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Washington Post: Why Isn't UK Thang's Mass Shooting Getting as Much Media Attention as the Atlanta Spa Shooting?
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From the Washington Post news section:

A mass shooting on Thursday at a Kroger supermarket in Collierville, at least the third to happen at a grocery store in recent months, killed one person and wounded more than a dozen. The gunman, identified by police as UK Thang, committed suicide. It comes amid an already terrible year for gun violence nationwide.

A Washington Post analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research organization, found that gunfire killed more than 8,100 people in the United States in the first five months of this year, about 54 lives lost per day — a rate higher than the average toll during the same period of the previous six years. The number of gunfire deaths has increased in suburban and rural areas, though the overall numbers are lower because of smaller populations.

2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades. So far, 2021 is worse.

Gun violence experts took note of the muted response to the Tennessee attack: The nation relatively ignored a shooting at a grocery store that had the potential to be far worse than it already was. In the case of the Atlanta-area spa shootings and the grocery store attack in Boulder, Colo., this year, lawmakers, advocates and the media sprung into action, writing hundreds of stories, introducing new legislation and reigniting public debate over gun laws.

The Kroger shooting aftermath has had very little of that.

“It felt like this one barely happened or registered for many,” said Jillian Peterson, co-founder of the Violence Project, a research center that studies gun violence. “The fact that this is so routine that it’s not even a major headline, and we don’t even blink an eye when this keeps happening, is heartbreaking.”

Hmmmhmmmhmm … what could be the reasons for the lack of media attention to UK Thang’s mass shooting?

  1. Because, while UK Thang shot 15 people, he only murdered one. If the media were to go into hyperdrive over every one dead/many wounded mass shootings, it would be full of black unwanted party guest incidents each weekend.
  2. The press went insane over the white guy in the Atlanta spa shooting killing 6 Asians (as well as two miscellaneous) at a time when it was trying to blame the upsurge in black-on-Asian violence on Trump saying the words “China Flu” a year before. The Boulder shooter initially was thought to be another white man before it turned out he was named Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa, at which point the press lost interest.
  3. The Collierville shooter was a refugee from Burma named UK Thang. ‘Nuf said.
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  1. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:

    at a time when it was trying to blame the upsurge in black-on-Asian violence on Trump saying the words “China Flu”

    Was there actually an upsurge specifically in black-on-asian violence?

    The Collierville shooter was a refugee from Burma named UK Thang. ‘Nuf said.

    UK Thang could be a black rapper.

  2. Am I the only one who assumed that the name “UK Thang” was the pseudonym of an aspiring rapper who had immigrated here from Britain?

  3. Dog bites man vs man bites dog?

  4. Ano says:

    Mr Sailer,

    Fistly, a further possible reason he’s not a stop press front page (inter)national news is he was just a Karen (stress on second syllable); and not a Karen (stress on first syllable).

    Secondly, it’s a Burmese thang. You wouldn’t understand whitey.

  5. Maybe Sailer’s law of mass shootings is whites vs minorities instead of whites vs blacks?

  6. Anonymous[141] • Disclaimer says:

    Just rented (but bailed after 30 minutes), the triplets documentary you recommended. Felt it was kind of milking limited material (an issue with many documentaries).

    Your comments about Darwinian evolution of documentaries were interesting, but I feel like I’d get more analysis and even a better narrative in an above average Sailer article than in the triplets vid. Sorry. I mean it wasn’t awful. But still not awesome.

    My all time best documentary remains Cracking the Maya Code. Very interested in more documentaries as good as that. Any suggestions?

    (I do get the impression, that sometimes you put a little thumb on the scale for movies that click with your interests. Now, I’m actually fine, and impressed, with the emphasis on discussion of the issues versus quality of the movie. That’s fine. But it does seem a little like you compromise the quality assessment based on having a topic that interests you or a message you like. E.g. Idiocracy.)

