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What Should "Empire" Writers Do with Jussie?
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From the New York Times:

Jussie Smollett Won’t Be on Final Episodes of ‘Empire’ Season

By John Koblin
Feb. 22, 2019

The producers of the Fox drama “Empire” announced Friday that Jussie Smollett’s character would not appear in the final two episodes of the show’s fifth season. …

Mr. Smollett’s arrest — and his recent loss of support from many public figures who spoke out in favor of him after the [purported] attack last month — put Fox in an extremely awkward position. …

There are two more episodes left to shoot over the next month for the show’s fifth season. Fox has been a staunch supporter of Mr. Smollett’s for weeks, releasing a statement as recently as Wednesday saying that he was the “consummate professional” and denying he would be written out of the show.

But with Mr. Smollett’s arrest — and the Chicago police claiming they have key evidence to demonstrate he staged the attack — the “Empire” set was on the verge of turning into a circus. After Mr. Smollett posted bail, he was trailed by news helicopters as he returned to the “Empire” set. He did not return to the “Empire” set on Friday.

The move to cut him out of the final two episodes this season essentially buys Fox and producers of “Empire” some time to decide what to ultimately do with his character.

I’m reminded of when Joey on Friends gets cast as Dr. Drake Ramoray on the Days of Our Lives soap opera, but he immediately lets stardom go to his head. So he tells an interviewer that because he’s a better writer than the show’s scriptwriters, he just improvises most of his own lines:

Also, paging Weird Al Yankovic … the 1981 hit “Jessie’s Girl” by soap opera star Rick Springfield, who was playing Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, is crying out to you for a Current Year rendition:

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  1. Should we post our responses in both articles?

    They should have him sent to jail for staging a hate crime hoax.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  2. Well, the media thought firing and unpersoning Roseanne Barr was appropriate. I can’t figure out why Smollet should be treated differently.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @MBlanc46
  3. trev006 says:

    Beaten and murdered by white supremacists.

    Bitter irony for the five conservative fans and Racism is Bad for the black supremacists.

    Everybody wins. Except him, obviously.

  4. Altai says:

    Have his character get killed in a hate crime by MAGA bois obviously.

  5. Washo says:

    He could play John Wayne in a new bio-pic

  6. Hmm meanwhile what’s going on with the federal case about the ‘letter’?? Anything?

    • Replies: @Jack D
  7. MAGA hat wearing Nigerians kill him off.

    • Replies: @Aardvark
    , @jimbo
  8. Whatever it is, they should incorporate as much input from Juicy as possible.

  9. Jack D says:

    I gave my answer already – he is called to Wakanda on unexpected business. Something about giving a math lecture.

    Alternatively, he hires some Nigerian body builders to fake a blood libel against white people by having them pretend to be Trump supporters. When they attack him, he punches them back so that it will look good on tape, not realizing that the security camera is pointed in the other direction and it is not being filmed, but he punches a little hard because he is not a practiced stage fighter. The Nigerians get caught up in the heat of the moment and beat him to death with their fists. On 2nd thought, nah, no one would ever believe it.

  10. Jack D says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Patience, patience.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  11. Meanwhile the SPLC says the “Number of hate groups in U.S. is at four-year high” which appears to indicate that the last time the ‘number’ was this ‘high’ was during the Obama Administration.

    Is that what they mean?

    PS: I want to join one of the ones they classify as “general hate”..targeting is so over..

  12. Well, we can have a bit of fun at Jussie’s expense!

    • LOL: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @Svigor
  13. BB753 says:

    Forget about acting! He should run with Kamala as vice president.

  14. Aardvark says:
    @Redneck farmer

    Then we find out that because they were Nigerians, they mistakenly thought MAGA meant Make Africans Great Again…

  15. t says:

    The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the brothers involved in the attack not mentioned: anything about their immigration status. If we didn’t let them into the country there would be Hate Hoaxes rotting in the fields.

  16. Something along these lines…

  17. Dtbb says:

    How about the animated foot from Monty Python squashing him with the fart sound effect?

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  18. Apparently what’s his face (her?) has been reassigned from the Smollett beat now that events have exposed his credulousness.

    • Replies: @Jack D
  19. Have him hospitalized in the CCU with an anal gangrene infection as a result of an anal fissure caused by his Nigerian manservants.

