to Move North Due to Climate Change

    Except to Dukes Co., Mass.


    • Thanks: Coemgen, Inverness
    • LOL: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  27. You’ll Hear Ever More About How Billions Will Need to Move North Due to Climate Change

    Don’t worry… they’ve got a series of vaxxes and boosters to deal with that problem.

  28. FutureFixer Gaia Vince. Talk about RBF!

    • LOL: Kylie
    • Replies: @Prester John
  29. @Bardon Kaldian

    Putin despise Zelensky so much?

    While Zelensky has expressed plenty of personal and political animus against Putin, Putin has not expressed any corresponding animus against Zelensky.

    Unlike some commenters here, I’m not a mind reader, so I don’t know what feelings animate Putin’s heart. Maybe he needs Zelensky’s perceived legitimacy to be a negotiating partner, so he suppresses his feelings of despising him for political purposes. If so, that seems like a mature and statesmanlike way of going about business. By contrast, demanding without gratitude that foreigners sacrifice to help you, seems, well …

    I’ve got nothing personal against Zelensky, and what he’s doing seems to be working out pretty well for him, if not so much for his troops or citizens, but I realize that worrying about those is severely outré.

    P.S. Russians tell me the horseback photo is something of an ironic meme in Russia. Even Russians enjoy irony. But since Zelensky really is “manly and heroic”, “brave and strong”, which of his physical achievements demonstrate this? (Playing the piano with his penis doesn’t count, though it was amusing.)

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  30. SFG says:

    “You will live in the pod. You will eat the bugs. I, on the other hand…”

  31. mc23 says:

    In the recent past when talk was of ice ages and glaciers descending far south past New York city I figured we would need to invade Mexico, build some proper water filtration systems and otherwise improve on the hash the Conquistadors made. Ditto for the Europeans. Civilizational warfare is not kind but crap rolls down hill. I used to think it’s possible America could have done such a thing back then. If such an event happened now how would our society handle it? If we’re the refugees are we now good?

    Nowadays that sort of aggression is lacking and it seems Western society is stricken with ennui and nihilism. A real shame because the type of climate change that the doomsayers are talking about now requires work not refugees. With Western funds and expertise, with engineering and planning these issues could be addressed in the regions that are being impacted but courage is lacking. People build things and fix things. The Weird countries could do but not the 3rd world on their own.

  32. @SFG

    I doubt that, as a rule, most of those calling the shots really hate* each other. Hate is inculcated among those who need to be mobilized to act counter to their own interests and against each other.

    *For a meaningful definition of ‘hate’, i.e., not as in “I hate broccoli”.

  33. How cohencidental the Great Replacement & climate Change needs both require less White ppl!

  34. ic1000 says:

    Vladimir Putin has won the coveted Climate Hero of the Month award for November. Gaia Vince and her fellow judges highlighted Mr. Putin’s recent efforts to decarbonize the economy of Ukraine, in advance of winter.

    • LOL: Mr. Anon
  35. The temperature in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) hit -39 Celsius in February 2021.

    In 2017, a Somali clan sponsored their 150th relative to move to Winnipeg. In Somalia, they needed no heat. In Winnipeg, they need to burn some form of energy just to stay alive in winter.

    “A Somali family celebrated a milestone Wednesday night when the 150th family member arrived in Canada, in the 150th year of Canada’s founding.

    “I am feeling so joyful,” said Marcus Askar, who started it all 20 years ago when he fled civil war in Somalia and found refuge in Winnipeg.”

    Equatorial people migrating to colder, energy intense, industrialized countries are just economic migrants seeking the material rewards of the West. The collective West possesses a good proportion of the world’s potable water and cultivable land, and technology has tamed what early explorers called “the land God gave to Cain”.

    That, and White Canadians make generous neighbors.

  36. @Paleo Liberal

    the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as the best place in the US to escape climate change

    But more importantly, what’s the best place to escape the climate change refugees?

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  37. Barnard says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Lydia Brimelow has talked about VDare acquiring some of these monuments and keeping them at their castle in West Virginia. If they have had any success so far in that I haven’t heard about it.

  38. Wilkey says:

    Oh yes, you’ll be hearing more and more about how billions of people need to move north into other peoples’ countries – all of them white, magically – across boundaries which are just arbitrary lines drawn on maps.

    You’ll especially be hearing it from lots and lots of people who think the property boundaries to their $100 million estates are not arbitrary lines, and whose stock certificates in FaceGoogAppZon are not arbitrary pieces of paper, but pieces of paper with real significance.

    “Gaia Vince” may not own any $100 million estates, but the people who pay for her hair conditioner and glamour shots do.

    • Agree: ic1000
  39. jason y says:

    “Borders are just arbitrary lines on a map” is the sort of thought I had when I was 11 and understood absolutely nothing about anything.

  40. AndrewR says:

    Some are obviously completely arbitrary. Sykes-Picot is perhaps the most obvious example. Most African borders are arbitrary relics of imperialism. And other examples that were less “arbitrary” when created now seem entirely arbitrary. The US-Canadian border is the longest border in the world. It’s also a border that probably not a single person alive would shed blood to change (or to maintain, if politicians decided to change it). And if the Polish borders are sacrosanct due to your alleged “universal human aspiration for political union with a common group of people,” then how would you explain the border between the Korean republics? Yes it was forged in blood, but it refutes your cheesy belief about human nature. Most South Koreans think reunification is unnecessary.

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @Hypnotoad666
  41. BB753 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Zelensky is just not into bare-breasted adventuring. He likes his military fatigues. Because he believes they make him look sexy. Also, Putin’s Christian cross on display puts him off.

  42. Wilkey says:

    BTW, a little biographic detail about the man who runs the BBC, in whose website this is printed:

    In 1987, Richard Sharp married Victoria Hull, an American and fellow Goldman Sachs banker, in Connecticut. They have three children together. In October 2008, the couple were living in Kensington, and had an estimated net worth of £500 million. They divorced, and some time after 2014, Hull married British investment banker Sir Simon Robey.

    Sharp has given more than £400,000 to the Conservative Party, and £35,000 to the Quilliam think tank via his charity, the Sharp Foundation. When asked why he donated to Quilliam, Sharp said he was impressed by founder Maajid Nawaz’s “efforts to combat radicalism and extremism”. Sharp is Jewish.

    Just a regular old Jewish, Goldman Sachs man-of-the-people worth £500 million (14 years ago). If he’s given his own money to ‘combatting extremism,’ how open to differing points of view is he going to be at the BBC (which is owned by the British taxpayers)? Especially since we know how they define “extremism”…

    P.S. Interesting that a piece that appears in a section titled “Comment & Analysis”…does not allow any reader comments. But that’s par for the course with establishment publications. They don’t want anyone questioning their dogma.

    P.P.S. Gotta love that picture of the couple navigating that flood in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been flooding basically forever. It’s not a “climate change” thing. I’m sure you would have seen similar pictures in Egypt 2,000 years ago.

    • Thanks: Renard
  43. Wilkey says:

    To earn national pride rather than suffer divisive tribalism, a nation needs to reduce inequality. The state must invest in the people for the people to feel invested in the state. That means putting social and environmental issues first in ways that are for the benefit of all, rather than a small tribe of global aristocrats.