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  7. AceDeuce says:

    Same reason that criminal negro David Burke got hardly any newsplay in 1987 when he hijacked and aircraft and caused it to crash, killing 40-some people in one fell swoop.

    His action had huge ramifications behind the scene–it affected a lot of policy, but most people know nothing about it. 1987 is when all the happy clappy cuckservatives were fapping to Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson and “race relations were so good”. LOL.

  8. George says:

    From press reports “Thang was described as a third-party vendor of Kroger”

    What is a third party vendor in a supermarket? I have heard the term used for comparatively upscale employees like IT, but am wondering if Kroger was running a scam by classifying workers as ‘third party’.

    “refugee from Burma ” Burma? Sophisticates call it Myanmar. I bet they call Yangon Rangoon too.

    Myanmar’s Rohingya Are in Crisis—What You Need to Know

  9. Anonymous[658] • Disclaimer says:

    Agreed, but also died.

    Memphis is one of the “refugee” dumpsites along, with Maine and Minnesota, in the replacement invasions and racial war on Americans by the US government and fifth column within it. No coincidence there.

    Distinct but related issue is the consolidation in South and East Asia of the ethnic military states of Myanmar, Thailand, China, North Korea, Vietnam. (and client states like Laos and Cambodia )

    Further South Korea and Taiwan will likely be vassalized in the near future, as they were historically. Its already clear they cannot defend against Chinese military force and the US retreat into chaotic internal strife and decline were whites are deposed eliminates the last threat.

    This is a clear distinct model now in the fastest growing economic region of the world.

  10. Gamecock says:

    lawmakers, advocates and the media sprung into action, writing hundreds of stories, introducing new legislation and reigniting public debate over gun laws.

    Nah. It was the same old legislation they couldn’t get thru before. They were hoping to exploit murder to get their agenda passed.

    And public debate wasn’t reignited. The Left has poisoned the well. With gun and ammo shortages, the police facing defunding, and governments’ failing to protect their people, there are MILLIONS of new 2A supporters.

    • Replies: @Neuday
  11. You’ll note the Post article (quoted) makes no mention of the demographics of the perps. It DOES comment at length about those nasty guns and the efforts to regulate them. This is boilerplate journalism for the Post and its ilk. Using the same logic, if they reported a multi-car pileup on the highway, they would make no mention of the driver at fault, but instead concentrate on the labor and business policies of an automaker as somehow being a factor.

  12. Mike Tre says:

    It’s the same reason we don’t hear the metoo cat ladies screaming about a female service member being assaulted by an Afghani goat molester at Ft. Bliss.

    People of the ‘stans should not be here. Zero compatibility with western culture.

    • Agree: Kylie, By-tor
  13. El Dato says:

    Gun violence is a thang in the UK.

  14. Trinity says:

    Lest we forget one of the worst mass murders in history was committed by Seung Hui Cho, a South Korean at Virginia Tech in 2007. Cho took the lives of 32 innocent victims. I wonder what the racial makeup of the victims were.

  15. J.Ross says:

    OT Are we going to talk about the wildfires always being arson? Why arson? Why are immigrants who are being giving hotel rooms starting fires in the summer? It’s not cold. A brainwashed student terrorist is self-explanatory but most of these aren’t PETA freaks, they’re immigrants, and they do it in Europe too.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  16. A Burmese, eh? Well, that’s new. I figured with a name like that we were dealing with another aspiring rap star.

  17. AndrewR says:

    UK Thang? Lmaoooooooo

    The media coverage of the spa killings was appalling, not only because they played up the anti-white #StopAsianHate angle but because the media mostly ignored the non-oriental victims

  18. This

    The press went insane over the white guy in the Atlanta spa shooting killing 6 Asians (as well as two miscellaneous) at a time when it was trying to blame the upsurge in black-on-Asian violence on Trump saying the words “China Flu” a year before.

    and this

    The Collierville shooter was a refugee from Burma named UK Thang.

    In my opinion, he should be named UN Thang.