  20. @Jack D

    Ellen Page Tearfully Talks About Jussie Smollett and Current State of the World

    “Ellen Page is fed up.

    The 31-year-old actress appeared on Thursday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she was very candid and passionate when talking about the current state of the world, America’s leadership, the show business industry, and the recent racist and homophobic attack on actor Jussie Smollett.

    “I don’t know [Jussie] personally, I send all of my love — connect the dots, this is what happens,” she said of the crime. “If you are in a position of power and you hate people and you wanna cause suffering to them, you go through the trouble, you spend your career trying to cause suffering, what do you think is going to happen? Kids are going to be abused and they’re going to kill themselves and people are going to be beaten on the street. I have traveled the world and I have met the most marginalized people you could meet. I am lucky to have this time and the privilege to say this. This needs to f**king stop.”

    Page’s words were met with a standing ovation from The Late Show’s live audience, as she was in tears by the end of her interview.”

    • LOL: europeasant
  21. And just like that. The NYT is front paging the Emmett Till (!) killing.

  22. Hodag says:

    In 1981 I was brought to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL (at the time the largest mall in the world) because my sisters wanted to see Rick Springfield. 20,000 screaming early teen girls. My mother grabbed me (sisters just ran out of the car with warning to meet us later in front of Sears) and we beat a retreat somewhere. The noise was unforgettable and unforgiving – and I have seen Motorhead and Dinosaur Jr.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  23. Hail says: • Website

    Sailerism spotting:

    Tucker used the phrase “Hate Hoax” several times in his opening segment (Fri. Feb. 22).

  24. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    Matthew Weiner of Mad Men and the Sopranos was rumored to contrive embarrassing kill-offs for troublesome actors. I don’t know if there’s anything to it, but one of the gangsters in the latter was written out by having him caught in a gay bar in a leather get-up. He flees to a small town upstate somewhere and takes up with a volunteer firefighter with a pork-chop mustache and has to utter a line that would’ve become a meme if Twitter had been around

    Of course it would be really hard to embarrass a guy who evinces so little shame.

    Maybe they should make him turn into a trump supporter, even show up in the hat at some point.
    “I love you Jussie-cakes”

  25. Obviously they need his writing talent. Juicy’s plot was apparently so realistic that half the country and 100% of the MSM bought it completely. He could also consult on Black Panther II – Wakanda be Real Yo

  26. Crank says:

    I’ve never seen the show and I have no idea what it’s about. But, if at all possible, you can damn well bet they’re going to put in some sort of social justice message along with a crime committed by some run-of-the-mill white dude. Maybe that’s how they’ll kill off his character. The perp will be screaming “N-WORD GAYMAN!!!” Because that’s the worst thing will be able to get the actor to say on film.

  27. Bubba says:

    I hear you Hodag and my sympathies for having to live through that traumatic experience (it was an excellent read – you tell it vividly). I too had tween sisters at the time and still have PTSD from it. Though I admit those times toughened and prepared me to be a reasonable dad.

  28. TWS says:

    He stages a hate crime hoax on a rough rez like Rosebud or Neah Bay and gets steamrollered by the locals who use him as crab bait or use the three ‘S’s.

  29. Tex says:
    @Peripatetic Commenter

    Interesting article and a good one to share. Though, I did a search on the character string “kadar” and came up blank. Hmmm…

  30. songbird says:

    They reportedly gave a statement which included the line “We were born and raised in Chicago.”

    I have also heard them described as being Nigerian-born. If they were born in America, I bet it was either birth tourism or a student visa. I’ve encountered a Nigerian like that before. He could click-speak with the best of them, and was obviously raised in Nigeria, but claimed he was born in the US and that his father went to MIT.

  31. CCZ says:

    Please, get with the 21st Century, Roseanne be a “privileged” white woman and Jussie be an intersectionally oppressed homosexual person of color whose psyche bears the infinite scars of 400 years of chattel slavery, “Jimmy Crow,” mass incarceration, perpetual systematic and institutional racism, the New Deal “red-lining” of blacks, Trump white supremacy, and white culture microaggressions against the marginalized, persecuted, and oppressed. Besides, CNN’s Don Lemon said that he kept in touch with Jussie to ensure that during his post-“modern day lynching” Jussie stayed strong and well. And NBC’s Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts declared Jussie’s quest for justice “Beautiful,” no doubt remembering his 2017 GMA tribute to her.

