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What if Biden Ran On: Re-Fund the Police?
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States and cities are going broke. They can deficit spend through bond issuances, but it’s more awkward for them than for the federal government to just invent money.

The Republicans are cautious about bailing out the states and cities, the Democrats are not. What if Biden announced that the central issue in 2020 was his plan to use federal money to Re-Fund the Police to prevent criminals running amok?

That would be pretty interesting.

If the Democrats were holding a convention, Milwaukee 2020 would no doubt be Chicago 1968 all over again with the cops fighting the radicals in the street.

But the Democrats apparently are going to let Joe stay in his basement and do it all virtually. So why not grab the centrist law-and-0rder high ground, Joe?

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  1. For Biden to go Law & Order (even slightly) would be the equivalent of choosing a white male running mate. Ain’t gonna happen, even though after the election he can do whatever he wants.

    Meanwhile…the GOPe and Never Trumpers rear their ugly heads.


    Republicans actually imagine that they have a future after Trump!

    And…What happens when the GOP loses the Senate


    FWIW, along with many people here I’m no great fan of the Republican Party. This is not the time or place to belabor their many ills, only to note that on the most important issues they’ve worked in lockstep with the Democrats to wreck this once-great nation.

    But they’re not known as “The Stupid Party” for nothing. Their political instincts are so defective it’s a miracle they even exist in the year 2020. It won’t be for long..

    Trump makes it clear that he does not want to extend unemployment benefits, instead insisting that the Social Security fund be depleted. Colossal idiocy. It *doesn’t matter* how sensible the arguments might be. What matters is how they can be used against the GOP before the November elections. Trump is handing the Dems issue after issue. 25 million are out of work. Many will vote D anyway. But a few million more will be tipped by how the media are going to play this issue.

    Every D candidate from Biden on down will be able to point out the Rs slashed the unemployment 600 to 200. Even if it gets bargained away this week or next, the 200 was the proposal.

    Mr Trump said on Monday a payroll tax cut would be “a tremendous saving and an incentive for companies to hire their workers back and to keep their workers”. Yeah, he gave up on that.

    And: The President is challenging the Affordable Care Act in the courts right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. The Senate Republicans are trying to play ‘Adults in the Room’ with respect to the new iteration of the stimulus/unemployment bill. But there’s an election just a few months away and though I love the idea of fiscal probity if the GOP loses the Senate it’s all over forever. The GOP should do *whatever is necessary* to maintain control of the Senate.

    Because I like Republicans? Hardly. Because we’re headed for a one-party state otherwise.

    The Dems will reduce the GOP to a minority party forever. They’ve made explicit their plan to eliminate the Filibuster Rule on the first day, which will facilitate everything that follows: abolishing the Electoral College; Open Borders, Adding two new (all-democrat) states, DC & PR; Expanding and Packing the Supreme Court etc. Gun confiscation (from law-abiding citizens only, of course). The end of the pretense even of free speech, online or anywhere else. And a seriously-underqualified president-in-waiting, whomever Biden chooses.

    If you think 2020 is bad, just wait for next year.

    And meanwhile…Trump plays right into the Dems’ hands time after time. Optics!

    The *obvious* thing is to back completely out of the ‘woke’ cities and let the resulting wreckage and carnage make things clear even to TV-addicted white women.

    The notorious Conrad Black has some relevant thoughts:

    More relevant links for your reading pleasure
    Trump even larded the GOP proposal with this, instantly eliminating a prime target on the D side:
    Republicans Struggle to Explain $1.75 Billion Trump Demand for New FBI HQ in Stimulus
    An internal DOJ watchdog has been investigating President Trump for nixing the construction of a new FBI headquarters in the suburbs of Washington and away … (Newsweek)
    “Republicans have pointed out that the extra weekly payments mean many workers are receiving more in jobless benefits than they earned while they were employed. They are pushing to reduce or eliminate the $600 weekly benefit, saying it may be discouraging people from returning to work and making it harder for businesses to reopen.”



    “Steve Bannon’s professed ambition to transform the G.O.P. into a workers’ party still hasn’t penetrated Capitol Hill or the Trump Administration. Under the leadership of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Mnuchin, a former Wall Street banker, Republican legislators seem intent on slashing unemployment-insurance payments to tens of millions of American workers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own.”


    Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) is among the Republican lawmakers who have said they would oppose any legislation that goes beyond tweaking the roughly $3 trillion in assistance Congress has already approved.

    “We shouldn’t be talking at all about additional authorized spending,” he said.

    “The Republican Party is so disorganized, chaotic and unprepared that they can barely cobble together a partisan bill in their own conference,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said on the Senate floor Wednesday. “The disarray on the Republican side has real consequences. Americans will suffer unnecessary pain and uncertainty because of it.”

    “Major tech companies in the US have by now pledged an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion to BLM.”

