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The Washington Post is concerned that Sonia Sotomayor didn't seem liberal enough:One liberal Senator, however, gloated that what you saw won't be what you get with Justice Sotomayor: And Cardin [D-MD], who announced on Friday that he will vote for Sotomayor, said he is encouraged by her judicial record and her private conversations before the... Read More
You have to feel a little sorry for Sonia Sotomayor. Here she's spent all these years giving speeches about what she believes to boring little Diversity colloquia. And now she finally gets on the big stage ... and her P.R. handlers tell her she has to dissemble about everything closest to her heart, that if... Read More
You can read what the two discriminated-against firemen had to say here. (Vargas's testimony is toward the bottom here.)It sure would have been better theatre to have plain-spoken witnesses like these guys testify first before the Senators and Sotomayor plunged into the legalistic thickets.And here's today cross-examination of Sotomayor by Sen. Kyl, who pretty much... Read More
is now up at published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Here's a National Journal article by Stuart Taylor on how Sotomayor and two other judges almost got away with making the Ricci case disappear without their ten fellow judges on the Second Circuit hearing about it. Sotomayor's old mentor, Jose Cabranes, read about it in his local New Haven newspaper and blew his stack at... Read More
At the heart of the Ricci case, which Judge Sonia Sotomayor attempted to bury so that it couldn't be appealed when she heard it by upholding the lower court's anti-Ricci decision without an opinion (outraging her mentor Judge Jose Cabranes), is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Four-Fifths Rule.This regulation says that on any employment test,... Read More
From the New York Times:This one sentence is the most interesting part of the op-ed: Sturm und Guinier give away the hushed up fact that "civil rights" -- as currently understood by, say, Sonia Sotomayor -- is an assault on America's once proud tradition of civil service reforms.As you'll recall, when a disappointed government job-seeker... Read More
... shouldn't be to try to show that she's outside the liberal mainstream, but to show what the liberal mainstream actually is.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
My new column about the Sotomayor hearings scheduled to start on Monday are up.Once again, my best suggestion for dramatizing Ricci v. DeStefano is for the Republican senators to call Mayor John DeStefano of New Haven as a hostile witness.The witness lists released today includes Frank Ricci and Ben Vargas, the Hispanic plaintiff in... Read More
I'm gearing up for my mid-year panhandling project, which always involves figuring out why Paypal and Amazon aren't working right anymore. Right now, you can make a tax-deductible donation through />Once they get enough money in, they can put up my article on questions to ask Judge Sotomayor at her Senate hearings next Monday.My... Read More
Swing Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority opinion is fairly narrow, yet broader and braver than my prediction that he'd merely send it back down for retrial on the facts. It's a sizable defeat for the Obama Administration and their Supreme Court nominee.Perhaps the most striking element of Kennedy's majority opinion is that he never portrays this... Read More
Here's a teaser from my new column on Monday's upcoming Ricci Supreme Court decision:Bazelon apparently doesn’t know that lotteries are exactly what cities such as Chicago are already doing with the results of firefighter tests, in an attempt to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s "Four-Fifths Rule". This regulation puts the burden of... Read More
Supposedly, the Supreme Court will announce its decision in Ricci v. DeStefano on Monday.What are your predictions?Also, feel free to make predictions about how the Sotomayor hearings will play out.And if you feel an urgent need to refresh yourself on all the wisdom I've been dispensing on the topics of "Ricci" or "Sotomayor," just click... Read More
A recent paper, "Does Affirmative Action Lead to Mismatch: A New Test and Evidence" by four economists (Arcidiacomo, Aucejo, Fang, and Spenner) has some inside info from the Duke U. admissions department on Duke students, including SAT scores and freshmen grades. The table on p. 14 shows the standard rank order -- Asian, white, Latino,... Read More
Mickey Kaus points to an NYT article about Sonia Sotomayor's service on some kind of New York housing handout board a couple of decades ago, which documents both her Obama-like Who? Whom? worldview and her anti-Obama tendency to rub people the wrong way.“She wanted lower-income people served, and that’s a good goal,” said Royce Mulholland,... Read More
When it comes to racial preferences, Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor are ideological twins, although most Americans don't realize it yet. Unlike the master politician, however, Sotomayor tends to rub people the wrong way. Still, the Republican Senators are highly unlikely to be able to stop Sotomayor. And it's not clear that they should want... Read More
The root of Obama's Sotomayor Problem is this: Having decided for political reasons that he wanted a female Hispanic who was liberal on affirmative action and not too old and had plausible credentials, Obama then ran into a reality that is unpleasant but was logically inevitable: There just aren't that many Wise Latinas (whether self-proclaimed... Read More
From the New York Times:Judge Sonia Sotomayor once described herself as “a product of affirmative action” who was admitted to two Ivy League schools despite scoring lower on standardized tests than many classmates, which she attributed to “cultural biases” that are “built into testing.” On another occasion, she aligned with conservatives who take a limited... Read More
Marx defined the ruling class as those who control the means of production. But that seems so 19th Century. Today, the key is to control the terms of discourse.For example, consider how affirmative action largely disappeared as something disussable in polite society in recent years. John McCain had a chance to take it up as... Read More
The Weekly Standard has a transcript of a WSJ link to oral arguments in 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals hearing of the Ricci case:KAREN LEE TORRE (lawyer for Ricci et al): I think a fundamental failure is the application of these concepts to this job as if these men were garbage collectors. This is a... Read More
... can be found here.Thanks to everybody who pointed out my mistake.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Yesterday's Slate article on Sonia Sotomayor and the Ricci case was so clueless that Slate is back today with a better informed article on the case by a Stanford law prof:Well, that's one way of putting it.Another way of putting it is that there isn't
Emily Bazelon writes in Slate:Actually, Ricci is a easy race case with simple facts -- a representative example of how Title VII routinely works. It's only a hard case if your goal is to somehow, someway, preserve the dominant "disparate impact" concept.Something that hasn't been me
Here's an excerpt from my article on the Ricci Supreme Court case: Frank Ricci is the lead plaintiff of a group of New Haven, Connecticut firemen (17 whites and one Hispanic) who took the city’s fire department promotion test in late 2003 and earned advancement to the rank of lieutenant or captain. No blacks... Read More
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