    Mohammed H. Allah, this woman is dense.

    How does a nation “reduce inequality” as it rapidly imports millions of hungry people into its “arbitrary” boundaries?

    How does a nation “invest in the people” when it simply decides to import people instead of training its own? And who are “the people,” since apparently anyone in the world can live in any country?

    How do you “put enivronmental issues first” when you’re busy scampering to build housing and roads and schools, etc. ad infinitum to serve the millions of people you’re importing and ‘investing in’? The United Kingdom is already incredibly overcrowded. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. How is it supposed to protect what little nature it has left as it continues to allow in hundreds of thousands of migrants a year?

    And is she really still pretending that all this massive immigration isn’t for the purpose of serving a “small tribe of global aristocrats”?

    The global aristocrats want this migration. They’ve spent literally tens of billions of dollars lobbying and bribing our politicians to keep this migration invasion going. Can Gaia Vince even name a single billionaire who is opposed to mass immigration? Even one?

    Does she really believe this shit, or is she just writing it because this is what global aristocrats like Richard Sharp, who runs the BBC, pay her to write?

    • Thanks: Rob, Inverness
    • Replies: @BB753
    , @Anon
    , @Ben tillman
  44. Lurker says:

    The people who like to claim that borders are arbitrary also scream the loudest about attempts to make them less arbitrary.

  45. @International Jew

    Probably the Upper Peninsula

    Still descendants of Cornish miners along with various wypipo from the Lower Peninsula. Wisconsin and Minnesota. Not a huge haven for refugees yet. The Lutheran and Catholic refugee resettlement is mostly from the south in the areas from which wypipo are leaving. South being a relative term.

    Depends on whether you are willing to deal with tons of snow

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  46. J.Ross says:

    OT — I apologize unreservedly for pretending that the Colorado shooting was anything but cardboard. Listen to the interview with the shooter’s father, a self-described conservative Republican Mormon gay porn star (according to him), who freely admits (immediately after the shooting) that he taught his son that homosexuality was bad and that violence is good (almost exactly his words). I’m not making this up or essentializing, this is real. We’re not living in 1984, we’re living in Brazil.
    Still have doubts? Listen to the interview with the all-American veteran hero gay who stopped the shooting — with the help of a plucky tranny.
    Still have doubts? “Shooter was known to the authorities.” Who were somehow completely unable to do anything — again.
    Still have doubts? Look directly into the viewscreen.
    But really, check out the interview with the self-described conservative homophobic gay porn star, who freely admits to advocating violence to a mass shooter, and who upon being told about the shooting says, “Okay, at least he’s not gay.”
    This was fake. This was not only fake, it was cheap.

  47. Travis says:

    A cult of climate fascism has declared war on human civilization, with an agenda of lies & greed. Its enemy is carbon dioxide, which sustains all life, makes agriculture possible & gives us the air we breath. Climate & weather come from the sun, moon & deep ocean currents.

    Climate change reparations are $2 trillion and rising. This fund will be controlled by the UN. The Global warming Hoax is swindling the western world and a gravy train for for parasites, politicians, and UN flunkies. The UN is calling for massive reparations for poor nations, despite no evidence of any harm caused by so-called climate change. The hoax about climate change has resulted in a global economic disaster.

    • Agree: René Fries
  48. @Paleo Liberal

    I have seen several articles recommending the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as the best place in the US to escape climate change.

    But more importantly, what’s the best place to escape the climate change refugees?

    Probably the Upper Peninsula… Depends on whether you are willing to deal with tons of snow

    And snow jobs. Barron is 105 miles from the Michigan UP border. Why are there so many Somalis– and Central Americans– there? Because of a Jennie-O turkey plant.

    After public outcry, Somali in western Wisconsin withdraw request to broadcast call to prayer

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Just don’t make it Jennie-O, any more than Tyson.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  49. “National borders are largely arbitrary lines drawn in a map.”

    That is to say, your borders are arbitrary lines, whitey.

    ‘Immigration’ now refers to the movement of non-white people to predominantly white countries. And only that.

    • Agree: mc23
  50. Richard B says:

    To flippantly label the borders between, say, Italians, Germans and Poles as “arbitrary,” shows a shocking level of ignorance and stupidiy. That alone should be enough to disqualify anything that follows from serious consideration.


    On the other hand, considering the fact that the hostile elite have waged an all out war on intelligence, why would anyone expect from them an intelligent response to anything, let alone the problems that war has created?

    Speaking of adaptation, I don’t think any elite have done more to render the human race maladaptive than those currently in power.

    • Agree: René Fries
  51. @Reg Cæsar


    There are two competing climate change pseudo religions in the US.

    The pseudo religion sponsored by fossil fuel companies is that every scientist in the world is part of a global conspiracy of a fake climate change.

    The pseudo religion sponsored by meat packers and other low wage payers is that climate change is real and the only solution is to import lots of cheap non union labor.

    The most dangerous heretics appear to be a group of young conservatives who say climate change is real and mass immigration makes it worse. A while back I saw an article on Mother Jones complaining that these young conservatives are more dangerous than the oil industry deniers. I wrote a comment that these young conservatives are saying EXACTLY what Gaylord Nelson said, and they are right.

    That didn’t go over well.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  52. @Reg Cæsar



    I’ll be stealing that one at some point, Reg.

    So Sioux me! Like pretty much everyone who posts rock videos on youtube, I! OWN! NOTHING! (I do have a small insect ranch, but that’s fully funded by Klaus Schwab.)

    And… Happy Thanksgiving to the whole iSteve den of noticers!

  53. BB753 says:

    Borders are bad for business. For Big Finance business, that is, and big corporations. And local governments get in their way unless you bribe them or depose them. Bad for business too. That’s the rationale behind open borders and that’s why you can’t stop them from destroying borders and national sovereignty. No amount of IQ charts or constitutional arguments are gonna convince our elites otherwise.

    • Replies: @Ben tillman
  54. Richard B says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    With up to three billion people expected to be displaced by the effects of global warming by the end of the century, should it lead to a shift in the way we think about national borders, asks Gaia Vince?

    … Unable to adapt to increasingly extreme conditions, millions – or even billions – of people will need to move.

    Given that a social institution, whether a teaching-learning institution, a value institution, an economic institution, a governmental institution, or an idea institution (such as anything from the arts & sciences or research institutes that operate outside of teaching-learning institutions), is an adaptational mechanism, perhaps we should rewrite the above quote to read:

    With up to three billion people expected to be displaced by the decisions of the elite, should it lead to a shift in the way we think about the decision-making of said elite, asks Whoever Is Truly Concerned About The Survival of The Human Race?…Unable to adapt to increasingly complex and unpredictable conditions, millions – or even billions – of people will die. Or is that the point? If so, wouldn’t billions of people be inclinced to raise curious doubts about the decision-making of the elite enough to do something about it.

  55. Gordo says:

    All the billions we spend on equipping the Royal Navy with SLBMs with nuclear warheads and we can’t stop invaders crossing into our country by sea, it’s almost as if the people in charge are conscious traitors.