  19. Sean says:

    Affluent whites have journalists so they can keep control of the society without needing to have death squads. Non affluent whites constitute a potentially formidable group that is the most dangerous to the elite’s continued control. So working whites get targeted for what they are, not what they do. It will never be over until white identity is destroyed.

    • Agree: Ghost of Bull Moose
  20. Truth says:

    Oh, so that’s why you good folk beat so many Asians.

  21. George Orwell served as a police officer in Burma and warned against the phenomenon of Burmese running amok. But we paid no attention.

    • Agree: Gordo
    • LOL: Wokechoke, bomag, El Dato
    • Troll: Charon
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  22. J.Ross says:

    Meant to post this with this comment: alternate universe wife material, ruined by higher learning, and a need to destroy the environment in order to save the environment:

  23. I thought he sounds like some kind of Sowf Lundun rap artist.

  24. Anonymous[141] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Highly recommend to slog through and read Burmese Days by Orwell. It is depressing, but has its moments. And the anonymous letters remind me a lot of recent events like Russiagate.

    Also, I don’t think Orwell was anti-Burmese. He’d been there and thought the imperialists were stupid. He actually was very interested in some parts of the culture. But he didn’t romanticize the natives either. Think he saw well the failings of men.*

    *Which means men and women. I’m old enough to use terms like that.

  25. Anononym says:

    You could also add that it probably isn’t getting much attention because the perpetrator was a refugee. At a time when “refugees” from Haiti and Afghanistan are much in the news, and even many Republican politicians are begging for them to come here.

    Wouldn’t want to point out that not all refugees spend their lives prostrate in gratitude for having been allowed in to America. Some are quite happy to kill us anyway.

    • Replies: @AnotherDad
  26. I wonder when they’ll provide a motive. It seems that the media will not dig deep if they feel it will not align with their ideology.

  27. EdwardM says:

    No other customer at Kroger’s in Tennessee, a constitutional carry state, was armed? Surprising and disappointing if true. The Commercial Appeal said he “was found at the back of the store killed by what officials believe was a self-inflicted gunshot.” Unfortunately, we cannot rule out an agenda on the part of the MSM, and even the police spokesman, so that may or may not be the actual story.

  28. dearieme says:

    UK Thang is such a wonderful name (I almost said “colourful” but that might be misinterpreted in the US) that the story surely deserves heaps of coverage.

    To flog an obvious point: how does a “refugee” from Burma reach the US? Presumably he must have crossed other countries in which he could have taken refuge. Doesn’t that make him an (illegal?) economic migrant rather than a refugee?

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  29. dearieme says:

    Anyhow, according to Sailer’s Law of Mass Shootings UK Thang must be an honorary black.

    • Replies: @Wade Hampton
    , @Brutusale
  30. Do they get paid extra for every use of “gun violence”?

    How’s about a piece on

    “Australian people disarmed by Govt. Australian Govt. shoots people.”

  31. AaronInMVD says: • Website

    There’s never been any consistency in how mass casualty incidents are covered. The collision of agendas determines whether or not the news gets pushed. Just… the priorities are constantly shifting as things move up and down the agenda.

    As far as I can tell there doesn’t actually seem to be anyone without dementia behind the wheel.

  32. Wokechoke says:

    These Burmese learning their duelist culture from old Etonian colonial policemen like Eric Blair. De Dee de colonise!

  33. Fancy Asians are Bad Dudes.

  34. CCZ says:

    Why???? Because they need the space for articles about the racism of reporting about missing (murdered) blue-eyed blond white women.

    From Trenton, NJ Times:

    Prejudice drives U.S. missing person policies. Name me a missing African American woman. Latina? Asian? Indigenous?

    Yeah, did not think any persons would surface. The media continues a deplorable history of discriminatory coverage of missing or dead blond, blue-eyed, allegedly attractive women.

    The death of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito reignited calls for media, law enforcement and society to cover and care about nonwhite women gone missing or found murdered by the hands of persons unknown.

