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Vulcan Society

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From WCBS in New York:To the ranks of Tiger Mothers and Eagle Fathers, we can add the Dalmatian Dads of the Fire Department of New York, who encourage their sons and nephews to study hard the family trade of saving people from burning buildings.  My old articles are archived at
From the New York Times, an update on the Vulcan Society disparate impact discrimination lawsuit filed by the Bush Administration (thanks, Alberto!):Judge Garaufis has been revealing himself to be an innumerate fool for a couple of years now, but do you think anybody he knows has ever pointed this out to him? There is no shame... Read More
From the New York Daily News on the next phase in the Vulcan Society v. Fire Department of New York disparate impact discrimination lawsuit:Judge Nicholas Garaufis last year demanded that the city alter its method of recruiting firefighters and blocked the FDNY - which is 91% white - from hiring any candidates until a new test was created.... Read More
La Griffe du Lion's great term for the one standard deviation gap between whites and blacks in just about any measurement that's related in some way to cognition -- the Fundamental Constant of Sociology -- is actually rather mysterious.Sure, it's easy to understand why we see it in nationally representative samples, but why do we... Read More
I was pleased to receive an email from the Zorro of statisticians, the mysterious La Griffe du Lion. He wants to point out that the Fundamental Constant of Sociology applies even more closely to the FDNY test data than I made it appear:In your fine article, Professor Gates, Officer Crowley, President Obama—And the New York... Read More
Here's a Commenter's question about the Fire Department of New York hiring exams ruled discriminatory in Vulcan Society:The explanation is that you can pass the test (which you can see for yourself here) in one of two general ways:1. All the information needed to answer the questions is in reading passages directly above the questions.... Read More
Last week's federal district court ruling in Vulcan Society v. New York throwing out the written tests used to hire some of the 343 firemen who died on 9/11 should be taken to the Supreme Court posthaste, before Clarence Thomas keels over and Obama replaces him with, say, Henry Louis Gates's lawyer Charles Ogletree. (To... Read More
In my column yesterday night on the Bush Administration's belated triumph over Disparate Impact in the Fire Department of New York, the ironies were so rich that I didn't have room to analyze the legal reasoning of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis's opinion in Vulcan Society v. FDNY. Fortunately, a reader has done it for... Read More
From my new column:Two stubborn individuals have done more than anyone to slow the Obama political juggernaut over the last month: Frank Ricci and James Crowley. ...Interestingly, both Ricci and Crowley are not the kind of folks the Republican Party has focused upon representing in the 21st Century. They are Northeasterners, civil servants, and... Read More
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