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Stuff White People Like

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Headline in the Washington Post:From the Burning Blog:I'd be interested in how much of a Northern European v. Southern European divide there is in who attends. The whole hippie thing seems Northern European to me. My cousin, for example, is a regular at Burning Man. He takes after his outdoorsy Swiss German mother, who regrets... Read More
From Salon:This is a long, laudatory article about some nice white lady named Sue Mosey, who heads one of those quasi-governmental Community Development Corporations invented during the Great Society. Sue is portrayed as the real power in Detroit these days, as evidenced by her getting a Whole Foods to open in the gentrifying neighborhood where... Read More
From a Los Angeles Times article on the extravagance of Persian weddings in LA:Status-striving among the kind of white people featured in Stuff White People Like comes in for some ribbing around here now and then, but I've got
From New Geography:Read the whole thing.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
In Tom Wolfe books about the denizens of the Upper East Side, English nannies are the gold standard of status. The peasants have to get by with other brands.From MSNBC: Tibetan nannies: Parents’ new status symbol?In some families, the ethnic background of a nanny carries a certain cachet — and entrenched stereotypes.“Generally speaking, what is... Read More
From the New York Times on the success of the new professional soccer team in Seattle:Ushers who work games at Qwest stadium for the Seattle Seahawks football team and now the Sounders say they are amazed by Sounder fans standing, stomping and chanting for the full 90 minutes of play, many waving bright green Sounders... Read More
From a New York Times story, "The Great Gay Hope," on the latest Portland, Oregon mayor who can't keep his hands off the teenage help:Could Portland being the most European of American cities have anything to do with it being, by far, the most European-American of cities?Nah, it's got to be just a coincidence.My published... Read More
Portland, Oregon is, of course, near the top of any list of Stuff White People Like. It has it all: environmental restrictions on suburban development, trams, liberal social attitudes, bicycle trails, awareness, an upscale population, microbreweries, sterility, and so much more. Not surprisingly, white people like Portland. In fact, it was the only city in... Read More
As Dennis Dale noted even before the Inaugural Kitschfest, Milan Kundera pointed out that:In his fine new book The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution, Denis Dutton expands upon Kundera's insight:The first tear is what we shed in the presence of a tragic, pitiful, or perhaps beautiful event. The second tear is shed in... Read More
Mickey writes:As a summer job in 1981, I worked for a lady who worked for Mayor Tom. I shook the Mayor's hand once: A tall, impressive man with an unusual look to him. I thought he looked quite American Indian, much like basketball player Scottie Pippen does. Oddly enough, he also looked much like Anwar... Read More
Here's a website called, where they ask you vocabulary questions and the sponsors (e.g., UniLever) donate 20 grains of rice to hungry people somewhere or other for each word you get right. Many of the words are highly obscure, but if you know your Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes, you'll do okay.I got... Read More
is the "Not a Bus" concept in "#147 - Public Transportation That Is Not a Bus." Christian Lander developed my basic point nicely:The book is on Amazon for $11.80. I was going to mention that it's very easy to give books as gifts via Amazon (just fill in the address of the recipient), but then... Read More
Christian Lander writes:In most of the world when a person works long hours without pay, it is referred to as “slavery” or “forced labor.” For white people this process is referred to as an internship and is considered an essential stage in white development. ...You would assume that the most sought after internships would be... Read More
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