  56. @Bardon Kaldian

    Though we are on opposite sides on most issues, I’ve come to expect a high level of quality in your comments which is sorely lacking today. I have to speculate on why this sudden reversal in both intellect and good taste and can only surmise that you have allowed Zelensky to post under your name.

  57. @Paleo Liberal

    That didn’t go over well.

    That whole comment didn’t go over well. Are you under the impression that there is an actual WORKING model of the whole Earth’s climate? That would require it being run and checked 5 years and a decade later and at least seeing that it predicted very rough changes in humidity levels, T’s, cloud cover, precip, etc over large regions… without after-the-fact fudge factors either.

    You are no engineer, and if you realized the complexity – all the hundreds of physical processes involved – of the entire World climate – you’d see that there is no such thing. You move to the UP. I don’t care. It’s unfortunate that most of the alleged refugees of all sorts are smarter than Paleo Liberals and will stay in the decent climates – unfortunately where people like me live – and in about 3 weeks I’ll already be sick of winter.

    Got the fire going for now though – still burning the remains of a big-assed pecan tree that had been threatening the house.

  58. Simon says:
    @Loyalty Over IQ Worship

    But all our billions are going to that mouthy little snot, Zelensky. Do people from his culture have an inability to show basic gratitude? Every time he opens his mouth it’s to bitch that others aren’t helping enough. And he gives zero thanks for the help received.

    ‘God Bless America’: Zelensky Thanks US in Veterans Day Message

    November 11, 2022

    Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a Veterans Day message on November 11, hailing the “almost 250 years the men and women of the United States armed forces have prevailed against tyranny”.

    Speaking in English, Zelensky said the US’s history of fighting against the odds “inspires Ukrainians today to fight back against Russian tyranny”.

    • Thanks: notsaying
  59. Well, that’s my theory – “Global Climate Change” is the acceptable pretext for getting developed Western nations to deal with “The Most Important Chart in the World” by guilting them into accepting the northern migration of Billions of excess Africans over the next century.

  60. @Achmed E. Newman

    I am not an engineer, but I am a PhD scientist who has dabbled in climate research. My sub field was things that cool the temperature

    I dabbled in climate research in the late 1990s, and I am aware of what the limitations were at the time. Computers are far better now, but there is a long way to go. The main gap is between people (like my former self) who study stuff on the molecular level and people who study things with boxes of x kilometers.

    I am also aware of two things:

    On the macro level, predictions have been good. Sadly the worst case scenarios appear to be the correct ones. So we know the aggregate effects on the planet, more or less, on a decade to decade progression, and it is getting warmer.

    On the micro level there has been a mixed bag. In some cases spot on. In others, way off. For example, in the late 1990s the NOAA predicted there would be greatly increased rainfall in California in the 21st Century. Instead, they are seeing the worst drought in 1200 years. Oops.

    I put out the UP more or less jokingly, because predictions are it will be great around the year 2100, when most of us will be quite dead. To be clear, nobody has any idea exactly what the UP will be like in 2100. Maybe it will be paradise. Maybe it will be hell on earth.

    I have no plans to move to the UP. All I can say is one is less likely to die of heat stroke or encounter large numbers of refugees.

  61. Coemgen says:

    The rootless cosmopolitans of globalism know that the best way to rid the world of family-oriented deplorables is to “fill in the swamp.”

    “Draining the swamp” is a fool’s errand.

  62. Element59 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    …If you accept at face value these character narratives curated and cultivated by a hungry military industrial complex and propagandized by a parasitic MSM apparatus to persuade you on which leader is the good guy to support and which one is just deranged and evil.

  63. Goatweed says:

    Is Trump the only billionaire that has attempted to block that mass migration?

    And Lindzen and Happer don’t think carbon is a material threat to increase temperatures.

    Wattsupwiththat is a great place to go to see a realistic appraisal of climate change.

  64. Global warming would greatly benefit mankind. Humans thrived when the planet was warmer than today during the Roman Climate Optimum. 2,000 years ago the Mediterranean Sea was 3 degrees warmer than today and life flourished.

    Why would we want the Earth cooler ? Most people prefer to live in warmer climates. The slight warming we have experienced since the mini ice-age has been great for humans. The slight increase in CO2 has also greatly benefited life on Earth , helping green the planet and increase crop yields.

    The real risk to human life is global cooling….another mini ice-age would be catastrophic for humans and increasing climate related deaths. It is crazy that people want a cooler planet. We know humans prefer warmer climates and life thrives when temperatures are warmer.

  65. A climate story by a reporter named Gaia? That’s like assigning Malcolm 3X Shabazz to cover the George Floyd trial

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  66. But so far, the only mass migration within national borders, that is, where people are retaining the same economy and political systems, has been the steady migration from the North to the South of the United States. Or, to paraphrase Pearl Bailey, “I’ve been too hot and I’ve been too cold, and believe me, too hot is better than too cold.”

  67. Mr. Anon says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Zelensky is everything Putin pretends to be. He’s brave, strong, and beloved by both his own people and the world at large. And he’s reduced Putin to a laughingstock.

    He is brave with the lives of other people. He is strong by virtue of the money and backing he has received from the West. He is an entertainer who pretended to play a piano with his d**k – a puppet installed and propped up by wealthy interests.

    I agree with your assessment of Putin, but I don’t view Zelensky as any kind of hero

    • Agree: Mark G.
  68. @Achmed E. Newman

    There’s no working model on how genetic variation makes black people have a lower IQ either. Quantum mechanics and special relativity clash, so should both be discarded? That’s implied by your line of reasoning.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  69. Mr. Anon says:

    National borders are largely arbitrary lines drawn on a map, although there are some physical limits to where humans can live

    By Gaia Vince

    Gaia Vince? Is that name for real? That’s almost the correct Latin for “Gaia Conquers”.

    One could say that the borders of Ms. Vince’s dwelling are arbitrary lines drawn on an architectural drawing. Perhaps she should be forced to room with a couple dozen climate refugees for the indefinite future.

    And, of course, she does have all the right endorsements:

  70. Borders are rarely arbitrary. They serve definite human purposes for good reasons.

    I take a kid to the playground. Only toddlers and their parents are allowed within. I watch the kid closely and am alert to possible threats of all kinds. The parents within would collaborate against an unaccompanied adult entering the territory.

    Territoriality is an essential feature of reproduction and survival for a good number of species, of course not all. Humans are obviously territorial.

    It’s arbitrary whether an individual speaks English or not. It’s not arbitrary that an interacting group of people are better off coordinating on a single language, say, English.

    Francesco Guala in an accessible book, Understanding Institutions, shows how, for example, a political border can emerge as an equilibrium in strategic interaction (inspired by T. Schelling). Dumbing it down, suppose you and I are herding animals. When we run into each other we face possible conflict over grazing resources, threats of poaching, threats of defensive/offensive violence. We are both better off to tacitly agree that you stay on the north side of the river and I stay on its south side. The boundary is arbitrary in the sense that the border could have been a road or high mountains in that vicinity, but it is not arbitrary in that it best serves the interests of the parties involved.

    I rarely am this frank, but believing that human boundaries are arbitrary is just plain stupid.

  71. TG says:

    Utter hogwash. ‘Climate change’ might really be an issue, but overwhelmingly right now the driving factor for third-world migration is not the weather, but people breeding like rodents.