    Regardless, no one said those things about Roseanne!! And besides, she is a old “Becky” and not “who we are” or are becoming (brown).

  32. Jack D says:

    They were born here.

    • Replies: @Hail
  33. Clyde says:

    In the last scene of the season you see Jussie entering a building that has clear signage saying, “Man’s Country” Next scene shows Jussie showering down with all kinds of mist and steam obscuring him. When unexpectedly you see him being hit repeatedly with a 2×4, then laying on the floor all bloody.

    This way the producers leave options open, can have him die or survive onto next season.

  34. Hail says: • Website
    @Jack D

    Is this confirmed?

    Why have the brothers not released their birth certificates? What are they hiding?

    (Smollet’s Nigerian Bodybuilder Bros Birtherism, born.)

    • LOL: Mr McKenna
  35. His character moves in with an Obama-like family, and his influence grows. Chicago. Gimme 10% of that franchise.

  36. @Peripatetic Commenter

    But it’s not a “hate crime hoax”. It’s a hoax, and it’s a hate crime.

    So get him in both.

    • Agree: Svigor
  37. The writers need to attire Jussie and the two Nigerian bodybuilders in colorful spandex jumpsuits from the 70’s and have them perform a crisply choreographed dance number while lip-synching to Abba’s “Waterloo.” It should look sort of like Muriel’s Wedding, but with MAGA hats, a foot-long, some Clorox and a noose.

  38. What is “Empire,” and what is a Jussie?

  39. I think they should hire the brother boyz to take over his role, and trade off for each episode. What those Nigerians don’t have in acting chops, they would more than make up with their heart!

    If they did that, I swear I would watch that show every week!

  40. We’ve finally had a hate hoax with the right mix of ingredients by which the narrative collapse can’t lead to a media blackout. Because he went to the police, because he’s on TV, because of the celebrity interest (even if the incident itself is what pushed him over the threshold of notability), lesser outlets will still cover it regardless of how it turns out, and prestige outlets can’t pretend it never happened. They can’t pretend he never existed like some random young woman from Stockton thrust into the spotlight for half a week’s worth of interviews on Ellen and Rachel Maddow before disappearing. They can’t trust that average people with busy lives will just forget.

    The NYT even had to confront the term “hate crime hoaxes”, even if just to downplay them:

    Jussie Smollett is not the hero we deserve, but he’s the one we need right now.

    • Replies: @Jack D
    , @Clifford Brown
  41. Joe Sweet says:

    What Should “Empire” Writers Do with Jussie?

    Have his character transition and replace him with Joy Villa.

  42. Anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:

    To write him off they should steal a Zucker and Abrahams idea.

  43. @t

    And they were student loan victims.

  44. Jack D says:

    Puhlease, don’t be ridiculous. The NY Times article says:

    Despite the headlines that have dominated the news cycle since, fake hate crime reports are uncommon.

    Hoaxes are not tracked formally, but the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, said that of an estimated 21,000 hate crime cases between 2016 and 2018, fewer than 50 reports were found to be false.

    Hate crime hoaxes are like vote fraud or women falsely reporting rape – yes, it happens but with infinitesimal frequency. Trumpists seize upon these EXTREMELY rare exceptions and pretend that they are representative. Don’t let them get away with this folks! Call them on it. If they ask you for proof, tell them you read it in the NY Times and it was based on a study by the highly esteemed Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, a totally unbiased scientific organization at a prestigious 3rd rate college.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @Anon
  45. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    The character undergoes an experimental brain trainsplant, in China, into a different body.

  46. @Jack D

    Hmm…Guess which stat’s going to enter the Narrative and be repeated a million times?

    The sites which actually track hoaxes show a lot more than 50.

  47. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jack D

    of an estimated 21,000 hate crime cases between 2016 and 2018, fewer than 50 reports were found to be false.

    I used to work as a writer in the field of health. I grew to be very suspicious of statistics from advocacy organizations and academia. I could never easily wrest the original research out of them (“who do you work for?, who’s funding you?”), and when I got it, it was flakey, full of holes, and didn’t say what they said it said.