    Plus, relatives and family members of murdered and missing minority men have raised their voices about the disproportionate responses for Caucasian women.

    While the Black Lives Matter movement causes raucous rancor, one should understand these incongruent reactions for missing Caucasian women gives credence to BLM initiatives.

    From Associated Press:

    Petito case renews call to spotlight missing people of color.

    By Lindsay Whitehurst, Terry Tang and Adriana Gomez Licon

    • Replies: @Anon
  35. “…gunfire deaths…”

    Lol. We are all downrange from diversity.

  36. JimDandy says:

    It’s a Burmese thang, you wouldn’t understand.

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  37. Anonymous[219] • Disclaimer says:

    First thing or thang I thought of w/ this post was the legend of the Central Park wilders in ’89 rehearsing “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc in the pokey (the media really enjoyed this detail at the time). The second, soberer analysis I had was that a ramp-up in SE Asian typographical zaniness is probably due, right? As a kid I remember being amused by emeritus U.N. Sec. Gen. named U Thant — modern website forms that prohibit you from abbreviating your name would’ve been hell for him, if he hadn’t already died in 1974 of course. I didn’t particularly like my own given name so thought I’d like going by a single capitalized letter too. I also prefer “Unnamed” to “Anonymous” btw. Society must change to suit my predilections.

  38. So now the establishment media has articles of perplexion, about the wildly differing attention murderous events generate in the establishment, and conclude it’s a muddle or we’re all so inured.

    I’d say “psuedo-perplexion”, except it probably isn’t. Many of these “journalists” are so thoroughly immersed in their bubble–and not very bright or analytical–that they honestly aren’t aware of what their own media outlet does. Willful learned ignorance.

    • Agree: Charon
  39. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:

    This whole UK Thang phenomenon is definitely not a U.K. Thing.

  40. V. Hickel says:

    sounds like a British R&B group. Come on yall and give it up for the UK Thang!

    • Replies: @cityview
  41. “man bites dog” phenomenon maybe?

    White guy does it and it’s big news.
    A POC does it and it’s just another weekend.

  42. Mr. Anon says:

    The number of gunfire deaths has increased in suburban and rural areas, though the overall numbers are lower because of smaller populations.

    Increased? By how much? Interesting that they don’t say if it has increased in urban areas too. Has it? And by how much? And by how much relative to the suburbs? And what kind of “suburbs” are we talking about here? The kind of suburb that urban diversity is spreading into?

    Journalism – the art of lying by omission.

  43. prosa123 says:

    OT: one of the more perplexing things about today’s economy is why so many companies are having a very difficult time finding workers even as working from home and Delta fears and other factors are continuing to wreak havoc on the economy. According to Federal Reserve official Esther George (whom everyone here will call “Esther,” of course), a major factor is what can be termed the lack of returning retirees.
    For decades, it’s been common for many recently retired people to go back to work, often part time, when they find they need more income and/or that retirement can be boring. As a result of Covid, however, this source of labor has almost entirely dried up. Retail and food service, among the areas hardest hit by labor shortages, were not coincidentally among the field in which returning retirees most often found work.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @additionalMike
  44. Clyde says:

    This Burmese UK shooter jamoke, as in U(K) UN Honcho Thant who was also from Burma Shave Nation. Other than this I piss on them, and in the right direction.

  45. guy in the Atlanta spa shooting killing 6 Asians (as well as two miscellaneous)

    I see what you did there.

  46. Here Steve, if you are looking for things to notice, is something I’ll bet you didn’t know

    The San Juan Unified School District where more than half the population is Afghan


    Coming to a State near you.

  47. Muggles says:

    To hardened neo Marxist propaganda pros — i.e. the entire establishment media — tragedies are best employed in pushing the Narrative.

    Not every similar event gets similar media coverage.

    So this disparity in coverage is no surprise, or accident.

    Plus, the media stooges get lazy sometimes and overlook events or minimize.

