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A 45-year-old woman with five children is much less likely to have had time yet to learn everything about public affairs that one needs to know to be President than a 45-year-old man with five children.In contrast, 69-year-old Nancy Pelosi, who also has five children, grew up marinated in politics (both her father and brother... Read More
The unmentionable issue regarding Palin is that a 45 year old woman with five children hasn’t had time to think through all the national and international issues a President needs to have thought about. Her five children have taken up too much of her attention. In contrast, Margaret Thatcher once told my wife that she... Read More
John O'Sullivan has an interesting column in the Wall Street Journal comparing Sarah Palin to Margaret Thatcher, for whom he worked. He points out that:Inevitably, Lloyd Bentsen's famous put-down of Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice-presidential debate is resurrected, such as by Paul Waugh (in the London Evening Standard) and Marie Cocco (in the Washington... Read More
I haven't been following this latest Sarah Palin Controversy of the Century, but let me see if have it straight: The governor of Alaska doesn't actually own the kind of expensive clothes that look nice on TV, so the Republican National Committee paid for a quick dash through stores in Manhattan so she could be... Read More
Steven Erlanger writes in the NYT:They value sophistication above almost anything, and so they regard their own hyperactive president, Nicolas Sarkozy, with his messy romantic life and model-singer wife, as “Sarko the American.”But this year has been difficult for the French. Mr. Sarkozy has generally supported American foreign policy and has praised the United States’... Read More
Here's the full length version of the Sarah Palin article I wrote for The American Conservative a week and a half ago.My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Here's the opening of the Sarah Palin article I wrote last week for the upcoming issue of The American Conservative: Why, in one uproarious week of American politicking that not even H.L. Mencken would have expected, has the once unknown Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, outraged roughly one-half of the country and overjoyed the other... Read More
Obama's "lipstick on a pig" blunder is a reminder that he needs to hire a jokewriter so he can poke some much-needed fun at himself. Over the last dozen days, the whole race has wandered off into old-fashioned American comedy (what could Frank Capra have done with a Sarah Palin character?), leaving the new-fangled Obama... Read More
I don't have anything to say because I didn't see the speech. I was too preoccupied with studying the psychodemographics of frolf (see below). (I can always catch up with it on Youtube, right?) So, have your say in the Comments.By the way, the original speechwriter was apparently American Conservative contributor Matthew Scully, so if... Read More
A couple of writers for Slate get it (almost) about how the Palins are the exemplars of my theory of Affordable Family Formation:Actually, the 18-year-old fiance looks quite capable of doing a man's work and earning a man's pay in the Alaskan economy. I have no idea if he, personally, will turn out to be... Read More
A female reader calls my attention to a minor article about Bristol Palin's fiance attending the GOP convention on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, a fairly minor big city newspaper. And yet, in the ten hours that the article has been up on the SF Chronicle's website, it has garnered (let me check... Read More
Over at The American Scene, the always sensible Noah Millman returns from the Labor Day Weekend to make some sensible comments about Sarah Palin: e.g., she might have made a better Keynote speaker, like Obama in 2004, than VP candidate. (By the way, though, how often do you think Democrats have kicked themselves since 2004... Read More
From the indispensable PalinFacts.comThe Alaska governor's instant ascent to Frontier Folk Hero explains much of the unhinged rage among Obama supporters. They'd been fantasizing about their genetically nuanced man of the future, their political Tiger Woods, when suddenly they get blindsided by a figure seemingly out of America's buried past, a joyously comic tall tale... Read More
I haven't checked any out of these shocking rumors being heavily flogged by anti-Palin parties such as Andrew Sullivan and Daily Kos for factuality, I just want to give you my impression of how they'll strike average Americans (especially average American women):- Palin was already pregnant when she got married two decades ago!Let's see, you're... Read More
Scott McConnell at @TAC provides a helpful analogy:My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
Palin's record in turning out the corrupt, nepotistic old guard in Alaska will allow her to legitimately go after Obama's role as a facilitator of the Rezko-Blagojevich corruption in Illinois. With the whole world to choose from, Obama chose to become a Chicago politician, and not one of those Quixotic reformers who pop up there... Read More
McCain's choice for Veep of the young lady governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, seems, initially, like a good way out of the box of Romney (who would make a decent President but a poor VP candidate) vs. Lieberman. As I always say, there are 300,000,000 million people in this country, more than a few of... Read More
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