    That’s funny because PayPal alone has promised over half a billion.

    • Replies: @Ron Mexico
  2. As a somewhat-interested outsider, I forced myself to listen to some of Biden’s July 27th speech and his answers to follow-on questions from the media. The reporters asking questions obviously know about his cognitive difficulties and their few questions were “softball” in style. Nonetheless, Biden’s age-related cognitive decline was obvious in his responses. When responding to questions he rarely starts and finishes a full, cogent sentence of English; he answers by stringing together incomplete phrases (they seem not constructed extemporaneously in his mind but rather drawn from his stored memory of pre-constructed phrases) separated by short pauses or hand gestures.

    He is not nursing-home-level incapacitated, but he is not going to be running the White House. If he is elected (which looks greater than 50-50 probability to a European) someone else will be in charge of the US administration. I doubt it will be the VP; I suspect more likely an admin team of insiders with one at the head of the team? Perhaps Biden will spend his White House day pausing for photos while the decisions are made by others.

    • Agree: Prester John
    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
    , @vhrm
  3. States and cities are going broke. They can deficit spend through bond issuances, but it’s more awkward for them than for the federal government to just invent money.

    Hence the price of gold and silver. People are catching on. Maybe you were being humorous, but I wouldn’t say “more awkward” but impossible. We all don’t have our State “Federal” “Reserve” “Banks”.

    What a shame they are going virtual with the convention this summer. Can we at least have virtual riots on zoom? Is there an app for that? People could use emoticons to beat the virtual livin’ out of each other. Pat Buchanan and I could watch the cops beat on them back from virtual 19th floors in our virtual hotel rooms, 52 years after last time.

    Speaking of 1968 Chicago, and with iSteve being a big movie buff, has anyone here seen Medium Cool, as very briefly reviewed by Peak Stupidity in “Tried to watch a movie – here’s 3 reviews in one! “? It’s got live footage too, and one of the actors is a younger Jerry, the dentist on the same floor as Bob Newhart’s psychology practice.

  4. Joe can’t grab the law-and-order high ground because he’ll lose too many voters.

  5. Is there any proof whatsoever of left wing violence?

    All the mayhem so far has been perprettated by conservatives

    Just watch the hearings with fat boy Barr yesterday

    The protests are peaceful and all the property damage has been did by right wingers

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @TWS
  6. Thirdtwin says:

    Because the places that need re-funding of the police are already in Biden’s pocket, a cording to the polls, anyway. It’s the same problem the Dems have with effective voter fraud in Presidential elections: they end up bombing the rubble into millions of redundant useless votes.

    • Agree: Ron Mexico
  7. What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub?

  8. Aardvark says:

    A sudden u-turn on police funding? I don’t see it happening any more than I see our sun going super nova tomorrow morning.

  9. Anon7 says:

    Criminals run amok is not the story on the news. It’s about peaceful protesters, mostly women, asking for justice. Don’t Black lives matter?

    I don’t think this year’s Democratic Party will move to the center, even in appearance, even for the sake of a national election. Haven’t we already established that “law and order” is the phrase used by Trump and his jackbooted thugs? Democrats don’t like the “law” part, and as far as “order” is concerned, well-behaved women seldom make history.

    When AOC was asked what she thought it would look like after the police were defunded, she said: “The suburbs.” Personally, I can’t wait to see what a 1968 Democratic convention will look like without police.

    • Agree: Unladen Swallow
    • Replies: @Inquiring Mind
  10. Drew says:

    “But the Democrats apparently are going to let Joe stay in his basement and do it all virtually. So why not grab the centrist law-and-0rder high ground, Joe?”

    Because Trump already has it.

  11. Sean says:

    Re-Fund the Police to prevent criminals running amok

    The ones who are tying up the police, are in a great many cases not career criminals but the young, educated and rather idealistic demonstrators. There needs to be public support for what the police do. At present there is a wish for the police to back off, and re-consider their methods. Doubling down might work but might also grow the demonstrations to enormous magnitude, with consequences none could foretell.

    The best strategy is acceptance of a fallow period for the pro active style of law enforcement while generous re-funding for retraining of the police is made available. Those police officers who qualify in new methods can be paid a higher rate as with those who complete anti terrorist training. Only then will the potential for riotous demonstrations fade away and the police be restored to their proper place in society

    • Replies: @TWS
  12. Seneca44 says:

    A bit OT, but riding to work this morning, the radio casually mentioned Biden’s self appointed role as a “transitional president” because of his 77 birthdays and probably because of his underlying dementia. Is he our Paul von Hindenberg? If so, who is really the next literal Hitler?

  13. What if someone ran on this DACA triumph?

    Could almost be a Willie Horton. But where is our Lee Atwater?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  14. TWS says:

    Yeah, he’s not doing that. He’s not doing anything like that.