    Now they are faced with whitewashing the coming flood of Afghan and Haitian “migrants” who will soon be acting out their fantasies against heritage Americans in various ways. So perhaps scare stories about foreigners killing citizens isn’t the right preparation for that.

    There will be plenty of conflict with locals when dusky gibberish talking strangers start hitting the welfare stops. It’s going to be tough to fabricate the correct Narrative and blame Trump for all of the violence when it will be perpetrated mainly by non Whites.

    “It’s hard to be a media liar…”

    • Replies: @Currahee
  48. Uk, you trigger-happy Thang,
    How come you shot at people? Dang!
    At least you went out with a bang.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  49. Currahee says:

    There is also Gun Violence which stalks the land showing up most anywhere.

  50. Surely a UK Thang would have been to use a knife, not a gun…

  51. Steve, why isn’t the title to this article “Shooting in Collierville Ain’t No Thang”

  52. I saw the headline and thought UK Thang was the nom de plume of some rapper from the UK. Rather shocked to see that it’s someone’s real name. Makes sense that he’s Burmese, because in Burma “U” is an honorific for a male, akin to “Mister” or “Sir.”

    OT: Get a load of this Norcal alleged arsonist. Young female, blond, attractive, intelligent, newage (rhymes with sewage), and apparently out of her freaking mind. Because her surname retains the feminine “-eva” ending I suspect she is a Russian immigrant but maybe from when she was a child as she graduated from Palo Alto High and Caltech.

    Palo Alto scientist pleads not guilty to setting Shasta fire that has claimed 41 homes

    Get a load of her selfie with the buddha in the background.

  53. J.Ross says:

    Insofar as I can see retirees playing a role it’s that they never retire.
    People rightly dislike what work has become.
    The point of hiring Pajeets wasn’t to pay less for the same work. Pajeets were brought in to be the managers (and professors, and authors, and experts, but, in the workplace, the managers, etc) because they do not question power, they treat everyone underneath them like is-there-going-to-be-a-fistfight garbage, and their culture is fingerpointing. They are in other words a bad CEO’s dream, from the 16 hour day, Reagan revolution, “I better be seeing pizza deliveries because nobody ever eats dinner at home” period that generated workplace shootings (“going postal”). This is happening at the same time that there is a tremendous drop-off in native qualification in general and an influx of frankly unassimilable borderline criminals, who know about America only that they expect to be treated well and get rich here. I don’t see a good end here, but everybody respectable wants you to die violently, and Trump wants you to get the vaccine and welcome every legal immigrant.

    • Agree: JMcG
  54. lavoisier says: • Website

    Many of these “journalists” are so thoroughly immersed in their bubble–and not very bright or analytical–that they honestly aren’t aware of what their own media outlet does. Willful learned ignorance.

    Disagree. By and large they all read from the same script that has been generated for them by the monolithic media conglomerates that they all work for.

    Does being clueless play a significant role? I doubt it.

  55. Rob says:

    UK Thang is a fantastic name for a British rapper.

    Apologies if this has already been said. I can’t believe it’s not a solid 75% of the thread, tbh.

    • Replies: @Paco Wové
  56. It all seems like part of a depopulation program to me. 🙂 Neighbor and myself got into discussing movies and happened onto fake cigarettes they smoke in every movie…I was saying surely some are real… Patrick Swazey was a smoker 🙂

  57. @Rob

    Blame the moderation for that.

  58. Altai says:

    The only question to be asked since I keep seeing Asian-Americans (And the #StopAsianHate narrative is taken at face value in East Asia itself since they just read the translated American media) asking things like if it’s safe to visit various European cities on vacation because that is the homeland of the white things who hunt them! Surely the #AsianHate must be stronger in Stockholm! IE, they’re not just glibly latching onto the hashtag to vent their general ethnic grievances but are actually taking the narrative of it seriously.

    Did Uk Thang, at least in part, find a motivation for his mass shooting in the #StopAsianHate narrative?

