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World War T

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The current transgender fad to put children on puberty blockers tends to be, in effect, an Iranian-style war of eradication upon males who would grow up to be gay men, and upon tomboys, many of whom would grow up to be straight women. There was a 15-year tracking study done at UCLA a half century... Read More
From the Los Angeles Times: Governor Newsom said, "Personally, my hair, like every aspect of me, is amazing: I have American Psycho-level hair! "But I can see why you people with your mediocre hair want a law making it illegal for anybody to notice that you don't have
I'm not going to watch, but feel free to comment. Last night was World War T Night: Isn't it transphobic for Castro to apologize for thinking that transwomen need taxpayer-funded abortions. It's a stereotype that transwomen don't need an abortion. Everyone needs an abortion! Which sacred Intersectional group will be most lauded tonight? Maybe World... Read More
Last January, Berkeley Latinx Studies major / nonbinary pronoun activist Pablo "They" Gomez was arrested on charges of murdering a woman he didn't know, schoolteacher Emilie Inman, and stabbing nonfatally fellow SJW activist Kiana Schmitt. The stabby little social justice jihadi was found sane enough to stand trial on a 2-1 vote. Monday was the... Read More
The Washington Post complains: In other words, the President of the United States isn't going to micromanage bathrooms and locker rooms across this 3,000-mile-wide country anymore. Instead, the decisions are going to be up to officials closer to the various actual bathrooms and locker rooms. The authors of the Federalist Papers, such as Madison and... Read More
NOTE: If you are interested in the Oroville Dam disaster in California, I've been updating my earlier post about it below.
From Berkeleyside: An earlier Berkeleyside article identified this young woman as missing: If you're going to
From the New York Times: Usually, reporters clean up these kind of stream of consciousness burbles to make the respondent sound more articulate. (Trump is an exception.) But a good passive-aggressive way to make most people look dumb or disingen
From the New York Times: What about locker rooms? High schools have locker rooms ... I pointed out this war was being launched exactly three years ago in a post entitled "Post-Gay Marriag
From the front page:
As I've mentioned before, I went to UCLA MBA school in the early 1980s with a guy named Martin Rothblatt *, who now tops the list of highest paid "women" CEOs in America under the name Martine Rothblatt. He was a space exploration aficionado who went on to found Sirius satellite radio. Now New York... Read More
I clicked on the ESPN feature "Where is Olympic flame today?" and ... yeah, I should have guessed:In other Chechen news, Larry David buys a detonator from Tibor the Chechen.In future Chechen news:Wearing a stunning floor-length Givenchy gown, former Chechen strongwoman Ramzana Kadyrova was the center of photographers' attention once again as she walked the... Read More
Geraldine Elizabeth CarmichaelThe Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation was an automobile company started by entrepreneur Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael in 1974. The company's flagship vehicle was the Dale, a prototype three-wheeled two-seater sports car designed and built by Dale Clifft. It was powered by an 850 cc air-cooled engine and featured a claimed 70 mpg-US (3.4... Read More
To give you some more evidence of the New Conventional Wisdom that has rapidly congealed that privileges for the amorphous class of "the transgendered" is suddenly the Crucial Moral Issue of Our Time (a.k.a., World War T), here are some more articles denouncing Grantland for publishing freelancer Caleb Hannan's fine piece of investigative journalism: (with... Read More
Here's my new Taki's Magazine column on the current brouhaha condemning a fine piece of longform investigative reporting in Bill Simmons' Grantland by freelancer Caleb Hannan on a con artist who duped Dan Quayle and golf broadcaster Gary McCord. Hannan's crime: prioritizing "fact-finding" over the subject's Pokemon Power Points in the victimism sweepstakes. Read the whole... Read More
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