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The Eight Banditos

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Would I mislead you, Marco?One way to get a sense of the likely political effects of the Gang of Eight's immigration bill is to think of it as a contest of brainpower between Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). In the long run, either the Democrat is going to have proved to... Read More
Joe Green, a Harvard roommate of Mark Zuckerberg and head of Zuck's cheap labor lobby, National Association for the Advancement of Billionaire People, emails:To commemorate this historic accomplishment by The Gang o
From The Hill:But, don't worry, Senator Rubio has a plan to fix that!
It's a commonplace that modern political journalism focuses too much on personalities and horse race analysis rather than on the real world impact of proposed policies. Less widely noticed is that political journalism is increasingly turning into "marketing campaign criticism," with reporters obsessing over how seamless are attempts to manipulate voters, with the more sheen... Read More
From Politico:We have a carefully concocted public relations offensive that has been hitting all its marks on the Holodeck of the MSM, and there is no room in the timetable for glitches caused by the intrusion of real life immigrants into our expensively constructed fantasy world.Pay attention only to the men behind the curtain pulling... Read More
The downside of Mickey Kaus as a blogger at the Daily Caller is that he doesn't Feed the Beast anywhere near as often as other bloggers, and unlike more successful bloggers, posts only on a fairly small number of subjects where he knows what he's talking about.The upside of Mickey as a blogger is, well,... Read More
Am I being too cynical here? From the NYT:Does anybody imagine that in ten years, the Castro Administration's Department of Homeland Security will announce, "Oh, wow, I guess we haven't stopped illegal immigration after all. No citizenship for you!"?This is basically a ploy to delay the switching of Arizona from Republican to Democrat until after... Read More
The term "strange new respect" was coined by Tom Bethell to describe the terms with which Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices are hailed by the prestige media after they arrive in Georgetown and start to Go Native.Of course, the process works in the opposite direction, too. In the last couple of weeks, our media-appointed Dictator of... Read More
I recently asked if anybody has checked whether Hispanic voters, the majority of whom are of Mexican background, actually like Senator Marco Rubio (R-CUBA). A reader points me to this December survey by Public Policy Polling of 700 registered voters, showing approval ratings for potential 2016 candidates. Among the 90 or so Hispanic voters surveyed, only 24%... Read More
From Ann Coulter:According to the Reuters-Ipsos panel, Hindus went 77% for Obama - 23% for Romney (sample size = 101), despite Romney's repeated pledges to staple a green card to every advanced STEM diploma.True, Romney lost the Hispanic vote, but so did John McCain, the original Rubio. (McCain lost Hispanics by 67 percent compared to... Read More
Okay, so Stephen Colbert had a little fun at the expense of Senator Marco Rubio and his case of flop sweat on national TV, but that can't hurt the GOP's Great Tan Hope because, as everybody knows, Spanish-language network Univision is the big dog in the TV ratings these days. And Univision loves Rubio! Right? I... Read More
For years, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been arguing that the only reason anybody in America has the slightest doubts about immigration is because of the malign influence of one man, a Michigan ophthalmologist named John Tanton. Now, Sen. Marco Rubio is spreading the SPLC's line.From the Washington Post:A new battle has flared inside the Republican... Read More
A commenter points us to this Intrade betting market chance showing Marco Rubio's probability of being the Republican Veep spiking last week, before falling off a little bit. Today, Rubio endorsed Romney. Rubio is at 33% and nobody else is above 10%. I'm guessing that is somewhat due to punters hypothesizing in complicated fashions about the Trayvon... Read More
The recently elected senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has been talked up a lot as a VP nominee, because he's handsome (which appears to be GOP priority #1 these days), has a Spanish-surname, and got his start working for a Cuban-American Congresswoman who is half-Sephardic by ancestry so you know he's sound on the World's Most... Read More
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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