  59. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    It’s actually Malays (like the guy who crashed MH370) who were known for this, not Burmese.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
    , @Doctor Jeyi
  60. Why is UK Thang in my country?

    Just change the anthem to circus calliope already.

    • Agree: Polistra
    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  61. @AnotherDad

    Well said, AD!
    The truth is probably what you opined:
    These journalists are 1) not very bright, and 2) they are delicate roses planted in pc manure — they cannot even conceive of another perspective.

  62. J.Ross says:

    OT — good news! — The Destroy America bill failed, twice, in the House!
    Anon said:

    I got some infrastructure AOC can work on.

    No, ignore that. Another anon said:

    Everybody sees the end of [D]emocrat establishment power. The coalition of special interests who rallied behind them all want their special interests [now], and aren[‘]t comfortable waiting any[ ]more. The coalition is made up of a lot of people who want things which are politically[,] economically[,] and/or physically not possible to do. If the most unreasonable among them dig their he[e]ls in[,] and won[‘]t let the budget get passed unless the [D]emocrats can command the tides to recede[,] then there’s your end of the [L]eft scenario.
    Imagine [N]ancy giving a public declaration that everyone who wants socialism and an end to fossil fuels are ignorant petulant children that need to grow up? What if she does anything less than that and has to propose a bill so absurdly ridiculous that it fails as coherent legislation?

    (I dunno, something about the voters of Riverdale got AOC to drop her opposition to Iron Dome.)
    Nancy said:

    I’m never bringing to the floor a bill that doesn’t have the votes, you cannot choose the date. You have to go when you have the votes in a reasonable time, and we will.

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  63. J.Ross says:

    What could there possibly be about Malays that would lead people to expect them to get violent or crash planes?

  64. Why Isn’t UK Thang’s Mass Shooting Getting as Much Media Attention as the Atlanta Spa Shooting?

    Perhaps because of the assumption that UK Thang is an event occurring in Britain?

  65. @Anononym

    Wouldn’t want to point out that not all refugees spend their lives prostrate in gratitude for having been allowed in to America. Some are quite happy to kill us anyway.

    The people who ought to have been the happiest and most appreciative for having been allowed to come to the United States somehow seem to end be the most hostile to its citizens and the most destructive to our nation.

    • Replies: @Polistra
    , @jsm
  66. @prosa123

    For the paranoid perspective, count on me:

    -Landlords are forbidden to evict tenants, who are living rent-free

    -Unemployment benefits are the highest they have ever been

    The Dems are counting on this to discourage restaurant employees, etc., from seeking work, so that they can point to the “labor shortage” as a reason why we need Haitian/Afghani/Mexican immigrants, to do the jobs we lazy American bastids won’t do.

    All of those “Help Wanted” signs will help blunt the impact of the crime wave and COVID super-spreader events to follow.

    • Agree: Polistra
  67. Not Raul says:

    Was there actually an upsurge specifically in black-on-asian violence?

    Good question. Did black-on-Asian violence go up a lot more than black-on-black violence, or black-on-chicano violence, or black-on-white violence?

    UK Thang could be a black rapper.

    It sounds like he took refuge in the wrong country.

    • Replies: @Polistra
  68. Polistra says:

    “refugee from Burma ” Burma? Sophisticates call it Myanmar.

    If you were capable of independent thought, you’d object to “refugee” not “Burma”.

    Someone who ends up on the opposite side of the globe, wherever the gibs happen to be best, is not a refugee.

    • Agree: TWS
  69. Polistra says:

    They come here and get marinated in 24/7 (MSM) hate-whitey propaganda.

    Eventually the propaganda has the desired effect.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  70. @dearieme

    He’s a “person of color” so the same rule applies to him.

    • Agree: By-tor
  71. Polistra says:
    @the one they call Desanex

    Now can you adjust their dosage so that they off themselves before shooting 15 merkins rather than after?