    I mean, for the last century precipitation in California has trended constant. Due overwhelmingly to third-world immigration, California’s population has been roughly quadrupled from about 10 million in the 1950’s to about 40 million today. And now the fresh water is running short. Tell me: a population that is quadrupled, constant average precipitation, how is that the fault of ‘climate change’?

    In Syria the government deliberately created a population explosion – the population went from 5 to 10 million in 18 years, then to 20 million in the next 18 years, then… oopsie! The aquifers had been drained, even though rainfall trended constant. Again, how is that due to climate change? Of course it’s not. ‘Climate change’ is an excuse to cover for the inevitable result, that if people breed like rodents (i.e., to the current physical maximum), then before too long they and their children will live and die like rodents.

    It goes without saying that those billionaires screaming that the first world will have to accept all these ‘climate change’ refugees will themselves not have to suffer from the resulting poverty, but instead will make a killing off of all that lovely cheap labor. Because lowering the standard of living due to ‘climate change’ is so only for little people.

  72. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    Immigrants from all over the planet want to escape their native cultures en mass. They’re not migrating only for economic reasons. Their own entrenched cultures won’t change fast enough, so they figure the easiest way to become modern is to move to a modern culture. They despise their traditional elites, and they despise their own belief systems.

    And yes, climate change is being pushed as an excuse to further push immigration to the white countries.

    We’re getting it from all directions. Our elites want cheap labor because the cool kid whites don’t want to work for pennies, and the cheap labor wants to belong with the cool kid whites. Between the two of these yo-yos, the cool kid whites are being crushed between two grindstones.

    • Replies: @Thelma Ringbaum
  73. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    the GOP* is trump.

    trump is heritage america,

    just as heritage america is trump.

    trump, hail victory!

  74. @Achmed E. Newman

    Antarctica was once covered in temperate fern forests. With enough global warming we can get it back to that lovely condition again.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  75. epebble says:

    It is difficult to imagine how the currently empty northern Canada/Alaska, Greenland, Siberia will be populated by 2100. If the global average temperatures rise by 5 degrees Celsius, I can’t believe they will remain empty when they become desirable temperate lands and thousands of square miles of formerly coastlines get flooded. However, I don’t think Antarctica will be settled in 21st century.

  76. @Paleo Liberal

    I am not an engineer, but I am a PhD scientist who has dabbled in climate research. My sub field was things that cool the temperature

    I dabbled in climate research in the late 1990s, and I am aware of what the limitations were at the time.

    Well, you got a chance of understanding then…

    Computers are far better now, but there is a long way to go.

    Computing power is not the problem and has not been the problem for a long time.

    The main gap is between people (like my former self) who study stuff on the molecular level and people who study things with boxes of x kilometers.

    That’s not the problem either, but it’s closer.

    The problem is that there are a myriad physical processes, cloud cover and albedo, radiation heat transfer from a not so certain atmospheric composition, heat transfer from specific ground cover, ocean current convection heat transfer, etc., etc., all of them not nailed down one bit. Those initial and boundary conditions for those blocks of x miles cubed are highly uncertain. Just the definition of “initial conditions” for the climate doesn’t make sense.

    Each little piece that models a process in the climate must be right on the money. They aren’t. Even were they, when all the pieces are put together, you will still certainly get garbage out. You will get garbage out for years and years, until every little bit of it is understood with high certainty. It’s not an easy thing. It’s a work in progress that has a long way to go.

    I mean, P.L., even El Nino and La Nina events are not predicted – we are told by climatologists that they are occurring AFTER they’ve started a few months back. Then, take the Ice Ages, please! That phenomena is at such a bigger scale than the rest, that what’s even the point of any model that doesn’t have the factors that cause the Ice Ages built in – meaning it can predict the next one accurately?

    I challenge you to show me any paper of a math model of the climate that is in use and working without fudging the model continually to match reality. It’s been 40 years of this work and this alarmism now. You’d think there’d be something from ’00 to ’05 that was published with predictions for 5, 10, and 15 years hence, at least for just very large regions (the Pacific NorthWest, the Arabian Peninsular, the North Atlantic, the Cone of S. America, etc that can be matched with climatology data from these recent years.

  77. @Hypnotoad666

    Shhhhh, Hypno. I’m about to close on a few billion acres next week before Bill Gates gets ahold of it. He’s been known to read iSteve irregularly.

  78. Mr. Anon says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    On the macro level, predictions have been good. Sadly the worst case scenarios appear to be the correct ones. So we know the aggregate effects on the planet, more or less, on a decade to decade progression, and it is getting warmer.

    What predictions have been good? Increasing frequency and severity of hurricanes? The end of snow? The uninterrupted increase in global mean temperature. All of those claims have been made, and they were all wrong.

    At every stage since the creation of a global climate change racket in 1988, computer modelers swore that their models were well nigh perfect and that their claims were almost certainly true. Even when their models neglected to include things like……….the oceans. James Hansen’s predictions in 1988, one of the most prominent claims and which really got the whole climate-change ball rolling in the United States, were wildly wrong. And then, a few years later, they trot out their new and improved models and swear that – this time – they got it right. But the more complicated the models become, with more knobs and switches, the easier it will become to get the “right” results – i.e. the right temperature increase. But are the models therefore correct? Anybody who has done computer modeling of complicated systems knows how easy it is to get a wide variety of results.

    The global climate may well be changing in some way, possibly in some part (though probably not all) due to human activity. But “Climate Change” as a social issue is what I said it was in the previous paragraph – a racket. It is designed to create a neo-feudalist society, concentrating wealth in the hands of an oligarchic overclass and their technocratic minions.

    • Agree: René Fries
  79. @Paleo Liberal

    And another thing: I’ve recently read some of the more sane lefties (perhaps clever “concern trolls”) making a comparison between the right fighting against Climate Calamity™ alarmism and the left fighting against something else science related (HBD, perhaps). That’s a bogus comparison, as the Climate alarmism is based one BS prediction after another that gets proven either unsound or completely wrong.

    The problem is that the ctrl-left, as per this post using this fake Climate Crisis as an excuse to enact policies and implement more control of the population. “OK, well, just admit the earth is warming then”, I will read. Hey, maybe the medium-term trend right now is a a degree or 2 C up, but we don’t know what the Climate is SUPPOSED to be, we know that there are longer-term trends, as seen in the past, that make all this a molehill, and there’s NO solid connection between this slight decadal-scale warming trend and the industry of mankind.

    I would be glad to settle this with the wording of “let’s keep supporting Climatology and the NOAA*, OK, and see what happens.” No, the ctrl-left Commies want control NOW. They can’t wait for mathematical model/observation comparisons. They want the World, and they want it NOW.


    * One of only a few US Feral Gov’t organizations that I respect. Another would be the NTSB.