  15. So why not grab the centrist law-and-order high ground, Joe?

    Steve, you’re still worried about street crime/riots (and what happened to COVID)? LOL. That’s all just a distraction. If Biden gets in, both low and high level ‘politics’ by uh, extralegal means is going to be the new normal.

    The best Biden could do to officially usher in our new, more exciting America is expand on his “double barrel shotgun” platform: Propose a federal program to provide each and every American adult, regardless of means or jurisdiction, with two new Remington V3 Tac-13s (or equivalent)—one for each person’s thigh (holsters) for walking balance (or for dual armrest wheelchair mounts).

    Defund the police? Refund the police? Whatever, let the cities drop dead.

    Everyone from hobos with shotguns to David Brooks’s bobos with shotguns.

    Yes. We. Can.

    • LOL: bomag
  16. bomag says:

    It is blazingly clear that the left will vote for Biden no matter what he says or does, so he should go far right in policy promises and hoover up Trump’s base. The largest political gimme in the history of the world.

  17. Barnard says:

    So why not grab the centrist law-and-0rder high ground, Joe?

    Probably because he is winning now and doesn’t want to alienate the left, blacks or the city governments who are carrying out the defunding plans. How could Biden possibly do this when he won’t even condemn antifa?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  18. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Re-fund the police, but as bargaining concessions to the far left, a blanket presidential pardon to all BIPOC convicts presently serving time for their crimes, and a requirement that the re-funded police departments have a hiring quota for those convicts.

  19. Bumpkin says:

    What’s more interesting is that Uncle Joe used to strut around exclaiming, “Put them to death:”

    If online media like yours made a concerted effort to get the word out on his actual record- the MSM is doing all it can to memoryhole it- I don’t see how the DIE coalition doesn’t fracture.

  20. George says:

    Problem: Police have not been ‘defunded’. Also important is we haven’t heard much in general from Biden.

    Joe Biden in 2016

    Joe Biden Does a Burnout In His Corvette Stingray – Jay Leno’s Garage” en YouTube

    “We didn’t have much money”. “My wedding present was a Corvette Stingray”

  21. Clyde says:

    If Biden ran on increasing police funding he would be a shoo-in. Bill Clinton ran on this to out triangulate the Republicans but this was circa 1994. America has lost a lot in 25 years, such as vital industries that supplied men’s jobs. Today our economy has lots more good jobs (high paying) for women than for men.

  22. JimDandy says:

    Progressives: “Sigh… ‘De-fund the police’ doesn’t mean de-fund the police. Gawd! De-fund the police simply means to reallocate funds from the police budget to, like, social workers and stuff.”

    Trump: “Biden wants to de-fund the police.”

    Chris Wallace: “Sigh… Sir, Biden doesn’t want to de-fund the police. He merely wants to reallocate funds from the police budget to, like, social workers and stuff. Duh.”

  23. We need a leader with the courage to stay in his basement.

  24. JimDandy says:

    The mayor of Chicago just said that the plywood boards on store windows are beautiful symbols of protest because they have graffiti on them now.

  25. J.Ross says:

    >what if progressive America-hating criminal slime wasn’t progressive America-hating criminal slime

    So this is supposed to underscore how politically stupid the Democrats are?

  26. Once again, the conceited, hater-DEMs cannot even imagine that some voters disagree with them.

  27. We like to think of this “defund the police” movement as appealing to blacks, but I gather it is much more popular electorally with woke whites – the latter have been radicalized by the ascent of Obama into his second term and Trump’s subsequent ideological revanchism in favor of legacy/core America. These were the whites whom Obama did not shed with his own increasing left wing radicalization between 2008 and 2012.

    Can the Democrats win without a big turnout of the woke white demographic, which I imagine contributes much more than their numbers in terms of electoral activism and donations? The Democrats are stuck with radical whites as a central part of their fringe coalition at this point, and directing hatred for these people’s father archeypes/proxies (such as the police) is a necessary act of servicing the base. On the other hand, woke whites are probably only electorally relevant in a few key places (i.e. Philadelphia, Madison, etc. and college towns in the Big 10 Conference) since they gravitate towards deep blue areas of deep blue states for cultural reasons.

    I think this may be a case of woke whites thinking erroneously that “defund the police” is so popular with blacks that it can be the banner under which the Democrats turn out blacks at high enough numbers in the urban areas of the Big 10 Conference to overwhelm Trump’s margin of victory supplied by rural and white working class voters and therefore adopting this tenet as central to their worldview.

  28. Aren’t the Republicans trying to do this in some of their ads? Some of those ads almost make me want to vote for Dementia Joe.

  29. fish says:

    What if Biden announced that the central issue in 2020 was his plan to use federal money to Re-Fund the Police to prevent criminals running amok?

    He’d lose!