  72. prosa123 says:

    Supermarkets sometimes contract out certain non-core functions to third parties. The sushi bar, which Thang operated, is a classic example, other common ones include merchandising resets, free sample handouts, Starbucks and other coffee shops, pharmacies, and floral departments. It varies from company to company.
    Based on how supermarkets operate, Thang probably was not permanently assigned to this Kroger and did not make the sushi himself.. More likely he brought the sushi to the store and arranged it each day, one of the multiple stores on his route, with the actual preparation being the responsibility of chefs at a central facility.

  73. Polistra says:
    @Not Raul

    Was there actually an upsurge specifically in black-on-asian violence?

    Good question. Did black-on-Asian violence go up a lot more than black-on-black violence, or black-on-chicano violence, or black-on-white violence?

    Of course it’s a good question, which is why you’ll never see it mentioned in the MSM, and also why anyone who does raise it will be instantly vilified.

    Fact is, this is yet another way in which skyrocketing african violence serves the purposes of the Ruling Class. Simply note how Group X is victimized, then pin it all on white people. Subtly or blatantly–when you own the megaphone, it really doesn’t matter.

  74. jsm says:

    Aye, or grateful that we spent our nation’s blood and treasure to get their Bubbe out of the camps.

    Where’s the gratitude?

  75. @George

    It will always be Burma to me.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  76. Polistra says:

    Nicole Gelinas in the New York Post tonight:

    Stop blaming ‘stray bullets’ and ‘botched robberies’ for CRIMINAL violence

  77. J.Ross says:

    Remember how doctors who die during the lockdown should get statues, Steve? Remember Healthcare Heroes? Remember Superman ripping apart his clothing and handing it to a nurse who was probably at that point thinking about calling security?
    Of course you remember that. That’s exactly what those Nazis wanted.
    The truth is, this is no longer war. This is cold-blooded murder. Until now, the war has been conducted with honor, and bravery; with the ideals of truth and justice, in the best traditions of mankind — until this moment. Brothers and sisters, the endless catalogue of bestial atrocities — which will inevitably ensue from this appalling act — must, can, and will be terminated. The spread will be stopped. The curve will be dulled. The forces of darkness and treasonable maggots, who call themselves nurses, who collaborate with the virus, must, can, and will be wiped from the face of the earth. We must crush them. We must smash them. We must stamp them out.
    NY gov to nurses: you are replaceable!
    National Guard to be called in;

    • LOL: kaganovitch
  78. Anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Why???? Because they need the space for articles about the racism of reporting about missing (murdered) blue-eyed blond white women.

    There is no shortage of stories to be told about missing women of color. Unfortunately, they often involve drugs and/ or prostitution. And pretty much ALWAYS involve a POC (perpetrator of color).

    It just doesn’t fit the narrative.

    If they ever find an innocent young black woman murdered by a white guy, there will be no end to the stories written about it. Your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be learning about in school 100 years from now.

  79. @Anonymous

    The pilot of the Malaysian B-777 who crashed the jet, securely locking out the rest of the cockpit crew, then depressurizing the passenger cabin (he had a separate oxygen system), first incapacitating everybody, with them all dying shortly thereafter of anoxia; and then programming the auto-pilot (after manually shutting down all GPS locator pingers); intentionally running out of fuel thousands of miles off the normal flightpath, thereby dumping the jet into a place in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia where the water was five miles deep.

    He had programmed the whole thing through in advance on a very sophisticated flight simulator computer installation that he had in his house. What he didn’t know was the turbofan jet engines themselves used GPS/satellite communication to regularly post operational info, including positional data, back to the manufacturer.

    The precipitating factor was that the aircraft commander had attended that day or the day before in person the hoked-up sodomy re-trial of new-age Islamicist Anwar Ibrahim, of whom he was a deeply engaged follower. Anwar’s previous kangaroo court sodomy convictions were stage-managed by repeat offender President/Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahatir, maybe a slightly less hip Islamist than Anwar but a way more out-front Jooo hater.

