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Michelle ma belle

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At the VDARE blog, James Fulford has contrasting videos of Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson reading Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. Jackson's version is great. I didn't make it through Obama's version, but I did like the part at 0:24 when he's stumbling around and Michelle starts clapping, perhaps in the hope that everybody will join... Read More
The AP reports: Or, as she put it in her Princeton senior thesis, "Thank-you."I reported on her actual unhappy educational experience for a year ago.She was educated at the top public high school in Chicago, Whitney Young, which only accepted the highest scoring applicants on the entrance exam—within each race. Time reported in 1975:... Read More
Vanessa Williams writes in the Washington Post's "Root" magazine (I'm guessing the author is a different Vanessa Williams than this former Miss America, singer, and actress): “Hey, dark ‘n lovely!” Gotta love the brothers who show their affection for the dark-skinned girls, even if they are hollering out the window of a passing car. Gotta... Read More
One of the zanier con jobs that Barack Obama got away with is positioning Michelle Obama as the epitome of unambitious maternal femininity rather than as the second coming of Hillary Clinton. Here's an October 5 Lynn Sweet blog item from the Chicago Sun-Times that I (and everybody else) totally missed, which contains an excerpt... Read More
Shortly after her husband was sworn in as a U.S. Senator, Michelle Obama famously received a raise from the U. of Chicago Hospitals from $122k to $317k for doing whatever it was she did for them.But why was she getting paid $122k by the giant hospital in the first place?An answer may have emerged in... Read More
The NY Post reports on the wife of New York Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who appears likely to move up to the governor's mansion in the wake of Gov. Spitzer's troubles: Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if, in the grand tradition of Michelle Obama, she gets her salary in the health care industry almost tripled... Read More
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