  80. anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    SO this is why Soros’ organization are funding the Greta Thurnberg campaigns

  81. They are not invited to today’s dinner:


    Honor Cava Brut Nature (Champagne) Spain


    Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau, France


    Turkey roulade made with the butterflied breast of a locally-raised farm turkey

    Wifie’s own gravy reduced from the turkey’s wings with cognac

    Lobster tails baked with spiced butter sauce

    Wifie’s secret stuffing made with spicy sausage and focaccia bread croutons

    Baked acorn squash halves with my homemade maple syrup from the sap of our own trees

    Wifie’s special cranberry sauce made from whole berries with cinnamon

    Puff pastry pillows stuffed with spinach


    Caramel apple pie from a local farm made with their own apples

    Just another meal at the Mohawk house, the embodiment of what the word Posterity means in our American Constitution.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  82. syonredux says:

    Happy Thanksgiving

    What could now sustain them but the Spirit of God and His grace? May not and ought not the children of these fathers rightly say: “Our fathers were Englishmen which came over this great ocean, and were ready to perish in this wilderness; but they cried unto the Lord, and He heard their voice and looked on their adversity,” 13 etc. “Let them therefore praise the Lord, because He is good: and His mercies endure forever.” “Yea, let them which have been redeemed of the Lord, shew how He hath delivered them from the hand of the oppressor. When they wandered in the desert wilderness out of the way, and found no city to dwell in, both hungry and thirsty, their soul was overwhelmed in them. Let them confess before the Lord His loving kindness and His wonderful works before the sons of men.”

    -William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation: 1620-1647

  83. notsaying says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    What you say about the differences between these two men may be true, I am not convinced that envy or jealousy is driving Putin at all.

    While the constant visible signs of serious health problems may have only been noticable in the past few months, I think Putin was diagnosed before he invaded Ukraine, which I think he assumed would quickly fall and at little cost.

    I think he is focused on Ukraine, keeping the Russian people oppressed and under his control, his health, staying in power and not getting assassinated. All this is way too much and he is not doing well.

  84. @boomerfeed

    No, not at all, BF. The entire climate is a massive complex system with many inputs and many outputs. The theory should match the millions of various types of observations in some consistent and repeatable fashion. There is NOTHING like that going on. (Yeah, the Greenhouse Effect is well known, but it’s just one process in a system with hundreds of physical processes going on.) A model must have a very good handle on every one of said processes to be useful.*

    The genetic effects on IQ may be complicated at the basic level of biochemistry, but that’s not important in coming up with a correlation that works. You’ve got your genes to look at and your people of various races as your output. There are separated identical twin studies that eliminate the whole nature variable, even.

    It’s a one-dimensional deal vs. the 3 dimensional complex model of the entire world climate.

    As for Quantum mechanics and special relativity clashing, 2 things: One, talk to Physicist Dave, but before that, think about this: The discrepancies there are not being used to make pubic policy, whichever theory is eventually proven the better one. Nobody is saying “we’d better shut down coal-fired power plants, because better safe than sorry. My Quantum mechanics theory says in the long run coal plants will distort space-time and .. yeah, I’m talking out my ass at this point, but do you see the big difference?


    * Often the reason models don’t match reality even when those individual processes are very well known and represented by the math is that there are unknown processes yet to be discovered.

  85. @Hypnotoad666

    National borders have been “drawn” by the system of wars, geography and diplomacy, interacting with the universal human aspiration for political union with a common group of people. To flippantly label the borders between, say, Italians, Germans and Poles as “arbitrary,” shows a shocking level of ignorance and stupidity that alone should be enough to disqualifies anything that follows from serious consideration.

    Excellent paragraph toad.

    I’ll do my usual: We need to get moving on separation.

    It’s obviously to me the minoritarian virus is deep seated and corrupts everything from basic common sense all the way down to sex–knowing which end is up, how and why the parts fit together. And we don’t have some anti-viral to bring millions back to sanity. We need to accept that they are lost.

    But our issue is not just that they are nuts. It’s also that they are totalitarian. We are perfectly content for other people to live as they wish. But they insist that we must live as they wish–and now that we must believe or assent to their lies and nonsense. (Because fundamentally they are parasites–looters–who live by looting us.)

    This we must stand up to–or die. We must insist that these rainbows can live as rainbows–embrace all the stupidity they wish–but they will not be allowed to drag us down into the abyss with them.

    Separation. The rainbows get to live as rainbows and toss themselves as sacrifices to the rainbow as they wish. But we demand the right to live in our nations and keep invaders–climate or otherwise–out.

    • Agree: Poirot
  86. notsaying says:

    I would encourage people to read the article if they have not. People have pointed out and ridiculed some things she has said already.

    But it is fascinating to see she acknowledges the prediction that the population of Africa is expected to increase by 3 billion by 2100 — obviously a disaster in every way including for the climate change people as that would not just undo and cancel out every positive thing they could do, it would make things far worse.

    Yet she simply accept this as fate and goes on to talk about international citizenship and the UN being given power to force countries to do what it wants and other things.

    Of course if Africa didn’t have all those people, all the bad things and changes she talks about wouldn’t happen or would be far easier to handle.

    I wonder when anybody of any importance is going to say Africa should take steps to stop its own destruction by overpopulation. I haven’t seen anybody say it. Nothing about the multiple marriages or the big families. Nothing from the West saying we will not take in anywhere near all those people.

    It is amazing what people will ignore and will not say.

  87. dearieme says:

    Sykes-Picot is perhaps the most obvious example.

    That would be a more telling point had Sykes-Picot been implemented.

  88. Thoughts says:

    Gotta make room for Greater Israel, Steve

    Those people gotta move, and they will move to the Christian People’s Lands

  89. Anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @Loyalty Over IQ Worship

    Do people from his culture have an inability to show basic gratitude?

    Have Jews ever thanked Western Europeans and Anglos for allowing Jews into their countries? How about for saving their chestnuts in WWII? Or for the creation of Israel? Or even for the continuous financial and political support to Israel?

    Is there a prohibition in the Talmud against being indebted to a Gentile?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Veteran Aryan
  90. @Simon

    That clown Zelensky didn’t even write that. The whole overall tenor of his approach has been to act like a petulant child, demanding more money in between photo shoots. Although, his cheerleaders, the ones who used Ukrainians as canon fodder, are even worse. Their whole tone has been one of impatient bitchiness.

  91. Altai says:

    This has been presaged for decades. People have talking about this for decades. The right in North America ignored this as they ignored global warming.

    This is deeply foolish as it is real and it will make certain places, like Bangladesh with large populations less livable.

    Dealing with global warming is actually a very important step in immigration control.

    Like with Albanians walking into Sweden because there is a war in Syria, a lot of people will take advantage too, perhaps even a majority but so long as the excuse (Like the Levantine wars for Israel) exists you have a problem.

    • Replies: @Thelma Ringbaum
  92. @Almost Missouri

    Putin is a psycho with a Messianic complex, essentially a hollow man, Conrad’s Kurz materialized (by the way, I didn’t write this post; one Russian guy did).

    He heavily miscalculated everything: the strength of his forces; the determination of the West, and, most of all- the resolution, bravery & capability of the Ukrainian people. The entire regime he’s built is one big criminal enterprise: from various oligarchs & highly placed figures now “suddenly” dying (“suicides” etc.) in the past 2-3 months (10-15 of them); Chechen clowns-murderers; cynical young Russians fed up with his paranoid lies flying to other countries- any one with a semblance of normalcy; his rhetoric (denial of Ukrainian nationhood, blather about de-Nazification, cognitive dissonance displayed in his rants about the historical West in the past 400 years in its contact with expanding Russian state, ..), as well as his media psycho megaphones..