  30. If one can judge from the Barr “hearing” yesterday, the Dems are, one and all, still committed to the idea that it is forces of Law and Order that are at fault in all cities. Barr at one point noted that this is the first time Dems would not denounce mob rule and attacks on federal property and agents. He asked for some such statement, but clearly wasn’t going to get it. It’s going to be pretty hard for Biden to push back against that unanimity. Already he’s on record supporting the “protests”.

    I think the public is turning against the BLM tide after an initial embrace of it, which was inspired by the sympathetic case of the video of George Floyd’s death. The longer the protests/riots go on, the more public disgust will be generated. The Media-Democrat Complex has done everything it could to keep the violent reality of the riots out of the public eye, but there are too many videos to suppress. Even some suburban moms will start to freak out at this violence. The same culture of “safety” for their children that seems so exaggerated will put many of them on hair trigger in anxiety about their family’s security in such wild times.

    In a way, the situation with the riots for the Dems mirrors Trump’s handling of Covid, which the public at first approved of, but then turned against over time as the pandemic did its thing.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
    , @Mr. Anon
  31. The people calling to defund the police don’t want to get rid of law enforcement. They want to replace it with a commissariat that will ignore black crimes and focus all of their efforts on jailing dissidents and wrongthinkers who dare voice their opinions. Because their biggest gripe with cancel culture is that getting someone fired, evicted, and divorced isn’t enough punishment for questioning the cult of Floyd; these dissidents must also be thrown in prison.

    The ideal police for leftists is one that jails Karen after she’s beaten and raped by a negro and jails anybody who shares this information. Their Western model would be something like the British police, who allow rape gangs to run rampant but arrest teenagers for daring to make light of George Floyd’s holy sacrifice.

  32. For traditionalist, try this approach.
    Beautiful, effective, available by mail, no FFL.

    Tell them Joe Biden sent you.

  33. B36 says:

    If you watched the Barr hearing yesterday you would realize there is no way the Democrat party will ever “re-fund” the police. The Dems are not even willing to defend federal courthouses from attack. Just like in 1861 when Dems shelled Fort Sumter, they’d be happy to see any federal installation devoted to defense or law enforcement razed to the ground.

  34. Jack D says:

    The Democrats are now the Black Party (this has been true for a while but now even more so). Joe owes his nomination to blacks. I would say that the chances are maybe 90+% that his VP nominee will be a black woman (who will probably become President at some point if Joe wins and his chances of winning appear pretty good). He needs black turnout in November – a big part of why Hillary lost was lack of black enthusiasm for her. Yes, they vote 95% for Hillary but almost 5 million Obama voters stayed home. Turnout in Philly in black precincts was not at the usual 105% level (even the professional paid ballot stuffers were not enthusiastic). This was enough to swing the election for Trump in certain key states.

    BLM is all about DEfund the police – police arrest black people and black people don’t like to be arrested. They don’t like their sons, baby daddies and brothers to be arrested. Less police means fewer arrests, so it’s all good. Taking criminals off the street is not a big priority for blacks. No one in the black community is actually a criminal even if they have a record a mile long and drugs in their system and are caught on tape. They all dindu nuffin. So why the hell would Joe Biden REfund the police?

    Now, I have to tell you that money is fungible. Every city has a certain bucket of tax money that is allocated among line items. If some third party (the Federal government) pays for one line item then you have more of your own money left over to fund other line items. (This, BTW, is why donating to a specific cause – say “City Parks” or “Public Libraries” is a complete waste – each city has a certain budget for the Parks Dept., the Public Library, etc. and if you donate to it, they just spend less of their tax money and use that money for something else, maybe something that you really don’t like).

    Saner blue cities know that they need their cops AND they also have a budget crisis. But the police can be Federally funded without upsetting the black base. All you have to do is send money to the cities under some other guise (e.g. Covid assistance for mass transit, health care, schools, etc. ) and they can keep their police budget the same. I’m sure somewhere in the $3,000,000,000,000 House assistance bill their is plenty of money for big cities. A trillion here, a trillion there and soon you are talking real money.

  35. Whiskey says: • Website

    Steve how naive. You know well that Biden can’t even criticize blm for vandalizing Catholic Churches and beheading statues of Jesus and Mary. And by Biden i mean his handlers.

    First, they need the hard crazy left and blacks. Second the riots and crime and defunding the police is very popular. White peoples who rent love it. Cheaper rents and excitement.

    Dems are all in on abolish the cops. Don’t worry though the NFAC dudes now have police powers. They are a new branch of feds to rival the fbi.

  36. Kronos says:
    @Jenner Ickham Errican

    Oh what the hell.

    I can imagine doing a “Biden’s Senile Basement” remix with this song.

  37. @Jack D

    Congressional GOPs will not oppose federal bailouts for DEM-controlled cities (PERS). Indeed, the GOPs will ensure that red states get their fair share of dough.

    Daily News headline: “Congress to Taxpayers: Go to Hell!”

