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From the NYT: The word "even" in that headline is pretty funny. "Predictably" would be more logical than "even." You know, this outburst of black on black killings isn't some random fluke like the weather, it's a direct result of last fall's BlackLivesMatter agitation in Chicago and Obama Administration anti-police interventions, just like the pattern... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
But in 2013, the Obama Administration's Bureau of Justice Statistics dropped the homicide offending numbers from their latest homicide report in favor of only mentioning homicide victimization. While that seems petty, it makes it easier for SJWs to fantasize about evil white men gunning down black baby bodies. And that matters more than knowing the... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
From my new book review in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there. Here's a picture of Park Slope in the 1970 Hal Ashby movie The Landlord starring Beau Bridges, shot when Quinn was about 11:
From my book review in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
Track and Battlefield Everybody knows that the "gender gap" between men and women runners in the Olympics is narrowing. Everybody is wrong. by Steve Sailer and Dr. Stephen Seiler Published in National Review, December 31, 1997 Everybody knows that the "gender gap" in physical performance between male and female athletes is rapidly narrowing. Moreover, in... Read More
The Washington Post editorial board has drawn a line in the sand against anti-white black solidarity, at least where it really matters: Washington D.C. city council elections.Ms. Bonds appeared Monday on WAMU-FM’s “Kojo Nnamdi Show” with the five other candidates vying for the citywide seat in the April 23 special election. She was asked about... Read More
Business Insider reports:I don't see much evidence at all that white Americans like foreign whites more than African-Americans, but it might someday happen. More likely, a
Speaking of Arthur Jensen, Occidentalist has a table listing all 40 academic studies he could find of the white-black gap in average IQ in the U.S. They range from 1918, when it was measured at 17 points, to 2008, when it was found to be 16 points. So, don't let anybody tell you The Gap... Read More
Philip Roth's recent screed about his novel The Human Stain not have anything at all to do with his literary booster Anatole Broyard (1920-1990), whose passing from black to white Roth hadn't heard about until first meeting him in 1958, inspired Paleo Retiree (formerly Michael Blowhard) at his new group blog Uncouth Reflections to recall that... Read More
Judging from the comments so far, not many post-Broyard celebrities have been revealed to have actively passed from black to white. I can think of a number of part-black actresses who switch back and forth between white and black roles:Rashida Jones -- "Parks and Recreation" -- Her father is Quincey JonesMaya Rudolph -- "Saturday Night Live"... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine:Read the whole thing there.Are there any celebrities since Broyard who are now known to have passed for career purposes?I'm thinking of "passed
From the L.A. Times:It's true that most newspaper styl
Ron Unz has a big article in The American Conservative on a perennially interesting and important subject:Kenny claimed that such IQ t
Over at West Hunter, Greg Cochran has been introducing a a fairly new and potentially important theory of the genetic origins of race differences in IQ.  It's less a theory of evolution than of devolution. The mechanism causing effective differences, he argues, is less selection for higher IQ due to differences in the environment (e.g., winter... Read More
From the New York Times:The Na-Dene speakers include the Navajo and Apache of the American Southwest, although no U.S. tribes were included in the study because of political opposition to genetic research. It's my vague impression that Na-Dene speaking Indians tend to look more Siberian than other American Indians, which wouldn't be surprising since they... Read More
From the L.A. Times:And so forth and so on.Americans aren't very censorious about sex anymore, so what we get titillated and censorious about now is talking about race. But, that keeps us from actually thinking much about race. Nobody has much investigated the Snyder-Johnson hypothesis.
We've been having some fun posting historical bits and pieces subversive of the increasingly popular interpretation of American history put forward by whiteness experts like Noel Ignatiev: that the Irish, Spaniards, Jews, Italians, and so forth weren't considered white until recently. For example, look how the CIA wouldn't allow James Jesus Angleton to join because his... Read More
The New York Times solicits eight opinions on the burning issue of the day "Whitewashing on the Small Screen." You see, HBO's new non-hit sit-com "Girls" has four white actresses playing the four titular girls. SARAH S ELTZER, POP CULTURE WRITER
Now that the Trayvon Martin case has raised awareness of racial bias and hate crimes on the streets of America, it's time to look into other cases that were ignored by the cops. For example, on May 14, 2011, Matthew Yglesias, now of Slate and a prominent advocate of urban ambulation, was walking home from dinner... Read More
Here's Charles Murray taking Onion digital editor Baratunde Thurston's "How to Be Black" quiz and having Thurston take Murray's "How Thick Is Your Bubble?" quiz.Thurston, by the way, is a graduate of Sidwell Friends and Harvard.Here's Murray's complex way of scoring his quiz. (I think Murray's first question is his worst: asking you to estimate what percentage... Read More
From my new VDARE column:Read the whole thing there.In the kingdom of the obtuse, the butterknife is the sharpest tool in the drawer.My old articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
The oldest SAT score report on the College Board website is from 1996, right after the "recentering" in 1995 that raised scores about 100 points on a 400 to 1600 scale. Over the last 15 years, the average overall score on the original two-part Verbal + Math SAT (i.e., ignoring the new-fangled Writing section of... Read More
From the NYT, more on the triumphant Vulcan disparate impact discrimination lawsuit, filed by the Bush Administration in 2007, against the Fire Department of New York.“Our experience is different,” Captain Washington said. “There’s 50 white guys in a firehouse from the same background — middle-class, Long Island, the kids play soccer together — so, yeah,... Read More
This Washington Post article illustrates that the widespread conceptual confusion over what race is can be bad for health care:Presumably, Patent Office staffers got a memo encouraging them to make sure that genetic tests work on minorities and aren't just being optimized for whites. But this upsets the Race Does Not Exist crowd.