    What a bunch of lunatics, straight out of “The Possessed”.

    Russia, now, is not a country. It is a mob syndicate run by a confused, scared and doomed inner circle whose media hysterics for public consumption is unparalleled in modern times- except maybe North Korea.

    It is one of those “what ifs” – what would have happened had Zelensky listened to retarded Biden’s proposals to flee the country. Probably most of Ukrainian defense would have collapsed- without the leader staying in the embattled land, these things frequently turn out that way. Putin would have, at least temporarily, conquered most of Ukraine, and it would take much more lives & years to drive Russians out in the guerilla war.

    So- Zelensky is a hero. He, along with Klitschko and his inner circle had withstood the devastation in the first, critical phase of the war & strategically planned the recuperation of Ukrainian forces which did not lose the fighting morale in the face of all odds- probably the biggest being the EU cowardly politics & public defeatism at all European ruling classes’ economic & media fronts.

    Although US & EU military aid is very significant, it should not be overestimated. Having in mind they’re guilty of cowardly evasion of the Budapest Memorandum, when the 2nd biggest European nuclear power, Ukraine, gave all her nukes to Russia- they should have given Ukraine at least 3-4 more weapons & more destructive & with a much stronger offensive capability.

    Now they’re wishy-washing about anti-missile weapons & other pieces that could possibly be possibly used to bomb Russia.

    Hard cheese, old chap! This won’t end until Russia is bombarded, publicly humiliated & defeated.

    After all this carnage, they’re still trying to save Putin’s face. The face of an insane leader of an insane country with insane ambitions who perpetually blathers about nukes- because he knows very well he has only that as the real threat, while his army essentially doesn’t exist, except as an undisciplined marauding horde.

    And this man is ready to send middle aged Russians to Ukrainian meat-grinder & has no balls to visit them before they die agonizing deaths.

    Having all said and done, Zelensky could ask him: Who’s your daddy? In imaginative history, David defeated Goliath. Real history will repeat the imaginative one.

  93. Thoughts says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Did the Jewish sculptor depict a Confederate Soldier in an Interracial Marriage? Or the myth of the ‘Black Confederate Soldier’ all 10 of them?


    Stop. The. Weirdness.

    Maybe we do live in a simulation…

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  94. @Hypnotoad666

    She’s telling you that she is the arbiter now.

    Is she wrong?

  95. Climate change isn’t at issue. This particular planet has an unbroken record of climate change four and a half billion years long. People, however…

  96. @Thoughts

    No. It depicts a free black fighting for the Confederate army and saying goodbye to his wife and child (this did happen although rare as you note). The monuments, as Gottfried points out, were part of the campaign to forge a new Union after a fratricidal conflict (see “Birth of a Nation”). Families literally split down the middle over the war; I have ancestors from both armies.

  97. @Anonymous

    The US suburbs and exurbs, that’s where.

    As our host would point out, immigration advocates have this antiquarian view of Global South immigration, like they’re all stout German and Bohemian peasants who are going to move to the empty Northwest territories and found Chicago. The reality is they’ll just tack on to the nearest exurb in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Nashville, Charlotte, Mobile, Houston, Dallas, etc. and park four cars in the driveway.

  98. @Mark G.

    Nice theory. Too bad more of these people didn’t show up to vote a few weeks ago.

  99. @Achmed E. Newman

    There is no climate model that can replicate that last 20 years of actual weather, so why should we trust their predictions of the future. Watermelons all, with a large side of taxpayer cash.

  100. National boundaries are not arbitrarily drawn.

    Most were determined by geologic boundaries or via warfare.

  101. @Paleo Liberal

    False, on the macro level the climate predictions have not “been good”.
    Not much confidence in the “consensus”, no more than in any other “consensus” in highly politizes Science.

  102. @Bardon Kaldian

    What a bunch of nonsense.

    “Guerilla warfare”. How much guerilla warfare there was when Putin intervened in Kazakhstan, just to install the anti-russian gay dude Tokayev and then promptly left?

    Obviously, had mr Putin conquered Kiev in February, he would have installed a corrupt crony Ukie dud instead of the Zelensky gang, got some lipservice and no real concessions from him, and would have left the exact same way he did in Kazakhstan.

  103. @Altai

    How can you “deal” with climate, not being the Sun God?

    • Replies: @Legba
  104. @Bardon Kaldian

    The problem with your rant is that Russia is winning. Zelensky should have negotiated in February instead of following the unsound advice of Boris Johnson. (I know someone who knows someone who advised BJ to alter his early Covid policy of no policy which he heeded thereby staying in office the few more years it took him to generate enough scandal to get booted for his bad judgement. Too bad he wasn’t fired early on. She’s sorry she helped him now.)

    Furthermore, the strident rhetoric is standard stuff. US leaders use it too. Putin isn’t crazy though he does seem intent on his purpose: winning without the use of even tactical nukes. This conflict could have been negotiated away before it even started but too many people in the West had the unfortunate impulse to destroy Russia. Putin has very successfully thwarted the would be feeding frenzy. The Ukraine and NATO just haven’t realized it yet.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  105. Kaz says:
    @Loyalty Over IQ Worship

    Ukrainians are paying for the highest price for a proxy war that is dream come true for the West with Russia.

  106. Every Single Time. “Wandering Gaia” is also a “Wandering Aramean”.
    Do the following search:

    “jewish site:”

    Reminder that migration is a win-win-win-win for Jews: 1) Dilute the strength of the majority population, 2) Move up the minority totem pole by bringing in new minorities that stand out even more than Jews, 3) Business opportunities involving the newly-arrived immigrants including moneylending and non-profit and government-funded resettlement scams, 4) Overall feeling more “comfortable”.

    • Agree: J.Ross
    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  107. With up to three billion people expected to be displaced by the effects of global warming by the end of the century, should it lead to a shift in the way we think about national borders, asks Gaia Vince?

    Gwynne Dyer wrote about this in “Climate Wars.”

  108. xyxxyz says:

    What was good enough for Charles I will be good enough for Charles III.

  109. xyxxyz says:


    The frozen tundra of Siberia?
    The icy wastes of Yukon?
    Nova Zeymla?

    Directions are arbitrary, North means the USA

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  110. Whites (providing largely altruistic agricultural & medical technology) literally made it possible for 3rd world populations to multiply into the endlessly metastasizing billions we now witness.

    We owe it to them to help them stop their catastrophic over-breeding, and here’s how:
    1) Provide them with easily accessible practical birth control, with the understanding of why & how to use it.
    2) Provide them with the incentive to use it, but not allowing them to dump their over-breeding irresponsibility on lands where people breed responsibly.

    • Replies: @xyxxyz
  111. Anonymous[390] • Disclaimer says:

    I remember when that $38 billon was given to Israel some years ago, Netanyahu was heavily criticized by his domestic political opponents for not getting even more. Apparently those wily Americans outsmarted poor Bibi.

  112. @Bardon Kaldian

    It’s amazing how easy it is to propagandise people. Twitter (and these comments) are full of people with a deep psychological insight into Putin, garnered entirely from the media and originated in the State Department/CIA.