    The government should be prohibited from accepting donations. The proper way to fund government is through (very low) direct taxation. That maintains a healthy tension between the government and its governed.

    Due to the consensus (mandate!) that public education should soak-up 50% of the budget, the most outrageous bait-&-switch occurs when politicians impose an always-expensive education tax with “lockbox” provisions.

    Every “new“ $1 skims-off 50¢ from the existing baseline.

    Still, that sort of b-&-s is less offensive than a bond issue to fund cops, parks, or any of the few other things that taxpayers might demand. As you’ve tried to say, then the politicians can use the maximum (entire!) amount of the general fund for their schemes.

  38. @candid_observer

    “but then turned against over time as the pandemic did its thing”

    Trump not drawing massive distinctions between “testing positive” (“cases”) v. “having SARS-COV-19” (hospitalization for symptoms) and “deaths” was a real problem for him (and us). Republican governors like Abbott bowing to media hysteria about rising cases & not identifying open borders and medical tourism in AZ and TX as the reasons for the case load increases were not helpful either. It allowed the evil media and its allies to control the narrative and talk hysterically about rises in cases when, as it turns out, deaths is the metric all along we should be tracking (h/t: @kerpen on twitter, an invaluable follow). Further, most deaths are specifically concentrated in 4 NE states where liberal governors foolishly moved patients w/ COVID-19 back to nursing homes, killing grandma. Whether this was an error of commission or omission, I’ll let you decide.

    Cases themselves rising is of no particular concern as deaths among most folks not in risk groups (the very old, those w/ co-morbidities) are extremely low.

    BLUF: A real missed opportunity. Now Drumpf is on tv with a mask on looking an idiot, parroting his enemies’ talking points. No surprise given his advisors, but still.

    • Agree: Jus' Sayin'...
    • Replies: @Libre
    , @AnotherDad
  39. @Jack D

    money is fungible.


    You nailed it–this is way over the heads of most folks.

    Cities and states have been playing games using this concept for decades.

    Federal attempts to monitor the use of funds inevitably find “misuse” on a mind-boggling scale.

    In the black cities it is often just blatant theft.

    Once you understand that, the politicians’ speeches become pure comedy.

  40. Nathan says:

    Biden can’t advocate for sensible policies like federal subsidies for police because his base has lost its mind. The left wants violence, destruction, and retribution for God knows what, not law, order, and sanity. The lockdown has caused mass psychosis among susceptible elements of the population, elements that happen to be left-oriented Democrat voters.

  41. They can deficit spend through bond issuances, but it’s more awkward for them than for the federal government to just invent money.


  42. Anonymous[504] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, he is backing off the peace-intensity lately:

    I thought Biden would give Klobuchar the nod– not only does she resemble the vote bloc he needs most, it would be a monumental “Sister Souljah moment” to the rest, as politico degenerates put it.

    But apparently she was too mouthy/unpleasant. Not that Susan Rice or Karen Bass aren’t, but at least they have shorter surnames. The ticket w/ the fewest letters on the sticker usually wins. Max Headroom-style A-X vs. B-Z elections surely imminent.

  43. Libre says:
    @Jack D

    Yes what we really need is trillions more in debt to prop up Democrat cities.

  44. Libre says:

    Very good points. I didn’t even think about the southern cases being Mexicans. Is there any real evidence of that like demographic stats?

    Trump bungled this by trying to half ass both sides.

    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  45. bomag says:
    @Jack D

    A trillion here, a trillion there and soon you are talking real money.


    So why the hell would Joe Biden REfund the police?

    If Joe was cognitively able to generate any political dance moves, he could tell suburban audiences he will re-fund their police; tell urban audiences that he will help them de-fund their police; and tell the media that he is shocked, shocked! that there is hypocrisy in his campaign.

  46. @Jack D

    almost 5 million Obama voters stayed home. Turnout in Philly in black precincts was not at the usual 105% level (even the professional paid ballot stuffers were not enthusiastic)

    It’s not just lack of enthusiasm. Everyone was so certain Hillary would win that millions of those who would have voted for her decided they didn’t need to go to the trouble.

    That’s why Trump is toast this year. All those non-voters will be thinking, “If that SOB wins again, it won’t be because I didn’t vote.” And those pro stuffers will be working double shifts.

  47. @DCThrowback

    Trump not drawing massive distinctions between “testing positive” (“cases”) v. “having SARS-COV-19” (hospitalization for symptoms) and “deaths” was a real problem for him (and us). …

    BLUF: A real missed opportunity. Now Drumpf is on tv with a mask on looking an idiot, parroting his enemies’ talking points. No surprise given his advisors, but still.

    Trump badly–really badly–needs to have a competent Xi virus spokesperson. Ideally a doc who has spent years in clinical practice, but critically someone who is well-spoken, numerate, tough minded and willing to go toe-to-toe with the lies of Democrats/journalists.

