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Merkel Youth

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From The Independent: German machete attack: Syrian refugee kills woman and injures two others in city of Reutlingen Man has been arrested by police following assault outside fast food restaurant in Reutlingen Caroline Mortimer @cjmortimer 6 hours ago962 comments ... The unnamed victim is believed to be a Polish woman who worked at the restaurant... Read More
In The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, who was given much access to hang out with President Obama and talk foreign policy, writes:
Last September, the government of Hungary was widely condemned as "un-European" for attempting to defend the European Union's external border against intruders from other continents. This winter, Sweden, which, along with Germany, had been causing the mass migration that Hungary had attempted to defend the European Union against, has imposed border controls for the first... Read More
From Yahoo News: 'Finland's no good': Disappointed migrants turn back AFP By Anne Kauranen Tornio (Finland) (AFP) - Hundreds of predominantly Iraqi migrants who have travelled through Europe to reach Finland are turning back, saying they don't want to stay in the sparsely-populated country on Europe's northern frontier because it's too cold and boring.
And another graph that explains the migrant crises of 2016-2100
From the New York Times: Yeah, but Ms. Merkel's humanitarian spasm garnered a lot of Facebook Likes, so there's that. Who knew that a mess of Afghans would take it seriously? Aren't we yet living in a virtual world where there are no actual consequences to our gestures of moral superiority? Merkie, you're doing a... Read More
Top story in the New York Times: Facing Migrant Crisis, Germany Sets Emergency Border Controls By MELISSA EDDY, RICK LYMAN and ALISON SMALE 44 minutes ago Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière announced that Germany would impose temporary controls at its southern border with Austria, after thousands have crossed over in recent weeks. ... The move... Read More
From the Los Angeles Times: Germany's open-door policy in migrant crisis casts nation in a new light A migrant from Syria holds a picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as he arrives from Hungary at Munich's main railway station on Sept. 5. Germany has agreed to set aside more than $6 billion next year to... Read More
From the BBC: Why Germany needs migrants more than UK Robert Peston Economics editor 2 hours ago From the section Business 325 comments There is an economic and demographic backdrop to the differential policies towards asylum-seekers of Germany and the UK - to Germany's relatively open door, that compares with the UK's heavily fortified portal... Read More
Here's the top-center photograph of Yeah, I know; but how many other NYT readers do you think will get the photo editor's joke? From the New York Times: As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Some Wonder How to Make Acceptance Last By MELISSA EDDY SEPT. 5, 2015 BERLIN — .. While the prospect of accepting an... Read More
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