    I think when you dig into the details on these hate crime statistics, you’ll find that most cases are never investigated to the extent that a hoax would have been uncovered. For instance, a swatztika on a wall in chalk, not near any cameras. You don’t have 20 cops putting in time trying to trace it down.

    So a more accurage way of stating the figures would be that there are 50 reports “found to be false,” “50 [20, 100?] found to be true,” and 49,xxx cases never really resolved.

    It’s like the way that a verdict of “not guilty” is transformed to “innocent” by defendants.

    You also have the problem of “resolved” cases of a teenager writing a swatztika. Did he do it with hate? How do we know? Do we send him to a (((shrimk))) for a few months to find out? Does he even really know himself? Is this question even resolvable? If someone writes a swatztika in high school, and never does anything bigoted throughout the rest of his life, was there hate in that one instance? Does it matter? What is the meaning of existance? Why are we here? What preceded the Big Bang? (I’ll leave it there…)

    • Agree: Autochthon
    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Jack D
  48. Thinking outside the box here. We already know what to do. Ed wood showed us how, in Plan Nine From Outer Space, and Bewitched did it also. Just get a different actor and pretend nothing is amiss.

    • Agree: Travis
  49. @WowJustWow

    Published today: The Grave Threats of White Supremacy and Far-Right Extremism

    • Replies: @Svigor
    , @Hail
  50. Smollett exits a sandwich shop, steps into the street and is hit by a pick up truck with a Trump bumper sticker. Win all the way around. They will argue and lecture for years about the symbolism.

  51. Songs can often define an era, generation, decade, etc. Nearly 40 years ago the song that summarized the early ’80’s was “Jessie’s Girl”. In 2019, is the song that summarizes the Narrative, etc. “Jussie’s Boy”?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  52. Anon[376] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s astounding to me how Jussie is doubling down on his story that he is completely innocent. The endorphin high of being a victim in a grievance culture must be ecstatically addictive.

    He swore to God that he was innocent to the Empire cast and crew on Thursday, so he’s probably doing the same to his family and to his attorneys. How do you deal with that as an attorney who doesn’t buy the story?

    The prosecutor’s minute by minute account is completely damning, and does not rely on the two brothers, who are the weakest link from a defense attorney’s perspective. They have video that had not been previously leaked, they have an “ear witness” (no “f” or “n” yells). A check, receipts, SMSs. (Motive is weak at this point, admittedly; it’s hard to imagine that a hack like Smollett was dissatisfied with a seven figure annual take.)

    The bond proffer, basically the same information in text form, is at the bottom here:

    The defense attorney will have to go for a reasonable doubt defense: It’s not what you think happened, but whether there is a 1 percent possible alternative explanation. He cannot put Jussie on the stand and expose him to cross examination. He has to come up with an alternative theory of the case, like that the brothers were lying for some reason, and the check was for personal trainer services or something. It doesn’t have to make complete sense, just open a small crack of doubt. It worked for OJ.

  53. Anon[376] • Disclaimer says:

    Jezeble(?!) has an interesting Jussie take, authored by a guy(?!).

    He reminded me of one of the earliest weirdnesses about the case that I had wondered about.

    How did the website ThatGrapeJuice, a popular blog but one whose content is largely based on aggregation and thus doesn’t typically break news, come to post the letter so early, possibly before any other news outlet? (TMZ’s initial report on the supposed attack linked back to ThatGrapeJuice and it has continued to credit the site as the letter’s origin.) ThatGrapeJuice’s post makes no mention of how it received the letter, which it posted with a watermark claiming ownership. “Details are incoming, however it appears the horrendous incident was premeditated. For, sources say Smollett first received this chilling threat through the post,” reads the site’s pithy report on the attack. (Earlier this week, I reached out to ThatGrapeJuice’s shadowy, semi-anonymous founder/editor Sam A., for clarification on this matter. As of press time, I haven’t heard back.)

    ThatGrapeJuice also had a subsequent scoop, leading me to think it was getting information from Jussie. I wonder if the police have talked to the site owner.

    I also remember thinking why someone would send a threat to the film set rather than to Fox in Los Angeles? Who would know the address of the film set? It seemed clearly like an inside job. And then bumping into Jussie and recognizing him as that “Empire faggot”? Who would know what neighborhood he lived in and recognize him in the dark?