    Trump has been mediocre on the Xi virus. But not so much because he’s screwed up on policy, but just lack of information flow–giving clear advice, explaining what’s going on, messaging.

    But there’s a huge opportunity. Trump–just spitballing–touted hydroxychloroquine and along with zinc, the media/Democrats/establishment pissed all over it because of TDS. But it works!

    So the media/Democrats/establishment is in absolute terror of the positive news on the Trump treatment and is pulling out all the stops to suppress it. For good reason–if it gets out that Trump was right, about hydroxy, but the treatment was denied and suppressed because of TDS … the election is over.

    Again Trump badly needs a competent, numerate and most of all politically tough minded spokesman on the Xi virus. They have to be able to speak intelligently:

    — the epidemiology; Who’s at risk. Who isn’t. Numbers. Not “just the flu”, but not any serious threat either. No big deal for 80% of the population.
    — personal prevention; vit-C, vit-D, zinc, quercetin; humidity
    — social prevention–masks; where appropriate, where unnecessary
    — treatment; hydroxychloroquine + zinc; works early; media/establishment/Democrat lying and outright suppression of treatment costing lives; in cahoots with Big Pharma on bogus designed-to-fail studies; other treatments; doctors in clinical practice with their patients must be free to do the right thing;
    — vaccine; timeline, chances; versus herd immunity;
    — CDC incompetence; unpreparedness; lying on masks;
    — Democrats flip-flop reaction; from go-hug-a-Chinamen to don’t-leave-your-house! in less than two months; from CDC’s “masks unnecessary” to “if you don’t wear a masks you’re a Nazi!”
    — Cuomo’s abysmal, essentially criminal reaction; sending Xi+ patients back to nursing homes; killing our seniors, driving up the death rates
    — Democrat governors incompetent, irrational; job destroying reactions; utterly useless lockdown measures; killing small business in favor of big business; aggressive, abusive medically irrational tyranny–“killer beaches”, “killer golf”, “killer parks”; obvious demonstrations of power, just to show they could;
    — the sheer evil of “will to power” types; clear demonstration that some people–Democrats–just love bossing other people around, making them “obey big sister!”; very un-American; the anti-thesis of the American ideal.

    also, sort of a bonus, i’d like a guy who can put this in the perspective of … life:

    — perspective; we’re all going to die; there is no perfection in this world–if you’re looking for that, have religious faith in an afterlife, this is planet earth; in the big scheme of thing, this is a tiny speed bump; we endure much worse routinely–cancer, heart disease; the Xi-virus deaths are a tragedy for individuals and their loved ones, but should not be a crisis for our society; we all have a finite time on this earth; we all die; it’s what we build–we find a spouse, we have children, raise a family–we pass on our culture, our nation, our civilization to them … and we pass on. The Constitution is explicitly “for ourselves and our posterity”. The individual “we” is always transient. But through our posterity, the “we” that is America” lives on.


    If Trump will fight, find competent people wiling to fight, he can still win, and perhaps America can still recover. If not it is darkness. Big sister’s high heel stomping on our faces … forever.

    • Agree: DCThrowback
    • Replies: @DCThrowback
  48. If the Democrats were holding a convention, it would, no doubt, Milwaukee 2020 would no doubt be Chicago 1968 all over again with the cops fighting the radicals in the street

    Who needs a convention? They’re doing it anyway, and not just in Milwaukee.

    It’s being franchised all over the world. McDonnybrook.

  49. Mr. Anon says:

    The same culture of “safety” for their children that seems so exaggerated will put many of them on hair trigger in anxiety about their family’s security in such wild times.

    Many of the same soccer moms who express exaggerated concern for the safety and well-being of their young children embrace the BLM/White Fragility/White Privilege narrative that will ultimately undermine the safety and well-being of their grown children.

  50. States and cities are going broke. They can deficit spend through bond issuances, but it’s more awkward for them than for the federal government to just invent money.

    “Invent the money” sounds innovative and clever. Glad to see Steve Sailer writing about the monetary extremism of the globalized central banks.

    We do not have capitalism nor an economy anywhere on the globe; we have globalized central banker shysterism.

    How about describing money invention as conjuring up the loot right out of thin air or electronically creating the cash or something more to the point of the actual blessed event whereby dollars appear from nowhere?

    There is a religious ceremony of great solemnity on Manhattan Island at the Federal Reserve Bank building when the great electronic currency creation and the electronic currency conjuring takes place; it is all done with a serious religious ceremonial style and it is done in a similar manner to how they worshiped the nuke bomb on the rocket in that ape movie of a while back.

    A puff of green smoke is seen over the New York Fed bank building in Manhattan when the button is pushed and the trillions of dollars are electronically conjured into existence.

    We’re on a road to nowhere — Talking Heads

    We’re on a road to Civil War II because of the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank conjuring up currency out of thin air combined with all the anti-White propaganda emanating from the corporate propaganda apparatus and the racial transformation of American demographics by mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration.