    No one who posts this sort of nonsense can then turn round and complain about the gullibility of GoodWhites who honestly believe that thousands of black men are shot by the police each year.

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  113. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    LOL. Only a Croat retard (or more likely a paid Jewish troll) like you would believe that Elensky is “brave” because he wears the same “military” shirt every day and appears on the cover of Vogue.

    He is, was, and will be nothing but an actor, a comedian. Like you. And neither of them is funny. \

    If he’s really “beloved” by his people (we can’t know, as there’s no opposition party or media), the Ukrainians are even more stupid and despicable than I thought, and deserve everything that’s coming to them.

    (How much of those billions were spent on cocaine, I wonder? How much on houses in Tel Aviv?)

    • Agree: J.Ross
    • Thanks: Legba
  114. @AndrewR

    then how would you explain the border between the Korean republics? Yes it was forged in blood, but it refutes your cheesy belief about human nature.

    I never said national borders were pre-ordained by human nature or other nonsense. Nor that they comported with the lines that would be drawn by some committee of glib western pseudo-intellectuals like you. I only said they were not “arbitrary.” North vs. South Korea is a perfect example. The border was indeed “forged in blood” by geopolitics. And the countries have pursued diametrically opposite social systems and development paths ever since. The haven’t been assigned to random nations by someone’s whim.

    The Canada-U.S. border is perhaps an example of a currently meaningless border. (It had some meaning when Canada was part of the British Empire, and the Brits and the U.S. were rivals). But, ironically, that’s exactly why no one has any reason to change it. Americans and Canadians are essentially one common people in one free common economy. If there were a mutual upside to merging the countries we probably would. But what would be the point? The same cannot be said for the other 180-ish (whatever we’re up to now), countries in the world.

  115. @Unintended Consequence

    Meaningless stream of consciousness.

    And if someone thinks that Putin is winning the war, I have Taj Mahal to sell.

    • Replies: @Stealth
  116. @Anonymous

    After the climate changes (whenever that occurs) these area will be totally livable because of the extra heat. is predicted that the Yakut area in winter, instead of being 65 degrees below zero, will be a balmy 63 degrees below. The summer temperatures will not change much since the arctic is warming mostly in winter.

  117. Richard B says:
    @Stonewall Jackson

    I’ll have a diet Coke..

    So he’s a gay White Nationalist.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  118. A lefty activist do-gooder nun I was assigned to interview had the final word on Inviting the World — “Jesus didn’t believe in borders.” Well that settles that!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  119. @AnotherDad

    Yup, and he can take the rest of his family (and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and all the rest of the huge globaloney crowd) with him.

    Oh, but not until Charles first tells us what he suspects about his father’s role in the “mysterious accidental death” of Chucky’s ex-wife. And of his own mother’s tacit acceptance/approval of it.

    (Not that I particularly care about Charles’ first wife – I just want Chucky to acknowledge publicly that he comes from such “people.”)

  120. In the 1970s, I read a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction. There were several scenarios, including the coming of a new Ice Age, which was a common concern at that time before anyone thought of global warming. In John Christopher’s “The Long Winter,” published in 1962, Britons flee their frozen nation for climes farther south. As one Amazon review puts it, “He depicts a future where an Ice Age has forced those British who can escape into refugee status in their former colony Nigeria. The tables are turned, and white professionals are forced to live in shacks and seek whatever menial labor they can.”

    Some novels on the coming Ice Age:

  121. Mr. Anon says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    They are not invited to today’s dinner:

    May I be invited, Buzz? That sounds quite good. You certainly know how to live the life of a country gentleman.

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to your posterity.

    And to everyone else here as well.

    • Agree: Jim Don Bob
  122. Mr. Anon says:
    @Harry Baldwin

    An Ice Age was also the backdrop to Robert Altman’s 1979 movie Quintet

    Considered by many people to be one of the worst movies ever made.

    • Thanks: mc23
  123. Why would a rational person believe the Earth is too warm today? How would cooling the plant by 1 degree , so we had the same weather as the 1960s help reduce migration?

  124. @Bardon Kaldian

    All I know is that an illegal u.s. president is using this war as a pretext for history’s biggest money-laundering conspiracy, at my expense. How much money has Pal Joey so far looted from the American taxpayer? $60 billion? That would mean, what, $6 billion in “the big guy’s” pocket, and $6 billion in Zelensky’s pocket? I don’t care about either side.

    • Agree: Ben tillman
  125. @YetAnotherAnon

    It’s getting harder and harder to reliably know anything about anything, whether domestic or foreign.

    • Agree: René Fries
  126. Legba says:
    @Mark G.

    The Americans will do what the Jews tell them to do

  127. Legba says:
    @Thelma Ringbaum

    I think you just sacrifice other people’s stuff until climate is happy

  128. @BB753

    Borders are most assuredly NOT bad for business in the long run. Borders produce wealth.

    • Replies: @BB753
    , @BB753
  129. @Wilkey

    Aristocracy is government by “the best”.

    Our rulers are *not* aristocrats. They are not “the best”. They are just the best-organized, held together at the core by unbreakable biological ties.

  130. BB753 says:
    @Ben tillman

    Not when you play monopoly. Corporations hate borders. So does Big Finance.

  131. @Stealth

    Ukraine will never lose because when you’re willing to fight for the right, there will always be someone to help you.

    On the other hand, when you rely on various quacks,charlatans & soothsayers you’ve already lost:

  132. pyrrhus says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Because nothing shows victory like getting your entire power system destroyed, as Zelensky stands helplessly by….Soon to be followed by water and heat for your house…

  133. HA says:

    “You should rethink that position. Barring outside intervention, Ukraine will probably lose.”

    Ukraine is receiving lots of “outside intervention”, haven’t you heard? Russia is none too pleased about it from what I hear. And the article you cited says “More than 6 million customers are still without power in Ukraine, though that is half the number initially cut off by Russian strikes Wednesday…” Pesky Ukrainians! You know, they were supposed to last no more than a week according to numerous US intelligence analysts speaking on background back when this thing started. But those troublesome khokhols seem to be more resilient than the so-called experts were estimating. I suspect we’ll see something similar with this latest change of tactics, seeing they’re already trying to undo all the Russians’ hard work (how rude!), but admittedly that’s a guess.

    I’d bet that Nazis cut off a lot of power lines in Stalingrad. Are you saying that’s what finally did the Russians in over there? Because as I recall, that’s not how it went down. And back then, it was Russia that was benefitting from the West’s arm shipments and other such outside intervention.

    Anyway, it appears that Russia has switched over from the “meatgrinder go brrr….meatgrinder never fails” meme to “cold Ukrainians will collapse in days without power in the same way that Stalingrad simply gave up….”. Or something similar — like I said, they don’t seem to. have worked through all the details.

  134. @Anonymous

    I believe that we are in the process of receiving their full gratitude right now.

  135. @Father Coughlin

    Business opportunities involving the newly-arrived immigrants including moneylending and non-profit and government-funded resettlement scams

    Pretty sure the resettlement funds are firmly in the grip of Christian churches, with the Lutherans being king of the hill.

    • Replies: @Father Coughlin
  136. @Richard B

    I’ll have a diet Coke..

    So he’s a gay White Nationalist.