Race can't exist because the boundaries are too vague. The existence of species, however, is assumed in the name of the Endangered Species Act. Yet, when we stop and think about dogs, wolves, and coyotes, it's not immediately obvious whether these familiar beasts should be classified as three species or three races within one species.A... Read More
Farhad Manjoo in Slate gingerly considers why blacks play such a large role on Twitter in pushing certain "hashtags" to popularity in How Black People Use Twitter:Instead, the ones that seem to hit big are those that comment on race, love, sex, and stereotypes about black culture. Many read like Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be... Read More
Here are the abstract of papers in Intelligence debating the relevance of the Flynn Effect to the white-black IQ gap. J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur R. Jensen write:In this Editorial we correct the false claim that g loadings and inbreeding depression scores correlate with the secular gains in IQ. This claim has been used to... Read More
Kevin Drum responds on Mother Jones to Democratic Sen. Jim Webb's op-ed "Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege" questioning affirmative action:This is a common centrist misconception. It is widely assumed: There must be lots of black and Hispanic kids in the 'hood with 1300 out of 1600 SAT scores who are losing out to... Read More
 On Tuesday, I said that nobody ever denounces the New York Times's genetics reporter Nicholas Wade for drubbing the current shibboleths about race under a constant stream of articles documenting new genetic findings on the reality of race -- they just don't even grasp what he's doing. Charles Murray yesterday asked regarding Wade, "Do any of... Read More
From Yahoo News, a summary of a paper in Current Biology:Well, a lack of social anxiety is not the only characteristic of Williams syndrome. From Wikipedia:The most common symptoms of Williams syndrome are me
An excerpt from my new column:This weekend saw the national rollout of two crowd-pleaser movies about impoverished 350-pound black teens: Precious and The Blind Side. (What an amazing country we have, where a pair of poor waifs can tip the scales at 700 pounds!)Together, the two films reflect an emerging, if seldom fully articulated,... Read More
From my Wednesday column in Taki's Magazine:Let’s celebrate diversity! In Division 1-A college football, 19 of the top 20 players in rushing yards are—as sports fans expect—black. Yet, the #1 rusher is a white guy.Toby Gerhart, Stanford’s 235-pound tailback, has piled up 650 yards on the ground to power lowly Stanford to a 4-1 overall... Read More
From the Washington Post, another article about how Eric Holder is doing exactly what Obama promised at his Howard University address, which I covered in VDARE in 2008: more Jobs for the Boys in the Civil Rights departmentNot mentioned: This particular tragic fiasco broke out when the football players stumbled upon Luis Ramirez statuatorily raping... Read More
The New York Times Magazine has an article by Maggie Jones, The Inner-City Prep School Experience, on a Washington D.C. version of the old Australian plan. The SEED School is a grades 6 to 12 boarding school for black ghetto children ("admission by lottery"). It was started in 1998 by two management consultants, Eric Adler... Read More
Newsweek runs the most unintentionally funny article of the year on its cover:It's by San Francisco novelist Po Bronson and his wife Ashley Merryman, both terminally SWPL. It's a chapter from their self-help book Nurture Shock, and it explains how to more scientifically indoctrinate your children in the conventional wisdom so they don't slip up... Read More
Our postracial President demonstrated once again how he transcends race at today's news conference, which, I gather, was supposed to be about some kind of health bill or some other minor matter, but Obama felt it necessary to devote 445 words to what really gets under his skin. The New York Times reports:From the transcript:Q... Read More
As I mentioned, Tyler Cowen of Marginal Review spent some time recently tap dancing around his reader's impassioned question: "Why is Steve Sailer wrong?" However, wouldn't the more fundamental question be:In other words, the reader was asking not for objectivity but for rationalization to quell his Doubts. I suspect Tyler's answer (basically, it's all very... Read More
Once again in Slate, William Saletan has an article about the Emmanuel Goldstein of 21st Century America:Over the last week and a half, I've been having—and if you're reading along and commenting, you've been indirectly having—a conversation about race with John McWhorter and Steve Sailer. This wasn't an agreed-upon discussion. It just started up, and... Read More
John McWhorter posts at The New Republic: Saletan Responds: OK, Let's Try This William Saletan has responded to my comment on his discomfort with No Child Left Behind data being tabulated by race. I get where he's coming from. He makes many valid points. One of them is that while I argued that cultural differences... Read More
In "The Case for Colorblindness in the Age of Genetics," William Saletan responds to a John McWhorter post in The New Republic entitled "Lions and Sailers and Bears, Oh My!--Why Saletan Thinks We Should Keep the Black-White Performance Gap Under Wraps."Saletan writes:McWhorter casually dismisses the less-intelligence theory and its blogger-advocate Steve Sailer, with whom I... Read More
From Slate:On Thursday, I raised a question about the Times story:On Friday, Steve Sailer, the founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, responded to my question. He argued that I was wrong to propose to "stop counting" scores by race: The reason people all over the world and of all different ideologies can't help but be... Read More
As I've repeatedly noted, America has a huge data-collecting and data-interpreting infrastructure serving a political and media juggernaut designed to make sure that minorities get plenty of mortgages. In contrast, we have virtually no infrastructure to let us know whether minorities are getting too many mortgages to pay them back.Our system for making sure minorities... Read More
From Dienekes's blog, here's the table of contents of the Special Symposium Issue: Race Reconciled of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Unfortunately, much of the issue consists of semantic quibbling because academic anthropologists still don't have a workable definition of race (although I do). Several of the abstracts are devoted to beating a dead... Read More
A pundit tries to be faster than those who are better than him and better than those who are faster. Dennis Dale isn't faster that anybody, but he may be better than everybody.At Untethered, Dennis explains a key point of Attorney General Eric Holder's "nation of cowards" speech:What is more interesting is the unintentional but... Read More
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