    Vote for CHARLES PEWITT as a write-in candidate for president on November 3, 2020.

    Pewitt Pledge:

    1) Implement an immediate moratorium on all legal immigration and deport all illegal alien invaders.

    2) All eligible Americans will grab ten thousand dollars a month by means of the Pewitt Conjured Loot Portion(PCLP).

    Pewitt Conjured Loot Portion(PCLP) further explained:

    The Pewitt Conjured Loot Portion(PCLP) will pay each American who has all blood ancestry born in colonial America or the USA before 1924 a cool ten thousand dollars a month. The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank shall work together to conjure up the cash out of thin air, just like the ruling class is doing now.

  51. Muggles says:

    In all state constitutions and I suspect, most city charters there are explicit provisions forbidding deficit spending. Many municipal bonds require “sinking funds” where payments are made regularly, not just at the end of the bond term.

    Due to rampant state and local level bankruptcies in the mid 1800s state constitutions of existing states enacted strict rules about deficit spending. States generally outlawed lotteries since these were designed to avoid raising taxes but due to corruption did the opposite.

    Bond holders for state and local debt are very conservative investors who are looking for low yield but safe investments.

    The hidden Biden agenda might be something like this: prolong the Wuhan virus pandemic shutdown to keep the depression going through early November. States and local govts can’t print money or borrow beyond projected income. So they are going broke very fast now. Once the Comrades are in control, then Biden will roll out huge federal tax increases to bail out improvident Dem run states and cities. It has nothing to do with police funding.

    Police departments will be “re-organized” along communist lines with only the politically reliable promoted or kept after the cleansing. Plenty of antifa “protesters” need jobs eventually. So they will be eagerly recruited, reciting the required catch phrases. They will be administering the new beat-downs. You can guess to whom. Free speech? No. The new category of No Bail Hate Crimes will be vastly expanded.

    Silver lining: jails will then be full of chess playing old guys. Few if any actual dangerous criminals inside.

  52. Kyle says:

    Then he’d win.

  53. @Verity Rube

    Portland Antifa explains who they are, what they want.

  54. @Barnard

    The reason why polls cannot be accurate in the Trump era:

    Trump supporters are even more hostile to pollsters than ever–a significant number believe they will be doxxed when pollsters release their “confidential” information.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  55. @HammerJack

    But where is our Lee Atwater?

    Lee is alive!–check out this Trump campaign ad:

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  56. @Mr McKenna

    Now show the other Party’s proposals.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  57. Yngvar says:

    “…the federal government to just invent money”

    Come on, the Federal Reserve, as a care-taker of all that government money issuance, couldn’t make it liquid without a willing money market. It follows that it isn’t ‘inventing money’, it’s issuing dollars after demand.

    But yeah, promising federally backed munis could be a path to victory for old senile Joe.

  58. Anon7 says:

    “But the Democrats apparently are going to let Joe stay in his basement and do it all virtually.”

    With today’s technology, it would be possible to create a deep-fake Biden image and voice generated by computer in real time. We could be electing Landru for all we know.

    • Replies: @Mr. Blank
  59. @Peter Johnson

    Dr. (Ed.) Jill Biden will be in charge and Joe won’t be resigning anytime soon.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  60. J.Ross says:

    Here’s why he won’t, here’s what Joe wants for the US:
    Afghan “refugee” pedophile rapes young girl, is freed by dysfunctional justice system, and then quite preductably rapes another young girl.

  61. The left has a voracious appetite for resources. So much so that they continuously need to keep rolling out newer and bigger industrial scale transfer schemes. Defunding the police is really a twofer because it not only makes it less likely that some criminal ne’er do well relative won’t end up in the clink but it also frees up resource that go to welfare. If it only saved money that ended up being a tax cut that would only be a half a loaf. The green new deal is basically another transfer hidden behind the ruse of environmental do gooding.

  62. TWS says:
    @Verity Rube

    Steve this is just stupid. Your site supposedly has rules against sock puppets duplicate accounts but you allow the duck to violate these rules over and over and over.

    Is he your cousin? Is it you drunk commenting? What possible reason do you keep allowing this?

    There is no way you can’t, ‘notice’ this is the duck. So why special rules for him?

    • Agree: Harry Baldwin
  63. TWS says:

    Wrong. You coddle the thugs they just get worse.

  64. Mr. Blank says:

    As I recall, a guy named Bill Clinton ran on “re-funding the police” and ended up doing quite well for himself. Back then it seemed like he couldn’t get through a single speech without bragging about how he was gonna put more police officers on America’s streets.

    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  65. @Anon7

    The DNC convention run without a police presence — are you saying that rhetorically, or are you saying that for real in response to this?