    Somehow Anwar was in due course sprung from jail by Mahatir —through a cats-paw traditional Malay royal who had the power of pardoning criminals— under a bizarre time-sharing arrangement stipulating that Mahatir would do the first half of his elected term, and then Anwar the second half.

    So far, now some years after Anwar’s half-term was to begin, he apparently never quite took up the reins and Mahatir is still running the country.

    And no, I didn’t commit suicide.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  80. @Anonymous

    Given that he was such an inaccurate shooter, his rap name should have been “Wild Thang”.

    • Thanks: kaganovitch
    • LOL: Sam Malone
  81. The Collierville shooter was a refugee from Burma…

    Maybe UK Thang was seriously annoyed with all the PC locals saying he was from Myanmar.

  82. @Bill Jones

    CA taxpayers are already on-the-hook for the significant cost of babysitting Afghan immigrant kids, with many more such cases coming soon. I don’t remember seeing any ballot question that asked the state’s voters whether they think that’s OK.

    Why can’t those newcomers all live at Gruesome’s winery in Napa, Pelosi’s estate in Marin, or Feinstein’s mansion at Tahoe?

  83. @Doctor Jeyi

    under a bizarre time-sharing arrangement

    Hardly bizarre in an ennearchy, where nine royals take turns.

    That wreck was estimated to be somewhere near the southeast 45-90 point. I took my boys to the hamlet of Poniatowski this summer to experience its northwest antipode. We were literally a world away, but it didn’t cross our minds.

  84. danand says:

    “2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades. So far, 2021 is worse.”

    Not looking so great for Arson either, at least not here in California:



    • Replies: @danand
    , @Sick of Orcs
  85. danand says:

    Looks as though Souverneva may be one among the latest breed of “eco-warrior evangelists” who has determined that no price it too high to pay when it comes to getting us to “act on global warming”.

    “Souverneva graduated from Palo Alto High School in 2009 and the California Institute of Technology in 2012 with degrees in chemistry and biology…

    After enrolling in a Ph.D. program at the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry she worked in medicinal chemistry as a research associate at the biotech companies Gilead Sciences in Foster City and Nanosyn in Santa Clara.”

    • Replies: @D. K.
  86. D. K. says:

    • Thanks: Charon
  87. I went to the Kern county fair this weekend. The corn dogs were good, but the air quality was probably some of the worst I’ve ever seen. In the Central valley of California, there was a perpetual haze of smoke blotting out the sun and the moon at night. It was really creepy breathing in all of that ash.

    Not a mask to be found at any restaurant or bar in Bakersfield… interesting….!

  88. Ed Case says:

    In Australia their Immigration Dept caseworker will be a white lezzo who will word them up about how racist Australians are, right off the plane.
    So they start off scared, which makes them potentially dangerous.
    Likely the same thing happens in America.

  89. Spect3r says:

    You were not, i was expecting reading “rapper” at any moment in the article.

  90. @danand

    Arson should have always been punishable by execution.

  91. Neuday says:

    Now that we have UK Thang, it’s disappointing the trans pervert at the WeSpa kurfuffle wasn’t named IC Wang.

  92. @Anonymous

    Watch “The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” or “Being Evel” both are on Amazon Prime.

  93. @dearieme

    He was probably brought here by some church group, similar to the ones who bring in Somalis and Sudanese.

  94. Escher says:

    I assumed the same thang.
    Then I saw this was a different Thang.

  95. Brutusale says:

    Fancy Asians are honorary whites.

    Jungle Asians are with the rest of the wogs.

  96. cityview says:
    @V. Hickel

    I know; I thought it was several people myself.

  97. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    Just change the anthem to circus calliope already.

    This will work pretty well. Careful with it though, it can stick in your head for days.

  98. Ragno says:

    No white face to draw devil horns on?


    No story here.

    Black or brown face on spree killer?

    (eyebrow raised in sudden irritation)

    I said no story!!

  99. @Polistra

    ‘Attempted murders gone right’

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