    Jeez, just every detail of this plot is so lamebrained! What a complete idiot!

  54. Hail says: • Website

    An academic and likely Sailer reader, Wilfred Reilly (light-skinned Black) (see comment-20 here), has just published a book called Hate Crime Hoax, which includes a database of 400-some recent “hate crimes” cases that got media attention. I haven’t read the book or examined his database, but from the way he has described it, half of the cases he found were hoaxes. Not sure if the denominator is all cases, or resolved cases.

  55. I don’t care. I don’t watch ghetto trash like “Empire…I get to live it every day in Chicago. Hopefully, he will be fired and sued instead of being memory-holed and given a severance package like he is. He should do 12-months in prison on federal charges but that looks like it ain’t happening either.

  56. Svigor says:
    @Clifford Brown

    The Extreme Danger of emails saved to your drafts folder.

  57. bucky says:

    He commits suicide offscreen.

    Look at how Roseanne got killed. She dies of opioids and the Conners resumes.

  58. Hail says: • Website
    @Clifford Brown


    The Grave Threats of White Supremacy and Far-Right Extremism
    Hate crimes are on the rise. Police and prosecutors need better tools to fight back.

    By Thomas T. Cullen

    Isn’t Cullen the prosecutor in the state’s case against political prisoner James Fields?

  59. Jussie Smollett Won’t Be on Final Episodes of ‘Empire’ Season

    He’s too busy with episodes of his own.

  60. @Anon

    Friend, the only thing anyone in his position can do now is claim innocence. Only a fool enters a plea of guilty upon accusation. Even if, for example, a perpetrator is genuinely contrite and wants to make amends and accept punishment, he pleads not guilty and maintains yhat position formally and publicly as his lawyers negotiate with prosecutors about what kind of reasonable concessions (requesting the judge to grant probation rather than incarceration; being convicted of a lesser, included offense; a diversion program to be completed to avoid any conviction altogether; etc.) can be made in exchange for his cooperating and pleading guilty rather than putting prosecutors to their proof at trial.

    They call these things plea bargains and plea deals with reason; not abject grovelling. Much will depend upon how strong the evidence is, how convinced prosecutors can be that Smollet needs psychological help more than punishment, and similar variables.

    Offhand, with my limited knowledge, I’ll guess Smollet serves some kind of probation, maybe as much as a couple of years, submits to pschological evaluations and counseling, pays extensive restitution, fines, and fees, and probably some community service t help teach him
    humility. He might – maybe – serve a week or two for the symbolism of the thing, but I doubt even that. It won’t be too far off from what happened to George Michael, even though I think that charge was a misdemeanor. I haven’t dealt with Illinois’ law in an age, but false reports are probably wobblers anyway.

    TL;DR (as the indolent illiterates write): Smollet ain’t doing time.

  61. They should do the same thing Fargo screenwriters did with Jerry Lundegaard.

  62. @Anon

    Motive is weak at this point, admittedly; it’s hard to imagine that a hack like Smollett was dissatisfied with a seven figure annual take.

    The real motive isn’t remotely weak–salary is simply not the motive.

    The real motive is what we call ‘anti-white animus’ and all the glory and privilege it promises to nonwhites in the Current Year.

    The MSM are straining mightily for ‘motive’ because they can’t admit a word of the previous sentence.

  63. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Songs can often define an era, generation, decade, etc. Nearly 40 years ago the song that summarized the early ’80’s was “Jessie’s Girl”.

    Jessie itself is a girl’s name, so I never trusted that song.

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  64. PaceLaw says:

    Since you mentioned “Jessie’s Girl,” I can only counter you with “Jussie’s Lynchers.” I am sure they will do similarly well on the pop charts.

  65. How about a completely unsatisfying cut to black, after which they will claim to have been being outré, but which we all really know was because they couldn’t think of anything?

  66. eah says:

    Why do you refer to him by his first name? — do you have a rule of thumb about that? — frankly, it’s a strange, unmanly practice, especially considering his (alleged) actions (and your whiteness) — you come across as a boomer dork.

    • Disagree: slumber_j
    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  67. Anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    TVLine reports that the producers are considering recasting the part, among other options.