    That, or a “striver”. The bench was in Atlanta.

    When Jim Crow Drank Coke

    A Brief History of Racist Soft Drinks

  137. @Known Fact

    A lefty activist do-gooder nun I was assigned to interview had the final word on Inviting the World — “Jesus didn’t believe in borders.”

    Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… –Matthew 28:19

    Bet she wore civvies and went by her “dead” name, too. Looked nothing like Sr Bertrille.

  138. @Bardon Kaldian

    Are you now taking the same performance enhancing drugs as Zelensky and his troops – which bulk them up significantly and turn them into berserkers on the battlefield but otherwise make them incredibly stupid?

  139. @HA

    Sorry, the lights are still out.

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @HA
  140. BB753 says:
    @Ben tillman

    Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum ( also known as the PR front for the Bilderberg Group) beg to disagree. Elites are clamoring for a one world government, a world without “segmentations”, a unipolar world. A world without boundaries or borders.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  141. BB753 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “On the other hand, when you rely on various quacks,charlatans & soothsayers you’ve already lost”

    You mean like the clowns at the Pentagon and NATO headquarters?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  142. Greenland’s fairly empty.

  143. HA says:
    @Unintended Consequence

    “Sorry, the lights are still out.”

    No one said they weren’t. It took them days to get just half of what was knocked out up and running, and that was presumably the easiest stuff to fix, so it’ll take plenty more time to fix the rest. The UK suspects the Russians are removing nukes from their missiles to get this done. But if I’m wrong, and the grid never ever comes back up, I guess that means the Ukrainians are just gonna surrender, right? Maybe “any day now”, just like Macgregor and all the rest of Putin’s stooges have been saying for nine months? Is that what you really think?

    If not, then pretending that blowing up the grid is somehow gonna turn out to be a win for the Russians makes about as much sense as pretending the Nazis defeated Stalingrad by shutting off the lights over there, or pretending the meatgrinder-go-brrr meme didn’t turn out to be a colossal fail, but you’re free to cling to your illusions. Talk about the lights being out — sadly, in your case, no emergency transformers are going to be able to restore any of that.

  144. @BB753

    I think it is a sign of cognitive dissonance when presented with a material from Russian TV where a bunch of broads are hallucinating about some collapse of the West in 2023 & glorious rebirth of Russia as the center of the world & other ejaculations from the psycho ward, to even mention the senile Joe.

    The senile Joe, with all his (and his handlers’) fixation on trannies, gays, globalism, every kind of idiocy imaginable…has shown to be able to, with the help of a few Ukrainians, kick Russians to the curb.
    Russian supposed military might has become the laughing stock of the world, and Western- especially American- weapons, military, strategy …when in right hands like Ukrainian, so superior that any clash between the West (even with one hand tied) & Russia would end for Russians as Omdurman 1898 for the Mahdists.

    Anyone who can’t see this is beyond remedy. It is like explaining nuances of a Watteau painting to the blind.

    • Agree: mc23
    • Replies: @mc23
    , @BB753
  145. @BB753

    “A world without boundaries or borders.”

    Only exception: wherever elites live.

    • Agree: BB753
  146. mc23 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Russian military leadership is abysmal, both tactical and logistical. The reason for the massive convoy pile up in the beginning of the war is because they ran out of gas. They knew they had to refuel halfway to Kiev but they screwed it up. Then the badly led troops bunched up and fuel trucks couldn’t get through the traffic jam. They spent days refueling with gas carried in by hand. No excuse no matter what the circumstances.

    The Chechnya war revealed that the Russians were a paper tiger versus a Nato level opponent. Shortly after the Warsaw pact was disbanded a poorly armed group of rebels gave them fits. Even at its nadir in the late 1970’s the US Army would have made short work of a widespread revolt in Denver.

    • Replies: @Alt Right Moderate
  147. @Anon

    Yes, people of the World long for the Intersectional Feminism culture of the West.

  148. @Veteran Aryan

    Nope. Disproportionately Jewish non-profits like HIAS. Name one LUTHERAN one.

  149. Rob McX says:

    National borders are largely arbitrary lines drawn on a map…

    The sort of border I like is where I’m on one side and people like Gaia Vince are on the other. For political purposes, there are two kinds of people – those who want to live peacefully among their own kind, and everyone else. The only big displacement of people I look forward to is a separation of us from them. Vince is one of those people doing all they can to concoct excuses for a Camp of the Saints scenario and trying to condition white people to accept it as inevitable.

    … Unable to adapt to increasingly extreme conditions, millions – or even billions – of people will need to move.

    Then maybe we should be trying to prevent as many as possible of these millions/billions from being born. When your environment is unstable, breeding like a rabbit is not the best policy. But for environmentalists, population control is now almost as big a taboo subject as eugenics.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  150. @Father Coughlin

    Nope. Disproportionately Jewish non-profits like HIAS. Name one LUTHERAN one.

    I wasn’t able to find up to date information on all nine VolAgs (at least not in the brief time I was willing to spend on it), but in 2016:

    Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
    Government Grants: $24,493,763

    Church World Service (CWS)
    Government grants: $68,448,159

    Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
    Government grants: $64,666,482

    United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
    Government contracts and grants revenue: $95,256,272

    Like I said, the last time I saw this information the Lutherans were in the lead, but I really don’t remember what timeframe that was.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  151. @Father Coughlin

    Jewish non-profits are leaders in agitating for more refugees (faster! harder!) in every major city in America and Western Europe. That they have some goyim tag-alongs getting paid for some work is of no moment.

    Which is by the way the Jewish argument on everything (“See? We didnt make that goy read that pornography, have that abortion, go into that gaybar, ” etc). So you’re making the argument whereby Jews are never responsible for anything.

    Do you want to talk about Jewish for-profit businesses that profit off of maximum fluidity of populations now?

    I notice you never denied that disruptive migration is a big win for Jews. You just reply-guyed on a minor point of pilpul.

    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  152. @mc23

    Messing up round one of a war is a Russian tradition. However, as the Mongols, Ottomans, Swedes, French, Austrians, Poles, Finns, Germans and Japanese will tell you, they also have a habit of coming back strongly in subsequent rounds.

  153. @Veteran Aryan

    And the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ain’t aiding none-Hebes to Hebeland, is it?

    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  154. xyxxyz says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Yeah, that’ll work. Maybe if you add a third point

    3) Carpet bomb them

  155. @Father Coughlin

    Who are you even talking to? Your reply is to yourself.

  156. @Bill Jones

    And the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ain’t aiding none-Hebes to Hebeland, is it?

    Don’t know, don’t care, doesn’t affect me, wasn’t the issue being discussed.

  157. You’ll hear about it, then see it. Climate destabilisation will first destroy agriculture and animal raising, creating famines, then wars and flight, then it will make vast regions uninhabitable due to the wet-bulb temperature (heat plus humidity)rising beyond the limit of human endurance without artificial cooling. Coming soon.

  158. @Rob McX

    Population control is INEVITABLE, either slowly and humanely, or rapidly and horrifically, driven by ecological collapse.

  159. @Harry Baldwin

    There is NO ‘coming Ice Age’- not for hundreds of millennia as the unfolding hot-house Earth cataclysm works its way out.

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