    • Replies: @Anon7
  66. Mr. Blank says:

    I actually hadn’t thought about the deepfake angle.

    Most of the handwringing over deepfakes has centered around using them without a person’s consent, portraying said person saying and doing things they didn’t in order to cast them in a bad light.

    But what about using the same technology WITH a person’s consent, to portray them as being mentally sharper, more eloquent and physically capable than they actually are?

    If you never explicitly SAY such a video is a true and accurate reflection of reality, are you really lying? I mean from a legal standpoint — of course it’s morally wrong, but as a legal matter, it seems like you’d have ample precedent for creating a fake video of a hale, hearty and mentally sharp Joe Biden, then trying to use it to fool voters. At worst, you could just run some little text at the bottom of the screen saying “dramatization.” Who’s going to press you too hard on exactly what that means? (Though you’d probably better run that one by some lawyers first, instead of trusting some random dude on the internet.)

  67. @Ron Mexico

    They propose to keep their candidate in his basement,
    and nominate a BLACK® WOMAN™ for veep.

    Clever, huh?!

  68. Law & Order: BDSM*

    *Biden Dementia Senior Moment

  69. @Mr. Blank

    That was almost 30 years ago. Much has changed.

  70. vhrm says:
    @Peter Johnson

    I suspect more likely an admin team of insiders with one at the head of the team? Perhaps Biden will spend his White House day pausing for photos while the decisions are made by others.

    Sounds like a reasonable path for a chief executive.

    If only the current one had done a bit more of that…

  71. @AnotherDad

    does anyone know a writer at Tucker Carlson’s show? Asking for a friend.

  72. @Jim Don Bob

    Dr. (Ed.) Jill Biden will be in charge and Joe won’t be resigning anytime soon.

    Departments of “Education” are near the worse–most completely full of hacks spouting PC bullshit that has nothing to do with education–of American academic departments, after all the grievance studies.

    Skeptical, Jill will have the opportunity to be fully in charge–get all Edith Wilsony. We’ve got the 25th amendment now. So if Biden’s out of it, they’ll be a lot of political jockeying–more if she pushes hard. The one thing really working in Jill’s favor is that other ambitious Democrats won’t want to just hand the mantle–and the 2024/28 nomination over to whatever gal Biden puts on the ticket. But she’ll have to be sharing power to maintain that.

    But agreed. I don’t think Biden is going to toss it. I don’t think he’ll be the 2028 nominee, but if he wins i think he’ll serve it out or die.

  73. Anon7 says:
    @Inquiring Mind

    I hadn’t seen that article; I’m not surprised that canny police chiefs are refusing to commit their officers. Police are trained according to directives on the use of force; if there is no agreement on the use of force, the police shouldn’t even be present.

    I’d really like to see a full-sized Democratic National Convention – with no police presence. Just imagine all of the groups with an axe to grind. BLM, Antifa, unhappy Bernie supporters, feminists, climate change activists, LGBTQ+ activists – what a circus.

  74. @HammerJack

    I think the ad is brilliant–and I used to be involved in political campaigns in my younger days.

    Here is why:

    –Law and order (great theme, has won lots of elections)
    –Opening empty office scene–forces viewer to fill in the blanks and therefore engages the intellectual part of the mind–why is nobody in the office?
    –The files on the desk give a feeling that this is a normal office (nice and calm)
    –Then flash the defund the police sign–that is a shock and surprise, particularly for low information voters who rely on network news–they may never have seen a sign like that before–and the creepy person holding it…(high emotion, shock)
    –Look at the rainbow scarf–cues anger at the sexual perverts and anger at the lockdowns and masks
    –Red light on phone–this is a setup for the future ad that is coming (Biden and the nuclear button–count on it!)
    –The guy with the axe–axe murderers anyone–does not get more gruesome (high emotion) that that
    –Rape press 1 (subliminal cue, high emotional content)
    –911 phone messages–Americans “hate” those things–gets the emotions going–also most phone messages have press 1 for english 2 for spanish (subliminal cue).
    –“Home invasion”–everyone’s worst nightmare (super high emotion)
    –Then the text–engaging the rational faculties again–ah, Biden’s supporters are to blame for this
    –Fire burning at middle and end (subliminal cue, fire has very high emotional content)

    All in a thirty second ad–this is top of the line advertising.

    This post is long enough, but I have many reasons to believe that this ad has the professionals at the DNC in full panic mode–the ad is now being tested in New Jersey and Georgia (for now).

  75. anon[298] • Disclaimer says:

    I am completely in favor of Joe Biden running on a platform of re-fund The Police. You should be too, all of you.

    Because that would provide the most excellently perfect Joe Biden campaign song:

  76. Anonymous[719] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, the big reveal of 2016 was the polling orgs are run by the same people as the big newspapers and networks. They’re pushing the same agenda and can’t be trusted. They used to be regarded as neutral. That’s gone forever.

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