    TVLine’s parent company is PMC, which is the owner of (founded by Nikki Finke) and Variety, both of which are reputable entertainment industry publications, and neither of which is reporting this.

    • Replies: @slumber_j
  68. Tyrion 2 says:

    Jussie should not have been removed from the show so fast. Instead, he should have had to act out his character committing a blood libel type hoax that involves two Nigerian bodybuilders, ski masks and an endless number of errors. Then his character could go to prison. The TV show shouldn’t need to pay him to film that last part.

  69. @eah

    He’s the only Jussie I’ve ever heard of, while I’ve heard of another Smollett — a Victorian Scottish novelist.

  70. @Autochthon

    Pray tell counselor, how is it that the usage, per se, of “ain’t” results in one being tossed into that great basket of “indolent illiterates” ?

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  71. slumber_j says:

    A friend of mine’s infant son played a baby on a soap opera for a little while–one advantage of being born in NYC I guess.

    One day neither parent could take him to the studio. So his boulevardier uncle–who likes to drink and is a bit of a spark plug, shall we say–subbed in as his chaperone. He promptly got in a fistfight with the on-set security guy and got the baby fired.

    I’m not sure exactly how that fits in with the Jussie situation, but it’s a good story.

  72. slumber_j says:

    Well, they could cast his brother…

    • Replies: @Anon
  73. Anon[278] • Disclaimer says:

    It will be interesting to see if Jussie’s crime will slime the rest of his family. It’s looking like it might not, but there are two unknowns:

    1. What if Jussie keeps up the “I’m completely innocent” act, even though nobody with an IQ over 85 believes it? At that point the family starts to look bad if they continue to support him.

    2. The federal charges have not dropped. The particular way that Jussie may stay out of prison on state charges will probably not work in federal court. And a terrorism conviction will be another thing the family would have a hard time laughing off or saying “He’s family, we support him.”

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  74. Jack D says:

    There’s a difference between pleading not guilty (which as you point out is usually the right thing to do) and publicly proclaiming your innocence with blasphemous oaths in the face of overwhelming evidence, which is not.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  75. @Reg Cæsar

    Not exactly. In the Bible, Jessie was King David’s father. Nowadays the name goes either way.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
    , @Reg Cæsar
  76. jimbo says:
    @Redneck farmer

    They might be more common than you think. I remember that the most surreal moment of the 2016 election was early in the primaries when I was working a job and I overheard one of the guys I was working with (who I knew to be Nigerian) earnestly explaining to another guy who I hadn’t met but who sounded Jamaican why he needed to support Donald Trump…

  77. What’s the immigration status of these Nigerian body-builder dindus who conspired to commit felonies?

    They sure hit the ghetto jackpot, didn’t they — not only did they completely escape justice…

    …the (((anti-White media))) don’t publish their mug shots — instead (((they))) publish that photo of them posing shirtless with big smiles.

    (((They))) never miss an opportunity, do (((they)))?

  78. @Jack D

    Fair enough; I reckon in this case because the whole thing is already such a circus maybe the guy reckons he has to make the public protestations. I nevertheless expect he’ll strike a plea bargain of some kind. It may be his carrying on is clever public relations. For instance, in a few months the story will be that, while he agreed to complete a pre-trial diversion programme to avoid the the added trauma and bother to himself, his family, and his friends that a trial would require, he admits to no wrongdoing, etc.

    You’ll recall George Michael took a similar position, which is why I invoked that example (“It was entrapment, I am innocent, but of course I pled guilty to move on with my life and avoid a media circus…”).

    One must be careful, though (as George Michael was) to not take things too far too early because otherwise the prosecutor, or even the judge, may decide the accused is trying to have his cake and eat it, too, whilst playing them for simps in the bargain. If a prosecutor or judge with the sort of personality to be annoyed enough by that idea is involved, Smollett could wind up being told there will be no deal and he will be taken to trial.

    It’s ticklish business, but his lawyers know a million things I do not, so I won’t armchair quarterback them. There is, though, the possibility, since he’s not too bright (as demonstrated by his very decision to undertake all this nonsense in the first place), that he is ignoring his lawyers, and they are rolling their eyes, pulling their hair, and cursing him for a damned fool every time he makes another statement which ignores their instructions and advice – that aspect of law, too, can be a very ticklish business: many clients, especially in criminal matters, are zealously determined to hang themselves despite the best efforts of brilliant lawyers they paid good money but then ignored.

  79. Jack D says:

    I grew to be very suspicious of statistics from advocacy organizations and academia.

    80% of all statistics are wrong. {Warning: it’s a joke.}

    Seriously, the Left loves to maintain that they have Science on their side while the Right is full of “liars” like Trump but if you dig into the “scientific sources” that they use for their “facts” you find that they are often laughably biased, based on the most flimsy evidence and poor methodology and not entitled to any weight. Whereas anything that is maintained by the Right (e.g. that intelligence has a genetic component) is held to incredibly strict scrutiny and always found wanting as not having been “proven” even if the weight of scientific evidence is strongly in its favor. If the Left didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any at all.

    It turns out that the 14 word ” Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino” is another name for “Brian Levin” but if you are the NY Times and you cite “my friend Brian” as the source for your stats it doesn’t sound as authoritative.

    • Agree: Kaganovitch
  80. Jack D says:

    The state doesn’t have to prove motive, only that you did it. Why you did it is your business.

    That being said, that Jussie did this for selfish personal reasons is now the official Narrative on the Left.

    In any Leftist system, the most horrific crimes can be justified if they are done in the name of the People or the Revolution – the greater good allows you to (indeed requires that) lie, cheat, steal and even kill millions in order to immanentize the eschaton. However, acting for bourgeois, selfish reason is counter-revolutionary and deserving of severe punishment (although the top leadership always exempts itself and lives royally).

    Since, for political reasons, it is now necessary to throw Jussie under the bus, the Party Line is now that he was being selfish and thus deserves whatever the justice system (which on other days is known as the evil white justice system) metes out to him.

    Now when this hoax first came out, many here said that the Left would protect and defend Brother Jussie even if he was caught with a smoking gun in his hands and that he would walk free. His real motive was to help out Sister Kamala and he would be praised and protected by the Left for his selfless act. But it doesn’t seem to be going that way. What is the explanation? The answer is that the Left is not yet secure in its power. Kamala still needs to get elected to the White House and she needs the votes of at least some white people to do this. As we saw in the OJ case, brothers and sisters would be willing to give him a pass, but white people, even liberal ones, still have some standards and connection to old fashioned notions of truth and justice. Letting Jussie go free now would send a bad signal to white people, just as the OJ acquittal did – future majority minority America is going to be a Zimbabwe like place where you can get away with murder if you are black. Jussie made Kamala look bad in front of white people with her foolish tweets about how he is the kindest most gentle person that she knows (which strangely echoes response of the brainwashed soldiers in the Manchurian Candidate – what’s up with that?). So under the bus he goes.

  81. @Anon

    “It doesn’t have to make complete sense, just open a small crack of doubt. It worked for OJ”

    If it doesn’t fit you must acquit. Jussie’s lawyers will make Jussie hold a sandwich in his hand and attempt to prove that it was too large for his particular hand. Next they will put that noose on him and attempt to prove that itz too large for his neck.

    The jury will be comprised of mostly black people and will of course find Jussie not guilty.

    If the sammich don’t fit you must acquit. Case closed.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  82. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Not at all. Jesse, not Jessie, was David’s father. Although homophones, the names are different, and their spelling indicates which name (and which gender) is involved. One is, well…Jesse. The other is a diminutive and affectionate form of Jessica (hence the i).

  83. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    In the Bible, Jessie was King David’s father.

    I don’t know which version is on your shelf, but mine and most others still spell it the boys’ way:

  84. @europeasant

    I have to add that almost the entire justice/law enforcement departments in the Chicagoland area are controlled by Africans. The police commissioner, the Attorney for Cook County, the Cook County Board President, the state attorney are all Africans. The mayor of Chicago and of course the governor are all Jewish.

    If the sammich don’t fit you must acquit.

    The Jussie will walk free and they will make him into a hero and martyr.

  85. @Anon

    Remember, Jussie’s mama has all of her “propers”. (in tight with Angela Davis, steeped in the Black struggle, ad nauseum)

    My guess is that the feds are waiting to see what happens in state court before making a decision to prosecute.

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